IWOC member and prison rebel Comrade Malik is in need of help! Take part in the call-in campaign to help get him out of solitary!


Incarcerated activist Keith Malik Washington has experienced intense, targeted harassment ever since he began speaking out against the brutal conditions faced by incarcerated people in Texas and nationwidebut over the past few months, prison officials have intensified this retaliation even further.

In Administrative Segregation (solitary confinement) at McConnell Unit, Malik has experienced frequent humiliating strip searches, medical neglect, mail tampering and censorship, confinement 23 hours a day to a cell that reached 100+ degrees in the summer, and other daily abuses too numerous to name.

Most importantly, Maliks placement in Ad-Seg is a textbook example of political repression: a punitive response to organizing against the exploitation and dehumanization of prison slavery.

Please make calls to the prison officials below to demand Maliks release from Ad-Seg and an immediate END to abuses against him!


Malik was thrown into Ad-Seg in 2016 for endorsing the nationwide prison strike to #EndPrisonSlavery. To this day, prison officials acknowledge that he is in solitary for political activismthat is, for encouraging people to engage in non-violent tactics of work refusal and boycotts of prison industries.

And it gets worse: Malik was cleared for release from Ad-Seg back in June, but the decision was abruptly reversed on the basis of information allegedly received by a shadowy, unaccountable intelligence operation called a Fusion Centerinformation that has never been disclosed, evaluated or verified by anyone, ever.


Make the calls on Tuesday (ideally between 9AM-1PM) and send emails to addresses provided. Call script provided below!

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier
Phone: (936)295-6371
Email: exec.director@tdcj.texas.gov

McConnell Unit Senior Warden Philip Sinf...