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Wednesday, 06 February

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Tuesday, 05 February


Imports dive as well "IndyWatch Feed"

Imports crunched too

I've lost count of the number of poor releases for the economy in December - about half a dozen or so - and although it was barely reported today you can add the trade figures to that list.

Nothing too much wrong with exports, with LNG going almost vertical, and further strength in coal and iron ore. 

Exports did drop a couple of per cent in the month due to a billion-dollar drop in gold exports, but I guess that won't be sustained in 2019. 

And indeed, over the year, export values in Aussie dollar terms have never been higher.

On the other hand imports nosedived by some 6 per cent in December, resulting in an mammoth $3.7 billion trade surplus, the second greatest ever monthly trade surplus in Australia. 

Even on a trend basis it's up, up, and away...but a crash in imports is nothing to celebrate. 

Big trade surpluses being notched in Queensland, thanks to LNG, and huge surpluses in Western Australia. 



Laughing all the way to the banks "IndyWatch Feed"

Banks go ape

As mentioned yesterday the moment I skimmed the final Royal Commission report, this was to be quite some day for bank stocks.

And so it was...

On a more considered inspection the Reserve Bank did acknowledge some downside risks for the economy, uncertainty around household spending, and the potentially negative impact of falling house prices in some cities. 

Inflation is supposed to hit 2 per cent this year and 2 per cent by 2020, but increasingly that feels a little more like hope than expectation. 

But today mainly belonged to the bankers.

AMP was up almost 10 per cent at the close, and Westpac closed up by more than 7 per cent. 

On the other hand Mortgage Choice closed down at just 78 cents, a far cry from above $3.00 in the not-too-distant past.

And mortgage aggregator AFG saw all but a third of its market cap wiped away during today's trade, with the stock price having fallen by more than half since last February. 

No advice here, but in my opinion that will prove to be a market overreaction in time. 


Multi-culti Arabic cultural enrichment as road signs mowed down by 4WD in western Sydney "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Australia is a richer nation". I've asked NSW Police to let us know whether the offenders have been brought to justice. @nswpolice Is NSW Police aware of this video which records evidence of criminal damage offences apparently committed in Auburn, NSW? Have charges been laid? Michael Smith News...


A Chinese New Years Day, Sydney, 1899 "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Saturday, 18 February 1899, Sydneys Evening News published A Chinese New Years Day, an illustrated article that gave a (white male) journalists impressions of the new year celebrations held by Sydneys Chinese community a week earlier. The new year ushered in that February was, like 2019, a Year of the Pig. The article, transcribed


Canavan takes cheap shots at the UN for Adani "IndyWatch Feed"



Tuesday 5 February 2019

Minister Matt Canavan running a protection racket for Adani, takes cheap shots at the United Nations


FOR DAYS weve been entertained by the spectacle of Resources Minister Matt Canavan running a protection racket for Adani, while taking cheap shots at the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

A letter he relies on, supposedly from the traditional owners and rebuking the UN for...


The CIS and social democracy "IndyWatch Feed"

Readers may be familiar with the concepts of subtweeting and vaguebooking, referring to social media posts which are clearly aimed at someone in particular who is, however, unnamed. (Theres nothing specifically new media in this the Oz does it pretty regularly, for example.)

Ive just had the reverse experience. An article in the Guardian by Eugenie Joseph of the Centre for Independent Studies starts out by linking to my piece on a (partially) socialist utopia, also in the Guardian. I assumed, reasonably enough I thought, that Joseph would offer some kind of critique of my piece.

Reading on, however, it became clear that far from offering a critique, she hadnt even read it. That at least saves me from the trouble of writing a detailed response. Ill just note a few of the weakest points, and leave it at that.

Most obviously, Joseph and the CIS want to have it both ways: when playing defence, she ascribes to capitalism all the good things that have occurred in the last 200 years, , even though social democratic governments and public institutions played a central role in many of them. But the rest of the time, the CIS interprets the term capitalism in terms of free markets and a minimal state. This kind of bait and switch has been christened, the Two-Step of Terrific Triviality by my Crooked Timber co-blogger John Holbo.

As an example, Joseph claims, that capitalism has given us our mobile phones, the internet, vaccines, and antibiotics. This is a quarter-truth. Capitalism can reasonably claim credit for mobile phones. But vaccines were around before capitalism, which has done a lousy job in supplying them because they are such low-profit items who wants to sell a product that costs almost nothing and is only used once in a lifetime? The Internet was developed by the universities and the non-profit sector with seed funding from the US military. Its current messy state reflects the takeover by corporations like Google and Facebook, which have recreated the walled gardens of the Internets early competitors. Antibiotics were the other way around. Penicillin was first developed by publicly funded and non-profit researchers, then produced on an industrial scale by the War Production Board in the US.

After the obligatory swipe at Venezuela, Joseph cites only one example of successful capitalism the Nordic countries, whose welfare states she mentions with approval. (When not addressing a mass...


The week in climate and nuclear news Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

This week has seen extreme weather in both North and South hemispheres. Yes, there have always been cold snaps and heat waves one in a hundred years events, but climate change is making them more frequent and more extreme.

The world seems to be taking it all too calmly, that USA and Russia are both about to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty , opening the way to a renewed arms race, and, with Putin and Trump in charge, increasing the risk of nuclear Armageddon.


Independent media is here to stay and to keep the politicians honest.



February 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1867 - The South Australian Register published the report from Mr. Gething, the medical officer recently sent to Streaky Bay, on account of the smallpox amongst the Indigenous population.

1893 - The schooner, Foam, was wrecked on Myrmidon Reef as she was returning Kanakas to the Solomon Islands. The ninety-eight persons on board just had time to make a raft by lowering the top-masts and spars over the side and cutting away all the bulwarks and deckhouses.

1896 - Henry Lawson's mother-dearest, Louisa, received the patent for a mail bag fastener today that, although freely used by the Post Office, was never acknowledged as hers nor was she showered in the dosh she was owed.

1946 - In London's The Daily Mail newspaper they advocated atomic testing in Australia. Yeah, thanks wanna come clean up your mess now?

1953 - The Sydney Morning Herald announced that,
 "15-YEAR-OLD aboriginal girl, Miss Evelyn Robinson, of Grafton, has made history for her race by becoming the first fully-certified aboriginal schoolteacher."

1972 - Members of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy drew up a petition to present to the government. In it they asked for full control of the Northern Territory including all titles to minerals, ownership of all other reserves and settlements in Australia including mineral and mining rights, preservation of all sacred lands in Australia, legal title and mining rights to areas of 'certain cities', and compensation payments for all other land taken from them.

1999 - The great Neville Bonner, the first Australian Aboriginal in Federal Parliament, passed to the stars on this day.


Bandersnatch: that game we all played "IndyWatch Feed National"

We all know the feeling of being stuck on Netflix. Exhausted by the day we had today. Exhausted by the day well have tomorrow. Stalled, browsing, waiting for something to crest above the threshold of boredom so that well click; vainly hoping that well find something good enough to entertain, but maybe not too good that we come out further fatigued.


Blue-green algae red alert at Bray Park Weir "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The treatment process used at the Bray Park Water Treatment Plant. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council says treated water from its mains supply remains safe to drink despite a red alert for blue-green algae being issued for the raw water in Bray Park Weir.

Water and wastewater manager Anthony Burnham said, Council draws water from the weir for treatment at the Bray Park Water Treatment Plant before it is distributed to our water customers, adding treated water from the mains supply remains perfectly safe to drink.

The treatment process used at the Bray Park Plant removes the potential toxins in the raw water, together with taste and odour compounds, making the treated water perfectly safe for consumption.

The raw water, however, is not safe to drink and is potentially harmful to people, pets and stock.

The red alert was issued by Water NSW today.

In its media release, Water NSW advises that the algae result for this Bray Park Weir may be representative of water holes of the Tweed and Oxley Rivers and upstream of the weir. Therefore, water users in these areas should apply a high level of caution and consider alternate water supplies for stock and domestic purposes.

Farmers pumping from the river should be extra careful to ensure they are not drawing affected water, Mr Burnham said.

The species of blue-green algae identified in the weir is potentially toxic and may cause gastroenteritis in humans if consumed and skin and eye irritations after contact.

Boiling the water will not remove the algal toxins, Mr Burnham said.

Blue-green algae occur naturally and can reproduce quickly in favourable conditions where there is still or slow-flowing water, abundant sunlight and sufficient levels of nutrients.

Currently the flows in the Tweed River are low even though we are releasing from Clarrie Hall Dam to maintain flow and supply at the weir.

Mr Burnham told Echonetdaily that extra releases from the dam to flush out the algae had been tried in the past, without much success.

You can waste a lot of water very quickly that way, he said.

Council has since invested in m...


Reflections on the psychotic archive "IndyWatch Feed National"

Archiving my psychotic experiences has been a powerful act of restitution and sense-making. For the mad have always been narrated by psychiatry; their creations collected, annotated and curated by institutions and by people who have never experienced madness themselves.


Hayne review slaps banks on the wrist "IndyWatch Feed"

  • Saying something and doing nothing
  • The recommendations are
  • Look out for the sacrificial lamb

Good news, bankers!

You may carry on with your evil banking ways.

And you, regulators?

Its also business as usual.

But this time its even better.

Not only were you able to ignore the despicable banking actions of raping and pillaging Aussie customers

now you have been charged with following up the criminal actions from the Royal Banking Commission.

You know all the powers you had before but didnt use?

Well, you get to chase them up again.

Oh and Australians, what about you?

Well, I have disappointing news for you.

Nothing is going to change.

Saying something and doing nothing

Well, wasnt that a dog and pony show?

The Royal Banking Commission took months, included 100 witnesses and some 10,323 submissions.

The banking spectacle dominated the 2018 news cycle.

Banks shares were hammered down from their April 2017 highs.

It cost taxpayers an estimated $75 million to discover our dirty banking deeds.

Yesterday, when the markets closed, the findings from Commissioner Ken Hayne were made public.

The outcome? 76 recommendations that were meant to rattle the banking sector to its core.

Except that wont happen.

Banks essentially have been given a slap on the wrist. Thats it.

The recommendations are

Haynes findings suggest ending trailing commissions for mortgage brokers on all new loans. And over the next two to three years, Hayne recommends the end of the banks paying brokers. Instead, customers should pay upfront in a fee for service model.

In the report, Hayne points to 24 cases of criminal misconduct, some of which may be aimed at the banks or individuals. National Australia Bank has copped the brunt of Hayne&rsqu...


White House announces special guests for State of the Union address - Joshua Trump is the standout pick! "IndyWatch Feed National"

My fave is young Joshua Trump - good on the President and Melania for looking after him! Special Guests for President Trumps Second State of the Union Address February 4, 2019 Here are the special guests who will join the President and First Lady at the U.S. Capitol when President...


MMT is sending us crazy the end is near hold on, not quite near "IndyWatch Feed"

The Final Report from Australias Royal Commission into to Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry was released to the public yesterday. The Commission was conducted under highly restricted terms of reference and barely scratched the surface of what goes on in this sector because the conservative federal government that was finally forced into establishing it didnt want their mates to be exposed. Even so, the Report reveals massive fraud, deception and all manner of cheating behaviour from the major players in the financial sector. But its recommendations are pathetic. It is highly likely that no-one will go to jail for their criminal misconduct and no board member will lose anything as a result of their incompetence. Yet, if an indigenous Australia commits a minor infraction they go straight to jail to not pass go! It is also clear than commentators who appear in influential media publications and predict the worse then steer their readers to financial services they offer themselves should be held to account for the veracity of their claims. If a commentator is making money from their predictions then they should be subject to professional negligence claims if these predictions are systematically incorrect. That shift in law would prevent outlandish and wrongful commentary entering the public domain and influencing the way unsuspecting and/or unknowing customers invest their savings.

Take this Forbes article (January 31, 2019) The Coming Recession Will Be Different as a case in point.

It is already running hot favourite to be the worst article for 2019, although I have no doubt that other commentators, who are tripping over themselves to claim some superior insight about the shortcomings of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), will probably trump it.

But it is bad, make no mistake.

These anti-MMT articles are coming from both sides of the debate from the Right who just havent any understanding at all, and from the progressive side, who see it as a threat to the mainstream macroeconomics they are hanging onto while claiming to be progressive.

The latter critiques are hilarious and I have dealt with them previously. But they keep popping up. Readers are told that the valid parts of MMT are well-known to New Keynesians and already part of that body of work (a lie) and the invalid parts are just loopy (and to explicate they wheel out some stupidity about Zimbabwe, usually).

Others attack MMT as not understanding politics. Well that is strange given MMT is not a political theory or praxis, which just goes to show how shallow the u...


Funds promised to help purchase Hannah Cabinet "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Geoff Hannah with his cabinet, which is on show at the Lismore Regional Gallery. (Darren Coyne)

Regional development minister John Barilaro has today announced the NSW Government will contribute $250,000 towards the acquisition of the Hannah Cabinet, citing its valuable contribution to the visitor economy and recognition of its valuable craftsmanship by a local practitioner.

The cabinet, which is the result of years of detailed work by Lismore resident and master craftsman John Hannah, is currently on exhibition at Lismore Regional Gallery.

The gallerys fundraising committee is seeking to purchase the cabinet for the gallery and has so far collected some $360,000 towards the piece which is valued at more than $1 million.

The gallery offered big thanks to Thomas George MP and [Lismore Nationals candidate] Austin Curtin for facilitating this, and to the fundraising committee in particular Gaela Hurford and Brian Henry, on its Facebook page.

Its not immediately clear whether the grant money will be currently available or is contingent on the governments re-election in March.

But not to be outdone, Lismore Labor candidate Janelle Saffin and shadow arts minister Walt Secord are also offering to match the Coalition governments figure.

The cabinets maker, Geoff Hannah OAM was born and raised in the Northern Rivers. He started his own business in 1973.

On receiving a Churchill Fellowship in 1980 he travelled to France and England and studied furniture at the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The purchase of the cabinet for the permanent collection will be a first for Australia never before has an iconic work of art, been housed in the town where it was created by a local renown master craftsman.


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Australia Has One Of The Oldest Human-Made Structures On Earth. Meh? #NMFHPOTAE "IndyWatch Feed National"

We love our history in Australia. Just so long as its white. Chris Graham explains.

Just over a week ago, shortly after I set off on the New Matilda Fantastical Historical Political Outback Tour Aboriginal Edition (#NMFHPOTAE), news broke that the grave of Matthew Flinders had been discovered underneath a railway station in London. Flinders, of course, was regarded as one of Australias great early explorers and the first European to circumnavigate the continent.

The story broke the day before Australia Day, when we celebrate the arrival of the British and the date marking the beginning of the brutalisation of our First Peoples. So you can imagine the orgy of self-congratulatory commentary that followed, as though we had anything at all to do with the discovery of Flinders grave, let alone his achievements.

One person who actually did have a lot to do with the latter, however, was an Aboriginal man named Bungaree. You possibly havent heard of him.

Bungaree, from the Kuringgai people north of Sydney, accompanied Flinders on his voyage and provided a vital service as a diplomat of sorts, as the crew encountered other Aboriginal nations around the continent.

Remarkably, however, to this day there remains very little recognition of Bungaree, and not a single statue or plaque anywhere on the continent acknowledging his contribution. On the upside, there is a statue in England honouring Flinders cat, Trim, who also went along for the trip.

A British statue of Trim the Cat, one of Matthew Flinders companions on his circumnavigation of Australia.

While Flinders grave was discovered beneath the London underground, Bungaree is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Sydneys affluent eastern suburbs.

This official indifference was a timely reminder for me, because I was soon to pass through the remote NSW town of Brewarrina, a predominantly Aboriginal community in the far north west of the state.

Bre, as the locals call it, has a population of around 1,000. It also happens to be home to the Brewarrina Fish Traps known as Baiames Ngunnhu [pronounced By-ah-mees noon-oo]b...


Retail shakedown "IndyWatch Feed"

Not so merry Xmas

And there's the hat-trick, with retail turnover falling -0.4 per cent in December 2018, seasonally adjusted. 

A real stinker, as some surveys had expected. 

The previous month did admittedly show a bit of spike, related to Black Friday sales. 

Annual growth in retail turnover has slowed to 2.75 per cent.

Significant monthly drops were recorded in household goods, clothing and footwear, and department stores, partly because of Black Friday promotions in the preceding months. 

And only Western Australia had a merry retailing Xmas, with a tiny monthly gain.

Negative everywhere else, especially so in Canberra.


TRUE OPINION: The actual SHAME, SHAME, SHAME of Derryn Hinch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senator Derry Hinch sees himself as a crusader for victims of sexual violence. But is his so-called advocacy really about victims and their families, or more to do with his own ego? Tim Kent on why the "Human Headline" is well past his used-by date.


Locals West Byron DA refused "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The packed house at Byron Theatre to hear the JRPPs pronouncement on February 4. Photo Jeff Dawson

Few shows at the Byron Theatre receive such a resounding standing ovation as the Joint Regional Planning Panel on Monday (February 4) after it voted to refuse a development application (DA) that would have seen a contentious 387-lot suburb built at West Byron.

Its unanimous vote the latest stage of a tussle that has been a decade in the making saw the panel accept Byron Shire Councils assessment of the plan, which recommended refusal on 19 grounds. Members even voted to insert an additional ground.

But it is not the end of the matter: Council will face off with developers in court next week (February 12) after they previously claimed a deemed refusal.

Nevertheless, the vote is significant, with chairman Garry West saying Byron Council had prepared an assessment report and asked us for a determination.

We have to question it and I believe there are issues that give me discomfort in giving approval.

DA proponent Stuart Murray addresses Mondays (February 4) Joint Regional Planning Panel meeting. Photo Jeff Dawson

In the end, the three state appointed panel members Garry West, Stephen Gow and John Griffin voted with the two council appointees Tweed Greens mayor Katie Milne and Lismore Greens councillor Vanessa Ekins to refuse the application.

But not before spokesperson for the proponent, Stuart Murray spent 20 minutes railing against Councils reasons for refusal, describing them as political.

Rapturous residents

It was an amazing turn of events and so gratifying to hear t...



Recession already? "IndyWatch Feed"

Services crunched

A 'disturbing' crash in services activity reports AiG, as the services gauge collapses to a very much contractionary 44.3.

Awful release, to be blunt, reported in more detail by the Scutt missile at Business Insider Australia here.

Source: Business Insider Australia

Retail trade figures are due out at 1130 AEDT, and then the Reserve Bank meets for its Monetary Policy Decision over at Martin Place this afternoon. 

Presumably this warrants a slight change of rhetoric, given that inflation appears to be decelerating to well below the target range too. 


Big surge at the open for all major banks, as noted yesterday, with the Royal Commission seen by markets to be a real damp squib for the majors. 

Westpac is trading up by more than 6.7 per cent at the time of writing on short covering, ANZ is trading up by more than 5 per cent, and CBA by more than 4 per cent.

AMP is trading up by 10 per cent!

Expecting prices to settle a little during trade. 



Update from Tony Abbott - Battlelines Warringah "IndyWatch Feed National"

Michael The battle for Warringah is well and truly on: between the last Liberal to take our party into government and an opponent whos never voted Liberal in a federal election. Its not surprising, then, that the CFMEU has pledged to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars campaigning for a...


Hizb ut-Tahrir cleric & taxi driver Ismail al WahWah sentenced to 12 months jail in Jordan "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's embarrassing for Australia that it took an Arab government to put al WahWah in a jail cell over his leadership position with Hizb ut-Tahrir. In Australia Hizb ut-Tahrir and al WahWah are free to preach their murderous, pro-Caliphate Jihadi bile - here's one of al WahWah's sermons as an...


Queensland urged to pass Human Rights Bill "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queenslands Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee has given the thumbs up to the creation of a Human Rights Act. The Committee tabled its report last night and a final vote will take place in the Parliament in the coming months.

Lee Carnie, a Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said the creation of a Queensland Human Rights Act will be a win for all Queenslanders, particularly those whose rights are most at risk, including people with disabilities, people facing homelessness, and vulnerable kids.

Human rights laws are about protecting the values we all hold dear like fairness, equality and respect. Its wonderful to see the finish line in sight a vote in Parliament is now all that is needed for Queensland to become the third Australian jurisdiction to take the important step of protecting human rights in its laws, said Carnie.

The Committees report notes the concerns raised by various community groups and organisations, including the Human Rights Law Centre, about the lack of a standalone cause of action a clear, simple, and accessible way to take action if their rights are breached. However, the Committee formed the view that the legislation provides a sufficiently effective mechanism to address grievances namely, a complaints system administered by the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

The Committee also encouraged the Commission to monitor complaints raised against companies delivering public services, leaving the door open for improvements as part of the 5 year review.

Queenslands Human Rights Act will make sure everyones rights are protected. It will force politicians and public servants to take into account human rights when writing laws and policies, and make sure public services like schools and hospitals always uphold human rights. This is a huge improvement, but its vitally important that when governments violate human rights, you can take action in court, said Lee Carnie.

Advocates are urging members of the public to show the Premier and Opposition Leader their support for the Human Rights Act.

Lee Carnie said with Victoria, the ACT, and now Queensland embracing charters of human rights, it was time for a conversation about how best to create a national Charter of Human Rights to ensure everyones basic rights are properly protected across Australia.

We know we cant rely on politicians or corporations to always do the right thing. An Australian Charter of Human Rights will give people and communities the power to hold governments to account. Were the only western democracy without one and its time to fix that, said Carnie.

You can...


Goonellabah man arrested over Ballina abduction "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A woman was dragged into a car and abducted after trying to intervene in a domestic dispute at Ballina yesterday.

Ballina Detectives allege that at 7:55am on Monday (February 4) a 21 year-old Goonellabah man was involved in an argument with a person known to him on Cronulla Street, Ballina.

When a friend of the victim intervened, the man allegedly grabbed her and dragged her into a car, which was then driven away by a third person.

When the car stopped on Kerr Street, the victim jumped out and attempted to flee. But she was chased down by the 21 year-old and forced back into the car.

Police spotted the car at a Ballina service station and placed the man under arrest.

Inquiries revealed that the car had been stolen from East Ballina and the numberplate on display was also stolen.

The 21 year-old was charged with breach of AVO, assault, take person in company and carry in conveyance without consent of owner, said police.

He was refused bail by police. After being again refused bail in Lismore Local Court, the 21 year-old head-butted a corrective services officer and was further charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer inflicting actual bodily harm.

He has been refused bail and will appear at Ballina Local Court in April.

The driver of the car is also to be charged with serious offences in the near future.


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Asylum seeker Behrouz Boochani takes top Victorian literature prize "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

Kurdish asylum seeker from Iran and in detention on Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani, has just won the Victorian Prize for Literature, for his new novel called No Friend but the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison.

His courage in speaking out about the terrible conditions at Manus, and his skill in conveying the human tragedy to the world has won him widespread acclaim.

If anyone truly deserves the honour, he is the one.

Behrouz Boochani sets the standard that should serve as a beacon for every journalist and writer.

Behrouz Boochani took out the top prize at the Victorian Premiers Literary Awards on Thursday for his novel No Friend but the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison.

As well as winning $100,000 for coming first, he also won the prize for non-fiction, worth $25,000.

I dont want to celebrate this achievement while I still see many innocent people suffering around me, he said.

This is why its a paradoxical feeling.

This achievement is a reminder that there are others in detention, who have the potential to contribute a lot to Australia. It reminds us that these people are human beings like the rest of us and have the right to be treated humanely and with respect.

Until the locking of asylum seekers in virtual concentration camps is brought to and end, it diminishes Australia as a nation valuating human decency.

Behrouz Boochani is a symbol of what we must do.

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A Workaway Fail in LA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Los Angeles is arguably one of the worlds most famous cities, and for good reason. It buzzes with energy: a manic mix of creativity and filth. Every turn offers a new contrast; you can walk down the glamorous Rodeo Drive, only to turn a corner and encounter a pile of trash. Multiculturalism furthers these contrasts in 15 minutes you can go from Tokyo to Ethiopia, then back to the good ol USA. Its the land of showbiz, variety, creativity, and individuality, the entire globe encapsulated in 503 square miles.

I touched down at LAX with a dream and my cardig nah, this isnt a cute Miley Cyrus song. I actually touched down at LAX with $4000 to my name and a three-week turnaround flight. From the moment I arrived at my Mid-Wilshire Airbnb I knew I wanted to extend my stay. Being from a relatively small (population-wise) and geographically isolated country (Australia), I felt like I had anonymity and energy here.

Id travelled to Europe and Asia, but something about the city felt different to those places; no one cared who you were or what youre doing. As corny as it sounds, I felt exactly what America touts on the world stage freedom so without thinking, I decided to extend my flight to the full three months my ESTA visa waiver allowed.

Anxiety began to settle in. But, Im nothing if not resourceful, so checked out of my Mid-Wilshire digs the next day and hauled it to a fairly seedy hotel on San Vicente Boulevard for $22 a night. After checking in, I opened my laptop and began researching. My first stop was finding a place to stay.

This was the biggest hurdle. When it comes to accommodation, LA is not cheap, so I had to get thrifty. Id used cultural exchange sites like Workaway where you exchange work for food and accommodation in the past, so logged on and listed my skills. Over the next day, I received multiple messages, but had to be discerning.

Some were downright creepy, one guy asking for daily bodyweight massages, others asking to watch me shower for one hour a day, but I found one guy in the Hollywood Hills, just at the top of Runyon Canyon. He was a celebrity photographer NOT A PAPARAZZI! he claimed in all caps on his profile and needed help building a Balinese Hut. I had the skills so agreed, and the next night, went over to meet him and make sure he was who he said he was.

I got out of my Uber Pool and was greeted by high walls and security cameras. I rang the doorbell and a short, chunky man approached. He introduced himself as TJ and swept me through to an outdoor lounge, where two other workawayer...


Former Trinity teacher on pedophile charges "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Former Trinity teacher Garry Mulroy in Cambodia. Photo Facebook

The Lismore Trinity College community is in shock after discovering that one of its former teachers has been arrested in Cambodia on alleged pedophile offences.

Garry Mulroy, 69, now lives in Siem Reap where he has been co-ordinating immersion courses for students of the school.

According to Cambodian media he was arrested on Tuesday last week for allegedly paying six boys aged between 11 and 14 for sex.

There is no suggestion that Mr Mulroy had sex with any of the students at Trinity. He was widely admired by students and staff during his time there.

The school has cancelled its forthcoming immersion tour and wrote to parents and students on Friday about the matter.

Students were also called to a briefing on Monday.

In Fridays letter, principal Brother John Hilet, wrote, a former member of staff of Trinity Catholic College Lismore has been arrested in Cambodia in relation to alleged child sexual abuse matters. The incidents relate solely to Cambodia. The college first became aware of the arrest on February 1, 2019. As a result of this, we have cancelled the Cambodia immersion.

Br Hilet added that, all members of staff are inducted regularly into all areas of child protection. This includes a comprehensive presentation that takes place annually, the most recent presentation to staff having taken place on January 30, 2019.

A media statement from the school stated that as a result of the allegations and media reports about them the school had cancelled the immersion and informed parents about the media reports.

The principal yesterday met with staff and students regarding the media reports and the college has put in place counselling and support for staff and students.

It further added that the school encourages anyone who has information regarding child sexual abuse to take the matters directly to police. They are in the best position to investigate the matter fully and objectively.

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Refugee advocates, lawyers and human rights groups unite in rejecting Governments medical panel proposal "IndyWatch Feed"

A Government proposal to address the medical crisis engulfing critically ill refugees detained offshore has been firmly rejected as window dressing on the existing unconscionable process which has seen 12 people die in offshore detention in the past five years.

A coalition of refugee and humanitarian organisations has confirmed its support for a crossbench, Greens and ALP-supported Urgent Medical Treatment Bill, which will go before the Lower House when Parliament resumes on February 12. The Bill passed the Senate last year, despite the filibustering of the Government.

The Morrison proposal released today does not make the necessary changes required to ensure people in offshore detention are provided with adequate medical care. And only limited details have been provided.

The proposal mirrors previous ineffectual mechanisms set up by Scott Morrison promising to address critical issues in offshore detention (such as a Child Protection Panel three years ago, which left hundreds of children in detention until last week). In that case, no significant changes were made after the glare of the public spotlight faded.

As it stands, politicians and bureaucrats can override doctors orders about treatment of sick refugees in offshore detention.

The Prime Ministers proposed Medical Transfer Clinical Assurance Panel will be hand-picked by the Minister, with no assurance as to the independence of its members, whereas the Urgent Medical Treatment Bill would provide for review of the Ministers decisions by an independent medical panel including members nominated by peak medical bodies.

The Bill also provides the Minister with the ability to veto transfers on national security grounds.

Mr Morrisons proposal does not specify a time limit for reviews. And it will not be enshrined in legislation - meaning it could be changed for any reason at any time.

The cross-bench/Labor Bill is the only enforceable mechanism that ensures people get lifesaving medical treatment urgently.

The coalition of six organisations the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Human Rights Law Centre, GetUp!, the Refugee Council of Australia, World Vision Australia and Welcoming Australia  - today reaffirmed that passing the Bill before the Lower House was critical to giving refugees access to adequate lifesaving medical treatment.

Without urgent medical treatment in Australia, medical professionals have warned that another person held offshore will die.

Jana Favero, Director of Advocacy and Campaigns at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: The Prime Minis...


Australia must punish those responsible and do much more to address the wrongs of the banks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The big four banks and the AMP have just been lashed by Commissioner Kenneth Hayne for massive dishonest conduct. He has urged that criminal charges be laid under the Corporations Act, which carry big fines and up to 10 years jail.

Photo from The Australian: Commissioner Kenneth Hayne

Seventy-six recommendations have been made.

The Royal Commission had been intended to be a whitewash.

Former Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the current Prime Minister Scott Morrison had done everything to avoid it. But when even their own backbench demanded action, they reluctantly fell into line.

Still trying to protect the banks, they expanded the brief to include the whole financial industry. The intention had been to divert the Royal Commission into laying off the banks and targeting the industry superannuation funds.



Audiclean For Clean and Clear Ears "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Weve had our fair share of ear complications over the years, as so many families with young children will attest.

It turns out that issues like swimmers ear, narrow canals and excess wax have been (perhaps not so kindly) passed down through the generations tales of ear infections and burst eardrums have been somewhat common on both sides of the family. Of course, these issues are mild inconveniences in the scheme of things but they are things I need to consciously be aware of, especially during summer.



Brewery cum koala hospital for Bangalow? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bangalow Koalas Linda Sparrow with a dead koala found not far from the subject site. Photo supplied

The concept of a brewery along the Hinterland Way, with a viewing platform and walking tracks through which to view recovering koalas, has raised the hackles of local koala carers, who strongly oppose the plan.

A development application for the mixed-use facility has been lodged with Byron Shire Council on behalf of property owner Lewis Haigh, who is a board member of the Bangalow Chamber of Commerce.

The property is situated along Hinterland Way between the two Bangalow exits. It is currently accessed from Granuaille Crescent but the plan would require a new access road to be built from Hinterland Way.

Bars and accommodation

It would comprise 12 accommodation pods and includes provision for a brewery, three bars, a garden centre, retail area, wellness centre, performance stage, parking for 307 cars and bizarrely a koala hospital, complete with elevated viewing area and paths through koala trees for ecotourists to wander.

According to the documents, the purpose-built koala hospital will be managed by a local koala carers network and will be designed with advice from this carers network and veterinary practitioners. Injured and sick koalas will be treated and kept at this facility as necessary by this registered organisation.

But none of the local groups that fit this description have been approached about operating the facility.

The highly respected groups Friends of the Koala and Bangalow Koalas have issued a joint media announcement condemning it as completely inappropriate and distancing themselves from it.

The Macadamia Castles Tony Gilding, a member of a group set up to establish a wildlife hospital in the Northern Rivers, has also roundly condemned the plan.

WIRES Northern Rivers and Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers were also unaware of the proposal.

No contact

According to the joint media release, The proponent, Lewis Haigh, made no contact regarding the koala hospital with either of our organisations prior to lodging the DA, as he had [previously] with Bangalow Koalas in regard to tree planting....


Australian Labor Partys policy platform on nuclear waste, and opposition to nuclear industry development "IndyWatch Feed"

From Robyn Wood, 4 Feb 19 The ALP policy platform has just been published.

Uranium mining is on page 69
I dont know how they will achieve this
149  Foster a constructive relationship between mining companies and Indigenous communities affected by uranium mining
 Radioactive waste is on p 71
  154. Labor will: 
Vigorously and totally oppose the ocean dumping of radioactive waste; Prohibit the establishment of nuclear power plants and all other stages of the nuclear fuel cycle in Australia;  
Remain strongly opposed to the importation and storage of nuclear waste that is sourced from overseas in Australia.
155. Labor acknowledges that radioactive waste management is a complex policy challenge that requires the highest levels of transparency and evidence, while balancing the need of the community to benefit from treatments for diseases like cancer. Accordingly, Labor will act in accordance with scientific evidence, and with full transparency, broad public input and best practice technical and consultative standards, taking into account the views of traditional owners, to progress responsible radioactive waste management 
Chapter 4 starts on page 74: Tackling climate change, securing our energy future & addressing our environmental challenges   


A Few Good Women together for ine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ine Tyrrell and her travelling home. Photo Jeff Bus-lyfe Dawson.

Local songstress ine Tyrrell is one hard-working, hard-playing, hard-touring machine who has spent the summer in venues and festivals from Tassie to Torquay and right up the east coast to Brissy in between virtual cups of tea on Instagram to the delight of her fans.

Born in Ireland, Tyrrell had moved to Victoria then came up for Mullum Music Fest two years ago and never left. Since then she has finished an album and wants to get it on the road.

I did a crowdfund to finish my album that had been two years in the making, says ine. That has got me so much farther down the track to getting it released. But as releasing anything independent goes, you gather some money and then spend everything you have on the best quality product and then hope to save more to do the same to get it out on time.

Tyrrell has already released two songs, which she says have had a massive response. My publicist here and in Ireland had me take my time with getting the album out there, but it has also extended the budget. After a conversation with Mandy before Christmas when I told her that I was having to postpone the release of the album again for a third time, Mandy did what Mandy does and quietly took it upon herself to put on one hell of a show in order to get the album out there.

ine says that at this stage every fundraised dollar counts. I have fought so hard to keep control over my creative output so that I can make music and say the things I want to say. This comes at a great price though because, when you dont have a machine behind you, you have to pay for the machine. The recording, mixing, and mastering is all done and I am so proud of what we have made, but to get this album actually in anyones hand there is still graphic design, printing of CDs, and pressing of vinyl to happen. 

There are still publicity costs and touring costs to get us on the road with is as well. Honestly, any drop in the ocean of huge costs is amazing and I am so grateful for.

Mandy Nolan will host a sensational...


The link between weapons testing thorium, depleted uranium and birth defects and cancer "IndyWatch Feed"

How paradise island Sardinia was poisoned by the worlds military | Foreign Correspondent  


Italian military officials trial ignites suspicions of links between weapon testing and birth defects in Sardinia

Key points:

  • Eight former commanders of a bombing range are before Italian courts
  • Locals living near Quirra firing range describe multiple cases of deformities and cancer as Quirra syndrome
  • Italys army has dismissed a report linking exposure to Depleted Uranium to disease suffered by the military
  • Watch the full episode on ABC iview

She died in my arms. My whole world collapsed. I knew she was sick, but I wasnt ready.

Her daughter, Maria Grazia, was born on the Italian island of Sardinia with part of her brain exposed and a spine so disfigured her mother has never allowed her photo to be published.

This was only one of many mysterious cases of deformity, cancer and environmental destruction that have come to be called the Quirra syndrome.

Eight Italian military officers all former commanders of the bombing range at Quirra in Sardinia have been hauled before the courts.

Its unprecedented to see Italian military brass held to account for what many Sardinians say is a scandalous coverup of a major public health disaster with international...


Former fire chief lashes out at government inaction over climate change "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Astounded: former fire chief unloads on politicians over climate change inaction, The Age, By Nicole Hasham, 4 February 2019,  Decorated Australian firefighter Greg Mullins says climate change is contributing to bushfires so horrendous that homes and lives cannot be protected, and the federal government will not acknowledge the link because it has failed on emissions reduction policy.

The extraordinary comments by Mr Mullins, a former NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner, coincides with the Tuesday launch of the group Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action, which will lobby the major parties to drastically reduce fossil fuel use and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten both visited Tasmania on Monday, where catastrophic bushfires had reportedly destroyed eight homes and burnt 190,000 hectares of land as of Monday afternoon. Their visit came on the 10th anniversary of the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires.

The major parties pledges on climate change are expected to be a frontline issue at the upcoming federal election, as the public reels from record-high summer temperatures, extreme weather and a long, unforgiving bushfire season.

Fires are a natural phenomenon in the Australian bush, but experts say climate change effects such as heatwaves and changed rainfall patterns mean bushfires are becoming more frequent and extreme.

Mr Mullins said fire seasons are longer, more severe, and we are getting fires that are much harder to...


One third of Asias ice fields doomed, endangering 2 billion people "IndyWatch Feed"

A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report, Guardian, Guardian,  Damian Carrington, Environment editor @dpcarrington 4 Feb 2019 

Even radical climate change action wont save glaciers, endangering 2 billion people At least a third of the huge ice fields in Asias towering mountain chain are doomed to melt due to climate change, according to a landmark report, with serious consequences for almost 2 billion people.

Even if carbon emissions are dramatically and rapidly cut and succeed in limiting global warming to 1.5C, 36% of the glaciers along in the Hindu Kush and Himalaya range will have gone by 2100. If emissions are not cut, the loss soars to two-thirds, the report found.

The glaciers are a critical water store for the 250 million people who live in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region, and 1.65 billion people rely on the great rivers that flow from the...


Murray-Darling report shows public authorities must take climate change risk seriously "IndyWatch Feed"

The Conversation, Arjuna Dibley, Graduate Fellow, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford University, February 4, 2019  The tragic recent events on the Darling River, and the political and policy furore around them, have again highlighted the severe financial and environmental consequences of mismanaging climate risks. The Murray-Darling Royal Commission demonstrates how closely boards of public sector corporate bodies can be scrutinised for their management of these risks.

Public authorities must follow private companies and factor climate risk into their board decision-making. Royal Commissioner Brett Walker has delivered a damning indictment of the Murray Darling Basin Authoritys management of climate-related risks. His report argues that the authoritys senior management and board were negligent and fell short of acting with reasonable care, skill and diligence. For its part, the authority rejects the assertion that it acted improperly or unlawfully in any way.

The Royal Commission has also drawn attention to the potentially significant legal and reputational consequences for directors and organisations whose climate risk management is deemed to have fallen short of a rising bar.

Its the public sectors turn

Until recently, scrutiny of how effectively large and influential organisations are responding to climate risks has focused mostly on the private sector.

In Australia it is widely acknowledged among legal experts that private company directors duty of due care and diligence requires them to consider foreseeable climate risks that intersect with the interests of the company. Indeed, Australias companies regulator, ASIC, has called for directors to take a probative and proactive approach to these risks.

The recent focus on management of the Murray-Darling Basin again highlights the crucial role public sector corporations (or public authorities as we call them) also play in our overall responses to climate change and the consequences when things go wrong....


The Constitutional Reform Package Explained "IndyWatch Feed"

Jessica Savage

The following is a summary of points in the video at
The original video is a powerpoint style presentation with voice-over.

This video is the final part of a 5 part series. Here are some brief notes instead of a full transcript, because the video is long.

The Constitutional Reform Package Explained

  • I think the goal of these reforms is to herd us all together into a single treaty with universal terms. A treaty that gives Australia as much power as possible.
  • These reforms are being presented as coming from First Nations people. This is a deliberate tactic to bypass free prior and informed consent, and to make getting out of the treaty for reasons of misrepresentation difficult or impossible.
  • An important prerequisite to treaty was met in the Yulara statement. First Nations stated that their sovereignty co-exists with the sovereignty of the Crown. This is needed because under INTERNATIONAL law, Australias claim of sovereignty is still based on the Crowns claim of terra nullius. This makes it logically inconsistent for Australia, acting in the right of the Crown, to treaty under international law with people who according to their own claim to sovereignty do not exist. Australia is not able to enter into an treaty without first having its own sovereignty recognised by First Nations as being co-existent. This acknowledgement was in the Yulara Statement, hidden in plain sight.
  • The First Nations Voice to Parliament is more precisly a First Nations State. To join the First Nations State, is to become a signatory to an international sovereign treaty. (Video 1 in this series explains this more)
  • To join the First Nations State, First Nation mobs must sign a contract, under the name of their own nation. Categorising and labelling nations has already begun. Note also, by signing up, sovereign mobs are also affirming that they were party to the offer made at Yulara. They are signing up to the reform package, and they are affirming that Australias sovereignty co-exists with their own sovereignty.
  • The First Nations State is a democratic state, this may adversly affect traditional governence structures. Putting all nations into a single, democratic body is fundamentally contrary to our law no mob speaks for another mob.
  • Victoria is not an international actor, so Victoria cannot make treaties at all, the Victorian constitution does not have the power.
  • ...


Solar powered batteries on wheels will change the grid forever RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Tritium co-founder says the mobile battery storage in electric vehicles will have a major impact on the way consumers use electricity, and the grid. The post Solar powered batteries on wheels will change the grid forever appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Solar powered batteries on wheels will change the grid forever RenewEconomy


Energy efficient homes could save households $1,000-plus a year on bills RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Government mandated energy efficiency standards could deliver more than $1000 a year in electricity bill savings for average Australian households, a new report has found. The post Energy efficient homes could save households $1,000-plus a year on bills appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Energy efficient homes could save households $1,000-plus a year on bills RenewEconomy


State by state solar records fell across Australia in 2018 RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

There has never been a sustained boom of this magnitude occurring concurrently in every major state. The post State by state solar records fell across Australia in 2018 appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via State by state solar records fell across Australia in 2018 RenewEconomy


W.A. unveils plan to lead global lithium-ion battery boom RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Western Australia government launches plan to unlock lithium-ion battery value chain, including vast reserves of lithium and other high value metals. The post W.A. unveils plan to lead global lithium-ion battery boom appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via W.A. unveils plan to lead global lithium-ion battery boom RenewEconomy


Know your NEM: Gas and hydro creamed the market as brown coal failed RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Gas and hydro plants were the big beneficiaries as the unreliability of brown coal generation hit home in the January heatwave. The post Know your NEM: Gas and hydro creamed the market as brown coal failed appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Know your NEM: Gas and hydro creamed the market as brown coal failed RenewEconomy


February 4 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

World: Energy Storage: Next Game Changer Everybody agrees that storage is turning into big business, and soon, but exactly how big and how soon? According to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance the global energy-storage market will surge to a cumulative 942 GW by 2040 requiring a hefty investment of $620 billion. []

via February 4 Energy News geoharvey


Lawyers for Covington Catholic School teens write to 50+ defamation suit targets "IndyWatch Feed National"

Good on them! This is the letter that's on its way to Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Warren, Jim Carrey and many more. Preservation Letter by on Scribd Here' the list of recipients. The Washington Post The New York Times Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN) The Guardian National Public Radio TMZ Atlantic...


Gillard's AWU Workplace Reform Association - the original "fee for no service" operator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Most of the recommended charges arising from the Banking Royal Commission relate to the practice of charging fees for no service. Mr Hayne said his proposed criminal charges related to the widespread practice within the banking industry of charging fees but providing nothing in return a scandal likely to...


Lunar New Year "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is better than Vivid, I said to my friend, visiting from Canberra, as we walked around the Lunar NewContinue Reading


Happy Chinese New Year! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Happy Chinese New Year! I recently bought some of these super cute piggy wrappers, just enough for handing out and making a few lanterns. Ive been calling them my Day of the Dead piggies, but my very Chinese sister doesnt approve (superstition dictates no mention of mortality during the CNY period) I dragged out my []


NSW Chief Scientist's interim report re Independent Review of the Impact of the Bottled Water Industry on Groundwater Resources in the Northern Rivers region was due on 1 February 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte is currently conducting an Independent Review of the Impactof the Bottled Water Industry on Groundwater Resources in the Northern Riversregion of NSW.

As part of the review members of the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer conducted consultation sessions in the area with stakeholders on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 January 2019.

The NSW Coalition Berejiklian Government was scheduled to receive an initial report from the Chief Scientist and Engineer on 1 February 2019.

This date, coming as it did during the period when there is a growing awareness of the ongoing ecological crisis cause by mismanagement of the Murray-Darling Basin water resources by federal and states governments, may explain why there has been no mention made by the NSW Government of this interim report in the media.

However, concerned communities and residents in the Northern Rivers region deserve to have this report made publicly available as soon as possible. Not conveniently hidden away until after the 23 March st...


A Liberal prime minister reduced to begging is a dismal sight "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This was the public face of Prime Minister and Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison in 2019....

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 February 2019:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has boasted of an influx of donations to the Liberal Party as Bill Shorten inches closer to power and says he's unafraid to run a negative election campaign against Labor's tax changes

I can say quite confidently that we are well ahead on fundraising in this election. We are well ahead of where we were going into the 2016 election and I have seen that from the day I stepped into the job," he said.

"Why? Because [donors] know I'm going to fight and they know I have that record.

And this was Morrison begging behind the scenes..................

Channel 9 News, 31 January 2019:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison...

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Monday, 04 February


AU & NZ Brightest Young Musicians Join the SSOs 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra welcomes 12 of the brightest young musicians to its internationally-renowned Fellowship program in 2019. The year-long Fellowship program offers emerging artists the opportunity to work closely with Australias premier orchestra, mentoring by permanent members of the different sections through technical and practical experience, and crucial training to secure positions in professional orchestras around the world.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship Artistic Director Roger Benedict is looking forward to working with the incoming 2019 Fellows.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has a long-standing commitment to supporting the next generation of musicians, said Benedict. In its 18-year history, the Sydney Symphony Orchestras Fellowship program has continually provided young artists with the tools and opportunities needed to pursue and share their musical passions as professional musicians.

The 2019 Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows are representative of what the next generation of musicians are capable of. I look forward to working closely with them and showcasing the phenomenal skill and talent of Australasias best and brightest young artists.

The 2019 Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows are:

Tobias Aan, 23, ACT (Violin)
David Barlow, 24, NSW (Double bass)
Adam Cooper-Stanbury, 23, ACT (Percussion)
Beth Condon, 28, VIC (Viola)
Aidan Gabriels, 25, WA (French horn)
David Johnson, 23, NSW (Trumpet)
James Julian, 20, NSW (Clarinet)
Jordy Meulenbroeks, 22, QLD (Bassoon)
Jessica Oddie, 28, NZ (Violin)
Eve Osborn, 22, NSW (Oboe)
Eliza Sdraulig, 24, VIC (Cello)


At Last The Etta James Story with Vika Bull "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At Last The Etta James Story stormed the UK, selling out theatres in London, Liverpool, Manchester and across the country, receiving 5-star reviews and multiple standing ovations.

Starring the sensational Vika BullAt Last tells the story of soul legend Etta James turbulent life and features her most beloved songs including Tell MamaId Rather Go Blind and more.

Vika puts her heart and soul into this unforgettable show and is joined on stage by some of the finest and funkiest musicians in the business.

By overwhelming demand, the show returned to the UK for a 22-date tour in 2018 and February 2019 sees a return to Sydney Opera House.

Powerhouse performance!  The Melbourne Age

First Class!  Sydney Arts Guide

What: At Last The Etta James Story with Vika Bull

When: Tuesday 12 February to Sunday 17 February 2019

Where: Sydney Opera House

For More Information an To Book Online  Click Here

The post At Last The Etta James Story with Vika Bull appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



Horn Sewing Cabinet in good condition.
W775mm x D435mm x H755mm. On castors.
Makes a work area 1560mm x 435mm.



Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Dear Newlanders,

Does anyone have a baby gate, for blocking door or stair access, that they no longer require, or would be willing to lend for a couple of of months? We need to contain our puppy!




Apollo 11 - can't wait! "IndyWatch Feed National"

This documentary looks fantastic! Great memories from a very fortunate childhood.


Doggy Tinder "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hello Neighbours:

Does anyone have or know of a whole male dog who they'd like to mate with our lovely heeler? She has just gone on heat so will be ready to accept a male in about a week.

We'd preferably like to mate her with a red or blue heeler, but a kelpie or hound would be suitable too. A nice nature is the main thing.


Inflation decelerates further "IndyWatch Feed"

Oops, it did it again

MI's monthly inflation gauge slowed further, actually printing negative for the month. 

Excellent chart courtesy of Dr. Alex Joiner of IFM:

If the ABS figures follow suit in Q1 2019 it will be interesting to see how long the Reserve Bank can argue that inflation is heading back to the target (thus justifying its ostensibly hawkish stance on rates). 


Facebook apologises to Jacinta Price - that's one down............ "IndyWatch Feed National"

Let's hope this sets a trend! I'd love to see an apology from Facebook for this outrage.



PERTH Perth man faces court over womans murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth man faces court over womans murder .

February 04, 2019 at 02:30PM .

A 44-year-old man has briefly appeared in court charged with murdering a woman he knew at a house in Perth. Police found the victim, who was aged .


PERTH Aussie cop jailed for using police database to look up Tinder dates "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Aussie cop jailed for using police database to look up Tinder dates .

February 04, 2019 at 04:33PM .

pled guilty to 180 charges, 177 of which were for unlawful computer access-related charges at the Perth Magistrates Court on Friday, WA Today . .



Royal Commission report released "IndyWatch Feed"

Not touched too much

The final Royal Commission report was out belatedly this afternoon with some 76 recommendations for the banking, superannuation, and financial services industry.

And it was a pretty light touch on the major banks by the looks of it.

Admittedly it's a punishingly long read at 530 pages, which I haven't endured in full yet. 

Notably, there appears to be nothing too dramatic on responsible lending, which may come as some blessed relief for the housing market. 

Here were a few initial thoughts that I had at 5pm:

I think the band in the background may well be CBA's Matt Comyn partying, having successfully deflected a good deal of criticism onto mortgage brokers.

And wrongly so, in my view - after all, if mortgage brokers weren't providing a valuable service, why, pray, do most borrowers then use them?

Potentially momentous changes were recommended for remuneration in the mortgage broking industry.

Source: Royal Commission

I wrote speculatively in a report back in April 2018 year that a fee-for-service model could come into play for mortgage brokers, albeit for different reasons.

But whether or not this Royal Commission recommendation is ever implemented in full is another question entirely.

The governm...


1) Investigation into a kiosk keeper`s murder still underway: Papua police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2 Juffa plans to push for bill to separate region

1) Investigation into a kiosk keeper`s murder still underway: Papua police

Reporter: Antara  6 hours ago

Jayapura, Papua,  (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian police in Puncak Jaya Distri...


Whistleblower payments work well in the United States under the False Claims Act "IndyWatch Feed National"

Labor's proposed payments for whistleblowers appear to be based on "qui tam" - originally an English whistleblower lawsuit brought on behalf of the King which originated in the 13th century. Qui tam is short for "qui tam pro domino rege quam pro seipso" "he who as much for the king...


Gympie, Whilst Australia Looks The Other Way, Again "IndyWatch Feed National"







Erik Bower Jan 2019


For years the bulldozers have been encroaching.

And finally they are here waiting.

Australia 2019.

The Queensland Government about to put a road through

Land sacred to the existing Kabi people

Land of great possible significance in a world history context

Why is the Queensland Government disregarding the traditional custodians and even their own imposed processes professed to manage cultural issues?

Why do

The Hon. Mark Bailey MP., The Queensland Government Minister for Transport and Main Roads and,

Hon. Yvette Darth MP., Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Leader of the House,

refuse to respect the rights and customs of the traditional landowners and making out there is no way around this?


Unexplained correlations between continents

Rocky Ridge aka the Gympie Pyramid site has never been adequately or publicly explained in terms of its origins in a world history context it just hasn"t.

I cannot talk for the Kabi people. They are doing a fine job of that themselves.

I can only talk from the perspective of an interested historian an outsider at that being also white & English.

The Gympie Pyramid site is known throughout the world as a potential site of significance in a world historical context amongst the non-mainstream as well as for its Aboriginal context.

This is mainly due to it having that name. Pyramid conjures up scale and grandeur beyond what lies there now and likely the site was never what most would consider a true pyramid.

But since pyramids of differing styles and antiquity crop up in so many countries and continents it draws wide interest from many disciplines which Wikipedia like to neatly call fringe theory, pseudo archaeology / history, conspiracy theory or whatever it takes to keep the status quo.

By all accounts if you disregard the Kabi peoples" story entirely for a minute and only consider this in terms of contemporaneous or pre existing examples the site, at least, consisted of terracing with retaining walls, which may in places, have had t...


What will happen to the vast resources in Afghanistan? "IndyWatch Feed"

My 4000-word investigation in US magazine The Nation is on Afghanistan and the rush to exploit its natural resources. Based on explosive, leaked documents, the story uncovers how the Trump administration is pressuring the Kabul government to issue contracts to the highest bidder. Increased violence against civilians is assured. Foreign companies, Blackwater founder Erik Prince and others are all in the mix. Within hours of this report being published, I was reliably told that it was being read at the highest levels of the US embassy in Kabul and Afghanistans National Security Council.

This story is part of my ongoing series on Afghanistan and its minerals (more background here). In late 2018, I revealed details about Erik Prince and his plans to target Afghan resources.

Heres my latest story in PDF form: Peace in Afghanistan? Maybebut a Minerals Rush Is Already Underway | The Nation



Justice demands that the Australian government does not support the attempted coup and foreign intervention in Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial Comment

Given that current events in Venezuela may bring serious consequences to that country, and perhaps the world, and push Australia towards being caught up in another unjustified war, a clear statement is of position is called for.

The Pen has consistently championed the right of ordinary people to have a decisive say in those matters that effect their lives and the building of democracy though power from below, in the spirit of working together for our common goals.

For this reason, we stand with the President voted into office by the people of Venezuela, and against those who would carry out a coup, in partnership with those who would violate the nations sovereignty, by interfering in internal affairs that are no business of theirs.

We say to the Australian government stay out. We call on Washington to keep its hands out of Venezuela and upon the world to prevent the crisis from being turned into a war, which will bring the risk of global conflict.

To this end, we join and encourage the rise of a movement to defend Venezuela, stop a catastrophe from occurring and build the forces for global peace. We want to play our part in stopping Australians being sent overseas to die and be injured, and stand for a world of mutual respect, instead of occupation and plunder.

Last Saturday, some 100 people gathered outside Melbournes Flinders Street Station to talk to the people there. Being aware of the event being organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in Melbourne, a group of emigres from Venezuela supporting the old ruling elite and their friends had planned to disrupt the action. When they found they were outnumbered, most kept to the other side of the road at Federation Square. A few did come over to disrupt through heckling. It drew little response and eventually died out. But some things were said by these people, which provide food for thought. Whatever they disagreed with is fake news. No further argument. Anyone with a different point of view is a murderer. Donald Trump is the best leader in the world The United States will invade. Thats what we want.

This is not about whether one likes Nicolas Maduro or not, or one is for socialism or against it. It is about basic decency and whether one truly values democracy. There is room for different views. What should bring us together is standing up against the carrying out of a great wrong.

The Labor Party is always at its best when its leaders and ranks stand up against injustice. More than once, they have stood up against the drive to unjust war. Support for Guaido and intervention runs counter to this tradition. Hopefully, this will change as more of the truth comes out. The same can be said for the Greens and others.



Newkind Festival: Australias masterclass for social change. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This February, changemakers of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds will be meeting at the Marion Bay Falls Festival site in Tasmania for a social justice conference like nothing else.



The final programme is now released! Keynote lectures, workshops and discussion panels this is more than just sustainability and activism, its [...]


start - Moved 'Volunteer' to the top of the page. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next Meeting 25th February 2019 Address PlaceThe Great Northern HotelAddress 644 Rathdowne St (corner of Pigdon St), Carlton North VIC 3054 Pre-meeting 6pm dining function room Time for Talks 7:30pm in the dining function roomWebsite Phone (03) 9380 9569


Palm Sunday rally 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Say Yes to Refugees: #BringThemHere

Rally on Palm Sunday

2pm Sunday 14 April, Belmore Park (near Central station)

Invite your friends to the Facebook event at

Download versions of the leaflet and poster to print here (or email info at to request copies)

The pressure to dismantle offshore detention on Manus and Nauru is growing. The refugee rights movement has forced the government to bring hundreds of children and their families off Nauru since August. Prime Minister Scott Morrison only narrowly avoided a humiliating defeat in parliament in December over children on Nauru and medical transfers from the offshore camps. He was forced to close down parliament early to avoid a bill backed by crossbench MPs, Labor and The Greens.

The Coalition refuses to offer even a single act of compassion for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru, ramping up racism and fear in a desperate effort to win votes.

But there are now over 600 refugees from Manus and Nauru who have remained in Australia due to legal action and political pressure ever since 2016s Let Them Stay campaign. The government has not dared to send them back. However they remain in limbo without permanent visas, so that adults are unable to work or study. The government needs to welcome all refugees and provide fair processing and a secure future.

The health crisis for those remaining on Manus and Nauru is still acute. We need to maintain the pressure to close the camps and bring everyone here to live in the community.

Labor is the favourite to win the federal election due by May. But it remains committed to maintaining offshore detention, refusing to bring the refugees to Australia. It says it wants to send them to third countriesbut there are no third countries willing to take them, except for New Zealand which has offered only 150 places.
Australia is the only place they can find safety. We need to keep fighting to close the camps and #BringThemHere.

The tensions between the US and China are also rising, as the countries engage in an escalating trade war and military rivalry. Wa...


The truth about what is going on in Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Support for Juan Guaidos attempted coup in Venezuela has not materialised quite in the way that its orchestrators had intended.

Only a handful of countries have backed the made in the USA self-proclamation as president of the current opposition leader. They are a few of Latin American countries under Washingtons orbit, Israel, Canada and the obedient puppy down south, Australias Scott Morrison government.

Much of the media has shamefully regurgitated the line that paints Maduro as a monster, without any support from the people of his country. Its behaviour is a repeat of the of the unquestioning weapons of the false mass destruction story that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. It seems that history is repeating. This is another lie.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Decries U.S. & Brazil-Backed Effort to Oust Maduro

Video from Democracy Now!

In Europe, Britain, Germany France and Spain are for now sitting on thefence and have given Maduro some time to call a new Presidential election.

Russia, China and Turkey are supporting Nicolas Maduro. They are not the only ones. Much of Latin America opposes the Guaido move and is against foreign interference in Venezuela.

The Bolivaran Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP) has put its support and recognition behind Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela,

Rally in support of Nicolas Marudo in Caracas and other cities on 2 February 2019

Video by Ruptly



Get Up launches election campaign in Bangalow "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Everyday people want action on climate change, a fairer society and love our ABC. But time and again, the hard rights toxic politics stand in the way.

So say the folks at GetUp, who are launching their federal election campaign in Bangalow tonight.

Theyve got big money and party machines, but weve got real grassroots power in communities all across the country. And when we come together, we can change whats possible in our politics, a group spokesperson said.

What: Federal Election Launch in the Northern Rivers area
When: Monday, 4th February, 2019 at 7pm to 8:30pm
Where: Bangalow A & I Hall, Station St, Bangalow, NSW, 2479

You can invite others to join you at the event with this link:

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Failed Facial Recognition Project Costs Taxpayers Millions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Ugur Nedim and Zeb Holmes The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has blown $34 million in taxpayer funds, after being forced to abandon its facial recognition project in the wake of a damning review by the Australian National Audit Office. What is ACIC? On 1 July 2016, ACIC was created through the merger of

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One rule for them, and one rule for the rest of us "IndyWatch Feed"

  • Why is everyone blaming the banks?
  • Banks bad deeds ignored
  • Free markets at work
  • Us versus them?
  • Two hours left

Today is the day.

At 4.30pm after the stock markets closes the findings from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry will be made public.

That means you and I, get to see what Kenneth Hayne, commissioner of the industry probe recommends. Exactly what sort of shake up Hayne thinks our banks need.

Of course, our politicians and selected other interested parties were already given access to the report.

The final report was delivered to Governor-General Peter Cosgrove on 31 January 2019.

Giving the pollies in Canberra a whole five days to work out how to spin it.

Already theres plenty of guesses in the news as what banks will do to appease customers.

Some are assuming therell be legal actions against the banks and individual directors.

Theres even a fear spreading in day-to-day financial news that this report could upend the banking system as we know it.

To most, the report is squarely taking aim at the banks, that theyre going to be punished

But theres a problem with that analysis.

Banks shouldering all the blame is not being able to see the forest for the trees

Why is everyone blaming the banks?

Let the banking doom and gloom begin.
Weve only got a few more hours left until we find out just what sort of trouble the banks are in.

According to The Age, both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Fryndenberg are poised to accept almost all the recommendations of the Hayne royal commission that is set to demand an overhaul of the nations banking, superannuation and financial advice industries.

The big four bank stock prices are down less than 0.5% by lunch.



We are the bomb: Sorry to Bother You and rebellion "IndyWatch Feed National"

The film is blatantly, beautifully all about class struggle.


PERTH Police charge man, 44, over death of woman in Balga "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police charge man, 44, over death of woman in Balga .

February 04, 2019 at 11:07AM .

but died at the scene. The Balga man, who was known to the victim, was refused bail and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court later today. .


PERTH Man charged with womans murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged with womans murder .

February 04, 2019 at 10:33AM .

Balga, who is known to the woman, has been charged with murder. He was refused bail and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today. .


PERTH Police charge Balga man with murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police charge Balga man with murder .

February 04, 2019 at 10:00AM .

Homicide Squad detectives have charged a man in relation to the death of a woman in her 40s in Balga on Sunday, February 3. Police attended an .


PERTH Man, 44, is arrested and charged with murder after a womans body is discovered in a Perth home "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man, 44, is arrested and charged with murder after a womans body is discovered in a Perth home .

February 04, 2019 at 10:45AM .

A 44-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder following the death of a woman at a Perth apartment block. Paramedics were called to .



PERTH Man charged with womans murder in Perth "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged with womans murder in Perth .

February 04, 2019 at 10:47AM .

A 44-year-old man has been charged with murder over the death of a woman he knew at a house in Perth. Police found the victim, who was aged in .



Bill Shorten, "Are we a country who wants people to sacrifice everything to expose illegality or corruption"? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Good question Bill. Here's Bill Shorten with "Baz" Cassidy talking about Bill's Whistleblower bonus scheme - Bill and "Baz" are obviously on better terms that most of Cassidy's guests. CASSIDY: You've come up with a recommendation of your own around the new protections for whistleblowers but its this financial incentive...


Masego on Trap House Jazz , cheesy love and the pleasures of velvet "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  • Masego :: Interview with Tommy Codling + guest program

Ahead of Laneway Tommy sat down with a velvet-clad Masego, multi-instrumentalist charm-machine and progenitor of the genre hybrid Trap House Jazz.

Raised on a strict diet of gospel music before graduating with honours in hip hop and jazz from Youtube University, Masego is a DIY success story for the modern age. Once Tommy got through Masegos epic CV intro, the two of them finally chatted about Laneway, the pleasures of velvet, the triumphant sensual return of the saxophone, and what the fack Trap House Jazz is:

Its definitely ignorance meets elegance I like taking grungy and more hard-hitting drums and just making some pretty chords the other side of that, or just bringing someone who doesnt usually make jazz music, [to] create jazz music

Listen in up top as Masego gets into his mentor DJ Jazzy Jeffs peerless chicken and waffles, the influential women behind his Lady Lady record and then programs a few love songs to process your new Masego feelings by.


Tune in to Arvos with Tommy Codling every Thursday arvo from 3pm.

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The world is watching you Jack Watts "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some years ago I was at an Essendon v Melbourne game and then Melbourne forward Jack Watts had a kick on goal. Some wit from the back shouted The world is watching you Jack Watts. The crowd laughed and then cheered as he missed the shot. A silly moment that somehow stuck in my mind and that I was reminded of as a result of the latest off-season scandal the engulf the AFL.

Port Adelaide forward Jack Watts has spoken for the first time since video surfaced off him sniffing a white powder from a womans breasts in plain sight in a packed room at a German beer festival.

Shocking. There is something to annoy everyone here. White powder and breasts. The horror, the horror.

But it gets worse.

Its clearly a legal tobacco based powder used widely at Oktoberfest.

Dear God! Tobacco!

Actually no.

Wiesn koks (Oktoberfest cocaine), which is also known as Wiesn Pulver (powder) or Bavarian cocaine, has become locals pick-me-up of choice.

Essentially like snuff, Wiesn koks is made of glucose and menthol, and is sold in little glass bottles or Bavarian themed containers for almost $US6.

Despite looking like the real deal, Wiesn koks is harmless. Sure, you get a small sugar rush when it hits, and the menthol has a cooling, sinus-clearing effect, but thats about it. Wiesn koks is entirely drug and tobacco free.

The outrage lobby can still play two-cards: cultural appropriation behaving like a German at Oktoberfest, and perception of drug taking. This latter one is the we-know-you-did-nothing-wrong-but others-might-think-you-did-so-were-going-to wack-anyway coverall take down.


Andrew Katelaris near Paterson "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I was up in Paterson getting a few photos so I could start my portrait of "Dr Pot" - Andrew Katelaris -  fresh from victory in the District court over serious charges for his prescription of cannabinoids for conditions including severe childhood epilepsies. He's a campaigner and polemicist, who went on TV cooking down kiloas of a particular strain while setting up self-production for one of his patients, to try to shake things up, and move things forward that had dragged on way too long.

This is a view from his and Maria's house there, you can see a glimpse of Andrew playing with his grandson Mason

With Paul from the church of Ubuntu discussing court cases with FACS helping (or attempting to) those who have lost their children to the machine



Building approvals point to...recession? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Swan dive

Quite conclusive, if not all that surprising, with building approvals crunched to under 14,000 in December 2018.

It's worth noting that these are seasonally adjusted figures - the original figures came in at just 12,000 in the quiet month of December. 

The monthly trend has gone from around 20,000 to 15,000 in double-quick time, and this before the impact of the Opal Tower fiasco, an apartment tower fire in Melbourne today, or Labor's negative gearing changes. 

No way to dress this up, with the leading indicators of both money growth and building approvals pointing towards weaker or even recessionary conditions over the period ahead (Australia can often dodge technical recessions due to its population growth, but let's fact it, these are quite dire indicators). 

Unit approvals in December fell to just 1,790 in Sydney, 1,390 in Melbourne, and 519 in Brisbane, and it's questionable whether even this smattering approvals will get off the ground in the prevailing environment.   

The rolling annual figures by capital city remain somewhat flattering, though collapsing fast. 

And annual detached house approvals are also falling in all major cities.


Commodities charge "IndyWatch Feed"

Commodity gains

Surprising strength in commodities markets, with the Reserve Bank's index of prices up by 6.9 per cent over the year to January 2019. 

In Aussie dollar terms the index was some 15 per cent higher. 

There will be plenty more where that came from next month too on a monthly average basis, with the iron ore price ballooning higher on Vale production cuts

The strength hasn't all been due to bulk commodities for once, with LNG and alumina driving the index gains. 

After years of under-investment a number of other commodity markets appear relatively tight, which perhaps combined with central bank liquidity will lead to some price inflation ahead. 


Elitism in the English Countryside: My Experience as an Au Pair "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our conversation switches from jovial to awkward in an instant. His words come out staunchly. Like theres nothing you could say or do that would convince him otherwise.

People in small houses arent happy.

I splutter on my lukewarm Earl Grey. Alfie is the closest thing I have to a best friend in England. We spend countless hours together, sharing meals and chatting together about the minutiae of the day. Im always there if hes in trouble. He laughs at my jokes at least half of the time. I thought I knew him, but I never for a moment expected this.

Sorry, what was that? I ask.

Maybe I misheard him. Hes swirling porridge around his bowl, oblivious to my distress.

People in small houses arent happy. Because they dont have swimming pools and nice things.

We sit in stunned silence as I try to formulate replies in my head. Nothing sticks. I want to pull Alfie up on this, but how? He tends to react badly when he doesnt get what he wants. Is it the cultural difference? Is he being facetious? Maybe Im just a typical Australian not picking up on sarcasm.

My companion throws his spoon down on the table and looks me straight in the eye.

I need to go wee wees.

Alfie is three years old. I am his au pair.

For the past six months Ive lived with Alfies family as a full-time domestic worker: cooking, cleaning, childminding, walking the dogs. The pay isnt great but there are perks aplenty. I get to live rent free in a three-story mansion in Oxfordshire, the entire top story of which is mine alone. Everything that normally puts strain on a travellers wallet is taken care of. Food? I can have whatever I want from an overflowing fridge. Transport? I have a car to drive and am reimbursed for petrol.

As a recent high school graduate, Im not unused to comforts like this. My own upbringing in Australia was privileged two middle-class professionals as parents, a private school education and a comfortable house in white picket fence suburbia. I grew up so surrounded by elitism that I was completely blind to it. So why is it suddenly so confronting to me here?

The mother of the house decides she doesnt like me early on. I never learn why. She doesnt have to work, so she hovers around me a lo...


Naturists celebrate Tyagarah lifeguard trial "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lifeguards patrolling at Tyagarah at Byron Naturists family day on January 28.

Aslan Shand

Byron Naturists (BN) say that they have been celebrating the reduction in sex pests, the success of their Australia/Invasion Day family day event and the opportunity to have lifeguards at Tyagarah Beach over the summer holidays. However, local residents and councillor Jan Hackett have said that this will be a short-lived celebration as once things settle back to normal the sex pests will return.

BN say they have been keeping tallies on beach users and counted around 200 people at Tyagarah Beach at one point on Monday January 28. The family day event coincided with the end of Byron Shire Councils lifeguard trial that, families have especially valued having, said BN spokesperson Debra Conomy.

While the sky was picture perfect on the Monday, the sea was quite rough. So with the lifeguards looking on, parents could relax and let their kids play in the surf, she said.

Successful trial

Byron Shire Council voted to trail the NSW Lifeguard service at Tyagarah Beach between January 7 and 28.

Councillor Sarah Ndiaye, who proposed the trial, said she had been down Monday 28 to see if there were any improvements.

I am really happy with the trial. It was a positive move while the community was at a stalemate. By having the lifeguards down there it allowed people who had stopped going to the beach to come back, she said.

It really seemed to have received a positive response and everyone was grateful for the lifeguards being there.

Scott Mcartney from the NSW Lifeguard Service said that while he, his manager and the lifeguards appointed to the site had had concerns about sex pests and other unsavoury behaviour prior to working at Tyagrah Beach they had not found any instances of this while they were there.

We were told from the reports that there werent many people down there but we performed a fair few rescues and there were a couple of code 16s (sharks) and people were told to get out of the water. So it was really good to have them down there, said Mr Mcartney.

There were mainly families and big groups.

There were a few enqu...


Grass fire at West Byron "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The West Byron fire as viewed from Melaleuca Drive. Photo Chris Dobney

Firefighters have raced to a blaze at the rear of Belongil Fields Holiday Park, which broke out at the site of the proposed West Byron development this morning.

Mike, a resident of the park, told Echonetdaily a NSW Fire & Rescue Service (F&R) unit arrived at the park around 11 am, followed by a Rural Fire Service (RFS) unit soon after.

A second RFS unit was seen leaving Mullumbimby, siren blaring, at around 11.30 am.

An F&R spokesperson told Echonetdaily there was an active grass fire near Meleleuca Drive behind the caravan park, with three resources despatched, plus RFS.

We received a call at 10.32 am and our units are set up for property protection, he said.

An RFS spokesperson told Echonetdaily the fire had been brought under control around midday after having burnt out about 10 hectares.

Mike, who identified himself as a long-time Byron Bay resident said it was bizarre that it broke out on the very day the future of the site is being decided.

The Joint Regional Planning Panel is due to make a ruling on the development applications for the contentious new suburb later today (Monday, February 4).


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Senior Human Resources Officer "IndyWatch Feed"

Australian Government Cancer Australia


Police Accused of Brutality on Australia Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim 28-year old Carl Hoppner is the first to admit his conduct on Australia Day last year was unacceptable, and he certainly paid for it. The Indigenous man was sentenced in Toronto Local Court on Friday to 10 month imprisonment after pleading guilty to headbutting and elbowing officers during his

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Politician responses to the record extreme heat for Australia January 2019 "IndyWatch Feed"

I've done some tracking on twitter across the political divide on climate and the heatwave events, going back to 22 December 2018 (the start of Christmas/New Year 1st heatwave event). December and January were record hot for Australia. On the Federal level both ALP and Green politicians have made the link between climate change and extreme heat events. Bill Shorten and Mark Butler for the


US mining company KCA sues Guatemala for US$300 million "IndyWatch Feed"

February 4, 2019: US mining company Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) made a US$300 million arbitration claim last December against Guatemala to the World Banks International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) over alleged violations of the Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR). Eleven international organisations have condemned the suit.

Since 2011, the communities of San Jos del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc have denounced the potential environmental and health impacts of KCAs Progreso VII Derivada gold mine project. In 2016, Guatemalas Supreme Court suspended KCAs operations over failure to consult with Indigenous people, which the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the company have appealed to the Constitutional Court. Instead of respecting Guatemalas democratic and judicial processes, KCAs ISDS action pressures the government to restart the mine, or otherwise pay the company hundreds of millions of dollars in lost potential profits.

Local communities have maintained a peaceful encampment, known as La Puya, and have resisted repeated violent eviction attempts, suffering repression by state and private security forces. They argue that KCA and the state have failed to credibly evaluate the impact that the gold project would have on water supplies in a region with high levels of naturally-occurring arsenic.


NEW MUSIC: Mark McGowan Betty "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mark McGowan hails from Glasgow and hes released this fine single, Betty, which comes from a four track EP Speakeasy which was released late last year. Stark and stripped back with sweet fingerpicking, the focus is on McGowans voice with its rich and textured folk tone that recalls a more sensitive Ray LaMontagne. Continue reading


Ben Barba May Be Banned for Life after Being Accused of Domestic Violence "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The NRL top brass have been taking an increasingly tough stance on players accused of criminal offences in recent times. Now, CEO Todd Greenberg has announced that star player Ben Barba faces a life-long ban from the game after being accused of domestic violence. The story so far In case you missed it, Ben Barba,

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Mark Butler ALP Shadow Minister rules out nuclear power "IndyWatch Feed"

Excerpt from radio interview



SUBJECT/S: Labors $1 billion National Hydrogen Plan, climate change, nuclear power, Liberals plan for new coal.

KELLY: Youre listening to RN Breakfast; our guest is the Shadow Climate and Energy Minister, Mark Butler. Mark Butler, Tanya Constable who is the Chief Executive of the Minerals Council of Australia is today proposing in...


February 2 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: PA Needs Clean Energy. Why Are Legislators Stuck On Nuclear? Reports say Pennsylvania state legislators will soon introduce bills to provide financial support to the states nuclear power plants. The NRDC urges the General Assembly to adopt a real clean energy transition policy and reject nuclear plant subsidizes. [Natural Resources Defense Council] []

via February 2 Energy News geoharvey


Sydney to host international climate conference for women in 2020 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Sydney wins bid to host major climate conference for women in 2020, Brisbane Times, By Peter Hannam 3 February 2019 Hundreds of climate leaders are expected to flock to Sydney next year after the City of Sydney won its bid to host a global conference for women.

The C40 group, representing 94 cities home to more than 700 million people, has selected Sydney to host its Women4Climate Conference in April 2020.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said cities are responsible for a staggering 75 to 80
per cent of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions, making action in cities to cut carbon pollution crucial.

Many of the worlds biggest cities are setting ambitious targets and policies to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions, proving effective action on climate change and strong
economic growth are compatible, Cr Moore said.

Shamefully, our own national government has a history of wilful negligence and Australian
politicians, both state and federal, are presiding over a climate disaster.



Debunking: Indigenous Leaders "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indigenous people are not a homogenous group, and we do not have a centralised or universally recognised leadership group.


Nuclear Company SNC-Lavalin should be barred from federal contracts "IndyWatch Feed"


Is this company an advisor to ANSTO and Australias nuclear lobby?


SNC-Lavalin should be barred from federal contracts: Angus, Call comes after two former executives pleaded ...


Byron Council refutes poisoned chalice hospital claim "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

David Bradbury locked onto equipment at the Mullumbimby Hospital site, Wednesday January 23. Photo Jeff Dawson

Byron Shire Council has denied claims by local filmmaker and activist David Bradbury that Council was only given the hospital for $1 if they agreed to demolish the site using the Tweed-based contractor the state government had already signed the contract with.

A Council spokesperson has since told Echonetdaily there was no requirement to use a particular contractor.

The spokesperson said, Council resolved to negotiate with the contractor previously engaged by NSW Health because it was advantageous for a number of reasons.

The project team handling the demolition and remediation of the site is led by Tweed Coast Demolitions and Excavations (TCDE), a Northern Rivers company with more than 11 years of experience in this type of work.

TCDE has been involved in many significant projects in the Northern Rivers including the Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Highway upgrade, the Woolgoolga to Ballina Highway upgrade, Bonalbo Hospital, Tweed Shire Council and Ballina RSL Aged Care Facility. TCDE has contracted Aztech Services, one of the leading Class A asbestos removal specialists in the country to remove the asbestos from the site.

Aztech Services was involved in remediating homes affected by the Mr Fluffy insulation in Canberra, which has the same type of asbestos insulation as the Mullumbimby Hospital, as well as All Hallows School, Charleville Hospital and the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

The site will be monitored by ENV Solutions, an environmental engineering firm based in Ballina. ENV Solutions has an intimate knowledge of the site and is responsible for ensuring that the removal is carried out to all regulations and monitoring of the site.

Tweed Coast Demolitions and Excavation (TCDE) has extensive large project experience and Aztech Services, which will handle the removal of asbestos, has extensive experience in removing asbestos contamination similar to whats on the Mullumbimby Hospital site, the spokesperson said.

The post...


Americal Republican politicians get big money from coal companies, wonder how many Australian Liberals do? "IndyWatch Feed"


150 Congressional Republicans Represent Fossil Fuel Companies Instead of Their Communities , January 30, 2019 by ClimateDenierRoundup.

Last week, we mocked the fossil fuel industrys use of an outlet it owns to brag about perverting democracy but we didnt actually call out the politicians in the industrys pocket.

Lucky for us, the Center for American Progress Action Fund did just that this week. A new analysis from CAP tallies up the climate d...


Sydney Criminal Lawyers Weekly Rundown Articles from 28 January to 3 February 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In case youve missed any of them, heres a rundown of the past weeks articles: Saving Aboriginal Mothers From Prison: An Interview With Free the Peoples Debbie Kilroy The Free the People campaign is raising money to pay off the fines of single Aboriginal mothers in Western Australia, where people can be sent to prison

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Japan using Fukushima recovery in a propaganda campaign for Olympic Games, despite radiation levels "IndyWatch Feed"

Near site of Fukushima nuclear disaster, a shattered town and scattered lives, WP, By Simon Denyer, February 3  NAMIE, Japan   Noboru Honda lost 12 members of his extended family when a tsunami struck the Fukushima prefecture in northern Japan nearly eight years ago. Last year, he was diagnosed with cancer and initially given a few months to live.

Today, he is facing a third sorrow: Watching what may be the last gasps of his hometown.

For six years, Namie was deemed unsafe after a multiple-reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following a 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

In March 2017, the government lifted its evacuation order for the center of Namie. But so far, hardly anyone has ventured back.

Its people are scattered and divided. Families are split. The sense of community is coming apart.

It has been eight years; we were hoping things would be settled now, the 66-year-old Honda said. This is the worst time, the most painful period.

For the people of Namie and other towns near the Fukushima plant, the pain is sharpened by the way the Japanese government is trying to move beyond the tragedy, to use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a symbol of hope and recovery, a sign that life can return to normal after a disaster of this magnitude.

Its charm offensive is also tied up...


The Fixated Persons Act Can Get You If You Are a Vexatious Litigant? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Queen arriving at 2018 Commonwealth Day service (photo: 

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Four decades ago, in March, 1978, I attended the Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey. I sat in the choir at the front. Why? Because Commonwealth figures were sitting there and I was representing The Gambia. What!

Actually I had been late in signing up for a ticket, and they had one left over as the Gambia person wasnt able to attend. So there I was.  When Her Maj came down the aisle, a large-built lady from the West Indies ran toward her, wielding a handbag as though planning to hit the queen.

Two guards jumped out of the pews and prevented any contact. The ceremony proceeded as though nothing had happened. More on that below.

Enter, Paul E Mullen

Gumshoers are familiar with the Melbourne psychiatrist Paul Mullen in...


February 4 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

1826 - Mr. Dawson states that he "derived great assistance from the Natives" in the First Settlement at Port Stephens.

1856 - The Brigantine Occator was blown ashore near North West Cape, WA. The one passenger and eight crew landed on Morions Island about 56 nautical miles from the wreck. Finding it deserted they decided to return to the ship to recover more water; about forty Indigenous men menaced them with spears and stones, but a shot fired from the passengers gun scared them away. Four days later they reached Shark Bay and landed on Dirk Hartog Island. They were rescued by the schooner Favourite.

1907 - Herbert Stanley (Bert) Groves , Aboriginal activist, was born today at Walhallow (Caroona) Aboriginal station, near Quirindi, New South Wales, son of Robert William Groves, a respected Aboriginal shearer, and his wife Alice Jane, ne Fox.

1939 - The first-ever mass strike of Aboriginal people in Australia occurred, called the Cummeragunja Walk-off. Over 150 Aboriginal people packed-up and left Cummeragunja Aboriginal Station in protest at the cruel treatment and exploitation of residents by the management. They walked 66kms and crossed the border from New South Wales into Victoria in contravention of the rules of the New South Wales Protection Board. 
The opera Pecan Summer tells the story of the walk-off.

2002 - The movie Rabbit Proof Fence was released on DVD on this day.

2003 - The High Court declared Federal legislation designed to deny illegal refugees and asylum seekers the right of appeal to the Federal and High Courts as invalid.

2013 - UNHCR released a report on the conditions in the offshore processing facility on Manus Island which similarly concluded that the transfer of asylum-seekers to unsatisfactory temporary facilities, within a closed detention setting, and in the absence of a legal framework and functional system to assess refugee claims, do not currently meet the required international protection standards. It also expressed concern about the situation of children transferred to Manus Island, noting that the lack of any appropriate legal or regulatory framework for their treatment (in what UNHCR finds to be a mandatory, arbitrary and indefinite detention setting), and on-going delays in establishing any procedures to assess childrens refugee protection needs, and broader best interests, is particularly troubling.


Special Valentines Day Meal Deals "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

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Is Australia still on the Solar-coaster? RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Is Australia on the rollercoaster ride particularly for large-scale renewables or are we now on-board the good-ship renewables? The post Is Australia still on the Solar-coaster? appeared first on RenewEconomy.

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RMIT says new solar technology could transform chemical manufacturing RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

RMIT designs new nano-enhanced material that can convert light to power chemical reactions, a discovery which could help deliver a more sustainable chemical manufacturing industry. The post RMIT says new solar technology could transform chemical manufacturing appeared first on RenewEconomy.

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Gupta challenges coalers with $1 billion plus solar and storage plan RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Sanjeev Guptas plans to combine solar, batteries and pumped hydro emerge as the biggest challenge to the coal industrys hopes in the government tender for 24/7 power. The post Gupta challenges coalers with $1 billion plus solar and storage plan appeared first on RenewEconomy.

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Radioactive cesium above legal limit detected in fish caught off Fukushima Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

Feb 2, 2019 FUKUSHIMA Radioactive cesium exceeding the state limit has been detected in fish caught off Fukushima Prefecture for the first time in about four years, the prefectures fisheries cooperatives association has said. The cesium level of 161 becquerels per kilogram, exceeding the limit of 100, was detected in a skate, a type []

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Nuclear reactors routinely release radioactive gases into the environment Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

Special thanks to Charles Bigelow This graphic best explains issues with venting and filtering of nuclear reactor cores under normal operations. The venting is done approximately once every three months at the beginning of fuel cycle and once a month or more at the end of fuel cycle. Noble gases like Krypton 85 are chemically []

via Nuclear reactors routinely release radioactive gases into the environment Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Governor Promotes Fukushima Foods in Hong Kong Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

Jan 26, 2019 Hong Kong, Jan. 26 (Jiji Press)Masao Uchibori, governor of Fukushima Prefecture, has promoted the safety of foods from the northeastern Japan prefecture, home to a heavily damaged nuclear plant, during his visit to Hong Kong that started on Thursday. Hong Kong introduced restrictions on food imports from the prefecture after a triple []

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Monetary policy has failed we must reprioritise fiscal policy "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember back in early 2009, when the then head of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet (boasted that the euro is a success it helps to secure prosperity in participating states. He was still making these claims in October 2018. At an event in honour of he and former German finance minister Theodor Waigel, organised by the Banque de France, Trichet said that the euro is a historic success in terms of credibility, resilience, adaptability, popular support and real growth during its first 20 years is impressive. He particularly singled out the delivery of price stability. Well the latest data confirms beyond doubt that the ECB has failed to deliver on its price stability charter. Further, the descent back into recession in Italy and probably Germany in the December-quarter 2018 tells us that this reliance on monetary policy to stimulate growth while maintaining ridiculous levels of fiscal rectitude has undermined growth and unnecessarily condemned millions to unemployment and rising poverty.

The ECB describe that the objective of its monetary policy is to maintain price stability.

They define price stability as:

a year-on-year increase in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) for the euro area of below 2% the ECB aims at maintaining inflation rates below, but close to, 2% over the medium term.

That would appear to be clear enough and one would certainly allow some latitude around the 2 per cent target in the short run. But that would exclude systematic departures from the target over an extended period.

I will come back to the claim about success in fostering real growth later.

But consider the following graph, which shows the annual inflation rate (Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices HICP) from January 2001 to December 2018 the span of the euro to date.



3 implications of technology trends "IndyWatch Feed"

Technological revolution

The tech revolution has been very different from those that have gone before.

Here are 3 implications to consider:


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Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language please. Side discussions and idees fixes to the sandpits, please. If you would like to receive my (hopefully) regular email news, please sign up using the following link You can also follow me on Twitter @JohnQuiggin, at my Facebook public page   and at my Economics in Two Lessons page


Sandpit "IndyWatch Feed"

A new sandpit for long side discussions, conspiracy theories, idees fixes and so on.


Woman rescued from Mount Warning "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked to Mount Warning (Wollumbin) yesterday (Sunday February 3) after a female walker had a fall on the walking track, resulting in lower leg fractures.

Due to the heavily timbered nature of the area, the only way to extract the patient was by using helicopters winch capabilities.

The 32year-old woman was fitted with an air rescue vest and accompanied by a NSW ambulance paramedic and was winched out of the location.

She was flown to Tweed Hospital in a stable condition.

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Binance CEO: Crypto Cheaper, Faster & Easier Than Legacy Digital Payments "IndyWatch Feed"

Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC) included, is slow, expensive, and hard to integrate, cry this industrys skeptics. While this argument has gained traction in recent years, especially as blockchains struggled to keep up with the transactional demand seen in late-2017, some arent all too convinced.

In a recent tweet, Changpeng CZ Zhao of Binance explained why he believes it is economically, logistically, and socially logical for Internet-centric retailers and entrepreneurs to accept cryptocurrencies, whether it be BTC, Ether, or otherwise, as a bonafide payment method.

Related Reading: Why This Billionaire Investor is Betting on a Project Bringing Bitcoin Payments to Starbucks

Crypto As A Medium Of Digital Exchange Makes Sense

Zhao, a long-time participant in the crypto and fintech industries, recently noted how it doesnt make sense to him that many Internet (non-brick and mortar) businesses dont accept cryptocurrencies for payments.

In fact, Zhao, formerly of and Bloomberg, noted that in his eyes, cryptocurrencies are not only more cost-effective, but easier to integrate and faster in terms of transaction finality, when compared to traditional payment gateways. Moreover, traditional digital payments, especially those routed through rent-seeking Silicon Valley darlings like PayPal, often require copious paperwork & KYC, while lacking the global accessibility that Bitcoin provides.

The Binance chiefs comment comes after Jason Smith, a crypto investor, claimed that BTC is already used as a form of digital money. In an extended rant on Twitter, Smith noted that merchants on Dream Market, a darknet-based market, actively want to accept BTC, quipping that they have no intentions to liquidate their digital assets for U.S. dollars. Smith even went on to cite anecdotal evidence he has gathered to note that....


In which the pond snaffles the Major and the Oreo ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

For some reason too bizarre or perverse to analyse, the pond finds itself turning to the Major first on a Monday yes, even though the Caterist and the Oreo are also out and about, it's the Major's deep desire to parade his neuroses that brings out the Freudian in the pond

Take the irony in the header below. 

Could it be any more compleat, coming from the man who went on an extended hunt for an Order of Lenin medal and came up with diddly squat? Finding facts? He couldn't even find a medal ...

There in the middle of that gobbet is a fine example of the denigration and contempt that the Major feels for those who think differently to him. 

Note how he quotes "some metropolitan self-identifying Aboriginal people think", even while then going on to quote a couple of "metropolitan self-identifying Aboriginal people" and their thinking yes Warren Mundine lives an aspirational life on Sydney's north shore and Prof Langton can be found proffing away at the University of Melbourne

It's all about as gratuitous as the pond scribbling about self-identifying white people scribbling furiously from their 'leet eerie in Surry Hills that they'll be damned if they'll apologise for anything

But the Major's parade of his neuroses has barely begun. Once again he provides evidence  how hard it is for the reptiles to let go their use of t...


Woman charged following fatal crash Alstonville "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A woman will appear in court next month after a fatal crash at Alstonville last year.

About 4.30pm on Monday 20 August 2018, a Nissan Elgrand van travelling south on Ballina Road and a Triumph motorcycle travelling east on the Bruxner Highway collided at the intersection.

The rider, a 39-year-old man, was thrown from his bike and suffered critical injuries.

Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died at the scene.

The driver, a 33-year-old woman, was taken to hospital for mandatory tests.

Three passengers in the Nissan escaped injury.

Following an investigation by officers from the Far North Coast Crash Investigation Unit, on Wednesday (30 January 2019), the 33-year-old woman was issued a Future Court Attendance Notice for negligent driving occasioning death, and for failing to give way to a vehicle at a give way sign/line.

She will appear at Lismore Local Court on Thursday 21 March 2019.

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Record teacher numbers promised by 2022 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Every school in Tweed is set to benefit from a major teacher recruitment drive as well as their maintenance backlog wiped to zero, as an additional 4600 teachers join the ranks of the public school system over the next four years.

This will mean the highest number of teachers employed in the states history.

Member for Tweed Geoff Provest said it is great for the schooling community More than $375,000 has been spent on school projects in Tweed over the 2018 summer holiday period, he said. Our childrens teachers are so important It is fundamental that we invest in our teachers so they can equip our kids with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the future.

Mr Provest said that there is also a plan to wipe the slate clean and ensure all outstanding maintenance jobs at schools such as carpeting, roof maintenance and painting works will be carried out.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW John Barilaro said this commitment will take the total number of full-time teaching positions to nearly 11,000.

These extra teachers will help staff the 170-plus new and upgraded schools being delivered as part of this governments record $6 billion investment in school infrastructure, he said. It is a priority to ensure NSW continues to have the best schools and best teachers in the country.

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Independent Artist of the Week: Amy Kisnorbo "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photo by Daniel OToole

Amy Kisnorbo gives us Cravings, the second single off her upcoming EP, combining downtempo, ambient textures with trip-hop infused vocals

The soulful, percussive sounds of Sydney-based producer, vocalist and DJ Amy Kisnorbo pay careful homage to her multi-layered UK roots. Amy began making music in South London, where her father was signed to legendary trip-hop label Mo Wax. In the past couple of years, Amy has been busy collaborating with artists like Royalston and Captain Earwax, DJing a slew of warehouse parties and boutique festivals under the name Alchemist, and has released two singles off her upcoming solo EP. The first of these, Pleasure State, was a haunting post-dubstep-inspired track released early last year.

Amys second single, Cravings, combines her unmistakably trip-hop infused vocals with a gently driving soundscape that tips its hat to the array of electronic music she plays under her DJ moniker. The real achievement of Cravings is that it manages to explore the 90s downtempo roots of its sound while avoiding nostalgia. Ironically, through adopting a more attentive focus to the past and avoiding clich, Kisnorbo manages to sound more contemporary and forward-looking than many of her similarly influenced contemporaries.

Check out Cravings below:

Cravings by Amy Kisnorbo
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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Australia's Hottest January on Record as we head into a climate election "IndyWatch Feed"

Just as climate change has been driving up temperatures in Australia to record levels, the political temperature is also rising for a climate election for May 2019. Australia has just experienced its hottest December on record, followed by its hottest January. It's already been a very hot summer with record breaking temperatures, and it's not yet over. How capital cities experienced January


The Morrison Government crossed the line and was caught out "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics was charged by Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on 19 September 2018 with conducting an Inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits.

The Standing Committee is composed of:

Liberal MP for Goldstein Tim Wilson (Chair)
Labor MP for Kingsford Smith Matt Thistlethwaite (Deputy Chair)
Along with committee members
Liberal MP for Brisbane Trevor Evans
Liberal MP for Mackellar Jason Falinski
Liberal MP for Hughes Craig Kelly
Liberal MP for Reid Craig Laundy
Labor MP for Freemantle Josh Wilson
Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt
And supplementary m...

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Sunday, 03 February


Recommendation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


I've just had some excellent work done by a qualified carpenter. Also, he has a special at the moment on decking timber.  

Ross @ Unlimited Building & Carpentry 0416 785 113.

Text me for more info if required, Judy 0405 180 639.


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hello, does any Newlander want this two drawer filing cabinet? 

Free to good home, pick up Newlands estate.. 

Please text 0400 200 973.

Cheers, Zoe. 



Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Wanted - Fowlers Vacola jars!

We're looking for spare Fowlers jars (any size is fine) to cope with our bumper crop of plums. Happy to provide different varieties of delicious plums in exchange.

Contact: Zoe on 0408 176 934.


Nina helps launch floating beach wheelchair at Bulli "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

mobi chair

Nina Crumpton with Bulli Surf Club members and the new floating wheelchair

WITH the continuing hot weather Nina Crumpton was looking forward to testing the new floating beach wheelchair launched at Bulli Surf Lifesaving Club today.

It marked a huge day for Nina as she has not been able to enjoy the beach since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago.

I found out that I had multiple sclerosis in 2013, and the next year it had affected my legs, she said.

Its been a long while since I last visited the beach and I cant wait to feel the water under my feet and experience the cool sea breeze.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited has worked with the Bulli Surf Lifesaving Club to give local people with limited mobility the ability to access the newly acquired beach wheelchair and spend a day at the beach with family and friends.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited, CEO John Blewonski thanked the Honda Foundation for donating the chair and said that it would be not just for people with MS but also will be available at no cost for others with similar disorders and disabilities.

This chair is a significant innovation for wheelchair users and will improve their quality of life by getting them back onto the beach and in many cases into the water. Its important that everyone has the opportunity to live an active and healthy lifestyle regardless of their personal circumstance or physical ability.



Newlands Men's Circle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Newlands Community Mens Group is on this week, Wednesday 6th Feb.

The theme is integrity and authenticity.

This is an opportunity to connect and share your wisdom and experience through this unique and powerful format. 


Army and Police have been told the water is expected to ride 5m with the dam gates open. Anyone in the warning areas should evacuate if possible. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I'm bring told that the army are evacuating people who have been told to leave by the police and haven't. People with babies and children. Don't be stupid guys, if you're in the high risk areas, leave.

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Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Blue velvet curtains lined and with rail generously covered window 1200h and 1800w.

Perfect condition - free.

Ring Nick 0422 391 799.


Debunking: It was hard for convicts, too "IndyWatch Feed National"

The myth of the convict is used to derail conversations about the brutality and unfairness of invasion and colonisation.


Plum-headed Finch at Atkinson Dam reported by Gavin OMeara on 02-02-2019 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Saw a small flock of Plum-headed Finches feeding in rank grass while unsuccessfully looking for Red-backed Buttonquail south of the dam wall early yesterday morning


February 3 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

1806 - The whaling ship, George, was wrecked at Twofold Bay; the following month sealers from the ship opened fire on Aboriginal people by which nine of their assailants were lain prostrate. Their bodies, hung in trees, were taken away during the night.
1830 - On this day in history George Augustus Robinson set out on a promenade with a couple of Indigenous fellows to act as cultural ambassadors for him to con the Tassie First Peoples that being shifted and "civilised" by a mob of weird white fellas was the thing to do....

1832 - Carrying provisions to settlers, John Chipper and Reuben Beecham, a boy, were driving a cart over Greenmount (WA) when they were attacked by blacks. The boy was killed almost instantly, but Chipper, though wounded in one arm and having a spear sticking in his side, escaped by jumping over the rock that now bears his name, on top of a steep hill and running seven miles to safety....

1900 - On this day JFG Foxton, WE Parry-Okeden and WE Roth were appointed trustees of a number of Aboriginal reserves in QLD including the Kelsey reserve at Bowen.

1988 - The cat was set amongst the pigeons when a prominent historian pointed out that the famous "Man From Snowy River" was probably in fact an Aboriginal chap named Toby, as it was highly likely Paterson based his now-famous poem on an article by C. W. Neville-Rolfe.

1989 - The findings of the Muirhead Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody were released.

2008 - Australian PM Kevin Rudd announced a summit of 1,000 ordinary citizens to address long-term challenges facing the nation, saying the best ideas could influence government policy. He also scolded the country's opposition for haggling over the exact content of a planned apology to Australia's Aborigines, saying its meaning will be quite clear.

2014 - The Australian Human Rights Commission announced that it would conduct an inquiry into children in immigration detention, to investigate the ways in which life in closed immigration detention facilities affects the health, wellbeing and development of children. The inquiry coincided with the ten-year anniversary of the Commissions landmark report, A Last Resort? At the time of the announcement, more than 1,000 children were detained in closed facilities.

2016 - The High Court of Australia dismissed a challenge to the legality of the offshore processing regime. The governments legal victory rested on a retrospective amendment to the Migration Act.


The surplus that never was (part 2) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

We have delivered on our commitment to fix the Budget were the words of Treasurer Gutwein when handing down the governments 2018/19 budget.

The Treasurers surplus fetish has obscured the reality that the 2018/19 budget outlined spending far in excess of receipts over the four-year period of the budget and the forward estimates.

This note outlines in more detail the actual cash position of the government before and after the Revised Estimates Report described in the last blog.

The government is essentially a cash business. Cash in and cash out. Profitability is not important. What is more crucial is cash sustainability, and secondly whether enough is being spent on capex, building new infrastructure and the like.

On the question of cash sustainability, the place to start looking is the Cash Flow Statement. The Treasurer wants us to focus on the Income Statement which half way down the page, produces a sub-total called the Net Operating Balance which he calls a surplus.

The Cash Flow Statement includes all inflows and outflows, not just the amounts included in the Income Statement. The problem with the Cash Flow Statement for a lay reader is that net cash flows from borrowings include the 24-hour loan the government takes out on balance date to repay all the internal borrowings that are being used to fund the governments excess spending. Accounting standards dont require footnotes to explain the balance date cosmetic exercise and the Treasurer is happy to keep everyone in the dark as he struts the stage as a financial maestro.

If the 24-hour borrowings are ignored, the true cash flows of the government are revealed. Ignoring the borrowings means adjust...


Sunday, 3 February 2019 - 5:05pm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week, I have been mostly reading:


Adani: always read the fine print "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Keeping up its flow of announcements, Adani just claimed that it had received 15 000 expressions of interest in jobs at its Carmichael mine, 1500 of them from Townsville alone, since Adani called for expressions of interest in December. (Townsville Bulletin, paywalled)

That seemed impressive, and I wondered if all those applications had actually been received since December, as claimed in the Bulletin report. After all, Adanis jobs portal was set up in 2017, and has been accepting registrations ever since.

Given that Adani has announced the imminent start of work on the project several times, it seems likely at least some of those who expressed interest in the past have found better opportunities and moved on. So, are the 15000 expressions of interest all current?

I looked through quite a few links, f which seemed to endorse Adanis claim of a jobs rush, but finally found one with precise numbers, at the website of Bundaberg radio station 4BU, which led me to check the Adani website, where I found the press release on which the stories were based. At the bottom of its press release, Adani says (emphasis added)

In December Adani advertised for expressions of interest for people wanting to work at the project. When the December numbers were added to previous registrations, the total was 14,498.

Heres a report from February 2018, where Adani stated that it had already received 11500 applications of which 18 per cent (about 2000) came from Townsville. The Townsville number is higher than the one they are currently claiming, suggesting that some applications must have lapsed or been withdrawn.

Given these figures, its impossible to tell how many applications Adani has received in the two months since it reannounced that it would be taking expressions of interest. Almost certainly, its a lot less than the headline figures announced in their release.

Thats not to say that there arent still plenty of people attracted by Adanis promise of thousands of jobs. But it does confirm that, when reporting on Adani, it always pays to check the fine....


Police Can Now Issue On-the-Spot Fines for Drug Possession "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Since 25th January 2019, NSW Police Officers have been empowered to issue on-the-spot fines for certain drug possession offences. Those who are issued with a fine will avoid a criminal conviction if they decide to pay, rather than contest it in court. The NSW Government claims the move is designed to make festivals safer and

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Just a few names that come to mind "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jack the Insider had a bit of an incoherent rant on Friday about the MUP kerfuffle.  But this comment seems strange:

I am trying to remember the last time anyone who spent their lives in the cloistered world of academia wrote a bestseller. It may have happened, but I cant think of when or who.

In no particular order, here are some names that immediately come to mind.

Adam Smith.

John Maynard Keynes.

FA Hayek.

John Kenneth Galbraith.

Yuval Harari.

Jordan Peterson.

Thomas Sowell.

Deirdre McCloskey.

Paul Krugman.

Joseph Stiglitz.



Stories in the Club 2019: What Do You Stand For? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Stories in the Club starts back on Sunday, February 10 with the theme What Do You Stand For?. This year there will only be four tellers, so each has a little more time. At the end of all the stories, there will be a short informal discussion with the tellers.
The three guest tellers will be Lyn Carson, Jim Tait and Mark Swivel. As usual, curator Jenni Cargill-Strong will also tell a folktale about a wise, talking snake who challenges a man on his slippery principles.

Jenni met Carson (who goes by her last name) at Woodford Folk Festival when she participated in an inspiring workshop series called Redesigning Democracy which Carson co-facilitated. She is an academic, a local and also helped to found newDemocracy, an independent, non-partisan research and development organisation. She was also was very involved with Heart Politics. After some badgering, Carson has agreed to tell her story in February in conversation with Jenni.

Mark Swivel runs Barefoot Law, a community legal clinic in Mullumbimby, and will tell the story of what he stands for and why he recently founded the political party Together. Mark moonlights as MCs for Dustyesky. Last year, he published Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again and will be running as a senate candidate for NSW in the 2019 federal election.

Jim Tait will tell the story of why, like Mark, he has also formed a new political party. Jim is an environmental scientist who trades as Econcern, an environmental consultancy business specialising in aquatic ecology, wetland management and biodiversity conservation. He is also a husband, father, gardener and fisherman whose concern for the emerging climate emergency lead to him establishing Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN). Telling a story in February last year at Stories in the Club was also an important catalyst in that process. He will be running as a senate candidate for NSW in the 2019 federal election. I happen to know he is also an enthusiastic dancer!

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"IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Were very pleased to see the Government respond to key recommendations in our report, and particularly the need for careful consideration of specific legislation to target these damaging practices."

Once again the Andrews Government is leading the nation advancing LGBTIQ equality and keeping our communities safe. On days like today its wonderful to know we live in a State where our Premier has our back, and we are celebrated for who we are," said Ms Brown.

Nathan Despott, Co-Leader of Brave Network, a support and advocacy group for LGBTIQA+ people welcomed the announcement and the delivery of the Health Complaints Commissioner report.

We are so pleased that the Victorian Government has chosen to adopt a broad response to this insidious movement that has operated undercover in Victoria's religious communities for decades. The Victorian Government and Health Complaints Commissioner have listened to survivors and taken time to learn about the complexity involved with the ideology and operations of this harmful movement, said Mr Despott.

Dr Tim Jones, senior lecturer in history at La Trobe University and co-author of the Preventing Harm Promoting Justice Report said:

Experts and survivors all emphasised the importance of a holistic approach to tackling the issue.

Stronger laws and support for survivors are incredibly welcome steps but we also need education and research about the harm caused by the cultural ideas and messaging prevalent within faith communities, to drive change from within. We recommend a multi-faceted approach implemented in partnership with health professionals, religious insti...


Christa Wolfs One Day a Year 20012011 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Christa Wolf, One Day a Year 20012011 (2013, translation by Katy Derbyshire, Seagull Books, 2017) In 1960 the Moscow newspaper Izvestia invited a number of writers, including East German Christa Wolf, to describe one day in their lives, 27 September Continue reading


FNwF- February "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I'm surprised by how quickly February has come around especially with the days on end of extreme heat which at the time seemed to drag on and on. But here we are and another Friday Night with Friends has been and gone. Thanks to Cheryll for hosting.

As promised, I crocheted. My Sweet Pea crochet along is coming along. It should be double this size by now but, it's not. It will be. I'm enjoying the process very much and mostly I get a few strips done each evening, sitting outside when the sun has lost its bite and there are no chores left to do for the day.

Along with the virtual company of the other crafters taking part, I had a real life craft companion this month. Grace has been cross stitching. It's  a good distraction when she needs to take a break from studying for exams which she has been doing this week.

Also as promised, I made some envelopes. This one is from a colouring book. I do not like to colour-in. Never have. So I fold the pages into envelopes and I think they look ok The paper is usually nice and sturdy too which is good. Now I just have to fill all those new envelopes with letters.

Bye for now,
Tracy xo


Canadian Exchange Insolvent After CEO Dies With Keys to $145M of Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed"

Canadian Crypto Exchange Files for Bankruptcy After CEO Dies With Wallet Keys

Death is complicated enough in the cryptosphere when a private investor dies with the private keys to their fortune. But the pain is amplified exponentially should the deceased be the CEO of a digital currency exchange responsible for the safekeeping of millions of dollars. The death of Gerald Cotten, founder and chief executive officer of crypto exchange Quadrigacx, has led to the loss of CAD $190 million (~ U.S. $145 million) stashed in the platforms cold storage wallets.

Also read: Australias Financial Intelligence Agency Registers 246 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Quadrigacx Seeks Court Protection From Creditors

Canadian exchange Quadrigacx this week filed for protection from creditors in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, claiming to have failed to locate or access the money since the death of Cotten on Dec. 9, according to a report by local newspaper The Globe and Mail.


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Saturday, 02 February


PSPA Declaration Brisbane Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

UPDATE The Queensland police are keeping the public up to date via Twitter

Members of the public are advised to avoid the International Airport which has been contained by specialist police.

BRISBANE AIRPORT UPDATE; Specialist police have taken a man into custody. Police are currently conducting clearance searches of the International Terminal. No reported injuries to any members of the public or police. PSPA -emergency declaration remains in place.

UPDATE 10.05pm: A man has been transported to a police station where he is to be interviewed. Specialist police remain at the airport with clearance searches of the International Terminal on-going. The public are thanked for their on-going co-operation and patience

UPDATE 10.15pm: We can confirm members of the public and workforce evacuated from the affected area (Departures Terminal International Airport) when the incident first unfolded. No injuries and only police remain on-scene. Aircraft and trains remain stopped at this time

UPDATE 10.30PM: There is no evidence to suggest the incident at the International Airport is terrorism related, it is a domestic violence related situation.



NSW Liberal government buys 150 suburban parking spots for $126K each "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

NSW Premier Berejiklian has today announced $19M for car parks at Riverwood Train Station. Riverwood is 50 minutes from the CBD. 150 spots at $19M? That's $126,666 per car space! 50 minutes out in the burbs! Premier, they saw you coming.


The Weekend Quiz February 2-3, 2019 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

A government can run a balanced fiscal position over a complete economic cycle (peak to peak) as long as it accepts, that after all the spending and income adjustments are exhausted, that over the same cycle, the private domestic balance will only be in surplus if the external balance is in surplus.

The answer is True.

Note that this question begs the question as to how the economy might get into the situation that I have described. Whatever behavioural forces were at play, the sectoral balances all have to sum to zero. Once you understand that, then deduction leads to the correct answer.

To refresh your memory the sectoral balances are derived as follows. The basic income-expenditure model in macroeconomics can be viewed in (at least) two ways: (a) from the perspective of the sources of spending; and (b) from the perspective of the uses of the income produced. Bringing these two perspectives (of the same thing) together generates the sectoral balances.

From the sources perspective we write:

GDP = C + I + G + (X M)

which says that total national income (GDP) is the sum of total final consumption spending (C), total private investment (I), total government spending (G) and net exports (X M).

Expression (1) tells us that total income in the economy per period will be exactly equal to total spending from all sources of expenditure.

We also have to acknowledge that financial balances of the sectors are impacted by net government taxes (T) which includes all taxes and transfer and interest payments (the latter are not counted independently in the expenditure Expression (1)).

Further, as noted above the trade account is only one aspect of the financial flows between the domestic economy and the external sector. we have to include net external income flows (FNI).

Adding in the net external income flows (FNI) to Expression (2) for GDP we get the familiar gross national product or gross national income measure (GNP):

(2) GNP = C + I + G + (X M) + FNI

To render this approach into the sectoral balances form, we subtract total taxes and transfers (T) from...


Renewable power costs less than nuclear "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

PAT CONROY: Renewable power costs less than nuclear Nuclear power is the fools gold of energy policy. On the surface, beautiful, but when tested it proves to be a mirage.


Acting in defence of another person. What does the law say? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Imagine this. Your teenage daughter is at the shopping mall with friends after school. She calls to tell you she is being beaten up. By a grown woman. As the story unfolds, you find out that she and another girl around the same age got into an argument. At some point, the altercation became physical.

The post Acting in defence of another person. What does the law say? appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


February 2 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1800 - Yellowgowey [Yaragowhy], a Hawkesbury Aboriginal leader, said that an Aboriginal man named Major White killed Hodgkinson and John Wimbow.

1811 - George Caley and Daniel Moowattin sorted specimens at Sir Joseph Bankss house in Soho Square, London. Banks questioned Dan about the Cola [koala].

1850 - The Sydney Morning Herald announced;
At Botany, on Thursday, January 31st, the well-known Aboriginal "Boatswain,"
whose intelligence and superior manners, coupled with the fact of his being the last of the Botany Bay tribe, rendered him a favourite with all who knew him, and especially with his white countrymen.

1900 - Apart from local Protectors, the appointment of a Protector to oversee the lives of young Aboriginal women was also made. Frances Meston, wife of Archibald Meston the Southern Protector, was the matron of a home for Aboriginal girls in South Brisbane. Mrs. Meston was succeeded by Mary Easter Frew (later known as Mary McKeown) on this day.

1912 - 73 year old Emma Miller unseated the QLD Commissioner of Police from his gee-gee when she took on a mounted police charge and stuck her hatpin in Commissioner Cahill's horse. Thereafter hatpins were outlawed and wide berths given to innocent-looking little old ladies.

1972 - Women were roaring and the men were certainly hearing them when the Women's Electoral Lobby was founded.

1982 Lindy Chamberlain was committed to trial for murdering her baby Azaria.

1986 Sydney nurse Anita Cobby was brutally murdered leading to calls for the re-introduction of the death penalty.

1998 - Support for preamble recognition; The constitutional convention held at Old Parliament House from February 2-13 to debate proposals on whether Australia should become a republic supported Indigenous recognition in a new preamble.


Paul on Mum's porch "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There's paint everywhere now - the next time I visit I'll continue with the reflections combined with the view thru the glass, and hopefully Paul will come by during the afternoon

Listening to the cricket, drinking coffee or beer, smoking the occasional cigarette, hanging on mum's back porch with my brother Paul - along with mozzie repellent(it's Newcastle after all) and some reflections



Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Great draws all working 120cm long 50 cm deep , 80cm high.

Livingstone Street Reservoir.
Text 0466 599 686. 



To help you watch the Superbowl "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Tom Brady during Super Bowl XLIX

Please yourself, the Boston Patriots v the Los Angeles Rams. If you dont know the game, you wont understand much of whats going on. But if you do understand, North American football (it was invented in Canada) has more potential for drama and surprise than any sport I know. As for the game itself, this is how you can help to pick your team, care of CNN who are not doing their bit to keep politics out of sport: Trump stokes rage against his friends, the Patriots.

The New England Patriots are evolving into the most hated team of all time, and Donald Trump isnt helping matters. He keeps boasting about his love for owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and nearly everybody else associated with an NFL franchise that more than a few folks beyond Boston Harbor cant stand.

Go ahead, America. You have my permission to pull like crazy Sunday for the Los Angeles Rams over the Patriots during Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

Or not. Go Pats!

And heres when you can watch the game. Lots of pubs around, but they dont show the actual Superbowl ads in Oz which for some people is the reason to watch the game at all.

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart: 10:30 am AEDT
Perth: 7:30 am AWST
Darwin: 9:00 am ACST
Brisbane: 9:30 am AEST
Adelaide: 10:00 am ACDT
New Zealand: 12:30 pm NZDT


We All Have Wings "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

For the next fortnight I have an art installation at the Leeton Community Op Shop

This developed after I met Narelle at the Western Riverina Arts networking event in Leeton last year.

She'd outlined her ideas to develop a mural and I offered to assist with writing a grant.

Later I visited the Shop and she gave me a tour, pointing out the windows and how they host displays from local organisations.

Then she asked if I was interested in displaying something and I couldn't pass the opportunity, although I wasn't sure what it would look like.

While considering ideas I remembered the butterfly brooches I'd started collecting at the Op Shop when I noticed they had a few.

I'm now up to six butterflies.

In another conversation she'd mentioned it would be great to develop a public art piece that would make people want to take a selfie.

Around the same time I'd seen Council's draft graffiti policy and the ideas began to coalesce.

The final piece was when I found a friend on Facebook who is living in Prague and we'd discussed INXS' film clips, particularly 'Never Tear Us Apart'

The line "we all have wings" spoke to me of the potential for personal transformation.

After that I started seeing butterflies everywhere, particularly in memes and places I hadn't considered (such as...


Ending Apartheid in Palestine: An Interview With BDS Australias Hilmi Dabbagh "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Amnesty International has taken aim at online booking companies for fuelling human rights violations against Palestinians by listing hundreds of accommodation options, attractions and tours in Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories. Released this week, the Destination: Occupation report calls on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia and to stop doing business in the Israeli settlements, which it

The post Ending Apartheid in Palestine: An Interview With BDS Australias Hilmi Dabbagh appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Maca reduces blood pressure and depression. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Climacteric. 2015 Feb ;18(1):69-78. Epub 2014 Aug 7. PMID: 24931003 Abstract Title:  Maca reduces blood pressure and depression, in a pilot study in postmenopausal women. Abstract:  OBJECTIVE: Lepidium meyenii (Maca) has been used for centuries for its fertility-enhancing and aphrodisiac properties. In an Australian study, Maca improved anxiety and depressive scores. The effects of Maca on hormones, lipids, glucose, serum cytokines, blood pressure, menopausal symptoms and general well-being in Chinese postmenopausal women were evaluated.METHODS: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study was conducted in 29 postmenopausal Hong Kong Chinese women. They received 3.3 g/day of Maca or placebo for 6 weeks each, in either order, over 12 weeks. At baseline, week 6 and week 12, estradiol, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), full lipid profiles, glucose and serum cytokines were measured. The Greene Climacteric, SF-36 Version 2, Women's Health Questionnaire and Utian Quality of Life Scales were used to assess the severity of menopausal symptoms and health-related quality of life.RESULTS: There were no differences in estradiol, FSH, TSH, SHBG, glucose, lipid profiles and serum cytokines amongst those who received Maca as compared to the placebo group; however, significant decreases in diastolic blood pressure and depression were apparent after Maca treatment.CONCLUSIONS: Maca did not exert hormonal or immune biological action in the small cohort of patients studied; however, it appeared to reduce symptoms of depression and improve diastolic blood pressure in Chinese postmenopausal women. Although results are comparable to previous similar published studies in postmenopausal women, there might be a cultural difference among the Chinese postmenopausal women in terms of symptom reporting.

read more


1) Vanuatu refuses to back down on West Papua stance "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) OPM calls for UN action in Papua

4) Indonesia sends protest note to Vanuatu for smuggling separatist in delegation
5) Kopassus: Papua Armed Group Comprise Youths Seeking Attention

1) Vanuatu refuses to back down on West Papua stance

9:13 pm on 1 February 2019 



Resolution or fester: Indigenous cry will not go away "IndyWatch Feed"

THE chatter and clatter about Australia Day and Indigenous recognition may have abated a week out from 26 January, but it will never go away until the matters are resolved.

The victorious allies treated the vanquished Germans after World War I and II better than the colonising British and their Australian inheritors have treated Indigenous Australians. At least the Germans got a treaty after the first war and a lot of help after the second to bring their standard of living up to or better than that of the victors. Not so in Australia.

And our Indigenous people were not the aggressors.

The reference to European conflict is pertinent. For a long time Australians wondered why the Europeans got themselves into stews over centuries-old blood feuds, battles and ethnic wars. The call, Remember 1389, or some other seemingly irrelevant grudge or grievance lost in time, seemed a bit silly from Australian eyes. 

Well, we have one of these grievances of our own. And do not imagine that it will be forgotten just because 600 years or so have passed. After all, 230 years have passed since British colonists claimed other peoples land as their own on 26 January 1788, and it is not forgotten.

Australia Day and the failure to duly recognise self-identifying Indigenous people will still be a grievance in 2388 unless it is properly dealt with.

It is like the Basques, the Catalonians, the Balkans, Ireland and Palestine. Without resolution by the people in those geographic areas, the festering sores and grievances go on, to the detriment of all those peoples.

With resolution, however, whatever happened in the past no longer becomes grievance. 

This is why the Uluru Statement of May 2017 ( is so apposite. It sets out what is needed for resolution.

We call for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution. Makarrata is the culmination of our agenda: the coming together after a struggle.

But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected it just five months later saying it would amount to creating a third chamber in the Parliament. Last September Scott Morrison as Prime Minister endorsed Turnbulls view.


Friday, 01 February


Researcher: Bitcoin Will Easily Surpass Market Cap of Gold at $8 Trillion "IndyWatch Feed"

Cryptos most fervent crusaders have sought to keep their heads up in this drastic, bone-crushing bear market. While optimism has often taken the form of the institutional herd is coming narrative, a number of Bitcoin (BTC) natives have begun to revisit the assets underlying value proposition.

And no, in their eyes, BTC isnt digital cash. Instead, the flagship cryptocurrency has quickly taken up the mantle of being a digital form of gold, rather than digital cash through and through.

Max Keiser, an anti-establishment figure and popular industry commentator, put it best when he claimed that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic gold system. In a later tweet, he lauded Bitcoins nature as unparalleled digital gold, calling it simply world-changing.

Related Reading: No One Needs A Crypto ETF & Bakkt, BTC Already Is Money: Crypto Investor

Theres Not Enough Bitcoin To Go Around

Scarcity is one of Bitcoins mainstays. According to a Twitter thread from Dan Held, a former product manager at Blockchain, Satoshi Nakamoto himself mentioned his brainchilds scarce nature in emails, BitcoinTalk threads, and through other mediums of digital communication. While the cryptocurrency godfather, to so speak, seemingly never mentioned the words digital and gold in a single sentence, Bitcoin has been extolled as a replacement (not alternative) for the precious metal.

In a recent tweet, Willy Woo cemented this belief system. The Australian crypto researcher, known for his in-depth technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, explained why he expects for Bitcoins market capitalization to easily exceed surpass that of traditional gold.


House prices soggy in January "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Housing prices DOWN

January isn't a very good time for measuring much related to housing, with so few transactions to analyse or extrapolate from, but since everything is reported these days here are the latest tables.

Sydney house prices were 10.9 per cent lower over the year to January 2019, and unit prices in teh harbour city were 6.9 per cent lower.

Melbourne followed quite a similar trajectory, with house prices down by 10.6 per cent.

Source: CoreLogic

The upper quartile - the most expensive end of the market - has borne the brunt of price falls.

The cheaper end of the market has generally speaking held up better, partly thanks to first homebuyer incentives, and partly because that sector of the market is less volatile through the cycle anyway. 

Source: CoreLogic

Over the past year the worst performing Sydney sub-regions have included many of those supply-responsive markets where construction has boomed such as Ryde (-13.4 per cent), Sutherland (-11.6 per cent), Baulkham Hills and Hawkesbury (-11.3 per cent), Parramatta (-10.9 per cent), and the south west (-10.8 per cent). 



Victoria Police falsify records regarding evidence "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

So here's what you (the general population) are allowed to know:


NEW MUSIC: Charles Wesley Godwin Strawberry Queen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Charles Wesley Godwin has an interesting back story. Born and raised in Morgantown in the Appalachian hills, to a coal miner father and schoolteacher mother, he ditched college football and picked up the guitar before discovering he had a knack for playing and songwriting during overseas study in Estonia. Since then hes shared stages with Continue reading


1) Indonesia Criticizes Vanuatu over Papua Separatist Leaders UN Petition "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) TNI to Hold Psychological, Territorial Operations in Papua
3) International attention drawn to West Papuan struggle
1) Indonesia Criticizes Vanuatu over Papua Separatist Leaders UN Petition
Victor Mambor Jayapura 2019-01-31

Benny Wenda, chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, protests against the Rio Tinto mining company outside its annual meeting in London, April 15, 2010.



February Forum: Councils Sustainability Projects "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Thursday, 7 Feb; 7:00 am to 9:00 am. ] The First SLA forum for 2019 is on Thursday, 7 February at 7pm at Kent House, opposite Central Park on Faulkner Street. We are fortunate in two ways, Council has finally appointed a new Sustainability officer, Sally Thorsteinsson and she has agreed to come an speak about her role and some of the projects she [...] full article 


What a Waste Forum: The Challenge of Food Loss & Waste "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Wednesday, 6 Feb; 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] A global town hall meeting to advance, demonstrate, network and act Lunch & refreshments provided Wednesday 6 February 2019, 8am-4pm, Armidale Town Hall Goals Advance measurement of food loss and food waste, so what gets measured can be managed Demonstrate current project success Network to share expertise and technology for local, national and global impact Act by identifying projects for [...] full article 


National Sustainable Living Festival 128 FEB "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Australias longest running and largest sustainability festival hits the streets in 2019 for its 20th year. This iconic, national platform showcases sustainability leaders and innovators with cutting edge solutions to an ever-growing audience. Disruptions for sustainability are happening right now all around the world whether its the explosion in clean energy uptake, the surge of [...] full article 


Final Community Investment Information Sessions for Sapphire Wind Farm "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Thursday, 28 Feb; 6:00 pm; ] We now have over 100 investors on the DomaCom platform. Many thanks to those who have acted so quickly. We know many of you are keen to see the detailed investment offer - the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS). This will be released late in February and we will also bring printed copies to the [...] full article 


Grounding Story Conference "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Wednesday, 13 Feb to Friday, 15 Feb. ] 7th Biennial Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture Conference We explore how the stuff of the world weaves itself into story, & how story can materially transform the world & asks what do we want these stories to do? Hosted by English Literary Studies (Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences & Education) When: Wednesday [...] full article 


Armidale Urban Rivercare Sunday Sessions "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Sunday, 10 Feb; 8:30 am; ] Commencing Sunday 9 September Armidale Urban Rivercare (AURG) Sunday Sessions will be held on the second Sunday of each month. Time: 8:30am Location: Somewhere along Dumaresq Creek Join the AURG mailing list for details of each session. What to bring: BYO long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy boots. Please also bring gloves, broad brim [...] full article 


AURG Maintenance Mondays "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Monday, 4 Feb; 3:00 pm; ] We will continue with our weeding downstream of Niagara Street on the north side of the Creek near where Northcott Street (accessed off Erskine Street) adjoins the creek area. Time: 3.00 to 5.00pm Location: Dumaresq Creek downstream from Niagara Street on the northern side where Northcott Street (accessed off Erskine Street) intersects with the creek. [...] full article 


Beau the Koala live at the Extinction Inquiry with the Wilderness Society "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Beau the Koala WAS LIVE from the Extinction Inquiry on the Friday 1 February. He was at the Senate hearing into the Faunal Extinction Crisis our National Director and Nature Campaigner presented evidence that our Federal Environment laws are failing animals like the koala. We are in an extinction crisis thats why we are calling [...] full article 


Wild Koala Day is May 3! #wildkoaladay "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Friday, 3 May; ] Get involved in Wild Koala Day Share a wild koala photograph on facebook, instagram or twitter and tag #wildkoaladay If you dont have a pic of a wild koala, share your favourite koala toy and tag #wildkoaladay In Australia, phone your local politician on Wild Koala Day and say Its Wild Koala Day, and koalas are important to [...] full article 


Ecoarts Australis 3rd national conference 26-28 MAY "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Sunday, 26 May to Tuesday, 28 May. ] 3rd National EcoArts Australis Conference: Using the Visual and Performing Arts to Encourage Pro-environmental Behaviour 26-28 May 2019 Wollongong, NSW Welcome to the first mail out for the third national EcoArts Australis Conference! We are looking forward to hosting a wonderful and inspiring event focusing on exploring sustainability through the arts. What can you expect from the 2019 Conference: [...] full article 


Bring back global warmining "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Yesterday, 31 January 2019, there was a 69 degree celcius temperature differential between Sydney, Australia and Chicago, Illinois, USA.

It was 40 deg in Sydney and minus 29 deg in Chicago.  Minus 29 deg!  Bet they would like them some global warming!

TAFKAS wonders how the dams in Chicago are doing and if their rain is filling them.


The Weekend Quiz February 2-3, 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blog posts that I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. A government can run a balanced fiscal position over a complete economic cycle (peak to peak) as long as it accepts, that after all the spending and income adjustments are exhausted, that over the same cycle, the private domestic balance will only be in surplus if the external balance is in surplus.

2. A basic understanding of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) would leave you to conclude that excessive real wage demands by workers can cause unemployment.

3. Assume that a nation's GDP growth is half a percentage point below its trend rate of growth of 3.5 per cent per annum and labour productivity grows at 1.5 per cent per annum. If average working week is constant in hours and the labour force grows at 2 per cent per annum, then we would observe a rising unemployment rate.


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