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Sunday, 12 November


Boing, boing, splat "IndyWatch Feed"

57 varieties of mishap

Like all parents, I adore my daughter, but as a toddler, flippin' heck she can be hard work at times. 

We often like to make home-made jams, preserves, and sauces over the summer, as a way to minimise time in front of the television, if nothing else. 

For this week's mishap, she managed to deposit a tsunami of tomato ketchup all over her lap, the table, the floor, and then left a trail across most of the house between her seat and the kitchen. 

I'm sure you can imagine the drill. She was hammering fruitlessly on the end of the bottom of the bottle with nothing coming out, until suddenly...well, you can guess the rest. 

Nothing, nothing, nothing...splat!

After the event, we wasted no time in admonishing her. 

It was hardly her fault, of course, she's only just turned three, and she'd never tried home-made tomato sauce before, or indeed, any brand of runny ketchup from a glass bottle. 

But, still, surely she should have known? Argh!

Bottled up

It's been intriguing to reflect on the past decade, as the financial crisis recedes into the rear view mirror.

When governing bodies and central banks began their unconventional 'money printing' policies, QE programmes, and monetising debt, everyone appeared to be certain that this would eventually lead to inflation, and quite possibly uncontrolled hyperinflation. 

Everyone just knew.

There was even a funny guy from the US call...


MACKAY Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries

November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

A CHILD was allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted and left in a critical condition after police say she was set upon by her mothers boyfriend in a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Saturday, 11 November


Anarchism through the Silver Screen : Why Are Anarchists Suddenly Showing up in so many Korean Films? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A still from Anarchist from Colony.

This year, several major films from South Korea depict rebels or outright anarchists. Okja portrays the Animal Liberation Front; Anarchist from Colony tells the story of Park Yeol and Fumiko Kaneko, two anarchist nihilists who have become national heroes in Korea; A Taxi Driver dramatizes the Gwanju uprising of 1980. Why are anarchists suddenly appearing in Korean cinema? Whats the context behind these films? And how can they inform how we frame our own narratives in a time of resurgent nationalism and unrest?

South Korea, 2017. The new year arrived with a surge of demonstrations expressing disgust at the state of the nation. Is this a/our country? went a popular slogan. The state apparatus played for time by starting the impeachment process. Aspiring politicians worked hard to frame the events as a democratic revolution (what an oxymoron!) and the massive demonstrations were pacified, accepting the authority of the police and the ordinary violence of daily life under this system. Then, pro-regime reactionaries gained momentum fighting with the police in the name of law and order and patriotism. Nevertheless, perhaps fearing that the ruling order was becoming too unstable, the court announced the impeachment of the president, who is now facing charges. Elections took place, raising a new government to power.

Things are back to normal, it seems. However, the theater screens have been filled with more revolt than usual. Indeed, this summer, at the theater in my small Korean town, among the few movies presented, I could watch back-to-back two Korean movies featuring anarchists in the spotlight, preceded by a preview for yet another movie about the Gwangju uprising.

Whats going on? This is out of the ordinary. It probably reflects something happening in the popular consciousness on some level, but I see no anarchist surge in the streets. What do we do when anarchism is more visible on the screens than in the streets, when it is recuperated by production companies with budgets that dwarf our scant resources? To begin to answer these difficult questions, though I am hardly an expert on Korean cinema, Ill try to situate these recent movies in context to see what they reveal about how anarchism is perceived here today. As anarchism and nationalism have historically been closely intertwined in Korea, this also brings me to discuss nation as narration.


Okja portrays the relationship between a young Korean and a pig, which is interrupted by a multination...


David Leyonhjelm guest post on Red Tape "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The crippling effects of red tape on the economy are unfortunately not restricted to the NSW housing sector.

As chair of the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, I have so far introduced three interim reports on the sale, supply and taxation of alcohol; the sale and use of tobacco and nicotine products; and environmental regulation, sometimes called green tape.

Unless you are a smoker or drinker, the first two might not be of interest. However, environmental over-regulation should be of vital concern to us all. The actual and opportunity cost runs into many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost or delayed investment. And that means a lot of employment opportunities for our fellow Australians.

The origin of the term red tape is generally attributed to the 16th century administrative system of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, which used red tape for priority documents that required immediate action.

Given that red tape has now come to mean pernicious, corrosive and difficult-to-eradicate regulation, it seems highly appropriate that Charles V is today more remembered for his army spreading syphilis across Europe and thence to the rest of the world.

Like its venereal legacy, the red tape legacy of Emperor Charles V continues to be spread through the incautious infatuations of his Australian political successors.

The Institute of Public Affairs calculates that red tape reduces Australias economic output by $176 billion each year, equivalent to 11 per cent of GDP. This cost is reflected in businesses that are never started, jobs never created, and the time lost adhering to bureaucratic requirements.

Throughout our inquiry, we heard again and again that environmental red tape has turned many project approval processes into a bureaucratic nightmare.

A prime example is the Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara that required more than 4,000 licences, approvals and permits for its pre-construction phase, needlessly delaying the project and raising the cost. Likewise, the Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland spent seven years in the approvals process, fighting more than 10 legal challenges and requiring an Environmental Impact Statement running to 22,000 pages.

We have the means to eradicate some of this green tape scourge from our lives.

As we recommended, the Federal Government could bring forward its review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, avoid duplicating state laws and create a One Stop Shop something the Productivity Commission also supports.

It could start focusing on the risks associated with non-compliance with legal rules, rather than the legal rules themselves, a risk-based approach that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is a...


Johnnie Walker, the Corruption Purge, and Saudi Arabias Preparation for War "IndyWatch Feed National"

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, also minister of defense, has a big vision called Saudi Arabias Vision 2030

By Dee McLachlan

When I try to understand what is happening in Saudi Arabia it is like working out an impossible math formula. But Im going to try make some sense of it, as it seems Saudi Arabia is gearing up for war.

Corruption Purge and a Hotel Prison

Over the last few days there are reports of a purge against CORRUPTION, with the Saudi Authorities detaining 201 Saudi princes and businessmen. As...


Papua Police Issue Wanted List of 21 Militants "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Papua Police Issue Wanted List of 21 Militants
By : Telly Nathalia | on 12:47 PM November 11, 2017

Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Boy Rafli announced on Saturday (11/11) that 21 people from a Papua-based armed group have been listed as 'wanted.' (Antara Photo/M. Agung Rajasa)

Jakarta. Police on Saturday (11/11) issued a wanted list of 21 people from an armed group that is besieging two villages in Timika, Papua.



TPP 11 need for further talks show flaws in the deal "IndyWatch Feed"

Media Release November 11, 2017: TPP 11 leaders meeting in Da Nang Vietnam have agreed on some elements of a possible deal without the US, but have not succeeded in their aim of finalising the text. The talks have only been salvaged by an agreement to rename the deal, suspend some of its most controversial clauses and to have further talks over several months on issues raised by Canada and other governments, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.

See links to the leaders statement and list of suspended provisions.

The failure to conclude the deal shows that some governments still oppose provisions demanded by the US which they only reluctantly agreed to gain access to the US market. The renaming of the deal as the Progressive Comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership, insisted on by Canada, seems to be an effort to distance governments from the original TPP, said Dr Ranald.

AFTINET welcomes the suspension of some proposals for stronger medicine monopolies, including those on costly biologic medicines, which would delay the availability of cheaper versions of those medicines, and which were strongly opposed by public health and other community groups. But we believe there should have been deleted altogether rather than suspended pending a possible US return to the deal.

The proposed deal still contains special rights to foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws, known as ISDS. It would also restrict future governments from re-regulating essential services like energy or financial services, despite demonstrated market failures, and it would result in more vulnerable temporary migrant workers, without testing if local workers were available, said Dr Ranald.

Australia has nothing to gain from a revived TPP. Australia already has free trade agreements with the US and all but three of the other ten TPP countries, (Peru, Mexico and Canada). This meant the TPP delivered minimal extra market access for Australia. Studies showed the TPP with the US would deliver...


George Takei Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Male Model "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A former actor and model has accused Star Trek star George Takei of sexual assault. Scott R. Brunton alleged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the 80-year-old gay actor and activist took advantage of him in 1981. Brunton was 23 years old at the time of the alleged incident and Takei wouldve been ...

The post George Takei Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Male Model appeared first on QNEWS.


XANEMR - MEVANIM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMIR - GIDEN KUSLAR "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


PERTH Man appears in #Court charged with murder of #Baby #Girl in Brookdale, south of Perth #NEWS "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man appears in #Court charged with murder of #Baby #Girl in Brookdale, south of Perth #NEWS .

November 10, 2017 at 07:49PM .

A man charged with murdering a baby girl has made a brief appearance in the Perth Magistrates Court but they would not confirm the nature of their .


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Nuclear power and space exploration theme for November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Coinciding with the severe downturn in the nuclear industry, is the rush of enthusiasm for space exploration and the goal of putting  a man on Mars.  The nuclear industry must be pleased, as the fuel for space rockets is their own product PLUTONIUM!  (Space travel might save their industry?)

Plutonium is the most toxic of all the radioactive products of nuclear fission, as well as being the fuel for nuclear weapons. There have already been accidents with space rockets. The effects of a space craft crash on an Earth city are almost unimaginable, and certainly never properly considered by the space technocrats and nuclear enthusiasts. To them, this is an acceptable risk.

Then theres the doom-laden future for astronauts to Mars. Quite simply, cosmic radiation would kill them. Even now, astronauts suffer extraordinary health ill ...


The Weekend Quiz November 11-12, 2017 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

Assuming the expenditure multiplier is greater than 1, deficit spending will have a greater impact on aggregate demand if there are no offsetting monetary operations by the central bank (government bond sales) draining the excess reserves created.

The answer is False.

The mainstream macroeconomic textbooks all have a chapter on fiscal policy (and it is often written in the context of the so-called IS-LM model but not always).

The chapters always introduces the so-called Government Budget Constraint that alleges that governments have to finance all spending either through taxation; debt-issuance; or money creation. The writer fails to understand that government spending is performed in the same way irrespective of the accompanying monetary operations.

They claim that money creation (borrowing from central bank) is inflationary while the latter (private bond sales) is less so. These conclusions are based on their erroneous claim that money creation adds more to aggregate demand than bond sales, because the latter forces up interest rates which crowd out some private spending.

All these claims are without foundation in a fiat monetary system and an understanding of the banking operations that occur when governments spend and issue debt helps to show why.

So what would happen if a sovereign, currency-issuing government (with a flexible exchange rate) ran a fiscal deficit without issuing debt?

Like all government spending, the Treasury would credit the reserve accounts held by the commercial bank at the central bank. The commercial bank in question would be where the target of the spending had an account. So the commercial banks assets rise and its liabilities also increase because a deposit would be made.

The transactions are clear: The commercial banks assets rise and its liabilities also increase because a new deposit has been made. Further, the target of the fiscal initiative enjoys increased assets (bank deposit) and net worth (a liability/equity entry on their balance sheet). Taxation does the opposite and so a deficit (spending greater than taxation) means that reserves increase and private net worth increases.

This means...


Wheres the money coming from? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In the Courier-Mail, Stephen Wardill responds to my observation that LNPs campaign promises dont add up, and must imply large unnannounced cuts to services, by suggesting that they may instead imply large unnannounced cuts in infrastructure, specifically the Cross-River rail tunnel project. There is a simple way to resolve this: the LNP could say where they plan to cut, and by how much. This idea doesnt seem to have occurred to Wardill however.

Its also easy to check that cutting the Cross-River project will go nowhere near filling the gap in the LNPs promises. The commitment in the last budget was $2 billion, and the total (assuming no Commonwealth funding) is about $5.4 billion over 7 years, with a target completion date of 2024. Scrapping the current budget allocation of $2 billion would barely be enough to pay for the reintroduced Royalties for Regions program, let alone the many other ideas that have been floated. And none of that goes anywhere near achieving the promise of a surplus on fiscal balance.

So, as Robert Menzies famously asked, Wheres the money coming from?

Wardill does make one fair point: the practice of providing costings at the last possible moment is not new and was done by Labor last time around. As with compulsory preferential voting, this is a piece of cleverness that has come back to bite them. Indeed, looking at this article on Labors costings release, the symmetry is amusing, and goes both ways.

From the LNP

At the last gasp, at almost the very last day of an election campaign they produce a three-page document that doesnt add up, Mr Nicholls said

And from Labor, a promise to this article on Labors costings release>cut government advertising expenditure, just as Nicholls is doing today. As I said in my previous post

As for government advertising, not only are the sums involved relatively modest, but this is a promise routinely made and broken by Opposition parties in just about every election. Nicholls may not like government advertising when Labor does it, but, in office, he was happy to spend $70 million on the Strong Choices asset sales campaign.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0001 BTC
0.0001 BTC = 0.85 AUD


Westall, the Department of Supply and Mr 'X' "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


In a Facebook post dated 10 November 2017, and titled 'The troubled Public Servant,' Westall researcher Shane Ryan, reported that in 2010 he was contacted by a woman with some inside knowledge about the 1966 Westall, Melbourne incident, gained from her father.

In the post, Shane gave details of the contents of a number of emails from the woman (one from 2010, one from 2012) and her brother (one from 2012). The 2012 emails concerned the HIBAL hypothesis, but the important email is the 2010 one from the daughter, of the person I am choosing to refer to as Mr 'X.'

I have decided to annotate her words, rather than addressing points raised at the end of her text.

The email

'I am writing to you because I hadn't realised there were so many other witnesses to an event that my father was involved with in 1966. My father was the Assistant Controller of Aircraft, Weapons and Guided Missiles with the Department of Supply in Melbourne.

1. Shane found a Department of Supply Bulletin, in the National Library of Australia which confirmed that Mr X was indeed the Assistant Controller of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply in August 1967. We have not been able to confirm his position on 6 April 1966, the date of the Westall incident.

' He was a brilliant intellectual, Dux of High School, First class honours in Engineering and a science degree in Electronics all in 3 years. I mention this because he was not a fool, or someone who would dream up what he saw.

2. A check of the National Archives of Australia revealed Mr X's war records, which indicate he was an Engineer.

'I do not know how he was involved in the sighting of the object. He was, however told (by someone senior to him) that if he were to speak of this incident to anyone, he would lose his job.

3. A search of the Internet reveals that the immediate senior of the Assistant Controller of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply was in fact the Controller, of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply. On 6 April 1966, this was one Ian Bowman Fleming. He held the position between 1958-1967. Fleming was the director of the project which produced Australia's first unmanned target aircraft, Jindivik. Unfortunately, we are unable to seek any knowledge about Westall from Fleming as he passed away in 1993.

'He used to say that knew what he saw, he was very angry that this event was not seen as an opportunity. He was intimidated on a regular b...


PERTH Man Charged With Murder Of Six-Month-Old Girl "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man Charged With Murder Of Six-Month-Old Girl .

November 10, 2017 at 02:07PM .

charged with murder. An investigation is currently underway, and the man has been refused bail. He will appear in Perth Magistrates Court today. .


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PERTH Accused killer of six-month-old baby in Brookdale faces court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Accused killer of six-month-old baby in Brookdale faces court .

November 10, 2017 at 02:18PM .

Aaron Colin Martin, 35, said little as the charge was read to him in the Perth Magistrates Court this morning. It is alleged that yesterday he murdered .


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PERTH Perth father accused of murdering his six-month-old baby daughter "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth father accused of murdering his six-month-old baby daughter .

November 10, 2017 at 04:45PM .

A father who allegedly murdered his six-month-old daughter at home in Perths southeast has appeared in court, looking sleepy-eyed and dazed. .


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PERTH Father charged with murder of baby girl in Brookdale, south of Perth "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father charged with murder of baby girl in Brookdale, south of Perth .

November 10, 2017 at 08:49AM .

A father charged with murdering his baby girl last night has made a brief appearance in the Perth Magistrates Court. Aaron Colin Martin, 35, was .


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PERTH Perth father charged with infants murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth father charged with infants murder .

November 10, 2017 at 02:34PM .

Arron Colin Martin only spoke to confirm his name and looked sleepy-eyed when he appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday. He did not react .


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The week that was in nuclear/ climate news Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Sometimes the news in one country is pivotal to the fortunes of the global nuclear industry. Right now, this country is arguably South Africa. Nuclear corruption has been entrenched in South Africa for a long time. Its becoming urgently important now, as President Zuma nears the end of his term.  The global nuclear lobby must be watching, with some trepidation, to see whether a whole African nation can be bought,  despite the obstacles. In South Africa, the obstacles are: legal, financial, political, and technical. And thats before one even talks about public opinion, and health and environmental impacts.

With one eye on South Africa, the nuclear lobbys other eye is, of course, on the COP23 climate talks in Bonn, Germany, where the nuclear lobby is working hard on the sidelines, to persuade the UN that their industry is clean and therefore deserving of financial support.



In Flanders Fields the Poppies Blow "IndyWatch Feed National"

Poppies for Armistice Day. 11am on 11/11/. Ninety nine years ago today (photo Cater News Agency)

by Mary W Maxwell

We are the Dead /  Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow /
Loved and were loved, and now we lie/ In Flanders fields.

If ye break faith with us who die / We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

(John McCrae, In Flanders Fields)

Today is Veterans Day here in the US. My local restaurant was packed with families taking their favorite veteran to lunch. I think it is time we started to do the right thing for the veterans of the Vietnam war, and for ourselves.

John Judge, who seems to me honest and dedicated, reports that his mother was in charge of troop projections for many years. She had to estimate 5 years in advance how ma...


Fixations of Propriety: The Manus Closure Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

When confronted with the spectacle of the malnourished, the impoverished, the famine stricken, and the desperate, the Australian political instinct is simple: Why did these poor fools get themselves into this mix?  With each wave of refugees arriving in the countrys young history, the cold shoulder has mixed with the lukewarm welcome.

At no points have refugees been welcomed so much as grudgingly accepted.  Australia, after all, has a humanitarian intake, and boasts about it like a vulnerable child who feels her grades the best in class.

Like a necessary pantomime, Australias distant, estranging middle-class tediousness treats human rights as the necessary costume at the international human rights party.  To be such an international citizen, conventions are signed, and modestly implemented. Some are even abused with a degree of legalised gusto.

In a country with no bill of rights, it can hardly be any other way.  The rights culture, it can be said, is one of smugness and suspicion.  Supremacy resides with Parliament, and a misplaced belief that the executive will somehow be compliant.

The sentiment towards refugees and asylum seekers taking the sea route hardened after the 1990s, when the means of arrival became an issue in Australian politics.  (You cannot be punished or discriminated against on the manner of travel under the Refugee Convention, but the lawyers were obviously napping at stages.)  Decent people, after all, took planes, and if they did arrive by boat, would surely do the appropriate thing and fly a decent class.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, the issue of pressing concern was the arrival of Vietnamese boat people fleeing the Communist Republic.  Then, as now, the issue of how these people were arriving bothered certain Australian figures, most notably John Howard.  Aqueous borne arrivals, notably of the Asiatic sort, terrified him.

The currently broken, and easily refutable theme in the practiced inhumanity against those now defiantly assembled on the closed Manus processing facility at the Lombrum Naval Base, is that of the market model.  Refugees and asylum seekers should never partake in a system of exchange.  Money for passage is a smutty exchange best stamped out.

To that end, refugee and asylum seeker policy in Australia resembles that of a tax meeting or Reserve Bank board gathering.  The agenda never changes: what markets are appropriate, and which ones are not?

The market that encourages the pursuit of the Refugee Convention, its articles, its spirit, is discouraged by the denizens of propriety.  To flee persecution, harm and mortal risk, forms the quintessence of international refugee law, but best take a number and wait your turn.

The problem with this approach is simple: awaiting that....


Heres Where The Marriage Equality Parties Are At Next Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The announcement of the result of the same-sex marriage postal survey is now just days away. At 9am Queensland time on Wednesday (November 15) morning, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will announce the result. The ABC News and SBS free-to-air channels have confirmed theyll broadcast the outcome live that morning. Regardless of the result, yes ...

The post Heres Where The Marriage Equality Parties Are At Next Wednesday appeared first on QNEWS.


Interested in rejuvenating Stockyard Creek? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A walk around of interested people will start from the meeting room at the rear of the Uniting Church, 14 Station Road, Foster at 5.30pm Wednesday, November 15th. The group []

The post Interested in rejuvenating Stockyard Creek? appeared first on Foster Community Online.


FCA 24 Oct 2017 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The post FCA 24 Oct 2017 Minutes appeared first on Foster Community Online.


FCA 20 June 2017 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The post FCA 20 June 2017 Minutes appeared first on Foster Community Online.


2017 AGM Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The post 2017 AGM Minutes appeared first on Foster Community Online.


Armistice Day, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Armistice Day and the prospects for peace are bleaker than they have been for years. Not only are militaristic demagogues in the ascendancy just about everywhere, but the cult of the military is increasingly unchallenged, even in countries generally seen as peaceable, like Canada. Then theres the threat of nuclear war posed by a much more capable North Korea, and the erratic responses of the Trump Administration.

Its a day on which I feel increasingly alone. It seems obvious to me, 100 years after the bloodiest year of war in Australias history and the revolutions the war produced, that war and revolution are almost invariably a pointless waste of life and human potential, usually ending in disaster for all, and that even grave historical and social injustices are better resisted by peaceful means than by resort to force. But every military anniversary reminds me that this is the view of a small and shrinking minority.

One day, perhaps, peace will come. But not today.


Why We Need Devin Patrick Kelley to be Crazy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The post Why We Need Devin Patrick Kelley to be Crazy appeared first on It's Going Down.

Saying the Unsayable Every Time

When the unspeakable occurs, where do we turn for answers?

Whenever a politician or pundit the two rusty gears of the great national blah-blah-chatter-machine informs us that a shooting is an inarticulable tragedy an unspeakable event one can be sure this statement will be followed by excessive explanation.

In the wake of yet another mass shooting event in the US, journalists struggle to find answers as to how or why these keep occurring. Perhaps too many people have guns, or America is too violent, or maybe weve just lost our faith in God.

Through all this chatter, one answer is consistently appealing to all sides: the killers are crazy, psychos, lunatics, deranged, deluded, psychotic, mentally ill, Mad. Trump only said what everyone was thinking: Devin Patrick Kelley is another symbol of a national mental health crisis.

CNN reporters Emanuella Grinberg and Eliott C. McLaughlin believe thatthe warning signs were there. [1] Which warning signs? Domestic violence. Sexual assault accusations. Animal cruelty. Escape from a mental health facility. Threatening text messages. An obsession with guns and mass shootings they tell us.

This continued obsession in the biographical, the subjective, or the personal, means that the systemic and the historical will once again be swept aside. Hegemonic normative systems can only reproduce themselves if they can prove that the incident of extremity and ultra-violence are explainable solely by reference to the particular and not an expression of the system itself, even if it is an extreme one.

With this in mind, there is something profoundly disturbing about that list from CNN above. Each characteristic is listed as if we the readers ought to register them as Other, as abnormal and incorrect.

Their statement contains two dangerous errors in this regard: 1. none of these forms of ultra-aggression and terror are outside to Western values, rather, they are integral to them; and 2. escaping from a mental hospital does not belong on a list of assaults....


Some questions for Youth Food Movement Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

I have written three articles dealing with Youth Food Movement Australia (YFM) and its relationships with the animal agriculture sector. Links to the articles can be found below this post, which outlines some questions for the organisation in the form of memes.

Some of the memes refer to BeefJam, which was a project in which YFM collaborated with Target 100, an initiative of: Meat & Livestock Australia; Australian Lot Feeders Association; Sheep Meat Council of Australia; Cattle Council of Australia; and Australian Meat Industry Council.

YFM has described BeefJam as a 3-day event that takes young producers and consumers on a crash course of the Australian beef supply chain and gives them 48hrs to reshape the way we grow, buy and eat our red meat.

Ive seen some very slick videos released jointly by Target 100 and YFM about the event that look to me like promotions for the meat industry. However, I have seen no evidence of the fifteen young consumers and young producers who attended reshaping the industry.

The links between YFM and the livestock sector also include the fact that co-founder, Joanna Baker, spent nearly two years (while also holding senior positions with YFM) as manager for membership, communications and policy at Dairy Connect. That organisation describes itself as an advocacy body, 100% focused on being the voice for all partners in the dairy industry.

The other YFM co-founder, Alexandra Iljadica, was a speaker at the two-day 2016 Australian Dairy Conference, sharing speaking duties with high-profile industry participants. She was the only one among thirteen presenters to be given two speaking opportunities; a plenary speech and a workshop, with the title of the latter being, How to herd consumers toward Australian dairy: A workshop in human behaviour change.

I believe it is important for YFM to keep in mind its professed values of transparency and authenticity and its stated role of  running food education projects for young people.

Here are the memes. I hope they cause those involved with YFM to consider issues involved in food consumption beyond those that the organisation appears to have addressed to date.



Remembering War - the Rose of Jericho "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

These images accompany and illustrate the following short piece:

Beside a few delicate teacups and a piece of scrimshaw, on a shelf in a glass-fronted cabinet, my mother kept a pepperpot. It was of classic Georgian shape, a tiny phallic basilica of a thing, not silver, but made from dark golden imitation wood, intricately carved with designs of multiform roses. You unscrewed the dome and put in the ground pepper; but it you unscrewed the base you found a secret compartment in which my mother kept a treasured twig. This twig was a small shrivelled claw from a bush called the Rose of Jericho, and it came from somewhere in the Middle East, a souvenir brought home to Tasmania from the First World War by an uncle. 

Take the twig from its hiding-place and submerge it in water for about twenty minutes. The dried-up claw, in the water, gradually opens out, stretches tendrils, until it blossoms, resembling a freshly-picked bunch of soft brown herb. Tiny bubbles of ancient air bead the delicate branches. Then take it out of the water, let it dry, and when...


Statement on last nights protest outside Tony Abbotts dinner "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fabrications, distortions, exaggerations, and disappointing reporting

Christine Forsters allegations about the protest at Fridays Liberal Party fundraising dinner have been widely reported in the media. Tony Abbott himself has hamfistedly weighed in, tweeting: Disgraceful behaviour by protesters last night. Denying Australians real rights to uphold the supposed rights of boat people.

Yet both Abbott (the dinners host) and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton (who was a guest of honour), are responsible for the long-term abuse of refugees, including the immediate crisis on Manus Island, where yesterday the authorities used force to empty the rainwater tanks that have been helping to keep the 600 men alive.

Forster and the other attendees at the dinner are the supporters and enablers of the acute, long-term abuse of refugees. Those journalists who choose to focus on damage to a piece of clothing in a situation when 600 refugees have been deprived of food, water, medicine and shelter for over a week are guilty of a disgraceful and extreme misdirection of moral energy in which we will have no part.

The media reports contain wild exaggerations and distortions about what actually happened at the protest. No one from RAC is aware of any protesters trying to punch or spit on anyone, nor has anyone been charged by police for such conduct. Perhaps Abbott and Forster hoped that the truth would remain shrouded in secrecy, as it so often is on Manus, Nauru and on the high seas under Operation Sovereign Borders. But video footage taken by the Sydney Morning Herald clearly shows that the damage to Forsters jacket was caused by the police themselves (see around 1:20 on the video at

In contrast to Forsters clearly false allegations, the long-term abuse of asylum seekers presided over by successive Australian governments, and its tragic toll of death, suicide, violence, self-harm, severed


MACKAY Court case puts bullying in schools under the spotlight "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 08:30PM ,

Court case puts bullying in schools under the spotlight

November 10, 2017 at 08:30PM ,

A MOTHER has been found guilty of threatening to produce a gun while trying to protect her daughter from bullying at a Mackay high school. However

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Australian UAP from earlier years "IndyWatch Feed National"


From time to time, I am contacted by individuals who tell me of UAP sightings from earlier years. Other people send me newspaper accounts of such events. These are all most welcome, as they add to our knowledge of previously unreported observations. This post describes two such recently submitted items.

Sighting from the destroyer 'Anzac'

A long time friend of mine, who lives in Tasmania, sent me a clipping from 'The Advocate' newspaper, Tasmania, dated 21 October 2017, and titled 'Possible Experience of UFO.'

This 'Letter to the Editor' read:

'Growing up I didn't believe in aliens, but that belief changed in a flash.

In the 1970's I was sitting out on deck of the destroyer Anzac just after sunrise, getting fresh air before duty. We were heading to a destination in the South Pacific, doing about 18 knots.

The sea was as smooth as glass and no-one else was on deck. A strange feeling suddenly came over me. I looked up and above the funnel was a shimmering mass the size of a medium car, making no sound. It looked like it was generating great power.



Court dismisses Evans application to quash kidnapping charge "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

    Trial fixed for Dec 15     Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of a Lagos High Court in Igbosere has dismissed an application by the suspected billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans, to quash the charge of kidnapping and unlawful possession of firearms slammed on him and one other person by the Lagos State Government. The next trial date has been fixedfor December 15. In dismissing the application, Justice Taiwo held that there was a compelling need for the two accused persons to answer to the charge. I have read the...

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Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner Of Homophobic Harassment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ellen Page has accused film director Brett Ratner of homophobic and abusive behaviour In a lengthy Facebook post, Page said Ratner made the comments to her while working with him on the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. I was eighteen years old, she wrote. He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten ...

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Palm Cove help "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hi all, my family are coming over to Palm Cove for Christmas and we will be going up to see them. I wanted to do something special for Christmas dinner. Does anyone know of any bbq's on the beach at Palm Cove where I can make authentic Australian Christmas dinner?

We'd also like to go out to the reef one day so any doggy day care that you can recommend would be much appreciated.

Any other advice for things to do would be appreciated as well.


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Our kids are being harassed, blacklisted, fined and locked up "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim Disturbing information has emerged recently about the way the NSW government and the police force are treating our children. Two million dollars in revenue New figures reveal that the state government generated $2 million dollars last year from fines issued to children by police. The fines were issued to

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Australian Greens now influencing broad policy , for example on Adani coal project "IndyWatch Feed"

The Greens believe they have put a difficult year behind them, and are seeing their Cassandra foresight picked up by other parties. Saturday Paper,
How the Greens drive policy,
Saturday Paper  Mike Seccombe  , 11 Nov 17, Even in Richard Di Natales office they refer to the middle months of 2017 as the winter of discontent. It was as bleak a season as the federal Greens party has known.
But there is more than a whiff of spring in the air now, and if a few things go right over the next few weeks, maybe glorious summer. So Di Natale hopes.

..One example is the giant coalmine proposed by the Indian conglomerate Adani in Queensland. Most Australians dont want it. A Morgan poll last month showed that among those who had a view and almost a quarter didnt opinion ran against the mines development by more than three to one.Says Bob Brown: That poll showed that supporters of every political party from [Pauline] Hanson and the Nationals, across to the Greens, has a majority opposed to the mine. But the popular mood is not echoed in the big party rooms.

Its a classic example of how a small powerful lobby can work wonders with the big parties. It takes a very restive public to change their minds.

And right now we are seeing that change happen. The Queensland public is very restive on the Adani project and only now, two weeks out from a state election, has the penny dropped within the Labor government o...


Whats happening at the Bonn COP23 climate talks? "IndyWatch Feed"

The latest news from COP23  What has been going on in the second half of the first week of COP23 climate change negotiations?, Will Yeates, 10 Nov17, 

Emerging nations have told rich countries to do more to cut emissions quicker. A group of campaigners have called for the US to be kicked out of the talks. But the main story seem to be around rich countries reluctance to commit to past promises around climate finance. NGOs may even sue.

With lighter news of how kale is climate-friendly and some art from Venice, here are the biggest COP23 stories from the second half of this week.

1. Emerging nations urge rich to kick-start climatepact before 2020

Emerging nations pressed developed countries on Wednesday to step up cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to kick-start the Paris climate agreement, saying the rich were wrongly focused on 2030 goals.

We came here needing to hit the accelerator, not the brakes, Brazils chief negotiator Antonio Marcondes told Reuters
Read more on Thomson Reuters Foundation

2. African campaigners call for the US to be kicked out of major UN climate talks because of Donald Trump

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (P...


Liberal National Coalition puts One Nation ahead of Labor on Queensland how-to-vote cards "IndyWatch Feed"

LNP puts Greens last, One Nation ahead of Labor on how-to-vote cards, SMH
Rachel Clun, 10 Nov 17  The LNP will put the Greens last on its how-to-vote cards for the state election and also preference One Nation over Labor in a majority of seats where all three parties have candidates.

The only way for Queenslanders to get the positive change they want is to vote for their local Liberal National Party candidate. And the only way for you and your family to get ahead is to vote for your local Liberal National Party candidate, Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said in a statement issued on Friday night The Greens have already announced they will put One Nation last, and the LNP second last, on their how-to-vote cards


Forgotten heroes and sacrifices on Remembrance Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

Although we commemorate those who died on Remembrance Day 11 November, the courage and sacrifice of those who fought to prevent World War One from ever happening and who tried to remove from power the criminals who had caused that war, and others that followed, is never acknowledged.

On Remembrance Day, 11 November Australians and people from some of the countries of the previous Britsh Commonwealth of nations, commemorate the courage and terrible sacrifice of those who fought in the war of 1914-1918. In that war, 18 million died, including 60,000 Australians, Back then that war was referred to as the "War to End War".

Those who labeled the First World War the "war to end war"were clearly naive at best. Barely 20 years later 60 million more people were to die in yet another even more horrific world-wide conflagration. Many other wars occurred right up to Remembrance Day 2017 and are continuing.

The courage and sacrifice of those who fought to prevent World War One from ever happening and who tried to remove from power the criminals who had caused that war, and others that followed, is never acknowledged.

Where is the commmoration for those sailors of the German Navy who rebelled against the German government on 3 November after being ordered to sail on a last suicidal battle against the British Navy? (See Where is the commemoration of all thoser German workers who rose up in many parts of Germany over the next few days, making it impossible for the war to continue? Where is the commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebkencht who opposed the war at its outset? They were to lead the Spartakist uprising in Berlin from 1918 until when it was crushed by Freikorps mercenaries, many of whom were later to don the Nazi swastika. Where is the commemoration of their sacrifice?

Where is the commemoration of those French soldiers who were court-martialed and executed in 1917 for their mutiny against the war? Where is the commemoration of Australians and British who blocked their governments' plans to introduce conscription? Where is the commemoration of those German Communists who fought from 1919 until 1923 to wrest from power those who had led their country into war?

Clearly the ruling elites and their newsmedia only want us to commemorate the sacrifice of those who were duped into fighting and dying to further the selfish interests of those elites who sent them to war.



Ned Kelly: The Rebel and Nolans Muse "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ned Kelly one day before the execution. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

On the 11th of November 1880, Ned Kelly, an Australian bushranger, was hanged in Melbourne. At the time of his death he was only 25 and already a legend. By some perceived as a criminal and villain, by others as a rebel or even an Australian equivalent of Robin Hood, Kelly was anstill is one of the most controversial figures in the history of Australia.

He was sentenced to death for the murder of three policemen, numerous bank robberies and the murder of his estranged gang member, Aaron Sherritt. The list of his crimes was much longer, but he denied some of them and claimed to be the victim of false accusations. Always on a run with his fellow gang members, Kelly was  captured eventually after the Glenrowan shootout on the 27th of June 1880. Prior to this event, the Kelly gang had equipped themselves in characteristic iron armour that repelled bullets; yet, it did not protect their legs. This turned out to be fatal in consequences, as Kelly was shot in the left foot, left leg, right hand, left arm and twice in the region of the groin (The Argus, 29 June 1880). His fellow gang members did not survive the shootout.

Ah, well, I suppose it has come to this (The Argus, 12 November 1880), were Kellys last words, with the rope already around his neck. But the words Kelly is best remembered for are included in his famous Jerilderie Letter, written to the police to clarify and justify various incidents leading him to becoming an outlaw. The letter made of him an illiterate (he dictated the letter to his friend) literary phenomenon. The language in the letter has got an unavoidable roughness to it, yet it is colourful and full of metaphors, testifying Kellys eloquence and intelligence.



Conditions for Informal Labour Employed in Japans Nuclear Power Stations "IndyWatch Feed"

Sworn to secrecy,12 after a superficial safety education drill, they are sent into highly contaminated, hot and wet labyrinthine areas.

Irregular workers oral contracts with tehaishi are often illegal or dangerous, and are sometimes imposed on workers through threats or use of force.

Over the past 40 years, poor monitoring and record-keeping has meant that many former nuclear workers who develop leukaemia and other illnesses have been denied government compensation due to their lawyers inability to prove the etiological link between their disease and employment.

Informal Labour, Local Citizens and the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis: Responses to Neoliberal Disaster Management, ANU, Adam Broinowski, 7 Nov 17, 

Conditions for Informal Labour Employed in Nuclear Power Stations  The phenomenon of assembling and recruiting a relatively unskilled labour pool at the cheapest rate possible is typical in nearly all of Japans large-scale modern industrial projects in the 20th century. As early as the late 19th century, however, non-criminal homeless men were recruited for such projects, whether forced, coerced or voluntarily from the major day-labourer (hiyatoi rdsha ) sites (...


As in Australia, France lobbies hard to sell its nuclear submarines to India "IndyWatch Feed"

India Wants Second Nuclear Submarine From Russia. Lies By Lobbyists Erupt

Russian news portal Kommersant reported that the Indian Navy allowed a US technical crew into top secret compartments of Indias existing Russian-built nuclear submarine, the INS Chakra NDTV  All India   by Vishnu Som  ovember 10, 2017 NEW DELHI: 


  1. Russian website says US officials entered nuclear submarine in Vizag
  2. India has leased that submarine, is in talks for another
  3. Indian sources deny Russian website report
  Indias attempt to buy a nuclear attack submarine from Russia appears to have triggered a misinformation campaign by defence lobbyists.
Yesterday, Russian news portal Kommersant reported that the Indian Navy had permitted a US technical crew into top secret compartments of Indias existing Russian-built nuclear submarine, the INS Chakra, in clear violation of the terms of the contract between India and Russia. India leased this submarin...


Friday Funny: Bill Nyes ask me anything explodes in his face "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Redditers Rip Apart Bill Nyes Totally Incoherent Answers In AMA By Mike Bastasch at the Daily Caller Redditers were not fans of the answers Bill Nye the science guy gave in an AMA, grilling the former childrens show host for dodging questions and giving inaccurate answers. Nye held the AMA on Wednesday to promote his


De-briefing Ethereums Parity Predicament: Whats Next? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

De-briefing Ethereums Parity Predicament: Whats Next?

After an unidentified actor accidentally triggered a series of bugs that destroyed approximately $150 million worth of digital currency, the world waits for a substantive answer is this vulnerability an anomaly? An I told you so? Or a humbling opportunity to secure the Ethereum network?

What Happened?

On November 6, Devops199, an alleged amateur programmer, set off a chain of bugs on Parity, a popular digital wallet for Ethereum. These bugs affected multisignature, or multisig, accounts wallets that require multiple users to enter their keys before funds can be transferred. The place these wallets connect to is known as a library contract.

  1. According to Parity, an attempt to fix a vulnerability that allowed hackers to steal $32 million from multisignature wallets in July of 2017 inadvertently created a second vulnerability in the library contract. This allowed Devops199 to gain control of every multisignature wallet as a sole owner.

  2. After Devops199 realized what had happened, he killed (deleted) the code. Unfortunately, this locked all funds into multisignature wallets permanently, with no way to access them.

  3. Because of the functionality of the current blockchain, $150 million worth of ether (ETH), the tradable currency that fuels the Ethereum platform, is now effectively destroyed and inaccessible to anyone.



On This Day (11 November 1880) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian Bushranger and outlaw Ned Kelly is hanged at Melbourne Gaol



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Dispatches from Puerto Rico: Front Line Relief "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

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Our current Mutual Aid Disaster Relief team in Puerto Rico has concentrated efforts mostly on HIV/AIDS prevention, safe water outreach/education, breastfeeding in disasters and also is addressing other health needs with our team of nurses, a lab chemist, lactation counselors and a medic.

We provided health education materials, triage, screening, and assisted 100 patients one of the first days we were here, based out of a little church 1/2 way up a mountain in a little community called Quebrada Prieta. This community lacks potable water: one woman was using the water from her pool to wash and clean, most are drinking from the river that drains from the rain forest. We were able to provide lab testing, exams, and assist a home bound, double amputee diabetic patient with a host of diabetes supplies.

Another day we were in Vega Baja, close to the ocean. We saw 89 patients in a pop-up clinic inside of a restaurant called El Right Field de Tommy. Since the storm, this restaurant has been providing free rice and beans every Tuesday to residents of this severely affected neighborhood. Yet another example of mutual aid in practice. Many of the folks seen had just got water back in their homes, but were unsure if it was safe to drink and some only had a steady drip coming out of the tap, insufficient for a days water needs. And yet others noted that some days the water worked and other days nothing came out of the taps. So we discussed ways to make water potable, such as boiling for 2 minutes if they have a gas stove or using a bleach + water recipe to make it safer to drink.

With so many people saving rainwater, we also talked about ways to safely store it and how to prevent mosquitoes. Very few in this community had generators. However we did do a home visit with a bedridden, oxygen dependent patient in which the generator was running outside of her bedroom windows. When we walked in we could smell it in her bedroom. We talked about the impact of carbon monoxide on her lungs and helped her husband move the generator to a safer spot, further away from his wifes windows. We also got to do some more breastfeeding education as there were a lot of moms with babies and toddlers. Many of the moms were happily breastfeeding their babies. We were able to answer their questions and provide support and encouragement that they were doing the right thing.

Still another day, we saw 54 patients at a community Center in Los Naranjos, a community that saw flooding up to peoples necks during the storm. Most lost a lot, some lost everything, most have no potable water, none have electricity. All are helping each...


99th commemoration of the The Great War Armistice - Remembrance Day, 11AM, 11 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

These photos were colourised and published for the first time this year for Remembrance Day. New Zealand troops. Not hard to see the joy! A 75 metre shell crater in Ypres. Nuns, part of an order of nurses tending to graves. And finally today, here's my granddad Percy Leo Smith...


Palm Cove help "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hi all, my family are coming over to Palm Cove for Christmas and we will be going up to see them. I wanted to do something special for Christmas dinner. Does anyone know of any bbq's on the beach at Palm Cove where I can make authentic Australian Christmas dinner?

We'd also like to go out to the reef one day so any doggy day care that you can recommend would be much appreciated.

Any other advice for things to do would be appreciated as well.


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Youve Never Tried This: Spaghetti Squash Nests Topped with Meatballs (100% Grain-Free) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This article is shared with permission from our friends at Paleo Hacks. Put a fun twist on pasta night with these mini spaghetti squash nests filled with meatballs! If youre craving spaghetti and meatballs, these portion-sized nests made in a muffin tin are your guilt-free answer. Drizzled with low-sugar Paleo marinara sauce and garnished with fresh basil, these... View Article

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New track proposed close to Federation Peak "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A group of investors are proposing a track to a remote wilderness lake at the base of Federation Peak in Tasmanias South-West.

They have developed a consortium called the Geeves Effect, and are pushing for a 2.5 km track extension to provide walkers with views of Lake Geeves.

According to reports in The Mercury, they say that the bushwalk could rival Cradle Mountain and Three Capes Tracks as a tourism magnet.

The Bob Brown Foundation opposes what it calls an invasion of the citadel of Tasmanias wilderness by private enterprise using public money, warning that it would open the door to private development.

The so-called Geeves Effect plan for a 2.5 kilometre track at Lake Geeves, under Federation Peak, has morphed into a 20 kilometre track and an eco-hub with motels, luxury campsites and roads all at public expense, Bob Brown said today.

The business interests branding up this proposal now want millions of public money to bring their commercial plan to fruition, he said.

The impact on the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, famous for its remoteness and naturalness, would be core degradation, he said.

Federation Peak should be left remote, wild and intact, Brown said.

There are much better places, including the Styx Valley of the Giants (with existing road access inside the World Heritage Area), Recherche Bay and the Tarkine, for increasing visitor enjoyment of spectacular Tasmanian scenery, Brown said.

The TWWHA must not be degraded, Brown said.

[IMAGE of Federation Peak by Bob Brown].



Informal Labour, Local Citizens and the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis "IndyWatch Feed"

On the mediated surface, Fukushima Daiichi has been used to prove to the world that a nuclear disaster of significant scale can be overcome and that people can survive and return to their normal lives. The government has concentrated on proving that it is safe for the Olympics, safe for tourism, safe to consume local produce, and safe to restart nuclear reactors.

The authorities have furnished people with the means by which to normalise sickness and pathologise anxiety to justify the return to nuclear power reliance, while suppressing those who seek to resist it.

And so we return to the basic problem that no nuclear reactor can operate without radiation-exposed labour,

 Informal Labour, Local Citizens and the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis: Responses to Neoliberal Disaster ManagementANU, Adam Broinowski, 8 Nov 17 

Nuclear workers are important as sentinels for a broader epidemic of radiation related diseases that may affect the general population.1

We live with contradictions everyday....


11 November REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed"

  • Koutsantonis slams NEG, says it is an attack on renewables
    SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis says cannot support NEG, says it an attack on renewables, designed to keep alive dirty coal.
  • Graphs of the Day: Australia the global climate laggard


Switching to Non-GMO Diet Led to Impressive Recovery From Health Problems "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

non-gmo diet health problems

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Great news! A peer-reviewed survey showed that digestive problems, obesity, allergies and fatigue cleared up for a bulk of the people who switched to non-GMO food.

When youre the worlds most recognized GMO expert but mainstream science still fawns over GE crops what can you do to warn people about health hazards of eating improperly tested GMOs? To Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, the answer is clear demonstrate what life can be like without them.

He is constantly getting feedback from doctors who put their patients on GMO-free diets. Notice we didnt say organic diets. No, were just talking a diet free from genetically engineered ingredients not an easy feat, we understand. It requires eschewing most packaged foods, restaurants and making your own condiments, since most of these products include ingredients derived from soy, corn, dairy/meat from GMO-fed cows, sugar and more. Even table salt can have GMOs!



Man Questioned After Returning Home at 3am Smelling Shower Fresh "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A Sydney man has undergone intense questioning this morning after he returned home from having a few quiet ones with the boys at 3am smelling shower fresh.

The mans wife said it was obvious hed been to the hand-job hut that recently opened between their home and the local pub.

Since that rub-and-tug shop popped up, he comes home smelling radioactively fresh after any outing that involves booze, she said. But the man is a grub no matter how much dishwashing liquid they disinfect him with.

While the man managed not to crack under his wifes interrogation, he responded to an email query from The Sydney Sentinel with: just between you and me, mate, I did get some harmless fun on my way home.

Its those damn music video clips they have playing in the pub, he said. Theyre basically musical pornos. Even before this new joint opened up, there were already 28 brothels and 12 Thai massage parlours in the two blocks between my house and the pub. Its hard enough to get past them all sober but try doing it with 780 or so schooners under the belt its harder than the Ninja Warrior challenge.

Mens harmless fun has been proven to be the number-one cause of harm for Australian women for the 80th consecutive year, according to a CSIRO report.



"Don't Quit!" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

'When Things Go Wrong"
by Zen Gardner

"Things going wrong arent easy tasks to handle, for sure. No matter how much we prepare for or try to avoid seeming wrong eventualities, they happen. It can be anything, from a wrong turn to lost or stolen items or nagging financial matters. It can be a health issue or a serious accident. Shift happens. Its part of life.

Handling these matters is nothing new as life progresses, but they can set you back and even throw you off, some times a lot more than others. Clearly conscious awareness must prevail to see beyond the circumstances and the way bigger picture to keep the full perspective. Trying harder is not necessarily the answer to anything, but the down to earth unpleasant realities still need to be dealt with. When thinking about this the following classic inspirational poem came to mind. May it be an encouragement to you. Keep on keeping on!"


Just-Rescued Elephant Happily Wags Her Tail On Way To Sanctuary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There are thousands of Asian elephants languishing in trekking camps attractions where the animals are harshly trained to become tame enough to give rides to tourists. But one elephant just got away. 

At age 40, Gan Da (also known as Darling) likely has little memory of a life before working in the trekking camp, since she's spent most of her life there. She was likely trained using the same harsh tactic as all the others, a practice called "crushing." 

Credit: WFFT

Credit: WFFT

"Thailand currently has a captive population of over 3,500 individuals and a wild population of approximately 3,200," Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), which runs an elephant refuge for animals like Gan Da, wrote. 

So it was no small cause for celebration when an Australian woman agreed to sponsor Gan Da's rescue and relocation to the refuge so she could finally get a taste of freedom. 

Credit: WFFT

Credit: WFFT

"We were contacted by her owner who wanted to retire her from the tourism industry," Tom Taylor, manager of the Wildlife Rescue Center & Elephant Refuge for WFFT, told The Dodo. "Luckily we had a recent fundraiser for elephants in Sydney, Australia, which allowed us to rescue her."

So this week, Gan Da's chains were removed and she was led onto a transport truck bound for a new, exciting chapter in her life. ...


More on money and the economy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Articles that, as far as I am concerned, confirm my desire to print local money are coming into my newsfeed thick and fast. This latest one, from the consciousness of sheep, claims the UK economy is as good as finished.

I dont agree with everything in it, but bear with me..

This article also ties in with the looming oil problems. Of course, with the North Sea oil fields depleting in double digits figures, and the UK being as good as out of coal and gas, its no wonder an English website would be expressing concern. Make no mistake though, with Australia importing well over 90% of all its liquid fuel requirements, we are in no better shape, really.

Inflation says the author results in the appearance of rising prices; but is actually the devaluation of money. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest mistakes of economics. Money has no value. Its for trading and spending. When we sold our house a couple of years ago, we were suddenly the owners of $400,000 instead of a house. Were we rich? I dont think so.  not until we spent it on a farm, a couple of utes, a bunch of tools, building materials, livestock, soil improvers, earthworks, concrete and now most of the money is gone, I feel richer than ever, because I have the things I need to face our uncertain future. No Ill take that back, the future is certain, it will be bad!

There are, however, other reasons for rising prices [than money printing].  And unlike monetary inflation, these are self-correcting.  For example, global oil prices have begun to break out of the $40-$60 goldilocks band in which consumers and energy companies can just about keep their heads above water.  Most economists believe this to be dangerously inflationary.  Indeed, almost all previous recessions are the result of monetary tightening (usually by raising interest rates) in response to an upward spike in oil prices.  Since oil is used to manufacture and/or transport every item that we buy, if the price of oil increases, then the price of everything else must increase too.

But the price of oil is not increasing in response to money printing.  Rather, it is the result of declining inventories which point to a global shortage of oil early in 2018 traders are currently bidding up the price on futures contracts to guarantee access to sufficient oil to meet anticipated demand.  Since oil is considered inelastic (we have little choice but to pay for it) the assumption is that rising wholesale prices will be passed on to consumers, causing general inflation.  Frank Shostak from the Mises Institute challenges this assumption:......


Striated Pardalote delivery service begins! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After what seems a slow start, the conveyor system of Striated Pardalotes Pardalotus striatus ferrying food to their nestlings in nest boxes at our place has started in earnest. At least two boxes near our house have young in them and the parents are delivering a parcel of food every few minutes. Whilst its busy, it does seem to me that the frequency of deliveries is a little slower this year, perhaps due to the dry spring and fewer invertebrates.

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

Congestion at the entrance!

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

Running up the perch

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

This particular crew seem obsessed with something on the ground beneath the box and both entering and leaving take a few moments to check it out.

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

Lerp would be a sweet treat for the little ones

Striated Pardalote

The birds quickly got used to my presence and ignored me even when I was only 1.5 m away. This shot is nearly full frame.



1) Papua separatists dispute Indonesia's claim of holding villagers hostage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Indonesia warns of tough response after Papuan rebels threaten Freeport 
3) Indonesia police locked in standoff with armed Papua separatists

1) Papua separatists dispute Indonesia's claim of holding villagers hostage
Updated about 6 hours ago



12 Year Old Boy Transitions To Female Then This Happens Just Two Years Later "IndyWatch Feed National"

With guidance from medical professionals and his own mother, a 12-year-old Australian boy suffering from gender confusion began to transition into a female. Just two years later, the young man told his mom he felt like his born sex again, and is now in the painful process of transitioning back, which includes surgery. Patrick Mitchell []


Trump environment nominee struggles to answer basic climate questions  video "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Kathleen Hartnett White struggles to answer basic questions posed by the Senate committee on environment and public works on Thursday. Hartnett White, Trump's nominee for the environmental quality council chair, had difficulty answering questions from Senators Ben Cardin and Sheldon Whitehouse on green house emissions and climate science  Continue reading...


Wolfmother at The Beach Hotel November 24 FREE ENTRY "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pitchfork praised the songs for striking a balance between meaty vintage metal and crisp, stoner-rock melodies. NME said it ticked the requisite boxes for all great rock & roll and called it utterly, utterly thrilling, and Q Magazine called it immense fun.

When it was released in 2005, Wolfmothers eponymous debut was exactly what rock & roll needed: a meaty, beaty, big and bouncy genre resuscitator that not only broke through to the mainstream, but broke big.

See Wolfmother and guests at The Beach Hotel November 24 from 9pm. FREE ENTRY.

Learn more at

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Children are Being Educated in School to Obey the Governments Vaccination Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

By Christina England, BA Hons

Children around the world are being taught in school from an early age to believe that vaccines are safe and effective as part of their education. Not only is there evidence to support this fact, but there is also evidence that many children are being regularly brainwashed to believe that if they do not receive their vaccinations, they could get ill and die from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Learning Network, which works in conjunction with The New York Times, lays out a series of lesson plans for teachers in the US, including a lesson titled Fighting Disease: Researching the History and Biology of Vaccines. This lesson in particular should interest the many parents who are unaware that their children are being brainwashed to think in a particular way when they send them to school. [1]

Overall, there are a total of six different quizzes covering various topics, including the following: the immune system, vaccines today, vaccine safety and vaccines in history.

In quiz number one, the students were asked to evaluate the following six statements to determine whether or not they believe them to be true or false:

  1. Vaccines often cause serious illness and death.
  2.  Vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and chicken pox cause only mild illness, so there is no real benefit to vaccination.
  3.  Vaccinating a large group of people helps keep those who havent yet been vaccinated, like young infants, healthy.
  4. Its better to catch a disease like the measles than to receive a vaccine for it.
  5. Vaccine-preventable diseases are now so rare, theres no longer a need to vaccinate against them.
  6. Research has shown a clear and consistent link between vaccines and autism.

The quiz was presented to the students electronically, and after they had provided a true or false answer, the...


UK Priti Patel Scandal is the Tip of the Israel Lobby Iceberg "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Priti Patel affair is an insight into the power of the Israel lobby to influence the British political system.

But it is only a symptom of the rot. The exaggerated power of corporate and states lobbyists to influence government policy is a concern far bigger than one crooked minister.

Patel, who was the minister in charge of international aid, was forced to resign after it came to light that she had held 12 meetings with Israeli political and business leaders during what she later claimed was a family holiday.

The ministers code of conduct dictates that official meetings with foreign leaders should be attended by UK officials so they can be properly documented. Patel was forced to resign on Wednesday when it came to light she had not told even her own department about the meetings.

While British civil servants were not present, leading Israel lobbyist Lord Stuart Polak was. A long-standing leader of Conservative Friends of Israel, Polak also has outstanding connections with rich Tory donors.

Anonymous ministers speaking to the BBC accused Patel of seeking to curry favor with rich, pro-Israel Tory donors who could potentially fund a future campaign for leadership of the party.

As Labour Party backbencher Naz Shah put it in Commons questions to Patels deputy, it seems that British foreign policy on Israel and Palestine is being run by a Conservative-linked lobby group rather than by an independent civil service and an elected government.

As Patel was drafting her resignation letter on Wednesday, Polak was dodging cameras in Jerusalem. Channel 4 News sent a stringer to ask him why he had set up the meetings. He didnt seem too keen to answer, and told staff to remove the press.

There are still many questions that the British political establishment has to answer about the affair. What was Patel promised by he...


Cosmic Queries Live: Galactic Gumbo Edition "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Explore relativity, panspermia, Van Goghs Starry Night, the multiverse, tachyons, marijuana legalization, and more with Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Chuck Nice as they answered questions in front of a live audience at Sessanta and on Facebook Live. NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free


The Council of 12: UFO's and the Bible Code -- Humanity Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

UFOs And The Bible Code Humanity Awakening A Message From The Council Of 12

November 10, 2017

Source: In5D

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by Paranormal Now

What have several passages from the bible, Chinese creation myths, the phoenix lights, the Rendlesham forest incident, UFO sightings in Kent, and a 1950s sighting in a stadium in Florence Italy have in common. The answer is a connection to the awakening of humanity and an extra terrestrial council of 12, a seemingly enlightened group of beings that have been protecting planet earth for centuries, whilst helping us to advance spiritually.

Throughout 2017 we have been broadcasting a series of live streams on YouTube to connect with the spirit world, using several inter trans-communication devices or as their more commonly known as Ghost Boxes, devices that use the manipulation of radio signals and other such audio input to give direct spirit communication.

When conducting these live streams we were expecting to get responses from loved ones connected with either the investigation team or those watching at home. Instead we have consistently over 8 sessions, received information of a profound nature coming from beings that claim to be representatives of an extra terrestrial Council of 12.

The video below is taken from our Now Investigations 6 live streams where after receiving several communications from these beings we set out with the intent to contact them directly. As up until this point it was unclear who we were speaking with. It was during this live stream that they identified themselves through the device.

Here is a brief summary of some of the things they have told us during this particular session.


Research Shows Switching to Non-GMO Diet Can Reverse These 28 Conditions "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

GMOs are ubiquitous throughout the United States and many other nations, making them difficult to avoid. Although presumed safe or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by governmental authorities and GMO manufacturers, studies have shown that a number of problems can occur in animals as a result of eating a GMO diet, including physiological issues and excessive cell growth in stomach or intestinal lining. Digestive issues typically improve when GMOs are removed from the diet, but nonetheless GM foods can negatively affect digestion which is key to the bodys overall health.

An astonishing 85% of respondents reported improvements in their digestive problems, the ailment most commonly cited. Of these respondents, 80% said their digestive issues were significantly improved, nearly gone, or completely recovered. Jeffrey M. Smith

New research from the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine shines light onto the health benefits associated with changing to a non-GMO diet. The survey accounts for 3,256 people who have seen major improvements with 28 different health conditions. If youve ever wondered about whether switching to an organic diet would be worth it, maybe these new findings will give you the answer youve been looking for.

28 Conditions Reversed with Non-GMO Diet

After analyzing the data, it becomes evident that the research is consistent with reports by physicians in regard to improving patients health by switching to largely non-GMO and organic diets. A few of the most common conditions which typically see improvement ar...


Attwaters girlfriend stands by him after he was convicted of rape and manslaughter of Lynette Daley "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


The brutal death of Daley, an Aboriginal woman, and the reluctance of officials to prosecute the white suspects, has highlighted a deadly racial divide in Australia


Despite police charging Attwater and Maris in 2011, and a coronial inquest in 2014 recommending charges be laid, the Director of Public Prosecutions twice refused to bring the case to court.

After intense media attention and an independent review, the men went on trial in the NSW Supreme Court in July 2017.

At the end of a seven-week trial it took a jury just 32 minutes to find them guilty.

ABC Australia second article below


This is a very sad case, and one cant help feel for Lynette Daley, deceased at such a young age (33). The pain is so great for her family. Lynette has seven children. One night of folly ended in a tragedy on a remote beach in Northern New South Wales.


Attwater spat on in prison

In an affidavit from Attwater that was submitted to the court, he described the hard time he was having in the Grafton Correctional Centre.



Hidden designs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mark Easton gets bogged down

Last night's main news bulletins on BBC One (News at Six and News at Ten) featured a report by Mark Easton, the BBC's home editor:
Newsreader: Now, do you feel like your part of the UK is a green and pleasant land or a concrete jungle? It obviously depends on where you live, and what you see around you. But how many of us have an accurate picture of how much of the UK is actually developed? Using the most detailed satellite and mapping data, the BBC has produced a land-use map for every local authority - and the results may surprise you. Here's our Home Editor, Mark Easton.  
Mark EastonThe concrete jungle. Roads, buildings, stone and tarmac with barely a blade of grass. In geography jargon, this is called 'continuous urban fabric', where more than 80% of the ground is covered by artificial surfaces. So how much of the UK do you think is classified as continuous urban fabric? Have a guess. The answer is on the other side of this card. I'll reveal all in a minute. Using high-definition satellite images and detailed local maps, the land use of every corner of the UK is revealed. The City of London, for example, is 98% continuous urban fabric, and perhaps that comes as no surprise.  
Prof. Alasdair Rae, Sheffield University...


Children are Being Educated in School to Obey the Governments Vaccination Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Children around the world are being taught in school from an early age to believe that vaccines are safe and effective as part of their education. Not only is there evidence to support this fact, but there is also evidence that many children are being regularly brainwashed to believe that if they do not receive their vaccinations, they could get ill and die from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Learning Network, which works in conjunction with The New York Times, lays out a series of lesson plans for teachers in the US, including a lesson titled Fighting Disease: Researching the History and Biology of Vaccines. This lesson in particular should interest the many parents who are unaware that their children are being brainwashed to think in a particular way when they send them to school. [1]

Overall, there are a total of six different quizzes covering various topics, including the following: the immune system, vaccines today, vaccine safety and vaccines in history.

In quiz number one, the students were asked to evaluate the following six statements to determine whether or not they believe them to be true or false:

  1. Vaccines often cause serious illness and death.
  2.  Vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and chicken pox cause only mild illness, so there is no real benefit to vaccination.
  3.  Vaccinating a large group of people helps keep those who havent yet been vaccinated, like young infants, healthy.
  4. Its better to catch a disease like the measles than to receive a vaccine for it.
  5. Vaccine-preventable diseases are now so rare, theres no longer a need to vaccinate against them.
  6. Research has shown a clear and consistent link between vaccines and autism.

The quiz was presented to the students electronically, and after they had provided a true or false answer, they were given a score with the correct answer along with an explanation. The answers to the above questions were as follows:

  1. False. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, serious side effects or complications from vaccines are exceedingly rare; most vaccines cause only mild side effects like soreness at the injection site.
  2. False. Diseases like measles and chicken pox not only cause discomfort during the illness, but also can have complications like pneumonia or other bacterial infections.............


This Photo Depicting Life for Elephants in India Will Break Your Heart "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In this chilling photo, we see just what terror these animals are facing. As you can see the back legs of this helpless baby elephant are consumed by fire as it chases after its mother screaming.

This photo was snapped by Biplab Hazra and is titled Hell Is Here. As you can see it shines a bright light on some of the darkest moments in regards to overlap between humans and elephants in India. While lots of things about this photo are unanswered, we can see that there is a flaming ball of tar as well as a few hurled firecrackers frozen in the air.

Hell Is Here (Biplab Hazra/Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards)


In Hazras entry to Sanctuary Wildlifes Photography awards, he described just what was happening in this photo as the mob met these large beautiful and misunderstood creatures. I am in tears.

The calf screams in confusion and fear as the fire licks at her feet. Flaming tar balls and crackers fly through the air to a soundtrack of human laughter and shouts. In the Bankura district of West Bengal this sort of humiliation of pachyderms is routine, as it is in the other elephant-range states of Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and more.

His photo won the top prize at the Sanctuary awards and as you can see, it highlighted cruelty in a deep way. While many are lashing back at Hazra for not helping and merely standing by taking photos there was likely not much he could have done in that moment, and bringing awareness is better than most would have done. More than 60 percent of the worlds Asian elephants live in India and as the human population grows animals will be falling.

According to the Hindustan Times, almost 30 people were killed by elephants in the Bankura District last year, this meaning the coexistence between human and elephant is not peaceful, to say the least. Hazra faults the Indian government for not doing enough in regards to confl...


Pastor Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong Global Church. Australian Royal Commission recommends Pastor Brian Houston be charged with pedophile protection crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

In 1999 and 2000, Pastor Brian Houston and the National Executive of the Assemblies of God in Australia did not refer the allegations of child sexual abuse against Mr Frank Houston to the police. In 1999 and 2000, Pastor Brian Houston had a conflict of interest in assuming responsibility for dealing with AHAs allegations because he was both the National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia and the son of Mr Frank Houston, the alleged perpetrator. In 1999, members of the National Executive who attended the Special Executive Meeting of the Assemblies of God in Australia did not follow the National Executives policy for handling allegations of child sexual abuse against pastors and failed to recognise and respond to Pastor Brian Houstons conflict of interest.

Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Findings (Report and Recommendations). October 2015.



Please listen to Johnny Cash singing Gods gonna cut you down.


Pastor Brian Houston Head Pastor of Hillsong Global Church: waiting to be charged for pedo...


For the wings of a dove "IndyWatch Feed"

Shot down in flames

Everyone has already said pretty much everything there is to say about the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) revising down its inflation forecasts. 

But the outlook is of such significance, I feel I should just mention it in passing, if nothing else. 

Paul Dales of Capital Economics thinks the RBA might end up missing its 2 to 3 per cent inflation target for fully five years in a row, and it's hard to disagree with him on this evidence. 

The RBA's own forecasts now suggest that inflation will remain below target for the entirety of its forecast horizon.

In fact, the trimmed mean inflation chart suggests that inflation possibly won't get back to target for years, and not to the mid-point of the target range for...what, about half a decade?! 

Not much else to add, except these are not the forecasts of an institution setting itself to hike interest rates!

Bill Evans of Westpac thinks that rates will be on hold throughout 2018 and 2019. 

And that's before we've mentioned the downside risks, such as the oil price, while retail prices are already falling, even before Amazon Australia hits its straps. 



EUs Barnier gives Britain two-week Brexit deadline "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


AFP | The EUs chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said Britain needed to increase its offer on its exit bill

BRUSSELS (AFP)  EU Brexit chief Michel Barnier on Friday handed Britain a two-week ultimatum to make concessions on a divorce agreement if it wants to unlock the next phase of talks in December.

Frenchman Barnier said it was vital for Britain to increase its offer on its exit bill a figure senior EU officials put at up to 60 billion euros to open up talks on a future trade deal.

The fate of the border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has also thrown an unexpected spanner into the works, with British negotiator David Davis ruling out the EUs preferred solution.

My answer is yes, Barnier told a press conference at the end of the sixth round of talks in Brussels, when asked if he would need concessions from Britain within the next two weeks to move on.

On the financial settlement, this is absolutely vital if we are to achieve sufficient progress in December. It is just a matter of settling accounts, as with any other separation, the former European commissioner and French foreign minister said.

Barnier added that he was following attentively the political situation in Britain where a series of government resignations has further weakened the government of Prime Minister Theresa May.

No new border

EU leaders decided at their last summit in October that there was insufficient progress on three main divorce issues the bill, Northern Ireland and the rights of three million Europeans living in Britain to move on to the next stage.

They said they hoped to open talks on future relations and a post-Brexit transition period at their next meeting on December 14-15, but officials have warned that could now slip to February or March.

Hopes of a breakthrough at this weeks Brussels talks the first since mid-October were so low that they were cut to just one-and-a-half days from the normal four days.

Northern Ireland has reared its head in the discussions, with an internal EU paper for the talks suggesting that it should remain in the EUs single market and customs union after Brexit to prevent a hard border with Ireland.

Davis insisted Friday that any Brexit deal cannot create a frontier between Northern Ireland, where a 199...


Chris Hedges and Pankaj Mishra discuss the global shift to Authoritarianism "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In the year since the election of Donald Trump, many have attempted to answer why modern societies are increasingly turning to "strongmen" and explain why authoritarian movements are increasing in popularity. Author Pankaj Mishra examines this problem in depth in his latest book, "Age of Anger: A History of the Present," and shares his theories with Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. Mishra explains that resentment is taking many different forms around the world, from jihadism in the Middle East to the rise of white supremacist movements in America. "We have to look at the underlying sources of [this resentment], which is this enormous process of dispossession, of dislocation, and psychological and spiritual disorientation," Mishra says. "People who, now desperate for meaning, bond together in these forms of negative solidarity."


Women's Health? This is not a sick joke - this is "feminism" 2017. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Feminist hero bakes sourdough bread using her own vaginal yeast: Women's Health (@WomensHealthMag) November 9, 2017


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Quotes of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

AFTER toppling Tony Abbott in the Liberal leadership ballot on the night of September 14, Malcolm Turnbull held a news conference and then headed for Warren Trusss office. The National Party leader was with colleagues, including his deputy, Barnaby Joyce, and party director Scott Mitchell, plus key staffers, discussing what should be included in a revised Coalition agreement. Turnbull stuck his head through the door, looked around the room, and then announced: I own more cattle than all of you. [Herald Sun, 5 December  2015]

But Maritime Minister Melinda Pavey said providing shore-to-ship power was expensive and would bring a negligible reduction in pollutants from funnels.  [Inner West Courier, on the subject of cruise ships,18 July 2015, p5]

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Friday, 10 November


Gun pulled on group in Woonona "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Police carPOLICE are appealing for public assistance after a man threatened several people with a firearm at Woonona on Thursday.

The man is believed to have confronted a group of people in Campbell Street, Woonona, while armed with a firearm just after 9pm on Thursday.

Prior to that police were told the same person pulled up in front of a property in Malcolm Avenue, Cringila and pulled a gun on a 37-year-old man before driving away. No one was injured and it is believed they are all known to each other.

Wollongong police have launched an investigation and are appealing for anyone who has information about the incidents to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



Whale washes up on Dalmeny Beach, Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

A morning walk delivered more than sunshine and surf for a Eurobodalla couple on Friday. Jacinta Ryan and Mark Dudley, of Dalmeny, found the carcass of a whale they believe was mauled by a shark or sharks on November 10. The couple found the remains on rocks at the north end of Dalmeny Beach. "It is a walk we like doing when we can," Ms Ryan said. The couple spotted something large on the rocks. "I know the rocks pretty well, and I thought originally it was a dead seal, but when we got closer, we realised it was a lot bigger," Ms Ryan said.


RAAF Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-005 Also Pops into Rockhampton Airport as "Dragon 24" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

On Wednesday 8 November, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-005 was spotted arriving into Rockhampton Airport.  It had flown up from the South as "Dragon 24".

After a short time on the ground, A39-005 was spotted departing Rockhampton Airport for RAAF Base Amberley.



Hollywood implodiert gerade unter sexuellen Missbrauchsvorwrfen. ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hollywood implodiert gerade unter sexuellen Missbrauchsvorwrfen. Harvey Weinstein ist beruflich vllig weg vom Fenster, Kevin Spacey ist so am Ende, dass er sechs Wochen vor der geplanten Premiere aus einem Film herausgeschnitten werden soll, in dem er die Hauptrolle spielte. Und der Nchste auf der Liste ist Louis CK.

Also mal abgesehen davon, dass das wie eine 1a Hexenjagd aussieht, bin ich ja ziemlich schockiert, dass die anscheinend alle ihren Schniedel nicht in der Hose lassen knnen. WTF? Wie notgeil kann man denn bitte sein? Diese Menschen sind alle stinkreich in Geld und Einfluss, die knnen keine normalen Sexpartner finden!?

Oh und nicht nur Hollywood. Hier geht es noch um einen Richter.

Oh und Der US-Senat fhrt jetzt verpflichtendes Sexual Harassmant Training fr Senatoren mit Mitarbeiter ein. Das muss ja eine hochgradig toxische Arbeitsumgebung sein da berall. Weia.

Update: Sogar in der Hotelbranche brodelt es.


Australias First Vaccine Magazine Applauded for Championing Freedom of Speech and Creating a Platform for Open Debate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vaccines California

As a brutal shock to Big Pharma, Australias first vaccine magazine- Vaxxed Inc. launched in late September has been received with outstanding support and massive global demand.   Read More



Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE MORE INHUMANITY ON MANUS AS IMMIGRATION EMPTIES DRINKING WATER The Manus siege was tightened another notch this afternoon, (Friday 10 November) when PNG police and immigration officers entered Oscar and Delta compounds of the Manus detention, and began emptying the tanks and turning over the water bins being used by(...)


Australia can expect increased bushfire and storm danger due to climate change "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate change causing increased bushfire and storm danger across Australia

 Climate change activists have warned Australia is at risk of worsening storms, bushfires and heatwaves as a result of climate change.Launching the Climate Councils Critical Decade 2017: Accelerating Climate Actionreport, Professor Will Stefan said a lack of action on climate change across the nation has resulted in rising pollution levels since early 2015.

For south-eastern Australia the climate is already changing, extreme weather is getting worse, he said.

 Climate change is driving worsening extreme...


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Search and Rescue (SAR) Bell 412EP Helicopter VH-VAA "Choppa 82" Arrives at Rockhampton Airport Following Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

After looking to complete its duties in support of the Australian Army's Exercise Diamond Run, on Friday 10 November, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Search and Rescue (SAR) Bell 412EP helicopter VH-VAA departed the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) and touched down at Rockhampton Airport where it will reportedly be parked for the weekend.

VH-VAA is owned by Lloyd Helicopters and operated by CHC Helicopters Australia for the RAAF and has been noted using the RAAF Support radio callsign of "Choppa 82".

Of interest, on Sunday 5 November, VH-VAA "Choppa 82" was noted completing a med-evac flight from Shoalwater Bay direct to the Rockhampton Base Hospital.  After refuelling, it returned to the Bay.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Kayanne H for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


Climate change, refugees, and borders "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate change will be the border control of the future  9 Nov 17, After 300 years of continuous human settlement, Hurricane Irma destroyed everything on the island of Barbuda and forced the relocationof its more than 1,600 residents, demonstrating that climate-induced migration is no longer a future possibility, but a present-day reality. A week and a half later, Hurricane Maria knocked out power for Puerto Ricos 3.4 million residents and left much of the island without potable water. Fifteen percent of Puerto Ricos population is expected to leave the island in the coming year.

Estimates vary, but the consensus is that there will be at least 200 million people displaced by climate change by 2050. In order to address this already unfolding reality, we need to reconsider the relationship between borders and climate change now.

It might seem that borders have no impact on climate change: Hurricanes destroy human settlements in the Philippines and the United States alike. Win...


Energy Efficiency: the foundation of the climate transition "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Energy efficiency: the foundation of the climate transition, REneweconomy, By Andrew McCallister on 10 November 2017  Im preparing for a trip to your fine nation later this month to speak at the National Energy Efficiency Conference in Melbourne, so Ive been reading up on Australian energy policy debate. Its been fascinating.

I still have a lot to learn about your energy system, but so far one thing stands out: the discussion in Australia seems overly focused on the transition underway on the supply side of the market.

Dont get me wrong the decarbonisation of the worlds energy supply is crucial, and you wont find a stronger advocate for renewables than me. Way back in the 1990s, I installed many small, remote PV and wind systems with my own two hands, and trained others to do the same.

More recently I ran two of Californias signature renewables programs the California Solar Initiative and Self-Generation Incentive Program.

However, focusing solely on the move to low carbon generation without pursuing demand side opportunities in an ambitious, systematic way actually makes the transition harder.

Energy efficiency and demand response are just as important to the energy tr...


10 November More REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed"

  • Well keep lights on, states can worry about emissions: ESB
    ESB chair Kerry Schott says it will be up to the states to act if they want higher emissions targets.
  • Schott defends NEG modelling, says wind and solar at low end
    Schott says NEG modelling assumes low end of wind and solar costs, defying recent evidence. But ESB did admit there is much work to do on policy, dispatchability had yet to be defined, new coal unlikely to get a look in,...


American City Council passes resolution against uranium transport "IndyWatch Feed"

Flagstaff council passes resolution against uranium transport, Arizona Daily Sun CORINA VANEK Sun Staff Reporter, Nov 8, 2017 

The Flagstaff City Council offic...


Propaganda for Regime Change in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

The book Dear World: A Syrian Girls Story of War and Plea for Peace was published in October 2017. It is purportedly written by a Syrian girl, Bana Alabed, with the help of her mother and an editor. The book is being prominently promoted in the US and UK and is anticipated to be a big seller this coming Holiday Season.


Bana Alabed is an 8-year-old Syrian girl who rose to fame in 2016 when a Twitter account was set up in her name and she started tweeting in fluent English from east Aleppo as it was under bombardment by Syrian and Russian forces trying to dislodge insurgents.

The first tweet in Banas name appeared on 24 September 2016. It simply read, I need peace. The Twitter account soon had tens of thousands of followers, among them J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. It was later observed in a video that 7-year-old Bana knew very little English and was being prompted or told what to say.

Bana and Anne Frank?

The book begins with a quote from The Diary of Anne Frank, thus inferring that there are parallels between Bana and the famous Dutch Jewish girl who was forced to hide from the Nazis in the Second World War. If Bana is meant to represent Anne, then presumably the Syrian and Russian governments are meant to represent the Nazis. This is misleading. Several brave Dutch people hid the young Anne and her family from the Nazis. In Syria, Islamist militants, such as those in east Aleppo have targeted Syrians simply because they belonged to minorities. Australian anthropologist Dr. Fiona Hill described how her adoptive Syrian brother, a Sunni, risked his life to rescue three Alawi families from the Free Syrian Army and inevitable summary murder at their hands.

Bana and Malala?

Dear World is published by Simon & Schuster, part of the CBS media empire. It was edited or perhaps ghost written by senior editor Christine Pride who sees Bana Alabe...


Some Photos of RAAF C-17A Globemaster III Airdrop for Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run Being Held in Shoalwater Bay Training Area "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

On Friday 3 November, Rockhampton photographer Russell P was invited to watch on as Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-206 "Stallion 07" completed an airdrop of supplies into the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) as a part of the Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run.



10 Nov REneweconomy news "IndyWatch Feed"

  • We need to talk about rooftop solar
    So youve installed rooftop solar but is it performing as well as you expected? A new APVI web-based survey aims to help improve the quality of PV system components, installations and system designs.


People with dirt on Clintons have 843% greater risk of suicide! Source: The Internet "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's on the internet - so it must be right. Right? CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide November 9, 2017 ATLANTA, GA According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill...


Climate Change Related Drought Bakes the Iberian Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed"

Suddenly what was once thought to be a problem confined to the third world has arrived in southern Europe. Euronews. ***** Weve been taught that human-caused climate change through fossil fuel burning only affects poor people. That it only affects the third world. That if youre rich, or if you live in places like []

via Climate Change Related Drought Bakes the Iberian Peninsula robertscribbler


#Australia: Refugee Supporters Barricade Border Force HQ in Solidarity With the Men on #Manus "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of refugee supporters have barricaded the entrance to Customs House, 1010 LaTrobe Street, Docklands, where the Australian Border Force is headquartered. The action is in support of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island who have barricaded themselves into the immigration detention centre since its closure on October 31.


Image by Twitter account @akaWACA

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all the Enough is Enough reports about Manus; here.

Australia: Refugee Supporters Barricade Border Force HQ in Solidarity With the Men on Manus



NZ PM learning her lines from Kevin Rudd 10 years ago "IndyWatch Feed National"

Magnificent work here from the small but perfectly formed New Zealand prime minister. (BTW when translated from the New Zealand to English via Google "Everyone must address climate change" means "Everyone must do what I say". "Always".) Everyone must address climate change: Ardern Updated: 7:35 pm, Friday, 10 November...


More Photos of RAAF Movements Around Rockhampton Airport During The Last Week "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

As we posted below, the latter part of the week saw a number of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) aircraft completing airwork around some Central Queensland Airports.  In this post, local plane spotter Daniel B has sent through some photos he captured at and around Rockhampton Airport over the course of Thursday 2 November and Friday 3 November.

On Thursday 2 November, a pair of RAAF Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft both landed and completed a missed approach during the middle part of the afternoon at Rocky.  A39-004 "Dragon 35" landed for a short time while A39-001 "Dragon 36" flew up from RAAF Base Amberley to Rocky and was photographed by Daniel as it completed a missed approach onto Runway 15 at Rockhampton Airport.



1) Papuan militants accused of hostage situation in Mimika "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Armed groups blockade Papuan villages

1) Papuan militants accused of hostage situation in Mimika


Assam Police Arrests 14 APSC Officers for Involvement in Cash-For-Jobs Scam "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The 14 officers included those from Assam Police Service, Assam Civil Service and allied services posted in various districts.

Credit: PTI

Guwahati: Assam Police on Wednesday arrested 14 officers recruited by the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) for their alleged involvement in a cash-for-jobs scam amid indications that another 11 officers will be arrested soon.

The 14 officers included those from Assam Police Service (APS), Assam Civil Service (ACS) and allied services posted in various districts. They were picked up from different locations early on Wednesday, the police said.

Chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal commended the police for the achievement against corruption and said none of the officers who had secured jobs through bribery would be spared.

Our government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and the fight against corruption will continue, he said.

We had recovered the fake answer scripts of some candidates from the APSC office last year. In June this year, we summoned 25 of the officers selected by the APSC for matching their handwriting with the fake answer scripts.

The arrests were made after the forensic laboratory matched their handwriting with the fake answer scripts, said director general of poli...


U.S. Air Force Responds to Congressional Criticism "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Exposing the SPACE FENCE Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Space Fence is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA.

Officially, the Space Fence is, according to Wikipedia, a 2nd generation space surveillance system being built (started in 2014) by the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin to track artificial satellites and space debris.

Its budget is US$1.594 billion, its expected to be operational in 2019 and the Space Fence facility will be located in the Marshall Islands along with an option for another radar site in Western Australia.

The Space Fence is a resurrection of a program started by Reagan in the 1980s called SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), commonly known by its nickname Star Wars. However, like many exotic weapons of the New World Order, it has a cover purpose and a real purpose.

The Space Fence is not just to track and catalog space debris. Its an overarching program that connects the geoengineering, surveillance and transhumanist and AI agendas.
Read Entire Article


Adanis Australia Story: As Financial Concerns Mount, A Fierce Battle for Funding is Underway "IndyWatch Feed"

Even as China has swooped in to save the day, critics claim that the project is financially unsustainable and will only work if the risk is shifted onto Australian taxpayers.

Adanis quest to secure funding is a bit of a litmus test for global investor appetite when it comes to coal projects. Credit: Reuters

Note: This is the fourth story in a five-part series that examines how the Adani and Carmichael coal mine has divided the Australian public and in the process, sparked fierce debate on issues such as coal-based energy, energy financing, jobs and the rights of indigenous people. Read the firstsecond and third parts

In August 2010, the Adani group bought from the Australian energy comp...


Couple Proves That Facebook Is Listening In On Our Conversations With Simple Experiment (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Allegations against Facebook have been coming up for quite some time now in regards to whether or not they listen in on what we are saying to one another even while not on the app. Sure, Facebook denies this, but it seems this experiment may prove that they are.

Have you ever noticed strange ads come up on your Facebook after talking about something? I know I have a time or two. These things seem to just come out of nowhere and are, as it seems, perfect for you. Coincidence? Probably not.

If you have the Messenger app your phone very well might be sending facebook your information daily. The YouTube user Neville conducted a very simple experiment on this and actually got some pretty interesting results. Neville and his wife spend some time talking about cat food although they do not have cats at all and claim just two days later sponsored ads for cat food came up on his feed.

He claims to have never even searched for cat food or cats online and says there was no other way this could have came to his timeline. He and his wife merely had a few conversations about cat food with his phone nearby, and he says it seems Facebook took it and ran. They plugged in advertisements for cat food on his account quite quickly.

For most this is a bit terrifying. Considering so many people use the Messenger app who knows what all they have heard and will most likely continue to hear. Since Facebook has made it impossible to read messages without the Messenger app from your mobile chances are it wont be dying down. Facebooks terms state that Facebook can record audio with the microphone at any time without your confirmation as well as a lot of other things that seem to cross a line, you can learn more about this in the video below.

Please check out the video below to see Nevilles experiment and let us know if you decide to give it a try yourself. What do you think about all of this? I for one am sure this kind of thing is only going to get worse.


Catalan Parliament Speaker, Four Lawmakers Freed by Spanish Supreme Court "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Protesters occupy the train station and block the tracks of the high speed AVE train during a partial regional strike in Girona, Spain, November 8, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Albert Gea

Protesters occupy the train station and block the tracks of the high speed AVE train during a partial regional strike in Girona, Spain, November 8, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Albert Gea

Madrid: A Spanish judge on Thursday freed on bail the Catalan parliaments speaker and four lawmakers while authorities continue to investigate their roles in Catalonias banned independence drive.

The Supreme Court had summoned them to answer charges of rebellion after...


Email update "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the fold, my latest irregular email update. If youd like to be on the mailing list, write to me at

Hi all,

Its been quite a while since my last email newsletter. A variety of things have kept me too busy to do more than keep up with essential obligations, but Ive managed a little bit of free time, so heres a summary of some of the things Ive been doing.

As usual, Id appreciate any compliments, brickbats, suggestions on things I should say more or less about and so on.  

Some recent activities

I met with staff of the Investigation into the Transport of Waste into Queensland to discuss my proposal for a voucher scheme.

Talked to ABC Radio Sunshine Coast about Adani following an article in The Guardian Not long after this, Premier Palaszczuk reversed her previous support for the project.  Perhaps my article helped a bit in encouraging this outcome.

My blog post The laws of mathematics dont apply to the LNP  arguing that the LNPs election promises dont up was covered by media including Radio 4BC network, Guardian Australia, Cairns Post, The Mercury,, equities.comYahoo! New Zealand, NZ, pg 1,2 in pdf.

An article on the risks of climate change appeared in the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and got some coverage in Cosmos magazine



Making Medicinal Cannabis Accessible: An Interview with Senator Richard Di Natale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Currently, theres a private senators bill before the House of Representatives that will provide terminally ill patients with rapid access to medicinal cannabis products. But, there are fears the Turnbull government will vote it down. Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale introduced the Medicinal Cannabis Legislation Amendment (Securing Patient Access) Bill 2017 into the Senate in September,

The post Making Medicinal Cannabis Accessible: An Interview with Senator Richard Di Natale appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


November Verse 4 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

full tentsm.jpg

Penny Ryan, InTent. Photo by Penny Ryan

Verse 4: At the National Art School MFA exhibition
(For the Emerging Artist)
Ten years ago no one fled faster
out a gallerys exit door.
No Op, no Pop, no Flemish master,
none could make her stay for more
than half an hour. A Rubens cupid
left her feeling bored and stupid.
But shut out from the world of art,
shed given it her secret heart.
Now her two thousand terracotta
hearts invite the passers-by
to stop, look, think, perhaps to cry
and write for Manus men. Shes shot a
film and made a giant heart.
Shes now a Master of Fine Art.

Thats for my project of 14 stanzas in November. Heres one I made earlier inspired by the same art project:

2 July 2016
This tiny heart of terracotta
cold and fragile fills my hand,
shaped by hand of one-day potter,
marked, incised, a one-off brand:
Heavy. Hand to hand is calling.
Feel the weight of the appalling
suffering of those unseen,
untouched, unheard, of those whove been
detained by governm...


Part 46D Australias irrelevant crimes against Humanity. Surfing isnt just surfing and Burking isnt just burking. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Burt versus Titlow is a US Supreme Court case that provides some insight into Australias Burking policies and practices.

The short list URL is

Over time words change or grown broader in meaning: Surfing isnt just surfing and Burking isnt just burking.

For example, the word Surfing originally meant the recreational sport of surfing the waves but today people surf the Internet or surf radio and television broadcasts. We may also surf the shops when looking for a bargain whilst some people crowd surf for the purpose of making a casual acquaintance .

In a similar manner, Burking originally meant the crime of murdering a person, ordinarily by smothering, for the purpose of selling the corpse. The term originally derived its name from the method William Burke and William Hare, the Scottish murder team of the 18th century, used to kill their victims during the West Port murders. They realized that they could provide fresher bodies to medical schools for research by taking people who were intoxicated and suffocating them because they could not resist.

Source: USLegal:

On 24th December, 1828, the High Court of Justiciary, sitting at Edinburgh in Scotland, heard a case brought by the Crown Prosecutor against William Burke for the alleged murder of Margery Campbell. William Burke was found guilty of this murder charge and just 5 weeks later on 28th January 1829, he was executed by hanging. The text of the 1828 trial of William Burke can be found at this URL:

Fast forward in time to November 5th 2013 and another burking murder trial, i.e. the United States Supreme Court sat in judgement in Burt v. Titlov:

 Supreme Court of the United States No. 12414 [November 5, 2013] Sherry L. Burt, Warden Petitioner v. Vonlee Nicole Titlow. [An appeal of Titlow v. Burt, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 111459 (D. Mich. 2010)]

 Basic facts of this case:

A Michigan state court jury convicted Titlow of second degree murder for assisting his aunt, Billie Rogers, in killing his uncle, Donald Rogers, in August 2000. Titlow had been living with Billie and Donald Rogers at the time of Donalds death.   On August 12, 2000, police officers arrived at Donalds house and found him dead on his kitchen floor wit...


The EFA has established a Data Ethics Working Group to fight for your privacy "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week, The Mandarin reported on David Kalischs push to use information gained during last years census (under questionable legal and governance processes) to join the data held on us by different government agencies into a panoptic data integration projects. Colmar Brunton who were contracted to carry out focus groups to figure out how to sell this scheme to the public described this project as making a movie of your life.

Census data is not collected for the purpose of administering a specific service to us and it can not be used for law enforcement purposes as is the case with administrative data. It is collected to create statistics only, which is why it has a specific Act (the Census and Statistics Act) that the government must put through parliament if it wants to change how census data is used.

Forcing our name, address and birth date from us under pain of unlimited fines to create a key to mix our census information with administrative data for research and/or law enforcement is actually the biggest change to the census in its entire history. I wrote about it here based on former ABS Head Dennis Trewins comments when he decided against the very same proposition ten years ago.



Coast committee is back "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management was recently reappointed and some new recruits are among the eight-person committee.
Ben Carter, Graeme Hanel and Sharon Lewis (deputy-chair) join ongoing committee members Phil Emery (chair), Sandy Gatehouse, Shelly Fanning, Elisa Zavadil and Peter Rankin.
We have gained some enthusiastic new members who will bring their skills and experience to our team, Barwon Coast Committee of Management chair Phil Emery said.
Mr Emery said the committee was looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead for the Barwon Coast.
Climate change and rapidly increasing population and user pressures are the big challenges for us, he said.
We are already experiencing damage to infrastructure such as access stairs, sea walls and our sand dunes due to increasing frequency and severity of storm surges. The rapid increase of numbers of users places ever more demands on many things we manage such as car parks, public toilets, tracks and access points as well as ever more dogs.
Over the next two to three years, in addition to our normal operations, we will have major expenses associated with the redevelopment of the Ocean Grove Surf Beach complex and the redesign and replacement of the main Ocean Grove beach ramp.
These will be very rewarding and exciting major projects benefitting tens of thousands of visitors and regulars for years to come.
New committee member Ben Carter was inspired to join by his long personal association with Ocean Grove.
I was taught to swim at Ocean Grove beach and now that I have my own family I am teaching my son to enjoy and respect this same stretch of coastline, he said.
My position on the committee gives me the opportunity to work with the community in ensuring the ongoing sustainable use of this stretch of coastline. I feel it is the equal of any in the world.
The Barwon Coast is the stretch of coastline that centres on the townships of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. The Victorian Government appoints the Barwon Coast Committee of Management under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. The committee is selected through a public skills-based expression of interest process and oversee the business operations of Barwon Coast.

The post Coast committee is back appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


He is away in Japan at the moment, his latest commission is ready to collect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gary knows our styles off by heart he wanted a textured saddle ring in oxidised 925 Silver with a selection of our Bh hand stamped symbols, one set with a small Ruby. He calls it his symbol ring . . .


Britain is very weak: EU and UK politicians planning for imminent May government collapse "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Theresa Mays government could topple at any moment, according to the Labour Party, which is becoming increasingly convinced that it will soon be taking the place of Theresa Mays Tories.

Jeremy Corbyns deputy Tom Watson has written to the prime minister to demand answers about what she knew in relation to Priti Patels secret meetings while on holiday in Israel.

The now former international development secretary met with Israeli politicians without declaring the engagements to the foreign office beforehand, or reporting them in the usual way.

Her embarrassing downfall came in the same week as Sir Michael Fallons resignation over the Westminster sex scandal, Boris Johnsons gaffe landing a British woman in an Iranian court, and close ally Damien Green being accused of having porn on his computer.

The chaos surrounding the government was highlighted by the appointment of Gavin Williamson, former chief whip, as defence secretary. The young man has political sway but no experience in the field, yet insiders say he was able to force his way into the position without Theresa May having much choice.

Priti Patel has been replaced by Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt. Ironically, it was Mordaunt who was tipped to take over from Fallon. The Royal Navy reservist was the first female minister for the armed forces in 2015, five years after her election in 2010. The Brexit-backing 44-year old is a former work and pensions minister, who is reportedly popular among the party.

Tom Watsons comments coincided with reports that EU leaders are also getting ready for a UK-government collapse.

Speaking to The Times, an unnamed EU leader said the union is keeping a close eye on the cabinet chaos.

There is the great difficulty of the leadership in Great Britain, which is more and more fragile, they said. Britain is very weak and the weakness of Theresa May makes negotiations very difficult.

Citing the article, Watson said he could only agree. It does seem to me that we are in a very unstable situation at the heart of government and that random events could bring the government down, he told The Independent.

We are ready with our manifesto, we would be prepared to go into a general election with a bold set of policies, he added.

However, if May falls, there would need to be another general election for Labour to come into power, as she could be replaced as prime minister by another Tory politician. The party could....


The Weekend Quiz November 11-12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. Assuming the expenditure multiplier is greater than 1, deficit spending will have a greater impact on aggregate demand if there are no offsetting monetary operations by the central bank (government bond sales) draining the excess reserves created.

2. If the government succeeds in reducing its net spending by say $10 billion, the net financial assets destroyed by this fiscal withdrawal could be replaced by the central bank engaging in a $10 billion quantitative easing program.

3. Which fiscal deficit is the most expansionary?



Chinese and Russian Perspectives on Non-nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Weapon Entanglement Risks "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Above-largest mobile ICBM in Russia is SS29


The risk of an inadvertent nuclear war is rising because of the entanglement of non-nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and their command-and-control capabilities.
  • Published November 08, 2017


The entanglement of non-nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and their enabling capabilities is exacerbating the risk of inadvertent escalation. Yet so far, the debate about the severity of this risk has been almost exclusively limited to American participants. So Carnegie teams from Russia and China set out to examine the issue and answer two questions: How serious are the escalation risks arising from entanglement? And, how do the authors views compare to those of their countries strategic communities?

Defining Entanglement

Entanglement has various dimensions: dual-use delivery systems that can be armed with nuclear and non-nuclear warheads; the commingling of nuclear and non-nuclear forces and their support structures; and non-nuclear threats to nuclear weapons and their associated command, control, communication, and information (C3I) systems. Technological developments are currently increasing the entanglement of non-nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and their enabling capabilities.


Entanglement, driven by technological and doctrinal developments in both Russia and the United States, is giving rise to the risk that a non-nuclear conflicteven a local onemight escalate rapidly and unintentionally into a global nuclear war. This danger is underestimated by politicians and m...


Peru FTA includes investor rights to sue governments, but no text available for independent assessment "IndyWatch Feed"

Media Release, November 10, 2017: The announcement of the completion of the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement at the APEC meeting in Vietnam without access to the text again demonstrates the flaws in the secretive trade agreement process, in which governments announce agreements without making the text public and without independent assessment of the costs and benefits, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.

As usual, the government has announced the completion of the agreement, but the actual text is still secret, and is not available for media and public scrutiny. There is only a selected public relations summary of the content, and it is not clear when the full text will be made available. But the devil is always in the detail of the text, and the governments claims of benefits can only be assessed when the full text is available. We call for full independent economic social and environmental assessments of the text before it is signed, said Dr Ranald.

Dr Ranald said the agreement includes special rights for foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars if they can argue that a domestic law or policy has harmed their investment.  This is known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement or ISDS, and was used by the Philip Morris tobacco company in its attempt to sue the Australian government over public health and plain packaging legislation.

Australian  opinion polls and numerous submissions to parliamentary inquiries have shown strong opposition to ISDS across the spectrum, ranging from the Productivity Commission and former High Court Chief Justice French to public health...


Bad River Band seeks answers after police officer shoots and kills 14-year-old boy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Tribes are reaching out to the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa after a 14-year-old citizen was shot and killed by a police officer in Ashland County, Wisconsin.


Is renewable energy competitive? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is now on his way to the UN conference in Bonn to pay obeisance to a global warming fraternity strengthened by two new members (Nicaragua and Syria) to the loss of merely one (the USA).  Renewable energy (other than Politically Incorrect hydro) is the UNs posterchild.

Yesterday, two boilers from the last coal power station in South Australia were blown up.  Apparently not in relation to the demolition, SA Premier Weatherill tweeted coal is dead, long live renewables.

And so it would appear.  The industry lobby sheet RenewEconomy reports that a new proposed 700 MW wind/solar adds to the recently announced 1000 MW wind, pumped solar and battery plant that is said to be powering the Whyalla steelworks, will make South Australia 100 per cent renewable.

Elsewhere, confidence in the competitiveness of renewables has been bolstered by a Chinese firm, Goldwind, having purchased a 530 MW planned project at Stockyard Hill in Victoria for $110 million from Origin,  which has agreed to buy, between 2019 and 2030, all of the power generated by the wind farm and the associated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for a .. price of below $60/MWh.

Similarly AGL sold for $22 million its stake in the 453 MW Coopers Gap wind farm in Queensland to an entity, PARF, in which it has one fifth ownership.  The project is to cost $850 million.  It is to sell back the energy to AGL at a price, including both electricity and associated renewable energy certificates of less than $60/MWh (real) for an initial five years with AGL having an option to extend this for the following five years at the same or lower price.

The actual contracts covering these two intermittent wind energy projects have not been made public.  But if the electricity is being sold for $60 per MWh, even if a firming contract is required at a price estimated by Minister Frydenberg of $16 per MWh, ostensibly the price of $76 per MWh is below contracts presently on offer (the ASX has South Australia peak load contracts at $98 in September 2019 and $78 in March 2021; Queensland contracts are $73 and $69 respectively).



Exporting "Information" Arms "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

November 10, 2017 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Nations like Russia and China make billions of dollars a year in the arms industry. Their arming of other nations with the latest in defence technology is not only a means of supporting their respective economies, it also fits into a diplomatic and national defence strategy of their own.

As information technology increasingly shapes the future of economics, society, politics and even warfare, the export of "information arms" appears to be an emerging opportunity not only for a nation's economy, but also in enhancing a global balance of power that may help guard against rogue global super powers.

Defending Information Space 

Russia and China also have begun developing infrastructure, platforms and indeed, entire strategies for defending their information space as well as their physical territory and their economic interests. These include information technology alternatives to large, predominately United States-based technology corporations and the products and services they provide.

In addition to the economic benefits of a large, popular social media platform being based in Russia, VK allows the Russian government and the Russian people to decide how social media is used within their borders rather than such decisions being made in California, or less desirably still, in Washington.

Yandex is Russia's answer to Google. An Internet search engine, e-mail host, cloud service and...


MACKAY Mackay teen charged with burglary, car theft "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 05:52AM ,

Mackay teen charged with burglary, car theft

November 10, 2017 at 05:52AM ,

Jayden Nicholas Finney, 18, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday from custody. He has not entered pleas to his long list of charges, which

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Man who kicked police officer in head back in court "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 10:00AM ,

Man who kicked police officer in head back in court

November 10, 2017 at 10:00AM ,

Chase Dylan Marshman, 18, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to assaulting or obstructing police and public nuisance

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Mackay woman, burglary accused, facing fresh charges "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 09:03AM ,

Mackay woman, burglary accused, facing fresh charges

November 10, 2017 at 09:03AM ,

She faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from custody on Thursday represented by solicitor Antoinette Morton, of Fisher Dore Lawyers for

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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The Illawarra Mercury is Misinforming the Public about University Research (Agron Latifi, 2 November 2017) "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 2 November 2017 my supervisor at the University of Wollongong (UOW), Professor Brian Martin, was awarded a prestigious Emeritus Professorship for his dedication to academic integrity and freedom of speech. Brian Martins dedication to freedom of speech ensures that all scientific issues can be debated, including vaccination, but the Illawarra Mercury journalist describes this behaviour by a professor as controversial.

On the contrary, it is controversial for the media to attempt to prevent the science from being scrutinised not for an academic to present the science for debate in a PhD. This is why UOW academics and the UOW Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Wellings, are standing by this research.

The Illawarra Mercury journalist claims that my PhD thesis is anti-vaccination instead of informing the public that it provides the scientific evidence for the risks of vaccination that need to be assessed to determine the benefits of this procedure in healthy people. The newspaper also misinforms the public about the faculty in which my research was completed.

This is significant because it has been used as a way of attempting to discredit the scientific arguments I have presented.

My whooping cough research was completed in a Master of Science (Population Health) degree in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences in 2007. However, the University of Wollongong would not allow me to continue my PhD research in the faculty of health because of the politics of this issue. Hence it was directed to the humanities in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts.

The Illawarra Mercury journalist claimed my research was completed in the Faculty of Social Sciences  this is untrue. This faculty was not established until 2014 when public health was moved from the Faculty of Health to this new faculty. This was after my research was almost completed in the Faculty of Law. Humanities and the Arts.

The journalist also suggests that my research claims there is a vast conspiracy between global health agencies to push immunisation. This statement is misinforming the public about my academic research. My thesis provides the evidence that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is breaching its charter o...


A high HELP repayment threshold increases pressure to restrict or deny access to HELP "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Department of Education and Trainings 2016-17 annual report announced the first public use of a project to link up the ATOs HELP repayment data with the Departments enrolment data:

In 201617 the department worked with both the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Government Actuary to create a database that links education courses with
income and occupation information. In 2018, the QILT website will publish graduate income data sourced from this database, which will inform students of the earning potential in their study area.

This will, of course, be very interesting, and could include income by university attended, as well as by study area. This has been done in the UK, although their QILT equivalent does not use it at this point.

But this data linking work is being done to better understand HELP debt and which factors affect repayment. It has potential uses well beyond student advice, uses that would fit a pattern of the government trying to reduce its risk of bad HELP debt.

The most obvious of these is to restrict access to courses with high rates of non-repayment. This was a feature of the VET Student Loans reform so that

loans are only being provided for courses that are closely aligned to the skills employers need in their workplace, thereby enhancing the opportunities for graduates to work, and to repay the money lent to them by taxpayers. [emphasis added]

VET is, of course, different to higher education. It is supposed to have strong vocational links, while higher education can be about knowledge for its own sake. But the government has already tried to cross this line with its now-blocked reform to higher education sub-bachelor courses, so there is no guarantee that it wont try again with some data to highlight the problem. There are some higher education disciplines, especially the humanities and creative arts, that on other data sources look like they will have high bad debt.

With more than...


More inhumanity on Manus as Immigration empties drinking water "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Manus siege was tightened another notch this afternoon, (Friday 10 November) when PNG police and immigration officers entered Oscar and Delta compounds of the Manus detention, and began emptying the tanks and turning over the water bins being used by the refugees to collected the rain water that has kept the refugees alive the last 10 days.

The officers are also systematically removing tents that the refugees have used for cooking and for sleeping outside to avoid the unbearable heat. More perimeter fencing is being removed leaving the refugees even more exposed to possible attack.

Everyone in the tropics knows how precious water is and how quickly dehydration can become a serious medical issue. Denied water and with medical help sometimes delayed for hours, refugee lives are being put at risk, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

We are again calling for the immigration minister to end the siege and restore food, water and services.

This afternoons action on Manus makes Peter Duttons appearance at the lavish fundraising dinner at Redfern tonight even more disgusting.

Dutton is kidding himself if he thinks anti-refugee brutality can save the Turnbull government. The siege on Manus, the gratuitous use of state power against defenceless individuals symbolises everything that sees the government relentlessly sink in the opinion polls.

Protest Dutton and Abbott, End The Siege; Permanent Protection; Bring them Here, Australian Technology Park, 6pm, Friday 10 November. Speakers include: Nathan Moran (CEO of Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council); Lee Rhiannon, NSW Greens Senator, ex Nauru Save the Children worker; Rita Mallia CFMEU president NSW Construction Division ; Shannen Potter, Vice President of Young Labor NSW, Lily Matchett, Stop Adani Campaign.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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Wafia: All I can do is be myself. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  • Wafia :: Interview with Grace and Al

Chatting with Grace & Al on Arvos, Wafia Al-Rikabi chats about balancing the political and the accessible when it comes to making music.

The 23 year old Netherlands born, Brisbane-based artist, known to fans by her first name, has been kicking goals ever since she released the single Let Me Love You in 2014. Since then, her music has been played on Pharrell Williams and Jaden Smiths Beats1 radio shows, featured in Zach Braffs film Wish I Was Here, and shes performed at MoMA PS1 in New York City.

Despite her growing fame, Wafia remains humble. I spend a lot of my time at home, and my parents and my sisters are very quick to remind me that Im nobody, she jokes.

Family and home are important to the Brisbane artist. Her Syrian heritage is something shes been conscious of while recording her upcoming EP, and her latest single, Bodies, is a comment on the Syrian refugee crisis. For the longest time, Wafia didnt think that her background influenced her music. She now believes it has always impacted her sound, and has come to terms with addressing it in lyrics.

Something that people notice about me is that Im different, so its like, why not just talk about the elephant in the room.

This honesty has had a positive effect on others who are made to feel different in Australia.

Thats always really rewarding if people that identify similarly to me in terms of ethnicity[are] like, Oh, I feel like I went through a really similar thing.

But Wafia says she isnt strictly a political artist. She sings love songs and values the power of a catchy hook.

I put accessibility first always, because the thing when I was travelling, the unifying thing, was always pop music.

Hear their chat in full above.


The post...


The original certificate of incorporation for Thiess Contractors - "Snowy Dirt-Balls" Pty Ltd "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nestled among the hundreds of thousands of pages slowly drowning me is the original certificate of incorporation for Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd. Our criminal law provides that a corporation can be a victim of crime. Like its employees, the entity can also be a criminal defendant or perpetrator. For the...


on making change "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


dungarees and pretty tees are perfect for tree climbing

Ive always admired those people who are spontaneous and fearless; the ones who can venture to new places on a whim without worry.

I suppose I admire those people because Im the exact opposite. And yet admitting this to myself, knowing its my truth, has been incredibly confidence boosting.

Over the past few months Ive come to realise that complacency is just about as fear-inducing as change. So when Daniel and I started talking about travelling Australia in a caravan I knew that if we decided not to do it, it would be something Id regret.

So this week, as fear and doubt has bubbled to the surface, making me question the legitimacy of such a venture, Ive sat with those feelings, tossed them around in my head and realised that theyre all part and parcel of the process. Or my process, to be precise.

One of the biggest fears I have is money related which I realise isnt a particularly unique concern. But this trip requires a significant amount of our savings which means well take off with a much smaller amount in the buffer account. On the exact same day that this concern arose I was reading one of the man...


Oasis Kebab "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

10 years ago I backpacked through your beautiful country and stopped in Cairns for a few months.

I worked at Oasis Kebab on the Esplanade. It was such a great experience meeting people from all over the world, and also serving such delicious Kebabs to the people in Cairns.

Is it still open? Terry was such a great boss. I miss that place and your beautiful little city.

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Diary of Death: 10 17 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A life threatening list of imminent events happening in Sydney and surrounds, selected weekly by Jack Shit.


The Chasers War on APEC: A Public Prosecution with Chas Licciardello Julian Morrow, Nathan Earl, Al Morrow, Giles Hardie  Giant Dwarf
Last Leaves, Sachet  Petersham Bowling Club
 Jess Locke  Marrickville Bowling Club
 Winston Surfshirt  Metro
 Tinpan Orange, Jess Ribeiro  Hudson Ballroom
 Morning TV Brighton Up
 Terri Lyne Carrington (US)  Foundry 616 Also Saturday
 Christopher Port  The Peoples Club
 Machine Translations  Franks Wild Years, Thirroul
 Georgia June, Pacific Avenue, The Lazy Eyes  Red Rattler
 Something For Kate, Slowly Slowly  Manning Bar
 Crocodylus, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, Rosa Maria, Archy Punker  Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar
 Ecca Vandal  Oxford Art Factory
 The Growlers (US) R...


WATCH: The Moment This Brisbane Couple Reunite After Living 16,000km Apart "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hayley Angell and her wife Lisa Harris have had a magical reunion thanks to British Airways after being forced to live 16,000 kilometres apart due to a family tragedy. Hayley, from Brisbane, had been living in Glasgow with Lisa for 18 months when she received the devastating news that her father was suffering from terminal ...

The post WATCH: The Moment This Brisbane Couple Reunite After Living 16,000km Apart appeared first on QNEWS.


Australians you are all racists Maley @ Fairfax says so "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It is a lovely sunny day in Sydney.  The temperature is a benign low 20 something.  People are out at lunch.  Happy and smiling.  But underneath it all, there is a dark undercurrent of racism, misogyny and homophobia.  Not to mention any other pejorative -ism and -phobia.

Apparently though, we all hate everyone else, and if not for government, the law and the moral left, we would all be killing, vilifying and stealing from everyone else.  At least Jacqueline Maley from Fairfax media would have you believe.

In her latest Sydney Moralising Herald contribution to the public discourse, Ms Maley writes:

Wake up Australia: the Sam Dastyari incident proves youre racist

There you go.  Ms Maley is of the view that the actions of a couple boof heads in Melbourne translate to the guilt of every man, woman and child in Australia.  And herself also presumably.  Vicarious guilt that would be.  The guilt of one is the guilt of all.

One must wonder if Ms Maleys writings qualify as Maley Bull S**t?

Not only does the High Priestess Maley declare all Australias are racists, she also incriminates the staff at the bar where Senator Dastyari was accosted:

And on Dastyaris face, the uneasy calculations of the victim: Can I laugh this off? Can I ignore them? Will anyone step in to help?

The bar staff didnt, but Dastyaris fellow Labor MP Tim Watts was nearby, ducking in and out of the shakily-filmed video.

The bar staff didnt help she declares!  High Priestess evidence?  The bits of the video where there were no bar staff recorded.  Was Maley there?  Did Maley speak to witnesses?  That requires work.  Moral patronising, especially at Fairfax, is apparently easier and better remunerated.

But also to call Senator Dastyari a victim.   Yeah right.  Maybe he can make an inappropriate video bagging his harasssors and get his daughters to do the speaking for him.  But Priestess Maley goes on:

In any other country, if a dark-skinned man is called a monkey, the person labelling him that doesnt get a platform on which to further publicise his moronic views.

Really?  Has she watched any Palestinian television when that and worse is hurled against Jews and Israelis?  Perhaps not.  That would be contra to the narrative that only white ang...


PERTH Brookdale: Police charge man with murder after baby death "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Brookdale: Police charge man with murder after baby death .

November 10, 2017 at 09:03AM .

paramedics transported her to Armadale Hospital. The 35-year-old man was charged with murder and will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court .


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XANEMR - XOZAN DAX "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


Here is a section of the studio stock lay-down for the QAGOMA christmas design market in two weeks time "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday November 25th we will be in our usual position under the awning of the GOMA bookstore with all our discounted makes for the year. Wholesale and less is the theme of the day . . . 9:00am to 4:00pm so please diarise and we hope to serve you on the day . . .


The Left Now Siding with No Voters as Poll Reveals Theyre the Minority "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The left has made a dramatic shift in who they support in the same-sex marriage plebiscite today, after a poll revealed that no voters are a minority group, which automatically qualifies them for complete backing from the left.

A spokesperson for the left said determining who to champion and who to destroy is fluid and changes daily.

There are many times a minority group doesnt completely think the way we want them to and things get tricky, the spokesperson said. For groups we both love and hate at the same time we split things into shifts and burn down their houses in the morning, then create a GetUp! fundraiser in the afternoon to help them rebuild from the awful destruction we caused.

One gay man who will actually be affected by the outcome said its fucked.

People have turned a basic and easy question into a brain-meltingly complex decision, thats almost as hard as choosing a favourite between Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock, he said.


Weed Company Mocks Big Pharma Ads In Genius Parody Video [Watch] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Amanda Froelich, The Mind Unleashed
Waking Times

Its 2017, and cannabis is legal for medicinal use in 27 US. states. This said, why are people still reaching for prescription drugs when they have access to a plant that has killed 0 people in the history of Earth and is proven to deliver numerous benefits

Its a valid question one the Oregon-based cannabis delivery service Briteside asked. Because no team member could come up with a convincing answer, the company decided to produce an SNL-style parody video that largely mocks the lame commercials most prescription drug companies pump out on a near-daily basis.

Brightside partnered with Sandwich Video to produce the parody video which depicts two frazzled adults finally getting the help they need, in the form of some sweet, sticky kush.  The video begins just like an average pharmaceutical advertisement. However, it takes a provocative turn as the voice-over recommends the dank herb.

Briteside offers an extensive menu of strains and products to meet your needs, the narrator says. Choose the experience you want, and well send you the dankest herb. The real sticky icky If you like what we send you, keep the whole jar. Well even include some nugs for you to blaze.

Potentially awesome side-effects are listed, and they include euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggles, elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness and reduced anxiety.

Watch the hilarious ad below:



A sex workers consent: solidarity, not sanctimony "IndyWatch Feed National"

I am still learning how to protect my own consent sometimes the hard way but I am grateful for the ways in which doing sex work has helped me to clarify and articulate my boundaries, at work and beyond. I wish I could share what I have learned with 16-year-old me. I would tell her that refusing to partake in sexual acts is an inalienable right that requires no explanation. I would tell her that for someone to deny your right to consent whether it be through physical force, guilt, or discriminatory laws is indefensible.


United Nations Slams Australias Unacceptable Marriage Postal Survey "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australias postal survey on same-sex marriage is not an acceptable decision-making method, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has said. In a report, the committee recommended Australia urgently legislate for same-sex marriage regardless of what result is announced next week. The Committee is concerned about the explicit ban on same-sex marriage in the Marriage Act ...

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Australian Alpine Ascent, March 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Now that were well and truly into trail running season I expect that lots of people who love running events are in training. Its always good to have something to work towards. If youve been a bit slow off the mark, the Australian Alpine Ascent will be held in the Snowy Mountains on March 10.

Plenty of time to get in shape!

Full details below.

From the organisers:

The Australian Alpine Ascent (AAA) Festival is specifically designed to be the worlds most gruelling set of single day challenges held within daylight hours. The festival includes two triathlon distance events and 2 trail runs 25k and 50k.

After unprecedented positive feedback from our 2017 athletes, this world class event is returning in 2018 to be bigger and better than ever. This location will test even the toughest of competitors and those willing to take the challenge, into thin air.

The triathalon will be a grueling 3km swim, 124km ride and a 28km run.

The Triathlons:

From the initial swim location of Lake Jindabyne you will transition onto the bike which will see you reach heights up to 1964m before throwing on your shoes for a run which will be a combination of road and trail tracks.

Youll cross through locations like Dead Horse Gap, Perisher, Charlotte Pass, and the Thredbo Village Green; its brutal, but its beautiful and the courses have been designed to showcase the very best of the Snowy Mountains along the way.

The Trail Runs:

Youll cross through locations like Perisher and Charlotte Pass; its brutal, but its beautiful and the courses have been designed to showcase the very best of the Snowy Mountains along the way.

This Festival is quickly becoming the Southern Hemispheres benchmark event, testing speed, stamina and strength and is expected to draw a world-class group of endurance athletes set to take on new heights Down Under.

For further information and to register, please check here.



Man Fights to Live on His Own Property "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As Australia grapples with a growing homelessness problem, a man in WA is fighting for the right to live on his own property. In a case currently before the courts in Western Australia, a 58-year old self-described introvert and nomad is fighting his local council for the right to live on his own land. The

The post Man Fights to Live on His Own Property appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


QUEENSLAND ELECTION: Tote bags, turnarounds and the Adani mine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

QUEENSLAND ELECTION: Tote bags, turnarounds and the Adani mineTo understand the Queensland election, so far, is to see it as a tale of two versions of Labor, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark, from Townsville. read now...


Thank Folk Its Friday 10th November "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was British indie-folk songstress Lucy Rose announced headline tour dates when shes in the country supporting Ben Folds. Details here Sufjan Stevens released another outtake track John My Beloved iPhone Demo. Details here The final artists added to Porchland including Ainsley []


Operation Parachute Prepare For a Hard Landing, Mr Weinstein "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Best to open your parachute Harvey!

By Dee McLachlan

Weinstein hired the Israeli firm Black Cube on October 24, 2016, to carry out the covert operation. Allegedly, this was internally called Operation Parachute by the operatives that included ex-Mossad agents.

Many years ago (before Gumshoe News) I met someone who said he was on the payroll of Deloittes the prestigious accounting firm in Melbourne.  After a glass of vino he told me his job: to dig up dirt on people for their clients. He was an inves...


3CR summer wine fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It's time for some summer wine. After the success of our fundraiser last year we are once again selling some delicious Yarra Valley wine generously donated by 3CR supporter Luke Lambert. Available for order from 3CR from 10 November all wine must be collected by 12 noon on 22 December from our studios at 21 Smith St Fitzroy. You will be getting a good bargain at $17.50 per bottle. You can snap up even more of a bargain by buying in dozen or 1/2 dozen lots. Order now online or phone the station on 03 9419 8377 during b/hrs. 


CERES wins Premiers Sustainability Award "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Media Release: Cath Newell

CERES has won the Education category in this years Victorian Premiers Sustainability Awards for their 35 year commitment to community-based learning and action.

CERES is the largest deliverer of environmental education in Australia. Programs benefit participants, their families, the community and the environment based on the adoption of sustainable practices, behaviour change and sustainable career choices.

For many years, CERES has been a place for community-based learning and action that creates environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits and enhance nurturing ways of living together.

Driven by a passion to educate for sustainability and the need to act now, CERES educators impart skills in living sustainably within and beyond their demonstration site an urban oasis in Melbournes East Brunswick.

Melbourne company, eWater Systems, won the nights top honour the Premiers Recognition Award for developing water splitting technology which is used to clean and sanitise facilities such as hospitals, schools, manufacturing businesses and restaurants chemical free..........


11 November Remembrance Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The 2017 Remembrance Day event will be observed at the Shepparton Cenotaph on Saturday 11 November, commencing 10:30am. Remembrance Day, which was originally called Armistice Day, commemorates the end of the hostilities for the Great War (World War I) and the signing of the armistice, which occurred on November 11, 1918 the 11th hour ... Read more...


Photo of This Frog Goes Viral, Experts Say Its 1 In A Billion "IndyWatch Feed National"

A new image coming out of Australia is causing fright all over the world. This is a carnivorous tree frog. And in the picture you can see the snake it is devouring sliding into the frogs stomach. The image was shared on Reddit where it quickly went viral. As you can see, it is a shocking []


The Mad Merry-Go-Round Of Starving Welfare Recipients Off Drugs "IndyWatch Feed National"

The best research available does not support the Turnbull Governments get tough on welfare drug users approach, writes Bill Bush.

Shop-Sparkke_Banner_300x250(HL)You have to admit that having a go at drug users is enticing politics. What pushback could there be against introducing drug testing of welfare payments for those who are likely to use the money to support their habit? The spongers! Impecunious drug users themselves are only too familiar with such negative attitudes.

The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) commissioned research that confirmed the negative stereotypes:

The dominant personality traits of a person who injects drugs are seen to be selfishness, unreliability, dishonesty and untrustworthiness. The expectation is that as drugs are the focus of the persons life, they are selfish in all the actions they undertake and do not consider the impact of their actions on others. It is expected that they would do anything to get drugs, due to being addicted, so are unable to be trusted as they are not able to control themselves from acting on impulses.

What better therapy than a dose of honest hard work as Thomas Malthus prescribed in 1798. To Malthus, poor relief destroys the work ethic, it reduces productivity and maintains the causes of poverty. Poverty should be tackled through shame and a withdrawal of assistance from able bodied workers. Thus, the Prime Minister calls for incentives and penalties carrots and sticks to ensure we help those who need it but dont stand by while people who could work, choose not to.

Will the shock of withdrawal of benefits be enough to transform drug users into responsible citizens? Every dependent drug user I have met wants to be free of addiction and the hundreds of parents I have spoken to have expressed their desperation at the absence of drug treatment, not next month, not next week, not tomorrow but today, when their child has summoned the resolution to submit themselves to it.

We dont leave accident victims writhing in agony on the road for want of hospital beds. It is said that Australia has only half the number of treatment slots that are needed. Willingness to go through with treatment predicts success; evid...


Byron council condemns Instant Hotel television show "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Luke Jacobz hosts Seven's new series Instant Hotel with leading interiors and design expert Juliet Ashworth.

Luke Jacobz hosts Sevens new series Instant Hotel with leading interiors and design expert Juliet Ashworth.

A Byron Shire property that features on the television program Instant Hotel  has received more than 21 complaints in the past two years.

The owner also received an on-the-spot fine of $3,000 last week, according to Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson.

Cr Richardson said he was concerned to see the property on Red Gate Road at South Golden Beach promoted as an instant hotel particularly because there was a history of non-compliance with respect to the use of the property.

The owners of this property have a flagrant disregard for Byron Shire Council and thus, the community, which is charged with protecting the rights of residents against unlawful developments, he said

To see this property promoted on national television as an instant hotel is extremely disappointing given it is not currently complying with council regulations.

Council has had more than 21 complaints about this property in the last two years and in fact Council issued a $3,000 on-the-spot fine to the owner of the premises on 2 November 2017 in relation to unauthorised activities.

Mayor Richardson said the council was asking Airbnb to be the responsible corporate citizen they claim to be and withdraw their support for Instant Hotel and condemn the use of the house for unlawful holiday letting.

[Unauthorised short-term rental accommodation generates a wide range of complaints from local residents and they are also competing with recognised holiday and visitor accommodation providers who do work with the council and obey the rules, Cr Richardson said.

2,655 properties in the Byron Shire were advertised on holiday platforms such as Airbnb in 2017 and when you consider there are only 4,256 listings for the Northern Rivers area, this is having a massive impact on our residential neighbourhoods.

To put this into perspective there are only 15,645 dwellings in the whole of the Byron Shire so that means almost 17 per cent of properties are on Airbnb.

The proliferation of unauthorised short-term holiday accommodati...


Several Women in This Rural Town Say They Were Stalked by Drones "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of women living in a rural setting near Port Lincoln on South Australias Eyre Peninsula have been woken at night by a drone looking into their homes. Police are yet to find the offender, and some of the women have told the ABC they are living in constant fear of another visit which []


Very Important Message from former Premier Gordon Brown "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Dear friends ,

as British Prime Minister and Chairman of the G20, I tried eight years ago to put an end to tax havens worldwide. However, as the latest data leak called Paradise Papers shows trillion are still hiding in the farthest corners of the world economy to avoid taxes.

It is one of the greatest injustices of our time: The richest are allowed to disengage while the rest of us pay for health care, education and protection of the most vulnerable in our society.

But now we can stop that with an international agreement banning tax havens and imposing sanctions and prison sentences against tax evaders. The G20, the biggest economic powers in the world can implement that.

Also you sign this open letter to Argentine President Mauricio Macri, the chairman of the G20  if a million of us join in, I hand him personallyand ask him and other heads of G20 countries to act urgently to bring to an end, what we started in 2009. Subscribe with just one click:



To President Mauricio Macri and all heads of G20:

Global inequality is frightening: Eight people have so much wealth as half of the world.

And the gap is widening more and more, not least because of the shadowy world of global tax havens in which trillion in offshore accounts can be parked away from the Treasury. The rich are getting richer while the rest of us pay.

Eight years ago, the G20 countries have agreed to put an end to these tax practices. It is time to fulfill the promise. Please contact immediately for the closure of tax havens and make sure that those who operate and exploit, be held accountable.

No one should be able to escape the obligation to pay taxes for the public good. Your responsibility is to see to that. As citizens from around the world, we call that is traded.

With sincere regards,

What you need to know about the Paradise Papers (Spiegel Online)


Harvey Weinsteins Israeli spy was music video vixen and Israeli air force officer, with Holocaust backstory "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week the story of Harvey Weinsteins spectacular downfall took an unexpected twist into the secretive world of former intelligence agents employed by private entities when New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow related that he showed actress Rose McGowan, who had accused the film mogul of rape, a surveillance photo of a woman she had considered a friend.

This friend, thin and blond, went by Diana Filip. She had a European accent and presented an offer of $60,000 in cash if McGowan would be the public face of a womens rights campaign Filip said she was launching for the firm Reuben Capital Partners. Except Filip was no friend, she was an operative working for the Israeli security firm Black Cube, hired by Weinstein in an effort to smear McGowan and suppress coverage of the allegations of serial sexual assault.

Oh my God, McGowan wrote in an email to Farrow, published in the New Yorker. Reuben Capital. Diana Filip. No fucking way.

That shock must have been similar for reporters at the Wall Street Journal, who soon put it together that the Diana Ilic their paper found in July on CCTV footage then apparently trying to undermine reports critical of AmTrusts accounting practices with false promises to an author of those reports was the same woman as McGowans Diana Filip.

With pictures of the spy exposed, it was only a matter of time that her identity would come to light. The Daily Mail published her name yesterday: Stella Penn, or Stella Penn Pechanac, along with biographical details taken from a web page for the group Recalculating the Educational Route, an organization for first generation Israelis/immigrant Israelis. Stella is listed on the who are we page

Stella Penn Pechanac 

Stella immigrated to Israel in 1994 from Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia. Since the age of 15, she has been traveling to the US and Australia as a speaker for fundraising campaigns and advocacy conferences in Jewish communities. Stella served as a lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force and in 2010 graduated in theater arts and performance studies from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. At IDC, she participated in the Ambas...


Watch the New Stella Donnelly Video Boys Will Be Boys "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Stella Donnelly Western Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly continues her rise with the release of her powerful new video Boys Will Be Boys. The song was written in 2016 as an attempt to make sense of the culture of victim blaming when it comes to sexual assaults. Check out the video here: Stella []


Topshop Forced To Address Gender-Neutral Change Rooms "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Theres always room for change when it comes to equality. But UK retail giant Topshops decision to allow people of all genders to use any dressing room has sparked fierce debate. The change was brought to light by London-based performance artist and writer Travis Alabanza (pictured), who tweeted Topshop to complain after being denied access ...

The post Topshop Forced To Address Gender-Neutral Change Rooms appeared first on QNEWS.


Koonwarras off and running "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ebony Knox addresses the parkrunners before they set off on the first Koonwarra parkrun on Saturday morning. N144517

Michael Tripodi from Traralgon was the first finisher in 17:36. N164517

Leongathas Sarah Lewis was the first female finisher in 19:05. N174517

THE first Koonwarra parkrun held on Saturday morning was a stunning success, with 255 participants hitting the Great Southern Rail Trail for the 5km event.
They came from all over Victoria and loved the setting.
First finisher Michael Tripodi from Traralgon ran out over the new bridges towards Meeniyan and back in the impressive time of 17 minutes and 36 seconds.
Its one of the most beautiful courses Ive seen in a long time, Michael said, and hes ticked many parkruns off his list in his 117 starts.
In fact, many participants strive for parkrun Statesman status, which means theyve completed every parkrun in the state.
Thats why there were so many there on Saturday.
Youre all first timers at Koonwarra, run director Ebony Knox said to the participants before they set off.
Afterwards, she said she was thrilled with the response.
This is incredible it certainly exceeded our expectations!
She thanked the team of volunteers whove worked to get the event up and running, and also th...


Trains dominate Nats meet the candidates forum in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Outgoing member Thomas George, with State Nationals director Nathan Quigley, and the three candidates. (Pic: Paul Connelly)

Outgoing member Thomas George, with State Nationals director Nathan Quigley, and the three candidates. (Pic: Paul Connelly)

By Darren Coyne

My vote goes to the bloke who recited a poem dedicated to Banjo Paterson, only because I think there should be more bush poetry in the Bear Pit of NSWs Parliament.

Tenterfield mayor Peter Petty was one of three candidates at last nights NSW Nationals meet the candidates forum at SCU, and by far the most entertaining.

His rivals, former cop turned Lismore real-estate mogul Andrew Gordon, and young Im a farmer, really Austin Curtin, were vaguely disappointing in comparison.

The trio are vying for the honour of representing the NSW Nationals at the next state election.

At least Mr Petty thought having a look at what train campaigners described as a dodgy feasibility report was worth some time, and he also spoke about building things, which is always promising bridges, roads, infrastructure.

Mr Gordon on the other hand, thought that while his grandfather, father and he had enjoyed the train, it was not worth bringing it back for the kiddies because things had changed and a rail trail was now a more viable option.

Mr Curtin, also a rail trail supporter, did promise to sit up at night and think about it because thats the type of guy he is.

The evening had started well enough. There was coffee and biscuits, and pleasant catch-ups.

Nathan Quigley, NSW Nationals state director, finally called the forum to order and urged the 40-odd people many of them members of the local Labor party assembled to keep it nice and on point.

Tenterfield mayor Peter Petty. (Picture Paul Connelly)

Tenterfield mayor Peter Petty. (Picture Paul Connelly)

Peter Petty the poet....


November Market Cancelled due to Weather "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With total sadness and with much deliberation we have CANCELLED the November 12th November market due to the conditions of the grounds and the predicted rain.

This week the Village had rain each day, becoming heavier in the past 2 days, the grounds and car parks are too wet to proceed. We wish we were in control of weather!

We hope to see you on the 10th December 2017.



North coasts biodiversity hotspots again under threat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The fight to protect the north coasts world-renowned biodiversity is on again with renewed pressure to stop councils establishing environmental zones (e-zones).

Byron Shire Council has its proposed Environmental Zones now on exhibition, and the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) is calling on Ballina, Byron and Tweed shire councils to remain resolute in the face of yet another concerted effort to scrap them by the states farmers lobby and the National Party.

Environmental Zones (E zones) are the only way that local communities can over-ride the state governments new draconian land clearing laws, apply reasonable constraints on logging, and limit inappropriate developments in our most important remnant vegetation,  NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh said.

The far north coast has been identified as both a national and international Biodiversity Hotspot because of its high number of endemic species and the threats of excessive land clearing, he said.

Our predecessors cleared most of the 75,000-hectare Big Scrub, Australias largest area of lowland subtropical rainforest. Even with regeneration there is less than 1,000ha left today.

A similar fate befell many of the forests in the Richmond, Tweed and Brunswick valleys, giving the region the ignominy of having the most species threatened with extinction in NSW.

Back in 2012 NSW Farmers and the National Party were successful in stopping the Tweed, Byron, Ballina, Kyogle and Lismore councils from proceeding with their proposed Environmental Zones and had them excised from the councils Local Environmental Plans as Deferred Areas.

In 2015 new rules were introduced just for the far north coast in an attempt to restrict councils ability to implement Environmental Zones.

Since then Kyogle and Lismore Councils have given-up and removed all Environmental Zones from their Local Environment Plans.

Now that Byron Council has its proposed Environmental Zones on exhibition NSW Farmers are pushing to have E-zones prohibited, and the Department of Planning is once again threatening to intervene, (The Land, 9 November 2017).

North Coast councils have had environmental zones since the late 1980s. For the past 30 years they have been effective in protecting many important places.

We need to restore protection to these areas and extend it to other high environmental value vegetation, such as rainforest, old-growth forest, endangered ecological communities, important habitat for Koalas and other threatened species, wetlands and vegetation on stream banks.

The National Party has boasted that their new rules will....


Refugees to take your homes in Victoria the new Communist state? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Many a layperson may have an opinion about the law where they put it out on social media where others mistake it as actual facts.

Unfortunately to the novices this can lead them up the garden path, so to speak.

So, let's get a couple of 'facts' out the way with regards to the shenanigans of people in power in Victoria.

Very Briefly;

1). The lawmakers in Victoria can make whatever laws they so desire,
- even for example some far fetched idea as a law to kill babies born with blue eyes.

2). This is done 'legally' via Section 16 of the Victorian Constitution (or the Constitution Act 1975).

3). The 'Victorian Constitution' is an unlawfully enacted law.

4). No one in Australia is a "land owner", where you actually purchase the right to use the land however you see fit, to a degree.

 Problem Reaction Solution

The people in government create a 'problem' where they already have the solution where they put the 'problem' out into the community so that the solution can be implemented.

The 'problem'

The people in government created a 'problem' called housing shortage.

During something called natural growth a country's people do not experience a 'housing shortage'.

The people in the Victorian government import approximately 1500 slaves refugees per week into Melbourne.

This creates a real problem for the infrastructure as it is not built for the sudden (herd population) increase.

The government created problems burden the people with high traffic, no jobs for 'Australians' and the topic at hand - housing.

So the people with very low qualifications in government have thought of the bright idea to tax their slave / serf population for having vacant houses.

Once again under whatever 'Bill' or amendment to whatever current Act they decide to stuff it under, you can bet your (Victorian) 'Constitution' that the law is unlawful.

Will this give the policy enforcers the right to break into your home to see if you live there?

Under communist rule, if....


Murdoch at risk of losing control over his empire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Rupert Murdoch and his empire has been caught in Saudi Arabias purge of members of the royal family, government ministers and officials.

Although the move is described an anti curruption purge by the dominant faction in the kingdom, around crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, is really a political battle secure the crown. Although the son of the present King Abdullah , under the complex family arrangements, he is not first in line according to tradition. This falls to cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and it is those around him who are in the firing line.

Mohammed bin Nayef is the son of the present Kings half brother King Fahd,  who died in 2005. Soon after taking the crown, the new king replaced his successor with his own son. This has divided the royal family and the 32 year old Salmans reputation, for wanting to modernise Saudi society has raised the ire of traditionalists.

This is a big family,  which includes an army of princes. Eleven of them have been caught up in the purge and arrested, along with four ministers and dozens of ex ministers. All are being held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the diplomatic quarter of the capital city, Riyadh.

One of these princes happens to be  Alwaleed bin Talal.  He is a billionaire in his own right. His net worth is estimated at $22 billion and his share portfolio includes major stakes in Apple, Twitter and Citigroup, Saudi lender Banque Saudi Fransi and Frances Credit Agricole. He owns the Savoy Hotel in London.

He also owns a share in the Murdoch empires parent company 21st Century Fox. This is important, because the Murdoch family only own 14 percent of the shares, and are dependent on key allies to maintain control against hostile takeover bids. This is despite a voting system that ensures Murdoch control over the decision making, through the division of shares into voting and non-voting. The family therefore have direct control over more than one third of the votes. But because this is less than half, they also depend on a block of allies.

This is where Alwaleed bin Talal comes in. He holds 5 percent of the shares and this is enough to ensure Murdoch dependency on the princes vote.

The strength of the princes position was shown when it was reported that during the UK phone tapping scandal, the Prince demanded a head or two. Murdoch subsequently sacked a few of his closest aids.



A Night in a Bangkok Brothel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

To know a place is to know the people. This is why I check Grindr in every location.

Grindr is far nicer to use in Bangkok than Australia. Where Im from, the app is known for its racism, fem-hating and body-shaming rather than its welcoming queer community.

We were in Bangkok to visit an old friend, and seeing as Bangkok is in Thailand, the heart of the gender-bending world, we had to see a drag show.

On our last night, I took the crew to a bar I blearily recalled from previous escapades.

Not only were the girls giving some of the best face from the upstairs stage-balcony, they did a mean lip synch to Dont Cry For Me Argentina no easy feat even when English is your first language. They looked 100 per cent woman, unlike on the Australian drag scene, where you see men in dresses.

One of the people in charge, Boy, recognised me from my antics the night before. He was super cute, so I told him as much. We leaned in towards each other, but I was pulled away by my mates before we could have a Disney-like pash. They were in desperate search of Go-Go Boys: hot guys dancing on stage who wanted our cash apparently queens like Boy just didnt cut it for my d-hungry friends. I resisted their tugs for a minute and stayed trading pics with Boy on Instagram, mentally planning to surprise him with plane tickets to Sydney for the Mardi Gras celebrations in 2018.

After wandering through the Silom sidestreets, we end up at a dodgy looking establishment suitably named Dream Boys. The voluptuous drag queen outside, Natalie, gave us free entry. Initially delighted, we were then shocked to find that the drinks cost us a good 400 Thai baht each (longnecks of trendy beer from the 7/11 are only 60). Still, we decided to roll with it and let ourselves be ushered into a three-tiered amphitheatre surrounding a stage.

Once wed ordered drinks and lit a ciggie, it hit me: there were some 30 guys lined up on stage in matching white underwear. Each was adorned with a white badge featuring a number in bold red sans serif, and every minute or so, a man would take a step forward and rotate.

We were in a brothel.*

A change in music signalled the start of the show, and the lads jumped off the stage. It was much raunchier than anything Id seen the night before. One boy in a jock strap pushed a couch out and took a seat as soft music played (Enriq...


Day of the Dead postponed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Zenith Virago leading a previous Ceremony of Love & Remembrance. Photo Jeff enshrined Dawson

The annual Day of the Dead ceremony  at Crystal Castle due to take place this coming Sunday has been postponed to November 26 owing to wet weather.

Gates open with free entry at 3.30pm. There will be art from 4 till 5pm followed by an inclusive Ceremony of Love & Remembrance accompanied by the Biggest Little Town Choir conducted by deathwalker and celebrant Zenith Virago.

The Day of the Dead Mullumbimby style started eleven years ago as a way to remember and honour those loved ones who have died.

Started by the the Natural Death Care Centre, it is a non-religious, culture-free ceremony that first took place in Heritage Park, Mullumbimby.

Zenith explains, We offer this event each year, to bring death, dying and loss back into our own hands and hearts. As individuals and as community we are all touched by loss, and we see the need for people to honour and remember those they have loved who have died, without the shock or the rawness of the funeral. We offer this day towards healing and acceptance. Death is the natural and sacred end of our lives. Those we love are always a part of our lives as they continue to live on in our hearts.

Although it bears the same name as the South American celebration, this is an Australian cultural experience that is open to all and similar ceremonies are are now taking place around the country.

Everyone is encouraged to bring photographs or a special something for the shrine. Local community artist Sam Collyer will be there to inspire and guide you to create organic and sustainable mementos.

For more information go to: or join the event on Facebook.

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Manus protesters charged "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Five people protesting against the treatment of refugees on Manus Island have been charged in Sydney. Photo Source: Flickr

Two men and three women will face court next month for trespassing, after they climbed to the top of the Sydney Opera House on Thursday to hang banners calling for government action.

Police climbed the sails of the Opera House to arrest the protesters.

Activist group Whistleblowers, Activists, and Citizens Alliance claimed credit for the protest on Facebook.

Police defend handgun crackdown resisted by rural farmers


Market Talk November 9th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Finally we saw a little profit-taking in the Nikkei today, after having touched 26 year highs in earlier trade. The sell-off was not so much but felt more after spending the majority of the day in positive territory. The Yen moved stronger but that was later in the trading day after news of possible delays to 2019 for the US Tax plan. The China cash market struggled for much of the day but recovered towards the close to record a +0.4% increase on the day. The Hang Seng closed up +0.8% after a brief dip around midday. ASX in Australia was also strong following commodity and exporters. The A$ traded heavy most of the day and looks to be heading for the mid 0.75 weekly level.  The SENSEX also gave-up early gains drifting into negative territory by mid-afternoon, but did manage to pop just at the close.


The US news of a possible delay in Tax Reforms certainly hit an already nervous European market today. The core markets were already trading down but this news and surprised poor earnings really shook confidence. The DAX and CAC both closed around -1.4% whilst the FTSE and IBEX both lost -0.8% on the day. Its worth noting that the IBEX futures has fallen further and is in late trading around -1.3% on the day. Almost all indices closed on their days lows as traders looked for an early exit. Interesting that although the nerves appeared in equity markets we did not see the run for bonds! Actually, both core and peripherals were sold on the move. Even though many have been looking for this weakness for a while, traders end up selling what they can and not what they should.


All core US markets close around -0.5% lower across the board but many are happy purely that they managed to bounce from opening levels. Having seen the DOW off over 200 points, a 100 point decline actually felt like a relief! Industrials took the markets lower, having heard the likelihood of the Tax delay. Interesting that fixed-income also pressured values but the talk was that it was the High Yield debt that leads market declines, with people hitting any bids they could see. Looking back this year the NASDAQ has rallied over 35% this year so is probably not a surp...


Sick Passenger Medevaced from Grandeur of the Seas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Medevac CruiseAccording to Florida Today, aircrews from Patrick Air Force Base medevaced an ill passenger from the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas yesterday.

The Grandeur was en route to to Baltimore, Maryland when the air force base was requested to assist in evacuating a passenger reportedly suffering from appendicitis on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The cruise ship was approximately 690 miles off of Cape Canaveral, according to the article. (Although the video information suggests that the ship was about 500 miles from Brevard County). 

The long-range rescue "involved HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters and 2 HC-130 aerial refueling aircraft" to reach the cruise ship vessel, according to representatives of the 920th Rescue group.

The U.S. Coast Guard was not involved in the operation, according to Coast Guard officials.

According to the article, the passenger was accompanied by his spouse aboard the rescue helicopter, and flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center, in Melbourne Florida, where he reportedly is recovering,

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November 10, 2017 Update: How the Air Force Carried Out a Daring Rescue of an Ailing Cruise Ship Passenger


Photo credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Lindsey Maurice via Florida Today.     



Tension in West Papua-Cause for concern "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) 

Media Release 10 November 2017

Tension in West Papua-Cause for concern

AWPA calls on the  Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to raise concerns about the increasing tension in  West Papua with the Indonesian government,  asking Jakarta that it control its military in West Papua and urging the security forces to use only peaceful negotiation to resolve the present incident and as a way of avoiding further escalation of the situation.
According to reports an armed group  has taken up to 1,300 residents in the villages of Banti and Kimbely,  in Timika, Papua, near the Freeports Grasberg mine. 

Papua Police spokesman Chief Comr. Suryadi Diaz said that  the gunmen are not allowing....


Upheaval likely when oppressed pushed too far "IndyWatch Feed"

THE release of the Paradise Papers in the week of the centenary of the Russian Revolution and in a week when the peaceful leaders Catalonian independence were branded criminals should warn us that history did not end with the coming down of the Berlin Wall in the 1989. The clash between the forces of capitalism-individualism-rentiers vs the forces of communism-socialism-collectivism-labour is alive and just as destructive as it has ever been.

The Paradise papers revealed what we already suspected: that for rich elites tax is optional. Without a good tax base, of course, governments cannot provide reasonable services or basic living to the mass of the governed.

Louise XVI knew the problem only too well. His rentier aristocracy simply refused to pay reasonable taxes. The masses got no bread. They were told to eat cake by the Queen. They rebelled. The royals were executed.

So were Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife in Romania in 1989.

I am not suggesting that we are heading for violent revolution. Rather that when you look through history, time and time again major upheavals occur when ruling elites keep taking and not giving and the broad mass of people feel cheated and exploited.

To return to the French Revolution, just before the reign of terror the Marquis de Condorcet (pictured) got it right when he referred to the secret that real power lies not with the oppressors but with the oppressed.

So many of these upheavals come when to emperors, monarchs, governments (elected or unelected) fail to get enough tax in from the wealthy to distribute across society so the masses do not feel a powerless anger that eventually explodes.

It could be a Roman Emperor, a Russian Czar, a communist dictator, or any ruling elite. We do not know what form the upheaval will take but if the good Marquis is right and people are feeling oppressed or even just feel a seething resentment, the oppressed will exercise their power and cause an upheaval of some sort.

It should be a warning to governments: make sure the wealthy elites pay a reasonable share of taxes so that the broad mass of society gets decent education, health and housing, or face the consequences.

In Australia, those consequences seem to be a voter exodus to anyone but a major party. It is one of the few powers they can exercise in a world in which wages stagnate; CEOs get paid 100 times or more t...


You may be sick of worrying about online privacy, but 'surveillance apathy' is also a problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Do you care if your data is being used by third parties? Image:

We all seem worried about privacy. Though its not only privacy itself we should be concerned about: its also our attitudes towards privacy that are important.

When we stop caring about our digital privacy, we witness surveillance apathy.

And its something that may be particularly significant for marginalised communities, who feel they hold no power to navigate or negotiate fair use of digital technologies.

This article is by Siobhan Lyons, from Macquarie University and was originally published on The Conversation. It is republished here under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence. See the original article.

In the wake of the NSA leaks in 2013 led by Edward Snowden, we are more aware of the machinations of online companies such as Facebook and Google. Yet research shows some of us are apathetic when it comes to online surveillance.

Privacy and surveillance

Attitudes to privacy and surveillance in Australia are complex.

According to a major 2017 privacy survey, around 70% of us are more concerned about privacy than we were five years ago.



Did they know? Competence of UK intel questioned over Priti Patel Israel drama "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Following the resignation of UK minister Priti Patel over undisclosed secret meetings with key Israeli politicians and officials, several questions about the competence of British intelligence have surfaced. UK security analysts spoke to Sputnik, giving contrast answers. Ms. Patel resigned on November 8, possibly before being sacked by UK Prime Minister Theresa May over a serious breach of the ministerial code, having held a string of undisclosed meetings with key Israeli government figures during a family holiday in August, without informing the appropriate authorities, including the UK Foreign Office. A leading intelligence expert has questioned whether UK PM was intentionally not informed and kept in the dark about Ms. Patel's undisclosed series of meetings, including with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, by the British intelligence services.


Little Girl Gets Best Surprise Ever After Her Puppy Was Stolen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

You cant put a price tag on love.

At least, that is what one sorry thief realized after absconding with a Melbourne, Australia, familys 8-week-old puppy, Sasha.

The adorable yellow Labrador was snatched from the Hood familys home in Croydon Hills Monday morning, along with a number of items including a laptop, iPads, passports and jewelry.

But the family knew that no matter how important some of the stolen items seemed to be, Sasha was irreplaceable.

No one felt the loss quite as keenly as the puppys littlest owner, 4-year-old Maia, who was left heartbroken.

Before the robbery, Maia and Sasha had formed an unbreakable bond, spending every second together. The two were so close that Maia would forgo her own comfy bed to sleep in the dog bed with Sasha every night.
In an effort to appeal to the better nature of the person or persons who took the defenseless puppy, the Victoria police commissioner, Graham Ashton, and Maias father, Ryan Hood, directly addressed the thieves in a Facebook video.

Hood spoke candidly about the pain his...


Japans whaling fleet leaves for Antarctic "IndyWatch Feed"

Three dead minke whales lie on the deck of the Japanese whaling vessel Nisshin Maru. (AP Photo/Tim Watters, Sea Shepherd Australia)

Three dead minke whales lie on the deck of the Japanese whaling vessel Nisshin Maru. (AP Photo/Tim Watters, Sea Shepherd Australia)

Japanese whaling vessels departed on Thursday for the Antarctic to hunt hundreds of minke whales for research purposes.

The Fisheries Agency said the fleet was going to hunt up to 333 minke whales for what they called scientific research in the Southern Ocean until March.

In 2014, the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that Japans research whaling was not scientific, leading Tokyo to halt whaling for a year.

Tokyo resumed whaling in the Antarctic in the fiscal year 2015-16 after slashing the number of planned hunts of minke whales to about one-third of what Japan used to kill.

Japans environmental organisations and civic groups criticise the government for putting more taxpayers money into the whaling program despite dwindling catches.

Most Japanese consumers do not eat whale meat, but critics say vested interests continue to run the loss-making operation.

Japan officially halted commercial whaling in 1987, complying with a 1986 moratorium.

Critics say, however, that the country has used a loophole to continue to kill whales under the premise of scientific research.

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Coal companies revealed in investor list "IndyWatch Feed"

A coal train.

A coal train.

A new list of companies operating across all aspects of the coal industry aims to shed light on where people wanting to make environment-based investments should and shouldnt send their money.

The Global Coal Exit List, released on Thursday at the UN climate conference, has more than 770 companies on it, including 71 Australian companies, with power company AGL and miner BHP Billiton the biggest.

The hundreds of companies account for nearly nine in 10 of the worlds coal mines and power stations, along with exploration businesses, specialist machinery suppliers and coal power-plant manufacturers.

It also looks at these companies plans for new coal mines and power stations, revealing some businesses which havent traditionally been in coal, but plan to invest in coming years.

Heffa Schuckling, from project leader German environmental group Urgewald, said it wasnt always easy for investors to know who was involved in the coal industry.

Shes hoping the list will give individuals and more importantly big investors like superannuation funds the information they need to work out where to send their money.

Urgewald started compiling the list after working with two of the worlds largest investors, the Norwegian government pension fund and Allianz to divest their coal interests.

However, Ms Schucking said while they have looked at future expansions, they didnt take into account plans for companies to get out of coal, such as AGLs widely publicised efforts to close power plants by 2050.

The database is full of hard data not soft data, she told reporters on Bonn.

AGL, right after they bought assets which led a huge increase of their coal-fired capacity, they said, oh and by the way were getting out of coal by 2050. Thats not so credible.

AGL has come under fire from the Turnbull government for its intention to close the ageing, dirty Liddell power station in 2022.

The power company has promised to give the government in early December its plans to replace the generators capacity, expected to include renewables, gas-fired power and batteries.

The coal exit list also highlights that resources-rich Australia is also a prime target for foreign coal companies, with 32 having operations in Australia.

These include eight out of the top 20....


NSW shark net trial extended to 2019, despite environmental concerns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Federal Government Environmental Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has granted the NSW Government a two year extension for their exemption from the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Photo Source: Wikicommons

The extension was given despite the Environmental Departments own advice noting the negative impact the nets have on the marine animals.

The Humane Society International has called the trial an ecological disaster, which has killed and injured endangered species.

The shark net trial will be extended to October 2019.

Labor promises $15 million in Sunshine Coast broadband project

The Labor party has promised an investment of $15 million into the Sunshine Coasts international broadband submarine cable project if re-elected.


PM acting like tinpot dictator: Labor "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Malcolm Turnbull is setting the scene for a chaotic end to the parliamentary year and a round of by-elections in 2018 as he moves to take control of the citizenship crisis engulfing federal MPs.

From Vietnam, where he is attending the APEC summit, the prime minister has threatened to use the governments slim majority in the lower house to refer to the High Court any MP whose eligibility to sit in parliament is in doubt because of their dual citizenship status.

Whether theyre on the government side, the Labor side, or on the crossbenches if there are substantial grounds to believe they are not in compliance with the constitution, Mr Turnbull told reporters in Da Nang.

Thats brought an angry response from Labor, which faces the prospect of four of its MPs Justine Keay, Madeleine King, Susan Lamb and Josh Wilson being disqualified from parliament.

Opposition Senate leader Penny Wong accused Mr Turnbull of behaving like a tin-pot dictator.

This is really a very desperate and diminished prime minister weve seen, she told 5AA radio in Adelaide on Friday.

I think Australians, who are rightly sick of this, want it resolved.

Mr Turnbull has told independent MP Rebekha Sharkie she may have to refer herself to the High Court over the timing of her renunciation of British citizenship before the 2016 election.

On the government side, there are reports Liberal backbencher John Alexander could quit his Sydney seat as early as this weekend because he believes he is a British citizen by descent.

Mr Turnbull is in Asia until next Wednesday after being unable to broker a deal with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten over a citizenship disclosure scheme.

Before he left the prime minister accused the Labor leader of not being fair dinkum about reaching a bipartisanship agreement.

Mr Shorten argued for a December 1 deadline for MPs to lodge their documents and provide High Court standard details of their family history and renunciation steps.

He also called on Mr Turnbull to follow th...


Pyne refuses to budge on Manus refugees "IndyWatch Feed National"

Federal Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne. Photo AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Federal Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne. Photo AAP Image/Lukas Coch

The 600 refugees waiting it out in squalid conditions at a mothballed detention centre on Manus Island are effectively squatting, federal cabinet minister Christopher Pyne says.

Water, electricity and food supplies were cut to the centre more than a week ago and the Papua New Guinea government has on Thursday told the men to prepare to leave immediately.

Mr Pyne says they have refused to take other options available, including access to new accommodation facilities or returning to their country of origin.

All those people in Manus Island who are at that detention centre are effectively squatting there, Senator Pyne told Nine Network on Friday.

Activists in Australia telling them to stay there and they will get to Australia are lying to them and that is unfortunately the situation.

Federal Labor MP Anthony Albanese says the government hasnt provided third party country settlement options for the refugees.

New Zealand have made an offer and the government rejected it. They would rather have this stand-off and it is time that the politics ended, Mr Albanese told the Nine Network.

Mr Albanese said the centre was supposed to be a processing centre, but instead became a place of indefinite detention.

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Dastyari attackers face legal action "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sam Dastyari

Sam Dastyari

Right-wing nationalists who attacked Labor senator Sam Dastyari face joint legal action from two entertainment companies over the groups name, Patriot Blue.

Streaming service Stan and Roadshow Productions will launch action against the men, which includes convicted stalker and racial vilifier Neil Erikson, who have set up Facebook groups under the Patriot Blue name.

But Patriot Blue is also the name of a group in the entertainment companies upcoming fictional drama series Romper Stomper, based on the 1992 Australian film starring Russell Crowe.

The group involved have misappropriated the name of the fictional group from the series, Stan and Roadshow said in a joint statement.

Stan and Roadshow Productions today instructed law firm Gilbert and Tobin to take appropriate legal action in relation to the infringement of the Patriot Blue trademark, and use of the Stan name on Facebook.

Iranian-born Senator Dastyari was ambushed at Footscray bar VU on Wednesday night, the group taunting the Senator with You terrorist. You little monkey.

Senator Dastyari on Thursday said politics in Australia was heading to a very, very ugly place and attacks like the one he was subjected to makes me feel small, makes me feel horrible, it makes you feel kind of terrible and thats what they are designed to do.

He is also considering legal action.

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The Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke, "Sunset" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


"Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors
which it passes to a row of ancient trees.
You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you,
one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth,
leaving you, not really belonging to either,
not so helplessly dark as that house that is silent,
not so unswervingly given to the eternal as that thing
that turns to a star each night and climbs
leaving you (it is impossible to untangle the threads)
your own life, timid and standing high and growing,
so that, sometimes blocked in, sometimes reaching out,
one moment your life is a stone in you, and the next, a star."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke


FAIL: Antarctic research station wind turbine crashes, diesel to the rescue "IndyWatch Feed"

From the ABC Australia, video follows. Proof of something weve always said: You need a fossil fueled backup generator for any greenwind/solar power project. Mawson Antarctic research station relying solely on diesel after wind turbine crashes to ground By Harriet Aird An Australian Antarctic research station is now relying solely on diesel power generation after a


Chet Raymo, Telling Stories "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Telling Stories
by Chet Raymo

"When the pulse of the first day carried it to the rim of night, First Woman said to First Man, "The people need to know the laws. To help them we must write the laws for all to see"...And so she began, slowly, first one and then the next, placing her jewels across the dome of night, carefully designing her pattern so all could read it. But Coyote grew bored watching First Woman carefully arranging the stars in the sky: Impatiently he gathered two corners of First Woman's blanket, and before she could stop him he flung the remaining stars out into the night, spilling them in wild disarray, shattering First Woman's careful patterns."

This episode from the Navajo creation story of is from "How the Stars Fell Into the Sky", a children's book by Jerrie Oughton. It is a lovely story, full of ancient wisdom. For centuries, Navajo children heard the story at an elder's knee. The story was taken literally, or at least accepted with a willing suspension of disbelief. I heard a similar creation story in my youth - of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Serpent. I accepted the story with a willing suspension of disbelief.

All cultures, everywhere on Earth, have stories, passed down in scriptures, traditions or tribal myths, that answer the questions: Where did the world come from? What is our place in it? What is the source of order and disorder? What will be the fate of the world? Of ourselves? No people can live without a community story. The problem comes when the community story becomes so disconnected from empirical experience that it no longe...


UN criticises Australia for marginalizing and stigmatizing postal survey and calls for better human rights protections for LGBTI Australians "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overnight the United Nations Human Rights Committee called on the Australian Government to improve its track record on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) rights across the country.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said Australia has taken huge strides addressing discrimination and harm faced by LGBTI communities but more work was needed.

"In many ways Australia is ahead of the pack when it comes to LGBTI rights but there are serious injustices that require urgent attention. Australia must do the right thing when it comes to marriage equality, protecting intersex people from harmful medical procedures and ensuring transgender people can access medical treatment and birth certificates to allow them to live as who they are," said Ms Brown.

Marriage equality

The Committee has called on Australia to revise the Marriage Act, to ensure LGBTI people, couples and families are afforded equal protection under laws and policies - irrespective of the result of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey next Wednesday.

The Committee criticised the Australian Government for the current voluntary, non-binding postal survey, stating that resort to public opinion polls to facilitate upholding rights [to] equality and non-discrimination of minority groups in particular, is not an acceptable decision-making method and that such an approach risks further marginalizing and stigmatizing members of minority groups.

Australia is drawing international attention for all the wrong reasons. The Committee has rightly criticised the Australian Government for putting LGBTI Australians through an unnecessary and divisive public opinion poll. The UN has tonight confirmed what Australian politicians should already know - human rights should not be put to a majority vote. Australia needs to do its job and vote on a bill to deliver equality and dignity for LGBTI couples across the country said Ms Brown.

The Committee also urged Australia to address the discrimination same-sex couples who marry overseas face in Australia raised in C v Australia. (Paragraphs 25-30)

Prohibiting medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children

Following concern raised by Australian advocates about controversial medical interventions performed on children with intersex variations in Australian hospitals, the Committee has called on Australia to end irreversible medical treatment and surgery on intersex infants and children who are not yet able to provide fully informed and free consent, except in cases of absolute medical necessity.



The Paradise Papers involves much more than a few celebrities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Although the Paradise Papers are exposing some rotten goings on in the world of big business, there is a lot more there that is not getting out to the light of day.

The reason is that most of the worlds big media is hiding crucial parts and this is happening in Australia too.

In the United Kingdom, newspapers like the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Times, went so far as to jump to the defence of the Queen and attacked Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, when he suggested that the Queens should apologise for her use of offshore tax havens. In doing so, they could ignore t that that billions have been robbed from the British people.

There is a very good reason why big media would want to minimise the fallout and hide certain culprits, and that is that the owners  are involved in the money laundering operations up to their necks.

If you want to pick a stand out, none pits better than Rupert Murdoch. He owns the Sun and the Times. He is also happens to be the biggest media owner in Australia.

The Queen has received a slightly bigger mention in Australia. Alongside this there has been a focus on Michael Hutchence, the Russians, Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. There has been some mention of Apple, Nike and Glencore.

To cover this up is nothing short of censorship.

Only the Australian Financial review mentioned, albeit briefly, that Appleby people met major firms such as KPMG, Ernst and Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers over cocktails, dinners and conference tables. These companies also act on behalf of whos who in the corporate world

Take Rupert Murdochs empire. EY is NewsCorps auditor and has assisted in you guessed it, avoiding paying tax. According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald last year by Michael West (6 April), NewsCorp paid virtually no tax as it took $4.5 billion out of Australia.

The other incentive for limiting the exposure of the Paradise Papers is that many business p...


Arrears to rise; but how far? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Arrears to rise

My, there's been a lot of spirited debate about mortgage stress lately!

For what it's worth, I expect to see reported mortgage arrears rising from here, though it doesn't automatically follow that the outlook is therefore deteriorating. 

To show what I mean, below you can see that the sharp rise in the unemployment rate during the financial crisis led to a corresponding increase in non-performing housing loans over the following 24 months, if not to a particularly high level. 

The impact of loan arrears wasn't immediate, since most mortgagees have a certain level of savings, a buffer, or another contingency plan in case of a period of unemployment. 

But where the unemployment rate stays elevated for a sustained period, this is likely to be reflected in mortgage arrears over time.

Each cycle is likely to be somewhat different from the last, but recently implemented macroprudential measures and tightening of interest-only lending rates might see arrears rising further towards 1 per cent. 

Since the peak of the resources construction boom in mid-2012, the unemployment rate increased steadily to a monthly peak of well above 6 per cent in late 2014. 

The good news is that, after a relatively gradual increase, the rate of unemployment has been trending lower for the past three years, and to date there has only been a modest rise in non-performing loans, mostly in Western Australia and parts of Queensland. 


The Gary Null Show 11.09.17 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Today is November 9th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. On this episode Gary answers all of your questions that you have been emailing him. Gary Has A New Special:Triple Support Bundle Order 2 Items, get Cardio ...

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Byron council defends court recovery costs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The approved Byron Bay bypass, aligned with Butler Street. Source Byron Shire Council

The approved Byron Bay bypass, aligned with Butler Street. Source Byron Shire Council

The Byron Shire Council has defended its decision to recover part of the legal costs associated with defending the Butler Street bypass as well as trying to force the Byron Bay residents group, the Butler Street Community Network, who brought the challenge, to supply membership and donor names and addresses through the courts as reported by The Echo on Wednesday.

The council made the following statement to The Echo on Thursday, 9 November:

Despite winning the original court case Byron Shire Council was unsuccessful in its order for costs relating to the court action in the NSW Land and Environment Court brought by the Butler Street Community Network earlier this year.

Byron Shire Councils Legal Counsel, Ralph James, said the Butler Street Community Network took the Council to court arguing that development consent for the bypass be refused. The court ruled in favour of Council.

The consideration of costs was limited to costs of a notice of motion brought by the Network raising a legal question. It did not relate to the costs of the proceedings generally.

Council was wholly successful in respect of that notice of motion and the judge reserved the question of costs of the motion.

Council then sought to recoup legal costs of the Notice of Motion from the Butler Street Community Network, Mr James said.

In circumstances where the Council had incurred additional costs responding to the applicants unsuccessful notice of motion, including through preparation for and attendances of solicitors and senior counsel at a separate hearing and further associated listings, it was determined appropriate to consider Councils prospects of recovering costs in respect of the motion as a discrete matter, he said.

It is important for the public to know that Byron Shire Council did not initiate the original court action or the Notice of Motion both were instigated by the Butler Street Community Network, he said.

Byron Shire Cou...


Not so natural Newstead "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I reckon there is something a little different in the water out there at Welshmans Reef.

While Willie Wagtails are well-known for using artificial, as well as natural structures for nest sites I cant say Ive ever seen a pair choose such a novel location.

Willie Wagtail on the nest, Welshman Reef, 9th November 2017


Sichuan Street Food Pilgrimage - Chengdu Part 2, Departure "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A couple of days in Chengdu before heading home... See the big shiny scaly looking building in the background - from a different angle it looks kinda like a blokes wedding tackle, balls'n'all. That's our digs, the HDCL Serviced Residences. We're staying halfway up the shaft, just above the scrotum. It's a giant penis with a washing machine. The best kind. Nothing makes a traveller


Weed Company Mocks Big Pharma Ads In Genius Parody Video [Watch] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Its 2017, and cannabis is legal for medicinal use in 27 US. states. This said, why are people still reaching for prescription drugs when they have access to a plant that has killed 0 people in the history of Earth and is proven to deliver numerous benefits

Its a valid question one the Oregon-based cannabis delivery service Briteside asked. Because no team member could come up with a convincing answer, the company decided to produce an SNL-style parody video that largely mocks the lame commercials most prescription drug companies pump out on a near-daily basis.

Brightside partnered with Sandwich Video to produce the parody video which depicts two frazzled adults finally getting the help they need, in the form of some sweet, sticky kush.  The video begins just like an average pharmaceutical advertisement. However, it takes a provocative turn as the voice-over recommends the dank herb.

Briteside offers an extensive menu of strains and products to meet your needs, the narrator says. Choose the experience you want, and well send you the dankest herb. The real sticky icky If you like what we send you, keep the whole jar. Well even include some nugs for you to blaze.

Potentially awesome side-effects are listed, and they include euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggles, elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness and redu...


What Race Is Islam? Racist Asks. What Race Is Dickhead? Australian Lawmaker Replies. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian white supremacists surrounded and harassed an Iranian-born lawmaker at a pub in Melbourne on Wednesday, calling him a monkey and a terrorist, as they filmed the encounter for their Facebook page.

Footage of the incident recorded by members of the white supremacist group Patriot Blue showed that the lawmaker, Senator Sam Dastyari, refused to take the bait. Honestly, I think you guys are a bunch of racists, Dastyari told them, I dont have time for you.

With what the Australian politics observer Sean Kelly called the self-satisfaction of a 5-year-old whos just learned the phrase I know you are, but what am I?' one of the men then asked the senator again and again, What race is Islam?

After the men followed Dastyari back to his table and continued to ask him, What race is Islam? the senators friend and fellow legislator, Tim Watts, leaned into the phone of one white supremacist and replied, What race is dickhead?

Wattss rejoinder was removed from Facebook along with the rest of the white supremacistss video, but it was preserved online and by several media outlets.

The member of parliament from Melbourne was widely praised for the comeback on social networks.



Justseeds | Celebrate Peoples History Poster Series "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Justseeds | Celebrate Peoples History Poster Series: CPH posters have been pasted up in the streets of over a dozen cities. Each time I receive emails from people wanting to know more. Our streets can be a venue for asking these questions, and the CPH posters can play a role in answering them. Soon after the first poster was printed, educators began asking for posters for their classrooms. Its been great to see the posters become part of curriculum, and to see lessons built around them. Once when giving a talk about CPH, I was approached by a student in training to become a teacher. She was first introduced to the posters when they hung in one of her grade school classrooms, almost a decade earlier. Now she intends to use them in her future classes. I hope that these posters can continue to act as some small corrective to the dominant narratives told in schools, and that more teachers engage students in alternative ways of understanding the past.


DP Energy trumps Gupta with 1.1GW of wind, solar and storage RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Irish company DP Energy unveils major expansion of its Port Augusta hybrid renewable energy park, adding another 300MW of solar and 400MW of battery storage, as South Australia continues to hurtle towards near 100 per cent renewable energy.

via DP Energy trumps Gupta with 1.1GW of wind, solar and storage RenewEconomy


New York-based self-improvement group exposed as elite sex slave cult where young women are branded and made to recruit others "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A former star of the hit series Smallville has been identified as a high-ranking member of a sex cult. Last month, the New York Times broke the story about a secret sorority that brands women, puts them on starvation diets and beats them if they don't recruit enough 'slaves'. The group, called DOS, is reportedly a secret society for the highest ranking female members within the self-help group NXIVM. To outsiders, NXIVM is just a run-of-the-mill self-improvement group, offering classes that teach the answers to living a successful and fulfilling life. But ex-members told the Times that NXIVM functions as a cult for people at the high levels of the group, who have dedicated themselves full-time to founder Keith Rainere and his teachings. On Wednesday, a former spokesman for the group, Frank Parlato, told The Sun that an 'Emmy Award-winning actress' is a 'key recruiter' for DOS. While The Sun did not name the actress, can reveal that she is Allison Mack, who played Clark Kent's sidekick Chloe Sullivan on the long-running CW series Smallville.


New evidence of leukemia caused by radiation at low doses Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

In this Podcast interview with Lonnie Clark, Prof Chris Busby starts off by discussing a new paper that he has been working on. The Paper centres around 2 studies that looked at the correlation between nuclear fallout/releases and high voltage power lines causing leukemia to children living close to the power lines. The mechanism for []

via New evidence of leukemia caused by radiation at low doses Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Frozen soil wall nearly complete; NRA still doubts effect Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

A construction project to create frozen soil walls that encircle the ground beneath Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.s disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is nearly finished. Although TEPCO insists that the inflow of groundwater beneath the reactor buildings has been reduced, some members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority are skeptical about the []

via Frozen soil wall nearly complete; NRA still doubts effect Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Graphs of the Day: Australia the global climate laggard RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

If the Turnbull government was setting the standard for global climate action wed be going to hell in a handcart, says new report.

via Graphs of the Day: Australia the global climate laggard RenewEconomy


Koutsantonis slams NEG, says it is an attack on renewables RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis says cannot support NEG, says it an attack on renewables, designed to keep alive dirty coal.

via Koutsantonis slams NEG, says it is an attack on renewables RenewEconomy


Upside Down America: Trumps Shameful Opposition to Paris Puts U.S. Behind Syria robertscribbler "IndyWatch Feed"

We all know someone who thinks this way. Put a stack of scientific evidence in front of them that reaches to the moon, and they will still disbelieve that human-caused climate change is real, harmful, and getting to be so bad that its increasingly capable of wrecking our lives. It is the very definition of []

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Numinbah project restoring nature to former glory "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Native plant species have been dramatically restored by the Numinbah Nature Links program, with biodiversity trebling in some areas. Photo supplied.

Native plant species have been dramatically restored by the Numinbah Nature Links program, with biodiversity trebling in some areas. Photo supplied.

A three-year project to restore 25 hectares of bushland on private land at Numinbah is entering its final stages, with plant diversity trebling in some areas.

There has been prolific regeneration of native species through the Numinbah Nature Links program, which has brought landholders and Council together to conserve threatened flora and fauna in Tweed Shire, Councils project officer  biodiversity, Michael Corke, said.

He said the project, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and Council, is on track to meet its targets.

This is a great result because the project area, within the Pat Smiths Creek and Couchy Creek catchments, is rugged and heavily weed-infested, Mr Corke said.

The area is part of a regional fauna corridor linking the World Heritage-listed Springbrook National Park and Numinbah Nature Reserve with Wollumbin National Park. These national parks are internationally recognised for their biodiversity, including rare and threatened species.

Bush regenerators and landholders are controlling dense infestations of Lantana, Giant Devils Fig, Kudzu and other weeds, including a severe infestation of the invasive ornamental tree Pink Cedar on one property.

Until now, weeds have suppressed rainforest regeneration and threatened the viability of threatened plant species. However, systematic initial and follow-up weed control has led to dramatic results, he said.

After two years of weed control, most work sites are now covered in pioneer native species. Growth rates are phenomenal, with many saplings well over head high. Threatened species are growing with renewed vigour because they no longer have to compete with weeds.

The final year of the project will involve follow-up wee...


Peter Pan National Theatre Live Screening "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

All children, except one, grow up

Captured live at the National Theatre, a recorded performance of JM Barries much-loved tale screens in cinemas.

When Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys, loses his shadow, headstrong Wendy helps him to reattach it. In return, she is invited to Neverland, where Tinker Bell the fairy, Tiger Lily and the vengeful Captain Hook await. A riot of magic, music and make-believe ensues.

A delight for children and adults alike, Sally Cookson (NT Live: Jane Eyre) directs this wondrously inventive production, a co-production with Bristol Old Vic theatre.

Spellbindingly imaginative. A dazzling production. Radio Times

Please note: This is a live SCREENING of the theatre performance.

December 13, 2017 @ 11:00 am 2:30 pm

Learn more and buy tickets at

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1) Armed group occupies villages in eastern Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Indonesia security forces in standoff with Papua separatists

3) Gunmen Lay Siege to Two Villages Near Freeport Mine in Papua
4) Armed separatists occupy villages near Freeport's Indonesia mine


1) Armed group occupies villages in eastern Indonesia

Indonesian military says separatist group in Papua province has taken villagers hostage


First homebuyers maintain the rage "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Investor loans easing

The trend in housing finance eased a bit, to a total of around $33 billion in September.

The value of investor loans was possibly pumped up a little in the preceding month by refinancing activity, but the monthly trend remains steadily down to about $12 billion, as tweaks to lending standards continue to lean against activity. 

The $33 billion result and the related easing in investor loans were variously described as a "walloping fall", "down the gurgler", a "staggering drop", and even plain old "grim".

A grim $33 billion it is!

Recall that this result comes precisely one month after investor loans had "bounced back", "spiked", "staged a comeback", and all the rest of it. 

I guess that goes with the territory when you have to find something new and exciting to say every month. Anyhoo, here's the chart, in all of its walloping grimness!

Owner-occupiers continue to settle on the near-record levels of new stock, with commitments for new dwellings continuing to surge to the highest level since 1978. 

Homebuyer demand still looks to be strongest in Victoria, mirroring demographic trends.



Cashless Debit Card problems ignored by Turnbull Government "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

For example, data is provided which shows that 55% oftransactions on the cards failed due to insufficient funds (Orima 2017: pA6). That is nearly 21,000 transactions,where people were unable to purchase what they wanted.However, only 1% of failed transactions related to trying to use the card for prohibited purchases. This indicates some hardships and poverty and/or the problem that people did not know what their card balance was, indicating the challenge of money management using this card. Another reported problem related to the need to access phones and internet to find card balances, which ...


Is Time Travel Possible? Physicists Seem to Think Worm Holes Are The Answer "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

While time travel has not yet been made possible, there is no denying the possibility of it in the future.  Time travel is something we have always been obsessed with as human beings.

I know as a child I dreamt of traveling through time, whether it was forward or backward. Because of our fascination with time travel, tons of different researchers have explored the subject. While we havent quite gotten to the point where we can actually travel through time as mentioned above, these researchers seem to think we could bend it.

According to James Beacham, if space can be bent then so can spacetime. One method of time travel suggested by him was traveling through wormholes. Beacham says that because space is a 3-dimensional body that all things move within, space is nothing more than a 4-dimensional continuum.

The idea that wormholes work as bridges between two points is quite interesting yet still could end up as anything. Just a few years back, scientists had built a wormhole model. This model created a portal for magnetic fields. Wormholes are possible, whether you think so or not.

You see, to make this model, wormhole physics professor Alvaro Sanchez and his team began with just a few smaller scale superconductors. When it came to testing this wormhole out, the magnetized cylinder showed two poles until it was sent into a sphere. When this cylinder came out from the other end of the sphere, only the pole that was sticking out could be seen.

While this specific wormhole cannot transport people or particles, it does seem to be quite the advancement. This is a critical step towards formulating a wormhole that can do what we are setting out for it to do. It does appear that someday we will be able to manipulate spacetime. Sure, this cylinder was not traveling faster than light but it did invoke the image of a classic wormhole.

Things like this are merely the beginning of something much more. There are a number of ways that in time travel could become a reality. Who knows maybe in the next 100 years visiting deceased loved ones will be as simple as hopping into a time travel booth. You can learn more about this wormhole model by clicking here.



Scathing UN report slams Australia as refugees on Manus abandoned to danger "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia was condemned overnight by the UN Human Rights Committee for its human rights record on a range of issues including refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples rights, youth justice, democratic freedoms and Australias failure to respond appropriately to UN guidance.

The UN Committee honed in on Australias cruelty to refugees as the crisis on Manus Island continues to escalate. The Committee stated that Australia has effective control over the facility and is responsible for the mens safety. It urged the Government to evacuate every man currently held on Manus and bring them to safety.

Hugh de Kretser, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, said it is clear that the UN is deeply concerned by the Australian Governments deteriorating human rights performance, especially its mistreatment of people seeking asylum.

"Manus is on a knifes edge and the UN has found that its Australias responsibility to protect the men held there. Instead, the Australian Government has cut food, power and water. These innocent men are in great danger but they have nowhere safe to go. They're terrified of violence if they stay. They're terrified of violence if they leave. These men deserve a future, but instead of bringing them to safety, our Government is trying to bludgeon them into returning to persecution or moving from one dead end camp to another," said Mr de Kretser.

The criticism comes in the same week that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called the situation on Manus a humanitarian emergency.

These men have been shot at, beaten and suffered the mental torment of not knowing if or when their ordeal would ever end. Theyve watched friends die there. Manus is not a safe place for them - never has been, never will be. The UN, the PNG Government, the New Zealand Government, Manus locals, people around Australia - everyone can see it. Enough is enough. These men are our Governments responsibility. The Australian Government must evacuate them immediately to safety, said Mr de Kretser.

This report comes just one month after Australia was elected to a coveted seat on the UN Human Rights Council, the worlds premier human rights body.

Our Government is just one month into a three-year term on the Human Rights Council and already its clear that its cruelty to refugees will haunt it wherever it goes. For as long our Government continues to deliberately mistreat innocent people people just seeking a chance at life in freedom and safety Australia will lack credibility or moral authority on human rights, said Mr de Kretser.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples rights

The UN urged Australia to take measures to address the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres...


Welcoming tourists to our Southern Forests ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This year Forestry/STT was gifted $ millions to maintain their roads on the announcement that it would provide access for tourism. We all know its just another forestry funding deception but if tourists do drive out into those regions heres what they will quickly discover Teresa Maddox in Comments: #4 ... Nice try at justifying SSTs gifted budgetary appropriation, but, since when were forestry roads essential services? Just how does this benefit all Tasmanians and not just the protected species of the deforestation industry? People are wising up to the BS from FT/SST dont worry! Putting the word sustainable in a title doesnt make it so! John Hawkins in comments: #8 Just suppose we had no forestry roads. Then Cowell, we would still have a magnificent Forestry resource from which we could selectively log for the next 500 years. Forestry Tasmania would be a profitable government business that we could all be proud of. Instead we have given away the crown jewels at enormous cost to all Tasmanians thanks to our corrupt pollies and their mates in Gunns and Ta Ann. It is as simple as that.


11 Alternative Responses to F*ck You That Work Every Time "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Once seen as a something to be avoided at all time, profanity has been accepted more in society today than ever before. In fact, there are even reports that people who swear more are inherently more honest than those who avoid using bad language.  While we arent here to debate these findings, they do raise an interesting question.

With the changing views of society towards language, should we be accepting profanities in all situations? Are there times that swearing is still inappropriate?

Most of us will agree that there should still be some level of discretion when you are around younger children, or in professional work settings. While we may be trying our best to maintain appropriate language in these settings, there are times that someone is going to push you to the point that there is nothing else that comes to mind except for your need to tell them to f**k off.

Source: Chicago Tribune


At these times the answer involves a little creativity, finding a way to make your point while avoiding words that may raise a red flag.

To help you out, here are 11 alternatives to saying f**k you:

1. Fork You

Closer to the original phrase than most of the options listed here, this will at least clean up the language enough for little ears.

2. Let Me Know How That Works for You

This is a great way to sound like youre agreeing with someone while still quietly getting your jab in there plus youll be able to have the satisfaction down the road when you can ask them how their horrible decision turned out.

3. Bless Your Heart

Usually associated...


Robert Rubins Selective Memory and the Collapse of Citigroup "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens of Wall Street on Parade

According to the now publicly available transcript of the testimony that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin gave before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) on March 11, 2010, he was not put under oath, despite the fact that the bank at which he had served as Chairman of its Executive Committee for a decade, Citigroup, stood at the center of the financial crisis and received the largest taxpayer bailout in U.S. history.

The fact that Rubin was not put under oath might have had something to do with the fact that he showed up with a team of six lawyers from two of the most powerful corporate law firms in America: Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison and Williams & Connolly. One of Rubins lawyers from Paul, Weiss was Brad Karp, the lawyer who has gotten Citigroup out of serial fraud charges in the past.

As one reads the transcript, it becomes alarmingly apparent that a man making $15 million a year at Citigroup for almost a decade has not involved himself in very many intricate details of how the firm is being run or has a very selective memory. (Rubin gave up his $14 million annual bonus when the bank was blowing up during the financial crisis but kept his $1 million salary. According to widely circulated estimates, Rubins total compensation for his decade at Citigroup was over $120 million, for a job which he concedes included no operational role and with just two secretaries reporting to him.)

To many of the questions posed by Tom Greene, Executive Director of the FCIC, Rubin responded I dont remember. Rubin used that phrase 41 times during the interview.

At one point, Rubins own lawyer, Brad Karp, appears to nudge Rubin on his failing memory. Greene asks Rubin if he attended a tutorial for the Board of Directors on September 17, 2007 on the risk environment. Rubin answers as follows: It is interesting. I dont remember either going or not going.  Karp then says to Rubin: Bob, they have the minutes of this meeting

Continue reading the article

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Guest Post: Understanding the Limits and Potential of Blockchain Technology "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Guest Post: Understanding the Limits and Potential of Blockchain Technology

The promise of blockchain technology is coming to the forefront and capturing the imaginations of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators alike. But what many people do not know is how perilous the blockchain journey ahead still is. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors; enterprise investors must do their due diligence in navigating these choppy waters making the right investments in the right blockchain technologies to unlock that promised potential.

To make the correct investments, we need to adopt a framework to evaluate them. Having a framework also means having the necessary inputs. What follows in this article are some of these key inputs.

If you are considering making technology investments, think about the end state: your vision. How will this technology fit within your existing technology infrastructure? You need to put on your far- and short-sighted glasses: First, what will the near future (12 years) of the blockchain ecosystem look like? Second, how will this blockchain technology integrate with your existing infrastructure? Does it complement your technology investments thus far? Does it mitigate or add to any burdens in your existing technological landscape? All of these questions should inform your purchasing decision.

As an integration consultant and a blockchain architect, my role is to help clients determine what is in the realm of possibility for them and what is not. Questions surrounding scalability, integration points, data interoperability and security are not easy questions to answer, but they must be considered. Some potential investors will be blinded by the sheer potential (or hype) of the technology and will completely ignore these realities. As appealing as blockchain technology is, its not for everyone. Some enterprise investors are not at the maturity stage to adopt it yet, and this is not an easy pill to swallow.

Blockchain is a nascent technology and much work is still being done in the areas of interoperability (e.g., ISO/TC 307, Ripple ILP, Hyperledger Quilt, etc...


Media Vilification of Alleged Texas Shooter "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Media Vilification of Alleged Texas Shooter | texas-church-shooting-15-ap-jc-171105_4x3_992 | Mainstream Media US News

Investigators work at the scene of a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Nov. 5, 2017.

Alleged Sutherland Springs, Texas gunman Devin Kelley was lethally shot, reportedly fleeing from the First Baptist Church crime scene, the deadliest mass-shooting in state history.

Lots of questions remain unanswered, including motive, multiple gunmen possibly involved, and why church worshipers were attacked.

When these type incidents happen, cable TV channels report on them round-the-clock, blocking out most other stories, coverage pronouncing alleged assailants guilty by accusation, alternative views suppressed.

Print media stories are just as disturbing biased, not fair and objective. Below are biased Tuesday headlines from Americas three leading broadsheets:

The New York Times:

Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons

Texas Gunman Broke Childs Skull and Assaulted Wife in Troubled Life

Witnesses Describe Shooting in Texas Church

One Minute They Were a Family Praying in Church. The Next, Eight of Them Were Dead

Similar Times reports were published Monday, much more likely to come from the Times and other media scoundrels.

Washington Post:

Air Force failure enabled Texas gunman to obtain firearms

Ex-service member should have been barred from buying guns, but FBI was not alerted to his history

Gunman had hurt people and animals years before mass shooting

Texas massacre followed domestic dispute involving gunmans family, officials say no evidence cited.

The lives lost in Sutherland Springs, Tex

In Sutherland Springs, Texas, a mass shooting d...


Export-Led Growth on the Wane in East Asia "IndyWatch Feed"

The boom era of low-cost manufacturing is at an end. Can Asias developing economies adjust?


The secret of Trumps enduring appeal to some "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

After Tuesdays losses, some political commentators are wondering if Donald Trump is finally losing support among his base. Michael Kruse recently visited the town of coal and steel town of Johnstown, PA, a year after he and Trump visited it at a campaign stop where Trump promised to bring back the coal and steel industries. Kruse says that even though Trump has not delivered on any of the promises that he made to them in his campaign stop, the people he spoke to last year still back him, mainly because Trump attacks the people that they hate, and they take at face value Trumps insistent declarations of success no matter the reality and his inveterate blame-shifting.

At a raucous rally in late October, right downtown in their minor-league hockey arena, he vowed to restore the mines and the mills that had been the lifeblood of the region until they started closing some 40 years ago, triggering the American carnage Trump would talk about in his inaugural address: massive population loss, shrinking tax rolls, communal hopelessness and ultimately a raging opioid epidemic. When Trump won, people here were ecstatic. But theyd heard generations of politicians make big promises before, and they were also impatient for him to deliver.

Six months to a year, catering company owner Joey Del Signore told me when we met days after the election. A couple months, retired nurse Maggie Frear said, before saying it might take a couple of years. Hes just got to follow through with what he said he was going to do, Schilling said last November. Back then, there was an all-but-audible or else.

But what I wasnt prepared for was how readily these same people had abandoned the contract he had made with them. Their satisfaction with Trump now seems untethered to the things they once said mattered to them the most.

I dont know that he has done a lot to help, Frear told me. Last year, she said she wouldnt vote for him again if he didnt do what he said he was going to do. Last week, she matter-of-factly stated that she would. Support Trump? Sure, she said. I like him.

When I asked Del Signore about the past year here, he said he didnt see any change because we got a new president. He nonetheless remains an ardent proponent. Hes our answer.

I asked Schilling what would happen if the next three years go the way the last one has.

Im not going to blame him, Schilling said. Absolutely not.

Is there anything that could change her mind about Trump?

Nope, she said.



No Exit: 16,000 Palestinians who have applied to leave Gaza are waiting to hear from Israel "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Israel extends processing time for exit visas from Gaza, with 16 thousand requests pending
Haaretz 9 Nov by Amira Hass Israeli bureaucracy stymies Gazans striving to get out Back in May, Israeli Liaison Office officials told the Palestinian civil affairs committee in Gaza that aside from urgent cases, the processing time for exit-permit applications would grow from 24 working days to between 50 and 70 (regardless of whether the answer was positive or negative). Working days dont include Fridays, Saturdays or Jewish holidays. This was another step in a trend toward greater restrictions on Gazans freedom of movement that first became evident in late 2015. Israels Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories published the new rules only five months later, in October. And the maximum time for processing an application proved even longer than Palestinian officials had originally been told: 23 working days for requests to leave for nonurgent medical care; 50 days for visiting sick relatives in the West Bank or Israel or attending weddings, work meetings, conferences and embassy or consulate appointments; and 70 days for studying, doing a medical residency, trading in Israel or going abroad. But to attend funerals in Israel, answers were promised immediately Over the past year, some 16,000 applications to leave Gaza have piled up at the Israeli Liaison Office and still await a reply. Thats what COGAT told the Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement in response to a freedom-of-information request. COGAT didnt tell either Gisha or Haaretz how long ago these applications were filed. But the Palestinian civil affairs committee said 14,000 of the applications it has passed on to Israel since the start of the year have yet to receive a response. These include 3,052 applications by people over 60, 5,533 by merchants (including 400 over age 60) and 3,372 by people seeking to pass through Israel en route to Jordan (including 383 people over 60 and 315 students).

Violence / Detentions West Bank / Jerusalem / Israel

Israeli kindergarten raid terrifies Palestinian kids
OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM (Al Jazeera) 7 Nov by Jacklynn Ashly Teachers and parents have decried a raid on a school by Israeli forces that resulted in the arrests of the schools deputy principal and three teachers. Israeli police entered the Zahwa al-Quds kindergarten and primary scho...


antifa notes (november 10, 2017) : Patriot Blue & Phill Galea "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1) Patriot Blue For those of you coming in late, Patriot Blue is the name under which local (Melbourne) racist Neil Erikson (& Co) currently performs political stunts principally in order to film them and upload them to his Continue reading


Granite Belt brings winter charm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jacky winter, Wallangarra.

A drive out to the Stanthorpe region with a friend on Wednesday provided me with my first ever sighting of an Australian bird icon, the jacky winter (Microeca fascinans).

A member of the Australian robin family, the jacky winter is a bush emblem that goes by a variety of names around the country, some of which pay tribute to its lovely song (peter peter) and others which reflect its habits (stump-sitter, post-boy).

Jacky winters, Wallangarra.

This charming bird is also known for the absurdly scanty nest it builds, which amounts to just a tiny saucer of twigs, bark and cobwebs in the bare branches of a tree.

I was privileged to see this spectacle for myself, as the pair of birds foraging in the grassy woodland surrounding me were doing so to fill the belly of their offspring in a eucalypt about forty metres away.



7 Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Now Dead Within 1 Month of Attack "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

One month on from the Las Vegas shooting massacre on October 1st, and we still have no satisfactory answers for horrific events that took place at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. The mainstream media has all but given up on reporting on the attacks, now that it seems as though the public has swallowed []


Ruggedman fires Blackface, says 2face owes him nothing "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ace Rapper and Sept. 20 Clothings Boss, Ruggedman has responded to some comments made by ex-plantashun boiz member, Blackface, during a recent interview with PulseTV. Ruggedman, who apparently felt offended by comments made by Blackface took to his Instagram page to bare his mind and call out the singer, below is what he wrote on IG: My dear Blackface Naija, I greet you. I saw your little interview on Pulse and decided to take a little time off to answer your call. I have been doing my best in setting...

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Please tell the FEC why you support more sunshine in online political ads "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Transparency and accountability in our politics have never been more important, and yet structural changes in how the public accesses and shares information has introduced more shadows instead of sunshine into public discourse. Its clear that electioneering is taking place online, but whos behind the communications is opaque, and the people buying the ads arent always filing with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

That should change, and YOU can do something about it. Today is the last day for the public to take a stand and tell our nations top campaign regulator that our democracy needs to be updated for the 21st century.

The FEC asked the public what it should do. In answer, we urge you to submit a comment to the FEC asking the agency to revise its rules on disclaimers on certain communications made over the Internet. This video, embedded below, explains how to do it online:

Our own filing will look a lot like the post youre reading right now, founded in the same principles that we have advanced for over a decade. Weve noticed that the FEC submission form appears to be experiencing issues, perhaps due to high vo...


For the Moment Im Okay "IndyWatch Feed National"

Not that they arent trying to murder me with their weapons but Im okay for the moment


What happened to Scienceblogs? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Greg Laden has some answers there are a few things he mentions that I did not know about.

Also, hes got a list of where some of the old scienceblogs sites have moved to. Ive pulled those urls out and put them on the blogroll on the sidebar to the left, under the category Scienceblogs Diaspora. Dont forget them, the network may have vanished into the ther, but the authors are still tap-tap-tapping away!


Turnbull Government employment services program a mess "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Meanwhile in Australian Minister for Employment and Liberal Senator for Western Australia  Michaelia Cashs ministerial portfolio..

The Australian, 31 October 2017:

The Coalitions flagship $7.3 billion employment services program has been branded a hopeless mess with fewer than 40 per cent of unemployed clients finding long-term work, more than a third of job agencies performing so badly they should be disqualified and warnings that fraud may go undetected.

The Australian has uncovered evidence of job agencies inducing or harassing former clients for pay slips from their new employers to claim taxpayer bonuses worth thousands of dollars each.

Agencies are handed incentive payments four weeks after a client starts a job and again at three months and cumulatively can get up to $13,750 at six months if the client stays in the job.

Fewer than 40 per cent of clients remain employed after six months and almost half of the $1.7bn the department spends on the program each year goes on administration.

An analysis by The Australian of the five-year program reveals 569 employment services sites out of 1648 around the nation have failed a measure set by the Department of Employment that requires their business be reduced or taken away entirely, but only 12 companies have had their share reduced.



Episode-56- TSP Rewind- Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

TweetToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Todays episode was originally, Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life? and was first published on Oct. 19, 2010. The following are the original show notes from that episode. A question I get often is some variation of the following. When do I stop prepping for a while and simply save some of our money? When have I invested enough into prepping and should just start blowing some money once in a while? How do I stay positive in the face of all the problems headed our way? In essence these folks are asking at the core of things. Is there hope in spite of the danger? Is it okay to just have fun in spite of what might be coming? Is there a such things as a maintenance mode as a prepper? The nice thing is the answer to those last three questions are yes, yes and yes. Join Me Today as We Discuss A quick refresher on commonality and probability Exactly what is money anyway, why do we have it What is life all about, what are we surviving for? Setting your personal goals, the big ones Time to debt freedom Time forward in self reliance Percentage of self sufficiency Where you will go if you have to leave How you want your daily life to be What you need for basic comfort What you need to be truly happy What level of physical security do you desire What level of financial security do you desire How much redundancy do you want The reasons most people wont ask these questions They require you to be 100% responsible for yourself The answers are subject to your self imposed limitations We have been conditioned to think focusing on what we want is selfish The resulting answers require massive action We all have a desire to fit in on some level, even me Your plan is going to require sacrifice for some period of time Why you can make it happen In the end you make the decisions You have the courage to ask the questions It aint as hard as they make it out to be We dont have to prepared for the end just change Resources for Todays Show Members Support Brigade TSP Gear Shop Join Our Forum Western Botanicals (sponsor of the day) Ready Made Resources (sponsor of the day) Members Support Brigade Ron Hoods Magazine Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one mans opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air. Join the MSB Today Want Every Episode of TSP Ever Produced? Remember in addition to discounts to over 40 vendors who supply stuff you are likely buying anyway, tons of free ebooks and video content, MSB Members also get every edition of The Survival Podcast ever produced in convenient zip files in blocks of 24. More info on the MSB can be found here.

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Thursday, 09 November


Here Are The Real Reasons Syria Decided To Sign The Paris Climate Deal "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Its all over the news: Syria has joined the Paris climate agreement, leaving the United States as the only country in the world that is not a signatory. Many observers and commentators are using this as an opportunity to chastise America for holding out where a roundly abhorred government has given in. But the questions people should really be asking are why Syria joined the Paris agreement and why it chose to do so now, two years after the agreement was first adopted. The answer is simple. Syria is seeking international legitimacy.

No doubt, copy editors across the mainstream media relished the chance to write headlines like, As Syria Joins Paris Climate Agreement, US Stands Alone or As Syria Embraces Paris Climate Deal, Its the United States Against the World, emphasizing Americas isolation over climate change and juxtaposing Syria as the good guy with the United States as the bad guy. After all, if even Syria is signing on, how bad does that make America?

Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted, Today at the international climate talks, Syria joined the Paris Climate Agreement. Thanks to Trump, the U.S. is now the only one out. Many other lawmakers and activists shared those sentiments on Twitter, including one group that noted in a video that even Syria, in the middle of a bloody civil war, still made time to prioritize climate change.

Know What the United States Doesnt Do? Gas Its People

No doubt, Syrias Bashar al Assad is enjoying this moment. The villain par excellence, who has been engaged in a brutal war against his own people for six years, can sit back and watch as the world bludgeons the Trump administration and mocks the idea of American exceptionalism. But even more enjoyable to Syrias authoritarian leader is that while everyone is busy dumping on America, they are distracted from his real purpose in signing onto the Paris agreement. No, its not that he cares so very much about the environment and working for the good of mankind. Hardly.

Assads motivations are entirely self-serving. The first is fairly straightforward. Sign...


Free School Holiday Music & Performing Arts Program "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Dear Newlanders,

The Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy is offering 5 free places in their upcoming summer school holiday program.

You can register here:

They are also offering 25% early bird discount if booked and paid for by December 1st. You can email us directly and please remember to quote early bird

We look forward to hearing from you:


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


We have a 4-month-old silky bantam rooster called Sushi, which weve only just discovered is a rooster. 

Looking for a home as we are just not vigilant enough to keep him. 

Please text 0432 361 038 if youre interested in taking him away.



Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE MANUS STANDING STRONG; Hundreds of Manus refugees and asylum seekers are staging a protest in Mike compound where the fences have been pulled down. (Photos attached.) Meanwhile, in Port Moresby, appeal documents have been lodged with the Supreme Court to appeal against the Chief Justice decision not to grant injunction(...)


Cheap Tricks: The Low Cost of Internet Harassment "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was 10 a.m. on a hot, humid Tuesday in August when I decided I could finally relax. After a frantic weekend of finishing a big story and typing so much that my forearms tingled I needed to decompress.

I placed my phone on do not disturb, turned on my air conditioner and blissfully spent an hour contorting myself into various poses on the yoga mat next to my bed.

Precisely at 11 a.m., my yoga routine finished, I turned my phone back on to see a text message from my colleague Lauren Kirchner: I am under some kind of email attack.

I was chagrined but not surprised. Lauren had been harassed all weekend, a result of an article we had co-authored about companies such as PayPal, Newsmax and Amazon whose technologies enabled extremist websites to profit from their hateful views. Simply in the interest of journalistic fairness, Lauren had sought comment from about 70 websites designated as hateful by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

In return, her voicemail and her email inbox were filled with threats and insults. Her Twitter mentions were filled with people criticizing her appearance. Several of the sites she contacted posted negative articles about her, calling her a fascist and a troll. Alarmed, she had asked the security guards in our building to not let anyone into the office who asked for her.

But then I looked at my inbox and realized that something troubling was happening to me too: 360 emails had poured in while I was pretzeling myself. Every single one was a confirmation of a newsletter subscription or account sign-up from a website Id never heard of.

Thanks for signing up, here is your coupon! an email from the Nature Hills Nursery said. Please Confirm Subscription Fintirement said. Account details for xvwgnagycdm 1992 at are pending admin approval, a Montessori organization in Australia said.

I am under some kind of email attack as well. Jesus, I texted Lauren. Then I messaged my colleague Jeff Larson, who had shared a byline with Lauren and me on the article. His inbox was flooded too. Fortunately the inbox of our part-time colleague Madeleine Varner, who also had a byline but whose email address is not published on our website, was quiet.

As a reporter who has covered technology for more than two decades, I am familiar with the usual forms of internet harassment gangs that bring down a website, haters who post your home address online, troll armies that hurl insults on a social network. But Id never encountered this type of email onslaught before. I wa...


Tree-huggers, Trees and Forests "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Navigating the current world of torrential actual news never mind the copious fake stuff is becoming increasingly difficult. With traditional common sense under constant attack by sensory overload, sidestepping the numerous trees placed before us in order to perceive the larger forest remains the big challenge.

A short salutary omnibus of key news as reported in the last day or so might illustrate the point. One of the latest headlines crossing NPR feeds stated bluntly: Massive Government Report Says Climate is Warming And Humans Are the Cause. Ignoring for the moment  intricate arcana of American checks and balances, it is hard to square that with the US governments dominant denialist narrative, dismissive of any tree-huggers blocking economic growth. Perplexed, we might then turn to the next worthy government-related headline on promoting growth: the tax reform proposal. This is the one where, in the words of Sen. Sanders, Donald Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress are [] trying to push through one of the most horrific and destructive budget and tax proposals in the history of our country.  So, we might reasonably and naively conclude that such twin calamities, stated in no uncertain terms, would mobilize Sanders progressive allies to the max. Until we flip the channel again

Instead, there we find the ongoing saga of alleged Russian interference into the sacrosanct US electoral process, with the those (mostly Democratic) senatorial allies engaged in it with apodictic, magisterial certainty this time ostensibly directed at the complicit/lax behavior by the social media trio of giant darlings of both The Valley and The Street.  Never short of his SNL-style comic flare, Sen. Al Franken amusingly proceeds to grill the Facebook corporate counsel although its not quite clear whether the inconvenient fact that these sophisticated foreign operatives paid for their foul ads with dead-giveaway Russian roubles and/or N. Korean wons (instead of some crypto-currency or honest-to-God greenbacks) is part of the skit, or some even more sinister Ruskie strategy  But the combination of the witness salubrious, patriotic prepared remarks (slightly self-flagellating, very self-regulating) and bumbling evasive answers would still indicate that we might be on to something and looking at the right tree. Until we notice the next news piece

Here, CBS news anchor Elaine Quijano focuses on the horrendous Manhattan massacre, and the question of how the perpetrator might have been radicalized. From her conversation with a bona fide expert (Haroon Ullah), we learn of massive Twitter traffic by radical terror-preachers, that ISIS and people affiliated with ISIS use social media to find outsize influence beyond any borders, and that therefore many believe the group is actually winning.  These are serious words. Also, they sug...


Little school, big heart "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  WELSHPOOL and District Primary School held their Grade 4/5/6 Big Event on Wednesday November 1. All visitors were warmly greeted at the gate by the students and led into []

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Demolition of old Foster Shire Office "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE old Shire Office building in Pioneer Street Foster will be demolished after inspections revealed that the building required extensive structural repairs to be suitable for future use. The building []

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Plain sailing for transition "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ESSO has a long and proud history in the Gippsland area spanning over five decades, said Barry Beach Marine Terminal Superintendent, Mark Duthie. He was speaking at a Stakeholder/Community Liaison []

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INCOGNITO: LIVE REVIEW NOVEMBER 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER, 2017 (late show)

Reviewed by PARIS POMPOR
Photos by RIZWAN OMAR (Cyan Pepper)

incognito bluey basement sydney 2017

Ill admit, before heading to The Basement tonight, that I was struggling to remember the names of the Incognito tunes I liked. Not because there werent any, but because like many of the groups who broke out to varying degrees of global acclaim during Britains 90s jazz-funk craze, Id obviously also filed Incognito memories away. Presumably they were lost in the same rusty bottom drawer in the back of my mind where other bands I associated with Eddie Piller were disintegrating. That was a big mistake.

Piller head of the 90s movements flagship label Acid Jazz to my ear often promoted the blandest of bands: groups who thought a fairly pedestrian five-minute sax or flute solo was a good substitute for melody. The same bands also thought little about the art of music arrangement or the thrill of surprising the listener, opting instead to vamp endlessly on a Rhodes or vibes preset over some jazzy guitar chords played through a wah-wah pedal. They usually proved to be neither jazz (unless youre willing to include folks like Kenny G in that category) nor induce anything nearing the effects produced by dropping acid. To be fair, Piller did introduce many listeners to the Brand New Heavies. Before slowly losing their appeal, that band gave us their still-strong sophomore LP Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol 1, which featured everyone from Gang Starr to Grand Puba and The Pharcyde on mic duties. There wasnt a lot else pushing the envelope on his label, which is probably why Aussie group Crisp (fronted by the young, yet to be mega-star vocalist Sia) said no thanks to Pillers offer of signing-on and waving farewell to Adelaide, and also why co-label founder Gilles Peterson soon exited to set up his own label Talkin Loud. Its on that particular label that Incognito found themselves a world-wide audience.

I should have remembered that Jean-Paul Maunick (aka Bluey)  and his Incognito project was a far more interesting and sophisticated affair than many of the bands acid jazz movement...


Great Barrier Reef fish protection works "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This 2015 video is called Australias Great Barrier Reef || Full Documentary with subtitles.


Great Barrier Reef protected zones help fish in even lightly exploited areas

Fish biomass up to five times greater compared to unprotected zones at northernmost reefs

November 8, 2017

Protected zones of the Great Barrier Reef benefit fish even at the relatively lightly-fished northern reefs, according to a study published November 8, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Carolina Castro-Sanguino from the University of Queensland, Australia, and colleagues.

The Australian Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the largest network of marine reserves in the world, and includes both no fishing (no-take) and no-entry zones as well as fished areas. The authors of the present study analyzed the effect of such policies in the relatively lightly-fished northernmost regions. They measured, counted and calculated the biomass of commonly-fished species found at 31 northern, central and southern reefs in the area north of Cooktown, as well as assessing the seabed habitat at these sites.

The authors found that fish biomass was up to five times greater in protected zones which prevented fishing, whether they had no-take or no-entry policies. The most remote northern reefs had greater fish biomass than more southern zones, regardless of the zones policies, and the authors speculate that poaching may be common in southern reserves. They also found indication that fishers may frequently operate at reserves boundaries to exploit the increased fish biomass in these reserves.

The specific seabed habitat of different reefs had a strong effect on the amounts and types of fish found, making it impossible for the researchers to discern any distinct effects of no-take versus no-entry policies. Nonetheless, they did find clear differences in biomass between protected and unprotected areas, despite this region being generally fished relatively lightly. They state that this illustrates the high sensitivity to fishing of many species, reinforcing the case for their protection.

Even in remote reef habitats, m...


Surveillance Australia / Australian Border Force (ABF) Cobham Aviation-operated Dash-8-315Q MPA VH-ZZG "Borderforce 66" Spotted at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

On Thursday 2 November, Surveillance Australia / Australian Border Force (ABF) Cobham Aviation-operated Dash-8-315Q MPA VH-ZZG was spotted parked on the Northern end of the parking apron at Rockhampton Airport.

VH-ZZG has been noted operating in and out of Rockhampton Airport during the week.  It has been heard to be using its 'usual' radio callsign of "Borderforce 66".

Information suggests that the ABF Dash-8 aircraft are returning to Rocky now that all the recent military exercises have been completed which limited the available parking at Rockhampton Airport.  During this time, various ABF Dash-8's have been noted operating from Bundaberg Airport.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Kayanne H for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


New Sinister Law Allows Australian Police to Listen in on Phones and Smart Devices Even Your FRIDGE "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Passed not so long ago by parliament in Queensland, Australia, Australian police have been granted the power to turn smart phones, fridges and speakers into listening devices. Read More



Sometimes choosing the road less travelled takes courage

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SEBI Fines Gujarat CM Rupanis HUF for Manipulative Trading "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Vijay Rupanis HUF has been asked to shell out Rs 15 lakh.

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani. Credit: PTI

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani. Credit: PTI

Mumbai: Capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has charged 22 entities, including Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupanis Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), for manipulative trades in little-known company Sarang Chemicals.

The regulator has imposed separate penalties amounting to Rs 6.9 crore on the 22 entities, which SEBI investigation found were connected or related. Rupanis HUF has been asked to pay Rs 15 lakh, while three other individuals would have to shell out Rs 70 lakh or more each. SEBI says the penalties are commensurate with the violations. Among the 22 entities, there are two brokers (noticee number 21 and 22) through whom the trades were executed. They have been asked to pay a penalty of Rs 8 lakh each.

The alleged manipulative transactions were done between January 2011 and June 2011 the investigation period. Rupani took charge as Gujarat chief minister in August 2016.

In May 2016, SEBI had issued a common show cause notice to the 22 entities alleging violations under SEBI Prohibition of Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices (PFUTP) relating to the securities market.

The Rupani HUF was noticee number 18 in the matter. Telephone calls, emails and messages to Rupani and his office went unanswered. Business Standard verified Rupanis HUF permanent account number that SEBI mentioned with his affidavit on the E...


Deep-sea fish eyes, new research "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This video from Australia says about itself:

New twilight eye cells discovered in fish

7 November 2017

A new type of cell has been found in the eye of a deep-sea fish, and scientists say the discovery opens a new world of understanding vision in a variety of light conditions.

QBI scientists found the new cell type in the deep-sea pearlside fish (Maurolicus spp.), which have an unusual visual system adapted for twilight conditions.

From the University of Queensland in Australia:

Deep-sea fish reveals twilight trick

A new type of cell has been found in the eye of a deep-sea fish

November 8, 2017

Summary: A new type of cell has been found in the eye of a deep-sea fish, and scientists say the discovery opens a new world of understanding about vision in a variety of light conditions. Scientists found the new cell type in the deep-sea pearlside fish (Maurolicus spp.), which have an unusual visual system adapted for twilight conditions.

A new type of cell has been found in the eye of a deep-sea fish, and scientists say the discovery opens a new world of understanding about vision in a variety of light conditions.

University of Queensland scientists found the new cell type in the deep-sea pearlside fish (Maurolicus spp.), which have an unusual visual system adapted for twilight conditions.

Dr Fanny de Busserolles at UQs Queensland Brain Institute said the retina of most vertebrate animals including humans contained two photoreceptor types: rods for vision in dim light, and cones for daytime vision. Each had different light-sensitive proteins.

Deep-sea fish, which live at ocean depths below 200m, are generally only active in the dark, so most species have lost all their cones in favour of light-sensitive rods, Dr de Busserolles said.

Pearlsides differed in that they were mostly active at dusk and dawn, close to the waters surface where light levels are intermediate.

Previously it was thought that pearlsides had retinas composed entirely of rods, but o......


The Mayors of Bolingbrook: Robert Schanks (1968) (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The year was 1968, the year after the summer of love. Residents were falling in love with their new homes. Visitors flocked to Bolingbrook to read the far out stories in the Babbler. Publisher John Olson loved his expanding staff, and the Babblers new office across from Toturas foods.

Nineteen-sixty-eight was also the year of violence and chaos. Inside Bolingbrook, space hippies tired to corrupt the minds of our children. Outside, unsavory elements edged on by communist mind control satellites, rioted in the streets of Chicago. Young people turned to crime, rock music, and drugs. 

Bolingbrook residents demanded order. Bolingbrooks politicians delivered: They founded the first police department in 1968. Trustee Robert Schanks then led a rebellion against Village President Jack Leonard to buy a new police car.

Then later in the year, Schanks unleashed Bolingbrooks ultimate tool for law and order. He introduced it during his first and only in-depth interview with the Babbler.

Village President Schanks unveils the Men in Blue!
A Bolingbrook Babbler exclusive!

We were warned to expect something unusual when Village President Robert Schanks summed us in for an exclusive. So we hid one reporter in his office while another reporter conducted the interview. As you will see, our hidden reporter came out with the story Schanks doesnt want you to read!

(Update 2017: Revision based on a clearer copy of the original issue.)

Schanks: Thank you for coming here on short notice.

Reporter: No problem. Ive always wanted to interview you, but you never returned my calls!

Schanks: Are you the one who calls around midnight?

Reporter: You bet. Because you never take my calls at work, before work, during dinner, after dinner

Schanks: I get the picture.

Reporter: So, is it true that the Bolingbrook police will be given special training to deal with the local space hippie commune?

Schanks (chuckles): No. I have something better.

(Two men, wearing blue sunglasses and blue suits walk into the office.)

Reporter: Wow. Those are some far out suits!

Schanks: Behold! The Men in Blue. They are Bolingbrooks newest weapon against alien criminals and those who would expose Clow UFO base.

Reporter: Um, I think the suits are cool, but dont you think they would stand out Especially around all the corn fields? Wont people start asking questions, and then turn to the Babbler for answers?

Schanks: Of course theyll stand out. Its so theyll distract residents from the Girls in Green.........


Millennials Are Big On Bitcoin (But Over 65s Not So Sure) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Millennials Are Big On Bitcoin (But Over 65s Not So Sure)

Its become fashionable to malign millennials for killing everything from dinner dates to department stores. If the results of a recent survey are anything to go by, theres another victim that can be added to that lengthy list fiat currency. According to a newly released survey, over 50% of millennials have a positive view of bitcoin and are twice as likely to own it compared to other age groups.

Also read: Dennis Gartman Calls Bitcoin the Millennial Answer to Gold

Millennial Enthusiasm for Bitcoin Surpasses All Other Demographics

Over 2,000 US adults were quizzed by Harris Poll in one of the most wide-ranging bitcoin surveys to date. The poll, which was conducted between October 18th and 20th, provides a fascinating insight into how adults of all ages perceive bitcoin. It is among 18-34-year-olds however millennials that the greatest divergence from the rest of the population is seen.

Digital Currency for a Digital Generation

Youth might be wasted on the young as the adage goes, but bitcoin doesnt appear to have passed them by. Not only do twice as many millennials own bitcoin as the rest of the population (4% versus 2%), almost a third claim theyre likely to buy bitcoin in the next five years, versus just 19% of all Americans.

Spencer Bogart, managing director with Blockchain Capital, stated:



New Sinister Law Allows Australian Police to Listen in on Phones and Smart Devices Even Your FRIDGE "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Passed not so long ago by parliament in Queensland, Australia, Australian police have been granted the power to turn smart phones, fridges and speakers into listening devices.

Using existing technology, it will be done through the police remotely installing software into these smart devices for surveillance purposes.

Ian Stewart, Queensland polices chief commissioner stated in so many words that the new state law will help police combat terrorism Thus, the surveillance will only be used for terrorist related purposes.

However, how many Australian citizens know that worldwide we are being subjected to more and more false flag terrorism, so that the powers that be can expand their matrix of world control, introducing more unjust draconian laws as a consequence, in a Big Brother/Sister totalitarian police state?

Read Entire Article


Senator Could Move Same-Sex Marriage Bill Next Week After Yes Vote "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Liberal senator Dean Smith has said he will move his marriage equality bill as soon as practically possible after a yes vote is known, as conservatives continue efforts to delay the passage of legislation. The bill, developed by Smith (pictured) out of a cross-party inquiry and backed by other Coalition MPs, includes provisions allowing civil ...

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Skater Harley Windsor set to become first Indigenous Winter Olympian "IndyWatch Feed National"

FIGURE skater Harley Windsor will become Australias first Indigenous winter Olympian when he pairs with new citizen Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The duo qualified for Australia as a pairs berth at the February Games and their selections have been confirmed alongside fellow figure skaters Brendan Kerry and Kailani Crane, who will compete individually. The quartet are the first confirmed Australian team selections for the Winter Games. Windsor, 21, and Alexandrovskaya are the 2017 World Junion champions, the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medallists, and 2017 Australian national champions.


Indigenous Education Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM)


Free family film day "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

While the sites been quite for a while I hope youve been keeping in touch with whats going on at HBK via fbook.

But if you havent seen it there heres a cool event you might want to ride along to. But dont worry if cycling the family to Mt. Nelson is a bit too hard youll be able to spin the legs when you get there and help power the entertainment.


Happy cycling, HBK


Aboriginal Heritage, Nowra Bridge Project "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

NSW Government Roads and Maritime Services


CIA's bin Laden files stunt raises more questions than it answers "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Iran hawks in the Trump administration have orchestrated the latest release of documents via a neoconservative think tank to link al-Qaeda to Iran

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Wednesday, 08 November


Australia might water down illegal logging laws heres why its a bad idea "IndyWatch Feed"

Illegal logging is an immensely profitable global activity, linked to corruption, human rights abuses, criminal networks, and environmental destruction. A 2017 study by the Global Financial Integrity ranked illegal logging as the third largest global crime in value, after counterfeiting and drug trafficking.

Australia imports roughly A$8.1 billion worth of timber products a year, and according to estimates from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, up to A$800 million comes from sources with some risk of being illegally logged.

Yet the federal government is currently considering significantly weakening regulation that prevent the import of illegal timber. Companies will be less likely to know where their wood comes from, and consumers will have less assurance that they are buying products from a legitimate source.

The proposed reform will require amendments to the 2012 Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation. Once the changes are introduced, the parliament has 15 sitting days to disallow the changes.


Major change

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has proposed significant changes to our timber import rules, with the aim of reducing the costs for businesses to comply with regulations. The proposal is to introduce a deemed to comply arrangement for certain private certification schemes.

Under current laws, businesses need to assess and manage the risk that imported timber or wood products may have been illegally logged. This is known as due diligence, and applies to timber imports worth A$1,000 or more.

The deemed to comply provisions assume that an importer has complied with the regulations, in some cases without actual checks and proofs of legality. This will exempt companies from undertaking their own due diligence.

But the Australian government recognizes that certification schemes still face challenges in dealing with deliberate fraudulent activity. Given the prevalence of bribery in illegal logging, it is not uncommon for illegally logged timber to have the...

Monday, 06 November


Live Jazz Events in Sydney (this week) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Submit your Jazz gigs to

 Also check  www.facebook/livejazzinsydney

Monday, 6 November 2017

Jazz & Latin Open Mic Jam: The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Rd, POTTS POINT (7pm, contact Host)

Jazz Jam & Games Night: Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, SURRY HILLS (8.30pm, 0419-294755)

Paul Sun (Duo): Macchiato Pizza Bar & Grill, 338 Pitt St, SYDNEY City (7-10pm, 02-92629525)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


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