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Saturday, 03 November


Rosehill Garden Concert "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 3rd Nov, 10.00am Sunday 4th Nov, 4.00pm, Rosehill Farm

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Monday, 22 October


Mick Pealing & Nick Charles "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sunday 21st Oct, 3.00pm, Royal Exchange Hotel

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Sunday, 21 October


Farmers Market Wayville "IndyWatch Feed"

Adelaide families now have the opportunity buy fresh food directly from producers from all over SA at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. The 20,000 strong crowd that turned up for the farmers market which formed the centrepiece of the 'Go Organic Festival' in September in 2005 encouraged the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) to back the foundation of a permanent farmers market by a not-for-profit community organisation. The market opened on October 1st 2006 with a massive crowd of 10,000 shoppers and runs each Sunday (apart from the weeks of the Royal Show) from 9am-1pm.

In the tradition of farmers markets, it is a food market at which both food producers and consumers can get a fair price for food produced in SA and support regional and sustainable land use. The market guarantees that you buy direct from the producer and is known for its strict adherence to the ethics of farmers markets which now number in their thousands worldwide as families seek to avoid overstored food from major retailers who pass on meagre prices to farmers. In Australia, the farmers market movement is represented by the Australian Farmers Market Association and SA's peak body, the SA Farmers Market Association, will soon be launched.

The Adelaide Showground location is superb, with a major bike trail, the Glenelg tram line, a major rail line, numerous bus routes all converging to make it one of the most accessible sites in Adelaide. Parking is also easy and cheap.

120 producers offer their extraordinarily diverse products (everything from oysters to almonds and bread to boysenberries!). It is accessed from the car parks at the Leader Street (southern) end of the Showgrounds.  

Becoming a member brings with it 10% discount on all purchases as well as a right to vote in the management of the market. Details and memberships are available at

The Food Forest is a foundation stallholder at the market and presents a wide range of foods, always including its signature specialty - organically certified pistachio nuts. We are there on alternate weeks (we run short courses on the other weekends).

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Friday, 19 October


Simmer Town Roots Tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Thursday 18th Oct, 8.00pm 12.00am, The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

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Wednesday, 17 October


PERTH Tegan Sapwells Tweet Barry Urban is yet to appear in Perth Magistrates Court to face fraud "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Tegan Sapwells Tweet Barry Urban is yet to appear in Perth Magistrates Court to face fraud .

October 16, 2018 at 12:02PM .

Barry Urban is yet to appear in Perth Magistrates Court to face fraud charges. He was due to appear at 9am. If hes not here by 10.30 the Magistrate .


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Tuesday, 16 October


Audi car corporation fined for fraud "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from Australia says about itself:

Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler arrested over dieselgate scandal | Auto Expert John Cadogan

19 June 2018

Rupert Stadler, the boss of Audi, was arrested by German prosecutors on Monday.

Sunday June 10th was probably Professor Stadlers last happy full day. Investigators invited themselves into his private residence a week ago Monday (imagine his delight senior execs love that: We were driving past and saw your light on; just thought wed drop in) wherein they found interesting documentation relating to fraud and false advertising, allegedly.

The Financial Times says the information at Chateau Stadler helped them uncover another 20 suspects in the biggest public health scandal of the decade.

Big Rupie enjoyed that first date at his place so much that a week later he went back to their place to assist with enquiries, as tradition has it, and now it seems hes moved in.

Audi has confirmed Gassy Ruperts new domicile, while many news outlets say hes been remanded in custody because they dont trust him not to tamper with the evidence.

Youd think an advanced society like ze Chermans would have laws against perverting the course of justice

Anyway, Isaac Newton said so famously about the mighty: such a long way to fall. From boardroom bigwig to polisher of Bubbas big bratwurst behind bars in the Bavarian big house. Something of a literal and metaphoric comeuppance.



MACKAY Dog cops blame for P-platers power pole smash "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Dog cops blame for P-platers power pole smash

October 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

However, appearing before Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, a deeply regretful Manning admitted to Magistrate Damien Dwyer that he had not

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Andergrove Convenience Store Break In "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 15, 2018 at 01:33PM ,

Andergrove Convenience Store Break In

October 15, 2018 at 01:33PM ,

stealing and possession of cannabis and a utensil. The man is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. Investigations are continuing.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Mehreen Faruqi lectures, "What has a place in Australia" "IndyWatch Feed National"

The white supremacy the Government voted for yesterday has no place in Australia. My speech in the @AuSenate just now #auspol Mehreen Faruqi (@MehreenFaruqi) October 16, 2018


NSW Registry Manager to Test Land Conveyancing on a Blockchain in Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

The land registry manager of New South Wales in Australia has partnered with a blockchain technology firm with a view of applying distributed ledger technology to property conveyancing. According to the Financial Review, a proof of concept on a selected number of use cases will be conducted by the New South Wales Land Registry Services Continued

The post NSW Registry Manager to Test Land Conveyancing on a Blockchain in Australia appeared first on CCN


1) News Focus - Papua, West Papua remain at risk of elephantiasis l "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Thought extinct for 90 years, rare tree kangaroo photographed in West Papua Province

1) News Focus - Papua, West Papua remain at risk of elephantiasis l
Reporter: Otniel Tamindael  3 hours ago

Jakarta,  (ANTARA News) - Lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis, has been a public health problem in Indonesia for a long time, with the ea...


Movies, Food, Friends and Travel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Im normally asleep before take-off. Within seconds of switching off my mobile phone, my head can normally be found bobbing from side to side, probably to the annoyance of the person sitting next to me. And there is always only one, as I have a preference for aisle seats. I dont want to be the []


Destructive tornado, tennis-ball-sized hail hit Queensland, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A severe thunderstorm hit parts of Queensland, Australia on October 11, 2018, producing a destructive tornado and dumping heavy rain and extremely damaging, up to tennis-ball-sized hail. The hardest hit was South Burnett where authorities are still determining...... Read more


NEW MUSIC: Emma Miller  Merry Go Round "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

UK singer/songwriter Emma Miller has released the first single from her debut EP due out in the new year. Merry Go Round is a rich swoon of a song that showcases her wonderful voice. It has hints of someone like Courtney Marie Andrews in its tone but its placed in more of an English folk Continue reading


Those Two Vietnamese Bachelor Contestants Are Now In A Relationship "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The two female contestants on Vietnams The Bachelor who made global headlines when they chose each other instead are now in a relationship. Last month, contestant Minh Thu told the shows bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung at a rose ceremony that she had to leave the show because she was in love with fellow competitor, Truc ...

The post Those Two Vietnamese Bachelor Contestants Are Now In A Relationship appeared first on QNews Magazine.


NEWS: Take Me To Town launched in NSW, Melbourne and Brisbane are next "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It was huge weekend in NSW with the launch of the Take Me To Town: An Australian Alternative Country Compilation launched in Newcastle, Sydney and Cronulla over three consecutive nights. It was a real thrill to see plenty of people turn out across the weekend to support and celebrate the release of what we feel Continue reading


Indigenous Palliative Care "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet launched the new Palliative Care and End-of-Life Resource portal for the workforce who support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today at Parliament House in Canberra.  The palliative care and end-of-life portal is designed to assist health professionals who provide care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and communities.


Director of the HealthInfoNet, Professor Neil Drew, said the portal will support both clinicians and policy-makers to access research and projects on palliative and end-of-life care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


"This collaboration between the HealthInfoNet and Palliative Care Australia will locate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative and end-of-life care resources and make them available all together in the one place for health professionals.

"This will make the relevant information available to the workforce through a state of the art online portal to support decision-making and best-practice care.

"A yarning place will be established in early 2019 to facilitate information sharing and support among clinicians," said Professor Drew.



The Bridge from Milson's Point "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After months (or what seems like it) of cold wet weather when its supposed to be spring, the sun finally has emerged so I went over to Milson's point station to do some more to this 

Blue sky after another afternoon on Milsons Pt station platform. Everyone who came along was really friendly, like Andy who took a photo of me and the painting and his son Jordan. Even the security guard on the cycletrack on the bridge asked for a look as I was leaving




Community Billboard 16 October 23 October "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future Sydney 2030 making our city more green, global and connected.

The post Community Billboard 16 October 23 October appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Calm before storm as Asian stocks drift higher "IndyWatch Feed National"

Asian shares drifted marginally higher on Tuesday following another volatile session on Wall Street but a perfect storm of risks hovering over the global economy curbed investors enthusiasm.

Hong Kongs benchmark Hang Seng market led the gains, rising by half a percentage point, while equities in Japan scraped into positive territory after suffering stiff losses the previous day.

Chinese stocks opened essentially flat while markets in Australia and South Korea were fractionally in the green.

AFP | Traders are looking at a plethora of risk factors

Global markets have been rocked in recent days as traders fret about spiking oil prices, rising US long-term interest rates and an attack by US President Donald Trump on his own central bank and its policies.

After a see-saw session on Wall Street, the Dow Jones closed down 0.4 percent and the broader S&P 500 was down just more at 0.6 percent.

Investors have now entered a stalemate period to rethink the plethora of looming market uncertainties, ambiguities and flat out worries, said Stephen Innes from OANDA trading.

But this relative calm belies the building storm clouds on the horizon.

Gains in Tokyo were sparked by a technical rebound after a sharp fall yesterday, said analysts at Okasan Online Securities.

The oil price continued to climb amid ongoing geopolitical tensions surrounding Saudi Arabia, with accusations that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Kingdoms consulate in Istanbul.

Trump said overnight he would send Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to find out first-hand what happened, what they know, whats going on.

Turning to foreign exchange markets, the pound suffered further falls in early Asian trade as the possibility of a no deal Brexit looms.

EU President Donald Tusk said he remained hopeful and determined that Britain and the bloc could clinch an amicable divorce deal.

However, he added: We must prepare the EU for a no-deal scenario, which is more likely than ever before.

Key figures around 0230 GMT

Tokyo Nikkei 225: UP 0.2 percent at 22,318.69 (open)

Hong Kong Hang Seng: UP 0.5 percent at 25,568.84 (open)

Shanghai Composite: FLAT at 2,567.76 (open)

Euro/dollar: DOWN at $1.155...


New treatment prevents transplant rejection "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A new treatment strategy could increase the success rate of stem cell transplants, according to University of Queensland researchers.

The approach removes the need for donor matching and the use of immunosuppressant drugs to prevent rejection, and could make stem cell treatment accessible to more patients.

UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Dr Jatin Patel said researchers found immunosuppressant drugs had a negative impact on the transplanted stem cells.


Drumming up Community Connection with rhythm and beats "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When Annie Fletcher and her family moved back from WA to Melbourne, Hurstbridge seemed a nice spot at the end of the train line. It wasnt until theyd been living there a few months that Annie realised the rich arts community theyd been fortunate to move into.

Keen to get into more hand-drumming, Annie decided to hook into the local scene, in particular the regular jamming sessions at St Andrews market, which at that time had a weekly drum circle. This lead to a conversation with the local neighbourhood house about starting a beginners group and, fourteen years later as Drum Connection, the beat goes on.

I wasnt a particularly experienced drummer at that time but, because Id been a teacher for many years, I used my teaching skills to work out what I wanted to teach and how and it just grew from there. My intrinsic love of rhythm had also been honed over many years with my passion and tertiary study in Dance.

Numbers were low to start with, but running the group gave Annie an opportunity to assimilate into the community, it helped me find my place and it was just so rewarding.

Participation in the new group continued to grow with spots of natural fluctuation, but the community music experience continued as a weekly dose of positive good fun.

I always say there are no mistakes in the drumming, there are just variations on a theme and a bit of jamming is fine. People like that and if they struggle with a particular rhythm, they can just play the first beat of each bar or the main beats of the rhythm and when the finishing call comes, they can whack the drum again and finish with the group, so its accessible to all.



Calving out careers in dairy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

STUDENTS from Poowong Consolidated School took out some of the top prizes at the annual Cows Create Careers Presentation Day in Warragul last week.
Primary and secondary school students, teachers and dairy farmer mentors from across Gippsland gathered at the Warragul Country Club last Thursday to celebrate their participation in the Dairy Australia program, which aims to increase awareness of dairy industry careers in a fun, hands-on way.
Over three weeks, students reared and cared for two three-week-old calves at their school, with a local dairy farmer assigned to teach them how to care for the calves, and an industry advocate visiting the students to speak about their career in the dairy industry.
Students were required to form teams to complete assessments based on the dairy industry, and at last weeks presentation day, Poowong Consolidated School was announced as the top performing junior school in the region.
Poowong students Bonnie Crawford, Holly Hallyburton, Zinnia Jackman-Riches from team Milkyway and Sam Wallace, Jordon Foote and Moneve Egeberg from the Flamin Farmers also won prizes in the junior section for outstanding results on assessment tasks.
Bass Valley Primary School, Newhaven College and Chairo Christian School (Leongatha) also participated in the program, and each schools top performing team received a commendation.
The Cows Create Careers program was established by the Strzelecki Lions Club in 2004, with nine Gippsland schools participating.
With support from Dairy Australia, regional development programs, dairy farmers and sponsors, the program has now expanded to 244 schools across Australia, with 13,163 students completing the module in 2017.
Dairy Australias Workforce Development program manager Sally Roberts said it was encouraging to see students passionate about Cows Create Careers and Australias vibrant dairy industry.
The aim of Cows Create Careers is to increase the students awareness of the diversity of educational pathways and career opportunities in Australias dairy industry, she said.
Its great to see enthusiastic students getting involved and learning about the industry, while making important connections with their local dairy community.
Ms Roberts said the project had received strong support from dairy farmers and advocates across Australia, with 466 volunteers giving 2330 hours of their time across 23 Australian dairying regions in the past year alone.
The projects passionate volunteers are vital to the continued success of Cows Create Careers, Ms Roberts said.
They speak to the students about their experiences in the industry, they support student career decision making, and they have important links to education and employment sectors.

The post ...


Insectivores in the forest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A couple of snapshots from over a week ago. Both species were photographed from the same spot in the Mia Mia first a White-browed Babbler that had just captured a centipede and then lovely views of a woodland favourite, the White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike.

White-browed Babbler, South German Track, 7th October 2018


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00011 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.95 AUD


Monkey Coffee "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

No Cookies | Gold Coast Bulletin
Excerpt from link "
Ward says Gold Coasters are even into cat poo coffee a velvety-textured super-strong brew made from beans that have passed through a catlike monkey known as a civet from Indonesia.

Its the rarest, most expensive, most caffeinated coffee in the world...

Monkey Coffee


October in fiction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian letters is like a microcosm of Australia itself: culturally diverse, politically varied across different states, tense and conflicted or humorous or affecting in turn. If there is one thing we may say about our literatures it is that there is a common thread of darkness underneath. Whether that thread references an unvoiced violence or subsumed toxic masculinities, or a wilfully forgotten colonial past, it is traceable in much of our writing, especially in the short story form.


ABC 7.30 Report population special (Part 1) - by Leith van Onselen "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC 7.30 Report last night aired part one of its three-part population special, which included me as the economist. While I will reserve judgement until the final two-parts have been aired, my initial gut reaction is disappointment. The main problem I see with it so far is the ABC has inferred that a population of more than 40-million mid-century is inevitable rather than a direct policy choice. Nowhere did The ABC clearly show how the federal government massively increased Australias immigration intake from the early-2000

By Leith van Onselen

ABC 7.30 Report last night aired part one of its three-part population special, which included me as the economist.

While I will reserve judgement until the final two-parts have been aired, my initial gut reaction is disappointing.

The main problem I see with it so far is the ABC has inferred that a population of more than 40-million mid-century is inevitable rather than a direct policy choice.

Nowhere did The ABC clearly show how the federal government massively increased Australias immigration intake from the early-2000s:

Nor how immigration is the defacto driver of Australias population increase both directly as migrants step off the plane, as well as indirectly when they have children (then counted as natural increase). This was made explicit by the Productivity Commissions 2016 Migrant Intake Australia report, which showed that Australias population would barely increase without immigration:



Victorias largest solar farm goes ahead after solving connection dilemma "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Victorias largest solar farm goes ahead after solving connection ...


The Foetal Manslaughter Debate. Should Unborn Babies be Separately Protected? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Currently in New South Wales, a person who destroys a foetus can be charged with causing grievous bodily harm against the mother, but not with a separate crime such as manslaughter or murder against the unborn baby. However, a recent collision which caused the death of a 23-year old

The post The Foetal Manslaughter Debate. Should Unborn Babies be Separately Protected? appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


IPCC bets on the renewables revolution "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr Jim Green, Nuclear Monitor #867, 15 Oct 2018

The UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a landmark report warning that global warming must be kept to 1.5C, requiring rapid and far-reaching transitions in land, energy, industry, buildings, transport, and cities.1

The world must invest US$2.4 trillion in clean energy every year through 2035 and cut the use of coal-fired power to almost nothing by 2050 to avoid catastrophic damage from climate change, according to the IPCC. To put the US$2.4 trillion figure in context, about US$1.8 trillion was invested in energy systems globally in 2017, of which about 42% was invested in electricity generation and about 18.5% in renewables.2

Unsurprisingly, the World Nuclear Association (WNA) used the IPCC report to promote nuclear power.



Ford Raptor coming soon to Leongatha "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The new Ford Raptor is on its way to Leongatha.

LEONGATHA Ford is preparing for the launch of the highly anticipated Ford Ranger Raptor truck, the first arriving at the dealership very soon.
The Raptor is a high-end off-road performance vehicle based on the popular Ranger series of trucks and has been reengineered from the ground up for off-road
On top of a reinforced chassis, the Ranger Raptor includes a 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine, FOX Racing Shocks suspension and 33-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres and a 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift thats also used on the Mustang and F-150 Raptor.
Leongatha Ford welcomes you to call and book in a test drive with a demo model.
The truck is something Australia has never seen before and comes from the same Ford Performance factory that produces the Mustang and F-150 for the United States.
The Ranger is designed and engineered out of Melbourne. Its home-grown and its been taken worldwide and been phenomenally successful.
The Ford Raptor will be priced at $74,990 plus on road costs which take the drive away price to around $79,000.
While options only include colours and Raptor decals, genuine Ford accessories can still be fitted to the truck.
There has been a lot of interest since it was announced. Nationally, most dealers have already sold out of all their initial allocation.
They are going to be a limited product so the market isnt going to be flooded.
Call in to Leongatha Ford today, 1 Hughes Street, Leongatha, or call 5662 4144, email: LMCT 8179.

The post Ford Raptor coming soon to Leongatha appeared first on South Gippsland Sentinel-Times.


Coalitions climate change stance will kill people, say Greens "IndyWatch Feed"

  The Australian Greens have warned against the Morrison government backing a coal-led energy policy over the Snowy Hydro 2.0 project. SBS, 15 Oct 18  Greens MP Adam Bandt has warned the Coalitions views on climate change and renewable...


Japanese, Australian and other world governments toe the nuclear industrys line on radiation "IndyWatch Feed"

Nuclear industry responds by calling those who disagree with the ICRP and IAEA in these matters radiophobes. The Japanese government responds to the disagreement coming from its people with more and more imposed secrecy, and greater compliance with international nuclear bodies. Looked at in another way, the Japanese government obeys the IAEA and ICRP.

It is little wonder theJapanese  world nuclear industry via its local mouthpieces and puppets in every land continues to claim the effects of the nuclear disaster have no consequence. Nor is it any surprise that the nuclear industry continues to illegally diagnose opponents to its dictates and insults as being radiophobic.

Earthquake Damage At Fukushima is Industrys Narrative Truthful or Certain? Nuclear History, 16 Oct 18  ..As I have pointed out previously, the declared extent of decontamination in Japan has enable some evacuees to return to their homes. The residual contamination remaining in those cleanup areas being about the same, roughly, as the Maralinga lands in South Australia after cleanup there. The risk of radiogenic cancer in the Maralinga Lands in 1 in 50,000 over 50 years. The owners of the Maralinga lands had been suffering forced removal from their lands from the 1950s until the 1990s, with full return of lands completed in the 21st century. Many people died waiting to return.

In Japan many people are concerned that they have been economically forced to return to places prior to a proper cleanup. In Australia, many people are concerned that the Maralinga cleanup was a dud, cheap, and insufficient. As usual vitrification in nuclear residues resul...


Tropical Fruits identity Tony Allison remembered "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tony Allison. Image Tropical Fruits

Two events are planned in coming weeks to celebrate the life and work of Lismore resident and longtime Tropical Fruits production manager Tony Allison.

Tony (aka Toe Knee) Allison passed away peacefully on Friday September 21 at home from a suspected heart attack.

He worked as a production and site manager on numerous events starting with the Brisbane World Expo in 1988 and including Big Day Out, Lismores Lantern Parade, Coffs Harbours Coast Out Festival and many others.

Tonys other great love in life was the orangutans of Borneo.

In 2012 he was involved in the powerful production Rise of the Eco-Warriors, filmed in Borneo in 2012 and screened at the 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Filmmaker Paul Daley wrote, When the cameras stopped rolling after the 100 days Tony stayed on and weaved his magic behind the scenes returning annually to Indonesia for half of each year donating his time, energy, love and passion to what he believed in.

Tropical Fruits memorial

For their part, Tropical Fruits are organising a tree planting day at the paddock behind their Lismore clubhouse on Sunday, October 21, from 2pm.

A portion of his ashes will be interred together with a native tree in his memory.

Friends are encouraged to attend and bring a plate.

Details are on the events Facebook page.

Contact Tropical Fruits at for directions.

Bellingen final bump out

Meanwhihle, family and friends will be saying their final farewell to Tony with an ashes ceremony by the Bellinger River, followed by a celebration of his life at the Bellingen Showgrounds on October 27.

Food, music, lights and projections of his photographic journey will all be a part of this celebration.

Anyone who has something to offer or contribute is encouraged to get in touch via the events Facebook page.



The post...


Queenslands North Shines At This Years Cairns Tropical Pride "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LGBTIQ Australia descended on North Queensland over the weekend for this years Cairns Tropical Pride. The festival kicked off with Friday nights Community Heroes Awards, hosted by festival headliner Matthew Mitcham at the Tanks Arts Centre. The Pat OHara Award for Lifetime Achievement was accepted by Dave Weston on behalf of his late partner Brendan ...

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Ex-Admiral says nuclear subs are vital for South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia needs a fleet of stealthy nuclear submarines to deal with potential threats in our region, most notably in the South China Sea, a strategic policy report says. (subscribers only)


Britains exit from European Union- a cause for rejoicement to Australias uranium industry? "IndyWatch Feed"

New Aust uranium deal for UK after Brexit, 15 Oct 18. 

Australia is working on a new deal for selling uranium to the United Kingdom once it leaves the European Union. Australia is working on a new nuclear deal with the United Kingdom once it leaves the European Union.One fifth of Australias uranium goes to the UK, but it cannot be used for military purposes, or sold to other countries who use it for their militaries.

Dr John Kalish, acting director general of the Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office, says a new deal will have to be done with the UK to mirror the old one with the EU.

Under the old deal and the proposed one, the UK can only sell the uranium on to certain countries.

Retransfers can only be made to third parties that have a nuclear cooperation agreement with Australia, Dr Kalish told a parliamentary committee on Monday.



Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker obediently takes dictation from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation "IndyWatch Feed"

Modest member: Go nuclear for a clean energy future The modern nuclear reactor is small, modular, self-contained and safer than any other energy generation, Financial Review, by Amanda Stoker 14 Oct 18   Amanda Stoker is a Liberal National Party senator for Queensland

Australia must develop a nuclear energy industry. It promises to provide clean and reliable energy from a resource we have in abundance.

The modern nuclear reactor is small, modular, self-contained and safer than any other energy generation method. It provides flexible generation capacity, as it can increase or reduce electricity output to reflect demand.  [Ed . Just a pity that it doesnt exist among other drawbacks] 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has acknowledged that all electricity generation options with the capacity to reduce electricity prices need to be considered

For too long we have allowed nuclear energy to remain off-limits in the discussion about the security of Australias energy supply. What we need is an informed and rational debate that isnt driven by fear.



Online renewable marketplace aims to help business cut power bills "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia will look to replicate US success by creating an online marketplace for businesses to buy renewable energy, helping to them to reduce high power bills


Traditional owners to tell Origin Energy it has not gained consent for fracking on their land "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ABC,  By Jane Bardon 16 Oct 18 A group of Indigenous traditional owners from remote parts of the Northern Territory will travel to Origin Energys annual general meeting in Sydney on Wednesday to tell shareholders they have not given permission for the company to frack their land for gas.

Key points:

  • A group of Indigenous traditional owners will soon tell Origin Energy shareholders they did not give consent for its planned developments
  • They will ask the company to review consent agreements
  • But the company is confident traditional owners already gave consent

Origin Energy gained official approvals for gas exploration, including test fracking, in the gas-rich Beetaloo Basin, both from traditional owners through the Northern Land Council, and the Northern Territory Government.

But some of the traditional owners plan to tell the shareholder meeting they oppose fracking, and did not give their free, prior and informed consent.

They hope to tell the meeting when permission for fracking was sought by Origin Energy, they did not fully understand the companys explanations of processes, or the potential size of developments potentially numbering hundreds of wells.

The letter that were bringing up to Origin, we want that to be recognised, and to be respected for who we are, Alawa traditional owner Naomi Wilfred said.

The Alawa traditional owner, whose country includes Nutwood Downs in the northern part of Origin Energys EP98 permit area, said she is worried about potential environmental impacts if production goes ahead..


Police search for missing boy Ethyn Moshoudis "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

CAN YOU HELP FIND ETHYN?... Missing Doreen boy Ethyn Moshoudis.. Photo: Supplied.CAN YOU HELP FIND ETHYN? Missing Doreen boy Ethyn Moshoudis.. Photo: Supplied.

POLICE are searching for missing Doreen boy Ethyn Moshoudis.

The 12-year-old was last seen getting onto a train to Flinders Street Station from near his South Morang school about 11am yesterday.

Police and family have concerns for his welfare due to his age.

Ethyn is described as 130cm tall, with a slim build and olive complexion.

He was last seen wearing black jacket, black and white runners, a black Adidas hat with white stripe and he was carrying a black Adidas backpack.

He is known to frequent the Shepparton, Mooroopna and Melton areas.

An image of Ethyn has been released in the hope someone recognises him and can provide information on his whereabouts.

Anyone who sees Ethyn is urged to contact Mernda Police Station on 9216 1200.


How The New Lady Gaga Remake Honours The Long Queer Legacy Of A Star Is Born "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A new iteration A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and directed by Cooper, will be released this week. Its the third remake of the original 1937 film of the same name, which itself plagiarised 1932s What Price Hollywood? The story has a long history with the queer community, both in its ...

The post How The New Lady Gaga Remake Honours The Long Queer Legacy Of A Star Is Born appeared first on QNews Magazine.


The Truth About The Aussie Economy "IndyWatch Feed"

The world is changing. Fast.

The question is, will Australia stay behind?

And where do you sit on the curve of ideas? Are you ahead of the curve, or behind it?

Just think of how things we once held for granted have melted away these last few months.

Not long ago, saying Donald Trump is an idiot wouldnt have found you many objectors around the world.

But these days, even the EU admits otherwise.

Bloomberg ran the headline EU Says Trumps Tough Trade Strategy Working and featured this quote:

The Trump strategy is working, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Thursday when asked about the USs reworked trade pacts with Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

Given the EU is next on the list of nations to be confronted by Trumps strategy, its a remarkable admission. Faced with the choice of American tariffs or a more balanced trade deal, how will Europe react?

Trump-bashing seems to have hit its peak everywhere. The Democrats are even worried about their ability to regain majorities in the upcoming mid-term elections.

When the Donald lashed out at the Federal Reserve recently, he earned himself a far more muted cacophony of criticism than usual.

Its even become fashionable to argue that Trump is right. Sure, most commentators say it is for the wrong reasons. Or they qualify their statement in some other way. But try googling the phrase. Youll be surprised.

Trump Is Right About China Trade writes the Wall Street Journal.

British writer and former US correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote another such story in the Telegraph: Trump is right: the Fed is deliberately popping his beautiful stock bubble.

Trumps roaring economy threatens to overheat and is forcing the Federal Reserves hand. Or, as Trump prefers to put it according to CBS, Federal Reserve thinks our economys too good.

The anti-EU movement grows

Over in Europe, similar changes are underway.

The EU has become rather unpopular amongst its citizens. The Friends of Europe think tank did a survey of 11,000 Europeans in September. Two-thirds did not think life would be any worse without the EU, and 49% see the EU as irrelevant.

Some individuals disagree. Get a load of this from EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini:

Close your eyes and imagine for one moment the European Union disappeared from the global scene right now. Let us say for a month, or a week, even for a few days. The world would simply collapse....


Russian Collusion, Khashoggi, Declassification and the Australian Connection "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Donald Trump is planning to declassify various documents and text messages related to the Russia investigation. So is there an FBI report concealing information that shows Trump never colluded with Russia?

And did Australia (Alexander Downer) and the UK participate in trying to disrupt the 2016 American election? (Around 2 to 7 minutes in the X22 Report.)

CNN has reported that the Saudis are going to admit that the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, was killed by mistake during an interrogation. In this interesting X22 Report, Dave also mentions a possible game changer: that Russia allegedly has the S-600-700 missile system that will disable any plane around the world.



Religious Freedom Laws: PM Proposes Schools Can Sack Teachers, but Not Expel Students "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Following the leaking of a section of the Ruddock religious freedoms review last week, Scott Morrison spoke out in support of recommended strengthening and clarification of federal laws that allow religious schools to discriminate against students and teachers on the basis of their sexuality. Indeed, Morrison appeared in a clip where he smugly reiterated a total of

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Bangalow Road reopens after firey truck crash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One lane of Bangalow Road has been reopened after a truck crash and fire at Bexhill this morning (Tuesday, October 16).

A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance told Echonetdaily that one of the two trucks, a prime mover, jack-knifed and caught on fire.

The driver, a 41-year-old man, was found to be conscious and breathing but suffering facial burns, the spokesperson said.

He was transported to Lismore Base Hospital at about 10.20pm by road ambulance.

Its planned to stabilise the patient at Lismore Base Hospital and fly him to a Brisbane hospital for burn treatment by Westpac Rescue Helicopter, the spokesperson said.

Stop/slow traffic control is now in place at Eltham Road to allow motorists through one direction at a time.

Local diversions have been lifted for all vehicles.

Emergency services and traffic crews remain on site as the clean-up continues.

Motorists are advised to allow additional travel time, exercise caution and follow directions of emergency services.

For the latest traffic information, visit


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Kids off, everyone off rally "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rally 2pm Saturday 27 October, Hyde Park north

Invite your friends to the Facebook event

Speakers include:
GEORGE NEWHOUSE Principal solicitor, National Justice Project, involved in legal action to get children and adults off Nauru
NICOLE JUDGE Manus whistle blower & star of former Go Back To Where You Came From series
FR ROD BOWER Gosford Anglican Church
NAJEEBA WAZEFADOST Afghan refugee and President, Hazara Women of Australia

In recent weeks the mental health crisis on Nauru has escalated. Children on Nauru have been consumed by despair and are refusing food and water. Dozens of other adults and children have been moved to Australia, as a result of court action opposed by Border Force, to get them help. Around 80 children remain there.

Pressure is building with three Liberal MPs, Craig Laundy, Russell Broadbent and Julia Banks, breaking ranks to call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton to get all the children off Nauru.

The situation is growing more and more urgent. The doctors peak body, the AMA, has called the situation on Nauru a humanitarian emergency...


Seventeen Manus refugees fly to US for resettlement "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Seventeen refugees, held on Manus Island for almost five years, flew from Port Moresby today, Tuesday 16 October, to be resettled in the US.

The seventeen are single men, six Afghans, five Pakistanis, five Rohingyans, and one Bangladeshi.

The total number of refugees from Manus accepted by the US in the last two years is now just 167. Over 600 remain in limbo on Manus or in Port Moresby. Around 800 (including around 80 children) are on Nauru, with little prospect of resettlement.

The composition of the group confirms the pattern of the nationalities being accepted to the US from Manus and Nauru, this year. Again, there are no Iranians, Somali, Sudanese, Iraqi or Syrian refugees in the group for resettlement.

The number of refugees from Manus being rejected by the US is growing.

The failure of the US deal exposes the humanitarian crisis that has been created by the Australian government on Manus and Nauru, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, A very similar medical emergency to that on Nauru, is unfolding on Manus. Severe medical and mental health cases are left without help.



MP: chance to grow horticulture "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

HORTICULTURE could be expanded in South Gippsland if redundant water reservoirs are used for irrigation, Gippsland South MLA Danny OBrien said.

He has called on the State Government to consider the future irrigation needs of South Gippsland as the government ponders future use of redundant water supply dams.

South Gippsland Water is undertaking consultation on the future use of the Little Bass, Belleview Creek, Coalition Creek and Ness Gully reservoirs.

With the forthcoming completion of the Lance Creek connection project which will shore up the supply of town water for Korumburra, Loch, Nyora and Poowong, these dams are no longer needed by South Gippsland Water, Mr OBrien said.

We in South Gippsland have a great opportunity to encourage further horticultural development in our region.

Weve already seen a significant horticultural firm move out of the Cranbourne/Clyde area into our region and there is the prospect that more will come as urban pressure unfortunately encroaches on the south east.

However, we will need to ensure that any businesses wanting to come to South Gippsland can have access to good quality irrigation water to supplement our wonderful natural rainfall and environment.

Im calling on the Andrews Labor Government to ensure that these four reservoirs are considered for future irrigation use.

Mr OBrien said he understood there were some issues with respect to dam safety standards applying to the four dams but that irrigation use is something that should be considered.

These dams are relatively small from an irrigation perspective but could provide valuable storage and supply options for new horticultural entrants coming to our region, he said.

Horticulture provides significantly more return for water and land used than many other farm uses and often brings with it greater employment opportunities, particularly if we can achieve critical mass and also attract large processing facilities.

Mr OBrien said he has toured the dams previously and notes that some would also make fantastic recreational areas for the South Gippsland community.

There is good opportunity for us to ensure that we get the best economic and social use out of these dams now that they are no longer needed, he said.

I have already raised this issue with my colleague the Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan and will be happy to pursue it further if we are elected to government on November 24.





Tidy win for Coal Creeks Rowena "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ROWENA Ashley has won the Dame Phyllis Award in the 2018 Tidy Towns Awards run by Keep Victoria Beautiful.

The award recognises her contribution to Coal Creek Community Park and Museum at Korumburra, where she is park coordinator.

She developed a passion for history, tourism and the community after moving to Korumburra in 2000.

Ms Ashley quickly became a volunteer curator at Coal Creek and shortly after became employed by South Gippsland Shire Council as the park coordinator.

After 16 years, Ms Ashley is still involved in the community and has contributed by identifying the gallery space at Coal Creek for local and emerging artists to exhibit.

She has also been committed to attracting worldwide exhibitions such as the Anne Frank Amsterdam Travelling Museum Collection and the Aboriginal Children from Hermannsburg Exhibition.

Ms Ashley also organised a Chinese delegation to understand better the coal mining heritage of the region.

Rowena is a wonderful example of how leadership and guidance of others within and outside their community can achieve a positive community outcome, the Tidy Towns Committee 2018 stated.

On behalf of Coal Creek, Ms Ashley has submitted numerous projects that have seen Coal Creek as a finalist in the Keep Victoria Beautiful Tidy Towns- Sustainable Communities Award for the past 11 years.

Due to this, Korumburra has also been nominated as a Tidy Town for the past three years.

This year Coal Creek Community Park and Museum was awarded The Keep Victoria Beautiful Gift Fund to initiate a new project about children helping Coal Creek examine the health of its waterways and lakes.



First class: Coal Creek Community Park and Museum coordinator Rowena Ashley is congratulated on her Tidy Towns award by South Gippsland Shire Council CEO Tim Tamlin.


The Duty of Disclosure in Criminal Cases "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Under both the common law and professional conduct rules, Australian prosecutors are required to serve upon the defence all material in their possession that is relevant to determining the guilt or innocence of the defendant. That requirement extends to material that is adverse to the prosecution case, and is

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Literary festival inspires "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE 11th annual Coal Creek Literary Festival held at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum at Korumburra last Sunday showcased nine speakers and inspired audiences with the festival catch phrase the magic of words.

In conjunction with speakers, the literary festival includes the Bert Van Bedaf Short Story and Open Poetry prizes. This years winner of the Open Poetry prize was Elizabeth Sweeney of Outtrim with Devon, a reflective poem about walking in Devon.

The Short Story winner was Scot Gardner of Yinnar, with Love, a love story with a twist alluding to love of a cow.

Speaking of writing, the open forum question was I have written some. What do I do next?

The event included talks from writers, artists and social workers with a light lunch break included with the ticket price. Comments from attendees noted they drew much inspiration and gained insight into their own writing craft and pathway.

This years festival was a success in terms of ticket sales, notably up from previous years. According to the Coal Creek Information Centre, 56 passes were sold on the day but this does not include pre-purchased ticket sales.

The Star newspaper is a major sponsor of the annual event and honours the life of the late Bert van Bedaf, previously a journalist at The Star.





Wise words: Nicola Epps of Traralgon with her book purchases at the festival.

Judge: Chloe Kent of San Remo judged the short story entrants.



Community banking comes to Meeniyan "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Meeniyan Bendigo Bank branch officially opened inside Michaels IGA supermarket last Friday, celebrating the towns first bank with the banks mascot Piggy and a sausage sizzle from local CFA volunteers.

Four staff members will look after local banking needs where customers can open accounts, make deposits, conduct general transactions with the bank and also cater to mobile lending needs after hours, if need be, branch manager Sharon Demaria said.

An ASIC registered board of directors manages the business side of the bank, where community bank branches are managed by a public company, Promontory District Finance Group Ltd (PDFG), in turn owned by the local community.

In recent times the board has donated about $1.1 million towards annual grants and scholarship programs to assist first year university students.

Community banking and being part of something bigger are mantras the bank hold dearly. Revenue from the banking operation is shared equally between Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and the local Community Bank, where the local Community Banks share of revenue meets the branchs costs for day to day operation.

Post-profits made after costs are then re-invested back into community projects.


New bank: the faces behind the new Bendigo Bank branch at Michaels IGA, Meeniyan, from back left, board chairman Robert Liley, Kerri Mangiafico, Ineke Degraaf, risk and compliance manager Louise Gavros, regional manager Gerry Marvin and Michael Shervell. From front left, branch manager Sharon Demaria, Piggy, Tara Hollier and IGA owner Kaelene Shervell.


100 years of Armistice "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Inverloch Community Hub hosted a living tribute performance by Cultural Infusion and the Wonthaggi Citizens Band to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day, last Saturday.

The tribute began at 10am at Inverloch Community Hub with about 20 spectators absorbing cheeky theatrics and brass band music.

There were two further performances held for the celebration in Wonthaggi, at the Apex Park, with the final presentation held at Town Square on Thompson Avenue, Cowes.

The musical and acrobatic story portrays some of the lesser known heroes from World War One. Between 1914-66, Australian military musicians had two roles, namely band members but as stretcher-bearers, too.

The Inverloch Remembrance Day celebrations will commence at the war memorial in ABeckett Street on Sunday, November 11 at 10.45am.

All are welcome to attend for wreath laying or provision of tokens of remembrance either as a group or individuals. The HMAS Cerberus members will also be forming a catafalque party.

Light refreshments will be made available at the Inverloch RSL at the conclusion of the ceremony, located at 13-15 Bolding Place.


Cheeky theatrics: Cultural Infusion performers stand on their hands in front of applauding spectators.

RSL members: from left, RSL Inverloch member Bruce Corrigan, Inverloch RSL president Robert Sutton, assistant secretary Lindsay Guerin, and chairperson and events coordinator Jan Millington at Saturdays event to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day.


Throw Your Leg Over Tasmania guide book "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Whether its a clockwise or anticlockwise lap of Tassie you are planning to do, make sure you pack a copy of the guide book Throw Your Leg Over Tasmania.

Its the second book from authors/riders Bridget Hallam and Alan Cox. The first was Throw Your Leg Over South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales

Throw Your Leg Over Tasmania Bridget and Alan Throw Your Leg Over authors motorcycle travel book

Like the first book, this also comes with GPX files for your motorbikes satnav.

Buyers can elect to receive the files when ordering ether of the $29.95 books online or by emailing them from the blue card inserted in the book, if buying from one of their stockists.

Alan says they can also give readers scan codes in a pdf for BikeGPX app. Riders simply scan from the app (available for both iPhone and Android).

There are also updated QR scan codes from the book to download maps and videos.

Throw Your Leg Over for a chance to win



Crowds enjoy Meeniyan Farmers Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MEENIYAN Square hosted its first Farmers Market last Sunday, with stunning weather and scrumptious produce.

Regional Farmers Markets have given quality local producers a chance to meet the public since 1999. The popularity of the events is emphasised by great crowds who enjoy the community market feel.

On show for Meeniyans first market were many artisanal producers, including Grand Ridge Organics, Blue Tree Honey Farm, Cafe Escargot and Fox Force natural milkshakes.

People queued for milkshakes, while others walked away with armfuls of wonderful produce and delicious, healthy food and baskets brimming from the market.

Beautiful sunny spring weather drew the crowds from the local area and others from as far away as Daylesford, Melbourne and Warragul.

Stallholders did a roaring trade with shoppers enjoying the fabulous array of fresh produce, fresh juices, sorbets, eggs, farm fresh fruit and vegetables, spring flowers, organic meats and of course fresh garlic.

Organisers were thrilled with the first market and praised the stallholders who kept the eager crowns happy with the wonderful fare on offer.

There were happy shoppers too, with one commenting on the lovely family friendly atmosphere and was most impressed she could bring along her dog as well.

Meeniyan Square is also a designated dog friendly zone and the market was the perfect excuse to tuck into local foodie delights.

Our first market in Meeniyan was a smashing success and we were thrilled with the turnout, Regional Farmers Market co-director Melissa Burge said with glee.

We got excellent feedback with people commenting about the exceptional variety on offer. People were very vibrant on the day and they positively embraced the experience. We estimated seeing about a 95 percent presence from locals on the day.

Sales were positive and the organic vegetables sold exceptionally well from Grand Ridge Organics and Paddle Wheel.

The next market is confirmed for Sunday, November 11.


Drinks break: from left, Jett and Sienna Van Lieshout of Korumburra enjoying a well deserved milkshake from Fox Force Natural Milkshakes.



Flower show celebrates 31 years "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Leongatha Recreation Reserve hosted the annual Native Flower Show last weekend, October 13-14, inside the South Gippsland Historical Automobile Clubrooms.

The Australian Plants Society hosted the sunny weekend, perfect for the saturated floral displays. Plentiful crowds attended on the Saturday although numbers were a little lower the following day.

Many local nurseries provided native plants for purchase in conjunction with the event, including Melaleuca Nursery of Inverloch, Narkabundah Wildflower Nursery of Sandy Point, Blue Gum Forest Nursery of Korumburra, Dryandra Nursery of Bear Gulley and Deep Creek Nursery of Foster.

Flowers on display included many from Western Australia in addition to beautiful banksias, waratahs, eucalypts, grevilleas and boronias. The local native plants on display were said to have grown within a 25km radius from Leongatha.

Interstate guest: The Dendrobium Speciosum, otherwise known as the Sydney Rock Orchid, held with proud hands by Inverlochs Paul Sierakowski volunteered time for the day at the annual Native Flower Show last Sunday.

Native delights: Anne Somerville of Cape Paterson in love with the beautiful orchid-like Eremophilia Miribalis.


Store market rebounds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By South Gippsland Stock Agents Association

A yarding of 1600 cattle came forward at last weeks store sale, consisting of 1080 steers, 320 heifers, 160 cows and calves and 40 springers.
Cattle came from the local area and once again from East Gippsland .
The market was strong for all classes of cattle and prices recovered all of the previous sales fall and maybe even a little dearer on the smaller and dairy cross types.
With a little rain falling over some parts of the country in the past week and the possibility of more falls for next week and prices for cattle in the north improving a little seemed to have a positive influence on the market.
Most of the regular feedlot buyers were in attendance and operating with the rest of the cattle being purchased by the locals.
Thursday, October 11
Steers: Baillie Bros, 2yo, 10 Ang, 627kg, 267c, $1720; 2yo, 18 Ang, 687c, $1800; 2yo, 16 Ang, 614kg, 285c, $1750.
N. & B. Wynne, 2yo, 8 Ang, 604kg, 274c, $1660, P. Chisholm, 20mth, 11 Ang, 443kg, 316c, $1400; R.M. Agostino, 20mth, 9 Ang, 493kg, 273c, $1350; C. Farr, 18mth, 8 Ang, 464kg, 289c, $1340; Netherwood Past, 12mth, 18 Ang, 384kg, 313c, $1200; T.L. Venning, 14mth, 25 Ang, 278kg, 270c, $1021.
A. Conisbee, 15mth, 17 Ang, 344kg, 322c, $1110; 15mth, 17 Ang, 328kg, 332c, $1090; 15 mth, 18 Ang, 334kg, 311c, $1040.
A. Brown, 12mth, 18 Ang, 343kg, 300c, $1030; I. & R. Hengstberger, 12mth, 15 Ang, 334kg, 296c, $990; D. McAinch, 14 mth, 17 Hfd, 345kg, 275c, $950; Westley Inv, 12mth, 6 Ang, 349kg, 272c, $950; C. Farr, 12 mth, 12 Ang, 336kg, 280c, $940; F. & L. Cosella, 16mth, 51 Ang, 309kg, 282c, $872; Pilkington & Toohey, 12 mth, 68 Ang, 289kg, 305c, $880.
R.M. Jennings, 9mth, 20 Char, 280kg, 231c, $690; 9mth, 10 AAX, 350kg, 230c, $805; 10mth, 12 AAX, 290kg, 248c, $720.
R. Stampfli, 2yo, 14 Fries, 428kg, 193c, $830; G. Beveridge, 2yo, 58 Fries, 410kg, 172c, $705; R. & C. Bright, 18mth, 11 Fries, 405kg, 158c, $640.
S. Derrick, 4mths, 16 Fries, $270; 3mth, 10 Fries, $180.
Heifers: M. & K. Smith, 20mth, 5 ang, 493kg, 231c, $1140; Westley Inv, 12mth, 6 Ang, 336kg, 259c, $870; Golden Gully Farm, 12mth, 14 Ang X, 327kg, 211c, $690; G. Cook, 12mth, 12 Ang X, 315kg, 215c, $680.
Cows and calves: M. Mann, 10 x 10 Hfd, $1170; W. & E. Foreman, 16 x 16 Ang, $1150; Lortan Nom, 22 x 22 Hfd, $1150.


Australian Jews Condemn Morrisons Plan To Move Our Embassy To Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian rights group Jews Against The Occupation has strongly condemned yesterdays announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia would consider moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The announcement was made as Morrison tours the electorate of Wentworth, which heads to a by-election on Saturday following the resignation of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Wentworth is a wealthy electorate, and also has a high proportion of Jews around 13 percent of the electors.

The highly provocative move would align Australia with the United States, which moved its Embassy in May, but put us out of step with the rest of the world the international convention has been to locate embassies in Tel Aviv, a recognition of the contested status of Jerusalem between Israel and Palestine.

In a written statement, Vivienne Porzsolt from Jews Against the Occupation a Jewish-based Pro-Palestinian organisation based in Sydney said Morrisons move was an insult to the Jewish community of Wentworth, and predicted the stunt would fail.

Jews against the Occupation absolutely condemns the Prime Ministers raising the possibility of moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem, Ms Porzsolt said.

This is a provocative move which reveals complete disregard for international law and for efforts to achieve justice for Palestinians and a peaceful resolution of the conflict for both Israelis and Palestinians.

In the last-minute dash for the imminent Wentworth by-election, it is a blatant appeal to the so-called Jewish vote.

This is an insult to the Jewish community which encompasses a much broader range of views than is reflected in the pronouncements of the Jewish leadership in lockstep with the State of Israel.

Such transparent electioneering is an abuse of policy-making processes. It should persuade the voters of Wentworth to support any other candidate to send a message of No Confidence to the current government.

Currently, only the United States and Guatemala house their embassies in Jerusalem, recognition of the fact that when Israel was established in 1948, the United Nations resolved Jerusalem would be given the status of special international city, with future plans for it to be jointly controlled by Israel and Palestine given its importance to Islam, Christianity and the Jewish people.

A succession of wars between Israel and its neighbours has delayed the foundation of the Palestinian state, and East Jerusalem (Palestinian land) has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six War Day.

Under international law, it is illegal for an occupying power to move their own citizens into occupied territory. Israel has already established more than....


Men In Pink Tights Brings Drag Comedy To Classical Ballet Routines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The hilarious comedy ballet Men In Pink Tights wants to inject a bit of humour into traditional ballet when it comes to Brisbane early next month. Growing up in the United States, Les Ballets Eloells artist director Victor Trevino was passionate about ballet and in his early twenties his skills won him a place dancing ...

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A Woodsrunner's Diary: Firearms Regulations. Public Safety, Ignorance, or... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Firearms Regulations. Public Safety, Ignorance, or...: Firearms License Categories NSW Australia. Take a look at the various guns in these categories. Why are muzzle-loaders placed on a B...


NEW MUSIC: Jim Clements  Not A Lot Of Blood "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jim Clements is set to release his new album A Failure next Friday (Oct 26th) and heres a first taste of it with the track Not A Lot Of Blood, a beautiful, poignant song that is light of touch but heavy in emotional weight. To these ears he sounds like a blend of Cohen, Cave Continue reading


A major Aussie band has ruled out a Splendour In The Grass performance "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It feels like Splendour In The Grass was only yesterday, but the lineup speculations have already begun. One massive Australian act has already ruled out an appearance at the festival.

Sydney-bred EDM superstars RFS DU SOL have confirmed that they will not be appearing at the Byron Bay festival.

The band recently hosted an Instagram Q&A, in which a fan asked whether they could expect an appearance at Splendour. RFS confirmed that they wouldnt be featured on this years lineup, but hinted that Aussie shows are in the works for Summer.


RFS DU SOL are gearing up to release their new album Solace which is set for release on October 19.

Watch: RFS DU SOL Innerbloom


The truth about earthquake effects on Fukushimas nuclear reactors "IndyWatch Feed"

The status of Station Blackout is a serious one.

it will be many years before the Japanese people know exactly what happened at Fukushima Daiichi on 11 March 2011. One of the key mysteries was role, if any, the magnitude 9 earthquake played in damaging the plants reactor cooling systems. Until lethal levels of radiation inside the reactors fall and workers can carry out comprehensive investigations, the truth about the tremors impact will remain a subject of conjecture and contention

Mr. Takamatsu states with expert authority that the pipes of cooling system ware not designed for the 50 second vibration of the magnitude quake. Barry Brook, kangaroo expert, disagrees and tells the world the quake caused no damage at Fukushima. Yet Mr. Brook must surely know the earthquake caused grid blackout. For reactors are all shut down by earthquakes. A solar plant would have kept generating until the last panel shattered. No one would have been evacuated from such a solar plant.

I submit that Prof. Barry Brooks description of the effects of earthquake upon the Fukushima Diiachi on 11 March 2011 is totally ignorant of the facts as presented by many qualified experts and fly in the face of the independent commission set up by the Japanese Parliament (Diet). It is confirmed that expert investigators concern aspects of TEPCOs explanations regarding the quake are irrational.

Thus any narrative based upon the nuclear industry view, in line with TEPCOs may fairly be sai...


South Gippsland promoted to Division 2 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Country Week Golf Competition took place on metropolitan golf courses for teams from all over Victoria on October 1 to 3.
The South Gippsland mens team competed in the Bowl section or Division 3.
After wins on the first day of seven nil over Northern, a six to one over Wimmera at The National (Long Island), a five and a half win to one and a half over Kara Kara District at Spring Valley, followed up with a three and a half to three and half draw with Dalhousie on the last day at Rossdale, South Gippsland gained promotion to the Plate or Division 2.
Next year in the first week of October, South Gippsland mens team will play alongside the womens team.
Well done to the nine representatives of the team.
Congratulations also to the womens team for its two wins and two losses, which consolidated its position in Division 2.

Congratulations: Damien Symmons (Woorayl), Mark Boulton (Phillip Island), Michael OKeefe (Leongatha), James Bain (Phillip Island), captain Steve Bromby (Korumburra), Michael McGrath (Leongatha), manager Steve Kane, Chris Buckland (Meeniyan), Isaac Batty (Phillip Island), Michael Thomas (Leongatha) and Ian Balfour (assistant manager) represented South Gippsland exceptionally well at the Country Week Golf Competition recently.


Outstanding service honour awarded to Wonthaggi Pony Club members "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

WONTHAGGI Pony Club associate members Emily Davey, Ryanston and Madeline Chalmers, Fish Creek received prestigious awards during the Pony Club Association of Victoria- West Gippsland Zone Annual General Meeting at Leongatha RSL on September 26..
A highlight of the evening Emily and Madeline were awarded the prestigious Pony Club Association of Victoria Award of Merit for giving outstanding practical assistance to their club.
Donna Murley, Wonthaggi Pony Club life member, spoke on behalf of the club about the girls and their achievements.
They were presented certificates and badges by West Gippsland state councillor Laurie Cruise.
To receive the award at the same time made the honour extra special for the girls, as they are great friends who met at pony club.
To be considered worthy of this award, the associate member must have always been helpful and thoughtful of others and genuinely interested in seeing that the aims of the pony club movement are upheld in the club.
The award is to be considered the highest honour for service.
The inaugural award was first given in 1967 and was then known as the Shell Award.
From 1985 it became known as the Award of Merit.
Emily has been a member of Pony Club Association Victoria for 15 years.
She has contributed many hours of work to Wonthaggi Pony Club over numerous years along with her family, assisting with help such as erecting fences with her dad on the front arena, regularly attending working bees and cleaning up the cross country area especially when a grant was obtained to help clear the back area.
Emily has assisted with setting up for many events over the years such as erecting dressage arenas, showjumping courses and canteen preparation.
She thoroughly enjoys being part of Wonthaggi Pony Club, and she is well liked and respected by all.
When asked to step in as club secretary in 2016, Emily did not hesitate to help out the club and did a brilliant job getting all the club records in order.
When the Burns family first joined the pony club there was only a shed and dirt arena out the back of the shed and a cross country area that was very over grown.
Now with all the hard work of all club members, Emily has been involved in four arenas being built, kitchen upgrade, cross country clean up working with the shire to clear the area near water jump.
Emily has not been riding over the last few years due to her horse being injured, attending and completing university, working full time and also being recently married; although this has not stopped her actively being involved and making an outstanding contribution to Wonthaggi Pony Club.
She is lucky to have made lifelong friends and have some great instructors helping her along the way.
Madeline has been a member of the Pony Club Association Victoria for 17 years......


School speed zone success "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

BASS MLA Brian Paynter visited Bass Valley Primary School, Corinella, during a peak morning period after receiving an email from school principal Leanne Edwards highlighting the dangerous traffic situation the school community faced daily.
Ms Edwards said, Once I opted for Brian to become involved, he immediately took action.
Mr Paynter witnessed firsthand the cars backing into oncoming traffic, cars backing onto the other side of the road, cars doing u-turns in front of traffic, and school buses and delivery trucks all blending at dangerous levels with parents and children.
Ms Edwards said, Brian didnt just come out as a courtesy visit. He really did push things so strongly and put the safety of our students first.
Mr Paynter said, The Bass Valley Primary School students deserved to be presented with the same set of road safety measures as students in the more built up areas.
Ms Edwards said, We quickly saw a result after Brian stepped in, considering we were trying for a number of years but were told we werent entitled to have the speed reduced.
The end result was that during school times, the 60km/h speed zone was reduced to a new 40km/h limit, and flashing speed signs were installed, valued at $80,000.
The speed zones have been running since June.
This was a matter of urgency for Mr Paynter and a great result for the primary school.
I am just delighted with the result of Brians work, Ms Edwards said.

Safer location: Bass MLA Brian Paynter at Bass Valley Primary School, Corinella, where he successfully lobbied for safer traffic conditions.


Inverloch joy flights to take off "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

NEIGHBOURS of the Inverloch airfield welcomed conditions put into place for a new joy flight business.
The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) approved the use of Bunurong Field for joy flight subject to conditions on September 17.
The approval came just days after a serious car accident close to the airfield, off the Bass Highway between Inverloch and Wonthaggi, just days earlier.
For this reason, neighbours have commended VCAT for the condition stating the entrance and driveway into the airfield must be upgraded.
This is a significant condition, as the highway can be dangerous for cars turning right from Wonthaggi, resident Ross Smith said.
Cars, lorries and buses come from both sides at 100 km/h. We commend VCAT for taking the accident into account and for ordering the upgrades.
Operator Michael Malone said he was happy to comply and plans are going ahead to upgrade the driveway.
Weve spoken with two asphalt companies and we are waiting on quote, he said.
We think these conditions are not unreasonable and we are starting to work towards getting Inverloch Joy Flights going before Christmas.
Other conditions limit the airfield to just one plane taking off from the site.
This is a four seater Cessna that can carry three passengers.
Mr Malone must also keep a Fly Neighbourly Manual. This will keep a record of recognised routes and procedures, and will be enforced by council.
Flights are restricted to 10 per day between 8am and 5pm. This includes warm ups and all flights must begin and end at Bunurong Field; passengers are not to be transported.
All flights must take off from the north and come in from the south. The circuit during landing must also be made from the west, unless there is an emergency. This ensures the flights do not go over residents houses.
In keeping with the character of the land, the shed and hangar must also be neutral tones.
Mr Malone was thrilled with the VCATs outcome.
Not only is he hoping Inverloch Joy Flights will become a tourist attraction, he wants to inspire young people to fly.
Its something young people dont often get to do or see, so its something I want to achieve, Mr Malone said.
For the tourism side of things, I am happy to give people the chance to see the beauty of Inverloch and Cape Paterson. When people come to Inverloch, they have reached their destination. They are not passing through and they need something to do.
Mr Malone will offer 15 minute flights over Anderson Inlet and along the Bunurong cliffs, 45 minute flights along the coast to Phillip Island and over landmarks like the race track and San Remo bridge, and one hour flights over Wilsons Promontory.
The visual over the race track is just fantastic and Wilsons Prom is stunning, Mr Malone said.


Wildlife bears the plastic burden "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

PLASTIC debris on beaches is leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, as locals try to keep the pollutant at bay to save wildlife.
For Inverloch resident Robin Morris Gow, an afternoon walk on the beach last Wednesday turned unpleasant when she discovered a dead seal on Inverloch beach.
Upon closer inspection by Ms Gow, the seal had what appeared to be a tight plastic ring which had left significant chafing on the seals neck.
It is understood Bass Coast Shire Council officers removed the seal and there are no identifying features to identify where the seal came from.
Ms Gow said she posted a photo of the seal on Facebook because she wanted to bring the issue of plastic debris in the ocean to the attention of the community.
Every time I go to the beach and I know a lot of residents who do this I am picking up plastic debris from the shoreline, she said.
I was devastated to find that on my local beach. I mean you see seagulls with things wrapped around their feet, but to see a seal with plastic around its neck locally, I was very shocked.
It feels like plastic pollution is never ending. We are causing these deaths.
Ms Gow said she encouraged everyone to be more mindful of their plastic pollution because it is accumulating in the oceans and destroying wildlife.
Another Inverloch resident, Steve Dunn, said the problem lies with the huge amount of plastic rubbish society produces and puts in the ocean.
We are now 7.4 billion people who have consumerism shoved down our necks from every angle. At a time when we talk about the remaining numbers of most of our large mammals in the thousands, we continue to think we can endlessly consume and increase GDP, he said.
All animals depend on a clean environment including us. If people are too selfish to realise the problems of plastic in the ocean it will come back to them as diseases as the fish continue to eat plastic, accumulate it and toxins in their body and then we will eat the fish.
What we see on the surface is a small part of the problem. Ive seen dynamite fishing in Indonesia and spent time on isolated beaches with no people but a beach covered in plastic.
We need to use much more glass that has deposits on the bottles so they are returned. We need to stop making so much plastic.
Consumers should walk into a shop, buy the product, unwrap it and say we only want the product not the waste. Just leave it at the shop.
Its like climate change, nobody wants to know about it or really act.


Candidate: ban glyphosate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A CANDIDATE in the November state election is calling for the immediate ban of glyphosate.
Geoff Pain, the Health Australia Partys (HAP) candidate for the Legislative Council seat of Eastern Victoria Region, said despite a US jury granting a terminally ill retired groundskeeper US$289m in damages for his non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which was attributed to herbicide glyphosate, the Australian Government has taken no precautionary measures to protect its citizens.
Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in the commonly used herbicide marketed as Roundup.
Many concerned citizens around Australia are questioning why local and state governments are lagging so far behind countries such as Canada where most provinces have introduced cosmetic pesticide bans in urban areas, he said.
This is not only for glyphosate/Roundup but on a range of harmful pesticides with known links to cancers, neurological and autoimmune diseases.
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists glyphosate as being probably carcinogenic to humans and there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate animal carcinogenicity.
Research also indicates that glyphosate is a bio-accumulative residue in soil and food, and can now be measured in the general population via blood, urine and breastmilk.
As well as being an endocrine disruptor, glyphosate is also a neurotoxin and is causing the breeding of increasingly resistant weeds.
Also notable is the massive decline in global bee populations, reducing pollination and crop yields attributed to use of glyphosate.
When alternative non-hazardous measures such as steam treatment and non-toxic products approved for organic farming already available, it makes little sense that the precautionary principle isnt applied.
When elected, the HAP will call for an immediate ban of glyphosate use in all public areas, particularly around schools and parks. In addition, the use of glyphosate in farming should be eliminated, with a transition period to ensure that farmers are not disadvantaged during the change.
The HAP will strongly encourage the use of other non-hazardous methods in farming practises as a matter of priority.
Mr Paines career included many years as an environmental consultant with specialist interest in toxicology.


Police: slow down "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A DOUBLE three-car incident near Ruby last Thursday has prompted police to reiterate the message that drivers need to slow down near emergency vehicles with lights flashing.
Motorists are still not heading the message, after police, standing without protection on roads, reported cars travelling at about double the legal limit of 40km/h that applies to when police vehicles are parked with emergency lights flashing.
The first minor incident involved three cars and occurred shortly before 3pm on the South Gippsland Highway at Ruby, between Potters and Bellingham roads.
Inverloch Police said painting equipment fell from the back of a ute, causing a following vehicle to stop.
A vehicle collided with the rear of the vehicle that stopped and then a third vehicle collided with the second vehicle. No one was injured.
A Buffalo woman in her twenties received a penalty notice for failing to secure her load.
A second three car incident then occurred in the same vicinity.
With traffic slowing and bottle necks created, police believe a car then rear-ended another, in turn causing minor damage to a third car in front.
According to police, a female driver from Leongatha, driving a grey Volkswagen Golf allegedly rear-ended a Foster couple, driving a white Subaru Outback. The Subaru then caused minor damage to a Korumburra womans white Toyota Prius.
The Foster couple was taken to Leongatha Hospital for observation while the Korumburra woman did not sustain major injuries and subsequently drove away.
On-scene, Sergeant Steve Regnier of Mirboo North Police said, People need to pay more attention, especially around accident scenes. Our officers are vulnerable when directing traffic, standing in the middle of the road without protection.

The cleanup: the airbags on this car were activated in a crash at Ruby last Thursday, with the front sustaining a serious crumple. Cleaners mopped up the aftermath.


Libs say they will protect Mornington Peninsula from overdevelopment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"Only the Liberal Party will protect the amenity and character of our neighbourhoods and rural hinterland," says Russell Joseph, Liberal Candidate for Nepean. We don't often publish statements from the major parties, but this is the first one we know of that looks at protecting the Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula is an incredibly biodiverse part of South-Eastern Australia, hardly explored to date in terms of paleontology, rapidly losing its native fauna and flora. The undeniable fact that governments since Jeff Kennett have promoted destructive population growth here makes any policy to protect it extremely important. We will publish statements from any other political party that has a plan to protect the Mornington Peninsula from overpopulation.

"In 2014 the Liberal government introduced the Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement to help protect our unique coastal, rural and conservation areas of the Mornington Peninsula townships and hinterland. However under Labor our General Residential Zone has been ruined and will now become a location for 3-storey apartment-style developments regardless of the established character of our neighbourhoods," he states.

Joseph describes the Andrews Labor government as having, without any consultation with local residents, communities or council, "replaced existing 9 metre height limits with an 11 metre limit and as of right approval for three storey development."

He adds his opinion that,

"Labors changes affect over 24,000 house lots across the Mornington Peninsula and this comes with further increases in traffic congestion and unsustainable pressure on an already stressed public transport system."

Joseph claims that a Liberal government will fix these planning changes and fund improved bus connections to the Mornington Peninsula, including service route changes and frequency improvements to both the 788 (Portsea) and 783 (Flinders) services. He says that a Liberal government will protect the Mornington Peninsula and reject the Labor-Greens solution to Melbournes chronic urban congestion by pushing the population down to us.

He concludes,



Chicken pox outbreak "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE painful and highly contagious viral disease, chicken pox (varicella) is spreading across the community in one of the largest outbreaks seen by doctors in years.

Leongatha Healthcare GP Chris Webster said in the past three weeks, more than 40 confirmed cases had presented to the clinic mostly in children.

He said if an adult had chicken pox as a child, the virus lay dormant in the body and could be reawakened as shingles, which can be a very painful condition.

We havent seen much for several years so it must be a strain that is more resistant to the protection the vaccine confers, Dr Webster said.

Vaccines are never 100 percent effective but from what I have seen, the severity and the transmission of the disease has been tempered by vaccinations.

Both St Laurence OToole and Leongatha primary schools reported confirmed cases of students with chicken pox absent from school.

About 15 students were absent from Leongatha Primary School in the past month, according to principal Dot Coghlan who said relevant Department of Education exclusion guidelines were being followed to limit contagion.

A notice was sent out by Wonthaggi Amateur Basketball Association president Cathy Garnham last week notifying members of two confirmed cases of basketballers with chicken pox.

It is also understood there had been confirmed cases of chicken pox within local child care centres in Wonthaggi.

Bass Coast Health CEO Jan Child said BCH has had no outbreaks or increased reports of chicken pox.

Chicken pox is a Group B-reportable disease, requiring written notification to the Department of Health and Human Services within five days of initial diagnosis, she said.

Chicken pox is a vaccine-preventable disease and vaccinations are provided to children through Bass Coast Shire Councils Immunisation Program.

As chicken pox is spread via airborne transmission, patients presenting to BCH with chicken pox who require inpatient care would generally be transferred to another hospital, as BCH does not currently have negative pressure isolation rooms required to contain the disease.

A common childhood illness, chicken pox outbreaks have become less severe in the community due to protection from vaccines administered free to children aged 18 months old under the National Immunisation Schedule.

The Department of Health and Human Services has been notified of 33 cases of varicella zoster (chicken pox) and varicella zoster (unspecified) in the Bass Coast and South Gippsland Shires in the past three months.

A DHHS spokesman said children with chicken pox should not go to school, kindergarten or childcare until the last blister...


Sydney producer CLYPSOs eclectic style is the sound of summer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds are all about embracing the unique, quirky and innovative together, were presenting some of countrys most trailblazing up and comers, getting them sweaty and ready to show off what makes them so special. 

Sydney producer CLYPSO is one of the more vibrant artists to emerge in the last year or so, the kind of artist who has been impossible to ignore. Crafting infectiously catchy, tropical electronica, the musician draws in equal measure from glitchy synths, grimy basslines, and afropunk-influenced beats.

There have been frequent comparisons to the likes of M.I.A. and Santigold since she began to catch peoples attention, but theres something notably distinctive to the music CLYPSO is making too.

With all this in mind, one might be surprised to learn that a young CLYPSO was first compelled to make music by way of theatrical acrobatics. As a kid, I would always play keyboards: my mum got me into that. But I think the first thing I thought I really wanted to write music was when my mum brought me to a Cirque du Soleil show, and I was just looking at the band the entire time.

I thought they were the coolest thing ever, composing for acrobats; it was just such an eclectic sound that I really love. Theyve got the band to the side and its so great to see that happening; its instruments that as a kid you dont really know of  bongos and middle eastern drums.

Apart from that formative experience, CLYPSO says many of the elements that characterize her distinctive sound are drawn from a more subconscious level, and shes influenced by the kind of sounds she was exposed to as a young person. Its all things Ive heard for many years, that have just seeped into my whole entire being. From my experiences growing up, its just become a part of the fabric.

Youth is, of course, a particularly impressionable time for ones musical framework to develop, and thats certainly true in CLYPSOs case. [When youre young] you link music with an experience or a feeling, and thats really the main thing for me. Its a vibe, she explains.

What might be a little surprising when one first hears her music, is that a lot of it has been carefully written with live reproduction in mind. Theres a kind of frenetic energy underlying tracks like YOLO and Pop Roll Flow that makes them feel almost purpose-made for the dance floor.

100 per cent, thats exactly right, she says. Im always thinking about the performance side of things; I think thats a huge thing for me. When I go to shows I just really want to be taken somewhere else, I just want to be immersed, so Ive always had that in mind. I suppose I just think about what I would enjo...


Stormy Daniels defamation against Trump dismissed - Trump awarded costs "IndyWatch Feed National"

JUST IN: A judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought by Stormy Daniels against President Trump, rules Daniels is liable for the president's attorney's fees. Fox News (@FoxNews) October 15, 2018


Its OK to Whitewash "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indigenous people across the country deserve better than this staggering ineptitude and support for white Australia policies.


Newstead Landcare AGM and presentation on ECHIDNAS "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Newstead Landcare are delighted to have Dr Kath Handasyde from the University of Melbourne to speaker at their AGM this Thursday 18 October at 8 pm at Newstead Community Centre. The AGM will be speedy then everyone can all enjoy Kaths presentation about one of only two Australian egg-laying mammals the Echidna.

Echidna by Patrick Kavanagh

Echidnas are our most widely distributed mammals, occurring in all regions of Australia. They are classified as myrmecophages, feeding extensively on social insects, such as ants and termites. These are a rich and abundant food resource for which echidnas have clear adaptations, such as a long narrow snout, sticky tongue and powerful digging abilities. Echidnas are one of the relatively small number of Australian mammals that undergo hibernation.  Please come along to hear some more about these extraordinary animals in a presentation about their ecology and behaviour. Supper provided afterwards. 

All welcome. A gold coin donation will be appreciated to help cover costs.


Arts Wednesday 17 October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week Ed Lippmann returns at 10:40 am for a new series of Sydney By Design, entitled Technology and Architecture. In the first episode, Ed gives a broad historical sweep of major advances, which will be the subjects of episodes in the coming weeks.

My special guest at 11:00 am is master paint maker, David Coles. His recently published book, Chromatopia, is an illustrated history of colour and in our conversation, we talked about how pigments become dyes, which become paints. And some of those stories are deadly!

Music is all about colour.

Do join me.

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Life rarely goes according to plan "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission -_-82

If youre reading this now chances are you re nodding your head in agreement, just when you think youve got things figured out, life seems to toss you a curve ball. But does she? Have you ever wondered that perhaps there is a grander plan? And that things do happen for a reason, guiding you to just where you need to be. Its not a case of luck or even serendipity, rather, that we are presented with enormous opportunities to learn important life lessons, helping us to evolve to be better versions of ourselves. On Friday just past I had the good fortune (there I go slipping to the default of luck), or should I say pleasure, of hosting a visit to the sanctuary by the journalist who required a pig for a photoshoot way back in 2003. And yes, you know what happened next.

It was so much fun catching up with Chris Beck and taking a trip down memory lane as we both mused, Who would have thought all this could happen just because one lets a pig into their heart and home?


What Happens Once Youve Found Yourself? "IndyWatch Feed National"

We all go through a Mulan phase. Not so much the cross-dressing our way into the army, saving China and cosying up with mega dreamboat Captain Li Shang part. Its more like looking in the mirror and offkey singing, Who is that accumulation of cells and bad-choices I see / staring straight back at me?

Yes, thats magical, and I could serve as your personal Mushu to guardian you through it all (okay, Ill stop with the Mulan references). But what happens next? What happens when youve returned home from your grand adventure, slightly tanner and found, only to seamlessly slip back into your humdrum daily life? What happens once Mulan defeats the Huns (I lied) after Happily Ever After?

Once Upon a Time (the start of this year), a Princess (thats me) booked a solo trip to some castle (Japan) to find Prince Charming (herself). The main motivation was because I had the money and the time or more accurately, had half the money, was two weeks late to start university and was very naive.



What Australian pig farmers feed their livestock "IndyWatch Feed National"

Supermarkets stock a lot of carcinogenic products, where for good health the confectionery aisles should be empty like in the illustration below 24/7, and not just at the moment in time the photo was taken.

In many instances the general population would not be aware of what goes into the feed that is used to nourish livestock before it is killed for human consumption.

We have obtained information from a source within the industry that wishes to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, that products manufactured by the Mars confectionery company that are of substandard quality to be packaged and sold to the general population are sold to our Aussie pig farmers for their livestock to consume.

It's amazing who they'll sell their junk products masquerading as food to.

Would you really want to be consuming pork that was fed on junk?
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Hillsong Founder the pedophile Frank Houston and boy victim WNZ1, the first known Wellington New Zealand boy victim "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Brian Houston: I'm sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. I'll remember them in my prayers. Sorry I can't help the victims more.

Pastor Brian Houston the head of Hillsong Global Church. Heartless. Refuses to help the boy sexual  abuse victims of his father Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church in any way. Hid and sheltered his secret lifelong pedophile father Frank Houston for five years from 1999 to 2004 from the NSW Police and in doing this deprived the boy victims of Justice. Facing looming pedophile protection charges  Brian Houston: Im sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. Ill remember them in my prayers. Sorry I cant help the victims in any way.


Ministers offer to meet hospital site opponents empty "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Craig Elliot, ALP candidate for the seat of Tweed at the 2019 state election. Photo supplied

An offer by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard to meet with opponents of the planned Kingscliff site for the new Tweed Hospital has been described as an empty gesture by Labors contender for the state seat of Tweed, Craig Elliot.

Yesterday Tweed MP Geoff Provest (Nationals) told Echonetdaily he had arranged for Mr Hazzard to meet with members of the Relocate group, who support Labors plan to move the hospital to Kings Forest, provided they could get themselves down to Sydney within the next two weeks.

But Mr Elliot said the meeting would be simply a half-hour window for the Liberal Health Minister to repeat that Cudgen is their site.

This remains a bad decision that will hurt our region forever and confirms Mr Provest is not listening and has the wrong priorities for Tweed, he said.

Everyone acknowledges that we deserve and need a new hospital but, lets be clear, the current Tweed health crisis is a result of Geoff Provests inaction and neglect over the last 12 years in office.

Labor is listening to locals and if elected we will build a new public hospital at Kings Forest and in doing so save Kingscliff and Cudgen from Gold Coast-style overdevelopment and congestion, Mr Elliot said.

He added that the March 2019 NSW state election would be a referendum on the hospital site  as a vote for Labor is a vote for the hospital to be built at Kings Forest; better, faster and on budget.

The Kings Forest site is an 860 hectare shovel ready development and building can start immediately at the time of the election.

Kings Forest will be the only site ready to go.

In comparison, Geoff Provest and his Sydney Liberal government have decided to impose a hospital on inappropriate protected farmlands at Cudgen which has not even been purchased or zoned appropriately.

If this Liberal government will not change the hospital location then it will be up to locals on March 23 to throw Geoff Provest out to save Cudgen and Kingscliff from the National Partys overdevelopment agenda, Mr Elliot said.




KOMBU WEBCAM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Kombu Floodcam: Flooding is a fact of life in Bellingen and one of the key bits of information many of us in town need to know is if the main bridge through town is open. The close up image below updates once per minute. The timelapse updates from 45 minutes before sunrise until 45 minutes after sunset. You can use the time lapse feeds to check if the river is going up or down. If you spot any problems please let us know.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.48.12 am


ATM stolen from North Coast pub "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police are appealing for public information after an ATM was stolen and subsequently set alight on the North Coast on Sunday (October 14).

Just before 6am, two people removed an ATM from a licensed premises on Riverside Drive at Wooli, 50km east of Grafton, before loading it onto a white utility.

Officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District were notified of the incident when a staff member arrived and disturbed the pair.

The ATM was found by police on Condole Forest Road, about 5km from the intersection of Wooli Road, after it was set alight.

Police conducted an extensive search of the area, however; were unable to locate those involved, or the vehicle.

One person is described as having a medium build, about 180cm tall, and wearing a dark hooded-jacket.

The vehicle is described as being an older model white utility. It had a lowered tail gate, and no registration plates.

As inquiries continue, police would like to speak with anyone who may have information, or dashcam footage from the area.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or


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A historic opportunity: support National Parks in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week, the Liberal-National Government will introduce the National Park Estate (Reservations) Bill 2018 to Parliament. This Bill will add a small amount of land to the national parks system, much less than what has been identified as critical for conservation. This is a historic opportunity to expand national parks in NSW and protect our [...] full article 


Extension of the Vickery Mine Submissions Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Saturday, 20 Oct; 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. ] Submission writing against the Vickery Megamine (think Boggabri, Gunnedah) Saturday 20 October, 2-4 pm at the Wicklow (Cocktail Room upstairs). AACSG&M has fought for years against the fossil fuel industry (both coal and csg) in the Laird and Pilliga forests and out onto the Liverpool plains. A number of us (including Kerri, Anna, Pat and Tania) attended [...] full article 


Blessed Be The Populists, For They Know Not What They Do "IndyWatch Feed National"

Race-baiting populism isnt helping Scott Morrison, writes Ben Eltham. Its not even popular.

What sort of government is Scott Morrison running?

Its a question worth asking. Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia, the holder of the highest elected office in the land. And yet he came to office with voters knowing almost nothing about his political agenda.

Morrison has not faced a general election as his partys leader. He has not been opposition leader. He has not presented a policy platform to voters, nor explained in any detail whatsoever what a Morrison government will stand for. Indeed, he cant even explain why the Liberal Party got rid of Malcolm Turnbull.

The Morrison government is a ship of state adrift without a chart or a rudder. There is no articulated policy agenda beyond some quick fix barnacle scraping: a $4.6 billion handout to the Catholic and independent schools (incidentally abandoning former education minister Simon Birminghams painstakingly constructed needs-based schools funding model), and a dollop of drought relief.

Not only is there no grand vision for the future of the nation, there isnt even a legislative agenda. Since Morrison took the top job, the government has run out of bills to debate in the Senate, and cancelled a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments.

A look through Morrisons speeches and media transcripts since taking the prime ministership is instructive. Theres almost nothing there.

His very first cabinet meeting gave us a flavour of what Morrison wanted his government to stand for: nationalist clichs. On August 28th, the new Prime Minister told journalists he wore an Australian flag lapel pin because it reminded him whose side he is on. Im on the side of the Australian people, he explained, which is not altogether surprising for a prime minister of Australia.

Morrison added that believes in a fair go for those who have a go. Morrison said he would redefine what fairness means in this country. Fairness would no longer mean a fair go for all. Fairness means a fair go for those who have a go.

Passing over some uncomfortable absences from the meeting such as Peter Dutton, wh...


NPA evening Conservation in North West NSW "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Thursday, 18 Oct; 6:00 pm; ] The Armidale Branch of the National Parks Association invites you to an evening devoted to conservation in North West NSW on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at Kent House, 141 Faulkner Street, Armidale 6:00 pm Home made soup and crusty bread 7:00 pm AGM & General Meeting 7:30 pm Tamworth ecologist Phil Spark: Prospects for conservation in North [...] full article 


PM Morrison speaks with Israel's PM Netanyahu on moving to Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

I spoke today with Australian PM @ScottMorrisonMP. He informed me that he is considering officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel & moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem. Im very thankful to him for this. We will continue to strengthen ties between & ! Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu)...


Universal Medicine loses defamation case "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon. Photo

Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon has lost a defamation action against one of his greatest critics, Byron Bay blogger Esther Rockett.

Mr Benhayon took Ms Rockett to court over a series of blog postings she made that accused the organisation of being a cult and Mr Benhayon of inappropriately touching her during a healing session she dubbed a sleazy ovarian reading.

But her lawyer, Stewart OConnell, said that a Supreme Court jury had found many of the claims were true.

Esther Rockett. Photo

They found Mr Benhayon was the leader of a socially harmful cult, they found that [he] had intentionally indecently touched a number of his clients in treatment rooms, they found that [he] was dishonest and they found that he engaged in a healing fraud that was harmful, Mr OConnell said.

AAP reported the four-person jury found he engages in bizarre sexual manipulation to make money for his business vilified people with disabilities, is dishonest and guilty of exploitative behavior.

Other substantially true findings included that he has an indecent interest in young girls as young as 10 whom he causes to stay at his house unaccompanied, preys on cancer patients and is a charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims.

The jury also found substantially true that Mr Benhayon had exploited children by having them vouch for UMs dishonest healing practices and exploits cancer patients by targeting them to leave him bequests in their wills, AAP reported.

The leader of the Goonellabah based group told the court he was a reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci during the trial.

In his closing address Mr Molomby SC stated to the jury that the man in the witness box was not Leonardo Da Vinci, he is just a conman from Goonellabah, and not Mona Lisa anymore. Mona Liar.

Mr Benhayon was not in court to hear the verdict but Ms Rockett was and was subsequently pho...


You, Again "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

If the history of your relationship was thrown onto the walls of a gallery, what would you see? What would you find? The National Theatre Drama School Graduates of 2018 present the new original work; You, Again. An immersive and physically rich ensemble piece which blurs the lines between theatre and installation art, You, Again []

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IMF continues to tread the ridiculous path "IndyWatch Feed"

I am back in Australia now and I dont have to stand on my head to write (a reference to the hassles of trying to maintain some order while travelling to different destinations on an almost daily basis). Last week, the IMF released its so-called Fiscal Monitor October 2018 and the mainstream financial press had a picnic claiming all sorts of disaster scenarios would follow from the sort of financial situations revealed in the publication. At the time of the publication I was in London and the British press went crazy after the IMF publication predicting that taxes would have to rise and fiscal surpluses would have to be maintained and increased to bring the governments balance sheet back into balance. Yes, apparently the British government, which issues its own currency, has shareholders who care about its Profit and Loss statement and the flow implications of the latter for the Balance Sheet of the Government. Anyone who knows anything quickly realises this is a ruse. There is no meaningful application of the finances pertaining to a private corporation to the finances of a currency-issuing government. A currency-issuing governments balance sheet provides no help in our understanding of what spending capacities such a government has.

The IMF Fiscal Monitor carries the specific title Managing Public Wealth and starts with an unobjectionable statement:

Public sector balance sheets provide the most comprehensive picture of public wealth. They bring together all the accumulated assets and liabilities that the government controls, including public corporations, natural resources, and pension liabilities.

I say unobjectionable in the sense of being harmless.

We might be interested in knowing what assets are held on our behalf in the public sector and what liabilities the government holds.

Then again we might not be.

It doesnt matter much.

What we know is that assets that are held in the public sector should be utilised to advance the well-being of the citizens and a currency-issuing government can always service any liabilities that are denominated in its own currency.

That is about as far at it goes.

If public sector assets are an important component of our wealth, then we should be very concerned with policies that liquidate that wealth that is, privatisation.

The IMF really get themselves caught up here more below on that.

But, any notion that the government is like a privately-owned corporation and that we should appraise it according to the indicators we...


Bill Thompson outs climate hypocrite Jeffrey Sachs "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@JeffDSachs takes @SenPaterson to task on sloganeering and foreign aid #QandA ABC Q&A (@QandA) October 15, 2018


Mullums mini hydro plant one step closer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Svea Pittman addresses last Thursdays (October 11) COREM meeting on the progress of the Mullum Hydro plant. Photo supplied

Plans to reopen Mullumbimbys historic hydroelectricity plant at Lavertys Gap have moved a closer in the last week.

Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM) hosted a community information evening last Thursday (October 11), to launch the Mullumbimby Mini Hydro pre-feasibility study and new website.

Now COREM has opened a Mullum Mini Hydro pop-up office of at the Mullumbimby railway station IQ Platform offices, just behind Byron Shire Council chambers.

Project Manager Svea Pitman said the office will initially be open Monday and Tuesday during office hours for people to come in and talk about the project and look at copies of the report and other related information.

She added it was a very exciting time for COREM and all the people who have been involved with this project over the past three years towards the goal of re-commissioning the Mullumbimby hydroelectric power station.

We are now at the stage where we have the go-ahead to continue working towards At this stage its envisaged the turbine would work 45 per cent of the time as a full hydroelectric plant, she told Echonetdaily.

Ultimately, the other 55 per cent of the time it could be used like a big battery, pumping water up during the day and running the turbine at night.

That alone would provide 70 per cent of Mullumbimbys night time power requirement.

Meeting hears about next steps

Despite the stormy weather, an enthusiastic crowd of more than 50 people attended Thursdays meeting to hear Essential Energy Technical Operations Manager Tim Ronan discuss the viability of the project from a network perspective.

Svea Pitman, Project Manager for the COREM Mullum Mini Hydro project then launched the new website ( ) and presented the findings of the Entura Energy Pre-Feasibility study.

She told the crowd t...


Scott Morrisons Desperate New Low: An Australian Embassy In Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whats a Palestinian life worth in Australia? Not much, if Scott Morrisons new low is anything to go by. Chris Graham explains the ramifications of the Prime Ministers promise overnight to move Australias embassy in Israel.

In a deeply cynical bid to woo voters in the seat of Wentworth, Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday flagged the idea of following the United States lead by moving Australias embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The story might sound innocuous, and it may barely rate a mention in media reporting leading up to the by-election of the seat of Wentworth, but it could have a profound affect in the electorate (13 per cent of whom are Jewish) and even more profound implications globally, particularly in the Middle East.

Its not a flawless comparison, but to give you a rough Australian context, moving Australias embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be like the Australian Government seizing Aboriginal land as part of the Northern Territory intervention (which it did), refusing to hand that land back, and then establishing a new city around Uluru.

The situation in the Middle East is more complex, but as part of ongoing efforts within the global community to broker peace between Palestine and Israel, the international consensus had been to locate embassies outside Jerusalem.

The reason for this is surprisingly simple. When Israel was formed in 1948, the United Nations designated Jerusalem a special international city, meaning sovereignty was essentially to rest with more than just Israel, given the sites importance to the Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths (an area known as the Old City in Jerusalem includes some of the most holy sites of all three Abrahamic religions).

Israels capital was established in Tel Aviv instead, and international embassies were located there as well.

The United Nations intent had always been to form a Palestinian state bordering Israel, and for the management of Jerusalem to be shared between the two. But this never happened the formation of Palestine was stalled by multiple wars between Israel and its neighbours, including the occupation of East Jerusalem (Palestinian land) by Israel since 1967.

US president Donald Trump. (IMAGE: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

In November last year US president Donald Trump...


Australia should be 'exporting sunshine, not coal', economist Jeffrey Sachs tells Q&A "IndyWatch Feed"

US analyst criticises successive governments for defending coal in wake of alarming IPCC report on climate changeEconomist Jeffrey Sachs has criticised successive Australian governments for defending a 19th or 20th century industry rather than taking decisive action on climate change, saying Australia should be exporting sunshine, not coal.Make a plan, make a timeline, tell the world how you're going to decarbonise, and then we'll all be happy to hear from Australia that [...]


Demographer slams overdevelopment in Melbourne - Video and text "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Professor Bob Birrell [1] calls for better planning to stop over-development, sustainable population policy reform at a Sustainable Australia Party event. "Net overseas immigration is completely dominating the figures." The politicians tell us, "We just have to get used to it, and the way we're going to deal with it is to throw literally billions at it ... and ... eliminate suburbia." "That's what they say. But rezoning and high density doesn't actually work. The houses are too expensive. The reason is site costs. The more people the more demand for housing. If you increase the opportunity for housing on the same site, the site values go up higher.... It doesn't work." "Nor does the high rise 'solution'. You know there are tens of thousands of these being completed. When we checked the 2016 census, what we found was, that in the two areas of greatest density, CBD and South bank, only 5% of all those appartments were occupied by families with children. Well, what are we going to do about it? We have to deal with high NOM (Net Overseas Migration), it's not inevitable - and this is the key point. The high levels of NOM at present are due to government policy or government non-policy. They are a deliberate consequence of government policy. Not inevitable. For example, overseas students. It is a fact that the biggest source of growth in Net Overseas Migration in Melbourne is overseas students. There are more overseas students coming in on a student's visa each year than are leaving holding a student's visa. Okay, we don't object to students coming here for an education. the problem is that, once they get here and complete their education, they can stay on, more or less forever. Our governments have deliberately encouraged them to do so. By providing, as of right, a two year stay here, with full work rights - even if your degree is in cultural studies - and, when you've done that, you can get another student visa. Or you can become a tourist, or you can get a working holiday visa, or you can apply for a 457 temporary visa. Or you can apply for a permanent entry visa. And, as a consequence, a big chunk of overseas students are just spinning out ... over the years. So, we can change that and that would have a major impact. There are many other areas we could change. I'll just give you one or two to finish, which you may not know about. You've probably heard a lot about 'regional policy' - 'maybe we'll put people in the bush, rather than let them stay in Melbourne or Sydney. Well, currently, there's a program near 30,000 visas strong for state and regional sponsorship. The problem...


GTA Cheat Developers Have Homes Searched and Assets Frozen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the past year there has been a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits against alleged cheaters or cheat makers.

More than a handful have been filed in the US, but theres also been some action in Australia recently.

In one case, filed last month, GTA V developer Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive are going after several people believed to be linked to the popular Infamous cheat.

This lawsuit is notable because the Federal Court of Australia has signed off on several broad enforcement actions. Not only are the defendants restrained from any cheating related activity, they are also the subject of a search and assets freezing order.

The orders are issued against the person or persons known as Christopher Anderson, Cycus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson, and Koroush Jeddian. Per the courts order, all are prohibited from cheating and can be imprisoned if they refuse to comply.


The associated search order identifies two Melbourne premises. It allows a search party to enter the buildings and search, copy, or remove relevant evidence including any computer, electronic storage device, or documents related to Infamous. Any cars that are located at these locations can also be searched.

In addition to the search order, the Federal Court also issued a freezing order preventing the defendants from taking out more money than needed for regular expenses.

You must not remove from Australia or in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of your assets in Australia (Australian assets) up to the unencumbered value of AU$286,609.80 (the Relevant Amount), the order states.

This freezing order also applies to any cryptocurrency and other digital currency, including the money stored in the PayPal account thats assigned to Christopher Anderson.

It is likely that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will try to obtain copyright infringement related damages, and with the freezing order they can make sure that the money isnt spent beforehand.

The orders in question were initially not disclosed, but that restriction has now been lifted. From the information we have available the searches were carried out late last month. In a follow-up order, the federal court ruled that the freezing and other orders should remain in place for now.

The defendant(s) have yet to file a defense, which is expected later...


Love Water Protect Forests "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Join us for upcoming event in Preston on 23 October, from 7pm!

Love Water - Protect Forests: A musical evening to celebrate our forests


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Free extendable IKEA Pelto table. 

Seats 6, or 8 when extended. Shows some signs of wear on the top, please see photos. Perfect for use with a tablecloth, or craft table etc. Pickup from Reservoir near Crispe Park. 

Please text  0403 979 003.


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



Massive plastic tub
Tin x 2 with a touch of rust
Umbrella stand
Out front 6 Butters st Rezy



Bruce Wilson - "Gillard flew to my rescue" in May 1992 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FORMER prime minister Julia Gillard flew from Melbourne to Perth in 1992 to iron out legal trouble over a union association, her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson told an inquiry yesterday. Mr Wilson, then a senior Australian Workers Union official, told a Royal Commission Ms Gillard flew to his side when...


Government must be stopped from allowing schools to discriminate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

In a bizarre effort to turn reality upside down, the Ruddock so-called inquiry into religious freedom has recommended allowing private schools, to turn away gay students who are gay or have a different sexual orientation,  has become the talk around this country. Closely associated is the call to also allow these schools to get rid of gay teachers and adopt discriminatory employment practices

The term so-called is justifiably used, because this inquiry was never meant to have anything to do about protecting people from exercising their religion. It has always been about imposing the will of some, to discriminate against those they consider not their type of people and force privilege for some at the expense of others.

People have fought for generations to improve the lot for all. It has been tough. But society ultimately progressed towards greater fairness and inclusiveness. Certain elements now want to turn the wheel back. They manipulate the insecurity of some, to distort it and create the monster of bigotry. The decisive victory over marriage equality last year, raised the determination of some to raise their counter crusade to a new level.

It is suggested that being inclusive locks out the faithful.  It is never explained how this can happen. Inclusiveness means respecting the beliefs and differences of others. It is based on the acceptance that although each of us have certain rights, we also all have responsibilities to the wider community.

Calling for allowing discrimination, as a necessity for the right of people to apply their faith is false. All faiths talk about compassion towards fellow human beings. Where has this gone?

Its perpetrators are not calling for freedom of speech and religion, but the exclusive right to ram their demands down the throats of others. They are calling for the right to be custodians of all truth. They want other voices silenced, and anyone who doesnt fit into their world view, to be punished for it.

This is what exposes the truth behind it. A political agenda of those who would divide our community by promoting prejudice, to impose a new order that consolidates the power of a few over the many.

It is no different than manufacturing that asylum seekers arriving by boat deserve to be punished and that Muslims are a threat. Setting up scapegoats to blame and hate, promotes and normalises inhumanity, and creates a platform for those who would take us down a dark road.

The good thing is that the proposal is already  causing a backlash. Much of the Australian community is horrified and wants it stopped. it is even causing significant division within the governments ranks. Labor and the Greens are calling for an amendment to the law, which will make it even harder for schools...


Telstra's real dads "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Real Dads of Melbourne enjoying big screen vibes with the @SamsungAU Galaxy Note9 on @Telstra Telstra (@Telstra) October 5, 2018


Gay penguin couple breeds egg "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This 11 October 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

Sphengic on the ice Sphen and Magic

Same-Sex [gentoo] penguin couple at Sea Life Aquarium Sydney

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The gay couple were first given a fake egg in their nest, so they could practice breeding. That went so well that they got a real egg. That egg came from the nest of another penguin couple that had two eggs.

Natural talents

In the wild, gentoo penguins can usually only raise one youngster. So, the chick from the second egg will die. The biological parents did not even realize that an egg had been taken away by the caretakers, says [keeper] Hannan.

According to Hannan, Sphen and Magic are real natural talents as future parents. They change jobs on a daily basis, says Hannan. One of the two is sitting on the egg and the other bird makes sure nobody can get around to steal stones from the nest.

This 11 October 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

#LoveWins Sphen and Magic Penguin Couple

Penguins Breeding at Sea Life Sydney 2018


Keeping Asia on Top of Global Growth "IndyWatch Feed"

The latest projections shave a bit off of expected Asian growth.


Refugee families ripped apart by Australian Government take their case to the United Nations "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

63 mothers, fathers and children permanently separated between Australia and indefinite offshore detention on Manus and Nauru have taken their case for family reunion to the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

The group includes:

  • five babies born in Australia whose fathers are indefinitely detained on Nauru;

  • a father detained on Manus Island for five years whose wife and children are living in Sydney and whose daughters are studying at University; and

  • husbands and wives, children and parents, and brothers and sisters, who remain permanently separated because they arrived and sought protection in Australia on different dates.

The complaint, made on behalf of the families by the Human Rights Law Centre and barristers Kylie Evans, John Maloney and Marion Isobel, is one of the largest UN actions ever brought against the Australian Government and comes during the Governments first year as a member of the UN Human Rights Council.

Daniel Webb, director of legal advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

These families just want what every family in the world wants to be together with the people they love the most. But instead they are being needlessly ripped apart and go to bed every night with a massive knot in their stomach not knowing if or when they will ever see each other again, said Mr Webb.

Every one of these families has a heartbreaking separation moment - a moment when they realised our Government was permanently tearing them apart. One of the dads told me he felt like his entire body froze. He said he couldnt move or even breathe and just collapsed to the floor and had to be carried away.

Ripping apart these families is cruel, harmful and clearly illegal.

The UN case contains detailed evidence of the harm being caused to the families by their indefinite separation, particularly the harm being caused to the children who are separated from one of their parents.

The medical evidence is harrowing. Some of these kids are permanently grief-stricken in their minds every single day its like someone they love has died. Imagine being a child and growing up permanently grief stricken, hearing your mum crying in bed every night because she doesnt know if you will ever get to meet your dad. Its just brutal, said Mr Webb.

The families, who have been separated for up to five years, have made repeated requests to the Government to be reunited. Each time they are just ignored or told to go back to offshore detention.

Were talking about a handful of families. Instead of forcing people to choose between the c...


FBI Concealed Evidence That Directly Refutes Premise Of Trump-Russia Probe: GOP Lawmaker "IndyWatch Feed National"

After hinting for months that the FBI was not forthcoming with federal surveillance court judges when they made their case to spy on the Trump campaign, Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe (R) said on Sunday that the agency is holding evidence which directly refutes its premise for launching the probe, reports the Daily Callers Chuck Ross.

Image result for department of justice, photos

Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe provided Sunday the clearest picture to date of what the FBI allegedly withheld from the surveillance court.

Ratcliffe suggested that the FBI failed to include evidence regarding former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, in an interview with Fox News.

Ratcliffe noted that the FBI opened its investigation on July 31, 2016, after receiving information from the Australian government about a conversation that Papadopoulos had on May 10, 2016, with Alexander Downer, the top Australian diplomat to the U.K. Daily Caller

While Australias Alexander Downer claimed that Papadopoulos revealed Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton, Ratcliffe who sits on the House Judiciary Committee suggested on Sunday that the FBI and DOJ possess information which directly contradicts that account.

Hypothetically, if the Department of Justice and the FBI have another piece of evidence that directly refutes that, that directly contradicts that, what you would expect is for the Department of Justice to present both sides of the coin to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to evaluate the weight and sufficiency of that evidence, Ratcliffe said, adding: Instead, what happened here was Department of Justice and FBI officials in the Obama administration in October of 2016 only presented to the court the evidence that made the governments case to get a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign associate.



Can we buy our way out of the sixth extinction? "IndyWatch Feed"

Money, its said, makes the world go round. The old adage appears to be true in conservation, too: A paper in Nature tracked $14.4 billion spent on conservation programs over a 12-year period around the world, and found that it was money well spent. All the money we have been spending on conservation has actually made a difference, says Anthony Waldron, lead author of the paper and research fellow at the National University of Singapore. To understand if spending was effectively making a difference in conservation, the authors compiled a dataset that took into account both species decline and conservation funding per capita in 109 countries. The researchers also looked at how development population growth, industrial expansion, and agriculture contributed to biodiversity loss. The model found that while development and GDP growth affected biodiversity negatively, money spent on conservation greatly reduced those impacts. In the 109 countries studied, all of them signatories to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the researchers found a median average reduction of 29 percent of species loss per country as a result of the billions spent in the period from 1996 to 2008. If we hadnt spent the money, we would have lost a third more biodiversity than we did, Waldron tells The researchers also found that nearly two-thirds of global biodiversity loss during that period was concentrated in just seven countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, India, Australia and the United States (the latter


Netflix Animation Pushes Gross Pedophilia and Child Pornography "IndyWatch Feed National"

According to Vanity Fair, the child frequently masturbates with her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed worm. In 2008 an Australian man was convicted of possessing child pornography, fined $3,000 and required to enter a two-year good behaviour bond in relation to each offence. The pornographic content in the mans possession comprised of a series of cartoons []


North Coast Voices Update "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Due to illness North Coast Voices will not be posting this week.

Hoping to be back by 22 October 2018.

Apologies to our regular readers.

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Monday, 15 October


Is America reaching its end phase ? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Additional survival tricks

Is America reaching its end phase ?

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#end phase, #America, #empire, #signs

Is America reaching its end phase ?

Empires dont last forever [1]. America empire may be now reaching its end phase.

1. Signs of American end phase.

American Congress is now in the hands of half-citizens (each congress member with dual citizenship has only half-loyalty to America) and is under tremendous pressure from lobbyists.

Congress and Supreme Court are fighting hard to take-over Presidential power: Supreme Court tries to incapacitate Executive power (as granted by the Constitution) on many cases then gives Congress the final says on those cases.

American politicians are now denouncing populism of their own President Donald Trump and of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban[5] . They are

View original post 433 more words


Peter Normans Involvement in 1968 Black Power Salute "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

While competitive sport isnt of interest to me sometimes the politics surrounding the events is interesting. And strong statements are made. Recently American football players have been kneeling during the nation anthem. Adam Goodes in Australia performed a war dance during a game a few years ago.

On Tuesday October 16 a human rights summit in Melbourne will be held in the name of a man whos involvement in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics Black Power Salute protest.

His name is Peter Norman, the tribute below written by musician and family friend Les Thomas.

Black Power Salute statue in San Jose, California.


How many of my friends know the full story behind this statue?

I imagine many would know its a tribute to the famous Black Power Salute at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, easily one of the most iconic moments in sports history.

Tommie Smith stands at first place on the podium, and John Carlos stands on third. Who was on second? A lot fewer know the answer to that in the United States, but a growing number of people are now aware of the name of Australian silver medallist Peter Norman thanks to Matt Normans excellent documentary Salute that came out ten years ago, as well as more recent efforts to have Normans human rights, anti-racist and sporting contribution recognised in a statue of his own in his home town of Melbourne.

The reason why hes absent from the statue in San Jose, California, as I understand is that he wanted the spot kept clear so that others who wanted to stand in solidarity could do so. Thats how his self-described brother from another mother tells it beautifully in this speech that I encourage everyone to watch for a full sense of what happened



A Marvelous Monotreme "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Newstead Landcare are delighted to have Dr Kath Handasyde from The University of Melbourne up to speak at our AGM this Thursday 18th October at Newstead Community Centre. The presentation on the ecology and behaviour of  ECHIDNAS will begin at 8pm and all are welcome. A gold coin donation will help cover costs.

Echidnas are one of two Australian monotreme species the egg-laying mammals. Echidnas are our most widely distributed mammals, occurring in all regions of Australia. They are classified as myrmecophages, feeding extensively on social insects, such as ants and termites. These are a rich and abundant food resource for which echidnas have clear adaptations, such as a long narrow snout, sticky tongue and powerful digging abilities. Echidnas are one of the relatively small number of Australian mammals that undergo hibernation. Come along and find out much more about these extraordinary animals.

Echidna by Patrick KavanaghEchidna photographed by Patrick Kavanagh of Strangways


Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopter A40-020 "Pegasus 9" at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Monday 15 October, Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopter A40-020 was noted landing at Rockhampton Airport from Townsville.  It was heard using the radio callsign of "Pegasus 9".

After taking on fuel, it departed to the Oakey Army Aviation Centre but a few miles out of Rocky, it was heard to return to Rockhampton Airport with a technical problem.

At the time of writing, A40-020 remains at Rockhampton Airport.

Later on Monday 15 October, fellow Australian Army MRH-90 A40-021 was noted also arriving into Rockhampton Airport from Townsville as "Warhorse 244" seemingly on a rescue mission to assist A40-020.

UPDATE!  A40-021 "Warhorse 244" has since departed Rockhampton Airport for Oakey.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Trevor H for taking the time to send through this information and photos!

All photos taken by Trevor Hardsman 


Tony Thomas is on fire! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Call 000, call the fire brigade, no call Connor Court and order a copy or two of his latest book on growing up a generation or two ago in the Deep West. Order the other one as well!

He is on fire in The Spectator lately as well, in the current edition it is Marxist education in the schools. He encountered Marxism early when he was in the Young Pioneers and travelled to Sydney for a significant youth festival. The tireless cadres were at work and now we are where we are. Surprised?

Actually there was resistance, check out the archive of Quadrant. And the stirring (partial) success of Santamaria and colleagues versus the communists in the trade unions.


Japan raises concerns over Pacifics debt to China "IndyWatch Feed National"

Japans foreign minister has raised concerns  about the high levels of debt accrued by some Pacific Island nations and said his country wants to help resolve the problem.

Foreign Minister Taro Kono made the comments on Monday while visiting New Zealand, where he met  his counterpart Winston Peters.

Image result for Taro, Kono, Winston Peters. photos

Japans Foreign Minister Taro Kono, left, with his counterpart Winston Peters in Wellington on Monday.CREDIT:AP

Some observers have become alarmed at the growth in Chinese lending in the Pacific and worry that small countries such as Tonga and Vanuatu are becoming beholden to China because of their high debt levels.

Kono didnt mention China specifically in his comments. But he said the Pacific region was important in a strategic sense to both Japan and New Zealand.

Peters said New Zealand was also concerned about the loans and the ability of small island nations to repay them.

Were looking very seriously at that, saying What does it mean for us when those nations may forfeit the very asset value that theyve sought to develop, and have it owned by some other country? he said.

Peters said neither Japan nor New Zealand had gone so far as to offer to repay the loans directly.

We understand the problem, Peters added. Weve got our eyes wide open.

Konos visit to New Zealand was the first by a Japanese foreign minister in five years. It marks a warming relationship between the two nations over the past year since Jacinda Ardern became New Zealands prime minister.

Kono thanked New Zealand for deciding last month to deploy a maritime patrol plane to Japan as part of an effort to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea.

Australia, Canada and the US are also helping Japan monitor offshore ship-to- ship transfers of oil allegedly involving North Korean ships, which would violate UN sanctions imposed over the Norths nuclear and missile programs.

Regarding the situation in North Korea, we reaffirm our cooperation to achieve a complete, verifiable and irreversible disposal of all the weapons of mass destruction and the ballistic missiles of all ranges, Kono said through an interpreter.



Exercise Wallaby 2018 - More Photos of Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Lockheed C-130H Hercules '734' Operating at Rockhampton Airport as "Condor" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Also on Sunday 14 October, the visiting Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft '734' was photographed arriving into Rockhampton Airport from the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) after completing one of its many sorties in support of the Singapore Armed Force's Exercise Wallaby 2018.  It was heard to be using the radio callsign of "Condor".


NSW police officer convicted for sexually assaulting Defqon.1 patron "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A New South Wales police officer has been sentenced today for sexually assaulting a patron at Sydneys Defqon.1 festival last year.

While Defqon.1 attracted controversy recently following a handful of drug-related deaths, its an incident from last years festivities that has made headlines today.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, Constable Mitchell James Willey has been sentenced to a two-year community corrections order after pleading guilty to indecent assault.

The incident in question occurred in September of 2017 when Willey, who was off-duty at the time, approached a woman and grabbed her by the vagina. Several police officers were reportedly following Willey at the time, who was apprehended by a sergeant after the woman reportedly screamed dont touch me.

In the Penrith Local Court earlier today, magistrate Geoff Hiatt explained that he did not belief Constable Willey to be genuinely remorseful for his actions.

While Willeys lawyer Ben Clark claimed that the incident was a moment of absolute madness, prosecutor Kate Owens noted that the public has grown far too tired of such behaviour.

There is quite a vocal protest going on in this state and elsewhere, Owens explained. She was randomly attacked by this offender.

Women in particular should be able to attend these events and go about their day-to-day lives without fear of this kind of interference with their body.

While Mr Clark claimed that this is not #MeToo, and that his client is not being sentenced for being Harvey Weinstein, Constable Willey was nonetheless suspended for his actions, with his future in the NSW police force currently unclear.

Just last month, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian outlined her desire to shut down the Defqon.1 festival, citing a spate of drug-related deaths as the reasoning for her decision.

I never want to see this event held in Sydney or New South Wales ever again we will do everything we can to shut this down, she explained in a press conference.

I understand there were some deaths in the past, but to have at least two on one night when every assurance was given to those attending that it was a safe event,...


Exercise Wallaby 2018 - New Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner V8-DLE Back at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

After departing late the previous evening, during the afternoon on Sunday 14 October, Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner V8-DLE was back at Rockhampton Airport, again touching down direct from Singapore's Changi Airport but this time as RBA4271.



1)Is Indonesia Australias most important security partner? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Dekai gradually recovers, actors allegedly take advantages of clash situation
1) Is Indonesia Australias most important security partner?
15 Oct 2018|Evan Laksmana

In late August, Indonesia and Australia signed a new comprehensive strategic partnershipagreement during Prime Minister Scott Morrisons visit to Jakarta. The document provides a new long-term framework for the bilateral relationship as part of a broader Indo-Pacific vision. Defence cooperation is a central component of that vision.
The relationship between the Indonesian defence force (TNI) and the Australian defence force (ADF) has been on the upswing. In early September, the Indonesian navy participated in Exercise Kakadu, Australias largest maritime exercise involving 27 countries. And in 2016, the Indonesian army held a joint training exercise in Darwin as part of Exercise Wirra Jaya, which is now an an...


Evacuating Nauru: Mdecins Sans Frontires and Australias Refugee Dilemma "IndyWatch Feed National"

MSF, at least in its operating protocols, is meant to be solidly neutral and diligently impartial.  But neutrality tends to be compromised before the spectacle of suffering.  Bearing witness disturbs the mood and narrows objective distance.  On June 17, 2016, by way of example, the organisation stated that it could not accept funding from the EU or the Member States while at the same time treating the victims of their policies! Its that simple.  Central to this, as Katharine Weatherhead explained in an analysis of the organisations stance, is the ethic of refusal and tmoignage, the idea of being a witness to suffering.

Australias gulag mimicry a prison first, justice second mentality that governs boat arrivals has done wonders to challenge any stance of distance humanitarian organisations might purport to have.  To see the suffering such policies cause is to make converts of the stony hearted.  What matters in this instance the MSF condemnation of Australias innately brutal anti-refugee policy on Nauru is its certitude.

The Australian government has taken the high, icy road and left the UN Refugee Convention in shambolic ruin; it insists, repeatedly, that refugees are to be discriminated against on the basis of how they arrive to the country; it also suggests, with a hypnotically disabling insistence that keeping people in open air prisons indefinitely is far better than letting them drown.  (We, the message goes, stopped the boats and saved lives!)

MSF, which had been working on the island since November 2017 primarily providing free psychological and psychiatric services, was given its marching orders by Naurus authorities last week.  Visas for the organisations workers were cancelled to make it clear there was no intention of inviting us back, explained MSF Australia director Paul McPhun.

A disagreement about what MSF was charged with doing developed.  The original memorandum of understanding with the Nauru government...


Video: Remembering the West Gate Bridge collapse "IndyWatch Feed National"


Forty-eight years ago, today, a span of the West Gate Bridge collapsed, killing 35 and injuring 18.

The findings of a royal commission into the collapse, together with union efforts, paved the way for the strengthening of occupational health and safety laws in Australian workplaces.

Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living. We will never forget the workers that were lost that day.

Video from Australian Unions


West Gate Bridge Collapse

48 years ago today, a span of the West Gate Bridge collapsed, killing 35 and injuring 18. The findings of a royal commission into the collapse, together with union efforts, paved the way for the strengthening of occupational health and safety laws in Australian workplaces. Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living. We will never forget the workers that were lost that day.

Posted by Australian Unions on Sunday, October 14, 2018


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House share "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I am a male working professional coming to Townsville in November and looking for a place to stay. Ideally in the North Ward area. I will be working in West End out of a friends office.

If anyone has a spare room or knows anyone then please let me know.

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Creatures show opens "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The FOBIF Creatures photographic exhibition hosted by Togs Place in Lyttleton Street opened last Friday. It will run till 29 November. There are 24 photos which have been selected from the 125 photos that were sent into FOBIF. Once again thanks to everyone who participated. The photos are online here. We would also like to thank the owners of Togs, Elissa and Jason, and the cafe staff, for their support in holding this exhibition. 

Some highlights include the endangered Swift Parrot by Debbie Worland, a group of perching Juvenile Scarlet Robins by Albert Wright and a Red Wattlebird bathing by Vivienne Hamilton. The rest show photos of local fauna including a macro shot of a Grasshopper Nymph by Patrick Kavanagh, a watchful Koala and a curious Yellow-footed Antichinus by Damian Kelly. We encourage everyone to go along and have a look at this impressive show by local photographers.

Dusky Woodswallows by Geoff Park

Yellow-footed Antechinus by Damian Kelly

Silvereye by Arlen Truscott


Desperate Chinese middle class take big risks to move money, and themselves, overseas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Growing worries are pushing more wealthy mainlanders to seek property and long-stay visas overseas but for some, it has turned into a nightmare

South China Morning Post

Image result for China, Flag, Map, pictures

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 October, 2018, 10:02pm
UPDATED : Monday, 15 October, 2018, 10:39am


Hobart mayoral candidate Anna Reynolds offers a practical and economic solar plan "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate right for solar plan: Reynolds, HOBART residents and businesses would be able to install solar energy systems with no upfront costs under an initiative proposed by mayoral candidate Anna Reynolds. HELEN KEMPTON,   Sunday Tasmanian  OCTOBER 14, 2018

HOBART residents and businesses would be able to install solar energy systems with no upfront costs under an initiative proposed by mayoral candidate Anna Reynolds.



Solar and storage for cost of a coffee a day promised in WA VPP offer RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Privately funded VPP project hopes to sign up 1000 homes and businesses in south-west WA to zero up-front cost deal for solar and battery storage. The post Solar and storage for cost of a coffee a day promised in WA VPP offer appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Solar and storage for cost of a coffee a day promised in WA VPP offer RenewEconomy


Barnaby Joyce calls the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wrong and ridiculous about coal "IndyWatch Feed"

Barnaby backs coal unless Australians want nuclear power supply, Northern Daily Leader, Chris Bath 15 Oct 18 


Toxic effects of Maralinga nuclear bomb testing continue "IndyWatch Feed"

Menzies immediately agreed to the proposal, without consulting any of his cabinet colleagues or the Australian parliament. Indeed, until weeks before the first test was carried out, only three government ministers knew about it.

The most devastating effects were suffered by two groups: Australian and British soldiers working on the tests themselves, and the Indigenous populations local to Emu Field and the later testing site of Maralinga.

One prominent member of the testing team, Sir Ernest Titterton, later said that if Indigenous people had a problem with the government, they should vote it out, ignoring that Indigenous Australians did not have full political rights until 1967.

an Australian defense ministry report was leaked to the press, warning that large amounts of plutonium left at Maralinga could potentially be a target of terrorists.

those wrongs have not been fully addressed. Health problems stemming from the tests continue for those still living, and while the veracity of Lester and other victims stories has been acknowledged, what exactly happened to them remains unclear, the details of the nuclear test still kept top secret.
To this day we dont know what Totem I did, those records are still classified by the British,


NEW MUSIC: Ayleen OHanlon  Good As Gold "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  Melbourne musician Ayleen OHanlon has a brand new single out now via the good folk at Blind Date Records. Good As Gold is a change-up for Ayleen, more country rock than her previous folk leanings. It works brilliantly too. Its tough and tender at the same time with an ebb and flow, a glorious Continue reading


As nuclear power declines worldwide, renewable energy races ahead "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Likening nuclear power to that of a living organism, however, Mycle Schneider, the lead author of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, told World Finance the industry was like a dying species due to the obvious reduction in new nuclear project launches in recent years.

This is seen clearly in the International Energy Agencys (IEA) annual World Energy Investment report, updated in July, which found that nuclear investment is falling fast.

Nuclear power continues its decline as renewable alternatives steam ahead, World Finance,  Author: Courtney Goldsmith, October 15, 2018

Once thought of as the primary answer to the globes renewable energy requirements, nuclear energy is now viewed unfavourably in comparison to solar and wind alternatives.

Last year, the largest nuclear power builder in history went bankrupt. Japanese conglomerate Toshibas prolific subsidiary Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy after revealing billions of dollars of cost overruns on its US construction projects. At the start of 2018, Toshiba agreed to sell the business for $4.6bn

The high-profile sale followed the French Governments 5.3bn ($6.2bn) bailout of state-owned nuclear company Areva, which went technically bankrupt after a cumulative six-year
loss of $12.3bn.

These distress signals were noted in the 2017 World Nuclear Industry Status Report...


Busting Barry Brooks uninformed propaganda about Fukushima nuclear disaster "IndyWatch Feed"

Prof. Brook is probably, in my opinion, clearly very inadequate when he researches things such as nuclear industry. He claims academic privilege when he communicates his mere opinions related to a field he possesses no training or little training or qualifications in. He cant have it both ways. The privilege which springs from his actual qualifications may give him status in other things on campus. Away from the lecture theatre though, his opinions of the nature of nuclear industry have zero academic weight.Im an academic and therefore I am right does not wash with me

2003 saw Prof. Shimazaki speak at the first meeting of the governments Disaster Management Council. This council formed government disaster policy. He urged the council to study the Jogan earthquake of 869 and warned the Japanese Trench could generate earthquakes anywhere along Japans Pacific coast.

since 2008 TEPCO management had been busy suppressing THE SAME CONCLUSION of grave risk of 15 metre tsunamis hitting the Fukushima coast, made by TEPCOs own engineers using simulations and mathematics. 

Expert fore warning of the 2011 Tsunami Ignored and Suppressed by Nuclear Authorities. Nuclear Exhaust 12 Oct 18 

this post is in progress. Not finished.

I am again going to contrast the statements made by Barry Brook in regard to the tsunami defences at Fukushima Daiichi with the facts as presented by Mark Willacy. These facts are published in Willacys book, Fukushima Japans tsunami and the inside story of the nuclear meltdowns, Willacy, M., Pan Macmillan, copyright 2013, Mark Willacy.

An interest...


Never give up. Never, never, never give up. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Michael Smith National Australia Bank BSB: 084855 Acct No: 537650476 Dear friends, Over the past 6 or 7 years we've gotten to know each other pretty well. I think you know that when I'm travelling OK I don't ask for your help. When I have enough to live, I let...


The science is clear: We have to start creating our low-carbon future today "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no time left for fatalism, only action if the world is to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius, says Australia's chief scientist, Alan Finkel.


Chinas waning nuclear interest "IndyWatch Feed"

Nuclear power continues its decline as renewable alternatives steam ahead, World Finance,  Author: Courtney Goldsmith, October 15, 2018

Chinas waning nuclear interest
By a wide margin, China is currently the global leader in the construction of new nuclear plants....


Great Barrier Reef holiday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hey guys. Im from sydney and i really want to see the great barrier reef before it basically dies off from climate change. Im planning on going this summer or early autumn.

Ive heard that flying to cairns is the best option so ill do that. Otherwise, where is the best and most pure place to go diving in the reef?

Are there any other exceptionally beautiful places that i should go to?

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Additional risk of diabetes exceeds the increased risk of cancer caused by radiation exposure after the Fukushima disaster. Nuclear Exhaust "IndyWatch Feed"

refer previous post. See original document at see also , Diabetes and the Environment Radiation for an accounting of diabetes rates in high fallout areas due to the Chernobyl accident. PLoS One. 2017 Sep 28;12(9):e0185259. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0185259. eCollection 2017. Additional risk of diabetes exceeds the increased risk of cancer caused by radiation []

via Additional risk of diabetes exceeds the increased risk of cancer caused by radiation exposure after the Fukushima disaster. Nuclear Exhaust


New Antarctic expedition runs on solar and plastic waste RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde are heading to Antarctica in a vehicle named Solar Voyager made from plastic waste and powered by the sun. The post New Antarctic expedition runs on solar and plastic waste appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via New Antarctic expedition runs on solar and plastic waste RenewEconomy


New Evidence from Bourke "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Compelling new evidence released on 8th October 2018 from Bourke, NSW, demonstrates how the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project, the largest of its kind in Australia, is builder safer, stronger communities.

The initiative, developed in 2013 when members of the Bourke Aboriginal community approached Just Reinvest NSW with an interest in adopting a community-led justice reinvestment approach. A community strategy for change was developed, Growing Our Kids Up Safe, Smart, Strong, and implementation commenced in 2015. The Project is directed and guided by the Bourke Tribal Council and a backbone team works with existing services to work collectively to develop and implement local solutions.

Newly released statistics demonstrate the following changes in Bourke between 2015 and 2017:

  • 18% reduction in the number of major offences reported
  • 34% reduction in the number of non-domestic violence related assaults reported
  • 39% reduction in the number of domestic violence related assaults reported
  • 39% reduction in the number of people proceeded against for drug offences.
  • 35% reduction in the number of people proceeded against for driving offences.

Sarah Hopkins, Chair of Just Reinvest NSW, has stated that Over previous decades, we have seen the imprisonment rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children increasing dramatically. The experience in Bourke demonstrates that the solutions to this national crisis lie in community-led initiatives like justice reinvestment that support communities to develop local solutions.

Re-offending has also decreased, with the following changes observed between 2014 and 2016:

  • 8% reduction in the overall rate of re-offending with a new offence within 12 months of release
  • 15% reduction in the rate of domestic violence re-offending among domestic violence offenders (aged 18-25)
  • 48% reduction in the rate of domestic violence re-offending among domestic violence offenders (aged 26 and over).

For children and young people (10-25 year olds) the following changes have occurred:

  • 14% reduction in the rate of re-offending with a new offence within 12 months of release (2014 t0 2016)
  • 12% reduction in the total number of young people proceeded against for offences from 2015 to 2017
  • 38% reduction in number of young people (up to 25 years) proceeded against for driving offences from 2015 to 2017
  • 43% reduction in number of young people proceeded against for breaches of Apprehended Violence Orders from 2015 to 2017
  • 43% reduction in number of young people proceeded....


Culture Guide 15 21 October: The Constellations, Exorcism, Liveworks & More! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney

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2019 NSW Election Policy Platform "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Just Reinvest NSW has released its policy platform ahead of the 2019 NSW State Election. To read the full policy, click here. In summary, we are asking the NSW Government to:

Support community-led solutions to break the cycle of offending and build vibrant futures for children and young people through:

1. Allocating $5 million over 5 years from the corrections budget for three new community-led justice reinvestment initiatives across NSW.

2. Providing $5 million over 5 years from the corrections budget for the establishment of an independent NSW justice reinvestment body overseen by a board with Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander leadership.

Implement reforms to reduce the prison population and shift spending away from building prisons to building safer, stronger communities:

3. Commit to policy and legislative reforms to immediately reduce the prison population in NSW, including those proposed in the Just Reinvest NSW Policy Paper: Smarter Sentencing and Parole Law Reform, as well as adequate resourcing to ensure effective implementation of the sentencing and parole law reforms in the NSW Criminal Justice Reform Package.

4. Report annually on projected and actual costs and savings associated with the implementation of sentencing and parole law reforms and driver disqualification reforms in the NSW Criminal Justice Reform Package.

The post 2019 NSW Election Policy Platform appeared first on Just Reinvest NSW Inc.


Sailing into irrelevance "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The sails of the Sydney Opera House were being used as a billboard for a horse race a few days ago. Regardless of the value of the horse race, or the ethics about using a UNESCO listed landmark for promotion of gambling, there is a problem about the way it was done. According to The Guardian,

The post Sailing into irrelevance appeared first on The AIM Network.


What are the Penalties in the Childrens Court? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The age of criminal responsibility in New South Wales is currently 10 years, which means children who are 10 years and older can be charged with a criminal offence and sent to court. Those under the age of 18 are normally dealt with by the childrens court rather than the local, district or supreme courts

The post What are the Penalties in the Childrens Court? appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Recent Media Coverage "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The work of Just Reinvest NSW and the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project has recently been reported in the following articles:

Unique community policing sees crime rates plunge in Bourke, The Guardian, 9th October 2018:

This article discussed the tangible outcomes being delivered by the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project in Bourke. This includes the following observations sourced through BOCSAR NSW data:

  • A 72% reduction in the number of young people charged for driving without a license (236 more people now have their licence);
  • A 35% reduction in overall driving offences; and
  • A 39% reduction in domestic violence-related assaults.

Brighter futures for Bourkes Aboriginal community and Bourke acts to keep Aboriginal young people out of prison, The Australian, 6th October 2018:

These pieces discussed the progress of Justice Reinvestment in Bourke, including its social and fiscal benefits, and potential to be scaled across other communities.


New Report Exposes The Extent Of Harm Done By Gay Conversion Therapy In Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

More than a dozen LGBT survivors of harmful gay conversion therapy have shared their experiences in a new report that claims the dangerous practice remains a real problem in Australias religious communities. Gay conversion therapy describes the discredited practice of trying to change sexual orientation using psychological or spiritual means. The Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice: Responding to ...

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Australias death penalty abolition strategy welcomed, but more action needed to address complicity in deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Human Rights Law Centre has welcomed the Australian Governments new strategy for the abolition of the death penalty, but warned that further action is needed to avoid the risk of another tragedy like the deaths of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

The strategy, released this morning in Canberra, outlines Australias whole of government approach to abolishing the death penalty.

We welcome the strategys unequivocal statement that Australia opposes the death penalty in all circumstances for all people. We are seeing around the world that in a time of populist politics established standards of basic decency can evaporate in an instant. Its vital to entrench our opposition to the death penalty in our laws, in our political culture, in our foreign policy and in our international reputation and identity, said Daniel Webb, director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre.

Disappointingly, the strategy excludes any consideration of Australias approach to police cooperation and information sharing in a death penalty context. Mr Webb said that omission meant that if the Bali Nine case happened again tomorrow, nothing would prevent the AFP from acting in exactly the same way and sharing information that ultimately facilitates executions.

It was a tip off from the Australian Federal Police that ultimately led to Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran being arrested in Indonesia where they were sentenced to death. If the same set of circumstances were to exist tomorrow, there is nothing to stop the AFP doing exactly the same thing, said Mr Webb.

We must not facilitate what we abhor. We are not executing people, and we are telling other countries not to execute people, but our AFP is still sharing intelligence and information that can lead to executions we are still a link in the causal chain in executions around the world, said Mr Webb.

Figures obtained by Fairfax media under freedom of information laws in 2017 showed that Australian Federal Police assisted in nearly 130 foreign crime investigations, involving more than 400 people since 2015, where a successful prosecution could potentially lead to a death sentence.

In 2016, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade recommended that the Australian Government seek assurances from foreign law enforcement agencies that the death penalty will not be sought before sharing information.

The Human Rights Law Centres submission to the inquiry is here.


Moon landing impossible with 1960s technology "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

by Alex Bruce

The producer of the film A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, Bart Sibrel joins Sean Kerrigan to discuss Fake News, the Apollo Moon missions, SpaceX and YouTubes double standard regarding censorship and demonetization.

Sibrel believes that Alex Jones, for example was taken down to confer him with Street Cred to his millions of fans, in order to be trotted out to promote a big lie later soon.

YouTube hates Sibrels truth-telling about the Lunar Landings and they demonetize his videos. Meanwhile, they allow incredible violence and other violations of purported Community Guidelines by big corporate accounts.

Different shadow angles and NASAs admission it has never had technology to protect astronauts from harm if passing through the dangerous Van Allen radiation belt enroute to the moon have cast serious doubt man has never been there


Sibrel easily demonstrates how the photographs of the Lunar surface are fake because the shadows are pointing in different directions. This would not be possible on the Moon, due to the Sun being the only light source and the light being unidirectional. This is to say nothing about NASAs recent admissions that they dont have the technology to protect Astronauts from the enormous radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

Sibrel continues his analysis of motion picture evidence and uses deductive reasoning to show how NASAs claims that they destroyed their hardware and telemetry data as a basis for why...


Australia Turning Really Authoritative? Is this How a Dark Age Begins? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The greed of governments in their pursuit of money is the single greatest threat to creating a Dark Age. With New Zealand imposing a $5,000 fine for just landing there and you refuse to hand over your pen and passwords to your phone for them to search, now we have Australia going really nuts to the point that they risk tech companies simply banning the sale of their products in the country. The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 in Australia will force Google, Apple, Facebook, and other technology groups to help Australian authorities decode certain forms of encrypted communications on their systems, or face fines of up to AU$10 million. The government says the legislation will help protect against terrorism, fraud and child abuse crimes, claiming it aims to ensure criminals have no place to hide.

The problem that arises that failure to pay taxes they also call criminal. Hence, the hunt for money is greatly aided by this type of legislation far more than any other pretend criminal activity. While the government has stopped short of demanding backdoor access to tech companies systems that would allow the government to tap into end-to-end encryption services such as WhatsApp, it does demand access to data at points where it is not encrypted.

Apple, FOR INSTANCE,  would not be made to create a backdoor for their iMessage where every users encryption key is different. But the government could request access to the single encryption key for its iCloud services. When you send a message to a friend, its encrypted as it travels between the two devices, and when it arrives, its decrypted for your friend to read, which is when the government should get to read it. The Australian government is cleverly demanding not a backdoor, but a side door to gain access to whatever people are sending.

Naturally, the cybersecurity minister claims this will only be allowed under strict guidelines, with companies subject to three levels of escalation: an interception agency requesting the company voluntarily assist; a Technical Assistance Notice whereby the companies are instructed to help; and a Technical...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.00011 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.95 AUD


Murwillumbahs house for the homeless reopens "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Murwillumbah Community Centre volunteers (from left) Gary Setchell, Judith Lindsay, Rodney Morrin, Fiona Mengersen and Mervyn Newell help out at the refreshment table at the official re-opening of Nullum House on Wednesday, October 11.

It has taken more than a year but Nullum House in Knox Park has finally reopened after being severely damaged in the 2017 flood.

Murwillumbahs Nullum House operates as a Social Inclusion Centre, providing a range of services to the homeless, lonely and struggling members of the community.

It floods even in small events and one of the options was to demolish the building and relocate the services.

But Tweed Shire Council with the backing of its tenant the not-for-profit Murwillumbah Community Centre Inc decided to gut and refurbish the building at a cost of $100,000 to make it more flood resilient and vandal resilient.

The new fitout will allow it to be hosed out and back in operation quickly after any future inundation.

The external blockwalls have been waterproofed to about one metre above ground level; steel security screens have been fitted and the eaves have been lined with Colorbond.

On the inside, a more open-plan has been adopted with fewer internal walls, tiles have replaced linoleum and a stainless steel kitchen and benches have replaced the previous timber cabinets.

Electrical circuits have been lifted above likely inundation levels.

Over the past 12 years, the services from Nullum House have grown and 24 staff and volunteers now provide lunch twice a week, shower and laundry facilities, counselling, art and music therapy, as well as connections to other support services.

Three evenings a week the Combined Churches run a soup kitchen at Nullum House.

For more information about Nullum House and the services provided there, dr...



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AFTINET remains opposed to the TPP-11 but welcomes ALP Bill for fairer future trade deals "IndyWatch Feed"

15 October 2018: AFTINET welcome the pledges for progressive changes to future trade policy in shadow Trade Minister Jason Clares Bill  announced today, as the TPP-11 implementing legislation is being debated by the Senate. However we remain opposed to theTPP-11 because it restricts the right of future governments to regulate in the public interest and contains:

"We remain deeply disappointed that the ALP Caucus majority decided to support the TPP-11 implementing legislation" 

We welcome the pledge that Labor will attempt to remove ISDS and  reinstate labour market testing for temporary workers in the TPP-11 if it wins government.  But in practice a future Labor government, having endorsed the implementation of the TPP-11 in opposition, would have less bargaining power to negotiate such changes with the other 10 governments once the deal is implemented, and changes will be difficult to achieve, said Dr Ranald.

We welcome the Bills provisions for future trade agreements to ban ISDS and ban the removal of labour market testing for temporary workers, and to include fully enforceable labour rights. We also welcome pledges previously made to improve the transparency of trade negotiations, to publish negotiating texts and final texts of future trade agreements before they are signed, and for independent assessment of their impac...


Leniency on motorcycle edge filtering rule "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Queensland is the only state that allows edge filtering on some roads and now riders have been granted further leniency when the speed limit is temporarily changed.

Lane filtering was introduced in 2015 under the former Liberal State Government, thanks to lobbying by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland.

The rules included the unique allowance for riders to filter on the edge of roads marked as 90km/h or higher.

Edge filtering anomaly

However, in a ludicrous anomaly riders were banned from edge filtering if the variable electronic speed limit was reduced for congested traffic just when you need to filter!

The MRAQ has been lobbying to fix the edge filtering anomaly for the past 18 months.

Last month the Labor Government changed the rule to allow edge filtering even when the speed is dropped, unless it is in a tunnel or through roadworks.

The ACT recently made lane filtering permanent after a prolonged trial. It joins all other states with lane filtering laws, except Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

However, rules vary across all borders.

Filtering amendments

MRAQ president Chris Mearns Ride to Work Day RACQ plan defect unfair edge filteringMRAQ president Chris Mearns

MRAQ president Chris Mearns says they have also been lobbying for other changes to Queenslands lane filtering rules....


Labor Calls For Anti-Discrimination Protections For Gay Teachers At Religious Schools "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Federal Labor has announced it wants planned changes to Australian discrimination laws to go further to prevent religious schools from sacking teachers and staff on the basis of their sexuality, as well as students. On Saturday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the federal government would move to scrap a rarely-used federal exemption allowing religious ...

The post Labor Calls For Anti-Discrimination Protections For Gay Teachers At Religious Schools appeared first on QNews Magazine.


When can domestic undergraduates be charged full fees? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This post is not related to any current policy issue. It is a summary created for another reason but might be useful for higher education administrators or policy people.

Full fees is a term used in Australia as an implied contrast with students who pay a student contribution, which is usually combined with a Commonwealth contribution to provide an overall funding rate for a Commonwealth supported student. Full means that there is no government subsidy and the student pays all the provider charges. Tuition fees for non-Commonwealth supported students are not regulated. There is more detail on this in chapter 7 of Mapping Australian higher education 2018.

About 7 per cent of domestic undergraduates in Australia are full-fee paying. The simple explanation for this is that domestic undergraduate students in public universities pay student contributions rather than full fees, while undergraduates in private universities and non-university higher education providers pay full fees. However, there are exceptions in both cases, sometimes at the level of the unit of study (subject) rather than the course.

In what follows, all statutory references are to the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

Generally, domestic undergraduates enrolled in a Table A university (more commonly known as a public university) must be enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student: section 36-30 (1). This creates an on-going entitlement for that course, unless one of the exceptions below becomes relevant: section 36-25(1).

Once a student is a Commonwealth supported student, he or she can be charged a student contribution but cannot be charged another tuition fee: section 169-15(1).

A domestic student is an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, a permanent visa holder or a permanent humanitarian visa holder: Schedule 1, Dictionary.

But there are exceptions to the general entitlement of public university students to Commonwealth support:

When the student is a former international student: section 36-30(2)(d).

When the student has advised that they do not want to be a Commonwealth supported student: section 36-10(3).

When the unit of study does not contribute to the course of study they are enrolled in: section 36-10(1)(b).

When the higher education provider expects that the student will not und...


Long live the gender whisperers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Part of what underlies this debate is that the Yes campaign for marriage equality in 2017, in its most formal organised form (under the banner The Equality Campaign), emphasised LGBTIQ equality in private family life, rather than broader public life. The campaign quite explicitly decided not to defend Safe Schools, gender diversity, or to confront the homophobia and transphobia stirred up by the No campaign.


Australian Mom Acts As Human Shield For Infant Daughter During Monster Hailstorm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Via NY Post: An Aussie mom took a beating from a monster hailstorm during a desperate attempt to shield her infant daughter and she said shed do it again in a heartbeat. Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving home with her 4-month-old daughter and 78-year-old grandmother during the supercell thunderstorm that battered Queenslands South Burnett []


Peter Duttons Office Under Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is investigating the Home Affairs Department over allegations it leaked material regarding Peter Duttons visa grants to two au pairs. The AFP was put on high alert about a month ago, when several emails were leaked which suggested that Mr Dutton went out of his way to prevent the deportation

The post Peter Duttons Office Under Investigation appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Birder in Residence "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Yesterday was a perfect morning to be out in the garden, and not just for birds. Thanks to Geoff Park for giving us heaps of information about our local birds, their habitat and how we can make our gardens more attractive to them. Our two minutes silence quieted eveyone, birds included! But in between we Continue reading Birder in Residence


Engine Block at Devils Leap Paluma "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Does anyone know the history of the engine Block caught between rocks at Devils leap crystal Creek? Saw it there again the other day, and it got me wondering how long it had been there, how it got there and whether there used to be more etc

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Work set to start on Ballina Mens Shed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ballina Community Mens Shed Team Leader Graham Eggins and Nationals Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin with members of the Ballina Community Mens Shed.

Construction will begin shortly of a new, purpose-built Mens Shed at Ballina after the NSW government announced today it would put $150,000 in funding towards the facility.

Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin (Nationals) said Mens Sheds were becoming a vital part of the community, which creates valuable opportunities for so many men in the region.

Although a Mens Shed already exists in Ballina, Mr Franklin said the new facility will mean members will have a bigger and safer space to carry out more activities.

When constructed the new facility will include a more flexible workshop, assembly spaces, storage and specialised woodwork and metalwork tools, Mr Franklin said.

But most importantly, the new facility will include a better kitchen space. We know that the conversations had over a tea or coffee are the most valuable part of the Mens Shed community.

Team Leader for the Ballina Community Mens Shed Graham Eggins said We are extremely grateful for this funding grant announced today and for Ben Franklins incredible ongoing support for the Shed.

It has been the turning point in the long and winding road towards securing the facility the community so desperately needs. Construction of a fully operative stage one can now commence, Mr Eggins said.

The projects completed by the Mens Shed are extraordinary, Mr Franklin said.

But it is the social aspect the mateship and comradery which makes this Mens Shed so special. It is a space where men can go and not have to worry about issues they are facing in their daily lives.

Mens Sheds like the one in Ballina are one of the most powerful tools in addressing health and wellbeing and helping men to be productive and valued members of our community, he said.

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Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham Threatened To Sue Teenager For Calling Him A Bully, Hypocrite "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Just over a year after publicly railing about politicians misusing defamation laws, Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham threatened to sue a teenager for posting comments critical of him in a closed Facebook group with less than 600 members. When the young woman offered to remove the post in exchange for Mr Buckingham agreeing to not sue, he told her it was not a negotiation and demanded she provide a contact email address so his lawyers could serve her with legal papers.

At the time, the young woman was sitting at the beside of her gravely ill mother in the Intensive Care Unit of a far north coast hospital.

And the comments which upset Mr Buckingham? He was accused of bullying, and being a massive fucking hypocrite.

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, pictured in August 2011. (IMAGE: Kate Ausburn, Flickr)

Mr Buckingham is coming under increasing scrutiny for his use of lawyers to threaten political colleagues, after launching legal action against four current/former Greens party members who commented on public allegations he sexually assaulted a Greens staffer, Ella Buckland, in 2011. The incident is the subject of an ongoing New Matilda investigation, although Mr Buckingham has strongly denied the assault occurred.

The young woman at the centre of the latest story Vanamali Hermans had met Mr Buckingham in 2014 while she was a Year 11 student on the NSW north coast. She joined the party soon after, but quickly became disillusioned. In December 2016, aged 18, Ms Hermans took to the closed NSW Greens Facebook group total membership less than 600 at the time to vent after being accused by Mr Buckingham of favouring other Greens politicians Facebook posts over his.


Yep! I love that we have MPs and a wider membership that use young people as...


Decade long stock market recovery "IndyWatch Feed"

For many investors, the 200709 mortgage meltdown and financial panic are the benchmark for a worst possible outcome.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 54% in the 17 months from 9 October 2007 9 March 2009.

Major investment firms including Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG either filed for bankruptcy or were rescued by government intervention after massive losses.

US unemployment soared from 4.4% in March 2007 to 10% in October 2009.

The Case-Shiller home price index crashed from 182.72 in January 2007 to 133.99 in February 2012, a 27% plunge.

Housing investors with only 10 or 20% equity were wiped out. Numerous hedge funds closed their doors or suspended redemptions. Investor losses were in the trillions of dollars.

The contagion spread to Europe and the Middle East.

Dubai World went bankrupt in November 2009 and a sovereign debt crisis raged in Europe from 20102015. It was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Decade long stock market recovery

The financial damage did not pass quickly.

From June 2009September 2018, the US experienced the weakest recovery in its history.

Yet the damage did end.

From March 2009September 2018, major stock indexes more than tripled. Unemployment fell from 10% in October 2009 to 3.8% in May 2018, the lowest level in 18 years.

The Case-Shiller home price index rallied to 204.44 in June 2018, a new all-time high.

Investors who did not sell at the bottom in March 2009 and held their positions had recouped their losses and made substantial profits besides by late 2018.

A bank CEO or investment maven like Warren Buffett could practically shrug the whole episode off.

Yet thats not how most investors navigated the meltdown.

Investors bailed out of the stock market in late 2008 or early 2009 to preserve what capital they had left.

They did not come back to the stock market until years later, if at all, missing out on much of the recovery rally.

Bank CEOs got a bonus while Average Joe was bankrupt

Homes were foreclosed, denying the previous owner any participation in the bounce back that started in 2013.

Worst of all was the psychological damage and loss of trust.

Investors who suffered heavy financial losses saw bank CEOs keep their jobs and make multimillion-dollar bonuses by 2016.

There were no arrests for fraud, no trials and no accountability among the...


Don't use blu tack in Townsville "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Random as post.

Used blu tack to hang up a poster and obviously with the heat it fell down. That's not the bad part, the rest of the blu tack is stuck onto the wall, I tried using the existent blu tack to roll it off with little luck, a magic sponge, eucalyptus oil, that all didn't work. So I ended up using a chisel which I pulled some of our feature wall paint off. Had to repaint it.

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Hospital site opponents get chance to meet minister "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Proposed site of new Tweed Hospital opposite Kingscliff Tafe on Cudgen Road. Photo Google Maps

Tweed MP Geoff Provest (Nationals) says Health Minister Brad Hazzard is prepared to meet with opponents of the site the government has selected for the new $534 million Tweed Hospital.

Despite previously saying the time for talk was over, Mr Hazard will meet with the Relocate group if a suitable time can be arranged in the next two weeks, while parliament is still sitting, Mr Provest told Echonetdaily.

He said he believed it was important for the group to be able to meet with the minister in order to fully understand the governments position on the new hospital site.

Misleading statements

I know there are a number of people unhappy with the chosen site, especially with the amount of misleading statements that have been put out in relation to it, which is why I think it is important for a representative from the group to meet with the minister, Mr Provest said.

We need to get on with the job of building this life saving hospital, which is why it is important to move forward as a community so that we can celebrate the new facility together.

Mr Provest said the offer was particularly aimed at the Relocate group who were in Sydney meeting with the opposition last week.

Although theres probably been well over 18 months of continuous consultation, including a community reference group, if they would like to put forward their thoughts if they feel strongly about it  I will try arrange it.

Tweed option too expensive

He said the offer did not extend to Tweed Mayor Katie Milne (Greens), who has advocated redeveloping the hospital at the existing site in Tweed Heads.

That would cost about 40 per cent more. You would have to reclaim about 50 homes plus the bowls club.

We need a site that can grow over the next 50 years, not one that his going to be constrained.

The redevelopment of the Lismore Base Hospital on the existing site has been a nightmare, he said.

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The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


Gold Coast nurse swap a haymaker for Quilpie graziers "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A WORK SWAP between a nurse from the Gold Coast and a colleague from Quilpie hospital has led to a truckload of hay for the...


Hillary on Monica & Bill "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hillary Clinton: Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn't an abuse of power because 'she was an adult' New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) October 14, 2018


Anti-Fake News Laws: Preventing Misinformation or Silencing Dissent? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Fake news is a fairly recent concept that has accompanied the rise of social media. And concerns about the spread of false information have become more intense following allegations of the Russian use of misinformation to influence the 2016 US elections and Brexit vote in the UK. Ironically, the benefactor

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New Bourke goatworks to kick into gear next week "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

CHARLEVILLES Western Meat Exporters faces a gleaming new competitor. The 22-year-old plant, the first in Australia to specialise in goats, is about to be usurped...


Prince Harrys Invictus Games, Brought To You By Arms Dealers, Figuratively And Literally "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its one thing to celebrate the human spirit in the face of great adversity. Its another thing altogether to let the weapons manufacturers who helped create the adversity sponsor the celebrations. Nick Deane explains.

The Invictus Games will be familiar to all who watch the ABC, their promoter and sponsor. The Games will be taking place in Sydney in October, the participants being injured service personnel from 18 countries.

It is highly inspiring to see the human spirit triumph over mutilations of the human body. Who can fail but be impressed by the fortitude of the participating athletes? As the Story of the Games tells us, they have faced life-changing injuries but have somehow found the motivation not to let those injuries define them.

From what we can see, they appear to be in comparatively good health both mentally and physically, despite the terrible wounds they have suffered. This is wonderful. And it is entirely fitting that sport plays a positive role in their rehabilitation.

Admirable also is the skill and dedication of those who brought them back to comparative health and the ability to rejoin society the surgeons and nurses, the technicians who create the equipment and prostheses, and the carers and family members who keep them in their current state of well-being. There is clearly a whole team of people behind each, individual participant.

This part of the story is displayed for the general public in a brilliant light. Under it, we see the heroism of the individuals who have had to face extraordinary misfortune and feel pride in their accomplishments. We are, however, discouraged from exploring the shadows this light casts, where lie aspects that would otherwise complete the picture.

Of the wounded, we only see those who have, to some extent, prevailed over their disabling wounds. Others, out of the bright light, couldnt find the necessary motivation, or are so damaged that seeing them would horrify us.

Are they out of sight, so as to be out of our minds? Besides, there are probably some who are literally out of their own minds, suffering Post Traumatic Stress. We dwell, almost exclusively, on the heroes. An obsession with success takes our eyes away from those who cant or wont recover.

There is a whiff of triumphalism in this (it is in the name of the games). Their spirit may be unconquered, but they have, without exception, been severely beaten. Giving them a special name does not alter that.

All the participants have encountered life-changing trauma that they must endure as long as they live. Telling them they are admirable because they have suffered in the service of their country is inadequate compensation even with the promise of life-long medical and financial support...........


Welcome to the minority "IndyWatch Feed"

The Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom obviously hasnt turned out the way its advocates in the right wing of the LNP expected. Far from securing their rights to discriminate against gays,  church schools are almost certain to lose that right with respect to students, and will probably also lose it in relation to teachers. A recent opinion poll shows overwhelming opposition to discrimination, even stronger than the vote in favour of equal marriage last year.

The situation has now changed, and rethinking is needed, both on the right but on the left. Rather than looking to expand the powers of employers to sack people on religious grounds unrelated to their performance at work, those concerned with religious freedom should be concerned about the possibility that such powers will be used against them in the future. A comprehensive protection for workers against dismissal on the basis of grounds unrelated to their performance at work is what is needed here.

As regards the left, we shouldnt allow large, publicly funded institutions like church schools to practise discrimination. But we need to think more carefully about individuals with religious objections to gay marriage (for example, bakers who dont want to bake cakes with messages of support for gay marriage) in the same light as other religious minorities who seek protection for their beliefs: Jehovahs witnesses who object to blood transfusions, Muslim women who want to remain veiled, and so on. Most of these beliefs seem strange and objectionable to non-believers. But where they can be accommodated without doing any serious social damage, we should do so.

More broadly, as I suggested when the Ruddock review was announced, we should take the opportunity to push for a comprehensive Bill of Rights. Now that they are clearly in the minority on crucial issues, perhaps religious believers might see the merit in a supporting such a measure.




Sydney Criminal Lawyers Weekly Rundown Articles from 8 to 14 October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In case youve missed any of them, heres a rundown of the past weeks articles: What is White Collar Crime? White collar crime spans a range of criminal offences and is becoming increasingly prevalent in todays digitised society. Click here to read the article The Cannabis Climate in Australia: An Interview With SA Cannabis Councils

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Madiba "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Madiba The Music showing now Madiba is Nelson Mandelas clan name, emerging in the aftermath of this passing as a sign of respect and affection. Madiba the Musical is a part biographic celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela, with sub-plots that widen the lens of apartheids toxic effect in South Africa beyond the []

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Quarter Of A Century Without A Recession. Shame About The Housing Affordability "IndyWatch Feed National"

Modern Australia faces a heart-breaking paradox. We continued our world record growth streak in May with 26 recession free years. But many arent benefiting from it, writes Andrew Cairns.

At the heart of the problem is housing affordability. Most of the time Australia was racking up record growth, housing affordability was declining.

Our politicians are digging in over corporate tax cuts. If they aimed a little bigger they could solve our countrys housing crisis. Serious tax reforms can put us on the path to a future with more affordable housing a fairer future for everyone.

But tax reform is hard. Politicians and vested interests make it a fight between rich and poor.

The most frustrating thing is, this fight is a lie. Our tax system can be reformed to benefit all Australians if we invest in solving the housing crisis, we can all reap rewards of stronger communities, local economies, and healthier, happier people.

Sound like a pipe dream? Its not.

As the Australian dream of home ownership spiralled into a nightmare of debt, more people gave up on the dream and started renting. But todays rental market offers little relief. Our May Rental Affordability Index showed extreme pockets of rental stress across the nation.

The housing crisis is undermining Australias economy. Housing stress is making it hard for people to make ends meet theyre being forced to choose between paying rent and essentials, like groceries or medicine. Thats the reality of what housing stress means for people. Do you think those who go without food and healthcare are healthy productive workers? Can they benefit from our economic growth?

What can be done? All politicians need to be brave and aim bigger.

We need serious tax reform with bipartisan and long-term funding commitments to a national plan to build more affordable homes.

Politicians need to wind back capital gains tax exemptions and only apply negative gearing to new builds. After years of declining housing affordability and property stock concentrating in fewer and fewer hands in Australia, this will put us on the path to a fairer future a more affordable future.

We need to encourage innovation in financing not only to build more social and affordable housing but also to enable those of us who are disadvantaged to realise the Australian dream. Innovation like Community Sector Bankings recently launched Unpack For Good pilot, which allows community housing residents to purchase their own home. The program allows residents to co-own their home with their housing provider sharing ownership lowers the cost of purchasing the home for residents, meaning they can buy a home that would otherwise be unaffordable.



Monday Message Board "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please.

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Australias Family Law System: Broken "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

(Adapted photo)

[Editors note: An exclusive report from journalist and broadcaster, Amanda Gearing.]

by Amanda Gearing

On Monday, October 22, 2018, six years after parliament decided to hold a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Australias new prime minister, Scott Morrison, is going to make an apology to the many victims.

However, even while he is speaking, there is a small army of children who even today are living with someone of whom they are terrified.

Ten years ago, a child of seven left a phone message on my answering machine, delivering a plea so heart-breakingly despe...


Gale force winds expected as wet weather continues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Forecasters are warning that NSW will experience hazardous surf and high winds today. Photo Bennett/WSL

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts heavy surf and continued wet weather as a deepening coastal trough extending from south-east Queensland over the North Coast combines with a strong high pressure system over the Tasman Sea.

These systems are bringing strong to gale force winds to the Northern Rivers.

Very heavy surf, which may lead to localised damage and coastal erosion, is possible along the far north coast on Monday (October 15).

Conditions are expected to ease late Monday/early Tuesday as the trough moves slowly eastwards.

Beach conditions in these areas could be dangerous and people should stay well away from the surf and surf exposed areas.

Locations which may be affected include Tweed Heads, Hastings Point, Byron Bay, Ballina and Brunswick Heads.

Wet weather is expected to continue around the region, with rain falling in diminishing amounts over coming days.

Byron Bay is predicted to receive 20-40mm of rain today and a further 10-20mm tomorrow, Lismore and Ballina are expected to get 10-20mm today and 5-10mm tomorrow, while Tweed Heads can expect 20-40mm with 1-5mm tomorrow.

* For emergency help in floods and storms, ring your local SES Unit on 132 500. 


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Citizen Science Survey Camp Spring 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO), based in far east Gippsland is hosting a citizen science survey over the Melbourne Cup long weekend in November (November 3 6, 2018).

You will learn from the dedicated and passionate ecologists and activists at GECO whose citizen science campaign is saving forests from logging. Well be based in and around Goongerah, including surrounding high conservation value and old growth forests, and the iconic Kuark forest.

These camps are a great chance to learn about how special these forests are, while contributing to their protection.

GECO say:

This camp will visit forests on the lands of the Bidwell, Gunnai-Kurnai and Monaro people. We acknowledge their ongoing custodianship of these forests and pay respect to their elders past and present.

The camp is free of charge. But donations to cover costs are most appreciated.

Youll gain skills to put into practice and get involved in the GECO citizen science campaign.

We will also conduct nocturnal spotlighting in forests that are under imminent threat of logging. If our surveys are successful, theres a chance we can protect these forests and stop them being logged.

Youll gain skills in wildlife spotlighting, using GPS, remote fauna camera use, forest and rainforest survey techniques, and youll experience some of Victorias most spectacular old growth forests, that are still under threat from logging.

We suggest you arrive on Saturday during the day to be ready to start the program on Saturday evening.

We will have the GECO kitchen tent set up with communal gas burners, cooking pots and pans, bowls, cups and cutlery etc.

You need to supply your own breakfast and lunch, and snacks during the day.
Dinner will be provided for Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights at a cost of $20 per person for three nights. Meals will be Vegan and Gluten free.

The kitchen will be available to use each morning for breakfast, lunch will be eaten in the bush on field trips.

Families and children are welcome.

Full details available here.


Skegss, Cosmic Psychos, & more to play Sydneys Misfit Mad Minds Fest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some of the finest acts in Aussie rock are set to descend upon Sydney next month, when the Misfit Mad Minds Fest takes over The Lansdowne Hotel.

Kicking off on November 11th, the Misfit Mad Minds Festival is set to combine some of the most peculiar, uncanny, and all-round absurd minds in Australian music for a night that punters wont soon forget.

Headlined by Byron Bay rockers Skegss, punters are set to receive a stunning array of catchy tunes from the groups debut record, My Own Mess. Likewise, pub-rock veterans the Cosmic Psychos are set to showcase old favourites and new cuts from their latest album, Loudmouth Soup.

The lineup for the Misfit Mad Minds Festival

Revesby rockers Pist Idiots also join the bill, armed with their new EP Princes, while the shittest band in Newtown, Scabz, are set to prove theyre anything but when they take to the stage.

Of course, it doesnt end there though, with the likes of Buzzkull, Cloacas, Ute Root, Screech, and Crotch all set to make sure audiences are nice and sweaty before the headline acts take the stage.

A collaboration between Misfit, Space 44, and General Pants, the Misfit Mad Minds Fest is on track to be one of the loudest and most hectic events to take over The Lansdowne Hotel in some time. So if you like your Aussie rock turned up to eleven, be sure to score your ticket to one of the wildest days on the Sydney music calendar next month.

Check out Skegss Smogged Out:

Misfit Mad Minds Festival

Presented by Misfit, Space 44, and General Pants

Cosmic Psychos
Pist Idiots
Ute Root

Sunday, November 11th
The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, NSW


Eminem announces 2019 Australian tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Eminem has announced a 2019 tour in support of his latest album Kamikaze. It is the rappers first tour of Australia since 2014.

The Rapture tour will see him play a slew of arena dates, at Brisbanes QSAC, Sydneys ANZ Stadium, Melbournes MCG and Perths Optus Stadium.

Kamikaze dropped without warning and debuted at #1 in Australia, it was his ninth album to do so. The album was met with controversy and criticism for its use of homophobic language. Check out the tour dates below.

Watch: Eminem Fall

Eminem 2019 Australian Rapture Tour

Tickets on sale 2pm AEDT Monday, 22nd October

Wednesday, 20th February
QSAC, Brisbane
Tickets: Ticketek

Friday, 22nd February
ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Tickets: Ticketek

Sunday, 24th February
MCG, Melbourne
Tickets: Ticketek

Wednesday, 27th February
Optus Stadium, Perth
Tickets: Ticketek


Aussie kids call on PM to act on Nauru "IndyWatch Feed National"


A group of young Aussie kids appear in a new advertising campaign pleading with the Prime Minister to save more than 100 young children in desperate trouble on Nauru.

Doctors who have visited the children are saying they will start dying if the government doesnt save them and bring them to Australia.

The former head of mental services on Nauru called their treatment a form of torture.

The ad has been with the Prime Minister for 10 days, with a request to meet with these children and explain why Australia is persecuting innocent children.

The Prime Minister has not responded to their request for a meeting, although its makers say they are hopeful he understands the message.

President of the Australian Council of Churches, Bishop Philip Huggins, and filmmaker Richard Keddie (Ride Like A Girl, Hawke, Little Fish, Oddball) have helped these children express their fears on film.

The is appearing on social media with the support of a vast network of community groups.

The children in the ad care desperately about the atrocious treatment being handed out by Aussies to innocent children.

A spokespersons said, many of the kids in the ad have been supporting the Nauru children from afar for a number of years and are deeply distressed that children in our care can be tortured like this and perhaps left to die.

They cannot understand that Aussies could do this, and want the kids saved, brought to Australia, where they can heal and recover the enchantment of childhood.

They do not wish to play politics. They just understand the difference between right and wrong.


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Two Tweed police assaulted in three days "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tweed police report that two members of their force have been assaulted in a three-day period since Thursday last week (October 11).

A man arrested on Saturday at Tweed Heads allegedly broke a police officers nose. In a separate incident on Thursday, a man threatened Tweed Hospital emergency staff and patients with a skateboard before kicking his arresting officer.

False name

At about 12.20pm on Saturday (October 13), police had cause to question a 25-year-old male from Bilambil they spotted sitting in a parked car in Church Lane, Murwillumbah, who provided a false name.

Further inquiries indicated the male had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Police removed him from the vehicle and as they were about to handcuff him he attempted to run.

When police grabbed hold of him, they say he resisted and wrestled with them violently before being eventually subdued and handcuffed.

During the incident the male hit a Senior Constable to the face causing a suspect broken nose.

He was taken to Tweed Heads Police Station where a search revealed a NSW drivers licence that did not belong to him.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault police, resist police and goods in custody suspected of being stolen or unlawfully obtained.

He was refused bail to appear at the Tweed Heads Local Court on Sunday, October 14.

Aggressive man in Tweed ED

On Thursday (October) 11 a 43-year-old male from Bondi Beach entered the emergency department of the Tweed Heads Hospital around 3.40am demanding medical attention.

He allegedly became extremely aggressive towards staff, using offensive language in the presence of staff and other patients in the waiting area and demanding to be supplied with drugs.

He was carrying a skateboard and was pointing it towards hospital security and members of the public.

Police attended allegedly remained extremely aggressive and continued to use offensive language while being placed under arrest

At Tweed Heads Police Station the male allegedly kicked a Senior Constable to the leg.

He was charged with offensive conduct and assault police.

He has been refused bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on December 3.


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1) Freeport Indonesia disregards Papua Manpower Offices Decree "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) The fight to keep the Witness K case secret

1) Freeport Indonesia disregards Papua Manpower Offices Decree
Published 7 hours ago on 14 October 2018 
By pr9c6tr3_juben

                                           Illustration of ex PTFI workers demonstration



QLD : Woodgate Beach "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Within an hour of arriving at NRMA Woodgate Beach Holiday Park, Id met three sets of grey nomads who had been visiting the park for over a decade. When I mentioned on instagram that we were at Woodgate Beach, I was flooded with DMs from people who fondly remembered childhood summers spent there.

Indeed, Woodgate Beach is imbued with a sense of yesteryear. Its charming, peaceful and incredibly picturesque. Located on the Fraser Coast, 40minutes from Bundaberg, its a very small town dotted with old holiday shacks and resident kangaroos.

If youre looking for a quiet getaway with few distractions, Woodgate Beach might be just the place for you. Its an easy drive from the Bruce Hwy and once you arrive you can rest and relax andthats about all.



In sunlight and shadow "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This gorgeous Eastern Yellow Robin enjoyed my company last week at the Reserve (where the Muckleford Creek joins with the Loddon River). The Newstead Landcare Group plantings are transforming this already beautiful area into a local biodiversity hotspot.

Eastern Yellow Robin, Loddon River @ Newstead, 10th October 2018


"WA Police Force can re-open investigations into all unsolved crimes if new information comes to light" "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the Western Australia Police Force Annual Report for 2018. In his foreword the new Commissioner, Chris Dawson APM tells us My first action was to return the agency to being known as the Western Australia Police Force . This change aligns the agency with the Police Act 1892,...


Change The Rules nationwide rallies "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Union leaders Karen Batt CPSU Victoria Sally McManus Michele ONeil Troy Gray ETU Electrical Trades Union of Australia, Victorian Branch and Lori-Anne Sharp Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, launching new TV ads about the Change The Rules nationwide rallies.

Video from Australian Unions


Union leaders Karen Batt CPSU Victoria Sally McManus Michele O'Neil Troy Gray ETU Electrical Trades Union of Australia, Victorian Branch and Lori-Anne Sharp Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation launching new TV ads about the Change The Rules nationwide rallies.

Posted by Australian Unions on Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Strip Former Governor-General Peter Hollingworth Of His $640,000 Pension, Demand Survivor Rights Groups "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A powerful coalition of survivor rights groups have joined forces to demand the Prime Minister change legislation to allow the stripping of government pensions from disgraced former officials, amid revelations former Governor-General Peter Hollingworth continues to collect a taxpayer-funded benefit worth well over half a million dollars a year.

Dr Hollingworth resigned from the Governor-Generals office in 2003 after it emerged he failed to take action against known paedophiles within the Anglican Church during his time as the Archbishop of Brisbane in the early 1990s. He was also adversely named in the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, after being found to have mislead an earlier inquiry about paedophile priest, John Elliot.

Dr Hollingworth served less than two years as the head of state, but a decade-and-a-half on continues to be paid a substantial annual benefit. In 2016 alone, he was the beneficiary of $640,000, documents released through Freedom of Information reveal. $357,732 is paid as a salary, the remainder he receives to run a staff office, plus travel entitlements.

Under the current laws, a former Governor-General could be sentenced to a term of imprisonment, and still receive his or her pension.

The call also comes as the Morrison Government prepares to deliver a National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse later this month, a key recommendation from the recent Royal Commission.

Scott Morrison is sworn in as the 30th Australian Prime Minister.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison published today, Bravehearts, the Blue Knot Foundation, Care Leavers Australasia Network, End Rape On Campus Australia*, Beyond Abuse and the Queensland Child Sexual Abuse Legislative Reform Council demand that he reform legislation so that a pension can be stripped if information comes to light which suggests it is not in the public interest.

We, the undersigned, ask the Prime Minister to immediately commit to introducing legislation to amend the Governor-General Act 1974 to include a Code of Conduct, and link ongoing payments to a Good Character/Good Conduct test plus a provision to cease payment of public money to a former Governor-General where that payment is deemed to no longer be in the p...


Our Port Arthur historic site day trip and tips "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There are some places that will instil the fear in most people and the Port Arthur prison must have done that back in the day when it was a fully functioning convict prison. I can tell you that because even as it stands now in ruins on the tip of a little bay it still has the power to make you feel a slight shiver of fear.

Standing in the sun you could feel beautifully warm but as soon as the wind picked up it could cut you to the bone with its iciness. I can only imagine how much the Port Arthur convicts would love the beauty of this place but hate it at the same time.

Port Arthur Prison

The Main Prison at Port Arthur from the water


Port Arthur Australia is one of the countries top attractions


We arrived at 10.45 after making the trip from Hobart to Port Arthur with Gray Line. I made a beeline to get my first look at the Port Arthur Historic site after taking the girls to the toilet after we first arrived. We made our way quickly down to the oval to take some pictures before the Port Arthur Historical Site got too busy with visitors for the day. We then made our way back up to a small balcony just inside the entrance so we could join the free tour which started at 11.00.

The tour was conducted by an employee of the Port Arthur Historic Site and the knowledge he had was amazing. We were taken to the majority of the main buildings or a central point where ))) would tell us about what had gone on there. As you toured more of the Port Arthur historic site the harsh conditions that the Port Arthur convicts had were made more and more evident. From harsh working gangs that built so much of Tasmania to the brutal punishment of the separate prison where Port Arthur convicts were sent into solitary confinement.

The tour only goes for about 45 minutes and gives you a taste of what to expect as you tour the actua...


Independent Artist of the Week: Big Supermarket "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Artwork by Robert Rooney 

Big Supermarket are big by name, but definitely not by nature. A low-key lo-fi quartet scattered between the west and south east of our wide isle, BS stick to their guns by creating comforting music that might remove you from your current reality.

Pretty much non-existent on socials and spread between Melbourne and Perth, Big Supermarket keeps a low profile preferring to come together for occasional shows or recording sessions. Its actually quite refreshing to come across an act thats difficult to find or pin down both online and IRL. The band materialised after two members traded lyrics with their future band mates in Aus, while based in the Philippines distance clearly feeds the beast.

Given the scattered nature of the band, their music is surprisingly coherent. Their large 14-track debut LP, 1800, is a culmination of recordings from the past four years all driving guitars, swarming and swathing layers of cohesive noise, 80s-infused keys propelling homely nostalgia with lo-fi vocals adding grit and grunt.

Weve been repping SuperHwy this past little while an abrupt dose of speedy video game keys and crashing layers that create a fantasy vision of a psyched-out highway trip. You can hear it, and get info on shows and releases, through the bands label Hobbies Galore, or maybe just kick it old school, pre-interwebs, and keep an eye on the street, venues or via word of mouth. Either way, we dig the mystique.

1800 by Big Supermarket
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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We need wage theft laws now "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A pre-election campaign to to raise the need for laws against wage theft in Victoria is being directed at Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy. There is a petition out now, and you can sign it via this Megaphone link.

Everyone deserves a ob they can count on. And no-one deserves to have their hard-earned wages stolen by their boss.

We want the Victorian government to add a clause to the Crimes Act (1958) which makes deliberate, dishonest wage theft a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment.

Daniel Andrews has committed to introduce wage theft laws. Now were calling on Matthew Guy to step up and protect young workers by making the same commitment.

Why is this important?

Right now, some businesses are exploiting young workers. Instead of contributing to our community, theyre stealing from vulnerable young people, and conditioning them for a life of exploitation.

I was one of those young workers. I worked for a year at a cafe in Camberwell, just outside of the Melbourne CBD. During my time there, I was classified as a part-time worker. That means I should have had regular shifts and access to paid annual and sick leave but instead I was treated as a casual, at the cafes beck and call, and had no access to paid leave.

Over $8000 in wages and $700 in superannuation were withheld from me by my boss in just a year and it took months of negotiations and a review of my full roster history to get the wages I claimed back paid to me.

Im just one of thousands. Wage theft is an epidemic. At least a fifth of young workers have reported that their hard-earned wages have been stolen from them in scams; they are paid for fewer hours than they work, are illegally denied correct pay, have their superannuation stolen or their accrued leave withheld.

All these forms of wage theft are against the law, but they still happen. Bosses know that theyll only receive fines or warnings if they get caught- and that theyre not likely to get caught.

A series of audits by Fair Work in 2016 revealed that almost 58% of hospitality businesses (cafes and restaurants) and 39% of retail businesses were stealing wages. Thats potentially hundreds of thousands of cases of wage theft! But only a fraction of these cases ever end up in court. It shows that the current legal system is stacked in favour of bad employers who choose to underpay workers to increase their profits.



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Times are changing "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Wages growth returning

Employment growth has continued at a rapid 2 per cent pace over the year to August 2018.

So fast, in fact, the Federal Budget seems set to be back in surplus imminently. 

Quite a shock.

The jobs data will likely be the most interesting news of the week ahead.

The market median forecast sees +15,000 new jobs created on a net basis, and a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate steady at 5.3 per cent.

TD has gone in with a 5.1 per cent forecast, while the high range forecast is for +30,000 jobs created.

Source: Bloomie

Punchy indeed.

Such a result would really set the cat among the pigeons. 

The unemployment rate in New South Wales already plunged to just 4.7 per cent in August, while in Victoria the rate dived to only 4.8 per cent.

The participation rate in New South Wales has been pushing out the highest ever levels, driven by pulsating trends in female employment. 

The labour force figures are due for release on Thursday morning.


After a 'lost decade', UK wages growth is finally accelerating again, with the growth in regular pay excluding bonuses up to 2.9 per cent for the three months to July. 

The jobless rate in the UK is down to just 4 per cent - it h...


Three injured after kangaroo attacks family in Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A woman is seriously injured after trying to protect her husband from a six-foot kangaroo in Australia. Linda Smith, 64, suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, cuts and other internal injuries after the male kangaroo attacked her husband Jim on Saturday evening. The couple have been feeding kangaroos and wallabies from their home in Millmerran, about 125 miles west of Brisbane, Queensland, to help them survive the region's drought. Mrs Smith grabbed a broom to fight the six-foot kangaroo off her husband - who suffered cuts and bruises - but the animal knocked the broom out of her hand and turned on her. She said: "Jim was on the ground and the kangaroo just kept at him.


Bird of the Day: White-faced Heron "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


White-faced Heron by James Zainaldin - La Paz Group

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


"IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This report contains content that may be distressing for some people. Please see below for contacts.

Dr Tim Jones, senior lecturer in history at La Trobe University, said:

Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice calls for action by governments, the health sector and religious communities to better respond to people experiencing conflict between their gender identity or sexual orientation and their beliefs.

The report reveals the immense trauma and grief participants felt at the prospect of having to choose between their faith or their gender and sexuality, both intimate and important parts of themselves. The psychological and spiritual trauma experienced by our participants, at their loss of faith, or their struggle to be accepted by their communities, was devastating, added Dr Jones.

Anna Brown, director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

The report provides a roadmap for future reform, with recommendations directed at state and federal governments and the health sector.

We need stronger laws and support for survivors but also education about the harm caused by the cultural ideas and messaging prevalent within faith communities. We particularly urge governments across the country to respond to the acute vulnerability of children and young people i...


On Suicide and Stock Images "IndyWatch Feed National"

CW: This article contains stock images that depict disabled people in suicidal poses.

Stock images of disabled people have always been a bit of a joke.

There are the inspiration porn shots; disabled women, arms far-flung in an attitude of ecstasy, wheelchair implausibly positioned on a beach or in a boggy field.

The portraits of tragedy; gloomy, silhouetted images of wheelchairs in dark corners or sad seniors with their faces buried in their hands.

It's all a bit of a giggle really - especially when you take into consideration that most of the 'disabled' people posing aren't really disabled at all.  Hit the button that says 'images with same model' and you'll see what I mean.  Suddenly the model is running through the same field with a kite.  It's crip blackface - annoying, but slightly amusing.

Disabled people have laughed about this for a long time, in a resigned kind of way. 

I'm not laughing any more.

Today I wrote a Twitter thread with the intention of talking about the hilarious text descriptions assigned to stock art images. 



SUNDAY SCREENING: Voices From the Gasfields (2015) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This is the film the UK & Australian Governments do not want you to see.

This moving documentary by international activist Ian R. Crane chronicles the accounts of families living under the degradation of the Unconventional hydrocarbon industry, aka Fracking. Their testimonies reveal the day to day pollution of water, air, light and noise. Due to the blind eye of the authorities, Fracking drillers have devastated local environment of Southern Queensland, and further afield and this could be coming to your town next. This film should be distributed and shown as widely as possible so we can learn and act. Watch:

Run time: 1 hour
Directed and Produced by Ian R. Crane
Distributed independently (2015)



Antifa: Simply Explained "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Are you confused about Antifa? Maybe you are always thinking about how to it explain it to those who have no clue? Or youre trying to perfect your response to people who just dont get it and keep asking stupid questions?

Read the explanation below, it will help you out. Written by a friend.

Red and Black Antifa Flag

I see an awful lot of talk against the whole idea of Antifa as a group, to which I chuckle to myself and quietly reply You deluded Muppets.

Kids, Antifa is not a group.

Its an ideology a practical, ethical political theory.

It literally stands for anti-fascism. It means that you oppose fascism in all its forms, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

That opposition takes many forms including, and leading up to, violence, like punching Nazis.

It can also take other forms emailing a conference centre or hotel and telling them that white supremacists are going to use their venue as a meeting place, identifying marchers at a white supremacist rally and emailing their employers to get them fired, turning up at a rally and staging a non-violent counter-demonstration, tearing down their posters, cleaning up their graffiti, DDOSing their websites, asking shops not to display their books or materials, etc.

If you have some modicum of social power, there are other things you can do defending working-class communities from evictions and police violence, setting up shelters when government cuts force official ones to close . . . as well as helping people, this also restricts fascists ability to draw on community frustrations for recruiting.



Sleep and reading Australia bound "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Todays blog post is about sleep and reading. I am travelling from London to Sydney today via Hong Kong so I will not write anything more than a few lines. I will be back in writing mode on Tuesday I should think. For the next 24 hours I have a lot of reading to do. I also provide some advice for those who pack running shoes when travelling.

It has been a really busy, if not torrid speaking tour this time around lots of in and out of my least favourite airport London Heathrow and a lot of talk.

I now get a more measured period of writing.

Thomas Fazi and I met in Germany over the weekend just gone and are now fully working on our followup book to Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, September 2017).

I will provide a rough guide to what we are up to soon I might have said when we know but it is more accurate to say when the approach is more fully articulated.

I think it will be a little of a surprise and as a clue we are going to provide a comprehensive critique of Western concepts of democracy and economy to allow us to break out of the usual frames that bind, even our thinking.

It might not work but it will be fun finding out.

More on that later.

Over the next 24 hours or so, if you are worried about comments that are held in the moderation queue it is because I am some kms in the sky and refuse to pay the ridiculous fees that airlines demand for wi-fi connection.

For those who pack running shoes when travelling

More important than learning or writing about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is finding good running routes when travelling.

Here are some of the routes I have been traversing over the last few weeks in New York City and then in Europe.

NYC Hudson River Park

I was staying in Jane Street, adjacient to the Hudson River. The choice of Hotel was deliberate because I had only one crossing before I was on the fabulous running track along the river.

You can go south for further than I run I went around 5 kms down and 5kms back. There are various piers that you can run out and around if you like.

Surface is excellent (paving mostly).

There are a lot of runners but it is not crowded.

Highly recommended.

The route in the map is not my turnaround point on the days I ran it I just couldnt fit it all on the screen and make it meaningful.



Australian Politics 2018: Liberal and Nationals hard right agenda revealed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It appears the rigid hard-right core of the Liberal and National parties, whose face for public consumption is Prime Minister Scott Morrison, thought that Australian voters would find it acceptable that the only people that religious institutions of any denomination would not be able to discriminate against will be heterosexual individuals and those born with absent or ambiguous secondary sexual characteristics.

Everyone else would apparently be fair game for every rabid bigot across the land.

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender citizens and their children are not to be afforded the full protection of human rights and anti-discrimination law in this New World Order.

It doesn't get any clearer than the main thrust of the twenty recommendations set out  below.

However, now the cat is out of the bag Morrison is backtracking slightly. Just hours after arguing schools should be run consistent with their religious principles and that no existing exemption should be repealed, Scott Morrison told Sky News that he was "not comfortable" with private schools expelling gay students on the basis of their sexuality. 

Rejecting new enrolment applications by gay students was something he was careful not to directly address.

It should be noted that "not comfortable' leaves a lot of wiggle room to look the other way as state and federal legislation is either amended or new Commonwealth legislation created which would allow this blatant di...


So who do you trust in the Australian media landscape in 2018? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On 9 October 2018 Essential Research released the results of survey questions concerning trust in the media.

Once again public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, were the clear winners across all categories in which they were listed.

Q. How much trust do you have in what you read or hear in the following media?

Total a lot /some

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Sunday, 14 October


SALON October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

October 2018 COVER: HOTHAM STREET LADIES, On Disappointment (detail) 2018. HOME made GOOD: Christmas at The Johnston Collection 2018 | 19, East Melbourne (VIC), 1 October 2018 5 February 2019

Paul E. MASON (b. 1947), Baudins Costal Profile Reliquary 2018, pewter, wood, resin, Kimberly coastal rocks, diorite, aluminium, gold leaf, 61x20x26cm. PAUL E MASON: LOOKING FOR BAUDIN 21st Century Reliquaries Encounter c.1800 Terra Australis, Ararat Gallery TAMA, Town Hall, Vincent Street, Ararat (VIC), 19 October 2018 20 January 2019

Unknown artist (Leipzig Germany) after Gustave MUTZEL (b. 1839, d. 1893), Australische fauna, 1894. Chromolithograph on paper. Art Gallery of Ballarat, gift of Ted and Gina Gregg, 2013. Animalia Australis, Ararat Gallery TAMA, Town Hall, Vincent Street, Ararat (VIC), 19 October 2018 20 January 2019

George BALDESSIN, Acrobat 1964, etching a...


Half a Century in the Public Eye "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Kaldor Public Art Projects Celebrates

Art Gallery of New South Wales
until 16 February 2020

Half a Century in the Public Eye, is an exhibition created by acclaimed British artist Michael Landy and presented as a collaboration between Kaldor Public Art Projects and the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). The exhibition surveys the rich history of Kaldor Public Art Projects through original artworks, archival materials and re-presentations of past projects, from Christo and Jeanne-Claudes Wrapped Coast (1969), to Jeff Koons flower Puppy (1995), Marina Abramovis In Residence (2015) and Jonathan Jones barrangal dyara (skin and bones) (2016). The exhibition revisits each of the past Kaldor Public Art Projects and brings them together for the first time.

Kaldor Public Art Projects presented its first project in 1969 with Christo and Jeanne- Claudes iconic Wrapped Coast One Million Square Feet, Little Bay, Sydney, and has since presented 32 public art projects, which have transformed the cultural landscape of Australia.

The first organisation of its type anywhere in the world, Kaldor Public Art Projects has helped redefine the possibilities for public art in Australia and internationally, and has had a profound influence on the way that Australians see and experience contemporary art.

We have worked with the worlds leading artists to present new works which are anchored in the local context, challenging perceptions of familiar or forgotten public spaces, and transforming the way that Australian audiences experience art, said Mr John Kaldor, AO.

Kaldor Public Art Projects will also premiere a major artist project in the first half of 2019, presented free to the public in Sydney. Further details of activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the organisation will be announced early in 2019.





Grampians Peaks Trail (and always remember to pack your food away!) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A rule to remember whenever youre camping in the Australian bush (or anywhere really) is to pack away and secure your food at night so that it doesnt attract animals.

Its a rule I was acutely reminded of during a recent trip hiking the Grampians Peaks Trail, leaving me with a large, chewed tear in the floor of my much loved Macpac Minaret tent.

Ive always thought packing my food away into plastic bags and keeping them in my tent was enough to deter animals. In my many years of camping around Australia Ive never had a problem.

But this trip, it was a problem.

At some stage during the first night at the Bugiga hikers camp, something chewed its way into my tent and got into my dinner bag, getting at one of my dried meals and a block of fancy Koko Black chocolate given to me for Fathers Day.

I must have been tired because I slept through it and didnt realise what had happened until I was packing up in the morning after breakfast and discovered the hole in my tent.

I was devastated. Ive written before how much I love my tent and how its served me well on many trips in fair weather and foul.

It felt like Id let a good friend down.

I patched up the hole on both sides with first aid strapping tape and thankfully the weather was good so I didnt need to worry about rain.

Once back in Melbourne I got the hole patched and, hopefully, its good to go for my next trip.

And for that next trip Ill be investing in some decent bags to stash my food in and putting those into my backpack which Ill also line with a big plastic bag.

Lesson learned.

Click to view slideshow.

Anyway, the Grampians Peaks Trail was okay. Nice scenery, interesting rock formations, easy to follow track. But it never felt particularly remote as the views included roads and the town of Halls Gap. There were also plenty of tourists and school groups doing day walks on the trails so it never felt like wilderness.

I started at Halls Gap, following the Grampians Peaks Trail signs up Stony Creek past Venus Baths and Splitters Falls into Wonderland. It was steady, but not challenging, climbing to get up onto the mountain range. Walking through the Grand...


Neo-Nazis March for Babies in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Above : Neo-Nazi security worker Stuart Von Moger follows hot on the heels of His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. Heh. Following on from revelations concerning the neo-Nazi infiltration of the Young Nationals in NSW, a small contingent of local Continue reading


Sunday, 14 October 2018 - 7:44pm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week, I have been mostly reading:


Suspected OMCG associate arrested on firearms charges "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sawn off air rifle. File photo

Officers from Taskforce Raptor were part of a raid on a Dum Dum property on Friday (October 12) that resulted in a man being detained on multiple firearm and drug charges.

The raid action part of a cross border operation into outlaw motor cycle gangs, with simultaneous raids being conducted in Queensland.

About 10.50am police executed a firearm prohibition order and a weapon prohibition order on the property.

During the search police allegedly located a quantity of what they describe as green vegetable matter which they claim is cannabis, together with a BB gun, a 12-gauge shotgun ammunition, a laser pointer, a set of handcuffs, a sawn-off air rifle, a number of seeds believed to be cannabis seeds, a spring-loaded flick knife and a black coloured plastic pistol capable of firing projectiles.

A 21-year-old male was arrested and taken to Tweed Heads Police Station where he was charged with multiple firearm and drug charges.

He was refused Bail and appeared at Tweed Heads Local Court on October 13, where he was released on conditional bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday (October 15).



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Cobras vote in favour of name and jumper change "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The dawn of a new era in junior football has began with Ocean Grove Collendina Junior Football Club renamed Ocean Grove Cobras Junior Football Club after an historic club AGM today.

An overwhelming yes vote in favour of club name change also saw a decision favoured for a new playing strip consisting of red and white with a blue Cobra logo for 2019.

Members who voted either proxy or attended saw a 91 per cent yes vote to its club name change and a yes 93 per cent vote to a change of playing uniform.

Up to 50 people including current committee, parents, and club volunteers were in attendance for the club AGM at its Minerva Close base at Collendina Recreation Reserve.

Re-elected OGCJFC president Shaun Stow said he was delighted with the outcome after a long process for the club name change to Ocean Grove Cobras Junior Football Club and a new guernsey.

We have been in discussions with Ocean Grove Football and Netball Club for two or three years, Stow told the Voice.

The committee up there we have a working group and we catch up regularly.

I suppose there was an awareness with the junior club and senior club hasnt been aligned as well as it could have been.

We still have a good relationship, but it wasnt great.

This is an opportunity to align, we are in a really good space to align and in terms of having the same colours.

Stow said the new re-alignment with the senior Ocean Grove Grubbers Football Netball Club was a positive step for the local football community.

We deal with a lot of enquiries from the new members and people that are new into Ocean Grove and they go up to an Ocean Grove senior game and theres our boys wearing blue, white and orange supporting a team that is red and white, he said.

There is that misalignment there that probably raises a lot of questions to the community.

And that was our aim and over the period having these discussions is to be united and that would include the colours.

He said the clubs blue Cobra logo would remain a feature of its new playing strip.

The blue Cobra (logo) is something that has been part of our history, it is a centrepiece of our current jumper and a centrepiece of our new jumper, Stow said.

Our kids play for the Cobras and they are aligned to that blue Cobra we wanted to continue that tradition and the jumper was never going to change without that Cobra logo being the centrepiece.

IN other club developments long time club volunteers Matt Dean and Des Every became Ocean Grove Cobras Junior Football Clubs newest life members after a special presentation at the AGM.



Calmsley Hill City Farm, an early foray into urban farming education "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An example of sustainability education and urban farming before they became popular, the story of Calmsley Hill City Farm is largely forgotten. At the time it was the locus of landcare education in the Sydney region and an early example of professional permaculture design.

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The uses of cardamom "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Cardamom is a tropical plant whose centre of diversity, the region of its natural occurrence, is India. This one I attacked with machete was growing quite vigorously in warm-temperate Sydney.

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Gothic Beauty "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Victorian notions of love, loss and spirituality

Bendigo Art Gallery
6 October 2018 10 February 2019










Forget coal wars, says Alan Finkel look at emission outcomes "IndyWatch Feed"

Chief scientist says Australia must use all available technologiesAustralia's chief scientist says the question facing the nation's energy future is not about renewables versus coal but how best to create a whole-of-economy emissions reduction strategy.In a prerecorded interview with Sky released on Sunday, Dr Alan Finkel responded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report, which warned that greenhouse gas pollution needs to reach zero by 2050 if the world is to have [...]


Climate change influencing tree death in times of drought "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In Australia, we know that climate change driven fire regimes are impacting on plant species in mountain environments.

Research published earlier this year in the journal Nature Climate Change describes a series of sudden and catastrophic ecosystem shifts that have occurred recently across Australia. These changes, caused by the combined stress of gradual climate change and extreme weather events, are overwhelming ecosystems natural resilience.

In the south east of the continent, in terms of massive fires (greater than 250,000 ha), Victoria experienced two such events in the 19th century and five in the 20th century. In less than two decades, we have already had three mega fires in the 21st century. This has led to fears that Alpine Ash could become extinct in many parts of the alps unless we intervene through more extensive wildfire suppression or artificial seeding. It appears that increased fire frequency is the key factor impacting on the likely survival of plant species like the alpine ash.

New research, covered in the Colorado-based High Country News, points to temperature rise as an issue for mountain species in sections of North America.

In New Mexico, pion and juniper trees have been dying in huge numbers and it appears that climate change is increasing the death rate.

During the drought of 2002 and 2003, pion died throughout the Southwest of the USA in historic numbers, more than 90% in some areas. As Cally Carswell wrote recently in High Country News, at first, the cause of the trees demise seemed obvious. The punishing drought badly weakened them, and when beetles bored through their bark, the trees couldnt muster enough sap to pitch them out. Once inside, the beetles mated, multiplied, dug tiny tunnels and spread a fungus that cut off the flow of water and nutrients, killing the tree.

But Dave Breshears, a University of Arizona professor and arid lands ecologist who had studied the woodlands for years, suspected that the truth was more complicated. During the 1950s drought, tree death seemed less extensive, even though that drought was longer and drier than the more recent one. What was different about this drought was temperature: It was a degree or two (Fahrenheit) hotter.

The pions died during what Breshears dubb...


Maldon Folk Festival video promo 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Maldon Folk Festival - what's happening around town


Maldon Folk Festival - An Introduction "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Maldon Folk Festival is an annual family-friendly folk festival in Maldon, Victoria (near Bendigo) - a long weekend of quality family entertainment to suit all age groups and tastes. The festival hosts an abundance of music, dance and theatre, such as Folk Irish Ceilidh bush gospel and blues music, dance, musical theatre, poetry, interactive workshops, song-writing competitions, and are complemented by various activities around the Maldon township. COME ALONG TO THE 2009 FESTIVAL. Visit the website below for more details or to book. maldonfolkfestival DOT com Maldon Folk Festival on MySpace: myspace DOT com/maldonfolkfestival Video produced by GoldfieldStories


Sky companions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the past fortnight the local skies have hosted healthy flocks of woodswallows. White-browed and Masked Woodswallows are migrants from northern Australia and return every year, although their numbers can fluctuate significantly. This year so far Id say numbers are about average, with most flocks in the order of 40-50 individuals, with White-browed Woodswallows outnumbering their beautiful masked companions about 10:1. At the Rise and Shine on Friday evening they were sharing the skies with a pair of Little Eagles.

White-browed Woodswallow in flight


Asking Gippsland Candidates the right Climate question "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Melbourne University energy hub senior adviser Simon Holmes Court has been asking politicians and would be politicians a simple question on climate change. Some time ago he asked Liberal candidate in the Mayo by-election Georgina Downer can you please let us know whether you accept the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming? More recently he has asked the same question of the Liberal candidate in the Wentworth by-election David Sharma, with, so far, no response. Simon has then publicised the response or non-response to his followers on twitter.

Following Simons example I decided to ask the same question to candidates in the five Gippsland electorates starting with Gippsland East. Although still 50 days from the election it soon became obvious that this was an exceedingly difficult task and that I should concentrate on Gippsland East. So far I have asked the question of the five known candidates in the electorate and all have responded.

The question obviously has two parts accepting the scientific consensus and that the warming is human caused. A spokesman for local member Tim Bull replied to my email but his answer was vague and ambiguous. Our local member accepts climate change but ignores the scientific consensus and claims incorrectly that the jury is still out on whether the warming is caused by humans.

The three candidates who have so far responded positively to the question are the Greens Deb Foskey and Independents George Neophytou  and Matt Stephenson. Their replies have been publicised on facebook and twitter through Gippsland2020. Amazingly the tweet on the latters reply was retweeted by Simon and received about 200 impressions (see above) not quite viral but a big response in local terms. Stephenson is a twitter novice and unfortunately has not been able to take advantage of this.

It has been drawn to my notice that the Baw Baw Sustainability Group will be having a...

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Saturday, 13 October


stressed me to the point I am struggling to sleep "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Thursday, 16 August 2018
Period debt occurred: 
September 2015 to June 2016
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Youth Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

This debt has stressed me to the point I am struggling to sleep trying to sort it out and I have taken up extra shifts at work to try to get myself in a better financial situation to try to feel secure

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

I think th...

Friday, 12 October


Music, dancing and quotes in tribute to bilby brother "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

BILBY SCIENTIST Peter McRaes Charleville friends found themselves all just about outnumbered at his memorial service in the town hall on 29 September. They included...

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