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Monday, 17 September


Predator vs. Predator vs. Predator vs. Predator The Loop

If I ever had a movie franchise guilty pleasure, the Predator movies would qualify. Citizen Kane they aint.

Read this on The Loop



No helmets, no problem: how the Dutch created a casual biking culture The Loop

The difference in attitude between bicycle riders in Europe in general and Holland specifically is in marked contrast to bikers in North America where they are often seen as an inconvenience to cars.

Read this on The Loop

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Sunday, 16 September


Kellyanne Conways Husband Rips Trump Over His Bizarre Tweet About Obama Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

Donald Trump, who has told thousands of lies since taking the oath of office, continued his obsession with former President Barack Obama by lashing out at his predecessor on Saturday for his 2008 comment in which he accidentally said he visited 57 states during his presidential campaign. Trump tweeted about Obama at around 11:30 at night while a hurricane was barreling down on North Carolina. White House Counselor Kellyanne Conways husband weighed in to clap back at Trump by highlighting the current presidents proclivity for lying.

When President Obama said that he has been to 57 States, very little mention in Fake News Media. Can you imagine if I said thatstory of the year! Trump tweeted on Friday.

George Conway wrote that theres huge difference between Trump and Obama. Needless to say, theres a huge difference between an isolated slip of the tongue and ceaseless, shameless, and witless prevarication on virtually all topics, large and small, he tweeted.

Conway might find himself sleeping on the couch tonight because his wife told The Washington Post in August that she finds her husbands criticism of Trump to be disrespectful to her.

I think its disrespectful, she told the Post. I think it disrespects his wife.

I fee...


Judge Jeanine Blasts Sen Feinstein , 2373 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

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State AG's - Break Up Google & Facebook?, 2372 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Discount Tool Set - Click NOW on: Good morning, Im still reporting on: State AG's - Break Up Google & Facebook?, 2372 Synopsis: Sessions alert. Woo, woo! Attorney General Jeff Sessions has invited 24 State Attorney Generals to a meeting to discuss breaking up Google and Facebook. The meeting will take place at the Justice Department on Tuesday, Sept. 25 to discuss whether social media companies are violating anti-trust laws following the recent congressional testimony of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. According to a report in PJ Media on Thursday, reported by Tyler ONeal, originally, only state AGs from 5 conservative states were invited to talk about a coordinated investigation earlier this year, however, an additional 19 have asked to attend from across the political spectrum. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Trade Genius Academy. Learn To Profit Everyday In the markets! Click Here - - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Discount Tool Set - Click NOW on: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https:...


Joe DiGenova - FBI's Top Lawyer Has Flipped "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: Good morning, Im still reporting on: Joe DiGenova - FBI's Top Lawyer Has Flipped Synopsis: Yes, finally, justice is about to be restored. Indictments are coming out of the newly revealed federal grand jury. Last night, Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, revealed that the former top lawyer for the FBI, James Baker, has flipped and is now testifying for the government and against those who participated in the Deep State coup dtat attempt. Yesterday, diGenova revealed the existence of this grand jury and said that it is charged with rooting out the conspiracy among the FBI and Justice Department during the 2016 presidential election and for the first months of the Trump administration. Forget about whatever the fake news outlets are trying to sell to their audience. This is the leading edge of what will be known as this generations Watergate. However, this is investigation is not leading to the downfall of a president. Joe diGenova believas that indictments and arrests of top FBI and Justice Department officials are coming. [insert up to Laura or a special counsel.] SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Trade Genius Academy. Learn To Profit Everyday In the markets! Click Here - - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Discount Tool Set - Click NOW on: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former n...


It was a CIA deception operation, 2370b "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Good evening, Im still reporting on: It was a CIA deception operation, 2370b Synopsis: According to Fox News investigative reporter Sara Carter, 50,000 more text messages between FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page will be coming out next week. But what is already crystal clear that this anti-Trump effort was either a CIA or an old KGB-style disinformation/deception operation from the beginning to try to unseat the new president from power nothing less than a coup dtat. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Trade Genius Academy. Learn To Profit Everyday In the markets! Click Here - - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Discount Tool Set - Click NOW on: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://www.fac...


Syria Thwarts New Batch of Israeli Missiles Heading for Damascus Airport "IndyWatch Feed War"



Syrian Army air defenses have intercepted several Israeli missiles over Damascus International Airport, state news agency SANA reported, citing a military source.
Our air defense systems thwarted an Israeli missile aggression, the source said. A SANA reporter meanwhile reported sounds of explosions in the vicinity of the airport.
Syrian air defenses downed several projectiles fired by Israel near Damascus airport on Saturday night, Syrian state media reported.
"Our air defences responded to an Israeli missile attack on Damascus international airport and shot down a number of hostile missiles," Syrian state news agency SANA cited a military source as saying, which gave no immediate report of casualties or

Several powerful explosions occurred in Damascus at 9:50 p.m. (6:50 GMT) on Saturday.

According to AFP, this month Israel acknowledged having carried out over 200 strikes inside Syria over the past 18 months, mainly against Iranian targets. Syrian state media last re...


Kurds refuse to take part in polls in first local elections in Syria since 2011 "IndyWatch Feed War"


Kurdish-led self-administration declines to allow polling to take place, saying it wants a federal Syria that respects its autonomy from Damascus


Maybe things havent changed all that much since 1961 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Guess who has Trumps endorsement in a Michigan senate race? This guy, thats who.

Speaking at a mens-only event earlier this year, Michigan Republican John James questioned womens capacity for leadership, alleging that women want men who have been tested and that men had a charge to lead.

We have an obligation to future generations to make sure that we are operating within the role that we have to lead. And yes that is not politically correct, but men we have a charge to lead and we are failing in that because we are afraid to hurt someones feelings, James said at the Christian Businessmens Connection luncheon in Bath, Mich., on May 24.

Christian Businessmen? Enough said.


Our empire is coming to an end, says Ron Paul "IndyWatch Feed War"

Former Congressman Ron Paul weighed in on the actions of the United States as it struggles to preserve its empire, and how Russia gets scapegoated in this process [some textual corrections made]: The US effort to preserve its global dominance is a costly endeavor based on threats and keeping the American people in the dark []


SHOUTING ABOUT the New Mexico Islamist Cult "IndyWatch Feed War"

From left to right: Cult member Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Jr., the dead three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj and cult member Lucas Morton. From left to right: Cult member Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Jr., the dead three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj and cult member Lucas Morton.

Five adults were indicted last week for unspeakable crimes they allegedly committed in an Islamist cult in New Mexico on American soil. Why arent more people up in arms and shouting about this case?

There are dozens of things we could say about this but heres our top-five for now:

 Where is the media on this? Fox News we salute you for your interest and constant reporting. Local media also deserves commending for pushing this story. Where was the rest of the media? After all were talking about a compound in Taos, New Mexico on the Colorado border, where pretty gruesome crimes were committed, exorcisms performed and a three-year-old child found dead.

This was an Islamist cult. Theres no other way of looking at it. All the evidence points in that direction. Its totally puzzling why, when certain media chose to give this story fleeting coverage, this fact was omitted. Political correctness again?

There are Islamist compounds across the United States. It is remarkable how few people know that there are compounds under the purview of a Pakistani terrorist being run across the U.S. The Mu...


Berto Jongman: Tamsin Shaw on Edward Snowden "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Edward Snowden Reconsidered

Snowden, by his own account, came to warn us that we were all being watched, guilty and innocent alike, with no legal justification.

It has been a long five years, and not a period marked by increased understanding, transparency, or control of our personal data. In these years, weve learned much more about how Big Tech was not only sharing data with the NSA but collecting vast troves of information about us for its own purposes. And weve started to see the strategic ends to which Big Data can be put. In that sense, were only beginning to comprehend the full significance of Snowdens disclosures.

Read full article.


Voting Your Faith-- Christians Also Know They Have To Pick The Lesser Of Two Evils "IndyWatch Feed"

Carolinians, have no fear-- help is on the way

Relevant Magazine is a bimonthly Christian lifestyle magazine read primarily by people in their 20s and 30s. The mission of the magazine and website is to explore the intersection of faith and pop culture., under the umbrella of "God, life, and progressive culture." Based just outside of Orlando, their latest issue carries a piece that asks the question How Should Christians Vote?.

91% of the members of Congress, they write, professes to be Christian-- 99% of the Republicans and 80% of the Democrats. "What," they ask, does that actually mean?"And they go right to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to find the answer!
In a column she wrote for Jesuit magazine America, she explained that it was her Catholic faith and the teachings of Christ that led her to run, partly on a platform of criminal justice reform: Innocence, in its mercy, partly excuses us from having to fully reckon with the spiritual gifts of forgiveness, grace and redemption at the heart of the Catechism: I believe in the forgiveness of sins.



Universal Basic Income: Is This The Crypto End Game? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Universal Basic Income: Is This The Crypto End Game? By Michael Kern  Safe Haven Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an idea which has been gaining speed in recent years. In essence, it is an unconditional income for each and every person...

The post Universal Basic Income: Is This The Crypto End Game? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Z-Wave and Emacs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ive had a 433-MHz-based home automation system (i.e., light switches) for quite some time. It works kinda OK. That is, Im able to switch the lights on and off, which is the main point.

But, man, the range of 433MHz devices sucks, including all Telldus models. Ive been able to overcome the problems by having transmitters all over the apt, but getting wall-mounted light switches to work with any kind of reliability has proven impossible.

The problem is that the protocol is just inherently unreliable: It just sends commands out into the ether, and doesnt have any replay logic or ACKs going on.

But theres newer (but also old) tech available, and 433MHz devices are disappearing from the stores, and the winning protocol is Z-Wave.

So I got a Z-Stick:

Its a nice device: You plug it in and it shows up as either /tty/USBx or /tty/ACMx (depending on the model, but it makes no difference), and you talk to it by squirting some bytes at it.

I had expected the protocol to be really well-defined and open, but its a proprietary protocol that people have been reverse-engineering for years, which led me to believe that there surely would be a nice repository somewh...


A note on the International Brigades /// Simone Weil in Spain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Back in April, it was announced that The Wire creator David Simon plans series based on Spanish civil war, one which will follow the adventures of the Abraham Lincoln and George Washington battalions and their contributions to the International Brigades. Continue reading


Why a Divided America is Collapsing "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What Happens When a Society Makes Capitalists Superpeople, but Average People Unpeople?

Heres a tiny, funny, striking observation. Corporations became people in the 1890s. But many human beings in America didnt start to become people until the 1970s. Intermarriage, for example, was illegal until 1967. When I put history that way, does American collapse begin to suddenly snap into much sharper focus?

Lets think about it. Intuitively, you probably already understand why. Such a foolish mistake would mean that corporationsmore precisely, the capitalists who owned themwould grow supremely wealthy and powerful. But the average person wouldnt. Society wouldnt develop towards prosperity for all people. Instead, something like a tripartite caste society would develop. Capitalistsa very small number of themat the very top, the bourgeoisie. The average person, the prole, in the middle. And below them, vast numbers of people who were not really people at allneither proles nor bourgeoisie, but something less even than proles.

Corporations became people in a clever legal trickbasically, to evade taxes. And over the years, their powers expand and multiplied, quite naturally, as their money did. So now America has a strange and bizarre situation where corporations are super-people. They have powers actual people dontand cant. They can be in infinite places at once. They know where you live and track your moods and your emotions and thoughts. And they dont have to pay taxes or live in the country and so forth. Actual people are puny things compared to corporate people. But corporate people are just legal and social fictions which represent capitalists. (In Europe, though, corporations are not people not in remotely the same way as in Americaand so such a class does not really exist, a point Ill return to.)

America, if we think about it carefully, has a class structure that no other society in the world hasor has ever had, apart from possibly ancient Rome. Three classes. One: bourgeoisies, capitalists, superpeople. Two: people granted personhood, proles. Three, unpeople, those without personhoodsomething lower than proles. Capitalists, the bourgeois, are super people. Average people are peopleproles. But many people are still not people at allmaybe they are legally, but those rights are not enforced very well, because norms and values do not consider them real people, not having had enough time to really develop to that point.

Think of how black people regularly get shot at traf...


Rebecca Campbell: ET UFO Disclosure Soon? Why Seven Solar Observatories Closed? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Worth a full read.  Photos leaked. Disclosure inevitable?

6 More Solar Observatories Closed and This Could Be The Reason

It has become known that 6 more Solar Observatories (Australia, Chile, Spain, Hawaii (2), and Pennsylvania) have been shutdown: We note that all these solar/space cams down at the same time as the Solar Observatory in New Mexico.


Youll Never Believe This Teachers 9/11 Class "IndyWatch Feed War"

Retired New York City firefighter Bruce Stanley holds a portrait of his late friend Liam Smith Jr., a New York City firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks, during a commemoration ceremony in New York City on Sept. 11, 2018 (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)Retired New York City firefighter Bruce Stanley holds a portrait of his late friend Liam Smith Jr., a New York City firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks, during a commemoration ceremony in New York City on Sept. 11, 2018 (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A teacher in New Jersey decided to change the 9/11 class on the recent anniversary of the terrorist attack. Instead of learning about Islamist terrorism, a group of six-graders at Glen Meadow Middle School in Vernon were taught a made-up story about Islamophobia and a Muslim child being bullied.

Listen to Clarion Project Editor Meira Svirsky weigh in on the controversy:


Education or Indoctrination? Islam in Our Schools



Weekend stable kernel updates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 4.18.8, 4.14.70, 4.9.127, and 4.4.156 stable kernels have been released. Each contains a relatively large set of important fixes and updates.


too much education fogs the mind up too much "IndyWatch Feed National"

Three Australian women in 1961 ponder the question, Is education a waste of time for married women?

I like how even the woman arguing for the utility of education explains how modern women can get all their household chores done in the morning, leaving them free for the afternoon, until the children get home. She still has a few shackles to break, I think.


Judge Jeanine: To Dems, youre guilty until proven innocent (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Judge Jeanine: To Dems, youre guilty until proven innocent Video Fox News Senator Feinsteins handling of Kavanaugh letter shows complete disregard for truth, justice and the American way. Video Source

The post Judge Jeanine: To Dems, youre guilty until proven innocent (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Coleys Dramatic Cancer Cures, Part 3: Obituary of Helen Coley Nauts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Helen Coley Nauts tries unsuccessfully to sell her wares to Dr Lloyd Old of Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

So far this series presented two dramatic cures by the use of Coleys toxins. One was in 1893 and the other in 1901. Many more will be presented, and one unsuccessful attempt by Coley..

Let me say where this series is headed. In one sense, its not headed anywhere the case histories have value on their own and they may open the possibility to a revival of that particular treatment.

In keeping with many of my themes at GumshoeNews, however, this series is also headed toward a claim that Coleys cure was suppressed, in order that more people would die of cancer. Indeed I think millions have died needlessly of cancer.

In my review of 18 cures for cancer, in Consider the Lilies (2013), I named two successful curers who I think knowingly participated in the suppression of their excellent work. One was Dr Thomas Glover whose cure was a serum; the other was Dr William Coley (1862-1936) whose cure came from bacterias production of toxins.

Coley and Glover may have been sent on a mission to find their cures by yet an earlier scientist whose name we do not know. That is to say, I do not necessarily accept the legend as to how Coley happened upon his cure. It may be true or apocryphal....


Ellen Brown: Central Banks Gone Rogue Rigging Markets "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ellen Brown

Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk

central banks are now buying individual stocks as investments, with a preference for big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Those are the stocks that dominate the market, and central banks are aggressively driving up their value. Markets, including the U.S. stock market, are thus literally being rigged by foreign central banks.

Read full article.


Pope Francis and the Battle over Cultural Terrain "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Gary Olson, September 14, 2018, via CounterPunch [W]e should not be fooled: Much of the organized opposition to Francis has nothing to do with how we care for the divorced and remarried. It is this, his trenchant critique of modern capitalism that keeps money flowing to conservative outlets intent on marginalizing what the pope says. Michael Sean Williams, The National Catholic Reporter, 10/29/17. So far, we have the still unsubstantiated allegations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan that Pope Francis covered up sex abuses by the now disgraced Theodore McCarrick, the Cardinal who oversaw Washington, D.C. churches from 2001-2006.  Vigano named 32 other senior clerics, all allies of Pope Francis and called for the pontiffs resignation. Although I remain highly skeptical of Viganos charges, Im reluctant to draw any hard conclusion at this juncture. And being neither a Catholic nor a believer, I dont have an ecclesiastical dog collar in this fight. However, my sense is that this matter is far more serious than a civil war within the Church and that


After Watching Dutchsinses New Video- Who was Obviously Threatened- I Feel Compelled to Comment "IndyWatch Feed National"

I used to call Dutchsinse the earthquake guy as he does a remarkable job of reporting earthquakes- but listening to what he had to say in his new video, it is a pretty good guess that he has been threatened.

This is the comment I left for him

In the End Times- which we are in now- it is said that Christians- those who serve our Father- will be martyred. Give to Caesar what is Caesars only refers to taxes. Those of us who fight to save our lives will lose them- those of us who follow- even in the face of death- will find life eternal. Trust me Dutch- it ISNT easy- we were never promised it would be- just that it would be worth it. I cant tell you what to do- but they are doing their best to kill me for simply trying to get my parents investigated for child trafficking. You just have to hold onto your faith and put aside your fear. Many of those of us with faith are going to die early because we are not meant to live through the days that are coming. Do what you are being lead to do until the end. Follow your heart. And know that we are all in our Fathers hand- no matter what the consequences are. Trust your faith- trust what God is calling you to do- and keep doing what you are- living the Word. That is all I can say.

Satanists, and more apt: Luciferians- have this mantra Do as thou whilst because they believe God either doesnt care or is powerless to do anything about it, so you can do whatever you want with no consequences if you are rich enough or powerful enough to thwart retribution,

However, God will NOT negate our free will- as it was his gift to us- although this gift is a double edged sword- as it is through inacting our free will that we open ourselves to judgement- despite the fact that society has been deluded into believing we are somehow above being judged.

I have often said that this life doesnt make a difference and yet it makes all the difference in the world as we ARE in a matrix- but it is a spiritual matrix and NOT a computer generated one.

Luciferians are under this misconception that this life is the only thing that matters, which is why they are so obsessed with living forever. Yet despite their obsession, not one of them has found the key for eternal life.

But they, as are the rest of us, are allowed to do what we want- using our free will however we wish. The reason for this is because we can only be judged by what we DO and NOT simply by what we think or feel.

Luciferians lie- just as their Master who they follow does. And their objective is to lead as many as they can into the same aybss that they themselves are headed for.

They believe they are gods- thus they...


US Protects Al Qaeda in Syria, Proven "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Theres plenty of proof that the U.S. Government protects Al Qaeda in Syria. Right now, America is protecting Al Qaedas main center throughout the world, which is the province of Idlib in Syria. This protection is part of a bigger picture, no merely isolated phenomenon.


EIA reports growing role of Vietnam in illegal ivory trade "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Maritime Executive


BY MAREX 2018-09-13 19:16:09

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has released a report Exposing the Hydra: The growing role of Vietnamese syndicates in ivory trafficking documenting the findings of a two-year undercover investigation.

Investigators successfully infiltrated several ivory trafficking syndicates operating in Mozambique, South Africa, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, building a detailed picture of how these criminal organizations are structured, how they cooperate with one another and how they also traffic other endangered species such as rhinos and pangolins.

In contrast to China, which closed its domestic legal ivory market in January and stepped up enforcement against ivory trafficking, the Government of Vietnam has not demonstrated serious commitment to tackling wildlife crime, says the organization. Instead, the past decade has seen Vietnam serve as a prominent transit route for large ivory shipments to China as well as overseeing a growing carving industry and one of the worlds biggest markets for ivory sales.

The report states that since 2009, 56 tons of ivory have been seized in Vietnam and a further 20 tons linked to Vietnam seized in other countries. This is equivalent to ivory sourced from approximately 11,414 elephants.

EIA estimates that since 2015 the ivory traffickers identified during the course of their investigation have been linked to seizures totaling 6.3 tons of ivory and 299 kilograms of rhino horn, including the recent record seizure of 50 rhino horns in Malaysia in August 2018. Between January 2016 and November 2017 there were at least 22 successful shipments of ivory from Africa, with an estimated weight of 19 tons and potential revenue of $14 million.

The report cites some maritime examples of the trade including:

Danang, Vietnam 2015

In August 2015, officers at Tien Sa port made three separate seizures of ivory tusks. The first case involved 700 kilograms of ivory and rhino horn in two containers shipped from Mozambique and discovered hidden inside blocks of fake stone. A few days later, another 2.2 tons of ivory was detected concealed inside containers of timber sent from Nigeria. Both shipments were intended for the same Vietnamese company. This was followed by the seizure of another ton of ivory and four tons of pangolin scales concealed in a shipment of beans loaded at Port Klang, Malaysia.



Warum der deutsche "Michel" die Heugabeln wetzt "IndyWatch Feed World"


Die Stimmung im Land ist aufgeheizt wie lange nicht mehr. Millionen von Deutschen reit langsam der Geduldsfaden. Selbst linke Politik warnen nun davor, dass die Brger bald den Aufstand proben gegen soziale Ungleichheit, gegen die Beschrnkung der Meinungsfreiheit, gegen die Verachtung der politischen Kaste, gegen unkontrollierte Migration - dagegen, dass unser Land systematisch an die Wand gefahren wird!


The Secret Mob-Connected Jewish Hands Behind Death Row Helped The JDL Murder Tupac Shakur "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

With the 22-year anniversary of Tupac Shakurs martyrdom just passing on September 13th, 2018, we sat back in the cut and looked around the regular entertainment media, both mainstream and alternative, as well as Hip-Hop media, both industry and underground, to see if anyone would bring up the facts presented by Mouqawamah Music two years ago in our groundbreaking work, The Assassination Of Tupac Shakur: Who Did The Crime? Jewish Terrorists, Thats Who! Perhaps, we thought, that some will even go further. Alas, not one piecewe repeat, NOT ONEwas done by any author nor any activist on any front.

So it once again falls to Mouqawamah Musicand we say this with one part thanks to ALLAH (SWT) for giving us the insight to produce such pieces and one part anger due to nobody else picking up the slackto delve deeper into the crime that shook Hip-Hop, the African-American community and really, humanity at large, as Pacs fans are of all types and stripes from across the planet. And we have yet another bombshell to drop. The JDL, the Jewish supremacist terrorist group founded by Meir Kahane (L.A.) with the express purpose of terrorizing Black people in New York City, had help in its murdering of Shakur: The secret Jewish brain trust which was really pulling the strings at Death Row. Yeah, Suge Knight, who is undoubtedly heading to the hellfire for a lengthy, LENGTHY stint, is nothing but the Shabbos Goy puppet for a much bigger, much older, much more dangerous conspiracy.

Enter David Kenner, a fat, obnoxious, pony-tailed, black-beady-eyed New York Jew who had made his home in the Los Angeles area and was very much ingratiated in networks of organized crime and Jewish-Zionist fundraising. Beyond just being Knights long-time lawyer and moneychanger, he was also the silent owner of Death Row. Before extrapolating, there needs to be a little history lesson first. Prior to the record companys founding, Kenner was running the affairs of South Central LA gangster legend Michael Harry-O Harris and helped him found Godfather Entertainment while the OG was in the bing on murder and drug-related charges. Knight and Kenner, who helped recruit talent for the new endeavor, set up Death Row as an arm of Godfather.

But as big-name, ultra-talented MCs hopped on board, Kenner saw the potential for enormous profits and began playing Harry-O against Suge. A typical, Judaic, Gentile-dividing tactic. Kenner figured that the stronger of the two would win, take the reins at Death Row and move forward to break the bank with him in obscene amounts. With the conflict between Harry-O and Suge becoming protracted right at the time talks of switching distribu......


Rick Mark: Its the Best Time to Be in Gold and Silver! "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Rick Mark: Its the Best Time to Be in Gold and Silver! by Rory The Daily Coin Rick Mark, President and CEO, Harvest Gold discusses the current state of the gold and silver market. We also get into the...

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Collapse of Outsourcing Giant Carillion May Have Silver Lining "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Cash retentions by large companies come under attack in the UK.

The bankruptcy of UK outsourcing behemoth Carillion in January has left in its wake a trail of financial destruction and mayhem, but it may end up having a positive legacy. More than 200 British MPs (out of a total of 650) have backed a campaign to crack down on construction firms which, like Carillion, routinely pay their suppliers late to spruce up their own balance sheets. The Aldous Bill, named after the MP who is leading the campaign, Peter Aldous, is intended to put an end to this practice.

Late payment of suppliers and subcontractors is a widespread problem in the UK, and many other countries. Perversely, the worst offenders are often large companies that claim to comply with official payment codes.

Its a bitter irony that while Carillion were fully signed up to the governments prompt payment code, they were making their suppliers hang on for 120 days or more to be paid, said Rachel Reeves, chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee.

One of the common ways payment is delayed in the UK is through the use of so-called retentions. These are monies often between 5-10% of a contracts total value that are held back by contractors until a sub-contractor has completed its job satisfactorily. The cash is held to provide some semblance of protection against late completion and defects arising during the rectification period. However, in practice, it is often withheld to bolster the working capital of the group withholding the cash

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50+ Years of Debauchery Has Lead The World To "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

50+ Years of Debauchery Has Lead The World To by Rory The Daily Coin As you read this please keep in mind what former CIA Director, William Casey said about truth, information and the American peoples understanding of current...

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Catherine Austin Fitts: Dollar Dominant & Dangerous System Not Stable "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Catherine Austin Fitts: Dollar Dominant & Dangerous System Not Stable by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system will take some big hits before the...

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Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism and Its Origins in Fascism "IndyWatch Feed War"

In 1927 verklaarde Benito Mussolini:

Fascism... believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace... War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to meet it... It may be expected that this will be a century of authority, a century of the 'Right,' a Fascist century. For the nineteenth century was a century of individualism... (Liberalism always signifying individualism), it may be expected that this will be a century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State... For Fascism, the growth of Empire, that is to say, the expansion of the nation, is the sential manifestation of vitality, and its opposite is a sign of decay and death. 


Dems Desperate Smear Attempt on Kavanaugh, 2369 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Trade Genius Academy. Learn To Profit Everyday In the markets! Click Here - Good evening, Im still reporting on: Dems Desperate Smear Attempt on Kavanaugh, 2369 Synopsis: There is no way the Desperate Dems can stop Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court which they have agreed to vote upon on Sept. 20th. So, they are reduced to the typical Democrat sleeze, no-holds-barred, 11th-hour sex allegations that nearly derailed the Clarence Thomas nomination 28 years ago. Sen. Dianne Feinstein claims to have been sent a letter last summer from a woman who refuses to be identified concerning an incident that occurred in the early 1980s at a party associated with the high school prom. Feinstein sent a referral for a criminal investigation of the incident to the FBI yesterday, but within hours, the FBI refused because it was not within their jurisdiction, not to mention that it was a clear political stunt. The woman who was the supposed author of the letter has refused to give any interviews to anyone or make herself known in any way. Support Our Sponsors: Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Trade Genius Academy. Learn To Profit Everyday In the markets! Click Here - - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Discount Tool Set - Click NOW on: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Wild Alaska Chaga Tea. To order CLICK NOW: SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Ev...


The Linux Kernel Has Grown By 225k Lines of Code So Far This Year From 3.3k Developers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After writing yesterday about kernel contributions of AMD vs. NVIDIA vs. Intel, I kicked off the hours-long process of gitstats analyzing the Linux kernel Git repository for some fresh numbers on the current kernel development trends...


Why Were Blind to the System Destroying Us "IndyWatch Feed War"

I rarely use this blog to tell readers what they should believe. Rather I try to indicate why it might be wise to distrust, at least without very good evidence, what those in power tell us we should believe.

We have well-known sayings about power: Knowledge is power, and Power corrupts, while absolute power corrupts absolutely. These aphorisms resonate because they say something true about how we experience the world. People who have power even very limited power they hold on licence from someone else tend to abuse it, sometimes subtly and unconsciously, and sometimes overtly and wilfully.

If we are reasonably self-aware, we can sense the tendency in ourselves to exploit to our advantage whatever power we enjoy, whether it is in our dealings with a spouse, our children, a friend, an employee, or just by the general use of our status to get ahead.

This isnt usually done maliciously or even consciously. By definition, the hardest thing to recognise are our own psychological, emotional and mental blind spots and the biggest, at least for those born with class, gender or race privileges, is realising that these too are forms of power.

Nonetheless, these are all minor forms of power compared to the power wielded collectively by the structures that dominate our societies: the financial sector, the corporations, the media, the political class, and the security services.

But strangely most of us are much readier to concede the corrupting influence of the relatively small power of individuals than we are the rottenness of vastly more powerful institutions and structures. We blame the school teacher or the politician for abusing his or her power, while showing a reluctance to do the same about either the education or political systems in which they have to operate.

Similarly, we are happier identifying the excessive personal power of a Rupert Murdoch than we are the immense power of the corporate empire behind him and on which his personal wealth and success depend.

And beyond this, we struggle most of all to detect the structural and ideological framework underpinning or cohering all these discrete examples of power.

Narrative control

It is relatively easy to understand that your line manager is abusing his power, because he has so little of it. His power is visible to you because it relates only to you and the small group of people around you.

It is a little harder, but not too difficult, to identify the abusive policies of your firm the low pay, cuts in overtime, attacks on union representation.

It is more difficult to see the corrupt power of large institutions, aside occasionally from the corruption of senior figures within those institutions, such as a Robert Max...


10 Sunday Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My easy like Sunday morning reads:  The NFLs Very Profitable Existential Crisis (Bloomberg)  3 Investments That May Have Hit Their Peak (New York Times)  Investors Should Assume That They Are No Better Than Average (Behavioural Investment) Why we buy the things we buy (Vox)  Open Letter to Times Op-ed Writer: Go Public Now, Before They Bust You (Daily Beast)

Read More

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This Xbox 360 is Powered by Steam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Now that were far enough into the next generation of home video game consoles that we cant really keep calling them that anymore, yard sales are sure to be full of lonely Xbox 360s and PS3s that have been put out to pasture. Youll probably even find a Wii U or two out there that somebody accidentally purchased. This is great for hackers who like cramming new electronics into outdated consumer gear, and accordingly, were starting to see the fruits of that generational shift.

Case in point, this Xbox 360 which has been transformed into a Steam Box by [Pedro Mateus]. He figured the Xbox 360 was the proper size to fit a full PC plus PSU, while still looking contemporary enough that it wont seem out of place in the entertainment center. Running SteamOS on Fedora 28, it even offers a traditional game console experience and user interface, despite the decidedly PC internals.

On the outside, the only thing that really gives away this particular Xboxs new lease on life (when the purple LEDs are off, anyway) is the laser cut acrylic Steam logo on the top that serves as a grill for the internal CPU cooler. Ironically, [...


Dozens of FBI Agents to Testify and Why It Will Not Matter "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

No less than 29 FBI and other assorted Deep State officials will be testifying before Congress. Before you thrown the victory party, you best listen to this podcast to find out why your celebration is very premature.


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Azov Sea Flashpoint: Russia, Ukraine Teetering on the Brink of War "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The only option the US is considering is that of providing Ukraine with arms to fight Russia and then egging Kiev on to escalate the tensions. And those are already dangerously running high.


Slamming Courts and Judges Wont Help the Patent Maximalists; It Can Only Make Things Worse "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recent: Patent Maximalists Not Reformers Are the Biggest Threat to the Viability of the Patent System and Innovation

Green puzzle

Summary: Acorda Therapeutics sees its stock price dropping 25% after finding out that its patent portfolio isnt solid, as affirmed by the Federal Circuit (CAFC); the only way out of this mess is a pursuit of a vastly improved patent quality, thorough patent examination which then offers legal certainty

THE EPO grants monopolies that kill people, just like the USPTO. Its like corporate interests rather than science or innovation are the sole priority. What about public interest? Or public welfare/wellbeing?

The other day patent maximalists wrote about Acorda. Dennis Crouch (Patently-O) keeps sobbing for the patent aggressors, even if the patents at hand (underlying USPTO-granted monopolies) turn out to have been errors, hence injustices. To quote Crouch:

In a 50+ page majority opinion, the Federal Circuit has affirmed a district court obviousness judgment. Judge Taranto penned the majority opinion and was joined by Judge Dyk. Judge Newman wrote in dissent arguing in 20+ additional pages that the majority improperly discounted the objective indicia of non-obviousness. On news of the invalidity decision, Acordas stock price dropped 25%.


Remember that broad Elan patent exclusively licensed by Acorda. The majority explains that Acordas commercial success and the long-felt need for advances were due to the roadblock set-up by that patent. The risk of infringement liability for marketing in the US would have provided and independent incentive [for third parties] not to develop the invention of the Acorda pate...


- "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

38016048_1565638766874703_2001858735969927168_n.jpg , , , , - . , _...


PostgreSQL 11 Won't Ship With Its Faster JIT Support Enabled By Default "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the coolest innovations landing this year in PostgreSQL was LLVM-based JIT support to speed up database queries. But it's not going to be enabled by default in the upcoming PostgreSQL 11 release...


A Commodities Boom for the Ages Starts Now "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A Commodities Boom for the Ages Starts Now by Justin Spittler Justins note: Last week, I showed you why commodity expert Dave Forest says its time to get ready for the strongest commodities bull market of all time. As Dave...

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Tennis Lebanon rewrites history in Davis Cup with Thailand win "IndyWatch Feed World"

While the countrys eyes are on New Zealand for tomorrow mornings basketball match between Lebanon and the Tall Blacks, a 20-year-old Hady Habib, ranked #643 in the ATP, claimed the final point in the tie against Thailand on their soil in the early hours of Sunday, to promote our countrys tennis delegation once more to the highest state it reached on 4 occasions previously: the Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group I, having slipped to as low as Group III in 2016.

After a couple of wins yesterday with Hadi Habib edging past Wishaya Trongcharoenchaikul 4-6 7-6 (2) 5-3 (ret.) and 23-year-old ATP #370 Benjamin Hassan securing a 2-0 lead on day 1 for Lebanon with a 6-3 6-4 victory over Palaphoom Kovapitukted, we looked poised to win the tie against Thailand, with the need to claim 1 more match out of the 3 remaining rubbers to clinch the encounter.

But the far-eastern team, who previously reached the Davis Cup World Group Play-offs on 4 occasions and are ranked #41 at this level, dug deep to draw the tie 2-2 after a doubles win this morning 6-0 6-3 between Sonchat Ratiwatana/Sanchai Ratiwatana and Jad Ballout/Giovanni Samaha, followed by Wishaya Trongcharoenchaikul narrowly beating Benjamin Hassan 6-4 4-6 6-4.

The final word, however, was for Lebanon, currently ranked #52 in the Davis Cup up from #93 in 2016, with Hady Habib proving too good for the Thai, securing the tie by dismantling Palaphoom Kovapitukted 6-3 6-3 to send Lebanon yet again to the 2019 Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group I, having been there 4 times before in the late 1990s and early 2000s (2002), without being able to win a single match at this level.

Note that Lebanon has never reached the World Group Play-offs stage in its 35 years of participating at the Davis Cup (started in 1957), and will be vying to qualify for it in 2019, by battling in a tough Asia/Oceania Zone Group I that will include so far #28 P.R. China, #34 Pakistan and #36 South Korea.

The moment Hady Habib turned the clock back to 2002


Rand Paul Opportunitarian "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In spite of rampant hypocrisy in politics, it is understood where the parties and their leaders stand on certain issues. Republicans are not going to give an inch on things like guns and abortion, Democrats are not going to outlaw unions, and Bernie Sanders wont support the privatization of Medicare.

And then there is Rand Paul.

The son of former congressman and Libertarian icon Ron Paul, Rand rode daddys coattails to the Senate in 2010 at the height of his fathers popularity. Once elected, he often pretended to share the elder Pauls ideology when it suited him.

But when push comes to shove, he is only principled about looking out for himself, which is why we think he could best be described as an Opportunitarian.

His MO seems to mainly consist of making some grand statement in an effort to get the national media to pay attention to him just to quietly walk back his grandiose words later.

Earlier this year, for example, he threatened to vote against Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. In fact, he said he would do whatever it takes to stop Pompeos nomination and that of Gina Haspel as CIA director.

In Pompeos case, this was a particularly big deal because Paul is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and his no vote would have meant that Pompeo would not have been reported favorably out of committee.

In the end, however, Paul caved and he supported the nomination. He did vote against Haspel but certainly did not do whatever it takes to stop her from heading the CIA.

Paul then did the same thing again in July, when he pretended that he was honestly undecided on whether to support the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, Trumps choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

I am very concerned about his position on privacy and the Fourth Amendment. This is not a small deal for me. This is a big deal, Paul told ...


Hilarious fake news: Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him "IndyWatch Feed World"


The internet is abuzz with the hilarious discovery of a Weather Channel reporter caught faking like hes barely able to stand in hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him. Read More


KMail Now Supports A Unified Inbox While KDE Keeps Getting Polished "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Come KDE Applications 18.12 in time for the holidays, the KMail KDE email client will finally offer a unified inbox...


Facebook BANS founder of #WalkAway movement to silence those who choose to leave the Democrat gulag "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Facebook BANS founder of #WalkAway movement to silence those who choose to leave the Democrat gulag


Grindr Exposes Location Data and More to Third-Party Apps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A third-party app can use Grindr to expose your exact location

Back in March, a report revealed that Grindr suffered from flaws that could expose its users' personal information. The company issued a statement in response that said its location tracking feature is more akin to a square on an atlas and can't pinpoint users' exact location. According to a new investigation by Queer Europe, though, Grindr can still expose people's personal data through a third-party app called "Fuckr," which was released in 2015 and can locate up to 600 Grindr users within minutes. And by "locate," we mean it can tell where users are with an accuracy of 6 to 16 feet -- accurate enough to tell which establishment, house or even room they're in.

The free third party app is built on top of Grindr's private API, giving it access to the gay dating app's database. It uses a technique called "trilateration" to find users, allowing anyone with access to it a way to follow people around as they go about their day. All someone has to do to find users nearby is to use Fuckr's filters, which can narrow people based on their ethnicity, relationships and other data. Yes, because the app can tap into Grindr's database, it can reveal not only users' locations, but also their photo, body type, ethnicity, HIV status, last HIV test and even their sexual position preference.

Previously: Researchers Find Data Leaks in Instagram, Grindr, Oovoo, And More
Grindr Shared Users' HIV Status With Third Parties

Related: Gay dating app Grindr plans to go public after Chinese parent gives go-ahead
How Grindr Is Reinventing Itself as More Than Just a Dating App
Misguided Appeal in Grindr Case Is Latest...


Classic TV: Cagney & Lacey -S03 E15 Stress "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Early episodes had Meg Foster in the Lacey role


VIDEO: How Small Bands of Rescuers Risk Prison to Save Migrants from Drowning in the Mediterranean "IndyWatch Feed"

Members of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms rescue Josepha in the Mediterranean open sea on July 17, 2018 about 85 miles off the Libyan coast.


Reality-checking the new editor of 'The Andrew Marr Show' "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

My Twitter feed this morning contained a lot of people speculating on whether Andrew Marr would question Sadiq Khan on his record as Mayor of London, especially over knife crime, or whether he'd let Mr Khan 'remoan' throughout the entire interview.

So I got out my trusty stopwatch and found that eight and a half minutes were given over to the second Brexit referendum question and under a minute to Mr Khan's record as Mayor. 

And these were Andrew's not-so-sharp questions on Sadiq's record:

  • Is this a distraction from your own record as mayor? Because you have been under a huge amount of attack on knife crime, housing and transport, and much else as well. 
  • You're under huge attack, under attack including from London's main paper, The Evening Standard, which ran the Khan Files. You can see the front page. They've been doing this day after day. Are you concerned that this is starting to cut home with London voters?

Yes, that was it. 



Did John Kerry Commit Treason? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Secretary of State Kerry meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the UN (Photo: Jason DeCrow-Pool/Getty Images)Secretary of State Kerry meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the UN (Photo: Jason DeCrow-Pool/Getty Images)

Did John Kerry commit treason? Its a good question considering the events of the last few days.

Promoting his new book Every Day Is Extra, the former secretary of state in the Obama administration confirmed he met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a number of times in recent months to help the Iranians salvage the nuclear deal canceled by President Trump and later to strategize with him on how to get around the administrations policies.

Current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented at a news conference:

What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedentedIts inconsistent with what the foreign policy of the United States is, as directed by this president. It is beyond inappropriate.

An understatement.

The president had harsher words in a tweet:

John Kerry had illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people. He told them to wait out the Trump Administration! Was he registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act? BAD!

Trump was right to call out Kerry for a possible violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a 1938 statue which requires a person acting as an agent of a foreign entity in a political or quasi-political capacity make regular...


Wine-Staging 3.16 Released With ~880 Patches Still Atop Wine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Busy since Friday's release of Wine 3.16, the volunteers maintaining the Wine-Staging tree with the various experimental/testing patches atop upstream Wine are out with their adjoining update that continues with just under 900 patches being re-based...


Lynch Mob Mentality "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

I am astonished by the hatred that has been unleashed. The story of Gerry Conlon might, you would hope, give us pause as to presuming the guilt of somebody who just happened to be of the enemy nationality, in the wrong place at the wrong time... I am not going to begin to accept the guilt of Boshirov and Petrov until somebody answers that question...


Researchers creating a new class of 5G millimeter wave transmitter antenna designs that will soon occupy over a billion mobile devices "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



***Major Announcement***




When abusers hijack the language of feminism "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This text was submitted by Forth Wave: London Feminist Activists. Some of you may find it a little unusual for Freedom News. Some others may find it controversial. However, I think it is important to publish it. In my 15+ years of activism I saw the behaviour described below countless times. The kind of abuse


Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

Why anyone has sympathy for Paul Manafort is beyond me.


Giuliani Tells Us Manafort Will Tell the Truth "IndyWatch Feed"

I kind of love the failed effort at nonchalance the White House produced today in response to the news that Paul Manafort has become a cooperating witness with the special counsels office.

Which, of course, was followed up almost immediately by a more realistic response:

Obviously, someone told Giuliani that if Manafort told the truth they would have to call him a liar. But this is an example of the cat already being out of the bag. Its just one more glaring, obvious, self-injurious and self-incriminating piece of idiocy that has became the regular method of operation for this administration.

Theyve said all kinds of nice things about Manafort in what is now a retrospectively doomed attempt to prevent him from cooperating. If they thought hed tell the truth and that it would help them, theyd have encouraged him to cooperate from the beginning. Thats so obvious even a Trumper has a faint chance of understanding it. Right?

If th...

Manafort Finally Makes a Deal With Robert Mueller "IndyWatch Feed"

It seemed like the day would never come, but Donald Trumps former campaign chairman has decided to cooperate with Robert Muellers special counsels office. In court, this morning, Manafort pleaded guilty to two very significant charges, which we can now add to the eight felonies he was convicted of committing in a Virginia courtroom last month. Manafort has now admitted to participating in a conspiracy against the United States and a conspiracy to obstruct justice. A representative of the special counsels office, Andrew Weissman, said that Manafort had struck a co-operation agreement with the Russian election interference investigators, but he didnt provide any additional details.

The judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, explained that under the terms of the plea deal Manafort is expected to co-operate fully and truthfully with Muellers office and that he may have to agree to be interviewed without counsel present, provide additional documents, and testify in other criminal proceedings. Manafort was also compelled to give up substantial property, including homes in New York City, the Hamptons and Virginia (this last one presently occupied by one of his daughters), the money in four separate financial accounts, and a life insurance policy.

It took Weissman forty minutes to spell out the details of Manaforts crimes.

I believe its fair to say thats probably the longest and most detailed summary that ever preceded this question, but is what the prosecutor said a true and accurate description of what you did in this case, [Judge] Jackson asked Manafort.

I did. It is, Manafort, said, resting both hands on the lectern before him and flanked by his attorney, Richard Westling.

As a result, Manafort will not have to endure or pay for another trial and the GOP will be spared a massive headache in the coming weeks leading up the midterm elections. That must be cold comfort for President Trump, however, who has been lavishing praise on Manafort for his refusal to become a rat. Now the biggest rat of all has turned on him.

Heres the first mention of Paul Manafort in the Steele Dossier, from July 26, 2016:

Speaking in confidence to a compatriot in late July 2016, Source E, an ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald T...


Political Uncertainty is the New Contagion? "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I understand how the chaos with Trump is the wildcard for the stock market going forward which is something we need to follow here even from Europe. But we have chaos in Germany with Merkel who looks like a dictator who will only leave office if you drag her out by the hair. Then there is Theresa May and the chaos she has created with BREXIT. Italy is another wildcard and then we have Juncker and Draghi who will be leaving office next year. Which rock should we hide under?


ANSWER:  AMong the rocks, occasionally there is a flower that manages to find the light. That is our task here. The worst thing about Trump crisis is the media. They are spinning such hatred it is unbelievable. That gives me fear because the computer has been projecting the upturn in civil unrest. Many people cannot stand Trump because of what he says or Tweets. They are unable to separate the person from the role of the president. That is a very dangerous situation for therein lies this hatred that is brewing over what they think is Trump, but in reality, it is the conflict between left and right that we are headed into. This is why the Financial Capital of the World will migrate to China after 2032. We are incapable of getting along with each other. One side wants to be left alone and the other blames all their own failure on people who have more.



The Intellectual Corruption of Professor Andr Nollkaemper (2) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Naar aanleiding van mijn kritiek op de houding van professor Andr Nollkaemper schrijft Ren van Wanrooij het volgende:

Ik denk dat je wat betreft Andr Nollkaemper er lichtelijk naast zit. Hij bestreed al in een vroeg stadium wel degelijk de rechtsgeldigheid van ingrijpen in Syri.
Zeker als daarvoor de R2P verantwoording voor gebruikt zou worden:



Is China detaining a million Uyghur Muslims? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Chinas economic influence may be buying silence on a massive human rights violation, reports Nithin Coca.


Typhoon lashes south China after killing 28 in Philippines "IndyWatch Feed World"

Southern China hunkered down on Sunday as typhoon Mangkhut lashed the coast, a day after the storm left at least 28 dead from landslides and drownings in the Philippines.


Geopolitics Alert Editor Randi Nord at UNHRC: US Facilitates War Crimes in Yemen [VIDEO] "IndyWatch Feed War"

Geneva (GPA) Geopolitics Alert founder and editor, Randi Nord, participated in two side panels about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen at the United Nations Human Rights Council 39th session during its first week.

The first panel, sponsored by INSAN Organization, covered human rights violations and crimes against children in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition. The panelists included Dr. Aiman al-Mansor, the organizations director, Eike Fimann, Deputy of La Ruche Initiative in Germany, Abdulsalam Aldhahebi, a human rights activist with Insan Organization, and Randi Nord of Geopolitics Alert. Hassan Fartousi, Ph.D. moderated the discussion.

Since its inception, the United States has tried to portray itself as a defender of human rights both at home and globally. But, for well over three years, the children of Yemen have had to experience first-hand the worst oppression the US has to offer.

The US declaration of independence reads that all humans everywhere have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, Washingtons very own involvement in Yemen eliminates these so-called inalienable rights for millions of Yemeni children many of whom have never experienced a life without daily threats of airstrikes on their homes as well as ground violence, starvation, disease, and uncertain futures.

According to the Legal Center for Rights and Development, by the wars twelve hundredth day, over 14 thousand civilians were killed by Coalition airstrikes. Of those civilian deaths, over 2 thousand were women while over 3 thousand were children. Thats without counting the thousands of injuries: children left disabled as well as mentally and physically scarred for life or orphaned.

The vast majority of these lives cut short are not from ground fighting but rather due to airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition. In fact, when we factor that the war began in March of 2015, that means six children are either killed or injured each day from airstrikes.

The United States plays a key role facilitating the Saudi-led coalitions ability to carry out these airstrikes in several ways. In May of 2017, US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabias King al-Saud inked a series of documents securing the KSAs intent to purchase 110 billion USD worth of weapons including tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, and so on.

Read more about the US-backed war in Yemen:

Where Is Yemen and Why Is the US Helping Saudi Arabia Bomb It?

UNHRC: Saudis Fight Back Against Report about Targeting Civilians in Yemen



Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice "IndyWatch Feed World"

It is sadistic to use the public school system, which holds a captive audience, to engage in a social gender identity experiment with the nations young people.

Read More


Classic TV Drama: Upstairs Downstairs S02 E09 An Object Of Value "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This not S01 E06 the caption on the video is wrong it is S02 E08

Upstairs, Downstairs is a British television drama series produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) for ITV.It ran for 68 episodes divided into five series on ITV from 1971 to 1975.

A BBC Wales and Masterpiece produced continuation also called Upstairs Downstairs was broadcast by BBC One in 2010.

Set in a large townhouse in Belgravia in West London, the series depicts the servants downstairs and their mastersthe family upstairsbetween the years 1903 and 1930, and shows the slow decline of the British aristocracy. Great events feature prominently in the episode but minor or gradual changes are also noted. The series stands as a document of the social and technological changes that occurred between those 27 years, including the Edwardian period, the Suffragettes, First World War, the Roaring Twenties and the Wall Street Crash.

The show was a ratings success for ITV, and received outstanding acclaim worldwide winning multiple awards.

Series had an excellent cast with many well known actors appearing over the life of the series. Some are still active to this day.


Patent Trolls Are Still Active and Microsoft is Closely Connected to Many of Them "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Still connected

Summary: A roundup of patent trolls actions in the United States; Microsoft is connected to a notably high number of these

THE software patents granted by the USPTO often travel or find their way into the hands of trolls such as Intellectual Ventures (IV) with its notorious proxies like offspring trolls (for enforcement i.e. lawsuits and shakedown). IV isnt just Microsoft-funded; its also funded by Bill Gates, headed by his close friend, and led by former Microsoft executives. Its everything one needs to know about the new Microsoft.

Watchtrolls post about IVs latest defeat in court was composed by Robert Schaffer, Joseph Robinson and Dustin Weeks. The case was previously covered by Watchtroll and in Techrights as well. James Korenchan from Patent Docs said this a few days ago:

Last week, in yet another patent case before Judge Rodney Gilstrap of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Marshall Division, the Court ruled that Defendants T Mobile USA, Inc. and T-Mobile US, Inc. (collectively, T-Mobile) failed to show that a claim related to packet scheduling is patent ineligible under 35 U.S.C. 101.

T-Mobile had moved to dismiss claim 109 of U.S. Patent. No. RE46,206 (the 206 patent) (a reissue of U.S. Patent No. 7,251,218) as directed to ineligible subject matter. In addition, T-Mobile, as well as Defendants Ericsson Inc. and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, moved to dismiss all claims of U.S. Patent No. 7,359,971 and claim 1 of the 206 patent as barred by issue preclusion. The Court carried the motion under...


Mike Pence Rattles Nazi Skeletons "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pences bluster about historic relationships dredges up a lot of sinister specters from the past with regard to the United States and its involvement with fascist regimes and Nazi war criminals.


Kilometers-long cracks dry up water reserves in Kerala, India, following worst flooding in a century "IndyWatch Feed World"

A total of 491 people were killed in monsoon rains in Kerala since May 29. But, now the flood-hit state has to face a new problem. Giant earth cracks are drying up rivers and wells. Geologists were sent to investigate the strange post-flood phenomenon. Pamba River is now almost dry after overflowing during the devastating monsoon rains in Kerala since May 2018. A series of issues including soaring mercury level, unprecedented dip in water level of rivers, sudden drying-up of wells, depletion of groundwater reserves and mass perishing of earthworms have caused widespread concern in various parts of Kerala after the devastating deluge last month. Comment: Kerala food stocks down by a third following worst flood in a century The flood-battered Wayanand district, known for its rich biodiversity, recently experienced an unprecedented mass die-off of earthworms, causing concern among farmers who attributed it to the rapid drying up of earth and change in soil structure.


The Intellectual Corruption of Professor Andr Nollkaemper "IndyWatch Feed War"

How the Dutch corruption works one can see, among other things, when one looks at the attitude of professor Andr Nollkaemper, who kept silent about the fact that the Netherlands supported terrorists in Syria. One has to know the following: 

The politicians adopted a policy that all future support on intervention would be reviewed by an International Law expert. In this case that would have been Andr Nollkaemper Dean and Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. Of course he was not consulted by PM Mark Rutte of MH17 fame.

More important even: he himself kept silent for years, like the Dutch mainstream-media and the Dutch politicians and the so called urban elites, after it was well known via internet that the Dutch government supported terrorists.

Although Nollkaemper informed the Dutch government already in 2013 he did not trust the so called 'rebels' he did not inform the public about this. This is the way how the corrupt Dutch 'poldersmodel' works.

Het kabinet wist al sinds 2013 dat volkenrechtelijk adviseur Andr Nollkaemper bedenkingen heeft bij steun aan gewapende groeperingen in Syri.

01:06 - 15 sep. 2018


Debt Rattle September 16 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Pablo Picasso Tte de femme 1926   Typhoon Mangkhut Heads Towards China As Dozens Killed In Philippines (G.) Florence Dumps Epic Amounts Of Rain On Carolinas (BBC) Were Using the Future for a Fiscal Dumping Ground (Barrons) The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy (ET) Give Britain A New Referendum On Brexit

The post Debt Rattle September 16 2018 appeared first on The Automatic Earth.


Join GATA in New Orleans in November and you cant lose "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Join GATA in New Orleans in November and you cant lose by Chris Powell GATA TDC Note If youve not been to the New Orleans Investment Conference you should absolutely go. Im not getting a dime to say...

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Amazon Censorship of 9/11 "IndyWatch Feed War"

 Comments 20

Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked



Gilbert Doctorow on Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

International relations, Russian affairs


Soon Starship Flotillas will Fly Over 5 Major Cities "IndyWatch Feed World"

Soon Starship Flotillas Fly Over 5 Major Cities for 14 hrs (Ending the UFO Cover Up) by Dr. Richard Boylan

Very soon the UFO Cover-Up will come to an abrupt end.


Star Nations will position flotillas of their starships filling the skies above five major metropolises.

Those five metropolises are: Los Angeles, CA: Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; Monterrey in Nuevo Leon State, Mexico; and London, UK.

These aerial displays will last for 14 hours.

It will hardly be humanly possible for a resident of any of these cities not to notice them.

And of course many people will whip out their smart cellphone and take pictures or video of the aerial display.

And email/text those photos to their friends, television news stations and networks, and Internet social media.

Presto! Worldwide disclosure of Star Visitors presence!

And the end of the ludicrous UFO Cover-Up.

This Public Manifestation of Star Visitors Presence comes after decades of their quiet, dignified honorable contacts with various governments coupled with requests of government leaders to announce to their people that the Star Visitors are real, some of them are already here, and they are friendly and seek peaceful dialogue.

But the governments have stood pat, kept silent, and stalled.

So finally the Star Nations have taken this initiative to end the nonsensical and childish UFO Cover-Up.


Reader: Prayer Can Destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Additional video links included here;
A. videos about post offices and astronomical observatory being closed in Southwest USA within past few days, government involvement, etc.

B. Video showing overshadowing/multiple eclipses of sun each day.


Wild turkeys play with American deer "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 15 September 2018 video from North America says about itself:

Turkeys in the wild prove themselves curious and playful with other animals like deer and squirrels.


Keeping Up Appearances S01 E04 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Keeping Up Appearances is a British sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke. It aired on BBC One from 1990 to 1995. The central character is eccentric and snobbish middle class social climber Hyacinth Bucket(Patricia Routledge), who insists that her surname is pronounced Bouquet.[2]The sitcom follows Hyacinth in her attempts to prove her social superiority, and to gain standing with those she considers upper class. Her attempts are constantly hampered by her lower class extended family, whom she is desperate to hide. Much of the humour comes from the conflict between Hyacinths vision of herself, and the reality of her underclass background. In each episode, she lands in a farcical situation as she battles to protect her social credibility.

The show comprised five series and 44 episodes, four of which are Christmas specials. Production ended when star Patricia Routledge moved on to other projects


Reader: I Don't Want this Rich Harvest to Die on the Vine "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

This isn't but a fraction of whats out there...Some of what I have is even better still, but I'm looking for interested parties to help convey this work to the world still awed by the wondrous...This art was given to us all, Will you help me get it to the others ?



Palestinian teenager dies from wounds in Gaza unrest "IndyWatch Feed War"


Saheeb Abu Kashef died late on Saturday after being shot by Israeli forces last month during protests near fence separating Gaza from Israel.


Exchanges Round-Up: Aus Regulators Doubt Coinjar Volume, Paysend Partners With Bitstamp "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exchanges Round-Up: Aus Regulators Doubt Coinjar Volume, Paysend Partners With Bitstamp

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, Australias financial regulators have expressed skepticism regarding Coinjars purported trade volume, Paysend has partnered with Bitstamp to facilitate cryptocurrency purchases through its Global Account, and Seed Cx has announced a $15 million USD Series B funding round.

Also Read: A Decade After Lehman Brothers Died: Mises, Satoshi, Bitcoin, and Wall Street Worship 

Australian Regulators Skeptical of Purported Coinjar Volume

Exchanges Round-Up: Aus Regulators Doubt Coinjar Volume, Paysend Partners With BitstampIn a recent interview with Business Insider, Jordan Michaelides, Coinjar...


The Troubled Legacy of Barack Obama "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Barack Obamas election in 2008 represented a new chapter in history. His meteoric rise to the presidency was swift and shocked not only a nation, but also the political elites, including Democratic favorites such as Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. But as we look back on the eight years that Obama served as president, we see a much different picture a picture thats certainly historic, but for all the wrong reasons.

The legacy of Obama represented one of the most racially divided times in our nations history. In a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in July of Obamas final year in office, 69 percent of Americans said that race relations were bad and that six in 10 Americans say that race relations were growing worse, up from 38 percent a year ago.

By Mark Vargas
Washington Examiner

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The legacy of Barack Obama was certainly historic, but for all the wrong reasons.
Evan Vucci/AP

The legacy of Obama represented a time when race-related riots were on the rise. We cant forget the scenes on television in Baltimore and Ferguson, or the violence that erupted after the deaths of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Manuel Diaz, and Kimini Gray. Images taken from each of these events resembled combat zones, with police in riot gear while angry citizens burned cars, smashed windows, and vandalized storefronts.

The legacy of Obama represented a time when our enemies and allies abroad viewed us as weak. Shortly after his inauguration, Obama embarked on a worldwide apology tour throughout the Middle East and criticized America.

The legacy of Obama represented a time when homegrown domestic terrorism was on the rise. We cant forget the horrific scenes or the carnage in places like Fort Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, and Orlando.

The legacy of Obama represented a time when Islamic State recruitment was on the rise. By fulfilling campaign promises to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, he didnt take into account the void that would leave, as well as the opportunity for ISIS and our enemies to fill it.

The legacy of Obama represented a time when embassy o...


Trump Regimes Humanitarian Concerns in Syria a Colossal Hoax "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Regimes Humanitarian Concerns in Syria a Colossal Hoax by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) When America goes to war, rules of engagement permit anything goes, rule of law principles discarded, the highest of high crimes committed unaccountably. The US does what it pleases because the UN and world leaders fail to []


Reader: Urgent Message for President Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Which general is it that is doublecrossing Trump?

He cancelled a meeting last Monday due to a life/death situation. If he doesn't find out soon, it could mean the end of our plans, and a bleek situation for all.

We've got this???


Reader: Pyschick and Other Attacks on THI Members "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

There may be some useful advice and tips here for those under psychic attack.

It is commonly known within the light worker portion of the population that they can be subjects of attack. Many have come under attack from agents of the "deep state" dark cabal. This is the new frontier of red-pilling, whether we care to know or not. It is factual and exists. Covert methods of "harassment" even murder via remotely induces heart attacks and other systems are used and have been used forever.

Q always talks about "These people are sick". They are blood drinking Satanists, baby torturers , and worse...Black magic is the next deep dark hole.

Light worker prayer would be the most 'Source pure' prayer there is, yet things happen. To say it can't happen is like going back to the way you were before got red-pilled about other stuff.


Syria's Christian city: Seven years under fire at the Idlib frontline "IndyWatch Feed War"


Looming conflict 10km away is nothing new for Mhardeh where life continues and volunteer soldiers are ready to join war's last major battle


Crime Drama Lewis: S01 E04 Expiation "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I am using the episode listing in Wikipedia, so Episode numbers differ from those on the uploads sometimes.


WHATS UP WITH CHINESE SILVER DEMAND? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


The post WHATS UP WITH CHINESE SILVER DEMAND? (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


China-Pakistan economic corridor violates Indias territorial integrity: India to UN "IndyWatch Feed War"

India raised the issue of Pakistan and China violating Indias territorial integrity at the 39th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Ambassador Virander Paul, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to UN in Geneva on Friday brought to the attention of the Council the issue of an intervention made by Pakistan mentioning China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) during a discussion on Report of the Working Group on the Right to Development.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Ambassador Paul said that such an intervention went against the principles enshrined in UNGA Resolution 41/128. Regarding the so-called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is being projected as the flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the international community is well aware of Indias position. No country can accept a project that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said.

Reaffirming Indias commitment to the implementation of the Right to Development, the Indian diplomat said, India shares the international communitys desire for enhancing physical connectivity and believes that it should bring greater economic benefits to all in an equitable and balanced manner.

Earlier, the representative of Pakistan spoke of that countrys multifaceted approach towards development, including structural reforms, investment-friendly policies and social safety nets for the vulnerable.

CPEC, according to the Pakistani representative, is a key regional initiative for connectivity and the shared prosperity of nations and was a practical example of the realization of the right to development by fuelling economic growth in the region. The representative tried to highlight that similar regional projects could promote international cooperation for development and operationalize the right to development.

For India, CPEC and the BRI (as CPEC is a part of Chinas BRI) are both violative of Indias territorial integrity as the projects in CPEC run through Pakistan Occupied Territory (PoK) which India claims as...


A Fair Trial Catch-22: The Problem With The Teachers Pet Podcast "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the worlds hottest podcasts right now has helped shed light on the disappearance of a Sydney woman. But at what price of a fair trial, asks Hannah Marshall.

The best way to dispose of a body, if you live in the bush, is to put it in the bush, and thats what I think he did on the Friday night.

There is a problem with The Teachers Pet. The podcast and the slew of surrounding media could be so sensational and prejudicial that if he is prosecuted, Chris Dawson cant get a fair trial.

The podcast is a true crime story about a woman, Lyn Dawson, who disappeared from Sydneys northern beaches in 1982. Her body has never been found. The investigating journalist accuses her husband, former Newtown Jets player Chris Dawson, of murdering her. He denies it.  Two coronial inquests have recommended prosecution but none has ensued.

The picture painted of Chris Dawson is not good. Theres his affair with a schoolgirl, allegations of physical abuse, allegations of an attempt to hire a hitman, inconsistent statements, and two small daughters left without their mother.

The Teachers Pet is compelling and sad and reveals some great injustices; to the two daughters, the schoolgirl, and Lyns family as well as to Lyn Dawson herself.

But in its eagerness to seek justice for her probable murder it risks doing exactly the opposite. It could result in Chris Dawson avoiding facing a jury, or even avoiding a murder trial altogether, regardless of the strength of any evidence against him.

The obvious upside to this kind of investigative journalism is the chance that new, meaningful evidence could be found that will help get a conviction. But that has to be balanced very carefully against the risk involved in broadcasting information that is prejudicial and unlikely to be admissible as evidence in court.

To be fair, a lot of the information presented in The Teachers Pet is unproblematic. Written statements and evidence from the coronial inquests for example. But a lot of other parts of the podcast are prejudicial and prejudge Dawsons guilt. Here are just a couple of examples.

A new witness alleges that she saw Chris Dawson assault his wife twice, well before Lyn disappeared. The inference is that he is a violent person and therefore more likely to have killed his wife. Courts call this tendency evidence and treat it with extreme caution. It is only admitted in very particular circumstances. Whether this new testimony would be admitted into evidence is highly uncertain. But the podcast doesnt tell you that.

Then theres the treatment of a claim that Chris Dawson said he tried to hire a hitman to kill Lyn, but didnt go through with it. The allegation comes from Dawsons schoolgirl lover, and later...


The Canadian government should listen to Yemeni protesters and end its support for Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Canadas sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the subsequent use of these arms to perpetrate war crimes within Yemen raises a moral dilemma for Canadians. Our international role is that of a peacekeeper, intervening to prevent conflict. The events in Yemen are highly reprehensible, and our involvement as an arms dealer in what the UN has described as the worlds worst humanitarian crisis not only sets a bad precedent, but goes against all of our supposed national values.

Image may contain: 8 people, outdoor

Some argue that the arms deal is good for Canada, creating a projected 3,000 jobs and boosting our economy. However, as a nation with a reputation for peacekeeping and diplomacy, it is a questionable decision for the government to use a mere 3,000 jobs as the justification for becoming an accessory to war crimes and the bloodshed of tens of thousands of innocent people.

While supplying these arms may appear to be in the best interest of Canadians, it has deep social and political implications both nationally and internationally. As tensions rise between Saudi Arabia and Canada following a Twitter exchange requesting the release of human rights activists, Canada should make the right choice to end the deal and its support for the Saudi Arabian government in this conflict.

Canada must strive to use its place on the world stage to help advance human rights in all corners of the world, regardless of the potential economic or political gain ensured by turning a blind eye.

Junaid Ishaq is a second-year Pathobiology student at Victoria College.


Excess Pressure on Natural Gas Lines Implicated in Explosions and Fires in Massachusetts "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Over 70 homes damaged by natural gas pressure in Massachusetts

Dozens of Massachusetts Homes Explode. A Gas Expert Explains

Investigators still dont know what happened, but apparently excess gas pressure

From an Article by Rachel Gutman, The Atlantic Magazine, September 14, 2018

Late Thursday, dozens of explosions erupted in three towns in northern Massachusetts. As many as 70 fires, explosions, and suspected gas leaks were reported to state police, with at least 39 homes affected in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover. One person was killed when a chimney collapsed on his car, and at least 25 more people were reportedly treated for injuries.

In a statement, Columbia Gas said a total of 8,600 customers will be without service until safety teams can ensure that their homes and businesses are leak-free.

A widespread series of explosions like the one in Massachusetts is really rare, says Robert Jackson, a professor of energy and environmental science at Stanford University. Jacksons studies focus on the environmental impacts of natural gas, and he has mapped thousands of gas leaks in cities around the country, including Boston. He told me that such an event is unprecedented in recent years, since explosions are usually isolated to a single building.

Jackson is not involved in investigating the Massachusetts explosions, but he was able to offer some insight into what could have caused such a strange, dramatic incident. The most likely explanation, he says, is the one most reports have speculated: Pipelines in the towns became suddenly over-pressurized. In the same way that high-voltage power lines traverse hundreds of miles before breaking off into lower-voltage tributaries in neighborhoods, natural-gas delivery systems consist of both long-distance, high-pressure pipelines and local ones that are only nominally pressurized and deliver gas into homes. Neighborhood pipelines are usually designed to withstand two to three times their normal operating pressure, but any increase makes gas more likely to escape.

I cant imagine another explanation for this event than a flush of pressurized gas, Jackson says.

If local lines indeed were suddenly inundated w...


Texas border policeman murdered women "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 15 September 2018 video from the USA is called US serial killer border agent arrested in Texas.

After the member of Donald Trumps Texas border patrol who killed one woman (a refugee from Guatemala), now about a colleague of his for whom it seems one dead woman was not enough.

Translated from Dutch MOS TV today:

A border police officer has been arrested in Texas suspected of killing four women and kidnapping a fifth. The last woman managed to escape at a gas station and called the police.

The 35-year-old suspect was arrested in a parking lot of a hotel in Laredo city, about 250 kilometers southwest of San Antonio. He had been hiding there.

The authorities think the policeman killed the four women on his own during the last two weeks. Their bodies have recently been found in the vicinity of a highway towards Mexico.

Serial killer

We see this as the work of a serial killer, said the public prosecutor.

It is striking that the officer had been working at the border police for 10 years and that he was aware of the investigation into the murders. It is interesting that he watched while the authorities were looking for a murderer and that he simply came to work every day, the prosecutor said.


What are French troops doing in Deir ez-Zor, Syria? "IndyWatch Feed World"

A French army vehicle spotted in a photo taken in Deir ez-Zor province has led to questions about the extent of Paris's involvement in the Syrian conflict. The image was reportedly shared by the US military on social media. The vehicle in question is a wheeled armored personnel carrier equipped with a turret, which resembles the French army's Aravis infantry mobility vehicle. It can be seen in the background of the photo, which purportedly shows US troops lending support to Syrian armed groups fighting Islamic State in the eastern province. France 24 journalist Wassim Nasr was the first to draw attention to the picture. He said it was released by the US Special Ops Joint Task Force in Iraq and Syria on Wednesday, before being promptly removed - possibly at the request of French authorities.


The New Hunt for Dark Matter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the over two-decades-long search for dark matter, scientists so far have come up short. In recent years though, construction of new experiments and upgrades to already existing detectors are giving new hope that were closer than ever to understanding dark matter.

One of those new efforts is SABRE, an international collaboration that will house multiple detectors working in tandem in the southern and northern hemispheres: two at Italys Gran Sasso National Laboratory, and another at an underground lab in an Australian gold mine.

In episode two of The Most Unknown, Motherboard travels to Gran Sasso National Laboratory with physicist Davide DAngelo and geomicrobiologist Jennifer Macalady to get an early look at SABREs latest phase of development.

Read more about The Most Unknown here:

More videos from the VICE network:


Imran Khan arrives in Karachi on one-day maiden visit as prime minister "IndyWatch Feed War"

After assuming the premiership last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Karachi today on his first official visit to the provincial capital.

He was received by Governor Sindh and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah at the airport.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

PM Imran will began his one-day visit by offering prayers at the Quaids mausoleum before heading to the Governor House. PM Imran is scheduled to hold meetings pertaining to law and order in the port city.

Govt determined to fix Karachi issues: PM Imran

The provinces police, Rangers and intelligence authorities will also brief the prime minister on the security situation in Karachi.

Premier Imran will also review pace of development projects under the federal governments Karachi package.

He will also hold separate meetings with the governor and chief minister.

According to the PM Imran-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) tweet, he will also attend a fund-raising programme for the constriction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam.


Sunday nightcap "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 by Isao Hashimoto Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Projects Trinity test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistans nuclear tests in [] The post Sunday nightcap appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Crime Drama: Messiah S01 E02 The Reckoning "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Messiah is a British television drama series, broadcast on the BBC One network and produced in-house by BBC Northern Ireland, although the series itself is set in England. Made up of a series of occasional serials, the first, with two parts subtitled The First Killings & The Reckoning, was broadcast in 2001. It has been followed by Messiah 2: Vengeance is Mine (2003), Messiah III: The Promise (2004), Messiah IV: The Harrowing (2005) and most recently Messiah V: The Rapture (2008). The original production was based on a novel by Boris Starling: the subsequent installments have been written directly for television. Starling has a cameo as a murder victims corpse in the first serial.

A crime series, it follows the investigations of DCI Red Metcalfe, who often investigates particularly gruesome murders. Metcalfe is played by Scottish actor Ken Stott, and the other main regulars in the series are Kate Beauchamp (Frances Grey), Duncan Warren (Neil Dudgeon) and Metcalfes wife Susan (Michelle Forbes). The deafness of Forbes character necessitated both her and Stott learning British Sign Language for their characters frequent exchanges.


Weekend Viewing "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What to do for entertainment on a weekend? It was one of those Saturdays yesterday and I wanted to see humans take out illegal space aliens. I started out by watching a hot blonde woman kick some illegal alien butt in a made-for-You-Tube video in Hybrids. Six minutes and fifty-two seconds of action was good, but not nearly enough. Eleven minutes of Lunatique...where a hot brunette goes  hard in a dystopian France. Because it's a French film there's a bit of nudity and things end as most French films do. 

And then I had a piece of peanut butter an cherry jam toast. Then six minutes and fifteen seconds of an alternate scene from Aliens where a hand full of Colonial Marines gear up to take on eight hundred aliens. "An express elevator to hell - going down!"

The mail arrived - all bills. More escape was called for.

Then, I went to see The Predator in its second day of general release. Even though I'm a Predator fan, I find it hard to give it more than 4 of a possible 10... get to the choppa... No spoilers, but it wasn't on par with previous films that the franchise put out. It was a bit more light hearted, and as one who likes the movies in general, there were lots of references to previous films. I'm glad that I was viewing the film on the big screen to get all of the cool CGI effects.

If you don't like sci-fi, you'll count it as about four hours that I'll never get back again. If you enjoy sci-fi, you might say the same thing. But it was fun in its own way.


BEST OF THE WEB: FBI/DOJ violated FISA rules to begin criminal investigation of Trump team without evidence of a crime "IndyWatch Feed World"

Will this be the week? With bated breath, we wait to find out whether we've reached the moment, after the Labor Day end of summer, just as the critical midterm races heat up, when President Trump will follow through on his threat to declassify and publicize key FISA-gate documents - in particular, the redacted portions of the Carter Page surveillance-warrant applications. I hope the president follows through, at least to the extent he can do so without putting intelligence methods and sources at risk. Accountability is essential here. The FBI and the Obama Justice Department launched an investigation of the Democrats' political adversaries, and they used Clinton-campaign-generated, foreign-provided innuendo to do it. They strained to make a case on Donald Trump even as they were burying a daunting criminal case on Mrs. Clinton. As I have previously explained, moreover, the president was misled about his status: not only was he a suspect in the investigation, he was the main suspect. The main suspect in an investigation with no crime.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 16, 2018

Compiled 16 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: According to the below information once the 800#s were released you would have 8 to 10 days to set an appointment to exchange/redeem, but only two days to set the appointment if you wanted to negotiate a rate on your Zim. You would then have 30 days to go to your appointment and exchange/redeem. Most important, if you did not set the appointment within the two or ten day appointment window, you would not be able to exchange your Zim.

A. Sept 15 2018 TNT Post:

1. The Central Bank of Iraq was no longer dealing with the USD and only selling Dinar.

2. The Iraqi Dinar was now on the open market system within their country.

3. Once Iraq was able to operate their new financial system they could release the Dinar internationally.

4. China was pushing up the rate of the Dong.

5. The ZIM was still on the bank screens at $.22.

6. The banks were saying the final documents were completed, with a window of release of Sept 15 to 22.



Pakistan: The System Failed Us "IndyWatch Feed War"

August 13, 2018 was supposed to have been the dawn of a Naya Pakistan. And it began with a positive high: celebrations at school and preparations for Independence Day were in full swing. Children were decked out in badges and flags, waiting to celebrate the oath-taking of an educated, passionate and long-awaited prime minister promising to bring about much-needed change for Pakistan. Caught in this euphoria, we decided to take our two girls to a Strings concert that was happening nearby, to get them in an even more patriotic spirit.

It was 10:05pm when we got into our car, dinner packed neatly in my little one, six-year-old Aanyas bag-pack and my elder one, 10-year-old Amal, so excited to be going to her first real concert ever. We wanted to avoid the traffic rush and so decided to take a quicker route to the concert venue.

On the way, I handed my phone over to Amal, so she could see a recent project I had worked on while we drove to the concert. That was my last conversation with my precious little girl.

Take a look: Girl killed in crossfire during Karachi encounter died due to shot fired by police, admits DIG South

While we waited at the signal, we heard a commotion. Someone was knocking on the driver-side window but, for a few moments, we couldnt gather what was happening. My husband Umer rolled down the window to find a gun pointed at him. He handed over his phone as the dazed, crazy-eyed, panicked mugger belted out insults and asked us to hand over everything. He snatched Umers phone and pulled at my bag which I was already handing over to him. Then he moved towards the car behind ours.

Ten-year-old Amal Umer lost her life in the aftermath of a mugging in Karachi on the eve of Independence Day. Her mother, who watched her daughter being taken from her, recounts the terrible circumstances and makes a forceful plea for the overhaul of a desensitised policing and medical system

Before we could gather our bearings, and just when we were thinking the worst was over as we waited for the traffic signal to turn green and the cars in front of us to make way, we heard gunshots, a couple of them. I remember seeing one hit our windscreen as I was turning to tell the kids to lay low and not to panic.

Aanya was hiding behind Umers seat and screaming. Amal was lying on the back seat. It was dark. I thought at first she was fine and laying low like I had told both of them to. But she didnt move. She wasnt moving, I realised, while Aanya was still screaming.



Russia Is Working Overtime to Beef up Syrias Air Defenses "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia Is Working Overtime to Beef up Syrias Air Defenses Andrei Martyanov Whats more, Moscow wants this to be known publicly As I wrote in Russia As A Cat, Russia will continue to eat chicken at her own pace ignoring angry monologues from democratic world and will continue extermination of unicorns and humanitarian terrorists in Idlib apace. []


Messer-Hetzjagd in Fulda Allahu akbar "IndyWatch Feed World"


Is Trumps Tax Cut Paying for Itself? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is Trumps Tax Cut Paying for Itself? by Brian Maher Daily Reckoning There is absolutely nothing wrong with Americas finances that a miracle couldnt fix as the great man said. We learn this week that 2018s budget deficit currently...

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Advancements in Automobile Technology Wont be Possible With Patent Maximalism "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Blue truck

Summary: Advancements in the development of vehicles are being discouraged by a thicket of patents as dumb (and likely invalid) as claims on algorithms and mere shapes

THE EPOs and the USPTOs retreat to buzzwords isnt particularly new. They attempt to find creative new ways to grant software patents pertaining to driving/vehicles. The EPO together with IPO will do this in Chicago.

We previously wrote about "Autonomous Driving" and "Self-Driving Cars" in relation to patents; these are software patents. Such patents ought not exist.

They attempt to find creative new ways to grant software patents pertaining to driving/vehicles.A few days ago we also saw updates on the ludicrous case of Nikola, which thought the design of a vehicle merited a patent (designs are covered more appropriately by other laws). According to this update from Ross Tessien: The US Patent Examiner ruled the Tesla design is unique compared to the Nikola design.

Theres also this lengthy report from Fred Lambert, who said this:

Tesla is currently being sued by Nikola Motors for $2 billion over the design of the Tesla Semi, but the automaker has now obtained its own design patents for the electric truck significantly weakening Nikolas case.

As we previously reported, Nikola alleged that Teslas electric truck design infringes on its existing patents. Specifically, a series of 3 patents that Nikola recently obtained for the desig...


Rape accused #BishopFranco finally steps down from his Jalandhar diocese "IndyWatch Feed World"


israel (apartheid state) must abide by international humanitarian law, insists Red Cross "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel must abide by international humanitarian law, insists Red Cross The International Committee of the Red Cross has insisted that, as the occupying power in the West Bank, Israel is bound by international humanitarian law. It has a duty to ensure the protection, security and welfare of the people living under occupation and to guarantee []


China is cracking down on celebrities Communist Party emphasizes social credit rating No to Kardashians Be a Good Communist "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cracking down on celebrities like Fan Bingbing wont help its soft-power ambitions.

Fan was once ubiquitous.  Photographer: Stefania DAlessandro/Getty Images

By late spring, Fan Bingbing, Chinas most popular actress, had become a cultural juggernaut. She had 63 million followers on Weibo, Chinas Twitter-like social network, and high-profile endorsement deals with some of the worlds most prominent luxury brands. Besides roles in major Chinese and Hollywood films, shed just enjoyed a prestigious turn as a juror at the Cannes Film Festival. If Anne Hathaway and the Kardashians merged, they would still have fallen short of Fans ubiquitous stardom.

Thats all been snuffed out now, thanks in part to a tax-evasion scandal and, more importantly, a government campaign to slash the influence of Chinas celebrities. As Bloomberg News reported this week, Fan hasnt been seen in public since early June. Beyond the stars personal fate, her disappearance raises serious questions about whether China can create an entertainment industry that challenges Hollywood.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping became Chinas top leader in 2012, Chinas film industry was on the upswing. Box office revenues had grown 31 percent over 2011, surpa...


The Poet: Robert Frost, "Into My Own" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Into My Own"

"One of my wishes is that those dark trees,
So old and firm they scarcely show the breeze,
Were not, as twere, the merest mask of gloom,
But stretched away unto the edge of doom.

I should not be withheld but that some day         
Into their vastness I should steal away,


Courier driver delivers the Blues "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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US-backed SDF attacks civilians in Syrian Deir ez-Zor "IndyWatch Feed World"

Heavy clashes were reported between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and civilians in Eastern Deir Ezzor. Local sources in Eastern Deir Ezzor said on Thursday that the SDF forces fired at the residents of the town of al-Sajar, and wounded several people, adding that a number of them were also detained by the US-backed militants. They noted that the incident happened after residents of the town attacked one of the SDF commanders, namely Damhat. It was the second time in a week that residents of al-Sajar engaged in clashes with the SDF and were targeted by the SDF's fire. In a relevant development on Tuesday, civilians in Southeastern Deir Ezzor raided the positions of the US-backed SDF, destroying their checkpoints. The SDF opened fire at the people in the village of al-Sajar in Southeastern Deir Ezzor, injuring seven villagers. The villagers, later, set fire at the SDF-run al-Sijan oilfield near al-Sajar, destroying the terrorists' checkpoints.


Chinas Silicon Valley Dream Bumps Against Reality "IndyWatch Feed War"

Integrating Hong Kong and mainland cities wont be easy.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

President Xi Jinpings grand plan to bind Hong Kong and Macau with the southern tip of China using the worlds longest bridge and a cross-border bullet train faces some large roadblocks.

The Greater Bay Area is an attempt to create an economic cluster rivaling those in San Francisco and Tokyo, by deepening links between Chinas former European colonies and nine cities in neighboring Guangdong province.

The project has plenty going for it from an economic standpoint. Hong Kong offers capital-markets expertise, the technology hub of Shenzhen is bursting with cash-hungry startups, and Macaus is the worlds biggest gambling center. While Hong Kong boasts the worlds most unaffordable real estate, mainland cities have cheaper labor and property prices. Mix all that together and you have a recipe for booming growth.

Combined, the region accounts for just 5 percent of Chinas 1.4 billion people but generates more than 12 percent of its GDP, CLSA Ltd. notes.

But the hurdles are also considerable. Under the one country, two systems formula that saw Hong Kong and Macau return to Chinese sovereignty in the 1990s, the cities maintain vastly different political and economic structures.

These include having their own, freely convertible currencies, separate passport and customs controls, and legal systems. It will take more than a 55-kilometer (34-mile) bridge or a high-speed train, which starts operating from Hong Kong this month, to close that divide.

Chinas capital account is still partially closed, with full liberalization of the yuan perhaps decades away. While theres a shared Chinese culture, the differences between Hong Kong and Macau  with their capitalist history and the cities of communist China are deeper than those between members of the European...


Manafort pleads guilty as unregistered agentnow lets round up the israel (apartheid state) lobby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Manafort pleads guilty as unregistered agentnow lets round up the israel lobby By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Paul Manaforts guilty plea might bring down the Trump Administration. But it should also take down a more powerful and dangerous gang of crooks and extremists: the unregistered agents of the Israel lobby. According to The Washington Post, []


The Universe "IndyWatch Feed World"

Think not of "how," whether in terms of logistics, people, or inspiration, but of the end results you dream of. The end, in thought, combined with action in its general direction, will always create the necessary circumstances, serendipities, epiphanies, ideas, and discoveries necessary to bring about the desired manifestation. The end result forces the "hows" that yield the manifestation, just as long as you keep physically moving. The hard part is done for you. Your part is the easy part: Think and let go. Knock on every door and turn over every stone. Do not insist upon the path, but upon the overall change you wish to experience, and never take no for an answer. You've been doing it your whole life. 

You take after me, 
    The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!


Sean Gautreaux: Total Weather Command and Control - Hr1 "IndyWatch Feed World"


Sean Gautreaux joins Randy Maugans and Emily Moyer for an analysis of the ongoing weather warfare and the NEXRAD system. In the Patreon only second hour: deep speculation and analysis. Sean Gautreaux:


Paulo Coelho, Things Celtic "IndyWatch Feed World"

Things Celtic
by Paulo Coelho

"A Celtic Prayer"

"May God give you
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer."

"An Old Celtic Blessing"

"May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand."


Electric Comets and Plasma Serpents in the Lab | Space News "IndyWatch Feed World"


In this episode, we again explore the remarkable contributions of a new member of the electric universe experimentalist community. In a previous Space News, we introduced the research of Jacob Gable, whose simple demonstrations of electrical discharge in a homemade vacuum chamber have produced extraordinary analogs to the craters commonly seen on planets and moons. Jacob presents his intriguing new results, beginning with a discussion of one of the most terrifying figures in myth, the serpent or dragon, and its plasma origins in the ancient sky. Jacob's YouTube channel featuring these and many other experiments: Jacob's first Space News interview: If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on subtitles in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like.


Jim Carrey Needs To START Apologizing For Socialism! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Jim Carrey Needs To START Apologizing For Socialism! Video The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick reacts to Jim Carreys bizarre political escapade on Real Time with Bill Maher, Carey says We have to say yes to socialism to the...

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Gamers, Your Posterior Will Thank You "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recent market research says that the average gamer spends six hours a week playing video games, and when you consider hardcore and professional gamers, you can be talking about six hours a day. IKEA, the ubiquitous Swedish furnishing company, has teamed up with the prosthetics firm UNYQ to design Ubik, the chair custom-fit to one's posterior. When someone purchases one in an IKEA store, they would get their backside scanned from which custom-made 3D-printed inserts would be produced and shipped to the customer.

"Gamers are an extreme use case. They're athletes, they're competing with their minds and their bodies," says Ingemarsson, as he tested the prototype on stage. "I think bringing this type of personalization to fit unique ergonomic needs, body types and modes of play will give somebody a healthier life and a better competitive advantage."

Original Submission

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Morning Prayer for Sunday, September 16, 2018 Spiritual works and an eye on eternity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, twilight, outdoor, nature, water and text

We seem to live not only in time but also in eternity. If we abide with God and He abides with us, we may bring forth spiritual fruit, which will last for eternity. If we live with God, our lives can flow as some calm river through the dry land of earth. It can cause the trees and flowers of the spiritual life love and service to spring forth and yield abundantly. Spiritual work may be done for eternity, not just for now. Even here on earth we can live as though our real lives were eternal.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may try to make my life like a cool river in a thirsty land. I pray that I may give freely to all who ask my help.



Way to go: Russias Eastern Economic Forum Wrap Up: De-Dollarization Tops Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Russias Eastern Economic Forum Wrap Up: De-Dollarization Tops Agenda Arkady SAVITSKY The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was held in Vladivostok on Sept.11-13. Founded in 2015, the event has become a platform for planning and launching projects to strengthen business ties in the Asia-Pacific region.This year, the EEF brought together delegations from over 60 countries to []


Researcher devised a new CSS & HTML attack that causes iPhone reboot or freezes Macs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The security researcher security researcher Sabri Haddouche from Wire devised a new CSS attack that causes iPhone reboot or freezes Macs.

The security researcher security researcher Sabri Haddouche from Wire devised a new attack method that saturates Apple devices resources and causing it crashes or system restarts when visiting a web page. The experts discovered that iOS restart and macOS freezes when the user visits a web page that contains certain CSS & HTML.

This attack leverages a weakness in the -webkit-backdrop-filter CSS, for this reason, it affects all browsers on iOS that leverage on WebKit as rendering engine is WebKit. The weakness also affects Safari and Mail in macOS, but it doesnt affect Linux and Windows systems.

The attack exploits a weakness in the webkit-backdrop-filter CSS property, Haddouche explained to BleepingComputer. By using nested divs with that property, we can quickly consume all graphic resources and crash or freeze the OS. The attack does not require Javascript to be enabled therefore it also works in Mail. On macOS, the UI freeze. On iOS, the device restart.




F-35: Hightech Kampfjet oder 1,5 Billionen US$ Desaster? "IndyWatch Feed War"

von Roger Nbig (TwitterFacebook). Er arbeitet als Jurist und freier Journalist in Berlin mit dem Fokus auf globalen Konflikten, Verteidigung, Sicherheit, Militrpolitik, Rstungstechnik & Kriegsvlkerrecht. Darber hinaus hlt er Vortrge zu verteidigungspolitischen Themen.

F-35A off the coast of Northwest Florida (photo: U.S. Air Force by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen [Public domain]).

F-35A off the coast of Northwest Florida (photo: U.S. Air Force by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen [Public domain]).

Es ist das teuerste Beschaffungsprogramm fr Kampfflugzeuge in der Militrgeschichte: F-35 Lightning II, so der offizielle Name, ist das von der Firma Lockheed Martin fr die US Air Force (USAF), US Navy (...


Orthodoxy Represents Our Original Incompetency "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

I am often embarrassed by Orthodox failures, just as I am by my own, and for the same reason. However, I believe our failures are uniquely unmasked by the sublime reality of the sacraments, and the perfection of the gift we have been given.

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One For The Ladies: UNSWs Helpful Guide On How Not To Get Raped "IndyWatch Feed National"

Heres some tips on how to stay safe, along with other stupid things men say to women after someone is sexually assaulted. Note to readers: this story contains a confession by writer Chris Graham, and another epiphany.

Remember Eurydice Dixon. How could anyone forget, right? And remember the backlash when, following Eurydices brutal rape and murder, Victorian Police issued a timely reminder to women in Melbourne to take greater care with their personal security? How could anyone forget that either, right?

Well, it seems the folks over at the University of NSW did, because on Friday afternoon, following reports of a sexual assault near the campus, an executive from UNSW sent all staff and students an email headed Safety and vigilance on campus. The message sought to provide women, well over to UNSW

Safety and Vigilance on Campus-1

Lets see if we can break down what UNSW is really communicating here.

Someone got raped last night, but it wasnt on our campus. That said, it was near our campus, and we really should say something, because if we dont and the next rape actually occurs on our campus, we can point to the email we sent to all our staff and students and say Its very sad but we did kinda warn you. That lessens our moral culpability, but most importantly it will also help us seriously mitigate any reputational damage the rapist and his victim might cause us. Thus, what were going to say is this: While we do what we can to make you safe, your personal safety is still your personal responsibility. Follow these helpful tips so you dont go and get yourself raped.

Or words to that affect. Because while that might not be how the email is intended to be read, its certainly open to interpretation to be read that way. And at this juncture, I should offer a confession. My spin on the UNSW email is obviously quite provocative, but its not what I thought yesterday.

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting in a caf with two female colleagues (plotting the downfall of a government), when one of them received the email, from a distressed UNSW staff member.

A discussion of mutual exasperation ensued, whereupon I entered it by saying words to the effect of, OK, I understand the frustration and anger of women at this, and Im not suggesting UNSW cant do more to make women feel safe, but is it really that unreasonable for UNSW to remind people about their safety? Where is the actual harm in the email?

Well heres the harm (and thanks to my colleagues for gently explaining it to me).

The problem with telling grown w...


Tropical Storm Florence leaves 11 dead as it dumps 'epic' amount of rainfall on North Carolina "IndyWatch Feed World"

Towns have endured more than two feet of rain and forecasters say that more than three feet of water could bring more flooding Tropical Storm Florence has left at least 11 people dead as it continues to dump an "epic" amount of rainfall on North Carolina. Rivers are rising towards record levels as thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate the US state. President Donald Trump has issued a disaster declaration amid fears North Carolina will experience its most destructive bout of flooding in history. Some towns have endured more than two feet of rain and forecasters say that more than three feet of water could bring major flooding further inland in the coming days. A mother and her baby are among those who have been killed by Florence, which was initially categorised as a hurricane with 120mph winds. By Saturday morning the winds weakened to 50mph but the storm's slow speed means that communities in North Carolina are receiving a prolonged battering by torrential rain.


Bee Part of the Party "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Apparently, thistles are delicious.

Bees on a thistle bloom

Giliell, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

Bumblebee on a thistle

Giliell, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

Bees on a thistle

Giliell, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

Bees on a thistle

Giliell, all rights reserved. Click for full size.



Time for All of Us To Live A Catholic Life "IndyWatch Feed War"

I write this letter with love for the Church and sincere respect for your office. You are the Vicar of Christ on earth, the shepherd of his flock, the successor to St. Peter and so the rock upon which Christ will build his Church. All Catholics, clergy and laity alike, are to look to you with filial loyalty and obedience grounded in truth. The Church turns to you in a spirit of faith, with the hope that you will guide her in love.

Yet, Your Holiness, a chronic confusion seems to mark your pontificate. The light of faith, hope, and love is not absent, but too often it is obscured by the ambiguity of your words and actions. This fosters within the faithful a growing unease. It compromises their capacity for love, joy and peace. Allow me to offer a few brief examples.

First there is the disputed Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia. I need not share my own concerns about its content. Others, not only theologians, but also cardinals and bishops, have already done that. The main source of concern is the manner of your teaching. In Amoris Laetitia, your guidance at times seems intentionally ambiguous, thus inviting both a traditional interpretation of Catholic teaching on marriage and divorce as well as one that might imply a change in that teaching. As you wisely note, pastors should accompany and encourage persons in irregular marriages; but ambiguity persists about what that accompaniment actually means. To teach with such a seemingly intentional lack of clarity inevitably risks sinning against the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.

The Holy Spirit is given to the Church, and particularly to yourself, to dispel error, not to foster it. Moreover, only where there is truth can there be authentic love, for truth is the light that sets women and men free from the blindness of sin, a darkness that kills the life of the soul. Yet you seem to censor and even mock those who interpret Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia in accord with Church tradition as Pharisaic stone-throwers who embody a merciless rigorism.

This kind of calumny is alien to the nature of the Petrine ministry. Some of your advisors regrettably seem to engage in similar actions. Such behavior gives the impression that your views cannot survive theological scrutiny, and so must be sustained by ad hominem arguments.

Second, too often your manner seems to demean the importance of Church doctrine. Again and again you portray doctrine as dead and bookish, and far from the pastoral concerns of everyday life. Your critics have been accused, in your own words, of making doctrine an ideology. But it is precisely Christian doctrine including the fine distinctions made with regard to central beliefs like the Trinitarian nature of God; the nature and purpose of the Ch...


Mexico City Keeps Sinking As Its Water Supply Wastes Away "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The ancient Aztecs first picked the spot. They built their city atop the huge lakes that filled this valley, leaving the natural freshwater supply intact around them. The city flooded back then too, but the Aztecs, probably the last civilization to properly manage this watershed, built a system of dikes to control the problem.

The historic mistake kicked in around the 1600s, when Hernndo Corts and his band of conquerors arrived. To make room for their expanding empire, over a few hundred years, they slowly but surely drained all the valleys lakes.

By the 20th century, long after Mexicos independence from Spain, the fresh surface water was mostly gone and the hunt for new sources had taken over. Hundreds of miles of pipes now bring in about 30 percent of the citys water needs from faraway rivers and lakes. The rest comes from the valleys vast underground aquifer.


Sunday standup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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BBC Classic Drama: War & Peace by Nikolai Tolstoy #14/20 Escape "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


War and Peace is a television dramatisation of the Leo Tolstoy novel of War and Peace. This 20 episode series began on 28 September 1972.

The BBC dramatisation of Tolstoys epic story of love and loss set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Anthony Hopkins heads the cast as Pierre Bezukhov, Morag Hood is Natasha Rostova, Alan Dobie is Andrei Bolkonsky and David Swift is Napoleon, whose decision to invade Russia in 1812 has far-reaching consequences for each of them and their families.


Future Ireland: Writing Competition "IndyWatch Feed"

This is an open call for submissions on our current featured topic

Future Ireland: Alternative Conversations about Unity and the Union

You can read a little more about the aims of the project here, and the types of contributions that were seeking. Heres an example.

But we suspect that you might have some even better ideas. So were putting out an open call for articles on this topic. 

The best three articles will win a prize (tbc dont get too excited!) and will be featured on the blog. We may also edit a book based on the project, and selected articles may also be included in this.

Overall, we are looking for new and unexpected conversations about a new Ireland. New Ireland can be interpreted however you like, as Irish unity, as a reformed Northern Ireland within the context of the union, new relationships between the islands etc. These could include

Creative imaginations of what a new Ireland could be like.

Personal stories and reflections on your ideas about a new Ireland (e.g. as a mother, a farmer, a migrant, a loyalist, an atheist, a small business owner, a Dublin renter, a born-again Christian, an Irish speaker, someone with a disability, a GP, a worker etc.).

Data driven analysis of an specific aspect of a new Ireland.

Specialist sectoral analysis of the implications of unity, contrasted with the union.*

Re-imaginations of the union and relationships between these islands.

The criteria for submission are:

  • Articles should ideally be between 600-800 words, 1000 words maximum. 
  • Articles can be for, against, undecided or agnostic about unity and/or the union. 
  • Articles must focus on new ideas, personal experiences, data and creative thinking, rather than well worn traditional arguments. The emphasis must be on the future.  
  • ...


DrawBot Badge Represents the CNC World in Badge Design "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Badges come in all shapes and sizes, but a badge that draws on a stack of Post-It notes is definitely a new one. The design uses three of the smallest, cheapest hobby servos reasonably available and has a drawing quality that creator [Bart Dring] describes as adorably wiggly. It all started when he decided that the CNC and mechanical design world needed to be better represented in the grassroots demo scene that is the badge world, and a small drawing machine that could be cheaply made from readily available components seemed just the ticket.

Two arms control the position of a pen, and a third motor lifts the assembly in order to raise or lower the pen to the drawing surface. Gravity does most of the work for pen pressure, so the badge needs to be hanging on a lanyard or on a tabletop in order to work. An ESP32 using [Bart]s own port of Grbl does the work of motion control, and a small stack of Post-It notes serves as a writing surface. Without the 3D printed parts, [Bart] says the bill of materials clocks in somewhere under $12.

Weve seen similar designs doing things like writing out the time with a UV LED, but a compact DrawBot on a badge is definitely a new twist and the fact that it creates a physical drawing that can be peeled off the stack also sets it apart from others in the badgelife scene.


The Catch-22 Situation Faced By Pirate App Developers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With software development and associated skills now accessible to millions of regular citizens, applications are released and updated every few minutes of every day.

While undoubtedly useful, the vast majority are completely benign, helpfully solving problems experienced by computer users with little fanfare.

On the other hand, applications that seek to provide simplified access to copyrighted movies, TV shows and another content face an inherently uncertain future, largely due to opposition from entertainment industry groups.

In itself, this precarious position can deter many developers but for others with an interest in file-sharing (and often the freedom from worry that comes with relative youth), the challenge can prove irresistible. As a result, dozens of applications are available today, providing mainly Android and Windows users with a free alternative to Netflix and similar products.

However, being the creator of such software presents a catch-22 situation thats almost impossible to beat and even harder to extricate oneself from.

There is a theory that none of us ever does anything completely altruistically. Donating to charity, supporting a friend in need, or providing free access to content, are all driven by the reward we get from the experience, whether thats pride, warm satisfaction, or the inevitable recognition.

Few app developers think that their hobby project is going to make worldwide headlines but when they are really, really good, word spreads quickly.

Software like Popcorn Time, Showbox, or more recently Terrarium TV, all started under the radar but as their popularity grew, their developers received the confirmation that most had longed for that their skills and hard work had resulted in something great.

This reward (and the adulation that comes with it) is an intoxicating mix that few can resist. As a result, these apps and others like them go from strength to strength, with the download numbers further encouraging their creators to continue. Meanwhile, however, we know that many would prefer not to be in the limelight.

Recently there has been some controversy in the Kodi community when popular YouTubers reviewed addons that their creators would rather have kept low-key. This publicity boosts interest but at the same time increases pressure on developers who really dont want copyright holders knocking on their door.

The only answer, of course, is not to produce these tools in the first place. Any addon or APK that does something great WILL get traction, its as simple as that. There is no...


BREAKING: 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Western Australia. Unusual Seismic Activity "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This just in on my MSN newsfeed: A magnitude-5.6 earthquake has hit the West Australian town of Manjimup, about 300 kilometres south-west of Perth, with tremors felt as far away as Perth and Albany. The earthquake happened about 1:00pm (WST). There were no reports of damage. The Bureau of Meteorology WA said there was no []

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The dollar is central to the next crisis "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The dollar is central to the next crisis by Alasdair Macleod GoldMoney Introduction and summary It is now possible to pencil in how the next credit crisis is likely to develop. At its centre is an overvalued dollar over-owned...

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Indefensible: Idlib and the left "IndyWatch Feed"

Leila's blog

protest-in-idlib-7-sept-2018.jpg Protest in Idlib, 7 Sept 2018

Originally published by Freedom.

On Saturday regime and Russian airstrikes intensified on Idlib in what appears to be a prelude to the long anticipated campaign to regain control of the province.

Only a day before, thousands of Syrian men, women and children took the streets in over 120 cities towns and villages across the remaining liberated areas under the slogan resistance is our choice.

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Syria Freedom Forever -

The regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is threatening to carry out a massive assault on the province of Idlib, including a potential chemical weapons attack, in a bid to crush one of the last strongholds of opposition. Such an assault would have a potentially devastating impact on civilians, many of them refugees from the civil war and the last seven years of Assads attempt to crush a democratic uprising.

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Last Delta II Rocket Launches NASA Satellite to Map Earths Ice with Space Laser "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A $1 billion NASA mission that will use a laser to track changing ice levels on Earth soared into space early Saturday (Sept. 15), launching into a predawn California sky on a mission that also marked the final flight of a record-setting rocket.


US Marines, illegally in Syria, are teaming up with Islamist terrorists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Marines Team Up with Islamists in Syria By Kurt Nimmo, Trump and the Pentagon have sent a number of Marines to al-Tanf in Syria where they are participating in live-fire exercises. According to Reuters, the objective of the exercise is designed to send a strong message to Russia and Iran that the Americans and the rebels []


Trump, Conservatives, the Religious Right and the Republican Party "IndyWatch Feed War"

One of the many paradoxes of the Trump era is that our unusual president couldnt have been elected, and couldnt survive politically today, without the support of religious conservatives but at the same time his ascent was intimately connected to the secularization of conservatism, and his style gives us a taste of what to expect from a post-religious right.

The second point was clear during the Republican primaries, when the most reliable churchgoers tended to prefer Ted Cruz but the more secular part of the party was more Trumpist. But it was obscured in the general election, and since, by the fact that evangelical voters especially rallied to Trump and have generally stood by him.

Now, though, a new survey reveals the extent to which a basic religious division still exists within Trumps Republican Party. The churchgoers who ultimately voted for Trump over Clinton still tend to hold different views than his more secular supporters, and the more religious part of the G.O.P. is still the less Trumpist portion meaning less populist on economics, but also less authoritarian and tribal on race and identity.

The survey was conducted by the Cato Institutes Emily Ekins for the Voter Study Group, who analyzed the views of Trump voters based on their frequency of church attendance from never to weekly or more often. The trend was consistent: The more often a Trump voter attended church, the less white-identitarian they appeared, the more they expressed favorable views of racial minorities, and the less they agreed with populist arguments on trade and immigration.

By  Ross Douthat
The New York Times

Image result for donald trump, montana rally, photos

President Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana. AP photo

The differences were particularly striking on race. For instance, a quarter of Trump voters who never attend church describe being white as very important to their identity; for the most frequent churchgoers voters, it was 9 percent. Among non-churchgoing Trump voters, only 48 percent had warm feelings toward black people, compared to 71 percent of weekly populist; the same sort of pattern held for views of Hispanics, Asians and Jews.

Churchgoing Trump voters were still more culturally conservative than Hillary Clinton voters more likely to support the death penalty, more skeptical of immigration and their...


What is/are the Woke? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ive seen the term the Woke a bit lately and havent taken much notice of it, apart from noting that it as an unfamiliar term to me. I was at a loose end so had a quick look at The Daily Blog, first time there in a month or two, the website design puts me []


Classic Aussie Crime Drama:Water Rats S03 E17 Heads Or Tales "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Season 3 Episode 5 appears to be missing

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


Kiwi feminist on language, power and sexism "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to NZ feminist Renee asks the question, Who benefits? The push to change the meaning of the word woman is not innocent.   The post Kiwi feminist on language, power and sexism appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If in this I have been tedious, it may be some excuse, I had not time to make it shorter. William Cowper

My Scottish uncle used to quote his brother-in-law who was a minister who when delivering sermons practiced his theory that if you couldnt strike oil in 10 minutes you should stop boring.

Today Im grateful for people with the time, and wit, to make shorter whatever it is they have to say.



Magnitude-5.6 earthquake rocks southern WA "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A magnitude-5.6 earthquake has hit near the West Australian town of Walpole, about 430 kilometres south-west of Perth, with tremors felt as far away as Perth and Albany.


London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for second referendum on Brexit "IndyWatch Feed War"

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for another referendum on Britains European Union membership, adding his backing to an idea known as a Peoples Vote.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a second referendum on Brexit after the Governement 'left it too late' to negotiate a deal

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a second referendum on Brexit after the Governement left it too late to negotiate a deal

Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29. But with Prime Minister Theresa Mays Brexit plans still not accepted, some lawmakers, as well as union and business leaders are increasingly arguing for people to have a final say on any deal struck with Brussels.

May has repeatedly ruled out holding a second referendum following the vote two years ago to leave the EU. She says members of parliament will get to vote on whether to accept any final deal.

The intervention in favour of a second referendum from Khan, a senior member of Britains opposition Labour Party, will put more pressure on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to also support the second referendum idea.

Labour is due to start its four-day annual party conference in a weeks time.

Writing in Sundays Observer newspaper, Khan blamed the governments handling of the negotiations and said the threat to living standards, the economy and jobs was too great for voters not to have a say.

This means a public vote on any Brexit deal obtained by the government, or a vote on a no-deal Brexit if one is not secured, alongside the option of staying in the EU, he wrote in the newspaper.

Reporting by Sarah Young; Editing by Angus MacSwan



Battistelli Has Deeply Hurt the Whole Patent Profession, Examiners as Well as Agents and Also the Image of France "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres still lack of diversity in the management, which is clearly French-led under Antnio Campinos

French EPO

Summary: A French perspective regarding Battistellis reign at the EPO, which has not really ended but manifests itself or metastasises through colleagues of Battistelli (whom he chose) and another French President (whom he also chose)

MANY EPO scandals that include nepotism have been covered here for over four years. 3 out of 4 successive EPO presidents are French and that has a lot to do with politics as well as lobbying, including by Battistelli, who intervened to have Antnio Campinos appointed. Pompidou was reasonably OK (not perfect, there were a few complaints associated with him as well) and a few hours ago I received the following comment in French:

Avec le comportement radicalement antisocial et dlibrment dictatorial du prcdent prsident franais de lOEB, la France va pour longtemps paraitre indsirable au niveau excutif de lOEB aux yeux de nombreux pays membres. On peut dj tre heureux que le Franais soit encore considr comme langue officielle de lOEB. Dans un pass relativement rcent, Mr Pompidou a t un prsident franais raisonnable et diplomate qui a t respect, bien que tout le monde savait y compris lui-mme que son implication dans les brevets ne lui permettait pas de simposer en tant quexpert de la proprit industrielle au niveau international. Evidemment, la renomme de son pre adoptif a t dterminante dans sa nomination la tte de lOEB.

Mr Batistelli, par contre, a profondment bless toute une profession, les examinateurs aussi bien que les mandataires, spcialement par son mpris du droit de la proprit inustrielle. Son trop long mandat lOEB a sap tous les efforts diplomatiques de la France dans les annes 1970 2010. LINPI quil a dirig na jamais eu une politique dexamen quant au fond trs dveloppe et il ne pouvait se prvaloir de cette exprience puisque lINPI a dlivr pendant trs longtemps des brevets sans examen srieux.

LAllemagne, les Pays-Bas, la Grande-Bretagne, la Suisse ont t...


Meanwhile in a parallel universe "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



Vostok 2018: Russia and China show off their forces (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Vostok 2018: Russia and China show off their forces Video The Sun VLADIMIR Putin today vowed to strengthen his mighty army and supply it with even more weapons as he watched Russias biggest war games since the fall of...

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Australia: Drug Overdoses Prompt Shut Down of Sydney Music Festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

A 23-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman died on Saturday after collapsing at the Defqon. 1 festival, the police said. Two of the 13 hospitalised people remain in critical condition, while about 700 sought help on site.

The police has charged 10 people with drug supply offences, including two teenagers who allegedly carried 120 capsules to the festival, held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.

Im absolutely aghast at what has occurred, I dont want any family to go through the tragedy that some families are waking up to this morning, its just horrible to think about, the premier of the Australian state of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, said.

A 23-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman died on Saturday after collapsing at the Def...


Resilient China is firewall in emerging currency crisis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

China is the last bulwark against a deep crisis in emerging economies going fully global, analysts say, although a prolonged trade war could sap Beijings defences.

Emerging countries loosely defined as having fast growing but volatile economies have seen their currencies battered in recent weeks, plunging their finances into turmoil, and raising fears of global contagion.

But China, the worlds second-biggest economy and itself categorized as an emerging market, doesnt share a key downside of the worst-hit countries: their rampant current account deficits.

The possibility of a currency crisis in China is unlikely, said Guan Qingyou, chief economist at Chinas Rushi Advanced Institute of Finance.


Chinas ability to resist risk is relatively strong.

Nail in coffin

Current account deficits must be financed with foreign currencies, and as central banks across the world enter a cycle of tighter monetary conditions, especially the powerful US Federal Reserve, cheap money will become scarce.

Higher US interest rates are another nail in the coffin for emerging countries needing external financing, said Lukman Otunuga, a research analyst at FXTM.

A meltdown of the Turkish lira somewhat stemmed by a recent massive interest rate rise and the Argentinian peso are cases in point, as both countries have exceptionally large current account deficits, said Oliver Jones, markets economist at Capital Economics.

South Africa, Colombia and, to a lesser extent, India and Indonesia are in similar danger of being trapped in Fed rate rise pain, he said.

But the currencies of Korea, Thailand and Malaysia have done much better because of their close trade ties with Beijing and their healthier current account positions.

Strong reserves

China itself still boasts a strong foreign reserve position and has taken steps to cut debt, both useful shields against global turmoil.

Our foreign exchange reserves are still relatively high, said Guan at the Reality Institute. In addition, China has already started the process of deleveraging after the end of 2016.

But even if fundamentals are still holding up, only the very brave dare predict how damaging ongoing trade tensions with the United States will be to Chinas position.

Recent tentative sign...


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

Happy Sunday, everybody. Do you like things you find difficult to unsee? Yes, the emperor has no clothes, not even a funny oversized tie. Here we have a realistic artistic expression of Mitch the Treason Turtle carrying his master, smiling and laughing all the way; smiling and laughing at all of us. The burden is heavy but he gladly carries Putin's president, servilely carrying him wherever he wants to go.


The state of Britain "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post The state of Britain appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Classic Comedy:The Darling Buds of May S02 E05 & E06 A Season Of Heavenly Gifts "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Not all episodes play in all countries

The Darling Buds of May is an English comedy drama television series, produced by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network, first broadcast between 7 April 1991 and 4 April 1993. It is an adaptation of the 1958 novel of the same name, and its sequels, by H. E. Bates.

Set in rural 1950s Kent, it follows the life of the Larkin family. It starred David Jason as Pop Larkin alongside Pam Ferris as Ma Larkin, with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing their eldest daughter Mariette, who marries tax inspector Cedric Charlie Charlton, played by Philip Franks. A ratings success, it proved to be Zeta-Joness breakout role.

Featuring a total of 20 episodes, it was broadcast as three series of six double-episode story lines in the spring of 1991, 1992 and 1993, plus two single-episode Christmas specials aired in 1991 and 1992


Philippines: Damage Caused By Duterte Administration Worse Than Typhoons and Other Calamities "IndyWatch Feed War"

The damage the Duterte administration has done to the country could be worse than the combined disasters caused by Ondoy, Yolanda, Ompong and other typhoons and calamities, opposition Rep. Edcel Lagman said yesterday.

When President Duterte took over the presidency in July 2016, inflation was only 1.3 percent. Now it is a crippling 6.4 percent due in no small measure to culpable government neglect and errant policies, he said.

He said the currency exchange rate was P46.86 to $1, now it is a whopping P54.01 to $1, or a P7.15 deterioration in two years.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

FILE PHOTO: President Rodrigo Duterte speaks after his arrival, from a visit in Israel and Jordan at Davao International airport in Davao City in southern Philippines, September 8, 2018. REUTERS/Lean Daval Jr.

The traffic gridlock when Duterte became President cost the country P3 billion daily in lost opportunities. Now, with the worsening traffic mess, the daily loss is equivalent to P3.5 billion or P1.3 trillion per year, which is 34 percent of the P3.757-trillion proposed budget for (next year), he added.

Lagman pointed out that there were no spiraling rice prices and shortage before Duterte took over from former president Benigno Aquino III.

Image may contain: 1 person

He said the number of Filipinos who consider themselves poor has increased from 44 percent in 2016 to 48 percent this year, or an increase to 11.1 million Filipino families translating to 66.6 million individuals at six members per family.

In 2016, the (country) had a fairly respectable and independent judiciary but Duterte has destroyed the judicial system when he inveigled the Supreme Court to oust in an improvident and irregular petition for quo warranto chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom he publicly urged to be removed for being his enemy, he said.

He said the country was the acknowledged leader in the Asian region in human rights protection and promotion, but has lost that premier status when Duterte campaigned for the restoration of the death penalty and violated human rights with impunity.

Read more at...


Walnut-sized hail and flash floods hit Turkey's northern provinces "IndyWatch Feed World"

Provinces across Turkey's Marmara and Black Sea regions were hit with flooding and hailstorms on Thursday afternoon and evening, as rain and thunderstorms are predicted to continue into Friday. In northern Turkey near the Black Sea, the city of Kastamonu was hit with walnut-sized hail for 20 minutes, smashing windows of vehicles and buildings, and puncturing walls and roof tiles. The city lost electricity amid the storm. Downed trees blocked road transport. Firefighters and Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) were working to assess and respond to the damage. The Marmara city of Bandrma in Turkey's northwestern Balkesir province experienced disastrous flooding, as social media users shared videos of streets that were turned to rivers. Numerous businesses and homes were flooded by the deluge. Several houses were also struck by lightning, city officials said.


#HambacherForest: Eviction continues, tunnel remains: Solidarity is active "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hambacher Forest, September 15: Today the eviction of the occupation in the 12,000 Hambach forest continued. In the northernmost occupation, fittingly named The North, police brutally destroyed the homes of the climate-justice activists, which had locked themselves on in order to delay the demolition of the treehouse occupation.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Image by Twitter account @HambiBleibt .

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As the day passed, the police ended up successfully evicting all of The North, including the treehouses Fabacea and Kontiki, and leaving the pieces of the treehouses spread all across the forest floor.

Meanwhile, the police kept working on destroying the Oaktown occupation, bringing down the treehouse Tanit, and beginning the eviction of the common-space of the occupation, the 3-floored Tower.

Besides these, the groundstructure Simona, on which the police have already worked for two days, was taken apart, despite the underground tunnelsystem, in which two people were still locked on.

The tunnel was one of the bigger stories of the day, as the police, despite trying very hard, were still not able to evict the activists from their 10 meter deep chamber.

Throughout the day, the police actively kept national as well as international press at a distance, in order to make it harder for the journalists to give a proper picture of the brutal destruction, and give the activists a voice. Despite this, journalists were able to spread information on the process of the largest police-action in the history of NRW.


More bridges for Momase : Nali "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Works Minister Michael Nali has announced that nine new bridges will be built at a cost of more than K10m for Madang and Sepik coastal highway linking East and West Sepik provinces.

Mr Nali announced the good news in Parliament on Wednesday when answering questions from Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi in relation to the collapse Banab bridge, the deteriorating Karkar Island ring-road and what plans he had for the aging bridges in Madang. He said the government wanted to promote local businesses on taking such task but had faced challenges. Banab bridge, we engage a local contractor and gave some money but the contractor found it hard to start and because of that we terminated the contract and gave it to East-west Constructions, based in Lae and they are starting work now. Like all roads in the country, for Karkar ring-road we have little money coming in but there are many roads to fix. Karkar has big population so when funds are available I will help. Under a program with some development partners have committed money to build bridges in Momase which Madang will get six new bridges and East and West Sepik coastal highway headed by Haiwain, will get three new bridges, Mr Nali said.

The department has received no- objection letter already and thanks to European Investment Bank which gave Works clearance this week to work on submission to tenders board who should seat next week and because the project is worth more than K10m, I will take the submission to National Executive Council (NEC) and as soon as its approved we will award contract for the bridges.


France congratulates PNG on 43rd Independence Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Governor General, Grand Chief Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae, today received a congratulatory message from the President of the French Republic, His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, on the occasion of our nations 43rd Independence Anniversary.

The French President wrote, On the occasion of the National Day of Papua New Guinea, I am pleased to extend my warmest congratulations to you, both on my own behalf and on behalf of the French people.

As a Pacific country through the presence of its local authorities in New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna, France shares a common vision of the challenges in Oceania with Papua New Guinea, particularly on the issue of combating the effects of climate change.

As I recalled during the High-Level Dialogue on Climate Change and Biodiversity organised by the Pacific Community in Noumea on 4 May, France will continue to actively engage with island States to help them address the challenges of climate change.

In this regard, I would like to tell you how pleased I was to exchange views on these subjects with Hon. Rimbink PATO, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Papua New Guinea, on the occasion of the Noumea meeting.

Beyond climate issues, bilateral relations between our two countries have intensified in recent years. I particularly welcome the development of the liquefied gas plant project exploiting the natural gas fields of Elk and Antelope by the Total Group, whose potential is particularly promising.

France, as you know, attaches great importance to the promotion of multilateralism. In this regard, I wish you every success in organising the APEC Summit to be held this year in Papua New Guinea in November.

Sir Bob said the relations between PNG and France, through people to people contact, cultural and educational exchanges are being greatly enhanced through the recent interest by French companies to be involved in the resources development sector in Papua New Guinea.

He said France is a Pacific nation and PNG looks forward to consolidating the existing constructive relations that both countries enjoy as partners in the region.

I express our gratitude to France for its continued association and support to the Pacific Islands Forum as a dialogue partner and the contribution of France in achieving some of the development aspiration in the re...


Typhoon Mangkhut heading for China as Philippines death toll rises to 28 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Storm moving towards Hong Kong and China's heavily populated south coast with winds of more than 177km/h Typhoon Mangkhut killed at least 28 people in the Philippines as it obliterated homes and crops and caused massive flooding, and is now on course to plough into China's coast. The storm, which was the strongest the world has seen this year, was not as ferocious as feared, though due to the remote areas where the typhoon hit, the full death toll and extent of the destruction is still unknown. By Sunday morning, it was hurtling towards China's heavily populated southern coast with winds of 177km/h (110mph). It will first pass by Hong Kong, where storm warnings have been raised to their highest level and hundreds of people have been evacuated to storm shelters, with businesses boarded up and most flights cancelled. The category 5 "super" typhoon hit the northern end of the Philippine island of Luzon early on Saturday morning, with the high winds ripping the roofs off houses and pulling down trees and electricity pylons, and the rains causing fatal landslides and flooding. More than five million people were in its path. The island is a key agricultural area in the Philippines, producing most of the country's rice, corn and others vegetable crops, and the storm left them ruined a month before harvest, damaging the livelihoods of thousands in the region.


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Just a brief note to those readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily roundup in the comments. PLEASE remember that politically incorrect and offensive (but funny) jokes are only to be enjoyed on Mondays in the Comedy corner post which is specifically for that kind of humour. Do not post that kind of humour here.W When anti-free speech [] The post Daily roundup appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


BBC Newsnight: Airbnb and UK Housing Market "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

given claims made recently about Airbnb and its impact in NZ especially in Auckland, Queenstown and Wanaka this seemed worth a look



Days of flooding ahead in the Carolinas as Florence leaves at least 13 dead "IndyWatch Feed World"

Days of flooding ahead in the Carolinas as Florence leaves at least 13 dead | 15 Sept 2018 | Tropical Storm Florence's relentless rain is flooding parts of the Carolinas and promises even more for days, officials said Saturday, a day after it landed as a hurricane and left at least 13 people dead -- including a baby. A 73-mile stretch of the highway closed Saturday because of flooding and an accident involving a tractor-trailer.Officials warned the flooding was only just starting.


A View of the Deadly World Order "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The outlook for humanity is not good. Crises that should by now, not even exist in the 21st Century, they now affect every man, woman, and child on the planet. Still, reality never really sinks in for the people of the world. Hollywood and the PR gamers obscure the same evils humankind has endured for countless centuries. Meanwhile, the real villains escape the justice they so richly deserve. We are caught in a vise behind mostly invisible prison bars, caught in individual cells fashioned by our own inaction. Heres a window inside this cell youve locked yourself into, a view of inestimable treachery and evil.

The Deadly World Order

Whatever else you may believe, you are imprisoned by your own human nature. In order that you understand, you must look at the ideas of the note English philosopher Thomas Hobbes for the first clues to todays craziness. You see, for Hobbes and others, the terms good and evil were just synonyms for what humanity desires and for what we the people hate as individuals and as a collective. It was because of a human tendency that Hobbes believed that the individual should not be allowed to decide for themselves what is good and what evil. Therefore, collective disaster could only be averted by delegating to higher authority the task of deciding whats best. Unfortunately for Hobbes and all his political theory kin, relinquishing such authority to other humans has led to calamity anyhow.

For most people, it matters little whether (or not) some world order runs their lives or not. The so-called New World Order used to be mentioned in wild stories about the famed Illuminati on the same pages that contained alleged pictures of Bigfoot or some bug-eyed alien. As I write this report, I am reminded of how Hollywood has immunized us all against Aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and made the Wolf of Wallstreet a kind of dark hero. Now were confronted with a new truth. Conspiracies are as real and as commonplace as todays news headlines. WikiLeaks reveals how a presidential candidate rigged a primary election. A U.S. soldier drops a dime on inhuman crimes committed in the name of freedom and democracy. A young geek working for the NSA spills the beans on massive breaches of Americans rights to privacy. A German carmaker tweaks an auto lines onboard computers to lie to consumers and governments. And trillions of dollars just evaporate with no accounting! But the Illuminati running the show is a craz...


BBCs Bowen recycles the contiguity myth on World Service radio "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the morning of September 13th the BBCs Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, sent a context-free tweet to his 170,000 followers.

Later that day, Bowen was to be found reporting on the same story in the afternoon edition of the BBC World Service radio programme Newshour. Presenter Razia Iqbal introduced the item (from 45:06 here) as follows: [emphasis in italics in the original]...



Act Out! Eleanor Goldfield explains why Alex Jones banning terrible for the Left (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Too many Progressives rejoiced when most social media companies banned Alex Jones, the crazy Right Wing conspiracy theory promoting uncivil human being. When one examines the act by these companies through analytical lenses, that ouster is dangerous for the Left and Progressives. Why? Eleanor Goldfield explains.


The U.S: The Century of Lost Wars "IndyWatch Feed War"

Introduction Despite having the biggest military budget in the world, five times larger than the next six countries, the largest number of military bases  over 180 in the world and the most expensive military industrial complex, the US has failed to win a single war in the 21st century. In this paper we will enumerate the []


Manafort plea deal: Trump ex-campaign chief to help Mueller inquiry "IndyWatch Feed World"

Manafort plea deal: Trump ex-campaign chief to help Mueller inquiry | 14 Sept 2018 | Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has agreed to co-operate with an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the US election as part of a plea deal. In court on Friday, he pleaded guilty to two criminal charges in the deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The agreement avoids a second trial on money laundering and other charges. The White House insists the guilty plea has absolutely nothing to do with President Donald Trump.


One More Reason To Eliminate As Much Plastic As You Can From Your Daily Routines "IndyWatch Feed National"


A green sea turtle off the eastern coast of Australia. Researchers estimate that more than half of all sea turtles have ingested plastic debris. Credit Kathy Townsend

Thanks to Karen Weintraub for this stark reminder, one of countless examples, of why so many places, and some big companies and many individuals are doing their best to get plastic out of daily routines:



Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. On Backchat, you are free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. To participate youll need to sign up for a Disqus account which is free, quick, and easy. On posts that are not articles like this one, you do not have to stay on topic [] The post Whaleoil backchat appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Mediawatch Midweek: 12 September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

RNZ Mediawatch Midweek

A look at a wide range of issues withe a comprehensive article and links at the website.

The intro reads:

Mediawatch Midweek is a weekly catch-up between Mediawatch and Latelys Karyn Hay. This week: controversial comments about the Pacific Islands; a deep dive into the fertiliser; the GFC ten years on; life on the minimum wage; cartoon crankiness; football back in black and white.

The segment on Cartoon Criticism is well worth reading and listening to.
Adam thinks the comments by

But in a piece for Newsroom, Dr Neal Curtis head of media and communication at the University of Auckland called it the image of pathological, raging whiteness unable to deal with the legitimate demands of people of colour.

are an example of academic bigotry and inability to look at legitimate criticism other than through the lens of their own narrow minded prejudices


A Quiet Nap "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

On most days, Adolf indulges in a forty minute nap, after lunch.

Today he was awakened by a gentle rocking at about 1250.   Thinking The Cook might be getting frisky, Adolf sat up and looked around but the room was empty.

Aaah haaaa, I thought.  Must be an earthquake.

It went on for about thirty seconds and was indeed an earthquake of 5.6 Richter scale, centred at Walpole, about 130 miles away.

There must be some way I can pin it on Turnbull before the Julie Bishop announces it's Abbott's fault.

The last big one in Western Australia was centred at Meckering in 1968 and was 6.9 on the scale.


Syria: We downed Israeli missiles near Damascus airport "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian media reports that Syrian defense systems were activated and a number of missiles were intercepted; IDF: Israel does not comment on foreign reports; earlier, loud explosions were reported but Syria claimed that it was part of controlled detonation of terrorist tunnels.
A video released by Syrian state news agency SANA reportedly shows activated air defences. Photograph: AFP Photo/ HO/ SANA/AFP/Getty Images

Syrias state media says Israel has launched a missile attack on Damascus International Airport Saturday, adding that Syrian air defenses shot down some of them.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said Israel does not comment on foreign reports.

The Saturday night attack shook the capital Damascus as blasts were heard in the city. Syrian media quoted an unnamed military official without giving further details.

Israeli aircraft strike near Damascus airport

Israeli aircraft strike near Damascus airpor...


Mongolia: land of Priuses and coal "IndyWatch Feed"

The headline is the answer to where we spent our summer vacation: two weeks in Mongolia, finishing with a week in South Korea.

Lots that could be said. Maybe the most blog-relevant though was the astounding number of Priuses (my favored plural form) we saw in the country, I'd guess they're almost half of the medium-sized and smaller cars on the road, virtually all of them second-hard cars from Japan with retrofitted frames to accept larger wheels for off-roading. Mongolia makes California look Prius-unfriendly.

By contrast to the Priuses, here's a view of air quality in the capital city:

This was in summertime a little over a week ago and our eyes stung within minutes; in winter the air quality is one of t...


China tells Taiwan to halt all mainland spying, sabotage activities "IndyWatch Feed War"

China on Sunday accused Taiwans spy agencies of stepping up efforts to steal intelligence with the aim of infiltration and sabotage, and warned the island against further damaging already strained cross-strait ties.

The relevant agencies in Taiwan must end such activities immediately, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing An Fengshan, a spokesman of Chinas policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office.

On Saturday, state television kicked off the first in a series of programs detailing cases in which Chinese students studying in Taiwan are said to be targeted by domestic spies who lure them with money, love and friendship.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky and outdoor

The allegations come as China ramps up efforts to encourage Taiwanese to settle in China permanently, with new identity cards and other inducements.

Taiwan has warned its people to be careful of the risks involved living in an autocratic country with internet censorship and other drawbacks.

China and Taiwan frequently trade accusations of spying.

In 2017, a Chinese student studying in Taiwan was sentenced to prison for collecting sensitive information through contacts in Taiwan schools and government departments, and for trying to build a spy network on the island.

Taiwan started to allow Chinese students to study at its universities in 2009.

China sees democratic Taiwan as a wayward province and has never renounced the use of force to bring it to heel, a prospect of which Taiwan is often reminded, with Chinese warships and fighter jets periodically pressing close to the island.

In recent months, China has also lured away some of the few nations with diplomatic ties to the self-ruled island.

But as Beijing further isolates Taiwan, Taipei is discreetly nurturing security ties with regional powers by sharing intelligence of Chinese military deployments, sources have told Reuters.


Reporting by Ryan Woo and Ben Blanchard; Editing by Clarence Fernandez


Today in rock history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Today in Rock History: Born today in 1925, singer, songwriter and guitarist B.B. King (Riley King) Born today in 1931, singer, songwriter and pianist Little Willie Littlefield, widely regarded as a pioneer act between boogie-woogie and rock n roll. Born today in 1935, singer, songwriter, harmonic player and guitarist Billy Boy Arnold (William Arnold). Born today [] The post Today in rock history appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Classic Comedy: Ronnie Corbett in Sorry S03 E02 Youre Going Nowhere "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Sorry! is a BBC television sitcom, that aired on BBC1 from 1981 to 1982 and from 1985 to 1988. Starring Ronnie Corbett, created and written by Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent for the BBC, both of whom had previously written for The Two Ronnies, of whom Corbett was one half.

Sorry! is based around Timothy Lumsden who, 41 years old in the first three series (his age increased to 42 and then 48 in subsequent series Corbett was actually 50-57 during the series run), is a librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and henpecked father Sidney. Although quite shy around women, Timothy longs to find love and leave home, but Phyllis is always against the idea, and constantly manipulates her son into staying at home. One of the running gags of the series is Sidney frequently shouting Language, Timothy! when he feels Timothy has said something inappropriate (though most times nobody would typically find the words even close to offensive). Timothy usually responds Sorry father, but sometimes snaps Shut up, father! to which Sidney always replies Fair enough.

The writers used this to clever effect in one episode when Timothy is boasting about his acadmeic achievements; I got two passes in English, Literature and the other one, at which point Sidney walks past and says Language, Timothy.

In contrast, Timothys friend Frank and sister Muriel urge Timothy to stand up to his mother once and for all. Muriel had successfully left home, and married Kevin, and as a result is viewed with distrust by her mother.


13,000-Year-Old Beer Residue Found in Prehistoric Cave in Israel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

'World's oldest brewery' found in cave in Israel, say researchers

Researchers say they have found the world's oldest brewery, with residue of 13,000-year-old beer, in a prehistoric cave near Haifa in Israel. The discovery was made while they were studying a burial site for semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.

Brewing beer was thought to go back 5,000 years, but the latest discovery may turn beer history on its head. The findings also suggest beer was not necessarily a surplus of making bread as previously thought. The researchers say they cannot tell which came first, and in October's issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, they suggest the beer was brewed for ritual feasts to honour the dead [DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.08.008] [DX].

When will Dogfish Head seize the research?

Related: Beer Domesticated Man
Archaeologists Unearth 5,000-Year-Old Brewery in China
5,000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Recreated by Students

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


No bottom in sight for China stocks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Shanghai is the worlds worst-performing major stock market this year despite respectable corporate earnings, a disconnect which is feeding growing talk that Chinese equities are now a screaming buy.

Not so fast, say brokers and analysts, who warn shares have further to fall due to US-China trade squabbling, slowing Chinese economic growth, and a government crackdown on debt that is drying up liquidity.

Despite Chinas still enviable economic growth of over six percent, the Shanghai Composite Index is down 19 percent this year and flirting with levels not seen since late 2014.

As a result, share valuations in relation to earnings are the most attractive in years, down as much as 50 percent compared to 10-year averages in some cases.

AFP/File | Shanghai is the worlds worst-performing major stock market this year despite respectable corporate earnings

Investors are waiting to pounce like lions and leopards lurking in the grass, said Zhang Qun, chief market strategist with Citic Securities.

Looking at historical data, valuations are definitely appropriate (for buying), he said.

But they could stay low for a while.

Nervy authorities have begun repeatedly stressing the markets overall attractiveness, and a report last week by Chinas top state think tank touted historically low valuations.

Value has emerged in the stock market, it said.

Anticipation of a rebound has also been fed, brokers told AFP, by major listed firms snapping up their own shares, viewing them as undervalued compared to the companies fundamentals.

Show me the money

But the market is unconvinced: sluggish trading volume last week hit its lowest levels in two years.

2018 wasnt supposed to be this way.

The government began the year on guard against excessive share price increases, and optimism was fuelled by the June introduction of hundreds of Chinese companies into MSCIs global equities indices.

The move is expected to eventually lure billions in foreign investment into Chinese shares.

The government also outlined plans to entice emerging domestic tech giants to list shares in China rather than abroad, after first-generation champions like Alibaba and Tencent went overseas.

But 2018s declines are by no means irrational, said Brock Silvers, managing director of Shanghai-based investment advisory Kaiyuan Capital.

The economy is slowing, inbound investment is declining, credit is worse...


Erin Elizabeth Interview The Orchestrated Attack On Holistic Doctors And Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Anyone who has taken the time to truly research this nations history, both recent and back to its origins, should be well aware that those with the wealth have the power to manipulate the government, just as we are increasingly beginning to see today, due in large part to the tireless and all too often []

The post Erin Elizabeth Interview The Orchestrated Attack On Holistic Doctors And Your Health appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Mohammad bin Salmans Days Are Numbered: The Times "IndyWatch Feed War"

September 14, 2018 Hopes that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be a reformer who could heal the region have come to nothing, wrote Michael Burleigh in his article published by the UK newspaper The Times. First came the hype, with millions spread around like muck by western PR companies and lobbyists to []


Whaleoil sports quiz "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Failing upwards "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ive been busy finishing the manuscript of my book, and dealing with policy issues as they came up, so I havent paid a lot of attention to the Liberal leadership saga. One thing that strikes me is that Josh Frydenberg has had exceptionally favorable coverage, apparently on the basis that hes likable and popular. Thats fine, but if youre going to appoint someone as Treasurer, shouldnt a successful track record be a necessary (though not sufficient) condition? Morrison, for example, had a political success in stopping the boats (whatever the morality of the policy) and was generally seen as a successful Social Services minister (unlike his successor, who messed up the robodebt program). He didnt impress as Treasurer, but at least his previous career justified giving him a go. And while he looks underqualified as PM, the alternatives were even worse[1].

Frydenberg has essentially had one ministerial job, covering environment and energy (though with various titles and temporary add-ons like Northern Australia). In this capacity, his big contribution was the National Energy Guarantee. It was a terrible policy, made necessary by the failure of Turnbull and Frydenberg to face down the denialists in the government. Designed to be all things to all people, it ended up being nothing to nobody. Frydenbergs failure to secure agreement on the NEG was the proximate cause of Turnbulls downfall as PM, and the policy was promptly abandoned the moment Morrison took over. In what possible world is this a basis for promotion?


fn1. Bishop was ruled out on tribal grounds. Her weakness as Treasury spokesman years ago was also held against her, even though she wasnt obviously worse (in retrospect) than Morrison, and much better than Hockey. About Dutton, the less said the better. After that, its daylight.


Insulins Steep Price Leads To Deadly Rationing "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Depending on whom you ask, youll get a different response for why insulin prices have risen so high.


8,000 people evacuated and teenager dies amid 70 blasts and fires in Boston "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The sheer scale of a series of gas explosions which ripped through three Boston neighbourhoods and killed a teenager became apparent on Friday as it emerged 8,000 people had been evacuated.

Some 70 separate fires, blasts and gas odours were reported during the incident, in which 18-year-old Leonel Rondon was killed by a falling chimney.


Surprising Decision in the EU May Completely Change the Internet as We Know It "IndyWatch Feed World"

With over 4 billion people using the internet around the globe, there is no denying the major role that it plays in our lives today. From social media to online shopping, education to planning and organization, we often overlook just how dependent we are on this marvel of technology.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the development and growth of the internet is no exception. As we continue to discover new uses for this technology in our lives, there is a great demand for regulation and control. For example, we have had to put laws in place to protect minors from potential exploitation with the sharing of their photos and videos, and careful regulation has been put into place to protect our personal information. However, it is often a fine line between keeping the general population safe and impeding upon our freedom of speech.

One cause of concern that the European Union has recently looked to address is the topic of copyright in todays society. Online sharing has made it easier than ever to share creative works online, like music and videos, for free. This cuts drastically into the profit that musicians, film-makers and other creators receive from their hard work, as they are no longer receiving compensation for their creations. For example, many people will opt to download music for free online rather than paying for a CD or digital download.

In an effort to better regulate this concern, legislation was introduced in the European parliament designed to address the current copyright laws, updating them for our current digital age. Known as the Copyright Directive, this controversial legislation directly addresses the way that copyright works on the Internet, including the sharing of content on social media platforms like Facebook, and the use of hyperlinks on websites.

Article 11 specifically addresses the use of links on websites, proposing the introduction of a link tax. This would mean that any companies interested in linking to other sites and articles on their website would have to pay for a license. While this would certainly help to limit the amount of content being linked, it could greatly hinder the sharing of information as we see it now. For smaller companies, the cost may be too much, discouraging them from linking to anything, even when it could be beneficial. This could, ultimately, lead to greater exposure to fake news as one would simply have to foot the bill to share it globally, while those with access to the r...


Heres what you should know before negotiating your salary with a recruiter "IndyWatch Feed World"

There isnt a one-size-fits-all solution, but following these principles should get you far.

Negotiating salary is uncomfortable. But if you dont do it, it could cost you $1 million over the course of your career. So as unnerving as it may be, its worth it.

Read Full Story


Quiz: Facts about Israel 3 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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A Look At The Smallest Magnetic Deflection CRT Ever Made "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A high-resolution LCD or OLED screen is a commodity component that we can buy on a little breakout board and plug into our microcontrollers without spending more than a dollar or two. We can buy them in sizes ranging from sub-postage-stamp to desktop TV if our budgets stretch that far, and they are easy to drive in every sense of the word. It is not so long ago though that a high-resolution LCD, even a small one, was a seriously expensive component. In consumer electronic devices such as camcorders engineers went to great lengths to avoid those costs, and [12voltvids] recently took a look at one of them.

Inside the viewfinder of a miniaturized Sony camcorder is a CRT. Its fairly mundane in the scheme of CRTs, in that its a monochrome device with no unexpected features. Except that is, for one thing. Its tiny, with only a 0.5 inch screen size. Everything else is the same as your vintage full-sized TV, it has an electron gun and a deflection and focusing coil pack, but the entire device has been miniaturized to the point at which the coil pack is larger than the screen it is driving. On the accompanying PCB are all the support circuits, including a tiny flyback transformer and a single IC   a Rohm BA7149 electronic viewfinder driver that is as near as possible an entire CRT TV on a chip. Thats it, the whole device runs from a single 5 volt supply.

He doesnt give the date of the camcorder, but given that it looks as though it uses 8mm cassette tapes and has a curved miniaturized design rather than the angular black exteriors that were fashionable earlier wed guess it to be from some time around the year 2000. To give it some context, at the time one of the hottest pieces of consumer electronics would have been a Diamond Rio MP3 player, and if your desktop PC had the first of the AMD Athlon processors you probably considered it to be about the fastest you could hope to own. The surprise then is that Sony still considered it more economical even at that point to use the CRT and associated circuitry than a tiny LCD. Either way wed agree with him that its a keeper, a fascinating curio for any electronics enthusiast. If we see an old camcorder going for not a lot, well certainly give it a second look after this.

Thanks [Rahul Chawre] for the tip.


Dark Choco-Dipped Cherry Bites Recipe "IndyWatch Feed National"


Recipe by Pete Evans

Many people just cant end a meal without dessert. After all, a satisfying dessert refreshes your palate and gives your lunch or dinner a sweet ending.

Most people, however, would reach for a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake to satiate their sweet tooth but why do so when there are healthier dessert options to choose from? Case in point: these delicious cherry bites from Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans, with whom I co-wrote The Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook.

This easy dessert recipe combines the freshness and tartness of cherries with the bitter taste of raw cacao chocolate and the mild sweetness of coconut flakes, giving you a deep burst of flavor in every bite.


Prep time: 15 minutes (plus 30 minutes chilling time)

Cook time: 15 minutes



Ending the Secrecy of the Student Debt Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How to combat the mental health toll of struggling with student debt.


5 Things People With Chronic Illness Wish Their Loved Ones Knew "IndyWatch Feed World"

Chronic illness comes in many different forms, and affects many people in the world. It is something that affects everyone in a family, not just the person who is actually ill.

Chronic illness is not something that can be defined easily. It can vary from person to person, but basically makes up any conditions that persist over a long period of time and affect a person physically, emotionally, intellectually, vocationally, or so so forth. These conditions usually cannot be cured and are something the person just has to live with. Some examples of chronic illness are heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and kidney disease but the list goes on and on.

A lot of those with chronic illness face things like pain and depression on a daily basis. They might do their best to be strong for the people around them but they struggle sometimes and really need a good support system behind them. Below You will find a list of things those with chronic illnesses wish the people they care about knew. These are all things they might want to say but have not yet done so.

5 Things People With Chronical Illness Wish The People They Love Knew:

1. There will be good days and bad days.

When someone is chronically ill they arent always facing death like people tend to think. There is a difference between chronic and terminal. That being said, there will be good days and bad days. Just because someone has a few good days in a row doesnt mean he or she is cured, and just because they have a few bad days doesnt mean its the end of their life.

2. Comparing minor aches and pains to their pain does not help.

While you might think youre not hurting anyones feelings by comparing your average headache to the way a persons chest might feel when their heart condition is acting up, you are. Dont get me wrong everyones pain is valid but there is no comparison between the two. There needs to be a line with this kind of thing.

3. There is no getting better.

Chronic illness is not something you just wake up from one day. Instead of giving false hope why not ask if this person is having a good day? You cant try to force someone to think that believing they will get better will make their problems all melt away. It just doesnt work like that.

4. Validation goes a long way.

Validating the person dealing with illness and acknowledging their pain is important. Dont downplay things and make them feel like theyre overreacting when they arent. This will really do so much more than most realize.

5. Crying doesnt always mean pain....


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Big Dreams for Special Economic Zones
Edwin Kondo
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

As is now public knowledge, our regulations were published on the 17th of August, 2018.

These are the legal instruments that allow us to discharge our mandate to licence which is to designate areas, attract investors in those specified zones, (and) administer the zones we would have established.

We have been pre-occupied with building the institutional framework.

It has really been about building the institutional framework, but further to that, if I can add, we have also been building the institution itself from the ground up, starting off with my appointment four months ago, and we have been working with a fantastic team of deployees from various ministries.

But it has also necessitated that as an organisation, we begin the recruitment process to populate our organogram and we have been busy doing that.

We have also been busy developing various plans and at this stage, I wouldnt want to go into the various plans because they must go through the due processes, but we have been developing the various plans, including spatial distribution plans.

Spatial distribution plans look at where you are going to position zones.

And these are based on competitive advantages of each province.

So, you have heard the President, His Excellency, talking about Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Beitbridge, Mutare and other areas and we are busy putting those declarations into actual legal-designated areas.

We will be publishing those very soon.

Also, we have been busy developing the processes because to be able to say this applicant has qualified for a license or not, we have to have a process; we have to have a very sound and robust technical process for us to be able to do so.

We have come up with those processes and now they are in place.

We have been looking at the backlog in terms of those that have applied and trying to clear that, but going forward, we are, as we speak, now busy going through the applications.

The applications have different levels of informati...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The ED Cabinet: An End of History
Richard Mahomva
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

Opinion has naturally been split with regards to Cabinet appointments made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But to be fair, the new Cabinet appointments reflect a reasonable bargain between the State and the electorate.

From another perspective, the appointments represent a rebranded structure of governance as this marks a departure from what others have referred to as the recycling of old wood.

The 2018 Cabinet is also reflective of the much anticipated distribution of roles between the ruling party stalwarts and experts drawn from other sectors outside Zanu-PF. It also has an even demographic spread which responds to the general clamour for youth and womens inclusion in policy-making.

Most importantly, the structure of the new Cabinet demystifies the perception of Government top posts as rewards for loyalty, which often opened up the State to criticism over ostensible nepotism.

At the same time, this has neutralised the overrated rhetoric on the militarisation of the State post the November 2017 transition, which led to the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe.

Analysts are agreed that the new Cabinet represents an inter-gender and inter-generational balance, which, in essence, was the subject of political debate before the July 30 harmonised elections.

Political scientists and analysts also agree that the new-look Cabinet marks the beginning of an epoch-making era that could redefine the ethos of the countrys contemporary politics. Such a consensus on the structural realignment of Government is in tandem with the philosophical premise identified by political theorist Francis Fukuyama in his 2011 work The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution.

Fukuyama submitted in his work that modern politics have reached the end of history. However, what he terms history in his book neither refers to epochal shifts nor the flow of political events.

Instead, this implies that the successive stages of societal quest for political liberties across the globe had reached its final stage....


A Solar Observatory In New Mexico Has Been Shut Down By The FBI And No One Knows Why "IndyWatch Feed World"

There is very clearly something peculiar going on in New Mexico and no one has any idea what. While it might not sound too crazy for an observatory to be shut down, no explanations have been given.

The Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down just last week and everyone within was evacuated. Employees are currently banned from the premises and the website even states it is closed for the time being. According to many, FBI personnel were on the scene immediately and not even the local sheriff is in the loop.

Otero County Sheriff Benny House told Alamogordo Daily News as follows in regards:

The FBI is refusing to tell us whats going on. Weve got people up there (at Sunspot) that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why. The FBI was up there. What their purpose was nobody will say.

But for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there. There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.

They wanted us up there to help evacuate but nobody would tell us anything.

We went up there and everything was good. There was no threat. Nobody would identify any specific threat. We hung out for a little while then we left. No reason for us to be there. Nobody would tell us what were supposed to be watching out for.

Theyre not federal employees.

It may be somebody who threatened one of their workers. If thats the case, why didnt they just call us and let us deal with it? These guys are regular workers that work for this company. I dont know why the FBI would get involved so quickly and not tell us anything.

Now depending on where youre reading from many say there was some kind of security issue but a security issue would have to be of extreme stature to warrant the kind of presence this has caused. As the sheriff said, if someone was just threatening an employee they wouldnt need the FBI, would they?

What do you think is going on? I for one think perhaps they were doing more than just observing sunspots at this location and perhaps something interesting was found.

(Image Via: Sunspot Solar Observatory)


Another tweet for today "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

These tweets were interesting. Nippert is an excellent journalist and Bradford is pretty competent as well.

The thread was of interest as well. Again we can see the Ardern fan club was quickly on the thread

The one below is especially amusing given Katie Bradfords politics can probably be said to be at least left of centre


Kiwi as "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Colin Meads was not merely the most famous All Black of his era. The Te Kuiti sheep farmer personified a rugged rural masculinity that evoked a bygone era even in his playing days. Meads played 133 games for the All Blacks between 1957 and 1971, the last four as captain. In his 55 test matches [] The post Kiwi as appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Hari  to be delighted, happy, glad; to dance, sing a song to a dance, lead a song.

(Celebrating Maori Language Week)


Delete and Fast Forward, My Friend "IndyWatch Feed"

Can you picture me spinning country music at a cowboy bar? Interviewing dozens of country music stars for Country Music Magazine? How about being on the Board of Directors of the Country Music Association? Yeah, and I was the west coast editor of Country Music Magazine too. Don't worry, I was never into the Nashville sound, just Outlaw music, the punk rock of country. That's how I met Willie... around 40 years ago. He had recently released Red Headed Stranger which I wore out on the turntables of the Cinch and wrote about as often as possible and for as many outlets as possible. Willie, Waylon, Tompall, Jessi, Kris, Tanya... as well as the Clash, the Ramones, the Pistols, X, the Au Pairs, Generation X... that was what I was listening to-- as well as the bands I was releasing on my own label-- the Nuns, the Mutants, the Units, the Offs, the Red Rockers. Don't stress; it made sense to me. As much as this Willie song covered by the Pet Shop Boys made sense to anyone besides me:

So, sure, I was happy, happy when I heard the other day that Willie is doing a concert in Austin with Beto. All my friends want to fly down to Austin. And you know they're going to play onstage together! But not every Willie fan is also a Beto fan. Some are pissed off. Do 85 year old performers care if some Trump-nuts get mad at them? I have a feeling the answer is "nah."

I'm the one smiling and dressed as the country music guy


9 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Most Important Plant In The World "IndyWatch Feed World"

While many people might not think much of hemp itself, it has tons of uses. Sure, people see a marijuana leaf and assume its all about drug use hemp for those who do not know contains basically no THC.

You see, while hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants they are not exactly the same. Smoking just hemp isnt going to get you high. It is one of the best possible crops there are and yet it gets shoved into the dark and prohibited in most places. For years on end, it has been something the government has been harsh on and honestly, without reason.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that make hemp such an amazing plant. These are things you wont hear much about but really need to know. This plant could do great things if we would allow it to. Not only is it a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, it is also one of the best fibers around.

9 Reasons Why Hemp Is Truly Amazing:

1. Hemp can provide some amazing housing if done right and doesnt contribute to deforestation.

With hemp you can make hemp bricks, hemp chipboard, and so much more. You can create pest-proof housing that pulls co2 from the atmosphere and keeps the rain out without issue. Cutting down all of these trees is not a good answer to anything. Plant some hemp and build some houses.

2. Hemp seeds can inhibit cancer growth in some cases.

A study from a while back actually found that hemp seeds were able to prevent metastasis in lung cancer. Lots of research has been done on hemp seeds and the benefits they can provide. Adding them to a salad might really do you some good.

3. Paper can even be made out of it.

Hemp crops can produce a lot more pulp than trees when it comes to each acre and doesnt require anywhere near as long of a time frame to grow. You can recycle it without issue over and over but with normal paper you cannot. Hemp has been used as paper for thousands of years.

4. Hemp produces twice as much fiber as cotton per acre.

Producing clothing made from hemp is much more realistic. It produces more, doesnt need as much water and wont be as frustrating as cotton can be. It is more durable than cotton and a lot more comfortable.

5. Hemp can be used to make biofuel.

You can literally make biofuel from hemp oil. This is a very promising field that has not been tapped...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

U.S. Sanctions to Remain Until Zimbabwe Demonstrates Reforms -Official
The U.S. government will not lift sanctions against Zimbabwe until the new government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa demonstrates it is changing its ways, a senior U.S. economic official told a congressional panel on Thursday.

Manisha Singh, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, told a House of Representatives hearing there were 141 entities and individuals in Zimbabwe, including Mnangagwa and former president Robert Mugabe, that are currently under U.S. sanctions.

Our pressure on Zimbabwe remains in place. We are trying to use this pressure to leverage political and economic reforms, human rights observations, Singh said.

Our pressure on Zimbabwe remains in place. We are trying to use this pressure to leverage political and economic reforms, human rights observations

We want to see fundamental changes in Zimbabwe and only then will we resume normal relations with them, she added.

Mnangagwa was sworn in as Zimbabwes new president on Aug. 26 after the Constitutional Court confirmed his July 30 election victory, dismissing a challenge by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Mnangagwa has called for the lifting of U.S. sanctions against officials from the ZANU-PF ruling party, top military figures and some government-owned firms, which were imposed during Mugabes rule for it called violations of human rights and democracy.

The EU lifted most of its sanctions in 2014, but has maintained those against Mugabe and his wife Grace.

The July ballot was touted as a crucial step toward shedding the pariah reputation that Zimbabwe gained under Mugabe as well as securing international donor funding.

Rep. Karen Bass, a Democrat from California, said Zimbabwe was trying to reach out to us now and I want to know where we are with that.

We are always open to conversations. We are open to a demonstration from the government that it is changing its ways, that it is observing human rights, Singh added.


September 16th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #605 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zambia President Slams 'Reckless Propaganda' on China Relations
Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban
Africa News

Zambian president Edgar Lungu has described as misleading and reckless propaganda, recent reports that China was set to seize national assets over loan payment default.

In a speech at the opening of parliament on Friday, Lungu stressed that Lusakas dealings with Beijing was mutual and not on the level of master and slave. He added that the relations were set to be entrenched in the interest of both parties.

Our friendship with China is mutual and no amount of reckless propaganda will deter us from entrenching this relationship for the common good of our people, he said.

Ignore the misleading headlines that seek to malign our relationship with China by mischaracterising our economic cooperation to mean colonialism.

Ignore the misleading headlines that seek to malign our relationship with China by mischaracterising our economic cooperation to mean colonialism. China does not have that record, neither does it seek a horse-and-jockey relationship with Zambia.

We are fully conscious as a nation and we are alive to the fact that we need to uplift the lives of our people. I need to emphasis that all forms of bilateral co-operation with China are and will always be informed by this noble focus, he added.

Information from Africa Confidential, a London-based publication had suggested that two state entities were to be taken over by China. Its report was widely reported by other portals that the power company, Zesco, was due for takeover after the state broadcaster.

Zambias external debt figures are pegged officially $9 billion. Like other African nations, its indebtedness to the East Asian giant continues to soar especially in the area of infrastructure development.

Lungu joined fellow African heads of states and government who participated in the just ended Forum on China Africa Cooperation, FOCAC, held in the Chinese city of Beijing.

The Chinese president promised $60 billion new aid for the continent amid rising concerns...


Sunday September 16th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Cartoon for Today "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Brian Adcock Independent 15092018

Brian Adcock: Just like those Russian spies in their comedy interview, sneaky Tory tosspots also being utterly full of shite



Texas likely is removing Helen Keller from the curriculum "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Here is the story, note that Hillary Clinton was removed as well and Billy Graham was added, at least on a preliminary vote.  Various historical figures were assessed for their relevance, and Helen Keller did not receive a high enough score.  Barbara Jordan, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin and Henry B. Gonzlez all figures from Texas history made it through easily.  Dolores Huerta was added.

On Keller, here is some additional background:

In 1929 and again in 1938 she published books that both contained extended sections defending the Soviet Unionwhich she maintained was still a more or less democratic workers stateand praised the late Vladimir Lenin, whose great legacy rested on how he had helped to sow in Russia the unshatterable seed of a new life for mankind.

There is some chance the Texas decision will influence textbooks on a nationwide basis, because Texas is such a large market and publishers wish to market the same book nationally.

Keller should be kept because she is an impressive, focal, and easy to explain example of an individual who overcame disabilities and became prominent and influential.  At the margin, her radicalism is a reason to include her, not to exclude her.  Students should be encouraged to think of America as having had a diverse intellectual history, including radicalism.  That said, the same should hold for a variety of now-disgraced figures on the Right, provided of course that they have meritorious achievements worthy of note, and no this is not by definition impossible.

The first linked article claims that cutting Keller from the curriculum will save forty minutes.  Even if you dont think Keller is worth exactly forty minutes, surely she is worth more than zero minutes, and besides the teacher simply can talk faster if need be (dont most teachers talk too slowly?).

I dont mind keeping the relatively obscure Texas figures in the social studies course of study.  If nothing else, it encourages young Texans to think of themselves as special and to resist assimilation into broader America, again to the benefit of diversity.

Addendum: Keller is a very good choice if you are playing Twenty Questions.  It is unlikely if someone will ask whether you are a famous person connected to the idea of disabilities...


Why Not a Murder Charge for Guyger? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The instant it was announced that Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger would be slapped with a manslaughter charge, the loud cry went up: Why not murder? The story that Guyger told of stumbling into a wrong apartment after a long shift, and then mistakenly gunning down Botham Jean thinking he was an intruder is by now well known.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ethiopia and Eritrea to Sign Peace Agreement in Saudi Arabia
Africa News

Ethiopia and Eritrea will attend a summit in Saudi Arabia on Sunday to sign an agreement cementing the thaw between the two former Horn of Africa enemies, a UN spokesman disclosed on Friday September 14.

Saudi King Salman will host the signing ceremony in Jeddah to be attended by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and African Union Commission chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat.

UN spokesman Farhan Haq did not provide details, saying the Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders would sign a further agreement helping to cement the positive relations between them.

UN chief Antonio Guterres to be among those attending Sunday's signing ceremony in western city of Jeddah.

On Tuesday, the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea reopened two land border crossing points for the first time in 20 years, clearing the way for trade between the two nations.

Ethiopias Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritreas President Isaias Afwerki signed a declaration of peace in July that formally ended two decades of hostility.

Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in the early 1990s, and war broke out later that decade over a border dispute.

A 2002 UN-backed boundary demarcation was meant to settle the dispute for good, but Ethiopia refused to abide by it.

A turnaround began in June when Abiy announced that Ethiopia would hand back to Eritrea the disputed areas including the flashpoint town of Badme where the first shots of the border war were fired.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

US, UK Issue Ethiopia Travel Alerts Ahead of OLF Rally in Addis Ababa
Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban 
Africa News
15/09 - 04:00

The United States and the United Kingdom have issued security alerts for the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa ahead of the return of a former rebel group, the Oromo Liberation Front, OLF.

The U.K. alert was issued on Friday with hours to the event whiles in the case of the U.S. its alert was issued on Thursday in connection with flag protests in Addis Ababa.

The scuffles between Oromo youth and city dwellers had as at Friday led to one death after federal forces clashed with protesters. The painting of public places in the OLF colours has been condemned by police who maintain that waving flags was not illegal under law.

OLF leadership are expected to quit their base in Eritrea and formally return home after it agreed a deal with the federal government weeks ago in Asmara. OLF will now engage in peaceful armed struggle.

Summary The U.K. travel advice

On 12 and 13 September 2018, there was sporadic violence as large crowds gathered in various parts of Addis Ababa; with the planned arrival of the senior leadership of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in Addis Ababa on Saturday 15 September 2018.

It is expected that large crowds will again gather; you should exercise particular caution around Addis Ababa and in particular anywhere where large crowds are gathering, as per the advice below; British Embassy staff have been advised to avoid the area around Meskel Square and the Stadium area on Saturday 15 September 2018.

There are frequent incidences of civil unrest in Ethiopia, including protests and strikes. Some of these can cause temporary closure of roads or disruption to local business and transport, and in the past some have escalated into serious violence. These incidents are often limited in duration and localised.


Sept 20th Emergency Broadcast Test -- Get Ready for all Hell to Break Loose "IndyWatch Feed World"

(GITMO 2018)

'Sept 20th Emergency Broadcast Test' - Get Ready For All Hell To Break Loose

The recent "Executive Order" is the beginning of things to come for the "Deep State" conspirators in their attempt to rig the midterm elections this November.

In addition...certain media types and others in the FBI, DoJ and CIA that conspired to spy, leak intel and their attempt(s) to undermine the people of the United States could (and will) face Treasonous charges.

What will follow (after the Kavanaugh appointment to SCOTUS) Sept 20th is being referred to as the "MOAB" when the hammer falls and indictments will follow.

The combination of Kavanaugh's appointment and a planned (EBS)Emergency Broadcast System 'test' (on the morning of September 20th with the probability of a major disclosure that afternoon) is the MOAB hammer will likely cause the "Deep State" to launch a false flag involving a massive grid crash. (in the northeast and west coast)

Grid blackouts would be the least of America's problems...other false flag possibilities could take place because the MOAB will cause panic among those facing Treason. (this would be a good time to have enough water and food stored plus a full tank of gas)

Trump is one step ahead and the panic is increasing everyday as Communist Deepstate Dems grasp for straws in their attempt to sway public opinion and to encourage political support for themselves and against this president.

This coup is advancing to levels never seen before in the history of our United States as Communism a.k.a. Social Justice / Progressivism is expected to collapse from truth is forced upon the fakestream media.

They will NOT be able to hide the truth...but will declare Trump...


2016-18 Big Chill NASA Confirms Global Cooling? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What I find really distasteful is how the media is so corrupt that all they want to do these days is to manipulate us into mindless drones. All we hear is Global Warming and they seem to be paid to push this just as they have done in Canada to tax each house $1,000+ to solve Global Warming? It should come as no surprise that the very same news source they have used for their Global Warming pitch has reported the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century just occurred. Their data from February 2016 to February 2018 showed that the global average temperatures declined 0.56C. The last two-year decline was 1982-1984 with a drop of 0.47C, which took place during their favorite stint to justify global warming era. (see NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (dataset accessed 2018-04-11 at

Then we have the Global Warming crowd trying to dismiss the Big Chill claiming it is really Global Warming causing an increase in volatility of temperatures. Here we go again with FAKE NEWS data. The global temperatures are by no means becoming more volatile and if you run the data through a standard measurement we use in markets to gauge volatility, you are immediately confronted with the monthly global average temperatures since 2000 is only about 65% of what it was from 1880 to 1999. They simply refuse to just accept that there are cycles to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, in South Australia has seen temperatures plunge 10 degrees making this t...


Dollar Dominant & Dangerous System Not Stable Catherine Austin Fitts "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters (Early Sunday Release) Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system will take some big hits before the end of the year. Fitts explains, Right now, economists say the dollar is dangerous and dominant. Its still, if you look at the market shares []


Chicago Tribune Reporter Replace Chief Illiniwek with New Mascot: Keith Not-At-All-Woke "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Chicago Tribune photo

Published September 16, 2018

CHICAGO  For eleven years, the University of Illinois has been without a mascot. Heeding insistence from the NCAA and years of protests by American Indians, the univeristy retired Chief Illiniwek in 2007. Still owning the trademarks to the chiefs name and image, the university deemed Illinois school groups could not officially use them.

The controversy surrounding the mascot has hung arounds since then.

Last year, the univeristy put in place a advisory committee to identify a new mascot.

The advisory committee has suggested the university should explore the possibility of new traditions that could include a mascot after a series of conversations with students, staff, faculty, alumni and others in the spring.

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune publsihed a column by its contact reporter, Rex Huppke, who suggests the university replace Chief Illiniwek with new Mascot: Keith Not-At-All-Woke.

Huppke writes:

In keeping with the rhythm of Chief Illiniweks name, the mascot will be dubbed: Keith Not-At-All-Woke.

Keith loves his university, and he REALLY loves sports! Hes not at all woke and doesnt understand why his opinion on a culturally insensitive caricature of a Native American doesnt trump the opinions of most actual Native Americans. His motto is: ITS A TRIBUTE! THEY JUST DONT GET IT!

Read more 

Huppke is wrong, most actual Native Americans dont like mascots and dont think American Indian mascots are a tribute.




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New Technique Heals Wounds With Reprogrammed Skin Cells "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Besides healing wounds, this technique could be useful for repairing skin damage, countering the effects of aging, and better understanding skin cancer.


AIANTA Celebrates 20 Years of Tribal Tourism Growth at Southwest Conference "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published September 16, 2016
ALBUQUERQUE    More than 300 travel industry professionals working in or with Indian Country tourism will discuss successes and best practices during the conference September 17-20, 2018, at the Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, N.M.
Mobile workshops visiting successful, award-winning tribal tourism operations will take place the first day of the conference on September 17. Tours include Acoma Pueblos Sky City, Pueblo of Santa Claras Puye Cliffs and the Navajo Nations museum and a meet and greet with Navajo President Russell Begay and Vice President Jonathan Nez. Limited spaces are available to media.
On September 18, Tara Sweeney, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs; Mike Platt, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce; and Camille Ferguson, Executive Director of AIANTA will sign an historic Memorandum of Understanding naming AIANTA as the national non-profit association charged with facilitating provisions of the Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience (NATIVE) Act on behalf of the federal government. Click here for more information about the NATIVE Act.
September 18 is also Regalia Day. Conference attendees are encouraged to wear their traditional clothing representing their tribal affiliation. More than 100 tribes will be represented.

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Fake News is Unbelievable When is Enough going to be Enough "IndyWatch Feed World"



A TV reporter is caught acting pretending the wind is so strong in Florence while two people in the background are casually walking by. Besi9des that, the wind is coming from behind him and he is acting as if he is fighting against the wind from from the opposite direction. Hurricane Florence was downgraded to Category 1 before it made landfall. Instead of reporting the truth, the media seems desperate for attention and viewership that they are exaggerating and outright reporting propaganda. The media is so intent upon handing the country back to Democrats, there is not a single piece of news that they are now turning it against Trump claiming Global Warming is the reason for Florence. We cant even just get honest weather reports without a political slant and manipulation.


The Washington Post has used the Hurricane Florence as an excuse to turn it against Trump reporting he is complicit on climate change and this storm is basically all his fault. Surely if we just taxes every house $1,000 a year as in Canada for the Global Warming Tax storms like this would NEVER happen again is the implication.  The Post wrote:

YET AGAIN, a massive hurricane feeding off unusually warm ocean water has the potential to stall over heavily populated areas, menacing millions of people. Last year Hurricane Harvey battered Housto...


Tweet for Today "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ardern was billed as giving a major speech today except as Chris Bishop tweeted

As might be expected Bishop was immediately trolled by members of the Ardern fan club


Remember the Removal Bike Ride 2019 Applications Now Available "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published September 16, 2018

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. Cherokee Nation is accepting applications for the 2019 Remember the Removal Bike Ride, which follows the northern route of the Trail of Tears over a span of three weeks.

Cherokee Nation citizens ages 16-24 ride approximately 950 miles in June, crossing through seven states, as a testament to their physical and mental endurance. Riders retrace the same path their ancestors were forced to walk 180 years ago.

Applications are online at and require an essay, a recommendation letter and more. The deadline is October 12, 2018 and applicants must be available for an in-person interview between October 16-18, 2018

What an honor it is for the participants who are chosen for this journey of nearly 1,000 miles between Georgia and Oklahoma, said Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden. If you are a young Cherokee who likes a challenge, who isnt afraid of working hard and testing your perserverance to learn more about our culture and our history, this journey may be for you. Participants who bicycle across the northern route of the Trail of Tears will have a life-changing experience. During the ride, they will honor our ancestors while creating lasting memories and lifelong bonds.

The Remember the Removal Bike Ride started in 1984 as a youth leadership program. It became an annual ride in 2009. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians joins the Cherokee Nation on the journey that begins in New Echota, Georgia.

For three weeks and over many miles, partipants of the Remember the Removal Bike Ride see firsthand where many historical events in Cherokee history took place, said Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. As part of this leadership program, these young Cherokee bicyclists will also be ambassadors for our tribe, sharing not only our story of removal, but our perserverance to adapt and thrive here in Oklahoma after removal. This will be an unforgettable experience for those chosen to participate.

To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be a Cherokee Nation citizen
Be between the ages of 16-24 by January 1, 2019
Must not have previously participated in the ride
Be able to pass a sport physical during post-selection orientation
Must attend mandatory weekly training rides and history les...


Poll: Preferred PM "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Red Lake Wins Award: Collaboration with MNDOT on Two Reservation Bridges As A Top Project, Red Lake Received Professional Video to Highlight Project "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published September 16, 2018

RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATON  The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians were notified on September 10, that the band was one of the top recipients of the Minnesota State Government Innovation Awards for 2018. The award was for the Construction and Collaboration of the Red Lake Nation and Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) to construct the Redby Bridge (Mud River) and the Highway #1 West Bridges.

The road and bridges involved in this project serve residents of the Red Lake Indian Nation, as well as the general public traveling to and through the reservation. This remote stretch of Highway 1 is a crucial link in the transportation network in northwestern Minnesota.
The Minnesota State Government Innovation Awards recognize the great work of state government entities and encourage an environment of experimentation and innovation in Minnesota. The Humphrey School recognizes state government entities engaged in innovation and service redesign. Judges select up to ten award winners and the top three of the innovative entities are selected for promotional videos. 
This is the first year that a category for awards will go to a project that represents collaboration between a state government entity and one of Minnesotas federally recognized tribes.
The top three projects received a professionally produced video to share the story of their work with others. Red Lake was #2. The video may be seen in its entirety  below. The video is well done and is about four and a half minutes lo...


Chickasaw Outpost Brings Collection of Native American Gifts, Souvenirs & Media Online "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

With a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Ada and now through an online storefront the Chickasaw Outpost offers gifts and souvenirs including jewelry, clothing, books and films on the corner of Main and Townsend, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Published September 16, 2018

ADA, Okla. The Chickasaw Outpost recently went live with its new online storefront, offering a unique collection of Native American merchandise to a global market.

Since 2003, the Chickasaw Outpost has maintained a Main Street storefront in downtown Ada as a neighbor to the historic McSwain Theatre. Shopkeepers strive to keep an inventory which represents many Native nations.

That variety is apparent in the types of items available as well as the designs used. Popular adornments such as bolo ties, belt buckles, necklaces and earrings fill store displays. Pendleton blankets and mugs are stocked and available.

Southeastern, Southwestern and Plains Indian patterns and symbols cover the merchandise. Shoppers can expect traditional aesthetics such as the medicine wheel, diamonds, buffalo, horses, feathers and the warrior, among others.

young shoppers peruse a collection of Chickasaw Adventure comic books at the Chickasaw Outpost in downtown Ada.

One of the more prevalent symbols at the Outpost is the Great Seal of the Chickasaw Nation. Depicted on the seal is one of the Chickasaw Nations great leaders, Tishomingo.

The colors of the seal represent purity (gold), honor and pride (purple). The warrior leader is depicted wearing feathers representing the four directions. A deerskin shield represents guardianship, a hickory bow represents hunting prowess. The river and landscape in the background depict the Mississippi river and the Chickasaw Homeland.

Anyone interested in digging deeper into Chickasaw history and stories...


Flashback: Red Cross 'Diverted Assets' During Storms' Aftermath To Focus On Image "IndyWatch Feed World"

Red Cross committed massive fraud after hurricane Sandy, and much more...


All eyes on Kunle Adegboyega "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The clich that gold fish has no hiding place perfectly depicts the situation in which honourable Adekunle Adegboyega, who is popularly known as Texaco, has found himself as the dude is battling to cope with what seems like a permanent question on the lips of many towards him.   The main reason why the amiable []

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Trade War to Impact Africas Growth as Commodity Prices Remain Low
By Southern Times
September14, 2018

Over the last few months, the trade war between China and USA has been escalating and this has had a bearing on commodity prices and trade.

The trade war has raised global uncertainty and has the potential to derail the global growth thrust which has been broad-based. According to a report released by the African Import and Export bank, the actions by the US to redress trade imbalances also hold significant implications for Africa.

China and the EU, which are the prime targets of US protectionist policies, are also Africas largest trading partners, together accounting for over 44 percent of total African trade in 2017. The impact on Africa could be especially pronounced given that the region has become heavily dependent on China in recent years.

"For instance, IMF research analysing Africas increasing exposure to China has shown that a one percent decline in Chinas domestic investment growth is associated with an average 0.6 percent decline in Africas growth. The extent seems to be even more pronounced for resource-rich countries, especially oil exporters.

"Conversely, efforts by the US to redress trade imbalances may also present opportunities for Africa, as manufacturing companies, especially Chinese, could relocate to Africa to take advantage of lower labour costs and preferential access into the US market afforded by the African Growth and Opportunity Act provided these benefits are retained under the current US Administration, stated the report.

On a week to week analysis, the commodity prices for precious metals had been on the down side as the global uncertainties continued. However the prices showed some gains last weeks.

Gold markets fell on Monday 6 August, reaching the $1207 level, before bouncing a bit. On Tuesday 7 August the yellow metal  increased by US$8 or 0.66% to US$1,210.81 an ounce and the price continued on the positive line by adding US$2.11 an ounce or 0.17% to 1,213.36 the following day. Trading Economics analysts expect gold to trade at US$1226.85 an ounce. by the end of this quarter.

Overally, the precious metal price has been rather ne...


6 Signs From The Universe That You Should Not Ignore "IndyWatch Feed World"

The universe sends us messages all the time. While we might not always notice them, they are very real and all around us.

Whether we are doing good or bad, the universe will notice and make it known. Sometimes the universe sends us messages to remind us that we are on the right track and other times it might be trying to warn us that there is something bad coming our way.

Below I am going to go over some of the different signs that you might notice if you look hard enough. While each one could mean something different if youre noticing them in your life you will know what they mean. Sure this whole idea is a confusing concept, but it is something that will help you grow stronger and bring you to a deeper connection with the universe itself.


While you might not realize your intuition is aligned with the universe on a deep level. It is sub-conscious based which makes it all the more connected. The universe will use your intuition to let you know that something bad might be coming your way or that you need to do something. While it might not feel great, it is beneficial for you in many ways.

Reoccuring Experiences

If you are brought to something more than once there is a reason for it. The universe will not just put you through a shitty situation twice in a row for no reason. You need to figure out the lesson youre being led to and learn it for your own sake.


When we are asleep the veil that separates our world from the rest is thin. This allows the universe to send us messages in our dreams. These messages can be anything and are sometimes hard to interpret.

Patterns of Numbers

If you notice repeating numbers often in your life you should without a doubt take a look at what those numbers could mean. The universe sends us numbers a lot, it does this as a means of letting us know we are where we should be or that we should be focusing on a different area in our lives. Take a peek into the world of numerology or angel numbers, you wont regret it.

Animal Encounters

If you keep noticing a specific animal or a specific kind of animal looking into what it could mean will benefit you greatly. Perhaps that animal comes with a message of its own. The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Being Setback or Shoved Forward

Sometimes we have to be setback to prevent something bad from happening or we have to be shoved forward to help us overcome something. Life doesn...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Namibian Genocide Victims' Remains Are Home... But Germany Still Has Work to Do
2018-09-10 10:34

Human remains kept by German institutions as part of their colonial loot were repatriated to Namibia at the end of August 2018 the third time this has been done. And once again, the process was marred by serious friction, a clear illustration that both the German and Namibian governments have not come to terms with the problems involved.

Most human remains that had been taken from Namibia were from people killed during the genocide between 1904 and 1908, or related atrocities under German colonialism. Its not known how many such remains are still in German collections.

But their repatriation cannot be de-linked from the need by Germany to admit to its colonial, state-sponsored crime. And the former colonial power has yet to take whats needed to provide redress.

It took a full century after its colonial dreams of empire ended for Germany to accept and then reluctantly responsibility for the traumatic past. Only in July 2015 did the foreign ministry confirm that the term genocide was applicable to what happened in then German South-West Africa. This was finally confirmed as official policy a year later.

But bilateral negotiations remain at an impasse. The main unresolved issues are the full recognition of the genocide, an appropriate apology and a willingness for redress on the side of Germany.

During the ceremonies around the restitution of remains, German official pronouncements once again remained evasive. This means: no formal recognition of genocide, no official apology, and no mention at all of any redress.

True reconciliation remains a remote hope.


On 29 August, 27 human remains were handed over. The solemn ceremony took place in a prominent Berlin church. The speech by Michelle Mntefering, Germanys Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, offered no deep apology. At the end, she bowed in deep mourning and asked, from the bottom of my heart for forgiveness.

Such wording does not go beyond the individual remorse offered in 2004 by German Minister Heidemarie...


For When They Shall Say Peace And Safety, Sudden Destruction Cometh Upon Them "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

For When They Shall Say Peace And Safety, Sudden Destruction Cometh Upon Them By Dr Peter Vincent Pry All News Pipeline Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child. Cicero Russia is...

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Daily sudoku "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"You have to take a long hike to see the Troll's Tongue - ten hours over rocky terrain. And in this case, it took three trips to capture the landform below a clear night sky. Trolltunga itself is a picturesque rock protrusion extending about 700 meters over mountainous cliffs near Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway. The overhang is made of billion-year-old Precambrian bedrock that was carved out by glaciers during an ice-age about 10,000 years ago. 
Click image for larger size.
The featured picture is a composite of two exposures, a 15-second image of the foreground Earth followed 40 minutes later by an 87-second exposure of the background sky. Thousands of discernible stars dot the backdrop starscape in addition to billions of unresolved stars in the nearly vertical band of our Milky Way Galaxy."


Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning $118M "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Drone operating system startup Airware today suddenly informed employees it will cease operations immediately despite having raised $118 million from top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Google's GV, and Kleiner Perkins. The startup ran out of money after trying to manufacture its own hardware that couldn't compete with drone giants like China's DJI. The company at one point had as many as 140 employees, all of which are now out of a job.

A source sent TechCrunch screenshots from the Airware alumni Slack channel detailing how the staff was told this morning that Airware would shut down.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Daily Reading List "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For what it's worth, here is the daily Adolfian reading list:-

The Australian
Andrew Bolt
Tim Blair
Wall Street Journal
South China Morning Post
Washington Examiner

And no, I don't look at Fox News, Sky News or Whaleoil every day.

Notably absent and unlamented:-

ABC (Both of them)
NZ Herald
Morning Star


Now that 'Russiagate' narrative has fizzled, Adam Schiff intends to go after Trump for money laundering "IndyWatch Feed World"

This was never about Russia. It was always about bringing down Trump and reversing the results of the 2016 election. Now that the Russia collusion narrative has collapsed, Adam Schiff wants to go after Trump for money laundering and when that burns out, it'll be something else. The Hill reports: Dem says he'll investigate Trump money laundering allegations if House flips The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says he plans to not only reignite a full-blown Russia probe if the House flips in November, but he will also prioritize investigating the Trump Organization's ties to Russia. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told The Hill on Wednesday that he specifically intends to look into allegations of Russians laundering money through the Trump Organization. "There was one issue we were not allowed to look at and the Senate hasn't been either that concerns me a great deal and that is the issue of whether Russians were laundering money through the Trump Organization and [if] that is the leverage they have over the president," Schiff said. "Someone needs to determine whether those allegations are true or they are not. That certainly would be a priority for me."


Is Silver A Depreciating Asset? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is Silver A Depreciating Asset? Video Salivate Metal Video Source

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10-Year-Old Alaska Native Girl Found Dead after Being Missing for 8 Days "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Ashley Johnson-Barr, 10, did not return home after going outside to play Thursday afternoon, the mayor of the borough in Kotzebue said. (Photo provided by Kotzebue Police Department)

Published September 15, 2018

KOTZEBUE. ALASKA  Residents of Kotzebue, Alaska, a primarily Alaska Native community in the the Northwest Arctic Borough, are mourning the death of 10-year-old Ashley Barr-Johnson who was missing for eight days.

She was last seen alive while playing in a Kotzebue park and never made it home.

After she was reported missing, a massive search party, including state-volunteer law enforcement agencies and volunteers throughout the region has been underway for days for over a week.

Alaska law enforcement officials released the following statement after her body was discovered on Friday:

After eight days, the search for Ashley has come to an unfortunate end. Late this afternoon, Ashley was located deceased by law enforcement and volunteer canvas teams in an area east of the City of Kotzebue. Alaska State Troopers, the FBI, Kotzebue Police Department, and the Northwest Arctic Borough extend our sincerest condolences to Ashleys family, friends, and community.

Johnson-Barrs father, Walter Scotty Barr wrote in a text message earlier Friday that his daughter was a very happy person who always had a smile no matter what.

Ashley liked playing basketball and went to church every week, Barr wrote. She loved to use her allowance to buy things for her friends, he said. She loved her niece and was willing to do anything for her.

After she went missing 17 FBI agents went to Kotzebue to assist in the investigation with hopes Ashley would be found alive.

On Friday evening, the FBI reported a 41-year-old has been arrested in connection to the disappearance of Ashley.

According to an email sent Friday night, Peter Wilson, of Kotzebue is facing charges of making false statements to a federal agent. Hes being transferred to Ancho...


Trump Orders Further China Tariffs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: BBC: US President Donald Trump has instructed staff to move forward with the next round of tariffs on Chinese goods, US media have reported. The tariffs are expected to apply to about $200bn worth of imports from China, including electronic parts and consumer goods such as handbags. It remains unclear when the new import []


The Day After Tomorrow? A record 7 named storms are whirling across the globe "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is something extremely unusual happening to our planet? At this moment, Hurricane Florence is just one of seven named storms that are currently circling the globe. That matches the all-time record, and it looks like that record will be broken very shortly as a couple more storms continue to develop. Back in 2004, a Hollywood blockbuster entitled "The Day After Tomorrow" depicted a world in which weather patterns had gone mad. One of the most impressive scenes showed nearly the entire planet covered by hurricane-type storms all at once. Of course things are not nearly as bad as in that film, but during this hurricane season we have definitely seen a very unusual number of hurricanes and typhoons develop. As our planet continues to change, could this become "the new normal"? As I mentioned above there are currently seven named storms that are active, but an eighth is about to join them, and that would break the all-time record... The Hurricane season is causing devastation from the Pacific to the Atlantic as seven active storms are currently swirling across the globe - with high chances an eighth powerful storm will soon develop to break an all-time record.


Chet Raymo, "Exile" "IndyWatch Feed World"

by Chet Raymo

    "Are we truly alone
    With our physics and myths,
    The stars no more
    Than glittering dust,
    With no one there
    To hear our choral odes?"

"This is the ultimate question, the only question, asked here by the Northern Irish poet Derek Mahon. It is a poem of exile, from the ancient familiar, from the sustaining myth of rootedness, of centrality. A poem that the naturalist can relate to, we pilgrims of infinite spaces, of the overarching blank pages on which we write our own stories, our own scriptures, having none of divine pedigree. Yes, we feel the ache of exile, we who grew up with the sustaining myths of immortality only to see them stripped away by the needy hands of fact. We scribble our choral odes. Who listens? We speak to each other. Is that enough? Having left the home we grew up in, we make do with where we find ourselves, gathering to ourselves the glittering dust of the here and now.

Are we truly alone? Mahon again:
   "If so, we can start
    To ignore the silence


Neural networks? Machine learning? Heres your secret decoder for A.I. buzzwords "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dont know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Our handy A.I. buzzword guide is here to help.


The Poet: William Stafford, "You Reading This, Be Ready" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"You Reading This, Be Ready"

"Starting here, what do you want to remember?
How sunlight creeps along a shining floor?
What scent of old wood hovers, what softened
sound from outside fills the air?

Will you ever bring a better gift for the world
than the breathing respect that you carry
wherever you go right now? Are you waiting
for time to show you some better thoughts?

When you turn around, starting here, lift this
new glimpse that you found; carry into evening
all that you want from this day. This interval you spent
reading or hearing this, keep it fo...


(Video) Arrests you Probably haven't Heard about -- Drain the Swamp "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Sep 14, 2018

Many have asked when the arrests are going to start. They already HAVE! Although they're not the big names we're waiting for, the Swamp IS being drained--and here's proof!


Whaleoil wisdom "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This piece of Whaleoil wisdom was brought to you by the Whaleoil Meat Company       The post Whaleoil wisdom appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


I was a bad boy while growing up Jide Kososko "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko is an interesting personality. He has been in the film industry for over 50 years. He began his acting career as a child actor in 1964 with the Ifelodun Travelling Theatre Group. He has featured in several Nollywood movies of both English and Yoruba Genres. In this interview with VANESSA OKWARA, []

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(Video) Prepare for Change Interview with Benjamin Fulford -- The Logjam is Breaking "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Sep 14, 2018

On September 13, 2018, resumed our 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin tells us he thinks the logjam in the United States has broken with the death, (or execution?) of John McCain and the crackdown on the media with the departure of media executives; that honesty is a good thing for all nations; and that So. Korea and Japan will be increasing their immigration as they find their populations shrinking. Benjamin covers other subjects too.

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.


"The Most Beautiful People..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Solar Observatory Remains Closed Due to Ongoing Security Concern "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Related? Trump Administration to Send U.S. Cellphones a Test Alert on Thursday Via: CBS: An observatory in the mountains of southern New Mexico that is dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the sun has found itself at the center of a mystery that is creating a buzz here on earth. Authorities remain tightlipped Friday, saying []


Free Download: Richard Bach, "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all- young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self. Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth. But one creature said at last, "I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom."

The other creatures laughed and said, "Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks and you will die quicker than boredom!" But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks.

Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more. And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, "See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all!" And the one carried in the current said, "I am no more Messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure." But they cried the more, "Savior!" all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Savior.


"Do You Remember?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

 "Do you remember still the falling stars
that like swift horses through the heavens raced
and suddenly leaped across the hurdles
of our wishes - do you recall?
And we did make so many! 
For there were countless numbers of stars: 
each time we looked above we were
astounded by the swiftness of their daring play,
while in our hearts we felt safe and secure
watching these brilliant bodies disintegrate,
knowing somehow we had survived their fall."
- Rainer Maria Rilke


Trump Administration to Send U.S. Cellphones a Test Alert on Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: The Trump administration will send a message to all U.S. cellphones on Thursday to test a previously unused alert system that aims to warn the public about national emergencies. The messages will bear the headline Presidential Alert, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said in a statement this week. Phones will make a []


"A Gathering of the Tribe" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"A Gathering of the Tribe"
by Charles Eisenstein

"Once upon a time a great tribe of people lived in a world far away from ours. Whether far away in space, or in time, or even outside of time, we do not know. They lived in a state of enchantment and joy that few of us today dare to believe could exist, except in those exceptional peak experiences when we glimpse the true potential of life and mind. One day the shaman of the tribe called a meeting. They gathered around him, and he spoke very solemnly. "My friends," he said, "there is a world that needs our help. It is called Earth, and its fate hangs in the balance. Its humans have reached a critical point in their collective birthing, and they will be stillborn without our help. Who would like to volunteer for a mission to this time and place, and render service to humanity?"

"Tell us more about his mission," they asked. "I am glad you asked, because it is no small thing. I will put you into a deep, deep trance, so complete that you will forget who you are. You will live a human life, and in the beginning you will completely forget your origins. You will forget even our language and your own true name. You will be separated from the wonder and beauty of our world, and from the love that bathes us all. You will miss it deeply, yet you will not know what it is you are missing. You will only remember the love and beauty that we know to be normal as a longing in your heart. Your memory will take the form of an intuitive knowledge, as you plunge into the painfully marred earth, that a more beautiful world is possible.

As you grow up in that world, your knowledge will be under constant assault. You will be told in a million ways that a world of destruction, violence, drudgery, anxiety, and degradation is n...


U.S. President Donald Trump will impose a new tax 200 billion U.S. dollars to China goods "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Donald Trump, which began to conduct the next tariffs for Chinese goods. The tax rates are expected to apply


The Ever-increasing Presence of Monsanto Glyphosate "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Ever-increasing Presence Of Glyphosate

Posted on September 15, 2018

Activist Post | By Catherine J. Frompovich

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsantos flagship product Roundupnow owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals [1], apparently has contaminated every last bastion of healthful food production and naturally-grown field crops.

The latest and most unfortunate producer of clean and organic grain products, Bobs Red Mill of Oregon, has been sued over the findings of glyphosate in its organic oatmeal.

Bobs Red Mill Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Glyphosate Weedkiller Contamination

The ever-increasing confirmation of glyphosate in just about everything consumers put into our bodies, i.e., food, water, medicinal productseven vaccines, now is being confirmed in organic foods! Grains, in particular!

Dr. Anthony Samsel, PhD, is the researcher who verified finding glyphosate in vaccines, as he reports in the following video.

Read More:


The Ever-increasing Presence Of Glyphosate "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Ever-increasing Presence Of Glyphosate by Catherine Frompovich  Activist Post Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsantos flagship product Roundupnow owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals [1], apparently has contaminated every last bastion of healthful food production and naturally-grown field crops. The latest and...

The post The Ever-increasing Presence Of Glyphosate appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Clash of Warriors #8/17 von Manstein v Vatutin Battle of Kursk "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Battle of Kursk, (July 5August 23, 1943), unsuccessful German assault on the Soviet salient around the city of Kursk, in western Russia, during World War II. The salient was a bulge in the Soviet lines that stretched 150 miles (240 km) from north to south and protruded 100 miles (160 km) westward into the German lines. In an attempt to recover the offensive on the Eastern Front, the Germans planned a surprise attack on the salient from both north and south, hoping to surround and destroy the Soviet forces within the bulge. The German assault forces consisted of almost 50 divisions containing 900,000 troops, including 17 motorized or armoured divisions having 2,700 tanks and mobile assault guns. But the Soviets had surmised the German attack beforehand and had withdrawn their main forces from the obviously threatened positions within the salient. The Germans launched their attack on July 5, but they soon encountered deep antitank defenses and minefields, which the Soviets had emplaced in anticipation of the attack. The Germans advanced only 10 miles (16 km) into the salient in the north and 30 miles (48 km) in the south, losing many of their tanks in the process. At the height of the battle on July 12, the Soviets began to counterattack, having built up by then a marked preponderance of both troops and tanks. Their subsequent successes encouraged them to develop a broad offensive that recovered the nearby city of Orel (now Oryol) on August 5 and that of Kharkov (now Kharkiv, Ukraine) on August 23. The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in history, involving some 6,000 tanks, 2,000,000 troops, and 4,000 aircraft. It marked the decisive end of the German offensive capability on the Eastern Front and cleared the way for the great Soviet offensives of 194445.


Zur Tokamak-Meldung gab es zwei Leserbriefe:ich muss ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Zur Tokamak-Meldung gab es zwei Leserbriefe:

ich muss leider Deinen Optimismus bremsen. Die bessere Beherrschung der Turbulenzen im Plasma bedeutet keinesfalls, dass der Tokamak dann durchgngig arbeiten kann. Am gepulsten Betrieb ndert sich nichts. Der Einfluss aufs Fusionsprodukt aus Einschlusszeit, Temperatur und Druck bzw. Plasmadichte ist allerdings dennoch erfreulich.

Wetten wrde ich eher auf den Stellarator. Die Werte in Greifswald sind verdammt gut und bewegen sich stark in Richtung Praxistauglichkeit.

Und zweitens von einem unserer Gste bei Alternativlos 36:
Die Publikation zur prediktiven Simulation von RMPs (3D-Strungen auf der 2D-Symmetrie des Tokamak) ist natrlich Top-Arbeit, die Methode selber aber schon fast ein alter Hut. Bei unserem Schwesterinstitut in Garching, das du ja neulich besucht hast, sind die Spulen fr die 3D-Strungen schon seit ein paar Jahren verbaut, und die sofort vielversprechenden Resultate haben auch die Designentscheidung fr den Testreaktor ITER stark beschleunigt. Dort kennt man experimentell und auch mit passender Modellierung schon seit letztem Jahr oder so die "richtigen" Einstellungen, mit denen sich ELMs, ein fieser Husten im Rand des Tokamakplasmas, unterdrcken lassen. Neu ist jetzt, dass man mit prediktiven Simulationen mehr als nur phnomenologisch den Parameterraum der gnstigen Strfeldamplituden- und Phasen eingrenzen kann.

Lustigerweise stellt sich mit der ganzen RMP-Geschichte raus, dass eine groe positive Eigenschaft des Tokamaks, nmlich seine toroidale Symmetrie, sich als ungnstig fr die ELMs herausstellt, und die Annherung an Stellaratoren durch gezielte Einfhrung einer 3D-Geometrie die Lsung fr dieses spezielle Problem zu sein scheint.

Das IPP ist auch deshalb dabei, fr die mittelferne Zukunft einen Tokamak-Stellarator-Hybrid zu entwickeln, der das Beste aus allen Welten kombiniert - eine sogenannte quasi-axisymmetrische Konfiguration.

Ich finde das ja ausgesprochen erfreulich, dass es in dem Gebiet Fortschritte auf so fundamentaler Ebene gibt.

Ich muss ja bei der Gelegenheit auch nochmal meinem Erstaunen Ausdruck verleihen, dass im Jahre 2018 ein Wald fr Braunkohlebergbau gerodet werden soll. WTF? Braunkohle?! Srsly?

In Chemnitz gibt es jetzt anscheinend eine "Brgerwehr", ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In Chemnitz gibt es jetzt anscheinend eine "Brgerwehr", die Passkontrollen durchfhrt.

Demnach waren an dem bergriff mindestens 15 Personen beteiligt. Zunchst verlangten sie von einer zehnkpfigen Gruppe deutscher Jugendlicher, die einen Geburtstag feierten, die Ausweise. Zeugen sagten aus, die Angreifer htten sich als Brgerwehr bezeichnet.
Aber das war ja nur Deutsche. Die wurden nicht mit auslnderfeindlichen Parolen beschimpft oder angegriffen.
Die mutmalichen Angreifer liefen daraufhin zu einer weiteren siebenkpfigen Gruppe auf der Schlossteichinsel und kreisten sie ein. Die Deutschen, Iraner und Pakistaner wurden nach Angaben der Polizei fremdenfeindlich beschimpft. Der 26-jhrige Iraner wurde zudem durch einen nicht nher bezeichneten Gegenstand verletzt.


The US Is Doing Everything to Make The Russian Elite Return Money to Their Motherland, by Ruslan Ostashko "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions.     News of the largest bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse freezing Russian assets of over $1


Lagos guber: Pressure mounts on Tinubu to support Ambode "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ahead of the September 25 All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship primary in Lagos State, the partys National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has come under intense pressure to allow the state governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to seek re-election.   A credible source close to the national chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole said Ambode has become []

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Carter Page Discusses Possibility of His FISA Warrant Being Declassified "IndyWatch Feed"

Carter Page is obviously at the center of the fraudulent FISA application submitted by FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  The FBI and DOJ constructed the FISA application to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant on Carter Continue reading


Inside Ebute Ero: Where friends converse while defecating in the lagoon "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Carrying shit on the head is outdated in current Lagos   39m Nigerians indulge in open defecation, says UNICEF   90% households consume faeces-contaminated water NBS     Group defecation and discussion on the pavement erected to separate the land from the Lagos Lagoon on the Lagos Island is commonplace in Ebute Ero an []

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Iyiola Omisore: SDPll free Osun from Aregbesolas bondage "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for the September 22 governorship election in Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore is a former deputy governor of the state. He speaks in this interview on why he wants to take over from the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) administration, his Restoration Agenda, among other []

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It appears someone has lost the script "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A joint project between University of Alabama, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, uses data gathered by advanced microwave sounding units on NOAA and NASA satellites to get accurate temperature readings for almost all regions of the Earth, including remote desert, ocean and rain forest areas where reliable climate data are not otherwise available. The satellite-based [] The post It appears someone has lost the script appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Grassy Plains conference "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A conference for the community, professionals and all who share an interest in conservation of Melbournes Grassy Plains.

The conference will explore the three themes of Respect, Protect and Reconnect Melbournes Grassy Plains.

Friday 12th October (9am 5pm) and
Sat 13th October, 2018 (1pm-5pm, lunch 12pm-1pm)
At Wyndham Council Chambers,
45 Princes Highway, Werribee.

This is a free event thanks to our sponsors. 

Book your place.

Presented by the Grassy Plains Network: an alliance of community-based groups and organisations focused on seeking positive ways forward for the conservation of Melbournes Grassy Plains and ecosystems.  The Grassy Plains Network is working in partnership with Naturewest Inc

For further information email: or check the website.



Classic TV Drama: Upstairs Downstairs S02 E08 Out of The Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This not S01 E06 the caption on the video is wrong it is S02 E08

Upstairs, Downstairs is a British television drama series produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) for ITV.It ran for 68 episodes divided into five series on ITV from 1971 to 1975.

A BBC Wales and Masterpiece produced continuation also called Upstairs Downstairs was broadcast by BBC One in 2010.

Set in a large townhouse in Belgravia in West London, the series depicts the servants downstairs and their mastersthe family upstairsbetween the years 1903 and 1930, and shows the slow decline of the British aristocracy. Great events feature prominently in the episode but minor or gradual changes are also noted. The series stands as a document of the social and technological changes that occurred between those 27 years, including the Edwardian period, the Suffragettes, First World War, the Roaring Twenties and the Wall Street Crash.

The show was a ratings success for ITV, and received outstanding acclaim worldwide winning multiple awards.

Series had an excellent cast with many well known actors appearing over the life of the series. Some are still active to this day.


The Truth About the China World Order "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the China World Order and why it is here on purpose. We talk about the real news while exposing fake news media censorship on the topic of China with James Corbett of the Corbett report.


The ECOSS Spring Fest Extravaganza! "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

ECOSS is about providing opportunities for people to express their sustainable ideas and creative skills through various programs and projects. It is located in the Upper Yarra catchment at Wesburn, near Warburton.

Each year it holds a Spring Fest as a fundraiser. This year it will happen on Saturday September 22, from 10am til 4pm.

Wake up and Bloom for Spring.  This years abundant festivities include The Great Ecological Race- wheelbarrow race between Middle years kids and their parents, MCd by the Fabulous and Fantastic Will Tait.

Welcome to Country with Aunty Kim Wandin- (Wandoon), local Wurundjeri Elder.

Multicultural performances from Chin Community Dancers, Aztec Dance, Sarita McHarg- Sitar Player and Singer,  Zaar Belly Dance, Tomi Muramatsu, Gustavos Drummers, Tuvaluan Dancers, MOOP Officers: Will Tait and Brendan Jones, Black Bug City,  Stage MCd by the charismatic and talented Simon Oats.

Tiny House talks and tours, Bio-dynamic Farm tour, Yarra Valley Bee Group Talks, ECOSS projects tour, and GRAND OPENING OF RELAB- (rehab for old items- up cycling and boutique craft centre!).

Eco Market with delicious local, healthy food and drinks!

Meet- Yarra Valley Bee Group, Kids Clay play in the Community Pottery Studio, LGBTQI+ rainbow flag painting, apple peeling and loads more activities underway.


To enter the Great Ecological Race, email:

The Spring Fest is ECOSSs largest fundraising event in the year.  This is how we keep ECOSSs activites low cost and accessible for the whole community. ECOSS supports many Not for Profit groups throughout the year, and here is your chance to support ECOSS.  Please come along with generous limbs and help to make this the most successful fundraising event it can be!


For further information about ECOSS, its vision and its programs, check here.


Governors, senators rift threatens Buharis re-election "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  The current political logjam between some All Progressives Congress (APC) governors and members of the National Assembly in their states, may negatively affect the electoral fortunes of President Muhammadu Buhari in the February 16, 2019 presidential election, Sunday Telegraph has learnt.   While the governors are out to stop the senators from returning to []

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2019: 63 candidates may contest presidential election Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Next years presidential election will still be a crowded contest as no fewer than 63 political parties will be fielding candidates in the crucial election.   This is coming in spite of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered into by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and some 39 political parties, which gave birth to []

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Arrest, prosecute Adeosun for forgery, PDP tells FG "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Minister reportedly left for UK yesterday     The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of former Minister of Finance Mrs. Kemi Adeosun for forgery. Adeosun, who resigned as minister on Friday, was accused of forging her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Exemption Certificate. PDP said she should be []

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SURPRISE! True Blue Liberal California Now Leads The Nation In Poverty "IndyWatch Feed"

It was recently revealed that the home of Jerry Brown, Hollywood, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris is now the most poverty stricken state in the country. Anyone who has seen the sprawling homeless encampments of greater Los Angeles and San Francisco probably knew this would be the outcome.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Californias poverty rate is still the highest in the nation, despite state efforts

Newly released federal estimates show Californias poverty rate remained the highest in the nation, despite a modest fall, and the states falling uninsured rate slowed for the first time since before Medicaid expansion.

According to the Census Bureau, the share of Californians in poverty fell to 19 percent a 1.4 percent decrease from last year. However, policy experts warned that in spite of the good news more than 7 million people still struggle to get by in the state.

The poverty figures released Wednesday are said to paint the best picture of life for Californias working poor since it encompasses income from government programs and factors in the high cost of living in some corners of the state.

Although California has a vigorous economy and a number of safety net programs to aid needy residents, its often not enough to forestall economic hardship for one out of every five residents, the data show.

The high cost of living, primarily in housing, is a strong counterweight to many of the states efforts, said Caroline Danielson, policy director at the Public Policy Institute of California.

Keep this in mind the next time someone from Hollywood or anywhere else in the Golden State tries to lecture the rest of America about how things should be run in America.

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Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk by Ellen Brown TruthDig Excluding institutions such as Blackrock and Vanguard, which are composed of multiple investors, the largest single players in global equity markets are now thought to...

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In just a few hours our pre-launch orders will close, will you be enjoying our meat this time next week? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In just a few hours our pre-launch orders will close, will you be enjoying our meat this time next week or watching others posting about how fantastic their delicious, restaurant quality meat is. Will you be one of those making others jealous, or sitting there salivating at what might have been? Dont despair, orders are [] The post In just a few hours our pre-launch orders will close, will you be enjoying our meat this time next week? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Buhari and restructuring gambit "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The recent tirade between Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar over restructuring of the country may underscore the disposition of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the issue, writes BIYI ADEGOROYE   If there is any matter that has elicited exchange of verbal barbs between President Muhammadu Buharis government and many []

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Buhari wants HSBC to refund stolen assets from Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  President Muhammadu Buhari has challenged the global banking giant, HSBC, to return all stolen funds within its custody.   The President said this was necessary to assist the Nigerian economy to pick up and stabilise.   Senior Special Assistant on media and publicity to the President, Garba Shehu, in a statement yesterday, said that []

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Stamps Honoring First Responders Unveiled In Montana "IndyWatch Feed"

Via KRTV: Its an aspect of law enforcement and public service teamwork most people arent aware of. A new postage stamp illustrates the relationship between emergency responders and the U.S. Postal Service, making its national debut in Missoula this week. The ceremony was held at the Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center in Missoula, home []


Ardern and her poodles give major speech on absolutely nothing "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From Granny:

In a show of unity, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been joined by Government coalition partners New Zealand First and the Green Party for a major speech in Auckland in which she has outlined the next steps in the Government's plans for the country.
I read about this on Friday.  I really sat up and thought, "whoa, this could be big".  Even the introductory paragraph to the Herald article says it's a "major speech in which [she] has outlined the next steps in the Government's plans for the country".  I couldn't wait to see the major policy announcements - the socialist path they were taking us down. 

Instead we get a bunch of bullet points that a twelve year old could put together for a school assignment on "What does it mean for you to be  New Zealander".  Here are some examples:

Build a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy
Grow & share New Zealand's prosperity
Deliver responsible governance with a broader measure of success
Support thriving & sustainable regions
Transition to a clean, green and carbon-neutral New Zealand

Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families

Ensure everyone is earning, learning, caring or volunteering
Support healthier, safer, & more connected communities
Ensure everyone has a warm, dry home
Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child

Providing new leadership by Government

Deliver transparent, transformative and compassionate Government
Build closer partnerships with Mori
Value who we are as a country
Create an international reputation we can be proud of

My favourites are, "Ensure everyone is earning, learning, caring or volunteering", and "Value who we are as a country".  Follow...


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Click on image for a high-res view How Dubya Used the Book of Ezekiel as a Blueprint for the Iraq War Its early 2003, and the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq is looming. President George W. Bush is on the phone with his French counterpart. Hes trying to convince Jacques Chirac to join the coalition of [] The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Cat Robots Secret to Slim Legs? Banish the Motors! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first thing to notice about [Bijuo]s cat-sized quadruped robot designs (link is in Korean, Google translation here) is how slim and sleek the legs are. Thats because unlike most legged robots, the limbs themselves dont contain any motors. Instead, the motors are in the main body, with one driving a half-circle pulley while another moves the limb as a whole. Power is transferred by a cable acting as a tendon and is offset by spring tension in the joints. The result is light, slim legs that lift and move in a remarkable gait.

[Bijuo] credits the Cheetah_Cub project as their original inspiration, and names their own variation Mini Serval, on account of the ears and in keeping with the feline nomenclature. Embedded below are two videos, the first showing leg and gait detail, and the second demonstrating the robot in motion.

Theres more than one way to make a robot cat, of course, and heres another design that doesnt completely evict motors from the limbs, but still manages to keep them looking sleek and nimble.

[via Lets Make Robots]


APCs direct primariesll prevent corruption Nabena "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mr. Yekini Nabena is the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In this interview with JOHNCHUKS ONUANYIM, he speaks on the partys planned direct primaries, corruption war, defections from the party, planned impeachment of the Senate President and other issues   Several months after your convention, your party has not been []

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Use your other room power to get your hubby to deliver Nigeria Apostle Chimezie "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Apostle Fidel Chimezie is the Founder of Nigeria Ministers Project, the Chief Apostle of Nigeria Ministers Project and Apostolic Discipleship Project (ADPRO). Ordained as an Apostle in 2007, she was formerly an Evangelist, went to Apostolic Training School in Jos under Apostle Jeff Omo- Osagie. She speaks to ESTHER BAKARE about the role of women []

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Oge Okoye : Sexy queen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Oge Okoye is a popular actress, entrepreneur and model. She was born on November 16, 1980 in London United Kingdom. She relocated to Lagos with her family, and went to primary and secondary school in London. She graduated from Nnamdi Azikwe University with a bachelors degree in Theater Arts. She performed in the block []

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USG Closes Solar Observatory Over "Security Issue" "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US "National Solar Observatory Sunspot Solar Observatory" in New Mexico has been closed since September 6th due to unexplained security reasons (archived). The FBI dominates the observed USG presence at the facility while state and local police are being denied information on the security issue present.


New QAnon Posts -- September 15, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2172 indicates that the Mother Of All Bombs is due the week of September 17th...

Q post number 2172...

'Sept - 17 - [week of]
(Link to news article, text below)
DECLAS coming?
Carpet bombs>>>MOAB.'

The news article includes the text from a previous Q post which shows a cell phone screen shot: "PRESIDENTIAL ALERT": THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.' The timing for the test is 2.18pm EST on Thursday 20th September.

Remember the National Guard is already on stand by or deployed for the hurricanes, so their obvious presence will not cause alarm to the population if mass arrests should occur.

Q has often said, 'Watch The Water'. The hurricanes may possibly have been a prelude to the declassifying of the FISA documents in some way, known only to the Alliance team. Just speculating.

The Spring Equinox is on 21st September - the FISA declassifying and potential mass arrests would have the backing of powerful spiritual energy from the Galactic Sun. The Sun will be at 0 degrees Libra which is a 'massively powerful vortex of higher level consciousness', according to astrologers. Also the veil between the realms is always thinner at the Equinoxes, so the Alliance would have mighty support from Upstairs.

It can be very hard to wait patiently as President Trump and the Alliance team play out the end of this war to end all wars. Humanity has waited thousands of years to reach this threshold of PERMANENT freedom, peace and prosperity. We can wait a few days more...

All is well.

Where We G...


Joe DiGenova FBIs Top Lawyer Has Flipped (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Joe DiGenova FBIs Top Lawyer Has Flipped Video Bill Still Yes, finally, justice is about to be restored. Indictments are coming out of the newly revealed federal grand jury. Last night, Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the...

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Trump, Saudi Arabia, and CIA Project TEAK in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

General [John] Kelly informed the president that his two top foreign policy advisers, McMaster and Tillerson, were in a ferocious fight over who would negotiate with Saudi Arabia to get $4 billion. The money was in part to fund operations in Syria, including a top secret CIA project for the Syrian rebels code-named TEAK."


State-Run Swedish Kindergarten Encourages Boys To Wear Dresses "IndyWatch Feed World"

A state-run kindergarten in Sweden is encouraging young boys to wear dresses and has instructed teachers to drop the he and she pronouns. According to an interview with a whistleblower named Anna, teachers are told [...]

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Yemen and Spain: Destruction and Death versus Spanish Unemployment "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Spains President, socialist Pedro Sanchez, canceled a week ago the sale of 400 laser-guided missiles to the Saudis for humanitarian reasons (value of the missile contract 9.2 million US$ 10.7 million). A couple of days ago, he reversed that noble decision, reinstating the sale, because the Saudis threatened cancelling their contract for 5 Corvette warships to be built by Navantia over the next few years, for a value of 1.8 billion (US$ 2.1 billion), providing work for some 6000 shipyard workers in one of the economically worst hit areas of Spain, Cadiz Province of Andalusia.

>So, to save jobs, Sanchez decided to sell the bombs after all, the very bombs that will further decimate the Yemeni population kill masses of children and increase the untold, unfathomable misery for this poor country, strategically located on the Gulf of Aden.

The war ships Spain is producing for the Saudis are certainly not going to bring peace to the world either; they bring perhaps work to Spanish shipyard workers, but, Dear Mr. Sanchez, where are your ethics?  Where is your sense of Human Rights?

Would it not be more ethical to help Spanish workers find alternative jobs, or while they are looking, pay them unemployment at a decent level? Perhaps exceptional unemployment, because the reason for the unemployment in this case is exceptional and ethical to the point that the workers would probably understand a sense of integrity and conscience they may proudly pass on to their children.

To top it all off, Spains Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, pretends that the Saudis have to guarantee that the missiles will not be used against Yemenis. Whom does she think she is fooling? Would the Spanish people be so blind to reality to believe this lie? I dont think so. The Spaniards, having gone themselves through ten years of foreign imposed economic austerity hardship, an economic warfare of sorts, are more awake than believing dishonesties that serve the capitalist, profit-seeking war industry.

The Spanish bombs may substantially contribute to the killing of tens of thousands of Yemenis and among them countless defenseless children and women. The delivery of these missiles would be a tacit recognition and acceptance that the Saudis, supported by the US, the UK and France, block vital food and medical supplies from entering Yemen, thereby starving literally millions to death. And most likely the Spanish warships are creating in Yemen or elsewhere even worse human suffering.

Instead, Mr. Sanchez, why not show your heart and compassion for these innocent victims of western aggression, override your Minister of Defense, and block the sale of the 400 deadly missiles and the 5 killer Corvettes?

According to Mint Press News (10 September, 2018), the UN estimates that nearly 20 million Yemen...


Obama Proclaims: I Built This Booming Economy, Not Trump! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Barack Obama shamelessly took credit for President Trumps booming economy during a speech in Ohio last Tuesday. Despite the fact that the U.S. flatlined during his eight years in office, Obama was caught on camera [...]

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Murder by Calcification -- Part Two: High Treason "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously



NOTICE This is a factual story of the true causes of 100 illnesses hidden by the FDA and the Socialists in the USA Inc. Government to kill millions of people, no matter their age, sex, gender or political party.

Part One:

The history of EDTA (Calcium DiSodium) goes back since about 1933. The Germans found out that Edta removes all the LEAD from the body, blood, organs, brain etc. of their mine and ship building workers.

They also found out that other heavy metal poisons were also removed and that other chemical toxins that attached or bound themselves to Edta were eliminated at the same time and greatly improved the health and wellbeing of all workers.

Just about when the collectivists discovered how to mass murder the people, they formed the Executive Order 6102 to take us off the gold standard and put us under FIAT currency.

The bad guys (socialists) in our own government found out that heavy metal poisons were just the right things to further their depopulation agenda. They found out that combining one poison to many other heavy metal poisons became even more deadly.

So gradually each time we eat, we find: Mercury in fish, Lead in bone broth, Cadmium and/or lead in all cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes; Arsenic and/or cyanide in white and brown rice and in wines and in hard liqueurs and in all USA chickens, Cadmium and/or lead in USA chocolates and in the candies that our children eat and also in prescription drugs, mercury and aluminum in the antibiotics and vaccines that are supposed to save us (!!!) And in our non-food based vitamins, and in ourBABY vaccines, baby foods, pet foods, etc.

The cover-up by the feds is failing as mor...


Mediawatch looks at the Curran shambles "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

RNZs Mediawatch reflects on the Clare Curran shambles

The media seized on Clare Currans stumbles and many pundits wrote off her ministerial career before she pulled the plug last week. She cited intolerable pressure and said her mistakes were greatly magnified. 

Frankly, Adam finds it very hard to find much sympathy for Curran. Curran was the author of her own misfortunes. Furthermore the pressure was a function of her actions, and if anything her mistakes were not given as much profile as they might have, as many in the media were for sometime quite sympathetic if not to her, but to the Ardern regime.

The report remembers her predecessor David Benson Pope as well.


Hope for Sweden? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Breitbart reports on Swedens election results that have dealt a blow to the countrys immigrant-hugging Left: Quote. Quote:Italys Matteo Salvini has hailed the strong electoral performance of the populist Sweden Democrats over the weekend, and promised more gains in next years EU elections. Sweden, the homeland of multiculturalism and model of the left, after years [] The post Hope for Sweden? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Democrats Panic As Manafort Rats On Clintons Inner Circle "IndyWatch Feed World"

Paul Manaforts deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with Podesta, Clinton, and Obama, according to a bombshell report.  DoJ reporter Carrie Johnson broke the news on [...]

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The Racism and Smear Tactics of Bnai Brith and Israel-first MPs in Defense of Israeli Crimes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Read Part 1.

Dimitri Lascaris (Photo by Dave Chidley)

Like British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Canadian lawyer Dimitri Lascaris is the victim of a Big Lie slander campaign. Defenders of the most aggressive ongoing European settler colonialism have once again smeared a proud, anti-racist advocate for human rights.

In this article  I offer some important context regarding the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Bnai Briths (BB) absurd anti-Semitism accusations against Lascaris, which were echoed by the leaders of the four main federal political parties. But, looking at the run up to his offending tweet suggests that Lascaris was targeted in an unprecedented smear campaign because he was exposing CIJA and BBs soft underbelly, notably their dalliance with racist extremists. In the week before he was denounced Lascaris repeatedly challenged CIJA, BBs and Liberal MP Michael Levitts association with individuals making anti-Muslim remarks, death threats against politicians and promoting a book denouncing the Jewish menace.

The immediate background to CIJA and BBs campaign against Lascaris was an August 29 demonstration opposing BBs smears against the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). CIJA, BB and Levitt tarred that rally as being racist and threatening. Two days before the display of solidarity with CUPW Levitt issued a statement saying he was deeply concerned  and disturbed by the planned protest, announcing that he had contacted the police. Afterwards CIJA Vice President for the Greater Toronto Area, Noah Shack, thanked the police and stated: What the Jewish  community of B...


JUST DID IT: Mississippi Law Enforcement Agency Drops Nike Over Kaepernick Ad "IndyWatch Feed"

This is perfectly understandable. Why would any law enforcement agency want to be associated with Colin Kaepernick? He once wore socks (see the image above) which depicted police officers as pigs.

Nike can do what it wants, but that doesnt mean people have to embrace it. They knew this was going to be a controversial decision and they can deal with the fallout.

The Hill reports:

Mississippi law enforcement agency says it will no longer buy Nike brand following Kaepernick ad

Mississippis public safety commissioner said on Saturday that it will no longer buy products from Nike in response to its new Just Do It ad campaign featuring former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

As commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, I will not support vendors who do not support law enforcement and our military, Commissioner Marshall Fisher told The Associated Press.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) also expressed support for the move in a statement to the AP.

I support the commissioners decision, Bryant said, adding that the commissioner has the right to choose from which brands his department buys. [A]nd its not going to be a company that pays an individual who has slandered our fine men and women in law enforcement, he said.

The ACLU attacked the decision, naturally:

Fisher has drawn criticism for the move, however, with the Mississippi chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union slamming the decision in a statement on Twitter.

These are the people that are representing all Mississippians, the ACLU chapters Twitter account wrote. These are the people that are creating policy that impact all of our lives. These are the people that took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Yet they refuse to understand what equality, justice, and accountability means. This petty decision is just another show of racism, discrimination, stupidity, inequity, and divisive politics.

So the police are being divisive but not the NFL players who kneel during our national anthem? Please.

The post JUST DID IT: Mississippi Law Enforcement Agency Drops Nike Over K...


Tulsi Gabbard: Neocons Responsible For 9/11 Are Now Attacking Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has slammed the Neocons for repeating history and protecting members of al-Qaeda in Syria. The outspoken Democratic Hawaiian member of Congress delivered a scathing and rare speech on the House Floor, just [...]

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Vatican Rocked by 300-Page Dossier Leak "IndyWatch Feed World"


Supposed file on Cdl. Kevin Farrell implicates Pope Francis

September 13, 2018

Source: Church Militant | By Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.

ROME ( - The Vatican is reeling from news that the 300-page dossier containing names of members of the gay lobby a dossier some believe led to Pope Benedict's resignation in 2013 has been leaked to the media.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian journal read by Vatican officials, is confirming it has seen the 300-page dossier. "The report contains a detailed and disturbing picture of the moral and material corruption of the clergy, with names, surnames and circumstances," writes Francesca Fagnani.

We are ... able to view a document on papal letterhead included in the investigation, and here we publish an excerpt: It is a list of prelates and laymen who belong to the so-called gay lobby, which through blackmail and secrets could affect, or have conditioned, positions and careers (theirs, like those of others).

We will not reveal the names shown in the list, but we can confirm that among the names there are people removed by the Pope, others moved from office, others who still hold important positions in strategic organs for the Vatican, such as Propaganda Fide and even the Secretariat of State.

Among those implicated in the dossier is none other than Cdl. Kevin Farrell, prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, who has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing of former housemate Abp. Theodore McCarrick's homosexual predation, although they lived together on the same floor of the same h...


The fallacy of western economics II; China Breaks the mould "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The fallacy of western economics II; China Breaks the mould by Ghassan Kadi The Saker Blog The economic rise of China is perhaps the best example that challenges the basic foundations of the science of economics and demonstrates the invalidity...

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St. Petersburg, Russia: Anarchist Arman Sagynbayev tortured by the FSB "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Protest against the Penza-Petersburg terrorism case on the steps of FSB headquarters in Petersburg, February 2018. Protest against the Penza-Petersburg terrorism case on the steps of FSB headquarters in Petersburg, February 2018.

Arman Sagynbayev: I Was Tortured by the FSB

Two Wires Came Out of the Box: Penza-Petersburg Terrorism Case Suspect Arman Sagybayev Says FSB Tortured Him with Electrical Shocks in Minivan

Antifascist and anarchist Arman Sagynbayev, who was arrested and remanded in custody as part of the Penza-Petersburg terrorism case, had until recently admitted his guilt. On September 4, he withdrew his confession, explaining that initially he had been tortured into testifying against himself and other young men arrested in the case, and then had been afraid to go against case investigators. His defense counsel has sent a statement to the Russian Federal Investigative Committee. Mediazona has published Sagynbayevs deposition to his lawyer, in which Sagynbayev recounts how FSB field agents tortured him after detaining him in Petersburg.

In November 2017, officers of the Russian FSB [Federal Security Service] used unlawful investigative methodw (torture) against me. The circumstances were as follows.

On 5 November 2017, at approximately six oclock in the morning, the doorbell of an apartment at [omitted] in St. Petersburg, where I was located at the time, rang. I opened the door, since when I had asked who was there, I was told the neighborhood beat cop was at the door. As soon as I opened the door, at least four men burst into the apartment. They yelled that they were from the FSB. They pushed a weapon (pistol) into my face before making me face the wall and handcuffing me with my hands behind my back. The men searched the apartment.

When the search was over, I was taken to a burgundy colored minivan parked next to the house whose address I have given. I would be hard pressed to name the vehicles make and model. A cloth sack was put over my head when I was in the vehicle. One of the men hit me in the body and head, demanding I tell them where I actually lived in St. Petersburg.

I could see through the fabric of the sack over my head that the man beating me was thickset and had blue eyes. I also made out the tattoo on the backside of his left hand: For the Airborne Forces. Later, I heard the other FSB officers call him [omitted].

Unable to withstand the beating, I told them where I actually lived in St. Petersburg: [omitted]. I was take...


U.S. Coast Guard Fired From Hurricane Team For Making OK Sign "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Coast Guard has fired a member from its Hurricane Florence response team after hysterical left-wing media outlets claimed he made an OK hand gesture on live TV.  The unidentified man was seen by [...]

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CNN Ratings Nosedive 41 Percent, Losing Out To Nickelodeon "IndyWatch Feed World"

CNN ratings have taken a dramatic nosedive recently, with the far left news broadcaster trailing behind childrens TV network Nickelodeon.  A massive 41 percent drop in daytime TV ratings was reported by AdWeek, with a [...]

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Jacinda Ardern This Is Our Plan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Governments Priorities For New Zealand Peters is up first. He is doing a Trump, saying that the media dont tell the public what the Government  are doing. The first true MMP government thats repeated nonsense. Otherwise its a general revision of what the Government is doing in relation to NZ First policies, tree []


Demonization of Russia in a New Cold War Era "IndyWatch Feed War"

In examining the future, we must look to the past.

As we watch the media today, we are spoon fed more and more propaganda and fear of the unknown, that we should be afraid of the unknown and have full faith that our government is keeping us safe from the unknown. But by looking at media today, those of us who are old enough will be reminded of the era of Cold War news articles, hysteria of how the Russians would invade and how we should duck and cover under tables in our kitchens for the ensuing nuclear war. Under this mass hysteria all Western governments were convinced that we should join Western allies to fight the unknown evil that lies to the east. Later through my travels in Russia during the height of the Cold War with a peace delegation, we were shocked by the poverty of the country, and questioned how we ever were led to believe that Russia was a force to be afraid of. We talked to the Russian students who were dismayed by their absolute poverty and showed anger against NATO for leading their country into an arms race that they could not win. Many years later, when speaking to young Americans in the US, I was in disbelief about the fear the students had of Russia and their talk of invasion. This is a good example of how the unknown can cause a deep rooted paranoia when manipulated by the right powers.

All military is expensive, and we can see in Europe that the countries are reluctant to expand their military spending and find it hard to justify this to their people. In looking at this scenario, we can ask ourselves what is beneficial about this hysteria and fear caused on both sides. All armies must have an enemy to deem them necessary. An enemy must be created, and the people must be convinced that there is need for action to safeguard the freedom of their country.  Right now, we can see a shifting of financial power from old Western powers to the rise of the Middle East and Asia. Do we honestly believe that the Western allies are going to give up their power? My suggestion is: not easily. The old dying empires will fight tooth and nail to protect their financial interests such as the petrol dollar and the many benefits that come through their power over poverty-stricken countries.

Firstly, I must say, that I personally believe that Russia is not by any means without faults. But the amount of anti-Russian propaganda in our media today is a throwback to the Cold War era. We must ask the question: Is this leading to more arms, a bigger NATO? Possibly to challenge large powers in the Middle East and Asia, as we see the US approaching the South China seas, and NATO Naval games taking place in the Black Sea. Missile compounds are being erected in Romania, Poland and other ex-Soviet countries, while military games are set up in Scandinavia close to the Russian border to practice for a cold climate war scenario. At the same time, we see the US President arriving in...


Nano 3.0 Released! Reads Files 70% Faster "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

A new major release of open source text editor GNU nano is here. GNU nano 3.0 reads files 70% faster and brings several other features.

GNU nano is one of the most popular terminal based text editors. Those who keep forgetting how to exit Vim, seek refuge with GNU nano. It's a godsend for beginners who have to deal with editing in the command line while the experienced nano fans just swear by it.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Tai chi: an ancient art may work best to prevent falls in old age "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

(HealthDay)The ancient practice of tai chi may beat strength training and aerobics for preventing falls among seniors, a new trial shows.

A modified senior-centered tai chi program reduced falls nearly a third better in a head-to-head comparison with an exercise regimen that combined aerobics, strength training and balance drills, the researchers reported.

This tai chi program better addressed the deficits that were contributing to fall risk, said senior researcher Kerri Winters-Stone, a professor with the Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing.


Most feminist religion: a woman must answer the call of her husband "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The honking day-glo human clown-car of glass-jawed Islamic victimhood, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, ventures the hilarious opinion that Islam is the most feminist religion. Which is difficult argument to sustain (at least, with a straight face), when Islamic preachers keep spouting such un-feminist things. Quote: The NSW Attorney-General has criticised the repugnant views of a Sydney Muslim [] The post Most feminist religion: a woman must answer the call of her husband appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Weather Channel Defends Reporter Captured Swaying In Florence Winds As 2 People Walk Behind Him "IndyWatch Feed"

Doubling down on fake news. Update to this story. Via Fox News: As Hurricane Storm Florence lashed through the Carolinas with howling winds and heavy rain, one reporter was captured attempting to keep it together as winds appeared to lash at him, but was mocked when two people were seen walking behind him with little []


When Social Networks Care About National Security "IndyWatch Feed War"

Harry Bentham Controversies surrounding online fake news, having alarmed political activists in Britain and the US, are prompting social media companies to be more active in combating the alleged threat. For many people in opposition to the policies of US President Donald Trump and Britains exit from the EU, the internet is to blame for the situation because it illicitly influenced voters. As a result, increased policing of social networks to root out foreign spies and domestic dissidents seems necessary to them. One of the latest examples is Twitters permanent suspension of American conspiracy theorist entertainer Alex Jones. The responsibility to police the social networks seems to have largely been placed, by pushy and concerned politicians, on the management of tech companies themselves. British MPs and US senators did this by summoning them to hearings and campaigning openly against the internets permissiveness on political content, making demands they should shut down dissident and foreign outlets because they have gone too far. Although the most vocal of them are not actually in the incumbent government and


Harnessing the Power of Chi to Transform Your Health and Your Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Qi Gong is the cultivation of life force energy for use in developing optimal health and wellness and increasing longevity. While this life force energy, or Chi as it is known in Chinese heritage, is not something that is yet fully understood by western science, research into the concept of bioelectricity is beginning to bridge the gap in our understanding of this fundamental character of life.

It may be something that isnt easy to define, measure or explain in scientific terms, but it is surprisingly easy to feel this energy and to learn to use it to heal yourself. It is one the most accessible mysteries available to us as human beings.

Qi, which is pronounced Ki in the Japanese arts, is the Chinese word for energy, and pertains to all forms of energy in the universe. In martial arts and qigong, it specifically refers to human Qi, the bioenergy or lifeforce within every cell of the human body. ~Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

The many physical and meditative practices of Qi Gong have their roots in the Chinese martial arts, Buddhism and Taoism, and the depth of knowledge accumulated in thousands of years of intentional studies are now available to all of us. Great masters and teachers are scattered around the globe, and many of their recorded teachings are found online or on disc for study in your own home.

Ive personally used Qi Gong to heal myself from several ma...


How To Reach The The 4th Level of Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed World"

Your consciousness is your ability to be aware of yourself and the world around you and to feel connected to it.

by Katalina Aster

Raising ones consciousness while often used with specific spiritual connotation is becoming more aware and in tune with your life, having less misconceptions, false beliefs, and traumas running your life from behind the scenes.

But how does one measure consciousness? We are all conscious to some degree, and so are animals. Even trees have shown that they are conscious, even if not self-conscious. Many spiritual leaders say that absolutely everything that came from Earth has consciousness.

Read Entire Article



Characteristic patterns of inter- and intra-hemispheric metabolic connectivity in patients with stable and progressive mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimers disease "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Alzheimers disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease with characterization of deficits in progressive memory loss, cognitive and behaviour functions. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a predromal stage of AD, displaying cognitive deficit but neither marked functional impairment nor satisfying established clinical criteria for dementia or probable AD. However, not all MCI patients may eventually progress to AD (progressive MCI, pMCI)

(2014)." href="" id="ref-link-section-d1856e5935"]2, and some remain unchanged (stable MCI, sMCI), or are recovered from. Therefore, differential diagnosis of MCI types and earlier diagnosis of AD and prediction of disease evolution are difficult


Free Download: Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Power of Now (Excerpt)
by Eckhart Tolle 

 "Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? 
Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive; inner peace does not.

 Is it not possible to attract only positive conditions into our life? If our attitude and our thinking are always positive, we would manifest only positive events and situations, wouldn't we? 


Belongings of missing associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are found in the sea off of Norway "IndyWatch Feed World"

Belongings of missing associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are found in the sea off of Norway | 12 Sept 2018 | Police have found the belongings of a missing associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at sea in northern Norway more than three weeks after he disappeared. Arjen Kamphuis, 47, has been missing since August 20, when he left his hotel in the northern Norwegian town of Bodoe, where he had been on holiday. He had been due to fly home to Amsterdam two days later, but never made his flight. The Dutch cybersecurity expert's belongings were found by a man out fishing on Tuesday in an area to the east of Bodoe...Police and emergency crews have now begun searching the water and land in the area.


Nunes: Democrats, Journalists Will Be Frightened By Declassified Trump-Russia Docs "IndyWatch Feed"

But theyre so brainwashed, will anything really affect them? Via Daily Caller: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said this week that Democrats and the media are likely to be frightened by the information contained in Trump-Russia documents that Republicans are asking President Trump to declassify. Speaking at an event hosted by the Center for []


Report: Canada Comfortable Resisting Trump By Intentionally Missing Trade Negotiation Timeline "IndyWatch Feed"

According to a CBC article citing a Senior Canadian Official, the Trudeau government is completely comfortable missing an October 1st deadline to join the U.S-Mexico trade alliance: The source who spoke to CBC News on background, due to the sensitivity Continue reading


The dog who wasnt there "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Its commonly argued that rape convictions are extraordinarily low. This is true. But its also true that false rape claims are disturbingly common: probably around one in four. That may seem counter-intuitive, but its really quite simple: rape is by its nature a relatively difficult crime to solve, so many actual rapes dont secure a [] The post The dog who wasnt there appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Classic Aussie Crime Drama:Water Rats S03 E16 Romeo is Bleeding "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Season 3 Episode 5 appears to be missing

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. Thanks for stopping by!


AI Finds More Space Chatter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists dont know exactly what fast radio bursts (FRBs) are. What they do know is that they come from a long way away. In fact, one that occurs regularly comes from a galaxy 3 billion light years away. They could form from neutron stars or they could be extraterrestrials phoning home. The other thing is thanks to machine learning we now know about a lot more of them. You can see a video from Berkeley, below. and find more technical information, raw data, and [Danielle Futselaars] killer project graphic seen above from at their site.

The first FRB came to the attention of [Duncan Lorimer] and [David Narkevic] in 2007 while sifting through data from 2001. These broadband bursts are hard to identify since they last a matter of milliseconds. Researchers at Berkeley trained software using previously known FRBs. They then gave the software 5 hours of recordings of activity from one part of the sky and found 72 previously unknown FRBs.


Scientists: Worlds warming; expect more intense hurricanes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

WASHINGTON (AP) A warmer world makes for nastier hurricanes. Scientists say they are wetter, possess more energy and intensify faster.

Their storm surges are more destructive because climate change has already made the seas rise. And lately, the storms seem to be stalling more often and thus dumping more rain.

Study after study shows that climate change in general makes hurricanes worse. But determining the role of global warming in a specific storm such as Hurricane Florence or Typhoon Mangkhut is not so simple at least not without detailed statistical and computer analyses.


Theyre Preparing Us For The Prince Of Darkness "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Sep 15, 2018

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NZ Education needs to be rebuilt from the ground up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Every New Zealander should be distressed by Saturdays article in a newspaper. Quote. Data sourced from six universities shows while 60 per cent of the almost 16,000 students accepted into professional law, medicine and engineering in the past five years came from the richest third of homes, just 6 per cent came from the poorest third. [] The post NZ Education needs to be rebuilt from the ground up appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Russophobia Digest: Spy sex, no evidence, and the Manafort trial charade goes on "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Russophobia Digest: Spy sex, no evidence, and the Manafort trial charade goes on from RT This weeks slice of Russophobia has it all, a sex scandal, parliamentary intrigue, a lack of evidence and the possible end of season cliffhanger we...

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Australian Government to let in new wave of criminals "IndyWatch Feed National"

The government has already let in a significant number of people into the country who have zero intentions of leading law abiding life, which would also including an old age principle of doing no harm to your fellow man/woman.

It seems that the people in the machine called the Australian Government will be letting a new breed of criminal into Australia, to terrorise the good people of this country.

Don't forget this has huge benefits under the government motto of "good for the economy".

Each new imported slave (criminal or law abiding) has a price on their head with regards to the 'economy', where they generate tax revenue for the people in government, also including being a debt slave to the banks once the individual becomes domicile with a mortgage.

If they're a criminal then the economics are easier as this creates more jobs in the lucrative private prison system where lots of land can be devoted to prison farms.

Governments around the world may state that collection of 'big data' is necessary with regards to criminal activity, but the true scope of the task may not be apparent to many of those within the general population.

With regards to road crimes of travelling faster than what a sign may indicate, the authorities claim that with the costly resources allocated to the task if it saves one life then it's worth all that effort.

Unfortunately the authorities let in many people into the country that have cost good Australian's their lives, where the same sentiment of duty of care does not apply.

The Australian Government cannot even  handle a 'simple' extradition of  killer 'Puneet Puneet' from India so that the family can see 'justice'.

Whether letting in criminals into the country is a failure of government or an assault on the general population is another debate altogether.

Which person in government is responsible for letting in a criminal that effected your life?

See article from 16 Sep...


"In This Life..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Many people don't fear a hell after this life and that's because hell is on this earth, in this life. In this life there are many forms of hell that people walk through, sometimes for a day, sometimes for years, sometimes it doesn't end. The kind of hell that doesn't burn your skin; but burns your soul. The kind of hell that people can't see; but the flames lap at your spirit. Heaven is a place on earth, too! It's where you feel freedom, where you're not afraid. No more chains. And you hear your soul laughing."
- C. JoyBell C.


Saudi, UAE turning OPEC into 'tool for US,' Iran says "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Iran told OPEC last month that no member country should be allowed to take over another member's share of oil exports


VIDEO: Benghazi Hero Talks About Wanting To Choke Obama Through His TV Screen "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

VIDEO: Benghazi Hero Talks About Wanting To Choke Obama Through His TV Screen

Obamas latest speech denying tragedy took place triggered Kris Paronto.



Open thread for episode 22.37: Tracie and Jen "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

General TAE Links

General useful resources


"Massive Deficit Spending Greenlights Waste, Fraud, Profiteering and Dysfunction" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Massive Deficit Spending Greenlights Waste,
 Fraud, Profiteering and Dysfunction"
by Charles Hugh Smith

"The nice thing about free to me money from any source is the recipients don't have to change anything. Free money is the ultimate free-pass from consequence and adaptation: instead of having to make difficult trade-offs or suffer the consequences of profligacy, the recipients of free money are saved: they can continue on their merry way, ignoring the monumental dysfunction of their lifestyle.

This explains the appeal of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which holds that deficit spending is the "solution" to all our problems because governments can't go broke - they can always emit whatever currency they need via printing or borrowing. The problem with government deficit spending is it's free money to the recipients: there are no feedback mechanisms to enforce any consequences for spending that's wasteful, fraudulent or inefficient/ineffective.

Deficit spending simply enables the wasteful, corrupt, rewarding-insiders profiteering state-cartel kleptocracy to continue gorging on public spending. So what desperately needed efficiencies and improvements are imposed on the higher education cartel by handing the cartel another trillion dollars of public spending? None.

What desperately needed efficiencies and improvements are imposed on the healthcare cartel by handing the carte...


Study Suggests Probiotic Bacteria and Superbugs Can Produce Electricity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists have discovered that hundreds of bacterial species are capable of producing electricity and could very well be co-opted to create living batteries.

While researchers have known that bacteria found in exotic environments like the ocean floor are electrogenic, a new study published in the journal Nature marks the first time scientists have uncovered bacteria interacting with humans are also electrogenic.

These bacteria range from the sort that cause diarrhea to the ones that ferment yogurt. Many fill the human gut, and understanding how these bacteria develop electricity-producing capabilities may reveal how they infect humans or why they keep us healthy.


NASA satellite launched to measure Earths ice changes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A NASA satellite designed to precisely measure changes in Earths ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation was launched into polar orbit from California early Saturday.

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A Delta 2 rocket carrying ICESat-2 lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 6:02 a.m. and headed over the Pacific Ocean.


The Last of the Universes Ordinary Matter Has Been Found "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For decades, astronomers werent able to find all of the atomic matter in the universe. A series of recent papers has revealed where its been hiding.


Looting At Family Dollar Store In Wilmington, Management Asks Police To Stand Down "IndyWatch Feed"

The store must have Progressive insurance to cover the loss. Via CBS 17: Wilmington police said they were aware of looting at a Family Dollar store in the city on Saturday afternoon. A WFMY-TV reporter captured video of several people running around the store, which had its sliding front door propped wide open in the []


So Clear "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

So Clear Prints

One of those days when the light is so clear it sings, and even though you feel like theres something you came here to do & theres something in the light that reminds you of that, its not as important as you thought & maybe its better to just be there in the day instead, singing right along.  So Clear   2016 Brian Andreas  posted with permission.

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View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: Wellington Airport NOTE: We prefer photos to be from a window with preferably part of the window in the shot. They do not have to be exotic locations. They can be the view from your kitchen window or bedroom window or lounge room window or car window on [] The post View from your window appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


National Geographic: Paris to Pittsburgh "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As the weather grows more deadly and destructive, Americans are demanding real solutions to climate change and they arent waiting on Washington to act. Watch the full trailer for Paris to Pittsburgh, our new documentary film produced in partnership with RadicalMedia. The film premieres Wednesday, December 12th on the National Geographic Channel and will

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The Sewers Will Overflow As No Labels Gets Dragged Into Court "IndyWatch Feed"

Mr and Mrs. Shitbag plotting to turn the Democratic Party right

As I've been saying all year, there aren't any foul political groups operating in the election cycle more toxic than No Labels. They came screeching into district after district to save the necks of grotesque conservative Democrats-- like, for example, Dan Lipinski in Chicago, Darren Soto in Orlando and Ann Kirkpatrick in Tucson-- with boatloads of money from Republican billionaires (like the Murdoch family), to spread poisonous lies on behalf of their right-wing candidates. Sometime it worked, sometimes it didn't. This weekend, let's celebrate Dave Weigel of the Washington Post for his report on a lawsuit against No Labels that will shine the light on these monsters who operate in the dark. The key to this is the web of SuperPACs criminal Nancy Jacobson has set up and integrated into the conservative "mission" of No Labels. Her husband-- and co-conspirator-- it's important to remember, is another deservedly despised figure on the political landscape, Mark Penn.

The suit is all about political operatives and contractors who Mr. and Mrs. Shitbag stiffed for millions of dollars this year alone.
In the complaint, which was filed in the Supreme Court of New York this week, strategists Matthew Kalmans and Sacha Samotin say that their firm, Applecart, helped implement...


New Gas Leak Detected in Boston Area Racked by Fatal Blasts "IndyWatch Feed World"

New Gas Leak Detected in Boston Area Racked by Fatal Blasts --Pipeline owner NiSource criticized by state for slow response| 15 Sept 2018 | A new natural gas leak was discovered in the Boston area just two days after a series of pipeline explosions killed one person, injured more than 25 and prompted Massachusetts to declare a state of emergency. The latest leak was confirmed just before 11 a.m. local time and firefighters were preventing people from walking in the area, the local CBS Television affiliate reported. Eversource Energy said the breach was unrelated to the recovery and restoration work it was appointed to carry out by Governor Charlie Baker.


Narrative Collapse: Mueller Probe Reveals Manafort Was Lobbying Against Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Chris Menahan InformationLiberation September 15, 2018 Paul Manafort was lobbying against Russian interests in Ukraine not for them as Rachel Maddow and others have been claiming for months according to new documents released from special counsel Robert Muellers investigation. According to records produced by Mueller himself, the nature of the []


Work, Shame, and Art "IndyWatch Feed War"

The story broke of former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens working at Trader Joes, despite the fact that Mr. Owens himself was more than happy to move on, the story spread as people suddenly discovered that actors have to pay the bills like everyone else.  The actress Tamara Braun summed it up on her Instagram:

What I also know is that being an actor, musician, writer, dancer, photographer or artist/creative of ANY kind is REALLY HARD. Most have other types of jobs while pursuing their craft. Unless you come from family money it is practically impossible not to. I have had MANY jobs to pay the bills while pursuing my career.

It really is strange that Geoffrey Owenss story spread so widely because tabloids and rumor mills have been pointing out that actors take other jobs for years.  Twenty years ago there were stories that Lee Majors was working in a school cafeteria to survive (actually he was helping out at his daughters school).  Despite appearing on Seaquest DSV and still being recognized as Lana Lang from the Superboy series of the early 90s, actress Stacy Haiduk admitted to driving for Uber.  Alan Ruck explained the situation in an interview:

So here I am, working at a Sears warehouse, and because Ferris Bueller had been out already, people were clocking me and going, Do you know you look like this guy in this movie? And I was, like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not me. Its not me. Im not that guy. Because I didnt want to get into it. I thought that theyd probably go, You were in the movies and then you wound up here? We should just beat you for being stupid!

There is a larger issue here that leads into the unspoken bias as to which jobs are considered acceptable and which ones are not.  The entertainment industry is a billion dollar business, but the Arts, in general, are not considered an acceptable career (until artists have a proven return on investment).  If a former actor ended up working as a banker or a lawyer, or some other high paying professional class career, there would not be any shaming, but because the retail and service industries are generally unskilled (another shaming ter...


James OKeefe Announces Deep State Investigation at the Gateway Eagle Forum (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

James OKeefe Announces Deep State Investigation at the Gateway Eagle Forum Video Veritas Visuals Video Source

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BBC Editor Gets It About Right on 'Newswatch' "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I've watched many an edition of Samira Ahmed's Newswatch over the years but I've never seen one before quite like this week's edition.

Famously, BBC editors brought in for questioning on Newswatch almost invariably stick to the standard line that the BBC has 'got it about right', whatever the topic at hand. But at least they usually go through the motions of appearing to take viewers' complaints seriously.

Not this week though. 

Gavin Allen, the BBC's Controller of Daily News Programmes, made no pretence at all about taking viewers' complaints seriously. 

There was Samira, taking it all very seriously indeed, and there was Gavin failing to contain his bemused frustration at what he obviously felt was totally confected outrage. 

So what was it all about, I hear you ask? 

Well, some people took exception to various BBC reporters and presenters making cameo appearances in The Bodyguard - the BBC's big drama of the moment. 

Andrew Marr, Sophie Raworth, Simon McCoy and around a dozen more of them have played themselves in the drama, doing 'BBC' things like interviewing and reporting. 

For the critics on Newswatch this was blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction, tarnishing the BBC brand, and not helpful in this 'age of fa...


Mini-dossier : Le parlement allemand controle PHC/Feronia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

14 Sep 2018 | Radio OkapiUne dlgation du parlement allemand vient d'effectuer une mission de contrle des activits de l'entreprise Plantation et Huilerie du Congo PHC/Feronia. Reportage de Radio Okapi.


Arrested in Israel for Facebook posts "IndyWatch Feed War"

"On Tuesday morning, September 11, while Israel was celebrating the Jewish New Year, the Israeli police raided the home of Raja Eghbarieh, one of the leaders of the Abnaa Al-Balad movement, in Umm Al-Fahm. They searched the house, confiscated documents, smartphones and computers, 
and carried Eghbarieh with them. On the next day he was brought before a remand judge in the Israeli court in Hadera. The police representatives clarified that they were interrogating him for his posts on Facebook. They said they have already waged a covert investigation for a long time and now want to carry on while he is under detention. They claimed that some of his posts consisted incitement to violence and support for a terrorist organization." (thanks Eyal)


Chlorine delivered: Idlib Militants readying False Flag Attack in Syrian Village, Russian MoD "IndyWatch Feed War"

File Photo. Ammar Safarjalani / Global Look Press

Militants in Syrias Idlib have transported several canisters containing chlorine to the village of Bsanqul, apparently preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

The chlorine-filled canisters were delivered by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants of Tahrir al Sham, formerly known as Al-Nusra Front, a spokesman of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, said in a statement Saturday. He added that the latest developments showed that the militants are preparing for a false flag attack that would be used to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its people.

White Helmets making films of chemical attacks with orphans in Idlib Russian military

The US and its allies have so far dismissed the Russian warnings, but said that the government in Damascus might instead be preparing chemical attacks against civilians. Moscow has suggested that the attack might be prepared with the support of Washington, which wants to justify further air strikes against Syria. Those planned strikes are said to be much larger in scale than those launched against the Syrian military by the US, the UK and France in April.

It comes as Washington has been building up its military presence in the region. In late August, the missile destroyer USS Ross was deployed to the Mediterranean, carrying 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles, while the USS The Sullivans was deployed to the Persian Gulf and a B-1B Lancer strategic bomber was moved to an air base in Qatar.

Most recently, the USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, entered the Mediterranean through the Straits of G...


The US political crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "The American Crisis of Governance: Will Trump Stay as President"?


Border agent accused of killing 4 women, abducting another "IndyWatch Feed War"

A US Border Patrol agent was arrested on Saturday on the suspicion that he killed four women and abducted a fifth, who escaped.


"Consider the Following..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Consider the following. We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others' actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others' activities. For this reason it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.

Nor is it so remarkable that our greatest joy should come when we are motivated by concern for others. But that is not all. We find that not only do altruistic actions bring about happiness but they also lessen our experience of suffering. Here I am not suggesting that the individual whose actions are motivated by the wish to bring others' happiness necessarily meets with less misfortune than the one who does not. Sickness, old age, mishaps of one sort or another are the same for us all. But the sufferings which undermine our internal peace- anxiety, doubt, disappointment- these things are definitely less. In our concern for others, we worry less about ourselves. When we worry less about ourselves an experience of our own suffering is less intense.

What does this tell us? Firstly, because our every action has a universal dimension, a potential impact on others' happiness, ethics are necessary as a means to ensure that we do not harm others. Secondly, it tells us that genuine happiness consists in those spiritual qualities of love, compassion, patience, tolerance and forgiveness and so on. For it is these which provide both for our happiness and others' happiness. A good motivation is what is needed: compassion without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities"
- Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai...


Manafort & Israeli official meddled in Ukraine & the U.S. "IndyWatch Feed War"

The document further states that Manafort coordinated privately with a senior Israeli government official to issue a written statement that would highlight the alleged anti-Semitism of his clients political rivals in Ukraine. Then, with secret knowledge of that Israeli statement,  Manafort worked to spread the story in the American media." (thanks Amir)


After Cutting All UNWRA Humanitarian Aid, US to Award Israel With $3.3B/Year In Military Aid "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The bill, combined with even more aid given to Israeli missile defense, would give $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years, roughly equivalent to $23,000 for every Jewish family living in Israel over the next decade. WASHINGTON  A massive spending bill, which would deliver $3.3 billion dollars in military aid to Israel over []

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"A Complete Substitute For Life..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that 
for some people it is a complete substitute for life."
 ~ Andrew Brown

"A complete substitute?" Try this:
Hint: this is not a "game"...


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Admits Conservative Employees Dont Feel Safe Expressing Their Opinions At Work "IndyWatch Feed"

Have you ever been the lone conservative working in an overwhelmingly liberal environment? It can be very uncomfortable, especially if you think expressing yourself could cost you your job. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted that some employees at Twitter are in that situation. At least he acknowledges it.

The Washington Times reports:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey laments conservative employees dont feel safe to express their opinions

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday lamented that conservative employees at the social media giant dont feel safe to freely express their political opinions at work.

I mean, we have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, they dont feel safe to express their opinions at the company, Mr. Dorseytold New York University professor Jay Rosen during Fridays episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka.

They do feel silenced by just the general swirl of what they perceive to be the broader percentage of leanings within the company, and I dont think thats fair or right, the Twitter chief said. We should make sure that everyone feels safe to express themselves within the company, no matter where they come from and what their background is.

I mean, my dad was a Republican, he added. When I was growing up, was on the radio all the time with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, so my mom was on the opposite end of the spectrum and I always felt safe to challenge both of them

The question now is what he will do about it, if anything.

A good first step would be to stop banning so many conservatives from the Twitter platform.

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Forget Putin, Trump Is Acting In Every Way Like Netanyahus Manchurian Candidate "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; pulling out of the Iran agreement; defunding UNRWA, and closing the PLO mission in D.C.: every Trump administration move satisfies the objectives of the Israeli government while not benefiting the United States in the least. WASHINGTON (Analysis) In the months leading up to the 25th anniversary []

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Commenter of the week "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time. So, we have decided to shine a light  on the person we think has most deserved an accolade in the last 7 days. Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking [] The post Commenter of the week appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Israeli Warplanes Strike Damascus Airport, Air Defense Troops Positions (Video, Photos) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On September 15, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out an airstrike on the Damascus international airport, south of the Syrian capital, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The state-run news agency said that the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) intercepted several Israeli missiles over Damascus. Local sources and eyewitnesses []

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Gaza strip "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The BBC reminds me of Marks and Sparks - failing because its abandoned its core customer and is hopelessly striving to appeal to an audience thats Just. Not. Interested. The youth market. Have you ever wondered why M & S has been ignoring the customers who used to go there for good quality jumpers and underwear? They flocked there from around the globe. Yes they did. 

Nowadays the jumpers are mostly made out of polyester and any woollens they do stock seem to pill and bobble after about a days wear and the fashions are of the kind no self-respecting millennial would be seen dead in. Oh for the good quality merino, Shetland or cashmere jumpers of yesteryear, but in better colours.

In the same vein, the BBC has abandoned the interested audience that hankers after straightforward news reporting -  accurate, impartial and reliable. (And perhaps some who would appreciate informed, balanced opinion and analysis as well)

The we-all-think-alike BBC management is incapable of providing the latter and seems to be afraid of producing the former, plumping instead for a load of dumbed-down videos and kindergarten-level explanations. Theyre terrified of handing the audience (which they obviously see as moronic) any kind of intellectual challenge.

Gaza Strip

While looking for something else I stumbled upon the BBC webpage that featured the video about Gazas abandoned airport that Craig mentioned the other day. Its part of a series of videos that specialise in anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian agitprop.



#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #dailylife... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


German police clear protesters from ancient forest marked for mining "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Police officers are seen in the forest as they prepare to clear the area at the Hambacher Forst in Kerpen-Buir near Cologne, Germany, September 13, 2018, where protesters have built a camp with tents and tree houses to stop the clearing of the Hambach forest for a nearby open cast coal mining. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

Reuters |15 September, 2018

German riot police cleared environmental activists from tree houses in an ancient forest on Thursda...


Performance Art! CNNs Anderson Cooper Caught Faking Hurricane Florence Intensity "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Performance Art! CNNs Anderson Cooper Caught Faking Hurricane Florence Intensity

Cooper busted by public just hours after Weather Channel staged even bigger stunt.



What Solar Minimum Means and 10 Ways You Need To Prepare For It "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What Solar Minimum Means and 10 Ways You Need To Prepare For It by Jeremiah Johnson Ready Nutrition In the article, Earths Big Freeze Looms as Sun Remains Devoid of Sunspots for Most of 2018, the writer addressed an...

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'It looked like Armageddon': Massachusetts governor declares state of emergency after deadly blasts "IndyWatch Feed World"

'It looked like Armageddon': Massachusetts governor declares state of emergency after deadly blasts | 15 Sept 2018 | Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency Friday in three towns north of Boston rocked by a string of deadly gas explosions, and he put another utility company in charge of restoration efforts.Baker said Eversource would replace Columbia Gas of Massachusetts on the same day he warned stunned residents of the towns that the return to normalcy could take time following blasts Thursday that set homes ablaze, forced evacuations and left one person dead...Hundreds of natural gas technicians were to descend on Lawrence, Andover and North Andover in the coming days to restore gas service safely before electricity could be turned on, state officials said.


Let's fight gender-based violence in the DRC! "IndyWatch Feed War"

More than half the women in the DRC have experienced physical violence, but our friends at Sofepadi are working to change that.


CAESAR'S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus "IndyWatch Feed World" Seven of today's most controversial Bible scholars reveal their shocking conclusions about the origins of Christianity. Based on the best-selling religious studies book by Joseph Atwill, this documentary shows that Jesus is not a historical figure, the events of Jesus' life were based on a Roman military campaign, his supposed second coming refers to a historical event that already occurred, the teachings of Christ came from the ancient pagan mystery schools, and the Gospels were written by a family of Caesars and their supporters, who left us documents to prove it. Dissecting the history and literature of this time, the scholars show that the Gospels are a sophisticated pro-Roman multi-layered allegorical text that could not have been written by simple Jewish fishermen. Noting that the history officially provided by the Church does not hold up to rigorous scrutiny, the scholars agree that Christianity was used as a political tool to control the masses of the day, and is still being used this way today. Much like the ancient era from which Christianity emerged, we are currently on the brink of an immense paradigm shift, and studying this history can help us understand modern-day politics, and give us the much-needed perspective for coming up with solutions to today's problems, in order to create the better world that we envision. Featured scholars are Joseph Atwill, Robert Eisenman, John Hudson, Kenneth Humphreys, Rod Blackhirst, Acharya S / D.M. Murdock, and Timothy Freke. Produced by Nlightning workZ Copyright 2012 Directed by Fritz Heede Written by Nijole Sparkis and Joseph Atwill Cinematography by Marisa Maldonado & Fritz Heede Narrated by Nijole Sparkis Produced by Nijole Sparkis, Fritz Heede, and Joseph Atwill Music and Editing by Fritz Heede


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Admits Conservative Staffers Dont Feel Safe To Express Their Opinions At Liberal Tech Giant "IndyWatch Feed"

They dont want shadow banned at work. Via Fox News: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the social media giants staffers who have right-leaning political views dont feel comfortable to speak up because of the companys ultra-liberal work environment. We have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, []


Whaleoil music quiz "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Adding 3D Printer Power and Light Control to OctoPrint "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

OctoPrint is a great way to monitor your printer, especially with the addition of a webcam. Using a tablet or mobile phone, you can keep an eye on what the printer is doing from anywhere in the house (or world, if you take the proper precautions), saving you from having to sit with the printer as if its an infant. But simply watching your printer do its thing is only a small slice of the functionality offered by OctoPrints vast plugin community.

As [Jeremy S Cook] demonstrates, its fairly easy to add power control for the printer and auxiliary lighting to your OctoPrint setup. Being able to flick the lights on over the print bed is obviously a big help when monitoring it via webcam, and the ability to turn the printer off can provide some peace of mind after the print has completed. If youre particularly brave it also means you could power on the printer and start a print completely remotely, but good luck if that first layer doesnt go down perfectly.

In terms of hardware, you only need some 3.3V relays for the Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint to trigger, and an enclosure to put the wiring in. [Jeremy] uses only one relay in this setup to power the printer and lights at once, but with some adjustment to the software, you could get independent control if...


Yemens Ansarullah Fights Like Imam Hussein (A.S.) And Scores A Muharram Victory Over Al-Saud In Hudaydahs Kilo-16 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

The curses of ALLAH (SWT) be upon the monstrous regimes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The blessings of ALLAH (SWT) be upon Yemens righteous Resistance forces led by Ansarullah. In what amounts to yet another crime against humanity carried out by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, Kilo-16 in besieged Hudaydah was mercilessly bombed on Tuesday and at least 16 civilians were slaughtered. Dozens more were wounded and they are fighting for their lives right now in one of the many makeshift hospitals across Hudaydah, where hundreds of thousands of Yemenis are being starved to death by the US-UK-Israeli-backed coalition of cowards. Following the atrocity, Ansarullahi legend and chief of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee in Sanaa Muhammad Ali al-Houthi said that the invaders attack was dangerously close to warehouses of humanitarian relief supplies and told them to beware of any further maneuvers.

His warning proved to be like a prognostication as yesterday morning, thats exactly what the Dnmeh Saudi dictatorship hit next: Mills and silos of the World Food Program, first bombed by the Wahhabi despots warplanes and then shelled by their mercenaries. So not only are the Yemenis of Hudaydah being blockaded from all sides but now whatever little aid theyre receiving is being deliberately targeted by the Saudi aggressors. And the American ZOG has the goddamn audacity to say that these monstrous lunatics are taking every precaution to protect civilians? We spit on their lies.

The Saudi-Emirati murderers werent staging random punitive attacks on Kilo-16 however. They used these obscenities as a springboard to launch a new offensive with the goal of entrenching themselves in a strategic area of Hudaydah. More than 70 air strikes were launched on Kilo-16a move that can only be described as carpet bombing. The sheer volume of the raids allowed Al-Saud and Al-Nahyan to temporarily take control of the district for a little over 3 hours. Wahhabi-Takfiri victory dances began across social media, lauding the defeat of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. Hateful, sectarian fools.

What was actually happening was merely the Yemeni Islamic Resistance waiting in the wind to implement the payback. And implement the payback Yemens guardians did, mashaALLAH. Enraged by the enormity of the abuses and fueled by the spirit of Imam Hussein (A.S.) as we are right in the middle of Muharram, the Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah popped out from surprise position...


City Replaced Corrupt Cops With Mimes Who Lowered Traffic Fatalities Far Better Than Tickets "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By John Vibes Despite the fact that our species has had many years to perfect how we travel in cars, fatality rates continue to rise...


Erdogan, Putin to Meet Monday in Sochi as Turkey Moves More Weapons into Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

21st Century Wire | September 15, 2018 Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to meet Russias President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Monday, amid reports of a heavy Turkish arms drop into Syria in recent days. The two leaders last met at a summit earlier this month in Tehran, and this next meeting will []


Death Toll Rises to 11 as Florence Pours On the Rain "IndyWatch Feed World"

NEW BERN, N.C.The Marines, the Coast Guard, civilian crews and volunteers used helicopters, boats and heavy-duty vehicles Saturday to rescue hundreds of people trapped by Florences shoreline onslaught, even as North Carolina braced for what could be the next stage of the disaster: widespread, catastrophic flooding inland.

The death toll from the hurricane-turned-tropical storm climbed to 11.

A day after blowing ashore with 90 mph (145 kph) winds, Florence practically parked itself over land all day long and poured on the rain. With rivers rising toward record levels, thousands of people were ordered to evacuate for fear the next few days could bring the most destructive round of flooding in North Carolina history.

More than 2 feet (60 centimeters) of rain had fallen in places, and the drenching went on and on, with forecasters saying there could be an additional 1 feet (45 centimeters) by the end of the weekend.

I cannot overstate it: Floodwaters are rising, and if you arent watching for them, you are risking your life, Gov. Roy Cooper said.

As of 5 p.m., Florence was centered about 60 miles (95 kilometers) west of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, inching west at 2 mph (4 kph) not even as fast as a person walking. Its winds were down to 45 mph (75 kph). With half of the storm still out over the Atlantic, Florence continued to collect warm ocean water and dump it on land.

In its initial onslaught along the coast, Florence buckled buildings, deluged entire communities and knocked out power to more than 900,000 homes and businesses. But the storm was shaping up as a two-part disaster, with the second, delayed stage triggered by rainwater working its way into rivers and streams.

The flash flooding could devastate communities and endanger dams, roads and bridges.

Authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of up to 7,500 people living within a mile (1.6 kilometers) of a stretch of the Cape Fear River and the Little River, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) from the coast. The evacuation zone included part of the city of Fayetteville, population 200,000.

Officials in nearby Harnett County urged residents of about 1,100 homes to clear out because the Lower Little River was rising toward record levels.

One potential road out was blocked as flooding forced the shutdown of a 16-mile (26-kilometer) stretch of Interstate 95, the main highway along the Eastern Seaboard.

In New Bern, along the coast, homes were completely surrounded by water, and rescuers used inflatable boats to reach people.

Kevin Knox and his family were rescued from their flooded brick home with the help of Army Sgt. Johan Mackie, part of a team using a phone app to locate people in distress. Mackie rode...


Google engineers and scientists flee the company as EVIL takes over "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Google engineers and scientists flee the company as EVIL takes over by: Isabelle Z.  Natural News Google has become so unethical that even some of its own employees want nothing to do with it anymore. In the latest example of the...

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Arderns speech leaked to Whaleoil "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Satire.   Dear proletariat. We are proud of what I have accomplished in our first year after the previous nine years of neglect by the previous government. In the last year, I have successfully managed to kowtow to Greenpeace and have destroyed the provinces occupied by greenhouse gas producing, water consuming cows. Oh, and I [] The post Arderns speech leaked to Whaleoil appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and the Culture of Hysteria "IndyWatch Feed War"

As the establishments coup detat against the democratically elected government of Donald Trump gathers momentum, readers are invited to read Ann Coulters latest book (Resistance Is Futile: How The Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind), which the author says is a self-help book for liberals, though their hysteria about Trump will insure that few of them read it.

Psychologists have been treating Trump anxiety for some time now, and judging by the reaction of liberals to Coulter, they may soon have to treat Trump Tantrum Disorder as well. As Coulter points out, liberals have grown furiously unhinged by isolating themselves in self-righteous bubbles of Trump haters that exchange indignant comments about his latest outrages, most of which are simply imaginary.

For example, whenever the specter of American fascism is raised (every five minutes) we are told that Trump is a virtual Hitler clone. Uh, right. We all remember from our history books how Hitler went around boasting of his opportunities to grab women by the pussy, promising to replace the Treaty of Versailles with something terrific, and engaging in fawning adulation of anyone he hoped to get something from. As Coulter puts it, I dont remember Hitler or Stalin going around saying, These people are great. Incredible, outstanding, quality people. And who in the WWII era would have described Hitler as Coulter describes Trump: [Hes] utterly undisciplined, runs his mouth, flatters everyone, and agrees with the last person he spoke to. Why, its right out of the Mein Kampf playbook!

The rage against Trump is proof that the election of 2016 never really ended. In her first post-election interview Hillary Clinton declared herself part of the resistance, rather than the customary loyal opposition. If Trump had lost and declared himself part of the anti-Clinton resistance, Coulter notes, there would have been demands to put him in jail. Hes issuing a call to violence! Resistance is a military term! Its a dog whistle to the militias and the KKK! Touch.

This attitude is simply a continuation of liberal hysteria during the campaign. Remember the Access Hollywood tape, somehow not a sleazy October surprise by the partisan media, which made no secret of its loathing of Trump? In spite of what was repeatedly claimed, there was no endorsement of sexual assault on the tape. Unless you are using a weapon, they let you do it means consent. Trump was simply uttering truisms about celebrity culture, not glorifying rape. Notes Coulter: His whole point was to cite something axiomatically unacceptable grabbing women by the P-word in order to say that celebrity culture was so out of whack tha...


Pun Intended: Bare Metal Attracts Rust "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Programming languages tend to polarize, and Rust is by far no exception. Whether it will stick around and grow as an alternative for the lower levels or not time will tell. In the meantime, if you're curious about the language and its low-level abilities yourself, [phil-opp] has written a series of blog posts on building your own little bare metal kernel in Rust.

Starting from the basics, [phil-opp] describes in detail the set-up and build process to create a standalone executable that won't be linked against the Rust standard library. From here he proceeds to build a simple operating system kernel that prints a good old Hello World via VGA output QEMU emulation included. And of course, there is a GitHub repository with all of the source code.


Original Submission

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Ho Ho Ho "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

According to the Democrat media, Donald Trump caused Florence - now just a storm.


A confused Barnaby Joyce looks on as Malcolm Turnbull's brain tries to escape.

A concerned Barnaby Joyce looks on as Malcolm Turnbulls brain tries to escape


Making a Rondel Dagger Part 17 Finale "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When I have made my first, very crude, knife some twenty years ago, my friends father commented:

Charly, people want it to be handmade, but they do not want it to be immediately apparent that it is handmade.

That advice stuck in my mind so when I have read Feet of Clay from Terry Prattchett much later, following line resonated with me:

The thing looked like the kind of pots Igneous despised, the ones made by people who thought that because it was hand-made it was supposed to look as if was hand-made, and that thumbprints baked in the clay were a sign of integrity.
It is not impossible to get a handmade thing to look just perfect, but it takes great skill and experience and I am not there yet, although I might be heading in the right direction. The pictures hide some of the mistakes and imperfections that were not intended and are apparent for example the blade is not symmetrical against the handle and the hand guard, so when it is in the scabbard the upper part of the guard sticks out more than the lower, and it is visible. Despite my best efforts the blade got a scratch from a grain that got somehow into the scabbard, and the handle got scratched too in the meantime. Which was inevitable if ever the knife were used, and I do intend to use it at least somehow, to see how it fares.


But enough of that, let me present to you the dagger of one of the most kickass characters in fantasy literature known to me, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, aka the Lion Cub of Cintra, granddaughter of queen  Calanthe Fiona Riannon of Cintra, aka the Lioness of Cintra and daughter of Pavetta Fiona Elen and Emhyr var Emreis, Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd the Emperor of Nilfgaard. This is my interpretation of the dagger worn by her as a sidearm in the computer game Witcher 3 I noticed that dagger right on my first encoutner with her in my gameplay and I immediately wanted to make one. I photographed it on a bobbin lace doily that my mother has just made for her sisters birthday. Bobbin lace is period/theme appropriate and I think it provides nice contrast and improves the quality content of these pictures by no small amount.


Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

I tried to tie the leather strap as close to how it is done on the in-game mo...


Despite US Opposition, Joint Liaison Office Opens On Shared Korean Border "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge 09/15/2018 On Friday an unprecedented development occurred that could put the Korean peninsula on a permanent trajectory of stability should talks between the North and South continue their positive direction, and which signals an intensification of diplomacy between the two. South Korea has opened a new liaison office in the []


Key Dem Senate Nominee Ran Anti-War Group That Portrayed American Soldiers As Skeletons Waging Terror "IndyWatch Feed"

Dems always belittling America and our soldiers. Via Daily Caller: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Arizona, led an anti-war group that portrayed American soldiers as skeletons waging terror in the Middle East. Local to Global Justice, a group Sinema co-founded, promoted a 2003 anti-Iraq War protest using flyers that read: You []


Chris Hedges: Short of a Sudden and Widespread Popular Revolt, the Collapse of the American Empire Appears Unstoppable "IndyWatch Feed"

Dandelion Salad with Chris Hedges RT America on Sep 15, 2018 In a conversation about his new book America: The Farewell Tour, Chris Hedges tells journalist, Hugh Hamilton, the countrys institutions and practices rooted in an economic system of capitalism, are unraveling while also making a call for action. Two-part interview. From the archives: When []


Are you tired of all the brainwashing yet? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Every morning last week, I was greeted by the same person with Morena. I responded each day, in my own special, Kiwi-English accent, with Gday mate, how you doin? I dont normally talk like that, but it just seemed completely appropriate to counter a greeting in a language that few of us has any serious [] The post Are you tired of all the brainwashing yet? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Farm diary "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A reminder to enjoy the good in farming.


Just a Test: Were Getting Ready to Reboot With New Content "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If youre a subscriber, please excuse the ping. Were getting ready to reboot with new content and this is just a test.

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Meet Bill Browder-Colossal Liar, Swindler And Deep State Tool "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

But what she was really trying to give them was the low-down on Browder, the Magnitsky Act and the whole rotten, sordid history of him, Edmund Safra of Republic National Bank and the raping of Russia by them and others in the 1990s.

And to show Trump that the Magnitsky Act was built on a lie and the sanctions against Russia should be lifted because of this.



DO YOU PREFER THE 1% OR THE PARTY? (OR: WHY CHINA WINS) (Podcast) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

DO YOU PREFER THE 1% OR THE PARTY? (OR: WHY CHINA WINS) Podcast Jeff J Brown China Rising The Chinese communists kicked out the Japanese, then the Europeans, held off the American neo-imperialists at Korea and then Vietnam,...

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Major flash floods hit Balikesir Province, Turkey "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Major flash flooding hit Turkey's Balikesir Province on September 13, 2018, damaging roads, homes and shops. There were no injuries or fatalities reported. The city of Bandirma registered over 147 mm (5.78 inches) of rain on September 13, with most of it falling...... Read more

Alert level raised Azumayama volcano, last eruption was in 1977, Japan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Japan Meteorological Agency raised the alert level for Azumayama volcano from level 1 to level 2 on September 15, 2018. The alert was raised to 1 on September 9, 2018. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 1977 (VEI 1). The alert level was raised at...... Read more

New eruption at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A new eruption started at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion during the early morning hour of September 15, 2018. The eruption followed a seismic crisis that started at 04:45 UTC (01:45 local time) today. Seismicity was accompanied by rapid deformation. Volcanic tremor...... Read more

Lacher des Tages: Die CDU-Landtagsfraktion in Sachsen-Anhalt ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Lacher des Tages: Die CDU-Landtagsfraktion in Sachsen-Anhalt hat eine Funkloch-App verffentlicht, ber die man schlechte Mobilfunkabdeckung melden kann. Vllig berraschend gingen innerhalb von drei Tagen 1700 Meldungen ein. Die CDU ist jetzt schockiert SCHOCKIERT!! ber diese vllig unerwartete Wendung!

"Wir sind verblfft, es ist offenbar noch problematischer, als angenommen. Dass wir innerhalb von drei Tagen ber 1700 Meldungen bekommen, hat uns mehr als erstaunt", so der wirtschaftspolitische Sprecher der CDU-Landtagsfraktion von Sachsen-Anhalt, Ulrich Thomas. Nun seien die Netzbetreiber gefordert, die Empfangsqualitt zu verbessern.
Wie bitte was? Jetzt sind die Netzbetreiber gefordert? DAS IST ALLES?!? Die waren schon immer gefordert und haben aus dem berfliegenden Firmenjet auf eure Bevlkerung herab gepinkelt. Und mehr als "hmm die sollten da wohl mal was machen" habt ihr nicht?!?

Wer whlt eigentlich immer diese personifizierte Inkompetenz namens CDU?


Sudan economic crisis: New government is sworn in as PM keeps finance portfolio "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Abdalla Hamdok, former UN official who was initially named finance minister, declines appointment


Lets live a day at a time for the Lord "IndyWatch Feed National"

I met a man last night aged 61, my age, from New Zealand originally like me, who is has four cancers and has been given 2-6 years life-expectancy.

We were watching the All Blacks play South Africa in rugby union at my local pub In Bellingen in Mid-Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

We shared how wed both had friends die in their 50s. Ive lost three friends aged in their 50s. One in 2004 aged 53 and the other two last year. One was Trevor Tree a Bellingen local who I was friends with for almost thirty years. He was a Christian, and fit, so his death was unexpected.

The man I met last night seemed quite reconciled to the situation. Hed just retired and was doing a motorbike trip with some male friends. He shared he is married.

So lets live a day at a time for the Lord. We dont know which day in our future will be our last, no matter how old we are.


Brits in Coverup of US Tactical Nuke Use in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors note: Busby worked with VT in 2010 investigating effects of the use of classified US nuclear weapons in Iraq.  These weapons, which produce enriched uranium, have caused a major increase in birth defects in Iraq.  Studies have been suppressed and now Busby has been arrested though later released by police Busby claims began fainting []


Want To Sound Really Smart About Economic Issues? Read This "IndyWatch Feed"

When Blue America endorses a candidate, there are several ways we can be helpful to their campaigns, the most obvious being to help them raise campaign funds by connecting them to small dollar campaign contributors. This cycle one of the most valuable other ways we've helped candidates is by connecting them to Stephanie Kelton, America's most brilliant economist. She has been very patient and very helpful with any candidate who wanted to take up he offer. When candidates are advocating Medicare-For-All, the most obvious question they get is "How does that get paid for?" Months after a session with Kelton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a great, to-the-point reply:

Yesterday Ben Walsh did a Q & A session with Kelton for Barrons. It's certainly worth reading the whole thing, but here are some excerpts:
Barrons: Lets start from the top. The way the federal government works is it takes in money from taxes, and then it spends it. Right?

Stephanie Kelton: Well, thats the usual belief. How it really works is that theres a constant overlap of things happening. That when Congress sits down, in an ideal scenario, the House and the Senate would come up with budgets. And in all likelihood, they wont match exactly. And so there will be reconciliation. The budget will either pass or not. It gets signed by the president or not. Congress is writing down numbers and saying, This is our intention, to spend in these amounts. And the budget authorization is given that allows the heads of these agencies to go out and start hiring, engaging in contracts. Its the authorizat...


Thanks to Obama and Trump, Americas Five Largest Banks Raked in $583 Billion Since 2008 Crash "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

With no jail time for executives and half a trillion in post-crisis profits, the big banks have made out like bandits during the post-crash period. September 11, 2018 at 10:16 pm Written by Jake Johnson (CD) The 2008 financial meltdown inflicted devastating financial and psychological damage upon millions of ordinary Americans, but a new []

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Keith Ellison Accuser Blasts #MeToo Politics After Feinsteins Conveniently-Timed Accusation "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats scraping the bottom of the barrel. Via BPR: A #MeToo accuser strongly condemned those who use alleged victims of sexual assault and abuse as pawns for their political games, on Twitter Friday. Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison accuser Karen Monahan tweeted Friday blasting figures that try to use abuse claims for their own political benefit. []


What constitutes undue pressure? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Since when has it been ok for staff to be offered a bonus of $500 if they agree to join the union? Since the PSA started recruiting for membership at MBIE. This from the Taxpayers Union: Quote: This week we were contacted by a staffer at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment concerned about [] The post What constitutes undue pressure? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Philosophy of the Free-Range Human "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gary Z McGee, Contributor
Waking Times

I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. ~Robert A. Heinlein

The path from status-quo junkie to having a higher perspective is a difficult one. No doubt. Similarly, the path from soft-slave statist to free-range human is difficult. But as Spinoza said,All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. The philosophy of the free-range human is an attempt at being excellent despite the difficulty.

First lets define the differences between a soft-slave statist and a free-range human.

A soft-slave statist is anyone who believes they need a ruler to rule over them, who thinks they need permission to be free, who blindly worships a flag, and who believes violence is the answer to solving problems.

A free-range human, on the other hand, rules over him/herself, does not need permission to be free, does not worship a flag, and thinks that violence is only necessary when used in self-defense or in defense of those not capable of defending themselves. Besides that, free-range humans practice the following core principles

The Golden Rule

Live simply so that others may simply live. ~Gandhi

Nobody exists in a vacuum. We are social creatures. As such, we need each other to be...


The Great Deception "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nick Williams, Contributor
Waking Times

We start off in life with what looks like a wide, wide road ahead of us a road that branches off in all directions, a road that could potentially lead us anywhere at all. As we make our way down this road however it closes in on us more and more until before very long all were left with is the one very narrow track that has been allotted to us, a track that only takes us in the one direction, whether we happen to like it or not. This process is called becoming an adult.

In one way it is true that a huge field of possibilities lies ahead of us when we start off in life. Of course this is true life itself lies ahead of us! The road were on is as wide as life itself and theres no telling where it will lead us. Something happens to narrow the possibilities that are available to us however, without us ever realizing that any narrowing of possibilities is happening to us. This is what we might call the imperceptible erosion of life. We all know that this process happens, even if naturally enough we may not want to focus on it too much. We instinctively know that life shouldnt be like this that it shouldnt be a narrowing down of possibilities and yet somehow it is. Entropy sets in, and makes the pattern of our life ever more predictable.

In one way this is a perfectly natural process entropy isnt something that human beings invented, after all. This narrowing down occurs as a result of us getting trapped in our own habits, our own opinions, our own beliefs about ourselves and the world. We cherish these opinions and beliefs of ours, and yet at the same time they strangle us slowly but surely. The sense of security they engender blinds us to the fact that we are fashioning our own prison, brick by brick. We can call this a natural process because it happens as a result of our own doing no one forces us to build a prison cell of belief for ourselves. We are our own very willing jailers. We get trapped in our own mental habits, which solidify around us and block out the wider view. In The Dawn of Tantra (1975) Guenther and Trungpa speak of this process as going astray or falling into error:

The process of transformation wh...


VIDEO=> Brazen Looters Pillage Family Dollar Store in Front of News Crew; Wilmington, NC Police Say Management Told Them to Not Intervene "IndyWatch Feed"

Dozens of people were seen on camera looting a Family Dollar store in Wilmington, North Carolina, Saturday afternoon. Police announced they were told by store management to stand down. Wilmington is one of many towns being pummeled by Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Florence in North and South Carolina this weekend.

Video broadcast live by WECT-TV shows brave reporter Chelsea Donovan confronting looters as they first leave the front of the store, and then the rear, with trash bags filled with stolen merchandise. While the store is across from a public housing project, and looters could be seen heading that way, other looters were piling stolen merchandise in cars parked near the store.

WECT, weather & sports Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Police posted to Twitter, NEWS ALERT We are aware of the looting occurring at the Family Dollar Store at 13th & Greenfield Sts, unfortunately management has asked not to intervene at this time.

Fox News Rick Levanthal also posted video from the scene.



Elizabeth Warren Pushing New Bill To Force Public Companies To Disclose Climate Risks "IndyWatch Feed"

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is leading a push for a new bill which would require public companies to disclose threats they pose to climate change. This isnt about preventing companies from polluting the environment, there are already countless laws for that purpose. This is about advancing the lefts agenda on climate change by allowing politicians like her to step on the necks of business.

Market Watch reports:

Elizabeth Warren leads push by Democrats to force public companies make climate-risk disclosures

Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is spearheading an effort by Democratic senators to bring a bill that would require public companies to disclose more information about their exposure to climate-related risks.

The bill, called the Climate Risk Disclosure Act, would direct the SEC, in consultation with climate experts at other federal agencies, to issue rules within one year that require every public company to disclose:

Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions

All fossil-fuel related assets it owns or manages

The effect on the companys market valuation if climate change continues at its current pace or if greenhouse gas emissions were restricted in compliance with the Paris accord goal; and

What strategies are in place to address the physical and transition risks posed by climate change.

The bill is co-sponsored by Warrens fellow Massachusetts Democratic Ed Markey and Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Kamala Harris of California and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. It comes more than a year after President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, which has the goal of limiting the global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius by reducing greenhouse emissions. That goal is a crucial one as insurers have said anything higher would make the world uninsurable.

This is what Elizabeth Warren does. Throughout the summer she tried desperately with the help of the media to re-brand herself as a capitalist. She is nothing of the sort.

From National Revie...


Semi-Auto Rifles Kill Twice As Many as Other Guns & Other Irresponsible Headlines (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Semi-Auto Rifles Kill Twice As Many as Other Guns & Other Irresponsible Headlines Video Matt Christianson Video Source

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We Tried: Kind Of "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

I read an article a while ago somewhere on the web entitled something like What Happened to My Country? (referring to the US, but the same question could be asked by pretty much anyone anywhere the US has managed to colonise in one way or another) and while I agreed that there might be more than a few others asking themselves that same question, I had to admit that any reasonable appraisal of what our country might have been has been answered by any number of researchers and historical figures who have pointed out that the United States, in spite of its rhetoric, has never been a place of which one could be proud.

For most of its history, from the moment the first Europeans stepped ashore on what is now known as North America, it has represented the absolute worst tendencies of the human race. There is nothing revolutionary about genocide. Every empire, since time immemorial, has used this barbaric means of theft. You can give it any label you want, discuss the various -isms that may or may not have justified outright murder and theft, but it comes down to, in my opinion, something very simple: The Few against The Rest. And that isnt very profound, nor should it be news to anyone.

The situation in the US, and ever more so in The West (or its vassal states, wherever they may be) in general, has become so toxic (in every sense of the word), and dangerous to The Few, that they no longer even attempt to hide their disdain for the rabble. Major crimes of all sorts go unpunished. They simply do what they want to. Right out in the open, as if to say, Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?

Theyve managed to divide what could be an international coalition of peace-loving people into distinct socio-political straight- jackets, fighting amongst themselves for the right to lead whats left of The Left or The Right (theres little difference these days), an exclusionary and divisive tactic that has largely succeeded.

A lot of people (most people, probably) think that the internet, and social media in general, have been a boon to society. I tend to disagree for a number of reasons.

(1) Speed kills. Whether you drive too fast or indulge in the chemical known under that name, theres a good chance youll end up dead or physically or mentally handicapped.

With optic fibre and constant increases in the speed of wireless communications, we are inundated (overloaded?) with information. And I would reckon that most of it is pretty much useless. How many updates do we need, for example, on the lives of celebrities, on Trumps latest mood, or even the suffering of the Palestinians or Yemenis?

In the first case, who cares what celebrities are up to? They dont care what you think.

In the second case, its just The Donald being The Donald, even though now hes President.



Matt Drudge: Trump Will Lose 60 Seats In Midterm Like Obama Did, Unless "IndyWatch Feed"

Whats the unless? Via Daily Caller: Conservative news giant Matt Drudge on Friday made a somber prediction about Republicans chances in the November midterm elections, predicting President Donald Trump will see his party lose 60 seats in the House of Representatives. Drudge, who runs the influential Drudge Report, compared the upcoming midterms to the electoral []


Taco Bell employee fired for not serving English-speaking customer "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A hispanic Taco Bell drive-thru worker in Florida has been fired after refusing to serve an English-speaking customer earlier this week after a video of the incident went viral.

A woman by the name of Alexandria Montgomery placed her order at the Miami fast food joint in English which in turn prompted the Spanish-speaking employee to deny the customer service and call the police.

No Ingles, the worker told to the customer. No nabla Ingles.

The employee then proceeded to close and lock the drive thru window and call the police.

The employee has since been terminated.


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U.S. Border Patrol Agent Arrested in Texas as Suspected Serial Killer "IndyWatch Feed World"

LAREDO, TexasA U.S. Border Patrol agent suspected of killing four prostitutes was arrested early Saturday after a fifth woman managed to escape from him and notify the authorities, law enforcement officials said, describing the agent as a serial killer.

Juan David Ortiz, an intel supervisor for the Border Patrol, fled from state troopers and was found hiding in a hotel parking lot in Laredo at around 2 a.m. Saturday, Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar said at a news conference in the border city about 145 miles (235 kilometers) southwest of San Antonio. He said investigators have very strong evidence that he is responsible for the deaths of the four women.

The countys district attorney, Isidro Alaniz, described Ortiz as a serial killer. Authorities didnt disclose the victims names or nationalities and they declined to discuss the evidence or say how the women were killed.

Alaniz said investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the killings. He said all of the women worked as prostitutes.

He said his office plans to charge Ortiz with four counts of murder and one count of aggravated kidnapping.



'The system's not working' is just liberal-speak for 'we're not getting what we want' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ezra Klein offers another terrible argument against confirming Brett Kavanaugh CNN released a new poll this week that alleges only 38 percent of Americans support the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, while 39 percent do not. It was the lowest net approval of any Supreme Court nominee since Harriet Miers. "Even" Robert Bork was +3 in the poll at the time of his confirmation hearing, a helpful reporter pointed out. The news induced Vox's Ezra Klein to argue that a "lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court Justice who a plurality oppose at the time of his appointment, and who was nominated by a president and confirmed by a political party that were also unpopular, is quite a way for a system to work." His sentiment was echoed across liberal punditry.


National Guardsman exposes liberal media trolls misrepresenting Trump's fist pump at military gathering "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump delivered a double fist pump as he walked away from Air Force One on Tuesday, en route to a 9/11 memorial ceremony at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania - and while a number of critics immediately attacked the move as "disrespectful," one National Guardsman told The Daily Caller that everything was not exactly as it seemed. "The POTUS landed at our Johnstown flight facility, a military installation owned by the Reserves and the National Guard," he said, "and, well, prior to his arrival, we were allowed to gather in this designated area to greet him prior to his boarding a helicopter and flying to the Flight 93 memorial service." The service member, who asked to remain anonymous, told TheDC that the double fist pump was a greeting to the gathered crowd, which included a number of members of the military and their families and supporters. "As he approached us soldiers, marines, and airmen, many were shouting and waving at him. That is when he did the 'double fist pump' - he was genuinely happy to say hello and shake hands, and you could tell he was proud to be greeted by 'his' military members." But after the president left and the crowd dispersed, photos of that double fist pump began circulating on social media.


The golden language: A cautionary tale "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Spoken Maori can indeed be beautiful, euphonic and lyrical. It can be stirring and emotional. A close friend remarked how, returning from Europe with his lovely wife on the same flight as the French Rugby-sevens entourage travelling to compete here, they were met at the airport transit area by a group of Wellington East Girls [] The post The golden language: A cautionary tale appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Trump administration to send US cellphones a test alert on Thursday - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trump administration to send US cellphones a test alert on ThursdayThomson Reuters Foundation(New throughout, adds details about alert, background on faulty alert in January). WASHINGTON, Sept 15 (Reuters) - The Trump administration will send a message to all U.S. cellphones on Thursday to test a previously unused alert system that aims to ...FEMA to test 'Presidential Alert' system next weekNBCNews.comThe IPAWS National Test | FEMA.govFEMA.govFrequently Asked Questions: Wireless Emergency [...]


Congressman Proposes Legislation To Force All Elected Officials To Be Drug Tested "IndyWatch Feed World"

Louisiana Congressman, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) wants to force every single member of Congress to take regular drug tests and he wants them to pay for the tests themselves. Higgins introduced the legislation this week which, if passed, will force all federal lawmakers to be randomly drug tested once per term for illegal drug use. []


Belgian sets up special office monitoring internet 'threats' posed by Russia and China "IndyWatch Feed World"

Belgium's General Intelligence and Security Service has set up an office to monitor Russian and Chinese cyber threats, the country's parliamentary defense commission said in a report. The Defense Committee session was held in June, but the report on the outcome of the session was released on Friday. "As for the Russian cyber-threat, the Ministry of Defense General Information and Security Service hired an official in charge of a non-permanent working group ... China's activities are also being monitored," said the committee's service representative, the report. In addition, Brussels has developed a plan to recruit civilian and military experts to strengthen the country's cyber security, which will be submitted to the Defense Minister's consideration shortly, according to the report.

Belgium sets up special office monitoring internet 'threats' posed by Russia and China "IndyWatch Feed World"

Belgium's General Intelligence and Security Service has set up an office to monitor Russian and Chinese cyber threats, the country's parliamentary defense commission said in a report. The Defense Committee session was held in June, but the report on the outcome of the session was released on Friday. "As for the Russian cyber-threat, the Ministry of Defense General Information and Security Service hired an official in charge of a non-permanent working group ... China's activities are also being monitored," said the committee's service representative, the report. In addition, Brussels has developed a plan to recruit civilian and military experts to strengthen the country's cyber security, which will be submitted to the Defense Minister's consideration shortly, according to the report.


Health Benefits Of Vitamin C Fruits & Vegetables High In Vitamin C "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C Fruits & Vegetables High In Vitamin C by Ken Jorgustin Modern Survival Blog Vitamin C is THE most popular vitamin supplement. And there are good reasons (health benefits!) Your body is not able...

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Top Ten posts of the week "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This Sunday morning post is to provide you with the links to the top TEN most read posts of the past week so that you can easily catch up on the most interesting and popular posts written by our Whaleoil writers over the past 7 days ( Sunday to Monday). Greg OConnor emasculated for telling the truth, [] The post Top Ten posts of the week appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


20 Forgotten Lessons From The 2008 Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Below, we highlight the lessons that we believe could and should have been learned from the turmoil of 2008. Some of them are unique to the 2008 melt-down; others, which could have been drawn from general market observation over the past several decades, were certainly reinforced last year. Shockingly, virtually all of these lessons were either never learned or else were immediately forgotten by most market participants.




You Dont Really Own That Movie You Bought, But Pirates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The digital world has made it much easier to buy and consume entertainment.

Whether its a movie, music track, or book, a shiny buy now button is usually just a few keystrokes away.

Millions of people have now replaced their physical media collections for digital ones, often stored in the cloud. While that can be rather convenient, it comes with restrictions that are unheard of offline.

This is best illustrated by an analogy I read a few years ago in a research paper by Aaron Perzanowski and Chris Jay Hoofnagle, titled: What We Buy When We Buy Now.

It goes something like this:

Imagine purchasing a book on Amazon, which is promptly delivered to your home. You put it on the bookshelf so you can crack it open on a rainy day. However, when you wake up the next morning theres an empty spot on the shelf. The book disappeared.

In an email, Amazon customer service explains that it was recalled at the behest of a copyright holder. They quietly dispatched a drone, which entered your home at night to take the book away, and issued a refund.

This may sound utterly crazy, but in the digital world, its a reality. A few years ago, Amazon remotely wiped several books from customers Kindle e-readers because of a copyright complaint.

When these Amazon customers woke up the following day they found that the books they thought they owned, which ironically included George Orwells 1984, were no longer theirs. Just like that.

This issue is much broader than just Amazon of course, there are restrictions on most of the online media you can Buy Now. This was brought to the forefront again this week when Anders G da Silva noticed that Apple had removed three movies from his iTunes library. Movies he bought.

Apple informed him that the movies were not accessible to redownload because they were no longer offered by the Canadian iTunes Store. Apparently, Apples license to distribute the titles has expired.

Hey Apple

In this case, it only applies to the copies that were stored in the cloud. Any movies already downloaded on a device should...


Arderns Coalition Reset speech "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Jacinda Ardern has been, in my opinion, justifiably criticised for pulling out of two weekend interviews that had been scheduled with Newshub Nation and Q+A. Instead Ardern is giving a Coalition Reset speech today at 1 pm. Sam Sachdeva previews it at Newsroom:  Arderns chance to change the narrative Ardern will unveil what is intended []


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

No answers and more mystery animal killings in South Island :

The identity of a South Island livestock killer remains a mystery.

Nine months ago Peter McLeod, who farms in Kauri Bush near Dunedin, was left with nine dead lambs cattle from neighbouring farms were also shot and killed.

But the culprit was never caught.

Earlier this week three newborn lambs were killed in Mosgiel, bringing back bad memories for Mr McLeod. . .

B+LNZ welcomes Sir Peter Gluckmans report on agricultural emissions:

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) welcomes the final report from the Prime Ministers former Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman which effectively endorses B+LNZs approach for individual farm plans as a tool for helping the agricultural sector play its part in combating climate change.

In May of this year in launching its Environment Strategy B+LNZ set itself two ambitious goals for the sheep and beef sector to be carbon neutral by 2050 and for every farm to have an active farm plan by the end of 2021. . .

Women want more time off-farms:

Rural women want more time off-farm, better sleep and more exercise to improve their wellbeing, a Farmstrong survey has found.

More than 800 farming women did the survey online or at in-depth, face-to-face interviews.

There was also a high interest in other topics that Farmstrong focuses on including nutrition and thinking strategies to deal with the ups and downs of farming, Farmstrong project manager Gerard Vaughan said.

Some of the other topic areas that the survey revealed women are interested in include mindfulness, relaxation techniques, self-confidence and self-compassion.  . .


If only Bill hadnt been a dickhead "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If only Bill English and the senior Nats hadnt been so stupid then things may well have been better for us all: Quote: Winston Peters says the leaking during the 2017 election campaign of his superannuation overpayment did not influence New Zealand Firsts coalition choice. But he said it reinforced Nationals instinct to destroy rather [] The post If only Bill hadnt been a dickhead appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Man Dies After Shark Attack Off Cape Cod "IndyWatch Feed World"

WELLFLEET, Mass.A man boogie boarding off a Cape Cod beach was attacked by a shark on Saturday and died later at a hospital, becoming the states first shark attack fatality in more than 80 years.

The 26-year-old man from Revere succumbed to his injuries following the attack in the waters off Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet at around noon, Wellfleet Police Lt. Michael Hurley said.

Life-saving measures were attempted on the beach before the man was taken to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, where he was pronounced dead, State Police spokesman David Procopio said. The beach has been closed to swimming.

The attack is the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936, and the second shark attack this season.

A 61-year-old New York man was severely injured Aug. 15 after fighting off a shark off Truro, about 4 miles north of Saturdays attack. Hes currently recovering in a Boston hospital.

Today is just keeping everyone out of the water, Hurley said. Therell be a determination later about what the town wants to do with the beaches going forward.

Beachgoers said the Wellfleet beach is popular with surfers, and with sunny skies and warm temperatures Saturday it was busy, even though the summer season was over and lifeguards were no longer on watch.

Joe Booth, a local fisherman and surfer, said he was on shore when he saw the man and his friend boogie boarding when the attack happened.

He said he saw the man kick aggressively kick something behind him and a flicker of a tail from the water. He realized what was happening when the friend came ashore dragging his injured friend.

I was that guy on the beach screaming, Shark, shark! Booth said. It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here.

Booth said others on the beach attempted to make a tourniquet while others frantically called 911.

Hayley Williamson, a Cape Cod resident and former lifeguard who was on the beach at the time, was in disbelief after the man, who police have not yet identified was rushed in an ambulance.

Weve been surfing all morning right here and they were just further down, she said of the two boogie boarders. Right spot, wrong time, I guess.

A Cape Cod politician said officials who did not take more aggressive action against sharks bore some responsibility for the fatal attack. Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty said he had warned something like this could happen.

It is my personal belief that the responsibility for this horrible shark attack rests squarely upon the shoulders of the aforementioned officials for their utter lack of attention and inaction regarding the growing shar...


Nederland en VS Ondertekenen Apart Defensieverdrag "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nederland en Amerika ondertekenen defensieverdrag

En marge van de ontmoeting van premier Mark Rutte met president Donald Trump is vandaag in Washington een samenwerkingsverdrag ondertekend. Dat gebeurde door de Amerikaans ambassadeur in Nederland Pete Hoekstra en zijn Nederlandse ambtgenoot in Amerika Henne Schuwer. Het verdrag gaat over (versterkt) partnerschap op militair materieel en operationeel gebied.


RNZ: Rehabilitation or what? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

RNZ  has an item on the issue of prisoner rehabilitation.

Many people have different views on this. Whilst you may not agree with the views expressed, it is worthwhile to listen to this item.


Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked "IndyWatch Feed War"

Edward Curtin On September 10, 2018, I published a laudatory review of the new book, 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth.  It is the definitive book on the defining event of the 21st century.  The book concludes that the official version(s) of the attacks of 11 September 2001 are false.  The review was subsequently reposted at many publications. There was great reader response and interest in the book, which was due for official release the next day, 11 September.  My review provided a link to the books Amazon page that noted the 11 September availability date. By the next day readers were responding in great number that the Amazon site was reporting the book was out of print, when in fact it had just been published.  This out of print notification lasted until the evening of 13 September when it was changed to in stock on September 30, 2018. By the following morning it was changed to in stock on September 21, 2018, only to be changed


Project Oxcart "IndyWatch Feed World"

A-12 Sketches - Source: CIA

A-12 Sketches Source: CIA


In 1959 the CIA selected Lockheeds A-12 over a Convair proposal called KINGFISH. On 26 January 1960, the CIA ordered 12 A-12 aircraft. After selection by the CIA, further design and production of the A-12 took place under the code-name OXCART.

Document Archive

Black Shield Mission BX 6847, 26 January 1968 [132 Pages, 4.2MB]

The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and Oxcart Programs

2017 Release  The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and Oxcart Programs [286 Pages, 39MB] 

Archived 2013 Release  The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and Oxcart Programs [407 Pages, 64.9MB]  (Source: The National Security Archive) This document was re-reviewed and re-released. Both versions are archived here for refer...


Three Teens Arrested For Shooting Dead A Wedding Guest Waiting For An Uber In Atlanta "IndyWatch Feed"

Two of the teens had previously benefited from justice reform. Via Daily Mail: Three men have been arrested for allegedly shooting dead a wedding guest who mistook their car for his Uber. Christian Broder, a married father of a nine-month-old baby girl, was leaving the event at a private Atlanta club late on July 7 []



My friend Vanessa Beeley has been most effective in promoting the fact that the White Helmets are closely linked to al-Qaeda terrorists, but I too must claim some of the credit for exposing the White Helmets. The fact that still needs more exposure is that the White Helmets actually kill children for their fake propaganda videos.
This is what I wrote on the issue two years ago, quoting from the original discussion on ACLOS in March 2015:
Al-Qaeda's propaganda wing the #WhiteHelmets did not win this year's Nobel Peace Prize, despite the massive propaganda campaign by Western sponsors of terror. The prize would have been vital if the United States were to attack Syria in support of their proxy terrorists. I am not at all sure the Norwegian Nobel Committee can act independently. They will serve the Empire's interests when pushed to. Crucial to the outcome may have been the effort to expose the White Helmets and their war propaganda. I will link bellow to some of the people who have been most vocal in bringing the truth out.
This is the discussion that first brought the White Helmets to my attention. ACLOS was working on solving the Sarmeen gas attack hoax of March 2015. I believe the White Helmets are involved in actually murdering people to produce their propaganda for war. The photo above may show one of their victims.
Al-Nusra Font (Jabhat al-Nusra) is the official franchise of al-Qaeda in Syria and works closely with the White Helmets.
Petri Krohn - 27 March 2015 (03:21 UTC)
- The same original content from the first attack has been distributed on YouTube with two different logos. One logo is the al-Nusra logo that is also seen in these three videos distributed by Coordinating Srmin. The other logo is blue and yellow and is also seen on the ambulance and the back of the medic. This means that the Coordinating Committee, al-Nusra, and the...


James OKeefe -vs- The Permanent Administrative State "IndyWatch Feed"

A very interesting speech by James OKeefe at the Gateway-Eagle Forum highlights an upcoming Project Veritas enterprise.  What OKeefe outlines is a preview for undercover research within Washington DC to put actual names and faces behind those who operate inside Continue reading


African swine fever outbreak in Eastern Europe has now spread to Western Europe "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The highly contagious disease, which has severely afflicted the agriculture business in Eastern Europe over the last several years, has now been found in the western parts of the EU, potentially threatening a ban on meat exports being imposed on local firms. At least two cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been registered in Belgium, as pigs infected with the virus have been found there. It is unclear so far how the disease made its way to Western Europe, after having hurt the agricultural sector in the eastern part of the EU. The ASF virus poses little threat to humans, but is deadly for pig populations on farms and, since to it is highly contagious, could lead to mass culling of pigs and boars in the region to prevent the disease from spreading. In Romania alone it cost local farms 230,000 pigs, bringing huge losses, according to some estimates reaching almost $12 million. Moreover, the virus outbreak could prompt the government to impose a ban on pork exports, further increasing losses for the agricultural sector, even for farms that are unaffected.


Netherland Ends Support For "White Helmets" Terrorist Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Dike Breaks - Netherland Ends Support For "White Helmets" Terrorist Propaganda

The Netherland just announced that it is ending its support for al-Qaeda's propaganda gang, the "White Helmets". It also ends its support for the so called Free Syrian Police. Last week the Netherlands shut down its "non lethal" support for the Free Syrian Army after Dutch news organizations found that members of these groups were accused of terrorism by their General Prosecutor.
According to the Volkskrant daily (in Dutch), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ended the support for the White Helmets after its Directorate for International Research and Policy Evaluation issued a critical report about them. For the White Helmets, which had received 12.5 million from the Dutch government, it lists the following issues:
  • According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the supervision of the behavior of the rescue workers is 'inadequate'. The organization that supervises, Mayday, based in the Netherlands, is closely intertwined with the White Helmets itself. In practice, donors do not understand the difference between the two organizations.
  • Mayday wants to spend a maximum of 0.9% of its budget on supervision of the work of the White Helmets. 'That is why there is a lack of independent supervision of the activities and results of the project.'
  • The money for the White Helmets is transferred to the Syrian border in cash or enters the country via the hawala system. It is 'problematic' that Mayday does not know how much money is paid via which route. That is why there is a danger that money has fallen into the hands of armed groups. The cash flow can also indirectly be used for illegal trade. Systematic control of the money flow is missing.
  • The White Helmets are active in areas where armed groups are in power that are considered 'unacceptable' for the Netherlands. Contact between the White Helmets and local administrators who work together with extr...


Golden rules to achieve flawless skin "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Is flawless skin just too much to ask for? Wake up in the morning you see a dark circle under your eye. You have an upcoming event; you sight a zit which can ruin your makeup. Well worry no more because the flawless, blemish and acne free skin that you have always desired is []

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It was a CIA deception operation (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

It was a CIA deception operation Video Bill Still According to Fox News investigative reporter Sara Carter, 50,000 more text messages between FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page will be coming out next week. But what is already...

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Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We know you all would like to get your hands on some delicious non-halal Whalemeat ( made from 100% vegetarian animals) so a competition had to be created. If you havent already got a subscription to Whaleoil now is the perfect time to subscribe because ALL subscribers to Whaleoil will go in the draw to win [] The post Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


American History for Truthdiggers: The Slow, Perilous Shift to Emancipation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Editors note: The past is prologue. The stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are and help determine public policy. As our current president promises to make America great again, this moment is an appropriate time to reconsider our past, look back at various eras of United States history and re-evaluate Americas origins. When, exactly, were we great?

Below is the 17th installment of the American History for Truthdiggers series, a pull-no-punches appraisal of our shared, if flawed, past. The author of the series, Danny Sjursen, an active-duty major in the U.S. Army, served military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and taught the nations checkered, often inspiring past when he was an assistant professor of history at West Point. His war experiences, his scholarship, his skill as a writer and his patriotism illuminate these Truthdig posts.

Part 17 of American History for Truthdiggers.

See: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10; Part 11; Part 12; Part 13; Part 14;...


Brainvoyager Electronic Fusion #158 15 September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Playlist Electronic Fusion #158, broadcast on 15 September 2018:

01. Plike Holmesburg 02. Plike The Monster Study 03. Plike Subproject 68 04. Plike Bluebird 05. Plike Laboratory 12 (Feat. Digibilly) 06. Alpha Wave Movement Herzschlag Des Universums 07. Alpha Wave Movement Other Worlds 08. Chris Gate This Is Syndae 09. Moonbooter Syndaes Theme (Boot From Moon Mix) 10. Stefan Erbe GP 11. Arend Westra Under The Milky Way 12. Broekhuis, Keller & Schnwlder Frozen Nights 13. AndAWan Time To Remember (Ft. Irene Makri) 14. Thought Guild Tetrahedral Anomalies 15. Erik Seifert ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) 16. Wolfgang Roth (Wolfproject) & Jens-H. Kruhl (Wiesenberg) The Light Belongs To You.


Hurricane Savage Headed to the Autry "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published September 15, 2018

LOS ANGELES  Native Voices at the Autry, Americas leading Native American theatre company, presents Hurricane Savage as part of its First Look Series, a script development process that brings playwrights together with professional directors, dramaturgs, and actors.

Written by Montana Cypress (Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida), Hurricane Savage takes place in the midst of a Category 5 hurricane, as an estranged son returns to his childhood home where the past haunts the living and the dead. Its there, deep in the Everglades, where the devastating effects of long-held secrets, human nature, and the inability to express oneself combine with the unpredictable, unrelenting force of Mother nature.

Montana Cypress is a young playwright to watch, said Jean Bruce Scott, Native Voices Producing Executive Director. His newest full-length play, Hurricane Savage, moves with the force and intensity of the mega storms that inspired it. His characters seek the truth with a breathless vibrancy no matter the consequences. Do not miss this exciting afternoon in the theater!

Native Voices at the Autrys First Look Series is a script development process that brings playwrights together with professional directors, dramaturgs, and actors. Full-length plays are workshopped and prepared for a public staged reading and discussion, giving the playwright an opportunity to hear the playoften for the first timewith a live audience. Plays can be new works, works-in-progress, or material that has already been produced at another venue that the playwright would like to revise for future productions.

Hurricane Savage is free but reservations are recommended. For reservations and additional information, visit

Creative Team

Montana Cypress (Miccosukee Tribe of South Flori...


Judicial Watch exposes more international classified material on Hillary's private server "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ruh Roh... hope the statute of limitations does not apply here. As a reminder: When Clinton was running for president in 2008, she had a private server installed at her home in Chappaqua, New York. The domains,, and, which were registered to a man named Eric Hoteham, all pointed to that server. In 2013, a Denver-based IT company called Platte River Networks was hired to manage the server, but wasn't cleared to work with classified information. The company executives received death threats for taking on the contract. It was later discovered that multiple private servers were used for Clinton's email.


Prepare To Die: Leftists Heads Explode Over Trump Emergency Alert "IndyWatch Feed"

Full meltdown mode. Via Daily Wire: Leftists went into full freakout mode on Friday after it was announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will test the Emergency Alert System (EAS) next week a system that allows President Donald Trump to message all Americans. FEMA made the announcement in a statement: The Federal []


Syria downs Israeli missiles near Damascus airport, state media says "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israel has previously acknowledged carrying out air strikes in Syria aimed at degrading capacity of Iran


Whats in the sac? (no spider photos) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Im working on my spider-wrangling skills, so Mary and I were tinkering in the lab today, and I tried opening up one of the many egg sacs Ive got now. Guess what its full of?


Of course Winston Peters is putting his party first "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There seems to be a narrative in the media that Winston Peters is putting his party first over other parties. Of course hed do that, that what he was elected for, to implement the policy agenda of NZ First. Quote: Winston Peters knows the perils of being a minor coalition partner and hes not going [] The post Of course Winston Peters is putting his party first appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Syria or Southeast Asia the West Lied, Lies, and Always Will "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Im sitting at the splendid building of the Singapore National Library, in a semi-dark room, microfilm inserted into a high-tech machine. Im watching and then filming and photographing several old Malaysian newspapers dating back from October 1965.

These reports were published right after the horrible 1965 military coup in Indonesia, which basically overthrew the progressive President Sukarno and liquidated then the third largest Communist party on Earth, PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia). Between one and three million Indonesian people lost their lives in some of the most horrifying massacres of the 20th century. From a socialist (and soon to be Communist) country, Indonesia descended into the present pits of turbo-capitalist, as well as religious and extreme right-wing gaga.

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Holland and several other Western nations, directly sponsored the coup, while directing both the pro-Western treasonous factions in the military, as well as the religious leaders who stood, from the start, at the forefront of the genocide.

All this information is, of course, widely available in the de-classified archives of both the CIA and U.S. State Department. It can be accessed, analyzed and reproduced. I personally made a film about the events, and so have several other directors.

But it isnt part of the memory of humanity. In Southeast Asia, it is known only to a handful of intellectuals.

In Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, the Indonesian post-1965 fascism is a taboo topic. It is simply not discussed. Progressive intellectuals here are, like in all other client states of the West, paid to be preoccupied with their sex orientation, with gender issues and personal freedoms, but definitely not with the essential matters (Western imperialism, neo-colonialism, the savage and grotesque forms of capitalism, the plunder of local natural resources and environment, as well as disinformation, plus the forcefully injected ignorance that is accompanied by mass amnesia) that have been shaping so extremely and so negatively this part of the world.

In Indonesia itself, the Communist Party is banned and the general public sees it as a culprit, not as a victim.

The West is laughing behind the back of its brainwashed vic...


Erdogan regime arrests hundreds of Turkish workers "IndyWatch Feed World"

This trade union video says about itself, translated from Turkish:

The rebellion at the airport is growing. The confrontation started after 17 workers were injured.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Hundreds of workers arrested in protest at new Istanbul airport

A Turkish trade union says that hundreds of construction workers were arrested at a demonstration at an airport under construction in Istanbul. Thousands of workers demonstrated for better working conditions. They say they get bad food, the work is not safe and they do not receive their salary on time.

The construction workers are working on a new airport near Istanbul, which has to be put into use at the end of October. The reason for todays protest was an accident with a bus, where seventeen workers were injured yesterday.

The Turkish riot police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. The union that organized the demonstration placed this video of the protest on Twitter [see top of this blog post].

The trade union reports that the working conditions on the construction site are becoming increasingly inhumane. Since the start of work in 2015, at least 27...


Misplaced Soulmates: Why You Meet The Perfect Person At The Wrong Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

We all think about the day we meet our soulmate and how perfect we hope it will be, but usually, things just dont work out like we intend for them too. Sometimes when we meet our soulmate, we meet him or her at the wrong time.

Sometimes when we meet our soulmate he or she is already with someone else and not willing to move on from that person. This can be extremely painful but it is not as bad of a thing as it may seem. Sure, it might have you feeling like youre going to explode but I promise, its a chance for you to grow.

Soulmates are not always people we end up spending our lives with. Sometimes they are only in our lives for a short time and perhaps not even in the ways we wish they were at all. You might meet your soulmate only to find that the timing is wrong and at that moment you will grow from the experience.

If that person is really your soulmate once you have both done some work in this world and within you may find your way back to one another when you are both ready. Just because hes taken now doesnt mean he will be taken when youre meant to be together. If its supposed to happen, it will happen one way or another. You dont want to dive into a soulmate relationship when one of you is not ready, being prepared will make all the difference in the world.

You have to trust in the universe and I know that is not as easy as it sounds. The universe knows that youre feeling beaten down and thrown out for having to let this person pass by but it isnt all for nothing. There is a bigger picture that you cannot see. Everything will fall into place when you are both where you need to be energetically.

Rushing into things and forcing yourself to fit isnt going to work and will only promote toxicity. It will make things take twice as long and leave you feeling even more hurt than you would have otherwise. You cannot build a house without the materials needed. If you dont take the time gathering your tools you wont be able to do anything when the rain begins to fall.

You might need to do some growing yourself and you might find later in life that you are better for having been apart for however long you were. Everything in life is going to come with some confusion. Youre not always going to be able to have everything you want right when you want it. Waiting makes it feel so much more worth it.


Democrat Running For AZ Senate Once Led Leftist Group That Portrayed American Soldiers As Terror Causing Skeletons "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember back during the Bush years when the unhinged left portrayed itself as the anti-war movement? They were really just anti-Bush and we know that because the anti-war movement disappeared the day Bush left office.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is running for Senate in Arizona, was part of that movement, she even led a group and they disrespected American soldiers by depicting them as terror spreading skeletons.

The Daily Caller reports:


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Arizona, led an anti-war group that portrayed American soldiers as skeletons waging terror in the Middle East.

Local to Global Justice, a group Sinema co-founded, promoted a 2003 anti-Iraq War protest using flyers that read: You can help us push back U.S. terror in Iraq and the Middle East.

The flyers depicted three menacing skeletons, including a gun-toting soldier, looming over a crowd of protesters.

A local anarchist group also participated in the protest, according to CNN, which first reported on the inflammatory flyers.

Kyrsten comes from a military family and is very proud of her record supporting Arizonas servicemembers, veterans, and their families, Sinema spokeswoman Helen Hare told CNN.

See the flyer below:

Young people today who are considering a future career in public service should keep this in mind. If you are part of an Antifa mob today, dont think you cant be identified years from now.


The post...


Cancer Spreads from Organ Donor to 4 People in Extraordinary Case "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This extraordinary case shows that organ transplants can not only pass on infectious diseases, but also cancer, at least in some rare cases.


Bye, bye #baselife18! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A perfectly organised conference with strong lectures and stimulating new ideas! Heres what I will bring home from Basel, thank you and goodbye, my friends!


FEMA Emergency Test Message to be Sent to Most U.S. Cell Phones on Sept. 20 (or Oct. 3) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

IPAWS National Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on September 20, 2018. The WEA portion of the test commences at 2:18 p.m. EDT, and the EAS portion follows at 2:20 p.m. EDT. The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed. The WEA test message will be sent to cell phones that are connected to wireless providers participating in WEA. This is the fourth EAS nationwide test and the first national WEA test. Previous EAS national tests were conducted in November 2011, September 2016, and September 2017 in collaboration with the FCC, broadcasters, and emergency management officials in recognition of FEMA's National Preparedness Month.

[...] Cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. During this time, WEA compatible cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA should be capable of receiving the test message. Some cell phones will not receive the test message, and cell phones should only receive the message once. The WEA test message will have a header that reads "Presidential Alert" and text that says:

"THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed."

The WEA system is used to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations through alerts on cell phones. The national test will use the same special tone and vibration as with all WEA messages (i.e. Tornado Warning, AMBER Alert). Users cannot opt out of the WEA test. If circumstances, such as a major weather event, cause the IPAWS National Test to be postponed, the back-up date is Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Also at Engadget.

Original Submission



Only 9 Percent Of Households In South Carolina And Only 3 Percent Of Households In North Carolina Have Flood Insurance "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Only 9 Percent Of Households In South Carolina And Only 3 Percent Of Households In North Carolina Have Flood Insurance by Michael Snyder End of the American Dream A lot of people are going to be financially ruined by...

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Most read "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Our Whats Hot post and Must Read posts up the top of our home page are based on the two articles from the day before that attracted the most comments. This post is to provide you with the links to the top five most read posts as the vast majority of our readership do not comment and the post with the [] The post Most read appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


In The News Today "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bill Holters Commentary It is with great pleasure to post this for all those complaining there have been no arrests. Make no mistake, the swamp is in fact being drained! OIG Audit Results That You Never Knew Occurred August 31, 2018 OIG Semi-Annual Audit Results That You NEVER Knew Occurred. This article is a series... Read more

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Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venus is a very interesting planet. When it is retrograding far more is turned upside down than you might think.

Venus retrograde is set to begin on October 5th and will be in Scorpio. It will not end until November 16th and because of this we really need to be preparing. While this retrograde does last a good while it is not one that acts in predictable ways. Venus rules over our love lives and relationships in general.

If you have been having problems in your relationship you might feel pushed to really fix those problems once this retrograde begins. We will all be noting an increase in sexual tension and for some, this is not a good thing. Do not let yourself give in to impulsivity or end up lacking when it comes to self-control. You are your own person and being respectable and treating others with respect is crucial.

You need to really work hard during this retrograde to let go of any past romantic struggles so you can move forward more properly. While you might still be hurting from that, you have to overcome the pain. We tend to hold onto things for far longer than we should and this retrograde is a chance to truly let go.

Basically, during this time you will be fighting within and working to improve yourself. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and taking the time to make sure you have yourself in order before moving forward in the world of relationships. Do whatever feels right, but dont force anything to happen that is literally pulling you apart or fighting against you.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to love and this Venus retrograde on their website:

Venus stations retrograde on 5 October 2018 at 1050 Scorpio on a lovely fixed star which is favorable for love affairs. Venus trine Neptune is a friendly and romantic influence but the strongest influence on Venus retrograde 2018 is Venus square Mars. This is a very challenging aspect so it is best to understand it before looking at the easy influences.

Venus square Mars increases your sex drive but can cause relationship difficulties, especially if there is already some underlying sexual or competitive tension. Yet in a healthy relationship, where both partners have equally strong egos, you may enjoy more exhilarating sexual activity. If single, your increased sexual desire will match your more attractive aura. However, if dating, you should take care not to lower your standards or put yourself at risk because of your impatient lust. Affairs are now more likely but not necessarily of a lasting nature.

So in a good relationship, you express your love through sex. Bu...


Feds come after holistic doctor for doing chelation therapy on patients "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ringgold doctor, Dr. Charles C. Adams, who was treating patients suffering from heavy metal poisoning and billing Medicare for their effective medical treatment is being charged by our lovely government (a.k.a. the Feds). In a Medicare fraud lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. district court in Atlanta, federal prosecutors alleged that the patients didnt need the chelation []

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J. B. Gerald // The Trump Administration's Wish to "Let the ICC Die" "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

We will let the ICC die on its own - U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton
by J. B. Gerald

    In a speech to the Federalist Society September 10th National Security Adviser John Bolton announced the U.S. will not cooperate in any way with the International Criminal Court. Speaking for the President and Trump administration Mr. Bolton says the U.S. considers the International Criminal Court illegitimate, and he threatens its judges with denial of entry to the States, and impounding their financial assets, and with arrest, if they pursue cases which might "unjustly" place in jeopardy U.S. citizens. This threat extends to those assisting the Court.
      The policy presents an attempt to shield from prosecution "by any means necessary," U.S. Armed Forces personnel, intelligence agents, and government officials such as himself. By placing these above the law Bolton is threatening the American people with the Trump administration's impunity. While the policy may allow war crimes and crimes against humanity in U.S. client states, it will also encourage the 123 nations who subscribe to the ICC to view the U.S. as a rogue state and fascist entity.
      North Americans concerned with prevention of genocide will note that Bolton's wish to "let the ICC die" would remove a primary international legal mechanism for calling U.S. leaders to account for crimes such as genocide, aggression, torture. Without the resistance available at least on paper from the ICC, governments such as the Trump administration would have a much freer hand in alleged crimes such as torture in Afghanistan, in black operations sites throughout the world, as well as implication in the use of death squads by U.S. client states or what might be considered the kidnapping of migrant children at American borders.
      American law if honestly applied has little to fear from international law so the Trump administration's further severance of the U.S. from the ICC points up the administration's exception to the global consensus on a decent standard of human rights. Bolton's revelations express a movement within U.S. extreme right-wing circles which finds burdensome an ongoing struggling tradition safeguarding American human rights (ie. The Bill of Rights).
      The thinking which initiated the presidential killing list under George W. Bush, continues to gain strength, asserting itself at this point due to an ICC investigatory report suggestin...


Glenn Beck interviews Robert Spencer on The History of Jihad, says I highly recommend that you listen to this guy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Glenn Beck recently interviewed me. You can hear that whole interview. Its fascinating, and I highly recommend it. In fact, I dont even know if you can do this, but Id burn it to DVD. I highly recommend that you listen to this guy, and make your own mind up. But do your own homework. []


36 Hours on the Prairie: The aptly-named Regal Fritillary "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[August 17 & 18, 2018: I made a quick dash to the prairies of Western Minnesota in mid August. Much of my time is spent in the boreal forest and bogs of northeast Minnesota, and I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic. So off to the wide open prairies! I started at Otter Tail []


Mosasaur species comparison "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

15 September 2018

Mosasaurs are one of the largest families of non-dinosaur reptiles to exist during the age of dinosaurs. Mosasaurs are aquatic reptiles that are closely related to modern day snakes and monitor lizards.

Mosasaurus hoffmanni is the largest of that family. The Tylosaurus is also one of the largest mosasaurids.

There are numerous Mosasaurids or Mosasaur family species that can be compared.

In this comparison video we shall go ascending in size of the mosasaur species. The smallest mosasaur is the Dallasaurus and the largest mosasaurid is the Mosasaurus itself.

The Mosasaurus is famous for being in the Jurassic Park film franchise.

Mosasaurids were the apex predators of the ancient seas often in competition with sharks and pliosaurs. Predator X or Pliosaurus is still smaller than the largest Mosasaur and is similar in size and comparison to the Tylosaurus. So, have fun watching this video on Mosasaur family species comparison, of 20 species and related genera. TATA! Have fun!


Man killed in shark attack at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts "IndyWatch Feed World"

A man has died after being attacked by a shark off Newcomb Hollow Beach on Saturday afternoon, officials say. Wellfleet Police confirmed the shark attack happened just after noon about 300 yards south of the beach. Wellfleet Police Lt. Michael Hurley tells The Associated Press the victim, identified only as a man in his mid-20s, succumbed to his injuries following the attack. The man was pronounced dead at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.


The Mystery of the One-Legged Cyclist "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

"Alaa's dream was to represent Palestine at the Asian Games. But an Israeli bullet put an end to his dreams" 
Smiling cyclist...before the 'big reveal'

Here's the kind of thing Sue means: a recent video report on the BBC News website.

It starts with a cheerfully smiling cyclist. He's saying: 
My strength was in my legs. All my dreams in life relied on my legs. 
The BBC commentary then begins. It says:
Alaa's dream was to represent Palestine at the Asian Games. But an Israeli bullet put an end to his dreams. 
After then giving us a loaded 'background' section on the confrontations at the Gaza border (much of which could have been scripted by a 'Gaza health official') and a 'balancing' statement from the IDF, we finally return to Alaa, who had been 'protesting' at the border when Israeli "fire" struck him:
Alaa is determined not to let his injury stop him cycling. 
And the piece ends with Alaa saying: 
I use my bicycle to go to work now and I've resumed my training. I'm also working to set up and coach an amputee cycling team. I will continue to compete with one leg. I'm determined to keep going.
So many questions are begged by this report. What exactly was Alaa up to whil...


Texas Board Of Ed Votes To Pull Hillary Clinton And Helen Keller From Social Studies Curriculum "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary shouldnt have been part of the curriculum from the get go. Via Fox News: The Texas Board of Education on Friday voted to remove former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the states social studies curriculum. The move comes as an effort to streamline the social studies curriculum in the state, The Dallas Morning []


How to Protect Coastal Wetlands From Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sea level rise is not the most immediate threat posed by climate change when compared to out-of-control hurricanes and wildfires, crop loss and ocean acidification. But it's not exactly a distant danger either.


Drought-stricken farmers challenge Coalition's climate change stance in TV ad "IndyWatch Feed National"

We need to stick to the Paris agreement, we need to stop burning coal and we need to commit to more renewable energy,' Longreach farmer says This drought has really hit our family hard, says Longreach farmer Jody Brown. Climate change is making the droughts more severe.Those two sentences are the opening lines to a new advertisement challenging the federal government's stance on climate change and the drought in Australia's eastern states. Related: Scott Morrison needs a [...]


Bridges says Cindy is hard to trust "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Simon Bridges says Jacinda Ardern is hard to trust. How can this be, she never tells a lie? Quote: Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says the prime minister misled Kiwis over when the chief technology officer role was offered to Derek Handley. He called attention to an apparent discrepancy between when Handley said he was offered the [] The post Bridges says Cindy is hard to trust appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Tiny, Pocket-Sized Robot Meant For Hacking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The world is full of educational robots for STEAM education, but we havent seen one as small or as cute as the Skoobot, an entry in this years Hackaday Prize. Its barely bigger than an inch cubed, but its still packed with motors, a battery, sensors, and a microcontroller powerful enough to become a pocket-sized sumo robot.

The hardware inside each Skoobot is small, but powerful. The main microcontroller is a Nordic nRF52832, giving this robot an ARM Cortex-M4F brain and Bluetooth. The sensors include a VL6180X time of flight sensor that has a range of about 100mm. Skoobot also includes a light sensor for all your robotic photovoring needs. Other than that, the Skoobot is just about what you would expect, with a serial port, a buzzer, and some tiny wheels mounted in a plastic frame.

The idea behind the Skoobot is to bring robotics to the classroom, introducing kids to fighting/sumo robots, while still being small, cheap, and cute. To that end, the Skoobot is completely controllable via Bluetooth so anyone with a phone, a Pi, or any other hardware can make this robot move, turn, chase after light, or sync multiple Skoobots together for a choreographed dance.

While the Skoobot is an entry for this years Hackaday Prize, the creator of the Skoobot, [Bill Weiler] is also making these available on Crowd Supply.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:


Russia Starts Biggest Military Drill in Decades "IndyWatch Feed War"

300,000 Troops & Thousands of War Machines: Russia Starts Biggest Military Drill in Decades

Strategic maneuvers of this kind haven't been carried out by Russia since 1981 and even back then they didn't involve quite as many troops


Wheres Your Diversity? We Have Gays, Jews and Blacks! Gay Conservative Scott Presler Takes on St. Louis Antifa Mob (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

St. Louis Antifa turned out on Saturday to protest the Gateway Eagle Council conference at the Airport Marriott.

About two dozen low energy Antifa Maxists turned out to protest.

Conservative gay activist and Twitter star Scott Presler took on the Antifa mob outside the Marriott.

Scott Presler started screaming at the angry all-white Antifa mob.

Scott Presler: Wheres your diversity? We h...


Fake weather too? Weather Channel anchor 'battles' Hurricane Florence winds as others walk casually in background "IndyWatch Feed World"

A video of Weather Channel's Mike Seidel battling wind gusts in the eye of hurricane Florence has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, after two men casually walking by in the background were spotted on live broadcast. During a live Weather Channel broadcast from Wilmington, North Carolina, Seidel is seemingly holding on for his life. He has been ridiculed online, though, after an attentive viewer spotted two locals walking by in the background as if nothing special was going on. The men, dressed in hoodies, can be seen taking snaps with their phones while Seidel is struggling to stand on his feet.


Wall Street is, literally, the definition of a Ponzi scheme "IndyWatch Feed World"

The market economy in general is designed to exploit billions of us while a tiny number get ridiculously rich. It doesn't care about the health or sustainability of our society as it facilitates the extraction of all the wealth and resources by sociopaths. Maybe it makes me unsophisticated, but I don't think about the stock market that much. I know that many say it's the central nervous system of our economy. I know its estimated worth is around $30 trillion. And I know that when it tanks, the lives of millions of Americans are wrecked, ruined and upended. I know that when that happens, the powerful millionaires (and billionaires) who caused said destruction generally grab their money and their well-coiffed dogs and run for it. (Sometimes our government has to step in to make sure the elites get all of their money and don't have to share in the devastation they've dispensed to the lower classes.) But in my day-to-day life, I don't think much about the stock market. So maybe I shouldn't care that the entire thing is a gigantic fraud. But I do. I do care. And you should too. In a few minutes' time you will see that our stock market is a Ponzi scheme. (And unfortunately, it doesn't matter whether you're happy or sad or ambivalent about that fact. It will be true nonetheless.)


Why all of the West's 'chemical attack' accusations against Assad are baseless "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the U.S. escalates its illegal aggressions against the Syrian government, it's desperate to find a passable pro-war narrative. This has resulted in a recent series of unsubstantiated claims from the U.S. that Bashar al-Assad plans to commit a chemical attack, which have been helped by a U.N. report from this week which details chemical attacks that have recently happened in Syria. What the U.N. leaves out in its attribution of these attacks to the Syrian government is the fact that Assad's involvement in these attacks is highly implausible. The real perpetrators of the attacks are very likely the multiple U.S.-supported terrorist factions in Syria. This is because whereas these factions have been admitted by the U.S. State Department to possess and regularly use chemical weapons, there is no evidence that Assad has a chemical weapons supply. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons concluded in January of 2016 that chemical weapons were no longer held by the Syrian government as far as the evidence tells us. When we know all of this, why does it make sense to assume that Assad is behind the attacks? Shouldn't the prime suspects be the people who we're already sure have chemical weapons at their disposal?


Nottingham has not been acting alone "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Dermot Nottingham has not acted alone in his actions taken against many people, including harassment and defamation via and in a number of legal proceedings, some of which have been described as abuses of process, vexatious and more by various judges. In April Nottingham was found guilty at a jury trial of five charges []


Nolte: Manafort deal appears to be good news for Trump, terrible for Democrats "IndyWatch Feed World"

According to NPR, Paul Manafort's deal with Special Counsel Robert Muller's office "does not include matters involving the Trump campaign." Something rarely brought up by our utterly useless but still corrupt establishment media is that in order for someone to "flip," that someone has to have the goods on someone else. In other words, if you want to deal your way out of prison time, you have to have something to deal with; you actually have to serve someone's head up on a platter.


US global biological warfare program enters the spotlight once again "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a scoop to bring the US biological warfare effort back into the spotlight. On Sept. 11, Russian media reported that the Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research laboratory, a research facility for high-level biohazard agents located near Tbilisi, Georgia, has used human beings for conducting biological experiments. Former Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze said about it during a news conference in Moscow, urging US President Donald Trump to launch an investigation. He has lists of Georgians who died of hepatitis after undergoing treatment in the facility in 2015 and 2016. Many passed away on the same day. The declassified documents contain neither the indication of the causes of deaths nor real names of the deceased. According to him, the secret lab run by the US military was established during the tenure of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. The viruses could spread to neighboring countries, including Russia, Igor Giorgadze warned. The laboratory's work is tightly under wraps. Only US personnel with security clearance have access to it. These people are accorded diplomatic immunity under the 2002 US-Georgia Agreement on defense cooperation. Eurasia Review reported that in 2014 the Lugar Center was equipped with a special plant for breeding insects to enable launching the Sand Fly project in Georgia and the Caucasus. In 2014-2015 years, the bites of sand flies such as Phlebotomins caused a fever. According to the source, "today the Pentagon has a great interest to the study of Tularemia, also known as the fever of rabbits, which is also equated with biological weapons. Distributors of such a disease can be mites and rodents".


36 Hours on the Prairie: Felton Prairie, Minnesota "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[August 17 & 18, 2018: I made a quick dash to the prairies of Western Minnesota in mid August. Much of my time is spent in the boreal forest and bogs of northeast Minnesota, and I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic. So off to the wide open prairies! I started at Otter Tail []


Terrorist-held Idlib is the only excuse for illegal US presence in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Idlib, the last terrorist stronghold in Syria, has become a bone of contention for major global players, commentators of Syrian descent told Sputnik. While Washington is swiftly losing its grip in the region, terrorist-held Idlib remains the only justification for the US presence in Syria, they noted. Tensions surrounding the Syrian Arab Army's upcoming Idlib operation continue to escalate amid reports of possible chemical provocations by terrorists and the US-led coalition's threats to strike on Syrian government forces in case poisonous substances are used in Idlib and elsewhere in Syria. The US's fierce opposition to Bashar al-Assad's plan to liberate Idlib, home to up to 70,000 jihadi fighters including Tahrir al-Sham, an umbrella organization for various terrorist groups, looks rather surprising given Washington's "green light" to the Syrian government forces' southern advance this June. On June 24, Reuters reported that Washington had told Syrian rebels in the south that they should not expect it to provide any military aid to them amid the Syrian-Russian advance.


California Death Certificate Project: Follow-up "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Health Editors Note:  This is a follow-up for an article posted on September 11, Nine California MDs accused of Opioid Overprescribing. Check out the sub title of this article: Witch hunt said to be sowing fear in medical community.  I WOULD HOPE THE CALIFORNIA DEATH CERTIFICATE PROJECT IS DOING JUST THAT!  Now for more states []


Internationalism in action: China increases support to Venezuela to promote socialism, defeat US imperialism "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro has embarked on a state visit to China on Wednesday and announced that the meeting will "enhance the relationship between the two countries." The Venezuelan president is seeking economic deals with the Chinese after announcing measures he intends to take to try to retake Venezuela's economy. "Moving forward in the new strategic association agreements in the economic, commercial, energy, financial, technological," Maduro said at the international airport to television. Andre Luiz Coelho, a professor of International Relations at UniRio and an expert on Latin American politics, said that China seeks to compete with Latin America and become even more influential in the region. "Latin America is historically known as a zone of influence of the United States. China in this quest to become the world's leading power is necessarily entering the zone of influence of the United States, but not in a military way, but in a way commercial," he said.


More than 150 great white sharks spotted stalking coast of Cape Cod "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shark experts are baffled by a sudden surge in shark sightings and encounters in Massachusetts - including the state's first attack since 2012. Marine biologists spotted 149 great whites off Cape Cod in July, more than double seen in the region last year. Cape Cod is only a few miles north of Martha's Vineyard, better known to locals as Amity Bay - the island where the Jaws films are set. The local authority have expressed concern about the safety of beachgoers in the coming weeks, especially when lifeguards stand down.


Report: Trump green lights tariffs on $200B more Chinese products "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump has reportedly given a go ahead to additional tariffs on Chinese goods worth about $200 billion. The instruction to aides comes despite attempts by the Treasury to restart talks with Beijing. The news was initially reported by Bloomberg and Fox News and later confirmed by Reuters. According to Bloomberg, the Trump administration has decided to delay the public announcement of the measure "based on concerns raised in public comments." Trump ordered the new salvo in his trade war with China after meeting Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Bloomberg sources said. Mnuchin was earlier trying to kick-start negotiations with China, which responded in kind to the previous round of 25-percent tariffs on goods worth $50 billion and promised to act likewise in the future. After the period of public comments on the proposed tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods expired last week, Trump announced they would be imposed soon, but didn't offer a timetable. The president said the US has the upper hand in the trade war with Beijing and threatened to expand tariffs to virtually all Chinese imports. Trump started trade conflicts with a number of partners, including US ally the EU, stating that trade deficit hurt America. The policy is apparently meant to make domestic production in the US more competitive, compared to foreign manufacturers.


FFWN 9/11 anniversary special! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The official story that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda took down three WTC Towers with two planes and then hit the Pentagon with another passenger vehicle is a pathetic hoax.


Delhi, India: Police officer's son arrested for rape and filming the brutal beating of a woman in viral video "IndyWatch Feed World"

The son of a Delhi police officer filmed brutally beating up a woman after he allegedly raped her has been arrested. The 21-year-old also allegedly assaulted his ex-fianc on a separate occasion. A police investigation is underway into allegations against Rohit Kumar Tomar, arrested on Friday after disturbing images of him beating up the woman in an office space on September 2 emerged. The content of the video, which shows the accused slapping and using his elbows and knees to maximize the pain inflicted on the woman, was so horrific that it prompted the Minister of Home Affairs to tweet an appeal to the Delhi Police Commissioner to take action.


HOW THE EU ACTUALLY WORKS (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

HOW THE EU ACTUALLY WORKS Video Sargon of Akkad Video Source

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Cannabis leads to better and more frequent sex according to science "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are those who think that everything is better when youre high; food tastes better, music sounds better, and, of course, sex definitely feels better, but is there any way to actually prove that? Like, scientifically? Apparently, yes. Scientists at Stanford University (who had nothing better to do?) conducted a study to confirm that weed takes sex []

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36 Hours on the Prairie: Kingbird Antics & Other prairie birds "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[August 17 & 18, 2018: I made a quick dash to the prairies of Western Minnesota in mid August. Much of my time is spent in the boreal forest and bogs of northeast Minnesota, and I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic. So off to the wide open prairies! I started at Otter Tail []


Dalai Lama says I knew about clerical sexual abuse "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 22 July 2017 Dutch video says about itself (translated):

Ex-members of the [Tibetan Buddhist] Rigpa movement accuse the spiritual teacher Sogyal Rinpoche of physical violence and sexual abuse. Former Rigpa member Oane Bijlsma is investigating whether she can file a complaint against the guru jointly with others.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Dalai Lama about abuse: I know it since the 1990s

The Dalai Lama says that he has long been aware of stories about sexual abuse by Buddhist teachers. I already knew all those things, they are not new, he answered the question from the NOS about what he learned from his conversation with four victims of yesterday. Follow-up questions and other questions about the subject were not allowed to be asked at a short press conference in the Nieuwe Kerk church in Amsterdam.

The Buddhist leader says he discussed accusations at a meeting with Western Buddhists in 1993. I think that was probably about Sogyal Rinpoche. That man is one of the best-known and most controversial Buddhist teachers. According to the four victims, the Dalai Lama said yesterday that he now has a reason to do something.

Dozens of victims

Furthermore, the spiritual leader repeated that self-discipline is important for teachers and that victims must make their stories public. Then teachers would be worried about being shamed. Dozens of victims have come out in recent years with complaints about teachers.



Forget "Assad vs. NATO" - Idlib is about Turkish influence vs. American grandiosity "IndyWatch Feed World"

Never mind the drama In spite of increasing Ankara vs. Washington disagreements in a variety of areas ranging from Ankara's firm commitment to purchase Russian made S-400 missile defence systems to the continued US alliance with the YPG/PKK terror group in Syria, when it comes to the status of Syria's Idlib Governorate it would appear that Turkey and the United States are on the same side as both publicly oppose a Damascus led operation in the infamous Governorate. But the rhetoric only explains a fraction of the picture. For all intents and purposes, the situation is already largely beyond US control in a logistical (key word) sense. The US of course could and may well bomb Syria in relation to what Russia describes as an already-filmed false flag chemical weapons attack in or around Idlib. But just as the US missile strikes against Syrian government targets in 2017 and earlier in 2018 proved to be strategically irrelevant, there is little chance that a new set of strikes, even if bigger in terms of firepower, would alter the course of the war.


When rescue at sea becomes a crime: who the Tunisian fishermen arrested in Italy really are "IndyWatch Feed"

Fishermen networks from Morocco and Mauritania have released statements of support, and the Tunisian State Secretary for Immigration, Adel Jarboui, urged Italian authorities to release the fishermen, considered heroes in Tunisia.

lead lead Protest in front of the Italian Embassy in Tunis on 6 September 2018 calls for immediate release of fishermen held in prison in Italy since 29 August 2018 Photo: Paul Scheicher. All rights reserved.

On the night of Wednesday, August 29, 2018, six Tunisian fishermen were arrested in Italy. Earlier that day, they had set off from their hometown of Zarzis, the last important Tunisian port before Libya, to cast their nets in the open sea between North Africa and Sicily. The fishermen then sighted a small vessel whose engine had broken, and that had started taking in water. After giving the fourteen passengers water, milk and bread which the fishermen carry in abundance, knowing they might encounter refugee boats in distress they called the Italian coastguard, who told them theyd be coming soon.

After hours of waiting, though, the men decided to tow the smaller boat in the direction of Lampedusa Italys southernmost island to help Italian authorities in their rescue operations. At around 24 miles from Lampedusa, the Guardia di Finanza (customs police) took the fourteen people on board, and then proceeded to violently arrest the six fishermen. According to the precautionary custody order issued by the judge in Agrigento (Sicily), the men stand accused of smuggling, a crime that could get them up to fifteen years of jail if the case goes to trial. The fishermen have since been held in Agrigento prison, and their boat has been seized.


When rescue at sea becomes a crime: who the Tunisian fishermen arrested in Italy really are "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fishermen networks from Morocco and Mauritania have released statements of support, and the Tunisian State Secretary for Immigration, Adel Jarboui, urged Italian authorities to release the fishermen, considered heroes in Tunisia. Protest in front of the Italian Embassy in Tunis on 6 September 2018 calls for immediate release of fishermen held in prison in Italy since 29 August 2018 Photo: Paul Scheicher. All rights [...]


36 Hours on the Prairie: Prairie Grasses & Domestic Sunflowers "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[August 17 & 18, 2018: I made a quick dash to the prairies of Western Minnesota in mid August. Much of my time is spent in the boreal forest and bogs of northeast Minnesota, and I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic. So off to the wide open prairies! I started at Otter Tail []


Mom of MS-13 victim fatally struck by car at daughter's memorial site "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mom of MS-13 victim fatally struck by car at daughter's memorial site | 14 Sept 2018 | The grieving mother of a young girl killed by MS-13 gang members on Long Island was fatally struck by a car on Friday while preparing for a candlelight vigil at her daughters memorial, cops said. Evelyn Rodriguez, who attended President Trump's State of the Union Address to shed light on the brutal slaying of 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas, was struck by a vehicle in Brentwood at around 4 p.m. -- two years to the day her daughter's body was found in a wooded area off the same block, according to police.


Shark attacks 23-year-old surfer at Hawaii beach "IndyWatch Feed World"

A young man sitting on an 8-foot surfboard in Oahu on Saturday was attacked by a shark, which bit his elbow and wrist, leaving him to bleed profusely. "You kind of just saw blood everywhere," quoted surfer Ryan Hailstones, who was about 20 feet from the attack, as saying. "It was beautiful, glassy, really good waves and all of a sudden you hear someone yelling 'Help! Shark! Help!'" "I just saw the fin going back-and-forth, back-and-forth while he's screaming trying to fight the shark off," he said. Several surfers sprung into action, bringing the man, who is 23, to the shore and making a tourniquet from their surf leashes, reported KHON2.


36 Hours on the Prairie: Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[August 17 & 18, 2018: I made a quick dash to the prairies of Western Minnesota in mid August. Much of my time is spent in the boreal forest and bogs of northeast Minnesota, and I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic. So off to the wide open prairies! I started at Otter Tail []


The truth about Duterte: Why he is respected and admired by the people yet maligned by opponents "IndyWatch Feed World"

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte remains one of the most misunderstood leaders in the world. This is primarily due to a combination of fake news generated by his domestic opponents, primarily in the Liberal Party and a wider pan-liberal global campaign designed to discredit Duterte's popular reforms among news readers in Europe and North America. Here therefore is a simple guide that explains Duterte's success, his beliefs and his popularity to those who are curious about the dynamic Philippine President and his political beliefs and public accomplishments. 1. The drug war Duterte is most well-know[n] outside of The Philippines for his drug war. While many only discovered the Philippine President's hard-line against what ought to be called narco-terrorism in 2016, in reality Duterte has been waging a war on the drug trade and drug culture since he first became mayor of his hometown of Davao City in 1988. Duterte realised early on in his political career that drugs not only destroyed individuals but had a negative effect on society as a whole. For those in the west where marijuana legalisation is becoming increasingly common and therefore associate Duterte's drug war with some sort of 20th century US style war on marijuana, one should note that the drug problem in The Philippines centres around a particularly potent and explicitly dangerous form of meth known as Shabu. Individuals on Shabu are a danger not only to themselves but to their families and strangers. Shabu takers are widely known and feared due to the fact they commit the most gruesome crimes against humanity throughout the nation.


'Turks are brothers' say militants in orchestrated protests across Idlib province "IndyWatch Feed World"

Terrorist groups entrenched in Syria's Idlib province staged numerous demonstrations in an attempt to sway public opinion ahead of a rumored military offensive by Damascus. With everyone's attention stuck on Syria's Idlib province, the last major terrorist stronghold in the country, it suddenly erupted in a series of "mass protests," orchestrated all across the province. As seen on, the protests erupted simultaneously all across the province on Friday, with all the actions looking very similar to each other. The protests feature green, white and black flags used by armed Syrian opposition groups since 2011; videos of the protests feature people singing "revolution songs," led by a singer with a microphone.


A 12yo boy was among 3 Palestinians killed during yesterday's 'March of Return' at Gaza border "IndyWatch Feed World"

Three people, including a 12-year-old boy, have been killed on the Gaza border after IDF personnel used live ammunition against Palestinian protesters rallying against the Israeli occupation. Some 248 people have been injured. The deadliest Israeli-Palestinian clashes since the 2014 Gaza War have resulted in three more casualties: Hani Ramzi Afaneh and Mohammad Khalil Shaqoura, both 21, as well as 12-year-old Shadi Abul-Al, WAFA news agency reported. At least 248 people have been injured or suffered from tear-gas exposure, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Some 15 people were hit by live bullets. The Israeli Defense Forces has referred to the protesters as "rioters," insisting that its response was proportionate and in line with its rules of engagement. The Israeli army spokesman said that the protesters pelted its forces with rocks and burning tires, throwing two grenades and bombs, injuring one Israeli soldier. The soldier had suffered a shrapnel wound and received medical attention on the spot. The IDF also claimed that nine Palestinians attempted to break through the fence on the Israel-Gaza border but were stopped by the Israeli security forces. In retaliation, the IDF targeted two Hamas positions inside Gaza with tanks and aircraft.


Daily crossword "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is Subscriber Content. You can access subscriber content, including crosswords, sudoku, polling, commentary and podcasts by subscribing to one of our membership packages. The post Daily crossword appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Dike Breaks - Netherland Ends Support For "White Helmets" Terrorist Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed"

Updated below --- The Netherland just announced that it is ending its support for al-Qaeda's propaganda gang, the "White Helmets". It also ends its support for the so called Free Syrian Police. Last week the Netherlands shut down its "non...


New Jersey middle school teacher skips 9/11 lesson for fictional tale of discrimination against Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

Here yet again we see it. When Muslims murder infidels, Muslims are victims. When racist, bigoted Islamophobes supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims. And when Muslims fake Islamophobic hate crimes, Muslims are victims. Always and in every situation, Muslims are victims, to be appeased and accommodated in every possible way. Once you understand, we can []


Florence, Pig Poop, Poisonous Snakes, Alligators, Fire Ants What Could Be Worse? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Strong winds, walls of sea water, and the endless rains are bad enough. But as you can see from the following headlines and selected snippets, Hurricane Florence may bring even more colorful nightmares. If you like horror stories, you will love these frightening scenarios. But its the last story that should bother you the most. It wont give you nightmares not if it keeps you from sleeping.

As Well as Storm Damage, Hurricane Florence Will Likely Send Venomous Snakes Swimming Into Some Peoples Homes (Business Insider)

In common with other major storms in the region, Florence is likely to displace snakes  and send them swimming into unusual places, including peoples houses The Carolinas are home to numerous venomous species NBC reported that after Harvey passed over Houston, Texas, in early September 2017, people found snakes, fire ants, and even alligators in and around their homes All three of those animals are also native to the Carolinas.

Horrifying Video Shows Massive Colony of Fire Ants Floating in Hurricane Flood Waters (

Floodwaters will not drown fire ants. Instead, their colonies emerge from the soil, form a loose ball, float, and flow with the water until they reach a dry area or object they can crawl up on Floating fire ant colonies can look like ribbons, streamers, mats, rafts, or an actual ball of ants floating on the water.

Hurricane Florence Threatens to Spread Hog Poop Over North Carolina (

Shimmering in pools on industrial hogs farms in North Carolina, several million tons of urine and feces await the arrival of Hurricane Florence The state is home to abou...


Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World's Lowest Child Death Rate and Highest Life Expectancy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World's Lowest Child Death Rate and Highest Life Expectancy | 08 Aug 2018 | Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following a ban on mandatory vaccinations, and Japan urges other countries to follow this firm stance. The citizens of Japan are statistically proven to be the healthiest and longest-living people in the world. The country also has the lowest infant mortality rate on the planet. It may come as no surprise to many that the Japanese Government banned a number of vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States and has strict regulations in place for other Big Pharma drugs and vaccines in general. Japan's anti-vax policies have long been criticised by vaccine pushers in the US who claim that vaccinating the public "promotes health." However, Japanese people live longer, healthier lives than Americans, with babies born in the US twice as likely to die in infancy than those born in Japan.


US Reaches Agreement in Family Separation Cases "IndyWatch Feed World"

Expand A Mission Police Dept. officer (L), and a U.S. Border Patrol agent watch over a group of Central American asylum seekers before taking them into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas. 2018 John Moore/Getty Images After the Trump administration was slammed with lawsuits for separating migrant children and parents at the border, the US government [...]


Hollywood Hypocrite Jim Carrey Called Out For Promoting Socialism By A Journalist From Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed"

During a recent appearance on the Bill Maher show, Hollywood multi-millionaire Jim Carrey suggested that Americans should embrace socialism. Apparently, now that hes a wealthy man, he wants everyone else to embrace poverty.

Surprisingly, Carrey got called out for his comments by a journalist from Venezuela, a country so damaged by socialism that people are resorting to eating their family pets and zoo animals.

LifeZette reports:

Journalist Goes Nuclear on Jim Carrey Furious He Said Socialism Was Good

Just one mere week after actor-turned-activist Jim Carrey suggested people should say say yes to socialism, a Venezuelan journalist is pushing back hard on that suggestion.

We have to say yes to socialism to the word and everything, Carrey, who is among the richest celebrities in all of Hollywood, declared last week on HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher show.

We have to stop apologizing, he also said.

He made that comment after host Bill Maher expressed outrage that Republicans are attacking Democrats who veer toward the extreme and express a love for socialism a model of government that has destroyed other countries.

Venezuelan columnist Laureano Mrquez, in a piece published in the outlet Runrunes, declared that socialism is the root cause of that countrys current economic crisis

I read that you said: We have to say yes to socialism, to the word [socialism] and to everything. Perhaps for you, as for all humanity, the word socialism sounds beautiful, he went on.

The Venezuelan writer then explained that while many people define socialism as the antithesis of selfishness, synonym of concern for others support for the weakest and their needs, of seeking health and education for all, in reality socialism today has deep threats, said the writer.

Heres more from Breitbart:

In Venezuela, we have grown to hate the word socialism, it represents oppression against the people, the destruction of a flourishing nation, and the desperation of its citizens, Mrquez concludes.

Why do so many people in the...


2:00pm Update Tropical Storm Florence Continues Dumping Massive Rain, Flooding Biggest Concern "IndyWatch Feed"

As of the 2:00pm Advisory Florence remains a weakened tropical storm as massive amounts of rain and flooding continue to be a problem for North Carolina and South Carolina. Rainfall will continue to produce catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged Continue reading


Cooking, Surviving And Thriving During A Long-Term Power Outage "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Cooking, Surviving And Thriving During A Long-Term Power Outage by: Rich M  Off the Grid News Getting through a long-term power outage is much more challenging than getting through a short-term one. Also, its a good time to consider the challenges...

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How to upgrade, renew or change your Whaleoil subscription "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If your subscription has not automatically renewed it may be because you hadnt ticked for it to automatically renew when you set it up because your credit card has expired because you have removed your credit card details from Paypal. because of insufficient funds If you want to update your credit card details click here. If [] The post How to upgrade, renew or change your Whaleoil subscription appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


General Mike Flynn Delivers Remarks at Gateway Eagle Council XLVII in St. Louis "IndyWatch Feed"

On Friday night General Michael Flynn was awarded the General Singlaub Award at the Phyllis Schlafly Gateway Eagle Council XLVII in St. Louis, Missouri.

General Flynn was a top Donald Trump supporter and would introduce Donald Trump at dozens of rallies. Flynn had not made any public comments for the past year.

Flynns Catholic mother was a friend and associate of Phyllis Schlafly for several years. General Flynn told the crowd he would ride on the pro-life float in Rhode Island parade and leftists would hurl water at him as the float went down the street.

The speech was broadcast on CSPAN and ABC News.

General Flynn brought his family with him and was introduced by his son, Michael Flynn, Jr.
Ed Martin, the President of Eagle Forum, introduced General Flynn at the Friday banquet.

General Flynn delivered a wonderful speech.
The Gateway Eagle Council crowd was thrilled to hear Michael Flynn in St. Louis.

Thanks to Darin Morley for the video:


Slow-moving Tropical Storm Florence claims at least 6 lives as rains continue in Carolinas "IndyWatch Feed World"

Slow-moving Tropical Storm Florence claims at least 6 lives as rains continue in Carolinas | 15 Sept 2018 | Officials in South Carolina confirmed the states first fatality from the still dangerous Tropical Storm Florence, bringing the storm's total death toll to six. Police said a 62-year-old woman was killed late Friday when the vehicle she was driving struck a tree that had fallen across Highway 18 near the town of Union. Authorities in North Carolina have confirmed five deaths.


Mutant calf born with two heads and three eyes stuns owners by surviving in Tamil Nadu, India "IndyWatch Feed World"

A mutant calf born with two heads and three eyes has stunned its owners - by surviving. The bizarre creature was born Thanjavur in southern India more than a month ago and reportedly suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder. Vets predicted the animal wouldn't survive as it's rare for cows with conditions like this to live very long. But against the odds the animal is seen walking around with its mother in footage, filmed on September 11.


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 15, 2018, #162 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Dane Wigington The mainstream media focus has now transitioned from record wildfires to record cyclones, the weather manipulation continues unabated. What agendas are being carried out by the weather-makers? Overall biosphere degradation from countless forms of highly destructive human activity (with climate engineering at the top of the list) continues to take its toll on Earth's life


Kenya: Muslims murder two non-Muslims for failing to recite the Quran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There were three non-locals who were ordered to recite the Shahada. One had lived with locals all his life so he was able to read and was freed. The Shahada is the first chapter and most common prayer of the Quran. This is reminiscent of other incidents, including when the Muslim in Minnesota who asked []


Watch the groundbreaking video-series, Depression & Anxiety Secrets FREE online 24th Sept 1st Oct "IndyWatch Feed World"

Can Anxiety & Depression Be Cured? Naturally!? The World Needs a Better Solution For Depression & Anxiety Depression and anxiety are at epidemic proportions. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting almost 20% of the adult population, and depression affects over 18 million adults (one in ten people). And the conventional []

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Dung beetles of the Dutch Veluwe "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 15 September 2018 video is about dung beetles of the Dutch Veluwe region.

Michael de Vries made this video.


Facebook Empowers Weekly Standard to Suppress Left-Leaning Articles "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Facebook selected the right-wing, Iraq War-boosting magazine The Weekly Standard as an official fact-checking partner last year as part of its effort to combat misinformation, progressives warned that the conservative publication would use its power to suppress accurate articles published by center-left and left-wing outlets.

Thats precisely what happened.

After ThinkProgress published an article by Ian Millhiser last week arguing that Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaughs comments during his Senate confirmation hearings combined with a speech he gave in 2017 eliminates any doubt that the judge opposes the Supreme Courts decision in Roe v. Wade, the Weekly Standard deemed the article falsea designation that, given Facebooks rules and the platforms enormous power, cuts off 80 percent of the pieces future traffic and penalizes other pages that dare to post the article.

Expressing opposition to Facebooks decision to hand the factually challenged Weekly Standard the power to decide what is and isnt fact-based news, The Intercept republished Millhisers piece on Friday with a statement from The Intercepts editor-in-chief Betsy Reed, who condemned the social media giants decision to tank a fairly straightforward legal analysis at the behest of a right-wing magazine.

That legal analysis, the article noted, matched comments Kavanaugh had made in a speech in 2017, Reed writes. Facebook, meanwhile, had empowered the right-wing outlet the Weekly Standard to fact check articles. The Weekly Standard, invested in Kavanaughs confirmation, deemed the ThinkProgress article false. The story was effectively nuked from Facebook, with other outlets threatened with traffic and monetary consequences if they shared it.

The story is republished below with permission from ThinkProgress, Reed concluded, though not from Facebook or the Weekly Standard.



Im an Emergency physician and wanted to talk about Apple Watchs new ECG The Loop

Im by no means an expert in this kind of thing but this seems like good, common sense information. Any doctors in the audience who can confirm or refute any of the statements made in this Reddit post?

Read this on The Loop


Poetry News "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Time again for poetry talk., says Gill Ward, of Raumati South. Our next guest poet at High Tide Caf is on []


Martina Navratilova on the US Open drama "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Much has been written about Serena Williamss outburst during US Open final match again Naomi Osaka, with some defending her action saying that there is a double standard in tennis in which women are judged more harshly than men. (I expressed my own opinion here and here.) Another tennis legend Martina Navratilova, a tough competitor but always gracious in victory and defeat and who is deeply familiar with the rules and culture of the sport, has written a carefully argued op-ed in the New York Times where she says that that argument misses the point.

To recap: The trouble began when early in the second set, Ms. Williams was given a warning for coaching. This one is on her coach: Patrick Mouratoglou was using both hands to motion to Ms. Williams to move forward and got called on it. While it is true that illegal coaching is quite common and that most coaches do it, its also true that despite what many commentators have said following Saturdays events, they are called on it quite frequently and that most of the time, players just shrug it off and know that going forward, they and their coaches now need to behave, because the next infraction will cost them a point. The player is responsible for his or her coachs conduct. And it is actually irrelevant whether the player saw or heard whatever instructions were given; either way, it is still an infraction.

Ms. Williams opted to argue about this: She insisted that she didnt cheat, she wasnt coached, and therefore she shouldnt have been docked. But it doesnt matter whether she knew she was receiving coaching. She was being coached, as Mr. Mouratoglou admitted after the match, and whether she knew it or not is moot. So at this stage, she had been given a warning one that couldnt be dismissed retroactively and had smashed her racket, an automatic violation. Mr. Ramos, effectively, had no choice but to dock her a point.

Its worth noting that Ms. Williams has some serious scar tissue when it comes to this particular tournament. In 2004, she was subjected to some notoriously awful line-calling and umpiring in a match against Jennifer Capriati. In 2009, she suffered a self-inflicted wound when, at match point in a semifinal against Kim Clijsters, she lost her temper at a line judge, leading to a point penalty that resulted in her automatically losing the match. In 2011, in a final against Samantha Stosur, Ms. Williams lost a point for yelling, Come on! afte...


This Is Hialeah! Taco Bell Employee Refuses To Help Customer Who Doesnt Speak Spanish "IndyWatch Feed"

The first mistake was in going to Taco Bell. Via Miami Herald: A video of an argument with a Taco Bell employee in Hialeah has unleashed a wave of indignation on social media. The incident happened on Wednesday night, when Alexandria Montgomery was trying to place an order in English at a Taco []


NSAID pain killers linked to irregular heartbeat "IndyWatch Feed World"

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are among the most widely used pain killers in the world. In the United States, more than 70 million prescriptions for NSAIDs are written each year. If you include over-the-counter (OTC) NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, more than 30 billion doses of NSAIDs are used annually to relieve pain associated with everything []

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Violent neonazis arrested in Chemnitz, Germany "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This video says about itself:

Germany: Hamburgs anti-fascists respond to Chemnitz riots

28 August 2018

Over two thousand people marched through the streets of Hamburg on Tuesday, in condemnation of recent right-wing riots in Chemnitz.

People held anti-racism banners calling on Hamburgers to fight fascism in Germany.

The demonstration, which was called by the Interventionist Left movement, started at Rote Flora former theatre before ending at Park Fiction.

The Hamburg rally was a response to right-wing riots in the east German city of Chemnitz.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Paramilitary members in Chemnitz arrested for violence

In the German city Chemnitz fifteen men were arrested for committing violence after a demonstration of far-right groups in the inner city. They are members of what they themselves call a civil guard.

The men are said to have threatened guests at a birthday party last night after the demonstration and demanded from them that they show their ID cards. The party people alerted the police.

Then the fifteen men went on a manhunt in a park for people with a non-European appearance. They chased seven people and wounded an Iranian.

Racism and xenophobia

There have been tensions in the East German city for weeks

On September 4 there...



Sunday soapbox "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Saturdays soapbox is yours to use as you will within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. Youre welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes allot he difference  A.A. Milne (via Eyeore).


Whaleoil general debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good morning, welcome to our daily Whaleoil General Debate. Our evening General debate is called Backchat and will start at 6 pm On General debate, you are encouraged as a commenter to share your own stories, discuss other news, bring NEW news, catch up with friends or make new friends with other commenters. To participate youll [] The post Whaleoil general debate appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Happy 43rd birthday PNG - & 98th to the great Fred Kaad "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Bill Brown and Fred Kaad
Bill Brown MBE & Fred Kaad OBE


NOOSA Fred Kaad OBE, pictured here with his close buddy Bill Brown MBE, has just celebrated his 98th birthday and it seemed a good opportunity today to link this with Papua New Guineas 43rd anniversary of independence.

Both Fred and Bill were significant contributors to nation-building in PNG after World War II and both rose to the distinguished rank of district commissioner, the senior field officers who directed the men known as kiaps who explored, pacified and administered what is now an independent country of eight million people.

After serving in the Australian Army in Papua New Guinea during World War II, Fred Kaad OBE joined the colonial Administration as a patrol officer in 1946, being promoted to district commissioner in 1960.

In 1964 Fred was district commissioner in Madang when the light aircraft in which he was flying crashed, fatally injuring the pilot and leaving Fred a paraplegic with third degree burns to both legs, continuing neuropathic pain.

Following a long period in hospital and convalescence, Fred found himself confined to a wheelchair. But it didnt stop him embarking on a second and equally distinguished career. He completed a masters degree through the University of New England and became a lecturer and course director at the Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA) in Sydney.

Walk Into ParadiseHe remained in the same role when ASOPA was transformed into the International Training Ins...


A bit late for regrets: Norwegian politicians 'regret' participation in NATO's 2011 destruction of Libya "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In 2011, Norway, led by current NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg, agreed to drop 588 bombs on Libya as part of NATO's operation to oust its leader Muammar Gaddafi, a decision a 260-page report found "ill-informed," sparking belated reproach and regret among politicians. A state commission has concluded that Norway's Labor leadership and then-PM Jens Stoltenberg knew "too little" about the situation in Libya before they agreed to take part in NATO's operation in the spring of 2011, which effectively plunged the relatively prosperous North African country into chaos. Norway played an active role in NATO's bombings of Libya, dropping a total of 588 bombs or one-tenth of the overall NATO effort, leaving many Libyan cities in ruins. Almost immediately, a debate about the righteousness and the necessity of this campaign blazed up. Former diplomat and humanitarian activist Jan Egeland demanded an investigation into the bombings as early as 2012, citing numerous victims among civilians, whom the UN-backed NATO raids were supposed to protect.


Turkey sentences British ex-soldier to jail over links to Kurdish YPG militia "IndyWatch Feed War"


Robinson was arrested in 2017 while holidaying in Turkey after he posted online photos of himself with YPG fighters


Prime numbers share a surprising pattern with crystals "IndyWatch Feed World"

Often known as "the building blocks of mathematics," prime numbers have fascinated mathematicians for centuries due to their highly unpredictable and seemingly random nature. However, a team of researchers at Princeton University have recently discovered a strange pattern in the primes' chaos. Their novel modelling techniques revealed a surprising similarity between primes and certain naturally occurring crystalline materials, a similarity that may carry significant implications for physics and materials science. What are primes? Prime numbers are integers (whole numbers) that can only be divided by themselves or the number 1, and they appear along the number line in a highly erratic way. They begin as 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and continue to appear intermittently all the way to infinity. However, the further along the number line you go, the more random the distribution of primes appears to be. The lack of any obvious pattern was best summarized by British mathematician R.C. Vaughan: "It is evident that the primes are randomly distributed but, unfortunately, we do not know what 'random' means." This disorder is not without its uses. Some of the most important types of modern cryptography are based upon the extreme unpredictability of very large prime numbers. For example, the widely used RSA encryption algorithm relies on the fact that it's easy to take two very large prime numbers and multiply them, but extremely difficult to take a very large number and figure out which primes were multiplied together to make that large number (the specifics of how this works in the context of RSA encryption are explained in-depth here.) Nonetheless, primes are still responsible for a number of unsolved problems in mathematics-such as the infamous Reimann Hypothesis-and remain at the cutting edge of the field since they were first documented by the ancient Greeks.


Italys Interior Minister begins deporting migrants: Deporting them isnt racist, its merely common sense "IndyWatch Feed War"

Salvini is right, but he will be excoriated as a racist anyway. The political and media elites expect, and indeed demand, that the countries of the West commit national suicide. Anything short of that is racist and neo-Nazi. Italys Interior Minister keeps election promise as Italy starts deporting migrants, by Ben Perchiron, Voice of Europe, []


Moment has come to end daylight saving time in B.C., officials say The Loop

It may just be my imagination but Im seeing more and more discussion about this recently. It will still take many years before getting rid of daylight saving time is a widespread talking point but its time may be coming to an end (see what I did there?).

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Why Not an Islamic Review Board? "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is an urgent call to all free people to rise and defeat the Islamic jihadists who are marching under the banner of the religion to subdue all non-Muslims. It is imperative that the values and the way of life of civilized people be protected against the assault of the jihadists savagery born from a []


Full interview with UK writer Johann Hari on his vital messages around depression "IndyWatch Feed National"

Back in May, I interviewed UK journalist Johann Hari at the Sydney Writers Festival about his new book, Lost Connections, on fresh ways to see depression and anxiety. It was a sold-out event and the full audio is now available:


How the Weather Channel made that insane storm surge animation The Loop

I saw this on Twitter when it happened last week and was blown away. Really interesting to read how the Weather Channel pulled it off.

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Africa 2018: Worth Far More Than Blood Diamonds to the Colonials "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Africa 2018: Worth Far More Than Blood Diamonds to the Colonials Author: Phil Butler  Journal-NEO The world needs to be prepared for raging imperialism to resurface in Africa. The new form of colonialism will take a friendlier appearance, but the legacy...

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Wangan & Jagalingou People | Traditional Owners disturbed by illegal action by Adani "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Wangan & Jagalingou People | Traditional Owners disturbed by illegal action by Adani:

13 September 2018
Traditional Owners disturbed by allegations of illegal works by Adani

Call on Qld Government to prosecute any unlawful activity by Adanis coal operation

Revelations yesterday that Adani Mining may have breached environmental laws while operating on Wangan and Jagalingou country has deeply disturbed Traditional Owners.

The Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners Council are calling on the Queensland Government to investigate and prosecute any illegal activity on their homelands.

Mr Adrian Burragubba, a traditional owner of W&J country and spokesperson for the Council says: The Queensland Government has licensed this unscrupulous corporation and now they must take responsibility for any destruction that is occuring on our country. They must investigate and prosecute Adani for any unlawful activity.

We are very concerned about the impacts on our cultural heritage and ancient story places from Adanis land clearing and other industrial disturbance. It is a grave matter for us that their works could do permanent damage to our sacred Doongmabulla springs.

We have been concerned about activity by Adani contractors on our country over some months now. We will be making our own investigations into what Adani have been doing there and will hold both the company and the Government to account.

Adani have been camped on our country hoping to one day build their mine. Starting work illegally only adds insult to the injury that they are there without our consent. We will continue to pursue them through the courts, and with our demands on the Government.

We have seen the report from the lawyers at the Environmental Defenders Office, and it appears that coal seam dewatering bores and other extensive groundwork is being done in breach of Adanis environmental license, and that Adani may have lied to the Queensland Government about it.

We have known all along that Adani cant be trusted with our country, to respect our rights, or be custodians of the environment. The Government can restore some faith by interrogating Adanis conduct and taking whatever action needed to safeguard our country and culture, he concluded.


Media enquiries: Anthony Esposito, W&J Traditional Owners Council advisor 0418 152 743


Erdogan, Putin to Meet Monday in Sochi as Turkey Moves More Weapons into Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to meet Russias President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Monday, amid reports of a heavy Turkish arms drop into Syria in recent days.

The two leaders last met at a summit earlier this month in Tehran, and this next meeting will come just days after the Turkish army sent more arms and ammunition into Syrias Idlib and Hama provinces, according to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released on Saturday.

The independent media outlet Muraselon is also citing multiple reports of both Turkish weapons and troops moving into these regions, including to areas under the control of the rebel coalition National Liberation Front (NLF) a collection of unsavory characters and the main rival of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib, according to IRIN:

Turkeys favourite is the NLF, which is led by Fadlallah al-Hajji, a Muslim Brotherhood ally. The NLF includes Turkey-friendly Islamists like Ahrar al-Sham, the Noureddine al-Zengi Brigades, Failaq al-Sham, Jaish al-Ahrar, and groups that fought under the Free Syrian Army banner, like the Victory Army and the 2nd Coastal Division.

Big but brittle, the NLF is held together by Turkish sponsorship and shared enemies: al-Assads government, Syrian Kurdish groups, and hardline jihadists.

Turkeys escalated military presence and heavy arms drop into known jihadist havens ahead of the upcoming Sochi meeting is unwelcome, and presents the potential risk for a military showdown in the future between Turkish and Syrian/Russian forces something that all sides have warned against but Turkeys apparent double-dealing isnt helping.

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Interview on US radio station Loud and Clear about real life effects of failed disaster relief "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was interviewed yesterday by US radio station Loud and Clear, the hosts are Brian Becker and former CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, on Hurricane Florence in North Carolina and the ways in which disaster capitalism affects both the relief effort and long-term trends:

Listen to As Hurricane Florence makes landfall, will some corporations ultimately profit? on Spreaker.


PERTH Arrest after car stolen with sleeping child inside, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Arrest after car stolen with sleeping child inside, WA .

September 15, 2018 at 04:45PM .

Steal Motor Vehicle; and. Provide False Details. He is due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow, 16 September 2018. .



Mind The Red Ponzi: August Fixed Asset Investment Falls To 5.3%Lowest On Record "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

It suggests Chinas economy has been in many ways held up artificially by government waste. Scaling back the pace of waste leaves Chinas internal economy to suffer its much-reduced industrial baseline.

Thus, the question of how much reduced is paramount. If officials are no longer willing to support rebalancing in the same way, where is China left to go from here? Six percent IP isnt a very good place to start, even if that is the actual number. Fixed Asset Investment (FAI) on an accumulated basis was just 5.3% in August, the lowest on record.



John Kerry: Trump Has Maturity Of An 8-Year-Old Boy With The Insecurity Of A Teenage Girl "IndyWatch Feed"

This guy should be locked up. He has the nerve to say that after conspiring with Iran. Via Fox News Insider: Former Secretary of State John Kerry ripped President Donald Trump during an interview Friday night with Real Time host Bill Maher. While promoting his memoir, Every Day Is Extra, Kerry responded to a tweet []


Top 10 smallest sharks "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 14 August 2018 video says about itself:

Meet the top 10 smallest sharks in the world.

You already know the biggest sharks like the megalodon or the great white shark, but its time you saw these predators in their smaller version. Here is the list of the tiniest sharks that exist in the world.

Dwarf lantern shark
Cylindrical lanternshark
Pale Catshark
Smalleye pygmy shark
Panama Ghost Catshark
Pygmy ribbontail catshark
Green lanternshark
Broadnose Catshark
Pygmy shark
Spined pygmy shark


Careful what you wish for: Facebook 'fact-checkers' censor left-wing site ThinkProgress "IndyWatch Feed World"

Left-wing opinion site ThinkProgress has found itself censored by Facebook's 'fact checkers,' just weeks after calling on the social network to censor right-wing polemicist Alex Jones. A ThinkProgress article on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, published Sunday, was deemed 'fake news' by Facebook's fact checkers. The article itself claimed that Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 case guaranteeing Americans the constitutional right to an abortion, based on snippets of Kavanaugh's legal rulings and speeches. The 'fact checkers' - in this case the conservative-leaning Weekly Standard - evaluated ThinkProgress' claims and found them to be false. Sure, Kavanaugh made some statements that hinted at his opposition to Roe v Wade, but he never outright said he'd "kill it," as the article claims.


Face of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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'Teargas became my daily meal': Human rights activist recounts IDF's constant harassment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed World"

My friend Abdulwahab (Abed) Sabbah is the director of Dar Assadaqa, a community center in Abu Dis, East Jerusalem. He is the Palestinian half of London's human rights organization CADFA, the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association. He sent me an account of an IDF attack on his family in their apartment in Abu Dis on September 4, and followups. What a day. We started early, at around 2:30 AM, when savage mercenaries from the Israel IDF invaded my father's and my house. They started to knock hard on the main door, and when my father open the door, eight of them entered with their weapons into the house before I woke up and went down to see what was happening. By that time, five of them went up to my house [apartment], woke my family and pushed them downstairs to my father's. All of us were held in one room; and the soldiers started to go into the rooms, one by one. They took our mobiles [cell phones] and IDs [and] birth certificates. My little daughters were sitting staring, not knowing what is happening. Who are these people with guns and masks wandering in our house, and shouting and pushing? My father was as usual the strongest and fought back. First, they wanted to arrest my son Mohammed. They took him up stairs without allowing me to go with him, and when he was ready they asked about my youngest son Yassar, who was out helping to prepare our cousin's wedding, which is today. By the end they gave me a military order: to come to the Israeli military camp in Abu Dis at 10 AM. Four other young people, together with the wife of a "wanted man" (as they said), were arrested. And 10 houses at least were invaded at the same time in Abu Dis today.


ISS hole: We will look back on Sept 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Someday, people across the world will look back on September 2018, much like we look back on the terror attacks of 9/11 or the safe return of Apollo 13 in 1970. They are touchstone moments in world history. For Americans, they are as indelible as Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John F. Kennedy or the first moon landing.

So, what happened just now? The month isnt even half over, and the only events we hear about on the news are related to Hurricane Florence and Paul Manafort. (In case you live under a rock or are reading this many years hence, the hurricane made landfall on the coast of the Carolinas, and the lobbyist / political consultant / lawyer / Trump campaign chairman pled guilty to charges and has agreed to cooperate in the continuing Mueller investigation).

NoI am not referring to either event on the USA east coast. I am referring to a saga unfolding 254 miles above the Earthspecifically a Whodunit mystery aboard the International Space Station (ISS). NASA hasnt seen this level of tawdry intrigue since astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak attacked a rival for another astronauts affectiondriving across the country in a diaper to confront her love interest.

So What is the Big Deal This Week?!

It didnt begin as a big dealand perhaps this is why mainstream news services are slow to pick up on the latest information. But now, in my opinion, it is a very big deal.

A small hole was discovered on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft (a lifeboat) attached to the International Space Station. That hole, about the size of a pea, resulted in the slow decompression of atmosphere. This is the air our astronauts breathe. It was leaking out into space.

So far, the story is unremarkable. Ground scientists issued two comfort statements about the apparent accident:

  1. This small hole could have occurred on the ground (during construction)or could be the result of a tiny meteorite or man-made space debris colliding with the surface of the massive space station. The ISS and each commuter craft is designed to sustain collisions with small particleseven ones that punch a pea-sized hole through the hull.
  2. Air pressure in the ISS and in each spacecraft is only 1 atmosphere. This type of small leak could effectively be stemmed by simply applying duct tape.

So far, this news event is interesting to space buffs, but it didnt seem to present a significant threat to our astronauts, nor require a massiv...


Former Navajo Chapter Employee Pleads No Contest to Fraud & Forgery Charges "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published September 15, 2018

WINDOW ROCK, NAVAJO NATION  Attorney General Ethel Branch announced Thursday that former Kaibiito Accounts Maintenance Specialist, Berniece Pinto-Denetdeal, has pled No Contest to one count of Fraud and one count of Forgery. Pleas of No Contest are treated as Guilty for sentencing purposes.

Defendant Pinto-Denetdeal used her position as an Accounts Maintenance Specialist to forge signatures of other Chapter officials to issue checks to herself that she was not entitled to. In order to conceal her actions, she falsely recorded information in the Chapters accounting software.  The total loss to the Chapter and the Nation amounts to approximately $32,559.

Defendant Pinto-Denetdeal changed her plea of Not Guilty to No Contest in two criminal dockets before the Navajo Nation District Court of Tuba City. She was originally charged with 64 separate criminal complaints. Defendant Pinto-Denetdeal has entered into a plea agreement with the Navajo Nation and the United States to resolve cases filed in both jurisdictions, and has agreed to pay restitution in the amount of $29,941.05 to the Kaibiito Chapter. She will be on probation for two years with the Navajo Nation and three years with the federal government. The Navajo Nation District Court of Tuba City accepted the plea agreement and all its terms.

Chief Prosecutor Gertrude Lee has done a tremendous job in rebuilding the Navajo Nation Office of the Prosecutor.  She joined us in October 2016 and since then she has filled an astounding number of legal positions. She started with only seven legal staff members and now has eighteen.  When she fills her two vacant legal positions, she will have tripled her legal staff.  The effects of this can be seen across the board, but especially in the areas of white collar and violent crime prosecution, said Attorney General Ethel Branch.  Chief Prosecutor Lee was able to do this with additional funds secured through the support of President Begaye and the Department of Justice, and through her natural talent in recruiting new staff.  I hope the next administration will continue these efforts to strengthen the Office of the Prosecutor and demand public integrity.  We owe it to the Navajo People to ensure we ha...


Newly released Strzok-Page docs show FBI officials using unsecured devices to exchange sensitive info "IndyWatch Feed World"

Emails between top former FBI brass show at least one official using a Yahoo! account on an iPad to discuss sensitive information Other emails show Strzok also seemingly mocking people with disabilities New emails between former FBI lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal that FBI officials used unsecured devices to discuss sensitive information. Judicial Watch announced Thursday that it has received 47 pages of Department of Justice records from a January 2018 FOIA lawsuit. U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton ordered the FBI to process 13,000 pages of documents of communications between Strzok and Page. However, as the watchdog organization points out, "The FBI refuses to timely process the records and will not complete review and production of all the Strzok-Page materials until at least 2020."