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Wednesday, 14 November


Total recall: the people who never forget "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you ask Jill Price to remember any day of her life, she can come up with an answer in a heartbeat. She had always had a talent for remembering. Price was the first person ever to be diagnosed with what is now known as highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM, a condition she shares with around 60 other known people. She can remember most of the days of her life as clearly as the rest of us remember the recent past, with a mixture of broad strokes and sharp detail. Now 51, Price remembers the day of the week for every date since 1980; she remembers what she was doing, who she was with, where she was on each of these days. She can actively recall a memory of 20 years ago as easily as a memory of two days ago, but her memories are also triggered involuntarily. It is, she says, like living with a split screen: on the left side is the present, on the right is a constantly rolling reel of memories, each one sparked by the appearance of present-day stimuli. In order to figure out how HSAM worked, researchers first needed to understand what it was and was not. HSAM subjects turned out to be far better than people with average memories at recalling long-past autobiographical data; in memories that could be verified, they were correct 87% of the time. It is still unclear whether HSAM will turn out to be a fascinating curiosity, or a key that unlocks the deepest mysteries about how memory works.

Note: Explore another major media article on this unusual woman. And watch an excellent 14-minute segment from Australia's 60 Minutes on numerous individuals with the gift of perfect memory. How is this possible?

The Gift of Endless Memory "IndyWatch Feed National"

There has been a discovery in the field of memory recently, so new you won't find it in any textbook. For the moment, the scientists studying it are simply calling it "superior autobiographical memory." Dr. James McGaugh, a professor of neurobiology at the University of California Irvine, and a renowned expert on memory ... is the first to discover and study superior autobiographical memory, and he is quizzing [violinist Louise] Owen - his fifth subject - to find out. "Let's move back in time now to 1990. It rained on several days in January and February, can you name the dates on which it rained?" McGaugh asked. Believe it or not, she could. "Let's see. It was slightly rainy and cloudy on January 14th, 15th. It was very hot the weekend of the 27th, 28th, no rain," she replied. We checked the official weather records and she was right. McGaugh says this type of memory is completely new to science. So he and his colleagues have had to devise their own tests. "These people remember things that you and I couldn't possibly remember," McGaugh [said]. Beyond the fun of asking what happened on a specific date and knowing you'll actually get an answer, there is a lot at stake here. The discovery of people with instant access to virtually every day of their lives could recast our whole understanding of how human memory works, and what is possible. Could understanding these remarkable people someday help with Alzheimer's and other memory disorders? The potential is enormous, but the inquiry is just beginning.

Note: Watch an excellent 14-minute segment from Australia's 60 Minutes on numerous individuals with the gift of perfect memory. How is this possible?

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IndyWatch All AU News Feed Today.

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Tuesday, 13 November


Mining to lead wages up "IndyWatch Feed"

Wages set to grow

Some thumping lending to the mining sector has ramped up over the past seven months, as solid commodity prices encourage new investment (and some existing projects require renewed investment).

With all the infrastructure projects around New South Wales and Victoria underway right now, who in their right mind is going to be putting their hand up to go and work FIFO in the mining industry?

The answer is no-one, UNLESS the big dollars are on offer.

The NAB survey also confirmed that Aussie businesses are finding it harder to find appropriately skilled workers again. 

And with nominal GDP rising again, wages growth should follow in time. 

The other thing that stood out from the lending finance figures was that land sales are now falling. 

13-month low for land sales, as it's become incrementally harder to get a mortgage. 


MACKAY Singing in the shower Trespass, South Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 12, 2018 at 02:18PM ,

Singing in the shower Trespass, South Mackay

November 12, 2018 at 02:18PM ,

He has been charged with with a trespass offence and he will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on November 28 to have the matter heard.

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MACKAY Woman tried to run down husband in her car "IndyWatch Feed"

MACKAY November 13, 2018 at 03:03PM ,

Woman tried to run down husband in her car

November 13, 2018 at 03:03PM ,

driving without due care and attention on Whitehaven Drive at Blacks Beach on October 21 when she faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Unlawful use of the motor vehicle charges, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 12, 2018 at 11:18AM ,

Unlawful use of the motor vehicle charges, Mackay

November 12, 2018 at 11:18AM ,

He is scheduled to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. A 15-year-old Slade Point boy was charged with a total of 13 offences including

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Mackay man extradited over alleged child sex assaults "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 12, 2018 at 08:41AM ,

Mackay man extradited over alleged child sex assaults

November 12, 2018 at 08:41AM ,

man was arrested about 7am Thursday in his Andergrove home and was extradited on Friday after a brief appearance in Mackay Magistrates Court.

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Unlawful use of the motor vehicle charges in Mackay, QLD "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 12, 2018 at 11:18AM ,

Unlawful use of the motor vehicle charges in Mackay, QLD

November 12, 2018 at 11:18AM ,

Mackay police have charged a man and two teenage boys following their investigations into a number of property related offences in Mackay over the

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Australian community campaign to rid regional city of pornography keeps growing "IndyWatch Feed National"

A unique campaign to make Toowoomba a porn-free city is spreading across the country and has sparked international interest. Toowoomba is preparing for its third annual public rally next month during which the city's mayor stands shoulder-to-shoulder with men from all walks of life and together they pledge not to watch pornography. "There is overwhelming research out now that reveals the damage that porn does to an individual, to relationships, families and society," Toowoomba resident Letitia Shelton, the chief executive officer of local organising group City Women, said.


Here Come The Cenobites "IndyWatch Feed National"

join Adam for the crazz files podcast to discuss & break down the system around us.
Music By Megabyte 
Podcast Links
  Read More


Ministers defer agreement on RCEP trade deal to 2019 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Asia-Pacific pact risks bogging down as some member nations go to polls

However, the deal lacks the protections for labor, human rights and the environment set by the TPP.

SINGAPORE Economic ministers representing members of the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership on Monday postponed the year-end target for reaching a substantial conclusion to the free trade deal, throwing its prospects into doubt.

The ministers on Monday gathered in Singapore hoping to resolve sensitive issues, including lowering tariffs, but they failed to reach an agreement. RCEP members are expected to continue the talks next year, but it is now unclear whether a deal can be reached.

We made significant progress [but] not the final conclusion, New Zealand agriculture minister Damien OConnor told reporters after Mondays meeting, adding that he hoped a conclusion would come next year.

Leaders of the RCEP countries will hold a summit on Wednesday in Singapore, where they are expected to commit to continuing the talks.

Japans trade minister, Hiroshige Seko, told reporters that the members closed some of the chapters at the meeting, saying that the discussions had gone as far as they could at the ministerial level.

Separately, Indian Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu told reporters: We are very happy that Indias concerns have been taken on board, and we feel that we should conclude in a way that will be long-term sustainable so that every country will benefit from it.

RCEP is envisioned as a huge framework for e...


Royal flush "IndyWatch Feed"


Haven't checked in on Isentia for a little while.

Unfortunately, to borrow a simile du jour, it's gone down like a proverbial turd in a well.

It looks like another zero for this quality stock.

Next quality stock to blow up: Reece Ltd?


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #620 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Read Online This Week: 13 - 19 November 2018 Newsletter | #620 Whats On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 13th November 2018 to Monday 19th November 2018 Festival Weekend Wrap Rock Bang - Circus Oz Maskara - Friday Night Live Weekend Wrap Fed Square Live Slava and Leonard Grigoryan School Of Rock | The Musical Docklands Amusement Park Bar Mind Body Spirit Festival Salvos Concert Spectacular: Our Christmas Gift Enjoy #Melbourne Get [ This Week ] Free by email every Tuesday. Festivals This Week Another fabulous weekend of festivals... Click on the festival title to learn more. Surrey Hills Music Festival 2018 Friday 16th November 2018 - Sunday 18th November 2018 Rosebud RockFest 2018 Friday 16th November 2018 - Sunday 18th November 2018 Polish Festival 2018 Sunday November 18 | FedSquare Peninsula VineHop Festival 2018 Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2018 Open Spaces Festival 2018 Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2018 | Abbotsford Convent Malmsbury Village Fayre 2018 Sunday 18th November 2018 Garden DesignFest 2018 | Week #2 Melbourne and Peninsula - Nov 17 and 18, 2018 Williamstown Heritage Beer And Cider Festival 2018 Saturday 17th November 2018 | Seaworks East Malvern Food and Wine Festival 2018 Sunday 18 November 2018 | Central Park Halloumi Festival 2018 17 - 18 November 2018 | 495-497 Lygon St, Brunswick East Hawkstowe Music Festival 2018 Sunday 18 November 2018 Healesville Music Festival 2018 Friday 16th November 2018 - Sunday 18th November 2018 Malahang Community Festival 2018 Sunday 18th November 2018 | Malahang Park Heidelberg West Budburst Festival 2018 Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2018 | Macedon Ranges Bacchus Marsh Strawberries and Cherries Weekend 2018 Friday 16 November 2018 to 18 November 2018 Mind Body Spirit Festival 16 - 18 November 2018 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Dont miss Australias largest health, wellbeing and spirituality event. Mind Body Spirit Festival 2018 Slava and Leonard Grigoryan Sunday 18 November 2018 | St Johns Southgate The Melbourne Musicians directed by Frank U. Pam present a rare opportunity to hear internationally acclaimed guitarists Slava and Leonard Grigoryan with a string orchestra. Double Trouble - Slava and Leonard Grigoryan | Buy Tickets Rock Bang - Circus Oz 15-25 November 2018 | The Coopers Malthouse Circus Oz has co-created an original hilarious rocknroll extravaganza Rock Bang from the (self-proclaimed) best band in the world: Die Roten Punkte. Rock Bang - Circus Oz fea...


I Truly Wish I Never Went to a Mental Health Service "IndyWatch Feed National"

From The Age: [Victoria, Australia] Premier Daniel Andrews on Wednesday pledged to hold a royal commission into the states mental health system, in a surprise move he said would address early intervention and better support for families. []

We are so far away from a system that the most vulnerable in our community need and theyre right to demand that of us. []

Indigo Daya, the human rights adviser with the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, said it was vital a future royal commission also consider the harm and abuse that happened to people while in care.

She said a decade spent in and out of psychiatric wards did her more harm than good, as she had electroconvulsive therapy and medication forced on her, but received no counselling.

It was only after she went to a sexual assault centre that she got the help needed to deal with her experience being sexually abused as a child.

I truly wish I never went to a mental health service, which is a real indictment on a huge big system that is meant to help people, Ms Daya said.



Islamic Scholars Approve Swiss-Based Value Preservation Payment Token X8X "IndyWatch Feed"

X8 AG, a Switzerland-based blockchain technology company and creator of value preservation payment token X8X, has obtained the approval from Islamic scholars in order to be marketed as a Sharia-compliant digital currency. The certification will allow the business to expand in the Middle East as regulators and financial exchange in the region increasingly attempt to encourage innovation in the field of finance.

X8 Currency to Expand In Middle East Amid Halal Certification, Talks of Cryptocurrency Exchange

X8 Currency is a blockchain based digital currency with an artificial intelligence wealth value preservation solution. The startup uses AI to manage funds combining AAA grade fiat currencies and gold. Dedicated to preserve value and create price stability in order to prevent from the risk of currency devaluation, its automatic reserve management and AI-driven portfolios were able to obtain a certification for Sharia compliance by Shariyah Review Bureau.

The basket of fiat currencies is composed of US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Dollar. The eight fiat currencies and gold compose the portfolio of the X8Currency, an Ethereum Token which is represented with assets deposited on bank accounts. X8C can only be issued or exchanged for fiat with X8X Utility Tokens.

X8 AG has assigned Shariyah Review Bureau, an Islamic advisory firm licensed by Bahrains central bank, as an independent Sharia Advisor. The bureau helped the investment company comply with the critical procedures of Sharia compliance in order to start its strategic expansion in the Middle East, according to Francesca Greco, Director and Co-Founder of X8 AG.

With the changing environment of banking and asset management primarily due to fintech-driven shifts, the market for wealth preservation in Islamic finance is poised to see disruption and it is for this reason that we are seeing an increasing demand for our Product in the Islamic markets.

Greco told Reuters that the firm will open a regional office in the Middle East later this month. X8 has been in talks with stock exchanges in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain, to fulfill its plan on launching a Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency exchange. Regulators in the region...


Cairns Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons but didn't know where to start? Wanted to play but just don't have the consistent time to commit to it?

Well then, the Adventurer's League is for you!

For those who don't know what this is, it's a Dungeons and Dragons [5th edition, the current one] drop-in drop-out series of modules designed to be completed in a few hours.

Make a character and you can bring it to any Adventurer's League game by any Dungeon Master in ANY city/state/county/convention.

Only able to make it to one game once a month? That's fine! Ideally there'd be a unique group of players each session.

Only have a few hours to play that day? That's fine! You can just hope in for one of the modules and leave at the end, even if they're up to the third of five.

Completely new to Dungeons and Dragons? This is the perfect way to test the game. We can help you make with everything you need and if you don't like the game, unlike the more serious campaigns there's no pressure to keep coming.

Hardcore DnD player? Love long interwoven narratives with deep storylines? Well, this isn't that. But a one-shot every so often can be fun too!

Casual DnD player? Played a few sessions a few years back and just want to give it another go? Well, the above two pretty much covered it.

Player or Dungeon Master? Both are welcome! In fact, if you're willing to DM games we can supply you with all the material you'll need to do it.


We have a Facebook group with 25 members

And a Dsicord

We primarily play games at Cairn's tabletop game store The Wicked Goblin on Fridays from 3pm to 9pm [most of the time but not every week so check the groups for updates] but the whole point of Adventurer's League is to have a number of games hosted by a number of people at a number of places... at least, once we get big enough to support that.

If you have any more questions, please ask. But do it in the Discord because honestly, I never check reddit.

Making this post is the first time I've been here in at least a year.

submitted by /u/Bysen.....


Another wind turbine in flames "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Trouble at mill! specifically Windy Hill near Ravenshoe. h/t Peter Campion.


Aussie ICOs Beware The ASIC Has A Reputation to Rebuild "IndyWatch Feed"

In a bit of news that is tinged with irony, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has been denied in court its record $35 million AUD fine against Westpac Bank. Irony because the reason the court rejected the fine, in addition to the Commissions failure to prove that Westpac was guilty of any wrongdoing, Continued

The post Aussie ICOs Beware The ASIC Has A Reputation to Rebuild appeared first on CCN


Chinas Liu and Mnuchin Talk Trade for the First Time in Months "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Trump administration has said that it wanted a substantive response to a long list of demands for what it calls structural changes in Chinese industrial policy But there is no sign that China will move in that direction.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He have resumed talks on trade, and a potential Washington visit by Liu is being considered before the nations top leaders meet later this month.

The two officials spoke by phone on Friday, according to people briefed on the matter, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the topic. The conversation didnt yield any concrete results, the people said. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported Tuesday that Liu was expected to visit Washington shortly. The Wall Street Journal first reported the phone call Monday.

Liu He  Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

The phone discussion followed a call between President Donald Trump and Chinas Xi Jinping two weeks ago the first publicly disclosed call in six months. The two leaders are slated to meet at the Group of 20 nations summit in Argentina, which is scheduled to take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.



Australias CSIRO, CommBank Complete Smart Money Blockchain Trial "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's federal science agency CSIRO and CommBank have trialed a blockchain payments prototype they say could save "hundreds of millions" a year.


Australias New Grain Deliveries Plunge Due to Drought "IndyWatch Feed"

Another sign of climate change induced stress, this one from Australia.


Burning Man "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Imagine being the rich and knowing you are only years from being torn apart by an angry mob

Imagine Mark Zuckerberg knowing for a fact that we are going to pull his head right off.

Imagine Jeff Bezos never sleeping. Because darkness means being terrorised by crisp 3D visions of what people are going to do to his actual body.

Imagine Bill Gates knowing we haven't forgotten Windows.

Sure we won't get all of them. Some will escape into orbit to develop weird space diseases.

Anyway, see you at the horrifically messy end of Elon Musk. It'll be like Burning Man (we'll set fire to him and do drugs). Amen.


Musings on a wedding, a funeral, and another road trip. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

About a month ago, I was woken up at the crack of dawn by my mobile phone ringing. this cant be good news I figured. It was my darling wife who informed me I had to be at Hobart airport by mid-day, shed booked me on a flight to Brisbane that was scheduled to leave at 1PM. her mother, she informed me, was probably going to die that day, or some time very soon, and I was needed for moral support, among other things.

Obviously, I staggered out of bed, packed my bags, forced breakfast down, and cleaned up my mess at the building site.

I had originally been booked a week or more later to attend a wedding, and everything was now up in the air literally as I sat in one of those amazing aluminium tubes that can fly you thousands of kilometres in the blink of an eye lid, thanks to those irreplaceable fossil fuels..

It was warm and sunny when I left Tassie, and pouring rain and cold when I arived in Brisbane. I had planned for this, carrying a raincoat on board. My son picked me up in Brisbane and drove me through peak hour traffic to Caloundra where my mother in law Bettywas going to spend her last three days before calmly passing away, unconscious, I think. It was a lot like turning the ignition off a very old and tired motorcar that had simply reached the end of the road..

At 94, darling old Betty, who has been the kindest and most generous mother in law one could have wished...


Will be going to Cairns next Feb. Need advice "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next year I will have an Australian vacation and one of the places I'll be is Cairns or surroundings. I would like to know the best areas to stay and what I should absolutely not miss (other than the reef).
Thank you for your help.

submitted by /u/friendlyghost_casper
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PERTH Further two people charged over alleged Greenfields deli attack "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Further two people charged over alleged Greenfields deli attack .

November 13, 2018 at 08:41AM .

grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning bodily harm. The pair will appear before the Perth Childrens Court and Perth Magistrates Court today .



PERTH Perth: Mandurah man (22) denies UWA toilet sex attack in court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth: Mandurah man (22) denies UWA toilet sex attack in court .

November 12, 2018 at 06:37PM .

counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent over the September 22 incident. He appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday and is .


PERTH Man denies WA uni toilet sex attack "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man denies WA uni toilet sex attack .

November 12, 2018 at 02:27PM .

A man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a toilet block at the University of Western Australia has pleaded not guilty. Wayne Christ Adeline, 22, .


PERTH Charges relating to Greenfields armed robbery, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Charges relating to Greenfields armed robbery, WA .

November 13, 2018 at 08:41AM .

Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. The will appear before the Perth Childrens Court and Perth Magistrates Court respectively today, 13 November .



Financial services agreements the EU as a neoliberal, corporatist project "IndyWatch Feed"

I have been reading the new book by Costas Lapavitsas The Left Case Against the EU which has been recently published. It is solid and clearly explains why the EU is not an institution or structure than anyone on the progressive Left should support or think is capable of reform any time soon. It has become a neoliberal, corporatist state and hierarchical in operation, with Germany at the apex bullying the weaker states into submission. Divergence in outcomes across the geographic spread is the norm. It is also the anathema of our concepts of democracy both in concept and operation. It is more like a cabal of elites who are unelected and, largely unaccountable. By giving their support to this monstrosity, the traditional Left political parties (social democrats, socialists etc) have been increasingly wiped out such is the anger of voters to what has become a massive coup by capital against labour. These are the themes that Thomas Fazi and I also explored in our recent book Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, 2017). I also just finished reading an interesting report Financial Regulation challenged by European Trade Policy published by the Veblen Institute and Finance Watch (October 2, 2018), which examines the impact of European trade policy on financial regulation. It is essential reading for those progressives who still think that Britain should remain in the EU. If they understand the research findings they would change their minds.

Finance Watch is a European NGO founded in reaction to the last financial crisis, when policymakers realised that there was no counter-power to the lobby of finance.

It aims to outline and advocate for essential finance reform that challenge the financial lobbys fallacious technical arguments and defend the public interest in the making of financial regulations.

It receives a significant proportion of its funds from the EU and other European institutions (for example, the EIB).

I do not think they go far enough but their intent is to be applauded.

The Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms is a Paris-based group that strives for a sustainable society in which respect of our planets physical limits goes hand in hand with well-being, social solidarity and an economy built upon more democratic rules than at present.

It seems to be supported by donations.

Their joint report, cited in the Introduction, examines the ways...


Australian Celebrities See Fallout of ICO Boom: Cricket Captain Michael Clarke "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A recent article by Colin Kruger in the Sydney Morning Herald profiles the story of Michael Clarke, a renowned cricket captain, and a failed ICO called Global Tech Exchange ( Global Tech was to be a cryptocurrency trading platform which had some elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning embedded in it. They were trying

The post Australian Celebrities See Fallout of ICO Boom: Cricket Captain Michael Clarke appeared first on CCN


Why Veterans Day is really Palestinian Genocide Day By Kevin Barrett VT "IndyWatch Feed National"

What we call Veterans Day in the USA is known as Remembrance Day in Australia. Whatever theyre remembering, weve apparently forgotten. The end of the war to end all wars ?  Maybe. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 was supposed to usher in permanent peacebut somehow instead it []


3CR Wine Fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

3CR Wine Fundraiser 2018

We are selling some delicious wine generously provided by 3CR supporter Small Patch Wine Store just in time for summer. $15 per bottle, or you can snap up even more of a bargain by buying in dozen or 1/2 dozen lots. Why not mix it up with a varied dozen or 1/2 dozen order? All wine has a 3CR label. You can order online here. Wine will be available for collection during business hours from the station from November until 12 noon Friday 21 December.

Liquor Limited Licence No: 90137653
Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence
To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $8,000)
For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive Liquor. (Penalty exceeds $700)


Little Wattlebirds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Not just Little Wattlebirds (Anthochaera chrysoptera) but teeny-tiny Little Wattlebirds are living in my backyard. For a while now Ive noticed a pair of Little Wattlebirds hanging around a particular area of the backyard. Unfortunately my dog Shelby often chases and barks at them when they fly low over the clothesline area. I assumed there Continue reading Little Wattlebirds


Bali 9 Drug Smuggler Due for Release "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim The only female member of the infamous Bali 9, who was originally sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia for attempting to smuggle more than 2.6 kilograms of heroin to Australia, is due for release on 21 November, after spending more than 12 years in Indonesian prisons. 41-year old Renae

The post Bali 9 Drug Smuggler Due for Release appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Cairns Newest Drag Queens And Kings To Make Their Stage Debut "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A group of budding drag kings and queens from north Queensland are preparing to make their stage debut at a charity extravaganza this World AIDS Day. Community group Cairns Drag recently partnered with the Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) to run an eight week drag workshop, where the group of performers developed looks and characters. The ...

The post Cairns Newest Drag Queens And Kings To Make Their Stage Debut appeared first on QNews Magazine.


ACT Police release images of suspects but pixellate them to protect their identity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Another triumph for ACT Policing. They've issued an urgent appeal for help to identify the offenders who vandalised a Jewish building but their identity is suppressed to protect their identity. Do you know these four people? You can find the media release here And the four suspects are...


Superb conditions for cycle challenge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With proceeds from the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge going to the RYDA Road Safety Education Program throughout Bass Coast and South Gippsland, program coordinator Catherine Smith and day manager Ben Langan were delighted to be out promoting this worthy cause at Inverloch on Saturday.

And theyre off, more than 600 of them, in the eighth annual Bass Coast Cycle Challenge in superb conditions for riding around the green rolling hills of Bass Coast and South Gippsland. m384618

Former Australian road race champion and stage winner of the Giro dItalia and Tour Down Under, Dave McKenzie was one of the celebrity riders in the 121km circuit of the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge last Saturday, making a special appeal to the crowd for a wheel or two to help him around the course.

THEY came in their droves for the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge and Family Festival last Saturday morning at Inverloch.
And with ideal riding weather and fantastic scenery in the green, rolling hills of Bass Coast and South Gippsland theyll be back again.
Around 600 riders turned out for the 8th edition of the event and many of them came with family and friends and stayed on to add further to the local economy.
It could hardly have been any more successful, and its all for a good cause.
By entering this event you provide the means for our local kids to receive driver/cycling awareness ed...


Fire burning near Mount Warning "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A fire has been burning since Saturday afternoon on the ridge to the north of Mount Warning through both National Park (NP) and private land. So fa it has burnt through approximately 85ha though this exact figure is unconfirmed as it is in inaccessible country.

We have to go in on foot carrying nap sacks (like backpacks with water) and rake hoes, said superintendent David Cook of the far north coast rural fire service (RFS).

The RFS and National Parks are working together in a joint operation to manage the fire with two crews from NP of two people and one crew from the RFS working on the fire today.

We are currently using the rake hoes to make a mineral earth trail along the ridge, said superintendent Cook.

The fire is slowly spreading to the west but there are no houses in danger.

The fire is currently being contained on the Ridgeline and they are trying to let the fuel inside burn out rather than risk the introduction of further fires.

We have a solid containment strategy if the fire comes down from the Ridgeline, said superintendent Cook.

It will be a long but meticulous process to extinguish it.

It is not clear how the fire started and it is currently under investigation.

The post Fire burning near Mount Warning appeared first on Echonetdaily.


To Whip or not to whip! Is this the question? - Article by Barry Tapp "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A no whip rule would place all jockeys on equal terms in their efforts to win races, whilst avoiding suffering to the horses.

A horse's reaction to a whip has been compared glibly to their reaction to a fly landing on their coat: "When a fly lands on a horse, it flinches," we are told. Thus we are supposed to infer that when a horse flinches under the whip, they are not experiencing any more pain than they would with the landing of a tiny insect. But this is a false analogy with the effect on a horse that is being whipped or flogged for the purpose of making it go faster. Furthermore, some horses reject whips being used and at times jack up and refuse to run.

The fly episode landing on a horse has little effect at all. It annoys the horse and the horse flinches, BUT the whip certainly inflicts a certain amount of pain/suffering.

The experts tell us that jockeys carry the whip for safety reasons, but according to 'research' that doesnt stack up either. We have witnessed many jockeys not having to use the whip at all.

At times riders are charged and fined for overuse of the whip - but exactly what does this mean?

If the stewards in their own minds OR within the rules of racing come to the conclusion that any horse in any race has been subjected to overuse" or that a rule has been broken, then, in the opinion of the community, it means only one thing: that a rider has inflicted pain/suffering to the horse under their control to make it go faster!!

If there is an alleged act of cruelty, this offence must be prosecuted by the independent authority (RSPCA OR DEPI) with the power to lay charges under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act (POCTA). Naturally there should first be an investigation, but not by Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) or the stewards. That would be too much like Dracula in charge of the blood bank!

In my opinion, RSPCA OR DEPI must investigate any alleged infringements by any organisation when it comes to an allegation of cruelty to any creature, great or small, irrespective whether or not there is an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place. Some think that MOU really means, 'You dont investigate any cruelty on our turf. Stay away. We will do our own investigating.' RSPCA have an MOU with GRV a...


Featured Dish: Grosvenor Hotel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Featured Dish: Dark Chocolate Mousse With a new menu, designed by recently appointed Head Chef Simon Moss (Cin Cin on Quay, One Tree Grill, Orbit, Wildfire, Sapore, Entrecte) The Grosvenor are readying for a summer romp.  Simons background in French bistro-style and modern Italian cooking adds new flavours to the menu, while retaining elevated takes on pub staples. The new []

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Gardening the New Health App "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the combined 2018 SGA Annual General Meeting and the October meeting of SGAs Green Gardening Professionals, Paul West, well-known from the SBS TV program River Cottage gave an inspiring talk about gardening and how it can make us, and keep us, healthy.


Cover Your Cam! Hackers are Demanding Money for Intimate Images "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Internet crimes such as accessing computers without authorisation and downloading personal information are on the rise in Australia. They now represent a multi-billion dollar industry, facilitating financial crimes such as credit card fraud and identity theft and enabling domestic violence offences such as cyber-stalking. But one particularly insidious form

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I feel good "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I feel good but it takes a tad longer to bounce back each time new news emerges that all human life is collapsing into an ocean of shit and blood.

Like just a horizon to horizon stinking lake of blood with turds floating in it with flat spots of just liquid shit streaked with blood.

Shit streaked seagulls will peck at our eyes as we doggie paddle, clinging to life only because our final shit and blood journey's end will be quite warm. It will smell bad.

As more and more of us sink beneath the viscous, thick, meaty and lumpy waves the contest will be on to be the last human to literally suck shit.


The Transcript: Greens MP Jenny Leong Slams Colleague Jeremy Buckingham Over Sexual Assault Allegations "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A complete transcript of the speech delivered earlier today by NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong, calling for colleague Jeremy Buckingham to stand down after allegations he sexually assaulted a former Greens staffer in 2011.

Up front let me apologise for not saying any of this until now. I cannot stay silent anymore.

The Greens are respected by many people as a party of principle, a party that holds ourselves to high ethical standards our response to recent allegations about one of our own MPS has to date been completely unsatisfactory.

It is for this reason that I am calling today in this place for Jeremy Buckingham MLC to resign from his position as a member of parliament, and take himself off the ticket for the 2019 state election.

If he doesnt do this then I am urging the party to act so that he is no longer a representative or member of the Greens, because we cannot advance our agenda for a more just, more sustainable or more equitable world when so much energy, effort, time, resources and pain has been exhausted trying to manage one man and his unacceptable behaviour.

There is a need for decisive action to bring this to an end, which is why NSW Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi and I have now issued a joint statement calling for Jeremy Buckingham to step aside and to not contest the next election.

This morning we informed our parliamentary colleagues of our intentions and urged them to support us or for Jeremy to step aside. I hope they do that, and hope he does that.

To Ella Buckland who has shown strength by speaking out publicly about Jeremys act of sexual violence towards her, and his subsequent disgusting behaviour she has endured, let me say on the record that I believe you.

Let me acknowledge that while I know there have been some good people trying to work in good faith with the best intentions to resolve this, it is true that we need to do better and our party has failed you.

I also wish to apologise for my silence and inaction until now. This has been my first opportunity to speak out with the protection of parliamentary privilege, and I wish to acknowledge that I do have that privilege.

The fact that I felt compelled to wait is a clear indication of the urgent need for defamation law reform in this state and country, something that I support.

While we must continue to respect the presumption of innocence, this cannot be used as a shield to protect male violence against women. Despite the risks, brave women are standing up and speaking out. But brave women are also hurting, hurting because we know that almost always, and right now in this situation, no matter how it plays....


Parliament Cannot Be a Protection Racket For Badly Behaved Men: Greens MP Jenny Leong Unloads On Colleague Jeremy Buckingham "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong has used parliamentary privilege to unload on embattled colleague Jeremy Buckingham in a searing speech in which she called for the renowned anti-coal gas campaigner to resign from parliament, branded him a bully, and described his behaviour towards women as unacceptable.

I am no longer going to be part of a system that runs a protection racket for badly behaved men in this place, or in society, Ms Leong told parliament shortly after midday. It has to stop. You can read a complete transcript of Ms Leongs speech here.

Mr Buckingham has come under increasing pressure to stand down from parliament since ABCs 7:30 program broadcast allegations by ex-Greens staffer Ella Buckland, that he sexually assaulted her after drinks at the NSW parliamentary bar in 2011.

In a written statement, available here, Ms Buckland alleges that while heavily intoxicated, Mr Buckingham walked up behind her, grabbed her roughly on the vagina and kissed her on the neck.

Mr Buckingham has steadfastly denied the allegations.

Greens NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham. (IMAGE: Kate Aubusson, Flickr)

An internal Greens investigation did not substantiate the allegations on the grounds of insufficient evidence, however Ms Buckland found herself having to defend her own character after she was falsely described to investigators as a promiscuous, intravenous drug user.

Ms Leong has remained silent on the issue but spoke out publicly last week against Labor leader Luke Foley, who resigned from parliament within 24 hours of being accused of sexually assaulting ABC journalist Ashleigh Raper while drunk at 2016 parliamentary Christmas party.

Ms Leong and other Greens members including Cate Faehrmann and federal Senator Sarah Hanson-Young were lambasted on social media for their silence around the allegations levelled by Ella Buckland.

Today, Ms Leong apologised for the delay, and set to right that wrong.



Coast2Bay AGM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The 2018 AGM was held on November 8th at Best Western Plus Lake Kawana Hotel.  Great to see so many come along and hear about the various successes of Coast2Bay throughout the year

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Peter OBrien: Angus Taylor a disappointment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

So much for Angus Taylor being the great hope of the side.  Promoted, ostensibly, as the Minister for Getting Power Prices Down, Taylor has shown himself to be just as mealy-mouthed as the rest of his second-rate Coalition government.

Here he is in a recent edition of The Australian:

Others say leaving the Paris Agreement will lead to a miraculous drop in prices. Wrong. Like it or not, we will reach a 26 per cent reduction in emissions in the NEM well ahead of time based on investment commitments already made. Paris wont require new interventions and wont create new price pressures.

I doubt that anything now gets my goat more than the insistence by Coalition MPs that the Paris Agreement is irrelevant.  As I have argued repeatedly on this site, and as commentators more prominent than me such as Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt have argued repeatedly, the Paris Agreement covers the whole economy NOT just the energy sector as Taylor dishonestly implies above.  He repeated the same strawman argument on Credlin a week or so ago.   Nobody is saying that leaving the Paris Agreement will lead to a miraculous drop in prices.  What we are saying is that leaving the Paris Agreement will hopefully prevent the wider economy from suffering the devastation that has already been wrought upon the energy sector.

OK, lets accept that Taylor is focussed only on the energy sector and that his remit does not cover the rest of the economy.  Lets also accept that he has to toe the official party line on CAGW, whatever that is from one day to the next.   When faced with the embarrassing question of the Paris Agreement he could decline to comment, the matter being outside his portfolio.  But instead he chooses to pretend that if he achieves his objective of getting power prices down, we will still meet our Paris target.   This is just plain and infuriatingly dishonest.

And put in the context of the latest ambit claim from the IPCC that existing pledges will be nowhere near enough to avert climate disaster then the case to repudiate or, at the very least, re-evaluate the Paris Agreement is unarguable.

Any sensible Coalition government has two triggers for such an approach. The first is that we already know that most signatories will not meet their existing pledges and even if they do it will have no appreciable effect on overall emissions, which, following a short hiatus, are now rising again.

The second is the mounting evidence that, whatever is happening to the climate, it is nowhere near as dire as was predicted and that human contributions are a minor factor at best.

As PM Scott Morrison swans around Queensland selli...


Serving the community "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Barwon Heads Fire Brigade (BHFB) celebrated its service to the community at a formal dinner and awards night recently.

Attended by members of the brigade including Captain Helen Wood, 1st Lieutenant Brett Mitchell, 3rd Lieutenant Pete Burnett and 4th Lieutenant Matt Taylor, guests also included community supporters such as representatives from the All Saints Anglican Church Op Shop and members of the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads RSL Sub Branch. District 7 Operations Officer Ian Beswicke, performed official duties.

Captain Helen Wood said while members generally shunned the limelight in preference for letting their actions speak, it was important to acknowledge the role of the BHFB in protecting life and property in Barwon Heads, the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond.

At the dinner we recognised the significant contribution members have made to the CFA and their community with a number of service awards presented and also awarded brigade life membership to three very worthy recipients, she said.

Congratulations to all those recognised, I am very proud to be part of an organisation that does such valued work in the community so far we have turned out to 50 incidents this year, and that requires team effort and ongoing commitment to being available and training throughout the year.

In addition, we could not be as effective without the support of many local businesses and community organisations who regularly donate so that we may purchase vital equipment, so it is also an opportunity for us to say thank you very much for their ongoing support.

Awards were:

Five year awards: Kira Crawford-Brooks, Clive Moulday and Vivienne Moulday, Nathan Rabbitts.

15 Year Awards: Frances Pavey, Helen Wood.

Brigade Life Member Awards: Frances Pavey joined Barwon Heads Fire Brigade in March 2003 and was involved with the brigades auxiliary, holding the position of president for a number of years, as well as brigade treasurer from July 2010 to September 2015. Frances received the Shaun Wilson Memorial Encouragement Award in 2013.

Philip Pavey has 30 years service with CFA, first joining Kyneton Fire Brigade in 1978. He has also been a member of Taradale and Seymour brigades, before transferring to Barwon Heads in September 2002. Phil was elected 4th Lieutenant and secretary/treasurer in 2004, became 3rd Lieutenant in 2006 and 1st Lieutenant in 2008. In 2009 Phil was elected captain and held this position until 2014. Phil was also 4th deputy group officer of the Bellarine Group from 2016 to 2018. Phil was awarded the National Medal in 2009, the First Clasp of the National Medal in 2015 and awarded CFA life membership in 2016.

Helen Wood joined Barwon Heads Fire Brigade in May 2003, quickly becoming a part of...


Summer School Holiday Earth Kids Program "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

NSCF Earth Kids programs are about supporting kids to become nature smart to have the knowledge, understandings and skills to engage in creating a more sustainable world in a fun and interactive way. It is an experiential program of outdoor discovery, in which kids will learn about the animals and plants at the Farm []

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Former SASR Trooper John Anon - frontline police not ready for counter-terrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"

The writer wants to remain anonymous, the way the SAS likes things. He served 14 years in the ADF, 9 years as a Royal Australian Regiment infantryman and 5 years with the Special Air Service Regiment. When I served in Australias Special Air Service Regiment one of our main roles...


Firey truck crash closes Tweed Valley Way "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Site of todays (November 13) truck crash on Tweed Valley Way. Photo NSW Fire & Rescue/Facebook


A 79-year-old caravanning couple have been transported to Tweed Hospital following an accident involving their vehicle, with one moving and one stationary truck on Tweed Valley Way, near Riverside Drive, Tumbulgum.

The a 79-year-old female passenger is reported to be conscious and breathing with abdominal and neck pain, possibly from the seat belt

The 79-year-old male driver was also suffering non-serious injuries, complaining of right arm pain.

A 39-year-old truck driver was also taken to hospital with minor abrasions

No one is reported to have been injured in the stationary truck.

Motorists travelling in both directions can divert via Clothiers Creek Rd and the M1 Pacific Mwy to rejoin the Tweed Valley Way.

In attendance are NSW Fire & Rescue, RFS, ambulance, police and VRA. Tow trucks are also on site.

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What we talk about when we talk about solidarity: an interview with Bini Adamczak "IndyWatch Feed National"

In contrast to other core concepts of emancipation such as freedom or equality, solidarity is quite difficult to grasp. This is because it is even more clearly a relationship, a doing, one difficult to fix down by an external standard. Solidarity happens between us. This is exactly what makes it so attractive: it creates connections.


Police search for Ebony Silvery-Marsh "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

DO YOU KNOW WHERE EBONY IS?... Police are searching for Ebony Silvery-Marsh. Photo Supplied.DO YOU KNOW WHERE EBONY IS? Police are searching for Ebony Silvery-Marsh. Photo Supplied.

POLICE are appealing for public assistance to help locate Ebony Silvery-Marsh.

The 16-year-old girl was last seen in the Shepparton area on November 6 and police hold concerns for Ebonys welfare due to her age.

Ebony is described as 165cm tall with a fair complexion, medium length black hair and brown eyes and is known to frequent the Shepparton or Melbourne areas.

Anyone who sees Ebony or has information on her whereabouts is urged to contact Moe Police Station on 5131 5000.


When the Fed Flips to Ease, Gold Will Shine "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia is the worlds second-largest producer of gold. Only China produces more gold than us.

The difference, though, is that China doesnt sell their gold outside of the Middle Kingdom.

China keeps ALL the gold it pours.

Australia, on the other hand, exports almost 95% of our gold.

Yes, you read that right.

Of the near 300 metric tonnes of gold we dig up, refine and pour into fine gold bars, we send virtually ALL of it elsewhere.

Leaving very little behind for our own uses.

And a couple of years ago, the Perth Mint noted that two-thirds of the gold held at the mint was for international investors.

Do you know why? Because few Australians understand why gold is important.

But, it MUST be important. After all, we are sitting on some of the largest gold reserves in the world. And there is a massive international demand for the metal.

Yet, there is no local demand for it. Why?

In fact, after years of research, Ive come to the conclusion that more Aussies hold Bitcoin than gold.

I have made it my job here at The Daily Reckoning Australia to educate Australians on what gold means for you.

And this week, I have a very special resource coming your way.

Ive insisted my publisher release a book called The New Case for Gold by Jim Rickards.

For the past decade, Ive traded and bought physical gold. And this book lays out the most comprehensive case for why YOU should own physical gold.

I believe I need to get this book into the hands of as many Aussies as possible.

A century ago, gold was money. Yet several decades and much political meddling later, people have lost that connection.

But thats ok. Thats why Im here.

Today, Ill hand you over to Jim. Hell show you whats driving the price of gold for now.

And then tomorrow, Ill walk you through why every Aussie should have a little gold on hand.


Until then,

Shae Russell Signature


RIP Privacy: Mass Surveillance to be Ramped Up in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week, the NSW government is set to open up access to all NSW citizens driver licence photos and associated personal information, so that it can be utilised by law enforcement agencies across the country and matched with images from CCTV footage in real time. Expected to be passed with bipartisan support, the Road Transport Amendment

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Knitters get a challenge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

QUIRKY teddies, symmetrical scarves and even a knitted succulent terrarium were on display at Leongatha Sew and Knit recently.

As part of a peoples choice award, shop owner Helen Heuschele said the sewing challenge was to stimulate customers and trial a potential charity project.

We are getting out of the knitting season so I put together a knitting challenge where customers were given a bag of wool and they had to devise something creative, she said.

The catch was that it was a lucky dip and you didnt know what kind of wool or yarn you would get.

Most of the bags returned as amazing creations that customers used as an opportunity to try out a new technique.

As a former teacher, Mrs Heuschele decided the knitting challenge was a great way to teach and engage with her new customer base, having taken on the store recently.

She said the conversations that unfolded in the shop between customers were heartening to witness.

You would see a 70 year old talking to a 30 year old about knitting and sewing for about 30 minutes, just sharing their interests, she said.

Next year I cant wait to run the challenge as a wholly charitable enterprise. Crafting is therapeutic and this place is about making a comfortable and enjoyable location for anyone to come and share their skills.


Happy knitting: Leongatha Sew and Knit owner Helen Heuschele enjoys developing creative ideas to engage store visitors.


Eyesore in heart of Leongatha "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A HISTORICAL icon in the heart of Leongatha is being vandalised and left to decay as inaction over the redevelopment of the towns former rail yards continues.

In a room of the disused Leongatha railway station, vandals have left human excrement, damaged floorboards and the ceiling, dumped food packaging and smashed windows, leaving glass scattered on the floor of the room and also the platform.

The vandals have also pulled sections of concrete off the platform and left them on the rails.

The station is not only a characteristic building in Leongatha but also serves as the towns V/Line bus stop and the disgusting, unkempt site is the first impression visitors receive of the town when they step off the bus.

The new public toilet at the bus stop was not working last week, with travellers unable to open the door, leaving them stranded as the nearest public toilets are at Leongatha Memorial Hall a reasonable walk away.

Overgrown weeds have taken over the bus stop and station precinct, and piles of bluestone have been dumped by South Gippsland Shire Council in the rail yards, right in the centre of town, despite a council sign in the vicinity stating the dumping of rubbish, concrete and asphalt is forbidden.

The state of the station and rail yards saddens public transport advocate Max Semken of Leongatha, who said, There is no respect for peoples property anymore. That all comes to the point there is no respect from V/Line and VicTrack because otherwise they would not allow this to happen.

Mr Semken said the condition of the rail precinct had been neglected by council.

I dont know what the local councillors are doing. Theyre probably bashing each other up, he said, referring to councillors being distracted from their core work by fighting amongst themselves.

In response to the human waste left in the station, Mr Semken said, To do that is a blatant disgrace to this town.

You have got V/Line, VicTrack and the Department of Transport, and they should be checking on the station regularly and theyre not, he said.

Its a disgrace for the centre of town for people to have to use a room at the station as a toilet.

It belittles the town.

Mr Semken also commented on the unsightliness of overhead electrical cables running from the station to the new toilet, labelling the work sub-standard and saying the cables should have been placed underground.

He also noted the bus shelters mesh walls and narrow roof exposed travellers to rain, and said the bus stop lacked a timetable for bus services travelling from Leongatha to Melbourne.

Mr Semken believed the station could be transformed into an entert...


Volunteers thanked for magnificent reserve "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LEONGATHAS proud sporting history starts with its exemplary sports hub.

The Leongatha Recreation Reserve has been well maintained by its committee of volunteers for many years and services an abundance of sport and community groups.

These clubs include the tennis, croquet, football, cricket, table tennis, golf, small bore, little athletics, umpires association, netball, basketball, swimming, cycling and the Historical Car Club.

The recreation reserve is home to South Gippsland SPLASH, which features an indoor pool and stadium.

On top of this, a skate park was developed in 2016 and continues to be well used. The recreation reserve is also the home of Leongathas Avenue of Honour.

It is also well used for its park and barbecue facility, and is frequented by walkers and joggers recreationally.

Major events have also been held at the reserve, including the Rotary Show N Shine, the circus and school sporting events.

The Leongatha Recreation Reserve is unique. According to Mr Wright, theres only one other reserve like it in Victoria.

Its important for the community to have a facility like this and that it is kept in good repair. It reflects on the towns pride when people come in to visit and see our excellent facilities, he said.

The recreation reserve is in fantastic condition thanks to the hours put in by volunteers and the respective clubs.

Volunteers play a huge role in the upkeep of the recreation reserve. Mr Wright acknowledged the work of Leongatha Kevin Thorn, who has taken on the role of curator and has done a magnificent job.

The committee is also grateful to South Gippsland Shire Council and the State Government for contributing to the facilitys maintenance.

We have been fortunate in the last few years to receive some government grants, committee chairperson Glenn Wright said.

We coordinated with the shire to seal the roadway on the top end which has made a huge difference as well as some kerb and channel works. We spent around $1 million. The committee contributed $150,000, council contributed a similar amount and the rest was covered by government grants.

The recreation reserve is growing with the latest addition of Leongatha Football Netball Clubs outdoor netball courts.

Leongatha and District Netball Association also secured funding recently to bring its courts up to standard.

Mr Wright said the netball redevelopments would allow Leongatha to host more finals and championships.

Next on the committees list of improvements is to give the grandstand a revamp and improve the parking near the netball courts and velodrome.



Inverloch reflects on Armistice Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

REMEMBRANCE Day in Inverloch was attended by many hundreds of people for the sole purpose of remembering those who have fallen in conflict and the ending of the hostilities of  World War One.

The service at the Inverloch cenotaph, which had been adorned with red poppies, each individually hand made by local volunteers, was led by Inverloch RSL Sub-Branch assistant secretary Lindsay Guerin.

Remembrance Day, November 11 annually, is observed by all Commonwealth of Nations member states throughout the world to remember those of their armed forces who have given of their lives and to recall the ending of hostilities of World War One in 1918.

Hostilities formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th month. The remembrance tradition was inaugurated by King George V in 1919.

The familiar red poppy, the emblem of Remembrance Day, came about from the words of the poem written by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae In Flanders Fields.

History shows the wearing of a red poppy was initiated by Moina Michael, who wrote the poem We Shall Keep the Faith, swearing to wear a red poppy on each yearly anniversary.

This custom swept across the world and is still alive today.

A catafalque party, comprising sailors from HMAS Cerberus, marched on and formed a guard around the cenotaph.

Their stark white uniforms contrasted beautifully with the redness of the poppies.

Mr Guerin introduced Bob Sutton, president of the Inverloch Sub-Branch who welcomed invited guests, veterans, ex-servicemen and women of the Army, Navy and Airforce as well as war/Legacy widows, service clubs and the public.

Mr. Sutton then introduced 10 year old, Inverloch-Kongwak Primary School student Anabelle Bremner who recited the poem In Flanders Fields.

Guest speaker, Lieutenant Commander Simon Flanagan from HMAS Cerberus, gave a speech concerning the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

The Last Post was sounded by navy veteran Eric Cross which was followed by the laying of wreaths from dignitaries, representatives of local service clubs, sporting clubs, and schools as well as the general public.

This was followed by the delivery of The Ode by Mr Sutton.

Mr Cross bugled the Rouse while the flags were raised to full mast-head.

The Australian National Anthem was led by the Salvation Army, Wonthaggi Branch.

After the ceremony, about 100 people attended the Inverloch RSL hall for light refreshments.




Leongatha commemorates centenary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LEONGATHA gathered at the cenotaph to pay respects to its ex servicemen and women on Remembrance Day on Sunday, to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice.

The community was invited to attend the service and lay a wreath.

A special wreath was sent to Leongatha through local former serviceman Tom Parsons.

This wreath is sent from Ken Fraser every year. Mr Fraser is from England and wrote to Mr Parsons to say the wreath is his way of saying thank you to the Commonwealth men and women who gave their lives for freedom.

Leongatha RSL president Ken Wanklyn made the opening address.

Today at 11am on this, the 11th day of November, 2018, we mark the 100th anniversary of the silencing of the guns on the Western Front in Europe and the signing of an armistice between Germany and the Allies, this ending World War One, he said.

Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day as it is now generally known, originally commemorated the end of World War One; especially those who died. After World War Two, it became a day to commemorate all war dead.

The incredible sacrifice our forebears made during the year 1914 to this day in 1918 so we may live in peace must never be forgotten, nor should the sacrifice of those who have served our nation in subsequent conflicts or peacekeeping roles.

The guest speaker was David Morgan from Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corp.

Mr Morgan spoke about the Indigenous Australians who enlisted to serve the nation for loyalty, patriotism and equality.

Mr Morgan listed all Gippsland based Indigenous veterans by name in a show of respect for their service.

If it werent for their sacrifice, Australia would not be the country it is today, he said.

South Gippsland Brass Bands Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks played The Last Post.


Remembering loved ones: Leongathas Andrea, Jeff and Trish Berryman attended the Leongatha Remembrance Day service on Sunday. They were there to honour Jeffs uncle Ernest John Henry Berryman MM 2288A, who was killed in World War One.


Flamenqueando "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Flamenqueandos new production features award winning Madrid trained flamenco dancer Rosalie Cocchiaro; Brilliant flamenco guitarist Paco Lara (SPAIN), Aria nominated guitarist Damian Wright; Jessica Statham (outstanding dancer Dance magazine Australia 2013); Chachy Penalver (Amor de Dios dance scholarship winner 2013) and brilliant jazz percussionist James Hauptmann (Vince Jones, James Morrison).

Winners Fringe Dance Award 2014 and Finalist 2016 and 2018.

Flamenqueando Productions

Seductive, graceful, vehement, amusing and always superbly controlled Alan Brissenden

Adelaide Dancer Rosalie Cocchiaros company Flamenqueando Productions was formed in 2014 after she returned from living and performing in Spain for 10 years. Their first show Flamenqueando won the Adelaide Fringe Dance Award that year. In 2015 Tablao was selected by Beijing 707N- Theatre through the Honeypot Program to perform in Hangzhou China. Tablao won the Adelaide Fringe weekly dance award in 2016 and was one of three finalists for the overall award. Flamenqueando Productions returned to China in June 2016 as invited artists for the inaugural Shanghai Fringe Festival. Rosalie has performed in many of Madrids well known tablaos and has worked with artists and performers such as Bernard Fanning (Civil Dusk), Bandaluzia (Adelaide Guitar Festival) and Cirque de Soleil (Totem). Their most recent show in March 2018, Cafe Cantante received 5 star reviews and won the weekly Adelaide Fringe Dance Award.

What: Flamenqueando

When: 24 November

Where: Venue 505 280 Cleveland Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

For More Informations And Buy Tickets Click Here

The post Flamenqueand...


Winery hosts Oaks Day style "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE glamour and elegance of Oaks Day came to Inverloch last Thursday when Dirty Three Wines and Events by Kate hosted an afternoon of frivolity.

The event at the winery featured entertainment by Mauz and Olly of Wonthaggi (Maureen Alford and Leigh Owens), and grazing food by Lime and Co.

An intimate gathering relished the chance to socialise over glasses of sparkly, with fashions on the field, a broadcast of the Oaks Day races at Flemington and the running of a sweep.

The best dressed couple title was shared by Adam and Kristy Leys of Inverloch, and Inverloch holidaymakers Paul Howat and Mark Bodenhope from Lalor.

Holly Powell of Wonthaggi collected the best dressed lady crown with a stylish pink suit.

Men were a little shy when it came to their fashion parade.

The winerys Marcus Satchell said, Its been a lot of fun with lots of young local people having a great time. We appreciate the support and people appreciate what we bring to the community, so its been a really great community spirit here.



Racing attire: from left, enjoying the atmosphere of Oaks Day at Dirty Three Wines at Inverloch last Thursday were Marsha Livingstone of Leongatha, Jo MacKenzie of Pound Creek, Rachael Mullin of Inverloch and Vanessa Fennell of Leongatha.

Ladies on parade: from left, entrants in the ladies fashions on the field at Dirty Three Wines were Jo Farmer of Inverloch, Anne Murphy of Inverloch, Emm...


Children moved away as carer shortage grips "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

CHILDREN from South Gippsland are being moved to live with foster carers in Melbourne because of a lack of carers locally.

Children in foster care live with families other than their own due to such issues as family breakdown, illness, death of a parent, abuse or financial, employment and housing difficulties.

More foster cares are needed to care for children without places to call home.

While the Salvation Army is withdrawing from foster care, a new agency in the area, OzChild, is recruiting carers.

The organisation has been operating in Melbourne since the 1970s and the number of referrals being directed to OzChild has been increasing.

Jonathan Finch, OzChilds assistant director in home care, said, The number of children in out of home car has increased from 6500 to 10,500 in Victoria since 2015.

That is due to varying reasons, such as more awareness of the issues that affect children and developments in family violence, and the child welfare service has received more funding to improve peoples knowledge of child abuse and neglect.

However since 2014, the number of carers in Victoria has fallen to 670 and Mr Finch is unsure why.

Less people are involved in voluntary work and less people are involved in the community, he said.

We want to get as many carers into the system as we can and to support the most vulnerable members of society. We want to be able to care for them in their communities and not remove them from their friends and their community.

The Salvation Army will move out of foster care from July 2019, affecting 80 children, 20 carers and Salvation Army staff through the armys Leongatha office.

The Salvation Army has not responded to numerous requests from The Star for updates about working with the State Government to find a new provider.

A spokesperson from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services said, The department will undertake a process in the new year so that new providers are in place before June 30 and we can ensure the ongoing care of all children and young people currently receiving out of home care services through the Salvation Army.
OzChilds decision to move into foster care in South Gippsland was made before the Salvation Army decided to withdraw from the provision of foster care.

I think the department will try to find new agencies so hopefully no carers will be lost from the system, Mr Finch said of the armys withdrawal.

He promised OzChild would support carers and their costs would be reimbursed, although they are not paid.



Girls receive humanity award "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

SOUTH Gippsland girls Alice Mabilia and Emily Glasgow were recognised for their compassion, integrity and kindness at a ceremony for the Fred Hollows Humanity Award at Melbourne Town Hall on Monday.

Alice Mabilia of St Josephs School Wonthaggi was nominated for being a fantastic mentor who supports students who most need her help.

At school, Alice volunteers for the Social Justice Group which teaches other students about injustices and fundraises for charities.

Emily Glasgow of St Josephs School Korumburra Emily is known for being kind, humble and fair. School principal Michelle Charlton said Emily was a champion for many of her peers.

She will speak up for them when they are being marginalised by others, Ms Charlton said.

John Brumby, chairman of the Fred Hollows Foundation, said the award highlights inspirational students making a positive difference in their communities.

Fred believed that Australians had an amazing ability to care for others and help those in need. He would be incredibly proud to see you all sitting her today, Mr Brumby said.

He presented students with their certificates before announcing the 2018 Victoria Junior Ambassador to The Foundation, Cam Tregaskis of St Michaels Grammar School.

The Fred Hollows Humanity Award will return in 2019, visit to learn more.

Kindness recognised: Alice Mabilia of St Josephs School Wonthaggi receives a Fred Hollows Humanity Award from Fred Hollows Foundation chairman John Brumby on Monday.

Thanks for caring: Emily Glasgow of St Josephs School...


Could Leongatha lose an icon? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LEONGATHA Senior Citizens Centre has been operating for more than 50 years and at its peak boasted 275 members.

The original members worked extremely hard to raise the funds to build their original centre, in Smith Street, cooked thousands of three course lunches, made huge quantities of articles for sale at an annual fair, as well as nurturing thousands of plants for sale as part of their fundraising.

There were 120 members who regularly supported the indoor bowling, winning at least one pennant competition.

The Senior Citizens still manage their current centre at 23 Smith Street, but with declining membership it is becoming difficult to continue their Friday afternoon entertainment sessions which start at 1pm and conclude at 2.30pm, followed by afternoon tea.

On Friday, November 2, Graeme Drury and Phil Benson provided an excellent program of racing orientated music for members, many of whom come dressed in fashions and fascinators to celebrate Melbourne Cup, and of course have a bit of a flutter on the cup sweep.

This program was followed by beautiful fresh sandwiches and strawberries and cream prepared by the hard working committee members. Not bad for the miserly cost of $4.

Another magical day was held on Friday, November 9 with local entertainers, D & B Riches and  Deb Paul performing Dumbalk Doll for all to enjoy, again followed by a lovely afternoon tea.

On, Friday, November 16 at noon members will enjoy their monthly two course luncheon day with a scrumptious meal prepared by Brent Sinclair, followed with entertainment by Susan Parrish and Pat Wakefield known as In Harmony starting at 1pm and again followed by a lovely afternoon tea.

Input and suggestions for the clubs weekly entertainment program are welcomed to cater for all preferences.

Seniors also operate an indoor bias bowls social gathering every Monday commencing at 1.15pm.

No experience is necessary and the only requirement is that you like to have a bit of fun. Again afternoon tea is served and members enjoy a social chat over their tea or coffee. New members are most welcome to enjoy any of our activities. Enquiries for further information can be directed to Ian on 0400 574 923 or just turn up at the door.

Entertaining event: back, fro...


UK tour for Leongatha singer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A LIFELONG passion for performing led a Leongatha local to the heights of choral singing at the Royal Albert Hall in London in October.

About 10 months ago, talented tenor and Lyric Theatre performer Peter McAlpine was given a call from a friend to audition for the Australian Welsh Male Choir with the intention of touring the United Kingdom.

With little hesitation, he tried out successfully but according to Mr McAlpine, that was the easy part and where the hard work began in preparation for the London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs.

He had to learn 50 songs by heart but the catch was, most were in Welsh, German or Latin and Mr McAlpine doesnt speak any of them.

It involved about two hours of practice every night after work, watching YouTube video clips and learning the pronunciation. It was fairly intensive, he said.

This is by far the biggest singing performance I was ever involved in but I jumped at the chance. I never thought Id be doing something like this.

It was quite magical that we were singing in centuries old cathedrals and then performing at Royal Albert Hall with other choirs from around the world who had learned and performed the same songs as us.

The three week tour of the United Kingdom by the Australian Welsh Male Choir included a performance for Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom George Brandis at Australia House in London.

Mr McAlpine said performing with 900 other choristers at Royal Albert was a once in a lifetime experience.

We had fantastic support and guidance from our talented musical director Tom Buchanan, the concert pianist Michelle Nguyen and lead soprano Ayse Goknur, he said.

With their guidance my voice has improved dramatically. I am able to reach notes I was never able to before.

Singing in front of an audience of 4000 people was phenomenal. It was also a real honour to perform at Australia House for Mr Brandis and good fun to sing Slim Dustys GDay, GDay as part of our show.

Mr McAlpine continues to sing with the Australian Welsh Male Choir from time to time and has since performed at the Frankston Arts Centre with the Victorian Police Pipe Band.


Special talent: tenor singer Peter McAlpine of Leongatha recently finished touring the U...


Lowest vacancies since early 2014 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rentals tighten

It's still early days, but the first indications that the dramatic clampdown on lending to investors is leading to tightening rental markets are surfacing.

Nationally the vacancy rate for residential properties fell to just 2 per cent in October, the lowest level in more than 4 years, according to SQM Research. 

Since many apartments were bought off the plan in Sydney and Melbourne many of the most impacted markets will initially include the smaller capital cities and regional centres. 

While Sydney's vacancies remained at 2.8 per cent or ~19,450 rentals in October, Hobart has crashed to just 0.3 per cent or 78 rentals, which is a full blown rental crisis playing out in real time.

Canberra isn't too far behind on that curve, declining from 2 per cent in 2014 to just 0.6 per cent, with vacancies declining again to 387 rental properties (remember many prominent commentators said that land tax 'in theory' would have no impact on the ACT rental market):

Interestingly, now many commentators are saying that the proposed negative gearing changes will have 'no impact' on rental markets too...but that's a whole other story. 



BREAKING NEWS: Greens NSW MP Breaks Ranks, Calls For Buckingham To Stand Down From 2019 Election "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Greens NSW MP Jenny Leong has broken ranks with her party and issued a joint call with federal Senator Mehreen Faruqi calling for colleague Jeremy Buckingham to resign from parliament and not contest the upcoming March 2019 state election.

Ms Leong stood to make the speech in the NSW Legislative Assembly shortly after midday.

Our response to recent allegations about one of our own MPS has to date been completely unsatisfactory. It is for this reason that I am calling for Jeremy Buckingham to resign from his position as a member of parliament, and take himself off the ticket for the 2019 state election.

If he doesnt do this then I am urging the party to act so that he is no longer a representative or member of the Greens because we cannot advance our agenda for a more just, more sustainable and more equitable world when so much energy, effort time, resources and pain has been exhausted trying to manage one man and his unacceptable behaviour.

There is a need for decisive action to bring this to an end, which is why NSW Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi and I have now issued a joint statement calling for Jeremy Buckingham to step aside and to not contest the next election.

It follows allegations in August that Mr Buckingham sexually assaulted Greens staffer Ella Buckland in 2011.

Ms Buckland alleged that a drunken Mr Buckingham grabbed her roughly on the vagina and kissed her neck outside his inner-west home in Sydney, following drinks at the NSW parliamentary bar.

Mr Buckingham continues to strongly deny the claims, and an internal Greens investigation found insufficient evidence to substantiate the allegations. That same investigation heard false allegations Ms Buckland was a promiscuous intravenous drug user.


It also follows last weeks resignation of Labor leader Luke Foley, over allegations he sexually assaulted ABC journalist Ashleigh Raper in December 2016, at a parliamentary Christmas Party.

Mr Foley resigned within hours of Ms Raper issuing a statement on the matter, mounting pressure on the Greens NSW to deal with the growing internal and external anger at how it handled the allegations around Mr Buckingham.



Outlaws ride free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AN estimated 300 members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club were in South Gippsland over the weekend, joined by an influx of police from Melbourne and the Latrobe Valley.

Motorcyclists from across Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America took part in the clubs national run, and stopped at Korumburra and Meeniyan Motel along the way, before camping at a venue near Foster.

Local police were joined by Public Order Response team in black marked vehicles, State Highway Patrol, Taskforce Echo members, and Australian Federal Police.

Extra police were also at Leongathas Remembrance Day service on Sunday, on account of the Outlaws and not the violent incident that occurred in Melbournes Bourke Street on Friday.

Together with interstate police, the local law enforcers closely monitored the ride to ensure swift action could be taken to detect and disrupt any motorcycle club members who commit crimes, road safety or public order offences, a police spokesperson said.

The Outlaws arrived in Korumburra at lunchtime and most parked outside the Middle Hotel, much to the interest of locals, with four highway patrol cars and four police motorcycles present.

The Star was told that at Meeniyan, the motorcyclists were well behaved and relaxed, and businesses appreciated their patronage.

Highway patrol police were out in force keeping an eye on the riders.

In Korumburra, The Star asked why there were so many police and was told police were ensuring all the riders travelled safely through the towns and they often had police escorts.

There are no issues with the bikies at this stage, a police officer said on Friday.

A police spokesperson said no arrests were made in relation to the run.



Burra visit: members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club stop off at the Middle Hotel in Korumburra last Friday.


Feeling blue? Try a touch of green "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

New signage with information on Lismores parks, walks and nature reserves.

Lismore City Council is encouraging people of all ages to spend some time in nature and improve their mental and physical health.

As part of its Feel blue Touch green project, Council has installed signage at Lismore Park and the Lismore Transit Centre with a map and written guide to Lismores parks, walks and nature reserves.

Studies show that being in nature allows the mind to let go of everyday worries, reduces stress and calms nerves. Add a walk and you get the benefit of exercise with fresh air and the chance to spot some local wildlife.

Did you know that a 90-minute walk in nature compared to a 90-minute urban walk has a much more positive impact on mental wellbeing? Councils environmental strategies officer Vanessa Tallon said.

Thats because a walk in nature reduces neural activity associated with the part of the brain that triggers rumination or over-thinking, known to heighten the risk of depression.

In Victoria, Deakin University researchers ran a project to see if people with depression and related disorders could benefit from participating in a nature-based activity. They saw great results from the time people spent in nature including the exercise and skills they gained, and the social connections and sense of worth the participants felt. They called this research Feel blue Touch green, and the owner of that trademark, Parks Victoria, has granted Lismore City Council permission to use it.

Lismore City Council developed a Feel blue Touch green brochure that was launched at the 2017 Mental Health Month Expo to promote Lismores urban green spaces and bushland areas.

The large public signage is the next step in inspiring people to get off the couch or leave the office, take some time out in nature, and experience the mental and physical health benefits.

The signs highlight our best bushland tracks and other places of natural habitat where anyone can go to sit and enjoy some quiet time, walk, birdwatch or maybe even spot a koala or platypus, Vanessa said.

Examples include the Tucki Tucki Creek Recreation Park in Goonellabah and Rotary Park, a dry rainforest remnant near Lismore Base Hospital. Another is the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens in East Lismore.

The Friends of the Lismore Rainfore...


Mesothelioma in Australia 2017 [AIHW] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Mesothelioma in Australia 2017 presents the latest available information on the incidence of mesothelioma in Australia, along with mortality and information on previous asbestos exposure, using data from the Australian Mesothelioma Registry (AMR), the National Mortality Database (NMD) and the Australian Cancer Database (ACD). On average, two people are diagnosed with mesothelioma in Australia each day.

Two new cases of mesothelioma diagnosed every day in Australia, with one of the poorest survival rate of any cancer (Media release)


MPs take pole position "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

GIPPSLAND South MLA Danny OBrien and Bass MLA Brian Paynter both claimed the number one spot on the ballot papers for their respective seats during ballot draws on Friday.

The Gippsland South ballot draw took place at the election office in Leongatha and the Bass draw at the election office in Wonthaggi.

Just two other candidates are in the running to unseat Mr OBrien. Greens candidate Ian Onley will appear second on the ballot, followed by Labor candidate Denise Ryan.

Mr OBrien is proud to be running for Gippsland South again.

I am pleased to be nominated again and I am lucky to be number one on the ballot, he said.

It doesnt matter though. I hope people choose to vote according to the last four years and our policies moving forward.

I am disappointed there are only three candidates but it gives a clear choice for the voters of Gippsland South.

I will continue to work hard for the next two weeks to hopefully win their support.

Mr Onley said he was confident in the policies the Greens have presented to voters.

I am proud to be standing for the Greens in Gippsland South. We offer a progressive policy to take our electorate forward for the public good. We want to help our community rather than corporate self interest, he said.

Our policy for renewable energy will boost our economy and drive the price of power down, whilst taking our part in addressing global warming.

We want to review gambling legislation. Millions of dollars are flowing out of the electorate, which could be better spent on driving the economy.

The ballot doesnt matter. If people understand our policy and what we want to achieve, they will vote for the Greens.

Ms Ryan did not attend the ballot draw.

In the electorate of Bass, incumbent Brian Paynter (Liberal) heads the ballot paper, followed by Independent Clare Le Serve, Labors Jordan Crugnale, Labour DLPs Ross McPhee, Independent Ron Bauer, Independent Kate Lempriere, Frank Ripa of Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Victoria and David Arnault of Australian Greens.

Ms Le Serve will preference Labor ahead of Liberal, saying Labors response to family violence had been the decider.

We need urgent action and Labor has committed $1.9 billion to fully implement the recommendations of the states landmark royal commission into family violence, she said.

Ms Le Serve also said Labor has a plan for a dramatic increase in renewable energy and is encouraging electric vehicles to address climate change.

Last time I ran on open ticket. At that stage the Baillieu and Napthine Liberal Government had been....


Lifesavers thrown a lifeline "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE wheels are turning on Wonthaggi Life Saving Clubs $8 million master plan.

Victorian Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin announced $2 million will be invested into the club, should a Liberal Nationals Government be elected on November 24.

The master plan aims to save the crumbling clubhouse, improve overnight facilities for members, schools and Bronze Camp participants, improve the car park, redevelop the playground, and provide greater storage for equipment.

The building is 60 years old. The roof is sagging and leaking, the external block walls are disintegrating, the buildings stairs are non compliant, wiring is faulty, and the club is suffering a vermin infestation.

Mr Battin was shocked by the state of the club.

Everything (the club has) shown us is exactly what we have been told in town, he said.

It was great to see the master plan. We want to make sure we are working with (the club) on this. This is not something we are going to take over. One of the reasons is this building was built by (the clubs) hands. Its always a challenge when you have change because you dont want to offend the people who have done so much for their community, but at the same time you need to have that upgrading for the new community to come through.

Mr Battin thanked the volunteers for the hours they put in to protect the community.

President Mark Scott was thrilled with the announcement.

It has been long battle. Itll be great news for our members who seem to feel like we are getting left out. Brian (Paynter, Bass MLA) has had a really good campaign for us. Hes always there at the end of the phone and always giving us advice, he said.

His slogan has been the authentic voice and he really is. Hes here, he listens and he gets on with it. Its great to see an outcome like this and we thank Brian for his effort.

Mr Paynter has been working tirelessly with the club to secure this vital funding.

Wonthaggi Surf Lifesaving is plays in vital role in keeping beach-goers safe, especially in summer months, he said.

(Wednesdays) announcement gives certainty to the club and will ensure its ongoing viability for generations to come.

Mr Scott said the project had been in the pipeline for years. Bass Coast Shire Council finalised the document at its December meeting in 2014.

On top of the promised $2 million, the club also received $115,000 from Life Saving Victorias maintenance program.

We received $95,000 last month and we are waiting to hear about the remaining $20,000, Mr Scott said.

DAS Constructions has been contracted for works on the patr...


Nationals under fire in Mirboo North "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MIRBOO North residents opposed to proposed logging at Mirboo North have indicated little love will be shown for The Nationals party on election day, November 24.

This declaration came after The Nationals Gippsland South MLA Danny OBrien told a forum about proposed logging at Mirboo North on Sunday he would remain true to his partys policy and support the native forestry industry.

Preserve our Forests is a group of locals against the logging of forest north of the township, and including around Lyrebird Forest Walk.

Steering committee chair Marg Thomas said, We have been unable to convince Mr OBrien of the need to act on our communitys concerns with regard to the logging issue and his declared position at the forum had not changed to any degree.

In speaking to many residents over time and those attending the forum, there is little love for The Nationals policy on forests and the steering committee believes this will be reflected at the ballot box to the detriment of The Nationals.

Ms Thomas said Mr OBrien failed to consider the tourism impact of logging in Mirboo Norths forests and the potential job losses that could result.

Mr OBrien said he was not pushing for the logging to take place, but did have to consider the needs of the entire electorate.

I do not oppose the logging in Mirboo North and I do that for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would be easy for me as the sitting member in opposition to just blame the government and say it shouldnt happen, he said.

However, for my whole life politically, I have been a supporter of the native forestry industry. My party, The Nationals, have also been supporters of the native forestry industry for our 100 year existence and thats been clear for a long time.

It is my view that if I were to change now it would be a complete breach of faith with the electorate that elected me nearly four years ago.

I appreciate the views of those who live in Mirboo North saying youre not listening to your community.  My community is larger than just Mirboo North. I have around 45,000 electors. I represent Sale, Rosedale, into the Latrobe Valley and obviously the timber industry is important in terms of employment; equally in Yarram.

The other five candidates Ian Onley for the Greens, Geoff Pain for the Health Australia Party, Reade Smith for Sustainable Australia Party, Independent Michael Fozard and Rhonda Crooks for Derryn Hinchs Justice Australia Party backed Mirboo Norths bid to stop the logging.

It was heartening to hear that all the candidates were very supportive of our campaign to preserve our forests, Ms Thomas said.

They saw our forests and the ambience they provide as intrinsi...


Jonson Street development would tower over guesthouse "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Artists impression of the proposed development on the corner of Jonson and Browning Streets, Byron Bay. Image supplied

The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) will tomorrow decide whether to approve a $21 million, four-storey residential and commercial development at the southern end of Jonson Street that adjoining residents say would tower over their properties with balconies that would peer into their backyards.

The development proposal comes on the back of Byron Shire Councils decision in September this year to endorse a planning proposal that will increase the height limit for that end of the Byron CBD to 11.5 metres and to abolish the floor space ratio.

The planning proposal in turn followed a Byron Bay Masterplan community meeting attended by general community members, architects, developers, real estate agents and local business owners, calling for fewer restrictions to support the built form aspirations for the town centre.

In a further twist, the developer, Graham Dunn, previously sat on the Masterplan leadership team.

Council has endorsed the development application even though the planning proposal has yet to be approved by the state government, so the JRPPs approval of the DA would effectively pre-empt it.

The current height limit for that end of Jonson Street is nine metres.

The Palms Guesthouse at 5 Browning Street, which would be significantly impacted by the development owner Peter OConnor says. Photo supplied

But Peter OConnor, proprietor of The Palms Guesthouse, told Echonetdaily that even the developers admit that the building...


Jim returns to council "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

JIM Fawcett has returned to South Gippsland Shire Council after being sworn in at the council chambers in Leongatha this morning.

The Tarwin Valley ward councillor hopes to advance the redevelopment of Leongathas Bair Street and also the Leongatha rail yards.

He fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Meg Edwards, which was initally won by Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks on a countback of votes from the 2016 election. He declined the offer and Cr Fawcett subsequently won a second countback for the position and accepted.

Cr Fawcett will not contest the mayoral election to be held on November 21. Councillors Don Hill, Ray Argento and deputy mayor Aaron Brown are the candidates so far.

Rejoining the team: South Gippsland Shire Council mayor Cr Lorraine Brunt welcomes Jim Fawcett back to council this morning.


Cabaret Star Trevor Ashley Hosting Opera Queenslands 2018 Gala "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Slip into your glittering best and join us for an evening of unbridled glamour at the 2018 Opera Queensland Gala this weekend. Featuring two-time ARIA Award winner, Megan Washington with Opera Queensland favourites and hosted by international cabaret superstar, Trevor Ashley (pictured), the 2018 Gala this Saturday (November 17) is set to be the social highlight of the season. Experience ...

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2001 ways in which Overland will save you from the AI apocalypse "IndyWatch Feed National"

1. Our fiction and poetry readers are humans. And in fact, were looking for more (to help us read through submissions and select the work that Overland goes on to publish. Interested? Read on.)


BLOODLINES: Musical Offspring "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

BLOODLINES: Musical Offspring Does music run in ones blood? Can the spirit and verve of an accomplished songwriter be passed down from one generation to another? Theres probably a case for both nature and nurture playing their part but over the decades there have been some strong examples of artists whose offspring have also forged their Continue reading


Ripped Off, Lost Stuff? Its Only Borrowed from the Cosmic Library Anyway "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Free flow. A metaphysical understanding of giving and receiving.


The Mambo Artists Now: To Destroy the World We Had to Save It "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MAMBO rose out of the early 1980s Sydney post-punk scene, founded by Phantom Records visionary entrepreneur Dare Jennings. Drawing on the talents of self-taught outsiders, muso-slash-visual artists, poster & comic artists and refugees from the Yellow House, Mambo was more an art movement than a clothing brand, built on a foundation of subversive satire, vernacular appreciation, music, surf and politics.

Initially spearheaded by the razor-sharp graphic wit of Richard Allan and suburban observations of Paul Worstead, and later including Reg Mombassa and other madly talented artists selected by Jennings and long term art directors Wayne Golding & Bruce Slorach. Mambos boundary-pushing meta-consumerist and iconoclastic approach to Australian culture took critical aim at national clichs and obsessions while mocking the dull seriousness of authentic logo-based marketing.

Between 1984 and 2002 (Peak Mambo Era), a core group of around 15 Mambo artists created art, text, graphics, logos, loud shirts and schmutter that payed scant regard for selling units and more interest in turning themselves on (or the squares off). In spite of this disregard for the mainstream, Mambo evolved into an international brand and national icon, leading to Mambos art direction of the 2000 Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, team uniforms, and a series of major survey exhibitions throughout the 2000s.

The impact and influence of Mambo continues to be felt, with Mambo alumni continuing their prolific ways and celebrated ways, and a generation of kids who grew up on Mambo now artists themselves.

Lone Goat Gallery is proud to present new works by 8 of the original and most notorious Mambo artists: Matthew Martin, David McKay, Paul McNeil, Jim Mitchell, Reg Mombassa, Robert Moore, Jeff Raglus, Gerry Wedd.

This aint no retrospective.


30 NOVEMBER 2018 20 FEBRUARY 2019



Lone Goat Gallery 28 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

The post...


Matters of Sociological Pathology and Psychology -- The End of the Western World "IndyWatch Feed National"

Matters of Sociological Pathology and - Psychology and the End of the Western World as we know it!

Sociology and Social Science are studies about the origin, development, organisation, structure and functioning of society and the fundamental laws of social relations. In these studies we can measure how well these studies operate in a society. Like in Pathology and Psychology you make diagnoses about the state of a society by using measurements in those above-name studies.

Pathology is a medical specialty that determines the cause and nature of diseases, by examining the human body!

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and the process associated with how people think and feel, conduct research and provide treatment and counselling in order to reduce distress and behavioural and psychological problems.

And if the doctor is not doing the right diagnosis, the patient, in this case the society will not heal.

What is done in Pathology and Psychology at a human body, can also be done on a whole Society.

If the certain studies of a Society show bad results, then you can be sure that there is something wrong with the Society and we speak in general of a sick society. In particular in the structure of a society you find in these days a lot of people who contribute to the dis-function of society and create a financial burden to society. Money which should be put into a positive development of a society are wasted on people who deliberately engage in a life-style which makes them sick. For example drug-users and people who engage in Sex-, Drugs & Rockn Roll.

Almost half of the total population (45,5 %) experienced mental disorders at some point in their life-time. That was in 2009. In addition to this, 20 % of Australians experience mental illness in any year up to now, aggravating the situation of 2009.



Disposable Income "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Stan Lee is dead and with him go superhero movies where his head pops up. Yes, no more superhero movies. RIP Stan Lee and very long, bad, films.

Stan Lee is dead and Marvel closes shop, as does DC and then Disney and whoever is responsible for Star Wars and fuck it, why not most anime.

Stan Lee is dead and the graphic novel which is actually just comics dies too and also video games where women have impossible tits.

Stan Lee is dead and all nerd culture and culture is a very strong word for collecting and collecting is a very strong word for having disposable inco-


Tell the Trade Minister your concerns about the RCEP "IndyWatch Feed"

Send a message here to Trade Minister Senator Simon Birmingham telling him you oppose increased corporate rights in the proposed RCEP, and support enforceable workers' rights and environmental standards.

Link to RCEP flyer for distribution here.


Governments intention to cut Foodbank funding was based on a wrong view on how to achieve progress "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Contributed from Victoria

The Morrison governments $323,000 a year intended cut to the Foodbank has drawn widespread condemnation. So it should, especially as we enter the Christmas season. It means that families and individuals are going to do it hard.

The backlash has been so severe that Scott Morrison has been forced to appear in public and reverse the decision.

It does not diminish the stinginess of the intent. It came about, because the politicians who make up the government dont get it and they dont care. This is not part of the world in which they exist. No one they know, is forced to go out and get some help to eat the next day. After all, their people are doing just great.

Their world stands in stark contrast to what the rest of Australia is facing. Here the day to day reality is that is that life is getting tougher. Poverty is on the rise and there are more homeless in our streets every day.

Never mind all the pep talk telling us how things are getting better. The economy is floundering. Proper jobs are diminishing, and wages get further and further behind the cost of making ends meet. The cost of housing has become, a nightmare. Even people with jobs are struggling.

The crusade against those who depend on Centrelink payments  has made it all the worse.

Just about everyone knows that this is the real world for most. Even those politicians in the government have some sense of it, even if it is short of a full appreciation.

Given this, the announced cut came as a shock to many people.

It makes sense though, at least in terms of the governments economic ideology. Its rule of thumb is cut back on as much expenditure as possible and hand it over to the major investors. They believe that if this is done, these investors will put their money in Australia, develop the economy, create jobs and bring a rise to everyones standard of living.

This of course has not been the result.

It is a short step from believing that the big investors are the cream of society, to regard those who are furthest away as the burdens on society. This makes it easier to see them as parasites, and their poverty is the result of a lifestyle choice, and not beccause of the economy and government policies.

Thus, the use of resources on these people is a waste. The cut is justified on the grounds that by helping the poor, a bad lifestyle is being encouraged.

This is a vision of society that considers individual greed as the builder of prosperity. There is an alternative vision that sees the best way to build prosperity is by working together and caring for each other. It accepts that we depend on each other and taking care of the collective interests is the way t...


Its Never The Crime, Its Always The Cover-Up: Greens Set To Implode Over Sexual Assault Allegations "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Lets re-imagine, just for a minute, last weeks furore around the alleged sexual assault of ABC journalist Ashleigh Raper by former NSW Labor leader Luke Foley.

Lets imagine that instead of resigning from the leadership within 24 hours, that Foley and the Labor Party instead branded Ms Raper a drug-using slut. Deeply offensive, I know, but stick with me.

Lets imagine that after levelling those allegations, Foley refused to stand down and the Labor Party refused to even debate internally whether or not he should.

Now lets try and imagine the public and media response to Ms Raper having her character assassinated for having the audacity to speak out against a politician in a position of power who sexually assaulted her.

The fact is, you dont actually have to try particularly hard to imagine it. You only need to know the story of Ella Buckland, a former Greens NSW staffer who earlier this year levelled startlingly similar allegations against Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

Like Ms Raper, Ms Buckland alleges that after a work function, she was sexually assaulted by a drunken politician.

Like Ms Raper, Ms Buckland alleges that following the alleged assault, she received a phone call from her alleged attacker.

Like Ms Raper, Ms Buckland waited a considerable period of time to air those allegations.

Like Ms Raper, Ms Buckland was the subject of defamation threats when the issue became public.

Those are the commonalities. The differences, however, are stark.

Former NSW Labor leader, Luke Foley. (IMAGE: Kate Ausburn, Flickr)

In Ms Rapers case, Luke Foley allegedly slipped his hand down her dress and between her underpants, resting his hand on her bare buttocks. In Ms Bucklands case, Mr Buckingham allegedly approached her from behind, grabbed her roughly on the vagina and kissed her neck.

In Ms Rapers case, she was dragged into the public fray by a Coalition politician seeking to exploit a political advantage. In Ms Bucklands case, her motivation in coming forward was publicly and falsely ascribed to her being involved in a factional move against Mr Buckingham. Ms Buckland has not been a member of the Greens for several years and has no day-to-day involvement in politics.

In Ms Rapers case, s...


Arts Wednesday 14 November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ed Lippmann once again joins us at 10:40 am with Part 5 of Technology and Architecture and this week the topic is the twentieth century.

With summer now upon us, I am taking the opportunity to replay and interview I recorded some years ago with entomologist, Bryce Peters, from UTS, talking about the creepy crawlies set to try us in the hot weather: cockroaches, flies and mosquitos.

Music start s and finishes with architecture, with bugs in between.

Do join me.


The post Arts Wednesday 14 November 2018 appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Troubling and regressive: Indigenous peak bodies condemn changes to NSW Adoption Act "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In a deeply troubling and regressive move, the NSW government will this week consider legislation that would allow for the forced adoption of Aboriginal children.


On this day in 1965 WO2 Kevin "Dasher" Wheatley VC - killed in action in Vietnam "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Every Australian should know this story! What an inspirational man. In 1965 Kevin Wheatley was serving with the Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam. On 13 November he was killed in action after refusing to abandon a dying mate. His valour was recognised with the posthumous award of the Victoria Cross...


Leaders Head for a Pacific IslandDont Expect Them to Hang Around.' "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Papua New Guinea is plagued by gangs, carjackings and kidnappings. Embassies warn their citizens not to leave hotels after dark, certainly not without armed guards. The Economist Intelligence Unit has rated its capital, Port Moresby, the fifth-worst city in the world to live in, beating out Lagos, Karachi and Damascus.
Sounds like a perfect place to host an international conference of global leaders and business titans.

This Thursday, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum is scheduled to kick off in the capitalnot that many of the participants plan to stay there. Thousands will stay on cruise ships moored nearby because there arent enough hotels. Vice President Mike Pence plans to lodge in Cairns, which is in northern Australia, more than an hours flight away.
Australia, for its part, is so concerned about security that it is taking the unusual step of deploying navy, air force and army troops to the conference, hosted by a warship. The U.S. Coast Guard also will provide security.
Just finding something to do on your days off that doesnt revolve around having a bunch of security folks with you is a challenge, says Kenneth Clinton, a Floridian who builds camps for workers in the liquefied-natural-gas industry.
Mr. Clinton has been carjacked twice in his eight years there. On both occasions, he drove away unharmed after he rolled down his window and the masked assailants recognized him. Hey, Ken. Sorry, go ahead, he recalls hearing.
Not to worry, authorities say.

Papua New Guineas police commissioner urged residents to not be alarmed by aircraft flying overhead day and night, including Australian air force F/A-18F Super Hornet jets.
Prime Minister Peter ONeill declared on the forums website that the nation would provide a secure environment where leaders, ministers and delegates can advance APECs policy agenda, and can leave Papua New Guinea knowing they have visited a culturally rich economically modernizing country.
Eager to put on a good face, the government bought 40 Maseratis and three Bentleys for use during the summita lavish acquisition in a place where many people lack access to...


Wafi-Golpu project expected in June 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Cedric Patjole | Loop PNG | November 11, 2018

Newcrest Limited expect the awarding of the Special Mining Lease for the Wafi-Golpu Project in June next year.

Speaking at the Companys Investor Conference, Executive General Manager, Craig Jetson, said the project has a wonderful ore body and is project of national significance to PNG.

The Investor Conference was held ion Sydney, Australia, on October 26th .

Jetson said following the submission of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in June this year, the company are working with the PNG Government to finalize the necessary agreements to be required to enable them to approve the Special Mining Lease (SML).

One thing for sure is that Wafi-Golpu is project of national significance to PNG, so there is a lot of excitement in PNG about this project, and they see it as a big part of the economic development of the nation, said Jetson.

Right at the outset when we started working through the process of the permitt...


Rally calls for end to water mining in the Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mondays (November 12) rally against water mining on the steps of Tweed Council chambers. Photo supplied

A rally at Tweed Council chambers on Monday (November 12), heard more than 99 per cent of Uki residents want water mining banned in the Shire.

Representatives of the Tweed Water Alliance and the Water Dragons met with the Tweed mayor Katie Milne and deputy mayor Chris Cherry who assured them that council are listening to the communitys concerns and taking the issue seriously.

Applications for new DAs will be looked at more closely and the community submission process will be more transparent, Cr Milne said.

The mayor says she has a motion coming before the next council meeting that would remove water mining as a permissible use under the Local Environment Plan (LEP) but she has warned that walking back existing approvals would be more problematic.

Following the meeting, around 200 concerned residents staged a rally on the steps of the council chamber, where they were joined by the Greens state candidate for Lismore, Sue Higginson, and the Greens federal candidate for Richmond, Michael Lyon, who are also pushing to end the industry.

Tweed mayor Katie Milne with Michael Lyon and Sue Higginson (Greens) at Mondays (November 12) water mining rally. Photo supplied

In light of a recent water extraction application in Alstonville, water mining has become a regional issue, with the Greens calling on the state government to direct Ballina and Tweed local councils to prohibit water mining....


Prom Coast Food Collective "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Orders CLOSE TONIGHT for the
November cycle!
... ......


Show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"




7.30pm, Fri 16th and Sat 17th Nov

Melbourne Playback harnesses some strange m...


Show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


And for families...

Little Big Surprise!

10.30am, Sat 17th and Sun 18th Nov

"The outcome of Imaginarium was the opportunity to laugh whilst providing a rare insight into what children hold dear and to honour their perspectives both with humour but also immense respect and tenderness. Arts Hub



Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi all,

Im looking for a cleaner to come to Preston on a fortnightly or weekly basis. I have tried Made to Clean etc with bad experiences. Does anyone know someone that they could recommend?




Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Newlanders,

We don't need our coffee table so it is looking for a new home.
If you are interested, you will find at the front of 4 George St, Preston.




Gun Control. "IndyWatch Feed National"

These primitive guns are on a restricted license & it is against the law to use them anywhere but on an approved pistol range!

When this incident happened did we blame the driver or the vehicle? Thats right; we blamed the driver, the criminal. We did not blame other car owners & drivers & we did not blame the car. BUT, when someone uses a gun to kill people, the anti-gun lobby blames law abiding gun owners & they blame the guns!!! The anti-gun lobby calls for stricter gun control laws even though they know that criminals DO NOT ABIDE BY THE LAWS! They call for an immediate restriction on guns, first they call for a ban on specific guns, then they try to ban all guns.
Did anyone call for a restriction on certain cars? Have any specific types of cars been banned? Have any of those vehicles been banned for use in racing in racing sports? No of course not, that would be seen as being ridiculous, why inconvenience other licensed vehicle owners because one criminal mowed down a heap of pedestrians, why interfere with motor sports when it had nothing to do with motor sports!
But gun owners are inconvenienced, we are blamed for crimes committed by others, we have had our guns confiscated & the shooting sports have been seriously affected by the banning of specific types of guns; NOT assault rifles no, but ordinary semi-automatic .22 rifles & 12 gauge shotguns. These types were also confiscated from farmers, people who NEEDED these guns as part of their employment/work!!!
None of these gun types were ever used in a mass shooting, assault rifles were banned years before the John Howard government decided on a knee jerk decision to confiscate rabbit rifles & shotguns, & of course the ignorant general public applauded Jon Howard for this act of stupidity, because they are totally ignorant & dont know any...


Medical Specialist Access Framework a guide to equitable access to Specialist Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) has developed the Medical Specialist Access Framework a guide to equitable access to Specialist Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people' (the Framework). The Framework is the RACP's principal contribution to Strategy 1B of the Implementation Plan for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023.

The Framework was developed by the RACP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee. It aims to increase access by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People across Australia to medical specialists. The Framework consist of principles, enablers of specialist access, tools and resources, as well as case studies showcasing successful models that are enabling greater access by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to medical specialists. The RACP welcomes the opportunity to discuss this further with interested stakeholders.

The Framework and associated documents can be found online at:

Additional rural and urban case studies at :


Defining the Indefinable: Descriptors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Cultures and their Links to Health and Wellbeing "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This report was funded by the Lowitja Institute and is part of the development of Mayi Kuwayu: The National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing; a national longitudinal study exploring the relationship between Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander wellbeing and culture. This review was conducted to explore what cultural factors are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and gain an understanding of how these factors relate to health and wellbeing.

We examined the Australian literature as well as publications from countries that have experienced similar colonisation events; primarily Aotearoa (New Zealand), Canada and the United States. Our main findings from this synthesis determined 6 main domains used to describe culture for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These domains were: Connection to Country; Cultural Beliefs and Knowledge; Language; Family, Kinship and Community; Expression and Cultural Continuity; and Self-determination and Leadership.

Defining the Indefinable: Descriptors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' Cultures and their Links to Health and Wellbeing


Nuclear and climate news Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Again, theres a collision between the twin threats of nuclear power and of climate change, as Californias wildfires ravage the once-secret Santa Susana Field Lab (Rocketdyne), site of a partial nuclear meltdown in 1959, and still radioactively polluted.   Physicians for Social Responsibility refute media claims that wildfire ash poses no radiation health problem. ( No monitoring , no assessment: the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.)

California Fires Could Be The New Abnormal If Climate Change Continues. Scientists have identified 10 ways in which climate change makes wildfires worse.

Investigative journalism. Again, journalists cover the situation of Americas sick and dying nuclear workers. This is a 2018 story, which was covered magnificently by McClatchy News in 2015.


NUCLEAR. Environmentalists are urging people to contact Labor MPs on two issues:

  1. Labor needs to support the movement against a federal nuclear waste dump at...



ALP have their national conference in Adelaide in December. While there are no guarantees, it is looking likely that they will be running the show after the next election. It is looking unlikely that Minister Canavan will be able to select a site for the waste dump before then. [ed: because the govt doesnt want it to be an election issue]
The SA ALP passed a pretty good motion on radioactive waste at their conference in October.  We want the federal ALP to do the same. Or better.
We have set up an online lobbying tool so people can easily email or call their ALP MPs and Senators. Information below. With lots of phone calls, email...


Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam according to our Islamic brethren. "IndyWatch Feed National"

These are Australia's Islamic leaders, the national council of Imams. The Imams Council is sure the Burke St terrorist was a deranged individual who had nothing to do with Islam. They also reckon that they're at the forefront of countering terrorism. Who knew? The OnePath Network, a Muslim broadcasting operation...


Negative emissions: Scientists meet in Australia to discuss removing CO2 from air "IndyWatch Feed"

A conference was held in the continent this month where researchers discussed geoengineering schemes to counteract the effects of global warming.

Negative emissions: Scientists meet in Australia to discuss removing CO2 from air "IndyWatch Feed National"

A conference was held in the continent this month where researchers discussed geoengineering schemes to counteract the effects of global warming.


Australia already has cyclotrons, producing medical isotopes with no need for nuclear power "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Kazzi Jai   Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 12 Nov 18 
So often we are focused on things when forget to take a step back and reassess the situation

Hands up those people who know of ANSTOs Synchotron in Melbourne, which...


Labor Fringe 16 18 December Adelaide, SA "IndyWatch Feed"


16 18 December Adelaide, SA  Welcome to Fringe 2018! Labor is at its best when we are the party of ideas and action Labor Fringe will bring together organisations, advocates, professionals  and members of the public from across the nation  to debate, connect, promote and share ideas that will shape the future of Australia.

The 48th Australian Labor National Conference will be held  from Sunday 16 Tuesday 18 December 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre,  and the Fringe Program runs alongside the action on Conference Floor. 

Fringe 2018 will comprise of 80 events that explore diverse and integral issues facing Australia,  it will form an integral part of Labors highest decision-making platform.

Fringe 2018 provides an incomparable opportunity for organisations to showcase  and launch integral ideas and conversations to a large and diverse Labor audience. 

Fringe presents innovative and creative policy proposal...


Air conditioning if supplied by fossil fuels increases global warming "IndyWatch Feed"

This article highlights Sir Richard Branson (a nuclear power proponent) and correctly reminds us of the carbon footprint if air-conditioning, if fuelled by fossil power. Important to Australia, and also to India. Why didnt Ft mention this? 

BUT the logical alternative is renewable energy &#821...


Climate change making devastating bushfires the new normal "IndyWatch Feed"

31 Dead In Devastating California Wildfires: Heres What To Know | TIME

California Fires Could Be The New Abnormal If Climate Change Continues A leading climate scientist says a worrying pattern helped light the match for the devastating California fires. 10 daily, 13 Nov 18 

The fires have devastated the state, killing 31 people so far.

Its not looking likely the blaze will calm any time soon.

One of the reasons for the scale of destruction being visited on the state is a collection of environmental triggers brought about by climate change, according to Doctor Daniel Swain of UCLA.He said due to rising temperatures and dryness similar fires could affect the state for many years to come.

This is not the new normal, this is the new abnormal, and this new abnormal will continue, certainly in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years, he said..


Messiah Mahdi Maitreya -- Response and Advice to BF's WDS Article on November 12th, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Response and Advice to BF WDS article on November 12th 2018

Even though I do not have access and read full article, but it is seem a good public content.

- At present there are several competing plans being presented at the highest levels of world power

=> plans by who? How can they even know & contact to the highest level of Earth world power?

Have any online platform of that Earth world power?

- The problem of Earth is humanity mind-set not money, so I highly recommend do not release GESARA, NESRA and Global Currency Reset at the moment, it only bring more chaos.

- About future planning agencies

Sound great, but why only 2? Why not 8?

Australia, South America, North America, Africa, CIS, Europe, Asia, Arab Middle East.

The HQ locations I suggest a quite place, do not have history Earthquake, Tsunami and more importantly must be ready to work in a case of Mega Natural Catastrophe happen like some prophecies in many religions & books.

- Fighting to subdue the remaining Khazarian satanists continues in the U.S., the EU, Israel, and Japan.

When the battle end? Do not tell that you do not have the extract date, it seem you guys fight more than 12 months already.

Do fighting stop the root problems? No, only giving out working real life solution and policy.

Frankly If I was a US leader, I would easily win at least 90% of people vote. What the US Patri...


Workers exposed to nuclear radiation: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting "IndyWatch Feed"

Nearly 33,500 former nuclear site workers died due to radiation exposure- report

Nuclear fallout: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting

They built our atomic bombs; now theyre dying of cancer

Nuclear Fallout: This story produced in partnership with ProPublica and the Santa Fe New Mexican. (Richly illustrated with photographs, videos, charts, documents interactive map) 
Wave 3, By Jamie Grey and Lee Zurik | November 12, 2018  
LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO (InvestigateTV) Clear, plastic water bottl...


Callout: ongoing fiction, poetry and nonfiction readers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland is looking to expand its team of fiction and poetry readers, and to start a team of nonfiction readers. These volunteer positions only require a time commitment of a few hours per month.


Gumshoes Survey To Expose Criminality in The Family Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan 

The more I hear, the more terrible are the accounts of how the court has acted with malice against children. In many instances evidence was deliberately destroyed.

The Prime Minister, in his October 2018 Apology, said,

too many were told; they just didnt listen. Too many did know; they just didnt act.

But they are NOT listening to the children and their protective parents NOW. Countless Ministers and Attorney-Generals have been told, but they remain silent. (We will expose their silence in another article.)

I have put together a SURVEY, with the support of a few readers our own Royale Commission to disclose the failures and CRIMINALITY in the Family Court system in AUSTRALIA. And to disclose who is not listening to, and protecting children.



They Made Mince Meat of Shakespeare "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pakistani TV star in a Shakespeare play.   Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Not to worry about the 17-year-olds they are in great shape.

On Friday, November 9, 2018, drama students at New Hampshires Concord High School put on The Complete Works of Shakespeare in 90 Minutes.

You never saw such jumping around.  A hockey game would look tame compared to the physical energy on display on this Elizabethan stage.  In fact, the boy who played Juliet (you didnt think theyd let a girl play Juliet did you?) threw himself on the floor so many times I could see an orthopaedics bill in the offing.

Juliets name is Myles Luongo and he had extraordinary self-confidence and ability to interact with the audience.

The complete works did not...


Iran is keeping faith with the nuclear agreement "IndyWatch Feed"

The Latest: Nuclear watchdog: Iran stays within deal limits Associated Press, November 12, 2018  VIENNA 

The U.N. atomic watchdog says Iran continues to stay within the limitations set by the nuclear deal reached in 2015 with major powers, aimed at keeping Tehran from building nuclear weapons in exchange for incentives.

In a confidential quarterly report distributed to member states Monday and seen by The Associated Press,...


NSW government unveils plan to bring grid into age of renewables RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

New South Wales Coalition govt unveils grid upgrade plan, to accommodate the flood of new renewable energy capacity in the states development pipeline. The post NSW government unveils plan to bring grid into age of renewables appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via NSW government unveils plan to bring grid into age of renewables RenewEconomy


Clean energy industry slams Coalitions perverse procurement plan RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Clean Energy Council slams federal government plan to underwrite new dispatchable generation, saying it grossly distorts ACCC recommendations in favour of coal-fired generation. The post Clean energy industry slams Coalitions perverse procurement plan appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Clean energy industry slams Coalitions perverse procurement plan RenewEconomy


Solar Insiders Podcast: Fair Dinkum, were serious about solar power RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

The Solar Insiders team gets Fair Dinkum about solar, because thats what we do, thats who we are, thats what we are about. Do you have a strawberry? The post Solar Insiders Podcast: Fair Dinkum, were serious about solar power appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Solar Insiders Podcast: Fair Dinkum, were serious about solar power RenewEconomy


Dispatchable renewables: its time to start planning the transition RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

What if the wind doesnt blow and the sun doesnt shine? The post Dispatchable renewables: its time to start planning the transition appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Dispatchable renewables: its time to start planning the transition RenewEconomy


Northern Territory unveils first grid-scale battery in solar capital Alice Springs RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Territory Generation unveils 5MW battery in solar capital of Alice Springs that is likely to deliver pay-back within four years. The post Northern Territory unveils first grid-scale battery in solar capital Alice Springs appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Northern Territory unveils first grid-scale battery in solar capital Alice Springs RenewEconomy


Lazard hails inflection point as wind, solar costs beat new and old fossils RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Latest Lazard report shows wind and solar now beating existing and fully depreciated fossil fuel generators on costs, and battery storage is also falling. The post Lazard hails inflection point as wind, solar costs beat new and old fossils appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Lazard hails inflection point as wind, solar costs beat new and old fossils RenewEconomy


November 12 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: The Economic Truth of Coal Mines The hyper-partisan political debate around coal conceals the surprising economic truth that coal miners, and those worried about climate change, both benefit from the current high in world coal prices. High prices for coal benefit mining companies, but they make it harder to sell coal. [The []

via November 12 Energy News geoharvey


Callout: guest fiction editor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Every year, Overland publishes several online editions showcasing fiction by new and emerging writers, or specially curated themed fiction editions. An opportunity exists for an emerging editor to work on one of these online fiction editions, to be published in April or May 2019.


OPINION: Was Australias 20th Prime Minister William McMahon A Gay Man? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In 1970s Australia, it seemed inconceivable that a gay person could hold the office of Prime Minister. But Destiny Rogers asks, was Australias 20th Prime Minister William McMahon a gay man? Sir William McMahon had a long climb up the ladder of success. Once at the top, he fell off. He was not a popular ...

The post OPINION: Was Australias 20th Prime Minister William McMahon A Gay Man? appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Tweed Heads man charged with murder after woman stabbed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man has been charged with murder after a fatal stabbing in Tweed Heads on Monday (November 12).

Police were called to a unit on Brett Street just before 6.30pm, following reports of a domestic-related incident.

A 63-year-old woman was found in the unit with critical injuries.

She died at the scene.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Police District located a 64-year-old man in the unit and after a short struggle with police, he was arrested.

The man was taken to Tweed Heads Police Station and charged with murder.

He was refused bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court today (Tuesday November 13).

The man and the woman were known to each other.



The post Tweed Heads man charged with murder after woman stabbed appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Majority Of Men In US & Europe Will Be Infertile By 2060 Study "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sperm count in men from North America, Europe and Australia is declining so quickly that most men in these countries will be infertile by the year 2060, according to disturbing new research from the Hebrew [...]

The post Majority Of Men In US & Europe Will Be Infertile By 2060 Study appeared first on News Punch.


Russia moves to dump American dollar "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

As Washington moves towards implementing tougher new sanctions against Russia, including the denial of access to international banks and trade in American dollars, Moscow is considering its options.

President Vladimir Putin has slammed US efforts to maintain dominance on the world stage and seriously considering dumping American currency reserves and using alternatives for international trade.

To do this, concrete steps are being taken to use other currencies. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said. We will certainly be moving in this direction. This follows Putins observation last month that the move is not because we want to undermine the dollar but because we want to ensure our security, because they are constantly slapping sanctions against us and are simply denying us an opportunity to use the dollar.

If the shift is carried through successfully, it may undermine the American dollar, by making it less relevant as the international standard.

It could turn out that Washingtons sanctions, as well as sanctions against China, could help to bring aa bigger shift about. The two countries have been building their trading ties and form the basis for the creation of a new trading block. China already accounts for 60 percent of Russias trade. Europe could be drawn into this partnership.

Speculation is that trading could shift to the use of euros. yuan and roubles.

According to the Russian central banks data, the share of dollar payments in exports of goods and services declined to 68 percent from 80 percent between 2013 and 2017. At the same time, the share of transactions in euros increased to 16 percent from nine percent and those in roubles rose to 14 percent from 10 percent. Payment for imports in dollars declined 36 percent from 41 percent. Russian holdings of US government debt fell by around $80 billion this year.

Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping has consistently expressed sympathy to the idea of shifting from the American dollar and India has begun to trade with Russia in roubles.

India has also began to trade wit...


Yes: one year on "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week marks one year since Australians overwhelmingly voted Yes to the question of whether LGBTI Australians can marry the person they love.

Anna Brown, Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign and Director of Legal Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre said it was incredible seeing the majority of the nation back marriage equality and a fair go for all LGBTI Australians last year on November 15.

A year ago the nation celebrated with LGBTI Australians, their friends and families. Since then weve had a year where all Australians have had the same opportunities for love, commitment and to be treated equally.

Its been a wonderful year of cake and rainbow flags with LGBTI couples finally being able to say I do. Marriage equality has taken from no one and given absolute joy to LGBTI Australians, their families and friends, Anna Brown said.

Earlier this year, following leaks of the 20 recommendations from the Religious Freedom Review many Australians were outraged to learn that under current anti-discrimination laws, schools and other services run by religious bodies are legally able to discriminate against LGBTI children, clients and workers. The inquiry was called following the deeply flawed idea that marriage equality for LGBTIQ people would somehow pose a threat to religious freedom.

We reject this utterly, and remain concerned that conservative religious forces within the Coalition will be extracting their price for marriage equality. There should be no price paid for equality, Anna Brown said.

Australians voted for fairness and equality this time last year, not discrimination against LGBT people. Kids in schools should be worrying about classes and their homework, not living in fear of mistreatment because of who they are. Teachers should be able to do their job without having to hide who they are, Anna Brown said.

Michelle and Rhondas story

It was ironic that we were apart on the day that Australia voted that we could be together, legally. I was in Sydney and Rhonda was in Melbourne. Thanks to Facetime we were virtually together as we watched the results announcement for the Marriage Equality survey. After 6 months of never daring to dream that our love and relationship was going to be legally recognised, we were beautifully, joyfully and tearfully surprised at the result.

We said in our joint wedding speech (only 4 months later!) our two reasons to get married were firstly, because we adore one another and secondly, to salute and honour all of the campaigners who have given their lives, time, tears and energy for our right to be considered equal.



Melbourne, Australia: Mural in memory of Mikhail Zhlobitsky "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Received on 10/11/2018; for the case of Mikhail Zhlobitsky check here and here:Narrm / Melbourne so-called Australia: Graffiti mural in memory of 17 year old Russian Anarchist-Communist Mikhail Zhlobitsky who died while carrying out an explosive attack against the FSB (Federal Security Service) Regional Headquarters in Arkhangelsk, Russia on October 31st.

Never Forget Our Fallen Comrades!



Filming in the Most Depressing City on Earth: Jakarta "IndyWatch Feed National"

It stinks, it is the most polluted city on earth, but that is not the most terrible thing about it.

You can drive for ten or even twenty kilometers through it, and see only ugliness, fences and broken pavements. But there are many miserable cities on this planet, and I have worked in almost all of them, in 160 countries.

So why is Jakarta killing me?  Why am I overwhelmed by depression whenever I decide to film here, or to write about the state in which its citizens are forced to live? Why, really, do I feel so desperate, so hopeless?

I am tough. I hardly succumb to depression even in such places like the war-torn Afghanistan, Iraq, or in the middle of the toughest slums of Africa.

So, what is it, really, about Jakarta?

Here, I often speak about immorality, but again, what do I mean by this term? I am not a moralist, far from it. I have no religion, and I very rarely pass moral judgments, unless something truly outrageous unveils in front of my eyes.

So why, as so many others, do I land in this city in good spirits, and leave one or two weeks sick, broken, literally shitting my pants, full of wrath, despair?

Why? The Western mass media and local servile sheets are constantly bombarding the world, describing Jakarta as a sprawling metropolis, or to use the terminology of the Australian National University, as a normal city.

But it is not. In fact, it is the most immoral place on earth that I know. It is one enormous monument to fascism, intellectual collapse, Western neo-colonialism and turbo-capitalism.

This time, right here, I will explain, briefly and determinately, why!


You can actually avoid feeling this way, if you decide to land in Jakarta, work for a week or two surrounded by local elites (usually shameless thugs), sail through life here with half-closed eyes. Or if you get paid well not to see. You can also be a Western journo who lives in one of high-rise condominiums, gets himself local bimbo for a girlfriend, and collects his news from official briefings and press conferences.

Such foreign visitors are warmly welcomed in Jakarta, and they get incorporated into the life of local tsars, of feudal cream, of bandits who double as business people or politicians.

It is not so difficult! You land at that lavish Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (half of things do not work here, already, or yet, but the terminal does look lavish), you can take a luxury limo to one of so many 5-star hotels, have meetings at a steel-and-glass office tower, dine in a posh mall where nobody shops (a money laundering concept), but where those with unlimited budgets, often dine. After all....


Bhanged Up Abroad "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ive never been a huge fan of the term developing. This is especially true when its used as a euphemism most often to describe countries struggling to restabilise after being systematically dismantled by colonising nations.

When it comes to describing railway systems, however, I can think of no better adjective to qualify Queensland Rail.

Pay $10 for a train in my home state of Queensland, and youll be sitting in graffiti-stained seats getting fined $261 for sneaking a bite of an apple. Pay $10 for a train in India, and you get to kick back in an actual bed and dine on a selection of curry whilst your phone charges alongside you.

My friend Paige and I were feeling a little shell-shocked after several days of Diwali celebrations in Udaipur an exuberant Hindu festival of light renowned for its 24-hour firecracker displays. Our plan was to take a train 300km north-west to Ajmer, then get a ride to the lakeside city of Pushkar and chill the fuck out.

In pursuit of this desire, before leaving Udaipur, we filled our flasks with some bhang chai from a local vendor: a surprisingly tasty combination of masala tea, milk and cannabis. Bhang, a ground paste made from marijuana leaves and stems, has been approved for sale by the Rajasthani government and is even said to have the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Not one to argue with politics or religion, we figured it would make our five-and-a-half-hour train journey even more pleasant than usual.

Snuggled into freshly washed sheets in top bunk beds opposite each other, Paige and I were very much at ease, and coming into the peak of our high.


A small frame stretched up and peered into my bed with inquisitive eyes as the Aravalli Range whipped by through the window behind him. He was a dabbawala a lunchbox delivery man and he couldnt have come at a better time. Behind her turquoise-rimmed glasses, Paiges pupils had pooled as large as mine.

Two vegetarian, I slowly replied.

From the bunk beneath me came a voice.

Do you girls want Dominos instead?

I beg your pardon?

If you would prefer western food, I can order you a pizza, offered my bunkmate, an Indian man in his 40s, as he....


Pamela Anderson says #MeToo movement is 'a bore,' urges 'common sense' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pamela Anderson is not a supporter of the #MeToo movement. In a new interview with Australia's "60 Minutes" on Sunday, the former Playboy model slammed #MeToo, claiming it has gone "too far." "I think this feminism can go too far," Anderson said. "I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore." She added, "I think it paralyzes men, I think this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me. I'm sorry, I'll probably get killed for saying that." Anderson, 51, brought up the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and said it was "common sense" to avoid those types of "business meetings."


Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Binoy Kampmark | Dissident Voice | November 11, 2018 Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it. For them, peace is the enemy as much as armed opposing combatants, if not more so. Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian []


50-year-old woman arrested over Australia's strawberry needle scare [Update] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Police in Australia have arrested a woman in the state of Queensland as part of their investigation into a food contamination crisis that has left the nation's fruit-lovers in a panic since September. Queensland Police Service said the 50-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday afternoon "following a complex... and extensive investigation," which was spearheaded by the force and involved "multiple government, law enforcement and intelligence agencies" across Australia. Australians have been in a panic over tainted fruit since authorities warned on September 12 of the potential risk of finding needles and pins in punnets of tampered fruit, in particular strawberries.


HPV vaccines: My daughters lost years "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Fiona Mackenzie, Cromdale, Grantown on Spey, Highlands of Scotland, The Happy-go-Lucky Girl I had Pre-HPV Vaccine is Gone Forever Chelsea had 2 injections of Cervarix in the fall of 2012 before we went to Australia. A few months after we returned, we took her in for the third jab. The GP practice stated that []

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Australia: Imam of jihad terror-tied mosque that jihad murderer attended says PM should blame policenot us "IndyWatch Feed National"

We see it all over the free world, after every jihad attack: instead of vowing to clean house and root out imams who preach the violent teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, Islamic leaders claim victim status, complain that they and the entire Muslim community is being blamed and scapegoated, and point fingers at others. []


Climate emergency: from unmentionable to mainstream "IndyWatch Feed"

Climatic clippings no 8 in 2018 ]

October 2018 was the month when the word climate emergency suddenly became mainstream, after the United Nations had published its report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which warns humanity that we have to cut our emissions in half during the next decade in order to have a decent chance of avoiding a catastrophe. Which among other things mean that Australia has to shut down its coal-fired power stations before 2030. And which suggested that humanity as a whole needs to work and invest three times harder than our current level.

What stands clear is that our politicians are not on our side. If they were, they would have made laws that banned and taxed the destructive pollution of our atmosphere decades ago. They actually considered doing this in a joint international effort 30 years ago. But then no, our governments decided to ignore the threat or do as little as possible.

Still today, governments around the world are refusing to establish any sensible regulation that is in alignment with what the UN climate scientists tell us we need to do if we want to protect ourselves and life on this planet from destruction and avoid a miserable planetary catastrophe.

What the %#&$ is wrong with our lea...


Deadliest wildfires in the United States since the 1990s "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wildfires raging in California are among the deadliest recorded in the United States, with at least 31 people killed in the state as 250,000 flee their homes.

The largest and most destructive of the blazes is the Camp Fire in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, which started on November 9 and has claimed 29 lives.

This death toll matches the highest previously recorded for a single wildfire in the United States, when 29 people died fighting a blaze at Griffith Park in Los Angeles County in 1933.

The United States is regularly struck by wildfires in its dry late summer months. Here is a look back at some of the most deadly since the 1990s:

2018: 10 die in two blazes

AFP | A power line catches fire as the Woolsey fire burns on both sides of Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) in Malibu, California, as night falls on November 9, 2018

A fire that starts late July near the city of Redding in northern California rages for six weeks and claims the lives of eight people, three of them firefighters.

Called the Carr Fire, it razes more than 1,000 homes, forcing the evacuation of 40,000 people.

The Mendocino Complex that starts days later southwest of the city is on August 7 declared to be the largest fire in Californias recorded history. It eventually burns through nearly 460,000 acres (186,000 hectares), according to local authorities, and claims two lives.

2017: 42 dead in California

California is ravaged by around 20 wildfires from early October that go on to claim 42 lives over the month, most of them in wine-producing Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco, where 22 die.

As many as 11,000 firefighters some from as far away as Australia are involved in battling the blazes which burn through more than 245,000 acres, force the evacuation of 100,000 people and destroy about 10,000 buildings.

2016: 13 killed in tourist area

A fire breaks out late November in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a popular tourist area straddling the border of southeastern US states Tennessee and North Carolina, and rapidly spreads, pushed by strong winds and tornadoes.

Thirteen people are killed, 12 directly related to the blaze and one of a heart attack while fleeing, authorities say.

2013: 19...


Australian PM dismisses mental illness as an excuse for dangerous ideology of extremist Islam after jihad attack "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shire Ali was known to ASIO and had his passport cancelled in 2015, it is understood to prevent him travelling to Syria to join Islamic State. Mental illness? Come on. The familys claims might carry more weight if they could produce any evidence that Shire Ali was actually being treated for mental illness; so far []


Prehistoric giant Australian Megalania lizards "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 11 November 2018 video says about itself:

When Giant Lizards Ruled Australia Megalania

Monitor Lizards are a fantastic group of animals, as they include the largest lizards alive today, but at one point in time they got even bigger


Australia: 20 years from now (free online workshop) "IndyWatch Feed"

It's a big couple of days ahead for Aussie economy news.

But there's not so much news of note fro you today.

So here's a free online workshop for you to watch instead (or click on the image below).



Like Turnbull before him, Scott Morrison fails to connect with voters "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In its national opinion poll released on 11 November 2018 Federal Primary Votes came in at:

Liberal-National Party 35 (-1)
Australian Labor Party 40 (+1)
Australian Greens 9 (0)
Pauline Hansons One Nation 6 (0)

These results gave this Two-Party Preferred Voting breakdown (based on 2016 federal election preference flows):

The Australian, ...

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IndyWatch All AU News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Monday, 12 November


This Child Trafficking is NOT Being Investigated "IndyWatch Feed National"

Survivors and their advocates wouldnt be under such attack if it was.

Many people are content just to stay online and read Q posts- which breeds apathy by telling people to trust the plan when it is obvious the plan is to keep people from doing anything.

Qanon is nothing more than controlled opposition pretending to be heroes but in reality is just a psych op to keep people placated. Not that is hasnt attracted a myriad of concerned people but it has all but hog tied them into doing nothing.

Survivors and our advocates are facing prison or death. If this was truly being dealt with- this would not be the case.

Max Spiers, Jenny Moore, Lori King- all dead. They are trying to murder me with their directed energy weapons. And people like the VOP and Timothy Holmseth are facing jail for fighting to expose this child trafficking mess.

The lies that are being perpetrated are keeping people from doing anything meaningful to try and stop these evil practices of touring and murder children.

And Trump is NOT secretly organizing forces to take these groups down. This is obvious since NOTHING has happened thus far.

But still we are told to KEEP WAITING and trust in the plan. But in truth- the only plan is to wait this all out so this mess can continue unbated- as it ALWAYS has.

While anyone who tries to do anything meaningful to help stop this are murdered or imprisoned.

Who loses? Society- and ESP our children.


Turkey claims Greece tries to misappropriate Libyas Exclusive Economic Zone "IndyWatch Feed"

Turkey claims that Greece is trying to steal part of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Libya. Defense Minister and retired Army General Hulusi Akar presented maps to convince about his claim.

According to Akar, Greece is trying to misappropriate Libyas rights to Exclusive Economic Zone bu seizing 39,000 square kilometers south of Crete.

Of, course, Turkeys problem is not Libyas EEZ and the countrys rights but its own aspirations in the area and in hydrocarbon resources.

According to another map, Turkeys Exclusive Economic Zone in the South allegedly borders to Libyas EEZ with no Greek EEZ in-between.

Last month Akar presented another deliberately drawn map that showed an extension of Turkeys EEZ.

We shouldnt be surprised if Ankara claims one day that its EEZ reaches to Gibraltar and why not, also New York and even Australia. In order to build fronts against Greece, it apparently tries to win Libya on its side.

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Vietnam ratifies Pacific trade pact "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vietnam on Monday became the seventh country to ratify a sprawling Pacific trade pact set to come into effect later this year, despite US President Donald Trumps pullout from a deal he decried as a job killer.

Australia last month became the sixth country to ratify the deal, paving the way for the pact to come into force at the end of December with more than half of its members officially signed on.

AFP/File | Vietnam has become the seventh country to enter the landmark Pacific trade deal, which will take effect at the end of the year

Vietnam followed suit on Monday with a unanimous vote to approve the deal by lawmakers in the countrys rubber stamp parliament.

This is an important political decision, affirming our countrys active role in international integration, said Nguyen Van Giau, head of the National Assemblys external relations department.

Vietnams fast-growing export economy stood to gain enormously from open access to US markets, a key outlet for cheap manufactured goods like Adidas shoes, Gap T-shirts and Samsung phones, before Trump pulled the plug on Washingtons participation.

The protectionist president called the deal a death blow for American manufacturing and singled out Vietnam for taking jobs he would rather see on his home turf.

The trade pact was spearheaded by former US president Barack Obama who dubbed the comprehensive deal a gold standard for 21st century trade rules and a crucial counter to Chinas rising global economic might.

The deal will bind members into a tougher legal framework for trade, lower tariffs and open markets.

It will also introduce new labour standards a sticking point for communist Vietnam, where all labour unions are controlled by the one-party state.

The establishment of independent labour unions may bring about some challenges Giau said Monday, but added the government was open to making the necessary reforms.

Even without the US in the mix, the now-renamed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has been described as a game changer.

It covers many rapidly growing economies that account...


The Coathanger from Milsons Point Station "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Milsons Point station is built into the northside approach to Sydney Harbour Bridge  The view is from the very end of the platform closest to it. I started a few months ago on warm days in winter. Then I got sick which delayed things for a bit, and when I recovered and had done a little more it then rained incessantly for weeks.

Now its getting close to summer I've been worried it would be too hot to get back, as there's no shade at all. Today it was reasonably cool so I went there toand got much closer to finishing, who knows, maybe finished. Perhaps I'll go back once more, perhaps not.Everyone there has been really cool, except one officious bloke at the start who worried I might worry the train drivers into thinking I might leap in front of them. None of the drivers or guards (who stop right next to me where I'm painting), have complained, some have been very appreciative. The attendant today came and looked a few times and said it made her day, which is mad

Some earlier versions of the painting are here


Speeding driver nabbed at Otford "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

police 5A DISQUALIFIED driver will face court next month after being detected travelling more than 60kmh above the sign-posted speed limit in the Royal National Park at the weekend.

Sutherland Traffic and Highway Patrol Command were conducting speed enforcement duties on Lady Wakehurst Drive, Otford, about 2pm on Saturday when they detected a VW Golf hatch allegedly travelling at 145kmh in an 80kmh zone.

Police spoke to the driver, a 24-year-old woman, who produced an international drivers licence. The womans breath test was negative; however, checks revealed the womans NSW Learners Licence was disqualified until 2021.

The Chinese National was issued a Field Court Attendance Notice for drive while disqualified and she is due to appear at Sutherland Local Court on Thursday December 13.

The woman was also issued an infringement notice for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45kmh, which carries a penalty of $2435 and six demerit points.


Stablecoins Are a Game Changer, Says Aussie Crypto Exchange Founder "IndyWatch Feed"

Co-founder of Australian based cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar has stated that stablecoin is a game changer for the industry and that the potential use cases are much more than we know, The Australian Financial Review reports. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies created to combat the volatility of the market by creating a token that can be converted into

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Zero hour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I hopped off the ferry in New Farm today to take a look at what's going down on the new wharves.

Howard Smith Wharves are set to open imminently which is a cool addition for the area.

Just one of several projects boosting the inner suburbs of Brisbane over the next few years.


Employment up +427,000 "IndyWatch Feed"

Employment growth solid

Roy Morgan's survey estimated that Australian employment soared +427,000 higher over the year to October, or a very strong +3.6 per cent, albeit with a substantial contribution from part-time jobs.  

There are a couple of very important data points due out on Wednesday and Thursday this week from the ABS, being the wage price index and the closely-watched labour force survey. 

The market median forecast sees wages growth moving beyond the nadir to post +0.6 per cent growth for the quarter in Q3 and +2.3 per cent for the year.

The seasonally unemployment rate suddenly dropped to 5 per cent last month, so it will be interesting to see whether that can hold. 

ING thinks it can go even further - down to 4.9 per cent on lower participation - but let's see on Thursday. 


Crucifying Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assanges sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador, led by Lenn Morenowho calls Assange an inherited problem and an impediment to better relations with Washingtonis making the WikiLeaks founders life in the embassy unbearable. Almost daily, the embassy is imposing harsher conditions for Assange, including making him pay his medical bills, imposing arcane rules about how he must care for his cat and demanding that he perform a variety of demeaning housekeeping chores.

The Ecuadorians, reluctant to expel Assange after granting him political asylum and granting him citizenship, intend to make his existence so unpleasant he will agree to leave the embassy to be arrested by the British and extradited to the United States. The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, whose government granted the publisher political asylum, describes Assanges current living conditions as torture.

His mother, Christine Assange, said in a recent video appeal, Despite Julian being a multi-award-winning journalist, much loved and respected for courageously exposing serious, high-level crimes and corruption in the public interest, he is right now alone, sick, in painsilenced in solitary confinement, cut off from all contact and being tortured in the heart of London. The modern-day cage of political prisoners is no longer the Tower of London. Its the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Here are the facts, she went on. Julian has been detained nearly eight years without charge. Thats right. Without charge. For the past six years, the U.K. government has refused his request for access to basic health needs, fresh air, exercise, sunshine for vitamin D and access to proper dental and medical care. As a result, his health has seriously deteriorated. His examining doctors warned his detention conditions are life-threatening. A slow and cruel assassination is taking place before our very eyes in the embassy in London.

In 2016, after an in-depth investigation, the United Nations ruled that Julians....


Labor Pushes For Senate Inquiry Into LGBTIQ Discrimination In Schools "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Federal Labor are moving a Senate inquiry to scrutinise the federal governments draft bill to ban discrimination against gay students in religious schools, as advocates call on the LGBTIQ community to give their views on the issue. Following the leaking of parts of the Ruddock religious freedom review last month, it emerged a little-known legal ...

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Did you attend any Gardener in Residence activities? We need your feedback. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The GIR funds run out next week final GIR session will be Sunday 18th November, 10-12noon (and the other sessions are Tuesday 8.30-10.30 and Friday 4-6pm. We are evaluating the project as part of our acquittal to Council and also to provide us with a basis for future funding submissions, to try and get Continue reading Did you attend any Gardener in Residence activities? We need your feedback.


Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot "IndyWatch Feed National"

Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it. For them, peace is the enemy as much as armed opposing combatants, if not more so. Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian War Memorial is every bit the propagandist in this regard, encased in armour of permanent reminder: Do not forget the sacrifice; do not forget the slaughter.  The issue is how war, not peace, is commemorated.

That theme was repeated, for the most part, in Paris on November 11.  US President Donald Trump spoke of our sacred obligation to memorialise our fallen heroes.  French President Emmanuel Macron marked the 100th anniversary of the Great War by having a dig at nationalism, calling it a betrayal of patriotism (is there a difference?).  The nationalists, he warned, were getting busy, these old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.  The intellectuals (and here, he alluded to Julien Bendas 1927 classic, La trahison des clercs) were at risk of capitulating.

But Macron, rather slyly, was hoping that the French obsession with universal values would somehow render his message less parochial: to be French was to be an internationalist, not a tunnel-visioned, rabid nationalist.  The soldiers who perished in the Great War did so in the defence of Frances universal values in order to repudiate the selfishness of nationals only looking after their own interests.  Much room for disagreement on that score, and Marine Le Pen would have been a suitable corrective.

The peace activities of the Great War, asphyxiated, smothered and derided in texts and official narratives, are rarely discussed in the mass marketed solemnity of commemorations.  The writings of those prophets who warned that any adventurism such as what transpired in 1914 would be met with immeasurable suffering are also conspicuously absent.  Jean de Bloc, whose magisterial multi-volume The Future of War appeared in 1898 in Russian, found it impossible that Europes leaders would embark on a conflict against each other; to do so would cause humanity a great moral evil civil order will be threatened by new theories of social revolution. The end would be catastrophic.  How many flourishing countries will be turned into wilderness and rich cities into ruins! How many tears will be shed, how many will be left in beggary!

These sceptics were the enlightened ones, scorned for not having the sense of fun that comes with joining battle and being butchered in the name of some vague patriotic sentiment.  If human beings are animals at play, then play to the deat...


Compare & contrast- Vic Govt case study on Pellegrinis cafe - Islamic terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Exhibit One - from the Victorian Government's business development department. This is a Case Study in decency, customer service, and building something great that makes money, employs people and delights customers. The way Sisto gives of himself so freely in this piece speaks volumes about his generosity of spirit and...


Sunshine Coast Pelagic November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Providence Petrel

We departed Mooloolaba Marina at 6.25am on Sunday November 11, 2018 under sunny skies with an unusually cool south-easterly (for this time of year) that kept up for the rest of the day at 10-15 knots. As we headed east we encountered a few small groups of migrating Short-tailed Shearwaters heading south and several Wedge-tailed Shearwaters before coming across an unusual congregation of four Pomarine Jaegers over the Barwon Banks.

Pomarine Jaeger flock
We stopped over the shelf at 9am in 600m, 32 nautical miles offshore (26.42.645 S; 153.42.689E), where we began laying a berley trail. A mild swell of about a metre and a small chop in the sea with steady winds made for pleasant conditions. We saw our first Providence Petrel shortly before stopping and quite a few were about out there, although it is getting late in the year for this species.



Tony Thomas's review of Anne Summers's memoir. Magnificent Tony, magnificent. "IndyWatch Feed National"

I love Tony Thomas's writing - which you can find regularly at The Spectator! Tony has been kind enough to share with us his take on Anne Summers' biography - Unfettered and Alive: A Memoir. Anne Summers Allen & Unwin, pp.496, $39.99


Where is the best place to buy used motorcycles/mopeds? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Craigslist doesn't seem to be popular here. Do most people use Gumtree for vehicles? Would it be better to buy from a dealership or will I be overcharged? I'm going to be in Cairns for 3 months and plan on selling it when I leave. I thought about renting, but way too expensive. Thanks!

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We are taking a huge leap "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We are feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

We are flying free from charity status as of this week we want to support civil disobedience and all types of non-violent resistance loudly and proudly. When all else fails, it is our moral duty to act and there are a whole heap of people out there who want to act on climate, on issues of racial and social justice but lack the resources, training, infrstructure, pathways or experience to do it safely.

We also increasingly are asked to collaborate with folks outside the environmental sector, and whilst we think all things are related the government is a bit more uptight about such things. So weve left the good folk of Friends of the Earth, and are stepping out on our own we did some great work collaborating, and we wish them the best, but its time for our own adventures.

We will have more to come, and a new look which will be simply faaaahbulous, but we are getting input from you our supporters and allies first. I know. Were weird. But that is why you love us right?

So we are going to have an awesome launch party on Wednesday 14th November you can RSVP here. There will be no shiny new logos, but lots of fun, and awesome people. We will be celebrating successes over the last five years, and getting input into our project ideas for the next couple.

We are going to be working on more resources, more webinars, and work that will connect people who cant turn out to actions. Weve got big plans for supporting legal teams, continuing support for Frontline Action on Coal and extractivist work, and being able to respond and support emerging movements such as Extinction Rebellion and the Climate School Strike.

Come and join us and give us feedback we want to know what we do well, and how to do things better an online survey will then circulate based on the face to face event launch.

You can also DONATE here we need regular CounterActivators our monthly supporters, now more than ever we are still ironing out the kinks, so if you have any issue at all, get in touch. No tax receipt anymore, but a heck of a lot more freedom. Join us on the adventure!

Got ideas and projects for us to take on let us know.


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Bridezillas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

*quietly unfollows David Simon because now he's weighing in on how to do a street protest*

It will always be a thrill to see just far otherwise smart people will freak out about how a protest looks.

The sheer panic is almost inspiring. It's nice that you care so much about the big issues that you need any activity around it to go off like your wedding day.


Community Billboard 12th November -19th November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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Media Release: Experienced greens warn on forest greenwash. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Environmentalists and former Greens leaders Christine Milne and Bob Brown warn that labelling timber products from logging Australias dwindling native forests as environmentally friendly is greenwash and will not fool the modern Australian buyer, especially now when the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated emphatically that protecting and restoring the worlds forests is essential to constraining global warming.


Pacific Highway reopens after motorcycle accident "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter on the scene of Mondays (November 12) motorcycle accident at Tabbimoble. Photo WRHS

Southbound lanes of the Pacific Highway have reopened 10 kilometres south of Tabbimoble after a serious motorcycle crash.

The road had been closed to allow the Westpac Rescue helicopter to land at the crash site.

The 59-year-old rider crashed into the rear of the car in front of him, according to the Rescue Helicopter Service.

The helicopter has now left the site and the man is being transported by road ambulance to Lismore Base Hospital. His condition is unknown.

Heavy traffic is now easing, with the southbound queue up to 10 kilometres at one stage.

Motorists are advised to continue to take care and allow plenty of extra travel time.

For the latest traffic information, visit

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Finding Voice- a new documentary about writers who are refugees and asylum seekers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Finding Voice is a 25 minute documentary produced by Eastsides Mick Paddon together with Bangladeshi poet, writer and journalist Humayun Reza

When I first met Humayun Reza, all I knew about him was that he was from Bangladesh and was seeking asylum in Australia with his wife and two daughters. He is a quiet and reflective man, and I knew the last thing to ask an asylum seeker, straight out, is why? The experiences are too personal and often too raw for that. So it has taken conversations over months for me to get to know him. I found out he is a published poet and very experienced print and digital journalist. His exposures of genocide in the 1971 war for Bangladeshi independence, led to him seeking asylum following serious and repeated death threats. He and his family now have refugee status in Australia, but he has yet to recover his voice as a poet and writer.
He is not alone. Many people seeking asylum or who are refugees have been writers. Most of them, like him, have, in effect, been silenced. They face the same challenge: if the written word and language are part of your identity and how make your living, how do you express yourself in another place where the language is different and the words have no context?
In Finding Voice you will hear from Humayun and from another journalist and novelist, Behrouz Bouchani, a Kurdish writer incarcerated on Manus Island who has just published a 400 page book, No Friend But the Mountains, in English, written as text messages and sent by phone. You will also hear from three Australian writers who have worked with refugees, Janet Galbraith, Mark Isaacs and Debra Adelaide.
Humayun dreams of being a writer in the English language, but his final thoughts are that a writer has no specific nationality, his or her identity is a writer.
Mick Paddon

You can listen to the documentary at by pasting this link into your browser


The original music in Finding Voice is from Fathers, Sons and Brothers by Three Seas, courtesy of Matt Keegan.

This piece was made for the CBAAs National Features & Documentary Series 2018, a showcase of work by new and emerging Australian community radio producers, with training and mentoring provided by the Community and Media Training Organisation. Produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications and the Arts via the Community....


Talking Fire: Reviving Indigenous Burning Practices "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How we manage fire is an important conversation for rural and bush communities. What can we learn from how Aboriginal people used fire? Are those techniques applicable today in local landscapes that have changed a lot over the last 200 years?

Join the Newstead community for two events this November:

Returning cultural burning Djandak Wi to Country
Thursday 29 November 7.30pm. Newstead Community Centre (9 Lyons Street, Newstead). All welcome, no booking required.

Reviving Indigenous Burning Practices in a Changed Landscape: Community Search Conference
Friday 30 November 9am-5pm. Newstead Community Centre (9 Lyons Street, Newstead).

Full details can be found on the Talking Fire website.

Talking Fire is a community initiative designed to create different kinds of community conversations about fire. Supported by the Mount Alexander Shire Council Community Grants Program.


Morrisons latest prop "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

So the Liberal Party has hired a bus as a new toy for PM Scott Morrison. As a special gesture, they have also arranged for the bus to be covered in advertising so no one can mistake who is on the bus. The initial run for the bus is from the Gold Coast to Townsville located

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Labor examines partys history on environment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A scene from David Bradburys film Loggerheads. Photo Frontline Films

How can community movements work with progressive governments to achieve real outcomes for the environment?

Thats the question former Carr government environment minister Bob Debus and long-time North Coast activist Dailan Pugh will debate in an event being presented by the Labor Environment Action Network and Ballina candidate Asren Pugh on Friday evening (November 16).

The pair will appear in conversation at Byron Community Centre following a screening of Loggerheads, by local filmmaker David Bradbury, about the local struggle for our forests.

Dailan Pugh, who was recently inducted into the Nature Conservation Councils Hall of Fame, is a local environmentalist best known for being a founding member of the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA).

NEFA was formed in 1989 to bring together community groups and individuals with the aim of protecting rainforest, old-growth, wilderness and threatened species. Throughout the 1990s NEFA ran a campaign of forest blockades, rallies, court cases, submissions, lobbying and negotiations to achieve their aim of protecting the forests of North East NSW.

It was not until the Carr Labor government was elected in 1995 that there was significant progress in permanently protecting some of these precious forests.

Bob Debus was NSW environment minister between 1999 and 2007. He held a front row seat, as a member of cabinet and ministerial decision maker, as the public fights and negotiations continued in the efforts to protect the forests of north east NSW.

Dailan and Bob worked in very different roles to bring about the current forest protections we enjoy.

How did NEFA balance working with and sometimes against a progressive government to achieve tis outcomes?

And what do we need to do today to ensure that if a Labor government is elected in NSW it will continue to protect our environment?

If you want to find out the answers to these and other questions, dont miss this panel discussion and screening of the film Loggerheads.

Where: Cavanbah Room, Byron Community Centre.

When: 6:30pm Friday November, 16.

Tickets: $20 at the door.




MACKAY Peak Downs miner goes from big-time to broke amidst domestic violence convictions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 10, 2018 at 09:53PM ,

Peak Downs miner goes from big-time to broke amidst domestic violence convictions

November 10, 2018 at 09:53PM ,

44-year-old caused damage to a home which was the property of the company, Mackay Magistrates Court was told. Facing court from the dock in

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


The threat is not Islam but those who seek to undermine our rights "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The Coalition remains bent on promoting division and diversions to push through its political agenda. One method is to continue fanning the Islam scare and the other one is to build a law and order campaign.

This is why young Africans in Melbourne have been targeted, and why the terrible attack Bourke Street in Melbourne has been tied to the so-called Islamic terrorist threat. In its typical fashion of putting out the big lie to make a story, Murdocks Herald-Sun mirrored this in its front-page heading. The tycoon and his empire have a lot to answer for.

No evidence has been put forward that connects the attack by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali to political or religious motivation. But why let this get in the way of good story? Could it be that the man has mental health issues? Those who know him have said this and some have mentioned that he has had substance abuse problems. He is not a practicing Muslim. He is of African appearance and vulnerable to be set up as a target, by those who wish to whip up racial hatred.

The state of his metal health was explained in a letter sen to Channel 9 by Alis family. It was a plea to stop the incident being used for political purposes. Cafe owner Sisto Malaspina died and two others were injured by knife wounds. Hassan died from a gunshot wound.

Family letter sent to Channel 9

Still, News Corp and much of the other major news outlets persisted on peddling rumours and hearsay, showing no regard for finding the truth. It reveals just how far the quality of our media has descended.

This locks in very well with the election campaign going on in Victoria. Liberal Party leader is Matthew Guy is putting himself forward and the champion of law and order. He falls in with the Murdoch claim that crime is running rife. No matter that this is not true and police data shows that overall crime is on the decrease. But again, why let the facts get in the way of the story?

Over it all, is the assertion that our society needs more policing, and those making it, hope that enough people will buy it, at least until its put in place.

All fair-minded people must call pout the lie for what it is.

This is not a Victoria only development. Scott Morrison is hitting the stumps and has joined in with his attack on radical, violent, extremist Is...


Literature and culture for all! And other reasons to love Overland "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its never been an easy choice to be a writer, and its never easy to get published. But we try strive to make Overland a series of spaces where you can have a voice in our print magazine, our daily only magazine, our special fiction and poetry editions (which publish primarily emerging writers, and are produced by emerging editors), our residencies for under-represented writers, our literary competitions and countless other opportunities.


NEW MUSIC: Benjamin Folke Thomas  Tasteless and Complacent "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Benjamin Folk Thomas has just released his new album Modern Man on Aveline Records and one of the finest moments on the records is this track, Tasteless and Complacement. Its a song that rides along with effortless momentum, wordless melodies cascading around the Swedish songwriter as he sings of dark clouds, acid rain, missing inspiration Continue reading


OPINION: After 12 Months Of Marriage Equality, Spotlight Turns To Other Discrimination "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Timothy W. Jones, La Trobe University November 15, 2018 is the one-year anniversary of Australians voting yes to marriage equality. The survey was an unprecedented two-month exercise in engaging with current Australian community values around sexuality and relationships. The survey returned a clear result, with 61.6% in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry. ...

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British growth strengthens in September quarter 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

On Thursday (November 8, 2018), the British Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the GDP first quarterly estimate, UK: July to September 2018 data, the first release under their new publication model, which is designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of the initial (formally denoted the preliminary) release. The next update will come in December and the expectation is that there will be less revisions, which is a good thing for those trying to assess where things are at. Remember, also that national accounts data is a rear-vision view of the economy where its been rather than necessarily where it is at, although the two views are obviously linked. The third-quarter national accounts data shows that Britain grew by 0.6 per cent, with all four sectors contributing to what is a strong result. But, under the headline, are mixed trends: household consumption spending continues to grow with rising debt, although wages growth appears to be moving finally; business investment was negative; and net exports contributed 0.8 percentage points with a strengthening of exports. What the data tells us at this stage is that Britain continues to defy the claims that a meltdown is imminent as a result of Brexit. There appears to be a resilience that is driving relatively strong growth. And, for all those who have been hammering the point that Britain is the worst-performed (in growth terms) of the EU Member States, they will have to revise their scripts. Britain is now growing much faster than many other European economies.

Robust British growth in September-quarter 2018

The quarterly growth in real GDP rose from 0.4 per cent to 0.6 per cent in the September-quarter 2018.

The economy has been steadily gaining strength since the beginning of the year March-quarter 0.1 per cent, June-quarter 0.4, then 0.6 per cent in the September-quarter.

The annual growth rate is now 1.5 per cent and accelerating.

The following graph shows the quarterly and annual real GDP growth performance since the March-quarter 2004.



Greater government power "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Melbourne came under attack last Friday afternoon.

A crazed man took to the streets, set his crappy blue ute alight, and ran about Bourke Street trying to stab the people of Melbourne.

He would have been a terrifying presence, too. All six feet, four inches of him.

Some people ran for their lives.

Most people, however, turned on their phones.

Thanks to the hundreds of smartphone videos taken at all angles, folks at home were able to watch the moment two street cops tried to subdue the attacker.

That same footage also gave us Trolley Man.

During times of acute stress, the human body releases a bunch of hormones that trigger the fight or flight response.

At least, that was the typical response until 20 years ago.

Nowadays, it appears there are three ways the body deals with acute stress: Fight, flight or footage.

And it turns out that footage is what most people went with on Friday.

A tall, strong-looking man took to Bourke Street in Melbourne and tried to stab people.

The majority of people fled the scene.

Once they reached safety, they whipped out their phones and recorded the mans confrontation with police. Less than 100 feet away from the attacker, I might add.

The upside of this is that Australia scored a new hero, Trolley Man.

And from other angles, theres some other dude walking around behind police with a chair. Someone we shall now call Chair Guy.

Trolley Man and Chair Guy clearly have the fight response when in danger.

The thing that Im still wrestling with, though, is that the ever-present smartphone footage meant I was able to watch the moment a Victorian policeman shot the attacker dead.

Its confronting. It made me uncomfortable too.

But it didnt seem real.

Perhaps Im somewhat desensitised after years of watching violent Hollywood blockbusters.

Never let a crisis go to waste

Im not sure what the media coverage is like outside of Melbourne right now. But the local rags are chewing over every fact.

Trolley Man and Chair Guy are gaining notoriety.

And the Victorian policemen who dealt with the situation are being hailed as heroes.

An example of the top-notch boys in blue coming out of the Victoria Police Academy.

Turns out, one of those coppers only graduated three months ago. Ill bet both were terrified as the situation played out.

But what happens next...


Opioid harm in Australia: and comparisons between Australia and Canada [AIHW] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Opioid use and its associated harms is an issue of great public health interest, both within Australia and internationally. This report shows that opioid harms are an issue in both Australia and Canada. Rates of opioid deaths and opioid poisoning hospitalisations in Australia increased in the last 10 years. In 2016, pharmaceutical opioids were involved in more opioid deaths and opioid poisoning hospitalisations than heroin.

Opioid harm in Australia: and comparisons between Australia and Canada

Media release: Report sheds new light on opioid harm in Australia and draws global comparisons.


Australian Loneliness Report (Australian Psychological Society) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Loneliness is a growing concern globally, because of its reported impact on health and wellbeing.

The Australian Psychological Society and Swinburne University have produced the Australian Loneliness Report, based on a national survey of adults. This examines the prevalence of loneliness and how it affects the physical and mental health of Australians. It is the most comprehensive study of loneliness completed in Australia.

Survey highlights:

One in four Australian adults are lonely.

One in two (50.5%) Australians feel lonely for at least one day in a week, while one in four (27.6%) feel lonely for three or more days.

#8226; One in four Australians experience high levels of social interaction anxiety

Lonely Australians have significantly worse health status (both physical and mental) than connected Australians.

Lonely Australians are 15.2% more likely to be depressed and 13.1% more likely to be anxious about social interactions than those not lonely.

Australians over 65 years are least lonely; other age groups experience similar levels of loneliness.

Australians over 65 years also report better physical and mental health, lower levels of social interaction anxiety, fewer depression symptoms and greater social interaction than younger Australians.

Younger adults report significantly more social interaction anxiety than older Australians.


Chronic conditions and disability 2015 [AIHW] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Chronic conditions and disability 2015

This report explores the association between 8 selected chronic conditions and disability in Australia: coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and related disorders, back pain and problems, osteoporosis, asthma and emphysema. These conditions are generally long term and persistent, and can lead to gradual deterioration of health, and disability. This report examines disability prevalence and severity; and the types of impairments, limitations and restrictions experienced by those with the selected conditions.


Legal experts say proposed discrimination law amendments will fail to protect LGBT children at religious schools "IndyWatch Feed National"

In an open letter to Attorney-General Christian Porter, leading legal academics and antidiscrimination law practitioners have strongly criticised aspects of the proposed amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (SDA) designed to deal with discrimination by religious schools against LGBT students.

We need changes to protect LGBT students from discrimination by religious schools, but this proposal fails to do that. Instead of simply removing existing exemptions for religious schools, these changes introduce unnecessary complexity and confusion and undermine the protection provided by the Sex Discrimination Act, said PIAC CEO, Jonathon Hunyor.

Kids in schools should be focused on classes and their homework, not living in fear of mistreatment because of who they are. All children should be accepted for who they are at school. Every school should be inclusive of all types of families, said Anna Brown, co-chair of the Equality Campaign and Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre.

We understand there is concern to ensure religious schools can maintain a religious ethos. But we dont need to complicate the law or provide special rules for religious schools to allow this. The current law already allows for schools to impose conditions on students to promote the schools values, provided such conditions are reasonable, said Mr Hunyor.

The proposed amendments add unnecessary complexity to an already complicated area of law and add religious susceptibilities as a special matter to be considered to justify discrimination against kids. This drafting fails to deliver on the governments commitment to protect LGBT students from discrimination, said Ms Brown.


The test for indirect discrimination is already very broad and allows a school to demonstrate their conduct is reasonable in the circumstances. Adding religious sensitivities as a further matter to be considered distorts this test in a dangerous way and fails to keep students safe, added Ms Brown.

The proposals come in the context of a broader debate about religious exemptions and discrimination law, PIAC and the Human Rights Law Centre have urged the Government to wind back exemptions for religious organisations that allow them to discriminate against LGBTI people in education, employment and providing goods and services.

Discrimination law is notoriously complex. The proposed changes add another level of unnecessary complexity. Anything more than a simple repeal of the exemptions for religious schools should be rejected, said Mr Hunyor.

The letter proposes an alternative, simpler way to...


Dreamtime Divas And Comedian Steven Oliver Headlining Brown Sugar Dance Party "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Dreamtime Divas Lasey Dunaman and Nova Gina are set to electrify Brisbane as the headline act at this years Brown Sugar dance party on November 30. The annual event, organised by the garbandjeelum network and IndigiLez, brings together the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQ+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy communities in a ...

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PFLAG Toowoomba Hosting Special Event For Families And Allies Of LGBTIQ Youth "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Peer support group PFLAG Toowoomba is hosting a free information evening next week to benefit parents, families and supporters of LGBTIQ+ young people. The seminar, Supporting LGBTIQ+ youth: keeping our children safe and well, will focus on youth mental health and will hear from two experienced psychologists from the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital, Olivia Donaghy and ...

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Police Officer Who Endangered Victim Refuses to Testify "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim The Queensland Police officer who was found to have illegally accessed the police database and leaked a domestic violence victims address to her abusive former partner a man who is reported to be his mate- has relied upon the privilege against self-incrimination to avoid answering questions about the conduct. Yet,

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The Young Dancer is Dead "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the early evening of November 7th, 1993 (25 years ago last Wednesday); a group of aboriginal teenagers were hanging out in Musgrave Park. One of them was Daniel Boonie Yock, an 18 year old who performed around Brisbane with the Wakka Wakka dance troupe.

The boys in the park did something to attract the attention of a police car according to the police behaving in a disorderly manner. The car approached them and the boys ran.

Why did they run? We dont know. Maybe they were carrying yarndi or alcohol. A later report indicated Daniel had both in his system. Maybe it was just adrenaline. Maybe it was because of a long-standing and well-documented history of police violence against aboriginal people in Queensland.

Whatever reason it was, they took off in the direction of Boundary Street. Even for fit young dancers though its hard to outrun a police car; and on the corner of Brereton and Boundary Streets (near where the Coles supermarket is now), the cops caught up with the boys. Two were arrested, but Daniel Yock in particular came in for rough treatment.

Exactly what happened is disputed by different sources. Police claimed Daniel picked a stake out of the ground and threatened them, though the Criminal Justice Commission later concluded it is more probable than not that Yock did not have a free stake in his hand. He was definitely tackled to the ground and handcuffed by a police officer. One of the boys present told the Commission his face hit a rock as he went down. Two said they saw a female police officer kick Daniel in the head while he was held down.

Most of the boys kept running, but Daniel and ...


International agencies have disrupted attempts to transport almost 300 asylum seekers to Australia by boat "IndyWatch Feed National"

International authorities, with the assistance of Australia, have disrupted at least 10 alleged attempts to transport almost 300 asylum seekers to Australia by boat in the past 14 months, documents obtained under freedom of information reveal.

The documents, from the federal home affairs department, record the number of foreign law enforcement agency (Flea) disruptions since 2013.

Flea disruptions were set up as one of three components of the Abbott governments border policy alongside boat turnbacks and offshore detention and processing.

Since the establishment of the new policy there have been 78 disruption operations involving 2,525 potential illegal immigrants the terms used in the documents referencing suspected passengers.

In the year to August there were 10 disruptions involving 297 people, the majority occurring in Indonesia but also in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Flea disruptions are operated by a multi-agency taskforce led by Australian federal police and reporting to the head of Australias border enforcement operation, air vice marshal Stephen Osborne, and seek to prevent vessels carrying asylum seekers from leaving international ports including Indonesia.



Ice cream run lands Casino teen in court "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Macdonalds ice cream cone. Photo Macdonalds

When police from the Richmond Target Action group stopped a car at 11:20pm on Saturday (November 10) on Brewster Street, Lismore, the driver thought he had them licked.

The 19-year-old Casino man told police that he was driving to McDonalds to get an ice cream.

But, police say, they could not help but notice that he was already holding a McDonalds ice cream in his hand.

On searching the teen they allegedly found two rounds of high calibre ammunition in his bumbag.

The man, who does not possess a firearms licence, will face court next month.

A Richmond PD spokesperson said, The laws on firearms and ammunition in NSW are clear; you cannot possess a firearm or ammunition unless you are licensed. It is however OK to possess an ice cream.


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Country fans rejoice! Theres a huge new festival coming your way in 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Just like the Christmas decorations in the shops, it seems that festival lineups are getting announced earlier and earlier every year.

This rings especially true for the newly announced Country to Country music festival(C2C), a European based country music event that is set to touch down in Brisbane and Sydney next September.

Headlining the inaugural Australian event will be country superstar Tim McGrawbringing with him an extensive back-catalog that includes a cool 50 million record sales and three Grammys.

Also featuring on the first lineup announcement is pop-country fusion queen Kelsea Ballerini & American act Midland (not the Perth suburb).

With the event making its world debut at the O2 arena in the UK in 2013, and expanding throughout Europe in 2015 expect this to be one of the biggest new festivals on the calendar, offering a companion event to the likes of Tamworth Country Music Festival, Sounds From The Vines and CMC Rocks.

The event is set to host 10 hours of some of the finest international and local acts, spread across multiple stages, bringing the sounds of the traditionally rural music scene into the heart of Brisbane and Sydney.

While admittedly only taking in two cities and bypassing a vast majority of the country music market in Australia, itll only be a matter of time before the event expands out to more territories.

Check out Tim McGraws latest single Neon Church


While many purists might scoff at the idea of a country music festival establishing itself on the seemingly unending Aussie festival  summer circuit, expect to see C2C bringing a refreshing change to the beat-ridden, glitter-dominated festival grounds, as well as a whole crop of new Aussie acts stepping up alongside some of the worlds best.

More acts are expected to be announced soon but for now, check out the details below.

Country to Country Music Festival, 2019

Saturday, September 28th 2019
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW

Sunday, September 29th, 2019
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD



La Boites 2019 Season Is A Beautiful Collision Of Incredible History And Future Vision "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Isnt there something extraordinary about going to the theatre? When the lights dim, the audience hush, and then suddenly being transported to another world? Well, Brisbane we have a little hidden gem right here. At 94 years young, La Boite is Australias longest continuously running theatre. From humble beginnings as the Brisbane Repertory Theatre ...

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Byron Writers Festival presents Germaine Greer On Consent "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

WHEN: November 15, 2018 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm
Byron Theatre
69 Jonson St
Byron Bay NSW 2481
COST: Full $30 | Members $25 | Ages 16+

Academic and feminist Germaine Greer speaks about the history and complexities of consent.

Join one of the great feminists of our time, Germaine Greer, as she discusses her controversial new essay, On Rape. Amidst the throes of the #metoo movement, which has brought the pervasive nature of predatory behaviour to the fore, Greer argues that we need to understand the important difference between sleaze and assault.

In On Rape, a new essay commissioned by Melbourne University Publishing, Greer writes that centuries of writing and thinking about rapeas inflicted by men on womenhave got us nowhere, and she calls for a better way. Renowned for her original and fearless writing and opinions, Greer will challenge us to rethink the social norms and power dynamics that influence our understanding of consent.

This event will feature a presentation of Greers ideas, followed by a conversation exploring how we can equip ourselves, our legal systems and future generations with a more nuanced understanding of consent.

We understand that this event addresses topics that will be confronting for some people.

Please note this event is not suitable for persons aged 16 and under.

If you or someone you know needs help or information about sexual assault or domestic violence, contact 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

About Greers essay On Rape

Its time to rethink rape. Centuries of different approaches to rape as inflicted by men on women have got us nowhere. Rape statistics remain intractable: one woman in five will experience sexual violence. Very few rapes find their way into court. The crucial issue is consent, thought by some to be easy to establish and by others impossible. Sexual assault does not diminish; relations between the sexes do not improve; litigation balloons. In On Rape, Germaine Greer argues there has to be a better way



NEW MUSIC: Johnathan Rice Meet The Mother "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Johnathan Rice recently released this new single, Meet The Mother, that came from a conversation he had with Bill Murray. The song ebbs and flows and slowly build up with elements of Dylan-esque phrasing and power pop melodies. Rice is one half of Jenny and Jonny with Jenny Lewis and has toured with bands such Continue reading


ALBUM REVIEW: Jim Lauderdale Time Flies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jim Lauderdale is now 30 albums deep into his career and his latest is indeed a pearl of a record, blending his customary mix of country, soul and swing with sweet and subtle ease.  The title track opens the album on a high with an aching sway that blossoms into a soaring chorus reminiscent of Continue reading


Love, Simon Director Greg Berlanti To Helm Rock Hudson Biopic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gay Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson is getting a big-screen biopic. Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Mark Griffins biography of the actor, All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson, and are planning to adapt the book into a film directed by Greg Berlanti, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hudson was a ...

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Sydney Criminal Lawyers Weekly Rundown Articles from 5 to 11 November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In case youve missed any of them, heres a rundown of the past weeks articles: Only Half of the Serious Injuries on Our Roads are Recorded The NSW government has been allocating funds for roads based on inaccurate data, neglecting many of the areas that need it most. Click here to read the article Re-Radicalising

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Overflow channel could spare Lismore CBD in future flood "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lismore mayor Isaac Smith says plans to channel Leycester Creek overflow away from the town will reduce flood risk and increase business confidence.

Lismore mayor Isaac Smith has welcomed the announcement of $8.2 million from the NSW Government for flood mitigation works, saying it could bolster renewed business growth.

The flood mitigation funds will be used to excavate 410,000 cubic metres of soil from behind the Lismore Airport in order to channel Leycester Creek overflow into the floodplain.

Mayor Smith said the reduced risk of flood would boost industry confidence and allow Lismore City Council to seek funding and explore opportunities to create an activation hub.

Were excited to explore the creation of an activation hub and investigate bringing industry to Lismore including increased transport, freight, aviation and value adding for local agricultural production, Mayor Smith said.

As a regional city we have the ability and potential to support large industry hubs having flood-free land means we can accelerate that growth and we have a good case to bring state and national industry to Lismore. That would be an enormous boost for the city.


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Federal government nuclear waste compromises Safety and Security in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

 Nuclear Brief (10 Nov 2018) by David Noonan, Independent Environment Campaigner The Federal gov. is compromising Safety and Security in SA with ANSTO irradiated nuclear fuel waste to be shipped through Whyalla or Port Pirie to an indefinite (for approx. 100 years) above ground nuclear waste Store to be imposed on to SA at Kimba or at Hawker.

Two shipments of ANSTO nuclear fuel waste are intended in the first 2 years of Store operations....


Doctors slam media claim that California fire is no problem regarding radiation "IndyWatch Feed"


On November 10, Los Angeles Magazine ran an article claiming there was no risk related to SSFL contamination from the Woolsey fire that we now know actually began on the SSFL property itself. Below is our response.

Los Angeles Magazine must print a correction this article is filled with errors and misinformation:

  1. There is no need to put quotes around significantly contaminated SSFL is one of the most contaminated sites in the nation, subject of a promised but long-delayed state and federal cleanup; it is heavily contaminated with well documented nuclear and chemical contamination, from, among other things, a partial nuclear meltdown.
  2. The claim in the first hours of the fire by DTSC, an agency that has no public confidence to the point that the state legislature commissioned an Independent Review Panel to investigate its failings (which include the Exide fiasco in Vernon,) that it didnt believe there was a risk is cover for its failure to live up to its cleanup commitments (it had promised the site would be cleaned up by 2017 and the cleanup hasnt even begun). It is pure conjecture. DTSC does not have have any scientific data to back up the claim. It based the spurious assertion on its claim that the fire in its first hours was not in areas where contamination could be released, but the state fire department now shows almost all of the contaminated site as within the fi...


California fire likely to expose residents to radioactive ash, from nuclear polluted site "IndyWatch Feed"

This secret gave her daughter cancer

Last night, the Woolsey fire burned the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), a former nuclear and rocket engine testing site. Footage from local television showed flames surrounding rocket test stands, and the fires progress through to Oak Park indicates that much of the toxic site burned.



Tis the season for resurfacing roadworks "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Riders should be aware that spring and summer is the season for resurfacing roadworks in most southern areas because the warmer weather makes asphalt more stable and easier to compact.

NSW alone has more than 175km of road resurfacing scheduled over the next few months. However, asphalt resurfacing occurs all year round in Queensland, north NSW and northern parts of South Australia and Western Australia.

Roads and Maritime Service Regional Maintenance Director John Dinan says asphalting work starting this month includes the Ballina Bypass (Pacific Highway), the Bruxner Highway near Alstonville, Pacific Highway where to intersects with the Oxley Highway, and at Coffs Harbour.

Oxley crashes

Oxley Highway campaigner Ken Healey says lazy road crew left heaps of gravel on six corners with no warning, causing five riders to crash over the weekend.

10 reasons you should ride to Save the Oxley temporary repairs resurfacingKen Healey

Lazy bastards think its funny, Ken says.

Caused five riders to come down on the weekend. Three on Saturday and two on Sunday.

One needed the helicopter due to a broken leg.

Ken warned riders recently of the roadwork angers.

You should always ride to the conditions, but be particularly cautious if you see any evidence of recent roadworks activity, whether there is a sign or not.

Dangers for ridersRoadworks etiquette Resurfacing Roadworks

Poor roads, inferior roadworks and...


Ozone layer predicted to totally heal within 50 Years "IndyWatch Feed"

Ozone layer hole will totally heal within 50 years  By Lianne Kolirin,  November 6, 2018 CNN) The hole in the Earths ozone layer is expected to fully heal within 50 years, climate change experts predict in a new UN report.


Monday Message Board "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.

If you would like to receive my (hopefully) regular email news, please sign up using the following link
You can also follow me on Twitter @JohnQuiggin, at my Facebook public page   and at my Economics in Two Lessons page


Has the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management lost its independence? Cumbria Trust "IndyWatch Feed"

The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) which advises BEIS on dealing with nuclear waste, has recently published a paper which Cumbria Trust believes calls into question their independence. They are supposed to act as an independent body, but some of their recent actions suggest to us that they are too close to BEIS []

via Has the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management lost its independence? Cumbria Trust


By definition nuclear weapons are genocidal, xenophobic and racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Hayley Ramsay-Jones ICAN 

11.11.2018 Madrid, Spain  Tony Robinson At the II World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace, in Madrid from the 5th to the 8th of November, Pressenza took the opportunity to cover activities carried out by the international team of activists from ICAN.

A combined presentation by Dr. Aurora Bilbao from IPPNW and Hayley Ramsay-Jones from Soka Gakkai International covered two very important topics: the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the intersectional aspects of gender and race discrimination in nuclear disarmament.

We were especially interested to find out more about the gender and race aspects to nuclear disarmament, so after the presentation we caught up with Hayley to ask her a few questions


Concern over New South Wales zurconium mine also mining uranium and thorium "IndyWatch Feed"

Kazzi Jai  Kazzi Jai  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 11 Nov 18, 



President Trumps nuclear weapons plans will now meet with opposition in Democrat controlled Congress "IndyWatch Feed"

Divided Congress to clash over Space Force, nuclear arsenal, The Hill, BY REBECCA KHEEL  11/11/18

Democrats next year will control the gavels for the defense and foreign policy committees in the House for the first time since 2010.

The party h...


November 11 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: What Changes Will Maines New Government Bring to Your Life? Swept to sizable majorities in last weeks elections, Maines Democrats will be in full control of state government for the first time since 2010. They are likely to look for ways to address a number of pressing issues, one of which is climate []

via November 11 Energy News geoharvey


PERTH Former AFL player Chris Yarran charged after bizarre crime rampage "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Former AFL player Chris Yarran charged after bizarre crime rampage .

November 11, 2018 at 03:55PM .

Yarran, 27, who was arrested outside the Pan Pacific hotel on Adelaide Terrace on Friday night, was granted bail in Perth Magistrates Court yesterday, .



Byron Writers Festival brings Best of Insiders back to the Bay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ABC TVs Barrie Cassidy is back by popular demand, and he is bringing his Insiders entourage to Byron Bay for Best of Insiders on Tuesday 27 November at Elements of Byron Resort.

Australian TVs most-watched Sunday morning show will be coming to you live for a spirited and enlightened discussion on all the political developments of 2018 with panellists David Marr (The Guardian, The Monthly), Alice Workman (BuzzFeed) and Peter van Onselen (The Australian, ABCs The Drum and Network 10s The Project).

Famous for its unique mix of news, interviews, witty videos and analysis, Insiders takes you to the heart of the action, with a few laughs along the way [because] if you took politics too seriously youd go mad, says host Barrie Cassidy.

When: Tuesday 27 November, 6.00pm 7.15pm
Where: Banksia Room, Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay
Tickets: $30 members / $35 general
Ticket URL:

Dont miss one of Byron Writers Festivals best-loved annual events. Tickets from $30 via or by calling (02) 6685 5115.

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RFK Jr. and ICAN Win Case Against US Government For Vaccine Safety Violations "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Editors note: Extracts from three articles.]

In January 2017, Scientific American, in an article entitled, How Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Distorted Vaccine Science, they wrote:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that he will head up a panel on vaccine safety for Donald Trump Lets hope Trump drops any idea of a vaccine panel headed by Kennedy. For more than a decade, Kennedy has promoted anti-vaccine propaganda completely unconnected to reality.

Kennedy made his name in the anti-vaccine movement in 2005, when he published a story alleging a massive conspiracy regarding thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that had been removed from all child...


Pricing meat out of reach for low income Australians "IndyWatch Feed National"

The signs of austerity are already upon the people of Australia.

While this may not be clearly evident to the average 'Joe' in the more populous cities of Australia, the people in other places around the nation see or rather feel it quite clearly from the hip pocket.

The photo below has a caption at the bottom of it commenting on the contents of the mixed grill pack being family size at 1.79kg being sold for $54.33, or at $30.35 per kilogram of mixed meat.

(Source: supplied)

The origin of the package is from Coconut Grove in the Northern Territory.

Don't forget there's always a great excuse reading in the wings to justify the price.


NSW Premier promoting the Photios fraudster Felicity "Duplicity" Wilson "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Julia Gillard got to be PM because people who knew her didn't call out her dishonesty. Australia is still paying for their weakness. Right now Australian politics is promoting another fraudster. This time the cancer is in the NSW Liberal Party. Her name is Felicity - aka "Duplicity" Wilson. Ms...


Arni gets his own territory on the north coast "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Arni was bred in captivity as part of a breeding program at Taronga Zoo but has been moved to a new home at Macadamia Castle. Photo supplied.

The Macadamia Castle was thrilled to welcome Tiarni (or Arni for short) a two-and-a-half  year old male koala into their care recently.

Arni was breed in captivity as part of a breeding program at Taronga Zoo but has been moved out of Taronga as he was coming into full maturity as a breeding male.

Owner of the Macadamia Castle Tony Gilding said, Koala conservation is close to our heart here at the Macadamia Castle we are deeply concerned about the loss of koala numbers in our area.

No handling

Arnis enclosure was opened to the public on Friday after he had had a chance to settle in but there wont be any photos with Arni on your shoulder.

Visitors can go into the enclosure and have a photo taken near Arni, said a spokesperson for Macadamia Castle.

But the public arent able to handle the animals.

Likes his own space

Koalas are solitary animals and are very territorial and as it became clear Arni wasnt the dominant male, living in a group of males was no longer appropriate or safe for Arni. If he remained he would suffer ongoing stress and it was in his best interests to have his own space as soon the dominant koala would push Arni out.  

Dominant males enforce their dominance through the depth of their bellow, their size, behaviour, attitude and determination.

Arni will now mature more quickly than he would have at Taronga as he doesnt have to present to other males and is now happily marking his territory using his sternal scent gland. Koalas do this as a warning to other males not to intrude on their territory. Bellowing also is a deterrent to other males as they do prefer not to challenge and wont engage if they can avoid it....


FauxMo is not cutting through so he's started the flag routine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 November 2018

Standing in front of two Australian flags, interim Prime Minister and Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison has "called out" violent, extremist Islam, saying it is the biggest religious threat to Australia. Scott Morrison says radical Islam threatens Australia's way of life.

Given Morrison history of politicizing his own extreme religious views pushback was inevitable.......


Australian Drag Queen Story Hour Brings Erotic Performers to Childrens Bookstore "IndyWatch Feed National"



If you think the drag queen story hours here in the US are bad, theyre going far overboard in Australia. Read More


Mullum going green for farmers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Drought conditions have seen farmers struggling to feed their animals over the last few months. File photo

It is time to get the green on. Thats right, Mullumbimby is going green in support of drought affected farmers and they are asking everyone to get involved and dig deep on this Friday November 16.

Instyle Living Mullum came up with the idea of choosing green because that is the colour of grass and therefore hope for the future, said Jenelle Stanford, president of the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce.

The president of the CWA in Bingara has also kindly donated some badges that will be on sale at selected businesses throughout the day. They are three colours combined; brown to represent the earth, blue for water, green the grass and a yellow button for the sun.

The Mullumbimby Chamber has been supporting Gwydir Shire with a range of supplies from feed for horses to financial assistance and essential domestic supplies.

Last week we purchased another half a tonne of calf formula in our ongoing support for the Gwydir Shire, said Jenelle.

So get dressed up in green, pull out the streamers and get involved supporting our farmers.

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Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hello, I have a sprung, double mattress up for a new home. 
Please text - 0400 200 973/


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


As is - take it it's all yours! Been heaps of fun. Teens no longer interested. Out the front of 57 Ronald St, Coburg North.



Remembrance of World War One must be about ensuring we dont go down that road again "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Sunday 11 November was Armistice Day, marked the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War One, and it was observed around the world, including Australia.

This was supposed to be the war to ends all wars. It didnt work out this way. Rather than learn the lesson, certain myths got in the way. The chief one was that this was a battle for freedom. It was not. This was a war over colonies in the world of empires, to see who was going to be top dog. Millions of lives were lost to enrich those who sat at the top.

This does not mean that the soldiers who fought and died on the battlefield should not be remembered and honoured. On the contrary. At the same time, it is essential to acknowledge what really happened. Their sacrifice means something, when it contributes to building the conditions for an enduring peace. Lest we forget, is an appropriate slogan.

The war came to a sudden end in 1918, because it contributed to revolution in Russia and had lost the support of the people in the home turf of the empires. Germany was heading for revolution and its economy was in ruins.  its leaders were forced to surrender. The Irish Easter uprising had an impact on Britain. Soldiers in all the armies were increasingly refusing to fight, and sometimes turning their guns on their own officers.

Hostilities between governments did not end with the coming of the peace. The setting up of the short-lived League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles, worked to enable the winners grab the spoils and punish Germany. This was an important factor that set the conditions for the next global conflict.

Australia became involved to fight on behalf of the British Empire. After the shooting started, due to a diplomat and member of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the Archduke Ferdinand, was assassinated in Serbia, war broke out, and young Australians were sent to Gallipoli, Egypt and Europe to die, so that Britain could be top dog.


The landing at Gallipoli is the most celebrated, and somehow officially described as some sort of heroic act.  It was not. Turkey was not invading anyone.  Australia took part in the invasi...


Trump says Macron "very insulting" over defence comments "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO, which the U.S. subsidizes greatly! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 9, 2018...


Sunday assorted links "IndyWatch Feed"

1. Jordan Orlando on The White Album (which song is the most popular/enduring on that album?  It is difficult to say, but it is now fifty years old).

2. Scott Sumner on global warming.

3. Korean refrigerator onomatopoiea.

4. How placebos work there is no placebo (NYT).

5. Scott Alexander is now more positive on preschool.  And Scott Alexander on marijuana: If the above calculations are true, preventing national legalization of marijuana would save half as many lives as successfully implementing Australia-style gun control in the US. [Please note Scott is not suggesting a particular conclusion on either of these policy issues.]

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Victorian Labor's "relentless efforts to cooperate with China" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Andrews agreed on Shi's opinions about developing China-Victoria relations, expressed that Labor Party of Victoria attaches great significance to cooperating and communicating with China and is willing to make relentless efforts to this end. On 27 March 2012 the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne posted this report. Shi made positive remarks...


Independent Artist of the Week: Bachelor Pad "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photo: Jake Delaney 

According to Wikipedia, Bachelor Pad is an elimination-style American reality television game show, but allow us to disambiguate for you its also a wild-eyed Sydney garage punk band that wed much rather get behind.

Over the past 8 years Huw, Tim, Grace & Billy have more or less been churning away with their lo-fi recordings as Bachelor Pad, running the gamut from garage surf rock to garage rock classic and now a little spicier punk rock. Reliably, theyve given us fun, sharp, guitar-heavy jams, with a blend of brash percussion, synth undercurrents and instantly likeable lyrics.

In the three years since they released their second album, Bachelor Pad is for the People, Bachie have gone down another route. This years seen the arrival of the first bunch of jams since BPIFTP, with the decision to cut songs to two minutes and under getting the point across quicker and more effectively. Rather than LPs, theyve also gone for EPs probs keeping in line with their short & sweet ethos, amirite?

With gems like Im an Adult and Living for the Weekend on Augusts nifty-named BPEP17, its follow up is already on the horizon. Easy Living is the first taste of BPEP18, comically addressing the modern-day dilemmas that come with having a lot going on, cos were too busy living. Although its apparently not the case for Bachelor Pad, as BPEP18s due v. soon

Easy Living by Bachelor Pad
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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The Horrors Humans Have Inflicted on the Planets Wilderness "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Only 23% of the planets habitable terrestrial surface now remains as undisturbed wilderness, thanks to the spread of the human horde.

A century ago, as the human population explosion began, 85% of the world was undisturbed living space for all the other species. Yet between 1993 and 2009 in the years that followed hard on the first global summit to consider the state of the planetary environment  an aggregation of areas of wilderness larger than India was delivered over to human exploitation, scientists warn in the journal Nature.

These results are nothing short of a horror story for the planets last wild places, said James Watson, a scientist at the University of Queensland and with the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The loss of wilderness must be treated in the same way we treat extinction. There is no reversing, once the first cut enters. The decision is forever.

Ocean impact

Professor Watson and colleagues argued in August that humans had in some way poisoned, polluted, exploited or disturbed almost all the planets oceans: only 13% could now be classified as undisturbed.

Now he and others have addressed the state of the wild terrestrial soils and rocks. Take Antarctica essentially uninhabited, and with no terrestrial wildlife out of the equation, and the scale of planetary devastation becomes more stark: humans have now left their mark on 77% of the worlds living space.

And the remaining wilderness is unevenly distributed: just 20 nations hold or govern 94% of the remaining marine and terrestrial wilderness areas. Russia, Canada, Australia, the US and Brazil host 70% of these unspoiled spaces.

Professor Watson and many others have repeatedly argued that humankind continues to put the worlds wildlife at risk. A new study by the World Wide Fund for Nature highlights the scale of destruction, but repeated surveys by teams of researchers on all continents have pointed up the same danger.

The combination of human intrusion into the wilderness and the spectre of climate change i...


(Video) UFO Sighting Over South Melbourne, Australia 11/8/18 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Published on Nov 8, 2018

Date: 8/11/18. TIME OF SIGHTING: 7:29pm Taken next to Kings way, south melbourne


Why Veterans Day is really Palestinian Genocide Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor What we call Veterans Day in the USA is known as Remembrance Day in Australia. Whatever theyre remembering, weve apparently forgotten. The end of the war to end all wars ?  Maybe. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 was supposed to usher []


Australia: Jihad murderers family is well known and respected within the Somali community in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police say his family is well known and respected within the Somali community in Melbourne. They attended the Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossing, west of Melbourne. Shire Ali most commonly attended prayer in Melbournes northern suburbs. Are these mosques being investigated? If not, they should be. The tendency among law enforcement officials in the []


50-year-old woman arrested over Australia's strawberry needle scare "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Police in Australia have arrested a woman in the state of Queensland as part of their investigation into a food contamination crisis that has left the nation's fruit-lovers in a panic since September. Queensland Police Service said the 50-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday afternoon "following a complex... and extensive investigation," which was spearheaded by the force and involved "multiple government, law enforcement and intelligence agencies" across Australia. Australians have been in a panic over tainted fruit since authorities warned on September 12 of the potential risk of finding needles and pins in punnets of tampered fruit, in particular strawberries.


Australia: Muslims outraged, demand apology over PMs calling out radical, violent Islam after jihad attack "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Muslim community will not be scapegoated and we will endeavour to keep Australia safe where we can, but the actions of a mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode, is not the fault of a whole religious community. Now wait a minute. He was screaming Allahu akbar during his attack, and not only []


This Christmas advert has been banned from TV in the UK for being too political "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


On the 11th Month, the 11th Day, at the 11th Hour 100 Years Ago Today The Great War Ended! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

World War I ended 100 years ago today on Armistice Day, November 11th, 1918.  Millions died in the Great War that they hoped would be the last.

Around the world there were celebrations 100 years ago.  From rural Herring, Iowa, where farmers gathered together to celebrate the end of the war while erecting a flag pole in commemoration, to Wall Street, where Americans celebrated en masse.  The great war was over!

If you travel to Australia today, you will be reminded at 11:11 am of the sacrifices that Australians gave for the great war.  Everyone stops and a voice over the load speaker of whichever business you are at will call for a moment of silence in respect for those who gave their lives in World War I.

On Armistice Day, in 1918, Australians covered Martin Place in downtown Sydney to celebrate an end to the murderous war.  (pic from Australia War Memorial).

Unfortunately this was not the war to end all wars, it turned out only to be a precursor to World War II.

Americans began arriving in Europe towards the end of the war in 1917, after years of President Woodrow Wilson trying to keep the US out of the war.  Little did anyone know that with the USs help, the end of the war would come in a year and a half.

Many Americans who would later become famous for their efforts in World War II were also important to the first World War.  West Point graduates and future generals Patton and MacArthur met during World War I.  The only time they met in person:


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November verse 4: "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Verse 4: Our new home, soon Friday: day to take possession (under licence) of our flat. We got the key and in procession took two chairs there. That was that or so we thought. About 12.30 emails from the lawyers Continue reading


The Moon Completely Flipped on the Other Side of the World, And Everyone Is Freaking Out "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Sure, there are a lot of small interesting things about the universe we call home but a lot of them go overlooked. For instance, did you ever stop to think about the moon and how its flipped on the other side of the world?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere youre used to the way the moon looks for you so if you were to travel anywhere in the Southern hemisphere you would notice quite the difference. For instance, you might feel quite odd about the moon if you were looking at it from Australia as it would not look the same. The moon would literally be upside down in comparison to what youre used to seeing.

The constellations also do this but are not as dramatic of a change. If you were somehow able to walk from one hemisphere to the other you could even see the moon changing and rotating from one way to the next. Basically, this happens because the Southern hemisphere of our planet is upside down compared to the Northern hemisphere.

Jake Clark an astronomer from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia told Science Alert as follows on this topic:

From our perspective, the Moon and the night sky, is actually rotated 180 degrees compared to our Northern Hemispherical friends,

In the south we see the Moons dark Oceanus Procellarum sea in the south-east corner compared to in the north-west corner for a northern observer.

Next time youre planning a holiday travel to a country near the equator during a crescent moon, when the Moon sets it will look like a smiling face,

It depends upon where youre located on Earth but generally the constellations we see in the Southern Hemisphere are rotated again by 180 degrees compared to the Northern Hemisphere,

In Australia, Orions leg and belt is commonly known as The Saucepan, at it looks like a big old cooking pot!

This might not sound like much but if youve never stopped to think about it, it might be quite mind-blowing. What do you think about things like this? I for one find them to be quite fascinating.



Robots will soon match humans in creativity, emotional intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As if we didnt already have enough to worry about when it comes to artificially intelligent machines being able to perform many tasks faster and better than humans can, potentially stealing our jobs in the future and presenting what some technologists worry is an existential threat to humanity, now it appears AI will soon be able to match humans at being, well, human, too.

An Australian AI expert, Toby Walsh, said during the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney recently that he thinks AI will learn and possibly match human traits like creativity, emotional intelligence and adaptability in less than 50 years. And Walsh a Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW Sydney predicts robots will be as smart as humans by the year 2062.

But dont worry about them ultimately presenting some sort of threat or something as drastic as potentially wiping out mankind, he adds. Weve been rather mislead by this idea that the robots are going to take over, Walsh told Time Out. The robots have no desires of their own, they do exactly what we tell them to. Im much more worried about incompetence than malevolence that well get the machines to do something and we havent thought carefully about how its going to interact with our complex world Healthcare, transport, how we manufacture things, how we educate ourselves, how we go out and play its going to touch almost every aspect of our lives.

Its interesting to think about this other side of increasingly smarter machines and to ask questions about the fundamental nature of consciousness and emotion. These right-brain characteristics of being human, things like creativity and emotion and the like we like to think they will save us or somehow set us apart from machines that are radically smarter, faster and better at us in other things. But if they eventually get to be as creative as us to complement their already stellar analytical capabilities, what then?

When Walsh says hes worried, though, its not about what the machines will do. Its us hes worried about. Mankind, he says, needs to do a better job of creating machines and AI systems that are aligned with our values now.

The on...


Providence Gully birds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Providence Gully, between Sandon and Clydesdale, runs north for nearly 10 kilometres, rising near Yandoit and joining with Green Gully Creek near Newstead.

Now an ephemeral waterway, it would once have held water in a chain of ponds most years. For some of its length, particularly in the northern section it boasts some beautiful old River Red-gums and Yellow Box that fringe the watercourse. Its a nice spot for woodland birds.

White-browed Babbler, Providence Gully, 9th November 2018

Friday, 09 November


Social work a paperwork nightmare, says outgoing chief "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

ANNE OBRIEN has resigned as neighbourhood centre coordinator after eight years, expressing frustration at the heavy hand of bureaucracy in social work. To continue reading,...


Another good day for dance houses annual extravaganza "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

TWAS GOOD day times five at the Charleville dance house performance at the racecourse auditorium last weekend. In her third year as director of the...


Clank goes Maree after 4700km round trip to the Friendly Games "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IF YOUD known what to listen for, youd have heard Maree Edwardss 18-year-old Land Cruiser wagon clinking with the loot as it drove into town....


Looking for rain and news in the Big Apple "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

SOME WATCHMAN subscribers take no chances of getting caught short of a read while abroad. Roly Hughes of Autumnvale, Thargomindah, is packing a copy of...


Tough getting only a million for second place "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

SAME DAY and what a contrast. The Charleville cup, the Central Warrego race clubs biggest day of the year, coincides with Victoria racing clubs Melbourne...


Joker-draw party a novel excuse for Goannas forfeit "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

ANOTHER WEEKEND of mayhem and recrimination in the district cricket league. Railways pulled off a morale-boosting win against Morven, Commercials bounced back from defeat to...


National rodeo title as easy as lying in bed "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

CHARLEVILLE roughrider Ross Tilley capped off a solid year with the junior bareback buckle at the national rodeo council of Australia titles. He was unable to...

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