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Sunday, 14 January


EP 233: Sunscreen & Soda Eaves "IndyWatch Feed"

Ep 233 Instagram

Photo: Teds Records (Sunscreen), Justin Edwards (SE)


Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Brightside Brisbane, 27th August 2017

Sunscreen is a band from Sydneys Inner West. Fronted by Sarah Sykes (from Flowertruck) and Alexander McDonald, Sunscreens emotional guitar-pop draws inspiration from bands Mazzy Star and The Go-Betweens, delivering ultimate UV protection for the emotions and soul.

The band has supported promising acts including The Ocean Party, Rolling Blackouts C.F, DMAs, RVG and Jade Imagine. As well as headline shows to support the launch of their debut EP, Just a Drop, a split between Dinosaur City Records and Spunk.

Soda Eaves

Recorded by Reuben Aptroot and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Sonic Masala Fest, Brisbane, 19th August 2017

Primarily the solo effort of Jake Core, Soda Eaves features contributions from a number of friends, including Jordan Ireland, Alec Marshall (Hot palms, Sui Zhen) a...


Boiling Point 9th of January 2018; Blowflies and salvia; the sixth taste and a vaccination against malaria "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Its summer time in Australia and this means blowflies. They seem to come in droves. We swat and spray to keep them away. But how do these pesky flies keep cool on a hot summer days? According to new research it seems salvia keep Chrysomya megacephala cool. Blowflies move a small amount of salvia to the outer part of their mouth. Once the salvia is cool, the fly swallows it. According to research the salvia cools the body down by 4 degrees Celsius. Want to find out how this fascinating method of keeping cool works? Listen to the podcast to hear what Tim had to say.

Is Calcium a sixth taste? Calcium comes in many delicious forms. Cheese, milk, yoghurt and cheese you can never have enough cheese. Some researchers classify calcium as our sixth taste. Humans have a gene T1R3 that allows us to taste calcium. It is thought the taste of calcium may act as a warning signal to humans and animals. Want to find out more about calcium, check out the podcast and listen to what Alex had to say.

We are getting closer to developing a vaccine to stop the spread of malaria. Scientists have made a breakthrough in how Plasmodium vivax enters cells. Scientists found Plasmodium vivax enters red blood cells via a specific protein. This is a breakthrough in how to treat and prevent Plasmodium vivax. It is understood trials of this vaccine will not occur for another decade, but this new breakthrough provides scientists with answers. Want to find out more about malaria and the hopes for a vaccination? Listen to the podcast and hear what Chantelle had to say.



The thirty-eight minutes in which Hawaii thought Trump had finally pushed North Korea too far "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The New Yorker, 13 January 2018:

Residents of Hawaii received this warning on their smartphone screens 
Saturday morning from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.
Photograph Caleb Jones / AP

A little after 8 a.m. today, Hawaii standard time, an alert was sent to cell phones in Hawaii: ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii. seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill...


In which, thanks to a careless comment, the pond is forced on an acid Palin flashback with Dame Slap ... "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The pond does faithfully read its comments - there's a matter of spam, wayward links and defamation for starters - but more so for the acid flashes and memory hits ... as with the anonymous reader who recalled Dame Slap and Sarah Palin, and sent the pond haring off down memory lane, and ending up in the rabbit hole in a pool of tears ...

The pond usually only deals with the fresh dung in the Murdochian stables, for fear of repetition, but how better to fill in a wet day in Sydney?

It was noted in the comments section how Dame Slap routinely picked winners, in much the same way that Sarah herself is a sure guide to winners ...

But that was 2016 ...

... and the pond is still in the time machine back in 2008, which doesn't fe...


REVIEW: Spielberg Drama The Post Is More Relevant Than Ever "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

As the American government continues to be viewed with doubtful and suspicious eyes, not to mention the hammering the news media receives, a film like Steven Spielbergs The Post feels more relevant than ever, despite its 1970s setting. Before the White House was taken down by the Watergate scandal in 1972, the Presidential estate fought ...

The post REVIEW: Spielberg Drama The Post Is More Relevant Than Ever appeared first on QNEWS.


In which the pond keeps to the left to avoid an unpleasant Akker Dakker duty ... "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

As the pond faces a hideous challenge this meditative Sunday, the first thought was to find a distraction, and Newtown certainly offers plenty of them ...

From hipsters stroking beards while contemplating phone to glad-wrapped fresh tats on the ankle to hippies who've strolled back in after modelling for a Melanie LP cover ... you know who you are ...

... to ostentatious greyhounds on parade to furious bike riders riding furiously and recklessly, Newtown has the lot ...

Now don't get the pond wrong. The attitude of Sydney drivers to bike riders is shocking and appalling, but there's a hierarchy in the streets, from cars down to bikes down to pedestrians, and the pond frequently happens to be a pedestrian, and so cops a lot from the fast or the furious, who, to avoid the crazed cars on the road, head off to the footpath and expect to make it their own.

The pond can't count the number of times a stealth bike bomber has crept up on it from behind, jangled its bell, and after the pond has jumped into the air, expects the pond to step aside so that the grand progress might continue ... but ...

In essence, keep to the left and give way.

The pond just included the rest because the pond loves acts of parlia...


The Young Folk St Pats Day March 17th "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Its not often that St Pats Day lands on a Saturday. What better way to spend St Patricks Day than to see authentic Irish Band The Young Folk Live at the Bundy! Supported by local band Mollimor.

Bundy BBQ from 6pm Music from 7.30pm. BYO.

Since their initial discovery by Pixie Pace Records on the award-winning folk compendium released by ARC Music, The Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk [curated by John ORegan], The Young Folk are filling venues both at home in Ireland and abroad.

While The Young Folk have performed widely in Ireland at festivals, venues and showcases, they are fully committed to expanding their fanbase overseas. With this in mind, they are rapidly becoming national favourites in The Netherlands with two sold out tours which included the infamous Paradiso in Amsterdam. They have also performed extensively in the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, USA and now have just finished their very first headline tour of Australia 2017. Along the way, TYF have bagged support slots for Midlake, Lisa Hannigan, The Waterboys and Imelda May, They have also featured at Manchesters Whiskey Sessions alongside I am Kloot, Gomez, Badly Drawn Boy, British Sea Power and Jon Allen.

Tickets Available HERE



1984: Dystopian Prophecies Become Reality "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim The week after Donald Trumps inauguration in January last year, George Orwells novel Nineteen Eighty-Four became Amazons number one selling book. Penguin Books had to order a reprint of 75,000 copies to keep up with the increase in demand. It seemed people wanted to remind themselves about what might be in

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The gang crisis our leaders help create "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

What is it about the African gang crisis that's so disturbingly familiar?

In case you haven't been paying attention, Melbourne is supposedly in the grip of a crime wave. Not on the basis of statistics, which show arson, property damage, burglary and theft down (sexual offences and robbery are up), but on the basis of a series of front page articles over summer in the Herald Sun and also The Australian about African gangs, most of them South Sudanese.

Victoria's opposition wants to recall Parliament.

Federal minister Greg Hunt, whose day job is Health Minister and who last year had to apologise to the Supreme Court for calling it soft, says African gang crime is "out of control". Prime Minister Turnbull says he is alarmed by "growing gang violence". And Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says people are scared to go out to restaurants "because they are followed home by these gangs".

It's feeding on itself. A nationalist group says it's planning a rally on Sunday in order to "take a stand on the streets". African Australians are being harassed and worse by vigilantes who are suddenly emboldened. Police say a Daily Mail photographer helped create the latest "flare-up" by taking close-up photos of a group of Africans socialising.

"The teenagers had been doing nothing of public interest prior to the photographer's decision to move in," a memo reported by The Guardian says. The Mail labelled the scuffle that it helped create "the latest gang flare-up" and boasted that its pictures were "exclusive".

It is familiar because it happened in Sydney with Lebanese Muslim youths (remember the Cronulla riots?) and before that with "Asian gangs" in Cabramatta. In Adelaide a decade ago it was the "Gang of 49". There never was a Gang of 49, but The Advertiser coined the term to describe 49 mainly Aboriginal youths the police said they were looking for.

The catchphrase had incredibly unfortunate consequences. Former police say it created gangs. Dispossessed, often homeless, yout...


Axe negative gearing, boost GDP - RBA conference paper "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Axing negative gearing would lift home ownership to as much as 72.2 per cent of households, cut home prices by just 1.2 per cent and lift rents "only marginally", a study shown to the Reserve Bank of Australia has found.

Preliminary results from the economic modelling exercise, believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, were presented to a RBA workshop last month and released on Friday.

Melbourne University researchers Yunho Cho, Shuyun May Li and Lawrence Uren conclude that eliminating negative gearing entirely would lead to an overall welfare gain of 1.5 per cent of GDP, making three quarters of the population better off.

The figure compares to a Treasury prediction of welfare gain of 1.2 per cent from Turnbull government's plan to cut the company tax rate.

Speaking after the release of the paper, Dr Uren stressed the research was incomplete and said it was possible the size of the lift in home ownership could be revised down. But he said the directions of change and magnitudes were unlikely to change much.

An ownership rate of 72 per cent would be the highest since 1991, before 1999 when the Howard government cut the headline rate of capital gains tax making negative gearing more attractive. It currently stands at 66.7 per cent.

During the 2016 election campaign Prime Minister Turnbull said a Labor plan to wind back but not eliminate the negative gearing tax concession would "smash up home values", and "pull the rug out from under the property sector".

The claims were at odds with advice to the government at the time released on Monday under Freedom of Information laws that characterised the likely impact of Labor's proposals as "relatively modest".

Negative gearing allows investors in housing and other assets to deduct investment losses from their wage incomes for the purpose of calculating taxable income. The losses can be recouped later when the asset is sold for a profit, which is taxed at only half the rate of wage income.

Treasury found the arrangement predominantly helped high income families, with more than half of the benefit going to the top 20 per cent of earners..........


Sydney land values soar again "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Up & away

New South Wales saw another massive +14.6 per cent increase in total land values in the 2017 financial year, to more than $1.7 trillion.

These figures are not used for the calculation of rates, which are only updated every three years. 

The NSW Valuer General Report showed that once again residential land values in Sydney have been tearing along, with the state's residential land values rising by +14.1 per cent to $1.4 trillion, while rural land prices also increased on improved crop yields. 

Total land values have now recorded double-digit gains in financial years 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively, including a thumping +20.7 per cent increase in FY2015. 

Rezoning drives uplifts

Some LGAs have been amalgamated, so in certain cases the FY2017 figures are not included in the graphic below, but the story was essentially more of the same. 

In blue chip Mosman the median land value ripped $315,000 or +17.1 per cent higher to $2,155,000, an all-comers record for Australia. 

The story wasn't much difference in the eastern suburbs jewel of Woollahra, where the median land value rose by $290,000 or +11.9 per cent to $2,030,000. 

Strathfield was yet again a strong performer with the median land value rising by $240,000 or +16.1 per cent to $1,730,000.

Indeed, over the past five financial years the greatest increases in median land value have been recorded in Hunters Hi...


Medical Marijuana Innovation: An Interview With Andrew Kavasilas "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

In late 1930s Australia, dozens of cannabis-based medicines were widely available, either by prescription or over-the-counter. One of the most popular was Dr J Collis Brownes Chlorodyne, which was a preparation made from Nepalese cannabis resin. When a Victorian MP suggested that over-the-counter sales of Chlorodyne be stopped, country parliamentarians flew into a rage. The

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For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi Newlanders. 

We have a few things for sale. Please text Mel on 0404 043 010 if you would like either of them.

Vintage Style Bike

This bike is suitable for a young person, it would suit someone from the age of 10 or 11. It's a great commuter bike, is only a year and a half old and has been serviced regularly. 
We'd like $50.00 for it.

Rear Mounted Bike Carrier


White-necked Petrel at Offshore--Southport pelagic reported by Rob Morris and all on board the Southport Pelagic organised by Paul Walbridge on 13-01-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

It was an interesting day off Southport yesterday in a 25+kt northerly. Lots of birds although the north wind caused reduced diversity. Great numbers of Tahitis, a Kermadec and a showy White-necked Petrel in 60fths were the highlights.


What will be the cost of a patchwork NBN? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Network error

Paddy Manning

A good friend of mine lives in Healesville, in the Yarra Valley, about half an hour from the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Rural enough to be quiet. Close enough to get into the city for a big night out. With two kids and a comfortable home, Adam and his wife have a pretty typical family, internet-wise. The usual collection of phones, tablets, laptops and a smart TV jostle for access to the wi-fi router, pulling down Netflix, YouTube and Foxtel Go. They had an ADSL2+ plan that promised download speeds of up to 20 megabits per second (Mbps) at a cost of $65 a month, but never delivered more than 7 Mbps. The usual crap.

In late 2016, after almost eight years of laughable, hyper-partisan politics, Australias National Broadband Network (NBN) rolled into town. The young family was excited. A grey-green node, the size of a washing machine, popped up 350 metres away in the next street. Mysteriously, Adams internet speeds plunged. No problem: in January, he jumped on the NBN website, plugged in his address and confirmed he could get an NBN connection. He called his internet retailer to ask about their 100 Mbps NBN plan ($80 a month), and heres where the story gets interesting. They didnt want to sell him the 100 Mbps plan, recommending a 25 Mbps plan instead, and telling him the NBN had said that, for the coexistence period of 18 months (while ADSL and NBN technologies were running simultaneously), thered be a slowdown in NBN speeds. Curious, Adam called the NBN and was told that was rubbish, and he should definitely be able to get up to 100 Mbps at his address. He called the retailer back and ordered the 100 Mbps plan. Off-peak he is now getting 25 Mbps, but it fluctuates wildly, and at peak times in the evening he is getting between 2 and 8 Mbps worse than before. Adam chatted with an IT guy at work and found out broadband retailers were cutting corners it was all about something called CVC.

As it happens, that little acronym now represents one of the biggest problems facing the NBN: it stands for Connectivity Virtual Circuit and is the wholesale price per megabit that....


January 14 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1788 - Convicts disembarked from their world trip cruise at Botany Bay, but they didn't get much sight-seeing done, for some reason...

1803 - Lieutenant-Colonel David Collins drew the short straw to found a new settlement at Port Phillip... give up now David, it'll all end in tears....and Bill Buckley doing a runner!

1816 - Micky Micky, an Indigenous man, was admitted to Newcastle Gaol from Brisbane charged with various attempts to murder. Sent for trial.

1815 - The road over the Blue Mountains was completed to the Macquarie River.

1830 - In a classic lesson to update your maps when trekking around a new colony, Charles Sturt named a puddle of H2o the Murray River, not realising the oh-so-modest Hamilton Hume had had the honour of naming it after himself 6 years earlier.

1834 - Charles Waldron of the Illawarra district was belted to death although he took a good long 4 days to expire when convicts Mary Maloney and Sarah McGregor battered their tyrant boss (though not with a nice beer fish batter).
Over-whelming public sympathy saw their death sentences changed to 3 years imprisonment.

1837 - Gov Hindmarsh got hisself in print when the first printing press in South Oz became operational with the printing of the Guv's Proclamation "Establishment of Government".

1839 - Breakout attempt at Carter's Barracks by 19 soldiers confined there because of severe punishment such as being worked on the ring. The punishment of the ring was similar to the practice of breaking in horses. The men were made to form four deep and march round the ring twenty times, and afterwards ten times at double quick pace.

1840 - The SA Land Commissioners were dissolved by Lord John Russell, Secretary of State For The Colonies, and replaced by three Land & Emigration Commissioners, whose powers were extended over the sale of the waste lands of the Crown throughout the British Colonies and for applying the proceeds to emigration. Col Robert Richard Torrens continues as Chairman.

1842 Mary MacKillop, the only Australian to be canonised, was hatched in Fitzroy, Victoria.

1852 - William A'Beckett was appointed first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

1852 - Beruke, or Gellibrand, member of Native Police Corps, buried at South Yarra Depot, near Clara Street.

1852 - Melbourne failed in its bid to become Australia's capital.

1856 - Weenpulta, Weellanna , Yardulunulkarna and Eelanna were Hanged at Franklin Harbour for the murder of Peter Brown.

1856 - John Scott was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of William Longmate at Vasse.

1866 - Bushranger John Dunn escaped briefly from Dubbo Gaol, NSW.



1) Yanto Awerkions trial adjourned again after prosecution witnesses fail to answer questions "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Papua, Mimika to Jointly Get 10% of Freeport's Divested Shares


1) Yanto Awerkions trial adjourned again after prosecution witnesses fail to answer questions 

JANUARY 12, 2018
  • Treason trial of Independence petitioner Yanto...


Gippsland Public Opinion: Climate Change Effects Everything "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The current opinions and priorities of Gippslanders are clearly shown by the Sustainability Victoria commissioned opinion poll on climate change in our region. The priorities from the top are public health 62%; jobs 62%; cost of living 55%; roads & transp. 50%; education 48% with climate change a lowly 21% languishing at the bottom!

A Sustainability Victoria employee described the survey as the social research is far beyond an opinion poll.  It is robust enough for results to be utilised in scientific literature. It is independent delivered with a sample size significant enough for the results to represent the wider population, and representative of all demographics (gender, age, education level, income, etc.). We conclude that the poll is reliable and that few Gippslanders realise all these aspects of our lives are affected in some way by human caused climate change.

Some of these aspects already threaten our way of lives or, in other words, are a public health matter. Extreme weather effects our health, whether it is the heat stress of heatwaves or the physical threat of bushfires and floods to our lives and property. Farmers during periods of extended dry face mental stress as do other workers whose jobs are put at risk by the clean energy disruption. These are but a few examples of climate changes direct or indirect effects on public health problems.

On the up side there are numerous reasons why we should rapidly change from dirty to clean energy. The Morwell open cut fire for instance was responsible for more fatalities than those caused by all the terrorist acts in Australia in over a century. The major industries, and thus employers, in the Gippsland region logging and fossil fuel are all operating on borrowed time. Others aspects such as jobs are being eroded by the disrupting solutions to climate change. Renewable Energy is a job boom area but jobs appear to be leaving the Latrobe Valley for elsewhere.

With regards the other high polling priorities in the survey the cost of living is affected in many ways. A few examples include insurance going up to cope with the damage costs of extreme weather events and the creeping costs to us all of the privatised (and heat stressed) power industry. With roads and transport climate change mea...


As more national governments veer towards fascism the level of danger Facebook presents rises "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Trump Regime is busy dismantling democratic checks and balances in the United States, the May Government in Britain is handing powers of arrest to certain multinational corporations and in Australia federal and state right-wing politicians slavishly ape Republican and Conservative policies.

Rabid nationalism, religious extremism, contrived xenophobia, authoritarianism, contempt for human rights and disdain for democratic processes appear to be the order of the day for too many political leaders in too many 'western' countries around the world.

Smack bang in the middle of this political miasma is a vast and powerful IT multinational which wouldnt recognise an ethic if it fell over it.

How long before the aims of modern day fascism and Facebook Inc merge?

Public Integrity, 31 July 2017:

When Chicago resident Carlo Licata joined Facebook in 2009, he did what the 390 million other users of the worlds largest social network had already done: He posted photos of himself and friends, tagging the images with names.

But what Licata, now 34, didnt know was that every time he was tagged, Facebook stored his digitized face in its growing database.

Angered this was done without his knowledge, Licata sued Facebook in 2015 as part of a class action lawsuit fi...


The Sunrise Swimmers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Nearly two years ago I loosely started a project as a way of reconnecting to a city I hadnt called home for a really long time. All I knew is, it would involve a camera and the ocean. As time Continue reading


Two glossy legs good, four grossy legs bad "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Glossies and grossies: too few of the first; too many of the second. Four Glossy Ibis recently dropped in on the Townsville Common and showed a taste - with two later arrivals - for life around the pools at Payets Tower and Melaleuca viewing area.

First quartet displayed uniform breeding plumage.

Later two offer more contrast, with one bird less colourful.



Ed Brubakers Fatale "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, colours by Dave Stewart, Fatale Book 1: Death Chases Me (Image 2012)
colours by Dave Stewart,  Book 2: The Devils Business (Image 2012)
colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser and Dave Stewart, Book 3: West of Hell (Image 2013)
- colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser, Book 4: Pray for Rain (Image 2014)
- colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser, Book 5: Curse the Demon (Image 2012)


I read the Book 1 of Fatale a while back, and was unimpressed. When my son recently offered to lend me all five volumes, I decided to give it another go. I reread Book 1 to refresh my memory, and am embarrassed to say that I had almost no memory of the first reading, and this time I enjoyed it a lot. My blog post from back then describes it pretty accurately:

Its a detective yarn combined with a Lovecraftian horror story. The telling is satisfyingly complex, shifting back and forth between two time periods and only gradually revealing the nature of the dilemmas facing the the le...


New public register published as part of a federal crackdown on non-complying day care centres "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This month the Turnbull Government published a new public register as part of its crackdown on fraud in the day care sector.

Australian Department of Education, Child Care Enforcement Action Register. 6 January 2018:

The Child Care Enforcement Action Register is a list of services that have been the subject of a sanction and/or immediate suspension under the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999 (the Administration Act).

In accordance with section 201B of the Administration Act, the Department of Education and Training (the department) publishes a list of services that have been sanctioned under section 200 and/or suspended under section 201A of that Act. Information published on this page only relates to those enforcement actions permitted to be published under the Family Assistance Law (FAL).

The department has established the Child Care Enforcement Action Register because it considers that information on sanctions should be available to the public. Information about the responsibilities and obligations of approved child care services and the FAL can be found on the departments website.

The information relates to enforcement action taken by the department between 1 July 2016 and 30 September 2017.


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Saturday, 13 January


House Sitters "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



A family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) are looking to house-sit in the northern suburbs from 19 to 25/26 Jan. Super-reliable and friendly family from Paris (visiting friends in the area) who will take good care of things while you are away. 

Please call Anne-Louise Craven if you need someone to house-sit your place for a few days (it doesn't need to be the whole time) 0412 950 815. 

Thanks so much!


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi all,

For sale is an IKEA KURA loft bed. 

Here are all the details:

Its in good used condition. Marks and scratches present. 

It is partially dismantled for easy transport. I can disassembled the whole bed if required. I kept the slats together as it takes a long time to put...


Found "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


FOUND: Baseball cap in Coburg.

Text 0417 053 377.


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


SEEKING to buy or borrow: toddler Seat for a bicycle.

Please call Heidi on 0421 402 512 if you are able to help.


3 cool things you may or may not know about Woy Woy "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

1. The Ettalong Water slide
Most people know about the water slide opposite Ettalong War Memorial Club in the late 80's but do you know where it is now?

The tower section was sold to be converted to a climbing tower to a company in Queensland and the slide sections were given to a youth refuge at Somersby where it was installed next to a dam, from reports the ride was quite deadly and claimed a few victims so it was placed out of bounds , you can see the Google image below

2. Patonga Station
While researching I uncovered this article about the first proposed route for the nothern railway between Brooklyn and Woy Woy

The following extract is from the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1 December 1881, Answers to Questions, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, in relation to connecting the Great Southern and Northern Lines via the construction of the Homebush-Waratah Line:
...From this point the line takes a north-easterly direction towards Flat Rock Point, crosses the channel between the southern mainland and Long Island; thence across the Hawkesbury River to Dangar Island (37 miles [60 km] from Redfern); and thence across the main channel of the river to a tunnel through the cliffs on the northern bank to Patonga Creek; thence by a tunnel through the high land between that creek and Woy Woy Creek, thence across that creek and skirting the western shore of Brisbane Water, across Narrara Creek through to the village of Gosford (49 miles [79 km])....


Robo Cops Are Being Used Worldwide But Does the Public Want Them? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A pilot programme using a robotic police officer in San Francisco has ended as quickly as it began after the machine waged a war on the homeless. The idea seemed sound enough: The San Francisco animal rescue group SPCA, (a non-profit organisation) employed the services of a $6 per-hour rented Robo Cop to monitor the

The post Robo Cops Are Being Used Worldwide But Does the Public Want Them? appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Black-chinned Honeyeater at Raysource Rd, Haigslea reported by Russell' Yong & J. Hatton on 13-01-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Killer views this morning (~7:30am) of four Black-chinned Honeyeaters feeding down low, right over the cross-junction. At least one was not in full colours and had a pale bill hence an immature and likely sign of local breeding. Readily lD'd by blue eye-skin and black chin; they were extensively vocal and were constantly calling throughout the time we were there (~30 mins). Closest l have ever seen this species to Brisbane.


Easy Homemade Beeswax Wraps "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Last Christmas, our lovely friend Diana gave us a beeswax wrap to experiment with. It proved to a handy replacement for plastic bags and cling film, and an ideal way to wrap loaves of sourdough As its our goal to try and live greener in 2018, and given that commercial beeswax wraps are prohibitively expensive, []


Defence analysts suggesting that Australia might need nuclear weapons? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

 Why Australia might be forced to consider nuclear weapons, Brisbane Times, By Tony Walker
12 January 2018  ..Fifty years on from Strangeloves release its not an irrelevant question to ask whether America has in place fail-safe mechanisms to prevent just such a nuclear accident; nor is it out of order to note the beginning of a debate in the shadows about Australia going nuclear.

Not since the John Gorton era of the late 1960s cabinet documents confirm discussion then has the possibility of Australia becoming a nuclear power been canvassed, except on the margins of the defence debate, and in top secret advice to the government of the day.

However, in recent weeks the issue has found its way crabwise into public domain via contributions from defence analysts Paul Dibb, Richard Brabin-Smith, and Hugh White in his Quarterly Essay...


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi Newlanders, 

I am selling my 2009 Red Toyota Yaris!

It's a red 5 door hatch in good condition. 4 cylinder, 5-speed manual, airbags, new windscreen, new battery, near new tyres, ABS + more.

101124 kms, rego until May 2018, RWC.

Only reason for sale is changing to an automatic.



Your Wedding Questions Answered At Same-Sex Marriage Boot Camp "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Getting married but dont even know where to start planning your perfect wedding? Brisbanes Broadway Chapel in Woolloongabba is owned and run by local couple James and Nick (pictured), and theyre thrilled to welcome the first same-sex couples to the heritage-listed venue. Theyre offering prospective couples the chance to sign up for Same-Sex Marriage Boot ...

The post Your Wedding Questions Answered At Same-Sex Marriage Boot Camp appeared first on QNEWS.


School Holiday Music Program "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


School Holiday Music Programs for children 

The Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy is now taking last minute enrolments for their two specialised Choral, Vocal, Improvisation and Composition workshops for children Thursday and Friday next week. We are also offering 15% off our wonderful multi instrumental and individual tuition, vocal, yoga, dance and creative movement classes at our community music school

The Singing Playground - Choral and Vocal workshops
Join Christine in an afternoon of fun and games! Singing, vocal play and movement integrate to become rich learning opportunities that are seriously fun and engaging. Kodaly based with creative and collaborative, active and dynamic sessions will have them singing all the way home!


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



We ordered a cubic metre of sand for our sand-pit and its way more than we need. Its fine grade, white, clean sand and its yours if you want it. 

Free of charge but you need to come and shovel it and take it away soon.


Cheers, Nelly.


Interview: The Fight Against Climate Change Needs More Women "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Four Chinese environmentalists talk about joining an all-female expedition to the Antarctic.

Credit: Homeward Bound

In February, a cohort of 80 women from 13 countries will make the chilly voyage by ship from the tip of Latin America to Antarctica.

Theyre part of a project called Homeward Bound, which seeks to strengthen the leadership skills of 1,000 women over the next ten years.

The voyage carries a message about how the planet is warming (nowhere is this more obvious than among the melting ice sheets of Antarctica), and the precious role of a robust, fair and representative global scientific community in meeting the challenges of a changing climate.

Drawing women from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, the voyage creates a space for the women to bond and collaborate.

Founded by Australian marine ecologist Jess Melbourne-Thomas and leadership expert Fabian Dattner, the project is backed by many prominent women, including primatologist and environmental campaigner Jane Goodall, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg and the Clinton Foundations vice chair Chelsea Clinton.

This years expedition includes four women from China. In advance of th...


What To Do With Kids School Papers and Art Work "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Declutter and reduce the waste associated with the end-of-year influx of school papers and art work.


APRadio welcomes Mike Holt to the team "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Harry touches on Queensland removal of agenda from Drivers Lic .. Julian Assange report on his status with

Authorities out of con...


La Gavotte Restaurant & Creperie ~ French - Noumea, New Caledonia "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

We sneak in a final cheeky lunch at La Gavotte, crepes and Breton style galettes by the water in Baie des Citrons. A light lunch in theory at least, after a week of meat and cream. La Gavotte has a menu of just about every French style filling you can think of, savoury, extremely smelly or fruity and sweet. Specialising in the Breton buckwheat galettes or the lighter fluffier crepes


MACKAY mackay crime mackay magistrates court "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY January 12, 2018 at 10:49AM ,

mackay crime mackay magistrates court

January 12, 2018 at 10:49AM ,

Browse the latest articles, photo galleries and videos relating to mackay crime mackay magistrates court.

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Mackay woman convicted over desexing of stolen pet dog "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY January 13, 2018 at 07:56AM ,

Mackay woman convicted over desexing of stolen pet dog

January 13, 2018 at 07:56AM ,

Ty was later euthanased after being returned to his owner, perhaps because he had been desexed, prosecutor Acting Sergeant Duncan Erskine told Mackay Magistrates Court. Mann, a 61-year-old disability pensioner, faced the court yesterday to hear shed been found guilty by Magistrate Mark Nolan

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Peter Combe "IndyWatch Feed"

PETER COMBE returns to the Zoo on Sunday April 8 with his fast, furious and fabulous JUICY JUICY GREEN Band. A BIG KIDS NIGHT OUT for fans who grew up on old faves Newspaper Mama, Mr Clicketty Cane, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, Toffee Apple, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jeffrey Hill, Down in the Bathroom, Baghdad, Chish and Fips, Tadpole Bluesplus some songs from his ARIA nominated new album, LIVE IT UP.

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Buying Time To Beat Adani "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The environment and the people will ultimately win the battle to stop the Galilee Basin being opened to coal mining, predicts Ben Pennings.

Adani is on the ropes, desperately trying to rescue the $1.5bn they gambled on the economically marginal and environmentally disastrous Carmichael coal mine. Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer or Aurizon might follow Adani into the Galilee basin but the environment movement has the numbers this time. Mass social movements like #StopAdani will triumph over profit, either through the ballot box or in front of bulldozers.

People ask me why I quit my job at The Queensland Greens, why I put myself at physical and legal risk to initiate citizen resistance against Adanis plans. The answer is always the same. To buy time. There is enough coal in the Galilee Basin to not only cook the Reef, but to supercharge extreme weather and destroy farmland worldwide. The resulting death and destruction is seemingly unspeakable.

Any time gained through stopping fossil fuel projects must be used to enact meaningful cultural and systemic change. The 50 years of the modern environment movement have been the most ecologically destructive in human history, when hyper-consumerism has become our dominant religion and carbon emissions have soared.

Our dominant culture of over-consumption, expensive thrills and massive waste must be challenged and changed. Civilised humans have turned their only home into a garbage dump, created an ecological debt that cannot just be written off. Solar-powered ecocide is still ecocide.

Living beyond our means hasnt made us any happier. If needless consumer products gave us the happiness promised in their ads we wouldnt need to buy any more of them. Few people are immune to the constant lies of advertisers and politicians advocating for faceless corporations.

US Ambassador Timothy Roemer is greeted by Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group at Adani House in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. (IMAGE: U.S. Embassy New Delhi, Flickr)US Ambassador Timothy Roemer is greeted by Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group at Adani House in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. (IMAGE: U.S. Embassy New Delhi, Flickr)

Every kid that gets cancer, every cyclone, and every useless nick knack contributes to economic growth. Progress must be measured differently through wellbeing, social equality and harmony. Despite advertising being embedded in our culture, people value health, relationships, and recreation more than extra possessions.

The environment movement can only challenge consumerist culture by taking up the fight for economic justice. People by nature compare themselves to others. The outlandish and celebrated...


Mullumbimby Street Food Festival "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Mullumbimby Leagues Club alongside The Design Collective have joined forces to create a unique outdoor twilight market, beer garden, gourmet street food and live music event in a family-friendly setting on the lush green grass of the leagues club.

The market kicks off Feb 3rd, 2018 with live local band Fat Albert launching the markets to the Northern Rivers community. Gather your friends, family and bring your picnic blanket for a night of delicious food (veggie, vegan and gluten-free options) artisan, Designer, handmade and vintage markets and all of your favourite brews on tap.

For more information and to apply

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What a dump this place is. "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Just moved here. Fuck what a mistake! As soon as I can break lease I'm getting the hell out of here. Run down dump in the middle of nowhere. I kept hearing about "The Strand", The Strand! the Strand! - okay, I go look - It's a strip of lawn along a beach you can't go into the water (because of the Jellyfish). Wow - amazing guys eye roll

The rental agent rented me a unit that has a broken toilet (water from the drain pipe leaks and runs onto the floor and pools outside). The gas cooker is broke, knobs missing or broken so I can't use even if it did work (looks like i'm going to have to survive on fast food for dinner) Cockroachers and ants everywhere. And the "Laundry" is a washing machine from the 90's sitting outside. I've been here 1 day and want to get the fuck out. I should have expected to be ripped off from the local realestate mobs, you're all One Nation Voters and religious nutters up here, I should have known that makes you untrustworthy.

I'm sure you guys that have been born here and know nothing else think this place is the top shit, this place has more in common with Kalgoorlie. What a dump.

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Returning to a Gold Standard Why and How. "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Returning to a Gold Standard Why and How. | gold-dollar-eagle-720x340 | Economy & Business Special Interests

Author: Dr Fraser Murrell, Melbourne Australia
First Posted: Thursday , 20 Nov 2014

In the 1600s, Sir Isaac Newton presided over a (bi-metal) Gold and Silver Standard, with the flaw being the fix of silver to gold. In the 1900s, John Maynard Keynes revolutionized economics, with the result being certain economic collapse. In both cases there was a logical error in the key definition of price, which is critical to the stability of the economy. This note examines the problem and then goes on to present a workable Gold Standard, which it is argued, is the most stable frame of reference for our economy.


Life would be chaotic if time and space changed regularly or even our definition of it changed regularly. Fortunately, Newton sorted it all out back in the 1600s, developed the Laws of Motion, allowing mankind to proceed with certainty. However, if some Government expert later decided that time ran backwards on alternate days and space was shaped like a banana, then chaos would return.

In economics, the central concepts are time and price and again Newton considered this problem and deemed that price should be defined with reference to weights of gold and silver (more on this later). Once again the real world proved him (almost) correct and as a result there was economic certainty and Britain Ruled the Waves. But then along came economic experts like Keynes who changed all the critical definitions and as a result we have been plunged back into chaos.

To understand Keynes distortion of our economic frame of reference, consider the following example. A man walks into a bank in 1971 with savings of $1,000 (cash) and $1,000 (gold) and today in 2014 he retires and withdraws both. Ignoring for the moment interest and fees, under an (ideal) Newtonian frame of reference there would be price stability, so that the value of each wit...


Historical marker "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Calm evenings are a wonderful time to visit Cairn Curran. This set was observed as I sat above the reservoir at Joyces Creek earlier in the week. The site is traced by a ragged line of dead River Red-gums that mark the original course of the creek a reminder of a past landscape.

Looking north-east along the original course of Joyces Creek, 10th January 2018.


January 13 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

We have been favoured with the following extract of a letter from Newcastle.... Six men have recently taken to the bush; indeed every settler is complaining of men absenting themselves without effect. Here on Sunday evening five prisoners and one soldier (the latter being on duty at the wharf) took the Commandants gig and proceeded to sea with the intention of taking the Government cutter Mars but were prevented (the night coming on with hazy weather) and made prisoner at Reids Mistake.

1827 - ChristChurch at Newcastle was in a bit of a state....the church was falling to bits, the churchyard, for want of a fence had been made a thoroughfare and pigs were permitted to root amongst the graves.
The repairs were commenced at long last on this day.

1834 - Ten convicts being transferred from Macquarie Harbour Penal Station on Sarah Island, Tas, seized the brig Frederick and sailed to Chile in it where they lived freely for two years. Four of the convicts were later recaptured and returned to Australia, where they escaped the death sentence for piracy through a legal technicality; as it was never officially launched it wasn't an official ship, and as it was taken from a harbour and not at sea it didn't meet the requirements for piracy.

1834 - Bryant Kyne was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of James Gavarin (Gevan, Gavan, Gavanagh, Govarin) at the Balmain residence of the solicitor-general, John Plunkett.

1851 - Charles FitzRoy got the short straw and became 'Governor-General of all Her Maj's Aussie Possessions'...the title now known as Guv-General.

1853 -  Today the South Australian Register published an article titled Journal of A Trip To Kangaroo Island, in which the author mentions Van Dieman Aboriginals living on Kangaroo Island.

1854 - Fire and timber buildings really didn't bode well for prime real estate when sparky flames burnt down 3 stores and 5 houses in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne.

1859 - The Railway line from Geelong to Williamstown (Vic) was extended to Melbourne at Spencer Street Railway Station.

1864 - G.E. Dalrymple had an empty dance card so he led an expedition by sea from Bowen to establish the port of Caldwell, Qld.

1874 - Robert Goswell was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Mary Anne Lloyd at Stapelford, Beverley.

1878 - One of Australia's first telephones was tested between La Perouse and Sydney, NSW. Similar experiments were conducted in Melbourne around that time by the proprietors of McLean Brothers and Rigg.

1879 - The ill-fated Glenelg-Marino steam-powered railway opened today in Crow-Eater country (South Oz) but it was not to last was plagued with sand drifts , 2 fatal accidents, poor patronage and time was called on it in Apr...


South Australia is Building the Worlds Largest Thermal Plant "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Its official South Australia is going green. After flipping the switch on the worlds largest battery, the state has unveiled another project: the worlds largest thermal plant. The development is a result of SolarReserve receiving approval for its $650 million, 150-megawatt Aurora solar thermal plant.

When constructed, the facility will generate 500-gigawatt hours of energy each year enough to power around 90,000 homes with eight hours of full storage load. It will be located 30 kilometers north of Port Augusta, South Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that it will be the worlds largest single-tower solar thermal power plant.

How does it work? Multiple heliostats (turning mirrors) are used to focus solar energy onto a single central tower. There, molten salt technology is utilized to store the heat. That heat can later be used to create steam, turn a turbine and, as a result, generate electricity. Each year, the plant will displace approximately 200,000 tonnes of CO2.

South Australias acting energy minister, Chris Picton, said the project is a welcome development for the state....


1) Indonesia sets framework for Freeport to yield control of Grasberg mine "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Papua to get Freeports shares
3) Indonesia lays groundwork for transfer of Grasberg mine to local control
4) Freeports exports fall short of quota
5) PT Freeport`s 51% divestment not negotiable: Indonesian minister
6) Batik Air to launch Surabaya-West Papua route on Jan. 19

1) Indonesia sets framework for Freeport to yield control of Grasberg mine
 | Jan. 12, 2018, 6:34 AM 



Day to Day Politics: What makes them tick? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Saturday 13 January  2018 I befriended Stuart Whitman around three years ago and we have twice since taken coffee together at the popular Federation Square in Melbourne. We both, I think, while discussing the finer points of life, recognised a common thread of humanity that we both shared. At the time he was working in

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Lions give Salvos a festive boost "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

RYDE Lions Project Co-Ordinator Lion Judy Harris presented the last cage of food to Salvation Army representative Graham Janes at the Gladesville Shopping Village on [more]

The post Lions give Salvos a festive boost appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Horse riding team thank generous sponsors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

MARSFIELDS Riding For the Disabled Centre is celebrating three years of support from the Ryde Business Forum. This is the third year that members and [more]

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Much travelled Ray turns 90 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Gladesville identity Ray Merchant celebrated his 90th birthday on December 9 with family and friends at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. Ray moved to Gladesville in [more]

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Dominello to protect families from shonky builder stuff ups "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Home owners will be protected from shoddy builders under a new insurance scheme announced by Ryde MP Victor Dominello this week. Mr Dominello is NSW [more]

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Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Quotes of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In his dual careers as lawyer and merchant banker, Malcolm Turnbull has earned a reputation that inspires a mix of awe, fear and, among some, downright loathing. [Journalist John Lyons writing in The Sydney Morning Herald, 1991]

Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism. [Erin E. Buckels et al, writing in Personality and Individual Differences, Trolls just want to have fun

Few New Yorkers want to play golf at a course named after a man who hailed Nazis as very fine people and rhapsodized over the men who fought to preserve slavery during the Civil War. [Oliver Willis writing at Shareblue Media, 28 December 2017]


MACKAY Chef charged with sexually grooming child online "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY January 12, 2018 at 03:34PM ,

Chef charged with sexually grooming child online

January 12, 2018 at 03:34PM ,

AN apprentice chef has faced a Mackay court accused of grooming a child and engaging in sexual activity over the internet. Kyle Ronnie Gypsie Wallace, 19, appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday, facing four charges dated to August 19, 2017 at South Mackay. That includes engaging in

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

Friday, 12 January


West Ryde to celebrate 25 years Easter parade and fair "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

West Rydes annual Easter Parade & Fair will celebrate its silver anniversary on Saturday, March 24, bigger and better than ever, centred for the first [more]

The post West Ryde to celebrate 25 years Easter parade and fair appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Children give up holidays to save dogs on death row "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

WHILE other children are enjoying the summer holidays, two caring girls from Ryde have given up their break to rescue dogs on death row. Eight-year-old [more]

The post Children give up holidays to save dogs on death row appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Brave Carolyn pleads with councillors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A BRAVE resident with a disability gave a heartfelt speech to the City of Ryde Council recently where she urged councillors to do something about [more]

The post Brave Carolyn pleads with councillors appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Drouin cyclist a NATIONAL CHAMP after win "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Local rider Cyrus Monk is a national road cycling champion after taking out the under 23 category in the Australian National Road Race Championships last weekend.


To 14 January the week in nuclear news Australia "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

International relations seem to become ever more complicated and risky. Donald Trump says I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un. It is really hard to make sense out of Trumps utterances, and the climate of new media makes that all the more difficult, and dangerous. Donald Trumps national security adviser, H.R. McMaster thinks its about time to bomb North Korea. 17 former nuclear launch officers warn Congress about Trumps power to destroy.

 European powers urge US not to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal. If he did, it would certainly not help international efforts to persuade North Korea to cease its nuclear weapons drive.


Defence analysts suggesting that Australia might need nuclear weapons?

Latest pro nuclear push in Australia shows the split in the nuclear industry. Former Big Nuclear...


Look at Hoddle Street now: "streamlined " as opposed to "tree -lined" "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hoddle Street is a very long road in Melbourne, Victoria. Congestion in Melbourne is reaching ludicrous and unforgivable proportions. The treelined part of Hoddle Street is apparently being sacrificed without public consultation for the no-win race of government-engineered population growth.

Ian Hundley, of Protectors of Public Lands,Victoria took these photos yesterday of the before an after tree removal for lane widening in Hoddle street Melbourne. He wrote:

"I checked out the Hoddle Street capacity road works today. See photos taken from the Vere Steet footbridge (near Collingwood Town Hall) to the south which shows trees retained and to the north which shows where trees have been removed from the median. Also one of the signs which declares this is a project to connect communities. We must try to contain the mirth on that one - if they pull it off it will be the first traffic sewer to have brought communities together."

The sign Ian refers to reads, "Streamlining Hoddle Street-Connecting our communities." How completely facile! It must have been coined on a morning tea break without realisation that "streamlining " in this case means de-tree lining!

All this destruction is to help accommodate the additional 100,000 cars each year in Melbourne. The only way to widen a long established street like Hoddle Street is to either knock down houses and appropriate land or remove anything not absolutely necessary, that won't cost the government money, and for which the voices of complaint, from the avian inhabitants and the long-suffering public will not be heard.

I did not hear any public announcement of the removal of these trees. They are just gone. What difference will the additional traffic and the absence of th........

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