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Monday, 13 November


Trans-Pacific Follies: Australia Asleep as Canada Wakes Up "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

It was as dreary as listening to the formulaic assessments of political economy by an unreconstructed Leninist.  But Sunday morning with Steve Ciobo, Australias trade minister, was such an occasion.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, withering away on the branch of false optimism, has been an instrument of deserved suspicion and opprobrium from popular movements across countries suspicious about the paternalistic follies of their governments.  It was precisely opposition to such a proposed agreement, negotiated in total secrecy away from the prying eyes of public interest groups, that fuelled the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump during the 2016 US presidential elections.

Even Hillary Clinton, whose husband was a vital figure behind initiating the North American Free Trade Agreement during the 1990s, began to chew some of the anti-free trade cud close to her ignominious defeat.

No free trade faith quite matches the monomania of Australian governments.  Since the 1980s, liberalising and opening the economy has been an unshakeable trajectory, a punishing, stripping dogma that insists that being economically open is liberally good, and closed, parochially bad.

While other states have wised up to the idea that total openness is a recipe for local instability, estrangement, and disaster, the Australian response has been unshakeable: keep borders open and corporations content, except when it comes to refugees who arrive by boat.  As Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has insisted with staid predictability, the TPP creates rules of the road to match the new economic world in which were living.

For all this, Australias own industries have been supplanted.  Energy and banking oligopolies have been given free rein to operate.  Property prices in Sydney and Melbourne are reaching stratospheric heights, and the current government is promising to partly subsidise what will become one of the worlds largest, and environmentally destructive, of white elephants: the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland.

Most telling of all is that the free traders have no interest in considering data of such irrefutable weight it should put an end to that unfortunately lingering religion.  The US-Australian Free Trade agreement remains a matter of considerable loss to Australia, limiting rather than extending markets and access to Australian producers, and showing the countrys diplomatic crew as inept, ill-informed and, in the final analysis, sycophantic.

None of these points concern the bemused Ciobo. Ideology has already set the tone in this field. When the United States announced, through President Donald J. Trump, that it would have no truck with the TPP, the Australian delegation was left baffled but unmoved.  The remaining states would keep the ship steady.

Now t...


1) Papuan hostage claims a distortion says Indonesian lawyer "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Linking Madang with Jayapura a long term plan for PNG govt
1) Papuan hostage claims a distortion says Indonesian lawyer 
about 1 hour ago 
An Indonesian human rights lawyer says there is no hostage crisis in the Mimika regency of Papua province as claimed by police and government officials.
Police said an armed group of the Free Papua Movement had been holding 1300 people hostage...


Baw Baw councillors to choose mayor on Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Councillors will pick Baw Baw Shire's major and deputy mayor for the next year at a special meeting on Wednesday.


Warragul caf workers underpaid almost $9,000 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Six Warragul caf workers were underpaid over $8,000 between them after their employer incorrectly classified them.


Baw Baw encouraging drug addiction and support centre submissions "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Baw Baw Shire is encouraging community input on plans to use the former Athlone Primary School site as a drug addiction education and support centre.


Tweed effluent discharge warning "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed Shire Council is warning residents to avoid contact with parts of the Terranora Broadwater, Cobaki Broadwater and Terranora Creek following a discharge of raw sewage in the Terranora Inlet, following an incident at the Banora Point Wastewater Treatment Plant last week.

The affected area is above Boyds Bay Bridge.

The council announced on Thursday (November 9) that a large volume of raw wastewater had bypassed from the inlet works of the plant to the final holding lagoon within the plant without treatment.

In the final holding lagoon it was diluted with treated wastewater, a portion of which was then discharged into the Terranora Inlet at the Navy Base on Dry Dock Road through the licenced discharge point for the plant.

Initial testing of water around the point of discharge showed higher than normal levels of e-coli.

The council announced on Monday (November 13) that while test results had returned to acceptable levels it was maintaining its recommendation to avoid contact with the water in those areas for the time being.

Testing of the effluent discharge at the weekend confirmed that the levels of thermotolerant (faecal) coliforms in the discharge again were within normal range but the alert will remain in place for at least another 24 hours.

Our staff have worked throughout the weekend to quickly contain this situation, said engineering director David Oxenham.

Currently we are bypassing the final effluent lagoon at the Banora Point Wastewater Treatment Plant and it may take several days before the plant is back to normal operation.

Last week a large volume of raw wastewater bypassed from the inlet works of the plant and went direct to the lagoon without being treated. While it was diluted with the treated wastewater in the lagoon, a portion of this diluted wastewater was discharged into the Terranora Inlet at the licensed discharge point at the Navy Base on Dry Dock Road.

The risk to human and aquatic health within the estuary is very low but we are maintaining the alert for another 24 hours to allow further improvement, Mr Oxenham said.

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Weirding Cinema @ MAC "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

In July Weirding Cinema began screening films at MAC.

The next session is this Thursday, November 16: Why did the K Foundation burn a million quid?

Doors at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

Admission is free. Sheep are welcome. Ice cream van parking available. Mu be with you.



Footprint floor "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I'm painting the floor of the kitchen at the Junkyard Gallery with some footprints to cover up the raw cement


Woolloomooloo Viaduct "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I added a bit more light to the Woolloomooloo viaduct so now its pretty much finished.

There are earlier photos of this painting in this post [er - I'll have to find it later]


Boy George Hangs Up On Boring Australian Radio Host "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Boy George has hung up on an Australian radio host during an interview after becoming irritated with questioning about the impact of his gender bending on children in the 1980s. The Culture Club frontman was being interviewed by ABC Radios Fran Kelly on Monday about the bands upcoming tour. George talked of his love of ...

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Some whataboutery from Tim Nicholls "IndyWatch Feed"

Among the tools used to defend the indefensible, the most widely used is whataboutery. When faced with a criticism you cant answer, you point to something allegedly comparable done by someone supposed to be on the same side as your critic, and ask the critic what about

A recent example (Hat Tip Bill Wallace). Presented on ABC TV with my observation that his election promises represent an arithmetic impossibility, Tim Nicholls resorted to whataboutery, suggesting that I had gone easy on Anna Palaszczuk in regards to the use of transfers of debt between the general government sector, GBEs and public service superannuation. Oddly enough, Ill be covering this exact point in an article Im now writing for The Guardian. The relevant para

Labor has been able to improve the accounting performance of the general government sector by requiring public enterprises to make bigger contributions to the budget and by making transfers from the funds hypothecated to pay for public service superannation. This doesnt change the financial position of the public sector as a whole, but makes the budget sector look better. The relevant criteria is public sector net worth and net financial worth, which are unaffected by such manoeuvres. Fortunately, public sector net worth has never been a problem: the Queensland government had net worth of over $170 billion when the Costello Commission reported, a figure that is projected to exceed $200 billion by 2020.

Some broader responses:

* Whataboutery is a very weak defence in a clear-cut case like this. Even if I were an ALP hack (readers of this blog can judge for themselves), it wouldnt invalidate the point Im making

* I dont think Palaszczuk is open to the specific criticism Im making of Nicholls. She hasnt promised to cut taxes or improve the budget balance, and her election spending promises look to be the kind of thing that can be managed within the normal budget process

* Ive already been critical of both sides in this election campaign. My only published opinion piece was a criticism of Palaszczuks pro-Adani policy, which she has subsequently reversed (not claiming cause and effect here, of course). If Nicholls cares to put up an election platform that adds up and protects crucial services from cuts, Ill be the first to congratulate him.

A few more points:

1. The implied assumption in whataboutery is that people shouldnt comment on any issue unless they have a published position on every issue that might be remotely comparable. This obviously isnt feasible for someone writing in spare team, without a team of staffers and researchers to do the....


November Verse 6 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Verse 6: On leaving at interval
We pays our subs and takes our chances.
Support the arts, put bums on seats,
and if the plays a dud, well, cancers
worse and nothing really beats
the sense of risk when new creations
meet an audience: ovations
(standing)? or polite applause?
Will these two hours throw wide the doors
of hell and heaven? Last night neither.
We all worked hard: director, cast,
designer, writer, punters. Vast
good will drained away and by the
midpoint: Who cares how this ends?
we said, Lets go and eat with friends.

At least we waited until the interval, unlike the occasion in 2010 that prompted the following (heres a link to the original post):

This is just to say
We walked out of your play last night
from front row seats. Wed hung in there
for five whole scenes. The script was tight,
each actor sound, the set though spare
was spot on, and the vocal coach
had nailed the accents no reproach
on that score. All these things were fine
but almost from the opening line
I couldnt, couldnt feel a thing.
Id pay to watch two monkeys fart
if done with two boards and a heart.
Last night had timing, lines that sing
and sting. Its heart that wasnt there.
Sometimes a pause is just dead air.

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Red Gums: good news vs bad news "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

So, whats going on with our River Red Gums?

We noted last year how lots of them were looking pretty dire, and this year is, if anything, worse: whole roadsides and paddocks in this region and beyond are looking pretty desolate where the Red Gum is the dominant tree.

Damaged Red Gums east of Mount Alexander, November 2017: Psyllid attack is devastating the foliage.

The main culprit, it seems, is the Psyllid lerp, a leaf munching creature whose larvae suck out the nutrients from the tree leaf. The result is often the eventual death of the leaf, and the presently common spectacle of trees with sparse or dead looking foliage.

The good news is that these infestations come and go, and in the natural order of things, the trees come back. If you look closely at some of the apparently terminal trees around the place, you can see fresh leaf growth coming on. And weve had the experience of the Stringybark forests in the south of our region a few years ago being absolutely stripped by colourful but gluttonous cup moth larvae. They recovered.

Fightback: new growth emerges on damaged Red Gum, Campbells Creek, November 2017.

The potentially bad news is that distortions in natural conditions may make the trees less resistant to such attacks. Extended drought...


And on the subject of lerps, pardalotes and others "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

While were on the subject of encouraging good bird habitat, readers may be interested in these two events:

First, you can do your bit for the pardalote! Earth to pardalote is a workshop on how to create win-win gardens for people and wildlife. Its being run by Cassia Read next Saturday from 10 to 12 at the Diggers Store, 61 Main Road Campbells Creek. Shell be talking about the essential elements you can add to your garden to build backyard biodiversity and garden food webs; and will then run a workshop to guide participants through how they can nudge their own garden in a wildlife friendly direction. The cost is $15, and bookings can be made via this link:

Second, Either side of the big wet is a free seminar being run next Monday at the Arthur Rylah Institute [123 Brown Street Heidelberg] from 11 am. Southern Australia is expected to experience long sequences of severe rainfall deficits under climate- change models based on IPCC emission scenarios. These droughts, such as occurred from 1997-2010  (the Big Dry), are projected to be punctuated by short periods of above-average rainfall (e.g. the Big Wet of 2010-12).

The seminar will present research on the prospects for Box Ironbark flora and fauna under this scenario. And if you cant make it to distant Heidelberg, theres a webinar: details can be found at


It costs a bit to be a beach basher "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

It seems theres a niche market for whom theres nothing quite so enticing as sitting in your $85,000 4WD on a remote beach somewhere, enjoying the sight of your own tyre marks and muttering ecstatically, How pristine is that?

Its this niche, apparently, that the editors of the Age Drive supplement had in mind last Saturday when they did a feature on four different brands of these vehicles. These were pictured nicely posed on a beach, and the text noted, among other things, how well they handled sand.

Come to think of it, the drivers may not be examining the formerly pristine sand, but each other. Certainly they wouldnt be thinking about the creatures they might have crushed on the way down.

We had a go at the RACV a few weeks ago for a similar piece of crassness. The RoyalAuto editors were pretty impressive in their response. Maybe it would be a good idea for readers of the Age to ask its editors what values they think theyre promoting in features like these.



PNG to Begin Forceable Removal of Asylum Seekers From Manus Island Camp "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Asylum seekers protest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, in this picture taken from social media November 6, 2017. Credit: Social Media/Handout via Reuters

Asylum seekers protest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, in this picture taken from social media November 6, 2017. Credit: Social Media/Handout via Reuters

Sydney: Papua New Guinea immigration minister Petrus Thomas said authorities would take steps on Monday to forcibly remove around 450 men who remain in an abandoned Australian detention centre without food or running water.

Hundreds of men have barricaded themselves into the Manus Island centre for more than 13 days without regular food or water supplies, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea to close the facility.

We will be taking steps with relevant authorities to move the residents based on serious exposure to health risk for the food of everyone that is remaining, Thomas said in a statement issued late on Sunday.

The timetable stokes fears of a potential clash...


The Winner Of Miss Sportsman Hotel 2017 Has Been Crowned "IndyWatch Feed"

The winners of this years Miss Sportsman Hotel drag contest have been announced. On Saturday night, Queensland drag queen Chocolate Boxx took home the top honours at the contest, which this year had a distinctly Australian flavour with the theme Stars of the Southern Cross. After wowing the judges with a performance of Christine Anus ...

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Here is a trick "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Go into your pocket/wallet/purse and take out a bank note. Make sure it is an Aussie note.

Now look closely at it. What do you see? Do you see the 2 signatures in the corner of one of the sides. Do you know whose signatures they are? They arent the signatures of the Prime Minister or of the Governor General. Not the Queen or other representative of the Government or the people.

The signatures on Australian currency belong to the Secretary of the Commonwealth Treasury and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The individuals may change, but signing Australian bank notes remains one of the privileges of the office. That with a large salary, generous superannuation scheme and the eventual Companion of the Order of Australia award for . services in doing the job you are already well remunerated for. Nice work if you can get it.

So basically, Australian currency is signed by 2 senior public servants. How very Australian.

Lets just segue for a moment.

The ever loved Australian banking systems shares an annual profit pool of over $40 billion and probably more. That $40 billion profit pool is highly dominated by the big 4 banks ANZ, CBA, NAB and WBC (in alpha order). Throw in Macquarie, SunCorp and Bendigo and you are probably accounting for over 95% of that profit pool.

The profitability of the big 4 Australian banks is the dream of other international banks yet for some reason, they seem impervious to competition. Could it be that the game is rigged?  Could they really be protected from competition by the imprimatur of Government? After all, $40 billion of profit generates $12 billion of company tax revenue.

But lets just have a look at the membership of the boards of the big 4. Lets just ignore for a moment the cross pollination of senior executives from one bank being on the board of a different bank.  Who are the standout directors on 4 of the big 5:


  • Jane Halton AO, PSM fomer Secretary of Commonwealth Department of Finance


  • Rob Whitfield former Secretary of NSW Treasury


  • Ken Henry AC, Chairman and former Secretary of Commonweath Treasury



Exhibition to showcase hopes for the future of Morwell "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The communitys hopes and dreams for Morwell will be showcased at a photography exhibition at Switchback Gallery, Federation University, Gippsland Campus from 14-24 November. The exhibition, titled Our hopes for the future of Morwell, is a project developed by the Hazelwood Health Study, in collaboration with Morwell Neighbourhood House and Gippsland Centre for Art and []


Jane Fonda To Australia: Everyone Should Be Able To Marry "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Jane Fonda has thrown her support behind marriage equality in Australia. The actress told Yahoo ahead of the announcement of the result of the same-sex marriage postal survey on Wednesday that she believes love is love. Everybody should be able to get married, she said. Many of my friends are gay women and men, married ...

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Moon Calendar "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Would you be interested in getting a Thomas Zimmer 2018 Moon Planting Calendar at the reduced price of $6? 

We are a few locals who have been doing so over the past few years by ordering bulk (more than 10).

If you would like please email Mel on before Friday. We are going to finalise the order over the weekend and get them shipped to us next week. 


Correction - Community House Special Events "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


CORRECTION: November: Special Events, Talks & Workshops | At Coburg Community Houses
View this email in your browser


Snowflake stress levels at their ABC so bad the union will force entry something....or something "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Unions to force entry into ABC Ultimo headquarters over staff stress The ABC Head Office in Ultimo, Sydney, where 72 per cent of staff have reported dangerous workplace stress levels. The Australian 12:25PM November 13, 2017 STEPHEN BROOK Union officials will seek to force entry to the ABCs Ultimo headquarters...


Best way to see the reef? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi Cairns!

2 friends and I will be visiting for a few days in February. We want to spend a day on the water seeing life in the reef. I'm mostly seeing big tours packed with tourists heading to Fitzroy and Green Island.

We're interested in snorkeling, swimming and seeing life from the boat.

Any tips on how to book with a smaller group that steers clear of the tourist trap feel?

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


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Roundup November 13 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Breaking news! OMG Dan Mitchell has written a book! Support Connor Court. Buy Dans book!

The media watchdog. The cost, supply and use of power across the states. Cheap power in Tasmania today (2.30 pm). Coal-fired power Units Planned and Under Construction. China 583, Australia 0. Don Aitkin on the Claytons energy policy. Delingpole on the Paris Accord.

Alternative ideas. From the Centre for Independent Studies. Citizenship, the history wars and the staircase of opportunity for Aborigines. Lets not have a Universal Basic Income. Mark Steyn on line. A roundup from Heterodox Academy, the organization started by Johathan Haidt of The Righteous Mind. Mission: To improve the quality of research and education in universities by increasing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement. Intellectual Takeout. Accuracy in Academia. The American Scholar Inside the house that Stalin built.

Dan Mitchell. The triumph of communism. 100 years, 100 million deaths. The Senate...


Christian Group Wants Dean Smiths Marriage Bill Passed By Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A Brisbane priest who supports marriage equality has backed Liberal Senator Dean Smiths same-sex marriage legislation and warned a shameful new rival bill would legalise homophobia. Reverent Dr Peter Catt (pictured) is Dean of St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane and a member of lobby group Christians for Marriage Equality. Since the beginning of this survey, ...

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Carbon emissions are falling but more is needed "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

According to Professor Will Steffen of the Australian Climate Council, global greenhouse emissions have started to fall, because of the growth of renewable energy sources and therefore less reliance on the use of fossil fuels.

He says that emissions growth has flat lined and that this is a significant change for the better, compared to what the situation was a decade ago.

Driving this change has been that the number of solar and wind systems installed, which has doubled every five and a Half years, thanks to those who are taking action for change.  there is also the falling cost of alternatives that is now being eyed by some major corporations as a viable route to profit or savings in energy costs.

This does not mean that there is any room for complacency and that action to step up the turn away from fossil fuels is no longer urgent.

Although at the present rate, a carbon neutral goal can be reached by 2040, this is far from a done deal. It could go off course. There is also a need to go further and apply measures that will protect those parts of the environment that are already under serious threat.

Economies must be restructured, to operate sustainably in the future. This is a big task that requires working towards agreement within nations and across nations, involving a change in the way of thinking on how human beings relate not only to the environment, but within the economy, about decision making processes and how we share what we produce together.

Even in the shorter-term, here in Australia, it is critical to turn around the gridlock existing in the political system that is holding us back, and get some decisive action to get away from dependency on coal, oil and gas  and serving as an  incentive to encourage more use and not less.

The need to protect wilderness areas and farmland is important. Special effort is needed to stop the extinction of the Great Barrier Reef.

There is still a major battle to be fought and won.



The post Carbon emissions are falling but more is needed appeared first on The Pen.


Wanton vandalism as PNG police destroy refugees water wells "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Protests inside the detention centre on 11 November

After 13 days, over 420 refugees and asylum seekers are desperately defying Duttons siege of the Manus detention centre. See photos of the protests inside the detention centre on 11 November and the video clip of the protest on 12 November.

This morning, Monday 13 November, a large number of PNG police and Immigration officials entered the detention centre attempting to destroy the water wells that the refugees have been relying on for the last 13 days.

Destroyed water well

The officials also overturned more containers of collected rain water in a repeat of the bully-boy raids they made last Friday.

In more acts of wanton vandalism, police punctured water tanks to deprive the refugees of the last remaining amount after the pipes were cut last week. And more tents and property are being destroyed throughout the camp.

The reckless brutality being orchestrated by Peter Dutton has to end, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.


The Staves Announce Australian Tour "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of The Staves UK trio The Staves have been flirting with an Australian tour for so long now. Originally due to make their debut on our shores back in 2014, The Staves had to pull out of the tour at the last minute. They returned in 2016 to support Bon Iver on his []


Northcote by-election campaign wrap up "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

As Northcote voters head to the polls this weekend, heres a wrap up of the Friends of the Earth campaign in the Northcote by-election and where the candidates stand on the issue of native forest logging and the creation of the Great Forest National Park.



Ecstasy, Misery and Revolver Upstairs "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

When I was 22, three things happened that will forever mark the narrative of my life. I graduated from university, I broke up with someone who I loved, and I fell apart.

Adulthood had arrived with an unwelcome suddenness, and, terrified of being rejected by my dreams, I instead retreated into a shimmering expanse of meaningless good times. And by that, I mean I made Melbournes choice den of debauchery, Revolver Upstairs, my home base. I became a mess, and in a way, it was exactly what I had always wanted.

Since the end of my 21st year, I have been kicked out of a club on six different occasions. I would go out at least twice a week, and going out meant getting as fucked up as I possibly could; meant blasting a hole through my consciousness. I wanted to embarrass myself, to have a good story to tell the next morning, to be able to play at self-disgust but really loving every second. Up until this time in my life, I was always afraid that I wasnt brave or interesting enough to disintegrate completely. Well, I disintegrated.

I threw up in bars and on bars, into gutters and into bins; I threw up on the Sandringham Line train so frequently that my friends referred to that act as doing a Jane. I passed out in toilet cubicles and at parties; a friend woke up to me passed out in his backyard with my shirt off on one occasion. I threw glasses across the dance floor and out of car windows; I pissed on the dance floor several times rather than line up for the bathroom. My feet, for a long time, were blistered and rubbed raw and spotted with blood from dancing for hours on end.

I would drink all the time. There was a bottle of wine perpetually next to my bed and I would start drinking out of it as soon as I woke up. I drank at work, either out the back or out of a glass I kept under the counter that I would top up throughout the shift. I would go into work cooked I would go to Revs at 9 or so in the morning, take a pill or two, and start work at 12. It isnt a huge surprise that the store closed down, with employees like me. I got a new job, and spent my first shift struggling through a comedown. My previous job I had quit because my panic attacks had gotten too intense for work.

In my room, dirty clumps of ash sunk into the paint of the windowsill, smeared into a permanent, think black layer. Cigarette butts clogged every available surface. The room the house, in fact stunk of smoke, sweet and stale, but I was in it so much I didnt notice. Plastic wine glasses and ceramic mugs, rimmed with the deep red of old wine, sat for weeks beside piles of dir...


LGBTI Advocates Blast Liberal MPs New Same-Sex Marriage Bill "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Conservative Liberal MP James Paterson has released a same-sex marriage bill that would weaken anti-discrimination protections against LGBTI people. Patersons draft bill would override state and territory anti-discrimination laws to allow the refusal of same-sex weddings by those holding a genuine religious or conscientious belief against same-sex marriage, allowing discrimination by private service providers. The ...

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NSW Parks Service staff: a threatened species? "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

We need national parks. Primarily they exist to protect wild nature. But many of them provide wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits, recreation, relaxation and solitude.

But national parks need staff. To manage the land, control weeds and invasive species of animals, manage for fire, provide interpretation and education, look after visitors and park infrastructure like tracks and other facilities.

Sadly in NSW, the state government is carrying out a major restructure of the Parks Service which, according to the Public Service Association (the public sector union representing Parks employees) will cuts jobs and push hundreds and hundreds of years of experience out the door.

The following information comes from the PSA.

The NSW Government are marking the 50th anniversary of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) with a massive restructure that will cuts jobs and push hundreds and hundreds of years of experience out the door.

The Berijiklian Government is overseeing the scrapping of 13 highly experienced Area Managers who have a critical role in bushfire management. In recent years NPWS has downsized from 66 areas across the state to what will be just 37 under this latest restructure.

Due to the current restructure, Pest Management Officers and Fire Management Officers have been slashed across the state with the new structure containing just eight PMOs.

These cuts to specialist roles mean fewer conservation programs, reduced maintenance of facilities and fire hazard reduction, less focus on dealing with pests and weeds, and the increasing problem of wild dogs and deer.

Admin support has been downgraded all across the state resulting in loss of crucial regional jobs and in many cases, massive wage reductions. With wage growth at all time lows, the impact of this restructure will be felt hardest in the regions.

These cuts are being made because of the massive reduction in funding from the Berejiklian Government, with 121 million dollars slashed from their budget.

To register your opposition to these cuts, you can contact your local member HERE.

You can keep up to date with the campaign via the facebook page. Or follow the union on twitter.




NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to reintroduce talks of resettling refugees and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach discussions about resettling refugees from the closed Manus Island Detention Centre with Prime Minister Turnbull. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach Malcolm Turnbull about the Manus Island Detention Centre crisis at the East Asia Summit this week.

Approximately 420 asylum seekers and refugees still remain at the now-closed processing centre, with reports that the Papua New Guinean authorities will soon remove them.

The two leaders discussed New Zealands longstanding offer to resettle 150 men from Australias detention centres more than a week ago.



One Nation Under Fire For Atrocious Lie About Safe Schools "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson has defended false claims he made that primary school children are taught how to masturbate and use sex toys as part of the Safe Schools program. On Saturday, Mr Dickson pledged to abolish the program if his party gets elected, adding: We are having little kids in grade four ...

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Trad announces traffic management plan for Kurilpa #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

At the recent Kurilpa Futures Planning for the People forum, local Member for South Brisbane Jackie Trad announced if re-elected, the community would lead a local South Brisbane Transport Mobility Study to address transport and traffic issues in the inner south. Ms Trad said she has secured $600,000 for the transport study, which will []

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Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



Has anyone got any old Pavers they don't want anymore?

My number is 0431 998 175.

I need some for a community plot.

Many thanks,



Needed "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


We are looking for a washing machine in Preston.


Male showgirl entrants a first for Mullumbimby Show "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Hemp foods are now legal across Australia "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim Hemp-based foods are now legal across Australia and are expected to appear in supermarkets everywhere. A recent agreement between Australian and New Zealand food safety authorities means hemp-based food products are now legal to produce, sell and purchase, creating new markets for the versatile superfood. What is hemp? To make

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Kelvin Thomson on defending public land (Speech to PPLVic AGM 11 Nov 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The driving force behind the Protectors of Public Lands, Julianne Bell, passed away on Friday January 27 this year. Julianne was an indefatigable and tireless campaigner for the protection of Melbournes public open spaces. She was most well-known as the defender of Royal Park against any and all who would seek to diminish it for their own purposes, and she told me that she was most proud of her role in stopping the East-West Link, a Freeway which would carve up Royal Park in an outrageous act of environmental vandalism. She was the driving force behind this organisation and used it to defend public open spaces far and wide from all manner of threats the Carlton Gardens, the Catani Gardens, the Exhibition Gardens, the Rogers Memorial Reserve and many others too numerous to mention no public open space was too far away or too small to merit her attention.

Julianne worked closely with me on the problems caused by Rapid Population growth for the world in general and for Melbourne in particular. She understood that it is people, it is us, who are responsible for environmental damage, and was prepared to cut through the vanity that prevents many of us from acknowledging this. She had worked in the Immigration Department, and told me a number of times about the propensity for migration agents to tell fibs on applications, and the trouble an understaffed Department had in verifying claims and uncovering rorts.

Julianne was not always easy to work with, and she was very hard line. I did think when she was telling me about the evils of the Flower Show in the Exhibition Gardens that perhaps she could lighten up! But she grasped, better I think than anyone else I have ever met, that our public open spaces are constantly in danger from people or organisations or businesses who want to use them for a private benefit, at the cost of the value of the open space asset itself.

She understood and loved the heritage of Marvellous Melbourne, the legacy of beautiful parks and open spaces which Melbournes founders bequeathed us, and she was relentless in her defence of them. If Julianne had not been standing guard over them these past decades, they might well look rather different, and Melbourne might well have been on its way to becoming a soulless concrete jungle, like so many other cities around the world.

Over the years various Premiers and Lord Mayors have basked in reflected glory as Melbourne was declared the Worlds Most Liveable City. But this title owes, in my view, a fair bit more to Juliannes work than to theirs. If we are to keep that honour, we will need people to draw inspiration from Julianne, tak...


Snap protest held at the Department of Immigration and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

People gathered at the Department of Immigration today calling on the government to act on the men stranded on Manus Island. Image credit: Grace Pashley

A snap protest regarding the situation on Manus Island took place this morning outside the Brisbane Department of Imigration.

This is the latest in a series of protests that have happened nationally over the last few weeks following deteriorating conditions in Australia's closed detention centre.

A spokesman for The Refugee Action Collective Mark Gillespie has called it a new low for humanity.

For more on this story and coverage from the event listen to Only Human Gold at 12pm on 4ZZZ.

Event being held for the postal survey results broadcast



Listen to the New Tesse (Tom Stephens) Single Ill Tell You In The Morning "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of Tesse Sydney based singer-songwriter Tom Stephens has just moved into the next step of his musical evolution, renaming himself Tesse to more accurately represent the collaboration with his supporting band (including Cam Whipp on bass, Mon Ellis on guitar, Chris Long on keys and drummer Rob Turner). Tesse will be releasing his []


Machete and iron bars used in Casino club attack "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Casino club last night during which five men armed with a machete and iron bars attacked two club employees.

The incident happened at 9.10pm when the two club employees were attempted to leave after closing the club in West Street.

They were confronted by the five men and forced back into the club.

One of the employees was struck in a shoulder with the machete and both were forced to the ground were they were kicked a number of times.

The five armed men fled after noticing a security guard outside the club, and once it was safe, the police were called.

Police established a crime scene and searched the area.

The injured club employee were treated for a minor injury.

Police said no cash was stolen however the injured man had some personal items taken.

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Serco-Run Facilities: Fraud, Failures and Fatal Errors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Australian governments pay the Serco group tens of millions of dollars every year to manage sensitive public services such as correctional and detention centres, and a range of defence contracts. The UK-based company is even making a bid to run our public housing. However, Serco has come under fire in recent

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Greens MPs call for greater koala protection "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tree clearing and trucks are causing havoc on wildlife, opponents of the Pacific Highway upgrade, say. Meerschaum Vale tree clearing (Credit: Graeme Williams)

Tree clearing and trucks are causing havoc on wildlife, opponents of the Pacific Highway upgrade, say. Meerschaum Vale tree clearing (Credit: Graeme Williams)MPs

Ballina Greens MP Tamara Smith has called on the NSW Government to do more to protect koalas and other wildlife in the path of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

With tree clearing now underway at Meerschaum Vale, Ms Smith said she had been told by residents that dead or injured koalas and other wildlife were being found almost daily.

The residents have also been told that contractors are not allowed to touch any injured animals they see.

Ms Smith said there appeared to be no process for the RMS or its contractors to count the koalas and other wildlife that were killed or injured by tree clearing and an increase in truck movements.

Koala in a tree at Meerschaum Vale (credit: Heather Dunn)

Koala in a tree at Meerschaum Vale (credit: Heather Dunn)

I have visited Meerschaum Vale and met with residents multiple times in the past two years and I have seen the impact of the preparation for the highway upgrade on the wildlife and on the lives of the residents.  I have made many representations on the communitys behalf about the effects of this highway upgrade to the RMS and to the Minister for Roads.

I cannot state how strongly this upgrade is affecting the lives of residents with problems with dust, vibration, noise and traffic.

I call on the NSW government to get a proper process of wildlife monitoring in place and employ animal rescue staff to save injured koalas and oth...


LGBTIQ rally in Lismore ahead of survey result announcement "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ssm-survey-picThe long march of the marriage equality postal vote survey finally comes to an end this week, with the results to be announced on Wednesday, November 15.

The Australian Statistician, David W Kalisch, will release the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey at a media conference at 10am on Wednesday.

The Northern Rivers LGBTIQ Alliance has organised an event to coincide with the announcement that will take place at the Quad outside the new Lismore Regional Gallery to witness the results.

A Northern Rivers LGBTIQ Alliance spokesperson said it is important to offer our community the support that will be needed at this historical moment and hopefully the opportunity for celebration as well.

The event will include speakers Jenny Dowell and Asren Pugh (Australians for Marriage Equality), music performance by Paige Phoenix and friends and a performance piece by Dee Chenille.

At midday there will be a drone photo shoot of a human made love heart to etch this moment into the history of the Northern Rivers.

Food will be provided by the Gallery cafe as well as Haps Health Bar.

Mental health help

It has been a long wait for members of the LGBTIQ communities since registrations to vote in the survey closed on August 24.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) began mailing out survey forms on September 12.

Voters had up until October 11 to request a replacement form if they didnt receive one and then until last Tuesday, November 7, to get their vote back to the ABS.

The time-consuming, divisive and sometimes traumatising debate has impacted many in the community.

Ahead of Wednesdays announcement, ACON has launched a new resource to assist members of the community to stay strong, and remind them that support and care is available, whatever the outcome of the public vote.

Produced by ACONs counselling team, the resource Stronger Together offers practical tips for people on staying strong and resilient in the lead up to, and following, the announcement on 15 November.

ACON says demand for its services has increased across the state in recent weeks, especially in the light of the divisive debate, and the group has responded accordingly to ensure people in LGBTIQ communities get the support they need.



Advocates celebrate legalisation of hemp seed products "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An example of hemp food derivatives from

An example of hemp food derivatives from

The Nimbin Hemp Embassy will be offering free samples of hemp seed and hemp seed oil for the rest of the month now that hemp foods are legal for human consumption in Australia.

Australian Hemp Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas said as of yesterday it was legal to grow hemp seed in Australia.

Its a watershed moment on many fronts. Hemp seeds nutritional qualities are unparalleled so well have a truly healthy food finally available with new farming opportunities including access to an international market thats touching the $billion mark, Mr Kavasilas said.

He said jobs were also being created in production, processing, logistics, design and packaging, marketing, wholesale and retail sales.

Mr Kavasilas said hemp  seeds contain a significant ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9, tuned perfectly to the human body with plant-based essential fatty acids and a full compliment of vitamins and minerals. The taste and texture is similar to nuts with no known allergies.

Because of its superior nutritional profile and gluten-free status, hemp seed ingredients are incorporated in muesli bars, salad dressings, pasta, breads, smoothies, biscuits, non-whey high fibre protein, flour and many other products.

Hemp seed is also used to make a simple natural non-dairy milk substitute with a legendary rich and creamy flavour.

Weve pursued this relentlessly for almost 20 years. For the past 7 years or so, state police have raised issues around hemp seed foods interfering with random roadside saliva testing despite the fact the devices are not reliable enough to detect the difference between minute traces in low THC hemp seed food consumption or intoxication.

HEMP Party and HEMP Embassy President Michael Balderstone said the legalising of hemp throws saliva testing up in the air.

State police forces, especially NSW police have forcefully argued and maintained that hemp seed food consumption will interfere with their saliva testing and people will provide positive results which will put further pressure on our courts and the judicial system, he said.

In light of the fact no other police around the world saliva test like in Australia, I think its time our police followed the experience of other countries who are able to tell the difference betwe...


Man Who Refused To Marry Until Gay People Could Pretty Worried Right Now "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


A Sydney man who told his girlfriend of seven years he wouldnt marry her until gay people enjoyed equal rights is desperately searching for a back-up plan after polls suggested the yes vote is likely to win.

It was the perfect excuse it was simple, it worked, and it made me look like I had morals or something, the man said. But it looks like my get-out-of-jail-free card will be torn up when the vote is announced on Wednesday. My girlfriends even dropping hints saying what a great day it would be for all couples to propose. Unfortunately, it might be time for me to hit the road.

The man is not alone, with one woman telling The Sydney Sentinel she had to vote no to protect her own freedom from marriage.

Yeah, I used the whole not until everyone can get married line as well, she said. Even though I do support gay marriage, I dont support having to get married myself, so its a no from me.


National Folk Festival Announces First Major Lineup for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Image Courtesy of Ten Strings and A Goat Skin After teasing us with six artists for 2018, The National Folk Festival has finally revealed its highly anticipated first major lineup announcement. Headlining the 2018 lineup are Scottish superstars Breabach, Nashville singer-songwriter Lindsay Lou, American favourite Steve Poltz, Celtic band Cara, acclaimed Canadian trio Ten Strings []


Clive Hamilton and Sinophobia "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A few years ago Clive Hamilton wrote a very strange article in The Guardian that lead to this editorial statement (emphasis added):

This article was amended soon after publication on 18 February 2014 to correct the headline, a misreported statistic and some loosely paraphrased anecdotes, the combined effect of which had been to overstate the evidence then available about the impact Chinese investment was having on Sydneys rising residential real estate prices.

The editors note said in part: the causes of fluctuations in housing prices are several and varied. Foreign buyers, and among them Chinese investors, may be a greater or lesser cause from time to time. Guardian Australia has concluded that, on the evidence presented, it was wrong to imply through the original headline that wealthy Chinese buyers are disproportionately a factor compared to any other national or ethnic group. The author stands by his opinion, as he is entitled to. Guardian Australia believes it must correct the evidence base underpinning that opinion and label it less emphatically in order to give readers assistance in weighing it and to avoid any inference of racism.

Then a few weeks ago there was this article in The Australian:

For several years the Chinese party-state has been pursuing a co-ordinated program to acquire from abroad advanced military and industrial technology, and to do so by fair means or foul. It now emerges that Australian universities inadvertently are helping to give China the technological leadership it craves.

The Australian Research Council is funnelling Australian taxpayer funds into research with applications to Chinas advanced weapons capacity through its linkage program. The program aims to encourage national and international research collaborations between university researchers and partners in industry or other research centres, in this case with Chinese military scientists.

A long conspiracy theory about how Australian government funding of ethnic Chinese Australian academics was promoting Chinese government interests. Nasty stuff.



Man comes off second best in drag race with cops "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The driver of a clearly marked police vehicle stopped at traffic lights in Tweed Heads on Saturday night got the nod from the driver of another car who then led police on a chase through town.

About 11.55pm on Saturday (November 11), the police car was stopped at the intersection of Wharf Road and Florence Street, Tweed Heads.

Police allege a 30-year-old male from Tweed Heads South, driving a red Mazda 323 pulled alongside the police car.

The Mazdas engine was revving loudly causing police to look at the car and driver. The driver began nodding at police and as soon as the traffic light turned green the Mazda took off at speed.

Police activated all warning lights and sirens and the Mazda failed to stop.

The car was pursued west along Wharf Road Tweed Heads reaching speeds allegedly in excess of 120km/h in the 60 km/h speed zone. The pursuit continued onto Minjungbal Drive reaching speeds allegedly in excess of 100 km/h in the 60 km/h speed zone.

The pursuit continued with the Mazda turning into Lloyd Street, Tweed Heads South, and then into Faulkner Drive.

At the intersection of Faulkner Dr and Cunningham Street the Mazda came to an abrupt stop where the 30-yea- old man verbally challenged police.

Police talked the man down and he was arrested. He was breath tested at the scene and returned a negative reading. The man was taken to Tweed Heads Police Station and charged with police pursuit, driving in a speed dangerous to the public, exceeding speed by more than 45 km/h and driving while his license was expired.

The man was bailed to appear before the Tweed Heads Local Court on the November 21.


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Its Time To Give Fag Hags Their Badge Of Honour "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

By Phoebe Hart, Queensland University of Technology The fag hag. Never were two more scornful words so spectacularly smashed together. Stereotypes around the fag hag, fruitfly, fish, handbag whatever youd care to call her abound. Search the Internet and youd believe shes a sad, overweight, trashy woman with too many cats unable to ...

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Gun toting would-be robber extradited from Qld "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man has been extradited from Queensland following investigations into an alleged attempted armed robbery west of Woodenbong in 2011.

On Thursday 27 October 2011, a man attempted to force entry to a general store on Mt Lindesay Road at Legume, near the New South Wales-Queensland border, armed with a gun.

The store attendant, a 57-year-old woman, attempted to stop the man from entering by leaning against the front door; however, he smashed a glass panel with the gun and managed to get inside.

Police have been told the woman grabbed the gun before struggling with the man, causing cuts to her hands.

He fled empty-handed and police were alerted.

Officers from Richmond Local Area Command attended and commenced inquiries.

Following extensive investigations, detectives were granted a warrant for the arrest of a 27-year-old Queensland man.

The man was subsequently arrested today in Queensland, today (Friday 10 November 2017) and extradited to Lismore Police Station.

He was charged with aggravated break and enter and commit serious indictable offence; assault while rob while armed with dangerous weapon; and aggravated assault with intent to rob and inflict actual bodily harm.

The man was bail refused and appeared at Lismore Local Court on Saturday (November 11).

Operation Unison

A further three Queensland residents were extradited to NSW on Thursday as part of Operation Unison.

A 52-year-old Elanora woman, wanted since June, was arrested for seven fraud warrants.

A 31-year-old Currumbin man, wanted since August, was arrested for two outstanding warrants for intimidation and assault.

And a 52-year-old Coolangatta man, wanted for the past two months, was arrested on two outstanding warrants for breach an ADVO and stalk/intimidate offences.

All three were refused bail and are due to appear before the Tweed Heads Local Court today (November 13).

This joint operation is ongoing and police warn offenders that no matter where they live if you commit crime in either state expect police to be knocking on your door.



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Man had Nothing to Wear on Run this Morning "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


A Clovelly man is in danger of missing his daily run along the coastal path to Bondi this morning after realising he had nothing to wear, even though his closet was packed full of designer workout gear, joggers made by NASA and colour-coordinated drink bottles.

The man said he just wasnt feeling any of his outfits.

Nothing truly expressed my positively carefree yet dangerously focused running mood or went well with this mornings lighting conditions, the man said. Naturally, everyone would be watching me, so I couldnt just chuck any old thing on. One unflattering Aquabumps snap could set me back years of dedicated training.

The man said if his emergency order from The Iconic doesnt arrive, he will make up for todays lack of training by spending an extra hour in the solarium and taking twice as many photos at Icebergs this afternoon than usual.


Around the traps "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

While it was a quiet weekend with the camera I did manage to get out for a couple of brief jaunts.

Here is what I saw.

Barking Owl, Rotunda Park Newstead, 11th November 2017



Wednesday nights are hotting up with the start of the Night Markets at Queen Victoria Night Market this Wednesday.



Criminal Lawyers Charged with Fraud "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Criminal defence lawyer Michael Bosscher and two employees of law firm Bosscher Lawyers in Brisbane, have been charged with fraud offences after a joint investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) into suspected criminal activity in the legal profession. 48-year old Mr Bosscher,

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Flycatcher flurry of feeding for lucky little Leaden "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Little winner today, juvenile Leaden Flycatcher fresh from nest with devoted parents shuttling food in every few seconds.

No surprise having the young bird appear from 'nowhere'. Leadens build dainty camouflaged bowl nests which defy sighting from below the limbs and forks supporting them.

Little losers today, Brown-backed Honeyeaters with part-finished nest almost within touching distance outsi...


Papua shooting shuts down Freeport route "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Papua shooting shuts down Freeport route
The main supply route to the world's second-largest copper mine has been closed following a shooting in West Papua.
The Indonesian unit of Freeport-McMoRan has temporarily shut the main supply route to its Papua mine after a shooting incident, a spokesman said, amid escalating tensions between security forces and an armed rebel group in the area.
No one had been reported hurt after shots were fired at a vehicle, but the main supply route to the world's second-biggest copper mine had been temporarily closed while the security situation was assessed, Freeport Indonesia spokesman Riza Pratama said in text message.


Independent Artist Of The Week: Two Steps On The Water "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Melbournes Two Steps on the Water is a powerful musical project that sticks with you long after the music stops, built on raw emotions, off-kilter lyrics and haunting string arrangements.

The folk-punk quartet already have two LPs under their belt, God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye (2016) and their sophomore album Sword Songs which was released in September via their very own label, Emotion Punk Records. Run by lead-singer June Jones, the labels name is very much aligned with their sound.

Jones ability to articulate her emotional experience through lyricism is not only poetic, but hugely moving. Notions of identity are beautifully explored, and its not a simple kind of beauty either its complex, confronting and cathartic.

Two Steps on the Waters latest release Hold Me sees swirling strings drift above gentle percussion, with honest vocals once again leading the way. If only baring your deepest darkest fears was always this easy on the ears.


Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!


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Pets, Airbnb and Management Rights: Strata policy challenges for the incoming Queensland Government "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

I am grateful for another guest post, this time from Dr Stephen Thornton of BG Economics. Views expressed are Stephens, and should not necessarily be attributed to me. GT

Pets, Airbnb and Management Rights: Strata policy challenges for the incoming Queensland Government

by Dr Stephen Thornton

The apartment construction boom in Queensland in the last few years has been astonishing and unprecedented. The number of strata lots is now quickly approaching 500,000, mostly apartments and townhouses (465K, October 2017). By 2020 around one million people in the state will call them home.

A strata review is being finalised by the QUT Commercial and Property Law Research Centre as part of a wider Queensland property law review commissioned by the former Newman government, with a number of recommendations recently made. Some of these recommendations go to procedural matters like the calling of AGMs, electronic communications and the like, while others are around by-laws and, importantly, scheme termination.

Given jobs and health budget savings are always high priorities, the incoming government should give serious consideration to one of the Centres recommendations around the keeping of pets. The recommendation would make it much less likely that pets would be banned in strata complexes, as it would limit the prohibition of pets to new buildings where the developer sets it as a by-law or if a body corporate adopts it by way of a resolution without dissent.

In my submission to the review (in which I argued that giving developers and bodies corporate the power to adopt no pet by-laws is contrary to Queenslands economic interests), I calculated that allowing pets in strata properties is likely to result in 1,000 new jobs in the longer term in Queenslands $1B $2B pet industry (currently estimated at 10,000+ jobs). Importantly, these new jobs would be in both high-skilled employment areas (e.g. vets, pathologists, radiologists) and lower skilled employment areas (e.g. retail stores, pet grooming, dog walking), and would be right across the state including high youth unemployment places like Townsville and Cairns.

In more recent work for the Mars Keep Australia Pet Friendly campaign, I have estimated the recurrent public healthcare savings due to pets for the Queensland budget to be $172 million annually (total Qld/federal public saving of $435M; total all state/federal public saving of $2B). More pets in strata properties would increase these savings.

However, there are a number of major issues not cover...


Reservoir West Fete "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Reservoir West Primary School Fete is next Saturday 18th November 1-7pm!

Hi, there lovely Newlanders,

Please come along to the 2017 RWPS twilight fete next weekend... there's  lots of fun to be had!! 

For more details:


Pauline Hanson - bad taste personified "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As part of One Nations 2017 Queensland state election campaign the tin-eared Pauline Hanson (who consistently supports Turnbull Government punitive social & economic policies in the Senate) has a so-called 'battler bus' on the road..


Is the NSW Berejiklian Government cruising for a bruising on the Clarence River? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It would appear that the Clarence Valley may be less than whole-heartedly enthusiastic about the NSW Berejiklian Coaltion Government's plans for the Port of Yamba.

Editor Bill North at The Daily Examiner, 25 October 2017, p.9:

Cruisin for a bruisin

ONCE again dollar-sign gazes are cast in the direction of the pristine Clarence River estuary.

The Future Transport 2056 strategy announced by the NSW Government yesterday is considering Coffs and Yamba as potential ports for international cruise ships.

But I think the suggestion of a cruise ship terminal at Yamba could turn into a shipwreck before the idea ever sets sail.

It harks back to the Eastgate Port proposal being pushed by developers which has ruffled feathers of residents, activist groups and politicians alike.

There are plenty of obstructions standing in the way of such a large scale development in the Clarence River.

Heavy dredging will be required to navigate the Yamba Bar, which happened to be the subject of a landmark native title claim for the Yaegl people in August.

Then where to build? The mind boggles when looking at aerial photographs of the Ya...

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Sunday, 12 November


Hello Hobart "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

For most domestic travel, and even some international, I can usually get by with carry-on luggage. A couple of pairs Continue Reading Hello Hobart


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


1. BBQ

Barbecues Galore "Down Under" 4 burner.  On with trolley with cabinet and hood and side-burner (uses bottled gas).

Much loved and still works well but regulator knob for burner 2 needs replacing.

2. Sony 24" Flat Screen TV
UK model but reconfigured by Jim's Antennas.  With Wintel digi-box for Australian use.



Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hello, can anyone recommend a good paver for a medium-sized job in Preston? 

To brick/pave a driveway and little patio.

Thanks for any tips!



Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hello neighbours!

We have been cleaning the shed and found some stuff that might be useful for someone renovating. We also are giving away 2 plywood drawers and we found a bike trailer attachment that we dont need anymore. It is for a Croozer trailer. 

Please note: The paints, epoxy and plasterboard stuff is take all or take none policy! :)

Text or call Juan 0415 453 840.



Sing Nowell Concert in Foster 17 November "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Fr. Aju Varghese, the Parish Council and parishioners of St Josephs Catholic Parish, Foster, cordially invite local residents and visitors to attend the inaugural concert of Music for Advent & Christmas, []

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Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi all,

Doing a big spring clean and want to give to a good home:

2 Kids bikes.

Women's mountain bike.


1) Papuan villagers near Freeport mine conflict zone are 'safe' despite unrest "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Indonesia delivers supplies to villages after Papua rebels' threat to Freeport

1) Papuan villagers near Freeport mine conflict zone are 'safe' despite unrest
NOVEMBER 12 2017 - 5:37PM

Amilia Rosa   Jewel Topsfield


StandUp Addressing Gender Violence Dec 8th "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

StandUp is an important resource for workplaces, sports clubs and community groups and members wanting to address gender violence.  Presented by Womens Health Loddon Mallee, this informative 90 mins workshop will provide tools to be an active bystander and an agent of change against gender violence.  It is free and a light lunch will be provided.  More details here.


Labors Plan a Win for the Reef #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today welcomed Labors commitment to support large scale renewable energy generation and solar and energy efficiency measures in schools. Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said that the future survival of the Great Barrier Reef depends on a rapid switch from coal to clean renewable energy. Over []

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HANSONS BATTLER BUS MADE WHERE? #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) has revealed that Pauline Hansons One Nation is using a campaign bus built by a company that offshored its manufacturing to Malaysia. The so-called Battler Bus was made by Quality Bus & Coach, a company that offshored its manufacturing work to Malaysia in 2003. AMWU Queensland State Secretary and []

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Who is that feasting on my threatened species? "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Here at Newstead Natives Nursery I am propagating Stiff Groundsel Senecio behrianus once thought to be extinct but identified by Bernie Robb from a Corop roadside circa 1992, creating much excitement. A few years ago Damien Cook brought me cuttings from various populations at Corop, Lake Boga and Ballaarat and they have grown easily and we are now trying to mix the genetics because each population does not have many different individuals.  When Damien came yesterday to get some plants for planting out we noticed this caterpillar on them which Damien knew was a Senecio Moth Nyctemera amicus. Senecio plants contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids which make the caterpillar unpleasant to taste and poisonous to birds which would otherwise attack it.

Senecio moth caterpillar on Senecio behrianus, 12 Nov 2017...


War Commemoration Porn: Remembrance Day Celebrations "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

The officials are called one by one to lay wreathes, a ceremony of mechanical efficiency.  With each laying comes the sense of wonder at how this could happen.  Political figures are the first to vote in parliaments and side with the executive when it comes to wars.  The temptations of human drives to tempt, and then succumb to death, were there long before Sigmund Freud identified them.

In the Australian capital, there were many wreaths, so many uniformed, deodorised dignitaries distant from the cries of battle and the horror of engineered slaughter.  There were the expected, the usual, the normal: the most medalled of them all, the Governor General, the various Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force.

There was the Chief Justice of the Australian High Court making her appearance.  There was even the ceremonial didgeridoo player.  Various associations also featured: those dealing with the incapacitated; the matter of war widows, the issue of legacies.  It seemed like a vast whos who of the military complex, which is exactly what it was.

The Australian response here is, in some ways, more tragic than most.  Retained, generally white Ghurkhas for imperial causes (there were those of other races in the Australian armed forces at points), they flitted between theatres to be slaughtered at the behest of not-so-grand strategies that mangled the word freedom and confused it for politics. In battle, such a word has little meaning, about as significant, in fact, as a wreath.  What matters is survival.

Across media networks, the word freedom was uttered as an automatic response, a genetically programmed insistence that the deaths of the Great War had been somehow necessary and, importantly, productive.

That disposition was sown by such figures as King George V, who had issued a request to the people of the British Empire to suspend ordinary activities for two minutes on the hour of the armistice which stayed the worldwide carnage of the four preceding years and marked the victory of Right and Freedom.

In 1997, the Australian Governor-General, Sir William Deane, proclaimed that November 11 be deemed Remembrance Day, insisting that a minutes silence be observed at 11 am on November 11 each year, a pause to reflect, more broadly, sacrifices made by the Australian armed forces.

Modern representatives of this view abound, and they are, unsurprisingly, effusive in the veterans organisations.  There were the remarks, for instance, of Richard Embleton from the Geelong Returned and Services League, who reflected on the tens of thousands of wool poppies laid out before Melbournes Shrine of Remembrance.  You only have to look around Australia [to see] how free we are and how important it is.




Andrew Blanch Sydney Opera House "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Promotional video for classical guitarist Andrew Blanch. Featured on Sydney Opera House Website.


The Tarkeeth Tapes Interviews on Bellingens Radio 2bbb "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Residents of Bellingen Shire have been protesting for almost two years against the aggressive forestry harvesting practices employed by Forestry Corporation New South Wales in the Tarkeeth Sate Forest.  The following is an on-line record and archive of interviews, videos and media coverage.

  1. Adele Hemphill talks to Bunda of 2bbb about the fires that have shrouded Bellingen in toxic smoke. 10th  November 2017

2. Adele Hemphill talks to Bunda about her forest neighbour from hell. 17th March 2017

3. Bellingen barrister John Carty talked to 2bbbs Leo Bradney-George about the trials of the Tarkeeth Three, and particularly,  the acquittal of the Tarkeeth Two at Coffs Harbour courthouse on March 2nd 2017. 10th March 2017

4. Prior to the trial of the Tarkeeth Three on 17th January 2017, forest protector Sean Maigh talked to Leo Bradney-George about the Tarkeeth Forest and its defenders.

5. Paul Hemphill talks to Leo Bradney-George about an upcoming recital in the Tarkeeth Forest by acclaimed bandurist Victor Mishalow. 28th November 2016

The interviews are followed by a compendium, an archive, indeed,  of videos and media coverage of the Tarkeeth Forest protests.

See also on this blog:



blue (haiku) "IndyWatch Feed"

shades of blue dreaming of Amalfi waking to rain  


MEDIA RELEASE: Labors Plan a Win for the Reef and Renewables "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today welcomed Labors commitment to support large scale renewable energy generation and solar and energy efficiency measures in schools.

Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said that the future survival of the Great Barrier Reef depends on a rapid switch from coal to clean renewable energy.

Over the past two summers, 49% of shallow water corals died on the Great Barrier Reef due by climate change, driven mainly by the burning of coal and gas.

Our Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. The biggest threat to its survival is climate change. The solution is solar and wind power.

Its not too late to save our Reef but time is fast running out. Thats why AMCS today welcomes the commitment today to push ahead with a clean energy future for Queensland.

Labors policy announcement is good for our Reef and good for regional jobs.

Labors policy stands in stark contrast to the LNPs support for a new coal fired power station in North Queensland.

The LNP should drop support for new coal fired power and embrace a plan for a rapid switch to renewable energy to protect Queenslands and Australias greatest natural asset.

A new coal fired power station will add to the danger facing our Reef. It shows a complete disregard for the 64,000 jobs that depend on a healthy Reef.

The vast majority of Queenslanders support solar not coal. Its time the LNP renounced its addiction to coal and embraced a future for our Reef and renewables, Ms Zethoven said.



Eat It - 12 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

On a cracking Melbourne afternoon we spoke to Mitchell Horrocks about his time and work in Uganda. He first travelled to Africa in high school, and since then learned about their disease problems due to unclean drinking water. But every problem is a solution waiting to happen, so Mitchell has designed an apparatus that can sit on an existing cooking setup and purify water at the same time. Have a look at his crowd-sourcing page here.

Heston Blumenthal is one of the most influential chefs of our time, and his "right hand man" - and Dinner by Heston Executive Chef - Ashley Palmer-Watts joined us in the studio to talk about running restaurants in different continents. We spoke about his Fat Duck journey, the logistics of setting up Dinner in Melbourne, and the awesome gin they created based on a trip from Perth to Margaret River.


With a UN Seat, Australia Needs to Rectify Indigenous Injustice "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Australia won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on October 17. One of the five pillars of the Australian campaign for a position on the leading human rights body was a pledge to improve the rights of Indigenous peoples. This commitment applies at both the international and domestic level.

The post With a UN Seat, Australia Needs to Rectify Indigenous Injustice appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Berwick 18-year-old charged following fatal hit-run, aggravated burglary "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

An 18-year-old Berwick man has been charged following an aggravated burglary and fatal hit-run collision on Wednesday.


Couples Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi Newlanders,

W are looking for couples who are pregnant, have recently become parents or who are planning to start a family to be a part of our pilot workshop!

We are two mummas who are passionate about supporting couples to face the changes and challenges of new parenthood with less stress, and more ease and confidence.
We found that most antenatal education was focused solely on the birth, not inclusive of partners and did not take into account the emotional and relationship changes that can cause enormous stress. 

We want to change that. 

This is the stuff they don't teach you in antenatal classes!


Sonorous Circle "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


For those willing to cross thresholds: STARLESS - an exciting new frontier of multi-sensory live...


Zumba "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



Looking for a fun way to work up a sweat? 

Bust a move to some cool Salsa, Brazilian Funk, Dancehall, Pop, Merengue, Reggaeton tracks.

Enjoyable and energetic routines, high intensity but freedom to go at your own pace. 

Friendly, welcoming environment - we'd love for you to join! 

When? Monday 7.30pm
            Saturday 10am

Where? Gym at corner of Gilbert Road and Henty Street (opposite 7 Eleven)

Cost? $6 per (or 10 pass for $50)

Feel free to contact Laura if you have any questions: 0401 482 188.


Special Events "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Special Events | Coming up at Coburg Community Houses
View this email in your browser


I am the mother the Australian Government would rather forget "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

How do you follow a start to an article that says the following? From the Sydney Morning Herald comes this paragraph: I am the mother that the Australian government would rather forget. My daughter Mia was killed in a stabbing attack almost a year ago in a backpacker hostel in far north Queensland, while she []


Qld Greens policies would increase State Govt spending by $8-9BN p.a. "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Queenslands Deputy Premier Jackie Trad is under threat of losing her seat of South Brisbane to the Greens candidate Amy MacMahon, who is benefiting politically from a range of utopian policies disconnected from economic reality (see Fridays Courier-Mail on the political situation in South Brisbane). I first heard about the Greens proposed $1 public transport fares policy while waiting in the green room of ABC Studios at the same time Ms MacMahon was on air discussing the policy with Steve Austin, who would interview me later that morning. Obviously this would be a very costly policy and one without economic merit, especially given the large subsidies already provided to public transport by the Queensland Government. But the $1 public transport fares policy would represent just a fraction of the total cost that Greens policies would impose on Queensland taxpayers.

Based on my interpretation of the policies currently presented, Greens policies could increase total annual Queensland Government expenditure by an incredible $8-9 billion or 13-14% (see chart below). Of course, this is unlikely to ever happen, given the Greens couldnt possibly win government in their own right, but it is interesting to consider what a Greens budget would look like.



Whoops! Healthy Harold Didnt Warn Kids About Ice as he Didnt Think it Was That Good "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Healthy Harold has copped an unadulterated roasting today after admitting he didnt bother warning 1990s and 00s kids about ice because he never enjoyed it that much, so he thought it wouldnt catch on.

This isnt the first time Harolds underestimated a drug he was famously transformed into an enormous giraffe puppet after drinking bong water at a school fete yet with more than 92 per cent of Australians addicted to ice, its certainly his biggest goof.

Mate, to tell you the truth, I didnt think it was that strong a high, Harold said. The frisbee-sized pingers you could get on the rave scene at the time were where it was at. You needed to sit down and eat them with a knife and fork.

Harold said that if hes fired over the blunder, hes cooked up a few ideas about things he can do with the van.


Red-caps at Cairn Curran "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

While Ive yet to encounter any migratory waders at Cairn Curran this season the locals are a highlight of most visits. Pairs of Black-fronted Dotterels and Red-capped Plovers are scattered around the shoreline, especially in the flatter areas where the receding water is creating ideal feeding habitat. Not all the adults are in full breeding glory yet the first male pictured below is slightly more resplendent than the second male.

Red-capped Plover (male), Cairn Curran, 10th November 2017


New Island Cafe ~ Tsim Sha Tsui - Hong Kong "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

If you've ever got the airport bus or taxi into Kowloon you may have seen this lovely old sign for New Island Cafe on Canton Road, opposite all the new fandangle hotels and shopping centres. Well the groovy retro looking signage just made us want head upstairs. We find it's your typical Hong Kong cafe. We do our usual meal reconnaissance and glance around other tables to see what's


November Verse 5 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

I phoned Peter Duttons ministerial office (02 6277 7860) to plead for a change of heart on the men currently in dire circumstances on Manus Island. The person I spoke to heard me out and thanked me for my input. I asked if hed written it down. Silence. I asked if any of my concerns would be passed on to the Minister. He said, I have listened to you and know what you said. I wont comment on the internal workings of this office. Democracy in action.

I do feel for the people who have to face the public on Peter Duttons behalf and hear repeatedly that their boss is committing crimes against humanity. I also feel for the members of the cabinet who are obliged to go out and spout cruel absurdities in support of their party line on this and other subjects, as in this clip from the Today Show in 10 November. Heres a little verse in response:

Verse 5: Christopher Pyne on the TV
Those men on Manus now are squatters,
he said, face straight as his can be.
Our government arent beastly rotters.
That squalid camp we now can see
has been closed down. The men have choices.
If they ignored the lefty voices
theyd pack their bags and quietly go
back home or to East Lorengau,
or to the US. Worlds their oyster.
Their fates no longer up to us,
so, bleeding hearts, please stop your fuss.
A saintly monk, safe in his cloister,
recites the creed, averts his eyes,
and shuts his heart, acts unco wise.

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Green infrastructure to future-proof Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A team of UNSW research students are urging regulators to properly consider green infrastructure natural drainage, tree canopies and green walls when setting charges for new property developments. A review by Masters of Urban Policy students found that a new approach to green infrastructure that involves better funding and regulation is essential to []

The post Green infrastructure to future-proof Sydney appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Some questions for Cameron Murray #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Cameron Murray of the Sustainable Australia party. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I have been []

The post Some questions for Cameron Murray #qldvotes appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Some questions for Karel Boele #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

As part of the Westenders election coverage, we have sent each candidate a list of questions regarding their policies, philosophy and voting intentions. Here is the response of Karel Boele of People Decide. What do you think makes you personally qualified to represent the residents of the South Brisbane electorate? I believe I am the []

The post Some questions for Karel Boele #qldvotes appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Candidate Profile Amy MacMahon for the Greens #qldvotes "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Ive worked as a social researcher, teacher, carer, and community worker. Ive just finished my PhD looking at climate change adaptation in Bangladesh. Im a long-term renter living in Woolloongabba, and I went to school at Brisbane State High. Our political system is stacked in favour of big business, and Ive seen the effects that []

The post Candidate Profile Amy MacMahon for the Greens #qldvotes appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Terrorism and Climate Change in Perspective "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Temperature Anomalies Australia first week October 2015

The crimes and threats of terrorism often dominate the mainstream media in Australia. From the horrific beheadings by ISIS to the murder of journalists in Paris the publicity of these events engenders a certain amount of fear across the country. This fear is easily exploited by cynical politicians who use scare campaigns to maintain their hold on government. But these threats are illusory and the real threat the various disastrous ramifications of climate change is hidden on page 12 of the news or not even mentioned at all.

To put the issues in perspective the total fatalities from terrorist crimes in Australia over the last 100 years, depending on how you define terrorism and excluding actions of the criminally insane, is a handful. This hardly compares with the fact that between 2000 and 2016 there were 35 fatalities in Australia from snakebite. In 2015 alone there were 3000 suicides, 1209 road fatalities, 4 deaths from lightning strikes and 2 from german measles. Thus the chances of you being a victim of a terrorist attack in Australia are exceedingly small. You are far more likely to be struck by lightning or bitten by a snake.

On the other hand some of the effects of climate change, including floods, drought and heatwaves, are already causing substantial fatalities around the globe. The civil war in Syria, for instance, grew out of the worst drought in its history. This extreme weather event was almost certainly exacerbated by climate change. But in Australia it is almost certainly heatwaves (and their more visible and often associated bushfires) that are currently causing the most damage to life and property.

In his Atmosphere of Hope (Text, 2015) Tim Flannery wrote: it was only with the arrival of the twenty-first century that our shifting climate began to influence heatwaves strongly. Humanitys first intimation of just how great a threat to health heatwaves could become arrived in the summer of 2003. Europes summer in that year was the hottest since records began in 1540. In France he noted there were 15,000 heat-related deaths and that these heatwaves could become the norm by mid-century.

A Doctors for the Environment pam...


Documenting Life "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Light catching your sons dinner. The steam absolutely mesmerizing as you know it will last fleetingly, just as that particular tilt of the afternoon sun will do. Friends stopping to chat. Really chat. Seed saving. Slowly wrinkling up, ready for Continue reading


Helen Garner celebrates 50 years of writing with appearance in Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Writers Festival is delighted to present a special evening with one of Australias greatest writers and long-time Festival favourite, Helen Garner, appearing in conversation with Matthew Condon at Byron Theatre on Wednesday 6 December.

In her first appearance in Byron Bay since 2004, this much-loved literary star will share an intimate retrospective of her writing life, spanning 50 years of work from her Australian classic Monkey Grip, to the brilliant literary true crime book This House of Grief.

Were delighted to welcome Helen Garner back to Byron for this incredibly special occasion. Not only will we be celebrating 50 years of writing achievements, but also the 75th birthday of a remarkable woman whose talent reminds us all too often of the power of literature, said Byron Writers Festival Director Edwina Johnson.

To coincide with the event, Garner will be marking her 75th birthday with the release of two stunning hardback editions of collected works, True Stories and Stories.

True Stories brings together the essays, stories and diary entries that mirror a life Helen Garners own, and of every one of us who has succeeded, failed, dreamed and loved. The result is a wise, funny and clear-eyed encyclopedia of human emotions.

Stories gathers the stories in Postcards from Surfers with previously uncollected pieces. Delving into the complexities of love and longing, of the pain, darkness and joy of life, each story is told with Garners characteristic sharpness of observation, honesty and humour. Together they showcase Garners sublime mastery of form.

Over the decades, many have attempted to pigeonhole Helen Garners workdoes she write faction, memoir or non-fiction? Is it journalism? One thing is certain; these collections unequivocally show above all else that the work of this astounding Australian writer is simply literature of the highest calibre.

About the author
Helen Garner is an award-winning author of novels, stories, screenplays and works of non-fiction. In 2006 she received the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Literature. Her novel The Spare Room, published in 2008, won the Victorian Premiers Literary Award for Fiction, the Queensland Premiers Award for Fiction and the Barbara Jefferis Award, and has been translated into many languages. This House of Grief won the 2016 WA Premiers Prize and was named Best True Crime book in the 2015 Ned Kelly Awards. In 2016 Helen Garner was awarded the Windham-Campbell Prize for Non-Fiction

Event details

50 Years of Writing with Helen Garner
Helen Garner in conversation with Matthew Condon. Presented by Byron Writers Festival...


1) Police, Military Prioritize Negotiation with Papua Insurgent "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Speaker of the Papua House: do not sacrifice the people
3) Indonesia to storm Papua rebel villages
4) Concerning Residents Held Hostage in Papua, House Commission I Urges TNI to Act Immediately

SATURDAY, 11 NOVEMBER, 2017 | 18:00 WIB
1) Police, Military Prioritize Negotiation with Papua Insurgent



MACKAY Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries

November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

A CHILD was allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted and left in a critical condition after police say she was set upon by her mothers boyfriend in a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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The growing list of federal parliamentarians found to have been ineligible to stand due to breaches of Sec 44 of the Australian Constitution "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

1. Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlum first elected 2007, resigned from parliament admitting dual citizenship 14.7.2017, High Court ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship 27.10.17

2. Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Joy Waters first elected 2010, resigned from parliament admitting dual citizenship 18.7.17, High Court ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship 27.10.17

3. Liberal MP for New England Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce first elected 2004, refused to resign from parliament, High Court ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship 27.10.27

4. Liberal Senator for NSW Fiona Joy Nash first elected 2004, refused to resign from parliament, High Court ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship 27.10.27

5. One Nation Senator Malcolm Ieuen Roberts first elected 2016, refused to resign from parliament, High Court ruled ineligible due to dual citizenship 27.10.17

6. Liberal Senator for Tasmania Stephen Shane Parry first elected 2004, resigned from parliament admitting dual citizenship on or about 2.11.17



Melbourne, Austrlia: Relatos sobre o Dia de Ao para xs Refugiadxs na Ilha de Manus "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

08.11.17: RISE: Refugee Survivors and ex-Detainees pediram um Dia de Ao, em 07 de novembro, em solidariedade com xs mais de 600 refugiadxs que atualmente so presxs dentro do antigo centro de deteno do governo australiano na Ilha Manus, em Papu Nova Guin. O governo australiano prendeu xs homens em Manus como parte de sua desprezvel poltica de deteno obrigatria para todos xs refugiadxs que tentaram entrar nos territrios australianos por barco.

O centro de deteno foi oficialmente fechado pelo governo australiano e todos os servios essenciais foram cortados, incluindo gua e eletricidade. A polcia e os militares de Papu Nova Guin tm impedido que alimentos e outros itens essenciais entrem no centro de deteno. O governo australiano est se recusando a assumir qualquer
responsabilidade ou obrigao de cuidar dxs refugiadxs e bloqueou ativamente outros pases de aceit-lxs, insistindo que xs homens devem se deslocar para um novo centro que foi construdo em Manus. Este centro no seguro nem est equipado para atender s necessidades dxs refugiadxs que tm medo de serem atacadxs por pessoas que no querem xs refugiadxs em suas comunidades. Como resultado desta situao, xs 600 homens se recusam a deixar o centro de deteno australiano e pediram comunidade internacional para intervir e ajud-los. As condies dentro do centro de deteno so sombrias sem comida, sem gua, sem esgoto, sem eletricidade e sem instalaes mdicas.

O Dia de Ao foi convocado para 07 de novembro para coincidir com a anual Melbourne Cup, um evento de corrida de cavalos internacional de alto padro, para gerar a mxima publicidade. Em Narrm/Melbourne, xs ativistas responderam ao chamado com uma srie diversificada de aes



ACTU claims that Turnbull Government's changes to the superannuation industry will make it easier for employers to steal workers' superannuation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), media release, 1 November 2017:

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has warned that the governments changes to the superannuation industry will make it easier for employers to steal workers superannuation, in addition to giving the big banks access to workers super.

Independent research shows that $5.6 billion of super is unpaid every year, causing millions of Australians financial security to be placed in jeopardy. Jim Stanford - Director of  the Centre for Future Work, reported that wage suppression and unpaid super could result in workers being short-changed $100bn by the time they retire.

Unions are warning that this will increase with the governments changes, as it will make it harder for unions to ensure employers are paying workers' super.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President, Ged Kearney:

Ensuring workers super is paid to the default industry fund is a difficult job for workers and their unions. Too many employers are trying to get away with avoiding their obligations already. Opening this up to allow in the banks will make it harder to ensure workers are paid properly. 

The governments changes will mean that workers super payments will be accessible to the big banks, and that as a result, it will be harder to ensure employers are paying workers their super.

By removing single fund provisions from bargaining arrangements, the government is attacking peoples chance of a di...


Here is the man Trump and his supporters have been calling a low-ranking volunteer, a coffee boy - since Papadopoulos' plea deal was revealed "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Salon, 1 November 2017:

The credibility of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been called into serious question after the Justice Department unsealed a plea deal taken by a former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump's campaign.

The documents revealed that former adviser George Papadopoulos attended a "national security meeting in Washington D.C.," on March 31, 2016, along with Trump, Sessions and others. In that meeting, Papadopoulos "introduced himself," and explicitly stated "in sum and substance, that he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and [Russian] President Putin."

Trump tweeted a picture of the meeting the day it occurred, and he, as well as Sessions, sat at opposite heads of the table. Papadopoulos is pictured to the left of Sessions in the middle of the table.


2RDJ WINS AWARD "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2RDJ-FM was  named the Most Outstanding Small Station in the CBAA 2017 national community radio awards at a ceremony on the Gold Coast on 11 November.


Program Co-ordinator Tina King-Garde accepted the award on behalf of the station paying tribute to the work of the Board who do so much with so little.


The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved with Radio 2RDJ on air and behind the scenes.


We thank our listeners for tuning in and all those who support us.


Community radio, by the community for the community.  2RDJ-FM the voice of Sydneys Inner-West


The post 2RDJ WINS AWARD appeared first on Radio 2RDJ FM 88.1.

Saturday, 11 November


Interfaith Meet: Catholic, Muslim Scholars Cite Hope "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Participants in the November 8, 2017, 4th Catholic-Muslim Forum noted with satisfaction significant convergences between their respective traditions, according to the statement released November 10, 2017, following the conference. Such convergences constitute a motive of hope not only for Christians and Muslims but for all, favouring a meaningful collaboration for the promotion of integral human ... Read more...


My, what big feet you have! "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Getting a good look at the water birds which inhabit the vegetative fringe of dams is fraught with difficulty. Although they are often seen foraging in the pastures around a dam, the mere slight of a human will send them scurrying out of view into the reeds. This is particularly true of their chicks. This []

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