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Saturday, 23 December


Amnesia Blues Band "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Friday 22nd Dec, 7.30pm 10.00pm, Sporting Legends

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Thursday, 21 December


Review: The Beautiful Girls "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Photos by Stuart Bucknell Photography The Beautiful Girls, Animal Ventura & Mesmeriser The Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW Saturday 16th December, 2017 In the sweltering Sydney summer, the ice cool reprieve of The Metro Theatres ample air conditioning was a welcome starter to an evening that promised rays of Morning Sun. To start the night off, []


Car Ploughs Into Pedestrians in Melbourne, Injures at Least 14 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Australian police stand near a crashed vehicle after they arrested the driver of a vehicle that had ploughed into pedestrians at a crowded intersection near the Flinders Street train station in central Melbourne, Australia December 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Luis Ascui

Melbourne: A car deliberately ploughed into pedestrians at a crowded intersection in the Australian city of Melbourne ...


MACKAY Drunken attack: Sick thudding sound, like a loud crack "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 21, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Drunken attack: Sick thudding sound, like a loud crack

December 21, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Mayson James Doyle-Cavanagh continued to kick and punch him. The unprovoked assault ended when the victim rose to his feet and copped an unexpected blow, a king hit, from the 20-year-old apprentice fitter. Doyle-Cavanagh faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from prison on Tuesday

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MACKAY Man pretends to be childrens hospital doctor "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 21, 2017 at 11:52AM ,

Man pretends to be childrens hospital doctor

December 21, 2017 at 11:52AM ,

Shoplifter driven by ice habit released from prison Skye Louise Walton, 23, of Mackay was sentenced in Mackay Magistrates Court on a. Sobbed as magistrate offered her a reprieve before Christmas

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MACKAY Dumbest criminals caught on camera "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 21, 2017 at 03:03PM ,

Dumbest criminals caught on camera

December 21, 2017 at 03:03PM ,

Police have launched the Christmas Road Safety Campaign in a bid to stop stupid behaviour and reduce trauma on the roads. Commissioner Ian Stewart said this years campaign would involve a highly visible police presence and a series of targeted traffic operations across the state. Sadly 40 people

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They Wed Six Years Ago, But Now Lisa And Tani Can Make It Official "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Gold Coast couple Lisa and Tani got married in 2011, but only now can they make their marriage official. The couple (pictured) shared their beautiful commitment ceremony at Mt Tamborine with QNews in 2011, and the following year Lisa and Tani also obtained a state civil partnership when they were introduced in Queensland. But now ...

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Police Arrest Driver After Crashing Into Pedestrians In Melboune "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


SUV Plows Into Christmas Shoppers in Melbourne, Australia; Over Dozen Injured, Driver and Passenger Arrested "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

A white SUV was driven into Christmas shoppers outside Flinders Street Station in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, Thursday afternoon local time, injuring over a dozen people including a child. The driver and passenger were reportedly arrested at the scene. No details have been reported about the identities of those arrested , however police are now saying it appears to be deliberate and have not ruled out terrorism.

Another view of passenger being dragged by police:

Screen image via Twitter.

Local media reports eyewitnesses saying the driver sped through a red light hitting people, gunned the engine and targeted more pedestrians before crashing into a bollard protecting a tram line.

Video shows the moments after the SUV stopped.


Christmas Fruit Loaf "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A super quick post This year, Ive baked Christmas fruit loaves for the neighbours. Theyre packed with colourful dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon (but no added sugar), and theyre very tasty Heres the formula I used: 100g bubbly active sourdough starter 1kg bread/bakers flour 750g water 18g fine sea salt 100g walnut pieces 100g chopped []


growing a life "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ive arrived at the end of my year of Horticulture study greatly wiser, learning a lot enough to understand there is so much more I do not know. However, among many useful skills I acquired the aptitude to research and find answers within the horticultural domain. Professionally, as well as actually obtaining a qualification as []


PERTH Wild grand theft auto-style chase through Perth ends with arrest at Malaga Maccas "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

snip .

Wild grand theft auto-style chase through Perth ends with arrest at Malaga Maccas .

December 21, 2017 at 09:28AM .

Police had to call in additional crews, deploy a helicopter and a tyre deflation device to arrest two men after a wild chase through Rivervale after an allegedly stolen car on Wednesday night. Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison said about 8:20pm officers approached a BMW at the intersection of .


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Medicinal Cannabis Doctor Is Being Held Behind Bars on Remand "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The benefits of medicinal cannabis have been widely recognised over recent years. Cannabis medicines have been used to ease the pain associated with chemotherapy, to treat the symptoms of Alzheimers and multiple sclerosis, as well as to reduce seizures in cases of severe epilepsy. In the US, medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states. However, in Australia,

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One of the reasons why local government, traditional owners and communities in the Clarence Valley should be very wary of home-grown and foreign lobbyists, investment consortiums and land developers "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

On 15 August 2016 four representatives of United Land Councils Ltd & United First Peoples Syndications Pty Ltd gave evidence before the NSW Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 6 INQUIRY INTO CROWN LAND.

One of the projects put forward to the Inquiry by those representatives was the industrialisation of the Clarence River estuary by way of construction of a mega freight port.

The following tale involves a number of persons or firms associated with the aforementioned  companies and this mega port & rail project, including Nick Petroulias aka Michael Felson aka Nick Peterson.

The Newcastle Herald, 21 October 2017:

HE WAS brash and brilliant. A young lawyer from Melbourne who became a rising star of the public service, hand-picked to serve as assistant tax commissioner by the age of 30.

That was until a spectacular fall from grace left Nick Petroulias jailed for using his plum position to do the very thing he was tasked with stamping out: defrauding the tax office.

Since his release from prison in 2010, Mr Petroulia...


Australia Post Claims Wrongly Delivered Mail Result of Nationwide Secret Santa Program "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Australia Post has been deliberately sending the wrong mail to people across the country for years as part of a top-secret nationwide secret Santa program, according to a statement released by the companys PR team today.

Weve been secretly bringing the magic of Christmas to people all throughout the year for as long as we can remember, the statement reads. Some people complain because they think were mixing up packages by accident, but we also get a lot of happy customers who love the surprises they receive.

The statement describes how one man whod been expecting a book from his mum called 12 steps to living drug-free was delighted when he instead received a box of MDMA from the dark web.

This man is just one of many winners, the statement says. We make a list of deliveries and check it twice, then we burn it and just send the parcels wherever we feel like taking them. Another thing we love to do is send Christmas presents out a few months late. Everyone gets presents on December 25 so its a lot more special and unexpected to instead get them in June.


Police 'lured' into Melbourne backstreet battles, internal memo shows amid fears of gang merger "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Heavily armed riot police had to be called in to break up a Werribee party after the first officers to arrive at the Airbnb house were pelted with rocks. Source: 7 News.
Gangs forming an alliance, where could this lead?
Our government has left us defenceless due to gun control legislation & anti-self defence laws. What choices are we left with for our own self defence & the protection of our families?!


Yet another broken anonymity promise "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

In 2016, the Australian government released, for research purposes, an extract of public health insurance data, comprising the 30-year billing history of ten percent of the population, with medical providers and patients purportedly de-identified. Melbourne University researcher Dr Vanessa Teague and her colleagues famously found quite quickly that many of the providers were readily re-identified.  The dataset was withdrawn, though not before many hundreds of copies were downloaded from the government website.

The governments responses to the re-identification work were emphatic but sadly not positive.  For one thing, legislation was written to criminalize the re-identification of ostensibly anonymised data, which would frustrate work such as Teagues regardless of its probative value to ongoing privacy engineering (the bill has yet to be passed). For another, the Department of Health insisted that no patient information had been compromised.  That was then.

It seems less ironic than inevitable that in fact the patients anonymity was not to be taken as read.  In follow-up work released earlier this week, Teague, with Dr Chris Culnane and Dr Ben Rubinstein, have shown how patients in that data release may indeed be re-identified.

The ability to re-identify patients from this sort of Open Data release is frankly catastrophic.  The release of imperfectly de-identified healthcare data poses real dangers to patients with socially difficult conditions.  This is surely well understood.  What we now need to contend with is the question of whether Open Data practices like this deliver benefits that justify the privacy risks. Thats going to be a tricky debate, for the belief in data science is bordering on religious.

It beggars belief that any government official would promise anonymity any more. These promises just cannot be kept.

Re-identification has become a professional sport.  Researchers are constantly finding artful new ways to triangulate individuals identities, drawing on diverse public information, ranging from genealogical databases to photos from celebrity gossip sites.  But it seems that no matter how many times privacy advocates warn against these dangers, the Open Data juggernaut just rolls on.  Concerns are often dismissed as academic, or being trivial compared with the supposed fruits of research conducted on census data, M...


Teen charged after alleged attempted murder, sexual assault Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A teenage boy will face court today after the alleged sexual assault and attempted murder of a woman at Lismore on the weekend.

Sometime after 4am (Saturday 16 December 2017), a 43-year-old woman was alone in her home, when she woke to find an unknown man inside. 

Police have been told the man armed with a knife, threatened the woman and following a struggle she was sexually assaulted. 

The man demanded money and during a further struggle, the woman was hit on the head with an unknown object. The woman screamed alerting neighbours and the male fled. 

The woman was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics for a stab wound to her back, facial injuries and lacerations to her hands and arms.

She was taken to Lismore Base Hospital. Her injuries are not considered life-threatening. 

About 7.25pm yesterday (Wednesday 20 December 2017), police from the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad and Richmond LAC attended at Coraki address and arrested a 16-year-old boy.

The teenager was charged with cause wounding to person with intent to murder, aggravated sexual assault Inflicting actual bodily harm on victim, special aggravated commit Indictable offence in dwelling and break out, and wound person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The 16-year-old was refused bail and will appear before Lismore Local Court today (Thursday 21 December 2017).

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The Docs Year in Review and Her Prognosis for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

It seems another year has bitten the dust, and what a year it was! Lets start with the low points: The same sex marriage survey and its accompanying toxic public debate cast a pall over the latter half of the year, inciting public transphobia and homophobia. Many members of our community have been deeply ...

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Several calf deaths from bovine anaemia reported "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Yellow or Pale mucous membranes are a common finding in calves with bovine anaemia caused by theileriosis. Photo supplied.

Several cases of bovine anaemia have been reported on the north coast caused by the Theileria orientalis group, that have caused death in calves in the region.

Theileria are protozoan parasites that can be carried by bush ticks and affected calves are typically in the 23 month age bracket (although older calves have also been diagnosed with the disease), and, are found to be suddenly lethargic and down. Some farmers have reported finding the best calf in the paddock unexpectedly dead.

The blood parasite is transmitted via the bush tick (Haemophysalis) and the clinical signs in affected calves can be attributed to an anaemia caused by the destruction and removal of red blood cells from circulation.

Liz Bolin, District Veterinarian said, Current treatment options for cattle that are affected with Theileria are limited and responses to treatment are often poor especially in severely affected animals.

There is currently no vaccine available for Theileria and treatment with antimicrobials has produced variable results.

On clinical exam calves will often be in good body condition, with or without a fever and either pale or yellow gums. The most striking feature seen at necropsy is an enlarged ochre coloured liver.

Tick control wont prevent transmission of the disease however studies have shown that treatment of cattle for ticks has been linked to lower detections of the blood parasite, said Ms Bolin.

Stress minimisation is also an important aspect of managing affected cattle as the stress associated with mustering and yarding can frequently lead to death. 

For more advice please contact your private veterinarian or the North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian team.

The post...


TMRs Christmas Message to Millennials "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Merry Christmas Millennials!

Because Im such a nice privileged white male, Ive decided to give you some free advice. You may detect a common theme.

If you want to regularly buy smashed avocado on toast for $15 (or more!) and cant see how its a small symptom of a far bigger problem I dont care.

If you think life is all about experiences and not about substance I dont care.

If you didnt land your dream job after completing your arts degree in 15th century French lesbian poetry studies I dont care (H/T Adam Clarey).

If you dont like your immediate supervisor and think he or she is mean I dont care.

If you spend hours each day on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platforms, and dont use that time to make any money whatsoever I dont care. If you do this at work and think its an ethical and productive way to behave I dont care.

If you want to go out every Friday night and wake up at 2.00pm on Saturdays, only to do the same thing the next night I dont care. Please, keep wasting your time.

If you think a productive life involves going to a full time job and spending the rest of your time doing about half the chores you should be doing and hanging out with friends and nothing else (because youve earned it) youre an average, half-filled vessel and I dont care.

If youre constantly telling your friends how bad you are at adulting and think its cool I dont care.

If you dont use and value your time as much as other people use and value their own time I dont care. Please, keep wasting your time. It sustains me.

If you cant achieve social justice I dont care. By all means, keep trying.

If you think theres a housing crisis because you cant discipline yourself enough to save a deposit for a house in a realistic area relative to your income I dont care. Go ahead and keep renting that inner city apartment that costs 50% of your disposable income and keep buying coffees and deconstructed smashed avo sandwiches from that hipster cafe down the road.

Speaking of which, if you buy one or more coffees a day for $4 or $5 a cup (or more) and wonder why you dont have any money I dont care.

If youre earning an average graduate salary and take a holiday to Bali every year, just to hang out and buy drinks with the same Australians in the same types of pubs and c...


Xmas Around The World! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Have you ever wondered how other countries around the world celebrate Christmas or even have Christmas?

Take Argentina for example, During Christmas the weather is quite warm, Preparations for Christmas begin very early in December and sometimes even in November. Over this Christmas time, many Argentinians also celebrate Advent as high percentage of people in Argentina are Catholic. During this festive time, Houses are decorated with many coloured lights and flowers. Many people like to have cotton balls on their Christmas Tree in order to represent snow. Differently to Australia, Christmas Cards are not very common in Argentina, some people may give and receive presents, but mainly between close family and friends. Another amazing spectical is a Christmas Eve night tradition, paper decorations with lights inside are pushed to float into the sky, very similar to Chinese Lanterns. This sky is filled with these decorations after midnight on Christmas Eve.

Next up, Egypt, In Egypt around 15% of the population are Christians. They are the only people of Egypt that will celebrate Christmas on a religion level. Most Egyptian Christians are connected with the Coptic Orthodox Church. However Christmas Day isnt actually celebrated on the 25th of December but is celebrated on the 7th of January. Which is also the same for Ethiopia and by some Orthodox Christians in Russia and Serbia. This is because the Coptic Orthodox Church has a vegan fast for 43 days before Christmas, starting on the 25th of November to the 6th of January. Leading up to Christmas, In the Coptic month Kiahk people sing their very own special songs on Saturday nights before the Sunday Service. On the Orthodox Christmas Day, people are invited into homes for parties and gatherings. People often revived kahk (a sweet biscuit) as a gift from others. In Egypt, Santa is actually called Baba Nol (meaning Father Christmas).

People in Iceland on the other hand, will commonly exchange books rather than presents on Christmas Eve, then spend the remaining night reading the books and eating chocolate. This unusual tradition to others is part of a season called Jolabokaflod or The Christmas Book Flood.



2017 Year Book: FBi Radios Most Played Tracks "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Here they are! Were super excited to share FBis 100 Most Played Tracks of the year.

As with our Most Played Artists of 2017, were proud to say that the playlist is stacked with plenty of local gems from our own backyard: delivering more than 50% Australian music, with (over!) half of that from Sydney.

Out of the top 100, 69 tracks are from Australian artists, with a massive 42 of those from Sydney including the entire top 10.

Follow the playlist on Spotify and discover all the tracks our presenters couldnt stop pressing play on. We cant wait to see what comes of 2018!



Special mentions to these jams, rounding out the top 100. Sydney tracks are starred*, Australian in green :

Chicanery Change*

Crooked Letter Heretics

Genesis Owusu Mamas Baby

Jacqui Lomas Silence


Jess Locke Bitter/Better*

Muscle Memory Punish Those Many*

(listen to this one via The Bridge Class of 2017)

Ravin Green Light*

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2017 Year Book: FBi Radios Most Played Artists "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

After rounding up our most played tracks of the year, we were pretty stoked to see so many local gems front and centre. Now weve tallied up our second end of year list for you FBis most played artists of 2017, and its a cracker.

Over-delivering on our promise of 50% Australian music (in green), with well over half of that from Sydney (starred*), this years local representation featured plenty of returning favourites alongside even more ones to watch. Here are the acts we havent been able to get enough of!

Special thanks to AMRAP (the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) for the live playlists we use online. They support us every day in our effort to bring you great Australian music.


  • Sampa The Great*

  • Cloud Control*

  • Vince Staples

  • Methyl Ethel

  • Syd

  • Bonobo

  • Mere Women*

  • Corbin

  • Kendrick Lamar

  • Fishing*

  • Tornado Wallace

  • Kirin J Calinan*

  • Brockhampton

  • Death Bells*

  • PVT*

  • Julien Baker

  • These New South Whales*

  • Kelela

  • Gussy*

  • Gold Class

  • Thun...


Andrew Fairley; an advocator for a stronger local community "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Andrew Fairley; an advocator for a stronger local community

SAM WILL ENHANCE THE CITY SAM Foundation board member, Andrew Fairley is an advocator for a stronger local community and believes that a new SAM will enhance tourism opportunities for the city. Photo: Supplied.

THERE are nine members that make up the SAM Foundation board, with each of them having their own rhyme and reason to wanting to see the new SAM built for the local community. The Adviser caught up with committee member, great nephew of Sir Andrew Fairley and Sir Andrew Fairley Foundation chair, Andrew Fairley AM for the second of a nine part series where we hear from those who perhaps have the deepest connection with the project.

Andrew said, The original Shepparton gallery was established with a grant from SPC in 1936 when Sir Andrew Fairley was the chairman and CEO of SPC. He clearly took the view at that time that culture and the capacity of the community to appreciate that culture created an important part of building a stronger community and stronger society. He was a great supporter of the gallery and collection in his lifetime.

When he died, he left his money to create the Sir Andrew Fairley Foundation, which has given many grants for SAMs construction, extension and the purchasing of many additional works, including one of John Percevals angels. So with that background it was pretty logical for the Fairley Foundation and me to want to be involved in the SAM Foundation and assist in raising money.

Shepparton as a community has been challenged in a number of ways on an economic and social level. I am a big believer, as was Sir Andrew, in fostering a sense of outreach to bring communities together.

The Sir Andrew Fairley Foundation turned 50 in 2015, and we were looking for a grant opportunity to celebrate the event and so we offered up a $500,000 grant towards the building of SAM.

Shepparton holds a very dear place in my heart. I am an avid supporter of building strength and resilience into the Shepparton community and this is a fantastic way to do it.

When you are trying to bring people together, you need a series of initiatives and places to do it. Arts and culture are an effective medium to do that. Particularly with Aboriginal people, who have a strong appreciation for arts and culture. We...


Raising more than $300,000 for local kids "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Raising more than $300,000 for local kids

LOCAL THAT JUST KEEPS GIVING Since 2010, Paul Archer from Natrad in Shepparton has helped to raise more than $300,000 for the childrens ward at GV Health as part of Give Me 5 For Kids, through scrapping donated batteries. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

PAUL Archer from Natrad in Shepparton has done quite an amazing job in his fundraising efforts that are not only helping children but is also saving the planet one battery at a time. Since beginning his quest to raise funds for the Give Me 5 For Kids campaign through the scrapping of batteries in 2010, he has helped to raise over $329,000 for GV Healths childrens ward.

To give you an idea on how many batteries Paul has helped to recycle, in the last year alone while raising funds for the 2017 appeal, Paul recycled 112 pallets of batteries and at roughly 1,000kg of batteries per pallet that equates to 112,000kg. On average, a car battery weighs 7kg, meaning there were about 140 batteries per palletthats a whopping 15,680.

Paul said, The idea all came about while I was watching the Discovery Channel and saw that one of the biggest killers of children around the world was lead and I decided I wanted to do something about that.

The lead in batteries takes many years to change form. Its very bad for livestock as well because they lick the terminals for the salt and end up with lead poisoning.

I put the two together and decided to get on board to help out.

This is our own community and our own hospital. You have to be passionate about helping the local community. Im a firm believer that a business should give back.

When I started in 2010 we raised $3,293 in three weeks, but to have it reach almost $100,000 in donations this year is unbelievable.

Its humbling that people are donating the batteries. Really, we only pick them up and sell them, but without the donations raising this amount wouldnt be possible.

Already we have 30 pallets of batteries to start off the next fundraiser next year, which is close to $25,000 worth.

If you have batteries to contribute to the initiative you can drop them off at Natrad, 20 Campbell Street, Shepparton, or phone Paul on 5821 8500.


Celebrate Christmas together "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Celebrate Christmas together

A DELIGHTFULLY FESTIVE GATHERING From left, Christmas for Those Alone Inc. committee catering assistant, Angelo Tricarico, acting secretary, Rita Costa, catering assistant, Dawn Tricarico, chef, Terri Wyatt, transport officer, Flo Johnson, vice president, Doug Johnson and president, Steve Neff. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

CHRISTMAS is a time best spent in the company of others, and that is exactly what anyone in the community can do, through this years Christmas for Those Alone luncheon.

Christmas For Those Alone Inc. committee chef, Terri Wyatt has been a part of the committee for 15 years and offers her catering skills to the day, saying that she joined because she wanted to do something to help the less fortunate.

When I worked at TAFE I met quite a lot of underprivileged and homeless people. I wondered what was being done about it so I contacted council and they mentioned that the Christmas for Those Alone event was being run from the Senior Citizens Centre, so I decided to go down and lend a hand.

There are many generous people in Shepparton.

Ive worked with some great people on the committee over the years. It is such a diverse committee and everybody works together and each offers a special set of skills.

Doing this for the community gives you a special feeling of fulfilment and you feel like you have achieved something great on the day.

Acting secretary, Rita Costa said, Ive been on the committee for four years and joined after having run a community meals program in the past after one of my clients mentioned it to me.

It is very rewarding and makes your day to see valued members of our community given the chance to have a great day and enjoy the atmosphere.

Being their first year on the committee, Doug and Flo Johnson said they joined because they had always wanted to volunteer.

Our pastor saw an advertisement in the paper and suggested that we put our hand up to join the committee.

Weve always had Christmas with our family, but we wanted to do something special for the community and this is perfect for that.

Christmas for Those Alone will run on Christmas Day from 11am to 2pm at the McIntosh Centre at the Shepparton Showgrounds. The free Christmas Day lunch offers a delicious two...


Collaboration to strengthen industry and education ties "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LA TROBE University and Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to maximise collaborative opportunities supporting workforce and economic development in the region.

Combining the strengths of La Trobes world-leading research with Australias largest rural water corporation, the new partnership will create opportunities for joint industry based projects and will offer unique industry experience opportunities for La Trobe students.

La Trobe regional pro vice-chancellor, Professor Richard Speed said, Strengthening our ties with GMW will open the potential to explore industry based research, benefitting local industry and our regional community.

GMW managing director, Pat Lennon said the partnership will strengthen future opportunities for research collaboration with a world-ranked university.

Access to research expertise will no doubt further enhance the automation of the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District, the largest irrigation delivery network in Australia.

The partnership will also increase our access to a pipeline of professional talent, enhancing our current workforce and supporting regional economic development, which we are all strongly committed to.

A key ambition of the collaboration is to support regional economic development through the promotion and participation of work integrated learning, industry based learning, and internships for La Trobe University students with GMW.

This will enable students to gain valuable industry experience where they can apply their theoretical knowledge to workplace situations, and benefit from excellent vocational preparation before they enter the workforce, Professor Speed said.

The partnership reflects our mutual interest and commitment to the benefits of ongoing industry-education collaboration, to strengthen local industry and community, and develop and maintain our talent base of professionals and local students.


Zaidees kicks it up a notch "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Zaidees kicks it up a notch

EDUCATION IS THE KEY Zaidees Rainbow Foundation CEO and Zaidees dad, Allan Turner is helping to take education on the importance of organ and tissue donation to the next level, when the foundation employs a teacher that will travel to schools and hold 30 minute presentations from next year. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

New organ and tissue donation educator a game changer

OVER the years, the work done by Zaidees Rainbow Foundation in spreading the message of the importance of organ and tissue donation through the telling of Zaidee Turners story has made quite an impact on educating the country and beyond, but the foundations next move will be a game changer.

From next year, the foundation will be employing a full time educator that will travel to schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area initially to give a 30 minute presentation to students on the subject of organ and tissue donation using Zaidees story as inspiration.

Zaidees Rainbow Foundation CEO and Zaidees dad, Allan Turner said, 12 months ago we started looking at growing awareness and education on organ and tissue donation further and so we decided to look into hiring a teacher to travel around to schools to spread the message and initiate conversations on the topic between parents and their children.

The program will be aimed initially at primary and secondary students aged between 7 years and 15 years of age.

We hope to help bring a better understanding of just how important it is for people to be aware that giving the gift of an organ and tissue saves lives.


Be present this holiday season "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Be present this holiday season

BE ROADWISE From left, Benalla Highway Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Damien Melnyk and Eastern Region Division 3 Highway Patrol, Acting Senior Sergeant David Gillespie are urging road users to do the right thing to ensure there are no road fatalities this holiday season and reminding the community that the police will be out in force carrying out Operation Roadwise. Photo: Nicholise Garner.

New campaign hopes to prevent road deaths

AS we head into the holiday season, it is a timely reminder to be safe on the roads to ensure all road users get home safely and be present this Christmas and New Year.

From December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 the TAC recorded one life had been lost on Greater Sheppartons roads and 42 across Victoria. At the time of publication, the TAC had recorded the loss of 10 lives on Victorias roads and Victoria Police are urging drivers to think before taking risks on the road this holiday season.

To address the number of holiday season fatalities on our roads, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan unveiled a new campaign, which takes aim at three major factors in Victorian road trauma drink-driving, speed and distractions, which are also the focus Operation Roadwise, launched on December 15 and set to run through until midnight on January 7.

The campaign asks motorists to think of us before you drive, referring to the heightened police presence on the states roads across the upcoming Christmas and holiday period.

Last year, 26 drivers died on Victorian roads with a blood alcohol level over .05, police issued almost 130,000 penalty notices for speeding and detected almost 28,000 mobile phone infringements.

Eastern Region Division 3 Highway Patrol, Acting Senior Sergeant David Gillespie said, Police in the Goulburn Valley will be committed to the statewide policing operation. All police on duty have the ability to breath test and pull cars over. Additional police enforcement will be in the region from Melbourne including the State Highway Patrol, Heavy Vehicle Unit, solos and booze and drug busses. We will also be utilizing number plate recognition.

There is a large volume of traffic that will be going through the Goulburn Valley during the holiday season and we are asking that everybody be mindful of other road users, take your time an...


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"



HOLISTIC WELLBEING HUB invites the community to drop in and join them every Thursday morning. Enjoy a relaxed morning with other women in the community. Open from 9:30am to 12 noon. Listen to conversations provided to guide you on your life journey. Guest speakers attend between 10am and 11am. Morning tea and activities available. Held at Primary Care Connect, 399 Wyndham Street, Shepparton. For further details, phone 5823 3200 and follow Holistic Wellbeing Hub on Facebook.




SHEPPARTON MS PEER SUPPORT GROUP would like to welcome back all its members for the year, and also any new members who wish to join. Meetings and outings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from approximately 10am to 12:30pm. For further information, contact Ken Morelli on 0427 919 116 or Barry Flemming on 0411 468 489.


HEARTBEAT VICTORIA GOULBURN VALLEY meet on the first Monday of the month at the GV Health dining room from 6pm for a meal. Meeting and guest speaker starts at 7pm. For further information, contact Ian Powell on 0418 575 141.


EXTENDED HOURS at The Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Now open 9:30am to 4:30pm every Saturday. Come and see us for a friendly chat and find yourself some bargains at 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna.


COUNTRY WOMENS ASSOCIATION Congupna branch meetings are held at the Congupna Hall on the third Wednesday of the month from 11am. Everyone is welcome. For further information, contact Marg Sarkady on 5825 5106.


SHEPPARTON CENTRAL PROBUS would like to welcome new members who are of retirement age. We enjoy active social life with dine outs lunch and dinner and interesting bus trips throughout the year. We meet at The Overlander on the fourth Friday each month at 10am. For information, contact Thurlie Pearce on 5831 4305.


ORCHARD DAY CLUB meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 10:30am to 2:30pm at the Shepparton RSL for friendly company, gentle exercises, mind games, cards, guest speakers, bus tours and a delicious lunch. All ages and genders are welcome. Phone Judy on 5823 5941 or Betty on 5821 3838.


GOULBURN VALLEY TYPE ONE Peer Support Group Shepparton provides support for people living with Type 1 diabetes and meets on the first Monday of every month from 7:30pm at GV Health Community Therapy Room, Graham Street in Shepparton. Enquiries, email or phone 5832 2674.



The Evils of Capitalism by Hilaire Belloc "IndyWatch Feed"

Blog post from Dad aka Professor Emeritus Paul Crook via The Evils of Capitalism by Hilaire Belloc


Letters to the Editor "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


Dear Editor,

In a recently published If its Got Wheels, David Lee correctly identified Tino Leo as one of our local motor racing legends.

It may be interesting to recognise some of Tinos exploits dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was a member of Lous Racing Team together with Lou Renato and others in early speedway saloon cars.

In those times, Tino started out in an FC Holden as a member of the Goulburn Valley Auto Club, later moving to the Cobram Auto Club.

Tino upgraded to a very potent red and gold EH Holden powered by a 186 ci. engine with triple Weber carburettors. Always a precise yet forceful driver and with his racing number 85, he had an ongoing respect for his fellow competitors and was rarely involved in an incident.

Following his speedway career, Tino moved into touring cars and on occasions during the 1990s I would catch up with him at Bathurst, where he still retained the red and gold signature colours in the Masters Series. Ever respectful of his old friends, he would always address me as Mister Ray Read.

Tino was one of the participants of our good old days speedway reunion, held in Shepparton in 2013.

It is great to see Tinos continued participation in all things motoring. He is indeed one of our local racing legends.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Read




Dear Editor,

Well, recently l travelled on the Shepparton train (6:30am). It was hot and smelly and no food or drinks.

On my return on the 4:30pm train (remembering it was a very hot day), there was no food or drinks for 2.5 hours there were no drinks on board to purchase! Again, the train was hot and over loaded with people having to stand. One carriage was locked. It was a better class carriage than what we get to travel on and they had it locked. l asked why it was locked and was told that the air-conditioner was not working and that it may start up when we got going then they would move people in therethey never did. Just another lie from V/Line. l watched one lady who was on the verge of collapsing as her body was over heating.

Its time the government did something before we have a death on our train this summer. They say a child locked in a car is death and parents can be charged, well I wonder if V/Line would be charged if there is a death, if they are the reason somebody overheats and dies.

Shepparton trains are so old. Its ok to board the carriages that feel cool and put 6...


Community digs deep for less fortunate "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Community digs deep for less fortunate

TOY DRIVE DONATION SUCCESS From left, Salvation Army Corps corps officer, Captain Karyn Wishart, Salvocare Northern Victoria program manager integrated services, Luke Shay and integrated services team leader, Megan Waters with just some of the gifts that the community has donated for the Salvation Army Christmas drive this year. Photo: David Lee.

OVER 300 families from across the region have benefitted from the donation of thousands of gifts to the Salvation Army Corps for their Christmas drive this year.

Salvocare Northern Victoria program manager integrated services, Luke Shay said, We have had a massive response from the community.

Wed like to thank Kmart and the many other local businesses and community members who dug deep to help those who would otherwise go without this Christmas.

The support of the community is so importantjust as important as bringing a smile to peoples faces at such an important time of the year.


Pillow Talk offer new kids collection "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Pillow Talk offer new kids collection

DESIGNED FOR KIDS BY MUMS Pillow Talks KIDS collection is designed to make it easy to style a bedroom with multiple beds. From left, store manager, Jeanine Warner, visual merchandiser, Faith McLaren and assistant manager, Jess Mol. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

WITH practicality and style in mind, Pillow Talk has today expanded their offering with the release of their brand-new KIDS by Pillow Talk collection. Designed for kids, by mums, Pillow Talks new collection of kids quilt cover sets, cushions, rugs, lamps and more has been designed and curated by a team of in-house artists and is intended to grow with children from their first bed until they hit double digits.

A key focus of the collection has been on ensuring it can seamlessly fit into the dcor of the entire home. With soft colour palettes and sophisticated yet fun hand-drawn prints, the collection appeals to parents as much as their children. Many of the quilt cover sets are also reversible to ensure they have the most longevity possible!

With six children between them, the collections designers, Kylie OLoughlin and Tori Bishop understand what parents and kids want from their bedroom dcor and ensured each piece was durable, easy to care for, but also on-trend and fun. The collection is very well coordinated to make it easy to style a bedroom with multiple beds.

A standout piece in the collection, and the perfect gift for children and grandchildren this Christmas, is the Fairy Tale Quilt Cover Gift Box Set. The hand-drawn quilt cover took over two weeks to design and features an intricate story of fairies and forest animals. Included in the gift box set is a colouring-in poster and story book, written by co-owner and managing director of Pillow Talk, Heath Goddard, which tells the stories of the characters featured on the quilt cover!

View the entire KIDS by Pillow Talk collection in this look book .  As Australias favourite bed linen specialists for 40 years, Pillow Talk is proud to introduce this stunning new collection, just in time for Santa! Visit Pillow Talk at 290 Benalla Road, Shepparton.


RMS refuses to admit to broken promises "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Emily, Holly and local Greens MP Tamara Smith are pictured with the koalas new abode. Photo Jeff Eats And Leaves Dawson

The Roads and Maritime Sevices (RMS) are disputing claims made by local business owner Tony Gilding about the completion of the Pacific Highway upgrade between Tintenbar and Ewingsdale.

Mr Gilding told Echonetdaily that, In early 2016 Ben Franklin and I met with RMS and they made a list of promises including completing the St Helena lookout and clear signage for direction to the castle among other things and it is clear that they have not kept all their promises.

This position was supported by National Party MLC Ben Franklin as reported by Echonetdaily several days ago when Mr Franklin confirmed that I have been working closely with Tony Gilding in trying to address the Macadamia Castles road issues for the last year and a half.

While the upgraded Pacific Highway provides a wonderful benefit for locals and tourists alike, some businesses have taken a hit due to insufficient signage and other challenges.

Some issues have been resolved, but others have not. That is very frustrating for me as someone who always tries to stand up for our local community before any other consideration.

Responding to questions from Echonetdily a Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said, Roads and Maritime Services has worked with the owner of Macadamia Castle for a number of years to minimise the impact of the Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Pacific Highway upgrade.

Roads and Maritime has met its commitments and obligations to the owner of Macadamia Castle while taking into consideration community benefit, guidelines, public value for money and environmental factors.

RMS have not completed works

However, Mr...


Wil Anderson brings a brand new show to Brunswick Picture House! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

3 shows 11, 12 and 13 January 2018 @ 7pm. Brunswick Picture House Brunswick Heads, youre in for a special treat. Wil Anderson, host of ABCs Gruen and one of Australias finest comedians, will be performing in the intimate surroundings of the Brunswick Picture House.

Wil is coming to town to try out new material before he takes his show across the country. This is a rare opportunity to see a world class comedian who usually plays the big theatres in a completely different environment.

3 shows 11, 12 and 13 January 2018 @ 7pm.
Book early. Will sell out.

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Charged Casino man allegedly tried to bribe victims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man charged with sexually assaulting a four year-old girl on more than 20 occasions until she was seven at Casino allegedly offered his victims a $5000 bribe to stay silent.

The former Casino resident, who cant be named for legal reasons, entered guilty pleas to 13 of 32 charges in Lismore Local Court this week that stem from alleged incidents in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It is alleged between October 1977 and March 1981, the man sexually assaulted two sisters on multiple occasions, in a shed on his property.

At the time of the alleged incidents, the man was in his 20s when his victims were aged four and eight.

The man knew the sisters as their families were both members of the same church.

The court heard during one of the alleged incidents, when the man was interrupted by the girls mother, he claimed he wasnt doing anything sinister.

Police facts before the court revealed one of the victims told family about the abuse in 1995.

The following year, the family met with the man to discuss the alleged incidents.

During this meeting it is alleged the man offered each of the girls $5000 if they didnt contact police.

When one of the victims reported the matters to Queensland police at the time, she claimed she was told there wasnt enough evidence to launch an investigation.

In 2011, 15 years after she tried to report the incidents, the victim provided Queensland police with a statement about the incidents, allegedly committed against her in Queensland and NSW.

In July 2015 the victim was interviewed by Queensland police, and in September she was spoken to by Casino detectives.

The man was charged after police allege the man made partial admissions to the crimes in the interviews.

He has previously been convicted and jailed of sexual offences committed against his daughter in Queensland, where his family relocated to in 1981.

After entering the guilty pleas, Magistrate David Heilpern committed the man to be sentenced in the District Court.

His matters were listed for mention in Lismore District Court on February 12.

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Mount Stirling in 2030 Draft for Consultation "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management and the Mount Stirling Stakeholder Group are preparing a contemporary vision for the Mount Stirling Alpine Resort. Mount Stirling 2030 is a vision that reflects community and stakeholder aspirations, celebrating the social and environmental values of the mountain and addressing challenges of climate change.

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management seeks your feedback on Mount Stirling 2030, which is being prepared to guide future management decisions for the Mount Stirling Alpine Resort.

The consultation period is open between Monday 18 December 2017 and 5pm Sunday 21 January 2018.

There are two stages to providing feedback:

First, check this website and download the Mount Stirling 2030 Draft For Consultation document.

Then complete an online survey which will ask about your level of support for each objective.

On the website you can also:

find details of upcoming community information sessions about the plan (Jan 2 at Telephone Box Junction, and Jan 19 in Mansfield), and

sign up to the Mount Stirling newsletter to stay up to date with the process.

A few thoughts on the draft plan

This plan is a synthesis of feedback from a range of stakeholders, authorities and managers and visitors to the mountain. It enshrines the vision of keeping Mt Stirling as an undeveloped mountain with a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation in an alpine environment.

In this sense I feel that all 9 objectives should be supported (although of course there is some detail that needs to be resolved in actual implementation of the vision document).

Some key points:

  • It aims to keep the mountain as a significant nature-based asset
  • The plan deals directly with the implications of climate change (it acknowledges that opportunities for extensive cross country skiing will become increasingly limited in coming years)
  • It seeks to continue to work with traditional owner groups (the Taungurung Clans)
  • It has a focus on keeping the mountain accessible to a broad range of people (ie, keeping it affordable)
  • It commits the resort to using renewable energy to power its operations
  • It seeks to balance recreational activities (and associated infrastructure) with conservation and environemntal protection
  • It will continue to build on Mt Stirling as an educational destination
  • It explicitly rules out on-mountain perm...


Disaster assistance loans available for Ballina area "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The depth of hail at Fernleigh in August. Image Tracey Knowland.

Disaster relief low interest loans are now available for primary producers in the Ballina area who suffered losses as a result of storms and hail in August and November.

Northern NSW Nationals parliamentary secretary Ben Franklin said the Agricultural Natural Disaster Relief grants would help affected farmers repair their properties and get back on their feet.

The November storm caused more than $18.8 million worth of damage to infrastructure and horticultural crops across a number of properties, Mr Franklin said.

This followed hailstorms in August which caused $1.8 million in damage. I understand that some producers have been hit hard by these storms, which caused significant damage to farm infrastructure.

The measures are available for damage caused by the November storm for producers in the parishes of Meerschaum, Teven, Tuckombil, and Newrybar in the Ballina LGA, and Byron, Teven, Clunes, Brunswick and Newrybar in the Byron LGA.

The measures are available for damage caused by the August storm for producers in the parishes of Teven, Tuckombil, Pt Newrybar in the Ballina LGA; and the Parishes of Byron and Pt Newrybar in the Byron LGA.

The storms impacted a large area, including parts of Ballina, Byron, Clarence Valley, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Tenterfield LGAs. Affected producers in those areas are encouraged to contact the RAA to determine their individual eligibility for assistance measures.

The assistance comes in the form of low interest loans of up to $130,000 with a two year interest and repayment free period, Mr Franklin said.

The low interest loans provide for replacement or repairs to property and farm infrastructure which was damaged by the storms. The NSW government is committed to ensuring our primary producers are supported in their recovery from events like these and in their preparations and planning for future events.

Producers are urged to apply for assistance via the NSW Rural Assistance Authority (RAA) on 1800 678 593 or visit to clarify eligibility criteria, or any other issues relating to this assistance.

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Have your say on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Terranora Inlet is popular with boaties. Photo

Residents of Terranora have expressed concern that they were not aware that the draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan (ACHMP) was on exhibition and have requested an extension of time for submissions.

The ACHMP identifies and maps the landscape locations of Aboriginal cultural heritage and provides a framework for the consideration and assessment of Aboriginal cultural heritage as part of all development applications within these mapped locations. It is part of the shirewide planning policy being prepared to protect Tweeds Aboriginal cultural heritage.Councils Acting Director Planning and Regulation, Iain Lonsdale said that Given a high proportion of Terranora residents who have been in contact with Council have indicated that they were not been aware of the ACHMP and/or the formal exhibition period, submissions will be received and considered outside of this formal exhibition period until Friday 19 January.

An additional ACHMP community workshop will be held in the Terranora area in the New Year to provide the opportunity for residents to directly discuss any concerns or queries with the ACHMP project team. The date, time and venue will be advised as soon as possible.

This will enable additional opportunity for the Terranora residents and broader community to review the material and make a submission, said Lonsdale.

View the ACHMP here.  

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In which dashing Donners dashes in to win pole position for Xmas ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Okay, the pond realises it announced that it had shut down for Xmas, done all the obligatory well-wishing and hit the road for Melbourne, and left any stray passer-by with the spectacle of nattering "Ned", and that should have been the end of it all until the New Year, given that the pond is heading to a place where broadband remains but a delusional dream ...

But then along came Kevin scribbling for the Terrorists ...

How could the pond leave dashing Donners out in the cold? 

How could the pond ignore his urgent Xmas message, spreading joy for winners, and excoriating dropkick losers, failures and tossers who should be taken to the dump, along with the rest of the Xmas wrapping paper ...

No point in recycling failures ...this is a scribbler who is all in for winners and winning ...

Indeed, indeed, a most excellent set of points, and lets hope that Donners is deeply satisfied by his hagiographic portrait - such a serious suit. Talk about a solemn-looking winner.

Let us have....


Lismore Base Hospital Christmas bed closure fears "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Staff are worried that proposed bed closures will make the Christmas period difficult.

Management at the Lismore Base Hospital are hoping to save money by closing up to 58 beds during the busy Christmas period.

A leaked document from a meeting held in October, obtained by Echonetdaily, outlines the proposed closures.

If they go ahead, thirty beds in the C7 Acute Aged Care/General Medical ward would close from tomorrow, Friday 22 December, until 22 January, 2018.

A further 28 beds would close in the medical/surgical short stay ward from tomorrow until 2 January, 2018.

Also, there would be a push to send staff with excess annual leave on holiday during the period.

According to sources, the bed closures would remove about 40 per cent of the usable general adult beds at the hospital.

Medical staff who spoke with Echonetdaily said they wanted it known that the management was proposing the bed closures despite concerns they would leave the hospital unable to adequately deal with the Christmas period.

Also, the closure of beds in the C7 ward would remove up to eight monitored beds, which are used for heart attack and stroke patients, from the mix.

Staff are also wondering why beds are being closed at the Lismore Base Hospital but not at the Tweed District Hospital.

Echonetdaily has contacted the media unit of the Northern NSW Local Health District for comment on the proposed closures.

Hospital response

Northern NSW Local Health District chief executive Wayne Jones denied the bed closures would impact on services.

All hospitals throughout Northern NSW Local Health District, including Lismore Base Hospital, will remain open for emergency presentations and surgery during the Christmas and New Year period, he said.

Lismore Base Hospitals Emergency Department is open 24 hours, seven days a week throughout the year, including all public holidays.

Christmas is a time when staff and the community like to be able to spend time with their family and friends where possible. Therefore, some reduction in nonessential activity has been planned over this period as part of routine holiday management.

NNSWLHD has undertaken considerable planning for the summer period, including Christmas and New...


Hayne denies US rape allegation "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

NRL star Jarryd Hayne is vehemently denying allegations he raped a drunk woman in the United States during his time as a professional gridiron player for the San Francisco 49ers.

A woman has filed a civil complaint in California which alleges Hayne took her back to his San Jose home after a 49ers game and raped her when she was drunk in 2015.

Documents lodged in a County of Santa Clara court state the woman had previously met some of Haynes friends when working at a restaurant and a group went out drinking after the December 20 game.

According to court documents Hayne admitted he hooked up with the woman.

But Haynes Sydney lawyer Ramy Qutami said in a statement his client unequivocally and vehemently denies the allegations of rape.

The victim says she was a virgin at the time of the alleged attack.

Her lawyer, John Clune, said that at the time his client was so intoxicated she was unable to consent to sexual intercourse.

The woman is seeking monetary compensation for emotional pain, anguish and severe distress.

A month after the alleged incident the woman reported the matter to police but, after an investigation, the Santa Clara County district attorneys office told her there was not enough evidence to prove the crime of rape beyond a reasonable doubt.

Haynes NRL club, Parramatta, said they were unaware of the allegations until Wednesday.

As with any legal matter it is important we follow due process and ensure we review all relevant information available, including giving Jarryd the opportunity to respond, the club said in a statement.

The NRL said the organisations integrity unit would monitor Haynes case.

We note the police in the United States did not proceed with any criminal proceedings but we will review the information available and continue to monitor the civil case, a spokesman said.

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Big Rob cleared of charges over video of girls fighting "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former Lismore mayoral candidate Big Rob.

Charges against Big Rob continue to be dismissed by magistrates with the latest matter this week involving a video allegedly depicting two girls fighting.

Mr Rob appeared in Lismore Local Court this week to answer to two counts of publishing or broadcasting a persons name prohibited by section 15A of the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987.

The former kebab shop owner and failed mayoral candidate was charged on March 7 this year after posting a video on his North Coast Crime Facebook page and posting updates about it.

The footage showed four or five teenage girls allegedly assaulting a teenage couple at Goonellabah.

Initially the video was shared on Facebook by one of the alleged attackers, and shared by a number of people, before Mr Rob posted it.

After the footage had been on Mr Robs Facebook page for about two weeks, and police received a number of complaints, he was charged.

It was alleged one of the charges related to sharing the video and the second count concerned the police updates about the arrests in the matter.

As most of the magistrates on the North Coast have disqualified themselves from hearing Mr Robs matters, magistrate Kathy Crittenden handed down the decision via videolink from Parramatta Local Court following a closed court hearing in October.

The first charge was dismissed as magistrate Crittenden found a lack of evidence that proceeding had commenced in court when he shared the video.

She also found that Mr Rob sharing the arrest updates by police didnt meet the definition of an additional independent publication of the juveniles identity.

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Man charged with video calling for police to be killed labels magistrate corrupt and biased "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Kyogle man charged over posting a video online allegedly encouraging people to kill police has accused a magistrate of corruption and bias.

Keith Knights appeared in Lismore Local Court this week before Magistrate David Heilpern via videolink from Grafton prison.

The 36 year-old sovereign citizen was arrested on December 5 after police discovered a 40 minute Facebook video he posted live and shared on several pages on November 29.

During the controversial footage, Mr Knights allegedly said people had every right to kill police officers and he was mentally at the edge.

It is time to rise up and shut down these drug-dealing cops, Mr Knights allegedly says in the video.

So when they come for their cut, for their bunch of chemicals, you have every right as free citizens to ambush them and to kill them.

Following his arrest, Mr Knights was charged with solicit,encourage, persuade to murder, sending a document threatening death or grievous bodily harm and possessing or using a prohibited weapon without a permit.

The three charges came following an investigation by the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit, which was established in April to focus on the detection, intervention and prevention of so-called lone actor and fixated person threats across the state.

Following his arrest, police searched his property on December 7 and allegedly found a bullet proof vest and a copy of the Jolly Rogers cookbook, a manual on making homemade explosives.

This week Mr Knights solicitor Rachael Thomas applied to the court for Magistrate Heilpern to disqualify himself from the matter.

Interjecting, Mr Knights claimed he had previously accused Mr Heilpern of corruption and bias over his video messages.

Magistrate Heilpern said there was nothing in the facts indicating any apprehension of bias.

He told Mr Knights he had the choice of having his solicitor speak for him or he could speak for himself, but he could not have both options.

Ms Thomas said Mr Knights believed a number of Magistrates were in collusion with police, and requested the matters be adjourned to Tweed Heads Local Court.

Magistrate Heilpern refused the application for adjournment, noting he had previously ruled against Mr Knights over another matter.

Just because allegations have been made about court staff that doesnt entitle him to have the matter dealt by a different court whatsoever, he said.

The charges are that he persuaded people to murder police officers, and that he threatened to kill member of the NSW Police.

Magistrate Heilpern ordered the brief of evidence against Mr Knights t...


Protecting Civil Liberties: An Interview With NSWCCL President Stephen Blanks "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

At the October 5 Council of Australian Governments meeting, state and territory leaders agreed that a new federal law should be established that would allow terror suspects to be detained for up to 14 days without any charges being brought against them. In relation to the proposed law, along with a series of other counterterrorism measures, NSW

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Watching me, watching you "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you sit, as I do whenever I can, patiently and quietly in the Australian bush youll witness a myriad of fascinating happenings. Rarely will there be drama, mostly its just the comings and goings of different animals engaged in their daily business.

Yesterday as I sat in the Sandon bush, I spotted a European Red Fox loping along the floor of an erosion gully towards me. Moments after spying the fox it spotted me and stopped in its tracks, remaining motionless for a good two minutes until I made a slight movement with the camera. The fox immediately leapt up the wall of the gully and turned to face me, again for a minute or so before sauntering off. All around me nature continued its gentle rhythm a Yellow-footed Antechinus searching for prey, a Common Bronzewing left its perch in a massive Grey Box above me to forage on the ground and a Rainbow Bee-eater exploded from its tunnel.

European Red Fox, Sandon State Forest, 20th December 2017


Researchers Improve Background Noise Filtering for Quantum Sensors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

New Quantum Trick Blocks Background Noise in Sensing Devices

A team of researchers from the University of Sydney has managed to solve a common problem in quantum sensing devices that are used in biomedical imaging and defense applications.

[...] A team led by Professor Micheal J. Biercuk from the University of Sydney, in collaboration with Dartmouth College and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, has developed quantum control techniques that enable a new generation of ultra-sensitive sensors that can identify tiny signals while rejecting background noise to theoretical limits. "By applying the right quantum controls to a qubit-based sensor, we can adjust its response in a way that guarantees the best possible exclusion of the background clutter - that is, the other voices in the room," said Professor Biercuk, a chief investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems.

The devices themselves have improved, but the measurement protocols that are used to capture and interpret signals have lagged behind. Because of this, quantum sensors often have fuzzy results, which complicated interpretation of the data through a phenomenon called, "spectral leakage". This is kind of like being distracted by the wrong voices in the room. The University of Sydney research demonstrates control protocols that help take advantage of improved sensor hardware. The experiments used trapped atomic ions, and they have reduced spectral leakage by many orders of magnitude over the conventional methods. According to Professor Biercuk, in certain circumstances, these new methods are up to 100 million times better at excluding the background.

Application of optimal band-limited control protocols to quantum noise sensing (open, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02298-2) (DX)

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


December 21 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1817 - Macquarie had an ear for names and thought the title Oz-stray-lia was simply spiffing and would suit this new pile of dirt down to its little cotton socks.
Aren't we all relieved he didn't settle on Large Island of Flies?!

1835 - Protector of Aborigines George Augustus Robinson noted in his journal of the conditions for the Tasmanian Aborigines at Flinders Island: it is cruel not to provide abundantly for this remnant of the aboriginal race having placed them on an isolated spot. The least we ought to do is to abundantly supply their wants.

1836 - George Stevenson, on board the ship Buffalo en route to South Australia, wrote in his journal;
"We lay to atabout seven leagues from the shore instead of standing in for a start in the morning so that there is no chance of doing any thing unless the breeze should freshen. A far more magnificent & glorious sky
to-night than ever we saw or conceived. A double rainbow with the full moon rising in the centre; clouds of violet & silver: on the opposite side the sun setting in majesty mid clouds of every hue, from darkest
masses to the scarcely perceptible shade. These are thy works Parent of Good."

1837 - Eyre attempted the first overlanding venture from Sydney to South Australia.

1838 - You cannot overrate the solicitude of H.M. Government on the subject of the Aborigines of New Holland. It is impossible to contemplate the condition or the prospects of that unfortunate race without the deepest commiseration. Still it is impossible that H.M. Government should forget that the original aggression was ours. Lord John Russell to Sir George Gipps.

1840 - Four Aboriginal people were shot by J.F. Francis in the Pyrenes, according to George Robertsons listing of Aborigines Outrages Against in the 1879 Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time.

1853 - Freeman Cobb had a spare hour or two so he began a coaching service in Melbourne called Cobb & Co.

1853 - Gladstone in Qld was gazetted as a town site, which was handy for those already living there!

1855 - Victoria's Haines Government resigned over a secret ballot motion moved and carried by William Nicholson, however Nicholson was unable to form a government, so William Haines was reinstated.



Malcolm Turnbulls silence on the Nobel Peace Prize win he is an international embarrassment "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

PM silent on Nobel prize when world needs him to speak up, PETER BOYER, Mercury, December 19, 2017 Malcolm Turnbull is rarely stuck for words, but the award of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to an organisation founded in Australia has left him speechless.


Australian governments hugely disappointing  Climate Policy Review "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

(picture at left apologies to frogs there is no truth in the story that they will stay in heating water)

The federal Climate Policy Review: a recipe for business as usual  The Conversation Rebecca Pearse
Lecturer, University of Sydney, December 20, 2017
 The federal governments newly released Climate Policy Review is hugely disappointing, but far from surprising. It does not depart from what the Turnbull government has been saying for some time: it plans to loosen compliance obligations for emissions-intensive companies even further, reintroduce international carbon offsets, and implement the planned...


We need to change the culture of Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

No real gift in giving: culture of Christmas must change Brisbane Times 19 Dec 17 Christmas, were assured, brings out our best selves. Were full of goodwill to all men (and women). We get together with family and friends even those we dont get on with eat and drink and give each other presents.

We make an effort for the kiddies. Some of us even get a good feeling out of helping ensure the homeless get a decent feed on the day

theres a darker, less charitable, more Scrooge-like interpretation of what Christmas has become since A Christmas Carol.

Under the influence of more than a century of relentless advertising and commercialisation including the soft-drink-company-created Santa its original significance as a religious holy-day has been submerged beneath an orgy of consumerism, materialism and over-indulgence.

We rush from shop to shop, silently cursing those of our rellos who are hard to buy for. We attend party after party, stuffing ourselves with food and drinking more than we should.

All those children who cant wait to get up early on Christmas morning and tear open their small mountain of presents are being groomed as the next generation of consumerists. Next, try the joys of retail therapy, sonny.

But the survey also reveals a (growing?) minority of respondents who dont enjoy the indulgence and wastefulness of Christmas.

A fifth of respondents more males than females dont like buying gifts for people at Christmas. Almost a third expect to get gifts they wont use and 42 per cent far more males and females would prefer others not to buy them gift...


Tennis Victoria awards for Leongathas fab four "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

THE Leongatha Tennis Club is thriving as a local sporting club and its no wonder when it has a community of committed volunteers steering the club.
On Sunday, December 10, at the annual Christmas party, Leongatha Tennis Club president Glenn Kleeven and Tennis Victoria Senior Participation Leader Tanya Mason were on hand to present Tennis Service Awards to four very worthy tennis volunteer administrators.
A Tennis Victoria Service Award is decided by the Board of Tennis Victoria and is an award to recognise persons who have demonstrated their contribution to the sport of tennis through devoted and significant service to any one or more of the State Tennis Associations affiliated tennis clubs and/or associations and/or member organisations.
Service to other tennis related bodies may also be recognised. The nominee will have completed a considerable tenure of continuous or broken service.
Frank Dekker joined the club in 1990 as a committee member. Frank has a long list of personal achievements and roles within the club. He took over the role as vice president of the Leongatha Tennis Club for eight years before stepping up as the president for another eight years.
He was the Allambee and District Tennis Association president for three years and junior association president and junior secretary also for a year.
Upon receiving his award Frank Dekker said; The tennis club has a lot of good people here and we have a lot of good juniors coming through who we hope will be here for a while to come.
Another recipient was Greg Marshman. Greg first became a member of the Leongatha Tennis Club committee in 2007, and he remains a very prominent member to this day. Gregs main role within the club is the role of night tennis coordinator.
I kept night tennis running and now my kids are into it and they love it. Theyre having a good time and thats what its all about, he said.
Greg has also spent eight years in the club position of vice president since he first joined the committee.
Greg coordinates the thriving night tennis competition, but he also spends countless hours completing the small jobs that need to be done, such as putting the bins out, getting the balls out, and replenishing the drinks machine.
Rhonda Newton began playing tennis at Leongatha Tennis Club in 2005 before she took on her first official role in 2008.
She was appointed as the treasurer until 2009 when she stepped down for a year, only to be reappointed a year later.
It wasnt until the 2015/16 season before Rhonda changed roles from treasurer to secretary.
Alongside this commitment, Rhonda puts in a monumental amount of time and effort into smaller jobs that are required to be done around the club. She does the shopping for the club, placing out ball tins and score sheets on match days, and general cleaning of the club.


Appeal to help Free Yanto Awerkion! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

From Free West Papua Campaign

Join our appeal to help Free Yanto Awerkion!

DECEMBER 19, 2017
Rather than sharing Christmas with his family, West Papuan political prisoner Yanto Awerkion will be spending Christmas day in a prison cell in West Papua all for signing a petition.
In May 2017, the Indonesian military stormed a peaceful West Papuan prayer gathering meeting and arrested Yanto Awerkion for collecting signatures for the West Papuan peoples petition calling for an internationally supervised vote on West Papuan self-determination (an independence referendum). Since then he has been held for over 6 months without charge, unable to see his...


New research indicates retiring early just might kill you "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Collecting Social Security at age 62 may not be a good idea Will the Baby Boomers Ever Retire? We already know you're better off financially the later you begin claiming Social Security. Now it seems there's another reason to hold off on collecting those checks: If you retire early you're more likely to die early as well. A new study from Maria Fitzpatrick at Cornell University and Timothy Moore at the University of Melbourne shows a striking correlation between Social Security claims for early takers and a jump in mortality.


Worlds First Flying Car Race Could Predict The Future of Sports "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

after two years of development in a secret location in sydney, australian start-up alauda reveals the airspeeder mark 1, a new class of airborne racing vehicle a flying car that could predict the future of sports. the companys turning to kickstarter to not only help build the final product but the beginnings of a community that could usher in a new age of sport.

future of sports flying car alauda the body is modelled after a 1960s Formula V images courtesy of alauda.

coining it airspeeder sport, the alauda is hoping to push the technology to the mainstream whilst looking ahead to their first official test race which will see two of their vehicles racing against one another next year. in the lead-up alauda has test raced with drones, developing a flight-control system before creating their much larger speeders.


Dont Forget Me Kurdish Music from a Refugee Camp "IndyWatch Feed"

Music is therapy and this is being recognised more and more these days.

If you are stuck on a remote pacific island in hellish conditions the outlet provided by music can really help you to stay positive and fulfil some of your dreams amid dank oppression.

A refugee who has been accomplishing much while indefinitely incarceration is Farhad Bandesh, a Kurd who escaped from Irans draconian Islamic regime only to have the lead boot of another crush him again.

His art, poetry and music has broken through the chain wire fences of Australias offshore detention regime and onto the walls and into the ears of Australians and anyone on the internet.

The environmental beauty surrounding the detention centre on Manus Island PNG was captured by Farhad as he recorded video to match with his vocals skillfully mastered into a powerful song by Brett Hamlyn.

The stark contrast between Manus environmental beauty and the pain and suffering inside the detention centres is heartbreaking.

This song is also about heartbreak.

Maybe the lover is Australia and the betrayal of a country which projects (or used to project)  an image of compassion but is now even more cold hearted than ever.

Interwoven with scenes of Manus are the rolling hills of Kurdistan, which Farhad left behind seeking safety and freedom in Australia.

A Kurdish flag is seen in the film clip a reminder of the defiance of the Kurdish people who continue to struggle despite the suffering they have endured, inflicted by so many.

Farhad wrote the song and through connections in Australia met Brett who made the backing track and produced the song.

Wendy Joy Ford penned and sang the English vocals. I came aboard to pull everything together into a music video.

All in all this song came together through emails, social media, mobile phones and snail mail.

 This song shows that music has no borders. We will keep up the struggle and one day our world wont either.

They cant stop us dreaming, they cant stop us singing and they cant stop us singing....


The true nature of Noble Caledonian Limited? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One can tell a great deal about a corporation if one looks at when and how it was created.

The Noble Caledonia cruise line* likes to brag that it was created in 1991 out of a passion for small ships.

The company which created the cruise line was called Quayshelfco  382 Limited (incorporated 1 August 1991) before ...


Who is Trump defending? His discriminatory administration or vulnerable people? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Who is Trump defending? His discriminatory administration or vulnerable people? 

Odds are Donald Trump is attempting to disguise his war against science, the environment, women's reproductive rights, people with disabilities, vulnerable groups and all Americans living in poverty.

Washington Post, 15 December 2017:

Trump administration officials are forbidding officials at the nation's top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases - including "fetus" and "transgender" - in any official documents being prepared for next year's budget.
Policy analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were told of the list of forbidden words at a meeting Thursday with senior CDC officials who oversee the budget, according to an analyst who took part in the 90-minute briefing. The forbidden words are: "vulnerable," "entitlement," "diversity," "transgender," "fetus," "evidence-based" and "science-based."
In some instances, the analysts were given alternative phrases. Instead of "science-based" or "evidence-based," the suggested phrase is "CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes," the person said. In other cases, no replacement words were immediately offered....

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Wednesday, 20 December


After some R & R American Registered LearJet 36A Bizjet N82GG Departs Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

After arriving on the weekend and seemingly not moving at all, on Wednesday 20 December, the visiting American registered and privately operated LearJet 36A bizjet N82GG departed Rockhampton Airport for the Gold Coast.  It then headed further South, reportedly to Melbourne (Essendon).

As shown in the photo above (and in previous photos posted on the CQ Plane Spotting Blog during its visits in 2015 and 2016) the LearJet has a camera on the forward-starboard side of the fuselage and is again in Australia once again completing aerial survey flights.  I have been informed that N82GG may be operating aerial mapping sorties for Google.

Meanwhile, a couple of other bizjet movements in CQ occurred on Tuesday 19 December when Shortstop Jet Charter Dassault Falcon 900C VH-OAA made yet another visit to Hamilton Island Airport.  It arrived once again from its Melbourne (Essendon) base.  At the time of writing, VH-OAA is due to return to Essendon on Thursday 21 December.

Also on Tuesday 19 December, LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" arrived into Mackay Airport from Cairns.  It looked to be operating a medical retrieval flight and later departed to Brisbane.

Finally, a couple of corporate turboprop movements this week have included Pegasus Air / Agile Aviation (of South Australia) Pilatus PC-12/47E VH-TCP departing Hamilton Island Airport for Charleville and its Adelaide base on Wednesday 20 December.  It had arrived direct from its Adelaide base over the weekend.  And The Queensland Government Airwing (State of Queensland) Raytheon B300 Super King Air VH-SGQ visited Gladstone Airport from Brisbane on Tuesday 19 December.

Photo taken by Don Williams 


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi folks - need to paint some rooms in a house - looking for someone to help preferably with some experience...

$25 an hour (or your going rate if youre experienced). 

Between 22nd of December and 2nd of January 


0435 370 350


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


For sale: Handsome Tux, $30.

Black and White, Muscovy/Khaki-Campbell cross. 

For sale to a good home. 

Answers to the name Tux. 

Very friendly and easy going. We are quite fond of Tux but have some new fledglings and need the room. 

If interested please ring Brendan on 0412 353 153.



1) President distributes 2,568 land certificates in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) 74 villages in papua and west papua to have access to electricity

3) Marking Trikora declaration, protests calling for Papuan self-determination held in 14 cities

4) 66 arrested and 4 beaten at solidarity rallies held in 14 Indonesian cities to reject Indonesias occupation of West Papua

1) President distributes 2,568 land certificates in West Papua
Reporter: ...


Michael Knox on why the RBA wont hike interest rates any time soon "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

In todays Financial Review, economics correspondent Jacob Greber observed:

The RBA has gone more than seven years now without raising interest rates, the longest span since the official cash rate was introduced in the early 1990s.

Indeed, on Melbourne Cup day in 2010, the RBA Board surprised the market and decided to lift the banks cash rate target to 4.75 percent, but since then it has had to progressively cut the cash rate target, which is now at 1.5 percent. You can see how the cash rate target has changed over time at the RBA website.

According to one prominent Brisbane-based market economist, we may not see the wage and CPI inflation that would prompt the RBA to raise rates until at least the second half of 2019, when he projects the Australian unemployment rate will finally fall below its long-run natural rate of around 5 percent. Morgans Chief Economist Michael Knox has written an excellent note on Why the RBA wont hike rates any time soon. He notes:

Why is it that the decline in Australian unemployment is so slow? One reason might be the high level of under-employment. The ABS tells us that when we include the number of people in part-time employment who want full-time jobs, then their estimate of underemployment in November 2017 rises to 8.3%. As employment grows, there is an additional source of supply of labour from this pool of under-employment. This acts to slow the decline in unemployment. It also acts to slow the increase in full time wages.

The national (seasonally adjusted) underemployment rate of 8.3 percent identified by Michael Knox adds to the unemployment rate of 5.4 percent to give a total labour underutilisation rate reported by the ABS of 13.7 percent. This underutilisation rate is significantly higher in Queensland at 14.5 percent (see charts below). Underutilisation of the labour force has been a persistent concern in Australia since the financial crisis, and it may indeed take some time yet for the economy to return to more normal rates of labour utilisation.



Parallel Lines - 06 December 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Sara speaks with Dr Matt Palm, postdoctoral fellow at the University of Melbourne/Transforming Housing research network, on the Vic govt's Public Housing Renewal Program  Andrew Milward-Bason and Charlotte St Clair Wilson from the Nicholas Building Association chat with Sara about 'A Night at the Nicholas'. Lastly Sara talks to June Jones (Two Steps on the Water) about the Emotion Punk Records label launch


Severe thunderstorms hit Victoria, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Victorians are cleaning up after severe thunderstorms swept across the state, bringing strong winds and rain that has damaged houses and uprooted trees. The State Emergency Service (SES) said they had received hundreds of calls for assistance after storms brewed on yesterday afternoon. A severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds, heavy rain and large hailstones remains current for much of the state. More than 30,000 homes properties are still without power, down from about 100,000 around the state last night. Power was also out in parts of suburban Melbourne but the impact was far less significant. The weather bureau's Dean Stewart said Melbourne received 20 millimetres of rain within 15 minutes, causing flash flooding in many suburbs. "The highest wind gust in the state was up at Kilmore Gap to the north of Melbourne - 117 kilometre per hour - but a lot of towns reported gusts over 100kph, [followed by] Wangaratta with 113kph, Bendigo 111kph, Mangalore 107kph, Laverton 98kph," he said.


The Bard in the Badlands Hell is empty and the devils are here "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

What happens when the robots, androids, replicants, call them what you will, feel emotion and sentiment, establish relationships, and recall memories, like humans do? When the boss starts disrupting the storylines, the droids go off-script, think their own thoughts, and live their own lives. And lo! bad things happen! Before you know it, robots start quoting the Bard of Avon.

Westworld addresses some disturbing concepts. The mechanical and moral arcs of Artificial Intelligence. The ethical implications of an escapist theme park where well-heeled guests indulge in gamer-like fantasies, some of which that would see them jailed in their mainstream, material lives play poker in a saloon (and cheat), go with a whore (of either sex), ride out with a posse, witness or even participate in a gunfight and rape and pillage through a simulacrum Wild West, killing and fucking whomever they liked.

And then there are the hosts, the oh-so-realistic (are you one of them is a question often asked by a fascinated and impressed guest) robots, androids, cyborgs, replicants call them what you will depending on your favourite sci-if film who play out pre-written, sometimes derivative, mostly anodyne, but often perverse storylines, with added code for improvisations to move the guests adventures along, and for prohibitions on the use of knives, axes and firearms,  because management mandates that whist guest might get injured, by accident or for the thrill of it, none must get themselves killed.



Playgroups Santa surprises "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

FOSTER Playgroups annual Christmas Party on Wednesday December 13 could not have asked for better weather. There was a big turnout to see the Foster fire truck pull up with []

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Foster pool officially open! "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

BECAUSE of the extremely hot day on Wednesday December 13 it was decided the Foster Pool would open early this year. There is much to celebrate and many people to []

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Seeking feedback for Port Welshpool Marina "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council is encouraging residents to share their thoughts on the Port Welshpool Marine Precinct Plan before consultation closes. Coastal Promontory Ward Councillors met with community members in []

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Alpine Council suspends further work on Dinner Plain village green for time being "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

At the Council meeting on December 18, Alpine Shire Council voted to suspend further development of the current feasibility work for the village green. Council will leave open the option of a village oval for future development once they have done the required vegetation offsets for Lot 3 (see below). Lot 3 is the land to the south of the village which is currently undeveloped.

Separate to this project, a planning permit has recently been granted for the construction of 7.1 km of new mountain bike trails in Dinner Plain, and the estimated cost of delivering this project is $400,000. Trail construction work is planned to commence in early 2018.

The following motion was adopted in relation to the Dinner Plain Village Green project;

That Council:

  1. Does not proceed with the Dinner Plain Village Green project;
  2. Considers future open space proposals at Dinner Plain that are low cost and have low environmental, cultural heritage and visual impacts; and,
  3. Investigates the potential to establish Lot 3 as a Native Vegetation Credit Register Offset Site for future Dinner Plain projects.

There are further materials from Council about the project and the consultation process around the proposal available here. Check here for a recent Mountain Journal article on the proposal.

In documents prepared for the meeting, Council noted that the following significant issues would need to be addressed to achieve successful project delivery:

  • Native vegetation removal will trigger the requirement for a planning permit. The permit application will be subject to public exhibition and based on the results of the community engagement we expect objections to be raised to the proposal from members of the Dinner Plain community and from further afield.

Opposition to the project has the potential to escalate, particularly on environmental grounds.

  • The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is a referral authority for the planning permit, and their support for the project is contingent on demonstrating an overwhelming benefit for the project to proceed, and that all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise impact on native vegetation.
  • Three specific vegetation offsets are yet to be identified.
  • Significant cultural heritage value may be found at the project site....


Port Welshpool Maritime Museum is the towns Jewel in the Crown "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

By Janet Taylor THE Port Welshpool & District Maritime Museum recently celebrated another milestone in its history. For 40 long years it has been operating as a Museum to the []

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VIP Thursday @ Sporties "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

  Photos supplied by Dylan Hodgon.

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Racing bike stolen from Warragul address "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Warragul police are investigating after a racing bicycle valued at $2,500 was stolen on the weekend.



Byron Theatre, January 6 2018 @ 7:30 pm 8:20 pm

Two must see artists of outrageously funny proportions combining their talents into one incredible show for your pleasure!

Varietyville is a thrilling fusion of the most unique, ridiculous and bizarre acts youll ever see.

Starring award winning, five star internationally renowned physical comedian Daniel Oldaker aka Dandyman (La Soire, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Melb. Int Comedy Fest) and the inimitable circus variety star Rani Huszar, Ruby Rubberlegs as seen on ABCs Live at the Memo, The Sideshow and the world renowned variety show La Cliqu.

Both stars of the international Festival circuit have appeared in films, on television, in circus tents, on the street, in opera houses and now they come to a theatre near you!

Varietyville takes variety to a whole new level. Bite sized morsels of masterful magic, chaotic clowning, preposterous physical feats, musical mayhem, hilarious hi-jinks and much much more!

Oldaker & Huszar have captivated audiences for the last 15 years in over 30 countries around the world with their ridiculous sense of humour, endearing charm and unique and quirky physical theatre. You wont believe until you see and when you see it you still wont believe.

Acts of Absurdity is a wonderfully peculiar show that has a little bit of everything, put on by some world-class performers. If you cant decide what kind of show to see at Fringe this year, put your hard-earned cash towards this superb variety show and see it all. You wont regret it Rip It Up (Jeniffer Brown)

Acts of Absurdity And Uncontrolled Laughter I laughed harder and longer at one act this evening than I have anything else I have seen this fringe Clothesline (Charissa McCluskey-Garcia) Fringe World, Perth

Funny, unpredictable, engaging and pricelessacts of physical daring and laugh-out-loud humor as mime, juggling, illusion and movement flowed se...


MACKAY Violent Mackay crook pleads guilty to new charges "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Violent Mackay crook pleads guilty to new charges

December 20, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

A VIOLENT crook previously convicted of taking part in an armed home invasion, among other crimes, has admitted to a string of new offences. Clinton James Kissier, 31, of Slade Point, remains behind bars after the crime spree, between July 18 and September 21. Kissier faced Mackay Magistrates

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Police charge Eimeo woman over repeat noise complaints "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 01:56AM ,

Police charge Eimeo woman over repeat noise complaints

December 20, 2017 at 01:56AM ,

it is important for police to remind residents that compliance with noise abatement directions linked to excessive noise complaints is expected always, he said. Call your local police station for inquiries about registering parties. The woman is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on January 16. 0.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY WATCH: Axe wielding man guilty of Mackay altercation "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY December 20, 2017 at 11:27AM ,

WATCH: Axe wielding man guilty of Mackay altercation

December 20, 2017 at 11:27AM ,

officer-in-charge Detective Senior Sergeant David Tucker later described Santo as very aggressive and said officers feared injury, given it was a full-size axe. Santo, 25, faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from jail on Tuesday, pleading guilty to going armed as to cause fear on October 21.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Here are Google Plays 10 Artists to watch in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

With 2018 just around the corner, you probably want to make sure your playlists are looking as fresh and lively as possible. With festival road trip season coming up, youd hate to be the friend that has nothing to offer than Mr Brightside for 6 hours straight, so, expand your horizons.

The good people over at Google Play Music Australia have compiled a list of Artists to Watch for 2018 factoring track performance on new-music playlists, popularity on Google Trends and YouTube to aggregate just wholl come out on top next year. 

Here they are:

  1. Mansionair (Liberation)
  2. Ruel (Sony)
  3. Wafia (Future Classic)
  4. Novo Amor (AllPoints)
  5. Polaris (Cooking Vinyl)
  6. Mallrat (Dew Process)
  7. Baker Boy (Baker Boy)
  8. Kllo (Caroline)
  9. Tapz (100s + 1000s)
  10. Dagny (Universal)



Christmas Trees of Remembrance Project "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Goulburn Valley Hospice Care is continuing its Christmas Trees of Remembrance Project with Christmas trees located in Shepparton and Mooroopna Libraries, the foyer at the Eastbank centre and the Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Opportunity Shop.   Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Christmas Trees of Remembrance Project The idea ofthe community Christmas Tree of Remembrance project ... Read more...


Criminal Lawyers Criticise New Guilty Plea Rules "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The NSW government is introducing strict rules relating to guilty pleas which it says will increase the likelihood of defendants pleading guilty to criminal offences. The changes, which are expected to come into effect in April 2018, are aimed at reducing the backlog of cases in the District Court while freeing up police and DPP

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Heres What You Need To Do Before You Get To The I Dos "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

By Joshua Hart Are you wondering exactly what you need to do before you and your loved one finally get to your I dos? Youre not alone. Getting married is not as simple as phoning up a marriage celebrant and saying the two words. There are legal forms and timelines that have to be adhered ...

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MEDIA RELEASE  20 December 2017


Gippsland Environment Group has condemned the Victorian Governments decision to lift the mining licence exemption over the Stockman mines toxic tailings dam constructed on the headwaters of the Tambo River near Benambra.

The Minister for Resources decision to amend the licence will permit the toxic tailings dam to be re-opened and expanded by CopperChem the company which has recently acquired Independence Groups Stockman Project

This is a murky deal that will jeopardise the health of the Tambo River and Gippsland Lakes for thousands of years, said Louise Crisp of Gippsland Environment Group. On what grounds was the exemption lifted and why werent the public and downstream farmers and communities consulted?

The Benambra copper and zinc mine was first operated by Denehurst Pty Ltd from 1992-96, until the company went bust and abandoned the mine site.  The company left behind a leaking tailings dam filled with 700,000 tonnes of toxic heavy metal tailings at risk of breaching and flooding the Tambo River and Gippsland Lakes.

In 2006 the State Government rehabilitated the tailings dam at a cost of $7million to the taxpayer. The dam was renamed Lake St Barbara and an exemption placed over the site to exclude it from any future mining licence.

The dam is still leaking polluted water at a rate of 86,000 litres per day into the headwaters of the Tambo River, the ore used to raise the dam wall to prevent it breaching contained potential acid forming material, and an acid seep from the old processing plant is also contaminating the Tambo River.

In 2014 Independence Group proposed to re-open the Stockman mine and massively expand the tailings dam to store up to another seven million tonnes of mine tailings. The company planned to raise the dam wall up to 45 metres above the valley floor and to increase the surface area of the dam from eight to 32 hectares.

In December this year CopperChem a US based company purchased Independence Groups Stockman Project. At the same time the Victorian Minister for Resources Tim Pallas announced that CopperChem had signed a deal with the State Government to fund the ongoing management of the tailings dam after mining has ended. The tailings must remain covered by two metres of water forever to prevent an acid chain reaction occurring.

When interviewed on ABC radio last week the Minister would not divulge the financial details of the Trust Fund which is intend...


Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Expo Visit "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

LGBTI couples will be warmly welcomed at Your Local Wedding Guides first Queensland wedding expos of 2018. We invite all LGBTI couples and their families and friends to celebrate your love and visit our expos to help plan your wedding in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, organiser Jeff Vink said. The expos will be held ...

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Free Sydney Music Compilation: The Bridge Class of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Stuff your stocking with 100% Sydney music, curated by The Bridge.

Our Sydney music nerds have put together a little Christmas pressie, made up of their favourite home-grown tracks of the year. Presenters Ryan Saar, Lachlan Wyllie and Tia Newling have rounded up their top picks of the year from right across Sydney. The best part? Its free! (Or name-your-price, if youd like to contribute a donation to at FBi Radio.)

Get it for yourself via bandcamp and read through a track-by-track run down from each presenter below.

Artwork by the excellent Russell Fitzgibbon.

The Bridge Class of 2017 by FBi Radio


Ryan Saar

Georgia June Cool

Before Georgia June released her debut track Cool in September, shed already lived the life of a rock star. Under a mentorship with Billboard Magazine, June moved to New York and recorded her first tracks with Passion Pits Ayad Al Adhamy, the result being the nugget of pop-rock perfection that is Cool. Its a song that bursts with Junes infectious personality, wry wit and a foot-stomping chorus sure to put holes in your floor. Shoutouts to the time my housemate caught me singing Cool into a mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone.


Moody Beach Vanilla

Vanilla is impossibly chic, the audio equivalent of whatever French New Wave film is currently getting all the arts students in a frenzy. Vanilla cruises on guitar and synth lines with breezy confidence, Melissah Maries vocals hovering above her distinct brand futuristic pop with otherworldly magnetism. Every time I listen to Moody Beach, I cant help but feel Ive stumbled upon one of the best (and effortlessly cool) secrets in local music.


Buzz Kull Into the Voi...


Keating Speech the starting point for moving forward "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Sunday 10th December marked 25 years since the landmark Keating Redfern Speech. It was a speech that told the truth.

Coming from a Prime Minister, it was a truth that could not be unsaid, a truth that formed the foundation for moving forward together on the journey towards a reconciled nation. He said:

"Because, in truth, we cannot confidently say that we have succeeded as we would like to have succeeded if we have not managed to extend opportunity and care, dignity and hope to the indigenous people of Australia - the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. 

It has been ANTaRs firm belief since we came together 20 years ago, that without an acknowledgement of the truth of our shared history, we could not develop a stronger relationship based on trust, understanding and empathy.

This is a message we need to share as we head towards Survival Day 2018. You can help by signing our Sea of Hands pledge.

As Patrick Dodson said in the forward to last years State of Reconciliation Report:

Disturbingly, the Report reveals the schism between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australias understanding and perspectives of how our nations history has shaped the contemporary circumstances of Indigenous communities, and their relationship with the Australian State. There is a discernible lack of appreciation by settler Australia about the grievances and sense of historical injustice that Indigenous people feel. This must be addressed for Australia to be reconciled.Pledge to think differently about January 26

An understanding of the truth of our history, will tell you that January 26 - the day the First Fleet invaded Gadigal land (in what is now known as Sydney Cove) - is not a day that includes Australias First Peoples in a national celebration.

It is asking First Peoples to celebrate the onset of invasion of the lands, and the history of dispossession that came with that invasion as so clearly ar...


The Five Rules of Buying Political Influence "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

There's five rules in the business of buying influence

All this stuff about Sam Dastyari but what about poor Huang Xiangmo?

Bloke turns up here, observes how business has been traditionally done, pulls out the cheque book and finds himself painted as a cross between Karla and Blofeld with a touch of KAOS and Yellow Peril thrown in.

Parliament gets heated over 'Sichuan Sam'

The Turnbull government has ramped up their attack on Labor senator Dastyari in question time calling for Sichuan Sam to resign.

Thats the problem of working in a foreign language certain subtleties can be lost in translation.

It is standard procedure for business types the world over to, er, influence politicians but it has to be done within accepted ways and means. And you must be considered the right sort of person to be doing the influencing.

Cue American citizen Rupert Murdoch with his extraordinary access to politicians and blatant involvement in attempting to determine the outcome of elections here and abroad.

There is some irony in Huang being particularly generous with his Liberal Party donations $210,000 according to the ABC   but politics hitting the fan over a relatively small amount invested in one young Labor senator.




Every year The Falls Music & Arts Festival in each location (Lorne, Marion Bay and Byron) puts $1 from each ticket sold into a Falls Festival Community Fund that is then distributed to a range of local organisations.

Falls Music & Arts Festival Byron is happy to announce the Mullumbimby Public School, Burringbar Community Association Inc., WIRES (Northern Rivers), Shaping Outcomes (Byron Bay) and Crabbes Creek Community Hall are recipients for this years Falls Festival Byron Community Fund.

Mullumbimby Public School
Mullumbimby will purchase musical instruments to continue to establish a school band that can foster student love of music and represent MPS with pride at community events.

Receiving a Community Grant from Falls will greatly assist us in supporting the emergence of the musical soul of Mullumbimby Public School, and is much appreciated by our school community and beyond said Principal David Lees.

Burringbar Community Association Inc.
Burringbar Community Association Inc. will use the grant to initiate the Burringbar Heritage Walk, consisting of historical identification plaques in significant locations throughout the village.

The Burringbar Heritage walk will foster community involvement, and corresponding pride, in addition to providing an opportunity to interact with people of varying backgrounds and experiences said Eva Heath of the Burringbar Community Association

Shaping Outcomes (Byron Bay)
Shaping Outcomes (Byron Bay) will use the grant to provide resources for the childrens groups they run including Ready for School and Social Thinking.

The Falls grant has enabled us to purchase resources that will be so valued for so many children accessing our services and will really help us to support children to thrive, connect and belong! said Shaping Outcomes Executive Director Zoe Cluff.

WIRES (Northern Rivers)
WIRES will use the grant to assist in responding to more calls to help injured, sick, displaced and orphaned wildlife.

WIRES is committed to continuously improving outcomes for animals and the Falls Community Grant is an investment in preserving our wildlife both now and for future generations. said WIRES spokesperson Paula Wallace

Crabbes Creek Community Hall
Crabbes Creek Community Hall will use the grant to contribute towards the New Years Eve fireworks display for the community.

Every New Years Eve, the Crabbes Creek Community Hall puts on a fabulous family-focused celebration. The funds from Falls Festival will be used towards one off the big...


Big Screen: The Last Jedi "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Its bloody hard being a Star Wars director. The franchises fanbase is passionate but super-critical, demanding innovation while still expecting the same tropes and catch phrases weve been hearing for years.

After all, this is blockbuster film-making in the modern era a balancing act between producing the film your studio wants, and appealing to the fans who can sink a movie faster than you can say Batman Vs Superman. So Rian Johnson, the director of the The Last Jedi, had his work cut out for him.

Once again, we find the brave Resistance members fighting to restore peace to the galaxy while the evil First Order, who are basically the No voters of space, try to obliterate them. When the Resistance hideout is discovered it becomes a race against time as the Rebels rush to escape the First Orders nefarious clutches. Its simple stuff, but hey, thats Star Wars.


Photo: Jonathan Olley

That simplicity is something Johnson would have done well to remember, because the first half of The Last Jedi is a straight up garbage fire of a film. Its convoluted, contrived, and at times so unlike a Star Wars film that it feels like you could have been watching literally any other blockbuster this summer. Worst of all, the film weirdly insists on bookending its serious moments with jokes that feel as natural as your nan sending you memes.

Johnson forgets that one of the most important features of Star Wars, is not the Force or the Jedi, but the pathos. Star Wars endures because while its an escapist delight, it also contains a tremendous amount of tragedy. Anakin gets betrayed by Obi-Wan, Luke has to bury his father these are crucial parts of the Star Wars myth! Those sort of heartfelt moments are lost in The Last Jedi because they insist on inserting a punchline every time theres an emotional scene. It becomes imposs...


OIT: Tim Kelly Interviews Ryan Dawson- Michael Flynn/Israel Gate & War Profiteers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

 This is a far reaching interview. I think it's worth the time.
With thanks to Tim Kelly from Our Interesting Times  (always linked in the side bar) for making this freely available

 "Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the recent guilty plea by Michael Flynn and how the mainstream media has largely ignored the Israeli angle to the story. We also talk about his upcoming documentary "The 'Jewish State': How Terrorists Formed a Nation" and the lecture he delivered in Sydney, Australia in December, 2016."

Hoping to have some newsy type posts up soon. I'm busily baking :)


Dusk is the time "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

for Powerful Owls on the hunt.

This pair was just leaving their safe perch in the Black Wattles to commence another night of hunting by the river. There are rabbits galore at the moment so I reckon I know what my favourite owls will be enjoying for Xmas dinner!

Powerful Owls, Loddon River @ Newstead, 18th December 2017


North Coast disability services under threat "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

L- R: Doug Hollingworth, Dawn Walker MP and Joanne Mclean outside DAISIs shopfront in Ballina that will soon be closed unless a state government funding cut is reversed. Photo supplied

Greens North Coast MP and disability spokesperson Dawn Walker has lashed out at the NSW Governments planned cuts to disability advocacy funding for the region.

Ms Walker said the move would see a dramatic loss in support for people with a disability on the North Coast.

She has called on the NSW premier and North Coast-based Nationals MP Ben Franklin to urgently intervene.

The looming cuts are due to take effect from June 2018 and Ms Walker says they threaten to wipe-out local disability information services, DAISI (Disability and Aged Information Service Inc), based in Ballina, and Ability Advocacy in Alstonville.

The cuts are occurring because the state government is set to roll its disability advocacy services funding, worth $13 million statewide, into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). But the NDIS does not cover advocacy services, which Ms Walker says will leave a major funding gap.

Im appalled that NSW Liberal-Nationals think its acceptable to cut core funding from our disability advocacy services that assist some of the most vulnerable people in our community with a range of everyday issues, including housing needs, service complaints and developing their NDIS applications and plans, Ms Walker said.

These heartless cuts mean organisations like DAISI and Ability Advocacy, which have been assisting people with a disability right across the North Coast for almost 20 years, will be forced to massively decrease the number of people they support, lay off staff and possibly even close altogether, she added

Ability Advocacys Alstonville manager, Doug Hollingworth, says the group employs six staff and supports approximately 120 people with disabilities in the local area.

These cuts would mean we would mean the loss of two staff members and wed be forced to stop providing support to 40-50 people with disabilities who will have nowhere else to turn. We know how important our services are to local families and people with disabilities across the North Coast who will suffer as a direct result of these cuts, Mr Hollin...


Kingscliff beach access to be opened Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed Shire Councillors and Kingscliff Chamber of Commerce members are given a sneak peek at the new Kingscliff beach steps. (from right) Kingscliff Chamber President Mark Humphries, Tweed Shire Councillor Warren Polglase, Tweed Shire Council General Manager Troy Green, Tweed Shire Council Manager Recreation Services Stewart Brawley and Tweed Shire Councillor Pryce Allsop. (supplied)

New beach access that has been built as part of a $22 million foreshore development at Kingscliff will be opened to the public tomorrow.

Tweed  mayor Katie Milne said that while the redevelopment project was still being completed, residents would be able to access the beach and the new concrete beachfront steps through the new park, just to the North of the Cudgen Headland Surf Club.

Cr Milne said temporary lighting would be set up in the area for safety and the park would remain fenced off as the site shut down between December 22 and January 8.

The foreshore redevelopment, which includes the new central park and beach access along with a seawall and a complete redevelopment of the holiday park has been specifically designed to create a link between the beach, the park and the central business district of the Kingscliff community.

The protection of the foreshore from coastal erosion is expected to be a significant economic boost for the area and is expected to act as a catalyst for further public infrastructure and attract private sector development.

Kingscliff Chamber of Commerce president Mark Humphries said the early opening will be a great gift for cafe and restaurant owners along Marine Parade.

The new access is sensational and will make for a wonderful experience with views of the beach and the water, Mr Humphries said.

With the bridge being closed and then the park fenced off for the past year there has definitely been an impact and we have spent $20,000 of the chambers funds to run TV ads in the area telling day trippers we are still open for business.

We have been big supporters of the Councils plans from the beginning and the final design has more than exceeded our expectations.

I have no doubt Kingscliff is on the cusp of greatness and this will make a huge difference for locals and tourists alike.

The post Kingscliff beach access to be opened Thursday appea...


Sustainable small towns "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Totally Renewable Yackandandah is a volunteer run community group, formed in 2014, with the goal of powering their town with 100% renewable energy and achieving energy sovereignty by 2022.

One of TRYs standout projects is the TRY Perpetual Energy Fund (PEF), which raises funds from donations that are reinvested in community projects around Yack to increase energy efficiency, generate renewable electricity and for storage. Loans are repaid from the savings made on electricity bills and the Fund is perpetuated for community sustainability projects. The first project was with Yackandandah Health Service (YHS). In 2015, TRY raised $5,000, which was loaned to YHS for the energy efficiency improvements. The connection of a 90kW solar-panel system at Yackandandah Health Service (YHS) replacement of 276 light fittings with low maintenance LED lights.

TRY is a great example of community controlled initiatives which are designed to transition to a more sustainable basis while also building a sense of community power.

There are more and more great initiatives like TRY across mountain areas and surrounding valleys. One that comes to mind is the bulk buy of solar PV systems at Mt Hotham and Dinner Plain a few years ago.

Another great example is Bright Brewery, which has been installing solar PV on its facilities with a view to making their beer production as close to carbon neutral as possible. While minimising the overall environmental footprint on Bright (see image above of their solar PV system).

The Sustainable Small Towns facebook page allows you to track whats happening in community sustainability initiatives across regional Victoria.

The EcoPortal website covers environmental, local food and sustainability events in north eastern VIC and Albury and has links to the many groups who are active locally.



MYEFO. More money, but nowhere near enough to fund tax cuts "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Scott Morrison wants you believe the budget's strong enough to fund tax cuts.

It isn't, and the update makes that clear.

As it is required to do, it spells out the stated aim of the budget - what the Coalition has pledged to achieve since its election - on page 31.

The aim is to "deliver sustainable budget surpluses, building to at least 1 per cent of GDP, as soon as possible, consistent with the medium-term fiscal strategy".

That's a surplus of 1 per cent of gross domestic product, as soon as possible, consistent with quality spending and economic growth.

After a boost to the budget of about $10 billion over four years, what has it been left with?

A budget surplus of just one half of one per cent of GDP by the end of the four year projection period.

It's an improvement. The May budget pencilled in 0.4 per cent. But it's nothing like the 1 per cent of GDP the Coalition itself adopted as a target to be reached "as soon as possible". And beyond those four years the graph in the update shows the surplus staying put at half a per cent of GDP right out to 2027.

Weakening that budget position by giving some of it away, as the Prime Minister and Treasurer are hinting they will in next May's budget, would be a further abrogation of a pledge the Coalition hasn't come near fulfilling ever since it made it in 2014.

Improving the budget, certainly improving it by the billions that would be needed to fund reasonable tax cuts, is hard. Almost all of the $10 billion improvement this time came came from (generally mining-related) higher company profits and superannuation earnings, as well as lower than expected payments to Australians who are out of work. Government actions improved the outlook by about half a billion. It won't be enough.

In The Age and Sydney Morning Herald


Fresh push for company tax cuts as economy lifts budget $10 billion

Treasurer Scott Morrison has signalled a fresh push to get the government's $50 billion package of company tax cuts through the Senate, saying that US President Trump is forcing his hand and that the changing composition of the Senate gives him a chance.

Higher than expected company tax receipts helped improve the budget position by $10 billion in the update released on Monday, improving the outlook for 2017-18 by $5.8 billion.

"The Trum...


Semi-Automatic Weapons: Another Step in the Militarisation of NSW Police "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim As of last Monday, Sydneysiders will have to get used to seeing NSW police officers on city streets carrying military-style assault rifles. The move is just the latest counter terrorism and organised crime measure thats leading to the ever-increasing militarisation of the states police force. Forty seven officers from the

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Surveys show support for greater koala protection "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore and Ballina residents want koalas protected. (supplied)

Surveys conducted for the North Coast Environment Council show overwhelming support for measures to protect koalas in the electorates of Lismore and Ballina.

NCEC spokesperson Susie Russell said the council commissioned two ReachTEL polls which showed that seventy per cent of people surveyed supported the creation of new national parks to protect koalas from logging and land-clearing.

People across the north coast are extremely concerned about the plight of the koala, Ms Russell said

Almost 90 per cent of participants in the polling had some awareness of the plight of the koala, with about 50 per cent being very aware.

Ms Russell said people understood that if the regions koala were to be saved there needed to be greater protection for the forests in which they live.

Its not hard to understand, we cant keep logging and clearing koala habitat and expect koalas to thrive, she said.

With the State Government poised to release its State-wide Koala Strategy, this is a timely reminder, that unless existing koala populations across all tenures including public State Forests are given protection, this animal will continue its trajectory towards extinction.

Ms Russell said analysis by the North East Forest Alliance earlier this year showed that in the last decade, 24,000 thousand hectares of high quality koala habitat has been cleared as the result of intensive logging, much of it carried out under the supervision of the State Governments own logging company the Forestry Corporation.

Any Koala Strategy which solely focuses on private land purchases and fails to address the massive habitat destruction on public land will be a failure before the ink is dry, she said.

The NSW Chief Scientists Report on Koalas made it clear that their should be clear benefit to key koala populations in NSW [and by] identifying and protecting koala habitat and managing key threats, this strategy will also benefit other native species and NSW landscapes more broadly.

As temperatures rise across the country and place our native wildlife and forests under even more stress, we need serious and drast...


Norway Is Decriminalising Drug Possession "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The global shift towards a health-based approach to the use of illicit substances continues, as Norway becomes the first Scandinavian country to decriminalise the use of illegal drugs. The move is yet another admission that the almost fifty-year-old war on drugs has failed. Known as the Storting, the Norwegian parliament voted last week to decriminalise illicit

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What a Handy Term Radicalized Muslim Flexible, Global, Machine-Washable "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Top row: Flags of France, UK, Indonesia, Bottom: Germany, Australia, and US

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

What do the countries whose flags are shown above have in common? They have all been violently attacked by Muslims.

Or so they say.

Here is a list in chronological order of six violent attacks. (This is a very select list; scores of other similar incidents have occurred):

In Bali, three Indonesian men bombed a club frequented by Australian holiday-makers (2002).

In London, a Jamaican and three Pakistani friends bombed Tube stations and a bus (2005).

In Boston, two Chechen brothers allegedly bombed the finish line of the Marathon race (2013).

In Sydney, the Iranian Man Haron Monis killed two of his 18 hostages during the siege of the Lindt Caf (2014).

In Paris, two Algerian Kouachi brothers allegedly killed several people in the office of the magazine known as Charlie Hebdo (2015).

In Berlin, a Tunisian man allegedly drove a truck into a Christ...


Gareth Hugh Evans Top 25 Tracks of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

The final of our traditional end of year lists sees Timber and Steel Editor-in-Chief Gareth Hugh Evans sifts through all of the amazing music that was produced this year and pick his top 25 tracks. As always hes tried to only pick one track per artist, although as youll see theres some exceptions with different []


NSW unprepared for major blackout "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The states chief scientist has warned NSW could be plunged into chaos in the event of a large-scale black system power outage, similar to the one that debilitated South Australia last year.

While finding it was highly unlikely NSW would fall victim to a blackout of that scale, a report released by the Energy Security Taskforce has found NSW was nevertheless ill-prepared.

Taskforce chair and chief scientist Mary OKane says the state government needs to adopt a more proactive approach to managing short- and medium-term risks, including during prolonged periods of extreme heat.

The government must be alive to risks over coming years so that it can manage emerging risks proactively when needed, Prof OKane said in a statement.

For Sydneysiders, the report found up to 10,000 people on underground trains would need to be evacuated in the event the state fell victim to an outage.

Meanwhile, public hospitals only have six hours worth of fuel in their back-up diesel generators, the report released on Tuesday, found.

As we saw in the South Australian event, sometimes these can go on for a while and there is reason to think it would be quite some time in a black event like that for Sydney to come back up, Ms OKane told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

The report found the system was vulnerable in times of extreme weather events and made nine recommendations to shore it up.

The next decade will be a period of transition and disruption for the National Energy Market, and with that comes opportunities for innovation to increase the future reliability and security of the states electricity system, Prof OKane said.

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Aussie claims Bali drugs arrest ridiculous "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

An accountant and one-time federal election candidate facing drug charges in Indonesia has been rushed to hospital after being paraded before the media.

Isaac Emmanuel Roberts, 35, was arrested following his arrival in Bali from Bangkok on December 4.Hes accused of carrying 19 grams of amphetamine and ecstasy pills in his luggage.

On Tuesday, Bali police paraded Roberts, dressed in orange prison garb and a balaclava, to journalists.

He was later taken hospital, after being shocked by the media attention.

He got sick. He was shocked after the press conference today. Maybe he never thought that he will be in the press conference, his lawyer Deni Sedana told The Daily Telegraph.

Earlier, Roberts had angrily suggested hed been set up by Indonesian authorities.

I was invited to this country. I was working with a Customs officer and they knew I was going to bring something, he said.

Im just a f***ing addict, they want to waste their resources on addicts. They want to punish addicts, this is ridiculous. What about the f***ing importers? I wasnt going to sell it to anyone here, no one was going to use it here.

Indonesian customs officials claimed the drugs were hidden in a plastic bottle and another container in his luggage.

Based on the results of the inspection, our officers found five packages containing clear crystals weighing 19.97 grams and 14 tablets weighing a total of 6.22 grams, Bali Airport customs office chief Himawan Indrajono said in a statement.

An accountant formerly based in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley, Roberts business website hasnt been updated since 2015 when he faced the professional conduct tribunal of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

The tribunal decided on November 15 of that year that Roberts had failed to reply to correspondence, issuing him with a reprimand and fining him $3100.

He also unsuccessfully ran for former Liberal treasurer Peter Costellos Victorian seat of Higgins in 2009 as a Liberal Democratic Party candidate.

The seat was won by current federal government minister Kelly ODwyer.

There are concerns Roberts could face execution in Bali if convicted of drug trafficking.

In 2015, convicted traffickers and Sydney men Andrew Chan, 31, and Myuran Sukumaran, 35 were executed by firing squad.

They had been arrested in 2005.

The executions strained relations between Jakarta and Canberra and prompted Australia to temporarily recall its ambassador in protest.

Indonesia is facing a drug crisis with an estimated 6.4 million drug users in a country of 250 million people.



NSW Health misleads preschools over vaccination rules "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

From December 31, conscientious objectors to vaccination will no longer be able to enrol their children into preschools. Photo from International Business Times

Paul Bibby

The director of a Brunswick Heads preschool says she was misled by the NSW health department regarding the application of new vaccination rules and that other local directors have been utterly confused and frustrated by the changes.

Frances Dyett from Lilly Pilly Preschool is now inviting the parents of unvaccinated children in Brunswick Heads to enrol their kids at her centre before new rules abolishing the so-called conscientious objection option come into effect on January 1.

I have turned away many upset, angry parents believing I was doing the right thing and complying with the rules and regulations, Ms Dyett said.

I was initially given misleading information from the health department but was one of the lucky ones who received a call back to say they had given out wrong information.

On January 1, new rules will come into effect that prevent unvaccinated children from being enrolled in NSW preschools unless their parents can prove they have a specific allergy to the injections.

Prior to this, parents have been able to enrol their unvaccinated children if they were able to register as a conscientious objector to vaccination.


Over the past three months, local preschools have been inundated with requests from parents trying to enrol their children for 2019 and beyond in a bid to get in before the January 1 deadline.

However, all but a handful have been rejected by the preschools.

It has now emerged that a number of the preschools were acting on incorrect information from health department officers who were apparently unaware of how the n...


205-square-metre blocks proposed for West Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

West Byron masterplan. Source PAA Consulting

A 387-lot proposal for West Byron, to be developed in stages, is now on public exhibition via Byron Shire Councils website from December 14 until February 7, 2018.

The 108-hectare site is located 2.5 kilometres west of Byron Bay on Ewingsdale Road and the controversial project will be undertaken by QLD construction company Villaworld.

At an estimated cost of $40m, the DA comes in 33 separate documents totalling 1,647 pages. The files combined are just over 1GB in size.

Plan of management documents include biodiversity conservation, traffic, engineering, acid sulfate soils, stormwater, cultural heritage, bushfire, flood, noise assessment, vegetation, flora and fauna and landscaping. 

Two business lots, two industrial lots and four residue lots are also proposed.

A skate area is suggested for the park, as well as community gardens and a cycleway. A neighbourhood centre area, along with two recreational areas, is also planned.

Under the hood

Within the Design Guidelines document, both two-storey, four-bedroom homes and high-density terrace-style dwellings are presented.

Blocks range from 205m2 up to duplex blocks of around  800900m2. (As a point of comparison the traditional Aussie quarter-acre block is approximately 1,000m2.)  

There are 25 duplex blocks indicated in the masterplan.

To complete the project, traffic consultants Veitch Lister say up to 300,000m3 of fill will be required to complete the site formation across the whole [West Byron area], in order to achieve the desired flood immunity.

The traffic consultants admit they are u...


CHANGING THE WORLD "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Let's join Hugh Evans and his mum reach their Gofundme goal to offer a family in the Philippines education and hope.

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December 20 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1811 - Gov Lachlan Macquarie began humming a Rod Stewart number when he sailed from Port Dalrymple in the Lady Nelson for Port Stephens.

1813 -A public meeting was held in Sydney to form a society to protect Pacific Island natives.

1825 - The new Legislative Council of New South Wales was sworn in.

1826 - Convicts sailing for the tropic climes of Norfolk Island threw a hissy fit, took control of the ship Wellington and set off for NZ....where they were nabbed by the whaling ship Sisters.

1836 - The Executive Council of NSW cleared Major Thomas Mitchell of responsibility after his expedition killed a large number of Aboriginal people on the Murray River.

1836 - Journal entry for Mary Thomas -
This day William, then a boy of fifteen, completed an oven which he made of iron hoops fixed in the ground in a half-circle and covered with a thick coating of clay, afterwards burned. It answered exceedingly well and we not only baked bread in it but pies and puddings, and occasionally fresh meat, when we could get it, but that was seldom. This oven was the first constructed in the colony, and remained in its primitive state, as I was told, long after we quitted Glenelg.

1842 - The brand spanking new Melbourne Council took over from the Market Commissioners who'd been running the shooting match till then....but strangely there was no demand that Swanston Street be turned over to penny-farthing bone-shaker dare-devil racers.

1848 - Constitutional Association formed in Sydney to effect electoral and land reforms.

1859 - Manhood suffrage and secret ballot granted in Qld.

1870 - Victoria became the first state to allow women to own personal property (wages and dividends etc.) independent of their husbands. It followed the passing of an Act of Parliament in Britain earlier in the year.

1879 - Flinders St. to Spencer St. was connected via a road level tramway in consequence of Victoria Railway's purchase of Melbourne & Hobsons Bay United Railway Co's lines radiating from Flinders St.

1889 - Despite the plan of the Queensland government to outlaw the importation of Pacific Island labour after 1890, a Royal Commission reported on this day the labour was essential. It stated that if all coloured labour be withdrawn from the plantations the extinction of the sugar industry must speedily follow.



Diesel Generators at Morwell by Dan Caffrey "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


(photo: Brett Tippet)

Over a hundred diesel generators are in the process of being placed on the site of the old Briquette Factory at Morwell, (decommissioned in 2009), in order to provide back-up electricity supply on the really hot, high demand days of the coming summer. Despite our local Latrobe City Councillors trying to make a big deal of this when the Minister overrode their discretion to object, it really is not something to be too concerned about for the following reasons.

1. The probability of them not ever being turned on is 61%

2. The probability of them being run for a maximum of 8 hours in the three months they will be there is just 32% and the probability of them being run for longer than 20 hours is almost zero. These probabilities were calculated on an analysis of the likely weather conditions, the existing generating capacity and other measures to abate demand on extreme weather days

3. AEMO made the decision to install the generators here, based on the scientific imperative

4. It is only ever intended to run these generators as the very last resort and a lot of things would have to go wrong before this happens

5. The siting at Morwell as opposed to at Hazelwood is because it is right near the lower voltage 22 kV power lines that used to connect the briquette factory. The Hazelwood power lines carried loads of up to 660 kV, which would be unsuitable for the 102 MW output of the combined generation capacity for these diesel generators.

6. If the generators were activated, it would be when north winds were blowing and would take the noise, exhaust fumes and particulate matter away from the Morwell township and in any case the amount of pollution would be less than any of the coal fired power stations, notwithstanding that the pollution is exhausted from stacks at almost ground level compared with the 100 metre stacks of a power station

7. Extreme demand only ever lasts for spikes of at most 3 hours.

8. The hierarchy of events to respond to higher demand on extreme weather days is  a) Power up the coal fired plants to maximum capacity b) Increase the amount of hydro power c) Fire up the existing gas fired peaker units that exist around the state d) Import power from Tasmania via Basslink and the other states by one of the inter-connectors e) Demand D...


Rocks to go at Seven Mile Beach Road "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Beachgoers parking along the sides of Seven Mile Beach Road. Photo Ian Cohen

The No Stopping signs and boulders at the southern end of Seven Mile Beach Road, Broken Head, will be removed after councillors last week voted to endorse the action plan for wider community consultation.

Cr Paul Spooners motion was supported by all councillors, and will also create a proper turning circle and car parking area at the location.

During debate, the unique biodiversity significance of Broken Head was discussed, as well as its increased popularity for visitors owing to social media and travel websites.

Recent parking restrictions had upset locals, said the mayor, and he said that recent bushfires from campfires and illegally parked cars along the narrow dirt road have been an access issue for emergency services. A budget of $20,000 for concept infrastructure planning investigations and other measures will also be considered.

A neighbourhood watch is part of the action plan, which invites locals to get involved with monitoring the area. 

A lack of responses from both the Police and NPWS requesting support in these matters has been noted, and councillors have asked staff to write to them again, requesting an urgent response.

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In which the pond does its best to console Moorice, the world's greatest climate scientist and stout-hearted representative of the lumpenproletariat... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Oh dear, there was the wicked ABC cardigan wearers talking of extreme weather events again - it seems there was a little hail in Melbourne and now Sydney is about to burn ... and Fairfax were at it too ...

Yet over in reptile land, valiant Lloydie was briefly top of the page, ma ... top of the page ...

Actually a new study suggests that anyone wanting to create dissembling confusion should send their study to Lloydie, provided that the study allows good old studious Lloydie to expand his cloud of doubt, uncertainty and fear about climate science ...

But mention climate science, and there's always relief at hand ... because today by the sheerest good luck at the lizard Oz is Moorice day, long celebrated as one of the world's tippy top climate scientists ...


Rematch on Good Friday "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

INAUGURAL senior football grand final combatants Inverloch-Kongwak and Cora Lynn are set to immediately renew hostilities when they clash on the opening day of the 2018 Alex Scott and Staff West Gippsland Football Netball Competition season.
The Sea Eagles will unfurl their premiership flag ahead of a round one match of last years season decider in front of their home fans at Inverloch Recreation Reserve.
The clash is one of two Good Friday matches to kick off the season in the league, with Phillip Island hosting Koo Wee Rup in the first half of the split opening round matches.
Kilcunda-Bass, Nar Nar Goon and Bunyip begin their campaigns at home to Dalyston, Korumburra-Bena and Garfield on Saturday, April 7.
The A Grade netball grand final rematch takes place in round six, when reigning premier Dalyston travels to Korumburra-Bena.
The fixture features two league-wide byes on May 19 and July 7, with finals set to kick off on August 25 leading to grand final day on September 15.
AFL Gippsland region general manager Travis Switzer said the completion was ready to build on the success of the first season.
We were extremely happy with how the new competition was received this year and were really confident it will be even bigger and better in 2018.
Its fantastic to kick things off with a marquee game and were expecting some great crowds at Inverloch and Phillip Island on that Easter weekend to launch the new season.
Meanwhile, West Gippsland has been drawn at home to play Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League for the 2018 Worksafe Community Championships.
The championships take place on Saturday, May 19 with discussions between the participating competitions to take place soon.

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A closer peek at the Saddle Road residential proposal "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Echonetdaily understands that the planning proposal study area of 315 hectares covers a much larger area than what is proposed for residential use, meaning that cane fields for example will not be rezoned residential. This is owing to a range of elements such as access options. 475 dwellings are proposed. Image from Saddle Road Planning Proposal.

An invitation by councillors for Saddle Road landowners to lodge a large planning proposal for affordable housing still has many neighbours offside; they claim it is not transparent and does not conform to the Community Charter for Good Planning.

As reported last week, Saddle Road landowners propose 475 dwellings on the ridgeline between Mullum and Brunswick Heads. The planning proposal and the staff recommendation were removed from the December 14 Council meeting by senior staff owing to allow more consultation between planning staff and the proponents and the objectors.

The staff recommendation is to refuse the application, in part owing to its falling outside planning strategies.

Yet the proposed development was favoured and singled out by Greens mayor Simon Richardson and supporting councillors at the June 22 meeting; they voted to invite an affordable housing planning proposal for Saddle Road land known as Area 17.

And then later in September, councillors invited all Shire landowners to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for affordable housing proposals in both existing and potential future urban areas, yet Council only requested conceptual proposals only at this stage, not a planning proposal.

The Bruns Eco Village (BEV) affordable housing/intentional community proposal falls under the rezoning request, along with four other large land titles that cover between 52 and 112 hectares.

According to two landowners of larger lots, 20 per cent of the total subsequently residentially z...


They grow them big in the Far North! Police discover five-metre long python blocking road in Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Police in Australia joked they were "going to need a bigger ladder" after encountering a five-metre long python blocking the road. Queensland Police officers encountered the amethystine python, also known as a scrub python, near the small community of Wujul Wujul, located 345km north of Cairns. Officers on a night patrol had to wait for the slithering reptile to cross the road, giving them enough time to capture a photo which has racked up over 50,000 shares and likes on Facebook. "They breed them big in the Far North!" explained Senior Constable Heidi Marek.


Billinudgels big heart helps Tanya and family "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

El Chapo, Choppy Chop and Tanya together at the fundraiser. Photo supplied

Aslan Shand

Tanya McIntyre (nee West) is struggling with advanced cancer and she, her husband Scotty and daughter Shanise were overwhelmed by the love and support shown by their local Billinudgel community on Sunday December 10.

People realised that we were struggling and Kenny at the pub and other key members of the community came together to organise the fundraiser, said Scotty.

It was something else  the community and businesses are still recovering from the floods and this community just kept giving. 

There were young people here, families with mortgages, and they managed to raise $17,000 out of their own back pockets.

Having grown up in the Brunswick Heads area, Tanya has always lived around Billinudgel and is well known and loved in the community.

Tanya has been a longtime employee at the hotel and a close personal friend, said publican Ken Barnham.

Her daughter Shanise and Jodie, Tanyas sister, really did a lot of the leg work to bring it together.

The money raised will be used to pay for Tanyas radiation treatment and has taken a great weight off Scotty, Shanise and Tanyas shoulders.

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Free play at preschool leads to critical thinking in later life "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ms Gold says she is thankful for the support, courage and the trust that came from the community. Photo Jeff Dawson

Paul Bibby

The little moments of imagination in action have always been the most cherished for Ellon Gold throughout her 30-year teaching career.

Its when the children use the environment to create what they need like putting a cloth over a box and pretending its a computer thats what I really love, Ms Gold says.

When you see children in self-structured free play like that, you know that its going to metamorphose into critical thinking later in life.

Thats so important and I dont think we value it enough.

For three decades, Ms Gold has been a valued member of the Steiner teaching community, the last nine years of which were spent at the helm of the Periwinkle preschool in Byron Bay.

But the Ocean Shores resident has decided to retire from teaching and has just left her role as director at Periwinkle.

I wont say its always been easy but its also been a gift, she says.

I really found my lifes work when I went to Steiner. I really felt it was where I was meant to be. The support and the courage and the trust that have come from the community, not just at the start but year after year, has been amazing,

After completing her Steiner training in 1985 and then a teaching degree in Wollongong, Ms Gold worked at the Stanford Valley Steiner School in Brisbane before joining Periwinkle in 2009.  

She says she has seen many changes in her time as a teacher, particularly the experience of parenting.

In past times, parents were a bit more protected, she says.

There werent so many outside influences.

But Ms Golds teaching philosophy has remained the same.



Rail returns to the Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Solar train conductor Sheree Etteridge clips a ticket. Photo Jeff Dawson

Train and public transport enthusiasts celebrated the start of a train service from Belongil into Byrons CBD on Saturday.

The train can accommodate 100 people and covers three kilometres. A limited service will operate until the full schedule commences in January.

The train leaves on the hour (running from 10am till 5pm) from North Beach, near the Sun Bistro in Sunrise.

From Byron, it leaves 15 minutes past the hour, running from 10.15am till 5.15pm.

There will be no service Sunday December 24 till Tuesday December 26.

For more info visit

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The Holy Spirit what the Holy Spirit means to me part 13 The Holy Spirit and the founder of Hillsong the pedophile Frank Houston "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

When I started attending Hillsong in 1981 in Sydney, Australia, I was perplexed by what was going on. I didnt travel to Australia from the country of my birth and upbringing, New Zealand, to be involved in Hillsong. I was in Sydney, and I went there to check it out because a friend of mine at the time from New Zealand, Paul Cain, was attending there.

Hillsong was called Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst or CLC Darlinghurst for short in those days. Or CLC Darlo, even shorter. Australians like to abrogate and shorten names, terms and sentences. For example, Im gonna check-out me mates this arvo, means Im going to visit my friends this afternoon. Every nation and people-group has their sayings and terms. Me mates is a bit bogan (think cockney or red-neck) and this is how many people talk in Western Sydney where Brian Houston has been so successful. I dont think Brian could have pulled the wool over the eyes of educated Sydney people, and robbed them of their cash, in the way he has done in Western Sydney.

Now Hillsong is more sophisticated, people have a lot more trouble figuring out what is going on at Hillsong. Many are deceived and join them.



"F-aaaaark!" the crow calls in the skies over Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Its hard to believe that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Cabinet were not three sheets to the wind when they drew up this short list..

ABC News, 18 December 2017:

After more than a year of speculation, the ABC has confirmed Attorney-General George Brandis will leave Parliament to take up the post of Australia's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

The move will be announced as part of a broader pre-Christmas reshuffle of Malcolm Turnbull's Cabinet, to be detailed tomorrow.

Among the contenders to replace Senator Brandis as attorney-general are Social Services Minister Christian Porter and Employment Minister Michaelia Cash.

And I thought the Turnbull Government ministerial line up couldn't get any worse........

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, media release, 19  December 2017:

I have refreshed my Ministry to reflect the priorities and values of my Government.

The Ministry features two new, major portfolios: one focused on job creation, the other on national security. This reflects my Governments determination to provide opportunity and security for e...

Tuesday, 19 December


OnlyMelbourne Newsletter #573 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Read Online Newsletter | #573 | What's On this WeekWelcome to Newsletter | #573 What's On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 19th December 2017 to Monday 25th December 2017 Merry Christmas Melbourne Carols by Candlelight Carols by Candlelight, where they all began, right here in Melbourne Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight - Sidney Myer Music Bowl Christmas Eve: Sunday 24th December 2017 from 8pm Christmas Lights Finder .nobrtable br { display: none } Origin and Make-A-Wish Australia have joined forces to help families locate and share the joy of their local Christmas lights displays. Christmas Lights Finder Ivanhoe Boulevard Lights until 24 December 2017: 8.30 - 11.00pm Christmas Countdown - Week #4 .nobrtable br { display: none } The City of Melbourne's Christmas Square in FedSquare is a magical forest with a 16m high tree offering festive fun for the whole family. Melbourne's Christmas Festival | Federation Square Fed Square Live - Thursday: free live music from local artists. Christmas around Melbourne Christmas Projections - FedSquare, State Library & Docklands. Christmas at the Old Treasury showcases homemade 1920's decorations. Blender Artist Market - Friday night at Docklands. Melbourne tradition since 1956: Myer Christmas Windows. Gingerbread Village at Melbourne Town Hall by Epicure. City of Melbourne | Free things to do Bricktacular | Festive LEGO Exhibition .nobrtable br { display: none } Final week for the bricktacular wonderland including it's must-see MINILAND Melbourne display with magical festive makeover. Bricktacular | LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Chadstone Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal .nobrtable br { display: none } Give generously to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal together with The Salvation Army Help supporting Australians living in poverty. Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal 2017 Big Bash League .nobrtable br { display: none } BBL07 features 43 games in 47 days as Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades take on Australia. Sat Dec 23 - Renegades -v- Brisbane Heat - Etihad Tue Jan 2 - Stars -v- Brisbane Heat - MCG Big Bash League | Etihad Stadium | MCG Christmas Day Christmas Day Lunch at Pullman Albert Park .nobrtable br { display: none } Let us create a memorable celebration with a delicious carvery Australian seafood salads cold cuts and a range of classic desserts. Christmas Day Lunch @ Pullman Albert Park | Book Online Festive Season Dining at Sheraton Melbourne Hotel .nobrtable br { display: none } Gather your friends and family for an indulgent Christmas Eve or Christmas Day merriment or wrap up the year over a meal with colleagues and indulge with the Festive Inspired Express Lunch Menu. Festive Season Dining | Sheraton Hotel | Book Online New Year's Eve .nobrtable br { display: none } Where will you be on the biggest party n...


ATSB Investigating a Recent Pair of Incidents with Local Helicopters - Bell 206 VH-SDZ Crashed near Emerald Airport - R-44 VH-WRR Ditches into Water near Hamilton Island Airport "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating a collision with terrain involving Bell 206B VH-SDZ near Emerald Airport Saturday 18 November.

Mike Didsbury /

The ATSB reports that "During aerial work, the pilot detected an abnormal noise and conducted a precautionary landing. As it landed, the helicopter rolled onto its side, resulting in substantial damage."

Meanwhile, a couple of other nasty helicopter incidents that have also occurred this year continue to be investigated or have had their final report released by the ATSB.

On Wednesday 8 November, Whitsunday Air Services Robinson R-44 VH-WRR ditched into water some 49km North of Hamilton Island Airport.

The ATSB reports that "During cruise, the engine lost partial power and the helicopter was unable to maintain altitude. The pilot conducted an autorotation and deployed the emergency flotation system, landing on water. The crew and passengers were not injured  and were rescued by a local vessel. The helicopter was subsequently submerged in the water."

Finally, on Friday 17 March, Agusta AB206A (Bell 206) helicopter VH-DPU crashed while on a flight from Caboolture Aerodrome to Curtis Island, between Gladstone and Rockhampton, with only th...


Passenger Medevaced From Carnival Spirit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Westpac rescue helicopter medevaced a passenger from a Carnival cruise ship off the coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia yesterday .

The 40-year-old passenger was reportedly suffering a stroke on the Carnival Spirit cruise ship about 50 miles from Port Macquarie on NSW's mid-north coast. The rescue helicopter winched the passenger from the Spirit and airlifted her to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital for further treatment.

There have been a number of medevacs from the Carnival Spirit cruising around Australia in this past year. 

A Westpac helicopter flown by the NSW Ambulance and Australian Maritime Safety Authority reportedly medevaced a 32-year-old male passenger from the Carnival Spirit a week ago.

Photo credit: Carnival Spirit - coffscoastadvocate.

Carnival Spirit



Report back: AGM 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The AGM On Saturday the 11th of November, Earthworkers got together for our Annual General Meeting in Narrm/Melbourne. Organisers gave reports about key changes to our rules affirmed at our special general meeting earlier in the year, as well as the progress of the cooperative factory in Morwell, Earthworker Energy, and Earthworker"s newest worker-coop, the []

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