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Monday, 29 October


Don McGlashan Australian Tour October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sunday 28th Oct, 7.30pm 10.00pm, The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

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Wednesday, 22 August

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Tuesday, 21 August


Peter Dutton 'knocks off' Ipswich Mayor's hooker "IndyWatch Feed National"

Front page of tomorrow's Courier Mail! The Ipswich Mayor''s alleged liaison would normally be a big front page lead. Not now in Queensland!


THE LIST. Who voted for whom in Round One of the Turnbull water torture. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The list as revealed to a Fairfax prophet in a cave near Canberra. TURNBULL (48 votes) Malcolm Turnbull Craig Laundy Ken Wyatt Paul Fletcher Dan Tehan Kelly ODwyer Christian Porter Julie Bishop Scott Morrison Mitch Fifield Christopher Pyne Mathias Cormann Marise Payne Simon Birmingham Michaelia Cash Josh Frydenberg Alex Hawke...


South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe "IndyWatch Feed National"

We are planning a trip to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe at Xmas to create a short dance video to include the 12 local language groups we will be meeting along the way similar to this. PM if you are interested !

The attached spreadsheet is the main planning tool.
Dates are not yet fixed in stone but I will be there from mid December to mid January, others will be joining and leaving at various stages.
In the spreadsheet you will see the 2 maps of the provisional route.
The worksheet Africa calculates distances and rough dates when we will be in each place.
The worksheet Summary calculates costs you can either enter the dates you will be there or the countries you wish to visit and the costs will be calculated.
Options include #of people and vehicle type (the Landy is more expensive but carries 5 people).
There are a few projects planned by various parties on the Expedition, which we are still trying to crystallise into a plan!
In no particular order :
Exploring the ancient megaliths and sound resonance technologies with Michael Tellinger
Creating a short dance video to include the 12 local language groups we will be meeting
Trying to visit as many safari parks as possible, experimenting with the Expedition Drone to find wild animals !

Please let me know if you have any questions or new ideas to add to the plan!

It would be amazing to have you  along !


Texas firefighters get cancer, not workers compensation "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Firefighters & firefighter families recall colleagues & loved ones lost to Occupational Cancer

It has been said that firefighters have 2 families. The one at home, and the one at the firehouse. Although these families differ in many ways, they both suffer the same grief when their colleague or family member is lost to occupational cancer.

This video was produced by the Boston Fire Department with the support of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. It is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the need for proper protective gear for firefighters. Studies have proven that firefighters are exposed to cancer causing carcinogens when engaged in firefighting operations, and further studies have shown that cancer rates in firefighters are significantly higher than that of the general public as a result of this exposure.

This video was presented as part of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts 41st Biennial Convention in June 2015.

By Todd Denton in the USA:

Texas firefighters denied workers compensation for cancer

21 August 2018

More than 90 percent of Texas firefighters have been denied workers compensation for cancer treatments and missed time at work, according to a report released earlier this year by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Despite the passage of legislation in 2005 that was supposed to guarantee firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) health care and paid sick leave, these workerswho have an annual mean wage of $53,480 and a starting salary of just $27,500face financial ruin even as they fight for their lives.

More than a decade ago the Texas legislature voted unanimously to grant a presumption of cause to firefighters and EMTs,...


Here Comes the Avalanche, Part 4: Cathi Morgans Research "IndyWatch Feed National"

Newborns (photo

by Cathi Morgan

Editors note: This intriguing article was previously published on Cathi Morgans blog, which contains superb research:

The Roots of Mass Programming

Post World War One, many measures were put in place in the UK to control the population, one such project was to ensure the controlability of each individual by traumatising them at birth and disrupting the mother-child bonding process.

Pavlov was a scientist using dogs to explore conditioning in Russia and his techniques were applied to humans. Specifically, they were used to set up the Communist school system (Watt) to indoctrinate all future Russian citizens. Pavlov noted that in humans, trauma results in personality fragmentation.

Subsequent intensive research in the West revealed that this would massively enhance susceptibility to mind control techniques using television and other tools of social...


Concetta's Letta "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'll leave you with a little Giacomo Puccino, Maria Callas sings O Mio Babbino Caro


Julian Hill MP quotes Shakespeare for country members "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sadly this highlight missed the cameras today. Marvellous to see a little wit returning to the chamber. Yesterday we brought you news of Christopher Pyne's Duchessing at Hamlet. Good to know that Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition was on the ball, perhaps reading our website. This is Labor's Julian HILL, the...


Businessman killedin seaplane crash leaves 41m to Oxfam "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oxfam is to receive a 41m legacy from a businessman who was killed with his family in a seaplane crash in Australia, it has been reported.


#KIDSOFFNAURU appeal to Australian government "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of about 30 NGOs has called for Australia to move refugee and asylum-seeker children from the island of Nauru, after the Australian Medical Association demanded action.


Ice Age Farmer Report: 'Seismic' geopolitical changes as Ring of Fire explodes in activity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Powerful seismic activity around the Ring of Fire, as Russia offers 2.5mil acres to China for growing soybeans. What a nice gesture..? Meanwhile, New Zealand is trying to keep China (and others) OUT of their farmland. Temps have dropped but the drought in East Australia persists - it's big news, and has kids emptying their piggy banks to feed cattle. Christian breaks it down. Sources


Drink local. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Whenever I head into the Ducane Range in the southern end of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair national park, I always stash a couple of beers under some rocks in the river at Narcissus hut, where the hikers ferry drops you. There are few things better than a swim and a cold beer after four or five days of camping, hiking and climbing in beautiful mountains.

I have to confess that the best beer I ever drank (so far, anyway) was at Uncle Buds hut, at about 3,400 metres in the central Rockies. It was my first overnight trip in winter in Colorado. Its a long approach around a lake, then a long climb up a ridge, and it was a perfect, mild sunny winters day, but slow going as we broke trail through fresh snow. We got to the hut and Donny produced some beers, including a classic US dirtbag brew, a PBR, and we sat on the verandah looking at the highest peaks in the state as the sun slid behind Galena Peak. We skied some insanely good powder the next day, but thats another story.

Theres nothing quite like a beer after a long days ski, ride, hike, climb or paddle. And of course, if youre out bush or in the hills under your own steam, that means cans. Which recently got me thinking about the environmental impact of cans vs bottles.

So I was interested to read this post from the Beer Cartel, who say:

Cans have a number of environmentally friendly strengths:

  1. Cans have a higher rate of recycling compared to glass. Metal cans are completely recyclable, and able to be recycled again and again without any performance loss. It is reported that the average can today contains around 70 percent recycled metal. A can that is recycled today can be back on shelves in as little as two months.
  2. Recycling aluminium utilises 95% less energy than creating aluminium from raw materials. This provides a great incentive for recycling cans.
  3. Cans can be crushed smaller. Where a consumer has chosen not to recycling, there are still environmental benefits in that the vessel will take up less room in any garbage.

As someone who likes to support independently owned operations, and tries to also be a regional drinker, Im a big fan of the breweries in north east Victoria. (My faves are Sweetwater Brewery in Mt Beauty, Bright brewery, Blizzard Brewing Company, located....


The Weekly Times TWT 22nd August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 22nd August 2018 edition of TWT.

The post The Weekly Times TWT 22nd August 2018 appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Australia abandons emissions targets agreed at Paris climate change conference "IndyWatch Feed National"

Embattled Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has abandoned plans to set a new emissions reduction target, following a revolt by MPs in his own government amid a potential leadership challenge. Mr Turnbull's signature energy policy - the National Energy Guarantee - contained a pledge to cut Australia's emissions by 26 per cent, based on 2005 levels, by 2030. The laws would have helped the country meet its obligations under the Paris climate agreement. But after rebel Liberal Party MPs led by former prime minister Tony Abbott threatened to vote against the legislation - which would have triggered a crisis of confidence in Mr Turnbull - the PM decided to back down.


Red-legged Crake, Blue-winged Pitta in Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Red-legged Crake
We had a 3-day stopover in Singapore en route to Africa, staying at the Robertson Quay Hotel. The first morning we hooked up with Martin Kennewell, a well-known local birder, who took us to a spot in north-west Singapore, in Lim Chu Kang. Here we eventually got on to a Blue-winged Pitta that had been hanging around for a couple of weeks in a small patch of regrowth forest. This species is usually rare in Singapore at this time of year and one Bill and I had both missed previously in Asia, so we were pretty chuffed. Unfortunately it didn't pose for an image.

Red-legged Crake
The next morning we were off to Singapore's Botanic Gardens, probably the best place in the world to see Red-legged Crake, another much-wanted bird both of us had missed previously. We found one exactly where Martin said - just south-east of Lake Symphony. It was strutting around among the Heliconia patches between the lake and forest - quite in the open and oblivious to the many passers-by. It was in fact no less shy than the White-breasted Waterhens that were about. Evidently it is only relatively recent years that the crakes have moved in to the gardens.



Americans Are as Spacey as Ever "IndyWatch Feed National"

The white race and I mean Israeli, Iberian, Slovak, Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, and the lot of us is crazy. We do not need Susan Sontag to declare the white race as cancer on the world to ramify the point, since its been more than 50 years since she declared:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., dont redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it aloneits ideologies and inventionswhich eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.

The zenith of this insanity, of course, encompasses the world leaders of all those European nations, the UK, Australia, that demented cabal in Tel Aviv, the amazing daft of Americanos, and the entire lot who works the wormhole of destruction and continuing hollowing out with that soft shoe power of money, might and ethos that states we dont need no stinking ethics . . . and we kill the world at will.

Im working daily with homeless veterans, and the reality of what it means to have Trump or Clinton or Bernie or any of them in the leeching single party of Demons-RepubliRats running the show is that its a prostitutes game of the highest order: homeless with property debts, evictions, miles and miles of contracts to pay back worthless schooling (degrees), mental health not being treated, crimes invented and prosecuted against them, endless toil in lines of bureaucracy, the trauma of substance abuse and then sobriety, the end game of just wanting to get a cheap house to call home to fortify against the constant chatter of the money launderers and repo men.

Reality is Americans in large part are broken, man, and their progeny are a hop, skip and a jump from disability classification, as each new birth is a crap-shoot of this or that physiological, genetic and mental impingement. Debilitating and lifelong scarlet letters of Double D-B-C-E at birth stitched on their Triple X sleeveless Budweiser T-shirts.

Disabled/Debt-ridden, Broken/Blank-Bankrupted, and Crippled/Corrupted, Epigenetic/ER-prone, at birth, as the psychological torturers bring to us more and more hormone-disrupting, DNA-warping, mental-draining and spiritual-tapping goods and services that have shackled us to a sy...


No Recovery For Crypto Markets as Altcoins Dump Again "IndyWatch Feed"

FOMO Moments

Markets are receding again; EOS and Tezos falling, Iota and Lisk staying afloat.

In a pattern we have witnessed countless times this year the market rally could not be sustained and cryptos have dumped again. Red dominates the boards this morning as total market capitalization wipes out the last few days gains and drops back below $215 billion.

Bitcoin has remained stable and has not dropped with the rest of the altcoins. It is still trading at $6,470, the same level it has been at for the past couple of days. Consequently BTC market dominance has crept up again to 52.6% as its brethren suffers. Ethereum has been kicked again dropping 3.6% back to $285, its lowest level for almost a year.

The altcoins are all in the red with EOS taking the biggest hit in the top ten dropping 5% back to $4.90. Stellar and Cardano are also losing over 4% on the day and the rest between 2 and 3 percent. Further down the chart at the top twenty only Iota is in the green at the moment with a 1.7% gain to $0.528 which is still massively down over the year.

After its pump yesterday Tezos is dumping 13% today dropping the coin back to $1.35. Dash and Neo are also dropping back 4% as gains go out of the window once again. The rest of the top twenty is declining 1-3% at the time of writing. This pattern is repeated down to the top thirty coins with only Lisk showing a gain. LSK is up 2.5% to $3.92 which is also very low for this altcoin which topped $30 just seven months ago.

Newcomer to the top one hundred, Eternal Token, is pumping at the moment, up 28%. Power Ledger is also doing well climbing 6% on a listing on Australias BTC Markets exchange. On the red end of the scale is Veritaseum dumping 14% with Bitcoin Private and Kucoin Shares not far behind.

Total crypto market capitalization has fallen back after almost a week of gains from its 2018 low last Tuesday. With $212 billion markets have shed 1.8% over the past 24 hours, trade volume has remained low at $12 billion indicating that there is more of this to come.

Nothing seems to be able to give the markets the lift they need at the moment, there have be no hacks or negative news prompting the plunge. Any good news is having a negligible impact on the whole ecosystem, just the odd pump and dump for individual altcoins. The 2018 down trend...


Reclaiming our sense of collective and community Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

My home town (where I was born and still spend a lot of time) is Melbourne, Victoria. It is a glorious place, at least the inner suburbs within about 3-4 kms of the city centre where I hang out mostly. It recently lost its top place in the Economist Intelligence Units Global Liveability Index (most pleasant place to live) to Vienna (Source). One wag thought it might have been because the Economist got confused between Australia and Austria. Economists are easily confused! But the reason I mentioned this is because it is symptomatic of how neoliberalism has reconstructed our realities and degraded our sense of community. The competitive narrative, even though firms go all out to use power and deception to fix and rig markets in their favour, now dominates our perception. While I identify with Melbourne and would think a significant part of my identity is linked to that identification, the neoliberal narrative with its distinctive language, aims to reconstruct the community and communities of Melbourne, not as social and cultural artifacts, but as products competing with other cities of the world for supremacy. I was thinking about this as I scope out the structure of the next book that Thomas Fazi and I will publish next year as a follow-up to our current book Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, 2017). Thomas and I have advanced our ideas and we will, in part, be focusing on how communities and the nation state work together to advance progressive outcomes. In our first book together, we set out how nation states can operate from a technical perspective and what they should do to provide for a progressive future. In the next book, we will dig deeper into the ways people and their communities have to re-empower themselves. Language, construction, vocabulary, and framing are all significant in this regard.

When I was a post graduate student I was often thinking about the idea that technology is more than an engineering capacity. It also has an ideological dimension.

The debates in those days (and the great Austrian writer Andr Gorz was central to them) often were centred on whether a socialist state should use capitalist mass production technology and Taylorism, which alienated the worker from their product.

I disagreed with Gorz over his advocacy of a basic income guarantee. But he knew that these innovations were the key to the capacity of early capitalists to take control of production from skilled labour and increase the exploitation rate.

In turn, it spawned the push for mass consumpt...


Life expectancy declines in USA, Britain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: British Medical Journal

By Kate Randall in the USA:

Studies: US life expectancy drops as mortality rises among younger adults

21 August 2018

While most high-income countries experienced a drop in life expectancy in 2015 for the first time in decades, only the United States and the United Kingdom saw that disturbing trend continue into 2016.

The recent declines in American life expectancy are due in part, but not exclusively, to drug overdoses, suicides and alcoholism. Deaths among middle-aged Americans over the past decade and a half were also attributed to heart, lung and other organ diseases, as well as to mental and behavioral disorders.

These were the findings of two studies published last week in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal). The continuing decline in US life expectancyand the increase in mortality among younger adults and across all ethnic groupspoints to systemic social causes driving this crisis.

The first study, by sociologists Jessica Ho of the University of Southern California and Arun Hendi of Princeton University, examined trends in life expectancy across 18 so-called high-income countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the US and the UK.

The study focused on 2014 to 2016, because previous research has shown life expectancy dropping significantly between those years. Ho and Hendi found that 14 of the countries experienced declines in life expectancy for both men and women from 2014 to 2015. Only Australia, Japan, Denmark and Norway did not.

The decline in life-expectancy was generally attributable to an unusually severe influenza season in 20142015. Leading causes of non-US deaths in this period included influenza and pneumonia, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers disease, as well as mental and nervous system disorders. Most of these deaths occurred in the over-65 population.

But while many of the co...


Searching For Giants // Big Trees Of Bellingen We Are Explorers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the lush mountain forests between the Bellinger and Kalang valleys on the Mid North Coast of NSW, lies a patch of old growth trees in all their ancient, 400-year-old glory. Renowned Tasmanian photographer and big tree climber, Steve Pearce of The Tree Projects, and professional arborist, Kai Wild, took a trip to explore and document this incredible (and threatened) area using tree portraits.Steves passion for forests, climbing and photography have seen him adventuring worldwide, taking photos for the likes of National Geographic, and forging new innovations in how we see and appreciate our natural world. He hopes that people will see these magnificent trees and be inspired to visit and protect Australias remaining native forests.

Source: Searching For Giants // Big Trees Of Bellingen We Are Explorers


Taiwan says China out of control as it loses El Salvador to Beijing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Taiwan vowed on Tuesday to fight Chinas increasingly out of control behavior after Taipei lost another ally to Beijing when El Salvador became the third country to switch allegiances to China this year.

Taiwan now has formal relations with only 17 countries worldwide, many of them small, less developed nations in Central America and the Pacific, including Belize and Nauru.

Speaking in Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan would not bow to pressure, describing El Salvadors decision as further evidence of Chinas efforts to squeeze the island, which have included regular Chinese bomber patrols around Taiwan.

We will turn to countries with similar values to fight together against Chinas increasingly out-of-control international behavior, Tsai said.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters earlier that Taipei was not willing to engage in money competition with its giant neighbor.

He said El Salvador had been continuously asking for massive funding support since last year for a port development, but Taiwan was unable to assist with the unsuitable project after assessment.

Pressure from China would only make Taiwan more determined to continue our path of democracy and freedom, he said.


Chinas rude and unreasonable behavior will certainly have negative impact to cross-strait relations. This is also not how a responsible country should behave.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be a wayward province of one China, ineligible for state-to-state relations, and has never renounced the use of force to bring the island under its control.

In Beijing, the Chinese governments top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi, said El Salvador had made the right decision.

Wang Yi

Im confident that the people of El Salvador will feel the warmth and friendship of the Chinese people and derive tangible benefits from its cooperation with China, Wang told reporters alongside his El Salvador counterpart, Carlos Castaneda, shortly after the pair signed an agreement establishing ties.

El Salvadors president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, announced in a nationally televised speech that his government had...


FixedIt: Hes not accused of raping a suburb or an outfit "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Daily Telegraph reported that the 32 year old man charged with kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and exposing himself multiple times to another girl, 11 years old.

The court must determine his guilt or innocence, this commentary is only about the way the charges against him are described in the media.

The media has a long history of sensationalising crime, particularly sexual crimes. A recent review of research on media reporting of violence against women found sensationalist reporting of sexual crimes was common. When white men are charged with sexual violence against women or children they dont know (and therefore cannot be vilified by race) they are turned into monsters. They are clearly segregated from normal men and stranger danger myths are significantly over inflated to again make clear that men who commit these crimes are deviant monsters, not the bloke who lives next door or plays in your footy team on weekends.

Nicknames for rapists are a common means of dehumanising the victim, the perpetrator and the crime.

In this case the alleged victims are not even mentioned in the headline, theyre replaced by the name of a suburb and the style of clothing the accused man was wearing during the alleged rape. Theyre children and should not be invisible in this process.

The perpetrator has the right to the presumption of innocence but the public has a right to a clear understanding of the charges against him. He was not accused of raping a suburb or an outfit. He was accused of raping a 12 year old girl and exposing himself to an 11 year old. Those basic details of the charges against him belong in the headline.

There is a reason headlines matter so much.

Something like 80 percent of the headlines we see, we never click through to read the article. Were not necessarily thinking very much about the headlines we dont click on, but we see them. And without being consciously aware that its happening they are still describing something to us. When they fit our subconscious bias or when theyre underpinned myths about violence and repeat them over and over again, they reinforce them in our minds, but we dont really notice that its happening.

The things we dont notice are far more dangerous than the things we do notice.

Clarity in reporting and avoiding the passive voice and are among the first things journalists are taught. Which is why the constant use of passive...


People in government committing the Commonwealth offence of tampering with mail "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

With the help of this invention called social media on the government carriageway called the internet, the general population have been able to share information at blistering speeds, something the colonialists would never have dreamed of during the early days of this penal colony.

While during the early days of the internet, people may have written to various government departments for example, inquiring as to whether the Bill of Rights is valid in whichever state they live in, this information remained with the authors and maybe few others. 

Today this information can be shared all around the world instantaneously. 

As a result of this quick information sharing, this has led to other people asking questions that people in government do not want to answer, keeping in mind that the people in government are there to represent their constituents.

We have obtained documentation that the people within the doors of the business we call the Parliament of Victoria (ABN: 57 505 521 939) are tampering with Australia Post with regards to receiving letters that contain questions that they do not wish to answer.

Keep in mind that some of the better government information is the documentation that they do no want the general population to see. 



Refugee Activists statement - SHOCKED evil DUTTON replaced by evil MORRISON "IndyWatch Feed National"

Well, there's one upside! Media Release - 21.08.18 - updated Morrisons Return Shocks Refugee Activists Key Refugee and Anti Racism Activists have reacted strongly to the news that draconian Dutton has been replaced as Minister by his predecessor Scott Morrison. Grassroots refugee activists have commented on Morrisons ascendance to Home...


A proper winter? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Usually when I wake up feeling cold it just means I have kicked off too many blankets while sleeping.  This morning it was still very cold in the family room and when I opened the drapes this is what I saw.

I get very few frosts where I live. After all this is the sub-tropics and I am close to the sea. Since I have lived  here I have only had one frost that damaged leaves of shrubs and trees. This morning was not nearly that severe so my banksia rose was still flowering - even more flowers out since last week. I have a friend that calls this my 'demon rose' because it is so hard to keep it from growing up onto the roof of the house. When that happens ants use the plant as a highway into the house and then I have real problems. The rose has been pruned extra hard this year and I wonder if that has contributed to its extra strong flowering.

For more scenes from around the world visit Our World Tuesday 


This Week in Melbourne: What's On #608 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Read Online This Week in Melbourne: 21 - 27 August 2018Newsletter | #608 What's On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 21st August 2018 to Monday 27th August 2018 A Walk In The Park | Parkinson's Victoria Book Week 2018 Chiltern Antique Fair Frankston and South Eastern Wine Show German Auto Show | Deaf Children Australia Hearing Awareness Week Hurstbridge Wattle Festival Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre Open Day Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 Paperific Craft Expo Retro Nostalgia & Collectables Fair Rocky Horror Show (last days) Super 70s | Fashion Exhibition Animal Rights March West Projections Festival World Junior Motocross Championship Parma For A Farmer | Victorian Pubs The Australian Creedence Show & Dinner BABBA - Australia's Premier ABBA Show The Shaggy's - Friday Night Live Music Live Jazz: Frances Madden & Band Melbourne's Free Art Galleries Enjoy #Melbourne Paperific Craft Expo Friday 24 August 2018 - Sunday 26 August 2018 Papercraft Lovers set aside a whole day and expect Heaven on Earth. Paperific Craft Expo 2018 Melbourne Writers Festival 24 August to 2 September | Melbourne Get amid the best writers and performers of our generation, as they tackle matters of life and death. See them on stage and in bars, and go with them as they venture into new terrain a cemetery, an animal church, museums and more. Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 Hurstbridge Wattle Festival Sunday 26th August 2018 | 10am - 4pm | Night Market 4pm-8pm Catch a steam train to Hurstbridge Wattle Festival, enjoy a fabulous and extensive array of entertainment, events and activities for all the family, many of them free. Hurstbridge Wattle Festival 2018 Drought Relief Appeal Victorian pubs doing Parma For A Farmer for Rural Aid's drought relief. $1 from every plate will be going to help drought-stricken farmers all over the country. --> Victorian Pub List...


Turnbulls last chance for greatness "IndyWatch Feed"

Since he first entered the Australian political scene as a leading proponent of republicanism, Malcolm Turnbulls career has been one long series of disappointments, which involved failing (more or less steadily) upwards.  Barring a miracle, his career is now effectively over. In the unlikely event that he survives as PM to the next election, he is assured of electoral defeat and subsequent oblivion.

But, he has one last chance for greatness. Its now clear that  many of his Liberal colleagues and, almost certainly, a majority of coalition MPs, want to hand the country over to an overt racist, bigot and climate denialist*. Yet it would only take 75 votes on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop this from happening.  A handful of genuine liberals in the Liberal party would be enough*.*

If Turnbull led such a group, he would be reviled by his own side, most of whom hate and/or despise him anyway, but he would finally justify the hopes of millions of Australians (including me) who actually believed he could change politics for the better.

Even if the requisite handful could not be found, Turnbull could resign his seat and recontest it as an independent, or support someone else pledged to oppose Dutton.  That would give at least some electors a chance to have their say.

Of course, this is all said in bitter jest.  Turnbull has never stood for anything and never will. He will hang on to the last possible moment, then capitulate meekly.

*  I mean Dutton, though his puppetmaster Abbott fits the bill also. In his inglorious run as PM, he at least paid lip service to racial equality and climate reality, but that has now gone out the window.

** Somewhere between one and five depending on how the independents and fringe parties went. I assume that any confidence agreements made with Turnbull would lapse.


Liverpool Plastered With Women Dont Have Penises Stickers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has vowed to remove anti-transgender stickers which have been plastered throughout the city. Dozens of the pink stickers with the words Women dont have penises have been placed on Anthony Gormleys famous cast iron sculptures. The group behind the stunt, Liverpool ReSisters, is unhappy about the right of transgender people ...

The post Liverpool Plastered With Women Dont Have Penises Stickers appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Full text of Shorten's speech on the handover of the prime ministership "IndyWatch Feed National"

I move that this House has no confidence in the Prime Minister. Today it is clear that we have a Prime Minister in name only. He is a Prime Minister without power, he is a Prime Minister without policies. He has scraped home at the last election with no authority...


Bill Shorten giving a rousing speech - hard to disagree with what he's saying - he's been made by Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

I don't disagree with much of what Shorten's said. He was given a second life by Turnbull. And he used it. Shorten wouldn't be in his job, let alone the parliament, it Abbott had stayed in place. This is all down to Turnbull. Now Turnbull is saying what he should...


A Giant effort leads to flag "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Wonthaggis Hunter Tiziani was named best on ground in the under 14s game, pictured here with Bendigo Bank representative
Michael Scott and coach Neil De Santis. Z093418

Phillip Island Blue defeated Phillip Island Red by 12-points in a closely contested under 12s grand final on Sunday.

Wonthaggi Powers Under 14s team are premiers and champions after finishing the home and away season undefeated and taking down Korumburra-Bena by 40-points in the grand final on Sunday. Z073418

Korumburra-Benas Grace Master was named best on the ground by the umpires after a terrific performance in the ruck. She is pictured with coach Wendi Rahilly. Z083418

THE Korumburra-Bena Giants came from behind to defeat Wonthaggi Power by four points in the nail biting Youth Girls grand final at Bass on Sunday.
A howling wind favoured the Grantville end of the ground and the Powe...


Gay Men Urged To Take Care After Antibiotic Resistant Shigella Outbreak "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Health experts in New South Wales have warned of an outbreak of a multi-drug-resistant strain of Shigella among gay men around the state. Shigella is a bacteria that causes a bowel infection which can result in vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, fever and nausea. ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said infection takes place when tiny particles of ...

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Kiwis migrating to Oz again "IndyWatch Feed"


After a 3-year hiatus, it seems that more Kiwis are heading to West Island again (as opposed to the other way around). 

Australia is winning in the permanent and long term migration Bledisloe Cup, at least.

It's interesting to note that the unemployment rate has been lower in New Zealand than in Australia for quite some time.

And there were some one-off factors, such as the post-earthquake Christchurch rebuild. 

But maybe the tide is turning just a little now back in favour of Australia. 

Special visa class for rugby players, anyone?


Saving history from the Ramsay Centres warriors "IndyWatch Feed National"

How did we end up here? Where the well-funded public defenders of our embattled civilisation put so much energy into the culture wars and so little into the culture? Where the defenders of free thought want to send operatives in to run health checks on free academics? The Ramsay Centre debacle has been almost too tiresome to even engage with: the usual battle lines, the familiar sense of righteous paranoia, that same elite anti-elitism.


The ATAs Cheap Energy Guarantee "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The ATA is inviting coalition MPs to sign up to their Cheap Energy Guarantee.

01 Scrap The Paris Mandate
Utilising Behavioural Economics not mandates to achieve Paris Targets.

It is proposed that the National Energy Guarantee would ensure 18% of energy emissions be sourced from renewable sources and that techniques learned from behavioural economics be used to ensure voluntary compliance to bridge the gap to 28%.

This is a significantly superior model to that currently proposed of leaving emissions reduction quotas to the discretion of future Energy or Environment ministers, a model which puts electricity consumers at risk and causes great investment uncertainty. Households and businesses who have a commitment to renewable energy would be able contribute additional funds to ensure Australia matches or exceeds its commitment under the Paris Accord, thereby offsetting their carbon emissions and even leaving a negative carbon footprint. This is more economically efficient and also matches liberal values of individual choice and personal responsibility.

A model based on the most cutting edge behavioural economics research will facilitate compliance.

02 Provide Certainty For Gas & Coal Investment
Ensuring investment certainty through codifying regulatory compensation.

A key factor in increased prices is the barrier to investment due to regulatory uncertainty. As a result, investments in certain types of power generation is not made, and prices of existing generators are significantly inflated due to a perceived shorter lifespan. Codifying a system of regulatory compensation will guarantee companies significant payouts for losses if the regulatory environment is changed. This will provide certainty and will drive down costs in a manner that remains true to free market principles.

03 Abolish All Green Subsidies
Treat all sources of energy generation equally by 2020.

Levelling the playing field by bringing forward the elimination of market-distorting subsidies and green energy programs to 2020 will save considerable taxpayer funds which may be invested elsewhere, while simultaneously stabilising investment opportunities driving down costs to consumers. While the federal government plans to abolish the Renewable Energy Target and phase out subsidies by 2020, states and territories including Queensland maintain their own Renewable Energy Targets.

These do not just hurt consumers within those jurisdictions, but hurt consumers in other states and territories who share the collective National Energy Market grid and have no say in the matter. Where these policies are proven to negatively impact electricity p...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00011 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.90 AUD


Now renting "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Starting to see just a bit more of this in Brisbane now.

Source: Harcourts

The coming infrastructure boost will help.


FixedIt: Invisible alleged perpetrator on invisible attempted murder charge "IndyWatch Feed National"

MYGC reported on a man who was charged with attempted murder, contravene prohibition/restriction in AVO, break and enter dwelling, inflict grievous bodily harm, and two counts of common assault. His ex partner is in hospital with life threatening head injuries.

This commentary is not about his guilt or innocence, which can only be determined by a court. This is about how the charges against him are (or are not) described..

Invisible perpetrators are a constant in FixedIt. This is not a trivial issue. It matters because headlines are supposed to be a short summary of the article and when the article is about violence men commit against women and those men are invisible, the headline is not telling the story, its erasing the story.

Also, most people dont consume news by reading a print newspaper from cover to cover. Only some people go directly to the home page of a news outlet. Most people get news links from social media, and the most likely source is Facebook. But regardless of the source, we see far more headlines than we click on.

Something like 80 percent of the headlines we see, we never click through to read the article. Were not necessarily thinking very much about the headlines we dont click on, but we see them. And without being consciously aware that its happening they are still describing something to us. When they fit our subconscious bias or when theyre underpinned myths about violence and repeat them over and over again, they reinforce them in our minds, but we dont really notice that its happening.

The things we dont notice are far more dangerous than the things we do notice.

Clarity in reporting and avoiding the passive voice and are among the first things journalists are taught. Which is why the constant use of passive voice and unclear reporting on violence against women stands out so much.

If all the violent crimes committed by men were reported in the active voice with the perpetrators and their crime as the subject of every headline, it would be overwhelming. Because it is overwhelming.

We are journalists and it is not our job to erase the truth so our audience is not made to feel uncomfortable. Our job is to describe what is happening in our society. And the sad truth is that around 90 percent of violent crimes are committed by men. Avoiding this fact doesnt make it less true but it does make it much more difficult to address the underlying cause.

Headlines matter and this is why FixedIt exists.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you w...


The Third Industrial Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I belong to a degrowth group on facebook. The owner of this group posted a link to a youtube video titled The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy. I downloaded it sight unseen so that I could watch it on my TV while its Jeremy_Rifkinpissing down with rain outside and I frankly have nothing else better to do. luckily for those up North in terrible drought, well be sending some your way next weekend. Ive never liked Jeremy Rifkins crazy ideas, and had I realised he was the star attraction of this film, I probably would not have downloaded it in the first place, but having done so, and under the abovemnetioned weather conditions, I went ahead anyway

The first half hour was for me the best part, because he clearly explains with some crucial left out items why were in deep shit. What really leaves me flumoxed is how someone who clearly understands thermodynamics and entropy cannot come to grips with their repercussions.

A Third Industrial Revolution Would Seal Our FateWhy Jeremy Rifkin is Dead Wrong

For me, it was extraordinarily hard to find where to start my criticismnot because of the lack of strength of his arguments, but simply because it is just plain hard to even know where to start! E...


Warning. Social justice warriors at work in our ABC "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A nice pickup from None at 10.57 on the Dutton Challenge thread. History teachers at two Sydney universities contributing to the Religion and Ethics section if you please. Warning, vested interests are misreading modern history and undermining the welfare state. They write:

At a time when conservative governments, the Murdoch press and their corporately funded think-tank supporters run down university departments of history in this country, the need for careful interpretations of the past has never been more evident.



The Private Suppression of Public Expression "IndyWatch Feed"

Today we interrupt your regular market insight for something a little different.

Theres a sinister trend developing in the digital world.

Im starting to think that no one is safe.

At best, it threatens your freedom to obtain information.

At worst, it threatens your freedoms.

For years, The Daily Reckoning Australia has warned that governments around the world were out to limit your personal liberties.

But this growing threat is more powerful than any government could ever hope to be.

Thats because Western governments are elected. To get votes, they must pander to voters. So change is often slow. Freedom-suppressing legislation takes generations to become enshrined in law.

Thats why the real danger lies with private companies.

Im talking about the trillion-dollar tech sector.

The one controlled by a handful of powerful and unelected CEOs.

The internet to the 21st century is what the steam engine was to the industrial age.

It has revolutionised our ability to discover, consume and share information like never before.

A natural extension of the digital age is social media. As our lives moved online, so did our social habits.

Through this, the world had created a forum for people to express their thoughts and find like-minded individuals to interact with.

Yet in less than a decade, this social revolution has morphed into oppression of the masses.

We began to witness this a few years back. Companies like Facebook, Inc. [NYSE:FB] and Instagram became overzealous in policing the pictures of breastfeeding mothers.

Given the prevalence of lewd material on the internet, this policy reeked of double standards.

Facebook and Instagrams insistence of removing such photos and in many cases shutting down peoples profiles was the canary in the coal mine.

About a year ago, Facebook started issuing warnings to people who they felt werent using their real name in their profile. It threatened suspected accounts with closure.

This was seen as a sign that Facebook was pushing to remove anonymity online.

It was also the point at which the canary in the coal mine snuffed it. And yet few were paying attention.

The price we pay is that social media companies now control us.

Engineering public opinion

Two weeks ago, American radio host Alex Jones was cut off from all social media.

If you havent heard of Ale...


Southern Business Womens Network turns 20 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Southern Business Womens Network celebrated a 20 year milestone on Thursday night.
In 1998, a small group of women developed an idea to support women in business.
This network would be based on similar trade associations.
Now it is 2018 and the network has 300 members.
The network is thriving. It truly was an idea that would flourish through time, network president Dana Hughes said.
Around 180 attended a celebratory dinner at the Inverloch RACV Resort on Thursday night.
As well as local business women, guests included South Gippsland Shire Council mayor Cr Lorraine Brunt, South Gippsland councillors Ray Argento, Meg Edwards and Alison Skinner, Bass MLA Brian Paynter, Labor candidate for Bass Jordan Crugnale and sponsors of the network.
The network covers businesses from Phillip Island right through to Welshpool.
Ms Hughes said the network was about forming connections, developing opportunities and stepping out of comfort zones.
Often, members are inspired by guest speakers sourced by the networks leadership team.
We run 12 dinners a year and over the last 20 years we have offered 8000 opportunities to network, she said.
The network has grown steadily over the past five or six years.
On Thursday, those who attended the dinner were inspired by guest speaker Andrew Griffiths.
Mr Griffiths was a member of Richard Bransons Melbourne Dream Team.
He shared a story that started from humble beginnings to success in business.
I have been in business for 35 years. I am here to offer advice for entrepreneurs about how to survive and thrive in business, he said.
Through my story, I share strategies to take on and use in business. I have travelled extensively, recently to London and Iran, and observe what is happening in business internationally and provide advice in forums like these.
Ms Hughes said the network has also been largely successful in providing employment opportunities, and contributing new ideas and concepts for businesses across South Gippsland.

Special occasion: from left, guest speaker Andrew Griffiths, Southern Business Womens Network president Dana Hughes and Bass MLA Brian Paynter were thrilled to celebrate the networks 20 year milestone on Thursday at Inverloch RACV Resort.



Gate closes on local produce "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A LOCAL fresh produce business has finished indefinitely in the face of challenging barriers to entering a market dominated by major supermarket chains.
FarmGate Online, a local food distribution company which operated from distribution points along the Bass Coast and South Gippsland, ceased operating recently.
Leaving no debtors in its wake, FarmGate Online owners Aladair Moodie and Karen Vincent said they went into the fresh produce industry committed to locally sourced, fair priced produce.
The economics were still tight to be playing a sort of equal game with the major supermarkets that bring stuff in from offshore, Mr Moodie said.
We are closing out of this operation knowing we will pay everybody we committed to. So ethically that sits well with me.
Its certainly not satisfying to walk away but there is a point where you have to say, If I keep doing this Im going to drain my bank account and we just had to make that call.
The end of local coolstores over the years limited options for growers who are limited to selling commercial quantities to supermarket giants who have distribution of scale, and delivery networks well-established and well financed.
Although a small scale operation, FarmGate Online operated on a delivery model whereby people purchased their food from the company website and it was delivered to a farm gate a collection point.
This allowed regional and rural customers to purchase Australian grown produce and a percentage of the purchase was donated to the not for profit farm gates.
This business closure follows a worrying trend in the industry with the sudden closure of Aussie Farmers Direct earlier this year which left franchisees and other debtors severely out of pocket.
Ms Vincent said she had been resistant to closing indefinitely because she could not bear to see that the business could not work.
I really enjoyed putting the boxes together and communicating with customers. I love going to market its a fascinating place to go, she said.
Unfortunately there are so many hurdles especially now with the wholesale market (in Epping) being so far away it proved too challenging, she said.
Mr Moodie said since their move into South Gippsland, the couple would continue to network and seek partnerships in the fresh produce industry.


Crowds rush to Burra Brewing Co. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

BURRA Brewing Co. has opened the doors to its brewery on Commercial Street in Korumburra, with its own craft beers on tap.
Burra Brewing Co. is owned and operated by locals Kim Nicholas, Anthony Dempster, Luke Jones, Narelle Jones, Phill Dempster and Ange Dempster.
All the brewing of Burra Brewing Co. beer is done onsite at the Korumburra location by head brewer Phill Dempster.
Currently, the brewery is producing a light summer ale, a mid strength golden ale, a pale ale and a dark ale.
The bar has Burra Brewing Co. beer on tap, as well as several guest taps, which will be used to support other craft breweries.
Beers on tap are Summer Sale, Pale Ale, Dark Ale and Golden Ale, with more speciality beers coming.
The brewery offers a great selection of pizzas, all day dine or take away. Functions are available for parties of 20 to 150 people, and bookings are required.
The beer hall can cater for up to 65 people on share tables, with bookings not required. Growlers and squealers available to take away beer made by Burra Brewing Co.
The brewery uses local suppliers: Gippsland Wine Co for wine, BEANd for coffee and Gippsland Jersey for milk.
Contractors involved in the construction of the brewery were Blogg Bros Plumbing, Wired Up Electrical Contracting, Kyle Constructions, Korumburra Cabinet Makers, ProCo, Taranto Windows and Doors, and Burra Garden Supplies.
All contractors mentioned they enjoyed working with Burra Brewing Co. and wish the brewery every success.
Many of these contractors are long established businesses in Korumburra and are happy to see the town going ahead.

Best beer: Burra Brewing Co. head brewer Phill Dempster was thrilled with the turn out to the official opening on Saturday, August 11.


Readying Knives: The Mortality of Australian Prime Ministers "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The opinion poll prime ministership is a modern Australian disease.  Not only does it suggest an ailing in the Westminster system, but a profound contempt for the democratic sensibility on the part of party representatives, hacks and the industry that supports them.  Prime Ministers are merely the icing, to be whipped off and replaced on going stale.  Little wonder that the Australian politician can never be permitted to be an authentic representative, ever hostage to sentiment and the astrological deceptions of polling.

This conditioning is so total it has even bewitched the journalistic classes, who have also done their best to feed the complex of the short-term prime minister.  Twenty-four hour news tends to do that.  A veteran ABC journalist let it slip on Monday morning that the elections were about the party strategists, the politicians and the polls. It was easy in such an assessment to avoid the Australian voter, whose relevance has declined as the influence of party brokers has risen.

A canon of politics is that support expressed with fervent enthusiasm in the public domain is bound to reverse behind closed doors.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the firm support of numerous members of his front bench, expressed publicly.  This is exactly why he should be worried. Such enthusiasm could be lethal.

Even potential challenger, the one-dimensional oafish Peter Dutton of the Home Affairs portfolio, has claimed Turnbull has his support, though he has left a tantalising morsel for political observers.  If my position changes that is, it gets to a point where I cant accept what the government is proposing or I dont agree then the Westminster system is very clear: you resign your commission, you dont serve in the cabinet.

Finance minister Matthias Cormann has attempted to adopt the nothing to see here approach while giving the Canberra press gallery every reason to presume that something is afoot.  He claims to have heard no talk about conservatives pressing Dutton to mount a challenge to Turnbull.  This, despite four 5.30 morning walks with Dutton, a fellow hardline conservative with whom he keeps on good terms with.  To Sky News, he claimed that, We are both very committed to the success of the Turnbull government and to wining the next election.

Turnbull had done himself no favours.  He remains weak but more to the point, has appeared to be weak.  He took his party to the last federal election and received a thumping which imperiled his majority.  He has been unsuccessful holding the sniping conservatives within his ranks at bay while embarking on an obsessive campaign to wound the opposition leader, Bill Shorten.  The latter aspect of this strategy failed to materialise in the last round of by-elections which saw no Coalition gains, notably in the Queensland seat of Longman.  As Queensland promi...


Stronger demand at store sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

YARDING of 1800 head was consigned to last weeks VLE Leongatha store sale from Cooma, Bombala, Bega, Sale, Giffard, Yarram and local areas.
The South Gippsland Stock Agents Association reported demand was generally stronger from local re-stockers and a few domestic lot feeders for a better quality yarding of cattle than the previous sale.
The yarding comprised more better bred types of weaner cattle and less crossbred and Friesian types.
Demand for the steers improved $30 and up to $80 in places. Heavy steers were in limited supply compared to previous sales and sold to firm demand.
Heifers sold to modest competition and were generally firm, however some well bred European cross heifers attracted strong competition from the domestic feedlotters and grass finishers .
Plainer lines were still hard to sell and met limited demand.
In the cow and calf section, young angus cows with autumn drop calves made to a top of $1580. A run of mixed aged Hereford cows with young calves at foot made to $1000.

Taking it in: from left, Kevin Morgan of Traralgon, Alan Fraser of Loch and Eddie Hams of Landmark Leongatha observed the proceedings at VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday.


Enova launches microgrid for Byrons Arts & Industry Estate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

L to R: Energy minister Don Harwin, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian and Enova Energy MD Tony Pfeiffer. Photo Chris Dobney

Enova Community Energy today announced it will build a microgrid in the Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate as a pilot project to encourage locally generated, stored and distributed power.

The grid, which will be funded by the state government through an $85 million program for clean energy projects, is expected to involve 20 -30 participants and will take place over approximately two years.

When finalised in October 2020 Enova hopes it will lead to the formation of a wider, self-sufficient microgrid for the entire estate.

Community microgrids such as this are the way of the future, Enova Energy MD Tony Pfeiffer said.

The Byron Arts & Industry Estate Microgrid is the first of what we hope will be many self-sufficient electricity microgrids Enova helps to roll out.

We aim to develop a model that can be replicated by communities across NSW and ultimately Australia starting with industrial estates and similar commercial areas, and eventually residential areas.

Flying in for the announcement at Enovas Centennial Circuit offices, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian said the $30 million program would enable communities across the state to build their own local clean energy projects.

A further $55 million would help the private sector develop and accelerate clean energy technology for regional communities, such as pumped hydro.

Tackling high energy costs is a top priority for our government and this significant investment puts further downward pressure on energy bills for homes in regional NSW, she said.

Energy and utilities minister Don Harwin said the government was lowering barriers for investment for the emerging energy projects of tomorrow.

Participants in the pilot will have individual devices installed to measure power inputs and outputs. The resulting data will help work out a new pricing structure based on sharing locally-generated power.

Mr Pfeiffer said one of the aims of the pilot was to work out just how much cheaper it is to use local renewable power sources rather than bri...


Equipment performance, longevity weigh in Gallaghers favour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FOR Duaringa Station Grazing Co., detailed records on individual animals is a must.
The Donovan family has run the integrated cropping, commercial beef breeding, backgrounding and feedlotting business for decades, with Bruce and Beryl Donovan taking over in the 1960s.
The operation is spread across three properties in Central Queensland: a property at Gogango runs up to 1100 Droughtmaster breeders, with a backgrounding property north of Dingo, while Duaringa Station Feedlot is ideally situated between the two, just off the junction of the Mackenzie, Dawson and Fitzroy rivers.
Sarah Donovan, who is secretary at Central Queensland Carcase Classic Committee, manages the feedlot that her parents Bruce and Beryl set up in the late 1990s.
Duaringa Station is about 8000 acres (3240 hectares) of cultivation, or cropping country, 4000 acres (1620ha) of tableland country and a 3000-head feedlot. We produce a variety of coarse grains wheat, sorghum, corn and well as pulses, cotton and silage, she said.
My parents built the feedlot in the late 1990s. It was never part of the original plan for Duaringa Station, but when sorghum prices kept falling and went below $100 a tonne, it pushed them to diversify.
The accredited feedlot has a capacity of 3000 standard cattle units and custom feeding now represents, on average, half of their feedlotting operation.
Its our intention to grow enough grain to supply the feedlot, but being a dryland farming operation, the weather really does dictate whether we need to buy in more grain or not, Ms Donovan said.
Predominantly our ration includes dry rolled wheat, but it can also include other grains, such as sorghum and corn, depending on availability.
Running an accredited feedlot comes with a host of requirements.
Ms Donovan said, One particularly is recording the treatments each animal has received, including the dosage and their withholding periods. Administering the correct dosage of each treatment is made far easier by being able to use accurate weights. This, in turn, saves us money and allows the treatment to work well.
To that end, Ms Donovan said Duaringa Station Grazing Co. has used Gallagher weighing systems for many years.
Weve used a Gallagher W810 for quite a while. Its proven to be a very reliable, durable and highly transportable system, which has allowed us to successfully weigh and draft cattle across our three properties including our feedlot, Ms Donovan said.
But after many years of use, we finally needed to replace our W810 towards the end of last year. We didnt really consider looking outside the Gallagher product range, be...


Local volunteer wins state award "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE most outstanding members of Life Saving Victoria have been recognised at the 15th annual Awards of Excellence night, with Kimberly Gee of Venus Bay SLSC picking up a prestigious honour.
Kimberly was awarded Volunteer Training Officer of the Year in her role as director of education and training at the club, something that came as a shock to her.
I was excited but also pretty surprised, Kimberly said. It was great to win but it was even better for the club to be recognised. The award was a really nice one for the team.
Kimberly was credited with fostering a positive environment that allows for personal growth and development. Its the second time in three years that Kimberly has taken out the award after previously being bestowed the same accolade in 2016. That year, Kimberly went on to win the national award, something shes looking to repeat again when she travels to Sydney for the Surf Life Saving Australia awards in October.
I hope I win. Our club did a lot of great things again this year and had some really good statistics.
Venus Bay SLSC president Craig Watson praised Kimberlys efforts during the 2018 season, saying her position is the most important aspect of the whole club.
Our job is to save lives and in order to do that we need our lifeguards to be properly trained, which is where our trainers and Kimberly come in, Mr. Watson said.
Kimberly is very committed and experienced, and we are very lucky to have her here. She was recognised as the best trainer in the whole country two years ago. She has initiated a lot of new projects that other clubs have built around.
In addition to her position at Venus Bay, Kimberly undertook a new role as the training and assessment officer for the Bass Coast in 2018. She was tasked with mentoring, overseeing, and implementing new training strategies across several clubs. Kimberly also worked closely with schools and other organisations to ensure proper beach safety training in the region.

Well deserved: Kimberly Gee of the Venus Bay Surf Life Saving Club accepts he...


Korumburras top guns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

KORUMBURRA Gun Club members Jack Stockdale from Koonwarra and Charlie Cook from Dalyston have returned from the NSW Clay Target Association state skeet carnival on top.
Jack, 18, won the overall 20 gauge skeet title, and came first in the AA grade skeet doubles and second in the AA 100 target skeet championship as well as the overall high gun championship.
At the end of the weekend, Jack also became the ninth person in Australia to achieve the grand slam.
To achieve the grand slam in skeet, a competitor needs to shoot 200 straight in 12 gauge, 100 straight in 20 gauge and 100 in doubles.
I had the 12 gauge and the doubles, and in NSW I achieved the 20 gauge section, he said.
Jacks skeet shooting skills will be tested even more in early October, when he heads to Texas in the United States to compete in the 2018 World Skeet Championships.
It will be Jacks second time competing in America, but his first time wearing the coveted greet jacket, only given to Australias top five skeet shooters.
I am looking forward to the competition and shooting for Australia. Making the Australian team is pretty incredible, they only take the top five people, he said.
My goal when I first started was to get the Australian shooting jacket. In skeet, that is really hard to do.
Jack is the third shooter from the Korumburra club to receive a green jacket.
While there are plenty of competitions between now and then, in November 2019, Jack will head to Christchurch in New Zealand as part of Australias Glenn Trophy team.
The Glenn Trophy is an annual skeet event between Australia and New Zealand.
Charlie, 16, competed in the junior competition of the NSW shoot, winning the junior 410 gauge championship and the junior high gun championship.
Charlie will travel to Tasmania and New Zealand later in the year to compete.
He said his major goal was the make the Glenn Trophy team once he turns 18.
I am also working towards making the open Victorian team next year and want to win the junior high gun championship this year as well, he said.
Charlie recently picked up a sponsorship deal from Perazzi.
He said it was great to have a gun from Perazzi to compete with for the next two years.
I would like to thank Perazzi and Leigh Roberts. Leigh has coached me along the way and helped me get to my best, he said.
I also want to thank mum and dad, Bill and Caroline.
Jack had sponsors Blaser, Briley, Remington and Mialls Gun Shop to thank, as well as his parents, Judy and Tim.
Korumburra Gun Club president Trent Tobias said it was imperative for competitive shooters to get support, because it was an expensive sport.
In a week, they could spend over $100 just in ammunition for practice. Add a competition on top of that and it would easily be doubled,...


Malcolm Turnbull survives Peter Dutton leadership challenge for now "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The home affairs minister resigned and went to the backbench after winning 35 votes to Turnbulls 48 in leadership spill Politics live, Guardian here Morrisons Return Rocks Refugee Activists Facebook Ministry of Satire: Duttons early years and background ...


Cairns Artist To Share The Art Of Rainbows At This Years Brisbane Pride Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Kuku Midigi man of the eastern Cape York Rainforest, Arones first art training was of a traditional nature, learnt from his grandfather and other elders. The First Nations peoples of the Cape York rainforest lived in the most densely populated area of Australia prior to the arrival of Europeans. Their numbers were decimated in ...

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Support for families and friends of LGBTIQ community "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Same-sex marriage was supported in late 2017 with over 61 per cent of the country voting in favour. For many people it felt like they could now move forward positively accepting each others choices of love and sexual identities. Unfortunately this is always not the case and the revitalisation of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians And Gays) Northern Rivers is highlighting the fact that support and education are still needed.

Originally started in 1998 by Robyn and Richard Grzegrzulka the group has provided a range of support, counselling, education and advocacy over its 20 year history.

While there have been huge changes in attitudes toward LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, intersex, bisexual, queer, transsexual) people in the 20 years since weve had our first stint running PFLAG, its all too easy to assume that its no longer an issue, said Richard.

The Yes vote was a fantastic and positive confirmation of that change. The vote also revealed a very large, active and well-resourced opposition who do not regard gays or their families as fully human. Just recently, a revelation of a church approved to teach scripture lessons at primary school, taught year 3 and 4 children that homosexuality is a sin and sinners deserve death.

PFLAG Northern Rivers will be celebrating 20 years of supporting families and friends of LGBTIQ people this Sunday 29 August at The Tropical Fruits Fruitopia fair at Lismore Showgrounds, 11am till 2pm.

PFLAG is aimed at anyone who has a BGILQT family member or friend, said committee member Gordon Haynes.

Although much of the northern rivers population is relatively enlightened and accepting of BGILQT people, and Australia now has legalised gay marriage, since the changes to the Marriage Act there has been reported an increase in homophobic acts perhaps as retaliation by those who lost the gay-marriage vote.

The change in the legislation has not stopped young BGILQT folk from being ejected from their homes, taunted at school and in public, self-harming and even suiciding. In fact, I am aware of three young gay people who, since last November, have committed suicide over their rejection by family and acquaintances so there is still a need for PFLAG, even here in the northern rivers region.

PFLAG is there for any such folk who need information or support in dealing with their feelings, attitudes and b...


Giants win the flag "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Korumburra-Bena Youth Girls are the first Giants team since the change of club colours in 2015 to bring home a premiership flag after a tough match against Wonthaggi Power on Sunday, August 19.
A blast of winter couldnt hold back the determined, skilful Giants in a 4.4.28 to 4.1.25 victory.
Korumburra-Benas U14 boys team stood strong against its unbeaten Wonthaggi Power opposition.
Korumburra-Bena ranked third coming into the finals but fought their way to grab a spot on grand final day.
The Powers first-class skills were too much for the mighty Giants who were defeated 53:13.
The club returned to Korumburra to hold its annual presentation day to celebrate the endeavours of all its teams, volunteers and supporters.
In the past three years, the Korumburra-Bena Junior Giants have grown from two teams to four teams plus hosting AFL AusKick.
Player numbers have more than doubled to almost 100 players.
During the presentations, club president Gavin Furness pointed out that 50 volunteers were required to operate every home game.
From coaches, runners, trainers, managers to score-keepers, umpires and canteen staff, many hands make light work.
This demonstrates the enormous commitment that parents and supporters make to the communitys youth each week.
Coaches presented medallions and team photos to all U10 and U12 players.
In the Youth Girls, coaches Wendi Rahilly and Mick Whiteside presented awards to Seanan Trewin (best and fairest), Emily Lesjak (runner up best and fairest), Grace Matser (most versatile), Brooke Whiteside (most consistent), and MacKenzie Findlay (most improved).
In the U14s, awards were presented by coaches Craig Walker and Matt Whiteside to Kodie Walker (best and fairest), Joel Cuman (runner up best and fairest), Lachie Smith (most consistent), Luke Walker (best team man), and Alessi Green (most improved).
Korumburra-Bena Junior Football Committee will hold its annual general meeting on Monday, September 10, at 6 pm in the Amenities Complex.

Premiers: Korumburra-Bena Youth Girls won the flag after coming up against Wonthaggi Power in the grand final on Sunday.


Kangaroos through to a fourth straight grand final appearance "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FISH Creek have hopped into the grand final with a dramatic two point win in extra time on Saturday at Meeniyan.
The predicted weather held off and big game was underway under bright sunshine, Fish Creek took the early ascendancy kicking the first two through Hunt and Shaw.
Hargraves for Fishy was repelling Stony Creeks attacks, his ball use dynamite.
Hutchison for the Maroons was composed cutting off the poor entries from the Roos as they cut a path through the middle kicking there first and only goal for the stanza.
Fish Creek had plenty of inside 50s but could not convert.
Stony Creeks defenders in Sigeti and Logan stood tall marking the long bombs in from the Roos.
Fish Creek was up by 14 points at quarter time.
Zuidema v. Manne in the ruck was proving pivotal.
Fishy onballers through Harfield-Park and Ethan Park doing the grunt work seemed to be getting on top willing the ball forward and the Roos kicked goals from Cooper, Wilson and Hunt.
The other big match was Bergles v. Hayes.
Bergles, the five time leading goal kicker, had his ears pricked slamming on two for the quarter.
Fish Creeks inaccuracy at goal was preventing them from kicking away.
A strong Stony Creek defence only allowed the Kangas long shots at goal.
The Roos had Stony where they wanted them going into the second half, 18 points in front.
Its a big ground at the Meeniyan Recreation Reserve, however and Stony Creek were using it very well, stretching the Fishy boys from side to side.
The Maroons came out with a take the game on mantra and it worked with goals through Bergles and Byrnes that saw the margin trim up.
Hargraves into the middle for Fish Creek gave the Roos a bit more run.
Hutchison with his pin point ball use was setting up the Maroons at will.
The dreadlocked Atkins was becoming busy around the stoppages along with Marriott and Newton receiving a lot of outside ball.
A late goal to Bergles gave Stony a sniff and it was game on at three quarter time with the Roos up by nine points.
Fish Creek attacked time and time again, but Logan for Stony stood tall taking towering marks and with his long kicking set up goals for Bergles and Nolan.
Manne was intercepting everything across half back, but Stony Creeks ability to turn the footy over enabled them to attack kicking three for the quarter.
As scores drew level the bell rang and it was extra time.
Unbelievably this would be the second year in a row the second semi would be decided after normal time.
Harfield-Park received a free kick 60m out and bombed it long to the square where the big man Adlington took a mark and put the Roos a goal in front.
At the change of ends the next five mins would decide who went through to the big dance.
The Roos held....


Phillip Island claim minor premiership "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AIDED with a strong wind in the opening term, Phillip Island opened up an early buffer that would never be bested in its clash with Inverloch-Kongwak to decide the minor premiership.
The Bulldogs managed to secure a 23 point advantage at the first break, with Jack and James Taylor breaking an early deadlock with goals midway through the first term. The Sea Eagles were content to head into quarter time down just two goals after going against the strong wind before a late goal from the Bulldogs via Zak Vernon broke the game open.
The Sea Eagles had opportunities to respond in the second term after locking the ball in their half of the ground but inaccuracies in front of goal cost them. Clint McCaughan got Inverloch on the board with their first goal but the side managed to kick just four behinds the rest of the half. Phillip Island poured on another three majors in the term to head into half time with a 33 point advantage.
With the rain coming down in intervals, the Bulldogs were buoyed by the play of Jarred Andreatta in the middle and Hayden Bruce off halfback. James Taylor kicked another two goals for Phillip Island as the Bulldogs got the opening four majors of the quarter to put the game away for good. Corey Casey was a shining light for the Sea Eagles on an otherwise dreary afternoon, winning the tough ball on the inside and laying an abundance of tackles. Kicking into the wind in the last term, IK managed to hold the Bulldogs to just two points, but managed to kick just 1.8 as the game lost its steam in the wet. Phillip Island went on to claim a 36 point victory and with the win, secured the minor premiership. Inverloch-Kongwak, who started the afternoon in top spot, were relegated to fourth heading into finals.
The day was also marked with a special ceremony remembering the life of Samantha Fraser, who lost her life in Cowes recently. More than 1000 participants from both clubs walked to the ground to raise awareness of domestic violence and shared a moment of silence prior to the match.

Tackle: Inverlochs Matthew Miller and Phillip Islands Alexandrew Redmond battled for the ball on Saturday.


Parrots crunch Bairnsdale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A NEAR full strength Leongatha outfit went a long way to atoning for its recent shock loss with a huge win over Bairnsdale on Saturday.
The fired up Parrots did not give Bairnsdale a sniff as it went on a goal kicking rampage, kicking 25 goals to the Red Legs five to take out a 131 point win.
Cade Maskell played a brilliant match for the Green and Gold, marking and kicking well finishing with nine goals for the game.
Going into the match Leongatha welcomed the return of Col Sanbrook and Tom Marriott with only Jack Ginnane the only senior player still on the sidelines, but he is expected back as soon as this week.
The Bairnsdale oval was dry and hard. Conditions stayed warm until a big change came through, plummeting the temperature considerably with some rain passing through in the second half.
The Parrots were relentless and charged at the ball hard and entered the forward 50 with regularity.
In the opening term Marriott charged out of the blocks and booted the opening goal in under three minutes.
Julian Lockwood marked and goaled soon after which set the tone for a big afternoon for the Parrots adding further goals through Ryan Olden, Chris Dunne and a second to Julian Lockwood.
Maskell was getting his hands on the ball too but so far wasnt rewarded for effort with three behinds-that would soon change! At quarter time it was Leongatha 5.8 to Bairnsdale no score.
While Bairnsdale hit the scoreboard with three goals in the second term Leongatha showed no mercy bagging 10 goals of its own.
Maskell was awarded a 50 metre penalty and when he goaled it set the tone for the quarter as he kicked four more in a great individual effort.
Ben Willis was doing well in the ruck while Jack Lloyd was getting hands on the footy on the forward line, booting one this term. Half Time saw Leongatha 15.12 to Bairnsdale 3.3.
Brok Davidson was feeding the ball in well into the forward zone this term with Leongatha booting three more as Bairnsdale lifted to kick two even though the match was well and truly iced. Three quarter time Leongatha 18.17 to Bairnsdale 5.5.
The Parrots wanted to finish this game with a huge last quarter and this they did, hammering Bairnsdale seven goals to two behinds.
Leongatha had many good players across the board as the entire team lifted.
Pat McGrath did well across half forward, Brok Davidson linked well, Col Sanbrook across half back and Hayden Browne on the ball all in the play.
The only negative was the head knock suffered by Chris Verboon early in the game. It is expected the knock was minor but the club decided to leave him on the bench for the rest of the game; he should be fit for this Saturday.
The last match of the home and away season takes place at Parrot Park this Saturday in what should be a cracker of a contest which pits second placed Leongatha....


Government Promises Not to Abuse its New Powers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter is adamant that neither the current nor any future government would ever use the proposed expanded Defence Act powers to call on the defence force for domestic purposes. The Defence Amendment (Call out of the Australian Defence Force) Bill 2018 was introduced into Federal Parliament

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Baz Luhrmanns Dance Classic Strictly Ballroom Coming To Ipswich Stage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A cast of talented Queensland performers will don countless sequins for the Ipswich Musical Theatre Companys upcoming production of Baz Luhrmann musical Strictly Ballroom. From September 14, audiences will be able to experience the magic of the 1992 romantic drama film on the stage, following the story of Scott Hastings, a maverick ballroom dancer who teams ...

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Stallholder Profile for Emma Williams Designs

Your name: Emma Williams

Your business name: Emma Williams Designs
The suburb/town you live in now: Maryborough
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: Handmade earrings using materials such as Fabric, Wood, Clay & Tassel




Stallholder Profile for Native Gardens Beekeeping & Pure Honey

Your name: Joanne & Bruce Murphy

Your business name and facebook/website name and link: Native Gardens Beekeeping & Pure Honey



NEGative thoughts "IndyWatch Feed"

I was asked by Bloomberg to comment on what the future holds for Turnbull and the NEG. My comments:

Its an established convention in Australian politics that a narrow victory in a leadership challenge implies the need for a subsequent challenge in which the incumbent invariably loses. So, I think Turnbulls future is either on the backbench or early retirement from politics.  Even if he hangs on, the NEG is now finished.
 It remains to be seen whether the various ad hoc interventions announced or canvassed over the past few days take place. My guess is that most will require legislation and that getting this legislation through the Parliament will prove impossible.
  I think nothing much will happen until Turnbull is replaced, presumably by Dutton. I cant forecast what will happen after that.
This followed some comments I gave yesterday about rightwing opposition to the NEG (over the fold)

1.  This is primarily a culture war issue.  The immediate cause of the crisis is the refusal of the climate denialists in the government to accept any serious response to climate change.  As is evidenced by the case of the Trump Administration US, this refusal would be just the same even if power prices had not risen significantly.   Supposed concern about power prices is used as a political talking point, to support policies that may or not lead to lower prices.
2.  The increase in prices reflects the comprehensive failure of the market-oriented reforms introduced in the 1990s, including privatisation, the creation of the National Electricity Market and the introduction of retail competition.  The big cost increases have reflected the increased rate of return on monopoly transmission and distribution assets and the large retail margins that have emerged following the introduction of competition
3. Rather than undertake the necessary fundamental reforms the government has bolted on a series of emergency measures including the constantly evolving National Energy Guarantee, ad hoc intervention in the market for gas, and the current price cap proposal
4. The retail cap measure is desirable in itself but undermines the logic behind the National Electricity Market as a whole.
5. It would be preferable to renationalise the transmission, distribution and retail sectors, and use power purchase agreements in place of the spot market. Obviously, this would be a long road and is unlikely to happen. My expectation is that we will continue to see more and more fudges, at least fo...


More great news on the Gillard/Wilson/Thiess slush fund "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former Detective Sergeant Dave McAlpine and I will make a joint announcement about a major development in the GILLARD matter in the next few days, after receiving a letter from WA Police today. More to come.



We are excited to announce a 3rd round of mighty acts to join our already brilliant lineup!

Checkout lineup
Book tickets!

Mullum Music Festival 2018
Final Artist Announcement!

Diversity, Community, Equality Its What Mullum Music Fest Does Best

Diversity. Community. Equality! Thats the vibe that underpins Mullum Music Fest, the popular small town festival thats on every music lovers bucket list. With headline acts like Nigerian Bombino, Guyanas Mad Professor,...


Abolish the Joint Committee on Human Rights? We should be strengthening it instead "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Adam Fletcher

Last week, Coalition members of the Commonwealth Parliaments Joint Committee on Human Rights called for the Committees abolition. In scrutinising the potential effects of their governments legislation on various groups, the MPs allege that the Committee has elevate[d] the rights of deadbeat dads and child sex offenders while failing to consider the safety of the community.

This call should be resoundingly repudiated by Australians who care about rights.



Here Comes the Avalanche, Part 3: South Africa Cant Get Out of This One "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bird Island off the coast of South Africa

by Dee McLachlan

This is a story of suicides, murder and a pedophilia ring.

In South Africa, I had a good friend in high school whose father was a member of parliament, John Wiley. In the 1980s, that man committed suicide, and it was a shock for everyone. I never heard the reason or whether it was really a suicide. Amazingly the story now comes out pedophiles in high places, and disposable children, just as in the UK.

We have been running the Avalanche series at GumshoeNews with a main focus on Australia. I shall now change the planned order of art...


Turnbull is one SUV away from losing his job "IndyWatch Feed National"

One 7-seater SUV. Get on the phones Dutto. Some analysis from reader Alan RM Jones on his Facebook site Alan RM Jones Perspective: Julia Gillard won her first challenge from Kevin Rudd 7131 (69.6%) was defeated in the second. Bob Hawke won his first ballot 66-44 (60.0%) was...


Participants Wanted For Research Into Trans Experiences In Queensland Prisons "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are seeking formerly incarcerated transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people willing to discuss their time in Queensland prisons. The researchers say the project is aiming to identify transgender- and gender diverse-specific needs that are not currently being met and ways to improve access to quality health services and ...

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Optimal Care Pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Cancer is the third leading cause of fatal burden of disease for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are, on average, 40% more likely to die from cancer than non-Indigenous Australians. Healthcare that is patient-focused and that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients, is critical to good health care outcomes.

The Optimal Care Pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer provides health services and health professionals across all sectors in Australia with principles and guidance to ensure that care is responsive to the needs of Indigenous people.

Cancer Australia is calling on health professionals and health services involved in the delivery of cancer care at every level to read, use, adopt and embed the Optimal Care Pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer into their practice.

The Optimal Care Pathway is accompanied by consumer resources, which outline what patients should expect on the cancer pathway, and the care they should be offered, from tests and diagnosis, through to treatment and care after treatment, management of cancer that has spread, and end-of-life care.


Optimal care pathway for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people with cancer

Media Release.


Govts waterways funding ignores cause of problem: NEFA "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Damage caused to waterways at Gibberagee State Forest. Photo NEFA

The North East Forest Alliance has described as misdirection the claim by the National Party that their spending of $45.7 million under the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy will result in an improvement in the water quality of North Coast rivers.

They say any benefits will be overwhelmed by the deterioration resulting from their intention to open up for logging some 22,000 ha of stream buffers in headwaters north from the Hunter River.

Throwing money at the problem will have no effect until they address the causes, and one of the most significant causes of stream degradation is loss of riparian vegetation, NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh said.

The National Party are giving with one hand while taking away with the other. Once again they are using money hand-outs to distract from the real and lasting damage they intend to do to our environment, this time by distracting from the massively increased damage they are doing to our rivers vital headwaters.

There are some 46,000 kilometres of streams on north coast State Forests from the Hunter River to the Queensland border, of which 34,300 km (75 per cent) are in headwater catchments less that 20ha in size.

The governments intent is to reduce already inadequate buffers around headwater streams on State Forests from 10 metres wide down to a measly 5 metres. This will result in the loss of some 22,000 hectares of currently protected stream buffers.

To get access to more timber they are also removing 30 metres of riparian buffers around recorded [habitats of the] threatened Giant Barred Frog, Fleays Barred Frog, Stuttering Frog, and Golden-tipped Bat.

The headwaters of our rivers are vital to their health as this is where most of the interaction between the land and waters occurs. The retention of undisturbed buffers around streams is essential to trap sediments from entering waters, stabilise stream banks, shade waters, provide food and other resources to the aquatic environment, and maintain riparian habitat.

The scientific evidence is that stream buffers should be at...


7 Liberal MPs save Turnbull from being dumped as PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Turnbull called the spill declaring his position vacant this morning. He and Dutton nominated. Turnbull - 48 votes Dutton - 35 votes Perennial bridesmaid Julie Bishop was - as is now Liberal Party tradition - unchallenged. It will only take 7 MPs to wake up to themselves and Turnbull's place...


Motorcyclist dead in Alstonville crash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A motorcyclist has died at the scene of a crash with a van at the intersection of Ballina Road and Bruxner Highway, Alstonville, yesterday afternoon (Monday August 20).

About 4.30pm, a Nissan Elgrand van travelling south on Ballina Road and a Triumph motorcycle travelling east on the Bruxner Highway collided at the intersection.

The rider, a 39-year-old man, was thrown from his bike and suffered critical injuries. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died at the scene.

The driver, a 33-year-old woman, was taken to hospital for mandatory tests.

Inquiries are continuing by officers from the Far North Coast Crash Investigation Unit.

Police are appealing for anyone with information, dash cam footage or any witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or

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The seats youve been talking about "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With the federal election guide now complete, I decided to check in on which seats have been attracting the most comments. Comment sections are now open for all 159 federal contests, and some of these pages have been quite active.

These are the seats with the most comments. Theres some obvious marginal seats but also a few surprises.

... ... ...
Seat Comments
Hume 49
Ryan 44
Macnamara 39
Lindsay 38
Cooper 36
Cook 33
Brisbane 28
Higgins 27
Lilley 23
Reid 22
Casey 20


From Bangalow to Bingara with love "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The people of Bingara are doing it tough in the drought, so Bangalow residents are digging into their pockets to help. File photo

While the Northern Rivers is technically in drought, Bangalow still has green paddocks and the towns burghers have decided to take some of their generosity out west.

Chamber president Jo Millar says that rather than scatter the towns charity to different places, we thought Bangalow should adopt another town, Bingara (5.15 hours south-west of us). This way we can apply all our efforts to supporting one farming community, in an ongoing basis.

Initially this will consist of a convoy heading west to Bingara on this coming Sunday.

We envisage a convoy of two trucks, and a number of smaller 4wd/vans with trailers and floats to fill. Anyone in the local community happy to pay for their own fuel and accommodation is welcome to join us. The group will not only deliver much needed assistance stay in the town, supporting the local businesses by their visit there.

The Bangalow Lions club are working with us on this initiative and will be responsible for distributing money to the families in need in Bingara and surrounds.


The Bangalow Chamber of Commerce has set up an account for this fundraising, Ms Millar said..

We would like to continue this relationship for at least the next six to 12 months. We believe regular animal feed convoys, and cash donations are needed, along with community spirit measures.

Bangalow Public School are currently having all classes write letters of encouragement to farmers, which we will deliver in our convoy to the town to be despatched to farmers.

The group will conduct a Christmas present drive in early December to donate to Bingara.

They have also invited Bangalow residents in October to a jazz by the river evening with farmers and anyone who wishes to travel out, to mingle our communities in an uplifting event.

Its another opportunity for our community to spend money in theirs as well., Ms Millar said.

Other initiatives include Sparrow Coffee giving 50 cents from every coffee served on Tuesday, August 21, and donation tins being placed in shops all over Bangalow.

We would really love to pull together as many of the charitable hearts c...


Spill! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

It's on! Turnbull vs Dutton.  Unfortunately because they are already in the party room, we don't get the wonderful drama of retinues of supporters walking the corridors behind their leader and so on.

Turnbull has defeated Dutton 48-35 but generally a margin that small is not sufficient to ward off a future challenge, which in this case could well happen soon.

Julie Bishop has been retained unopposed as Deputy Leader.

It is worth bearing in mind that with the exception of Malcolm Fraser (who was unsuccessfully challenged by Andrew Peacock) no Prime Minister who has faced a spill has remained in the job til the next election.  (Fraser lost).  Other PMs who have been challenged have all failed to make it to the next election: Gorton, Hawke, Rudd, Gillard and Abbott.  In four of these five cases it took two goes to get rid of the incumbent (it is little-known that Gorton was unsuccessfully challenged after winning the 1969 election with a disappointing margin). 


Engage with the Hazelwood Health Study 22 August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Hazelwood Health Study is inviting Latrobe Valley and Sale residents to participate in an upcoming community engagement session. The engagement evening will be held at the Morwell RSL, 52 Elgin Street Morwell VIC 3840, on 22 August 2018, commencing at 6.30pm. Community member and chair of the Community Advisory Committee, Carolyne Boothman, encourages locals []


Peter Dutton challenges Malcolm Turnbull for leadership "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its on.

Liberal leadership declared vacant

PoliticsNow: Malcolm Turnbull has declared the leadership of the Liberal Party vacant in this mornings partyroom meeting.

UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull wins partyroom ballot against Peter Dutton 48 35


Queer Eyes Antoni Porowski Marched With Justin Trudeau In A Pride Parade "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has marched in his hometown of Montreals pride parade alongside Canadian Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau. Foodie Antoni took to social media to share photos of himself and fellow Internet heartthrob Trudeau waving rainbow flags in the streets during the parade on Sunday. Thank you Montreal for opening your streets ...

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Pope vows no more cover ups on sex abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pope Francis greets two children at a special Holy Year audience with the armed forces in St. Peters Square in 2016. Photo EPA/Giorgio Onorati

VATICAN CITY, RAW Pope Francis, facing sexual abuse crises in several countries, wrote an unprecedented letter to all Catholics on Monday, asking each one of them to help root out this culture of death and vowing there would be no more cover ups.

In a highly personal letter addressed to the people of God, Church language for all members, the pope appeared to be launching an appeal for all Catholics to face the crisis together and not let it tear the Church apart.

The Catholic Church in the United States, Chile, Australia, and Ireland where the pope is making a two-day visit this weekend are reeling from crises involving sexual abuse of minors. Numerous surveys have pointed to plummeting confidence in the Church in those countries and elsewhere.

In his letter, the pope referred to the suffering endured by minors due to sexual abuse at the hands of a significant number of clerics and consecrated persons.

The Vatican said it was the first time a pope had written to all of the worlds some 1.2 billion Catholics about sexual abuse. Past letters on sexual abuse scandals have been addressed to bishops and faithful of individual countries.

We have realised that these wounds never disappear and that they require us forcefully to condemn these atrocities and join forces in uprooting this culture of death, he said.

Quoting a Gospel passage that says If one member suffers, all suffer together, Francis added:

(Those words) forcefully echo in my heart as I acknowledge once more the suffering endured by many minors due to sexual abuse, the abuse of power and the abuse of conscience perpetrated by a significant number of clerics and consecrated persons.

With shame and repentance, we acknowledge as an ecclesial community that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in a timely manner, realising the magnitude and the gravity of the damage done to so many lives. We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them...


Democracy and rights under threat in corporate police state "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its time we had a good hard talk about the corporate assault on democracy that is unfolding all around us. Globally, democracy is not faring well, with emergent authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China gathering strength whilst existing democratic states in Australia, US and Europe and UK struggle against a persistent attack [...]


Turnbull survives leadership challenge for now "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime minister (for now) Malcolm Turnbull. Photo AAP/Mick Tsikas

CANBERRA, AAP Malcolm Turnbull has defeated home affairs minister Peter Dutton in a leadership ballot, but the danger isnt over yet for the prime minister.

Mr Dutton has resigned from the cabinet, leaving Mr Turnbull to consider a ministerial reshuffle.

But some Liberal MPs believe Mr Duttons failed challenge was only the start, and there could be another leadership ballot later this week.

Party whip Nola Marino said confirmed Mr Turnbull won 48 votes to 35 for Mr Dutton.

He thanked his colleagues for their support, Ms Marino said.

Julie Bishop retained the deputy leadership.

After Mr Turnbull called the spill, Mr Dutton put his hand up to challenge.

Despite Mr Turnbulls capitulation to energy policy rebels in his ranks, the threat to his leadership did not dissipate.

What we want to know is, where are this prime ministers convictions? Mr Abbott told the ABC outside Parliament House on Monday night.

Nationals MP Damian Drum has had a gutful of the former prime ministers interventions.

He vowed that he wouldnt be a wrecker, Mr Drum told reporters.

Thats exactly what hes been a wrecker, and he needs to get out of the joint.

Backers of likely leadership challenger Peter Dutton, the conservatives standard-bearer, insist his support levels are building rapidly.

But Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne says Mr Dutton told him the prime minister has his absolute support.

Im certain he is telling the truth, he told the Nine Network.

Mr Pyne described his Liberal colleagues stoking leadership tensions as cowards.

I think the public would react very negatively to another change of leadership without them having a vote.

A report in The Australian suggests Mr Turnbull has lost confidence of nine Liberal cabinet ministers half of the Liberal contingent and Mr Dutton could mov...


Wheels coming off out west "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One wheel off/axle broken

Sharper dwelling value falls now happening in a Western Sydney near you.

Chart art brought you via Cameron Kusher of CoreLogic.

Source: CoreLogic

Follow @cmkusher for top draw analysis.

I discussed the risks of Blacktown, Parramatta, the Hills District, and some Western Sydney suburbs in a bit more detail in this February 2017 podcast special with Business Insider. 

Prices are now down by more than 10 per cent in the Hills District SA4.

Median prices are also down by 8 per cent in Blacktown, and 7 per cent in Parramatta. 

More to follow...


Four major fires burning in Northern Rivers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The fire at Ellangowan, near Casino. Photo NBN news

Of four bushfires burning in the Northern Rivers since the weekend, just one has been contained.

Two others continue to rage out of control, each having burnt out thousands of hectares.

And because of the cold weather, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) says smoke is trapped at low levels, causing potentially hazardous levels of smoke in some areas.

Ellangowan fire

One fire at Mothersoles Road, Ellangowan, 17 kilometres south-east of Casino, has burnt 3,047 hectares.

The fire remains out of control, according to the latest RFS report, despite earlier advice that it was being controlled.

The RFS has been working on strengthening and consolidating containment lines and says the immediate threat to properties has reduced overnight.

But the fire service adds, Winds are forecast to strengthen today, which could see gusts of 30-40kph across the fireground.

Buccarumbi fire

A fire burning in the vicinity of Old Glen Innes Road, Buccarumbi, about 30km south-west of Grafton, has burnt 1,582 hectares and is out of control.

The fire is burning in a north-easterly direction along Old Glen Innes Road. Firefighters are working to protect isolated properties near Setters Road, Weasel Road, Doboy Road and Glens Creek Road.

Firefighters are in attendance and are working with local residents. Waterbombing aircraft have been assisting firefighters on the ground.

As conditions allow, backburning operations will be undertaken by firefighters to build and consolidate containment lines. This will result in an increase in fire activity and smoke in the area.

Old Glen Innes Road is closed at the Doboy Road intersection.

Kippenduff fire

A fire burning in the Brewers Road, Kippenduff area, about 35km south-west of Casino, has burnt 255 hectares and is out of control.

This fire continues to burn in a west to north-westerly direction towards a number of isolated rural properties.

Firefighters remain on scene and continue to work on strengthening and consolidating containment lines overnight.

Winds are forecast to strengthen again tomorrow, which could see gusts of 30-40kph....


PERTH Woman to face child sex charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman to face child sex charges .

August 20, 2018 at 10:22AM .

She is due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today. If you are or have been a victim of sexual abuse, or if you have information about .




Dvds: Secret History Of Australia Available "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is an ancient land, with plenty of mystery and unexplained phenomena. Many thousands of years before any other civilisation came into being, Australia was inhabited by people who managed their ecosystem with an efficiency and harmony unmatched to this day. It is suggested that this physical harmony with nature was a reflection of their greater understanding of our multidimensional reality, and of the practical knowledge that can be derived. Nexus

Our Talks:-

  • DVD of Steven & Evan Strong on Skulls Secret History of Australia 2018

  • DVD of Steven & Evan Strong: Slater & the Standing Stones Secret History of Australia 2018



Stand with Wangan and Jagalingou to defend country "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The following statement was made by Adrian Burragubba, Murrawah Johnson and Linda Bobongie, for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council, after the Federal Court ruled against Native title rights and opened the way to hand traditional land over to private interests like Adani, who seeking to expand operations in Queenslands Galilee Basin.

Adani engineered it, the primary judge has now approved it though we have instructed our legal team to prepare an appeal to a higher court and the Government chose not to side with us. They refused to accept our decisions and interfered in our business. We are being subjugated.

This ruling says its legal to have our ancient law and culture, and our ongoing Tribal rights to land, merely voted away by a group of people who do not hold the cultural sovereignty to our Country. Australian lawyers and Native Title bureaucrats provide the paperwork for an act of betrayal.

We are calling on the Queensland Government to rule out extinguishing our native title in any part of our land. Can you help by contacting one of these key decision-makers and telling them not to extinguish our native title before weve had the chance to appeal?

Once native title is gone, it is gone forever. It would be a travesty for the Government to wipe out our title for Adani. If Queensland can stop them dredging the Reef before Adani has money, or pull the pin on $1 billion NAIF funding, they can surely protect our rights to our land. They must not...


Papua military command beef up security after two soldiers killed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Papua military command beef up security after two soldiers killed

Nethy Dharma Somba
Jayapura | Mon, August 20, 2018 | 06:25 pm

                                     A map of Papua (JP/-)


Researchers Suggest Manuka Honey May End Up Being Able To Kill More Bacteria Than Antibiotics "IndyWatch Feed National"

For those who do not know, Manuka honey is a special kind of honey. While there are tons of fakes on the market, once you find it, you will be glad you did.

Manuka honeys benefits have been well documented throughout the years and it has proven to be quite effective for a number of things. It has intense antibacterial properties and tastes fantastic as well. Manuka honey is found in New Zealand and Australia. It is derived from bees that feed on the manuka bush.

Research from around 2008 found that its healing properties were due to something known as methylglyoxal (MGO) which is a byproduct of the bees honey production in itself. To make this even better they also noted some Manuka honey actually contains over one hundred times more MGO than other kinds of honey.

Researchers published a body of work back in 2010 that proved further how beneficial this amazing honey could be when they actually put it to the test. This study was published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases and found that the honey itself was able to kill every pathogen or bacteria they introduced it to/tested it on. Also important to note is that none of these pathogens or diseases were able to build up immunity which is something we are battling with antibiotics in current times.

The abstract for this study goes as follows:

Clinical use of honey in the topical treatment of wounds has increased in Europe and North America since licensed wound care products became available in 2004 and 2007, respectively. Honey-resistant bacteria have not been isolated from wounds, but there is a need to investigate whether honey has the potential to select for honey resistance. Two cultures of bacteria from reference collections (Staphylococcus aureus NCTC 10017 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853) and four cultures isolated from wounds (Escherichia coli, methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and S. epidermidis) were exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of manuka honey in continuous and stepwise training experiments to determine whether the susceptibility to honey diminished. Reduced susceptibilities to manuka honey in the test organisms during long-term stepwise resistance training were found, but these changes were not permanent and honey-resistant mutants were not detected. The risk of bacteria acquiring resistance to honey will be low if high concentrations are maintained clinically.



Frogmouth action "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photographing Tawny Frogmouths during daylight hours rarely requires a fast shutter speed!

Our favourite local pair surprised me with an unexpected burst of action when I popped by to see them at the weekend.

Tawny Frogmouths, Newstead Natives, 19th August 2018


More than just engineering, science and money ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Earlier this year I visited an area in the Grand Canyon where a development akin to our own kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car proposal was being debated Greens Move to Reject Major Projects Legislation and Enshrine Public Say on Planning Tasmania is at a crossroads, its environment and way of life under unprecedented threat from big development interests lured here by the Liberals open for business mantra and willingness to keep Tasmanians in the dark. The return of Parliament coincides with both the Hobart City Councils decision on the cable car tonight and the Town Hall meeting about the proposed Cambria Green development, and the future of Tasmanias East Coast tomorrow


Promoters of cashless welfare card really want to cut benefits "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Contributed from Victoria

The National Party has called for every Australian under 35 on a parenting payment or Newstart should receive a cashless welfare card.

It came up at the party Federal National Council on Saturday. Those proposing the extended application of the card, suggested that people receiving these payments were spending too much money on drugs and alcohol.

Besides this being a blatant act of profiling, which suggests that that anyone on these payments is an undeserving malingerer.

The rational used to trial the Cashless Welfare Card is being used as an argument to extent it across Australia, and has immediately been championed by News Corp.

Just because it came up at the Nationals Federal Council, does not mean that it is automatically government policy. This is another item to the wish list, deliberately setting out to test the waters. If there is not a strong enough counter reaction, it is just a matter of time before it does become official policy.

Suggestions are being made that the trials in Kalgoorlie, East Kimberley and Ceduna have been successful. They have been. in terms of creating greater inequality and making the provision of necessities more expensive, because the cards can only be used in designated shops and this prevents holders from shopping around for better prices.They have been successful, if the goal is to ensure those in the trials wear the stigma. They have not been successful in lifting standards of living and creating a path to self-respect and creating work for those who need it.

The essence of what is being put by the supporters of the Cashless Welfare Card is that people do not have the right to an acceptable standard of living, if they do not have a job. Government payments are a form of charity paid by those who are better off, who should not be expected to foot the bill. This is the ugly and selfish side of our society. Few of those who take it up sing the same tune when it happens to them.

When they push this line of reasoning, the supporters of the card show that this is not about overcoming bad behaviour, but about cutting social security payments. Nor do they have anything to say about the generous tax loopholes for the wealthy and the corporate tax evasion industry. This is a case of double standards, if there ever was one.

Ours should be a caring society, where we look out for one another and give a helping hand to those less fortunate for ourselves.

Past generations fought hard to put into place the right o...


NATION: Dutton circles Turnbull sensing blood in the water "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Fifty years ago Australia was a cohesive, predominantly Anglo-Celtic nation. Most people thought of themselves as Christian of some sort, although most of us didnt go to church all that often. Everyone, from the cleaners to the captains of industry, had a shared vision of who we were as a people and our place in the world. They did? In 1968 when anti-Vietnam demos were at their height here? A year of seismic social and political change around the world? A time when single, aged and invalid pensioners were grateful to get another whole dollar rise to fourteen dollars a week? When a quarter of the population lived on less than $58 per week? Bear with Fraser; nostalgia isnt what it used to be. Behind him, Tory Cory Bernardi nods agreement. Corys part of a tinpot Oz-Tea Party troika with Fantasy-fabulist Anning and deluded David Leyonhjelm. They have a lot in common. We want stronger families, limited government, lower taxes ... we want to re-install personal responsibilities front and centre of public life, Bernardi claims. Seriously? Is this code for Leyonhjelms slut-shaming, now the subject of a defamation case in which, as he admits, he told Sarah Hanson-Young that she should stop shagging men? In the topsy-turvy, inside-out and back-to-front world of our upper house of mirrors, reality is bent, shrunk and stretched while ignorance, bigotry and even crypto-fascism, defy government tax-cut theory to trickle up. And up Guardian Oz: Government dives in the polls as leadership speculation swirls Crikey Worm: Bitter Spill The Age repors that supporters of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton say he is leaning toward challenging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the top job, believing the government is now in an unwinnable position. On Sunday, Turnbull held a dinner with party colleagues to stave-off a leadership challenge. However, The Courier Mail ($) is reporting that Dutton only arrived to the crisis talks post-dinner. The Australian ($) reports that a number of MPs spoke with Dutton at the weekend to pledge their support if he were to challenge Turnbull. In light of the speculation, a Fairfax-Ipsos poll has the Coalition trailing the opposition 45 to 55 on a two-party preferred basis ABC: Faith in Australian governments falls amid corruption concerns Trust and confidence in all levels of Australian government is continuing to slide as calls intensify for the establishment a national anti-corruption agency Guardian Live: Bill Shorten calls Turnbull a white flag prime minister Malcolm Turnbull PM says Dutton gave him absolute support. Leadership speculation Coalition dives in the polls. Comment:  MPs must set aside ideologies in climate endgame SMH: Leadership twist as report claims Peter Dutton could be ineligible to sit in Parliament Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton may be ineligible to sit in Parliament due to his familys financial interests in the Commonwealth, according to an explosive repo...


I am not a Woman - Transsexuals and Transgender Women Speak Out "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This article is Part 3 in the series Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights Debate Today, the dominant discourse in the transgender rights debate insists that transgender women are women.  It is not uncommon to hear the argument that, because they are women, their biology is female and it is transphobic to suggest they are biological males. The term lady penis is often used to describe their genitalia, without a trace of intellectual embarrassment, by trans rights activists and others who style themselves as trans allies EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ... Silencing and Censorship in the Trans Rights debate (1) Silencing and Cencorship in the Trans Rights debate (2)


Future of the East Coast in focus Hobart public meeting "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In response to an unprecedented wave of development pressure and calling for a strategic and consultative approach to planning the future of the East Coast, fifteen community groups are hosting a public meeting to raise their concerns and seek leadership from all levels of Government ABC: Development proposals on Tasmanias east coast alarm community groups


Mount Wellington cable car backers vow to push on after Council land setback "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Mount Wellington cable car proponents are vowing to push on, after the Hobart City Council voted to deny the controversial proposal access to council-owned public land


Prof Robert Jensen: There Clearly Is No Decent Human Future Possible in Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: How do you explain the silence of Western media and governments regarding the massacre of the people of Yemen by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the strategic ally of the US ?



You could soon spend 10 years in Australian jail if you don't hand over your phone passcode to authorities "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Australian bill introduces some of the toughest legislation anywhere in the world for refusing to hand over personal data, while other Western countries are scrambling for their own solutions. Existing legislation already allows for imprisonment for up to two years for failing to give investigators access when serious crime is involved, but the new Assistance and Access bill, which has gone out for public consultation, before being voted on later on this year, raises the punishment to 10 years. The Department of Home Affairs says the document is seeking a "reasonable and proportionate response" to such violations.


Humankind Is Rapidly Exiting Its Safe Zone, New Climate Report Finds "IndyWatch Feed National"

Offering a stark warning to the world, a new report out Monday argues that the reticence of the worlds scientific communitytrapped in otherwise healthy habits of caution and due diligenceto downplay the potentially irreversible and cataclysmic impacts of climate change is itself a threat that should no longer be tolerated if humanity is to be motivated to make the rapid and far-reaching transition away from fossil fuels and other emissions-generating industries.

In the new reporttitled What Lies Beneath: The Understatement of Existential Climate Risk (pdf)authors David Splatt and Ian Dunlop, researchers with the National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough), an independent think tank based in Australia, argue that the existential threats posed by the climate crisis have still not penetrated the collective psyche of humanity and that world leaders, even those demanding aggressive action, have not shown the kind of urgency or imagination that the scale of the pending catastrophe presents.

While the report states that a fast, emergency-scale transition to a post-fossil fuel world is absolutely necessary to address climate change, it bemoans the fact that this solution continues to be excluded from the global policy debate because it is considered by the powerful as too disruptive. However, the paper argues, it is precisely this lack of imagination and political will that could doom humanitys future.

As Splatt and Dunlop summarize at Renew Economy, their paper analyzes why:

  • Human-induced climate change is an existential risk to human civilisation: an adverse outcome that will either annihilate intelligent life or permanently and drastically curtail its potential, unless dramatic action is taken.
  • The bulk of climate research has tended to underplay these risks, and exhibited a preference for conservative projections and scholarly reticence.
  • IPCC reports tend toward reticence and caution, erring on the side of least drama, and downplaying the more extreme and more damaging outcomes, and are now becoming dangerously misleading with the acceleration of climate impacts globally.
  • Why this is a particular concern with potential climatic tipping points, the passing of critical thresholds which result in step changes in the climate system. Under-reporting on these issues is contributing to the failure of imagination in our understanding of, and response to, climate change.

Climate change is now reaching the end-game, reads the forward to the report by Hans Joachim Schellnhu...


William Fraser Anning - an ugly aspect of far-right politics in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Sydney Morning Herald, Fraser Anning

William Fraser Anning then a member ofPauline Hansons One Nation Party was declared elected to the Australian Senate on 10 November 2017,as a replacement for the recently disqualified dual citizen Malcolm Ieuan Roberts.

Less than seven months later he had joined Katters Australian Party.

In the 2016 general election Anning had received a grand total of 19 votes (59 if transferred votes are counted) out of a possible 2.72 million Queensland ballots cast. The Queensland electorate had firmly rejected him.


Great Barrier Reef: $487.63 million to do little more than sit by the bedside of a dying reef system? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has had some good fortune that few environmental NGOs could count on. The $444 million it was granted by the government earlier this year dwarfs its previous budgets by a large multiple. Having worked in two small environmental charities of a similar operating budget and staffing to the pre-windfall foundation, I can confirm getting so much money without even applying for it is far beyond anyones wildest dreams.

Still, the biggest questions about the GBRF windfall dont relate to its good luck in an opaque government decision, or even its connections to the fossil fuel industry. 

These are entirely valid concerns, but they risk eclipsing the bigger significance of the governments move.

What we also need to ask is: what does the foundation do? What are its outputs, its...

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Monday, 20 August


Poll Roundup: Here We Go Again? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2PP Aggregate: 52.8 to Labor (+1.2 since last week) by last election preferences
52.2 to Labor with One Nation adjustment
Labor would comfortably win election held "right now"

That escalated quickly ...
Last night's Ipsos poll has produced a big blowout in my polling aggregate, wiping out all the Coalition's gains since June. However, Labor had already made modest gains in the wake of the Super Saturday results even before that.

Normally I put out a Poll Roundup every second Newspoll.  Last week's Newspoll had some points well worthy of comment so I was considering bringing this one forward (but got distracted by another issue).  Now with this extreme Ipsos result hitting the stands, I think it's worthwhile going one week early - especially with the noises being made in media and a feeling about that leadership problems could blow up into a challenge quickly.  Whether or not that happens, at the least we have another round of serious leadership speculation, and even if the Ipsos was twaddle it will probably turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Events have developed quickly, with the PM shelving emissions targets in the National Energy Guarantee on Monday followed by news of possible Section 44 issues for Peter Dutton, which it seems the Dutton backers are intent on ignoring.  As I write the word is that Dutton backers think they have enough support and are deciding whether to go right away or wait until September.  In the past these things have often come to a head very quickly.

This all started with the Coalition's defeats in the Super Saturday by-elections, and especially the woeful primary vote result in Longman.   Had expectations on the right about the by-election results been more cautious, these results would by now have been a humdrum footnote in electoral history, and the Longman disaster would have been mostly written off as caused by candidate factors.  But because Liberal hopes of a victory in Longman and/or Braddon were boosted so high, especially by far-too-credulous reporting of unreliable and close electorate polling, the result has been seen as a disaster....


Pope on Sex Abuse: We Showed No Care for the Little Ones "IndyWatch Feed National"

VATICAN CITYPope Francis issued a letter to Catholics around the world Monday condemning the crime of priestly sexual abuse and its cover-up and demanding accountability, in response to new revelations in the United States of decades of misconduct by the Catholic Church.

Francis begged forgiveness for the pain suffered by victims and said lay Catholics must be involved in any effort to root out abuse and cover-up. He blasted the clerical culture that has been blamed for the crisis, with church leaders more concerned for their reputation than the safety of children.

With shame and repentance, we acknowledge as an ecclesial community that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in a timely manner, realizing the magnitude and the gravity of the damage done to so many lives, Francis wrote. We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them.

The Vatican issued the three-page letter ahead of Francis trip this weekend to Ireland, a once staunchly Roman Catholic country where the churchs credibility has been devastated by years of revelations that priests raped and molested children with impunity and their superiors covered up for them.

Priestly sex abuse was always expected to dominate the trip, but the issue has taken on new gravity following revelations in the U.S. that one of Francis trusted cardinals, the retired archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick, allegedly sexually abused and harassed minors as well as adult seminarians.

In addition, a grand jury report in Pennsylvania last week reported that at least 1,000 children were victims of some 300 priests over the past 70 years, and that generations of bishops failed repeatedly to take measures to protect their flock or punish the rapists.

In the letter, which was issued in seven languages, Francis referred to the Pennsylvania report, acknowledged that no effort to beg forgiveness of the victims will be sufficient but vowed never again.

He said, looking to the future, no effort must be spared to create a culture able to prevent such situations from happening, but also to prevent the possibility of their being covered up and perpetuated.

Francis didnt, however, provide any indication of what concrete measures he is prepared to take to sanction those bishops in the U.S. and beyond who covered up for sexually abusive priests.

Francis several years ago scrapped a proposed Vatican tribunal to prosecute negligent bishops, and he has refused to act on credible reports from around the world of bishops who have failed to report abusers to police or otherwise botched handling cases, and yet remain in office.

Francis also has kept on his nine-member kitchen cabinet a Chilean cardinal long accused of covering up for pedophiles, a...


Senator (fmr General) Jim Molan receives his briefings from Turnbull via "media reports" "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have never encountered so pathetic a leader as Turnbull. But bad leaders cannot operate without weak followers. Jim Molan is not a weak man. But he's keeping very, very bad company. Too many of our Canberra crew have succumbed to the "Disunity is Death" mantra. The Labor Party lives...


Did you hear the one about Waleed Aly being retained by the AFL to consult on rule changes??? "IndyWatch Feed National"

It'd be hilarious if it was just a joke. Don't get me wrong - it's a joke. But it's not just a joke. It's also real. The AFL has actually done it. TV host Waleed Aly has been hand-picked by the AFL to consult on proposed rule changes: >>



New Partnership Enables Automatic Bill Payments Using Bitcoin in Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Australians wishing to pay their bills in cryptocurrencies do not have to be held back by the fact that their utility or service provider is stuck with traditional methods of payment. This follows the formation of a partnership between two financial technology firms, cryptocurrency exchange Cointree and automated billing platform Gobbill, allowing the payment of

The post New Partnership Enables Automatic Bill Payments Using Bitcoin in Australia appeared first on CCN


John Constantine: Great Safe Cow Cull "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How the Cull of grazing animals to meet turnbulls Paris treaty will work.

In Australia, stocking rates depend upon the access to water, the original settlers drove their herds from water source to water source, and the expansion of grazing enterprises always depended upon innovation and infrastructure making water supplies more plentiful and reliable, even in desperate times.

Only under our New Class has Australia turned its back on abundant and cheap water supplies, and began the long march returning to the dry and dusty rewilding of the interior, just like our back has been turned on cheap and reliable electricity as we walk away from industry.

Central planning control of the rivers of the Murray Darling Basin now sits in Canberra, and Turnbull has borrowed billions to buy central planning control of the water of the Snowy River for Canberra as well. Plus the treaties to save the Great Barrier Reef, which open the way for central planning control of the waters that flow from Queensland farmland to interact with the Reef.

The State will not send squads to shoot the sheep and cattle, when the time comes, they will simply squeeze the supply of water off, and market forces will respond with a slow and remorseless destocking.

Control the water supply and you control the number of stock that can be depastured.

Australias livestock drinking and fodder growing water is now centrally controlled by a New Class that has the political will to use this control as a tool to enforce their transnational treaties.

The rainfall deficiency created droughts can be managed, but the lefts treaty and paperwork created droughts will be inescapeable and eternal.


Greg Chapman: Mornings with Jon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Good morning this Monday morning the 18th of August. This is Jon Fabian, and what a morning for news we have today. The tragic shootings in the Sydney gay nightclub over the weekend by a man identified by police as Hasaan Ali, who apparently was draped in an Islamic State flag and who shouted Allah Akbar before firing on the crowd, and left behind a note that said homosexuality is a sin against Allah, but as the police minister said, we must not jump to conclusions about the motives behind this attack. Indeed, I think we will never know the motives since this person of interest was shot dead by police.

In light of this attack, we are very fortunate to have Waleed Ali, an expert on terrorism, not that we know that this was an act of terrorism. Waleed will share his favourite halal recipes, and will be able to answer all your questions on how to prepare them. If we have time, he may also provide us with an opinion on whether the police allowed this man, Hasaan Ali, his human rights. I should mention, that Waleed isnt related to the terror. sorry the alleged person of interest in the Sydney attack.

Also today we will be looking into the unprecedented heat wave in the UK with a palaeontologist who has literally written the book on giant wombats, Professor Tim Flannery. This month they had temperatures as high as 35 degrees, not seen since 1976. Isnt this proof of climate change? And just to have a balanced debate on this matter here at the ABC, Tim will be debating with fellow climate expert, Sarah Hanson-Young, two people with strong opinions on this topic. I will do my best to moderate this discussion as objectively as I can. It likely to get very heated.

Then of course we had the launch of a missile by North Korea sinking a Japanese navy frigate in the Sea of Japan. I will be speaking with our special geopolitical correspondent Yassmin Abdel-Magied who has been following this story closely, and has written in the Guardian today how this is the fault of President Trump and why he should visit Pyongyang to apologise to the North Koreans.

Look, I have just received breaking news from Sydney at the Premiers press conference on this weekends events. While the conference was mostly to do with the weekend attack, our reporter was able to ask a question of the Premier I am sure will be of great interest to ABC listeners and I can reveal that the Premier has indicated that Parliament will be considering introducing laws that will allow gays to adopt children, providing important context to the news today since this anti-gay discrimination may be a contributing factor to the tragedy yesterday, something that has been totally ignored by all other media at the press conference. All the news you want to hear, only on your ABC.

With just a minute or so before the ne...


In Papers Saying Papadopoulos Lied, FBI Reveals Its Either Lying Or Incompetent "IndyWatch Feed National"

Special Counsel Robert Muellers office filed a sentencing memorandum Friday in its pending criminal case against George Papadopoulos, the former Donald Trump campaign advisor who pled guilty in October 2017 to making false statements to the FBI. Papadopoulos is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Muellers team provided the court a detailed background of Papadopoulos criminal offense in the sentencing memorandum and suggested Papadopoulos lies justified a sentence of 0 to 6 months of incarceration. While much of the ten-page memorandum merely rehashes facts previously known, one passage includes a significant new admission that proves the FBI is either incompetent, or incompetent at lying.

Lets Run Through the Context First

Before we get to why, a quick refresher. In early March 2016, Papadopoulos learned he would serve as a foreign policy advisor to the Trump presidential campaign. Later that month, Papadopoulos met a professor while traveling in Italy, Joseph Mifsud.

According to court filings, Mifsud seemed uninterested in him until after Papadopoulos told the professor he was joining Trumps campaign team, at which point Mifsud took a great interest in Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos stated in the same filing that in late April, Mifsud, after purportedly returning from a trip to Moscow, told him the Russians had obtained dirt on then-candidate Clinton.

Papadopoulos reportedly repeated that claim to an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, in May over drinks in a London bar. Then, following the WikiLeaks release of the hacked Democratic National Committee emails, the FBI launched Crossfire Hurricane on July 31, 2016, to investigate any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

From text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, former FBI attorney Lisa Page, we know one of the first things the FBI did after officially launching the probe into the Trump campaign was send Strzok and another trusted agent to London. Strzoks texts reveal he arrived in London on August 1 and flew back to the District of Columbia on August 3, following at least one meeting and several interviews, bringing with him a slew of documents.

Two-plus months later, the DOJ filed its first of four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications for a court order to wiretap a different Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. (The DOJ recently released heavily redacted copies of the applications.) The FISA court issued its first surveillance order in October 2016, with renewals approved in early January, early...


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Do you have a chess set youd like to donate for a kids chess club? 

Please text me 0403 416 172.


China says will keep pouring money into Pacific nations amid a mounting debt problem in the region "IndyWatch Feed National"

China will continue to provide aid to Tonga and other countries in the Pacific to help them achieve sustainable development, Chinas Foreign Ministry said on Monday, amid a mounting debt problem in the region.

Image may contain: 15 people, people smiling
Tongas prime minister on Friday backed down on calls for Pacific island nations to collectively lobby China to forgive their debts, after a source said China had complained about the plan.
Tonga is one of eight island nations in the South Pacific carrying significant debt to China, and had started building support to press China to cancel repayments.
Pacific nations were due to discuss the plan at a forum of regional leaders scheduled to be held in the tiny island nation of Nauru early next month, Tongan Prime Minister Akilisi Phiva told Reuters on Thursday.

Phiva said in a statement on Friday that after further reflection he believed the forum was not the proper platform to discuss Chinese debt, and that Pacific nations should each find their own solutions.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said he noted Phivas statement of clarification and his positive appraisal of ties with China.

I would like to stress that China and Tonga are strategic partners of mutual respect and common development, Lu told a daily news briefing in Beijing.

China will continue to provide support and assistance to Tonga and other Pacific island countries in achieving sustainable development to the best of its ability, he added, without elaborating.

A recent Reuters analysis of the financial books of South Pacific island nations showed Chinas lending programs had gone from almost zero to more than $1.3 billion outstanding in a decade.

The debt burden of small economies with little earning power has stoked fears the region could fall into financial distress and become more susceptible to diplomatic pressure from China.

Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Robert Birsel




Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Free Conference Table/Workbench

Need a conference or crafting table or workbench? 

Massive solid oak conference table. 

Dark brown. 

200cm long, 100cm wide. 

Seats eight (three on...


Regular email news "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the fold, my latest regular email. If you would like to receive it, sign up at

Hi everyone


As is common for academics of a certain age, Ive been writing lots of book chapters lately, and several of the books have come out recently.  They include:

Wrong Way: How Privatisation & Economic Reform Backfired, edited by Damien Cahill and Phillip Toner, which is going to be launched at Gleebooks in Sydney on Friday 21st September. I have contributed chapters on electricity reform and productivity.

The Coal Truth, by David Ritter  This isnt an edited volume but a great piece of writing by David, with additional contributions from lots of people including Tara Moss and Berndt Sellheim, Adrian Burragubba, Lesley Hughes ,Hilary Bambrick, Ruchira Talukdar, Geoffrey Cousins and me.

The SAGE Handbook of Neoliberalism, edited by  Damien Cahill, Melinda Cooper, Martijn Konings and David Primrose. I have a chapter on Neoliberalism: Rise, Decline and Future Prospects. Given the pricing, this is a book for libraries and academic specialists only.

I hope to be back with more regular mailings once Ive finalised the manuscript of my new book, Economics in Two Lessons.

Best wishes


The Watchers News Brief: August 18 and 19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Brutal cold snap, Mt. Buller received 30 cm (11.8 inches) of snow overnight, the most in 14 years, Australia Parts of the Australian state of Victoria have woken up to snow on August 19 after shivering through a brutal cold snap. Mt. Buller received 30 cm (11.8...... Read more


1) Vanuatu could be alone on West Papua bid at UN "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Separatist Group Members Killed 2 Military Officers in Papua
3) Papuans feel differently about Indonesia's Independence Day
4) PNG Will Not Back Vanuatu Push For WPapua
5) Special envoy confident of support for UN resolution on West Papua
Vanuatu could be alone on West Papua bid at UN
3:13 pm today 



The winter that keeps giving "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With many areas now pushing beyond 200 cm of snowpack (and Mt Buller calling it the best snow since 2004), the rest of August and early September is looking spectacular. Although Im hearing a few nay sayers suggesting that we have seen the best of winter 2018, the famed Grasshopper is a little more upbeat: We are now midway through the southern hemisphere season with the best part still to come.

However, The Grasshopper does also suggest that it will taper off after the next band of fronts: Both climate drivers and models arent working in our favour for epic snowfalls during the second half of the season. However, snowfalls over the next week or two will provide ample fresh powder.

But there is little doubt that winter 2018 has been amazing, especially on top of 2017 which had been billed as the best since 2000.

Hopefully we will still be wandering around in the backcountry, finding turns, long after the resorts have closed.

In the meantime, heres some backcountry style events you may want to get along to.


One Step at a Time: Trekking Kokoda at Age 15 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Long days. Cold nights. Fatigue and loneliness. Standing in the harsh sun, Im surrounded by walls of tall jungle. Staring ahead at a steep overgrown path that never seems to end, I hyperventilate. Time passes with each step. My breathing softens as we make it to the summit. I wonder whether Id be better off dead.

The Kokoda Track (or Trail) campaign of World War II took place in Papua New Guinea. The campaign involved a series of battles between the Japanese and Allied forces throughout the second half of 1942, during the Pacific War. The Allies prevailed in pushing the Japanese out of Papua New Guinea, at a substantial cost of lives.

Tourists now flock to Papua New Guineas capital, Port Moresby, for yearly dawn services of ANZAC Day and other war memorial events. I was never really interested in war, but I was up for the challenge.

The track itself has become a novelty excursion for war enthusiasts and fitness junkies alike. Its a single-file foot thoroughfare of 96 kilometres through the Owen Stanley Range. From Owers Corner roughly 50 kilometres east of Port Moresby to the village of Kokoda in the Oro Province, we venture predominantly through the land of the Mountain Koiari people.

If the rugged terrain wasnt enough of a selling point to the adventurous hiker, the tropical climate and risk of disease on the fabled expedition should be the cream. Picture luxuriously humid days dragging your feet through ankle-deep mud for eight hours, before settling in to a gourmet dehydrated meal. Enjoy a freezing nights rest in a makeshift tent; doze off to the sound of torrential rain seeping through to your inflatable mattress, as the early morning sun signals the start of another day.

I cant say that I expected luxury upon my arrival in Papua New Guinea. As restrictions and standards to who can attempt this trek are strict, Id been training with a Victoria Police facilitated program for nearly a year. The trek was the end-game of a 12-month-long community engagement program for young people in Melbournes west. Id been hand-selected alongside my peers, deemed future leaders by their schools and based on their merit.

Yep, thats me. A future leader. A young lady with a bright future and the weight of the world on her shoulders, heading into battle. Yet, Id been fighting a battle in my own head in the lead-up. A battle that was much bigger than Id given credit.

At 15, in the depths of the Papa New Guinean jungle, came my first mental breakdown.



More bums on seats in FY2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Australia is very popular

Permanent and long term arrivals increased 4 per cent in FY2018 to 808,480, up from 773,400 a year earlier.

That's a record high.

Tourism boom now slowing

2018 was also a record financial year for tourism and short-term visitors.

There was another solid 5.6 per cent in visitors to New South Wales, to 3.44 million.

Queensland also saw an apparently strong 6.2 per cent increase to 1.97 million.

Being up at Noosa today - and sharing luncheon with Queensland-born Mr. Michael Pascoe, no less - I'm duty bound to say that this is because the Sunshine State is beautiful one day and perfect the next.

In truth, though, this should be seen as a somewhat disappointing result for Queensland given that Gold Coast played host to Commonwealth Games XXI in 2018.

Report card: could do better. 



Doors Slam Shut for China Deals Around the World "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tighter rules for CFIUS are echoed in great scrutiny from Europe to Australia.

August 20, 2018, 12:11 AM EDT
Ant Financials Alipay: Rolling in Japan, but MoneyGram was off limits.

Photographer: Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg

Nisha Gopalan is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering deals and banking. She previously worked for the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones as an editor and a reporter.

Read more opinion

Doors are slamming shut in the developed world not just to Chinese investment in technology but potentially to a wave of acquisitions with a tech element, as diverse as smart heaters and robotic lawnmowers.

President Donald Trump last week signed an update to legislation for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. that broad...


British labour market low unemployment hiding a deeper malaise "IndyWatch Feed"

The British Office of National Statistics (ONS) published its latest labour market data last week (August 14, 2018) Labour market economic commentary: August 2018. The results are illuminating because they demonstrate how we must use broad concepts to appraise labour market health rather than just focusing on the official unemployment rate. A marked characteristic of the British labour market has been the near zero rate of growth in wages (and falling real wages) for some years, despite the claims that employment has reached record levels and the unemployment rate is now at levels unseen since the early 1970s. The research question is to dig deeper into the data to see what might be driving these relationships. The conclusion I reach is that the quality of employment has fallen somewhat over the last decade or so and the capacity of workers to successfully achieve wage settlements has fallen significantly as trade union membership has gone south. I am doing more formal research on this question to narrow down all the determinants and will report when I have more to say.

Employment at record levels

The heading reflects the sort of statements that politicians make. In this case it is true. Total employment in the June-quarter was 32,386 thousand and it has never been higher.

But then the total working age population (above 16 years) was 53,044 thousand and that has never been higher.

So the statement employment at record levels is somewhat vacuous no matter how good it sounds.

We are better off considering rates and the Employment to Population ratio shown in the next graph is at levels not witnessed since the June-quarter 1973, just before the OPEC oil crises hit.

Part-time, self-employed and temporary

The data also shows that the proportion of workers who are now in part-time positions has risen from 23.5 per cent in the June-quarter 1992 to 26.4 per cent in the June-quarter 2018 not a significant shift.

There has also not been much change in the proportion of workers work...


Black Honeyeater at Highfields Falls, near Toowoomba reported by Malcolm Graham on 18-08-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

At least three Black Honeyeaters (two males and one female) seen at about 8:40am near the middle of the Kingfisher circuit. Watched them for about 15min. They were mostly perched high up on dead branches, with intermittent hawking around the tops of trees.


SYRIA: The Emerging Reality of the U.S Coalition Regime Change War On the Ground Reporting "IndyWatch Feed"

Life and food return to Douma after liberation by SAA from Saudi-backed, UK-promoted Jaish Al Islam terrorists. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

David Macilwain
21st Century Wire

The withdrawal of US coalition support for rebels in Syria, portrayed as a failure to achieve noble and humanitarian goals by Western governments and media, should rather be seen as an admission of guilt. The rescuing of violent militants and White Helmets from Southern Syria by Israeli forces actually marked the failure of the covert project to forcibly replace Syrias legitimate government with one of NATOs choice, regardless of the democratic will and lives of the Syrian people.

Before we can ask what if? about the war on Syria, as Ramesh Thakur does in The Strategist, republished here on P&I, we need to understand what actually happened during the Western-sponsored seven-year long assault on the Syrian state, as seen from the perspective of those on the receiving end of this attack. Now that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are finally prevailing in their defence of the country and its citizens, it is also time for Western commentators to stop repeating the same vapid accusations against the Syrian President, and instead start making accusations against their own mis-leaders.

Rather it appears that many in the West are entrenching their opposition to the Syrian government at the same time as millions of Syrians are confirming their support for it, and the armies that have fought off their enemies chosen alternative.

Ramesh Thakurs partisan view on the Syrian civil war and the benign nature of the Wests intimate involvement in it is evidently shared by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and one would imagine by many of those in public office who act on its advice. The same innocence could not be assumed for ASPI sponsors, defence contractors Lockheed Martin and Thales who profit from that advice, nor presumably for Australian Intelligen...


$23 Billion: Blockchain Pivot to Bring Big Savings for Australias Biggest Stock Exchange "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has disclosed that millions of dollars in savings could be generated by Australian firms once the exchange migrates from the existing Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) to a blockchain technology-based platform. Currently, it is estimated that the average fee that large investors are charged for clearing and settlement services

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FOBIF AGM: Monday 27 August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ian Higgins, well known local landcarer and co-founder of Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare, will be our speaker at the upcoming FOBIF AGM on August 27.

In an article about Ian after he received the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award in 2017, the Victorian Landcare Magazine wrote:

Higgins early interest in native plants has continued through his life. He developed a remarkable knowledge of indigenous flora species, their propagation and revegetation, leading to a 30-year professional career during which he has contributed significantly to revegetation and environmental planning in Victoria, in both professional and voluntary capacities.

You can find out about Ians history of involvement in environmental projects here.

Topics he will cover in his FOBIF speech will include:

  • Changes in our landscape and vegetation since colonisation, including the profound local impacts of gold mining and the consequences of a European mindset
  • A short history of rehabilitation efforts, including the contribution of landcare groups
  • Is aiming for something more like the pre-European condition viable?  Given that weve already lost many components of the ecosystem, together with massive invasions of exotic species and climate change, what should our local landscape and vegetation management goals be?  

The meeting will start at 7.30 in the Ray Bradfield Room, Castlemaine (next to Mostyn Street IGA supermarket). Information on how to nominate for the FOBIF Committee can be found here. All welcome and supper will be served. 



Black Honeyeater at Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens reported by Mike Wood on 17-08-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Five or six birds feeding on (males defending) flowering Eremophila bignonifolia


New Sustainable Australia election policies video "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Sustainable Australia Party has prioritised four key issues that unite rather than divide Australians: secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.
Related policies feature in the video.

Why vote for Sustainable Australia?

In short, our party has prioritised four key issues that unite rather than divide us: secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.

We've featured these four issues in our new video:

We need your help

One of the unique selling points of our party is a genuine sustainable population policy. First and foremost, rapid population growth is an environmental problem, but it also impacts on our ability to achieve secure jobs, affordable housing and better planning.

For example, without slowing population growth, desperately needed housing affordability policies around taxation, bank lending practices and overseas buyers are negated by continued rapid growth in domestic demand.

Mainstream media

Unfortunately, when it comes to the mainstream media, our voice is drowned out by the extremes - pro-big Australia and anti-immigration forces. For a combination of commercial and ideological reasons, perhaps the mainstream media wants it that way.

Despite a series of uncontested pro-big Australia articles and opinion pieces in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian, none of these publications will print an evidence-based opinion piece I offered rejecting big Australia on environmental and infrastructure grounds.

Getting around mainstream media barriers in order to reach voters is one reason why it is so important that you watch and share our latest video.

We need rational voices to rise above intolerant ones. The alternative is even more polarised political discourse. Suppression of moderate voices simply drives people into the arms of extreme parties.

Sharing is caring

Please share our video via social media (Facebook, Twitter, online forums, etc).

Can you also forward it on to relevant family and friends?

Thanks for any help you can give.




What its like being poor in Australias crazy housing bubble "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Most of the debate about housing is framed around the recent realisation that younger middle class people are now worried they may not be able to afford to buy their own houses, shock horror! Contrasted with this view is the story of what the poor (who have never had access to the property market) are faring.

This picture of me at a hackfest from a few years ago shows no sign of the difficulties I was (and still am) experiencing trying to make a living for myself after decades spent raising and educating a special needs child. I spent the weekend hacking for free for Random Hacks of Kindness in Sydneys swish Commonwealth Bank offices. At the time I had temporarily rented someones laundry. The room was still being used as a laundry, unfortunately, with people from the flat wandering in and out at will to do their washing while I tried to sleep, work or relax.

Random Hacks of Kindness team working on open data site for Ocius Chief Exec Robert Dane


Unless youre unlucky enough to be really struggling with housing you may not be aware of the ways the housing market is straining to deal with record demands now placed on it. You may think this picture below is some kind of joke but its just the extreme end of the overcrowding and exploitation of vulnerable renters that is is going on nation-wide.

The Newtown Neighbourhood Centre maintains a list of what it calls low cost housing, that is, properties that rent for under $250 a week or 100% of what Newstart recipients receive. One day when Im rich enough, I hope to be able to afford their low cost housing options!

For cheaper accommodations, a quick search on Gumtree shows a large number...


Julie Bishop anoints Wyatt Roy for Lib Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

From the Where Are They Now files. Julie - Wyatt will be PM. Monday, 04 July 2016 This is a rare document from the dawn of the Innovation Age, circa September 2015. Wyatt Roy's qualifications seem to arise from knocking back Bundie and Cokes at Harbourside Mansion. Here's the Courier...


NSW Judge Expresses Concerns about Adequacy of Defendants Meals "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim The rights of inmates in correctional centres is always a contentious issue. Many believe that those convicted of crimes, or even suspected of them, should be denied all rights while they are behind bars. However, the fact of the matter is that people are sent to prison as punishment,

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Christopher Pyne just updated his Register of Interests with tickets to Hamlet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Although an undisclosed source suggested he's more your spirit on Prospero's island type. Ariel in fact! PS - I bow to our readers vastly superior knowledge of the Shakespearean oeuvre - this from CK OK! " Ariel is Prospero's eyes and ears throughout the play, using his magical abilities to...


A walk in the winter sun "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Occasional violent gusts of cold wind didnt change the basic picture: Sunday was a bright winter day, perfect for a brisk stroll over to the Welsh Village from Chinamans Point via the Garfield Wheel and Sailors Gully, with a return along Forest Creek. Wattles are getting into their stride, and Dusty Miller was flowering abundantly along Sailors Gully.

Walkers take a break in Sailors Gully. Photo by Bernard Slattery

The village is at its atmospheric best in winter, and a strong group on FOBIFs September walk enjoyed that atmosphere to the full: the forest setting, the abandoned buildings and mine works, and the dramatic nearby slate quarry walls made for an exhilarating experience.

Our thanks to Barb Guerin and Lionel Jenkin for guiding the group through the labyrinth of tracks around the village.

Next months walk is in the Fryers Rangessure to be abundant with wildflowers. Check the program for details.


The Middle East: Russian Grain Exports are on the Rise "IndyWatch Feed National"


The hype surrounding the unprecedented sanctions levelled against Moscow for its alleged involvement in the chemical weapons attack in Salisbury has once again highlighted the importance of diversifying Russias external economic and commercial ties.

The Russian Federations trade dynamics in the Middle Eastern region are, therefore, noteworthy in these conditions. In 2017, its foreign trade turnover increased three times on account of its food sector. For example, almost half of the wheat purchased by Egypt, a highly populous Arabic country, comes from Russia. In 2017, the nation imported $1.4 billion worth of Russian wheat.

The same year, Russias foreign trade volumes to other countries such as Syria, Sudan, Kuwait and Tunisia rose two-fold, and trade with Saudi Arabia increased three times. The quantity of Russian food products sold to the United Arab Emirates soared by 150 percent, 80 % of these supplies are accounted for by grain.

Local media outlets have been reporting on these numbers under headlines such as Wheat is Russias weapon in the Middle East and Africa, Russias growing influence on Middle Eastern wheat markets, etc.

This contrasts with the situation of not too long ago. In 1970s and 1980s, when cooperation levels between the Soviet Union and Arabic nations were at their peak, Moscow could not meet its partners demands for grain. Russia itself bought increasing volumes of grain from Australia and Canada, which depleted its foreign reserves.

But the dependence of Arabic nations on food purchases, first and foremost on those of grain, from Western countries limited their freedom to act. For instance, at that time, three out of four pieces of flatbread in Egypt were baked using the flour supplied by the US at subsidized rates. This was used as a means of influencing Cairos policies in Cold War times.

At that time, the term food security entered the political lingo in the region. Fearing blackmail in this regard, Arabs proposed an initiative to turn Sudan, with its vast uncultivated lands and abundant precipitation, into a food basket for the region, with participation of the Persian Gulf nations. But this plan never came to fruition for various reasons.

In the last decades, Saudi Arabia produced enough wheat to meet its own demands, bu...


Wave Of Support For Transgender 12-Year-Old Threatened With Violence At School "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

More than $20,000 has been raised through a crowdfunding campaign to support a 12-year-old transgender girl threatened with violence by parents at her small school in Oklahoma. A group of adults took to a private Facebook group for parents at Achille Independent School District to unleash vicious threats and hateful comments at 12-year-old Maddie complaining ...

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Deputy PM (blub, blub, blub, blub, blub) says today marks an achievement "IndyWatch Feed National"

PS - I think Mr Finger On Nose guy in the freeze frame gets it!


Fires: the themes are getting familiar "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fires have ravaged Greece, and are still burning California. Gippsland has had a large bushfire in the dead of winter, and NSW has had its earliest ever total fire ban day. Were bracing for another serious fire season.

If you have the nerve, a bit context on this contentious issue can be found in California burning, a long and provocative article in the New York Review of Books. The article can be found here. Familiar themes abound in the international story: poor forest management, climate change, arson, flammable weeds, unwise urban development at the forest interface, poor understanding of fire ecology. Heres a sample:

In the United States, exurban and rural property development in the wildland-urban interface has been, perhaps, the final strawor at least another lighted match tossed on the pile. Most wildfires that threaten or damage communities are caused by humans. Campfires, barbecues, sparks from chainsaws, lawnmowers, power lines, cars, motorcycles, cigarettesthe modes of inadvertent ignition in a bone-dry landscape are effectively limitless. Lets say nothing of arson. Houses and other structures become wildfire fuel, and vulnerable communities hugely complicate forest management and disaster planning. In his panoramic 2017 book Megafire, the journalist (and former firefighter) Michael Kodas observes pithily that during the century in which the nation attempted to exclude fire from forests, [those forests] filled with homes.

Interestingly, the article suggests that old growth forest is more resilient to fire than the even aged stands resulting from clear felling, and notes that the current US administrations policy is to respond to fire with more logging, which may well result in less resilient forests and, of all things, more fire.



14.00 Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ...


Coming Out A Work In Progress For LGBTIQ Employees "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The vast majority of LGBTIQ Australians are not comfortable coming out to their work colleagues. The Out at Work: from Prejudice to Pride report released last week suggests 25 per cent of employees were out to some people and almost 40 per cent were out to most people at work. The joint Royal Melbourne Institute ...

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Peak Infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

For years now, I have been saying that the 20th Century was built one brick at a time, as and when it was needed, using ever growing amounts of surplus energy that were both very cheap and easily accessible.. and as Limits to Growth rears its ugly head more and more often, all the signs that we are no longer able to do this is becoming obvious; because we have now reached the stage when all those old bricks (and steel and concrete and.) start needing to be replaced while at the same time the new infrastructure required by the growth monster has to also be built.Genoa-Bridge-Collapse

Enter the Genoa bridge that collapsed last week.. photos of it crumbling weeks before the tragic event that seems to have killed 43 people were posted on social media. Im no structural engineer, but it looks pretty bad to me. Dangling cables and the middle buckling under its own weight are not good signs Falling apart comes to mind. Anyone in their right mind would have closed it down and more than likely condemned it, but no, lets not get a few lives get in the way of profits. At fifty years old, it wasnt particularly ancient, but shoddy workmanship and even mafia involvement in supplying dodgy concrete are issues making their way to the Italian media.

With Italy on the cusp of bankruptcy, h...


September Trivia at The Taproom "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This month we have amazing quiz masters: Melissa Scott from Main FM Hello Darling and her mate Jan!

4-6 people per team!

Every third Thursday of the month- MainFM hosts a fundraising trivia night presented by MainFM presenters

$5 on the door for subscribers
$10 on the door general public
All fund raised go to assist your local radio station to stay on air!

craft beer and home-made pizza available come on down!

More infohere


Exhibiting solidarity: on art and workers rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

The strength of State of the Union lies in its multifaceted representation of the labour movement with consideration to gender, immigration and globalisation. In the current post-Brexit post-Trump climate, where these issues are often polarised against the white working class, this exhibition highlights instances where theyve aligned.


316 Resources for agri-environmental schemes "IndyWatch Feed"

Ive been asked to present a talk in Ireland in two weeks, on the topic The Design of Effective Agri-Environment Schemes. In putting the talk together, it struck me that I (with help from colleagues) have developed quite a few resources in this space, so Ive collected them on a new web site to make them easily accessible.

Agri-environmental schemes (or programs or policies) aim to reduce the adverse impacts of agriculture on the environment. There are many such schemes around the world, but often they are not very efficient or effective. We could often do a lot better if we did a smarter job of designing and implementing these schemes.

Not that its easy. There are so many aspects to consider: the effectiveness of different practices at reducing environmental damage, their attractiveness (or otherwise) to farmers, the mechanisms to be used to promote the best practices, the costs and risks of different approaches, which environmental issues are the priorities, and so on. In my view, most designers of agri-environmental schemes dont appreciate what a difficult task they are trying to do, and make do with relatively quick and dirty approaches to the design.

The resources Ive included on the web site address a wide range of relevant issues, including:

  • Lessons from past agri-environmental schemes
  • The selection of appropriate policy mechanisms
  • Measuring environmental values
  • Ranking projects, including the choice of an appropriate metric
  • Additionality
  • Understanding and predicting farmers adoption of new practices
  • Dealing with uncertainty and including systems for learning from experience
  • The need to pull off that together in a coherent framework

It includes journal articles, books, reports, frameworks, computer tools, web sites, and blog posts, plus links to my free online course on Agriculture, Economics and Nature.

Overall, if an organisation wanted to design and deliver an agri-environmental scheme that would really deliver outcomes, they could benefit greatly from the material on this site. The URL is

Further reading

Pannell, D.J. (2008). Public benefits, private benefits, and policy intervention for land-use change for environmental benefits, Land Economics 84(2): 225-240....


REVIEW: Give Yourself A Queer History Lesson With Podcast Queer As Fact "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As with any marginalised people, the dominating conversation on queer identity and rights is often the challenges faced from systemic oppression. While we must continue to identify and fight discrimination, there seems a generation of queer people without knowledge of the struggles of those whose existence has made our many liberties possible. These arent histories ...

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Northern Rivers LGBT group still shines after 30 years "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tropical Fruits street parade. Photo Melissa Hargraves

The Northern Rivers own LGBTIQ support and social group Tropical Fruits is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a New Years festival thats set to Shine.

However you choose to interpret that theme, Tropical Fruits Chair Brett Paradise says, we truly dance upon the shoulders of giants, so come celebrate with us and be part of the ongoing history of Tropical Fruits and our LGBTIQ community.

The Tropical Fruits New Years Festival is a four-day LGBTIQ celebration held in Lismore, with the New Years Eve Party and the New Years Day Recovery Party at the showgrounds, which are lovingly transformed by hundreds of volunteers.

Kristy McNeil, this years event coordinator says, Our New Years festivals would not be possible without the generous contribution of our dazzling array of volunteers.  Our vollies bring their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to helping us create the wonderland we immerse ourselves in each year.  In this, our sparkling 30th year, we invite all our vollies past and present to reunite and Shine as only you can.

The festival we kicks off on December 29 with a street parade through the Lismore CBD ending at Lismore City Hall for an Opening Soiree.

Dykes on Bikes Sydney are also celebrating their 30th anniversary and will be roaring up the Pacific Highway to join in the parade for the first time.

Lyn Doherty, Sydney Dykes on Bikes president says, Dykes on Bikes are absolutely chuffed at the idea of spending the New Years break with Tropical Fruits. What a fantastic way to celebrate both our birthdays, and dont we look fabulous for our age.

Festival events include three main parties: the New Years Eve party, New Years Day Pool Party and New Years Day Recovery Party.

NYE will include four feature dance floors with headliners DJs Grind and Toy Armada (direct from the USA) as well as top Australian DJs Sveta, Sandi Hotrod, Les Smith, DJ Ruby in the Dome and many, many more.

The main NYE Party also will feature radiant performances from the cabaret and glimmering works of LGBTIQ artists on exhibition.

Tickets go on sale from September 1...


Two dead in Grove house fire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ocean Grove has been left reeling after its second fatal house fire in six weeks.

A father and son is believed to have died in the fire on Powell St West.

Emergency crews were called to the address around 4am today.

The remains of a 90-year-old man and a 57-year-old man have been found in the house, but neither have been formerly identified.

Neighbours said they heard the sound of shattering glass after the blaze started.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, and arson squad investigators are at the scene.

Police have not said they are unsure whether the fire is suspicious or not.

In July, a woman was found dead following a house fire on Arcturus Road.


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Rupert Guinness on Crossing the Line, Tuesday 21 August "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rupert Guiness on Crossing the Line

Rupert Guinness pictured during his ride across Australia.

Few people decide to cycle across a continent. Sports journalist and endurance athlete Rupert Guinness has made that decision twice. His first attempt, as part of the IndiPac Wheel Race in 2017, was tragically cut short after the death of fellow cyclist and competitor Mike Hall. His second attempt, along with 50 other intrepid cyclists, saw him complete the 5470km route from Freemantle to Sydney in 28 days.

Endurance cycling isnt just a physical sport, its a psychological one as well. Rupert embarked on his Big Ride to test his physical and emotional courage. Hes now written a book about his experiences,  Overlander.

Rupert joined us to share some of the many reasons he undertook the journey, the mental challenges he faced along the way, and what he learnt about himself, his mental health and what makes us human imperfections and all.


Rupert Guinness EastsideFM

Rupert Guinness joins us on EastsideFM.

P.S. Overlander One mans epic race to cross Australia is available in all good book shops now!


The post Rupert Guinness o...


In which the pond does the Major and a crash course in great books ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The pond is struggling to keep up with the reptiles today, but this offering from Stephen Brook is irresistible as a starter

Note that reference to "off reservation."

No, that's not Faine's crime, that's stupid Stephen Brook, who doubled down in his actual report ...

It looks like ABC Melbourne Mornings presenter Jon Faine has wandered off the reservation again. Aunty has been forced to apologise on behalf of the radio presenter over an out-of-character ethnic slur he made against Indian NBN technicians. The apology follows a year of highs and lows for the ABC veteran. His spectacular take-down of managing director Michelle Guthrie for failing to defend the ABC against the government was well received at the Melbourne Press Club in June. Faine acidly pointed out Guthries dignified-silence approach failed to stop the government freezing indexation in the next budget, which will cost Aunty $84 million. But Faines frank interview with a disability activist in March was labelled insensitive and bizarre.

"Wandered off the reservation again"?!

And Brook thinks he's being superior to the offensive Faine? How else to put it than to say than to put political correctness aside and call Brook a fuckwit of the first water? Unless of course he intends a meta-level of irony, and a deep sympathy with Faine, and a willingness to go there with him ...

There's plenty more at NPR here

Uh huh, and now for that apology from the lizard Oz for the scribbling of babbling Brook ...



Eight is enough! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Eight is enough were the exact words we muttered as we clambered down the hill with a carry cage laden with hens.  Eight being the exact number of hens to fill the carry cage and the exact number of hens who needed our assistance. Through a tragic chain of circumstances, these girls and their human carer found themselves in urgent need of assistance. Providing just that, the girls were ferried from their predicament and to our sanctuary where their necessary vet work was carried out, nourishing food delivered along with the tastiest of treats. Now bouncing back to good health the girls have all happily found new coops to call home sweet home.


REVIEW: Enjoy The A-List Treatment At The Star Gold Coast "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sometimes I really need to escape, just for a night to get away from the everyday and enjoy the finer things in life, but it can be a tricky finding somewhere not too far from home while feeling like youve had a relaxing escape. Ten years ago, a night away at the casino might ...

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Road safety and community consultation in WeHo "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Here are some notes from the latest West Hobart Residents' Traffic Committee meeting, this last Wednesday.  It was a small meeting, but we heard from Angela Moore, the Council's Manager, Traffic Engineering, and also from Louisa Gordon, our newly appointed Community Engagement Advisor - Strategic. 

Hill Street Pedestrian Improvement Project
This is about halfway through.  The roadworks to make safer pedestrian crossing points at Cavell Street and Alison Street are complete, bar the painting of traffic and bike lane markings.  The crossing point at Petty Street is half built, and works have started on the new wider bus stand at Hamilton Street.  After those, the raised pedestrian crossing (the wombat crossing) at the pharmacy will be built, in conjunction with some maintenance roadworks to improve the whole roundabout roadspace.

Cate Sumner reiterated the urgency of creating safer walking conditions for kids getting to and from Lansdowne Crescent school.  Angela advised that there is a single work crew which is steadily working through the list of improvements.  The current completion date is expected to be about October (2018!).

Di Elliffe asked for confirmation that the green painted bikelanes will be extended through the kerb bulb/median island crossing points, so that drivers are reminded that riders are entitled to ride safely through those pinchpoints.  As this diagram below shows, there is ample room for a 1.5m painted bikelane (sadly, in the dooring zone) along Hill Street, and for a 1m painted bikelane through the pedestrian crossing points (sadly, even more exposed to fast moving vehicles).

Paul Turvey asked for clarification about the new style of bus stop which will be built at Hamilton Street.  Angela confirmed that it will be a deep stand, extending to the edge of the traffic lane.  Buses will stop in the traffic lane to set down and pick up passengers.  It will be interesting to see this in action.

Several other street surfaces and footpaths were mentioned as needing improvement. These included Arthur Street and Newdegate Street.

Retail Precinct Upgrades
Lenah Valley is almost complete.  Next on the list is NewTown - these works are scheduled for the second quarte...


Celebrity reality TV show achieves museum status "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some of the props featuring in the Im a CelebrityGet me out of Here! display at the Tweed Regional Museum

In 2018 the TV show Im a CelebrityGet Me Out of Here! celebrates 16 years of filming in the Tweed Shire. The Tweed Regional Museums latest Collectors Cabinet display takes a look behind the scenes of the production.

While most people are interested in the famous celebrities who appear on the show, the stories of the crew behind the scenes are also fascinating.

Up to 700 people work internationally to produce this live reality television show, with the film crew operating out of an extensive rainforest camp.

The battle of working in difficult terrain, the feats of engineering, and logistical challenges needed to produce the show watched by up to 12 million viewers in the UK alone is stunning.

More than 120 cameras roll 24 hours a day, capturing footage from camps on the ground as well as on some of the half- kilometre of suspension bridges.

The exhibition includes props from the show alongside stories from the crew. Museum staff have worked hand in hand with the productions community liaison team to put it together.

One of the challenges most feared by celebrities the notorious Hell Hole into which celebrities put their hand, braving whatever they find inside is also featured in the exhibition.

The Im a CelebrityGet Me Out of Here! exhibition runs from August 21 until March 2019 at the Tweed Regional Museum in Murwillumbah.

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Prom Coast MTB Club "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Foster, Victoria, Australia run by volunteers working to improve cycling in our region. We love new members so view our membership benefits and sign up  []

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An update from the beautiful Goldfields desert from Walkatjurra Walkabout. "IndyWatch Feed National"

An update from the beautiful Goldfields desert from Walkatjurra Walkabout. 

The Walkatjurra Walkabout has enjoyed the first fourteen days of walking with Traditional Owners to protect country and stop uranium mining despite freezing overnight temperatures and long hot days.

This week, a group of 55 people gathered at the gates Yeelirrie to support Traditional Owners, Aunty Shirley and Lizzie Wonyabong and Vicky Abdhullah in the 40-year struggle to stop the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine. The three women have shared stories of the area where they and their families grew up and the connection they have to this land. As we walk, they show us the bush tucker, the plants used for medicine, and the plants used for other purposes. We listen, we learn, and together we enjoy the beauty of this land.



The ABC and Australian law enforcement agencies will have this man's blood on their hands "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've seen their ABC commit some low acts in their push to "legitimise" refugees and show that "refugees" come from all walks of life. Their bullshit about RAN sailors torturing illegal boat people springs to mind, along with countless stories promoting the purported suffering of Manus Island and Nauru detainees....


Australian Teenager Pleads Guilty to Hacking Apple's Network "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Apple files stored by teen in 'hacky hack hack' folder

A teenage boy from Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking into Apple's network and downloading internal files, according to reports. The 16-year-old accessed 90 gigabytes worth of files, breaking into the system many times over the course of a year from his suburban home in Melbourne, reports The Age newspaper.

It says he stored the documents in a folder called 'hacky hack hack'.

Apple insists that no customer data was compromised. But The Age reports that the boy had accessed customer accounts.

In a statement to the BBC, Apple said: "We vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detect and respond to threats. In this case, our teams discovered the unauthorised access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement. We regard the data security of our users as one of our greatest responsibilities and want to assure our customers that at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised."

Also at Reuters.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Monday Message Board "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.

If you would like to receive my (hopefully) regular email news, please sign up using the following link


Destructive Process and Oversold Benefits: New Report questions nuclear dump economic case, as Govt ballot postponed "IndyWatch Feed"

20 August 2018  A new report into the claimed economic benefits to regional communities of the Federal Government nuclear waste facility has found the government has exaggerated the benefits, and not properly factored in insurance costs and...


Its not too late to send a submission about the nuclear waste dump plan its necessary and its easy "IndyWatch Feed"

One step pro-forma online submission to DIIS page.
Closing date 24th September 

Send a submission to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS)

The Department is calling for submissions about the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in Kimba or the Flinders Ranges and says these will be one of the factors the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia may take into account when determining broad community support for the Facility.

The communities of Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula and the Flinders Ranges are being asked to participate in a ballot to gauge community sentiment about the NRWMF proposal, although the results are not binding on Minister Canavan. Many affected people are ineligible to vote, including Traditional Owners who live outside the ballot area.

Minister Canavan is hoping to select a site in October if you or others who are interested are not eligible to vote in the community you are still able to make a comment and express your view by sending DIIS a submission..


Danish Women Defy Burqa Ban "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim A 28-year-old woman has become the first person in Denmark to be fined for wearing a face veil in a public place. The woman was approached by another in a shopping centre who assaulted her and ripped off her face covering. When police arrived, they fined the veiled woman

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Australias racist politicians are also mostly Australias nuclear-loving politicians "IndyWatch Feed"

Alice Workman No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia August 15  

Heres a list of the politicians who shook hands / hugged / kissed Fraser Anning after his final solution speech calling for an end to Muslim immigration and a return to the White Australia policy.

Minister Mathias Cormann
Minister Bridget McKenzie
Minister Nigel Scullion
Minister Conchetta Fierravanti-Wells
Minister Matt Canavan
Assistant minister James McGrath
Assistant minister Anne Ruston
Steve Martin
Amanda Stoker
Jonathan Duniam
James Paterson
Dean Smith
David Bushby
Wacka Williams
Barry OSullivan
Cory Bernardi
Derryn Hinch
David Leyonhjelm
One Nations Peter Georgiou
Centre Alliances Stirling Griff & Rex Patrick

No Labor/Greens senators congratulated him


Legal challenge against nuclear waste community vote for Hawker? "IndyWatch Feed"

Injunction stalls one nuclear waste dump community voteThe Barngarla people have won a Supreme Court injunction 
against the vote in Kimba, with the Hawker ballot 
still scheduled to open MondayBy Brooke Fryer

A community vote on whether a nuclear waste facility should be built on
South Australias Eyre Peninsula near Kimba has been stalled,
after a group argued the poll was discriminatory.

NITV News understands a similar legal challenge for Hawker is being considered.  

The court heard an example is that a person who owns a property at Kimba
but lives away from the district would be entitled to vote,
but a person who holds native title rights and lives away would not.

Mr Dare says the Barngarla people opposed to a nuclear waste dump
stand alongside the Adnyamathanha people who are also
facing the prospect of a waste dump on their land.

Of course we stand behind them in their pursuit
to not let this waste dump go on their country also.


How Crowns New Skyscraper Explains the Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its a big week for Aussie stocks.

Im not much of a horse racing fan, but were basically coming around the bend and into the last straight for the earnings reporting season.

Things have gone smoothly until now. 48% of the companies that have reported earnings so far have beaten their estimates. Whats more, profits and dividends look strong.

One stock that caught my eye was Goodman Group [ASX:GMG]. The Age reported over the weekend that it plans to extend its warehouse to cater for booming logistics demand from e-commerce.

However, land values and rents are high in the areas they need to build. The solution? Go higher by building on top of the existing warehouse.

Ive reported previously on the same thing happening in New York. Its another example of how property values can keep rising where this type of development happens.

If you can draw more income from the same amount of land, that can only capitalise into the selling price.

In order to capitalise into the selling price, you need to be able to get financing for a development.

Thats not a problem for Goodman Group, but is proving somewhat harder for Crown Resorts Ltd [ASX:CWN].

It has plans in place to develop a luxury hotel and apartment complex in Melbourne. This is a major project it would be the tallest tower in Melbourne if built.

However, Crown says that it is struggling to find a development partner around the residential component of the project. Thats presumably because of the fear of apartment oversupply in the city.

Crown is supposed to have the project underway by February. If the project gets pulled, we can assume the property and credit cycle is finally weakening. Conversely, if it goes ahead, perhaps we can all keep dancing a little while longer.

Or maybe the finance team at Crown could give financial services company ING a call. The Australian reports ING has raised $1 billion via an Aussie dollar covered bond issue. The suggestion is that theyre going after the market share of the Big Four Aussie banks while they remain under pressure.

Thats a familiar theme if youve been reading The Daily Reckoning Australia for a while. But the suggestion of an Aussie property credit crunch, however much discussed, has yet to come to pass.

Much of what happens from here will of course depend on China. The Financial Times says Beijing continues to order its state-run banks to lend to infrastructure projects and exporters.

Well have to see how this shows up in the numbers. But theyre already looking good. New loans were up 75% in July from the same time last yea...


Should there be another nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights? "IndyWatch Feed"

Siting another reactor at Lucas Heights
Even if we assume that Australia does need a third nuclear reactor, is Lucas Heights the best site?
There are numerous and compelling reasons why it is not.

1. Its not remote

Lucas Heights was selected in 1955, as a site for Australias nuclear industry for the very reason that it was remote from population. Now, 40 years later, it is surrounded by houses, on the edge of Australias largest city. This is no longer in a good site for a nuclear reactor!

2. Its not been the subject of a proper site-selection process

The most recent search for a dump for low and short-lived intermediate level radioactive waste has taken 4 years and has considered criteria such as low rainfall, freedom from flooding, stable hydrology, freedom from cyclones, tectonic, seismic or volcanic activity, as well as socio-economic, ecological and land-use factors.

Selection of a site for a nuclear reactor its production of high, medium and low level waste- should be at least as stringent as that for a low level waste dump!

The McKinnon report said that If a decision were made to construct a new reactor, it would not necessarily best be placed at Lucas Heights. An appropriate site would best be decided after exhaustive search and...


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sells out on climate policy, in effort to save his job "IndyWatch Feed"

Turnbull dumps emissions from NEG in final act of capitulation, REneweconomy Giles Parkinson & Sophie Vorrath, 

The Turnbull Coalition government has effectively dumped the emissions component from the proposed National Energy Guarantee, in what could be prime minister Malcolm Turnbulls final act of capitulation to the far right forces within the government parties.

Turnbull dumped the emissions component of the NEG in a desperate act to ward off a potential challenge to his 3-year leadership of the Liberals, with home affairs minister Peter Dutton (as we predicted...


Right-wing in Liberal Coalition causing Turnbull to again weaken climate action "IndyWatch Feed"

Malcolm Turnbull plans more changes to energy policy amid pressure from within Coalition, ABC News, By Jade Macmillan , 20 Aug 18  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has outlined further changes to his national energy policy amid increasing pressure from within his own party.


Japans 2020 Olympic Games preparing for a Fukushima nuclear disaster cover-up "IndyWatch Feed"

Pay no attention to that radiological disaster behind the curtains    The government of Japan is clearly intending that the 2020 Olympics will function as a public relations win in which the image of Japan, and especially of Northern Japan and Fukushima are cleansed of images of radiological contamination. Even as the Fukushima Daiichi site itself, and the traces where the plumes of its explosions deposited fallout throughout the area remain un-remediated, the public perceptions will be remediated. This is typical of the behavior of governments in the developed world that suffer radiological disasters. The disasters themselves are so difficult to clean up, and take decades to even begin the clean up, that money is allocated for extensive public relations efforts. These become tasks that CAN be completed and CAN be considered successful. They function both to advance the public image agenda of the governments, and also deliver a sense of agency when the overall tone of nuclear disaster remediation is one of lacking effective agency.

Towards that end, the Japanese government is planning to integrate Fukushima sites and perceptions into the upcoming Olympics media fest. The journey of the Olympic torch through every prefecture of Japan...


MACKAY Assault charge follows head-butt at licensed venue, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY August 20, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

Assault charge follows head-butt at licensed venue, Mackay

August 20, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on September 17, to have the charged heard. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Police allege cocaine, cash, weapon parts found in mans car "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY August 20, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Police allege cocaine, cash, weapon parts found in mans car

August 20, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Mackay Magistrates Court was told Blaney is currently before the Supreme Court for drug matters. No plea was entered during the bail hearing.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


ALBUM REVIEW: The San Sebastian Alive On The Black Sea "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The brothers Crannitch were  the core of the band Leader Cheetah who achieved a modicum of success and critical acclaim across two albums close to a decade ago. Now, after years spent living in different countries, the pair have reconvened as The San Sebastian. Fans of the former will find to still plenty to love Continue reading


Sydney Criminal Lawyers Weekly Rundown Articles from 13 to 19 August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In case youve missed any of them, heres a rundown of the past weeks articles: Changes to NSW Sentencing Options: Community Correction Orders Community Correction Orders are expected to replace Community Service Orders and Section 9 Good Behaviour Bonds in NSW on 24 September 2018. Click here to read the article Sydney Man Faces Prison

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Nuclear has left its run too late: a response to Ian Hore-Lacy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

 ETHOS, 14 August 2018  | Robert Farago  Nuclear as the solution?   There are a number of unresolved problems around nuclear power and questions of whether nuclear energy can grow quickly enough to solve our climate change problem. I will just list some of these problems with a sentence each:

  • Weapons proliferation enriching Uranium for civilian nuclear energy programs can lead to fuel being diverted and further enriched for nuclear weapons programs.
  • Safety although less deaths have been recorded from nuclear power than from coal mining, nuclear accidents such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima have shaken the confidence of citizens to have nuclear reactors near their homes and food sources.
  • Waste although we have generated nuclear waste for 70+ years we still dont have a solution. Nuclear waste needs to be stored safely for hundreds of thousands of years, longer than settled agricultural society has existed.
  • Decommissioning cost estimates vary wildly and its particularly technically challenging and expensive after nuclear accidents.
  • Water use like thermal coal generators, nuclear needs large quantities of water for cooling, making droughts and heatwaves a problem.
  • Capacity if we moved to a large portion of our global electricity generation to nuclear power, will there be enough Uranium to fuel them?
  • Timeliness can we move quickly enough to a majority nuclear electricity future and meet our global emission reductions?

Assuming the above problems can be quickly resolved, despite decades of not resolving them, and we can somehow scale nuclear by an order of magnitude from today, will it be cheap enough?

When I was a child in primary school (in the late 1970s), I read that in the future nuclear energy had the potential to generate electricity that would be too cheap to meter. That future never came and sadly never will.

Overseas examples are not encouraging. Recent nuclear reactor constructions in Finland,...


Exaggerated benefits of a radioactive waste dump for rural South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

The economic benefits of a radioactive waste dump proposed for rural South Australia have been exaggerated, a new report warns Peter Jean, Senior Federal Political Reporter, The Advertiser August 20, 2018 


Here Comes the Avalanche, Part 2: Say No to Cute Side-stepping by the Press "IndyWatch Feed National"

Andrew McIntyre (Ch7)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Some men are shy. Some men are weak.  Some men are strong. Some men are fearless.

Meet South Australian Andrew McIntyre fearless.

As we will see, Andrew, who is now 64, has tried exhaustively to tell anyone who would listen that he knows who killed the Beaumont children, and why. The jig is now up.  His story can be denied no more.

By the greatest of luck thank you, Parliament; thank you, Letters Patent from the Queen Australia has had four-years worth of hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. That commission was a priceless exercise.  Its main result is that THE HABIT OF LYING IS EXPOSED.

I hereby declare it is no longer possible to use platitudes, spin, gobbledygook and other means of hiding fact...


INTERVIEW: Eilen Jewell "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

PAYING HOMAGE TO OBSCURE BLUES Eilen Jewell recently visited Australian shores for a run of shows showcasing her album Down Hearted Blues, but as she reveals to Chris Familton, shes already been in the studio working on her next album of original material. Its an overcast spring evening in Boise, Idaho when Eilen Jewell answers the Continue reading


Solar hot water cash splash for Victorians "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Victorian government is sponsoring households to take up solar hot water. File photo

MELBOURNE, AAP Victorians who swap their old hot water system for a solar one can get a $1,000 rebate under a $60 million program.

The 10-year program starts immediately, premier Daniel Andrews announced on Monday at solar hot water manufacturer Rinnai at Braeside.

It follows on from his Sunday announcement that a re-elected Labor government would pay for 650,000 homes to get solar panels under a $1.24 billion plan where owner-occupiers would repay half the cost through their bill savings.

Were putting solar panels and hot water systems on Victorian homes to help families save hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity bills, Mr Andrews said in a statement.

The government predicts the systems will save households between $160 to $400 a year in electricity bills.

The rebate is available to households with a combined income of up to $180,000 who live in their own home valued up to $3 million.

Houses can take part in the half price solar panels program or the $1,000 hot water rebate, but not both.

The rebate has been created so houses who cannot get solar panels because of roof design or shade can still get a reduction in energy bills, the government says.

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Debarking Dead Trees, Shelter Roofing, Cordage Material & Bush Tucker B... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debarked standing tree using a steel hatchet. This could have been done by a white woodsman or an Aboriginal.


Rainbow Road Unveiled In St Kilda Near Site Of Victorias Pride Centre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local councillors have launched a rainbow road to celebrate diversity and inclusion in St Kilda, close to the site of Victorias Pride Centre. Port Phillip Council Mayor Bernadene Voss said the rainbow landmark ran for 35 metres along Jackson Street to the Fitzroy Street intersection and was a fitting curtain-raiser to the Pride Centre around ...

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Federal election guide finalised "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

For those who havent already noticed, I wanted to let you know that the guide to the next federal election is now finished and up on the website in total.

The guide includes profiles of all 151 House of Representatives races, and all eight Senate contests.

You can use these links to see a full list of lower house links:

Or you can use this map to navigate to any seat of interest. Click on the seat and a pop-up box will appear, including a link to the guide.

And here are links to the eight Senate contests:

Please let me know if there are any errors by commenting on the relevant post or by filling out the contact form on the front page of the guide. I will make some small changes as the election gets closer, and will occasionally do updates of candidate lists.

Meanwhile I am now posting one seat per day for the Victorian state election.


New projects help save threatened species in Nightcap National Park "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Difficult terrain: Wanganui Gorge in Nightcap National Park. Photo supplied

Maree Thompson

Two new projects have been launched which are helping save over 28 threatened plant and animal species in Nightcap National Park.

Large areas of lantana and other weeds have blocked regeneration of critically endangered lowland rainforest. Weeds are a major threat to rainforest survival. The rainforest provides habitat for threatened species including frogs, birds, reptiles, beetles and many rainforest plants.

Bush regenerators at Wanganui Gorge in Nightcap National Park. Photo supplied

Envite Environment hosted the launch to recognise funding from both the Australian and New South Wales governments. The projects build on a decade of successful rainforest and threatened species habitat restoration. The major source of funding has been NSW Environmental Trust through its restoration and rehabilitation program.

Bush regenerators are working in Wanganui Gorge and the Minyon Falls area. They are controlling weeds which degrade rainforest and invade gaps, limiting rainforest regeneration.

Iain Stych, Envite Environment bush regeneration team leader said The work is challenging but very rewarding. We work in steep, rocky terrain and contend with ticks, leeches and heat. Once weeds are controlled, rainforest is regenerating strongly and taking the place of weeds.

Fauna ecologist, David Charley...


Why the food movement is unstoppable! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

What makes an ethical food future? What kind of agriculture can our planet sustain? How can we reduce demand on global resources? How can you be a change-maker in the unstoppable food movement?

Industrial food systems are key drivers of environmental destruction, from rainforests to reefs, and water supplies to climate change. Farmer and author of Call of the Reed Warbler Charles Massy, US crop scientist and director of the Poison Papers, and farmer, meatsmith, and president of AFSA Tammi Jonas discuss how regenerative agriculture can turn Australias ecologies and economies around, revitalizing rural communities while nourishing land, animals, and people.

Join us in Daylesford on Thursday 30 August for an inspiring and activating evening, or if you cant make it to the central highlands of Victoria, catch Jonathan and Charlie elsewhere on The Food Equation tour of Australia.

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NAB Executives May Face Criminal Prosecution "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The National Australia Bank (NAB) is the latest financial institution to come under fire during the Banking Royal Commission over its alleged part in the estimated $850 million fees-for no service scandal, whereby financial institutions systematically charged their customers fees for services that were never provided. Money for nothing

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Still tangled up in Bob "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bob Dylan is currently criss-crossing Australia on yet another circuit of his globe-trotting, decades-long Never Ending Tour. He played Sydneys gorgeous art deco State Theatre the other night, at oure one-time local venu, the small but venerable Enmore Theatre in Newtown, to acclaim from fans young and old.

At a Bob Dylan concert and Ive been to many we hear what we wish to hear, filtered through the memory of how we heard him all those years ago when we were young and idealistic and our world was new. To this day, I can never get enough of Bob in all of his many guises. I listen to at least one or two of his songs every week and always discover something I hadnt heard before. He has been a constant soundtrack to my ever-evolving, often revolving sense and sensibility. I wish that Id been there in Newtown on Sunday night.


Malcolm Turnbulls NEG change is not good enough "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The governments debacle over the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) has been described in some quarters as an example of the prime ministers inept leadership. If only it was so simple.

Malcolm Turnbulls headache exists because the factions most intent on absolute market liberalisation and big brother style politics, not only continue to have a stranglehold on the Liberal and National parties. They are tightening it.

As their captive and the resulting internal battle, the government is once again caught in a paralysis, where policy transforms into  inaction.  The most reactionary elements within the parties and fitting.

Although he is part of it, this is not just a Tony Abbott thing.

Speculation about the continuing survival of the prime minister as leader has risen again. His enemies are showing that they might be prepared to cross the floor and vote down the NEG. Through their opposition to the latest modest change, shifting the control over the emissions target  from the policy to the minister, they have hung out Malcolm Turnbulls essential weakness for all to see. He is plating into their hands. The reactionaries  are also announcing  a determination to keep on being the champions of the fossil fuel industry.

At the very least, the way he has handled the affair, has ensured that Malcolm Turnbull has made his own contribution to the governments instability. He is a dead man walking.

There is no room for sentimentality in this vision. Government provision of welfare and other services that even out opportunities to an extent, have no place in this, and must be done away with  as far as possible.

They see their rivals in the Liberal and National parties as a barrier against achieving this,  and standing for unwarranted government interference in what should be a free cho...


Major Grant To Fund Research Into Indigenous LGBTIQ Mental Health "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A major grant received by the Telethon Kids Institute will be used to fund research into the social and emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ). The $716,000 grant for the Institute was announced in the latest ...

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The Rise Of The Far-Right Demands An Urgent Progressive Response "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Progressives need to mobilise to combat the rise of the far-right in Australia, writes Ben Eltham. The time for complacency is over. 

Australia is a nation-state founded on white nationalism. The white supremacist roots of Australia are undeniable. In 1901, Australias brand new parliament passed the notorious Immigration Restriction Act in its first sitting, inaugurating the legal basis for the White Australia policy. 

The White Australia policy was formally abolished in 1973, and the Whitlam government went further by enshrining racial equality in law with the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975.  The Fraser government also notably freed up migration settings, showing genuine leadership in settling south-east Asisan migrants in the late 1970s. For many, this was the beginning of a more pluralistic and liberal nation, embracing a multi-hued democracy of genuine tolerance and diversity.

Both major parties have since celebrated their role in the creation of a modern multicultural Australia. At least, so the story goes. 

But the progressive view of Australian politics cant paper over the fact that racism remains a potent force in our democracy. Despite genuine progress and reform in the 1970s and 80s under Whitlam, Fraser and Hawke, a residual strain of white nativist politics has always lingered, never quite extinguished. 

Looking at Australian politics this past few weeks, the question needs to be asked: how far have we come? 

Not very, if last weeks first speech by Katter Australia Senator, Fraser Anning is anything to go by. Annings speech made worldwide news because of his calculated use of the phrase final solution to describe his plan for a plebiscite on Australian immigration policy. 

Both Labor and Liberal rushed to condemn Anning, and his views received widespread approbation in the media. But few have bothered to listen through to Annings speech, or read it in full. Thats a shame, because a close reading provides us with many clues to the development of right-wing thinking in this country. 

In many ways Annings inaugural speech is quite a traditional address.....


TEPCO to strengthen protections against tsunamis at crippled Fukushima nuclear power station "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima tsunami plans to be expedited at stricken N-plant August 19, 2018

The Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. will strengthen its protections against tsunami at its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to prevent water contaminated with high levels of radiation from spilling outside the plant, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

During the decommissioning work, contaminated water has accumulated in the basements of the buildings that house the nuclear reactors. If a tsunami were to hit, this water could flow into the sea.

To prevent water from entering the basements, TEPCO will move up the schedule for work to block openings on the surface and the buildings ground floors, as well as add more spots to be blocked.

Mega-quake seen as imminent

The decision to step up tsunami protections was made after the governments Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion released a long-term assessment in December on the possibility of a gigantic earthquake along the Chishima Trench on the Pacific Ocean side of Hokkaido.

The assessment warned that a huge earthquake of magnitude 8.8 or greater was imminent.



From a Harbourside Mansion - Turnbull's blog on energy & Abbott "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull Harbourside Mansion Sydney Harbour 9 December 2009 While a shadow minister, Tony Abbott, was never afraid of speaking bluntly in a manner that was at odds with Coalition policy. So as I am a humble backbencher I am sure he won't complain if I tell a few...


High probability of massive earthquake affecting Fukushima region "IndyWatch Feed"

What Is the Probability of a Mega-quake Striking Japan in the Future?, NHK News, 2 July 18,  .. A government panel has released its latest earthquake probability map, which indicates the likelihood of each area being hit in the coming 3 decades by tremors of 6-minus or above on the Japanese intensity scale of zero to 7 about the same level as the one that hit Osaka. A member of the panel says an earthquake of 6-minus could strike anywhere in Japan, and urges people to be prepared.

High probability in the Kanto region and along the Pacific coast. In the Kanto region, the probability of a major quake is highest in Chiba City, at 85 percent. The figure is 82 percent for Yokohama and 81 percent for Mito. Tokyos Shinjuku Ward is located in an area with 48 percent probability.

In the Tokai region, the probability for Shizuoka is 70 percent and Nagoya is 46 percent.

Beware of massive earthquakes that occur in ocean trenches The panel explains that these areas have high probabilities because massive earthquakes centering in the Chishima Trench, Japan Trench and the Nankai Trough have been occurring at intervals of a few decades to a century.

These earthquakes occur around ocean trenches where the oceanic plate is forced underneath the continental plate.

Huge earthquakes have been occurring especially around the Nankai Trough roughly every 100 years. As the last one took place more than 70 years ago, there is a growing probability the next one will happen soon around the Pacific coast of western Japan....


ABC gets egg over its face from its own immigration poll "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

by Gil Hanrahan

The concerted campaign by the ABC against Senator Fraser Anning and federal MP Bob Katter over Muslim immigration has left the public broadcaster with egg all over its collective face.

According to an ABC poll held on August 15, in an attempt by the left wing of the ABC to further subvert Katter and Anning, 75 per cent of 38,400 respondents said Anning should not apologise for his speech.

The left wing of the ABC has egg all over its face after Brisbane polling shows 75% support for Annings speech

Significantly the poll was taken in the south east corner of Queensland, taking in Brisbane.

All the usual detractors from the Liberal, Labor and Greens have been left floundering in the wake of Annings dialogue which the majority of Australians were waiting for a politician to air.

Another similar poll, according to KAP staffers, shows 98 per cent support for Annings speech.

Cairns Liberal politician Warren Entsch, known locally as the father of the gay marriage debacle, was critical of Katter exposing the flaws in the Liberal immigration policy.

Entsch described Katte...


Tokyo as well as Fukushima Is NOT Radiologically Safe. "IndyWatch Feed"

The Nuclear Resister,  August 13, 2018 Text of the flyer distributed at the Go West Come West memorial for nuclear victims in Hiroshima, August 6, 2018.

Tokyo as well as Fukushima Is NOT Radiologically Safe. The Government of Japan Is Making Tokyo Olympics Radiating Fields of Athletes and Visitors .

We are Go West Come West, an organization of evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disaster and their supporters. On the 73rd anniversary of the United States atomic bombing, we would like to send greetings of solidarity to all visitors to Hiroshima:

Hiroshima is NOT a story of the past

Even the Japanese governments underestimated data shows that the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster released 168 times the cesium 137 discharged by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, which entailed about 168 times the fallout at Hiroshima. Prime-minister Shinzo Abe declared that with regard to health-related problems (of the Fukushima accident), I (Abe) will state in the most emphatic and unequivocal terms that there have been no problems until now, nor are there any at present, nor will there be in the future. This claim is tantamount to saying that Hiroshima atomic bombing caused no human health problems. It is totally groundless and false!

Fukushima nuclear disaster is NOT over

The disaster is still unfolding. High doses of radioactive materials are still leaking from the tops and the bottoms of the reactor buildings every moment of every day. Air, water, soil, ocean and food, all essentials for human life, are still severely contaminated by ra...


Wangan and Jagalingou leaders call on Queensland Govt not to extinguish native title "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

18 August 2018  In the wake of yesterdays adverse Federal Court decision against their challenge to Adanis ILUA,   Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners say yesterdays judgement merely
confirms the limitations of the native title system, and fails to address their right
as Indigenous people to free, prior and informed consent,
which is at the heart of their action.

Mr Adrian Burragubba, one of five applicants in the case, and W&J cultural leader says: 
We are calling on the Queensland Government to rule out
extinguishing our native title in any part of our land.

Once native title is gone, it is gone forever.
It would be a travesty for the Government to wipe out our title for Adani.
If Queensland can stop them dredging the Reef before Adani has money,
or pull the pin on $1 billion NAIF funding, they can surely protect our rights to our land.
They must not hand a private corporation land title at our expense,
based on discriminatory laws.

The Queensland Government has a clear choice here, and yesterdays ruling
in no way forces them to proceed to extinguish our native title.
Dont be fooled, it is up to the Government what happens next.

Adani cant be trusted; how can they say they respect
the rights, history, future intentions and requests of the traditional owners?

We are Traditional Owners, we are the people from that land,
and they have never respected our decisions, or our right to free prior informed consent,
or our aspirations to care for our ancestral country.
They split our people for their own ends and then try to claim they care.
They should walk away in shame for all the damage they have done.

Ms Linda Bobongie, another applicant and chairperson of the Traditional Owners Council, says:

While we respect the decisions of the courts, we arent satisfied by this judgement
and will work with our legal team to prepare an appeal to a higher court.

We know the Queensland Government has no obligation to act on extinguishment for Adani.
They should wait until all our appeals are exhausted.

We held out hope for this legal avenue, but anticipated a conservative judgement
within the Native Title system, and were prepared for the decision.
Our Council has vowed to continue to defend our lands and waters from Adanis destruction.

We call on Adani to immediately withdraw from this damaging project on our land.
No administrative decisions that block our rights will stop us standing our ground
to defend and prote...


Punters guide to Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

I first published this piece in May 2016. I think it's important today as the Liberal Party looks to the future. The punters guide to Malcolm Turnbull's form in leading the nation Sunday, 01 May 2016 A few days ago I was chatting with a good mate who talks a...


Teen arrested over copycat fire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturdays (August 18) fire at Tabulam burnt out more than 175 ha before being brought under control. Photo RFS

An RFS fire truck has been damaged and an estimated 175 hectares of land has been burnt out in a deliberately-lit fire near Tabulam on Saturday (August 18).

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in what appears to be a copycat arson attack, after a 52-year-old man was charged with lighting a different fire in the same area on Wednesday (August 15).

Emergency services were called to a property on Plains Station Road at Tabulam, 65km west of Casino, about 12.30pm following reports of an out-of-control fire.

The RFS responded with five ground crews and five aircraft while residents of the Tabulam township were put on standby for evacuation.

The Bruxner Highway was closed when the Tabulam Bridge caught alight, and the Tabulam RFS tanker was damaged before the fire was brought under control about 6pm.

An estimated 175ha of land has been burnt out with fences, power poles and sheds destroyed.

Investigators from the Richmond Police District initiated inquiries and arrested the 14-year-old boy.

He was initially conveyed to Tabulam Police Station but due to the fire, the station had no power or internet facilities so he was taken to Casino Police Station and charged with intentionally causing a fire and being reckless as to its spread, as well as leaving fire alight in the open air without extinguishing it.

The boy was granted conditional bail to attend a childrens court on Wednesday September 5.


The post Teen arrested over copycat fire appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Migrant Workers, Asylum Seekers, Homeless Used To Cleanup At Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site; UN Experts Raise The Alarm Mining Awareness + "IndyWatch Feed"

Workers hired to decontaminate Fukushima reportedly include migrant workers, asylum seekers and people who are homeless, Tens of thousands of workers have been recruited over the past seven years under the decontamination programme. Japans Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare indicates on its website that 46,386 workers were employed in 2016; and the Radiation Worker []

via Migrant Workers, Asylum Seekers, Homeless Used To Cleanup At Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site; UN Experts Raise The Alarm Mining Awareness +


Victoria Labor pledges $1.2 billion in rebates, loans for rooftop solar RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Victoria Labor government proposes rebates and zero interest loans to encourage another 650,000 homes to install another 2.6GW of rooftop solar. The post Victoria Labor pledges $1.2 billion in rebates, loans for rooftop solar appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Victoria Labor pledges $1.2 billion in rebates, loans for rooftop solar RenewEconomy


August 19 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: Its the end of the Earth as we know it. Read all about it! It is hard to get ordinary people engaged, so hats off to the crack team of Earth scientists, led by climate change professor Will Steffen, whose peer-reviewed report on how emissions are driving the Earth into an irreversible []

via August 19 Energy News geoharvey


California wildfires unlike any others "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

by Alex Bruce

On-the-ground reports from California are surreal. Its hard to know what to make of them from 3,000 miles away and especially in light of the undeniable correspondences between images we see here and images seen around Ground Zero in Dr Judy Woods book, Where Did the Towers Go? where she outlined her hypothesis that Directed Energy Weapons were involved with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. This is also what some people are alleging has occurred to cause the wildfires in California.

Observers say cars burned in these wildfires, yet sheets of paper alongside did not burn. Is it Gods wrath or some sinister operation by the deep state?

A subscriber sent me this video with the message, I personally went to Santa Rosa and saw all the devastation and spoke to at least 20 construction workers onsite. I asked them if there were any anomalies regarding the fires and several said that theyd never seen steel melt, aluminum engine blocks melting, with molten aluminum running into the gutters and that almost all the trees and landscaping were still there.

The video is from APlaneTruth.Info, who has been on a relentless tear, uploading videos and commentary about the Santa Rosa fires, non-stop. The photos show many anomalies but the ones that really give me pause are of the toasted cars. Im immediately reminded of the work of...


As The Turnbull Govt Implodes, Its Still Making Policy. Its Just Really, Really Bad Policy "IndyWatch Feed"

With talk this morning of a possible leadership challenge to the Prime Minister by Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton, Ben Eltham reviews what landed the coalition in trouble in the first place.  

Covering federal politics is never the most uplifting of tasks, but the past month has been something else again. 

The dog days of winter have revealed a splintering Australian polity and an alarming resurgence of overt racism, a Liberal government that has all but exhausted any claim to the moniker of liberal, policy stasis bordering on dereliction of national duty, and a rightwards drift of conservative thought that should concern all thinking Australians, especially those who identify as conservatives.

I could talk about the racism about the neo-Nazi on national television, or the Senator flourishing a reference to the Final Solution in a maiden speech and in an accompanying article, I will.

But in this article, I want to talk about policy, because there seems to be less and less media coverage of the substance of policy these days. Thats a problem, obviously, because policy is important. Policy is the sum of the things that the government is doing, in many cases to ordinary citizens. 

Despite all outward indications, the Turnbull government is still actually making policy. 

My Health Debacle

A good example is the My Health Record debacle. Health Minister Greg Hunt is presiding over the wholesale digitisation of Australias health records, against all the advice of IT security and privacy policy experts, and with blithe disregard for the manifest dysfunction and policy mendacity revealed by the systems disastrous roll out.

Health Minister Greg Hunt. (IMAGE: Thom Mitchell, New Matilda).

Explaining the My Health Record disaster in detail would require a Senate Inquiry,...


Woman airlifted from Mt Warning after fall "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Westpac Rescue Helicopter landed at Uki Oval on Friday (August 17) after airlifting a woman off Mt Warning. She was transferred to Murwillumbah Hospital for treatment. Photo WRHS

On Friday, August 17, a 61-year-old woman had to be airlifted from near the summit of Mt Warning (Wollumbin) after falling while climbing down the mountain with a relative.

The accident is the fourth on the mountain this year, including two in one week last month.

According to police, the woman fell at around 12.30pm approximately 400 metre from the summit at an area known as the lower chains.

The fall caused pain, such extreme swelling and soreness to her right ankle that she was unable to continue down the mountain.

The relative contacted emergency services who attended and set up a command post at the car park at the base of the Mountain.

Ambulance, VRA and SES personnel climbed the Mountain to the victim.

She was assessed by Ambulance and the Westpac Lifesaver helicopter was called in and winched the Victim into the helicopter.  She was air lifted her to the Uki show ground where she was transferred to an ambulance and taken to Murwillumbah Hospital in a stable condition for treatment.

Fishermen found

Around 7.30pm on Saturday night the helicopter was tasked by Aussar to search for a boat after a marine safety beacon was activated about three nautical miles east southeast of Evans Head.

The chopper identified a small fishing boat with three males on board having engine trouble.

Evans Head marine rescue attended and towed the boat back to Evans head where the men where treated for mild hypothermia by paramedics.


The post Woman airlifted from Mt Warning after fall appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Spring bird photography workshops book now! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Chris Tzaros and I are running our Spring 2018 bird photography workshops in Newstead on 24th November.

Please contact me via email, if you would like to book a place. For further information click here.

A selection of Chriss images from further afield are shown below.

Comb-crested Jacana


Lee Rhiannon and communism "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A terse commentary on the life and times of Lee Rhhiannon and the communist contribution to peace, freedom and prosperity in SE Asia.

Support for socialism in general and communism in particular appears to be on the rise in the West more than a quarter of a century since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This is reflected in the advent of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in Britain and the support gained by Bernie Sanders in his unsuccessful campaign to win the Democratic Party nomination to contest the 2016 US presidential election.

The Australian politician who sounds most like Corbyn and Sanders is Lee Rhiannon (nee Brown), who is stepping down as a Greens senator for NSW at the end of this months sittings.

The evidence suggests that from her late teenage years until the collapse of European communism two decades later, Rhiannon was supportive of communist dictatorships. However, on Monday she offered no apology to the victims of regimes she backed. Instead, she attacked her critics, whom she accused of McCarthyist tactics.

BTW which is that political party that wants us to have 100% renewable energy?


Pick My Project "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


PICK MY PROJECT - vote for your fave idea to improve our local community
Please support community members by voting for these two projects on the Vic Governments Pick My Project website: 

VegiePonic Eggsellence:   ...


1) Freeport, the entrance to evaluates all investments in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Women protest the electricity cut off

3) Authority close the Illegal mine site in Korowai


1) Freeport, the entrance to evaluates all investments in Papua



Sugar in mints feed bacteria that rot teeth and lead to bad breath, doctors say "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sugar in mints feed bacteria that rot teeth and lead to bad breath, doctors say

(Natural News) Chewing mints may not be the solution to your bad breath. It can actually make it worse. This claim was made by Australian-based dentist James Buchan...


Cardinal blames LGBTQ people for clerical child abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

1000+ Reports Of Sexual Abuse By Catholic Priests In PA | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

15 August 2018

A bombshell Grand Jury report in Pennsylvania reveals a shocking level of abuse and cover-up by Catholic priests. Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi are joined by Shaun Dougherty, a Catholic sexual abuse survivor, and Mitchell Garabedian, who is representing six victims from this Pennsylvania case to discuss this two-year long investigation and the churchs efforts to cover up the crimes.

Translated from (right-wing) Dutch daily De Telegraaf today:

Abuse in Roman Catholic Church: gays are guilty

Boston American cardinal Raymond Burke believes that the homosexuals are mainly tp blame for abuse by clergy.

The cardinal said this in an interview with the president of the Christian organization Catholic Action for Faith and Family. The conversation took place after it became known that thousands of children in the USA had been abused for years by some three hundred priests in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to him, the church is not to blame for the abuse, but it is acts that are...


Labor commits to 45% emissions reduction & Turnbull wants to do a deal with them "IndyWatch Feed National"

It takes exquisitely well developed ineptitude to be losing to this.


Independent Artist of the Week: Laik Afe "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photo by CAIT 

Pronounced lake ee-fa, Newtowns Laik Afe is responsible for electric indie folk that transports you to distant, cinematic scenery while remaining confrontingly present.

For Laik Afe, aka Brit Sheahan, making music seemed always to be in her stars she was dux of her music high school, and a two-time Conservatorium student. First time round, Con life didnt gel so well with Sheahan, but some change-up time in London gave her the space and perspective she needed to return home and for a second dig.

Her life experience tour OS appears to have been fundamental to the growth of her confidence and songwriting. On the trio of singles shes released, Sheahan artfully bares her soul with very few words, captivating listeners with her emotive vocals and transportive indie folk instrumentation.

Go Mad, a bluesy country track overflowing with worry, fraught harmonica and wailing guitar, instantly takes you to the harsh bush and red dirt of the country. On Mother (written under mentorship of Paul Mac btw), poignant guitar arpeggios and sparse keys deliver a vision of spectacular, mountainous pine forests while addressing the vulnerability of reaching outward for safety, instead of inward.

Laik Afes debut LP drops in the next few but trust us let her quietly draw you in and then knock you out with that rich soprano, and you wont regret it.

WHO: Laik Aife
WHERE: Gasoline Pony
WHEN: Thursday August 30
WHERE: Newtown Hotel
WHEN: Friday August 31

Mother is available on Spotify.

Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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Senator Bridget McKenzie (Nationals) speaks out IN FAVOUR OF Paris agreement "IndyWatch Feed National"

This country is stuffed. .@senbmckenzie on the Paris Agreement: We made an international commitment and its one that wont affect our economy or jobs. It was a sound decision at the time and I havent reversed my perspective on that. MORE: #SpeersonSunday Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) August...


NYTimes columnist "Angela Merkel free world's leader, Trump probably wants people rounded up and killed" "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is Michelle Goldberg - MSNBC put her on the television to tell us Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world and President Trump would probably like to round people up and have them killed. One of her recent NY Time columns was headed: The Pragmatic Left Is...


The Knowledge Systems of Indigenous Australians: Aboriginal traditions describe the complex motions of planets, the 'wandering stars' of the sky "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this story may contain images and voices of people who have died. The five planets we can see by naked eye were known to the ancient Greeks as "asteres planetai", meaning "wandering stars", due to their wandering journey across the sky relative to the fixed stars. This is where we get the word "planet". But knowledge of the planets and their movements goes back much further, being prominent in the traditions of the oldest continuing cultures in the world. Recent research reveals a wealth of information about the planets and their complex motions in the Knowledge Systems of Indigenous Australians.


Al Sharpton lectures Trump after Aretha - Show some R E S P I C T "IndyWatch Feed National"

R E S P I C T Barstool News Network (@BarstoolNewsN) August 19, 2018


Paraguay politics "IndyWatch Feed"

Lets consider Paraguay, a country that has traditionally been dominated by two parties, the Colorados and the Liberals.  Ill make up a hypothetical set of facts, and you tell me the most plausible way to interpret this imaginary scenario:

1.  Manuel Suarez of the Colorado Party is elected president.

2.  Almost all Liberals view Suarez as a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.

3.  The leading Colorado intellectuals and pundits view Suarez as a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.

4.  Roughly 80% of former leaders of the Colorado party (who are now retired from politics) view Suarez as a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.

5.  Roughly 10% of current Colorado politicians criticize Suarez as if he were a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.

6.  In private, most Colorado politicians view Suarez as a dishonest, vindictive demagogue, even while supporting him publicly in order to please their constituents.

7.  Most Colorado voters do not view Suarez as a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.  These voters support Suarez on virtually all issues, regardless of whether his views represent traditional Colorado positions.

Suppose you were a French, Australian or Egyptian political scientist, examining the political situation in Paraguay.  You have no emotional tie to either the Colorados or the Liberals.  You are examining the situation as dispassionately as one might study an ant farm.  Which hypothesis would you regard as most plausible:

A.  Suarez is a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.

B.  Suarez is not a dishonest, vindictive demagogue.  Rather hes very much misunderstood by the elites in Asuncion, of both parties, who follow him most closely.  Only his cult-like following among ordinary voters of one political party see him for what he is.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 12.44.58 PM

PS.  AP had a good piece on how GOP politicians view the Trump cult.  I almost broke out laughing when I read the concluding paragraph:

The Trump phenomenon is going to end at some point in time. That might be six years, that might be two years, that might be sooner. No one knows, the former Ohio GOP chairman said. When it does end, its the job of a lot of us to make sure that the party is still populated by goo...


Medicare Australia State of Play 2016-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Australian Minister for Health and Liberal MP for Flinders Greg Hunt tweeted this on 16 August 2018:

So what is all this self-congratulatory chest-beating about?

According to the Department of Human Services in 201617 a total of 24.9 million people were enrolled in Medicare.

In 2017-18 Medicare recorded a total 419,852,601 Schedule Items on which Medicare benefits were paid.

This figure represents on average 1,672,091 items per 100,000 people.

According to Heath Minister Hunt the Medicare bulk billing rate in 2017-18 stood at 86.1 per cent of the total number of Medicare benefits claimed, leaving 13.9 per cent of Medicare benefits to be claimed by the patient.

Based on 2016-17 figure...


Clarence River Estuary communities need to remain both alert and alarmed as NSW Berejiklian Government seeks to expand exposure to international cruise ship industry "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In July 2018 the NSW Berejiklian Coalition Government released the document NSW Cruise Development Plan to the delight of the international cruise ship industry.

This plan confirms that Berejiklian ministry - sitting in offices over 670kms south of the small towns of Yamba and Iluka on the banks of the Clarence River estuary - is still pursuing the idea that the Port of Yamba is a potential official cruise ship destination.

The state government also obviously expects that Clarence Valley local government will both accommodate the needs of the plan and contribute to the cost of meeting this aim if it is progressed.

To further the Berejiklian Governments aim to make as many small ports or undeveloped harbours/inlets capable of use by cruise ships the NSW Cruise Development Plan states that:

A regulatory framework that fosters the competitiveness of ports, encourages the expansion of the tourism sector, minimises environmental impacts, protects the community, and supports jobs growth is required for the NSW cruise industry.
National regulatory barriers currently inhibit the cruise industry, including the small expedition and luxury cruise markets, access to NSW coastal ports.

Go Back:30 Days | 7 Days | 2 Days | 1 Day

IndyWatch All AU News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Sunday, 19 August


Police charge teen pair, alleging involvement in Eastwood shopkeeper assault "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Sydney teenage girl and boy have been arrested and charged over the assault of an Eastwood shopkeeper on August 6.

The post Police charge teen pair, alleging involvement in Eastwood shopkeeper assault appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Borrachero at the Crate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A metal band I chanced on at the Record Crate on Saturday afternoon


Passing Of Laurie Moretti "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of one of our station long serving members.
Laurie along with Rossco & Jamie have run our Fishing Show on Thursday nights.
He will be sorely missed.R.I.P. Laurie.


Senator Keneally says something fishy about Turnbulls $444M grant to Barrier Reef Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

from the Australian Morning Mail

The Clintons and Turnbulls

One cant escape that the two families seem to like foundations, it has a cozy sound, one of philanthropy through the pure heart of a samaritaneven Mother Theresa like. Past Australian governments simply adored the Clinton Foundation to the tune of more than $400 million. Gillard is in there somewhere also. Perhaps foundation was the lure for Malcolm? The Great Barrier Reef Foundation sounds regaldont you think? The Clinton Foundation $400 million odd. The GBRF $444 millionnot too much and not too little. Gee, big Mal has a lot of good friendstoday. TomorrowI dunnow!

Malcolm Turnbulls office has confirmed that two of the directors of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation the recipient of a $444 million grant from his government awarded without tender may have been hosted at the Prime Ministers home by wife Lucy.

Source: News Corp

PM fends off Lucys links to $444m reef grant recipients

The Australian can reveal the head of the Great Barrier Reef Foundations philanthropy committee, Stephen Fitzgerald, a one-time head of Mr Turnbulls former investment bank Goldman Sachs, was on the board of the European Business Advisory Council at the same time as Mrs Turnbull.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with wife Lucy

Mr Fitzgerald...


Pick My Project "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Digitising_our_photos (while we can still talk about them)!
The task of digitising photos is extremely time consuming so we often put it off until its too late. Our photos end up packed in boxes from which they hardly ever emerge. But it so important to preserve these precious photographs where we can easily look at them and share them with our family and friends for generations to come.

Digitising_our_photos is a project by Casa Cultura to run a series of pop-up high-speed scanning stations. Our plan is to gi...


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Free Sealy Posturpedic single mattress.
Perfect clean condition.

Pickup near Crispe Park, Reservoir.
Please text 0403 979 003. 


Bed Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



Pick up Newlands area.

For any or all, contact Claire 0401 369 841.



Mobile and Home data plan - Cairns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hey guys n girls. I'm helping out one of my technologically challenged gfs. She is a FIFO worker like myself, is currently using a prepaid sim with little to no data on her sim. She doesn't have home internet, but has just built a house in an NBN only area.

She only plans to use the internet every other week to watch Netflix at home in Cairns, but plans to use her phone at work in the mine which requires the Telstra network (only decent infrastructure in Moranbah). She wants to be able to FB video call her family and friends while away at work, but wants to do so when home on wifi =)

Since her new house has been built, she's probably looking at an initial infrastructure setup fee (Optic to home etc). I have had a pretty lazy look online myself... But was hoping someone in the Cairns area could help me out with this? She doesn't need high speeds or anything, just a consistant connection. She needs a home and mobile bundle. She's no CSGO player =P


submitted by /u/Vetski88
[link] [comments]


Parents selectively aborting children based on their gender We need to know the sex. If its a girl we are going to terminate it "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Sonographs often used to determine sex of baby so the girls can be killed

It is a moment burned into the memory of a veteran sonographer.

A number of years ago, the sonographer was asked by a couple at their scan around 12 weeks to tell them the gender of their developing baby.

They said something along the lines of We need to know the sex, because if its a girl we are going to terminate it, they said.

You have to deal with things like terminal cancer and miscarriages when youre working as a sonographer. But this occasion, it still sickens me to this day.

Image may contain: ultrasound and text

Parents selectively aborting children based on their gender

New Australian research, revealed this month, has indicted that a group of parents could be aborting female babies because of a preference for sons. Its led to questions over whether it is necessary to provide parents with early information about the sex of their fetuses.

Already, many obstetricians and sonographers dont routinely provide gender information at the 12-week scan when people can still readily access abortion, largely because its not always accurate and there is rarely any medical purpose. Yet there is an unwillingness to follow in the path of China and India, where abortion of female foetuses is a well-identified problem, and there are bans on early gender reveals.

Advances in science and technology mean Australians are now able to find out the sex of their baby from as early as 10 weeks, via a blood test that also screens for chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. Others may find out their babys sex during an ultrasound around the 12-week mark.

While ultrasound providers have different protocols on whether they reveal the gender of the baby at the first scan, its the stance of the Australasian Sonographers Association that they should play no part in the debate around gender selection.

The associations chief executive, Jodie Long, said if the sonographer was confident in being able to identify the gender, then they would provide that information if asked.

What the parents do with information is not for the sonographer to determine, she said



Debt Rattle August 19 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

Pablo Picasso Portrait of Ambroise Vollard 1910   Anatomy of a Crisis: A Strong Dollar and Disappearing Liquidity (Palisade) Speculators Will Make Hay From Great Australian Economic Crash (Steve Keen) Judge Rules FBI Must Address Measures Taken To Verify Steele Dossier (ZH) White House Counsel Cooperating Extensively With Obstruction Probe (ZH)

The post Debt Rattle August 19 2018 appeared first on The Automatic Earth.


pink-eared duck at Lake near Gracemere, central Queensland reported by Andrew McDougall on 19-08-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The dry is pushing birds east. I saw 1,200 pink-eared ducks fly in and land on an unnamed lake near Gracemere.


Whats all that intensely green stuff? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We havent had a huge season for rain. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Statewide rainfall was 33% below the long-term July mean of 70 mm, the driest July since 2002, and large areas in the north and east of Victoria, and to the north of Melbourne had rainfall totals in the driest 10 per cent on record for July. This follows a dry autumn, with rainfall almost 40% below the long term average.

Tayloria octoblepharum, Spring Gully road, August 14: a characterful history.

But weve had plenty of dampish days: very good for moss, which has given much of our bushland its intense green winter tinge. Get down and enjoy it!

The picture shows a patch of Tayloria octoblepharum, a characterful plant with cigar shaped spore heads. It favours rotting matter. A gruesome detail: the moss was first described for modern science from a sample collected from the decaying remains of a Tasmanian bushranger! You can find this and other edifying details from FOBIFs Mosses of dry forests of south eastern Australia. The second edition of this book is almost exhausted, and a third printing is planned for the coming months.


Please watch this video from Victoria Police. Someone must know who this man is. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This is Chloe and she has bravely shared her story in the hope that someone may recognise the offender who raped and assaulted her. We urge you to watch this and please share to bring Chloe justice. Victoria Police (@VictoriaPolice) August 18, 2018


Wind &Other doing 3.5% of demand "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

6.30 am UPDATE 3.5% of demand. The price well over $200 everywhere but Tasmania.
9am update, sun up and 5%. Just as well there was more wind around for dinner last night!

The dashboard. Yes I know it changes all the time.

Last night at 5.30. A cold snap, a lot of heaters turned up and dinner on the stove.

Wind and Other doing less than 8% of demand! Renewables LOL.


Great Barrier Reef Politics "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Australias environment has been in precarious hands since European settlement found its lengthy and persistent way to the continent.  It has been mined, mauled, drained, farmed, deforested and despoiled at a rate that was only restrained by the size of its small but rapacious populace.  When environmental matters have made an appearance, they have done so with a veil of political opportunism.  Few typify this more than Labors environment minister Senator Graham Richardsons efforts regarding the Tasmanian forests.  To win over the conservation-minded voter in marginal, city-based seats, it was good to go green at least for a bit.

The Great Barrier Reef has not been exempt from the political tussles of a troubled environmental conscience.  Its monumental size, and its status as an ecological wonder meant little in the late 1960s, when the appetite for development mattered most.  In 1967, it seemed to be facing imminent destruction, another casualty of a predatory mining industry keen for new conquests.  The state of Queensland had elected a National Party government hungry to exploit the environments wares.

As local tour operator Alistair Pike explained to the ABC, We had a fairly full-on development oriented government and mate, if they couldnt drill it, mine it, chop it down or whatever, they really didnt want to know about it.  It took characters such as that feted rat bag of an activist, rogue of action and Mission Beach artist John Bsst to bring angered but focused attention on threats to bulldoze Ellison Reef.  An impeccably connected person, he had the ear of Australian prime minister and fellow diver Harold Holt.  A cast of characters were duly mobilised: the CSIRO forester Len Webb, and president of the Queensland Wildlife Society Judith Wright became enthusiastic and un-phased recruits.

In the Australian environmental conscience, this gorgeously freakish wonder of ecology has been seen in isolation, its problems a local provenance and interest rather than a global phenomenon of ailing.  As the earth continues is warming push, earthbound, and very terrestrially unimaginative politicians have been attempting to treat the Reefs woes as separately resolvable from the broader challenges of climate change.

Little wonder, then, that a problem viewed in such limited terms could be duly remedied by donations without tender, lump sum payments without review.  Narrowly viewed problems tend to lead to narrowly devised solutions.  Such was the nature of the Turnbull governments $...


A Parting Glass farewell to an old friend "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
TS. Elliot, Little Gidding

One of those days in England, with a sword in every pond, sang Roy Harper, the high priest of anglo-angst. And so it was when we looked out on England and imagined a wider world. Our journey took us to this farthest shore on the brink of the mighty Pacific.

This month saw the passing of a fine old friend whom Id first met fifty years ago this September when we arrived as young freshmen at the provincial red-brick University of Reading in Berkshire,  and boarded at the same hall of residence.

It was there that John and I bonded through folk music. I had a battered Spanish guitar that Id strung  with steel strings, and had started writing songs and playing them to our friends. I took off one weekend to visit friends in the north and left my guitar with John. When Id returned, hed not only mastered the instrument, but was able to play me a couple of his favourite songs Ralph McTells Streets of  London and Michael Chapmans One Time Thing (see below). Very soon, he could play them note-perfect from just listening to the vinyl. And instead of me showing him chords and finger picking, he was teaching me.

With a bunch of university friends, we later flatted in London whilst they earned enough money to get themselves overland to Australia. There, two of the fellowship settled down, built families and careers, and raised a mob of clever, creative and beautiful children. I was never born to follow; but life seeks out its own highways and byways, and in time these led me also DownUnder.

Though his later life rendered him victim to a treasonous DNA, he fostered and followed through a passion for the wide, dry flatlands west of the Great Divide. He would undertake long-distance solo driving tours beyond the Black Stump (which is to say the back of beyond, or more prosaically,  to buggery); and would send us dispatches of his journeying, with beautiful photographs and stories of shooting the breeze with the locals and playing his guitar in pubs and by camp fires. When driving was physically no longer an option, hed catch the train to outback Broken Hill.

Like Banjo Paterson, one of our national bards, and his poetic alter-ego ...


More photos for Creatures project "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Newstead photographer, Patrick Kavanagh, has generously contributed many of his terrific nature photos to our FOBIF exhibitions. Here are five of Patricks most recent offerings. 

Click on each photo to enlarge. You can see our Creatures Flickr page here and find out how to contribute to our Creatures project here.


ABC poll >100,000 people on Anning speech - majority say nothing to apologise for "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

From Senator Fraser Anning today: ABC News and ABC Brisbane did recent polls with 65,000 and 38,400 people voting respectively. The overwhelming majority of people (60% and 75%) agreed that I have nothing to apologise for in my recent speech which called for an immigration plebiscite. I think the Canberra...


Tales from the woodpile #8 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Winter is the season in which tales from the woodpile abound who in their right mind would be rummaging through a woodpile in summer! This time the woodpile is not mine but Kens from Whanregarwen. The Huntsman-looking spider is a Ground or Flat Spider (Hemicloea sp.). They live in leaf litter (or woodpiles) and []


Blink and youll miss it! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Courtship feeding in Eastern Yellow Robin happens during nest-building, incubation and nestling feeding stages.

It is always a fleeting event, with the male drawn to the begging female, either on the nest or a favourite perch nearby, carrying a tasty morsel, In this instance a colour-banded male arrived at the nest where the female was sitting on two eggs. I was fortunate to capture the female in focus but the male was just too fast.

Female Eastern Yellow Robin arriving at the nest, Rise and Shine, 18th August 2018


Smoke and mirror madness ... Forestry burns legal, yet backyard BBQs could be censured "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Just when you think our bumbling bureaucrats cant lose the plot any deeper, some public service cuckoo comes up with the loony idea to curb urban smoke. Thats right, unbelievable as it sounds, excessive smoke emissions from the backyard barbeque may soon become a punishable infringement !


Hydrogen, Electric Vehicles and Gippsland "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hydrogen has certainly been in the news in Gippsland the last few months. In this column there have been two articles on the partially government funded coal to hydrogen pilot plant (see here and here ), an article on the chemistry of the process, another  on the Carbon Capture and Storage from the process at Golden Beach, and one on the proposed use of Hastings as a hydrogen port.

Recently there has been substantial publicity on CSIRO technological advances to convert ammonia to hydrogen. An ABC article highlighted that this would make the hydrogen powered car cycle much safer and user friendly. Another in the Melbourne Age linked this to the Coal to Hydrogen Gippsland Plans. The ABC article made much of the fact that this combustible fuel could now be produced and transported as benign ammonia and converted to the combustible hydrogen at point of use. However there are several aspects of this that the media may have missed.

One is that coal is not necessary to the process, that the ammonia can be readily produced by renewable energy anywhere where it has access to water and air. Long-time advocate of ammonia as a transportable form of hydrogen retired CSIRO scientist Barrie Pittock wrote It is great news. The technological revolution is upon us. And we will see renewables taking over rapidly. There are already at least two major hydrogen/ammonia projects started in the Pilbara and north of Adelaide. Fossil fuels are rapidly becoming a stranded asset, and just as well! So much for the NEG it is almost irrelevant now.

The other question is the relevance of this process is to automobiles. In this instance it would seem that the electric vehicle (EV) has already won the race. The EV has so many advantages over the internal combustion engine (including hydrogen powered ones) such as longer life, reduced maintenance and home and solar charging. And the cost of transporting...


The National Picture: overwhelming reminder of wilful gaps in Australias history "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Symbolically named for a Duterrau painting that has long been missing, exhibition in Canberra interrogates the stories we havent told


Once more a Coalition federal government is promising savings on household electricity bills "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Throughout the 1980s, '90s, and most of the 2000s, electricity prices tracked fairly closely to general consumer price trends. In the past decade, however, electricity has shot off the charts. Since 2008 power prices have risen 117 per cent, more than four times the average price increase across sectors. [ABC News, 18 July  2018]

All three major NSW political parties - Liberal, Nationals and Labor - along with their federal counterparts drank the Kool-Aid when it came to the alleged desirability of privatising state assets in the electricity and gas sectors of energy supply.

Here is a brief outline of the how and why...... 


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Saturday, 18 August


Things to do in Amsterdam with teenagers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit. As the capital of the Netherlands, there are many things to do in Amsterdam with teenagers. Amsterdam has a population of a little over 850,000 people. 3.5 million people visit Amsterdam every year.

Amsterdam is a city rich in history, Art, Culture and fun. Home to two of the most famous museums in the World.  The Rijksmuseum Museum and the Van Gough Museum. This makes finding things to do in Amsterdam for teens and families easy. As family travellers, we like to find a mixture of experiences for everyone. Its important for us to learn about culture and history as an educational experience for the kids.


Things to do in Amsterdam with Teenagers


Vondel Park Amsterdam

Vondel Park is Amsterdams main city green space. Its located just over the bridge in a west direction from the Leidesplein. Vondel Park covers an impressive 47 Hectares of land. Vondel Park Amsterdam is a great place to enjoy the slower pace of Amsterdam. Take a frisbee or football.

Spend some time chasing the frisbee on the green wide open spaces of Vondel Park. Kids and teenagers in Amsterdam will like hiring a bike in Vondel Park. The paths in the park are well signposted and wide for bike riding. The park and its paths are used by cyclists getting from one part of Amsterdam city to the other. The paths in the park are not as crowded as the city centre. Its a more relaxed environment as you pass the ponds and sites of Vondel Park

Vondel Park Amsterdam with Teenagers

How to get to Vondel Park Amsterdam.

To reach the park from Dam Square, take tram line 1 and get off at J.P. Heijestraat. Alternatively, it is a half-hour walk from Dam Square if you fancy the fresh air. If you are near the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum then the Vondelpark is just a few minutes walks away.


The Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience might sound like a strange choice for a teenager in Amsterdam to do. We think it...


Egret monochrome "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I enjoyed a few quiet moments in fading light last evening with the Great Egret at Joyces Creek.

The egret was resting in shallow water just upstream of the bridge and making occasional lunges at water life as the light disappeared.

Great Egret, Joyces Creek, 17th August 2018

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Friday, 17 August


Thank Folk Its Friday 17th August "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Releases This Week Strings Bonniesongs Bandcamp The World Has A Gentle Soul Melanie Horsnell and Steve Appel iTunes Timber and Steel Recommends Go To This Gig Dashville Skyline 2018 Official Warm-Up Party feat. The Sweet Jelly Rolls, Magpie Diaries, Grace []


Elio Villafranca Album Launch Cinque "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hailing from Cuba via New York, Grammy-nominated pianist/composer Elio Villafranca returns to Australia to launch his latest and most ambitious project to date, Cinque. The album has just received a glowing 4.5 stars review from Downbeat Magazine with Villafranca named in the Downbeat Critics Poll as one of the Rising Stars of 2018.

This exceptional body of work is Inspired by the story Joseph Cinque who, in 1839, led a successful revolt aboard the slave ship La Amistad. The five-movement suite combines jazz, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, powerful narration and song to tell stories of rebellion and determination in the pursuit of freedom. This performance will give Australian audiences a unique opportunity to hear and see two nearly extinct music forms: Tambor Yuka and Gang.

What: Cinque Music of the Caribbean by Elio Villafranca

When: Wed, September 12, 2018 @8:00 PM

Where: Darlinghurst Theatre Companys Eternity Playhouse

To Find Out More & Book Online Click Here

The post Elio Villafranca Album Launch Cinque appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Concerned about feral horses in Kosciuszko? Get walking "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On the 3rd November, a bunch of bushwalkers will start a 35 day walk from Sydney to the summit of Kosciuszko, to highlight the damage being caused by feral horses.

They are looking for walkers to join them for all or some of the walk. The route will follow main and secondary roads, via Camden, Mittagong, Goulburn, Canberra, Cooma and Charlotte Pass.  With the support of the National Parks Associations of NSW and the ACT, and Bushwalking NSW, they are expecting large crowds at the start and finish of the walks. More detail is available on the Save Kosci web site (

Youll be able to register as a walker or non-walking helper from early September. Watch this page for further news, or contact Linda Groom,

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Tuesday, 14 August


Stopping litter in its tracks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Great Ocean Road Coasts conservation team recently undertook works to address an old overgrown drain at Torquays back beach, emptying into the sea near Voss car park.

Conservation Worker Scott Hives set about designing a solution.

We needed an innovative solution to prevent rubbish flowing into the sea.

His first infrastructure design project, Scott carefully considered the site and came up with a design that is sympathetic to the environment but effectively captures waste. With the help of a civil engineer, Scotts waste trap design does not require digging to construct, is easy to empty, and will handle a lot more waste than is anticipated to flow through the site.

The waste trap system will make a big difference to the amount of litter flowing out to sea in this area, and it is hoped that the design may be replicated at other coastal sites around Australia to help to stem the flow of waste from storm-water drains to our precious waterways.

Great Ocean Road Coasts conservation team has recently completed the installation of the litter trap. With all ground works now complete the site has been cleared of weeds and revegetated with indigenous ground covers and shrubs to restore the areas native plant species.

To learn more about the conservation works undertaken by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, visit our website:



Arrest for theft of 91-year-olds wallet "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A 19-year-old Marshall man has been charged with theft and related offences after allegedly stealing a 91-year-old mans wallet and watch from an Ocean Grove gym.

The man entered the gym, on The Terrace, on 6 August and went through the elderly mans bag before walking out with his wallet and watch, Bellarine Police Senior Sergeant Adrian Bickley said.

The man then used the 91-year-olds credit card to make purchases at three retail shops on The Terrace.

Senior Sergeant Bickley said the new CCTV cameras on The Terrace assisted in the arrest of the man on 10 August.

The Marshall man has been bailed and will appear at Geelong Magistrates Court on 31 October.

Because of the City of Geelongs CCTV cameras, we were able to identify and track the offenders movements, Senior Sergeant Bickley said.

These CCTV cameras are fantastic in identifying persons of interest.

The CCTV cameras have assisted in identifying this offender and assisting us in getting an early arrest.

It has also given the victim peace of mind.


The post Arrest for theft of 91-year-olds wallet appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


Grove must up the ante "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ocean Grove Football Netball Club president Tony Potter says its senior football side must keep pace with the BFLs elite teams to push for finals in 2019.

It was the second year in three seasons the Grubbers had missed senior footy finals.

Ocean Grove (10-8) scraped into fifth spot in 2017 and was bundled out by Modewarre in last years elimination final under first year coach Paul Lynch.

This season the Grubbers (10-8) won the same amount of games but finished in sixth spot.

Potter said despite two wins from the last two matches, it was a disappointing end to season.

Very disappointing, but it just shows the quality of the opposition in the Bellarine got a lot stronger, Potter told the Voice.

We have to get stronger with it.

The Grubbers started the season well and by Round 7 had a 5-2 record, but big losses to Torquay and Modewarre in the back half of season inevitably killed off their finals hopes.

A loss to Drysdale in Round 8 at home by 13 points also did not help the clubs finals aspirations.

Between Round 12 and 16 Ocean Grove lost three out of four matches.

Prior to losses to Torquay in Round 15 and Modewarre in Round 16, the Grubbers average losing margin was under 30 points.

Despite two defeats to BFL ladder leader Barwon Heads in 2018, the Grubbers were competitive against the Seagulls with a 21-point loss in Round three and 26-point loss in Round 14.

On the flip side Ocean Grove defeated this years finals contenders Geelong Amateur and Queenscliff twice in 2018.

Ocean Grove coach Paul Lynch said the development of senior youngsters Isaac Wilkins, Riley Maloney and Mitch Lindkvist was a pleasing sign.

All three players came from the Grubber juniors. .

Rising forward Matt Caldow finished with a surge with four goals in Round 17 and three goals in Round 18.

I reckon Rizzer (Riley), Isaac and Mitch have all improved on last year thats where your improvement has got to come from the kids coming up through the system, Lynch told the Voice.

Theyre are all close mates and have come up together and they are doing the work and they are starting to get the rewards now, which is good.

The Grubbers are expected to have a battle on their hands to keep key ruckman Andrew Jarvis after his inclusion in the Vic Country squad in 2018.

I have no doubt he is attracting attention, Lynch said.

Obviously with a man that is in the Vic Country squad there is going to be plenty of phone calls come his way we understand that and if he wants to play GFL footy we are not going t...

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Saturday, 11 August


National Threatened Species Day at Falls Creek "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

7th September.

The Mountain Pygmy Possum is on the endangered list and it lives here

Come visit us at Falls Creek Cross Country and learn about the mountain pygmy possum and its vulnerabilities. And learn what you can do to help. We are offering FREE XC ski hire and $1 coffees for those who bring their own cup.

FALLS CREEK CROSS COUNTRY, located above the Windy Corner carpark.

This date commemorates the death of the last known thylacine in 1936. Australia is one of the worlds leaders in mammal extinctions. Since European settlement, approximately 10% of our 273 endemic terrestrial mammals have gone extinct. For comparison USA has only had 1 mammal go extinct since European settlement.

(03) 5758 3408 fallscreekXC@ymca.o

Check here for background details on the Mountain Pygmy Possum.


Albert Lee "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Friday 10th Aug, 8.00pm 11.30pm, Meeniyan Town Hall

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Friday, 10 August


Great shirts for a great cause the Mountain Pygmy Possum "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At the backcountry festival, we will be raising funds for a number of great causes (check here for the full list).

As part of these efforts, we will be selling tshirts, and all profits will be directed to the Mountain Pygmy Possum recovery program at Mt Buller. Please see below for details on this important and very successful initiative.

They are $40 each, are Australian made and come in a male and female design. They will be a grey that works with the design we have.

You need to pre-order by August 30.

You can purchase the tshirts here via the Mountain Sports Collective website.

You can also buy tshirts through a bank transfer.

If buying through a bank transfer:

Please specify:

1/ decide on your size: from XS to 4XL. These are Australian made shirts. Check here if you want to see the size specifications.




Poowong finals bound almost "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tane Derrick of the Poowong U16s gets away from the pack while making a solid contribution to the teams win on Saturday. Photos courtesy of Jeff Tull.

POOWONG travelled to Neerim South on Saturday looking for a victory in the seniors and reserves to push towards a finals berth, and came home with the dream intact.
The Magpies were also hoping Ellinbank did not cause an upset and defeat Catani in the seniors.
Poowong regained Trevor Hooker, Tim Francis and Josh Chivaroli this week with only Ben Hancock missing, hopefully back next week.
This will result in the first full list of available players.
Tim Hancock led the team on to the ground in his 100th senior game. Hes been a real stalwart for Poowong over the tough years.
Poowong kicked to the Noojee end of the ground against the breeze.
The game opened at a brisk pace with Neerim scoring the first goal.
Poowong worked the ball around until Chris Robinson marked and goaled.
He then set up Trevor Hooker for Poowongs second.
Neerim came back with two late goals, one from a snap and the other a running goal to take a four-point lead into the second quarter.
Poowong set out to open up a margin by half time with the aid of the breeze. A snap from Thomas Wyatt followed by a goal from Michael Harris after his strong tackle was rewarded gave Poowong a nice start.
Lachie Green added a good running goal and then Michael Harris added his second from a hand pass.
Clever goals from Chris Doria and Hooker just before half time led to a 29-point lead at the long break.
Neerim came out after the break and tried to go forward but the backline of Poowong held firm allowing only one point for the quarter.
Jake Hazendonk passed to Chris Robinson who kicked his second goal, and Wyatt kicked his second after a free kick.
Poowong led by 43 points at the last change but started to play short and this resulted in a poor last quarter.
The only goal came from a great running effort by Josh Chivaroli.
Neerim came back and kicked their fourth goal for the game.
Poowong with the four points moved back into the five after Ellinbanks 14-point loss to Catani.
This week Poowong play Buln Buln at home while Ellinbank takes on Nyora away.
Both results will have a bearing on the finals run home.
Poowong will need to play four quarters of football to hold their place in...

Monday, 23 July


Tell Federal MPs and Senators: vote NO to TPP-11 "IndyWatch Feed"

TPP-11 vote coming soon - tell Federal MPs and Senators to say no

The original TPP-12 trade deal between the US Australia and 10 other Pacific Rim countries could not proceed after the US withdrew in 2017.

Australia and Japan led the push for the TPP-11 without the US, which was signed in March 2018. Some clauses have been suspended, pending the US re-joining in future. But the deal still gives more rights to global corporations and reduces government rights to regulate in the public interest.

The TPP-11 implementing legislation is now being reviewed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee on which the government has a majority. Community campaigning has also resulted in a Senate Inquiry on which the government does not have a majority.

Parliament will vote on the implementing legislation after both Committees report in August-September 2018. It can be stopped if the majority in the Senate say no.

The TPP-11 is a bad deal that gives more rights to global corporations to sue governments, restricts government regulation of essential services and encourages privatisation, lacks enforceable protections for labour rights and vulnerable temporary migrant workers, and lacks enforceable environmental regulation.

Send a message to your local Federal MP and Senators to say no to the TPP-11

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