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Wednesday, 22 August


How this DIY magazine is making space for taboo topics in Russia "IndyWatch Feed"

Under conditions of growing self-censorship, small media can often raise questions avoided by Russias national media but of real concern to readers. RU

Juliana Lizer and Pavel Nikulin. Photo: Artur Davletshin. Russian DIY journal moloko plus appeared in 2016 and immediately attracted interest not only for its medium (print only) but for its content (the first two editions focused on drugs and terrorism) and mission. Speaking to the current crisis of professional journalism, the journals manifesto states that in Russia today, and perhaps across the world, the combination of experience in journalism, basic ethical and political principles and a generally logical perception of your own worth has turned into a curse. We didnt choose this trap.

Since then, the third edition of moloko plus (titled: Revolution) has been released. In July, Pavel Nikulin and Sofiko Arifdjanova, journal coordinator and writer, traveled to Krasnodar to present the journal, where they were subjected to an anonymous chemical attack. The day before, several unknown plain clothes police officers, who introduced themselves as members of the criminal investigation department, arrested Arifdjanova in connection with a criminal investigation. At the same time, Krasnodar Interior Ministry seized copies of the magazine in the interests of preventing extremism. On 12 August, seven journalists involved in moloko plus reported that there had been attempts to hack their email and Facebook accounts.

In April 2018, I interviewed the journals founders, Pavel Nikulin and Juliana Lizer, as part of our Unlikely Media rubric on new media startups.

Tom: molok...


Tiny Tortoise Reunites With Family A Month After Getting Lost "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A little tortoise named Herman is now safe and sound back at his home in Cambridge, England after over a month on the run.

On July 6, Herman was outside in the garden playing with his family. They turned around for one minute, and the little tortoise had vanished.

His mom, Lyndsay Ward, searched the neighborhood far and wide. She put up posters, put out pleas on Facebook and called friends to spread the word about her lost shelled friend but no one had seen Herman anywhere.

Credit: RSPCA

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into a month until one day, Ward heard something peculiar out in the garden. She was heartbroken after many weeks without him, but didnt want to give up hope.

I heard this scratching noise, and knowing the sound tortoises make, I just knew it was Herman, she told Cambridgeshire Live.

Ward and her partner Matt were instantly drawn to a pipe that sticks out above the ground in the garden. Theyd searched it previously, but figured it was far too small for Herman to have climbed into.

Credit: RSPCA

Thats just where he was and had been for the past 28 days.

The pair started to rip up the patio and start digging, desperate to rescue Herman as soon as possible. They soon called the local RSPCA for backup, and an officer rushed over right away to help.

Credit: RSPCA

After digging almost 3...


The Watchers News Brief: August 20, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New major explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy A new major explosion took place at Stromboli volcano on August 18. An intense explosion at 19:08 UTC involved the mouths of the south-central zone located on the crater terrace, producing a small cloud of ash and the...... Read more

Fight to protect the worlds most threatened ape goes to court "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

JAKARTA A battle to save the worlds most endangered great ape has intensified as conservationists lodge a lawsuit and collect over a million signatures against a planned hydroelectric plant in Sumatra, Indonesia. At the heart of the issue is the future of the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis), a species that was only described last year but is already teetering on the brink of extinction. Its habitat in the Batang Toru ecosystem continues to be fragmented by infrastructure projects, including a planned $1.6 billion dam and hydroelectric power plant underwritten by Chinese state loans. In the latest salvo in the battle, the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has filed suit against the North Sumatra provincial government for approving the project. The lawsuit seeks to revoke the government-issued environmental permit for the projects developer, PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy (NSHE). The lawsuits underlying arguments are that the project carries a high environmental risk, and that NHSE made a series of administrative errors when acquiring the permit, according to Ronald Siahaan, Walhis litigation manager. On the first point, Ronald said, the site of the proposed dam is along a tectonic fault, which raises the risk of catastrophic damage from earthquakes something that Walhi says was overlooked in the projects environmental impact assessment document. Ronald cited the case of a village, Aek Batang Paya, next to the project site, where he said we can see that the asphalt road there keeps cracking. Theyve paved the road with asphalt over and over again, but

Report finds APP and APRIL violating zero-deforestation policies with wood purchases from Djarum Group concessions in East Kalimantan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

JAKARTA Paper giants Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) are under fire for allegedly purchasing wood cut down from natural forest in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the Borneo Island, which if true constitutes a violation of their landmark no-deforestation policies. A new report by a coalition of NGOs has found that both companies purchased wood from timber producer PT Fajar Surya Swadaya, which has cleared nearly 200 square kilometers (77.22 square miles) of natural forest in its 614.7 square kilometers (237.33 square miles) of concession in East Kalimantan, since 2013. The report also found that APP purchased wood from another forestry company, PT Silva Rimba Lestari, which has cleared more than 120 square kilometers (46.33 square miles) of natural forest in its 880 square kilometers (339.76 square miles) of concession in East Kalimantan, during the same period. Both Fajar Surya Swadaya and Silva Rimba Lestari are majority owned through holding companies by members of the Hartono family, founders of the Djarum Group, according to official company profiles provided by the government. The NGOs came into the conclusion after combing through the Indonesian governments wood utilization reports, which contained the detail of the source of the wood that companies purchase. When we looked at the reports, we found companies that were not listed by APP as independent suppliers nor first-party mills, Syahrul Fitra from NGO Auriga, a member of the coalition, told Mongabay. And then we traced the activities of the companies,

Komodo protesters say no to development in the dragons den "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

JAKARTA Locals and activists have denounced plans to build tourism infrastructure in Indonesias Komodo National Park, a string of sun-kissed islands best known for their resident giant lizards. Developers PT Segara Komodo Lestari (SKL) and PT Komodo Wildlife Ecotourism (KWE) have already pocketed building permits for the parks three larger islands, Padar, Rinca and Komodo. The latter two are home to the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), the worlds largest living lizard and a threatened species on the IUCN Red List. PT SKL, which obtained its permit in December 2015, plans to build a restaurant and a dragon sightseeing facility on Rinca. PT KWEs permit, dating back to September 2014, is for accommodation on Padar and Komodo islands. But residents of West Manggarai district, the administrative region that covers the park, have called for the plans to be scrapped and the permits revoked. The local government, together with the national government and tourism businesses, must maintain Komodo National Park as a conservation zone to ensure tourism thats environmentally friendly and free from exploitation and commercialization, Rafael Todowela, who heads the West Manggarai Community Forum to Save Tourism (Formapp Mabar), said at a protest earlier this month. Conservation is to protect the Komodo dragons, not investors, he added. A view of Padar Island from one of its highest points. Image by Basten Gokkon. Komodo National Park comprises the three larger islands and 26 smaller ones. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Pacific Coral Triangle, and, as a


Retail and finance top the list of vulnerable industries, increasingly targeted with credential threat campaigns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The finance, professional, and information sectors had the highest volume and most variety of malicious activity in Q2 2018, says Rapid7, and the manufacturing sector is steadily getting more and more targeted. According to the statistics from the companys latest threat report, compiled from alerts validated by its Managed Detection and Response team and data from its Project Sonar (Internet scanning for vulnerable systems) and Project Heisenberg (150+ honeypot nodes watching for signs of attacker More

The post Retail and finance top the list of vulnerable industries, increasingly targeted with credential threat campaigns appeared first on Help Net Security.


Lyft surpasses 5,000 self-driving rides The Loop

Lyft has completed more than 5,000 self-driving rides through its ride-hailing app, the company said on Tuesday, as it aims to become a serious competitor in autonomous driving while its biggest rival, Uber, retrenches.

I always said that I wouldnt want to take a self-driving Lyft ride, but I changed my mind. I would really like to see this technology in action.

Read this on The Loop

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Tuesday, 21 August


Peter Dutton 'knocks off' Ipswich Mayor's hooker "IndyWatch Feed National"

Front page of tomorrow's Courier Mail! The Ipswich Mayor''s alleged liaison would normally be a big front page lead. Not now in Queensland!


THE LIST. Who voted for whom in Round One of the Turnbull water torture. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The list as revealed to a Fairfax prophet in a cave near Canberra. TURNBULL (48 votes) Malcolm Turnbull Craig Laundy Ken Wyatt Paul Fletcher Dan Tehan Kelly ODwyer Christian Porter Julie Bishop Scott Morrison Mitch Fifield Christopher Pyne Mathias Cormann Marise Payne Simon Birmingham Michaelia Cash Josh Frydenberg Alex Hawke...


Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the most insidious ways politicians expand government is by creating new programs to solve problems created by politicians. For example, government interference in health care increased health care costs, making it difficult or even impossible for many to obtain affordable, quality care. The effects of these prior interventions were used to justify Obamacare.

Now, the failures of Obamacare are being used to justify further government intervention in health care. This does not just include the renewed push for socialized medicine. It also includes supporting new laws mandating price transparency. The lack of transparency in health care pricing is a direct result of government policies encouraging overreliance on third-party payers.

This phenomenon is also observed in foreign policy. American military interventions result in blowback that is used to justify more military intervention. The result is an ever-expanding warfare state and curtailments on our liberty in the name of security.

Another example of this is related to the reaction to President Trumps tariffs. Many of Americas leading trading partners have imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods. Many of these tariffs target agriculture exports. These tariffs could be devastating for American farmers, since exports compose as much as 20 percent of the average farmers income.

President Trump has responded to the hardships imposed on farmers by these retaliatory tariffs with a 12 billion dollars farm bailout program. The program has three elements: direct payments to farmers, use of federal funds to buy surplus crops and distribute them to food banks and nutrition programs, and a new federal effort to promote American agriculture overseas.

This program will not fix the problems caused by Tramps tariffs. For one thing, the payments are unlikely to equal the money farmers will lose from this trade war. Also, government marketing programs benefit large agribusiness but do nothing to help small farmers. In fact, by giving another advantage to large agribusiness, the program may make it more difficult for small farmers to compete in the global marketplace.

Distributing surplus food to programs serving the needy may seem like a worthwhile use of government funds. However, the federal government has neither constitutional nor moral authority to use money taken by force from taxpayers for charitable purposes. Government-funded welfare programs also crowd out much more effective and compassionate private efforts. Of course, if government regulations such...


Gov. Cooper, UNC officials speak out after toppling of Confederate statue "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gov. Cooper, UNC officials speak out after toppling of Confederate statue | 21 Aug 2018 | Silent Sam is no longer standing tall on The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's campus. The pedestal is the only portion of the statue left, which stood on campus grounds for more than a century...UNC leaders including Chancellor Carol Folt had previously said state law prevented the school from removing the statue. While Governor Roy Cooper had called for the removal of Silent Sam, and other rebel symbols on public land, he did not approve of the statue's destruction. "The Governor understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities," a tweet from his Twitter read. The university echoed the sentiment in a statement issued after the statue came down.


Connnecting Some Dots -- Reddit Post on the Great Awakening "IndyWatch Feed World"


Connnecting some dots self.greatawakening

Submitted 7 hours ago by lonestarbeliever


I am passing this on from someone who's connecting some dots with input from sources he cannot reveal.

Here's what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together

It smells like conspiracy and treason. Everyone needs to read this. Slowly, and patiently, because its very important......

From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

A Grand Jury had been impanelled.

Governments from around the world had donated to the Charity.

Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those Donations to the Clinton Foundation were declared. Now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this out.

Look who took over this investigation in 2005: None other than James Comey; Coincidence? Guess who was transferred into the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS? None other than, Lois Be on The Look Out (BOLO) Lerner. Isnt that interesting?

But this is all just a series of strange coincidences, right?

Guess who ran the Tax Division inside the Department of Injustice from 2001 to 2005?

No other than the Assistant Attorney General of the United States,

Rod Rosenstein.

Guess who was the...


Congo: Ebola Bungle in the Jungle a Planned Mishap "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Congo: Ebola Bungle in the Jungle a Planned Mishap by Jeremiah Johnson SHTFPlan Malthusian theory holds that depopulation (or zero population growth) is a necessity to control a species (namely humanity) that reproduces and consumes natural resources without limits....

The post Congo: Ebola Bungle in the Jungle a Planned Mishap appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Researchers convert QR codes into complex 3D features to foil IP pirates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The worldwide market for 3D-printed parts is a $5 billion business with a global supply chain involving the internet, email, and the cloud creating a number of opportunities for counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. Flawed parts printed from stolen design files could produce dire results: experts predict that by 2021, 75 percent of new commercial and military aircraft will fly with 3D-printed engine, airframe, and other components, and the use of AM in the More

The post Researchers convert QR codes into complex 3D features to foil IP pirates appeared first on Help Net Security.


Israels Nation State Law is consistent with the countrys founding principles "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Thursday, 9 August 2018, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (VLJI)[1] held an emergency Session on the subject of the Basic Law: Israel the Nation State of the Jewish People promulgated by the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) on 19 July 2018 and published in the Official Gazette (Reshumot) on 26 July 2018.

The said session was led by expert Panelists prominent among which is Attorney Talia Sasson, President of the New Israel Fund (NIF) and Chair of its board who argued that the basic principles of the said Basic Law (enshrining Jewish supremacy) violate the principle of equality rights for all as formulated in what is regarded as the document though not Constitutional embodying the basic principles of the political regime of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State.

The basic principles of the said Law read as follows:

Basic Principle

  1. The Land of Israel is the historic national home of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established.

  2. The State of Israel is the national state of the Jewish people, in which it exercises its natural, cultural, and historic right to self-determination.

  3. Exercising the right to national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people. (Unofficial translation)

Uri Davis (L), an Israeli member of the Palestinian political party Fatah, talks to Zakaria Zubaidi (R), a senior member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who laid down his ar...


Why we must stand with Iraqs protesters "IndyWatch Feed War"

Whether you supported the 2003 invasion or not, it would be hard to make a morally convincing argument that we can abandon the Iraqi people now


Chinas Empire of Debt "IndyWatch Feed War"


Staggering in its ambition, Chinas globe-spanning Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure financing in Asia, Europe, and Africa over the coming years ahead. Even before BRI, the rising superpower was a leading lender worldwide.

Chinese finance represents a chance for economic rejuvenation in some states. For others, its a shackle that will create unredeemable fiscal burdens in the near future. This model of debt dependency will increase Beijings geopolitical leverage over small and impoverished states, grant favorable access to key resources, and potentially revolutionize the power balance in international forums like the IMF and the UN General Assembly. It will also give Beijing a powerful voice in regional forums, allowing it to influence decision processes from which it would otherwise be excluded, such as ASEAN deliberations on the South China Sea dispute.

This is not a phenomenon that is historically unprecedented. Western countries engaged in a similar lending binge both during and after the Cold War, one that ultimately resulted in undue influence over the domestic and foreign policies of countries in the developing world.



International studies have shown there are already a number of states that are increasingly at risk of debt peonage to China (i.e. countries with large outstanding debts held by Beijing, and whose economies are unlikely to grow at a sustainable enough clip to meet their future debt payments on schedule. These countries include Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Then there are other countries such as Nepal or Cambodia, who could easily join this group in the near future due to their growing need for outside finance. This report will cover four countries in particular where Chinas geopolitical ambitions are converging with the BRI and other state-backed lending schemes aimed at expanding Beijings commercial, and by extension geopolitical, outreach....


South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe "IndyWatch Feed National"

We are planning a trip to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe at Xmas to create a short dance video to include the 12 local language groups we will be meeting along the way similar to this. PM if you are interested !

The attached spreadsheet is the main planning tool.
Dates are not yet fixed in stone but I will be there from mid December to mid January, others will be joining and leaving at various stages.
In the spreadsheet you will see the 2 maps of the provisional route.
The worksheet Africa calculates distances and rough dates when we will be in each place.
The worksheet Summary calculates costs you can either enter the dates you will be there or the countries you wish to visit and the costs will be calculated.
Options include #of people and vehicle type (the Landy is more expensive but carries 5 people).
There are a few projects planned by various parties on the Expedition, which we are still trying to crystallise into a plan!
In no particular order :
Exploring the ancient megaliths and sound resonance technologies with Michael Tellinger
Creating a short dance video to include the 12 local language groups we will be meeting
Trying to visit as many safari parks as possible, experimenting with the Expedition Drone to find wild animals !

Please let me know if you have any questions or new ideas to add to the plan!

It would be amazing to have you  along !


Retired Ukrainian Colonel says the Ukrainian Army 'is on the verge of collapse' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Ukrainian military has never been able to turn into a battle-worthy army of the modern type, which the Ukrainian experts hoped for in 2014. Regarding this, a correspondent for "Political Navigator" got these comments and others from retired colonel, ex-officer of the General Staff of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Oleg Zhdanov, whose opinion is cited by the Kiev magazine "Focus". "I had hopes that the volunteer battalions formed in 2014 and the newly created National Guard would form the basis of a fundamentally new system for building an army of the modern type. But this did not happen. Now the situation is close to the one that was in 2013 "


Security updates for Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by CentOS (mariadb, mutt, and qemu-kvm), Debian (clamav and libcgroup), Fedora (libldb, samba, and soundtouch), Oracle (mutt), Red Hat (mutt), SUSE (ImageMagick), and Ubuntu (apt, linux-lts-trusty, openjdk-lts, and wpa).


MadIoT: How an IoT botnet could launch a major attack on the power grid "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Academic researchers claim that hackers could exploit high wattage IoT appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, and cookers, to perform attacks on the power grid.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender BOX blog.


'Dangerous vandals': Protesters topple century-old Confederate statue on UNC campus "IndyWatch Feed World"

Activists have managed to topple the 'Silent Sam' statue of a Confederate soldier that has graced the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus for over a century. The Silent Sam statue came down to the loud cheers of the crowd of around 300, who used ropes to topple the monument during the Monday night rally just before the school year begins on Tuesday. Despite police attempt to intervene, the statue hit the ground by 9:20 pm local time. According to local media, one person was detained before charged with concealing a face during a public rally and resisting arrest.



A Confederate statue was taken down by demonstrators in North Carolina last night:

Protesters toppled the Silent Sam Confederate statue on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday night.

... the monument ... had been erected in 1913 with donations from the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
At Lawyers, Guns & Money, Erik Loomis says:
And lest anyone say this was history, note that this was put up in 1913, 48 years after the end of the Civil War, which is the equivalent of a Nazi statue being erected in 1993.
A New York Times story notes that a speech delivered at the monument's dedication is controversial today, but doesn't quite explain why:
At the time of the statues unveiling, in 1913, one speaker declared that the whole Southland is sanctified by the precious blood of the student Confederate soldier and boasted of how he had treated a Negro wench after his return from Appomattox. That speaker said the statue was raised to honor Confederate soldiers....
This is a sanitized account of the speech. The full story is at The Washington Post:
In 1913, Julian Carr, a prominent industrialist and supporter of the Ku Klux Klan, was invited to speak at the unveiling of a statue of a Confederate soldier on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill....

Carrs lengthy address made clear the symbolism of the statue. First, he credited Confederate soldiers with saving the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the South, adding, to-day, as a consequence the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found in the 13 Southern States Praise God.

Then, he went on to tell a personal story.

I trust I may be pardoned for one allusion, howbeit it is rather personal, Carr said. One hundred yards from where we stand, less than ninety days perhaps after my return from Appomattox, I horse-whipped a negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because upon the streets of this quiet village she had publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and then rushed for protection to these University buildings where was stationed a garrison...


The Commendable Courage of Steve Bullock "IndyWatch Feed War"

Courage is an increasingly rare quality in todays political arena. And to be frank, its not all that surprising. The very nature of public service demands sacrifice, and not always the good kind. In a world where mens worldviews are bought and sold based at the highest lobbyists offer, its not even fully condemnable either. Thats how politics works. Its the only way to survive your next election or get that coveted council seat; success demands compromise. So while refusing to make that necessary compromise might be juvenile or even irresponsible in some instances of governmental service, in politics, it can be commendable, and its the type of thing we need now more than ever.

If you were to ask Montana Governor Steve Bullock what he thought about abortion, gay marriage, or transgender rights, his answer would understandably manifest into a delicate political ballet designed to avoid giving any semblance of an answer, and why wouldnt he? Montana went to President Trump in the last election cycle by over 20%. For Democrats representing red states, personal ambition and political logic has a tendency of taking prominence over party loyalty and ideological purity. Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is notorious for avoiding the topic of abortion like the plague, and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin arguably doesnt have a progressive bone in his body. However, when it comes to guns, even if you may not entirely agree with the governors opinion, hes undoubtedly demonstrating the type of honest sensibility that Washington is so badly lacking.

Not only has the governor stated he supports universal background checks, an already risky position considering Montana is the second most dependent state when it comes to the gun industry, but while partaking in an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, Bullock told the media outlet he supports a ban on the sale semi-automatic weapons.

If we really step back for a minute, I think most folks that live in Montana and elsewhere that are firearm owners want to keep themselves and their families safe. Its not unlike folks who say that all these school tragedies and everything thats been happening, the two-term governor said. What do they really want? Those same values.

Despite the governors confidence when it comes to the issue, at least when related to the citizens of his great state, it seems to be misplaced. A recent...


Bill Binney How To Fix Intel Agencies Lying, 2344 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. Good morning, Im still reporting on: Bill Binney How To Fix Intel Agencies Lying, 2344 Synopsis: Support Our Sponsors: Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Patriot Flashlight; -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor:


Afghanistan: The War That Shames America "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The United States has inadvertently become one of the worlds leading drug dealers. This is one of the most shameful legacies of the Afghan War. But just one. Watching the worlds greatest power bomb and ravage little Afghanistan, a nation so poor that some of its people cant afford sandals, is a huge dishonor for Americans.

The post Afghanistan: The War That Shames America appeared first on


Scientists call on California governor to OK carbon credits from forest conservation "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A group of prominent scientists is calling on California governor Jerry Brown to incorporate tropical forest conservation into the states cap-and-trade regulation ahead of next months Global Climate Action Summit, which is being held in San Francisco. The letter, signed by 20 scientists from a range of institutions, highlights the climate change mitigation potential of tropical forests, which lock up vast amounts of carbon in their vegetation and soils. The best science points to an important part of the climate change solution that you are uniquely positioned to unlock: tropical forests, the scientists write. These carbon- and species-rich ecosystems could deliver up to a fourth of the carbon emissions reductions needed by 2030 to avoid dangerous climate change. Slowing the deforestation and degradation of tropical forests, the source of as much as one fifth of global emissions, while allowing damaged forests to recover is one of the most cost-effective, near-term steps towards a zero net carbon budget globally. Deforestation and forest degradation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities after power generation. California has been mulling the inclusion of tropical forests in its cap-and-trade regulation, which was authorized by the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32), for a decade. During that time, the state has been developing a tropical forest standard in consultation with experts and using feedback from a set of forest conservation pilot projects run under Governors Climate and Forests Task Force, an initiative involving leaders from states and provinces in Brazil, Colombia,

Hattet ihr euch gefragt, ob nach der Cyber-Apokalypse ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hattet ihr euch gefragt, ob nach der Cyber-Apokalypse noch Sprit aus der Zapfsule kommt?

Die Antwort ist: Nein.

Wie sieht eigentlich Stahlbeton aus, wenn man ihn von ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wie sieht eigentlich Stahlbeton aus, wenn man ihn von der Mafia einkauft? Das konnte man gerade in Genua gut sehen.

Wahrscheinlich muss man froh sein, dass da keine Leichenteile gefunden wurden im Fundament :-)

Major damage after two tornadoes rip through North Island, New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A large waterspout formed in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand on August 20, 2018, and hit the Ohope Beach just after 17:30 NZST, damaging at least six properties. Ohope is 6 km (3.7 miles) east of Whakatane, North Island. At the same time, on the other side of North...... Read more


Judge Jeanine -- Compares Mueller to Mafia Cleaner!, 2342 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: Patriot Flashlight; Good evening, Im still reporting on: Judge Jeanine -- Compares Mueller to Mafia Cleaner!, 2342 Synopsis: Its finally all starting to come to light the Mueller probe the connections to Hillary Clinton the murder of Seth Rich the perjury of before Congressional Committees of major heads of our intelligence agencies the outrageous stonewalling by not only multiple figures in the top level of the FBI, but throughout the Department of Justice. Support Our Sponsors: Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Patriot Flashlight; -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor:


Who Are You to Warn Us? Duterte Rebukes US Warning Not to Buy Russian Subs "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Who Are You to Warn Us? Duterte Rebukes US Warning Not to Buy Russian Subs by Pia Ranada  Russia-Insider Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte bristled at the warning of a United States defense official to the Philippines not to buy Russian military equipment. On Friday, August...

The post Who Are You to Warn Us? Duterte Rebukes US Warning Not to Buy Russian Subs appeared first on The Daily Coin.


More Ghostscript Issues: Should we disable PS coders in policy.xml by default? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Aug 21

Hello, this was discussed on the distros list, but it was suggested to move
discussion to oss-security.

You might recall I posted a bunch of -dSAFER sandbox escapes in ghostscript
a few years ago:

I found a few file disclosure, shell command execution, memory corruption
and type confusion bugs. There was also one that was found exploited in the
wild <<a href="" rel="nofollow">>. There was also a similar...


President Trump and ICE Agents Deport Nazi Labor Camp Guard Back to Germany What Will the Left Say Now? (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

95-year-old former camp guard Jakiw Palij was deported to Germany from his New York City early on Tuesday morning.

Palij was the last remaining Nazi collaborator living in the United States.

Palij had his U.S. citizenship revoked in 2003 by a federal judge, and was ordered to be deported a year later.
It took President Trump to actually deport him back to Germany.

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell praised President Trump for this principled move.

The White House released a statement early Tuesday morning.

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Confederate statue on UNC campus toppled by protesters "IndyWatch Feed World"

Confederate statue on UNC campus toppled by protesters | 21 Aug 2018 | A Confederate statue in the heart of North Carolinas flagship university was toppled Monday night during a rally by hundreds of protesters who decried the memorial known as "Silent Sam" as a symbol of racist heritage. The statue erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1913 had been under constant police surveillance, costing the university hundreds of thousands of dollars, since it was vandalized last year.


Admissibility of the Unitary Patent Constitutional Complaint Was Likely the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Final nail

Summary: Lack of justice at the EPO has doomed the UPC; Inadmissible appeal handling is meanwhile being assessed internally (at the Enlarged Board of Appeal)

THE Unitary Patent system or the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a subject we have been watching very closely for a number of months. But hardly anything is said/uttered about it. As far as the media is concerned, its already history. Its dead. There might not be a decision on it from the German FCC any sooner than 2019 and some estimate 2020.

Dont expect UPC to ever become a reality; they might reconstruct and rename it, but that too can take several years and the EPO is already ebbing away.The EPO, we might add, has not mentioned anything at all regarding the UPC for a month and a half (Antnio Campinos briefly said something about it on his first week in Office). We expect not much to happen for a long time, possibly months. Even Bristows spinners have been mum.

Ghosts of corrupt Battistelli are still lurking at the EPO. J A Kemps belated mention of the Enlarged Board of Appeal referral a few days ago said this:

Shortly before the end of his term as President of the EPO, Benot Battistelli referred (see here) the following question to the Enlarged Board of Appeal:

If notice of appeal is filed and/or the appeal fee is paid after expiry of the two month time limit under Article 108 EPC, is the appeal inadmissible or is it deemed not to have been filed, and must the appeal fee be reimbursed?

The referral is now pending under the reference G1/18. The main significance of this question from a practical perspective is that the appeal fee is not be reimbursed if the appeal is deemed inadmissible, but is reimbursed if the appeal is deemed not to have been filed.

Like we said at the time, the Enlarged Board of Appeal no longer has independence; Battistelli totally eliminated this independence an issue which itself contributed a great deal to the constitutionality questions.

Dont expect UPC...


The dependent victim psyop "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jon Rappoport

ANY person who exits an officially designated victim-groupand then succeeds in life on his ownand then goes one step further and refuses to identify his entire existence with his former groupbut instead stands as a unique individualwhy, that person, at the very least, must be a criminal, if not a terrorist, right? Read More


A Case for Social Media Regulation (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A Case for Social Media Regulation Video Sargon of Akkad TDC Note For the record I disagree 100% with more government. No more government laws, regulations or interference at all sue the big 4 for antitrust...

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10 Tuesday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:  This is what the average American looks like in 2018 (Washington Post)  Whats killing rural Canada? Crime, opioid abuse, and fleeing populations are destroying the countrys heartland. (Macleans)  Google China Censorship Project Named After Co-Founder Sergey Brins Luxury Yacht? (Ryan J. Gallagher) see also Google Employees Are Organizing To Protest The Companys

Read More

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Former Nazi death camp guard deported to Germany "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former Nazi death camp guard deported to Germany | 21 Aug 2018 | A 95-year-old former Nazi death camp guard living in New York has been deported to Germany, officials said early Tuesday. Jakiw Palij, a Queens, N.Y., resident was removed by U.S. Customs and Immigration services in conjunction with a removal order obtained by the Department of Justice more than a decade ago, according to a statement." Jakiw Palij lied about his Nazi past to immigrate to this country and then fraudulently become an American citizen. He had no right to citizenship or to even be in this country," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.


Apple Made Big Stink Over Protecting San Bernardino Terrorists Privace Readily Gave Mueller Team Manaforts iCloud Data "IndyWatch Feed"

San Bernardino couple Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 acquaintances at an annual Christmas party. The couple left another 22 injured in the Islamist attack.

Apple refused to unlock Syed Farooks phone after the deadly terror attack out of principle

A federal judge in February 2016 asked Apple to help the FBI unlock an iPhone belonging to Syed Farook, who was responsible for the shootings in San Bernardino in December which left 14 people dead.

Via CNBC, The judge asked Apple to provide reasonable technical assistance to the U.S. authorities, which would require the technology giant to overhaul the system that disables the phone after 10 unsuccessful password attempts. Once this feature kicks in, all the data on the phone is inaccessible. Apple declined to help the FBI.

But in 2017 Apple and Facebook had no problem assisting Dirty Cop Robert Mueller in his witch hunt of the Trump campaign. Apple and Facebook readily provided information from Paul Manaforts iCloud to the special counsel of angry Democrats.


Apple and Facebook are both former clients of Muellers consulting firm, with the former providing Paul Manaforts iCloud data to Muellers team of lawyers. Hannity read, Two of Muellers former clients are cooperating with the special counsel, Facebook [and] Apple. Muellers former client, the paragon of privacy Apple Inc. provided the special counsel with access to Paul Manaforts iCloud despite making a public spectacle protecting the San Bernardino terrorists privacy. Muellers former client, and another paragon of privacy Facebook, may be cooperating with the special counsel voluntarily without a subpoena according to congressional testimony from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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NASA Finds Ice on the Surface of the Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ice Confirmed at the Moon's Poles:

In the darkest and coldest parts of its polar regions, a team of scientists has directly observed definitive evidence of water ice on the Moon's surface. These ice deposits are patchily distributed and could possibly be ancient. At the southern pole, most of the ice is concentrated at lunar craters, while the northern pole's ice is more widely, but sparsely spread.

A team of scientists, led by Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii and Brown University and including Richard Elphic from NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley, used data from NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument to identify three specific signatures that definitively prove there is water ice at the surface of the Moon.

M3, aboard the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, launched in 2008 by the Indian Space Research Organization, was uniquely equipped to confirm the presence of solid ice on the Moon. It collected data that not only picked up the reflective properties we'd expect from ice, but was able to directly measure the distinctive way its molecules absorb infrared light, so it can differentiate between liquid water or vapor and solid ice.

Most of the newfound water ice lies in the shadows of craters near the poles, where the warmest temperatures never reach above minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the very small tilt of the Moon's rotation axis, sunlight never reaches these regions.

Also at The Guardian and CNET.

Direct evidence of surface exposed water ice in the lunar polar regions (open, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1802345115) (DX)

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Google You Cant Stop Us From Listening, 2343 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: Good evening, Im still reporting on: Google You Cant Stop Us From Listening, 2343 Synopsis: Google has revised its Terms of Service to admit that even if you turn off Location History on your cell phone, other aps continue to track your location down to one square foot always. According to an Associated Press story, previously, Googles website stated: With Location History turned off, the places you go are no longer stored. That was changed last Thursday to: some location data may be saved as part of your activity on other services, like Search and Maps. Jonathan Mayer, a professor of computer science at Princeton and the former chief technologist for the FCCs enforcement bureau: The notion of having two distinct ways in which you control how your location data is stored is inherently confusing. I can't think off the top of my head of any major online service that architected their location privacy settings in a similar way." Support Our Sponsors: Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Patriot Flashlight; -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Texas firefighters get cancer, not workers compensation "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Firefighters & firefighter families recall colleagues & loved ones lost to Occupational Cancer

It has been said that firefighters have 2 families. The one at home, and the one at the firehouse. Although these families differ in many ways, they both suffer the same grief when their colleague or family member is lost to occupational cancer.

This video was produced by the Boston Fire Department with the support of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. It is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the need for proper protective gear for firefighters. Studies have proven that firefighters are exposed to cancer causing carcinogens when engaged in firefighting operations, and further studies have shown that cancer rates in firefighters are significantly higher than that of the general public as a result of this exposure.

This video was presented as part of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts 41st Biennial Convention in June 2015.

By Todd Denton in the USA:

Texas firefighters denied workers compensation for cancer

21 August 2018

More than 90 percent of Texas firefighters have been denied workers compensation for cancer treatments and missed time at work, according to a report released earlier this year by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Despite the passage of legislation in 2005 that was supposed to guarantee firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) health care and paid sick leave, these workerswho have an annual mean wage of $53,480 and a starting salary of just $27,500face financial ruin even as they fight for their lives.

More than a decade ago the Texas legislature voted unanimously to grant a presumption of cause to firefighters and EMTs,...


Carl Herman: In Solidarity with Alex Jones Sandy Hook mothers average age giving birth = 36 years old "IndyWatch Feed War"

Carl Herman: In Solidarity with Alex Jones Sandy Hook mothers average age giving birth = 36 years old

Mr. President,

Among the oddities of the Sandy Hook shooting is that the average age of the 20 mothers who claim to have lost children is 36, which is ten years older than average. The odds of 20 such elderly mothers = 109,418,989,131,512,370,000-to-1 (109 quintillion, 418 quadrillion, 989 trillion, 131 billion, 512 million, 370 thousand to one): this appears to be statistically overwhelming evidence the official story is a fraud. That this should occur by chance lies beyond any rational expectation.

Another professional with academic and professional expertise with statistical analysis concluded the odds of 20 such elderly mothers is 62, 482, 742, 574, 637, 216, 553 to one (thats 62 quintillion to one), and it is 812 million times more likely that the alleged victims were born in 1996 rather than 2006 as were told in the official story. With numbers larger than what we work with and can accurately imagine, analogies are helpful.

On its face, it is statistically impossible for the Sandy Hook story to be true given just this one data point. This is more than enough to rationally challenge the accuracy of what were told about Sandy Hook. For comparisons:

  • The odds of a person being left-handed is 15% (~1/6 to 1/7). Its more probable for a random group of 20 people to all be left-handed than for a random group of 1st grade students moms to be age 42.
  • The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is ~175,000,000 to 1. The odds of winning two consecutive Powerball jackpots is 30,625,000,000,000,000 to 1 (175 million times itself). Its more likely that you would win two straight Powerball jackpots than the Sandy Hook moms ages being true.
  • The number of days since the claimed life of Jesus is ~730,000 (2,000 times 365). If Jesus were alive for 33 years, thats 12,045 days. This means Jesus was alive 1.6% of the days passed since his birth (about 1/60). If you had a time machine to pick a random day to visit in those 730,000 days, its as likely youd have 12 con...


How to develop the right strategy to increase IoT security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As more and more devices become connected, many industries that were previously secure are experiencing new threats or attacks to their devices and services. In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2018, Mark Hearn, Strategic Business Development Manager, IoT Security at Irdeto, talks about how IoT connectivity opens you up to new cybersecurity risks, and offers insight on how to protect IoT platforms. Heres a transcript of the podcast for your convenience. Good afternoon. More

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Nazi labor camp guard caught by ICE, deported to Germany, White House says "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nazi labor camp guard caught by ICE, deported to Germany, White House says | 21 Aug 2018 | The last known Nazi collaborator living in the United States -- a 95-year-old former camp guard who played an "indispensable role" in the murders of thousands of Jews -- was deported to Germany from his New York City home early Tuesday morning, the White House announced. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents implemented a 2004 deportation order against Jakiw Palij, who immigrated to the United States in 1949 and became a citizen in 1957 after concealing his Nazi background, the statement read. Palij admitted to Department of Justice officials in 2003 that he trained at a Nazi camp in German-occupied Poland.


The Federal Reserve: A Different View (UPDATED) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Federal Reserve: A Different View (UPDATED) by Olde Reb for The Daily Coin Dear friend, The pasted writing is a tribute to my professor who taught a graduate course of Money and Banking.  His revelation has been confirmed with...

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20ft deep sinkhole swallows car in Craig Y Nos, Wales "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is the shocking moment a woman's car parked on the grounds of a castle was swallowed by a sinkhole. Karen Davies, 54, found her Fiat had disappeared bonnet first when she finished her shift working as a castle assistant. Her son Luke, 30, said his mother parked in her usual spot but was later told by colleagues about the sinkhole shock. Luke, of Coelbren, Powys, said workers tried to tow the car out but the sinkhole at the Craig Y Nos Castle, near Swansea, South Wales, was 20ft deep. He said: 'She was in shock and at first she thought it was a joke. The car was upside down. A customer was in the car park when it started sinking - they saw it happen and how it gradually went down.


The USPTO Still Down (for Nearly a Week): Multiple Systems Not Accessible "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As of minutes ago, the popup in almost every page still says this: A number of USPTO online business systems remain offline. We understand the impact to our users and the frustrations that come from having such systems down unexpectedly. The USPTO is working hard to resolve the issue and we will continue to provide updates to you. The latest information on alternative methods of filing and payment and our systems status can always be found on our website. More updates will be forthcoming.

Water goes down

Summary: Putting the patent system at the hands of an office that cannot cope with science and technology even internally; it will soon be over a week of downtime

THE EPO and USPTO both have questionable CIOs, as we last noted a few days ago when dealing with USPTO downtimes (almost a week now!).

What might they do to prevent similar incidents in the future?While patent maximalists like Eibhlin Vardy carry on with their foolish celebration of patent maximalism (sharply increasing patent granting levels/volumes) the USPTOs systems are still down and yesterday the British media belatedly picked up the story, under the headline Face-PALM: US Patent and Trademark Office database down for 5 days and counting (if the USPTO would be down forever, Benjamin Henrion told them, no one would care, except patent applicants.)

To quote:

The US Patent and Trademark Office has taken a novel approach to dealing with the problem of patent trolls. The solution? Shut everything down.

The Patent Application Locating and Monitoring (PALM) database forms the backbone of a distressingly large number of US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) systems and, during some maintenance at 04:30 ET on 15 August, experienced an issue.




New Dawn FM News

Cardinal JOHN RIBAT says Papua New Guinea needs to bring back old players to the Bougainville Peace Agreement to carry out awareness to the leaders of Papua New Guinea.
Speaking after the presentation by ABG President, CHIEF DR. JOHN MOMIS yesterday, CARDINAL RIBAT said most national members are new and do not know the Bougainville Peace Agreement that is why the National Government is not serious with implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
He said that if former ministers, SIR MOI AVEI and SIR PETER BARTER are brought in they can do proper awareness with the national leaders and explain more on the intend of the Peace Agreement.
This will put the leaders on a good position on why the two governments need to work together to implement the Bougainville Peace Agreement in full.

Church leaders 200818 024


World view Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Tuesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


SOTT FOCUS: 'Be Careful About What You Believe' - Ken Livingstone on US, UK Media Bias & Lies "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today it seems like we are in another Cold War. It was breathtaking to watch our PM Theresa May immediately blaming Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals before the police had conducted their investigation into the evidence. Growing up after the Second World War our news was dominated by the threat from the Soviet Union, but when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 I don't think anyone could have guessed that just over two decades later we would be once again talking about the threat from Russia. Anyone who only gets their news from the British or American media is kept in ignorance of the truth; the endless accusations about the Skirpal poisoning or the conflict over Crimea is presented in a completely biased way in which most of the facts are ignored. But there is nothing new about this: dishonest reporting and lies dominated the whole of the Cold War in the days of the Soviet Union. Although President John Kennedy in the United States started out with quite a right-wing agenda with one of his 1960 election promises being to close the missile gap with the Soviet Union, he rapidly changed and began to throw the weight of his administration behind the struggle to end racism in America's deep south. Also, if he hadn't been assassinated, he was planning to withdraw American troops from Vietnam if he had been re-elected in 1964 because he realized a full-scale war in Vietnam would be a disaster.


Here Comes the Avalanche, Part 4: Cathi Morgans Research "IndyWatch Feed National"

Newborns (photo

by Cathi Morgan

Editors note: This intriguing article was previously published on Cathi Morgans blog, which contains superb research:

The Roots of Mass Programming

Post World War One, many measures were put in place in the UK to control the population, one such project was to ensure the controlability of each individual by traumatising them at birth and disrupting the mother-child bonding process.

Pavlov was a scientist using dogs to explore conditioning in Russia and his techniques were applied to humans. Specifically, they were used to set up the Communist school system (Watt) to indoctrinate all future Russian citizens. Pavlov noted that in humans, trauma results in personality fragmentation.

Subsequent intensive research in the West revealed that this would massively enhance susceptibility to mind control techniques using television and other tools of social...


August 22 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

565  St. Columba reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness.

1138 Battle of the Standard between Scotland and England.

1485  The Battle of Bosworth Field, the death of Richard III and the end of the House of Plantagenet.

1559 Bartolom Carranza, Spanish archbishop, was arrested for heresy.

1642 Charles I called the English Parliament traitors. The English Civil Warbegan.

1654 Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam the first known Jewish immigrant to America.

1770  James Cooks expedition landed on the east coast of Australia.

1780 James Cooks ship HMS Resolution returned to England after Cook was killed in Hawaii.

1791  Beginning of the Haitian Slave Revolution in Saint-Domingue.

1798 French troops landed in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo to aid Wolfe Tones United Irishmens Irish Rebellion.

1827 Jos de La Mar became President of Peru.

1831  Nat Turners slave rebellion commenced leading to the deaths of more than 50 whites and several hundred African Americans who are killed in retaliation for the uprising.

1849 The first air raid in history. Austria launched pilotless balloons against the Italian city of Venice.

1851 The first Americas Cup was won by the yacht America.

1862 Claude Debussy, French composer, was....


Robert Steele: Letter to the Editor of the Dispatch-Argus of East Moline, Illinois "IndyWatch Feed World"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Here is the seriously ignorant editorial defaming Congressional candidiate Bill Fawell.  I comment not on the candidate, but on the substance of the matter. Anyone who says 9/11 and Sandy Hook were not false flags is either a dumb ass or a liar pimping for the Deep State and Shadow Government.

Editorial: Fawell entitled to his views, voters entitled to reject them

My humble letter to the idiot editors is below the fold. Dumb asses.

The submission id is: 149
... ...
Contact Information
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Steele
Address: 11005 Langton Arms Court
P.O. Box/Apt #:
City: Oakton


Let user experience guide your security requirements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If youre like most business leaders, you try to do everything you can to keep your companys information safe. You tell your employees to use strong passwords and offer regular trainings on phishing and the importance of internet security. You even make them change their passwords every six months or three months. Although you know no system is foolproof, your rules should be as strict as possible in order to prevent a breach. Or should More

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BETO! "IndyWatch Feed"

I still have some wealthy friends from when I was, as Andy Paley always called me, Corporate Howie. These friends are rich but progressive. I had lunch with 4 of them the other day and they said they'd like to do a fundraiser for Beto O'Rourke. Running in Texas-- with all those media markets-- costs a fortune. When Ted Cruz ran in 2012, he spent $14,031,864-- mostly in the Republican primary. Democrat Paul Sadler spent $510,439. Cruz won with around 57% of the vote and Sadler barely cracked 40%. So far this cycle (at least as of June 30), Cruz had raised $23,365,836 and Beto brought in $23,332,950. So my friends proposed during a high-dollar fundraiser fro him on the West Side. They said t it would be a six figure night. That's a big deal. I called Beto. Thanks but no thanks; I'm staying in Texas. Smart move. And except when he absolutely has to go to DC to vote of something important, he's in Texas, Texas, Texas, spending his time talking with people who sometimes say they haven't seen a Democrat since LBJ or Ann Richards. "In June," wrote Anne Petersen, "he completed a tour of all 254 counties in Texas before heading right back out on the road to do it again. The campaign proudly employs no pollsters or traditional consultants; until very recently, theyve rejected the traditional wisdom of focusing money on television advertising. They reject PAC money, even from Democratic funding sources. Instead, they lean heavily on small donations, first-time donations, and Facebook, where livestreams from the campaign trail regularly attract between 20,000 and 80,000 viewers."

He's working it and he's working it hard: "Youve got to work to sweat! Ted Cruz dont sweat like Beto does!... [Beto's] energy is palpable, infectious; his sweat is the physical evidence of that energy leaving his body. And it seems to be working." He's pulled even with Cruz in the polls. I even saw one last week that had him two points ahead!

Blue America first endorsed him in 2012 when he ran against entrenche...


Protesters topple Silent Sam Confederate statue at UNC "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Protesters topple Silent Sam Confederate statue at UNC

Protesters covered the statue with tall, gray banners, erecting an alternative monument that said, in part, For a world without white supremacy.

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Israel eases gun controls following lone-wolf attacks "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Israel eases gun controls following lone-wolf attacks

The shift in policy, announced by the public security ministry late Monday, means that up to 600,000 Israelis could apply for gun licences, a dramatic increase on the current 140,000 civilians with permits.

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Zimbabwe-fication Begins: Farmers Panic As South Africa Seizes First White-Owned Land "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Zimbabwe-fication Begins: Farmers Panic As South Africa Seizes First White-Owned Land

Since the end of apartheid in 1994, the ANC has followed a willing seller, willing buyer process to redistribute wh...


Author: Democrats Plan To Cheat In The 2018 Midterm Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Author: Democrats Plan To Cheat In The 2018 Midterm Elections

Eggers lays out the available evidence that not only have Democrats cheated to win elections in the past, they intend to cheat again, and soon.

The post Author: Democrats Plan To Cheat In The 2018 Midterm Elections appeared first on Alternati...


Antifa Assaulted Bernie Sanders Voter In Portland For Carrying A Fascist American Flag "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Antifa Assaulted Bernie Sanders Voter In Portland For Carrying A Fascist American Flag

Antifa attacked him because they said the American flag he was carrying was a fascist...


[$] Batch processing of network packets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It has been understood for years that kernel performance can be improved by doing things in batches. Whether the task is freeing memory pages, initializing data structures, or performing I/O, things go faster if the work is done on many objects at once; many kernel subsystems have been reworked to take advantage of the efficiency of batching. It turns out, though, that there was a piece of relatively low-hanging fruit at the core of the kernel's network stack. The 4.19 kernel will feature some work increasing the batching of packet processing, resulting in some impressive performance improvements.


A Real Museum-Piece "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One of the features my schoolhouse came with was an old time-clock, on the wall of the Principals Office.

Ill get rid of that I thought, but didnt want to just throw it in the dumpster. So I listed it on ebay.

Someone thought it was worth $70, plus shipping (which is going to be a lot) and, it turns out, its the IBM Museum in The Netherlands.

I love the old hand-wrapped wire bundles. When I was in high school, I learned how to do those, working for Moore Security building burglar alarms.* Id have been corrected, had I not tied those floating bundles down to the base board.

The building was built, and the clock installed, in 1957. It ran until the school district shut the township school down and moved all the kids to West Branch in 199?9 or therebouts. The West Branch school has all sorts of construction problems (there was a lot of friend of a friend contracting and corruption) and huge cost overruns. And it doesnt have a cool IBM Time Central.

According to the person I bought the building from, it worked the last time anyone turned it on. So Ill be removing it carefully from the wall, and tagging all the wires, then boxing it up and shipping it off to its new home in a museum. Congratulations, survivor!

------ divider ------

* Mr Moore was a great man. He unfailingly explained things to us kids (there were two of us, me and Tom S.) and was precise and critical, but never mean. He even paid us minimum wage, which, he explained as, youre doing grown-up work, you get a grown-up salary. I did, too one of the panels I built was the master control alarm for Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant, and it had to undergo some kind of certification inspection by a master electrician who said my circuit runs were beautiful. Mr Moore was a positive influence on many kids encountering someone like him was another fortune of the privilege that I enjoyed.


Russia Updates Its Long-Range Bomber Fleet "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The golden days for Russias strategic aviation fleet are on their way, bringing an extensive revamping that will provide that fleet with new functionalities and propel it into first place in the world.


Interview 1379 Patrick MacFarlane on Liberty and the Law "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Patrick MacFarlane of joins us to discuss his podcast on libertarian legal theory. Today we look at his work on the Supreme Court's Masterpiece cake ruling and on the entrapment defense in the FBI's Muslim patsy cases.


SUSE and Microsoft collaborate to deliver enterprise Linux kernel optimized for Azure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SUSE announced the availability of the enterprise Linux kernel tailored for Microsoft Azure. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 on-demand instances now run on a custom-tuned kernel for workloads on Microsoft Azure that provides performance and boot speeds along with a decreased memory footprint. The Azure-tuned kernel enables access to new and upcoming Azure features, helping customers to be more agile. SUSE is working with Microsoft and other partners to adapt and secure open source solutions More

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CloudPassage debuts Halo Cloud Secure, delivering security of public cloud infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CloudPassage announced the general availability of Halo Cloud Secure, which offers protection of public cloud infrastructure, delivering security and DevOps teams a single pane of glass view of security and compliance across all of their cloud service provider (CSP) accounts. Organizations face an increase in vulnerabilities as security teams struggle to maintain visibility into public cloud infrastructure. Maintaining security visibility of dynamic computing environments can be difficult due to decentralization of the IT department, the More

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After The Carnage, Here Is A Big Picture Look At The Gold Market "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

After The Carnage, Here Is A Big Picture Look At The Gold Market from King World News After the recent carnage in the gold and silver markets, sometimes its a good idea to take a step back and look at...

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A late night drama at Rumginae as a mother struggles for life "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

PNG's newest citizens
Dr Kevin Pondikou nurses two of Papua New Guineas newest citizens: the twins born at Rumginae on Friday 17 August


RUMGINAE - I was sleeping when the buzzer on the two-way radio from mid ward jerked me awake. It was community health worker Lorna calling to inform me that there was a mother in labour and she was carrying twins.

The mother had just walked in so it was too late for the normal process of arranging a blood donor. All mums with twins really need to have blood cross-matched as they have a higher incidence of post -partum haemorrhage (bleeding).

It's my policy to be present for the delivery of all women having twins.

It was probably about 3am but I didn't look at the time as Im used to being woken at all manner of times.

Lorna sounded worried on the radio but I assured her that as long as the first twin was cephalic and the membranes were intact, this was not going to turn into a serious situation. It was safe to allow labour to continue.

Then I went back to sleep.

At nine in the morning, I was buzzed that the mum had been pushing for 20 minutes with no progress of the baby through the birth canal.

After a quick shower and having advised Sr Tina Swokin to rupture the membranes I made my way to the ward.

When I arrived the contractions were not good and I allowed the woman to continue.

When it was one hour, I determined it was time to intervene. I augmented the labour with oxytocin to strengthen the contractions. Before the delivery I did an episiotomy where the vaginal wall is cut to make it bigger.

About 30 minutes later the first twin, a male weighing 2.5kg, was born. The second twin was born after a few more minutes, also a boy and weighing 2.45kg.

After the delivery, I checked for tears to the vaginal walls and found one that had to be sutured. Having done that, I left to attend a staff in-service session.

An hour later after the in-service, I came to check the mother. Sr Swokin said she was about to buzz....


Hard Lessons from Genoa "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

In Western Europe and the United States, bridges, roads, and railways built in the 1950s and 1960s during the post-war reconstruction and economic boom are now old, obsolete, and overused. So why aren't they being replaced?



New Dawn FM News
The people of Haku today demonstrated their commitment to the Bougainville Peace Process by reconciling former fighters from the Bougainville Revolutionary Army(BRA) and the Buka Liberation Front (BLF) ahead of their mass reconciliation that will involve the entire constituency next Thursday at Eltupan village.
At the height of the Bougainville conflict the people of HAKU formed the Buka Liberation Front which later changed into the Bougainville Resistance Forces after many atrocities were being committed to the ordinary citizens of Bougainville.
They then went to Nissan island to get support from the PNGDF soldiers who were stationed there.
The reconciliation at LULI village was attended by both the BRA and BLF commanders and their soldiers who in front of their chiefs broke bows and arrows to show their commitment to Peace and unity for Bougainville leading up to the referendum next year.
BLF Commander, DONALD HAMAO in his speech said that the people of Haku are committed to the future of Bougainville and want to end today what they started in the 1990 referring to formation of the BLF.
MATHEW GALES the Commander of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army also said there is no time for war on Bougainville and called on the people of Haku and Bougainville as a whole to look at the big picture ahead and create peace in our communities.
The reconciliation included Flag raising ceremony speeches and activities to put flavour to todays event.
HAKU will do the big ceremony next Thursday at Eltupan village the place were fierce fighting between the two factions took place at the height of the Bougainville conflict.
The ceremony was co-sponsored by the Chairman of the Bougainville Import Export Group which operates SOLMAL in Buka town, JASON FONG.
Other sponsors included the Ex-combatants member for North Bougainville, BEN MALATAN and the National member for North Bougainville, WILLIAM NAKIN.

LULI RECON210818 039


Why This Years Midterms Are Key For Trumps Success And Republicans Future "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

At least three times in American history, we have elected presidents with radical, revolutionary agendas: Andrew Jackson in 1828, Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, and Donald Trump in 2016. The earlier two succeeded in changing American governance; Trump may or may not. Keeping control of Congress was, and is, essential to the success of such reforms.

All three were disliked by the self-appointed aristocrats of their day. When Andrew Jackson ran for president in 1828, his opponents tried to label him a jackass for his populist views and his slogan, Let the people rule, says the Monroe County, Pennsylvania, Democratic Party website. Jackson, however, picked up on their name calling and turned it to his own advantage by using the donkey on his campaign posters. During his presidency, the donkey was used to represent Jacksons stubbornness when he vetoed re-chartering the National Bank.

In Traitor to His Class, University of Texas Professor H.W. Brands focuses on the powerful surface tension of the older, do-little model of government the elite favored when FDR took office, and FDRs robust response: Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth, Roosevelt said when he accepted the Democratic partys nomination. I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms.

Jackson was thin-skinned and hot-tempered, aggressive and stubborn. He was not especially pleasant to be with, outside his family circle. FDR was graceful in his social gestures, generous and gracious in his manners. Clearly Trump has some unattractive manners and speaks impulsively, often using obnoxious language. He also seems to be very thin-skinned, and picks fights without ever having faced the direct physical combat, in duels or in war, that Jackson endured through his entire adult life.

Nevertheless, for better or worse, Trump too has a revolutionary agenda at odds with elite opinion. He is a bull in a china shop: aiming to upset the status quo as much as Jackson and FDR did. He is a populist nationalist, a description Jackson practically defined and Roosevelt followed in his earliest years as president. FDR had to take the wind out of the sails of more extreme nationalist populists to both his left and his right.

Why Mid-Revolution Midterms Matter So Much

It is close to impossible to establish a new business model of a government without enacting a series of new laws and appointing enough judges, government agency heads, and military officers to see the new laws carried out effectively. The prerequisite for passing new legislation and the approval of new appointees is effective continuous...


Why Thousands Are Obsessed With A Nest Of Conspiracy Theories Called QAnon "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

You may have seen a lot of coverage of a conspiracy theory called QAnon or The Storm recently. People are sporting Q t-shirts proudly at Trump rallies and marching on Washington, and the theory has gained credibility with Q-influenced tweets from Roseanne Barr and Sean Hannity. Its popularity has grown to the point where mainstream media can no longer ignore it.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory so far reaching and comprehensive, there is virtually no other conspiracy theory it leaves untouched, from the government hiding the UFOs to JFK Jr. surviving his plane crash. The fact that it envelops so many other theories helps explain why QAnon is the most popular shadow-rule fantasy of our time.

For an idea of how extensive it is, take a look at this chart made by a QAnon believer:

A Very Simple Map to QAnon

The conspiracy theory (though as I shall explain later, the word doesnt do it justice) is spearheaded by an anonymous 4Chan poster with the username Q, who started posting in October of last year. Practically every day he makes drops: short cryptic posts that are supposed to help guide researchers, Qs dedicated followers, to the true explanations behind current events.

The centerpiece of QAnon has been described as a supercharged Pizzagate. Pizzagate, which has been thoroughly debunked (the pizza parlor doesnt even have a basement out of which to run any sort of pedo ring), is just the start of the uncovering of Pedogate, which is the fantasy that top Democrats are actually human traffickers and pedophiles, along with some Hollywood stars. Many are also supposedly Satanists and blood-drinkers and drug traffickers, too.

Q believers are well aware of how...


Want More Power To The People? Choose Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The debate between capitalism and socialism is at least partly a debate over morality. The left claims benevolent socialism is necessary to protect the masses from the immorality of capitalist greed. Much of Americas youth appears to be buying into this myth.

A recent Gallup poll found that young Americans were actually more positive about socialism (51 percent) than about capitalism (45 percent). The percentage of young Americans with a positive view of capitalism has declined 23 points since 2010, when 68 percent viewed capitalism positively. Thats not surprising, given that most of these young people have been educated in a system controlled by progressives and fed leftist ideology as entertainment.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone personified the progressive notion of capitalist greed in the 1987 movie Wall Street, in which his character, Gordon Gekkothe Lefts stereotype of a capitalistutters the phrase Greed is good. But, outside Hollywood, greed is not good, and capitalism is not based on greed. To the contrary, capitalism encourages people to improve their lives by satisfying others needs and desires, by providing the products or services that other people want at a price they can pay.

Theres a reason for the business mantra the customer is always right. To be a successful capitalist, you have to shift your focus outward, to the consumer. When I was the CEO of CKR Restaurants, Inc., the owner of the Carls Jr. and Hardees restaurant chains, we spent millions of dollars every year trying to determine exactly what consumers wanted. Under capitalism, knowing what your customers want and offering it to them at an affordable price is the key to success. In fact, its the key to survival.

Capitalism is a kind of economic democracy, where consumers vote with every dollar they spend, determining which businesses succeed and fail. Look at the thousands of products in your local grocery store, shopping mall, or on Amazon, all vying for your attention. These products represent entrepreneurs striving to meet your needs as the way to achieve their own success. That may not be purely altruistic conduct, since capitalism depends on the desire of people to better their own lives, but it channels that natural desire into focusing on the opinions and preferences of a broad class of consumers.

In a socialist economy, rather than meeting the needs of others, you improve your life by getting more for yourself from the limited supply of goods, services, or benefits the government either makes or allows others to make available. Whether you get those goods depends on how well you please the political elites. People who are willing and able to make themselves useful to the powerful get special privileges, and since socialist systems produce so...


Concetta's Letta "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'll leave you with a little Giacomo Puccino, Maria Callas sings O Mio Babbino Caro


Mongoose: Zionist Strike 20: RIft Between US Jews and Zionist Apartheid Government of Israel Grows "IndyWatch Feed War"


Apartheid Zionism is OVER.

Israels super-charged questioning of U.S. Jews at border crossings exposes deeper rift

A poll published by the American Jewish Committee in June showed deep differences between U.S. and Israeli Jews on issues like Israeli settlements, religious pluralism and Trumps policies. Only 34 percent of American Jews, for instance, supported Trumps handling of relations with Israel, compared with 77 percent of Israeli Jews.

See Especially:

Review: Enclosure Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror

See Also:

Zion Strike @ Phi Beta Iota


Meet Ukrainian Victims Of The United Statess Proxy War With Russia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

My parents escaped from the Soviet Union for political freedom. I have found from my experiences that evolution is not solely the transmission of genes, but also of hopes and dreams. Their desire to spread liberty lives inside me.

It is also carried on by my relatives in Ukraine, who spill their sweat and blood on battlefields and in factories to hold true to these principles. In America, we consider them freedom fighters who yearn for autonomy from an encroaching political powerhouse. The opposing rebels are painted in the same light in the Russian Federation. Two peoples, fighting for the same ideals, give their lives for a land that only 16 percent of Americans can find on a map.

The date was February 23, 2014. Pro-Putin Ukrainian President Yanukovych succumbed to the pressure from a bloody, five-month-long riot, and decided to pull back his mercenary guards and flee the country. The event spiraled into the Russian annexation of Crimea and a Russian-sponsored separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine that plagues the country and its impoverished inhabitants to this day.

The date was June 23, 2015. It had not been long long since Russian separatists had shot down a civilian plane, killing the nearly 300 innocent people on board and then (per usual) denying any and all responsibility. Despite the poor track record with flights, my family showed little fear in visiting our relatives in Ukraine. After all, they live more thaan a hundred miles from the battlefields, and I had not seen my grandparents in ages. We soon realized they too fight the war.

Prices are high and supplies of essentials are low. My aunt, a physician, witnesses every day how trucks carrying injured soldiers, and even body parts, arrive at the hospital. Many young men are beyond salvation. However, she has learned to do whatever can and needs to be done. These are the daily casualties of a war that the West helped to start, but has long since forgotten about.

My septuagenarian grandfather, who drags his swollen legs to a military factory on three buses...


Court Documents Suggest The Inspector General Might Not Be Investigating Bruce Ohrs Role In Spygate "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Two weeks ago, a judge ordered the Department of Justice to provide a sworn affidavit stating whether the federal government possessed the entire 35-page dossier written by former British spy Christopher Steele prior to BuzzFeeds publication of the document. At the time, Judge Amit P. Mehtas order merited mention, but the true import of the dispute between BuzzFeed and the federal government only recently became clear.

First Things First

First, the backdrop: On January 10, 2017, BuzzFeed News published These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties to Russia. The article included a link to what has since become known colloquially as the Steele dossiera collection of memos Steele prepared that detail supposed collusion to influence the 2016 presidential election between then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign and Russia.

The last two pages of the dossier, however, targeted Aleksej Gubarev and his company Webzilla. Those concluding pages consisted of Steeles final memo, dated December 13, 2016, and claimedbehind the redactionsthat Gubarevs company used botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct altering operations against the Democratic party leadership.

Following publication of the dossier, Gubarev and Webzilla sued BuzzFeed, claiming Steeles allegations were false and BuzzFeeds publication of the dossier damaged Gubarev and his companys reputation. BuzzFeed maintains it is not liable for defamation under the so-called fair report privilege. That protects reporters who republish information that is the subject of an official proceeding.

In June, the judge presiding over the BuzzFeed case held that the term officia...


In Slender Man, Hollywood Monetized A Nearly Murdered Childs Trauma "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Horror films are a standard in Hollywoods portfolio, but the real horror in the latest film Slender Man is the exploitation of an unspeakable tragedy for the sake of a few dollars.

Sony broke ethics on Aug. 10, 2018, when it released Slender Man, a horror film based on viral photo-shopped images and fan fiction, known as creepypasta, of a long, faceless, tentacled figure in a suit. But the image and the legends created by internet users first reached the public eye in 2014, when two middle school girls stabbed a classmate as some form of demonic tribute to Slender Man.

In what appeared to be a horrifying ending to a truly horrifying tale, Screen Gems, a subset of Sony, picked up the concept of Slender Man and turned it into a film. Critics typically downplay horror films, and the film was not well received, with a score of 13 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The Hollywood Reporter called it boring and devoid of personality. But in terms of finance, Slender Man was a success. According to Variety, the film was set to make around $10 million last weekend, putting it in third place at the box office.

A nice paycheck for a living nightmare that afflicted at least three families. In May 2014, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, both aged 12, lured Payton Leutner, also aged 12, out to the woods, where they stabbed her 19 times and left her for dead. Payton had to crawl to a nearby road where a cyclist stopped to help her. After the attack, Paytons mother, Stacie, said Payton was terrified and crying in the hospital trauma room.

I could see that she was covered her arms and her legs and her abdomen they were covered in stab wounds, she told 20/20 in 2014. Payton bears the scars of the attack to this day.

Geyser and Weier were sentenced to 40 and 25 years in a mental health institution, respectively. The Daily Mail reported that Geyser, sentenced at the age of 15, wept with her head on the desk while she received the verdict. Both she and her lawyers pleaded for he...


Beached humpback whale found in South Africa "IndyWatch Feed World"

Authorities are on their way to deal with a beached whale that was discovered by beach-goers in Amamzimtoti. Amanzimtoti beach-goers were in for a shock when they discovered a beached whale on Pipeline Beach on Tuesday morning. The sight of gill plate remnants indicated that the four-ton sub-adult humpback whale was already dead, a beach official told South Coast Sun. Parks department law enforcement is currently on the beach dealing with the whale, while they wait for the arrival of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and NSRI, who are said to be tasked with bringing a Tractor Loader Backhoe (TL) truck to dispose of or bury the carcass.


Pulling Down the Bars: The 2018 #PrisonStrike "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The 2018 Prison Strike has officially begun.

Already, the strike has spread into Canada, and numerous facilities around the US are already seeing hunger strikes pop off as prisoners issue demands. Prison officials are also cracking down on various facilities, shutting them down, and locking up prison rebel leaders as deep in the hole as they can.

This page will be updated throughout the strike with news of action and repression on both sides of the razor wire. For background information, strike demands, as well as a list of solidarity events, please go here.

Call-In Campaigns

Inside: Resistance and Repression During the Strike

  • Late June: Ronald Brooks, who made a pro-strike video at the Angola prison is transferred due to strike organizing organizing activity to the David Wade Correctional Center, a notorious facility in North Louisiana that has faced more than 200 federal lawsuits from inmates since it opened in 1980. Brooks had been held at Angola since he was incarcerated at age 19; he turns 40 this year.
  • Late July: Prison officials declare that Lucasville survivor Siddique Hasan, who has been placed on death row for his role in the 1993 uprising, has lost phone privileges for one year and cannot talk to the outside world about the 2018 prison strike. He launches a hunger strike in response. Prison officials even take to literally sand bagging Hasans cell, to keep messages and information from coming out. In Shadowproof...


Ancient Herders at Lake Turkana "IndyWatch Feed"

From the Times:
Roughly 5,300 years ago, a group of ancient sheep herders in East Africa began an extraordinary effort to care for their dead.

It was a time of great upheaval in their homeland. Global climate changes had weakened the African monsoon system, causing a significant drop in rainfall. Pastoralism spread south from the Sahara. What is now known as Lake Turkana in northern Kenya shrank by half over the succeeding centuries.

These early herders dug through about 1,000 square feet of beach sands down to bedrock and gouged out burial pits. They interred their dead there: the bodies of men, women and children of all ages, many with personal items and ornamentation.

When the crevices they had dug into the bedrock filled up, the herders piled bodies on top of the pits, carefully placing large rocks over the heads and torso of each corpse. They did this for about 700 years, burying at least 580 people and perhaps 1,000 in all.
The great drying they mention went on in northern Africa until the Sahara ended up almost entirely desert, so this was indeed a major climate event. At top, stone pendants and earrings from the site; below a view of the site, with the main platform in the foreground and smaller platforms behind. Sadly all the pillars have fallen.

Which is all very cool. But in the way of archaeologists seeking attention, the excavators (led by Americans Elisabeth Hildebrand and Katherine Grillo) go on to make a bunch of assertions that are not true. From the abstract:
Archaeologists have long sought monumental architectures origins among societies that were becoming populous, sedentary, and t...


China proposes regular military exercises with ASEAN in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

China is proposing to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that the two sides hold regular joint military exercises in the South China Sea, according to an ASEAN diplomatic source.

The proposal is being floated by Beijing for possible inclusion in a draft code of conduct to avoid conflict in the disputed waters, which is being negotiated between the two sides, the source said.

China has also proposed to ASEAN that the two sides commit to not hold joint military exercises in the South China Sea with any countries from outside the region without prior notice or agreement.

That proposal was likely made with the United States in mind.

Image result for china flag, warships, PLAN, photos

The proposals part of a summary of opinions of each country involved in the negotiations were revealed just weeks after China and ASEAN member states held a maritime exercise in Singapore, focusing on cooperation in times of safety-related sea incidents.

The ASEAN-China Maritime Exercise, initially proposed by China, was held Aug. 2-3 in the form of a tabletop exercise at Singapores Changi Naval Base that brought together more than 40 naval and other military officers from the 11 countries.

It will be followed with actual drills at sea in waters near China in October.

China claims sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea where ASEAN members Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam also have claims.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in July 2016 that Chinas claims have no legal basis.

China continues to reject the arbitration award. It has been criticized for constructing and fortifying artificial islands.

ASEAN also includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.



This Hawaiian Veterans Win For Gun Rights Would Be A Perfect Movie "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If conservatives are looking for a hero on gun rights, behold George Young, who recently won a significant victory before the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Hawaiian taught himself law and with help from a lawyer managed to take his case into federal court, after years and years of dismissals, and won. The Ninth Circuit ruled Hawaii has to allow open carry or else try its luck at the Supreme Court.

Read Stephen Gutowski at the Free Beacon for a really good story and interview with Young. He is an Army veteran, served in Vietnam, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, then in airport security, where he was again armed. But then when he wanted to get a gun permit in his native Hawaii, where hes lived all his life, he was denied, again and again.

When he started calling lawyers to get representation, none would take his case. He eventually decided to represent himselfand that was the beginning of the struggle that led to his July 24 victory, when the Ninth Circuit ruled Hawaiis ban on open carry unconstitutional (while declaring concealed carry still unconstitutional).

Aside from this personal success and advancement in the cause of gun rights for all citizens of Hawaii, Youngs story is an occasion for conservatives and gun rights advocates. This is something Hollywood should love, since the man is a walking, talking embodiment of the best of diversity in America. Hes half-Japanese, a quarter Hawaiian, and a quarter Chinese, married to a Japanese woman. Theres a lot for conservatives, too, beyond gun rights, since hes a veteran and served his country in Vietnam.

This Is the Perfect Story for the Small Screen

Youngs story would make a good drama about what twenty-first-century America could learn from previous generations and how an aging patriot conceives of his legacy. His struggle for gun rights also has a personal meaning, since it was a promise he made to his daughter, who died in a terrible car accident before he got his lawsuit in a court.

So family love is also tied to this story of the dignity of citizenship and the pride a man can have in carrying guns. It is uniquely suited to dispel the idea that gun rights are a National Rifle Association conspiracy with crazy white people who are not fit to live in places ruled by sophisticated, defenseless liberals.

Conservatives, patriots, and friends of the Constitution should think seriously about how to tell such stories, if they are to affect our culture. This would not be a superhero blockbuster, nor a Disney princess story. No one will make a billion dollars on this. It wouldnt likely get the press that transgressive stories usually do, nor the coverage of glamorous celebrity ve...


His Long History Of Lies Entirely Justifies Yanking John Brennans Security Clearance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan has a long history of deceiving the American people and making absurd, propagandist claims. Recall that as President Obamas CIA director, Brennan repeatedly lied about the administrations use of drone strikes, asserting that he and the president only carried out strikes when they had a near-certainty of no collateral damage. In March 2016, The Atlantics Conor Friedersdorf called this claim easily disproved propaganda. And thats what it was.

For instance, the Guardian reported in 2014 that in an attempted strike on 41 targeted men, the United States killed 1,147 people. Thats a lot of collateral. But, as Friedersdorf wrote, Brennan continued to claim adherence to a lofty, admirable standard that U.S. drone strikes dont, in fact, meet, unless one defines no collateral damage so narrowly that it has no meaning. Friedersdorf then notedthis isnt the first time that Brennan has made fantastical, widely debunked claims, citing a 2011 New York Times piece that disputed the CIAs assertions of zero collateral deaths.

Indeed, twisting words beyond recognition is Brennans primary modus operandi. He is truly a master of Newspeak. To justify these wide-ranging targeted killings under international law, Brennan and the Obama administration perverted the meaning of the word combatant to refer to any military-age male who happened to be in the strike zone, unless explicit intelligence posthumously exonerated the victim. In other words: tried, convicted, and executed until proven innocentthen, sweep the body under the rug.

In pretending to adhere to the international legal requirement that those targeted by such strikes must pose an imminent threat, Brennan again stretched the generally accepted legal definition of imminent threat to apply to any suspected combatant (i.e., any adult male) who could potentially at some unknown future date carry out some unspecified and hypothetical attack against the United States. If that loose definition applied to self-defense laws in the domestic criminal context, we could all go around murdering our perceived enemies with impunity. So much for the rule of law Brennan is always claiming to defend.



Actress Ruby Rose Is Not Lesbian Enough To Play Batwoman, Say SJWs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Actress Ruby Rose has deactivated her Twitter account after she was subject to a massive backlash for getting cast as the lead role in the CWs upcoming TV series Batwoman. Critics are upset that unlike the title character, Rose is not Jewish and doesnt identify as a lesbian.

Shocked by the ice cold treatment on social media, Rose reminded fans that she had come out as gay at age 12. As she got older, Rose says she began to think of herself as a man in a womans body, and therefore no longer considered herself to be a gay woman, but a gender fluid person who is mainly attracted to women. This fact seems to distance Rose enough from a lesbian-identifying character that many fans of the comic book Batwoman judged her not gay enough.

What Rose does represent is a strong woman of steadfast conviction which seems to me the perfect choice to play a female superhero lead. Whether or not Rose was raised in a Jewish household seems irreleva...


Even If Your Family Vacation Looks Like National Lampoons, Its Worth Taking "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The season is waning for an event that some consider an absolute staple of the summer: the family vacation week. The setting could be a Carolina beach or the shores of Lake Michigan or the Colorado mountains, but the content is much the same. Multiple generations of adventurous family members pile into a house together and call it a vacation. Its a week of making postcard memories, punctuated by a few you hope to forget by Labor Day.

This week is approached, I suspect, with equal parts hope and anxiety. Lots of different personalities will rub shoulders in close quarters. Each person brings a set of expectations, a few old grievances, and always a longing for the bed that will provide a decent nights sleep. What could go wrong?

Somehow, against all reason, sweet memories do get made. The sound of cousins laughing at old stories told under starry summer skies, fresh fish grilled over an open fire, midnight card games won and losta vacation week of gathered family has its own rewards.

By the middle of the week, though, you have also been reminded of the downside. Aunt Susie is still Aunt Susie. Not much has changed there. And while youre convinced that little Jimmys disposition would improve with a couple of time-outs, you are going to keep that insight to yourself. You pretend you did not see those spats between grown adults who, subject to heat and fatigue, morph into eight-year-olds on low blood sugar.

A week together will produce some sparks. In the south, we tend to gather at the beach. So this whole family event thing gets put on a Bunsen burner and heated to about 95 degrees by a broiling summer sun. Ive always suspected that the whiskey known as Southern Comfort was invented as a way to survive.

All this begs the question of how the family vacation week continues to live on despite the current trend of reserving holidays and vacations for the immediate family only: us-four-and-no-more. No doubt its easier to control the variables when its just ones spouse and children. But I think there are some invisible benefits to the family vacation week that outweigh even the lumpiest of beach cottage beds.

Children who have been immersed in gathered family learn to take people as they come. They are far more prepared to discover what we all eventually must learn: theres an Aunt Susie in every group of gathered humanity. Being tolerant is not the goal, learning forbearance is.

A house full of relatives is an early training ground for discovering how to bear with the flaws and foibles of people you love or work with. You cant take your marbles and go home. You are home, and you have to deal.

Then theres all that high-level negotiation that takes place in a family vacation week. The child who can persuade Uncle Robert to loan him his new kay...


Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: The Eye of Jupiter And Rapture "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This is the 24th in a series of Battlestar Galactica recaps. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Read the last piece, Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: Unfinished Business And The Passage here.

Spoilers ahead.

Season Three did not have a midseason hiatus, but The Eye of Jupiter and Rapture stand like a tentpole in its center. A de facto two-parter, The Eye of Jupiter and Rapture meld all of the elements that make the series superior television.

In particular, faith serves as more than a backdrop or plot device. The positions and actions taken by Cylons and humans alike often derive from how religious or secular they are, although these motivations are also complicated by personal biases. This universe takes its religions both literally and seriously, a rare thing in series television to this point.

The Eye of Jupiter

A crew from Galactica is encamped on the algae planet to replenish the fleets food supply. They are visited by Starbuck, who has entered a romance with Apollo after boxing at the dance. A guilty Apollo wants them to divorce their spouses, but Starbuck views her marriage as a sacrament, while rationalizing their affair as bending the rules.

Meanwhile, Tryol experiences a feeling that leads him away from camp, where he discovers the ancient Temple of Five described in their scriptures. Via wireless, Pres. Roslin asks whether they can find the Eye of Jupiter, another marker on the path to Earth. Tyrol, whose father was a priest, attempts to translate glyphs in the temple and find the Eye.

Four Cylon Basestars jump into space near Galacticas position (presumably based on the message the Hybrid gave Baltar and DAnna). Galactica prepares for battle, but Baltar contacts Adm. Adama to negotiate on Galactica.

The Cylon delegation arrives. Tigh places Boomer (who shot Adama) under guard. While detained, Boomer informs Athena that her child Hera lives on the lead Basestar, but has become ill.

DAnna tells Adama that if he allows the Cylons to collect the Eye of Jupiter, they will leave without destroying Galactica. Adama replies that if the Cylons move against Galactica or the planet, he will launch a nuclear strike against the temple.

Before the Cylons jam communications, Adama instructs Apollo...



After finally finishing the book The Great War for Civilisation by Robert Fisk I decided it needed reviewing on this blog. For even though it was published in 2005, its content is still valuable in understanding the situation we find ourselves in 2018. I feel its content is so important to understanding the middle east from a humanist perspective, that despite this long delay it still needed to be done. However, how do you adequately review a manuscript of over 1200 event-full pages in the space of a short article? The huge scale of the book is why it took me so long to finish it, as I have an extensive reading list of challenging material to get through and a book of my own to finish writing. To do Mr Fisks book justice would require a review the length of a small book or long pamphlet. And even then would that be really enough? I doubt it! It really does need to be read in full. A booklet or nothing? Not an option. After weighing up the alternatives I decided on the following strategy.

First I would quote an extensive section of the authors own words which I think sum up the books importance along with his acknowledgement of the many sided nature of the inhumanity taking place there. Second I would add just a few comments of my own to establish the context of the quote and a few later to round off this apology for an inadequate review. The context of the lengthy quote which follows takes place after extensive material on his reporting of Afghanistan, Suez, Israel/Palestine, Algeria, Lebanon, the Iraq/Iran war, the 1st Gulf War and much else. He penned the words which follow as an immediate reaction to the news of the two planes which had been flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Although his hasty estimate of the number of casualties was inaccurate the rest is chillingly pertinent to our present global situation in 2018. So here is Mr Fisk in his own words written in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

So it has come to this. The entire modern history of the Middle East the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the Balfour Declaration, Lawrence of Arabias lies, the Arab revolt, the foundation of the state of Israel, four Arab-Israeli wars and the 34 years of Israels brutal occupation of Arab land all erased within hours as those who claim to represent a crushed, humiliated population struck back with the wickedness and awesome cruelty of a doomed people. Is it fair is it moral to write this so soon, without proof, when the last act of barbarism, in Oklahoma, turned out to be the work of home-grown Americans? I fear it is. America is at war and, unless I am mistaken, many thousands are now scheduled to die in the Middle East, perhaps in America too. Some of us warned of the explosion to come. Bu...


Dead fin whale found on beach in Duxbury, Massachusetts "IndyWatch Feed World"

A large, dead fin whale washed ashore in Duxbury, Mass. on Monday morning, with the local police department urging citizens to stay away. Duxbury Police Department tweeted out the image of the whale. "A whale has washed ashore on Duxbury Beach this morning," the police department wrote in the tweet. "Immediate area of the first crossover is closed. Please stay away so Marine Biologists and Duxbury officials tend to the matter."


Tucker Carlson Tonight 082018 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tucker Carlson Tonight 082018 Video Fox News

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Amerigeddon: The Movie A MUST WATCH! "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is a seriously important very authentic, credentialed and meaningful movie. America has become a police state rooted in false flag attacks organized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The November election needs to be about truthers versus pedophiles. Those who speak the truth about 9/11 and Sandy Hook should be elected; those who parrot the fake news party line (two party tyranny enabling the Deep State and Shadow Government) should not be elected.

See Also:

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? Should #GoogleGestapo Be Closed Down?

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE Adds NRA & RNC Letters


Julian Hill MP quotes Shakespeare for country members "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sadly this highlight missed the cameras today. Marvellous to see a little wit returning to the chamber. Yesterday we brought you news of Christopher Pyne's Duchessing at Hamlet. Good to know that Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition was on the ball, perhaps reading our website. This is Labor's Julian HILL, the...


'Clinically dead': Hamas leader dismisses Trump's 'deal of the century' "IndyWatch Feed War"


Ismail Haniyeh promised his followers at a rally that they were on the way to ending the blockade of Gaza


Have British Spies Been Hacking the EU? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The European Union has accused British intelligence agencies of disrupting Brexit negotiationscreating a new public dispute that could poison further an already toxic situation, says Annie Machon.


Mauro: US Must Wake Up to the New Turkey "IndyWatch Feed War"

Director of the Clarion Intelligence Network and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro says America must wake up to the new Turkey and not think that President Erdogan is our ally. With this perspective, President Trump has the opportunity to decisively change the Middle East.



Erdogan Grooming Child Martyrs

Erdogan Revs Hate Between Muslims and Turkeys Minorities 

Erdogan Makes Good on Threats to Suffocate US


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Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions: the Final Demise of the Dollar Hegemony? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Interesting oped from Peter Koenig

Sanctions left and sanctions right. Financial mostly, taxes, tariffs, visas, travel bans, confiscation of foreign assets, import and export prohibitions and limitations; and also punishing those who do not respect sanctions dished out by Trump, alias the US of A, against friends of their enemies. The absurdity seems endless and escalating exponentially, as if there was a deadline to collapse the world. Looks like a last-ditch effort to bring down international trade in favor of what?  Make America Great Again? Prepare for US mid-term elections? Rally the people behind an illusion? Or what?

All looks arbitrary and destructive. All is, of course, totally illegal by any international law or, forget law, which is not respected anyway by the empire and its vassals, but not even by human moral standards. Sanctions are destructive. They are interfering in other countries sovereignty. They are made to punish countries, nations, that refuse to bend to a world dictatorship.
Looks like everybody accepts this new economic warfare as the new normal. Nobody objects. And the United Nations, the body created to maintain Peace, to protect our globe from other wars, to uphold human rights, this very body is silent. Out of fear? Out of fear that it might be sanctioned into oblivion by the dying empire?  Why cannot the vast majority of countries often it is a ratio of 191 to 2 (Israel and the US) reign-in the criminals?

Imagine Turkey sudden massive tariffs on aluminum (20%) and steel (50%) imposed by Trump, plus central bank currency interference had the Turkish Lira drop by 40%, and that only because Erdogan is not freeing US pastor Andrew Brunson, who faces in Turkey a jail sentence of 35 years for terror and espionage. An Izmir court has just turned down another US request for clemency, however, converting his jail sentence to house arrest for health reasons. It is widely believed that Mr. Brunsons alleged 23 years of missionary work is but a smoke screen for spying.
When I wrote the post two weeks ago stating that Brunson was obviously a spy...
  • ...


Businessman killedin seaplane crash leaves 41m to Oxfam "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oxfam is to receive a 41m legacy from a businessman who was killed with his family in a seaplane crash in Australia, it has been reported.


Flatpak Post-1.0 Will Focus On Infrastructure Work "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Now that Flatpak 1.0 was released yesterday, what's next for this leading Linux app sandboxing and distribution framework?..


If You Read Between The Lines, Global Economic Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

If You Read Between The Lines, Global Economic Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog Sometimes, a strongly-worded denial is the most damning evidence of all that something is seriously wrong. ...

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At least 10 hikers are killed with more missing as 'avalanche of water' sweeps down gorge in Italy after heavy rain "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 10 people were killed in southern Italy on Monday when they were hurled over rocks by a raging white-water creek in a deep mountain gorge that swelled suddenly after heavy rainfall upstream, officials said. At least another five are missing, including one believed to be a local guide. Another 23 people were rescued from the flash flood in the Raganello Gorge, five of whom were hospitalised, including a 10-year-old boy who was being treated for hypothermia. Powerful lights were being used to help rescuers work under cover of darkness, regional civil protection chief Carlo Tansi said. A Dutch hiker, quoted in local media, said: 'A real avalanche of water came unexpectedly. We did not have time to do anything. I was lucky, it was an incredible thing.'


#KIDSOFFNAURU appeal to Australian government "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of about 30 NGOs has called for Australia to move refugee and asylum-seeker children from the island of Nauru, after the Australian Medical Association demanded action.

The UNs Insanity on Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"

When the UN chief ignores Hamas and highlights another one-sided mandate focused only on Palestinian civilians, he once again makes the body he represents irrelevant for Israel and dangerous for Palestinians

FILE PHOTO: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gives a statement after delivering a speech on disarmament and denuclearisation at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) in Geneva, Switzerland, May 24, 2018.

FILE PHOTO: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gives a statement after delivering a speech on disarmament and denuclearisation at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) in Geneva, Switzerland\ Denis Balibouse/ REUTERS


Social Media Erupts in Outrage as Video Shows Cop Hit 14yo Girl In the Face "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Graphic video of a police officer hitting a 14-year-old girl in her face has sparked a firestorm of debate online with both support and ire for the officer.

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Cancer Link Confirmed in Largest Ever Cell Tower Radiation Study "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

As the rollout of the nationwide 5G cell network moves forward, many concerned scientists and public health experts are raising the alarm about the potential harms of bathing the environment in high frequency electromagnetic energy. This new technology would add another layer of electromagnetic radiation to an already dangerously inundated environment.

Cell phone manufacturers downplay the potential risks as well as studies that link them to the formation of brain cancer, and in 2017, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued new guidelines aiming to help people reduce their exposure to the risks involved in using cell phones.

5G is already known to cause unused health disturbances and while many are working to derail this massive project, new research gives us extraordinary insight into the effects that cell tower radiation is already having on our health. This technology is far from benign, and while scientists from both sides debate the potential for harm, more evidence continues to mount, suggesting we would be wise to reconsider our dependence on cell technology and upcoming 5G.

Firefighters from San Francisco say that they began experiencing an array of unusual side effects  after 5G equipment was installed in and around their firehouses. Symptoms reportedly included memory problems and confusion. The firefighters say the symptoms only stopped after they relocated to different fire stations without 5G devices nearby.



ARM Programming with Bare C "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We confess. When starting a microcontroller project, we often start with the last one we did for that environment, copy it, and just make changes. And the first one? It ahem might have been found on the Internet. Theres a lot more than just your code that does into this. If you want do (and understand) absolutely everything yourself on an ARM development project, what you want an all-in-one walkthrough. It just so happens [Jacob Mossberg] has a from scratch guide of what you need to do to get your C code running on ARM.

Starting with an ARM Cortex M3, he writes a simple C program and gets the assembly language equivalent. What follows is a detailed analysis of the machine code, exploring what the compiler assumed would be set up. This leads to understanding what the start up code and linker script need to look like.

It is a great approach and reminded us of the old saying about teach someone how to fish. He even devotes a little time to talking about getting debugging working with OCD. Of course, the exact details are specific to the chip hes using, but most of it would apply to any ARM chip. Even if you dont use ARM, though, the thought process and methodology is itself quite interesting.

This post would be just the thing if you are using Blue Pills and ready to move away from the Arduino ecosystem. Of course, if you dont want veer away from the Arduino system, but dont want to go all the way to bare metal, theres always mBed.


9th Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Right to Open Carry of Firearms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On July 24th, 2018 the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that Hawaiian officials had violated George Young's rights when he was denied a permit to openly carry a loaded gun in public to protect himself. The decision in Young vs Hawaii (PDF warning) holds that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to enable citizens to defend themselves, and that the right to openly carry a firearm in public is implicit in the 2nd Amendment's "right to bear arms". This expands on the Heller vs DC decision, which guaranteed the right to own and keep firearms in the home.

The scope of this decision is currently limited to the 7 States covered by the 9th Circuit. There is little doubt that Hawaii will petition for an en banc review of the ruling and that no matter how that is decided, it is likely to make it to the Supreme Court. The state's only other choice would seem to be compliance with the ruling and allowing the open carry of handguns. For the time being, nothing is going to change, even in Hawaii. The court did not issue an injunction or otherwise impose any requirement for the state to immediately comply with its ruling and state authorities are simply evaluating their options.

One final link to be taken with a grain of salt: a California resident is seeking lawyers who will help file a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against California Attorney General Becerra restraining him from enforcing California's Open Carry bans (California Penal Code sections 25850, 26350, and 26400). The same article calls out the NRA for not taking action:

In any event, you won't see any of the so-called gun-rights lawyers fighting for Open Carry because they, and the organizations which hire them, such as the NRA, CRPA, SAF, CalGuns.nuts, et., oppose Open Carry. How do we know that? They said so in their Federal court filings and/or in their oral argument before Federal judges.

I find it ironic that a Federal judge seems to be taking a more pro-arms position than the NRA itself.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Imagine if the world started using US logic in its relations with America "IndyWatch Feed World"

You're sanctioned! You're bombed! You're invaded! The US has plenty of punishments lined up for states which it claims are doing things wrong. But what if the rest of the world held the US to the same standards? Last Thursday was quite an unusual day. The US didn't impose new sanctions on anyone. Not unless I missed it while I was lying on my sofa with tendonitis (cured after a day, I'm pleased to say, by my wife's 'Two-Pointing'). At present the US operates active sanctions programs against almost 20 countries: from Belarus to Zimbabwe. And guess what? By and large the reasons the US gives for sanctioning these countries could just as equally be used to sanction the US. Let's look at the recently re-imposed sanctions on Iran, some of which came into force on August 6, with others set for November 4. The financial punishments don't just target Iran. In a particularly nasty, school playground-style bullying tactic they target countries and foreign financial institutions which trade with Iran too. The Islamic Republic is accused of "malign behavior." Of being a leading, sorry, make that "THE world's leading state sponsor of terror." In fact Tehran's crime has been to help defeat the terrorism, euphemistically described as "rebel activity,"supported by the US and its regional allies in Syria.


Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: NPR: Plastic trash is littering the land and fouling rivers and oceans. But what we can see is only a small fraction of whats out there. Since modern plastic was first mass-produced, 8 billion tons have been manufactured. And when its thrown away, it doesnt just disappear. Much of it crumbles into small pieces. []


The Geopolitics of Energy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In the future the role of energy will not subside. Under the various transformations that will emerge, resources will always be important for the lives of nations and their peoples. War and peace will continue to be decided on tables where energy deals will be negotiated.


Lula da Silvas vision of Brazil is a dangerous fiction "IndyWatch Feed War"

My successor as president falsely casts himself as the victim of an elite conspiracy

Image may contain: 1 person

Luiz Incio Lula da Silva portrays Brazil as a democracy in ruins, in which the rule of law has given way to arbitrary measures designed to undermine him and his party. This is not true EPA

By Fernando Henrique Cardoso


Image may contain: 1 person, suit and beard

The former president portrays Brazil as a democracy in ruins, in which the rule of law has given way to arbitrary measures designed to undermine him and his party. This is not true.

It is also not true, as Lula da Silva claims, that Brazil was directionless before he assumed the presidency in 2003. One only needs to remember the successful stabilisation of the economy after years of hyperinflation, which began with the Real Plan launched by former president Itamar Franco and continued during my government. This was also a period marked by the establishment of social welfare programmes that Lula da Silva would subsequently expand.


Tambuwals 2019 project, APCs headache "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By: Kassim Afegbua On November 19, 2014, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu had glowing words for the matured politics of the then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, when the latter decidedly withdrew from the presidential race, even as a most favoured candidate to clinch the ticket. Tinubu was pleasantly surprised to experience []

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We Got Hit by a Russian Spambot Attack Heres What They Targeted "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

WhoWhatWhy was recently hit by a major spambot attack that we have traced back to a network operating from Russia. The fact that they went after us is not particularly surprising that comes with the territory of covering politics in the US these days. What was very interesting, however, was the specific story targeted.

The Russians did not go after anything we published recently but rather a documentary on Donald Trump that was suppressed in the 1990s and that we published in its entirety in 2016.

We dont know why, but if this is something the Russians want to interfere with, then there is obviously only one thing we can do: Run the entire thing again.

So below you will find brief summaries of the different parts (we had to split the documentary into 12 segments). We urge you to watch them all and come away with a better understanding of the US president. And if you think that youve stumbled upon something that attracted the interest of the Russians and that we might have missed, please get in touch with us.

Even if you watched this documentary when we first made it public, we guarantee that it is worth your doing so again now. The way it ends, in light of what Trump has been doing, is even more ominous than it was when the documentary was made or when we first ran it.

The only end to this road is the ultimate madness, Graydon Carter, the editor of SPY Magazine, said a quarter century ago.

Carter predicted back then that Trump might end up living alone in an apartment complex in Panama and growing his fingernails long and storing urine in mason jars. Its that or taking over the world one or the other.

Trump has been in office for a year and a half now and we still dont know.

Suppressed Documentary Part 1: The Documentary on Donald Trump He Tried to Suppr...


Philadelphia, PA: Banner Drop in Solidarity with Prison Rebels "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The following photo and report in solidarity with the #PrisonStrike was anonymously sent to Its Going Down.

Kickin off the nationwide prison strike with a banner drop in solidarity with prison rebels. The banner reads NO BORDERS NO PRISONS! DESTROY EM ALL!!! (circle A)

Any act of resistance no matter how small, no matter the outcome, is significant. Even the smallest rebellion beats resigning to a life subjugation.

Fuck all prisons!


The Globalists End Game- Deborah Tavares-CSS Hr 1 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, former President Obama Soviet Studies professor, and former President Jimmy Carters National Security Advisor stated It is easier to kill a million wrote a book in 1970 that accurately predicted the struggles that America faces today. The easier to kill a million comment marked a shift in globalist thinking. In order to defeat the rising tide of global populism a devastating world war is the only antidote to peoples desire for the right to self-determination. Seven years later, the prophetic nature of the quoted comment speaks to what is coming. Deborah Tavares explains the globalists and their end game for humanity. We are witnessing the attempted destruction of America, from rising sea water, to unrestrained and purposely set fires, the elite are playing their Trump card.


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The dependent victim psyop "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The dependent victim psy-op

By Jon Rappoport

ANY person who exits an officially designated victim-groupand then succeeds in life on his ownand then goes one step further and refuses to identify his entire existence with his former groupbut instead stands as a unique individualwhy, that person, at the very least, must be a criminal, if not a terrorist, right?

Thats the crux of the issue: never leave your group.

Thats how society, civilization, and culture are promoted these days.

Groups have needs, agendas, and problems, and the solution will come from government. Thats the all-embracing formula.

The fake appearance is: victim groups are fighting for recognition and special status, and the government is pushing backbut thats now a ruse. Thats a cover story. In fact, victim groups and government have the same goal: a relationship based on dependence. One side depends and the other side gives and protects.

The individual is out of the equation. He is portrayed as the greed-obsessed reason these victim groups exist and need help in the first place.

Banks, Wall Street, and mega-corporations are depicted as the end result of individualism.

In fact, government, banks, Wall Street, and mega-corporations are joined at the hip. They brush each others teeth first thing every morning.

Political correctness and the burgeoning movement to outlaw offensive language are merely tactics to: preserve groups separate identities; foment conflict between them; and ultimately foster their dependence on government authority.

The truth is, you cant get free individuals to depend on government. Only besieged groups can be relied on for that purpose.

In the States eyes, a perfect society would be composed of groups who have entirely forgotten the concept of the individual, as if it never existed.

For example, Peter Collero, of the department of sociology, Western Oregon University, has written a book titled: The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives:

Most people today believe that an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.

When Callero writes identification, he isnt talking about ID cards and Social Security numbers. Hes asserting an absence of any uniqueness from person to person. Hes claiming there is no significant distinction between any two people. There arent two individuals to begin with. Theyre a group.

This downgrading of the individual human spirit is far from accidental. Its launched as a sustained propaganda campaign, the ultimate purpose of which is top-down control over billions...


Dagong, which Slashed the US to BBB+, Suspended in China for Selling Fake AA and AAA Ratings to Chinese Outfits "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Dagong, which Slashed the US to BBB+, Suspended in China for Selling Fake AA and AAA Ratings to Chinese Outfits by Wolf Richter Wolf Street China struggles to contain its corporate bond morass. Maybe the US government refused to...

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Trump Called Manafort a Crook "IndyWatch Feed"

Ive been in a holding pattern today, just in case the jury in the Manafort trial completed their work and delivered their verdicts. I guess that isnt going to happen on a timetable that is convenient for me. So, instead of commenting on the outcome of that trial, Ill just remind you that however bad you think Manafort is, hes actually worse.

Theres an interesting aspect to the White House spin on this trial that doesnt get enough attention. In the part of the Steele Dossier that discusses the firing of Paul Manafort, it is noted that Corey Lewandowski truly hated the man and played a role in his demise. And that cant be ignored when considering the following, but its still worth noting that this was published at all.

On December 4, 2017, Politico Magazine published an advanced excerpt of the forthcoming book Let Trump Be Trump, co-written by Lewandoski and David Bossie. It described how candidate Trump discovered that Manafort had been receiving off-the-books payments from the pro-Russian  Party of Regions and their leader Viktor Yanukovych. It began with Manafort inviting Steve Bannon up to his Trump Tower apartment:

Manafort wanted Steve to look at a transcript of a story, yet another one, that a New York Times reporter had sent to him. Bannon read the first three paragraphs and then looked up him.

Twelve-point-seven-million-dollar payment from Ukraine?

How much of this is true? Bannon asked.

Its all lies, Manafort said. My lawyers are fighting it.

When are they going to run it? Bannon asked.

Theyre threatening to publish tomorrow.

Does Trump know about this?

Whats to know? Its all lies.

But if its in the paper someone has to give Trump a heads-up, because if its in the paper, its reality.

It was a long time ago, he added. I had expenses.

Bannon knew what he had in his hand.

It was an explosive, Page One story. And even if the story wasnt true, it was in the fucking New York Times. At the very least it would leave a mark.

Just as Steve had thought, the story ran the next day, August 15, on Page One, above the fold.

Ive got a crook running my campaign, Trump said when he read it.

This a...

Professional Women Are Coming for the GOP "IndyWatch Feed"

The political condition of the Republican Party is not static. Their position has deteriorated steadily over the last year. At this point, one out of six Republican seats in the House of Representatives is going uncontested by the incumbent and, according to Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, the pool of vulnerable GOP-held districts has nearly doubled over the last eight months.

Wasserman explains this trend in a fairly easy to understand way. The first point he makes is one Ive been making off and on myself, which is that Trumps strongest supporters have never liked House Republicans (or Senators, for that matter) and that they therefore cannot be counted on to show up to vote for them.

They believed in Trump fervently, but theyve never liked congressional Republicans at all. In fact, Trump gained ground by running against them in 2016. So why are they going to turn out this year for congressional Republicans?

Theres a lot of overlap between these voters and the voters who made up the Tea Party surge of 2010. They arent matching Democratic enthusiasm this time around.

The second explanation Wasserman offers is one that is observable to even the most casually engaged voter.

The most telling number in the most recent NBC/WSJ poll is that Trumps approval rating among women with college degrees was 26 percent. Thats absolutely awful and the intensity of that group is extraordinary. Theyre already the most likely demographic to turn out to vote in midterms. But never have they been this fervently anti-Republican.

Yes, its about how upset suburban professional women are, with regard to family separations at the border and Trumps temperament and behavior.

I think its severely inadequate to attribute this hostility from college-educated women to distaste for child kidnapping at the border and Trumps personality and behavior. What distinguishes college-educated women is that their very existence as independent, professional women is now threatened. If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, there will be a conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade for the first time. Womens reproductive health will come under assault not just from Republican legislators. Restrictions on access to contraceptives can be expected to be upheld in the courts. Women will find it harder to find relief for workplace harassment, discrimination and unequal treatment....


Ice Age Farmer Report: 'Seismic' geopolitical changes as Ring of Fire explodes in activity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Powerful seismic activity around the Ring of Fire, as Russia offers 2.5mil acres to China for growing soybeans. What a nice gesture..? Meanwhile, New Zealand is trying to keep China (and others) OUT of their farmland. Temps have dropped but the drought in East Australia persists - it's big news, and has kids emptying their piggy banks to feed cattle. Christian breaks it down. Sources


Google Sued Over Misleading Users About Location Tracking Feature "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google was in the news last week for a misleading claim that "with Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored," which is not true. Now, the search engine giant is once again in the news after a San Diego man has filed the first lawsuit against Google over this issue. Last week, the Associated Press investigation revealed that the search engine giant tracks movements of


NASA Endorses the Elites Elysium Plan to Rule Humanity from Space "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

NASA has endorsed a plan where the Elite will live in near space orbit. The obvious conclusion is that this is the resurrection of the Hollywood movie Elysium in which a corrupt elite rule the earth from near space orbit. Here is the story.


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Memo outlines how Soros funded groups plan to work with Facebook and Twitter to eliminate Conservative content "IndyWatch Feed World"

In January 2017 after Hillary Clinton was shellacked in the November 2016 election top Democrat operatives at Media Matters, Share Blue, American Bridge, and CREW came together and released their two-year plan to take back power in Washington DC. Share Blue is a far left website that works with the Democrat party and claims to reach 140 million people a month. The Washington Free Beacon obtained a copy of this document The Free Beacon published this lengthy document by David Brock, the founder of Soros-funded Media Matters website, from a January donor retreat. The 49 page memo outlined how the George Soros-funded groups Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Shareblue planned to undermine President Trump's agenda and help Democrats win control of Congress and the White House by 2020. On page two of the plan these top far left organizations announced their strategy. They will work with the tech giants to eliminate "right wing propaganda and fake news."


Classic TV Drama: Upstairs Downstairs S01 E04 The Path of Duty "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Upstairs, Downstairs is a British television drama series produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) for ITV.It ran for 68 episodes divided into five series on ITV from 1971 to 1975.

A BBC Wales and Masterpiece produced continuation also called Upstairs Downstairs was broadcast by BBC One in 2010.

Set in a large townhouse in Belgravia in West London, the series depicts the servants downstairs and their mastersthe family upstairsbetween the years 1903 and 1930, and shows the slow decline of the British aristocracy. Great events feature prominently in the episode but minor or gradual changes are also noted. The series stands as a document of the social and technological changes that occurred between those 27 years, including the Edwardian period, the Suffragettes, First World War, the Roaring Twenties and the Wall Street Crash.

The show was a ratings success for ITV, and received outstanding acclaim worldwide winning multiple awards.

Series had an excellent cast with many well known actors appearing over the life of the series. Some are still active to this day.


What Awaits Turkey? A Call for Consolidation against the Geist of Wickedness "IndyWatch Feed World"

From our correspondents on the ground we are publishing here an opinion piece on the situation in Turkey after the June elections. The analysis tries to make sense of the lasting stabilization which, despite its permanent weaknesses and shortcomings, the AKP regime seems to have achieved, both through its political appeal and its class alliances. In this sense, the article provides a three-fold discussion on (i) what should (not) be expected by (some of) the leftist actors of Turkish politics, (ii) how we should (not) understand the present politics of Tayyip Erdoans Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkey and (iii) why he is held in holds such high regards by his constituency. In the end, the piece mainly intends to explain why the current socio-political atmosphere in Turkey should be considered a Geist of wickedness and how the much-devoted gaze of AKPs constituency can be understood.


In the days before the June 24 election, there was quite a bit of skepticism towards Muharrem nce, the main opposition Republican Peoples Partys (CHP) candidate, and his populism especially coming from leftist intellectuals. In Jacobin, for instance, three commentators argued informatively that the alliance between the centre-left CHP, the right-wing Good Party (IYIP), and the Islamist Felicity Party (SP) was a centrist movement.[1] Though the CHP, the founding party of Republican Turkey, founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, labels itself a centre-left party, many leftists consider them yet-another centrist partyand with good reason.

As an understandable result of this frustration with the CHP, many both in Turkey and abroad have portrayed the Peoples Democratic Party as the potential saviour of the Turkish Left.  Just before the elections, several highly sympathetic pieces about this pro-Kurdish, left-leaning party appeared, celebrating its leftist discourse, and emphasizing the decisive role of their constituency in a very probable second round of the presidential elections the round that was not to be; Erdoan and AKP celebrated a decisive victory both for the presidential and parliamentary elections in the first round on May 24. No doubt, HDP has some (or many) leftist factionsand it is also not surprising that many leftists[2], both in the grassroots and the party-cadre level, were willing to take part in HDP. Indeed, some have argued plausibly that a genuine leftist agenda was achievable only if HDP has some say in the executive branch.[3] After all, it was hard to find any leftist discourse in Muharrem nces campaign. No debate on labour rights, no criticism towards the capitalists, and no me...


Why do we need a government anyway? "IndyWatch Feed"

In 7 days we will overtake Belguim for the record of longest time without a government. Now putting aside the whole debate of do we have a government or regional assembly the big issue is no one seems to care.

People are not exactly taking to the streets demanding the restoration of Stormont, so it is fair to conclude the general population could not give a monkies if it ever comes back. There is the wedeservebetter campaign but really what is the point of restoring something that never worked? In the ten years that Stormont existed can you think of anything useful that was achieved? The plastic bag tax is all I can think of.

The big question no one seems to ask is why do we need a government? People look at me as if I am crazy when I bring this up but when you think about it there must be better alternatives.

For example, take the Health Service. Why dont they appoint a chief executive to get on with the task of running the thing? You have a board with representatives of the various unions. You can have patient representatives; you can have transparency and multiple checks and balances. How on earth is it a good idea to put a farmer, community worker etc. in charge of a health service? Someone who has never worked a day in their lives in the health service can suddenly be in charge of the whole thing. This is not a dig at the individuals but the system. If BT came out tomorrow and said there new chief executive is milkman from Derby they would be a laughing stock and their share price would tank.

An independent service free of political interference, allowed to get on with the task of running a health service, what is not to like?

Likewise education, infrastructure etc. Make them all autonomous and let them get on with it. This is not a call for privatisation, everything would stay in public ownership.

But what about democracy! The people need a say!  Democracy in NI is a sham, every election is just a sectarian headcount. No one cares what the policies of the main parties are they just vote to keep someone out. Your choice when you are voting is between a punch in the face and a kick in the nuts. Imagine the bliss of not having to listen to politicians arguing on Nolan, it will be worth it for that alone.

My politics are pragmatic, I dont do ideology. What I do care about is someone picking up the litter, making sure the potholes in the road are filled and providing a doctor if I need one. How all that happens I really dont mind.


Bolshevik heritage coming to the surface? israel (apartheid state) is becoming a full-blown police state, Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel is becoming a full-blown police state, Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border Yesterday Peter Beinart, the liberal Zionist writer, disclosed that he had been detained at Ben Gurion airport on August 12 for an hour of questioning of his political opinions/activities. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly released an unprecedented statement saying the []


New Interests Join the Clash About North-East Syria "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Syria and its allies will try to use the intensifying of the U.S.-Turkish conflict to their advantage. Turkey failed to dismantle al-Qaeda in Idleb governorate and the Syrian army has now been tasked with removing it. The Turkish plans to eventually annex the province are over. 


A Man for All Diplomatic Seasons "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Kofi Annans journey is over. But the legacy of this leader of leaders will live on in the impact that his work on behalf of the environment, education, and poverty reduction continues to have on the lives of people on every continent.


Special Report: Senator Rand Paul on His Recent Trip To Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Senator Rand Paul has stressed the importance of normalizing relations with Russia rather than the status quo of diplomatic isolationism. 


Kindergartners Parade With Niqabs and Assault Rifles "IndyWatch Feed War"

An Independence Day parade of kindergarten children in Indonesia in costumes of niqabs and assault rifles shocked the public (see video below).

The principal of the school apologized, saying the school already had the costumes and gun replicas and were only trying to cut costs for the parents.

Digging herself in further, the principal said the props had been used in previous parades to teach about the Prophet Mohammeds faith and beliefs. She denied that the niqabs and assault rifles promoted extremism and sanctioned violence.

Her comments were met with derision on Indonesian social media, reported The Straits Times.

Indonesia, home to largest Muslim population in the world, is considered a moderate and model Muslim country, although events in recent years have belied that description.



Indonesia Destroying Churches as Islamist Influence Grows

Indonesia: Military Chief Defends Virginity Tests on Females 



Russia confirms Taliban's participation in Afghanistan reconciliation meeting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Representatives of the Taliban movement will attend the Moscow format of Afghan reconciliation talks scheduled for September 4, Russian Foreign Ministry's Second Asian Department Director Zamir Kabulov said Monday. On Monday, Kabulov told Sputnik that Russia expected the Taliban to participate in the upcoming conference. Later in the day, the Wall Steet Journal reported citing sources that Taliban representatives had agreed to participate in this meeting. Afghan Ambassador to Russia Abdul Qayyum Kochai told Sputnik that Kabul did not mind the participation of the Taliban in the meeting. "Yes, they will come on September 4. Preparation for the meeting is now underway," Kabulov told the Izvestiya newspaper. Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow maintains contacts with the Taliban only to ensure the safety of Russian citizens in Afghanistan and to encourage this group to join the process of national reconciliation. In March 2018, Kabulov said that contacts between Moscow and the Taliban had been established several years ago, when Russia was seriously concerned about the possibility of terrorist threats to Russian overseas institutions and citizens. The diplomat stressed the importance to clarify the plans of the Taliban leadership towards the Russians, and Moscow received assurances that the Taliban had no hostile intentions towards Russian citizens and institutions.


Californian plants, animals and drought "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2005 video from the USA is called Californias Gold with Huell Howser- Carrizo Plain.

From the University of Washington in the USA:

California plain shows surprising winners and losers from prolonged drought

August 20, 2018

Summary: A long-term study has tracked how hundreds of species in the Carrizo Plain National Monument fared during the historic drought that struck California from 2012 to 2015.

The Carrizo Plain National Monument is a little-known ecological hotspot in Southern California. Though small, it explodes in wildflowers each spring and is full of threatened or endangered species.

A long-term study led by the University of Washington and the University of California, Berkeley tracked how hundreds of species in this valley fared during the historic drought that struck California from 2012 to 2015. It shows surprising winners and losers, uncovering patterns that may be relevant for climate change.

The findings are published Aug. 20 in Nature Climate Change.

The Carrizo Plain is one of the global hotspots of endangered species, with endangered species at every trophic level: plants, rodents, carnivores, said lead author Laura Prugh, a UW assistant professor of quantitative wildlife sciences, part of the UW School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences. It also is an ideal laboratory to see how an exceptional climate event affects a whole ecosystem.

By studying this natural laboratory for many years, researchers found that drought actually helped ecological underdogs by stressing the dominant species. Similar patterns are likely to hold up for other ecosystems, Prugh said.

We think that even though these extreme climate events, in the short term, can be pretty devastating for some populations, in the long run they might be important in maintaining biodiversity in the system, by keeping inferior competitors from getting pushed out of the system entirely, she said.

The results also showed surprising losers: carnivores, ranging from foxes to...


Making the Dollar Weak Again (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Making the Dollar Weak Again Video Peter Schiff Video Source

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Journalist Exposes Western, Gulf Arming Terrorists in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Brandon Turbeville Global Research, August 20, 2018 Brandon Turbeville 6 August 2018 Note to readers: please click the share buttons above   In August of 2017, Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhievapublished a report in mainstream outlet Trud in her home country exposing the paper trail documenting the US, NATO, and Gulf countries were shipping weapons to terrorists in Syria. []


3 injured after shooting outside London tube station "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least three people have reportedly been shot outside Kingsbury tube station in north London, according to police. The shooting outside the metro station in North West London happened at around 9:45 pm local time, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said, noting that officers along with London Ambulance Service were sent to the scene. "They found three people suffering injuries," the spokesman said. Police are now looking for the suspect(s) in the shooting. After an initial assessment of the crime scene, Met police said the incident is "not terror-related." One of the three victims discovered at the scene of the crime was already discharged from a hospital.


It might be too late to save our universities "IndyWatch Feed World"

When university teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd showed her students a clip of a TV debate about the use of gender-neutral pronouns, she was accused of "epistemic violence". An LGBT centre official claimed her activities led to a surge in assaults on transgender people. When asked to prove the allegations, he said he didn't have to "perform his trauma". A professor in Ms Shepherd's own department wrote an opinion piece for the local paper saying the campus "had become unsafe". "Is freedom of speech more important than the safety and wellbeing of our society?" he asked. Ms Shepherd, a graduate student at Canada's Wilfrid Laurier University, made international headlines late last year after she released an audio recording of her interrogation by university officials over the tutorial lesson.


Another Mossad Hit: Colonel Ahmad Eisa Habib, Chief of the Syrian Arab Armys Palestine File, Murdered In Hama "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

The iniquitous Zionist entitys war on the Resistance Axis and the Palestinian cause continues. Colonel Ahmad Eisa Habib (R.A.), the chief of the Syrian Arab Armys Palestine file, was shot dead early Sunday morning in his hometown of Barin in Hama just as he got into his car to head to a rendezvous with Resistance Axis officials in Masyaf. Takfiri sympathizers across social media credited the Abou Amara Special Task Forces a terrorist gang with direct links to Israeli and Turkish intelligence with the hit. This however was deliberate disinformation that is part and parcel of the ongoing psychological warfare on Syria to make it appear that while the Takfiris are on their last legs, they can still inflict major damage on the Syrian military-intelligence infrastructure; to create illusory panic that Syrians will never be safe.

Thanks to Algerian and Iranian media, this nonsense was put to rest quickly and the record was set straight with Mossad being correctly pegged as the cowardly killer. Even the illegitimate Jewish regimes press itself confirmed it. Directly after the assassination, Israeli Army Radio spoke to its proxies in the Syrian opposition who noted that Colonel Habib was responsible for the struggle against Israel. Indeed, he was well-known not only in Hama but all across Syria for being a man entirely focused on the liberation of Palestine and the final fight with the Zionist enemy. Its said that hed go to sleep thinking of Al-Aqsa only to wake up with Qoubbat as-Sakhrah on his mind.

Because of his love for his homeland and burning desire to see it free and peaceful once more, he had previously fought alongside Hizbullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance against Zions head-chopping auxiliaries in the Damascus countryside and Deir Ezzor. But the fight against the Takfiris never distracted him from his true mission, as he recognized them as nothing but the artificial Judaic entitys cannon fodder in keeping the Resistance Axis off-balance as preparations for a new direct conflict raged in the background. As chief of the Syrian Arab Armys Palestine file, he built deep ties in the camp-cities of Syrias Palestinian refugees, especially Hama Camp on the Orontes River and Handarat Camp, and played a preeminent role training one of the key players in Aleppos liberation pro-Syria Palestinian Resistance group Liwa Al-Quds. His partner in this task? None other than Hizbullah Commander Ali Ahmad Fayyad aka Hajj Alaa Bosnia (R.A.)

Prior to his martyrdom, the Syrian hero was in discussion with Liwa Al...


Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh: Gaza is on the way to ending the blockade "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh made a speech on Eid al-Adha and spoke of the situation in the Gaza Strip. There will be no political price for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.


AUGUST 21, 2018 09:27

Palestinian Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh gives a speech after prayers on the first day of Eid al-Adha festival, in Gaza City August 21, 2018. (photo credit: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA / REUTERS)

Ismail Haniyeh said Tuesday, Gaza is on the way to ending the blockade thanks to your resilient stance. There will be no political price for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas movement, gave a speech to the citizens of Gaza on Tuesday morning in celebration of Eid al-Adha.

The Hamas leader clarified, any humanitarian aid will be in national accordance with an Arab security net to offer suitable warranty, but we emphasize that opposition is the best warranty there is.

Haniyeh further stated, Our holiday brings good tidings despite the [malicious] plots. We are witness to the death of the harshest attack on us  the Deal of the Century, which no one can pass.

Khalil al-Hayya, deputy Hamas leader, said on Friday during his visit to Egypt, the Palestinian factors have reached an agreement about the reconciliation, the end of the blockade and the calm with Israel.

There are international projects that will be implemented in Gaza soon, and we are interested in reconciliation based on partnership, added al-Hayya. He included, we are at the home stretch of the Egyptian, Qatari and international efforts to achieve calm and are doing everything to ease [the conditions of] the blockade. However, the March of Return continues until the blockade is lifted.

Translated by Hadas Labrisch


Wire in the Blood: S06 E02 From The Defeated Robson Green and Simone Lahib "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Picture reasonable, sound low volume on some devices

S06 E02 Blocked


Steve Einhorns Bear Market Checklist "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Steve Einhorn is Vice Chairman at Omega Advisors, and Lee Coopermans right hand man. I like his checklist (via Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views): The Einhorn Bear market checklist: 1.  Problematic Inflation 2. Hostile Fed 3. Prospects of recession 4. Investor sentiment 5. Valuation Good stuff! Source: Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views     See also: MiB: Lee Cooperman

Read More

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Kenya may adopt blockchain technology for voting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kenya is considering using blockchain technology to to improve the security of the voting system, according to commission chairman, Wafula Chebukati.


Top Democrats Seek Information on Boltons Security Clearance After Revelation That He Worked With Russian Citizen Now Exposed as Spy "IndyWatch Feed"

Top Democrats Seek Information on Boltons Security Clearance After Revelation That He Worked With Russian Citizen Now Exposed as Spy
Aug 20, 2018 Press Release
Washington, D.C. (Aug. 20, 2018)Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on National Security, sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly requesting documents relating to whether National Security Advisor John Bolton reported his previous work with Maria Butina, a Russian citizen now exposed as a spy.

We are writing regarding recent reports that National Security Advisor John Bolton, in his former capacity as a top official with the National Rifle Association (NRA), worked directly with a Russian citizen who has now been charged by federal prosecutors with infiltrating that organization and spying against the United States for years, the Ranking Members wrote.

Given the alarming and unprecedented nature of these revelationsand the high-level position of trust Mr. Bolton now holdswe request that you produce documents relating to whether Mr. Bolton reported his previous work with this alleged Russian spy on his security clearance forms or other White House vetting materials prior to President Trump appointing him to his current position, they wrote.

The Oversight Committee has previously investigated widespread failures by the Trump White House to adequately vet top national security officials for their Russian contacts, including Boltons predecessor, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  President Trump failed to suspend Flynns security clearance for several weeks after the Department of Justice informed the White House that Flynn was under criminal investigation for lying about his secret communications with the Russian Ambassador.  Flynn ultimately pleaded guilty to making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his secret communications.

On July 16, 2018, Maria Butina was arrested for acting as a Russian agent inside the United States.  According to the Department of Justice, Butina worked to arrange introductions to U.S. persons having influence in American politics, including an organization promo...


Rangers Madu joins Portuguese club CD Nacional "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Enugu Rangers defensive midfielder, Christian Madu, has signed a four-year contract with Portuguese club CD Nacional. The former Giwa FC star won the Nigeria Professional Football League with Rangers in 2016 under the tutelage of coach Imama Amapakabo. Madu confirmed the story on social media as he used the opportunity to give glory to God. []

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One Minute to Midnight: Latest US Sanctions Propel Nations Towards Risk of War "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The clueless poseurs and policymaking clowns in Washington risk setting off a terminal catastrophe for their own people and the entire world, Martin Sieff writes.

On 'victims of terrorism' day, call out the real terrorists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel and the United States have made a practice of using systematic violence to bring about political objectives


Afganistan: Eid al-Adha Begins With Mortar and Rocket Attacks in Kabul "IndyWatch Feed War"

Militants have fired mortars at the diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital Kabul during a speech by the president to mark a Muslim holiday.

President Ashraf Ghani was speaking live on television to celebrate Eid al-Adha when explosions were heard near the presidential palace.

A combat helicopter later fired on a building where militants are believed to have taken up position.

Image result for news for afghanistan, photos

Mr Ghanis call for an Eid ceasefire was rejected by Taliban militants.

As troops secured the area targeted, it was still not clear who had fired the mortars or if there were casualties.

Militants from both the Taliban and so-called Islamic State have carried out attacks in Afghanistan this month that left hundreds of people dead.

Where were the mortars launched from?

A Kabul police chief told the BBC that three attackers armed with a heavy machine gun and a mortar had broken into a building behind Kabuls Id Gah Mosque.

According to the police chief, the attackers first used the mortar against the presidential palace.

Image result for RPGs, afghanistan, photos

A number of explosions were heard in the background as President Ghani was delivering his Eid message.

Security forces are fighting the militants in the building, which was rocketed by the helicopter.

Security forces bombed a house where they believe the rockets were fired from [Rahmat Gul/The Associated Press]


"IndyWatch Feed War"

21, 2018  2003 11 . []


Hubble releases most detailed image of universe yet "IndyWatch Feed World"

NASA's deep space Hubble Telescope has made a new stunning picture, capturing thousands of galaxies in a single shot that would make one looking at it feel really tiny. One of the most detailed possible pictures of the universe features an unbelievable 15,000 galaxies, the NASA team behind the telescope said. Hubble used its ultraviolet sight and joined forces with other space and ground-based telescopes to gather data for the impressive image. The ultraviolet light helps scientists travel back in time as it "opens a new window on the evolving, tracking the birth of stars over the last 11 billion years back to the cosmos; busiest star boring period, about 3 billion years after the Big Bang," NASA said.


Immigrant children abuse in Virginia, USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 21 June 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Explosive Lawsuit Alleges Mistreatment Of Young Immigrants In Detention

Virginias governor ordered state officials Thursday to investigate abuse claims by children at an immigration detention facility who said they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced the probe in a tweet hours after The Associated Press reported the allegations. They were included in a federal civil rights lawsuit with a half-dozen sworn statements from Latino youths held for months or years at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center.

The AP report also cited an adult who saw bruises and broken bones the children said were caused by guards. Northam, a Democrat, said the allegations were disturbing and directed the states secretary of public safety and homeland security and the Department of Juvenile Justice to report back to him to ensure the safety of every child being held there. Children as young as 14 said the guards there stripped them of their clothes and strapped them to chairs with bags placed over their heads.

Read more here.

By Nick Barrickman in the USA:

Virginias Democratic governor seeks to whitewash abuse of immigrant youth at state detention facility

21 August 2018

A report issued last week by Virginia state government seeks to whitewash the criminal abuse of unaccompanied immigrant children detained in the United States and held at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center (SVJC) in northwest Virginia from 2014 through 2017.

Governor Ralph Northam, elected last year as part of a wave of Democratic Party victories that were presented in the media as a rebuke to the...


Mesa 18.2 Is Releasing Soon With Many OpenGL / Vulkan Driver Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mesa 18.2.0 is expected to be released in the days ahead as the latest quarterly feature release to this collection of open-source user-space graphics driver components. As has been the case each quarter for particularly the past few years, these timed quarterly releases are quite feature-packed...


Australia abandons emissions targets agreed at Paris climate change conference "IndyWatch Feed National"

Embattled Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has abandoned plans to set a new emissions reduction target, following a revolt by MPs in his own government amid a potential leadership challenge. Mr Turnbull's signature energy policy - the National Energy Guarantee - contained a pledge to cut Australia's emissions by 26 per cent, based on 2005 levels, by 2030. The laws would have helped the country meet its obligations under the Paris climate agreement. But after rebel Liberal Party MPs led by former prime minister Tony Abbott threatened to vote against the legislation - which would have triggered a crisis of confidence in Mr Turnbull - the PM decided to back down.


Annual Mine Supply of Gold: Does it Matter? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Annual Mine Supply of Gold: Does it Matter? by Ronan Manly  Bullion Star The topic of how much extractable gold is left in the world has become increasingly discussed within the last few years. This is because of increased focus on...

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Reservoirs of Demand to Lift U.S. to Best Growth Since 2005 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The U.S. economy looks set to forge ahead as fresh reservoirs of domestic demand carry it past turbulence overseas, keeping the Federal Reserve on course for further interest-rate hikes.

Image may contain: outdoor

Households have more cash to spend than thought, thanks to newly discovered pools of savings and President Donald Trumps big tax cuts. Firms are ramping up production and rebuilding inventories after running them down by the most since 2009. And government spending finally looks set to swell, after Congress opened the floodgates in March with a $1.3 trillion package.

The result, some economists say: Growth in the second half of 2018 could clock in at 3 percent or more. While that would be slower than the second quarters 4.1 percent pace, it would be enough to make the entire years performance the best since 2005, when gross domestic product climbed 3.5 percent.

Its a green go for the economy, said Allen Sinai, president of Decision Economics Inc. in New York, who sees GDP expanding 3.1 percent this year.

The solid outlook should prompt Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues to press ahead with plans to raise rates two more times this year in spite of criticism from Trump. The president...



How much longer can PNG let its universities decline? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Albert schram returns
After an earlier run-in with unscrupulous authorities, Albert Schram returned triumphantly to Lae. But it was too much for those he'd caught cheating the system. They successfully plotted his arrest on trumped up charges and he was forced to flee PNG


VERONA - It is clear that the university councils of the PNG University of Technology (UNITECH) and the University of Resources and Environment (UNRE) are unable to govern.

It is also clear that in both cases, the management and senior staff colluded with council to chase expatriate vice chancellors out of the country.

Meanwhile, at UNITECH, the University of PNG and the University of Goroka, the student representative councils remain suspended.

At UNITECH, the facts demonstrate that management is no longer complying with the law and is negligent in many ways.

For example, students were promised elections for their council (SRC) in February 2018 based on a modified constitution to be approved by university council. Silence.

UNITECH management has known for about a year that providing a 15% allowance instead of leave fares is illegal. This is no small amount. Senior staff and the whole management team receive in excess of K5,000 per year, some even K10,000. Non-academic staff receives a pittance.

Management has also known for about a year that the imputed rent for staff houses is too low and needs to be included as part of the taxable income to comply with PNG internal revenue commission instructions. It does not comply.

UNITECH management has been presented with a financial audit of the library which demonstrates widespread theft and mismanagement. The external audit board chaired by Treasury will demand compliance. Soon, I hope.

In an effort to buy "social peace", management has been using university resources to pay for staff recreational activities a kind of institutional bribery.

And, in a separate case, the management of University Development Consultancy Ltd has stated it needs to transfer the land titles of the suburban area known as Tent City...


Myanmars Suu Kyi warns against terrorism did not mention the Rohingya Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

Myanmars last military crackdown was called ethnic cleansing by the United Nations

Terrorism remains a threat in Myanmars Rakhine State and could have grave consequences for the region, the Southeast Asian countrys leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, said on Tuesday.

FILE Photo Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, left, in Myanmar, May 2016. Credit Hein Htet European Pressphoto Agency

In a lecture in Singapore, Suu Kyi did not mention by name the Rohingya Muslims, more than 700,000 of whom who have fled the north of Rakhine state since an army crackdown that began a year ago after attacks on security posts by Rohingya insurgents.

The Aug. 25 attacks were launched by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), which Myanmar says is a terrorist group.

The danger of terrorist activities, which was the initial cause of events leading to the humanitarian crisis in Rakhine remains real and present today, she said.

Unless this security challenge is addressed the risk of inter-communal violence will remain. It is a threat that could have grave consequences, not just for Myanmar but also for other countries in our region and beyond.

The Nobel peace prize laureate, once seen as the face of Myanmars struggle for democracy, has been criticized for her failure to speak out against the military crackdown, which the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing.

Buddhist-majority Myanmar and Bangladesh reached an agreement late last year on the repatriation of Rohingya, most of whom are stateless and subjected to restrictions in Myanmar.

Suu Kyi said spaces have been mapped out for the resettlement of people who fled to Bangladesh, where they live in refugee camps.

However, she said it was difficult to set a time frame for their return as the two countries had to work together to agree on the process, suggesting the onus was on Dhaka for the...


Estados Unidos, tierra frtil para un nuevo municipalismo "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Este noviembre los movimientos de resistencia al trumpismo en EE. UU. tendrn su primera cita electoral nacional: las elecciones de medio trmino. En el contexto preelectoral, la victoria de diversas candidaturas rupturistas en las primarias del partido Demcrata ha generado muchas expectativas, algunas de las cuales se identifican abiertamente como socialistas, como es el caso de la candidata al Congreso Alexandria Ocasio. Todo apunta a que sectores importantes de la poblacin consideran necesario no slo ganar al partido Republicano, sino tambin echar a los demcratas establishment.


Staithes Tragedy a Sign of the Times? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Staithes Tragedy a Sign of the Times?

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD examining the possibility that poor Health & Safety standards at SBC may already have cost a young life.


The subject of Scarborough Borough Councils performance on Health & Safety issues has featured in the NYE on several occasions recently, notable in connection with the HGV manoeuvrings in and around the West Pier car park in Scarborough and with the Councils non-compliant Swan pleasure vessel at Peasholm Park.

Many readers will be aware of the heart-rending tragedy that occurred at Seaton Garth, near the south pier at Staithes, at around 4.47pm on Wednesday 8th August 2018, when a rock-fall ended the life of nine-year-old Harriet Emily Nicola FORSTER, from Oxford, who was visiting Staithes with her family. I have no doubt that the entire NYE team and readership will join me in offering deepest condolences to the bereaved family, whose loss is as unimagineable as it is irredeemable.

Shortly after the incident, North Yorkshire Police (NYP) made an appeal to the public for information for a report to the Coroners office.

As chance would have it, I was able to provide NYP with the following information which had not, to my knowledge, appeared in any press reports of the tragedy, so I responded verbally to the appeal by dialling 101. No doubt that conversation was recorded.

I informed the Police that, one week prior to that dreadful incident, at 3:15pm on 1st August 2018, a report of a similar rock-fall at the same location appeared on the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary Facebook platform.

It seemed likely to me that an incident so close to the SBC Staithes Harbour Office must surely have been logged with one or another of the authorities. I told the Police that I would have expected the information to have been shared with the Coastguard, the RNLI, and the Bor...


Indian government was warned about floods, but chose to ignore "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ignoring experts recommendations on protecting fragile ecology of Western Ghats, Kerala had chosen development over environment


Asia Argento is in deep doo-doo "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Argento complained that Weinstein was preying on her weaknesses, but the same Argento was preying on teenagers weaknesses. As the New York Times itself declares, The fallout from a sexual battery was so traumatic that it hindered Mr. Bennetts work and income and threatened his mental health.


Editorial: Pakistans new PM Khan can and should choose more boldly and imaginatively for his cabinet than he has so far "IndyWatch Feed War"

TODAY, the first members of Prime Minister Imran Khans cabinet will be sworn in.

The cabinet is central to all governments aspirations in office, but Prime Minister Khans cabinet will have particular importance. A political veteran at this stage of his career, Mr Khan is a novice in the executive branch. Moreover, with the PTI forming provincial governments in KP and Punjab; partnering in the Balochistan government; and having an important opposition role in Sindh and dominating the National Assembly seats from Karachi, the PTI that Mr Khan leads will need a great deal of the prime ministers time and attention.


Image result for Imran Khan, photos, swearing in

Finally, in his address to the nation on Sunday, Prime Minister Khan has laid out an ambitious governance and reforms agenda; only an empowered and capable federal cabinet will be able to deliver what Mr Khan has demanded. It is, therefore, disappointing that Mr Khan has selected among his first cabinet members a number of individuals who represent status quo.

The thin majority by which Mr Khan was elected prime minister in the National Assembly on Friday hinted at the difficulties the PTI has faced in forming a federal government. The sheer number of members from parties other than the PTI in the first cabinet batch indicates that good governance will be difficult to deliver. Coalition allies handed plum cabinet posts are not usually known for investing a great deal in the lead partys governance agenda. The PTI has a further, intra-party division to contend with: the so-called electables and individuals mired in power politics that the PTI has attracted in recent years dominate the front lines of the party and few young or core PTI members have found themselves elevated to positions of real executive strength.

Perhaps Mr Khan believes that the driver of change will be himself and the Prime Ministers Office he now occupies, and therefore compromises in cabinet selection are not an important matter. But the over-centralisation of power is a problem itself and quickly leads to governance gridlock, arbitrary decision-making and nepotism.



Why Palestine Became a Litmus Test for Muslim Candidate Rashida Tlaib "IndyWatch Feed War"

NEW YORK, NY: Members of the Palestinian community, fellow Muslims and their supporters rally in support of the Palestinian people during a rally in Times Square on May 18, 2018. Members of the Palestinian community, fellow Muslims and their supporters rally in support of the Palestinian people during a rally in Times Square in May 2018. (Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

On August 9th, 2018, Palestine became a litmus test for Muslim candidate Rashida Tlaib over accusations that she was not vocal enough about Palestine during her campaign. Electronic Intifada ran a critical piece on Tlaib a Palestinian American and Democratic congressional candidate in Michigan arguing that her words have not been comforting.

Speaking to Jewish voters at a Detroit synagogue, Tlaib was quoted saying, We need to be honest about dehumanization on both sides and more importantly, we need...


Mahathir resets the terms for dealing with China "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Malaysian premier's bid to maintain close ties despite canceling US$22 billion worth of BRI projects is a litmus test of Beijing's flexibility

During a joint news conference with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who reportedly directly asked Mahathir whether there was consensus on upholding free trade between both sides, the 93-year-old premier replied in the affirmative, while also adding that free trade should also be fair trade.

The worlds most senior statesman has made the recalibration of ties with China a key foreign policy priority following months of stinging criticism of his scandal-plagued predecessor Najib Razak, who stands accused of unscrupulous borrowing to fund China-backed mega-projects worth billions of dollars.

Mahathir has claimed that Najibs willingness to assume huge foreign debts and agree to lopsided contracts risked eroding Malaysias sovereignty. Malaysian officials also have suspicions that Chinese companies were involved in the multi-billion dollar 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) graft scandal, of which Najib stands personally accused of foul play. The ex-premier has denied the accusations.

Read the full story at Asia Times.

Nile Bowie is a writer and journalist with the Asia Times c...


Xiaomi Poco F1 with 8GB RAM listed on Geekbench "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Xiaomi Poco F1 with 8GB RAM spotted on Geekbench ahead of the launch event in India on August 22

The renowned Chinese brand, Xiaomi is all set to announce the flagship phone from its new sub-brand, Poco on August 22 in India. The first flagship smartphone from Xiaomis new sub-brand will be called Poco F1.

Specifications and Features

Now, just ahead of its launch, the new Poco F1 aka Pocophone F1 has been spotted on Geekbench, which reveals that the device will be available with up to 8GB of RAM. While the 6GB of RAM variant of the smartphone is expected to be available in 64GB and 128GB of storage variants, 8GB of RAM is expected to come in 256GB storage variant.

The recent Geekbench listing of Poco F1 with 8GB of RAM scored a 2,451 in single-core performance and 8,998 in multi-core performance. Last week, a Geekbench listing of a 6GB RAM variant of Poco F1 showed a score of 2,467 in single-core performance and 9,081 in multi-core performance.

The device is expected to feature a 5.99-inch FHD+ display with 2246 x 1080-pixel resolution, 19:9 aspect ratio and a notch at the top. The Poco F1 is expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset with LiquidCool Technology, to keep the thermals in check during extended gaming sessions.

Poco F1 also boasts a dual-camera setup with a 12-megapixel and a 5-megapixel dual-pixel autofocus lens. It will have a front facing 20-megapixel camera for selfies and video calling. The phone will carry a 4,000 mAh battery and run on Android 8.1 Oreo.

The device will reportedly have a metallic build and will come in special grey, blue, gradient, and Kevlar color options. Other features include a 3.5 mm audio jack, speaker grills at the bottom, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C, Quick Charge 3.0 support, Bluetooth 5.0 and other standard connectivity options.

Poco F1 will be launched as a Flipkart-exclusive in India on August 22. Also, Xiaomi has started teasing the device on its official online store,

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The Scientists who Starved to Death Surrounded by Food "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A story of heroism and the ultimate sacrifice during the the 900-day Siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. I think it is safe to say we all benefit from the sacrifice these men made.

As the invading German army poured into the city looting and destroying anything of value, a group of Russian botanists holed up inside the vault of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry with a precious collection of seeds and edible plants. This collection, containing seeds from nearly 200,000 varieties of plants of which about a quarter was edible, constituted one of the world's largest repositories of the genetic diversity of food crops. Among them were plenty of rice, wheat, corn, beans and potatoes, enough to sustain the botanists and see them through the worst days of the siege.

But the scientists hadn't barricaded themselves in the vault with food grains to save their lives, but rather to protect these seeds from the Nazis as well as from the starving people plundering through the streets in search for anything to eat.

The collection filled 16 rooms, in which no one was allowed to remain alone. Workers guarded the storage in shifts all round the clock, numb with cold and emaciated from hunger. As the siege dragged out, one by one these heroic men started dying of hunger, but not a single grain was eaten. In January 1942, Alexander Stchukin, a peanut specialist, died at his writing table. Botanist Dmitri Ivanov also died of starvation while surrounded by several thousand packs of rice that he was guarding. By the end of the siege in the Spring of 1944, nine of them had starved to death watching over all that food. Many of the crops that we eat today came from cross-breeding with varieties the scientists saved from destruction.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Ecocide the new rock album to help save the Pacific "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


AUCKLAND "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now".

I had this Chinese proverb very much in mind while I was writing the tracks for a new album - Ecocide - which you can get here and also on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Link to the site every song has a free short sampler that gives you a real good idea of the complete product. So no need to pay up front.

I produced the album because I am very worried about climate change as I know many of us in the Pacific are - and I want to do whatever I can to raise awareness.

It is a kind of Paul Revere-like scream. Climate Change is Coming! But not preachy or condescending. Hopefully the music of Ecocide works for you. If not, let me know.

I produced most of the songs myself to keep costs down. My daughter Madison joined me on 'Planet Plastic' and did a fantastic job and I got a pro singer for 'Dirty Green' because there was just no way I could sing that one.

I loved doing the album. I got some special art for it which connected and drew the songs together into something coherent and directed; more than a single song could do. It also gave me a purpose and focus which I found inspiring.

Surprisingly, the early sales have been good. What Ive noticed is that listens drop off down the track list so the first song has the most listens and the last song the least.

Seems obvious in retrospect, but I planned the program for a real big finish and saved one of my favourites (Big Big Time) for last. So dont miss it! But I won't do that again. Best songs first. Always.

I didn't expect much from Ecocide but had to do it to raise attention to climate change. I won't preach but I truly believe we face our most important test - right now. My Papua New Guinea and Pacific friends know this to be true.



Imran Khans Cabinet: New Pakistan PMs ministers include India hawks, remnants of Pervez Musharraf era "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has announced his Cabinet comprising 21 members, many of whom had previously held key posts in the regime of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf. Out of the 21 names announced, 16 will be ministers while five others will perform their duties as advisers to the prime minister, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) spokesman Fawad Chaudhry said on Saturday. Here are some of the prominent ministers in the Cabinet:

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, foreign minister: Vice-president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who won Multans NA-156 seat by defeating rival Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Amir Saeed Ansari with 93,497 votes, became the countrys latest foreign minister. Born in Murree, Qureshi was a member of the Pakistan National Assembly from 2002 to 2018 and had been the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan between 2008 to 2011. The seasoned politician has had experience in serving three leading political parties of Pakistan since 1986, even though he had started his career by being selected to the Provincial Assembly of Pakistan on a non-party basis during the regime of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

File image of PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi.Twitter@@SMQureshiPTIFile image of PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi.Twitter@@SMQureshiPTI

A decade ago, Qureshi had held the post of the foreign minister and back then, he was keen on maintaining peace with neighbouring countries, including India. Following the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, Qureshi was sympathetic to an India eager for justice but he was clear on his warning against war. We do not want to impose war, but we are fully prepared in case war is imposed on us, he had said.
Pervaiz Khattak, defence minister: Pakistans new defence minister Pervaiz Khattak had served as the Khyber Pakhtunwa chief minister from 2013 to 2018. Khattak was elected the chief minister with four votes, defeating his rival from JUI-F Maulana Luftur Rehman who had procured three votes. He led a coalition government with PTI as the leading party while Jamaat-e-Islami and Awami Jamhuri Ittehad Pakistan were also a part of it. He has also been the Minister of Industries and Labour twice. Khattak has held reformist view...



365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Rotary Club of Oamaru offers senior school students the opportunity to take part in practice interviews.

The exercise is designed to prepare them for the real thing.

The young people we interviewed this evening were enthusiastic, articulate and keen to learn.

If they are typical of their generation the future is in good hands and Im grateful for that reminder.


The Zero-Sum Economy "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is the problem with the economy the amount of stultifying work, or that too much work is really about more and more aggressive competition for income?


Americans Are as Spacey as Ever "IndyWatch Feed National"

The white race and I mean Israeli, Iberian, Slovak, Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, and the lot of us is crazy. We do not need Susan Sontag to declare the white race as cancer on the world to ramify the point, since its been more than 50 years since she declared:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., dont redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it aloneits ideologies and inventionswhich eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.

The zenith of this insanity, of course, encompasses the world leaders of all those European nations, the UK, Australia, that demented cabal in Tel Aviv, the amazing daft of Americanos, and the entire lot who works the wormhole of destruction and continuing hollowing out with that soft shoe power of money, might and ethos that states we dont need no stinking ethics . . . and we kill the world at will.

Im working daily with homeless veterans, and the reality of what it means to have Trump or Clinton or Bernie or any of them in the leeching single party of Demons-RepubliRats running the show is that its a prostitutes game of the highest order: homeless with property debts, evictions, miles and miles of contracts to pay back worthless schooling (degrees), mental health not being treated, crimes invented and prosecuted against them, endless toil in lines of bureaucracy, the trauma of substance abuse and then sobriety, the end game of just wanting to get a cheap house to call home to fortify against the constant chatter of the money launderers and repo men.

Reality is Americans in large part are broken, man, and their progeny are a hop, skip and a jump from disability classification, as each new birth is a crap-shoot of this or that physiological, genetic and mental impingement. Debilitating and lifelong scarlet letters of Double D-B-C-E at birth stitched on their Triple X sleeveless Budweiser T-shirts.

Disabled/Debt-ridden, Broken/Blank-Bankrupted, and Crippled/Corrupted, Epigenetic/ER-prone, at birth, as the psychological torturers bring to us more and more hormone-disrupting, DNA-warping, mental-draining and spiritual-tapping goods and services that have shackled us to a sy...


GuarantCo guarantees US$60 million local currency green bonds for Sindicatum Renewables' India, Philippines projects "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

GuarantCo Ltd (GuarantCo) has signed a deal with Sindicatum Renewable Energy Company Pte Ltd (Sindicatum Renewables), a Singapore-based developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects, for US$60 million green bonds (Green Bonds), rated A1 by Moodys (Indian Rupee (INR) and Philippine Peso (PhP) tranche) and AA- by Fitch (INR tranche).


No Recovery For Crypto Markets as Altcoins Dump Again "IndyWatch Feed National"

FOMO Moments

Markets are receding again; EOS and Tezos falling, Iota and Lisk staying afloat.

In a pattern we have witnessed countless times this year the market rally could not be sustained and cryptos have dumped again. Red dominates the boards this morning as total market capitalization wipes out the last few days gains and drops back below $215 billion.

Bitcoin has remained stable and has not dropped with the rest of the altcoins. It is still trading at $6,470, the same level it has been at for the past couple of days. Consequently BTC market dominance has crept up again to 52.6% as its brethren suffers. Ethereum has been kicked again dropping 3.6% back to $285, its lowest level for almost a year.

The altcoins are all in the red with EOS taking the biggest hit in the top ten dropping 5% back to $4.90. Stellar and Cardano are also losing over 4% on the day and the rest between 2 and 3 percent. Further down the chart at the top twenty only Iota is in the green at the moment with a 1.7% gain to $0.528 which is still massively down over the year.

After its pump yesterday Tezos is dumping 13% today dropping the coin back to $1.35. Dash and Neo are also dropping back 4% as gains go out of the window once again. The rest of the top twenty is declining 1-3% at the time of writing. This pattern is repeated down to the top thirty coins with only Lisk showing a gain. LSK is up 2.5% to $3.92 which is also very low for this altcoin which topped $30 just seven months ago.

Newcomer to the top one hundred, Eternal Token, is pumping at the moment, up 28%. Power Ledger is also doing well climbing 6% on a listing on Australias BTC Markets exchange. On the red end of the scale is Veritaseum dumping 14% with Bitcoin Private and Kucoin Shares not far behind.

Total crypto market capitalization has fallen back after almost a week of gains from its 2018 low last Tuesday. With $212 billion markets have shed 1.8% over the past 24 hours, trade volume has remained low at $12 billion indicating that there is more of this to come.

Nothing seems to be able to give the markets the lift they need at the moment, there have be no hacks or negative news prompting the plunge. Any good news is having a negligible impact on the whole ecosystem, just the odd pump and dump for individual altcoins. The 2018 down trend...


Global Stocks Steady but Dollar Weakens After President Trumps Fed Remarks "IndyWatch Feed War"

The dollar is under pressure after President Trump criticized Fed policy on rates


Global stocks inched higher and the dollar fell Tuesday, as investors parsed the latest signals in the trade spat between the U.S. and China and President Trumps comments about the Federal Reserve.

The Stoxx Europe 600 was up 0.1% in early morning trade. Most Asian markets were higher while futures pointed to a broadly flat opening for the S&P 500.

The dollar fell against other major currencies after Mr. Trump criticized the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates.

The U.S. is moving closer this week to levying tariffs on nearly half of Chinese imports, despite the start of a fresh round of talks. Above, a blast furnace at a steel plant in China.
The U.S. is moving closer this week to levying tariffs on nearly half of Chinese imports, despite the start of a fresh round of talks. Above, a blast furnace at a steel plant in China. PHOTO:VCG/GETTY IMAGES

The Trump administration is moving closer this week to levying...


Orchids, why are they beautiful? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Orchid close-up. Habenaria radiata

29 September 2016

Pecteilis radiata (formerly known as Habenaria radiata) is a terrestrial orchid species, found in China, Japan and Korea. It grows in humid locations, often in full sun and can be cultivated as a bog plant.

I grew it in full south-western sun, next to my carnivorous plants. I watered it every day (or even twice a day on very hot days) with copious amounts of tap water or rain water whichever I had at the time, but I would NEVER let it sit in water (unlike my carnivorous plants) or let it dry out.

When it was in active growth, I fertilised it with a very dilute fertiliser (weaker than I use for Masdevallias) every fortnight.

When it started growing a flower spike, I stopped the fertilisation. The bloom only lasted for a week, and the second one never opened. The plant itself did not grow to its potential height, because it can grow up to 30 cm. Ive got it potted up in a mix that looks like peat and perlite and I didnt repot it. Now the plant is still outside and is preparing for the winter, so I water it less.

Thank you for reading this long description, and please remember that I am by no means an expert and I dont think that I am very successful at growing this plant yet, so please use this information carefully.

From Tohoku University in Japan:

Mechanism behind orchid beauty revealed

August 20, 2018

Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have identified the gene related to the greenish flower mutation in the Habenaria [radiata] orchid.

Associate Professor Akira Kanno and PhD candidate Mai Mitoma have discovered that the greenish flower mutation is caused by a retrotransposon insertion in one of the floral homeotic genes in the Habenaria orchid. The modification of this gene by a genetic transformation system enables the development of greenish flowers in orchids and other plant species.

Orchids are important ornamental plants with high comme...



Lula should be allowed to run in election, supporters say "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lula is credited with reforms which brought many Brazilians out of poverty [PPIO]

With the national elections in Brazil less than two months away, some are calling for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to be allowed to run despite being incarcerated on a corruption conviction.

And he continues to dominate pre-election polls despite being behind bars where he is serving a 12-year sentence.

A survey carried out by pollster CNT/MDA in May, with results released on Monday, showed that 37 per cent of respondents would vote for Lula up five percentage points from a similar poll conducted earlier in the year.

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party came in at 18.3 per cent in the same poll.

Lula who is credited for much of the economic prosperity 15 years ago was last year convicted of money laundering and receiving millions in kickbacks from Brazilin energy giant Petrobras.

The former president said the charges against him, as well as the trial, were politically motivated and were part of a scheme to discredit him and ruin his career.

After he was indicted on alleged graft charges in 2016, Lula was ordered to stand trial for allegedly receiving at least $1 million in kickbacks from Brazilian energy company Petrobras.

Lula, a hugely popular president who served from 2003 to 2010 and is credited with a number of initiatives that propelled GDP growth and significantly reduced poverty in Brazil, had been under investigation for much of 2016 and 2017.

But Lula has for the past two years also come out the clear winner of a number of surveys conducted by leading pollsters such as the Vox Populi Institute and Datafolha.

Although it is unlikely the current constitution will allow him to run for president, both the leftist the Workers Party and the Landless Workers Movement will attempt to register his candidacy with the Supreme Electoral Court, which will rule on his elibility before September 17.

If he is barred, Lulas pick for vice-president Fernando Haddad is expected to run in his place.

A second round run-off election is scheduled for October 28.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies


Freespire 4.0 Released, The Linux Distribution That Originated As "Lindows" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this year development on Linspire/Freespire was restarted for this Linux distribution that dates back to 2001 when it launched as "Lindows" before having to be renamed due to a trademark dispute with Microsoft. Back in January, PC/OpenSystems who is now developing the distribution, the Freespire 3.0 release debuted while today Freespire 4.0 is available...


Tribute to Metro founder, Warwick Roger "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Gavin Ellis at RNZ

Gavin Ellis remembers the intensity and courage the late Warwick Roger brought to long-form journalism as the founding editor of Metro magazine. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on

So true, Metro was at that time a great journal with excellent articles

When Adam worked in Bermuda his staff always wanted to read Metro.

Unfortunately,not as good in recent years


How the Media Keeps Americans in the Dark about the Slaughter in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington D.C. (AHT) A somewhat grainy video, presumably shot from a decade old cell phone, shows more than two dozen load Yemeni kids, aged 6 to 15, playing, laughing, and excitedly moving about their school bus, invoking warm childhood memories for anyone who has ever caught a bus to and from a school outing.

Moments later every single one of these kids were killed, vaporized by a Saudi fired missile.

This atrocity took place on 9 August, leaving 51 dead, 40 of whom were children, with most victims under the age of 10, while another 77 were seriously injured, according to the International Red Cross.

The US Department of Defense has tried to downplay the United States role in what must surely constitute a war crime and/or a crime against humanity by either arguing its still investigating the matter or by disingenuously minimizing its involvement.

We may never know if the munition [used] was one that the US sold to them, Army Maj. Josh Jacques, a spokesperson for US Central Command, told Vox. We dont have a lot of people on the ground.

Well, we do know who sold Saudi Arabia the missile, and there are plenty of Yemeni journalists and international aid agencies in Yemen on the ground.

Remnants of the missile, which were posted on Twitter by Hussein Albikaiti, a Sanaa-based journalist, show its CAGE code, serial number, and the wording, FIN GUIDED BOMB.

A search of the CAGE code shows the missile to be issued by US defense contractor Lockheed Martin, while the serial number shows it to be a MK-82 missile manufactured by General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas.

A US made laser guided bomb did this 2 a bus full of school children, tweeted Albikaiti. The bus was directly hit by a Saudi-UAE jet, fueled by USA plane, coordinates by US and UK satellites. One bomb sent these happy children to the graves after burning them alive and cutting them to pieces.

Worse the British and US mainstream media is complicit in the cover-up of yet another atrocity in Yemen, like always!

Read more about Yemen:

The US-backed Coalition in Yemen is Trying to Trigger Another Massive Cholera Epidemic

Saudis Defend Massacre Killing 50 Innocent Kids and Hint Theyll Do It Again

Hodeidah in Yemen: A Powder Keg for Imperial Powers Nobodys Talking About...


A Regime Is a Government at Odds With the US Empire "IndyWatch Feed War"

New York (FAIR In the aftermath of the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, an article in the Miami Herald (8/5/18) reported that a clandestine group formed by Venezuelan military members opposed to the regime of Nicols Maduro claimed responsibility. A New York Times op-ed (8/10/18) mused, No one knows whether the Maduro regime will last decades or days. AFP (8/12/18) reported that Trump has harshly criticized Maduros leftist regime.
military contractorsUS Military personnel training Ukrainian soldiers
Photo: US Army

The word regime implies that the government to which the label is applied is undemocratic, even tyrannical, so its peculiar that the term is used in Venezuelas case, since the countrys leftist government has repeatedly won free and fair elections (London Review of Books6/29/17). One could argue that, strictly speaking, regime can simply mean a system, and in some specific, infrequent contexts, that may be how its used. But broadly the word regime suggests a government that is unrepresentative, repressive,  corrupt, aggressivewithout the need to offer any evidence of these traits.

Interestingly, the US itself meets many of the criteria for being a regime: It can be seen as an oligarchy rather than a democracy, imprisons people at a higher rate than any other country, has grotesque levels of inequality and bombs another country every 12 minutes. Yet theres no widespread tendency for the corporate media to describe the US state as a regime.

The function of regime is to construct the ideological scaffolding for the United States and its partners to attack whatever country has a governmen...


Iranians in US Charged With Spying for Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Illustrative photo: Pexels)(Illustrative photo: Pexels)

Two Iranians in the U.S. were charged with spying for Iran.

The Justice Department, along with the FBI, announced the indictments saying Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar, 38, who holds dual U.S.-Iranian citizenship, and Majid Ghorbani, 59, a resident of California, were spying for Iran by conducting covert surveillance of Israeli and Jewish facilities in the United States. The two were also charged with collecting identifying information about American citizens and U.S. nationals who are members of the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK).

The National Security Division is committed to protecting the United States from individuals within our country who unlawfully act on behalf of hostile foreign nations, said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers. Doostdar and Ghorbani are alleged to have acted on behalf of Iran, including by conducting surveillance of political opponents and engaging in other activities that could put Americans at risk.

Jessie K. Liu, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, added, This indictment demonstrates the commitment of the Department of Justice to hold accountable agents of foreign governments who act illegally within the United States, especially where those agents are conducting surveillance of individuals and constitutionally-protected activities in this country.

According to the indictment, Doostdar traveled to the United States from Iran in the summer of 2017 to collect intelligence information about entities and individuals considered by the government of Iran to be their enemies, namely, Israeli and Jewish interests.

Doostdar is alleged to have conducted surveillance of the Rohr Chabad House, a Jewish institution in Chicago, including photographing the security features surrounding the facility.

Ghorbani is alleged to have attended a MEK rally in New York City in September 2017, during which he photographed individuals protesting against the Iranian regime.

Later that year, Doostdar returned to the United States from Ir...

9 focus-forming habits to lengthen your attention span "IndyWatch Feed World"

These are small and totally doable actions that, with a little practice, can help you focus and get more done.

From the infinite scroll of Facebook and Instagram to the temptation of a perfectly sunny day, there are a lot of distractions that prevent you from zeroing in on your work. But as career expert and cofounder of Early Stage Careers, Jill Tipograph, explains, internal interferences are tough to avoid, too.

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WeTransfer wants to rule the business of creativity "IndyWatch Feed World"

FiftyThree, one of the best app development studios in the world, has been acquired in WeTransfers attempt of global creative conquest.

WeTransfer, the file-sharing service with 42 million monthly users across the world, has acquired FiftyThree, the studio behind the cultishly popular creative apps Paper and Paste, and the Pencil stylus. The sale price is not being disclosed.

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SoftBank revs up peer-to-peer car sharing with an investment in Getaround "IndyWatch Feed World"

Off to a slow start, peer-to-peer car sharing may finally be having a moment.

SoftBanks Vision Fund has invested in everything from self-driving cars to ride hailing. Now its leading a $300 million investment in peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Getaround.

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Lyft and Aptivs self-driving car pilot hits 5,000 rides in Las Vegas "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lyft is one of only two companies putting regular people in contact with self-driving cars.

Since launching a self-driving ride pilot in January, Lyft and Aptiv, which builds self-driving hardware and software, have given 5,000 rides to customers in Las Vegas.

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How Washington and NGOs Manipulated Nicaraguas Death Toll to Drive Regime Change "IndyWatch Feed War"

Managua (GZ) Did Nicaraguas Sandinista government really kill 300+ peaceful protesters? A forensic analysis of the death toll exposes the claim as a dangerous lie.

A detailed study of the death toll that has been recorded in Nicaragua since a violent campaign to remove President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista government shows that at least as many Sandinista supporters were killed as opposition members. The study, Monopolizing Death, demonstrates how partisan local NGOs conflated all deaths that occurred since April, including accidents and the murders of Sandinistas, with killings by government forces. Washington has seized on the bogus death count to drive the case for sanctions and intensify pressure for regime change.

The manipulated death toll was the centerpiece of a July 25 harangue by Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on the House floor. While drumming up support for a bipartisan resolution condemning Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega for supposedly ordering the massacre of demonstrators, Ros-Lehtinen declared, Mr. Speaker, four hundred and fifty! That is how many Nicaraguans have been killed by the Ortega regime and its thugs since April of this year.

The congresswomans portrayal of a dictatorial regime gunning down peaceful protesters like helpless quails in a canned hunt was designed to generate pressure for an attack on the Nicaraguan economy in the form of sanctions packages like the Nica Act. Her narrative was reinforced by Vice President Mike Pence, who condemned Nicaraguas government for 350+ dead at the hands of the regime, and by Ken Roth, the long-serving executive director of Human Rights Watch, who also suggested that Ortega had personally ordered the killing of 300 demonstrators against his corrupt and repressive rule.


Tuesday nightcap "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

While recuperating from PTSD caused by psychological torture during wrongful imprisonment, Tommy Robinson spots a journalist from the Daily Mail, taking pictures of his family. So he turns on his camera and follows the journalist, demanding answers. Why are you harassing my parents and neighbors back home? and Why did you print headlines claiming Im [] The post Tuesday nightcap appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


It's Coming "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I don't know how many of this blog's readers are fans of the Predator and Alien movies, but THE PREDATOR (Predator 4) debuts next month.
"A young boy (Jacob Tremblay) accidentally triggers an alert that brings the Predators back to Earth. The universes most lethal hunters have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other alien species and only a crew of former soldiers along with a disgruntled science teacher can stop the hunters before everybody becomes their prey."

The Predator franchise began with the film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (1987), written by Shane Black, based on the premise that aliens come to earth to engage in trophy hunting. The concept was melded with the Alien film franchise (Ridley Scott) to produce Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator Requiem and that film spun to produce the current The Predator (P-4). If it sounds a bit confusing, it is to all but the most die-hard of franchise fans.

Because I like the films, I'll part with a few shekels to go see it. I suspect I'll go alone since it's too scary for the grandkids (who often go to the movies with me).

Don't be cruel, it's not as bad as Sharknado (popular during Shark Week).



This article was sent to me by Mr. P.G., and it's one of those thought-provoking things that sent my high octane speculation into high []

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Protests and Blaming the Media. Sound Familiar? That Was During the 68 Democratic National Convention. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Like so many others, Stan Skoko was outraged by what hed seen of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where TV cameras captured images of officers beating protesters with nightsticks, kicking them and throwing them into police wagons as tear gas floated over Michigan Avenue.

So Skoko, a commissioner in Clackamas County, Oregon, near Portland, fired off a note on his office letterhead to Mayor Richard J. Daley. But unlike the withering criticism from reporters and TV anchors covering the street clashes, Skoko wanted to let the mayor know he and the Chicago police had done a great job.

Congratulations on the manner in which you handled the ridiculous demonstrations by certain persons of questionable intelligence in your City during the recent Democratic Convention, Skoko wrote. My only criticism of your action is you were too lenient.

Fifty years ago this week, violence outside the convention and infighting within it captured the countrys attention, becoming an enduring sign of the political and cultural battles of the era, even for those of us who were born later.

But from the vantage point of 2018, its quite clear those divisions didnt end with the 1960s. Neither did the practice of politicians exploiting public anxieties for their own gain and undercutting the civil rights of minorities and dissenters, to the applause of many citizens. Reactionary politics and attacks on the truth itself are again disturbingly common.

Last week, I paid a visit to the special collections library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which houses a rich archive of papers from Daleys decadeslong political career. Among boxes of records from 1968 are scores of letters from people like Skoko, who cheered the mayors crackdown and blamed the whole convention debacle on biased or fictionalized reporting from the media.

The facts of what happened are more complicated.

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Get Involved: London Anarchist Festival "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

As some of you may know by now, Freedom and Housmans joined forces to organise Anarchist Festival in October. Other groups and venues are more than welcome to join. Here is a text with details from the Anarchist Festival crew. (zb) In light of the absence of the London Anarchist Bookfair this year Freedom and


How a Free Market Inevitably Produces Dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Democracy isnt natural, but a free market, and an aristocratic government, are both natural. And the political reality determines the economic reality.


Anti-diesel campaigners and medics block hundreds of Volkswagen staff from head office "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Anti-diesel campaigners and medics block hundreds of Volkswagen staff from head office

brendan 21st August 2018
Teaser Media


Life expectancy declines in USA, Britain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: British Medical Journal

By Kate Randall in the USA:

Studies: US life expectancy drops as mortality rises among younger adults

21 August 2018

While most high-income countries experienced a drop in life expectancy in 2015 for the first time in decades, only the United States and the United Kingdom saw that disturbing trend continue into 2016.

The recent declines in American life expectancy are due in part, but not exclusively, to drug overdoses, suicides and alcoholism. Deaths among middle-aged Americans over the past decade and a half were also attributed to heart, lung and other organ diseases, as well as to mental and behavioral disorders.

These were the findings of two studies published last week in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal). The continuing decline in US life expectancyand the increase in mortality among younger adults and across all ethnic groupspoints to systemic social causes driving this crisis.

The first study, by sociologists Jessica Ho of the University of Southern California and Arun Hendi of Princeton University, examined trends in life expectancy across 18 so-called high-income countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the US and the UK.

The study focused on 2014 to 2016, because previous research has shown life expectancy dropping significantly between those years. Ho and Hendi found that 14 of the countries experienced declines in life expectancy for both men and women from 2014 to 2015. Only Australia, Japan, Denmark and Norway did not.

The decline in life-expectancy was generally attributable to an unusually severe influenza season in 20142015. Leading causes of non-US deaths in this period included influenza and pneumonia, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers disease, as well as mental and nervous system disorders. Most of these deaths occurred in the over-65 population.

But while many of the co...


Git 2.19 Begins Its Release Dance, RC0 Is Up For Testing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Junio Hamano issued the first release candidate on Monday of the upcoming Git 2.19 distributed revision control system update...


Texas father stabs 16 month old toddler to death while screaming 'Jesus is coming' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Texas police are investigating the motive behind a senseless act of violence in which a screaming man stabbed his 16-month-old toddler to death in public, despite an armed neighbor's intervention to stop him. The attacker was heard shouting gibberish before charging his kid with a knife in a common area of the Oak Forest Apartments on Sunday, Lewisville police department said after interviewing witnesses to the horrific incident. "The information we have is that the suspect came out of the apartment carrying the child, and he was yelling some very loud, random things about religion and 'Jesus is coming,'" police Captain Jesse Hunter said.


Debt Rattle August 21 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Henri Matisse The painter and his model 1916-17   Chinas Biggest Risk May Be Its Property Market Not The Trade War (CNBC) Why Do American CEOs Get Paid So Much? (Galbraith) Trump Says It Is Dangerous For Twitter, Facebook To Ban Accounts (R.) Trump Worries That Mueller Interview Could Be

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israels (apartheid state) bogus definition of anti-Semitism will unleash havoc in Labour "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israels bogus definition of anti-Semitism will unleash havoc in Labour Asa Winstanley Left-wing candiate for Labours ruling body Huda Elmi wrote that IHRAs defintion of anti-Semitism will raise tensions in Labour. (Twitter) While the Israeli campaign of psychological warfare against Labour continues, the UK opposition partys membership is increasingly disquieted by their leaders apparent willingness []


Easy meat Britains Muslim rape gang cover-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post Easy meat Britains Muslim rape gang cover-up appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Microsoft Detects More Russian Cyber Attacks Ahead of Mid-Term Election "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft claims to have uncovered another new Russian hacking attempts targeting United States' Senate and conservative think tanks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The tech giant said Tuesday that the APT28 hacking groupalso known as Strontium, Fancy Bear, Sofacy, Sednit, and Pawn Storm, which is believed to be tied to the Russian governmentcreated at least six fake websites related


Increase the peace vegans and farmers can be allies "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Increase the peace vegans and farmers can be allies

Louise Davies 21st August 2018
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Morning Prayer for Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Let the soul be gladdened God help me to detach from worldly anger and malice Understanding Detachment "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: sky, text, outdoor and nature

Let us pray:

Creator of us all, we believe in you with all our hearts. We trust in your infinite goodness and mercy. Thank you for so patiently guiding us along the pathway to everlasting life. We love you and offer you all that we have and all that we do, for your glory and the salvation of souls. Lord, give us faith to believe that you are the Bread of Life. Amen.

John 6:41-58


From Twenty Four Hours A Day

Thought for the Day

Who are you to say there is no God? This challenge comes to all of us. Are we capable of denying that there is a design and purpose in all of life as we know it? Or are we willing to admit that faith in some kind of Divine Principle is a part of our make-up, just as much as the feeling we have for a friend? We find a great Reality deep down within us, if we face ourselves as we really are. In the last analysis, it is only there that God may be found. When we find this Reality within us, we are restored to our right minds. Have I found the great Reality?

Meditation for the Day

Behold, I make all things new. When you change to a new way of life, you leave many things behind you. It is only the earth-bound spirit that cannot soar. Loosen somewhat the strands that tie you to the earth. It is only the earthly desires that bind you. Your new freedom will depend on your ability to rise above earthly things. Clipped wings can grow again. Broken wings can regain a strength and beauty unknown before. If you will, you can be released and free.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be freed from things that hold me down. I pray that my spirit may soar in freedom.


When there is no conscious contact with God, no understanding of prayer, and when the mortal man does not put himself in the presence of Him who he invokes, how can the soul be gladdened? How can the heart find joy when it only pretends to pray but lacks true prayer. The hearts of those that seek the Lord will rejoice. (Psalm 105:3)

Flight from the world is rewarded by refuge in Christ. By world we mean the attachment to sensory things and worldly proclivities. If you detach yourself from such things through knowledge of the truth you can become assimilated to C...


And Now, The Feature Presentation, Sheep No More, Enjoy The Show (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

And Now, The Feature Presentation, Sheep No More, Enjoy The Show Video X22 Report DC Judge backpedals on his DCAA ruling. Judicial Watch says they have more emails against Clinton and the case should be reopened. Mueller is stuck,...

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Rare snowfall reported in Uruguay "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Brazilian and North American meteorologists both agreed it was snow that was seen falling in parts of Uruguay on Sunday, August 19, 2018. Since Uruguay is located within the temperate zone of the tropic of Capricorn, the country has warm summers and crisp winters...... Read more

One of Omaha's wettest days on record, widespread flash flooding, Nebraska "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

As of 15:00 CDT on August 20, the Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska received 156.2 mm (6.15 inches) of rain, making it the fourth-wettest day in the city since record-keeping began in 1887. The city's wettest day on record was August 7, 1999, with 164 mm (6.46...... Read more

Typhoon "Soulik" approaching southern Japan, landfall expected in South Korea "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A Very Strong Typhoon "Soulik" is approaching southern Japan and is expected to cause strong winds and drop heavy rain in southern and western parts of the country. According to the JMA, it will pass very close to Kyushu and the Amami islands on the...... Read more

Wild-caught timber elephants in Myanmar die earlier than captive-born ones "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

In Myanmar, more than 5,000 elephants have been put to work in the logging industry over the past century, accounting for one of the worlds largest captive elephant populations. They include elephants caught from the wild and tamed, as well as elephants born in captivity. Both the wild-caught and captive-born elephants live, eat and work together, hauling logs by day and foraging in the forest by night. They are also subject to the same rules, including those governing workload, rest periods, retirement age and data recording. But theres a key difference: Myanmars wild-caught timber elephants have higher rates of mortality and shorter life spans than those born in captivity, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. A Myanmar timber elephant hauling a log. Image by Virpi Lummaa. For more than a century, the government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has maintained detailed records of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) employed in the timber industry, such as when an elephant was born, whether in the wild or in captivity; its age when it was tamed; and who its parents and offspring are. If the elephant was captured, then the records detailed how it was caught: whether it was part of a herd that had been driven into a stockade, whether it was immobilized by sedation or captured by lasso. By combing through this dataset of 5,150 timber elephants of which 2,072 were captured from the wild between 1951 and 2000, and 3,078 were born in captivity between 1925 and 1999


In The Run-up To The 40th Anniversary of The 1968 Kremlin-led Invasion of Czechoslovakia, Russia Invaded Georgia; Invasion Of Ukraine & Others Predicted; Now Its The 50th Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed"

In the runup to the 40th anniversity of the Kremlin-led invasion of Czechoslovakia, Russia invaded and took part of the Republic of Georgia, in a 5 day war from 712 August 2008. Just as in 1968, the 2008 Russian invasion appears to have been too largely ignored. George Bush was still US President in 2008. And, as predicted in 2008, another Russian invasion occurred in Ukraine in 2014: only Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia stood together to support Georgias territorial integrity if Europe does not stop Russia today, Russian tanks can appear in any East European city tomorrow. (David Nikuradze as quoted by VOA, below, in 2008)

In 2008, Jiri Fisher noted similarities between the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia and the August 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia. Fisher says he understands what Georgians are going through. He suggests that they feel as Czechs and Slovaks did 40 years ago, unable to comprehend why no help came from the West (VOA news August 2008).

Its now the 50th anniversary.
By VOA on the 40th:
40th Anniversary of 1968 Invasion of Czechoslovakia Remembered
Last Updated: November 01, 2009 10:36 AM
Forty years ago, on the night of August 20-21, 1968, 2,000 tanks and 200,000 Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops entered Czechoslovakia. Failed negotiations in Bratislava over a program of political liberalization known as Prague Spring served as the precipitating event.

The 1968 invasion was successful in stopping the partial democratization reforms begun by Czechoslovak Communist Party leader Alexander Dubcek. That August night, Eastern bloc armies from five Warsaw Pact countries the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, and East Germany joined the invasion.

A Czech Perspective

The invasion was followed by a wave of emigrations, about 300,000 in total, typically of highly qualified people. Among those who came to the United States was Jiri Fisher, formerly a broadcaster in VOAs Czech Service, who was 19 years old at the time. Speaking with host Judith Latham of VOA News Nows International Press Club, Fisher says he was returning home after an island vacation in Yugoslavia. He was incredulous when a German family on the ship told him that there was einen Krieg [a war] in Czechoslovakia. Together they tuned into Radio Prague on a little transition radio, Fisher says, and they heard that Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Soviet Army and Warsaw Pact and that people were getting killed. To this day, he says, it gives him chills to remember that night.

Jiri Fisher says he and his friends ended...


Meet the litter-picking pilgrim "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Meet the litter-picking pilgrim

Ethical Living
brendan 21st August 2018
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"IndyWatch Feed War"

20, 2018 2018 .. []


Study says Google is collecting more data about you than you realize "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google appears to be scooping up information about people who use incognito mode in their browsers.

The Vanderbilt University study surveyed Googles data collection policies across a range of services and found that the search giant is collecting way more information about users than thought, reports AdAge. Most worryingly, Google appears to be scooping up information about people who use incognito mode in their browserswhich most people think makes their activities invisible from Google.

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The 'king' of oils: The many benefits of frankincense essential oil "IndyWatch Feed World"

Frankincense has a significant meaning in Christianity, and is believed to be one of the gifts offered by the three wise men to the newborn Jesus. Today, this fragrant resin is transformed into an essential oil that's valued not only in religious practice, but also in aromatherapy and natural health. Read on to learn more about frankincense oil. What Is Frankincense Oil? Frankincense, also known as olibanum,1 comes from the Boswellia genustrees, particularly Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri. The milky white sap is extracted from the tree bark, allowed to harden into a gum resin for several days, and then scraped off in tear-shaped droplets.2


British public supports urgent action and litigation on climate change "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

British public supports urgent action and litigation on climate change

brendan 21st August 2018
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An LED You Can Blow Out, With No Added Sensor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wed seen it done with buttons, switches, gestures, capacitive touch, and IR remote, but never like this. [electron_plumber] made an LED that can be blown out like a candle, and amazingly it requires no added sensors. The project uses an Arduino to demonstrate turning a tiny LED on and off in response to being blown on, and the only components are the LED and a resistor.

[electron_plumber] used an 0402 LED and thin wires to maximize the temperature responses.How is this done? [electron_plumber] uses an interesting property of diodes (which are the D in LED) to use the LED itself as a temperature sensor. A diodes voltage drop depends on two things: the current that is being driven through the diode, and the temperature. If the current is held constant, then the forward voltage drop changes reliably in response to temperature. Turning the LED on warms it up and blowing on it cools it off, causing measurable changes in the voltage drop across the device. The change isnt much only a handful of millivolts but the effect is consistent and can be measured. This is a principle [Elliot Williams] recently covered i...


Smalley re-emerges, with adulation from Stuff "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Rachel Smalley, according to a gushing article of adulation in Stuff, has been appointed to spearhead the Kiwibuild message.

At least we now know she is formally biased.

There is a question though, will we be able to believe what she says?

Stuff continues to try and become the Ardern regimes major media sponsor


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Earliest ever recorded August snow in Japan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Earliest ever recorded snow in August in Japan. Old record was Aug 21, 1974. Also 125 locations recorded all time record low and frost during the same days. Tokyo Times silent. Barrow Alaska barely above freezing forecast for the next week. Cold comes early to the Northern Hemisphere.


Why is the process of buying sperm so terrible? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Smart Designs Stephanie Yung shares some ideas for injecting humanity into the deeply impersonal process of bringing a life into the world.

Nothing really prepares you for purchasing sperm. Its not as simple as a Tinder-meets-Netflix swipe-through of super attractive aspiring rocket scientists and brain surgeons. The information comes to you via your fertility doctor as a printed list of URLs for around 10 different cryobanks (facilities that store sperm). You have no idea what differentiates these facilities, which may be the best fit for you, and why. The cryobanks websites appear similar to dating websites. But instead of adult pictures, and without warning, you are suddenly faced with photos of the donors as children, which makes things weirder, infinitely more awkward, and at times downright creepy.

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The 2,000-year-old origins of EQ and how it became a crucial job skill "IndyWatch Feed World"

The evolution of EQ has roots in ancient Greece, but it only came to be well known in the workplace in the last 20 years.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important skills candidates need when theyre looking to land a job. And its also a key factor to move up the ranks more quickly. Weve also heard that EQ is a better predictor of success in the workplace than IQ, and thats been backed by numerous studies in both academia and through data from companies on their employees.

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Henry McDonald in conversation about his book Martin McGuinness: A Life Remembered #feile18 "IndyWatch Feed"

Journalist and author Henry McDonald was in conversation with Falls Road Librarys Andrew Lawther about his photo essay book Martin McGuinness: A Life Remembered (published by Blackstaff Press)

You can watch the event which was part of this summers File an Phobail and the discussion examined the genesis of the book, the changing face of Martin McGuiness, and reflected on some key moments in the Troubles on which the journalist had reported.

As mentioned last weekend, during the conversation, Henry McDonald also revealed that a parallel academic project to capture to oral history of security personnel working during the Troubles had collapsed when the PSNI won their case to get access to Boston Tapes interviews with republican and loyalist paramilitaries.


Caspers next frontier: Your entire bedroom "IndyWatch Feed World"

It launched with one single product: a mattress. But Casper is now a purveyor of sheets, blankets, duvets, platform beds, and nightstands.

Casper may be among the best-known mattress brands on the internet, but its founders sure arent getting much rest. Take Jeff Chapin, one of the brands five cofounders, and the current head of product, whos been working hard to develop a slew of new products. I think our employees are a little tired but also very excited, he told me in a recent interview.

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Theological Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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The Trump administration and Iran, by Thierry Meyssan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Like President Reagan, President Trump seems to be anti-Iranian. But perhaps this is only in appearance. While the former drew up a secret alliance with Imam Khomeiny, the latter may be dealing with ex-President Ahmadinejad in the same way. This is Thierry Meyssan's heterodox theory.


Security firm released Singularity, an open source DNS Rebinding attack tool "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cybersecurity firm NCC Group has released an open source tool for penetration testers that allows carrying out DNS rebinding attacks.

Security firm NCC Group has released an open source tool for penetration testing dubbed Singularity of Origin that allows carrying out DNS rebinding attacks.

Singularity also aims to raise awareness on how DNS rebinding attacks work and how to protect from them.

Singularity DNS rebinding attack

A DNS rebinding attack allows any website to create a DNS name that they are authorized to communicate with, and then make it resolve to localhost.

This attack technique could be exploited to target a vulnerable machine and exploit vulnerabilities in applications running on the localhost interface or exposing local services.

The attacker only needs to trick victims into visiting a malicious page or view a malicious ad to launch the attack.

During recent security assessments, weve seen applications running on the localhost interface or exposing services on an internal network without authentication. This includes Electron-based applications or applications exposing Chrome Developer Tools and other various debuggers, states NCC Group Senior Security Consultant Roger Meyer.

Exploiting such services is typically straight forward, but it takes a substantial effort to implement an attack in the context of a security assessment. There are tools available to exploit DNS rebinding vulnerabilities but they pose a number of challenges including the lack of support or documentation. They sometimes do not even work, are very specific and/or do not provide a full exploitation stack, requiring much effort to assemble and integrate all the missing bits and pieces.

Differently from publicly available tools for DNS rebinding attacks, th...


"No More Sidelines" "IndyWatch Feed World"

 "No More Sidelines"
by Asha Logos

"Very soon there will be no more 'sidelines' in the political, cultural and spiritual battle being waged. If it's not already at your doorstep, it will be, shortly.

Consider how culture has shifted over the recent decades, and picture the pace of this change continuing over the coming decades. Now picture your children growing up in this environment. Paralyzed with guilt and shame, not allowed to meaningfully disagree or speak their minds... roundly despised in a nation their fathers built. Taught to devote their lives to the pursuit of money by a ruling class of small men utterly devoid of spirit. 

This is the future the foremost power brokers seek to create. These are parasitic personalities, men who've hijacked the products of truly lofty minds like that of Tesla only to misuse their creative energy to their own corrupt ends.

As their power begins to wane, they've chosen to double down, dragging nearly half of our nation into their twilight zone reality of illusion and indoctrination, and setting the stage for something akin to civil war, whether we like it or not.

There's still time to reach those who have ears to hear, before that chasm between th...


Russian Hackers Target Conservative Groups in Widening Cyberattacks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Microsoft removed six internet domains registered by a Russian hacking group that sought to mimic legitimate websites

The Capitol building in Washington. New research shows Russian hackers have been targeting the U.S. Senate and conservative groups in the runup to the midterm elections.
The Capitol building in Washington. New research shows Russian hackers have been targeting the U.S. Senate and conservative groups in the runup to the midterm elections. PHOTO: AL DRAGO/BLOOMBERG NEWS

Russian hackers linked to the 2016 election cyberattacks on the Democratic Party are widening their targeting for the coming midterms to include the U.S. Senate and well-connected conservative groups, according to new research from Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft last week took down six internet domains registered by a Russian hacking group that sought to mimic legitimate websites. The domains appeared to mark the early stages of spear-phishing attacks intended to compromise political operatives working for or around the targeted organizations.




The 18,000 al-Qaeda Uighurs in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Syrian Arab Army is preparing its attack plans to liberate the northwest of the country, that is to say the Idleb region where the defeated jihadists have taken refuge. According to the leadership, most fighters would be ready to surrender, only 10,000 men would be ready to fight to the death. However, according to the Syrian press, a Uyghur colony would have transformed the city of al-Zanbaki (just on the Turkish border) into an entrenched camp. We do not know much about what is (...)


US bull market poised to become its longest "IndyWatch Feed War"

S&P 500 is set to have gone 3,453 days without a drop of 20% or more


No automatic alt text available.

By Nicole Bullock

What has been labelled the most hated bull market in US history is poised to become the longest.

As of Wednesdays close, the benchmark S&P 500 will have gone 3,453 days without a drop of 20 per cent or more, the decline typically associated with a bear market. That would put this rally past the length of the 1990-2000 one.

Investors cite several factors behind the staying power of the latest bull run, including the depths from which the current rally began in the brutal aftermath of the financial crisis and the anaemic nature of the economic recovery.

Image may contain: outdoor

That has caused interest rates and the Fed to be so much more accommodative for so much longer than other bull markets that it has helped to elongate it, said William Smead, chief investment officer at Smead Capital Management.

With central banks stimulus, rather than white-hot economic growth, fuelling the rise from the post-crisis lows of March 2009, investors have been reluctant to embrace this Wall Street bull.

It has been the most hated bull market of all time no one has ever wanted to believe in it, said Barry Gill, head of active equities at UBS Asset Management. A large part of the market has had that scepticism, largely driven by the unorthodox amount of monetary stimulus.

No automatic alt text available.

Gains for shares of technology companies, particularly the Faangs, have led the market in recent years. Investors betting on Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Googles parent Alphabet have reaped outsized rewards as their products and services became more integrated in peoples everyday lives over the past decade.

While the 2009-2018 bull market may become the longest, it is far from being the most lucrative.



Trump Attacks Big Tech CensorshipFinally! "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump Attacks Big Tech CensorshipFinally! (Trad News) Russia-Insider Finally, after months and months of Big Tech becoming increasingly Orwellian, President Trump has hit back, blasting the industry for it rampant bias against Right wingers in a series of tweets: Social Media...

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Nvidia Announces RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, and 2070 GPUs, Claims 25x Increase in Ray-Tracing Performance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce RTX 20 Series: RTX 2080 Ti & 2080 on Sept. 20th, RTX 2070 in October

NVIDIA's Gamescom 2018 keynote just wrapped up, and as many have been expecting since it was announced last month, NVIDIA is getting ready to launch their next generation of GeForce hardware. Announced at the event and going on sale starting September 20th is NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 20 series, which is succeeding the current Pascal-powered GeForce GTX 10 series. Based on NVIDIA's new Turing GPU architecture and built on TSMC's 12nm "FFN" process, NVIDIA has lofty goals, looking to drive an entire paradigm shift in how games are rendered and how PC video cards are evaluated. CEO Jensen Huang has called Turing NVIDIA's most important GPU architecture since 2006's Tesla GPU architecture (G80 GPU), and from a features standpoint it's clear that he's not overstating matters.

[...] So what does Turing bring to the table? The marquee feature across the board is hybrid rendering, which combines ray tracing with traditional rasterization to exploit the strengths of both technologies. This announcement is essentially a continuation of NVIDIA's RTX announcement from earlier this year, so if you thought that announcement was a little sparse, well then here is the rest of the story.

The big change here is that NVIDIA is going to be including even more ray tracing hardware with Turing in order to offer faster and more efficient hardware ray tracing acceleration. New to the Turing architecture is what NVIDIA is calling an RT core, the underpinnings of which we aren't fully informed on at this time, but serve as dedicated ray tracing processors. These processor blocks accelerate both ray-triangle intersection checks and bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) manipulation, the latter being a very popular data structure for storing objects for ray tracing.

NVIDIA is stating that the fastest GeForce RTX part can cast 10 Billion (Giga) rays per second, which compared to the unaccelerated Pascal is a 25x improvement in ray tracing performance.

Nvidia has confirmed that the machine learning capabilities (tensor cores) of the GPU will used to smooth out problems with ray-tracing. Real-time AI denoising (4m17s) will be used to reduce the amount of samples per pixel needed to achieve pho...


First third strike maximum sentence "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A man has been sentenced to a maximum term (for the charge) of seven years in prison with no parole, for stabbing someone in the leg. If it hadnt been a third strike offence it would have qualified for a prison sentence in the 2-3 year range. It is the first time the manifestly unjust []


RIAA Complaint Shuts Down YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Every week, millions of Internet users get their musical fix from service like Spotify and iTunes. However, a growing number see YouTube as their preferred content platform.

In theory, labels and artists should get paid for every licensed stream accessed on YouTube but there are ways to disrupt that business model. So-called YouTube-ripping services allow people to extract MP3 audio files from YouTube videos and store them on their local machines. This is a thorn in the side of recording labels seeking to extract every last penny from their content.

In an effort to bring an end to this activity, the major labels of the RIAA in the US and BPI in the UK have been putting YouTube-ripping sites under pressure. Former market leader YouTube-MP3 was their most significant target, a site that eventually shut down following a settlement with the labels. Now theres news of fresh action against another player.

MP3Fiber allowed users to download MP3 audio from several platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud and Daily Motion. However, following recent threats from the RIAA, the site has decided to call it a day.

After launching an investigation against MP3Fiber, the RIAA asked domain privacy service DomainsByProxy to hand over the personal details of the sites operator. TF is informed that the company responded by giving the RIAA what it wanted, in the absence of a court order. It did inform MP3Fiber that it had cooperated with the music group but that will probably be of little comfort to others using this supposed privacy service.

After obtaining his details, the RIAA then contacted the operator of the site, who lives in Canada. TF understands that due to the blank media levy in Canada, which reimburses the labels for private copying, the site believed it was operating legally. However, the RIAA insisted that since the MP3Fiber site was accessible in the US, this defense wouldnt apply south of the border.

The operator was also reminded of the YouTube-MP3 case and another involving a pair of Russian-based ripping sites. With no desire to endure any legal headaches with the RIAA, MP3Fibers operator took the decision to close down the service.



Taiwan says China out of control as it loses El Salvador to Beijing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Taiwan vowed on Tuesday to fight Chinas increasingly out of control behavior after Taipei lost another ally to Beijing when El Salvador became the third country to switch allegiances to China this year.

Taiwan now has formal relations with only 17 countries worldwide, many of them small, less developed nations in Central America and the Pacific, including Belize and Nauru.

Speaking in Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan would not bow to pressure, describing El Salvadors decision as further evidence of Chinas efforts to squeeze the island, which have included regular Chinese bomber patrols around Taiwan.

We will turn to countries with similar values to fight together against Chinas increasingly out-of-control international behavior, Tsai said.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters earlier that Taipei was not willing to engage in money competition with its giant neighbor.

He said El Salvador had been continuously asking for massive funding support since last year for a port development, but Taiwan was unable to assist with the unsuitable project after assessment.

Pressure from China would only make Taiwan more determined to continue our path of democracy and freedom, he said.


Chinas rude and unreasonable behavior will certainly have negative impact to cross-strait relations. This is also not how a responsible country should behave.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be a wayward province of one China, ineligible for state-to-state relations, and has never renounced the use of force to bring the island under its control.

In Beijing, the Chinese governments top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi, said El Salvador had made the right decision.

Wang Yi

Im confident that the people of El Salvador will feel the warmth and friendship of the Chinese people and derive tangible benefits from its cooperation with China, Wang told reporters alongside his El Salvador counterpart, Carlos Castaneda, shortly after the pair signed an agreement establishing ties.

El Salvadors president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, announced in a nationally televised speech that his government had...


Dozen missiles fired at Presidential Palace, diplomatic zone in Kabul "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least a dozen missiles have been fired in Kabul, with some targeting the Presidential Palace and diplomatic zone in the capital of Afghanistan. The attack came as President Ashraf Ghani was speaking at an Eid prayer ceremony. The attack on the palace and the diplomatic zone occurred early on Tuesday, according to Tolo news. The outlet said, citing officials, that at least 12 missiles exploded in the area, adding that locals say there might have been more than 20. The first rocket hit somewhere near the presidency, the second near a NATO compound and the US Embassy in Kabul, AP reported citing a police official. Black smoke was seen rising from the buildings as military helicopters were flying above the city's old quarter, where clashes are reportedly ongoing.


FixedIt: Hes not accused of raping a suburb or an outfit "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Daily Telegraph reported that the 32 year old man charged with kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and exposing himself multiple times to another girl, 11 years old.

The court must determine his guilt or innocence, this commentary is only about the way the charges against him are described in the media.

The media has a long history of sensationalising crime, particularly sexual crimes. A recent review of research on media reporting of violence against women found sensationalist reporting of sexual crimes was common. When white men are charged with sexual violence against women or children they dont know (and therefore cannot be vilified by race) they are turned into monsters. They are clearly segregated from normal men and stranger danger myths are significantly over inflated to again make clear that men who commit these crimes are deviant monsters, not the bloke who lives next door or plays in your footy team on weekends.

Nicknames for rapists are a common means of dehumanising the victim, the perpetrator and the crime.

In this case the alleged victims are not even mentioned in the headline, theyre replaced by the name of a suburb and the style of clothing the accused man was wearing during the alleged rape. Theyre children and should not be invisible in this process.

The perpetrator has the right to the presumption of innocence but the public has a right to a clear understanding of the charges against him. He was not accused of raping a suburb or an outfit. He was accused of raping a 12 year old girl and exposing himself to an 11 year old. Those basic details of the charges against him belong in the headline.

There is a reason headlines matter so much.

Something like 80 percent of the headlines we see, we never click through to read the article. Were not necessarily thinking very much about the headlines we dont click on, but we see them. And without being consciously aware that its happening they are still describing something to us. When they fit our subconscious bias or when theyre underpinned myths about violence and repeat them over and over again, they reinforce them in our minds, but we dont really notice that its happening.

The things we dont notice are far more dangerous than the things we do notice.

Clarity in reporting and avoiding the passive voice and are among the first things journalists are taught. Which is why the constant use of passive...


Afghanistan: Rockets hit Kabul diplomatic area "IndyWatch Feed War"

Multiple rockets hit near capitals diplomatic area, police say, as security forces and fighters clash in old quarter.

Security forces bombed a house where they believe the rockets were fired from [Rahmat Gul/The Associated Press]
Security forces bombed a house where they believe the rockets were fired from [Rahmat Gul/The Associated Press]


People in government committing the Commonwealth offence of tampering with mail "IndyWatch Feed National"

With the help of this invention called social media on the government carriageway called the internet, the general population have been able to share information at blistering speeds, something the colonialists would never have dreamed of during the early days of this penal colony.

While during the early days of the internet, people may have written to various government departments for example, inquiring as to whether the Bill of Rights is valid in whichever state they live in, this information remained with the authors and maybe few others. 

Today this information can be shared all around the world instantaneously. 

As a result of this quick information sharing, this has led to other people asking questions that people in government do not want to answer, keeping in mind that the people in government are there to represent their constituents.

We have obtained documentation that the people within the doors of the business we call the Parliament of Victoria (ABN: 57 505 521 939) are tampering with Australia Post with regards to receiving letters that contain questions that they do not wish to answer.

Keep in mind that some of the better government information is the documentation that they do no want the general population to see. 



Classic Aussie Crime Drama: Water Rats S02 E19 Blood Trail "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


Paul Weston: Daily Mail versus Tommy Robinson "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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NZ - Anti-fluoride campaigners 'entitled to share views' at uni "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Emeritus Prof Peter Herbison, a retired biostatician who worked within the university's division of health sciences, agreed the university was an appropriate venue for the campaigners to speak.
However, he said the evidence was clear fluoride ``doesn't do any harm''.
A report prepared for the government in 2014 found it was not dangerous.
If the group was a ``flat earth society'' there ``wouldn't be such a fuss'', he said.
Emeritus Prof Herbison spoke in support of adding fluoride to the water at the Central Otago District Council's long-term plan submissions in June.
People were ``suspicious of science'' and even health professionals and academics could find it hard to interpret statistical data, he said yesterday.
``I think it's quite difficult to work out what's real, and what's not real.''
The report, by then Prime Minister's chief science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman and Royal Society of New Zealand president Sir David Skegg said a panel of experts unanimously concluded there were no ``adverse effects'' of ``any significance'' arising from fluoridation in New Zealand.
Fluoride Free New Zealand co-ordinator Mary Byrne said most people oppos...


Breaking the Illusion of Power: There Is No Spoon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.

 Sai Baba

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge.

 Daniel Boorstin

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

 Buckminster Fuller

Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Instead try to understand the truthThere is no spoon. Then youll see its not the spoon that bends, only yourself.

 Spoon Boy, The Matrix

At the height of empire a boundless stream of lies are told through euphemistic abstractions.  These abstractions are but illusion, they obscure perceptions by never directly dealing with the actual physical reality. Instead an interface is placed over the existing reality for purposes of control.

How often does one hear from corporate news sources about trying to build more homes or grow more food so there are no more homeless or hungry? Almost never, because there is already enough of both food and housing for all in the US, but what there is not enough of is the abstraction of money and that is what corporate news speaks of the most. The one thing we can create an infinite amount of is somehow the one thing we dont have enough of so the people can have access to housing and food that already exist.

These abstractions are designed with the intent to flummox the people and hold them in place with abstract coercions that intend to create dependence and learned helplessness. We are told the automobiles that kill the environment and weapons designed to kill people are abstractions for freedom. Were told a government that leads the world in mass incarceration is also an abstraction of preventing tyranny and providing security, democracy, and justice. Organized religion in the US is worth around $1.2 trillion a year, more money than Google and Apple combined, and is an abstraction of spirituality, community, and giving while never making a dent in any social problem.

Science has become an abstraction of wisdom, progress, and reason while evidently receiving their spiritual center from the aforementioned shoddy organized religion,...


Multiple rockets hit Afghan capital Kabul, clashes underway "IndyWatch Feed War"

Multiple rockets hit near the diplomatic area in the Afghan capital Kabul early Tuesday, as officials said fighting had broken out between security forces and militants in the citys old quarter.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack, which came just days after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered the Taliban a three-month ceasefire.

Military helicopters were firing above the Eidgah Mosque in Reka Khana district, where smoke was rising as police and the interior ministry said clashes were underway, amid a heavy security presence near the Kabul Stadium.

AFP | Map locating attacks on Kabul on August 21

This morning a group of terrorists took over a building in Reka Khana and fired several rockets towards Kabul, interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told AFP.

Two people have been wounded. Security forces are fighting the terrorists.

Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai confirmed that fighting was underway near the mosque, and said he could not confirm casualties yet.

Police have cordoned off the area, he said.

Ghani unveiled the governments latest ceasefire gambit during an Independence Day address late Sunday, saying security forces would observe the truce beginning this week but only if the militants reciprocated.

The truce offer was welcomed by the United States and NATO after nearly 17 years of war, but the Taliban have yet to respond.

The move followed an extraordinarily violent week in Afghanistan that saw that Taliban storm the provincial capital of Ghazni just a two-hour drive from Kabul and press the fight against security forces across the country, with estimates suggesting hundreds of people may have been killed.



UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mainly translated into English


Why strengthening land rights strengthens development "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Inadequate land rights perpetuate poverty and marginalisation, as numerous cases around the world have shown. What is the link between land tenure and achieving the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals?


"A Moment With Nature: "Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant"
Lam Duan is the name of an old blind elephant, her name means Tree with Yellow Flowers. Lam Duan has been blind most of her life. Lam Duan lives at Elephants World, Thailand.  


'Not even for a moment': Trump says 'not considering' lifting sanctions unless Russia does 'something good' - New poll reveals most Americans favor diplomacy over sanctions "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump set tongues wagging when he admitted he could potentially "consider" lifting sanctions on Russia if Moscow ever makes concessions and does something "good" for Washington on issues like Syria and Ukraine. "I haven't thought about it. But no, I'm not considering it at all," Trump responded to Reuters' question about whether he would consider lifting sanctions against Russia. "I would consider it if they do something that would be good for us. But I wouldn't consider it without that," he added. "In other words, I wouldn't consider it, even for a moment, unless something was go - we have a lot of things in common. We have a lot of things we can do good for each other." Trump made the comment during an interview with Reuters at the Oval Office on Monday, which covered a range of topics from social media censorship and tensions with Turkey to the Federal Reserve and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 'Russiagate' probe. It was unclear which sanctions Trump might have been referring to, just as it wasn't clear what exactly Russia would need to do to get them lifted.

As new poll claims 75% of Americans believe Russia meddled, Trump says he "wouldn't even consider, not even for a moment" lifting sanctions "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump set tongues wagging when he admitted he could potentially "consider" lifting sanctions on Russia if Moscow ever makes concessions and does something "good" for Washington on issues like Syria and Ukraine. "I haven't thought about it. But no, I'm not considering it at all," Trump responded to Reuters' question about whether he would consider lifting sanctions against Russia. "I would consider it if they do something that would be good for us. But I wouldn't consider it without that," he added. "In other words, I wouldn't consider it, even for a moment, unless something was go - we have a lot of things in common. We have a lot of things we can do good for each other." Trump made the comment during an interview with Reuters at the Oval Office on Monday, which covered a range of topics from social media censorship and tensions with Turkey to the Federal Reserve and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 'Russiagate' probe. It was unclear which sanctions Trump might have been referring to, just as it wasn't clear what exactly Russia would need to do to get them lifted.


Gunmen kill reverend, abduct wife in Kaduna "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Gunmen suspected to be kidnappers yesterday killed a pastor, Rev Hosea Akuchi, and abducted his wife, Talatu, at Guguma community, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis. The incident occurred at the Nasara Baptist Church, Guguwa, where the cleric was in charge near Rigasa Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Rigasa is within the same community []

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Refugee Activists statement - SHOCKED evil DUTTON replaced by evil MORRISON "IndyWatch Feed National"

Well, there's one upside! Media Release - 21.08.18 - updated Morrisons Return Shocks Refugee Activists Key Refugee and Anti Racism Activists have reacted strongly to the news that draconian Dutton has been replaced as Minister by his predecessor Scott Morrison. Grassroots refugee activists have commented on Morrisons ascendance to Home...


Bad product placement: Lockheed Martin faces backlash over amazing photos Twitter campaign (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bad product placement: Lockheed Martin faces backlash over amazing photos Twitter campaign Video RT Lockheed Martins social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of...

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F.A.N. Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

As the people of New Zealand continue to fight a national proposal to take authority over fluoridation away from local councils and put it solely in the hands of regional Boards of Health (beholden to the pro-fluoridation Ministry of Health), an international team of fluoride experts are heading to Otago to publicize the significant health risks associated with the practice. 
FANs Director Paul Connett, PhD, is among the group of experts, and has campaigned extensively throughout New Zealand over the years.  During his most recent campaign visit he made a presentation in the New Zealand Parliament entitled, Major U.S. Government-Funded Study Should End Fluoridation Worldwide. Please share this presentation with your local decision-makers and fellow concerned citizens.  Please also click here to quickly like and share Pauls presentation on Facebook.

Below is a newsletter from FAN-NZ with more information about the team of experts heading down under, including ways you can help regardless of where you live in the world.
Stuart Cooper
Campaign DirectorFluoride Action Network

International Fluoride Experts to Speak in New Zealand
We are very excited to announce that, for the first time ever, Toxico-Pathologist Dr Vyvyan Howard and Irish Environmental Scientist Declan Waugh, will be accompanying Prof Paul Conne...


Falana decries quality of South-West lawmakers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Human Right Activist, Chief Femi Falana (SAN) has lampooned the quality of representation of the southwest region at the National Assembly, saying the regions lawmakers were in the Assembly to either warm seat or dance rather than quality representation expected of them. This was even as he condemned demolition of Fresh FM owned by Music []

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Ralph Cielocha, One Slumlord Among Many: The Horner Park Tenants Unions Ongoing Struggle "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Ralph Cielocha, One Slumlord Among Many: The Horner Park Tenants Unions Ongoing Struggle appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from Chicagos Autonomous Tenants Union on a recent organizing campaign.

Many of ATUs anti-eviction struggles are against large developers who are moving into Albany Park, buying old, under-maintained buildings for cheap, and renting them out for double the cost after kicking the former tenants out and making some minor repairs. But as important as these fights are, they really only reflect one part of the storythere are certain conditions that can make a particular neighborhood or building attractive to developers by easing the process of displacement.

These conditions are created by landlords, often small-time and family enterprises, who by a combination of neglect and abuse set up their tenants for displacement, but get to walk away with a tidy profit for themselves. Lack of maintenance keeps their buildings relatively cheap for speculating developers and gives them opportunities to portray displacement as fixing up the neighborhood. An attitude of entitlement and lack of respect for their tenants makes for an overall feeling that tenants are disposable. Even when a landlord doesnt plan on selling in the near future, these behaviors puts tenants at a disadvantage when resisting displacement in their communities.

Ralph Cielochas 4036 N. California building plastered with a stop work after the landlord began disruptive and dangerous unpermitted interior work outside his tenants doors.

A prime example of this is at 4036 N California Ave, where the Horner Park Tenants Union and ATU have been resisting neglect and abuse at the hands of Ralph Cielocha of DiSilvestro Family LP since earlier this year.

On March 3 2018, there was a small electrical fire (later ruled accidental) between two units on the third floor of 4036 N California Ave, damaging the roof and several apartments. After the fire, the tenants received no news from the landlord, DiSilvestro Family LP, about the condition of the building, repairs needs, and potential health hazards. After several weeks of continued silence from DiSilvestro Family LP, seven tenants were shocked to rece...


Iran resumes electricity supplies to Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"


Power shortages have led to protests across Iraq in recent months


Afghanistan: The War That Shames America "IndyWatch Feed War"

Afghanistan: The War That Shames America By Eric Margolis After 17 bloody years, the longest war in US history continues without relent or purpose in Afghanistan. There, a valiant, fiercely-independent people, the Pashtun (Pathan) mountain tribes, have battled the full might of the US Empire to a stalemate that has so far cost American taxpayers []


Be careful about what you believe Ken Livingstone on US, UK media bias & lies "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source By Ken Livingstone Today it seems like we are in another Cold War. It was breathtaking to watch our PM Theresa May immediately blaming Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals before the police had conducted their investigation into the evidence. Growing up after the Second World War our news was dominated by the []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

Gee, it's been a week or so since the news broke about that reported pedophile ring of Pennsylvania priests sodomizing over a thousand kids, and that's just the 1000 kids the investigation found out about. You know there's a probably ton more where those came from. You can read the graphic details, homemade church porn, whips and chains, and sodomy with crucifixes, at the provided link. Imagine a bunch of Jeffrey Dahmers in clerical collars who did everything but actually murder the their victims.

So, I've been waiting. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Republicans to get all up in arms about this. I mean, where's Pat Robertson? We all know this is the the kind of thing that causes things like Katrina and 9/11! How do we know? Pat Robertson told us so! Hell, every Republican knows by age five that, if two guys kiss somewhere, then, somewhere else in America, a bald eagle falls from the sky deader than a doornail. That's just fact in Republican World. So, what gives with their wall of silence? Surely, Republicans care about this, no? Where are the congressional Republicans running and tripping over themselves as they race to the microphones for a photo-op on this matter? Did Putin tell them not to?

Wheres's the mass demonstration tonight's meme alludes to? Where's Chick-fil-A on this? Is that freak in Colorado gonna stop baking cakes for Catholics? Surely, Sean Hannity must be planning a big rally on the Washington mall to combat this just like he did with the evils of Obamacare! With a surname like Hannity, he must have grown up a nice little Catholic boy. Well, forget about the nice, but, you know what I mean. And, surely, President Crazy Pants must be tweeting up a storm about this! But, I guess the "Deep State" has found a wa...


Hoaxed trailer: What is Fake news? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to This clip argues that fake news is responsible for the social rebellion in the US.  Fake news is likened to infomercials for dictators The post Hoaxed trailer: What is Fake news? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Rep. Rohrabacher: Movement to Quit the Communist Party Makes My Children Safer and the World Better By Jennifer Zeng "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Communist party has made the same claim for over a century now.  It is that they have the special knowledge to improve men's lives in exchange for political power.   This was always false, even when they had zero experience in governance.  The problem is that all the competition was equally clueless.
 What they consistently brought to the table was an ideology of almost unrestrained personal power with disastrous results in terms of actual economic development as that power automatically interfered with all decision making.
Most are wise to them but for the true believers they have a clear path to stealing power from everyone else.  Thus they continue to trouble us.  This is an occasion in which a few judicial summary executions or jail terms could act to inform the rest to shut it down.  I think that did work once with the NAZIs in the USA.  It is not free speech when the clear and proven intent is to impose physical power over the innocent.
The Communist dream will never truly end until we master poverty and adopt the Rule of Twelve.
Rep. Rohrabacher: Movement to Quit the Communist Party Makes My Children Safer and the World Better

By Jennifer Zeng

July 27, 2018 Last Updated: August 1, 2018

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) poses in his office in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington on July 26, 2018. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

WASHINGTONIn an exclusive interview, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said the movement for quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), known as the Tuidang movement, will help achieve a more peaceful world. Because of it, my children will be safer, he said.

On June 8, Rohrabacher introduced...


What kills you when a volcano erupts? Its not what you think "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The history is all there.  When a volcano goes active it is mandatory to remove yourself to a great distance and out of and water sheds as well.  This is not complicated.  When Mt St Helens woke up  it immediately became unpredictable.  Worse the whole mountain was been lifted by several feet per day.

Unbelievably a handful of oblivious fools were continuing to work about the location.  Obviously the profession has sobered up since and we have not seen such folly since.  In the end a couple of dozen did die including a handful in the path of the twenty mile long directed out wash of hot gas and dust.

Pyroclastic flows are huge and travel rapidly which means a safe distance is about twenty miles away.

What kills you when a volcano erupts? Its not what you think

The blockbuster movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) involves more than just dinosaurs wreaking havoc. Humans are sent in to rescue some prehistoric critters on the volcanic island of Isla Nublar, and chaos soon begins. The volcano erupts, and everyone runs away as a roiling cloud called a pyroclastic flow approaches. At one point the main character disappears into the cloud. Luckily, some dinosaurs and humans in a strange glass ball fall over a cliff into the sea, and our hero splash...


Groasis "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

  Planting trees in Dubai after a sandstorm, it is possible with the Waterboxx plant cocoon - survival rates of more than 90% with 90% less water

I was really surprised at what this technology accomplishes.  Much is unexpected.  You can set up in the middle of the desert itself. and succeed.

What happens is that you initially pour a bucket of water into the prepared hole itself.  this sets up a water column the reaches deep.  It is covered with a patch of paper to slow evaporation. then the bucket device is set up and the two seedlings also planted.

The plant is thus fully protected for at least three years around its roots and during initial growth.

The bucket is charged with waster and left.  Condensation continuously recharges the tank and some water is wicked out into the soil to support the seedlings.

They have had a ninety percent success in pure desert even.

 What really matters though is that the root system can run deep to locate deep water.  This is huge because suddenly i can envisage covering the entire Sahara with single trees set on a mile by mile grid.  Where they survive will be obvious plantation lands for future development.  Where they do not you simply postpone.

Also crossing the desert you will see scattered trees as far as the eye can see.

I wish i had heard of this a long time ago but all the necessary field testing is well completed.


What is the Muslim world? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The battle against racism and its sister, tribalism has only been won in the Western world and even there it is often incomplete.  The West also never licensed tribalism and racism elsewhere.

The fundamental error of Islam is that it preserves Racism and tribalism in its full expression.  It was the unique nature of the Christian dispensation that Racism and tribalism could even be challenged in the West.  Even that demanded the reformation 1500 years on.  We could rightly call it the five hundred year war.

What is the Muslim world?

Islamists and Western pundits speak of the West and the Muslim world but such tribalism is dangerous colonial propaganda

On 17 May 1919 in Paris, three Indian Muslim leaders met the United States president Woodrow Wilson to make a case for the preservation of the Ottoman caliphate in Istanbul, and for the national self-determination of Anatolia as a homeland for Turkish Muslims. The Indians advocated for the independence of what they called the last remaining Muslim power in the world. Indian Muslim leaders speaking up on behalf of an Ottoman caliphate might appear to represent a global Muslim unity, but such a conclusion would be a mistake.

In fact, the details, arguments and ideals of the meeting reveal how incoherent and misleading the prevalent presumption is of any distinction between the Muslim world and the West. The Indian Muslims made their case for Turkish independence by appeals to Wilsons 14 points for peace. Their success in getting the meeting with Wilson owed much to their sacrifice as soldiers in the British army fighting and defeating the German-Ottoman...


Mozilla Firefox Goes All in for EVIL They Want to Block Independent Media Sources at the Browser Level "IndyWatch Feed World"

Remember the day you found out Google was steeped in pure evil? So you sought out a different browser to escape the evil overlords that run Chrome.

Many of us sought out Firefox from Mozilla, an organization with a strong history supporting free speech and open access to information.

But now Mozilla has joined the dark side. Theyre jumping in bed with pure evil, pushing an Information Trust Initiative that would block independent media sources at the browser level while favoring corporate media giants like CNN, a cesspool of deliberately fake news.

Surprised? You shouldnt be. The Mozilla Foundation also pushed for so-called net neutrality, a total sham agenda that the tech giants was crucial to make sure you would never be blocked from the information sources you wanted to visit.

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Turnbulls last chance for greatness "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Since he first entered the Australian political scene as a leading proponent of republicanism, Malcolm Turnbulls career has been one long series of disappointments, which involved failing (more or less steadily) upwards.  Barring a miracle, his career is now effectively over. In the unlikely event that he survives as PM to the next election, he is assured of electoral defeat and subsequent oblivion.

But, he has one last chance for greatness. Its now clear that  many of his Liberal colleagues and, almost certainly, a majority of coalition MPs, want to hand the country over to an overt racist, bigot and climate denialist*. Yet it would only take 75 votes on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop this from happening.  A handful of genuine liberals in the Liberal party would be enough*.*

If Turnbull led such a group, he would be reviled by his own side, most of whom hate and/or despise him anyway, but he would finally justify the hopes of millions of Australians (including me) who actually believed he could change politics for the better.

Even if the requisite handful could not be found, Turnbull could resign his seat and recontest it as an independent, or support someone else pledged to oppose Dutton.  That would give at least some electors a chance to have their say.

Of course, this is all said in bitter jest.  Turnbull has never stood for anything and never will. He will hang on to the last possible moment, then capitulate meekly.

*  I mean Dutton, though his puppetmaster Abbott fits the bill also. In his inglorious run as PM, he at least paid lip service to racial equality and climate reality, but that has now gone out the window.

** Somewhere between one and five depending on how the independents and fringe parties went. I assume that any confidence agreements made with Turnbull would lapse.


Montreal: Anti-Colonial Action Against John A. Macdonald Monument "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Anti-colonial action made in support of removal of John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria, BC. Video and report was originally published to Montreal Counter-Info and produced by No Borders Media.

Earlier this morning, a group of unnamed anti-colonial vandals targeted the John A. Macdonald Monument in Montreal. The statue, at Place du Canada, was sprayed with red paint. The area around the statue was also postered with an explanatory text.

We claim this action in support of the recent removal of the John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria (BC), and in continued opposition to the far-right groups and politicians who actively defend a legacy of white supremacy and racism. We also undertake this action in solidarity with previous actions against the John A. Macdonald statue in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada. We demand that City authorities in Montreal take measures, similar to the City of Victoria, to remove the Macdonald Monument. Montreal is already undertaking the long overdue process of re-naming Amherst Street (which named after another colonial racist who advocated the extermination of Indigenous peoples).

Here is the text of the poster accompanying the recent vandalism, providing concise context about why Macdonald statues and monuments should be removed:

John A. Macdonald was a colonial racist!
Take down his statues across Canada, and put them in museums.

John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist. He directly contributed to the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-white minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called Aryan Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese origin. He was responsible for the hanging of Mtis martyr Louis Riel.

Macdonald statues should be removed from public space and instead placed in archives or museums, where they belong as historical artifacts. Public space should celebrate collective struggles for justice and liberation, not white supremacy and genocide.



Mt Buller receives most snow at the resort in 14 years with 30cm recorded overnight as icy cold snap hits Melbourne and Canberra "IndyWatch Feed World"

Parts of Victoria have woken up to snow on Sunday morning after shivering through a brutal cold snap. Mt Buller recieved 30cm of snow overnight, recorded as the most the resort has seen in more than 14 years. The resort's communications consultant, Rhylla Morgan confirmed the blankets of snow seen were unprecedented, even for the resort. It has been snowing steadily in the region, with expectations of hail, strong winds and a thunderstorm throughout the night. Other areas of Victoria have also been hit with extreme weather conditions. There have been reports of snow in the Macedon Ranges in central Victoria, while motorists travelling near Warragul, south-east of Melbourne, were warned about ice and snow on the road.


Malaysia seizes $12 million rhino horn shipment "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Image result for Malaysia seizes rhino horn


KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) Malaysia has seized rhinoceros horns worth nearly $12 million bound for Vietnam, in its largest haul of such contraband, officials said on Monday.

Wildlife experts say Malaysia is a major transit point for the illegal trafficking of endangered species to other Asian countries.

Officials acting on a tip-off seized 50 horns, weighing about 116 kg (256 lb), at the cargo terminal of Kuala Lumpur airport on Aug. 13, a wildlife official said in a statement.

The shipment also included nine carcasses of what are believed to be tigers and bears, weighing about 200 kg (441 lb).

All the wildlife items confiscated were to be exported out of Malaysia without a proper permit, Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim, the director-general of the Wildlife and National Parks Department, said in the statement.The department will run DNA tests to identify each wildlife species involved, he added.

The shipment, valued at 48 million ringgit ($11.7 million), was bound for Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Investigations showed the consignment had been shipped with false documents, and efforts were being made to identify its true owner, Abdul Kadir said.

TRAFFIC, a group which monitors the illegal wildlife trade, said the case highlighted links between Malaysia and Vietnam, which are both in southeast Asia.

This was a very unusual mix of wildlife parts found rhino horns which were clearly n...


Anonymous collective brought down Spain sites to support Catalonia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Anonymous targeted many governments websites in Spain to protest against the Governments efforts to block Catalonia s separatist wave.

Members of the notorious Anonymous collective claimed responsibility for bringing down several government websites in Spain on Monday to protest against the decision of the government to block Catalonias separatist drive.

Anonymous brought down the websites of the Constitutional Court and the economy and foreign ministries on Monday as part of an operation called .

Hey Spain, we see that you are still hurting the Catalan people. This is not a joke. We will hurt your government as well!, reads a message published by Anonymous on Twitter.


This isnt the first time that the collective target the Constitutional Courts website, in October 2017 while Spains government was announcing the seizure of powers from Catalonias regional government due to the separatist movements in the region.




UK Finally Ditches Moderate Syrian Rebels Ahead of Idlib Battle "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Syria Russia Idlib(ZHE Op-ed)  CNN warns that Syrian and Russian forces are closing in on the last rebel stronghold in Syria while characteristically failing to inform its readers that the rebel coalition in control of the northwest pocket of Idlib is but the latest incarnation of al-Qaeda, calling itself Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. With the final major battle looming which could mark the []


Laos dam disaster hasn't dampened region's thirst for hydropower "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Mega dams are no stranger to controversy, so why do dam-building plans in the Mekong continue despite urgent calls to alter the way large hydropower is produced?


Stocks Get Closer to Januarys Record High, Whats Next? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Stocks Get Closer to Januarys Record High, Whats Next? by PAUL REJCZAK Sunshine Profits The U.S. stock market indexes gained 0.1-0.4% on Friday, extending their short-term consolidation on Friday, as investors hesitated following the recent advance. The S&P 500...

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Eric King is Now in the S.H.U. and in Need of Support "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Eric King is Now in the S.H.U. and in Need of Support appeared first on It's Going Down.

Update on long-time anarchist prisoner, Eric King, from his support crew.

It was just brought to our attention that Eric was sent to the Secure Housing Unit (S.H.U., the hole, solitary confinement, etc) yesterday (8/17/18). At this point we do not have all the details, but it does seem like Eric will be in the S.H.U for the foreseeable future given what we know so far. We will be sure to update everyone once we get more information on the situation.

Eric is so appreciative of all of the mail he had received for his birthday, but unfortunately he wont have any of it with him to respond to, so if youre interested in writing him again hed really appreciate that. We also encourage everyone to send him a note or a postcard or anything. The S.H.U is an even darker place then general population as a lot of you are aware of, so we have a couple of suggestions of easy ways to brighten up an otherwise drab cell hell be spending 23 hours a day in for a period of time.

If folks are willing and able, it would be great to include some articles about news, books, media, scientific discoveries, etc or pictures of beautiful nature spots by printing them off of a computer (remember, prisoners cannot get articles ripped out of the newspaper, polaroids, or real photographs).

Or, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, please also consider sending Eric a book to get him some reading material while hes in the S.H.U.

This is an already particularly stressful time for Eric with the struggles his partner is going through, so if you could help us pass this along and encourage folks to write to Eric he would really appreciate that.

Update 8/19/18: Eric is still in the SHU but has been moved to a high security federal prison. You can write to him here:

Eric King #27090-045
USP Florence High
US Penitentiary
PO Box 7000
Florence, CO 81226

Thank you all for your continued support!  Until all are free!

EK Support Crew


WhatsApp will reportedly develop tools to combat fake news in India "IndyWatch Feed World"

India is WhatsApps biggest market with more than 200 million users, but recently the app has come under fire there as fake news propagates amongWhatsApp groups.

Thats according to Indias IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who said WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels gave the assurance that the new tools would be coming, reports Reuters. India is WhatsApps biggest market with more than 200 million users, but recently the app has come under fire there as fake news propagates among WhatsApp groups. Prasad said the new tools would allow WhatsApp owner Facebook to trace the origin of sinister messages. Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp has acknowledged that the new tools are indeed in the pipeline, however.

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People moves: Kina "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Board changes at Kina

Andrew Carriline and Paul Hutchinson have joined the Kina Securities Board. Jim Yap has retired from the Board. Carriline recently retired from Westpac, a major Australian bank, where he spent most of the last decade in senior risk roles. He was also most recently Chairman of Westpacs business in PNG. Hutchinson was the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rural Bank.




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Companies investing locally this year but will switch to starting up new operations next year, according to round table "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Companies are now using excess capital to acquire domestically but may be switching to starting up operations next year. They were some of the observations in a round table discussion about Papua New Guineas investment environment at the Business Advantage Invest Forum in Brisbane.

Investment Round Table. From left: Clarence Hoot, Zanie Theron, Kip Hanna, John Vivian. Source: BAI

Zanie Theron, Managing Partner of consultancy KPMG in Port Moresby said this year most of the investment activity has been transactional operations aimed at acquiring within the country.

In terms of domestic investments, it has a direct link to the foreign exchange challenges, she said.

There are challenges in repatriating those funds.

A lot of businesses have been right sizing.

So with large amounts of available funds to invest in-country, the local organisations have been looking at profitable (domestic) companies to invest in.

Strong balance sheets

Kip Hanna, Westpacs Pacific Regional Head said the last 12 to 18 months has been pretty tough.

A lot of businesses have been right sizing and reducing businesses.

Hanna agrees that a lack of access to foreign exchange has been an issue.

In 2019 we are expecting a lot of increase in the start-up side.

Another problem is the dampening of demand. So we havent seen a heap of activity.

Hanna said there has been some activity with corporates that have strong balance sheets positioning in a complementary area.

We have also seen some business in property via some of those corporates as well, where they are actually acquiring property through leasing and so forth.


Theron said in 2019 we are expecting a lot of increase in the start-up side.

She said the activity may be similar to what was seen in 2012, when the PNG LNG project was starting up.



BBC News websites SodaStream report sidesteps its own previous reporting "IndyWatch Feed War"

On August 20th the BBC News website published a report headlined PepsiCo buys Sodastream for $3.2bnon its Business and Middle East pages.

PepsiCo has announced it is buying Sodastream for $3.2bn (2.5bn).

Israel-based Sodastream makes a machine and refillable cylinders allowing users to make their own carbonated drinks. []

PepsiCo will buy all outstanding shares of Sodastream for $144 each almost 11% higher than its closing price in New York on Friday.

The stock has soared 85% this year after rising by 78% in 2017.

The takeover has already been approved by the boards of both firms. []

If regulators approve the deal, it is expected to be finalised by January 2019, subject to a vote by Sodastream shareholders.

Readers were not informed that SodaStreams operations in Israel will ...


China is now the second biggest spender on TV shows "IndyWatch Feed World"

China spent $10.9 billion producing TV shows, while the U.K. spent $10 billion. The U.S., however, spent $58.3 billion.

The country leaped past the U.K., making it second to only the U.S. on the amount of money it spends producing television shows, reports CNBC. In 2017, China spent $10.9 billion producing TV shows, while the U.K. spent $10 billion. Those numbers include money spent on television shows across all platforms: terrestrial, cable, and streaming-service original content. While $10.9 billion seems like a lot, thats still dwarfed by what the U.S. spends. In 2017, American companies spent a whopping $58.3 billion on producing television shows.

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Final Straw: William C. Anderson on Blacknesss and Anarchy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Long running anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw presents a talk given by William C. Anderson, the co-author of a new book, As Black As Resistance, along with Zoe Samudzi.

Listen and Download HERE

This week on The Final Straw, we are super pleased to present a talk given at the most recent Asheville Anarchist Bookfair by William C. Anderson, who co authored the book As Black As Resistance with Zoe Samudzi. The talk he is giving here is based heavily on the first chapter of the book called Black in Anarchy, and in addition to laying the groundwork of how he and Samudzi wrote the book, he speaks about the truly conditional nature of so called citizenship that many people living in the US face, the continuing evolution of race and the reliance of white supremacy to Black subjugation, and he places Blackness in proximity to Anarchy, and much more.

From the back cover: As Black As Resistance makes the case for a new program of self-defense and transformative politics for Black Americans, one rooted in an anarchistic framework that the authors liken to the Black experience itself. This is not a book of compromise, nor does it negotiate with intolerance. It is a manifesto for everyone who is ready to continue progressing towards liberation for all people.

We hope you will enjoy this talk, and if you are curious about the book As Black As Resistance by Zoe Samudzi and William C. Anderson, you can head over to AK Press to learn more!


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Just a brief note to those readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily roundup in the comments. PLEASE remember that politically incorrect and offensive (but funny) jokes are only to be enjoyed on Mondays in the Comedy corner post which is specifically for that kind of humour. Do not post that kind of humour here.   The post Daily roundup appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Full text of Shorten's speech on the handover of the prime ministership "IndyWatch Feed National"

I move that this House has no confidence in the Prime Minister. Today it is clear that we have a Prime Minister in name only. He is a Prime Minister without power, he is a Prime Minister without policies. He has scraped home at the last election with no authority...


Beijing Enjoys the Bluest Skies in a Decade "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Beijing residents have been breathing some of the cleanest air in a decade as they begin to reap the benefits of Chinas anti-smog push.



Food pleasure appears to involve both the opioid and cannabinoids reward circuitry that interact in complex ways. [Source]
Its no secret that the standard American diet is having a terrible effect on human health. Whats is a secret, though, is how the food industry uses science and psychology to create processed food products that are devoid of nutrition, full of chemical additives and colorings, and incredibly addictive.


How to Calculate the Costs of #MedicareForAll Properly "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A takedown of the Mercatus #MedicareForAll debacle from MMT's macro-economic bookkeeping perspective.


Rare snow falls in Uruguay; Graupel covers parts of Argentina "IndyWatch Feed World"

Rare snowfall was seen across parts of Uruguay on Sunday while graupel resulted in an icy coating across parts of eastern Argentina. Below are several different videos and photos from twitter showing the incredible snowfall in Uruguay.


Space Hotels "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Would you stay in a space hotel?


Kite Line: What Prisoners Want Recent Movements and Current Demands "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Anti-prison podcast and radio show Kite Line offers up another episode on the current prison strike happening across the US.

Listen and Download HERE

August 21 is the start of the 2018 National Prison Strike. Anticipated to be the largest in U.S. History, this strike comes after many years of various strikes, work stoppages, boycotts, and other forms of rebellion.

In this episode, we hear about the intended transfer of 3,200 Puerto Rican prisoners to Arizona, listen to a strike statement from Red Wolf, who was featured on Kite Line in March of 2018, and hear the demands laid out for the upcoming prisoner strike, as stated by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak.

We then hear a brief synopsis of previous prison strikes and their aftermath from a talk given by Ben Turk in Milwaukee.  We will continue to cover the current strike, as well as reflect on prisoner rebellions from the past decades throughout the upcoming weeks.


Microsoft says Russian hackers targeted U.S. conservative think tanks "IndyWatch Feed World"

The company said that it thwarted two spear fishing attempts last week by hackers that tried to mimic the web pages of the International Republican Institute and the Hudson Institute.

The Redmond, Washington-based company said that it thwarted two spear fishing attempts last week by hackers that tried to mimic the web pages of the International Republican Institute and the Hudson Institute. Users were redirected to bogus URLs in the hopes they would enter their login credentials, which the hackers could then steal.

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Torture, missing evidence and procedural violations: how to make a terrorism case against 21 Russian Muslims "IndyWatch Feed"

Another trial against Russian Islamists results in harsh convictions this time, 21 of them.

Illustration: anastasia vikulova. Source: OVD-Info. All rights reserved.

This article was originally published in Russian by OVD-Info.

In late July, a court in Ufa, capital of Bashkortostan, reached a final ruling in one of the largest cases concerning the Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir in recent years. Alleged and real members of the organisation, which is banned in Russia, have been targeted consistently over the past 15 years: since 2003, there were at least 50 trials concerning Hizb ut-Tahrir and no less than 300 people have been convicted (mostly in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan) as a result.

On this occasion, some 21 people were sentenced to between five and 24 years imprisonment. According to the investigation, the crimes of these men included reading certain books, as well as holding meetings and discussions about Islam. The defendants were charged under two articles of Russias Criminal Code: on terrorist organisations and on attempts to overthrow the constitutional order.

OVD-Info spoke with those present at the trial and specialists on Islamist movements.

The investigation

Rinat Nurlygayanov, 27, received the longest sentence  24 years imprisonment. Before his arrest, Nurlygayanov repaired household appliances, helped out at his local mosque and arranged charity football matches for residents of Ufas poorest districts. His mother Milyausha Nurlygayanova, a public defender, recalled how her son was tortured in February 2015.

Three of the detainees were tortured on the first day: my son, (Alexander) Kornev, and (Rustem) Latypov. Rinat told me about this when I visited him at the detention centre three and a half years ago. He was beaten by riot police officers in masks, who forced him to testify. They gave him shocks using the army telephone: its a device with wires wh...


Cant get enough of what you dont need (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Cant get enough of what you dont need Video RT It was the French philosopher Voltaire who said, All paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value zero. As the world is now awash with fiat currency ...

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We Dont Forget: Support Joseph Dibee, Environmentalist Accused of Sabotage "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post We Dont Forget: Support Joseph Dibee, Environmentalist Accused of Sabotage appeared first on It's Going Down.

As the earth heats up the State cracks down.

After 12 years of fruitless searching, federal agents have captured Joseph Dibee, accused participant in the Earth Liberation Front. Dibee is charged with arson and conspiracy. The following statement from our collective, Its Going Down, and a network of anti-fascist groups explores why his case matters today.

In the 1990s, environmentalists and animal rights activists engaged in campaigns to put a stop to climate change, animal exploitation, and the destruction of biodiversity. They shut down board meetings, interrupted construction projects, organized demonstrations and sit-ins, held public outreach events at punk shows and vegan potlucks, liberated animals from captivity, and occasionally utilized vandalism, sabotage, and arson against corporations involved in particularly egregious behavior. Across the world, informally organized groups claimed anonymous actions in the names of the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts.

International networks grew out of these movements. Struggles emerged against superhighways, gold mines, luxury ski resorts, old-growth logging, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and animal testing facilities on several continents. For years, corporate profiteers had cause to fear that they would face consequences when they perpetrated ecological harm. At that time, it was still possible to imagine that humanity could avert the catastrophe that is unfolding today in the form of ever-rising temperatures, hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, and mass extinctions.

At the turn of the century, federal authorities counterattacked, launching a campaign of repression to crush the Earth Liberation Front and subdue environmental movements of all kinds. Their goal was to protect business interests at any expenseeven if that meant making the world uninhabitable. At the same time, increasing attention on climate change from the likes of Al Gore served to professionalize environmental activism, imposing the logic of the non-profit industry and bribing activists to moderate their tactics and targets in return for salaries. This two-pronged assault set back environmental movements a full generation or more.

The cataclysm that is unfolding today can be laid at the doorstep of the law enforcement agencies that have paved the way for it by making it so difficult for ordinary people to defend themselves against ec...


Ancient Egyptians Mastered Mummification Long Before the Time of Pharaohs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

The earliest mummies are typically associated with the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, but as an intensive examination of a 5,600-year-old mummy confirms, the methods used for this iconic funeral practice date back to well before the age of pharaohs.

The practice of mummification and the techniques used for embalming (such as the use of resins) were thought to have originated in ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom (also known as the "Pyramid Age") around 2500 BC. But this interpretation was challenged by a 2014 analysis of funeral textiles found at the southern Egyptian site of Mostagedda, which pushed back the origin of Egyptian mummification by over 1,500 years.

[...] Indeed, this embalming technique dates back to the Naqada stage of Egyptian prehistory, which is substantially earlier that the Pharaonic Period. But the analysis also revealed the use of an antibacterial conifer resin that isn't native to Egypt. This compound must have been imported, therefore, likely from the Near East in what is now Israel/Palestine.


Original Submission

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Charisma and Banality: Kofi Annan and the UN "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Being the head of a creature essentially without spine, and, even more to the point, with vague form, must be something of a challenge.  Part of the failing of the United Nations probably lies in its disparate existence, a scattered composition of bureaucratic entities that, when they come together, supply a perfect picture of inertia.  (Perhaps for the best: a more active UN could well lead to a deeper muddying of waters.)  Such an arrangement invariably leads to one conclusion: The organisation tends to mimic the power order of the day, compliant to the great states, malleable to their capriciousness. What matters on the day is what is legitimised.

Kofi Annans time as Secretary General of the UN reflected the post-Cold War realignments of power.  But unlike his predecessor, the oft prickly Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who gave the hagiographers little to go on, he cut a fine figure for fandom.  He was soft-spoken, rarely got irate, proved so diplomatic as to reveal little.

Certain works on Annans legacy have been flattering to the point of crawling.  James Traubs The Best Intentions (2007) gushes, telling readers of the big smile and a roundhouse handshake, the gentle, kindly African with the silver goatee and the rueful, yellowing eyes.  Traubs description of Annan was much like that of an infatuated groupie with eyes popping, enthused by a man who had made the UN office of Secretary General his own.  Kofi and [his wife] Nane, both enormously attractive and disarmingly modest, the one short and black the other tall and blonde, made for a dazzling couple: they projected a kind of moral glamour (sic).

Even more reserved assessments, such as that of Michael Ignatieff, hover over the issue of personality and disposition. Dire negotiations with dark characters were met by a soothing temperament that became second nature early in his Ghanaian childhood.  He became adept at circumspection and dealing with all sides, while keeping his own cards concealed.

That he appealed in company and proved pleasing to the eye hardly armours him against criticism. Annan presided over the UN during a time when the US imperium had lost any viable, containing foe, with no rivals to ruffle feathers; and it was an imperium that took a shining to the Ghanaian diplomat in encouraging his rise to the post of Secretary General in 1997.

His amenability to US influence began early.  The Ford Foundation noted him as an appropriate convert while still in Ghana, after which he found himself studying economics in Minnesota.  The Carnegie Foundation then took an interest, sending him to a graduate institute in Geneva.  The academic stripes were never earned, and Annan found himself on the bureaucratic track starting at the World Health Organisation.  On the way...


If every hydrant was a fountain, would you buy less water? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This new concept converts a citys fire hydrants to a place to fill your water bottle.

For anyone trying to curb the worlds plastic water bottle addictionas of 2017, we were buying 1 million water bottles a minute, and by 2021, well be using more than 580 billion a yearone challenge is still convenience. If its hard to find a place to refill a reusable water bottle, people are unlikely to break the habit of buying disposable bottles at stores.

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Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. On Backchat, you are free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. To participate youll need to sign up for a Disqus account which is free, quick, and easy. On posts that are not articles like this one, you do not have to stay on topic [] The post Whaleoil backchat appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The secret weapon that could help decide the messaging wars "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tactical, data-driven UX is helping upstart Viber build a billion-user base.

The messaging app Viber has a billion registered usersbut its estimated 260 million active monthly users are concentrated in Eastern Europe. That makes it a small fry in the United States, Asia, and the rest of Europe, where Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and local services like WeChat and Line dominate the world of messaging.

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Security arrest 100 in Kampala demo "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over 100 people were rounded up in Kampala as army and police quashed protests against the detention of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine.


How Margaret Thatcher came to sound the climate alarm "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

How Margaret Thatcher came to sound the climate alarm

Louise Gill 21st August 2018
Teaser Media


Australian politics: breaking, breaking, breaking "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

11:20 am #BREAKING: Australia's Malcolm Turnbull has declared the vacancy of the country's prime ministership Newshub Breaking (@NewshubBreaking) August 20, 2018 11:33 am #UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull has won back Australias leadership after declaring it vacant 11;55 am #UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbulls rival Peter Dutton has quit Cabinet after failing to win a challenge for []


Stabilizing Ethiopias Somali Region Is A Step Towards A National Renaissance "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Former regional president Omars removal makes this possible and can allow Prime Minister Abiy to finally begin making serious progress on implementing this vision all across the nation as he strives to pioneer an Ethiopian Renaissance and turn his cosmopolitan country into an African Great Power.

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How Democracies Die "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

My silence is due to a math-heavy post Im cooking up on frequentism, in case you were wondering. To tide you over, heres some reading on a topic Im starting to pay a lot more attention to.

Those who have lived their entire lives in functioning democracies may find it hard to grasp how easily minds can be won over to the totalitarian dark side. We assume such a passage would require slow, laborious persuasion. It does not. The transition from day to night is bewilderingly swift. Despite what many assume, civilized coexistence in a culture of tolerance is not always the norm, or even universally desired. Democracy is a hard-won, easily rolled back state of affairs from which many secretly yearn to be released.

The author of that piece, Uki Goi, has some relevant experience.

Although I was born in the United States, where my father was posted to the Argentine Embassy, this does not make me a US citizen, since the Fourteenth Amendment excludes the children of foreign diplomats. Yet I grew up as if I were one, pledging allegiance every morning to the flag on the playground of Annunciation School on Massachusetts Avenue. Later, as a young adult in Argentina, I worked for an English-language newspaper in Buenos Aires and reported on the crimes of the bloody military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983. As a journalist, I witnessed first the erosion and then the total collapse of democratic norms, and how a ruthless autocracy can mobilize popular fears and resentments to crush its opponents.

According to that author, the key ingredients to flipping a democracy are A) widespread paranoia, B) a slow and steady normalization of brutality, C) ignorance, motivated reasoning, and misinformation, plus D) a feeling that youll turn out A-OK.

For many Argentines, then, the military represented not a subjugation to arbitrary rule, but a release from the frustrations, complexity, and compromises of representative government. A large part of society clasped with joy the extended hand of totalitarian certainty. Life was suddenly simplified by conformity to a single, uncontested power. For those who cherish democracy, it is necessary to comprehend the secret delight with which many greeted its passing. A quick fix to the insurgency seemed infinitely preferable to plodding investigations, piecemeal arrests, and case-by-case lawful trials. Whipped up by the irrational fear of a communist takeover, this impatience won the day. And once Argentina had accepted the necessity for a single, absolute solution, the killing coul...


Police Arrest Seven Over Murder Of Delta NUPENG Task Force Chairman "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Delta CP Muhammed Musapha

LAGOS AUGUST 21ST (URHOBOTODAY)-The Delta State Police Command has arrested seven suspects in connection with the alleged assassination of the state task force chairman of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, Chief Emmanuel Akpojevughe.
Akpojevughe was reportedly killed around 8am last Thursday in Evvriyen village on the Benin-Effurun-Warri Expressway in the Okpe Local Government Area of the state by yet-to-be-identified gunmen.
It was learnt that the gunmen, numbering eight, repeatedly shot at Akpojevughe and ensured that he gave up the ghost before fleeing.
A member of the state chapter of NUPENG, who confirmed the killing to our correspondent, hinted that Akpojevughes death was not unconnected with a leadership tussle rocking the body in the state.
The source stated that the late task force chairman was travelling when he was waylaid by the gunmen, who were said to have trailed him to the scene of the incident.
He was alleged to have been shot in the head, chest and stomach.
It was gathered that the slain NUPENG leader had been having a running battle with some power brokers within the union.
The source said, The running battle was responsible for the cancellat...


Today in rock history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Today in Rock History: Born today in 1941, Tom Coster keyboards with Santana. Born today in 1952, Joe Strummer (John Mellor)  singer and guitarist with The Clash. Born today in 1954, Steve Smith drummer with Journey. Born today in 1952,  Glenn Hughes songwriter, singer and bassist with Trapeze and mid 70s with Deep Purple [] The post Today in rock history appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


In Afghanistan, Our Need to Rethink the Institution of War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its frustrating that whereas all human beings wish to live meaningful lives, we seem helpless in the face of a few individuals waging wars and exploiting our world.

But we can each do something about this insensible status quo, as ordinary folk of the Peoples Peace Movement ( PPM) show us by taking one barefoot-step at a time, traveling to the Northern areas of Afghanistan to persuade fellow Afghans, whether theyre with insurgent groups or with the U.S./NATO/Afghan forces, to stop fighting.

The Peoples Peace Movement (PPM) walking barefoot to the Northern provinces of Afghanistan, led by a blind member of their group, Zindani (Photo taken from PPMs Facebook Page)

Their action of walking without shoes suggest to us that, for us to survive todays militarized and profit-driven norms, we have to live each day differently, and with clarity and compassion.

Weve been thinking that we need armies to stop terrorists, but armies dont stop terrorists. Instead, they give terrorists reason to keep fighting.

We need to think anew.

Moreover, the roots of terrorism lie within ourselves. We are our own source of wars.

Iqbal Khyber, a representative of PPM, told the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) about how violence has taken root in all of us. A blind member of our group, Zindani (a name he gave himself after he was blinded by a Taliban-planted roadside bomb, meaning imprisoned ) had so much pain in him that one evening when we were camped outside the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, he pleaded with me, Can I throw a pebble at the fence?

I advised Zindani, No, we need to end the anger inside us. Iqbal continued.

Zindani is rightfully angry because he has been hurt by all sides of the Afghan conflict, like all civilians in all wars. His father literally disappeared from his life when he was just seven, as a bomb from a U.S. airstrike in Helmand left a crater so large that no trace of his father and uncle could be found. Years later, another bomb, this time a Taliban device, killed his sister and blinded him. He not only lost his sight, but he also lost the chance to...


Is North Korea Fulfilling its Singapore Summit Commitments? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Against the background of a number of high-profile statements by the Western press that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) is secretly developing a nuclear missile program, thereby violating the Singapore Declaration and deceiving the world community at large and Donald Trump personally, the author would like to present a detailed answer to the matter in question.

As you may recall, the joint statement of the leaders of the United States and North Korea consisted of four main parts. The first two were full of noble intentions: the parties undertake to establish new relations and will join efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. In the third, North Korea confirmed the Panmunjom Declaration of April 27, 2018 and agreed to work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, without, however, any deadlines, clarifications, and further explanations. Only the last paragraph contained some specifics:  The United States and North Korea undertake to return the remains of missing prisoners of war, including the immediate return of already identified persons.

Since the Korean war, about 8 thousand American soldiers have been considered missing. According to the Pentagon, the remains of about 5,600 U.S. soldiers are still located on North Korean territory. In the period from 1990 to 2005, the DPRK returned the remains of over six hundred American soldiers to the U.S.

On July 9, 2018, during a meeting with the press, Pentagon spokesman Robert Manning reported that the Pentagon is ready to receive the remains of U.S. soldiers killed during the Korean War: United Nations Command will receive the remains from the North Korean side and will hand them over to the United States.

On July 26, the representative of the North Korean Foreign Ministry reported that North Korea recently accepted two truck loads of wooden crates from the USA intended for the transportation of the remains, and that on July 27, C-17 military transport aircraft transferred the remains from North Korea to the Osan air base near the city of Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province.

Interestingly, North Korean media did not report the ceremony, and the U.S. air force plane landed not in Pyongyang but in the newly built Kalma airport near Wonsan.



Cyclist Finds Lost Baby Raccoon And Carries Him To Safety In Backpack "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Retired police sergeant Dave Ferrell was riding along a bike trail in Florida last week when his ears were struck by the cries of a baby animal in distress.

And he knew he had to help.

Credit: Wikipedia

There, huddled all alone in the middle of the path in front of Ferrell, was a young raccoon screaming out for his mother.

"He was in bad shape laying in the bike trail, flies all over him," Ferrell later wrote on Facebook. "He wasn't long for this world."

Ferrell searched the area in hopes of finding the baby's mom, but she was nowhere to be seen. So, fearing that the little guy would soon perish without intervention, he then loaded up the little raccoon into his backpack and pedaled him to safety.

"I couldn't leave him out there," Ferrell wrote.

Credit: Dave Ferrell/City of Tallahassee Police Department

After making his way back to the trailhead, Ferrell was met by an officer from the Tallahassee Police Department to complete the journey to get the raccoon the help he needed. Throughout the rescue, the frightened baby seemed to sense his rescuer's good intentions.

"He really relaxed and enjoyed the ride in that CamelBak," Ferrell wrote. "He just kind of chilled out back there!"

Before long, the raccoon was placed under the care of Emily Shaw at St. Francis Wildlife Rescue.



Tweet of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is there any bandwagon that this woman will not jump on? The post Tweet of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Bill Shorten giving a rousing speech - hard to disagree with what he's saying - he's been made by Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

I don't disagree with much of what Shorten's said. He was given a second life by Turnbull. And he used it. Shorten wouldn't be in his job, let alone the parliament, it Abbott had stayed in place. This is all down to Turnbull. Now Turnbull is saying what he should...


PNG government accused of neglecting welfare of people for APEC "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Social breakdown could come to a head in Papua New Guinea after it hosts APEC, an opposition MP says.

PNG is preparing to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders summit in November.

The government said the summit wwould present a remarkable marketing opportunity for PNG as an investment destination and a trade partner.

But the Madang Open MP, Bryan Kramer, accused the government of borrowing beyond its means to spend on infrastructure projects in Port Moresby while neglecting basic services around the country.

The reality is hospitals are running out of medicines. We've now got a polio outbreak. So it seems we're not focussing on our priorities and that is the welfare of the people, Kramer said.

If we continue to focus on infrastructure at the expense of people's welfare, then society as we know it will start to collapse and breakdown.

However, the Governor of PNG's National Capital Disrtict, Powes Parkop, said hosting APEC was a positive move for the country.

Through economic opportunities, which the government claims APEC will open up for PNG, Parkop believed Papua New Guineans could have more self-respect and belief in themselves.

I think it's absolutely good for Port Moresby but also for Papua New Guinea. It gives us hope for the future because I think for a long time in PNG we came to a dead end, that people thought that this was the end of it. Nothing was going right, Parkop said.

Creating more economic opportunity was a way to grow PNG's middle class, the governor said.

However,Kramer said that spending beyond its means to host a big event had not helped PNG in the recent past, and with something as huge as APEC, he doubted it could be different.

The PNG (hosting of the Pacific) Games never delivered much. We spent a billion kina on that. There were other major events: the World Under 20 soccer tournament, we spent a few hundred million on that. Again, it delivered very little, Kramer said.

All these roads being built are buried in debt to the Chinese. They're delivering out these projects. They're all attached to loans that we have to pay off, and so most of these contracts are questionable by being inflated.

These are the issues that we're going to have to face post-APEC, and it's not going to be easy, he said..



Call Oshiomole, Omo-Agege To Order, Sarakis Aide Urges Edo, Delta Leaders "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LAGOS AUGUST 21ST (URHOBOTODAY)-Earl Osaro Onaiwu, Special Liaison on State Matters to the Senate President Bukola Saraki, has condemned attacks on the former Kwara governor by the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole and Senator Ovie Omo- Agege.
He appealed to Edo and Delta religious and traditional leaders to urgently call their sons to order.
Onaiwu, a former Director-General of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, spoke in a chat with journalists in Abuja on Monday.
He expressed sadness at the recent siege at the National Assembly by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS).
Onaiwu lamented the intimidation and harassment of the members of the opposition parties; threats and attempts of unconstitutional impeachment moves against the leadership of the National Assembly and the role certain people are playing to bring down the countrys nascent democracy.
If these anomalies are allowed to go unchecked, our collective efforts in building and stabilizing our democratic structures will be eroded.
Onaiwu advised Oshiomhole to concentrate on issues that fall within the tenets of his office.
On the statement by Omo-Agege that Saraki will be humiliated out of office once the National Assembly reconvenes, Onaiwu described it as unfortunate.
It is disheartening that my brothers, Senator Omo-Agege (from Delta)...


Bloomington, IN: #August21 Prison Strike Banner Drop "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Bloomington, IN: #August21 Prison Strike Banner Drop appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following banner drop photo and message was anonymously submitted to Its Going Down.

This banners was dropped yesterday before rush hour in downtown Bloomington in support of friends & comrades in prison striking tomorrow and in the coming days.

We call and encourage those able to lend a hand these weeks and after, to amplify those fighting this police state and support them through inevitable repression.

2016 Strike History

Fire to the world of prisons; all power to the communes!


How to Protect Your Money from Financial Warfare "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How to Protect Your Money from Financial Warfare by Jim Rickards Daily Reckoning There are many bad actors out there who are preparing to inflict as much damage as possible to the power grid and other critical infrastructure, including...

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Poems to Bowl You Over On National Poetry Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Therell be bowls of poems for you in select Kapiti cafes on National Poetry Day (Friday, August 24). Our poetry []


Caption competition "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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How to Escape Earth's Quarantine "IndyWatch Feed World"

Human Minds are cluttered, cloudy, darkened and controlled with disjointed and negative thoughts that formed a membrane, a web at our atmosphere creating self-imposed quarantine on mankind. 

The result is a blackened knowledge, lost information accessible to all of us deep within self. Forgetting and a condition where humanitys logic left brain and emotion housing right brain are in disharmony.

Universal mind has been with us for eons but it is NOW that Source Energy (SE) has been overflowing us with magnetic light energy with light code to assist us to be aware. Many volunteers from the universe came to live 3D life to generate the desired number of aware people to raise earth and humanitys consciousness to 5D.

With synchronicity and awareness, we all feel new energized vibration at this very moment. We are given equal chances to be aware as the pure light energy comes in rainbow color codes overflowing unto mankind.

Read Entire Article


Cheap FPGA Board Roundup "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres never been a better time to get into using FPGAs. Nearly all vendors have some level of free software and while boards havent gotten as cheap as ones with microcontrollers, the prices are way down. [Joel Williams] was frustrated when his board of choice became unavailable, so he decided to compile data on as many cheap boards as he could.

[Joel] covers the major vendors like Intel and Altera. But he also includes information on Actel, Cypress, and Lattice. While the list probably isnt comprehensive, it is a lot of information about many popular boards. The notes are helpful and point out oddities about the boards in many cases.

We didnt see our favorite the Lattice iCeStick on the list. But there were some boards in the $10 range including the UPDuino, which looks like fun and will stack with an Arduino Nano or Pro. We also saw another of our favorites, the MAX1000 board which is a great little low-cost board.

We liked [Joels] comments about not worrying too much about the things you could add easily like serial memory and character LCDs. He suggests you worry more about things that you want that would be hard for you to add yourself, such as an Ethernet port, or HDMI. The list was updated a few months ago and we hope [Joel] will continue to maintain it. He does solicit suggestions.

If you are interested in learning about FPGAs, we have a set of boot camps for you at, that you might like to check out.


Kiwis migrating to Oz again "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


After a 3-year hiatus, it seems that more Kiwis are heading to West Island again (as opposed to the other way around). 

Australia is winning in the permanent and long term migration Bledisloe Cup, at least.

It's interesting to note that the unemployment rate has been lower in New Zealand than in Australia for quite some time.

And there were some one-off factors, such as the post-earthquake Christchurch rebuild. 

But maybe the tide is turning just a little now back in favour of Australia. 

Special visa class for rugby players, anyone?


Saving history from the Ramsay Centres warriors "IndyWatch Feed National"

How did we end up here? Where the well-funded public defenders of our embattled civilisation put so much energy into the culture wars and so little into the culture? Where the defenders of free thought want to send operatives in to run health checks on free academics? The Ramsay Centre debacle has been almost too tiresome to even engage with: the usual battle lines, the familiar sense of righteous paranoia, that same elite anti-elitism.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 21, 2018

Compiled 21 Aug. 12:33 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: I could find no new intel that came out today Aug. 20 as we remained in an intel blackout. While Tony still maintained that the Zim rate was $.00000016, others claimed that last week the Zim Bond was changed to Zim Currency at a 1:1 with the US Dollar, could be higher and there would be no looping off of zeros. Still others maintained that the old Cabal system shut down last Sat. Aug. 18 and the new Quantum System was in place, while several sources indicated that the RV date was tomorrow Tues. Aug. 21, yet the Fulford Report indicated that mass arrests could start this Autumn and Q reported that President Trump would call for a National Emergency that would take effect on Jan. 1 2019. The bottom line was that it was very likely that no one but one or two at the very top level knew the exact RV date that we were told was set in stone last week and wouldnt, until we were at our redemption appointments.

Aug. 20 1018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Notes by Adept1 8-20-18 AUDIO REPLAY Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

1. Iraq voting was over and certified. They have published a date of Tues. Aug. 28 to have their Parliament organized.


Congenital Blindness Reversed in Mice "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

Researchers funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI) have reversed congenital blindness in mice by changing supportive cells in the retina called Mller glia into rod photoreceptors. The findings advance efforts toward regenerative therapies for blinding diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. A report of the findings appears online today in Nature. NEI is part of the National Institutes of Health.

"This is the first report of scientists reprogramming Mller glia to become functional rod photoreceptors in the mammalian retina," said Thomas N. Greenwell, Ph.D., NEI program director for retinal neuroscience. "Rods allow us to see in low light, but they may also help preserve cone photoreceptors, which are important for color vision and high visual acuity. Cones tend to die in later-stage eye diseases. If rods can be regenerated from inside the eye, this might be a strategy for treating diseases of the eye that affect photoreceptors."

Photoreceptors are light-sensitive cells in the retina in the back of the eye that signal the brain when activated. In mammals, including mice and humans, photoreceptors fail to regenerate on their own. Like most neurons, once mature they don't divide.

-- submitted from IRC

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Worlds busiest air routes, 2017. "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

1. Jeju to Seoul

2. Melbourne to Sydney

3. Mumbai to Delhi

4. Fukuoka to Tokyo

5. Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo

6. Sapporo to Tokyo

7. LA to San Francisco

8. Brisbane to Sydney

9. Cape Town to Johannesburg

10. Beijing to Shanghai

Here is the source.  Via Henry Farrell.  It is striking how poorly America and of course Europe fare on this list.

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Shameful Trump Rips Portland Mayor For Not Protecting ICE Agents During Month-Long Protest "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump took a jab at Portlands cucked mayor Ted Wheeler during an event to salute members of I.C.E. and the Border Patrol on Monday.

Last month, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, shamefully ordered locoal police to stand down, leaving federal law enforcement officers to face an angry mob of violent people. Leading members of the democrat party have even launched a campaign to abolish ICE. In other words, they want to abolish Americas borders, Trump said at the event. We condemn these shameful attacks on our great law enforcement. Any politician who puts criminal aliens before American citizens should find a new line of work.

Trump would go on to applaud ICE agents and Border Patrol, while ripping sanctuary cities that provide cover for illegal aliens to rape, rob and pillage.

You may recall that Portland was the site of a month long Occupy ICE protest, featuring an encampment similar to the 2011 Occupy protests. Like the 2011 version, the 2018 installment basically devolved into a homeless camp, where people were doing drugs and leaving heaps of trash and even feces behind.

During the course of the protest, the violent leftists shouted racist slurs at black ICE agents, which apparently went on for weeks. They engaged in stand-offs with ICE agents, as...


Predicting the future based on the past "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It is August, the Northern Hemisphere summer. It gets warm in summer and some summers are warmer than others. Having lived there for a number of years it all seemed to depend on whether the winds were predominantly from the Sahara Desert or not. Yes, the Gulf Stream moved a few degrees north or south [] The post Predicting the future based on the past appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kiang  large wild ass (Equus kiang), with a reddish-brown and white coat, native to the Tibetan Plateau.


Russia Says They Wont Be Putting Weapons in Space Any Time Soon "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Russia Space Weapons(ANTIWAR.COM)  Russian Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov told the Interfax News Agency on Monday that the Russians have not put weapons in space, and have no intention of putting any weapons in space first, saying this is an important position the US should not ignore. The international community has long warned against the militarization of space. Ryabkovs comments appear []


August 21st 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #579 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Biomass power plant seeking final investment decision "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

PNG Biomass will reach a final investment decision in the fourth quarter of 2018 for its proposed power plant located in the Markham Valley, Project Director Michael Henson tells Business Advantage PNG.

Project Director of PNG Biomass, Michael Henson (middle) with the landowners term sheet. Source: PNG Biomass

Construction of the PNG Biomass power plant, a wholly-owned Oil Search subsidiary, will support local businesses and residences through a 33 per cent increase in power supply to the Ramu grid, says Henson.

Local businesses face a loss of production as a result of blackouts and fluctuating power quality, forcing many businesses to generate their own power through diesel generation.

With equipment used by businesses often incorporating sensitive electronics, Henson says power surges can easily damage equipment, leading to a further loss of production.

The power plant uses a local plantation for its fuel source.

The PNG Biomass project aims to provide a long-term stable power supply, which will hopefully encourage businesses back on the grid and support the development of the country.

Henson says the project itself will also generate business opportunities for landowners, which is likely to have a positive impact on the economy.

Tree farming

The power plant uses a local plantation for its fuel source, instead of imported diesel.

The companys tree farming operations requires a large workforce and creates a range of business opportunities for local companies and landowners, Henson says.

These opportunities include development of plantations, community nurseries, cash crop businesses (intercropping), and the provision of support services to the larger operation.

The plantations of 16,000 hectares are near the power plant site.

The project came in response to an open international tend...


Americas Future Depends on Californias Election Integrity "IndyWatch Feed World"

California is in the news as ground zero for the coming struggle over the federal balance of power in November 2018. So opines Larry Hart, a senior fellow at the American Conservative Union Foundation, in a piece published earlier this summer in The Hill.

A year ago, this might have been good news. California restored mandatory paper ballot voting systems over a decade ago, when then-Secretary of State Debra Bowen implemented a security review of the election software used in all of Californias voting systems. It was found vulnerable to tampering and glitches, so paper was instituted as the ballot of record.

California already had a mandatory audit of results obtained by software counting paper: 100 percent of the ballots in at least 1 percent of each countys precincts, chosen by random selection, had to be hand-counted. The hand-count had to prove that the scanned results were accurate, or else further steps had to be taken. All in all, California scored fairly well in terms of its election integrity, compared with states like Georgia, still reliant on 100 percent paperless touchscreen voting machines and no audits.

But last year, the California Legislature passed a bill, AB 840, that screwed things up. The bill was purportedly designed to enable registrars to contact voters whod failed to put their signature on the outside of their returned mail ballots; voters thus contacted could come in, sign, and have their vote counted instead of discarded. However, as the bill progressed from the state Assembly and through the state Senate toward passage, it acquired a stealth amendment.

Few legislators knew the amendment existed, let alone its implications, but it was a lethal blow to honest elections. For the sake of efficiency, CACEOthe California Association of Clerks and Election Officialsrequested that the exponentially growing amounts of late-arriving ballots, both mail and provisional (ballots used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voters eligibility), be exempted from the mandatory audit.

Their wish was granted. Californias late ballot batches will be counted on software, and the results will go unverified by any check or balance.

Mail balloting has exploded in California. Recent legislation allows counties to send every voter a mail ballot if they choose. Any county can also turn whole precincts into vote-by-mail-only and close the precinct polling places. Voters are often notified by a single piece of mail. They may remain unaware and, on Election...


Man wanted for threatening to shoot Trump spotted in Maryland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Man wanted for threatening to shoot Trump spotted in Maryland | 20 Aug 2018 | Authorities are looking for a Pennsylvania man who is believed to have threatened to shoot President Trump. CNN reported that the U.S. Marshals Service is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Shawn Richard Christy, who was least seen Sunday night driving a stolen car in Cumberland, Md. The FBI said in a warrant on its website that Christy allegedly made threats against Trump and Northampton County, Pa., district attorney John Morganelli on Facebook between June 3 and 12.


US Air Force discusses replacing depleted uranium ammunition "IndyWatch Feed War"

The jet fighter aircraft F-35 Lightning II produced by Lockheed Martin will soon replace older models at the US Air Force. Most importantly the A-10 Thunderbolt II, also called Warthog, an aircraft designed for 'close air support' that can fire 70 shells of armor piercing depleted uranium (DU) ammunition per second. As reported by the Washington Post, this happened most recently in November 2015 during two US operations in Syria, where 5265 shots of the toxic and radioactive ammunition were fired on ISIS oil trucks.


Tuesday August 21st Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


APEC partnership on bilums to boost Papua New Guinea technology sector "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The co-founder of Port Moresby-based software company Crysan Technology, Crystal Krewe, said a partnership with Google, the APEC Secretariats in PNG and Singapore, and the San Francisco-based Asia Foundation will aim to sell bilums online. Called the Digital Bilum Project, the aim will be to create an international presence.

Crysans Crystal Kewe wants to sell bilums online.

Speaking at the Business Advantage Investment Conference in Brisbane, Kewe said the aim is to create an online forum for the traditional item.

The idea behind it is to develop a national platform for bilum weavers or what we call Bilum mamas in PNG to promote and market bilums on a global scale.

We are working on a model that we will test during the APEC Leaders Meeting, we will see a major launching, where we will see APEC delegates will have the ability to purchase bilums while they are in the country.

But the focus is fundamentally on promoting traditional bilumsand not those made of synthetic fibres.


Kewe said most bilum weavers do not get an equal share of what they make by the time the bilums are sold.

The middle men get most of the share. There is the also the issue that tourists who come to PNG cannot connect with the traditional and cultural significance of those bilums.

A country which does not innovate will stagnate and regress at the peril of its citizens.

So the focus is on promoting traditional bilums in Papua New Guinea.

Kewe says she will also be working with Westpac PNG and Mastercard to develop a payment gateway.


Kewe, who started her first company with her father when she was 15 (she is now 18), said developing an innovation culture is critical to the future of Papua New Guinea.

A country which does not innovate will stagnate and regress at the peril of its citizens.

Papua New Guinea is fortunate to have natural resources that have sustained our economy comfortably since independence.

There is an urgent need to develop innovation clusters and supportive government policies.

However, most of the...


US announces arrest of two men charged with spying for Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

Authorities in the United States have announced the arrests of two men who have been charged with spying on American soil on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


In brief: A PPP venture mooted for Hela Province, and other business news "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A PPP agricultural venture mooted for Hela Province, first rice harvest from Morobe farm, and Ramu NiCo leading the industry in red laterite development. Your weekly digest of the latest news.

A public-private-partnership with the goal of developing a large-scale commercial agricultural venture in the Hela Province was announced this week by the joint venture parties. The agricultural project partners include the PNG LNG project, agribusiness firm Innovative Agro Industry, MRDC, Hela Provincial Government and Tari-Pori, Koroba-Kopiago and Komo Magarima local level governments. The proposed venture, led by Innovative Agro Industry, will train and equip small-holder farmers to first produce stock feed and vegetables in Hela Province and, over time, endeavour to rejuvenate the local coffee industry.


Trukai Industries and local farmers in Morobe have reportedly produced the first rice harvest from a 275 hectares farm. Chief executive Greg Worthington-Eyre, during the launching of Hamamas Rice in Port Moresby, said: The Hamamas Rice was grown and harvested in Umi, milled and packaged at Trukai Industries in Lae, Morobe by the people of Papua New Guinea, (is) for the people of Papua New Guinea.


With its monthly production maintained well above 3000 tonnes and production capacity above 106 per cent, Ramu NiCo is currently leading the industry of red laterite development and hydro-metallurgy worldwide. The Ramu NiCo Project in Madang Province is strategically part of the growing economic relationship between China and PNG.


The PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum continues to encourage government to undertake an independent review of the proposed amendments to the Mining Act 1992. The chamber maintained that this was to ensure full understandi...


Italys Conflict with Brussels & EU "IndyWatch Feed World"


The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Italy has prompted a serious dispute between Brussels and Italy. Italy is taking the position that the demand of Brussels to comply with austerity denies Italy the ability to even repair its infrastructure for its own people. When it asked previously for relief to deduct the cost of all the refugees, Brussels denied that exception. My sources in Italy are hardening on their view that Italy is now an occupied country.

The Eurozone austerity policy has destroyed the European economy because they have utterly FAILED to understand what was the real cause of the German Hyperinflation. This view that any increase in the money supply is evil has subjected Europe to DEFLATION that has devasted its economy, infrastructure, and resulted in massive unemployment among the youth. The Great Depression was not reversed until they stopped Austerity which only benefits the bondholders not the people. To sell their debt, they presume they need austerity so bondholders get back the fair value of what they lent. That has never happened anyway.



Modern Love Internet Changing Patterns in Marriage/Divorce "IndyWatch Feed World"

COMMENT: I enjoyed your article on gold and how trends change with the generations. I find it very true that my children looked at me with my silver bars and just asked so what can you really do with it? I have watched the youtube video when people choose the chocolate bar over a bar of silver. Things do change and we should ask if we are judging the world only by own own beliefs rather than trying to see what others think.

Thank you for the food for thought. The world is not always black and white.


REPLY: The Economist just published a piece on how the internet has changed the dating scene among the youth.  How people now meet is almost 70% online. A church is the lowest, primary schools are #2, college #3, bars #4, and introductions among friends #1. How people are meeting has changed and even how marriage has evolved over the centuries is even more interesting from a cyclical perspective.

The Economist stated that the first personal advertisement for marriage took place back in 1695. Traditionally, the man was twice the age going into the 19th century because he first had to establish himself and then prove he could support a wife and family. If he went to a girls father to ask for her hand, the first question was: What do you have? The dowry is one of the biggest misconception ever. Many assume the dowry was given to the husband to marry the daughter. It was the opposite. The dowry was given to contribute to her support and that of her children. It was not money for the husband to party.

As the industrial revolution began to mature, the age difference declined by the end of the 19th century as men were able to support a family at an earlier age. It was common up until the Great Depression for the man to be 15 to 20 years older before he could afford a wife. There was none of this stuff about looking and falling in love at first sight. That was really lust turned into love by Holywood to sell movies. Most studies have found love at first sight to be just an illusion. Inte...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

IPSOS Initial Analysis of Results Shows Continual Confidence of South Africans in the African National Congress
20 August 2018

The ANC takes note of the initial analysis of the IPSOS 2018 poll results, which shows ANC support amongst South Africans still around 60% of the voting population. It furthermore notes the high rating of its President and President of the Republic, cde Cyril Ramaphosa. This shows that despite the challenging period we are going through, the majority of people continue to have confidence in the ANC as representing their aspirations, their present and their future.

The concern that voters in the poll raise about leadership issues and perceptions of divisions in the ANC is a matter that the 54th National Conference instructed us to tackle. In this context, the National Working Committee and National Executive Committee are committed to the programme of Unity and Renewal, engaging with ANC structures as we did in North West, and putting in place structures for internal dispute resolution and the Integrity Commission, as per 54th National Conference resolutions.

We want to ensure all South African voters and ANC supporters in particular, with all humility that we hear their concerns, and thank them for their continued confidence in their movement.

It should be noted that this is a preliminary analysis of the wide-ranging IPSOS poll, and that we will continue to analyse the results.

Issued by the African National Congress

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975


TRUTH is so precious that she should Always be attended by a Bodyguard of Lies "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Do you support the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the Iran deal?

ANSWER: Iran has no intention of actually conforming with that agreement. But that is really a side issue. There is a significant displeasure with the religious government in Iran among its own people. No nation is ever 100% left or right. There will always be dissent against whatever government is in power. This rising discontent has appeared since the Arab Spring. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 will be followed by another counter-revolution probably in 2022. Iran has suppressed its people for far too long and it will rise up in yet another revolution. The government is at war in the Middle East against Saudi Arabia because of a political-religious philosophy. They seek to export their beliefs to others and that is the problem. If they would just adopt live-and-let-live policy things would be much calmer.

I do not support the USA sticking its nose into everything. This is the inherent problem when you have military establishments. As I have said before, the days of Empire Building are gone. China, Russia, and the USA have no desire to occupy each other. Both Erdogan and Iran are still clinging to this idea of reestablishing Empires. The major powers are engaged in proxy wars. It really makes no sense to intervene for it only inspires hatred.

Franklin Roosevelt lied to the people to get into World War II because the American people were isolationists. You have to understand that you MUST always separate the PEOPLE from the Government and its POLITICIANS. The European Americans fled Europe and wanted no part of the political nonsense there. FDR appeared in Boston and said he wanted to send arms to Britain but not troops. Boston was predominantly Irish. They did not want to go to war to defend Britain when they viewed Britain as the oppressor of the Irish. FDR lied to the people and claimed ending the embargo and shipping arms to Britain would KEEP America at peace. He said:

Let no group assume the exclusive label of the peace bloc. We all bel...


Navajo Nation Inducts 21 Youths and Elders into Hall of Fame "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

The new members of the Navajo Nation Hall of Fame pose for a photo in the Navajo Nation Museum after an induction ceremony last Friday morning.

Published August 21, 2018

WINDOW ROCK  The Office of the President and Vice President (OPVP) on Friday welcomed 21 inductees into the Navajo Nation Hall of Fame.

The inductees, nominated from among the youth and elder populations across the Navajo Nation, were recognized during a ceremony at the Navajo Nation Museum. The ceremony marked the second round of inductees since the Navajo Nation Womens Commission launched the program last year.

Congratulations to all who were selected for the Hall of Fame, President Russell Begaye said. Your contributions are commendable. Your hard work and dedication are making our communities better places. Thank you for all you do.

Individuals were selected because they exemplified moral character while inspiring commitment, dedication and compassion to improve lives in local communities. Inductees included police officers, artists, elected officials, educators, veterans, royalties, coaches, peacemakers and volunteer ministers.

Each represented a role as either an emerging young leader or an accomplished elder. Each inductee received a certificate and a medaland a coveted place on the list of the Nations top contributors.

Vice President Jonathan Nez puts a medal on Ariana Roselyn Young, who was inducted into the Navajo Nation Hall of Fame.

Under this administration, we are bridging the gap between youths and elders, Vice President Jonathan Nez s...


Kaitlyn Pinkerton Crowned 2018-19 Junior Miss Cherokee "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

2017-18 Junior Miss Cherokee Danya Pigeon crowns the newest member of Cherokee Nation royalty, 2018-19 Junior Miss Cherokee Kaitlyn Pinkerton, of Claremore.

Published August 21, 2018

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. Cherokee Nation citizen Kaitlyn Pinkerton, 15, of Claremore, was crowned 2018-19 Junior Miss Cherokee after competing at the 27th Annual Junior Miss Cherokee Competition Saturday.

While representing the tribe as Junior Miss Cherokee, Pinkerton, a sophomore at Claremore High School, will serve as a goodwill ambassador to promote the Cherokee Nation and share the culture and history of the tribe.

All of our Cherokee ambassadors set an important example for our tribe, and earning the title of Junior Miss Cherokee is something to be very proud of, Cherokee Nation Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden said. We are very proud to have a young lady with such grace and heart for people to serve in this position over the next year. Chief Baker, I and the rest of our administration look forward to serving alongside her in the coming months.

Pinkerton is the daughter of Amy Pinkerton and is a member of the Cherokee National Youth Choir.

It feels so surreal to earn this title, Pinkerton said. My favorite part of the competition is always making new friends, and I think that is what I am most looking forward to about serving as Junior Miss Cherokee as well. I love to meet new people, and that will definitely be a great part of this experience.

Cherokee Nation Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, 2018-19 Junior Miss Cherokee Kaitlyn Pinkerton...


First They Came for Alex Jones "IndyWatch Feed"

This past week, the nations newspapers took collective umbrage at being called the enemy of the people by President Trump.

That is what Nazis called Jews, gasped the editors of the Kansas City Star.  A form even appeared in Nazi Germany, when Jewish people were called an enemy of the state, fretted the editors of the Topeka Capital-Journal.

These being the only two editorials I read, I have to imagine that many more of the roughly 400 protesting newsrooms engaged in some variation on the reductio ad Hitlerum theme. Even if all 400 did, no halfway sentient adult can take this self-indulgence seriously.

Here is why. Since President Trumps election, every major magazine, every major social media outlet, every major newspaper, just about all of Hollywood and Broadway, and every major TV network save for Fox News have conspired to destroy the president. 

During this time, these journalists have treated their audiences to an endless stream of anti-Trump propaganda only marginally rooted in the truth, and not a one of them has seen a pink slip, let alone a gas chamber.

If these media outposts have no cause for alarm, Alex Jones does. So does every other right-of-center voice in America. An exchange on comedian Bill Mahers HBO show Friday suggests why the reductio ad Hitlerum in the title of this essay, if a stretch, is still more justified than those ululated by Americas newspapers.

When Maher explained to his audience that Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify colluded to boot Jones and InfoWars from their platforms, most in the audience applauded enthusiastically. More troubling, guest Jennifer Granholm, a former Michigan governor, shouted, Thank God.

To his credit, the contrarian Maher scolded the audience. If youre a liberal youre supposed to be for free speech, he said. Thats free speech for the speech you hate. He made little headway with the audience or his guests. If any other prominent liberal voice in the media protested Joness exile, he or she or zhe has done so sotto voce.

One can argue that the media platforms that evicted Jones were private concerns, but the collusion among them was symptomatic of the nearly universal urge on the left to suppress speech that challenges the left/liberal agenda.

The private enterprise argument cannot be made in the four cases that follow. In these cases, the media conspired with the government to punish individuals whose media efforts threatened Democrats in power. I have met the individuals profiled here in the course of my own work. I am sure there are many more that I have not met who have suffered similar or worse fates.

In 1996, investigative reporter James Sanders was intr...

MSM Finally Concedes Defeat on Yemen "IndyWatch Feed"

Last month, an article by went viral in republications by popular alternative media outlets ranging from Salon to Zero Hedge to Alternet to Truthdig, among many others. The article was initially titled ACTION ALERT: Its Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen, but many subsequent republications went with variations on the more attention-grabbing headline, MSNBC has done 455 Stormy Daniels segments in the last year but none on U.S. war in Yemen.

The centerpiece of the article was the following graphic, which I saw shared on its own many times in my social media feeds:

Thats about as in your face as it gets, isnt it?

Ever since the Saudi-led assault on Yemen began in March of 2015, alternative media outlets everywhere have been repeatedly and aggressively decrying the mainstream media in the US...

In Spies Battle "IndyWatch Feed"

Shop all books by Patrick Buchanan

In backing John Brennans right to keep his top-secret security clearance, despite his having charged the president with treason, the U.S. intel community has chosen to fight on indefensible terrain.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper seemed to recognize that Sunday when he conceded that ex-CIA Director Brennan had the subtlety of a freight train and his rhetoric had become an issue in and of itself.

After Donald Trumps Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, Brennan had called the presidents actions nothing short of treasonous.

The battle is now engaged. Trump cannot back down. He must defy and defeat the old bulls of the intel community. And he can.

For a security clearance is not a right. It is not an entitlement.

It is a privilege, an honor and a necessity for those serving in the security agencies of the U.S. government while they serve.

Brennan is not being deprived of his First Amendment rights. He can still make any accusation and call the president any name he wishes.

But to argue that a charge of treason against a president is not a justification for pulling a clearance is a claim both arrogant and absurd.

Again, a security clearance is not a constitutional right.

Said Defense Secretary James Mattis: I have taken security clearances away from people in my previous time in uniform a security clearance is something that is granted on an as-needed basis.

Brennan is now threatening to sue the president. Bring it on, says national security adviser John Bolton.

With 4 million Americans holding top-secret clearances, and this city awash in leaks to the media from present and past intel and security officials, it is time to strip the swamp creatures of their special privileges.

The White House should press upon Congress a policy of automatic cancellation of security clearances, for intelligence and military officers, upon resignation, retirement or severance.

Clearances should be retained only for departing officers who can demonstrate that their need to know national secrets remains crucial to our security, not merely advantageous to their pursuit of lucrative jobs in the military-industrial complex.

Officials in the security realm who take clearances with them on leaving office are like House members who retain all the access, perks and...

Every Libertarians Nightmare? "IndyWatch Feed"

Many people who bring up the subject of libertarianism have no idea what they are talking about.

Like Maya Kosoff, who graduated with her bachelors in magazine journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 2014, lives in New York City, and writes about tech for Her work has appeared in Business Insider, Slate, Inc., Entrepreneur, and she has appeared on CNBCs Closing Bell, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, and Huffington Post Live.

WeWork is a company that provides shared workspaces, technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. It designs and builds physical and virtual shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and companies.

Last month WeWork announced that the company will no longer serve red meat, pork or poultry at company functions, and it will not reimburse employees who want to order a hamburger during a lunch meeting.

In a memo to employees, Miguel McKelvey, WeWorks co-founder and chief culture officer, said the decision was driven largely by concerns for the environment, and, to a lesser extent, animal welfare. He maintains that new research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact. And additionally, WeWork could save over 15 million animals by 2023 by eliminating meat at our events. Seafood is still allowed, however, and employees may be exempt if they require a medical or religious accommodation. I dont eat meat, but I dont consider myself a vegetarian, McKelvey told the New York Times. I consider myself to be a reducetarian. I try to consume less and be aware of the decisions Im making. Not just food, but single-use plastics, and fossil fuels and energy. The company is also phasing out leather furniture, single-use plastics, and is going carbon neutral. McKelvey also said that in time, the company will evaluate its consumption of seafood, eggs, dairy, and alcohol.

WeWorks new policy was called by Maya Kosoff (or the person who wrote her headline): WeWorks New Food Policy Is Every Libertarians Nightmare.

But libertarianism has nothing to do with eating what you want when and where you want to eat it. This is because libertarianism has nothing to do with doing what you want when an...

Protectionism Abroad "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the most insidious ways politicians expand government is by creating new programs to solve problems created by politicians. For example, government interference in health care increased health care costs, making it difficult or even impossible for many to obtain affordable, quality care. The effects of these prior interventions were used to justify Obamacare.

Now, the failures of Obamacare are being used to justify further government intervention in health care. This does not just include the renewed push for socialized medicine. It also includes supporting new laws mandating price transparency. The lack of transparency in health care pricing is a direct result of government policies encouraging overreliance on third-party payers.

This phenomenon is also observed in foreign policy. American military interventions result in blowback that is used to justify more military intervention. The result is an ever-expanding warfare state and curtailments on our liberty in the name of security.

Another example of this is related to the reaction to President Trumps tariffs. Many of Americas leading trading partners have imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods. Many of these tariffs target agriculture exports. These tariffs could be devastating for American farmers, since exports compose as much as 20 percent of the average farmers income.

President Trump has responded to the hardships imposed on farmers by these retaliatory tariffs with a 12 billion dollars farm bailout program. The program has three elements: direct payments to farmers, use of federal funds to buy surplus crops and distribute them to food banks and nutrition programs, and a new federal effort to promote American agriculture overseas.

This program will not fix the problems caused by Tramps tariffs. For one thing, the payments are unlikely to equal the money farmers will lose from this trade war. Also, government marketing programs benefit large agribusiness but do nothing to help small farmers. In fact, by giving another advantage to large agribusiness, the program may make it more difficult for small farmers to compete in the global marketplace.

Distributing surplus food to programs serving the needy may seem like a worthwhile use of government funds. However, the federal government has neither constitutional nor moral authority to use money taken by force from taxpayers for charitable purposes. Government-funded welfare programs also crowd out much more effective and compassionate private efforts. Of course, if government regulations such as the minimum wage and occupational licensing did not destroy job opportunities, government farm programs did not increase food prices, and the Federal Reserves inflationary policies did not continuously erode purchasing power, the demand for food aid would be much less. By increasing spending...

The Last Republican President "IndyWatch Feed"

Jimmy Carter may have been the last Jeffersonian to be president. A recent article in the Washington Post labeled him the Un-Celebrity President. In either case, Carter is a reflection of a people and a place. He is the most authentic man elected president since Calvin Coolidge, and like Coolidge a true Christian gentleman.

At the very minimum, Carter represented the Founders vision for a republican executive. He walked to his inaugural, refused to have Hail to the Chief played while he boarded Air Force One or Marine One, carried his own luggage, and when soundly defeated by Ronald Reagan went home to Plains, Georgia to the same two bedroom rancher he built in 1961. Hes never left.

It used to be standard practice for a president to go home and forget public affairs. George Washington had been almost dragged from Mt. Vernon to assume office and gladly resumed the life of a planter when he stepped down in 1797. John Adams snubbed Jefferson in 1801 by taking what amounted to a public bus back to Massachusetts, but he never again left his home State and stayed away from the public eye. Jefferson resumed his very busy life at Monticello in 1809, happy to leave behind the nasty busy of politics. James Madison spent his last years editing his papers and correspondence and was briefly involved in Virginia politics, but he only offered policy positions when asked in private letters. James Monroe went home and was never heard from again. That was the Founders executive, the republican who puts down the plow and enters office out of duty but who quietly goes home and resumes a private life once their time in Washington is over.

Carter, of course, was the consummate outsider and probably the last agrarian who will ever hold that office. Other than Thomas Jeffersons Notes on the State of Virginia, his An Hour Before Daylight is the only agrarian treatise written by a president. Carter admired Harry Truman, perhaps the most middle class man to ever hold the office. Both men reflected positively on Southern heroes, their Southern homes, and their Confederate ancestors. But unlike Truman, Carter was never a political thug who would sink to purchasing votes for power. He was probably too nice for Washington. That should be a badge of honor. Truman would kneecap his opponent and then lie about it. Carter refused to get in the gutter.

Certainly Carter had his problems as president, but most of this involved perception not policy. Carter can be credited with beginning the deregulation of the Ronald Reagan era and with installing Paul Volcker as Federal Reserve chairman, a move that helped end the des...

Why Do Some Libertarians "IndyWatch Feed"

After LewRockwell.coms publication of my article Why Do Some Libertarians Support Social Security? I received emails from older libertarians criticizing me for calling for the immediate repeal of this socialist program. Their critiques can be summarized in the following three ways:

  1. For the last several decades, I put into the system and, therefore, I have the right to get my money back.
  2. For the past several decades, the state took massive amounts of my income, which has left me with little savings. Therefore, since the state has left me in a position of needing the money, I have the right to Social Security.
  3. For the past several decades, in return for my payment of taxes, the state promised me that I would receive Social Security payments in my senior years. The state should be required to comply with its promise.

Libertarianism is a radical philosophy, one whose principles are internally consistent. Libertarianism cannot be modified or altered to suit changing circumstances or changing needs of people in society.

The core principle of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. It holds that it is morally wrong and illegitimate to initiate force against another person. It holds that a person has the right to live his life any way he wants, so long as his conduct is peaceful and non-fraudulent.

Social Security involves the forcible taking of money from a person to whom it belongs and giving it to a person to whom it does not belong. That constitutes a grave violation of libertarian principles. Under libertarianism, every person has the right to keep everything he earns and decide for himself what to do with his own money.

Suppose the state has taxed me 70 percent of my income over my lifetime and has left me penniless at age 65. To enable me to retire, I decide to hold up a person at gunpoint. I force him to go to his ATM, withdraw $100,000, and give it to me.

My actions would violate libertarian principles, no matter how much I need the money and even if my victim is a billionaire. I would be committing robbery. I would be initiating force against another person, a violation of the core non-aggression principle of libertarianism. The fact that I instead run to the state and successfully get Congress to do the dirty deed for me, through the IRS and the Social Security Administration, does not alter the illegitimate nature of my act....

Living Right "IndyWatch Feed"

As long as youre living right, then you dont have to worry about what people see.

          Clay Aiken

Leftism: From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse, by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn (EvKL)

This chapter is entitled Right and Left.  EvKL begins by describing the numerous and various meanings of these terms within the context of relationships and politics.  To give some idea:

Right and left have been used in Western civilization from times immemorial with certain meanings; right (German: rechts) had a positive, left a negative connotation. In all European languages (including the Slavic idioms and Hungarian) right is connected with right (ius), rightly, rightful, in German gerecht (just), the Russian pravo (law),pravda (truth), whereas in French gauche also means awkward, clumsy, (in Bulgar:levitsharstvo). The Italian sinistro can mean left, unfortunate, or calamitous. The English sinister can mean left or dark. The Hungarian word for right is jobb which also means better, while bal (left) is used in composite nouns in a negative sense: balsors is misfortune.

On The Day of Judgment, the righteous are to be on the right, and the punished on the left; Christ, of course, sits on the right.  Seating in various parliaments is a bit all over the place, with the most confusing example being that of placing the National Socialists on the right however, I guess, if you were the National Socialist in charge, rechts would be correct!

Given these various uses and definitions, one can understand the clarifying definition offered by EvKL:

Let us then agree that right is what is truly right for man, above all his freedom.

Which, I guess, would make left kind of the opposite.  Look, if you dont like it take it up with pretty much every European language; leave me out of it.

So, what is right for man?  Man each one a unique individual needs room; room to grow, room to be left alone, room to think, room to thrive.  Much of political reality over the course of a few centuries has been to crush this:

all the great dynamic isms of the last 200 years have been mass movements attacking even when they had the word freedom on their lips the liberty, the independence of the person.


Tommy Robinson "IndyWatch Feed"

Morality is the weakness of the brain. Rimbaud

Hes no fool, Dominic Green. A Jazz musician, a lecturer in politics, and a lively and witty writer, Green is what used to be called a man of parts. Its rather disappointing, then, that in America, meet Tommy Robinson if you must, his August 1 column in Spectator USA, Green engages in facile moralizing and indulges his class snobbery toward Tommy Robinson where an exacting consideration of hard issues would be far more fruitful.

Those issues, in Green words, are Europes crisis of Islam and immigration. Tommy Robinson, says Green,

is a defender of free speech, and has contributed to the exposure of a scandal that the police, the BBC, and much of the mainstream media seemed unwilling to cover, the mass grooming and rape of underage white girls by gangs of men, almost all of them of South Asian Muslim extraction.

On August 1, Robinson was released from prison on appeal. Green gives the background of his imprisonment:

In 2017, Robinson was given a suspended sentence after broadcasting on Facebook Live the names and faces of four Muslim men during their trial on charges of raping an underage girl. That the men were found guilty does not alter the fact that Robinson broke the law. Broadcasting the names of people who are still legally innocent might prejudice a jury. It might even cause a prosecution to miscarry, and allow guilty suspects to escape conviction.

In May, Robinson repeated the offense during the trial of four Pakistani men in the northern English town of Leeds. By the end of the day, Robinson had been tried and sentenced to thirteen months imprisonment for contempt of court.

Lord Burnett, who freed Robinson on appeal today, called the haste with which Robinson had been arrested, sentenced and imprisoned at Leeds a fundamentally flawed process.

Robinsons behavior, we are to take it from Greens account, has been admirable in some respects but mixed on the whole. The man has been heroic where police and mainstream media were cowards, as indeed they remain, and he has suffered considerably for that. Yet he has also repeatedly broken the law, actions in which there were moral evils besides.

The full story is not so simple, however. Broadcasting the names of people who are still legally innocent might prejudice a juryyes, very truebut a regular practice in British media, even so. When Robinson was charged with contempt of court, the BBC and the Daily Mail were...

The Winners Will Lose "IndyWatch Feed"

Who doesnt want to think that they are a good human being? That they are a person of good intentions, clear conscience, fair-minded, generous, loving, and merciful? On the other hand, who wants to be a loser?

The current political predicament in the USA has Americas winners turned losers and the consequent pain of that flip-flop has propelled the new designated losers into a fury of moral indignation. The deplorable Trump insurgents were supposed to be put in their place on November 8, 2016 stuffed back into their reeking WalMarts but instead, their champion with his gold-plated hair-do presides over the nation in the house where Lincoln, The Roosevelts, and Hillary lived. Winning! as the new president likes to tweet.

What a revoltin development, as Chester A. Riley used to say on The Life of Riley TV show back in 1955, when America was great (at least thats the theory). Riley was an original deplorable before the concept even emerged from the murk of early pop culture. He worked in an aircraft factory somewhere in southern California, which only a few decades prior was the mecca of an earlier generations of losers: the Oakies and other Dust Bowl refugees who went west to pick fruit or get into the movies.

Chester A. Riley supported a family on that job as a wing-riveter. All the male characters in the series had been through the Second World War, but were so far removed from the horror that the audience never heard about it. That was the point: to forget all that gore and get down with the new crazes for backyard barbeque, seeing the USA in your Chevrolet, enjoying that healthful pack of Lucky Strikes in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant double your pleasure, double your fun and away go troubles down the drain.

As Tom Wolfe pointed out eons ago, the most overlooked feature of post-war American life was the way that the old US peasantry found themselves living higher on the hog than Louis the XVI and his court at Versailles. Hot and cold running water, all the deliciously engineered Betty Crocker cake you could eat, painless dentistry, and Yankees away games on Channel 11, with Pabst Blue Ribbon by the case! By 1960 or so, along came color TV and air-conditioning, and in places like Atlanta, St. Louis, and Little Rock, you barely had to go outside anymore, thank God! No more heat stroke, hookworm, or chiggers.

It was a helluva lot better than earlier peasant classes had it, for sure, but lets face it: it was kind of a low-grade nirvana. And a couple of generations beyond The Life of Riley the whole thing has fallen apart. There are few hands-on jobs that allow a man to support a family. And what would we even mean by that? Stick the women back in kitchen and the laundry room? What a waste of human capital (even for socialists who oppose capital). The odd thing is that there is increasi...

Creepy Realistic Humanoid Robot "IndyWatch Feed"

A video has emerged on Twitter showing a faceless yet worryingly realistic humanoid robot walking in what looks like a perfectly mundane courtyard. The trip down the uncanny valley caused some to proclaim an impending apocalypse.

The clip shows the stoop-backed robot making its way past the cameraman, with ominous music playing in the background. Its black and orange limbs, hi-tech-looking protrusions along its spine, and its hollowed out head all lend to the realism, bringing to mind Boston Dynamics latest scary creations. But then the camera zooms in on its face plate, and thats where you might feel a slight urge to scream and run, because set in the near-featureless white mask are two moving, human-like eyes.

Naturally, some users reaction was WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Others launched a salvo of Terminator references.

Still others were not as impressed by seeing their new robot overlord, instead admonishing it for its unhealthy posture.

Watch Out, California! "IndyWatch Feed"

Is something unusual starting to happen to the crust of our planet?  The USGS defines any earthquake of at least magnitude 4.5 as significant, and there were 53 earthquakes that met that criteria along the Ring of Fire on Sunday alone.  If you would like to verify that information for yourself, you can so do right here.  Not too long ago, I wrote about how Earth changes seem to be accelerating all over the world, but even I was stunned by the ferocity of the seismic activity that we witnessed over the weekend.  Because none of the earthquakes happened in the United States, the mainstream media almost entirely ignored this story, but that is a huge mistake.  The entire west coast of the U.S. falls along the Ring of Fire, and experts assure us that it is only a matter of time before the seismic tension that is building up along the tectonic plates in that area is released.

Much of the seismic activity on Sunday was near the small island nation of Fiji, and it is true that Fiji often experiences earthquakes because it sits directly inside the Ring of Fire

Fiji falls in the Pacific Ring Of Fire a massive horseshoe-shaped area in the Pacific basin.

The ring is formed of a string of 452 volcanoes and sites of seismic activity (earthquakes), which encircle the Pacific Ocean.



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Legacy of the United Democratic Front Lives on After 35 Years
20 August 2018

Thirty-five years ago on 20 August 1983, thousands of South Africans, black and white, from across the country and from all walks of life, came together to form the United Democratic Front (UDF) in Rocklands, Mitchells Plan.

The UDF brought together trade unions, civic movements, youth, women, student and faith-based organisations, NGOs, united in their opposition against the racist new Constitution Tricameral Parliament, that sought to divide our people.

With the slogan "UDF Unites, Apartheid Divides" and inspired by the Freedom Charter, this formidable united front of our people went on to mobilise our people in a country-wide, non-racial and non-sexist movement, which changed the political trajectory of our country.

Working with the ANC underground structures, the UDF moved swiftly to make apartheid unworkable and contributed  towards pushing the regime to release cde Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners, unban the ANC and other organisations, and come to the negotiating table.

As we celebrate 35 years of the UDF in the same year that we celebrate the centenary of its co-President Mam Albertina Notsikilelo Sisulu, we pay tribute to the leaders and members of the UDF and all its affiliate organisations. We remember the thousands of UDF activists who were imprisoned, banned, restricted, teargassed and paid the ultimate price.

Thirty-five years later, our country has come a long way. We now have a Constitution that provides a framework for redressing the injustices of the past. We have also removed racist laws from our statute books and laid a firm foundation over the last 24 years to ensure a better life for all our people.

However, much more needs to be done to reverse the legacy of apartheid colonialism, and build a truly non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society, to fulfill the dream of the UDF founders.

Issued by the African National Congress

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975


Strategies that American Indians Can Use to Get Quality Writing Assistance "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published August 21, 2018

Students consider writing assistance for various reasons, ranging from insufficient skills to insufficient time. For students who use English as a second language, the situation is made even worse by the limited language proficiency. However, the reason for getting help notwithstanding, the success of paper produced online depends, to a large extent, on the competence of a writer. Although there are success stories of students who have got writing assistance from fellow students, this option is not always possible, particularly for complex papers. Fortunately, online writing has emerged as a practical solution for quality and fast assignments. However, getting reliable providers can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have no idea what to look for. As some students have come to learn, not everyone claiming to offer writing assistance has the ability or willingness to deliver on that promise. Here are useful ideas on indicators students can use to identify good writers from whom to buy essay:

  • Writer qualification
  • Writer experience
  • Pricing
  • Language proficiency
  • Affiliation to an academic writing site

Confirm the Qualification of the Writer

The only way to get a well-researched and accurately formatted paper is by picking a writer who is qualified to produce content at your level. For example, a Ph.D.-level sociology paper requires a writer with a PhD in sociology. Working with a writer whose educational level matches or exceeds your current level enhances the chances that such a professional possesses the writing skills and knowledge fundamental to the field. There are also unique guidelines and conventions specific to certain subjects that only individuals who have gone through the process can understand. You could request the writer to provide copies of his or her certificates or diploma as evidence of academic qualification.

Verify Your Writers Experience

An important factor to consider if you want a high-quality paper is the experience of the professional, in terms...


Dying for What?: A Tour of Fruitless American Killing and Sacrifice "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Numbness or apathy. These seem to be Americans go-to responses when each new overseas tragedy unfolds. Recently, it was a bus full of Yemeni children 40 in fact killed by a Saudi airstrike that represented one tiny speck of catastrophe in an ongoing U.S.-backed coalition campaign. Sure, the dead kids briefly hit the Continue reading "Dying for What?: A Tour of Fruitless American Killing and Sacrifice"

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The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Continues Offering Heating Unit Service Vouchers for Elders "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published August 21, 2018

AKWESASNE  For the third year, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is making $100 vouchers available to help tribal elders with cleaning or servicing their heating units. During the past several weeks, the Tribes Compliance Department has mailed letters and vouchers to elders notifying them of their eligibility for the Heating Unit Cleaning and Service Assistance Pilot Program.

We are pleased to continue hearing all the positive responses about the success of this important pilot program, said Tribal Chief Beverly Cook. She added, Helping our elders has always been a priority and we continue to support measures that ensure their own personal health and safety.

The Heating Unit Cleaning and Service Assistance Pilot Program is available for tribal elders 65-years old or older who reside in the southern portion of Akwesasne, or within the 15-mile radius of the Tribe in the United States. Seniors who received the $100 voucher in previous years were automatically eligible to receive the assistance this year.

This pilot project was implemented to help our elders avoid emergency situations or expensive repairs by taking a proactive approach in preparing for the upcoming heating season, said Tribal Chief Eric Thompson. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a heating system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working.

The $100 voucher is effective from Seskehk:wa/September 2018 to Tsiothhrha/December 24, 2018; is nontransferable and can only be redeemed at approved heating vendors. Please contact the Compliance Department at (518) 358-2272 to verify the eligibility of a vendor.

Tribal Council is proud to make this service available through a partnership with tribally licensed tobacco business owners belonging to the Akwesasne Convenience Store Association, stated Tribal Chief Michael Conners. He noted, With their financial assistance, we are able to help more than 230 of our elders to be better prepared for the winter months.

The post The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Continues Offering Heating Unit Service Vouchers for Elders...


The Great Purge continues: More lefties sent to the digital gulag "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As I wrote recently, while most of the left is blindly cheering on the billionaire technocrats Great Purge of Social Media, some of the more principled thinkers on the left saw clearly where it was all heading. If they can summarily un-person Alex Jones, journalists like Glenn Greenwald pointed out, whats to stop them doing [] The post The Great Purge continues: More lefties sent to the digital gulag appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

A lot happened in and about Afghanistan on August 15. The BBC reported that 48 people were killed in Kabul and that there has been "a recent upsurge in militant violence, including a major Taliban assault on the eastern city of Ghazni [where] at least 100 members of the security forces were killed." Then Stars Continue reading "Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan"

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Why VIN Lookup Is Worth Paying For "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published August 21, 2018

When a buyer purchases a used car, he must be sure to pay a fair price. The older is the car, the harder it is to estimate its value. This is the reason why paying less for a vehicle is often the matter of negotiation.

If you would like to negotiate a low price for a car, it is a good idea to get as many facts about a vehicle as possible. A detailed vehicle history report is exactly the document seller needs to get. It contains key information about a car. To order it, follow to a reliable VIN lookup service.

Why To Get A Full VIN Report

If you would like to get a VIN report you have two options. You can get a short report for free or a detailed report for some money. Getting a full VIN lookup is better. Such a check will reveal much information about a used car. Here is what such a report contains:

  • Full information about manufacturer. It is a quite useful information. World known corporations produce their cars worldwide. Mercedes or BMW manufacture their cars not only in Germany. Consequently, if a vehicle is produced outside Germany, its price should be lower.
  • Accidents history. During accidents, the cars can get tough damages. Structural damages are often invisible to human eye. That is why sellers do not disclose information about it. The only way to reveal truth about technical condition of a car is to get a full VIN report.
  • Ownership information. If you decide to buy a used car, it is always good to check who the previous owners were. These could be people who had troubles with the law.
  • Theft report. A market of secondary cars needs regulation improvements. There are still many stolen cars sold daily. That is the reason why it is good to check whether a vehicle you wish to buy is not stolen. If you get a stolen good, you will have serious legal problems.
  • Real mileage. Mileage reading is often false. Sellers manually reduce the number of miles a car drove. It helps them to keep the price higher. If you do not want to overpay you have to check odometer readings.
  • Information about loans. It is often the case that people use loan money to pay for a new good. If a seller of a used vehicle did not pay a loan back, the remaining part of it has to be paid by a new owner.
  • Fire and flood damages. These are some of the most ser...


Do You Think Fox Is A Reliable News Source? "IndyWatch Feed"

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters used to be a Fox News military analyst and was a regular guest. Fox loved him because referred to Obama as "a total pussy" in 2015. He stopped being a regular guest-- or even irregular guest early this year-- when he told his Fox colleagues why he wasn't interested in appearing on the station any long and why he was "ashamed" that he ever had. He said sticking with Trump despite the Russian collusion Fox was "wittingly harming our system of government for profit." He wrote in an e-mail to Fox employees that "Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers. Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association. Now I am ashamed. Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration... When prime-time hosts-- who have never served our country in any capacity-- dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller-- all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of deep-state machinations-- I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove."

Yesterday, Brian Stelter had him on CNN's Reliable Sources (above) and he went even further, going after Fox News with great vigour. "Fox," he said, "isnt immoral, its amoral. It was opportunistic. Trump was just a gift to Fox and Fox in turn was a gift to Trump... its a closed loop, so people who only listen to Fox have an utterly skewed view of reality." He also called Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson "prostitues... what Fox is doing is causing real harm to our country right now."

Not a big Trump fan either: "As a a former Russia analyst, I am convinced that the president of the United States is in thrall to Vladimir Putin."

In Afghanistan, Our Need To Rethink the Institution of War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its frustrating that whereas all human beings wish to live meaningful lives, we seem helpless in the face of a few individuals waging wars and exploiting our world. But we can each do something about this insensible status quo, as ordinary folk of the Peoples Peace Movement (PPM) show us by taking one barefoot-step at Continue reading "In Afghanistan, Our Need To Rethink the Institution of War"

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00011 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.90 AUD

The Impact Of The CPU Frequency Scaling Governor On AMD Threadripper 2990WX Linux Performance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of many test requests we have received concerning the AMD Threadripper 2 Linux performance was to look at the impact of the different CPU frequency scaling governors, particularly for the 32-core / 64-thread Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. Here are those CPUFreq governor benchmarks for those interested in squeezing slightly better performance out of your HEDT system by changing how aggressively or not the system is shifting power states to higher frequencies.

Resurgence of deadly measles blamed on low MMR vaccination rates "IndyWatch Feed World"

A huge surge in measles cases across Europe has been reported by the World Health Organisation, which says low MMR vaccination rates are to blame. More than 41,000 cases of measles have been reported in the European region between January and June. Last year there were nearly 24,000 for the whole 12 months, which was the highest count in any year of the last decade. We are seeing a dramatic increase in infections and extended outbreaks, said Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO regional director for Europe. We call on all countries to immediately implement broad, context-appropriate measures to stop further spread of this disease.

Social Media Erupts in Outrage as Video Shows Cop Hit 14yo Girl In the Face "IndyWatch Feed World"

Debate has sparked online with many people calling for an officer to be fired while others are defending him after he was seen on video hitting a 14-year-old girl in the face during a violent arrest. According to police, they were responding to a disturbance and when they arrived they began to arrest the 14-year-old girl. As the video shows, the girl did not want to be arrested and was heavily resisting.

Microsoft Says It Thwarted Russian Intelligence Hack Of Conservative Critics Of Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

Microsoft revealed that at least two conservative think tanks and government sites used by Congressional staff were hacked last week as part of an alleged operation linked to Russian military intelligence... Microsoft specifically identified six fake websites designed to mimic real sites created by a group known as Fancy Bear, identified by cybersecurity firms as a key group behind the alleged 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee and said to be directed by Russia's GRU. Microsoft's statement said it gained control of the sites after it was given a court order.

Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents "IndyWatch Feed World"

It was considered one of the CIAs worst failures in decades: Over a two-year period starting in late 2010, Chinese authorities systematically dismantled the agencys network of agents across the country, executing dozens of suspected U.S. spies. But since then, a question has loomed over the entire debacle.

How Washington and NGOs Manipulated Nicaragua's Death Toll to Drive Regime Change "IndyWatch Feed World"

Did Nicaraguas Sandinista government really kill 300+ peaceful protesters? A forensic analysis of the death toll exposes the claim as a dangerous lie. A detailed study of the death toll that has been recorded in Nicaragua since a violent campaign to remove President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista government shows that at least as many Sandinista supporters were killed as opposition members. The study, Monopolizing Death, demonstrates how partisan local NGOs conflated all deaths that occurred since April, including accidents and the murders of Sandinistas, with killings by government forces. Washington has seized on the bogus death count to drive the case for sanctions and intensify pressure for regime change.

Walker robot concept among Kalashnikov's latest project revelations "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kalashnikov Concern, Russia's most famous weapons manufacturer, is showing off its newest projects, including a new assault rifle and a futuristic mechanized walker concept. The new hardware is among the 700-odd items on display at the Army-2018 international forum near Moscow. Kalashnikov, known worldwide for its dependable and powerful assault rifles, is also showing off utility vehicles intended for military use.

South Africa Begins Seizing White-Owned Farms "IndyWatch Feed World"

THE South African government has begun the process of seizing land from white farmers. Local newspaper City Press reports two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo are the first to be targeted for unilateral seizure after negotiations with the owners to purchase the properties stalled.

Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed World"

Plastic trash is littering the land and fouling rivers and oceans. But what we can see is only a small fraction of whats out there. Since modern plastic was first mass-produced, 8 billion tons have been manufactured. And when its thrown away, it doesnt just disappear. Much of it crumbles into small pieces.

How the Media Keeps Americans in the Dark about the Slaughter in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

A somewhat grainy video, presumably shot from a decade old cell phone, shows more than two dozen load Yemeni kids, aged 6 to 15, playing, laughing, and excitedly moving about their school bus, invoking warm childhood memories for anyone who has ever caught a bus to and from a school outing.

'Journalist Michael Hastings Was Working On Story About CIA Chief John Brennan At The Time Of His Mysterious Death' "IndyWatch Feed World"

It's worth taking a second look at this article from 2013 now that former CIA director John Brennan is in the headlines attacking President Trump for trying to "silence" him.

CA Legislative Committees Pass Seven Gun Control Bills "IndyWatch Feed World"

A California Senate committee and an assembly committee passed a total of seven new gun control bills during the past week. The majority of the bills expand gun controls that are already in place.

The Telltale Signs of Imperial Decline "IndyWatch Feed World"

Check which signs of Imperial decline you see around you: The hubris of an increasingly incestuous and out-of-touch leadership; dismaying extremes of wealth inequality; self-serving, avaricious Elites; rising dependency of the lower classes on free Bread and Circuses provided by a government careening toward insolvency due to stagnating tax revenues and vast over-reach--let's stop there to catch our breath. Check, check, check and check.

"We Are Not Going Bankrupt" Musk Vows As Tesla Suppliers Panic Over Stopped Payments "IndyWatch Feed World"

Less than a month after the WSJ reported first that Tesla was quietly asking suppliers for "cash back" on existing and future projects, describing the request as "essential to Teslas continued operation" and characterizing it as an investment in the car company, investors quickly sold off the stock sending it back under $300, amid growing fears of a liquidity crisis at the electric automaker.

Johnstone: How To Get Rid Of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are you as sick and tired as I am of all those tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy nutters who express skepticism whenever the kind and beneficent US intelligence agencies bestow us with urgent information about a new country in need of regime change?


Tinubu under fire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki, yesterday, accused Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of blindly supporting President Muhammadu Buhari because he wants to succeed him as Nigerias president in 2023. Saraki also revealed that Tinubu had complained to him in their series of meetings towards reconciliation in the past, wherein the National Leader of []

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Displaced person delivers quadruplet in Zamfara "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Thirty-three-year-old Zainab Salisu, an internally displaced person (IDP) in Maradun camp, Zamfara, has been delivered of a set of quadruplets, two males and two females. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mrs. Salisu, who hailed from Gidan Dan-Guntu village in Maradun District, was delivered of the babies on Sunday, without complications. The father []

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

COSATU Statement on the Commencement of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture
The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the long overdue commencement of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. The people of South Africa deserve some answers and clarity about the economic vandalism that has happened over the last couple of years.

This inquiry will hopefully dig deeper and expose the decay that has crippled both our economy and our country. The country is teetering on the brink because of a flagging economy and many people are struggling to feed and clothe their families because of the effects of State Capture and Corruption.

We hope that the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture will make a big difference and unlike the Seriti Commision will enlighten us and expose the architects and beneficiaries of State Capture.

COSATU wants to see all the robber barons, swindlers and their enablers, who have stolen from the poor sent to jail where they belong.

Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

Tel: 011 339 4911
Fax: 011 339 5080
Cell: 060 975 6794


I wont surrender to corruption Buhari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

IBB warns politicians not to overheat polity   President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that the option of surrendering to corruption will never be considered by his government. The president, in a Sallah message yesterday by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said corruption has the capacity of destroying the very fabric []

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APC to Saraki: Youre not fit to be President "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has declared that the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, is not fit to be President of Nigeria. APC asked if Saraki would pass integrity and corruption test to become President. The ruling party hinged its declaration on allegations of corruption against Saraki. The position of the party came a day []

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ANC Statement on the Start of the Work of the Zondo Commission on State Capture
20 August 2018

The African National Congress notes the start of the Zondo Commission on State Capture this week.  The National Executive Committee of the ANC in May 2017 endorsed the establishment of such a judicial commission, so that the facts and truth can come to light. 

The ANC urges its members and others who are summoned to appear before the Commission to offer their full cooperation to the Commission, so that the country can deal with this difficult chapter.

The Commission will assist to ensure that where wrongdoing was done, appropriate action is taken and people are held accountable.

The allegations and reports on this matter have done immense damage to the image of the country and the confidence of ordinary citizens in state institutions. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the Commission completes its work expeditiously.

Issued by the African National Congress

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975


Analysis: Graduates get jobs in formal sector despite tough economic conditions "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In a slow economy getting jobs in the formal sector can prove difficult. But Rohan Fox, a Researcher at the Australian National Universitys Crawford Policy Centre, says his research suggests that graduates of the University of Papua New Guinea do find employment.

Graduates of the University of Papua New Guinea. Source: Devpolicy

According to Bank of PNG data, there have been four years of decline in formal employment in PNG since 2013. Getting a first job is always hard, and a tough economic climate makes it even harder.

Consider the results of the latest of two surveys of the University of PNG (UPNG) economics class of 2015.

The first survey was conducted at the end of their final semester of classes and asked questions about their experience at UPNG and the desires for future work.

Most graduates who answered the survey were employed in the formal sector.

This second survey, conducted in 2017, looked at the job-seeking process and employment outcomes.

Despite the economic climate, results from the cohort are generally strong, with the majority of graduates finding good positions within one year of graduating.



Wike to Tinubu: I never discussed PDP presidential ticket with you "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Governor Nyesom Wike has fired back at former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, over his accusation that he lured Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State into the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because of presidential ticket in 2019 election. Wike accused Tinubu of being unfair to him as he never discussed the issue of []

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U.S. Service Member Among Eight Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

A U.S. service member was killed and several other Coalition members were wounded.

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FG pays N72.16bn as military pension, gratuity "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Federal Governments desire to end retire-ment benefits logjam for military personnel has further been sustained with the approval of N72.16 billion, New Telegraph has learnt. According to a document sighted by this newspaper, the amount covers pensions for past retirees and those of 2017; death benefit; administrative charges; 2017 verification exercise and pension running cost. []

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Lobbyist Freaks Out When Offered A Glass of Monsantos Herbicide After Declaring It Is Safe to Drink (Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The controversy and claims of corruption surrounding corporate giant Monsanto are well-known, but how far will lobbyists go to make their point? When one such lobbyist makes an extreme claim, stating that the companys herbicide is safe to drink, an interviewer is quick to call his bluff.

Recently Monsanto has once again found themselves in the news headlines due to a lawsuit based in San Francisco. Setting a major precedent for the thousands of other cases currently levied against the company due to claims that their well-known herbicide Roundup gave them cancer, the jury at the Superior Court of California ruled in favor of Dewayne Johnson, awarding him $289 million in both punitive and compensatory damages.

The ingredient of concern is glyphosate, a key ingredient in the herbicide. In a March 2015 report, the World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed that the chemical is probably carcinogenic, however, the company is adamant that the product is safe for use. In fact, there have been a number of studies conducted trying to get to the bottom of the chemicals potential risks, and the results have been inconclusive. While some studies reveal what they claim to be a clear connection between glyphosate and cancer, others deny that this association can be proven.

The controversy surrounding the risks of Roundup is anything but new! In fact, two years ago lobbyist Dr. Patrick Moore made headlines after an interview arguing in support of Monsanto. The self-proclaimed ecological expert was once involved with a number of environmental organizations, including holding the position of president with Greenpeace Canada. After leaving the world of environmental activism in 1986, his opinions appear to have taken a dramatic turn. Moores current opinions are largely in favor of the corporate world.

In the interview, Moore and the interviewer were discussing the impact of Roundup on the South American country of Argentina. When asked about the proposed connection between the use of Roundup throughout the country and the notable increase in cancer rates, Moore insisted that the product was completely safe. In fact, he stated it was so safe that it would be fine to drink. He even went as far as stating, You can drink a whole quart of it and it wont hurt you.

Calling his bluff, the interviewer then asked Moore if he wanted to drink some, however, faced with the reality of his statements, his demeanor changed entirely. The interviewer wasnt willing to give up that easy. Each time that Moore declined, the inter...


Tambuwal: Asiwaju tried to destroy APC after he was denied VPs slot "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Sokoto State governor, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, has refuted claims by the former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu, that he left the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) because he could not be given an automatic ticket in 2019. Tambuwal also accused Tinubu of trying to destroy APC after he was denied being President Muhammadu []

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12 Quotes That Will Empower Single Women Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed World"

Single women are pushed to dive into relationships even when they dont want to. Society while changing is still very relationship oriented and it can really bring those who either arent ready for a relationship or just dont want a relationship down.

If you are a single woman the following quotes will most likely speak to you. The more that time goes by the sometimes the more sense that things make. These words I hope will be empowering for all of you. Dont feel bad for being single, take on the world as you are and if you want love, let it find you when the time is right.

Single comes in many forms. Whether you are a single mom or just arent interested in being tied down you still hold intense power within you. Becoming more aware of that power and moving forward in your life is important. Sure, you might get lonely but you still make it through.

12 Quotes That Will Help Empower Single Women Across the World:

1. We must treat ourselves with care, respect and compassion before we can effectively extend these things to others.
Kristi Bowman, A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health & Letting Your True Self Shine

2. A strong woman takes responsibility for her life and choices.. She may fall but she gets back up. She knows she is meant for so much more and she goes for it. She does not have time to play victim because she knows she is victorious. So, she stands warrior strong.

A storm is coming and that storm is me!
Sparkles Summers

3. The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her, but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.
C. JoyBell C.

4. If youre not happy single, you wont be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.

5. I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.
Charlotte Bront, Jane Eyre

6. A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.
Coco Chanel, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the Worlds Most Elegant Woman

7. You are not an option, a choice or a soft place to land after a long battle. You were meant to be the one. If you can wrap yourself around the idea that you are something incredible, then you will stop excusing behavior that rapes you...


Childrens passive smoking raises lung disease risk "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Scientists led by researchers from the American Cancer Society (ACS) yesterday said nonsmoking adults have a higher risk of dying from serious lung disease if they grew up with parents who smoked. The study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. One of the studys authors, Dr. Ryan Diver, said the research identified []

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A Smorgasbord Of New Stories From Across America Prove: Theres A Whole Lot Of Crazy Going On "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A Smorgasbord Of New Stories From Across America Prove: Theres A Whole Lot Of Crazy Going On By Susan Duclos All News PipeLine From Hollywood to Washington DC, to grocery store racism to the maniacal media pundits, to a potential...

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Philippines: President Duterte Not In Coma "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Dutertes trusted aide disputed yesterday the claim of communist leader Jose Ma. Sison that the Chief Executive went into a coma.

By Alexis RomeroEdith Regalado (The Philippine Star) August 21, 2018 12:00am

Special Assistant to the President Christopher Go said Sison must have been dreaming.

The President is in a kama (bed), not in coma, Go said. Sison must have mistaken his name as Coma exchanging the J in Joma to C to make it appear as coma.

Image result for Duterte, photos

Another Malacaang official downplayed talks about the supposed deterioration of the Presidents health.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said Duterte remains healthy and as strong as a horse.

Contrary to what Joma Sison said, the President is fine and well. He is participating in the Kadayawan festival in Davao. He will have a public appearance tomorrow (Aug. 21) with the League of Cities in Cebu City, Roque told reporters.

Sison posted on Facebook that Duterte went into a coma on Sunday.

Sison also claimed that those who saw Duterte during a gathering of Lex Talionis fraternity on Saturday noticed that the alleged discoloration in the Presidents face had worsened.

The Presidents walk and handshake have become more unstable, the rebel leader added.

In a statement posted on the National Democratic Front website, Sison said, People are awaiting the public appearance of Duterte and a medical bulletin from his office.

Sison claimed that another report circulated that Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and key Cabinet men have formed a caretaker committee to run the government while Duterte is indisposed.

This report needs to be verified or negated by Dutertes public appearance, he said.

Sison has been on self-exile in the Netherlands since 1987.

I dont understand why Joma Sison said the President was in coma. He is in far away Netherlands, how would he know? Roque said.

Roque said the Presidents face might have been dark during the fraternitys anniver...


FixedIt: Invisible alleged perpetrator on invisible attempted murder charge "IndyWatch Feed National"

MYGC reported on a man who was charged with attempted murder, contravene prohibition/restriction in AVO, break and enter dwelling, inflict grievous bodily harm, and two counts of common assault. His ex partner is in hospital with life threatening head injuries.

This commentary is not about his guilt or innocence, which can only be determined by a court. This is about how the charges against him are (or are not) described..

Invisible perpetrators are a constant in FixedIt. This is not a trivial issue. It matters because headlines are supposed to be a short summary of the article and when the article is about violence men commit against women and those men are invisible, the headline is not telling the story, its erasing the story.

Also, most people dont consume news by reading a print newspaper from cover to cover. Only some people go directly to the home page of a news outlet. Most people get news links from social media, and the most likely source is Facebook. But regardless of the source, we see far more headlines than we click on.

Something like 80 percent of the headlines we see, we never click through to read the article. Were not necessarily thinking very much about the headlines we dont click on, but we see them. And without being consciously aware that its happening they are still describing something to us. When they fit our subconscious bias or when theyre underpinned myths about violence and repeat them over and over again, they reinforce them in our minds, but we dont really notice that its happening.

The things we dont notice are far more dangerous than the things we do notice.

Clarity in reporting and avoiding the passive voice and are among the first things journalists are taught. Which is why the constant use of passive voice and unclear reporting on violence against women stands out so much.

If all the violent crimes committed by men were reported in the active voice with the perpetrators and their crime as the subject of every headline, it would be overwhelming. Because it is overwhelming.

We are journalists and it is not our job to erase the truth so our audience is not made to feel uncomfortable. Our job is to describe what is happening in our society. And the sad truth is that around 90 percent of violent crimes are committed by men. Avoiding this fact doesnt make it less true but it does make it much more difficult to address the underlying cause.

Headlines matter and this is why FixedIt exists.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you w...


U.S. Moves Toward New Tariffs on China Despite Fresh Round of Trade Talks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Two approaches reflect split in Trump administration on how to deal with Beijing; American companies complain about levies at hearings

Containers stacked at the Port of Long Beach in California include some from Cosco, the Chinese state-owned shipping and logistics company. The U.S. is currently pursuing tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports.
Containers stacked at the Port of Long Beach in California include some from Cosco, the Chinese state-owned shipping and logistics company. The U.S. is currently pursuing tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports. PHOTO: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

WASHINGTONThe Trump administration is moving closer this week to levying tariffs on nearly half of Chinese imports despite broad opposition from U.S. business and the start of a fresh round of talks between the U.S. and China to settle the trade dispute.

The twin administration initiativespursuing tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goodswhile relaunching talks to scrap tariffsunderscore a s...


CVE-2018-10902 - linux kernel - double free in midi subsystem "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Wade Mealing on Aug 20


The linux midi subsystem has a possible memory corruption flaw
accessing midi devices.

This was fixes upstream in commit
(4.18 and newer not affected). Red hat has assigned CVE-2018-10902 for
this issue.

The raw midi kernel driver does not protect against concurrent access
which leads to a double-realloc (double free) in...


Portland, OR: Call for Continued Protests Against Police Brutality "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Portland, OR: Call for Continued Protests Against Police Brutality appeared first on It's Going Down.

A call from Occupy ICE Portland to keep the pressure on the police and city council in the wake of the brutal police attacks on antiracist protesters on August 4th.

On July 24, members of Patriot Prayer showed up at the Occupy ICE encampment to intimidate activists while they were trying to pack up ahead of the police sweep that came in the early hours of July 25. We were not the only encampment to be visited by a far-Right group.

On August 4th, Portland Police randomly began to fire less lethal rounds at counter-protesters during a Patriot Prayer demonstration. Contrary to what the police are saying, all accounts from witnesses say there were no projectiles thrown at officers until after they deployed flash bangs.

These two events signal an escalation of police cooperation with and utilization of members of the far-Right as a de facto paramilitary force reminiscent of the squadristi in fascist Italy. The police provide cover and offer up an official story, while far-Right groups carry out the dirty work for them. A review of police actions at last years June 4th rally (which culminated in police kettling 200 people and unlawfully photographing their IDs) found a bias to view far-Right individuals more favorably.

Potential targets thus become any migrants and refugees, womxn, POCs, and leftists. Street attacks have already begun. After the August 4 demonstration, we also heard some very telling comments from the police chief wherein she ridicules protesters who were critically injured by police officers and brags about kicking their butts. This should be seen as exactly the same kind of dog whistle commentary weve heard from the president (...


The Battle For the Economic Collapse Narrative Is Heating Up (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Battle For the Economic Collapse Narrative Is Heating Up Video X2 Report Trump is now ramping up the criticism against the Fed chair Powell. He is criticizing the interest rate hike. The corporate media and other financial pundits...

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Daily sudoku "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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On Iran, Is It Trump Versus His Own Neocons? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Dr. Trita Parsi Global Research, August 20, 2018 LobeLog Note to readers: please click the share buttons above   Secretary of State Mike Pompeos announcement of the creation of a new Iran Action Group at the White Housealmost exactly on the anniversary of the CIA-led coup against Irans elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 no lesswas as []


Hamas salutes Jeremy Corbyn as fresh links with Islamist group emerge "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hamas has pledged its support for Jeremy Corbyn as more evidence emerged on Monday of his long-running links to the Islamist group.

Praising the Labour leader for his political activism, Hamas, which was recently proscribed by the European Court of Justice, declared we salute Jeremy Corbyns supportive positions to the Palestinians.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Jeremy Corbyn pictured in Jerusalem alongside Labour MP Andrew Slaughter (left), and Hamas officials Ahmad Attoun, Khaled Abu-Arafah, and Muhammad Totah

However, the message of support, posted on the groups official Twitter page, stopped short of calling for Mr  Corbyn to be elected prime minister, stating that it respected the choice of the British people.

Separately, Mr Corbyn was also facing a fresh investigation into an undeclared trip to the West Bank in 2010, where he was pictured meeting senior Hamas

Read the rest (Paywall):


In Your Face, Trump! Suck It! Comedian Opens MTV Video Music Awards with Vulgar and Racist Hit on Trump (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

The only humor the left finds amusing these days are attacks on Trump, his supporters or Middle America.

Its getting old folks.

Kevin Hart opened the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday with a vulgar insult directed at President Trump. He started off by saying to the audience,

You guys are allowed to kneel. You can do whatever the hell you want. Theres no old white man can kneel no old white men that can stop you.

Racism is ALWAYS acceptable today on the left when it is directed at whitey.

Kevin Hart followed that up with this later in the opening:

In your face, Trump. Suck it!

This is the humor on the left today.
Then they blame President Trump for the divisive rhetoric in the country.

Via Mediaite:

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish kicked off the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night, during which, the former took several shots at President Trump.

As the two went back and forth, joking about the nominees during the ceremonys opening address, Hart remarked that tonights a night where no one really knows what could happen.

Beefs pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets, Hart said. Its basically like a typical day in the White House.

He topped it off by making it very clear.

In your face, Trump! Suck it!

The post In Your Face, Trump! Suck It! Comedian...


German Military: grounded helicopters not a sign of Defense Minister von der Leyens mismanagement "IndyWatch Feed War"

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is touring the ranks of the Bundeswehr this summer. But some of the military hardware she is admiring, like the NH90 helicopter, has seen more ground time than flight time.

Ursula von der Leyen beim Transporthubschrauber Regiment 30 in Niederstetten (DW/B. Knight)

When it comes to German military equipment, the German defense minister is getting a little more defensive.

Ursula von der Leyen, head of the German armed forces, is in the middle of her regular summer tour of Germanys military bases to take stock of military hardware and the state of the troops  and perhaps try to revive morale among soldiers hit by negative news reports about technical underpreparedness and shortages in personnel and hardware.

The fifth of these ten tour stops took von der Leyen to a base in Niederstetten, Baden-Wrttemberg on Monday, where she watched a display of some NH90 military transport helicopters that have been beset by problems in the past, causing many machines to be grounded and critics to question the effectiveness of Germanys military spending.

NH90: A highly respected helicopter

Before answering three questions by reporters and then speaking to around 150 soldiers in private, von der Leyen was treated to a complex demonstration of the many purposes of the NH90 transport helicopter. In this case, the display involved six helicopters, four paratroopers, around 60 infantry soldiers, two military vehicles, and a Belgian shepherd dog (which was not to be petted, the minister was told).

A helicopter flies a tank (DW/B. Knight)The troops in Niederstetten demonstrated the...


Ridiculous! California school rejects piano teacher because she wouldn't tear religious hymns from music book "IndyWatch Feed World"

Was told her Christmas recitals and lessons in classical blues, jazz, and gospel were problematic also... A piano teacher in California is suing a charter school after she was accepted, and then rejected, from a teaching position because her beginning music lessons were deemed "too religious," and therefore, "problematic." The Sky Mountain Charter School in Riverside County asked Dimitra Solomos to become a "vendor" for the school, which would allow families to use extracurricular funds to pay for piano lessons rather than using out-of-pocket expenses. Solomos agreed and completed a background check, got a business license, and completed the other application requirements. The charter school's management company approved her application, but told her that they prohibited teaching religious music, like hymns.


The missing piece in Singapore's green building puzzle "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Singapore aims to green 80 per cent of its building stock by 2030, but experts say it is behind schedule. What's holding the city-state's green building sector back, and how can it overcome these obstacles?


Web Exclusive: Rep. Peter Roskam to ignite a bonfire of pants on Facebook (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Representative Peter Roskams campaign is undeterred by one of their Facebook ads getting a Pants on Fire rating by Politifact Illinois.

Picture of congressional candidate Sean Casten with a sports car in the background. The text says

A web ad allegedly produced by Rep. Peter Roskams campaign. 

Were going to lite a bonfire of burning pants on Facebook! said a campaign staffer who asked to be called Bobby.  We wont stop there!  Were already flooding the Internet with web ads!  We added a new Twitter account.  Were going to say and show anything and everything to burn down Sean Casten!

Youre supposed to say, Sleazy Casten.  said another staffer.

I thought that was next week?

Next week is Cheating Casten.  This weak is Sleazy.

Whats two weeks from now?

Car-driving Casten.

Flush with money from political action committees and support from the Congressional Leadership Fund, the Roskam campaign is aggressively attacking Casten.  The Cook Report rates the race a tossup, and Bobby says they are working hard to change that.

We gave Sean a big tax cut, and this is how he thanks Peter?  No, he deserves everything were going to throw at him.

When asked if the campaign would be fact-checking their ads moving forward, Bobby replied: (Rudy Giuliani) says the truth isnt always true.  Are you going to argue with Americas Mayor?

Charlene Spencer, an employee at Bolingbrooks Barbers Corner Media, says he...


Trumps Threat of New Tariffs on Chinese Imports and Possible Consequences "IndyWatch Feed War"


The US Chamber of Commerce warns against the consequences of new tariffs on Chinese imports proposed by the administration of President Donald Trump.

The top business lobbying group said the tariffs dramatically expand the harm to American consumers, workers, businesses, and the US economy. It said the Trump administration lacks a coherent strategy to address QUOTE Chinas theft of intellectual property and other harmful trade practices. The chamber also demanded that Washington hold serious discussions with Beijing. Trump has threatened 25 percent tariffs on 200 billion dollars of Chinese imports. He says this is in response to Chinas retaliatory tariffs on 50 billion dollars-worth of US products.

PressTV: What is your take on this?

Peter Koeing: The key word is threatened. Trump has threatened an additional 25% import tariffs on 200 billion worth of Chinese imports to retaliate for Chinas retaliation, so to speak. Chinese retaliation was to be expected and is fully justified. It is clear that China will not reverse their import tariffs for US goods. Why would they?

China is poised to negotiate a one-to-one even level, but not on the basis of the US dictating the rules. Trump and his masters must realize that.

Then the additional reason of Chinas theft of intellectual property is today more a joke than reality. In many areas of technology development especially certain precision electronics and foremost alternative energy China is worlds ahead of the United States. But nobody talks about it. China will soon be number one in alternative energy production, which China will be exporting to the world, to the detriment of the US-led petrol industry.

Maybe thats what Trump is focusing on attempting to detract from what is really threatening a big junk of the US economy, the notorious dependence on hydrocarbon energy, the number one polluter an environmental destructor today.

And there is another factor, perhaps the number ONE target of Trumps ever-increasing tariffs for Chinese exports, or rather US imports of Chinese goods:

Thats the Chinese currency, the Yuan.

It is known since long to many treasuries of countries around the world, that the Chinese Yuan is a much safer investment or reserve currency than the US dollar which is based on hot air, or not even, while the Yuan is based on a solid Chinese economy and on gold.

Not only has the Yuan been admitted officially in the IMFs basket of SDRs Special Drawing Rights, which consists of the five key reserve currencies US Dollar, UK pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and now also the Chinese Yuan.

The yuan is not only for most countries around...


These ten foods balance your blood sugar and prevent diabetes "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

These ten foods balance your blood sugar and prevent diabetes by: Russel Davis  Natural News The current diabetes epidemic makes it all the more important for people to watch what they eat. Here is a list of some of the most...

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Venezuela Braces for the Devaluation Storm "IndyWatch Feed War"

Experts foretell heavy use of calculators and perhaps chaos. The nation already is in a miserable state. Inflation is running over 100,000 percent, food and medicine are scarce and citizens are are fleeing by the thousands to neighboring countries. Some have met with violence.

  • A devaluation. A new currency. A strike. A sense of panic
  •  As misery deepens, the president deploys an opaque plan
People display the new 2 and 5 sovereign bolivar banknotes Aug. 20. Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg

President Nicolas Maduro picked a Friday evening before a long, holiday weekend to unveil a 95 percent currency devaluation. Over the ensuing three days, Venezuela was calm, even quiet. That figures to change dramatically Tuesday.

Venezuelans may encounter soaring prices even as they negotiate the simultaneous debut of a so-called sovereign bolivar currency that drops five zeros after years of hyperinflation. And on top of it all, opposition politicians and unions are organizing a 24-hour nationwide strike, saying the devaluation will deepen suffering.

The plan as Maduro laid it out was marked by inconsistencies and was short on specifics, suggesting that any attempt to stabilize the economy would start out facing huge credibility problems, Francisco Rodriguez, chief economist of Torino Capital, wrote in a note to clients Monday.

Whatever its reception in international financial circles, the combination of events in the capital city of Caracas foretells heavy use of calculators and perhaps chaos. The nation already is in a miserab...


BearingPoint makes strategic investment in Insignary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

BearingPoint has made a strategic investment in Insignary. It marks BearingPoints first time investing in an Asian start-up. As part of its Ventures activities, the investment builds on BearingPoints partnership with Insignary, through which they offer managed binary code scanning service in Europe. The funding will enable Insignary to meet the growing demand in the EU, the US and Asia for businesses looking to improve their open-source software (OSS) risk management. Insignarys software-as-a-service (SaaS) and More

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Whaleoil wisdom "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This piece of Whaleoil wisdom was brought to you by the Whaleoil Store. Visit us now and find the perfect piece of Whaleoil swag for your collection. The post Whaleoil wisdom appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


This Ancient Hindu Temple Was Carved (Not Built) Out of a Single Rock "IndyWatch Feed World"

In Brief: The temple was carved out of a mountain, by vertical excavations meaning the builders started from the top to the bottom. Around 400,000 tons of rock were removed from the mountain. The temple is considered one of the largest monolithic temples ever carved out of a single rock.

by Ivan,

Theres a temple in India thatll give you goosebumps. Not because its haunted or scary, but because its design and construction are beyond anything we thought humans were capable of.

The Temple itself was carved into the mountain, 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and 98 feet high. This means that the Kailasa Temple is one of the biggest monolithic structures on the planet, carved out of a single rock.

This magnificent temple, located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India, the temple itself is known as The Kailasa Temple. Some refer to it as the Kailasanatha temple.

Read Entire Article


CrowdStrike appoints Paul Shinn as chief legal officer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CrowdStrike announced the appointment of Paul Bradley Shinn as chief legal officer. Shinn brings to CrowdStrike more than 20 years of experience as a corporate counsel advising technology companies. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Shinn was the chief legal officer and senior vice president of Corporate Development for Gigamon, where he drove legal strategy and support across multiple disciplines. Shinn advised management and the Board of Directors at Gigamon on topics including commercial contracts, governance, compliance, More

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Dayak women farmers grapple with the impacts of oil palm plantations "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

While the impacts of being enclaved by oil palm has affected all people in the community, the effect on women has been particularly adverse.

The Private Suppression of Public Expression "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Today we interrupt your regular market insight for something a little different.

Theres a sinister trend developing in the digital world.

Im starting to think that no one is safe.

At best, it threatens your freedom to obtain information.

At worst, it threatens your freedoms.

For years, The Daily Reckoning Australia has warned that governments around the world were out to limit your personal liberties.

But this growing threat is more powerful than any government could ever hope to be.

Thats because Western governments are elected. To get votes, they must pander to voters. So change is often slow. Freedom-suppressing legislation takes generations to become enshrined in law.

Thats why the real danger lies with private companies.

Im talking about the trillion-dollar tech sector.

The one controlled by a handful of powerful and unelected CEOs.

The internet to the 21st century is what the steam engine was to the industrial age.

It has revolutionised our ability to discover, consume and share information like never before.

A natural extension of the digital age is social media. As our lives moved online, so did our social habits.

Through this, the world had created a forum for people to express their thoughts and find like-minded individuals to interact with.

Yet in less than a decade, this social revolution has morphed into oppression of the masses.

We began to witness this a few years back. Companies like Facebook, Inc. [NYSE:FB] and Instagram became overzealous in policing the pictures of breastfeeding mothers.

Given the prevalence of lewd material on the internet, this policy reeked of double standards.

Facebook and Instagrams insistence of removing such photos and in many cases shutting down peoples profiles was the canary in the coal mine.

About a year ago, Facebook started issuing warnings to people who they felt werent using their real name in their profile. It threatened suspected accounts with closure.

This was seen as a sign that Facebook was pushing to remove anonymity online.

It was also the point at which the canary in the coal mine snuffed it. And yet few were paying attention.

The price we pay is that social media companies now control us.

Engineering public opinion

Two weeks ago, American radio host Alex Jones was cut off from all social media.

If you havent heard of Ale...

The Self-made Beauty of the Centriole - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This story was originally published by Knowable Magazine.

Cells build an elegant, symmetrical structure. How they do it is intriguing on its own, but recent insights could also help explain some developmental disorders.Wikicommons

You dont often see the word beautiful in scientific articles. Yet its easy to see why cell biologists Niccol Banterle and Pierre Gnczy used the word when describing a crucial cell structure called the centriole in a recent review. The scientists, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, are helping to provide a more precise view of how our cells construct this microscopic marvel.

Seen in the image in cross section, the centriole is a cylindrical cell organelle built of nine elegant groupings of three hollow tubes known as microtubules. Each centriole is about one-300th the width of a thickish human hair (about 250 nanometers) in diameter and as much as twice as long. It sits in an area of the cell that looks distinctly fuzzy under the microscope; that fuzzy spot plus the centriole are together known as the centrosome. Each human body contains trillions of them. Centrosome disorders have been implicated in a variety of birth defects, such as certain forms of dwarfism and microcephaly, and may have a role
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Astronomers Detect Synchronous X-Ray and Radio Mode Switching of the Pulsar PSR B0823+26 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An international team of astronomers has detected synchronous X-ray and radio mode switching between radio-bright and a radio-quiet modes in the pulsar PSR B0823+26. The discovery marks the second time that such synchronous mode switching has been observed in a pulsar. The finding is detailed in a paper published August 6 on

To date, synchronous X-ray and radio mode switching has been identified only in one old and nearly aligned pulsar known as PSR B0943+10. Therefore, astronomers are interested in finding such behavior in other objects in order to improve knowledge about the poorly understood mechanisms behind this activity.

[...] PSR B0823+26, located some 1,000 light years away from the Earth, is one of the brightest radio pulsars in the Northern sky. It has a period about 530 milliseconds, a spin-down age of approximately 4.9 million years and an inferred magnetic field of around 980 billion G.

Source: Astronomers detect synchronous X-ray and radio mode switching of the pulsar PSR B0823+26

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


NDP MP Refuses to Withdraw from Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group "IndyWatch Feed War"

Randall Garrison is refusing to heed a call from 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists and NDP members to withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group (CIIG). To justify his pro-Israel campaigning the Victoria MP has cited that countrys relatively gay friendly policies even as he promotes a bastion of Canadian homophobia.

Garrison is vice-chair of a group that promotes greater friendship and cooperation between the Canadian and Israeli parliaments. As I detailed here, CIIG has organized events with other pro-Israel lobby organizations and the co-chairs of its Israeli counterpart the Israel-Canada Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group are stridently anti-Palestinian.

Garrisons ties to anti-Palestinian lobbying groups goes beyond his role as vice-chair of CIIG. In May Garrison, Liberal MP Marco Mendicino and Conservative MP David Sweet co-sponsored an event with the staunchly anti-Palestinian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC). Israels Ambassador Nimrod Barkan spoke at the event on Parliament Hill.

That month Garrison also spoke at an event put on by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC). The guest of honour was Irwin Cotler who, notes Max Blumenthal, spent his career defending Israeli human rights crimes.

At the NDPs convention in February Garrison was one of the MPs who voted to suppress debate on the most widely supported foreign policy resolution. Endorsed unanimously by the NDP youth convention and by over 25 riding associations, the Palestine Resolution mostly restated official Canadian policy, except that it called for banning settlement products from Canadian markets, and using other forms of diplomatic and economic pressure to end the occupation.

In 2017 Conservative Party Senator Linda Frum, who labeled a Palestinian-Canadian art exhibit at Ottawas city hall ...


Is Gold the Victim of too Much Bad News? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is Gold the Victim of too Much Bad News? from Schiff Gold There is plenty of bad news out there. We have a trade war. Geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran and the US and Russia are high. Turkey...

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Readying Knives: The Mortality of Australian Prime Ministers "IndyWatch Feed National"

The opinion poll prime ministership is a modern Australian disease.  Not only does it suggest an ailing in the Westminster system, but a profound contempt for the democratic sensibility on the part of party representatives, hacks and the industry that supports them.  Prime Ministers are merely the icing, to be whipped off and replaced on going stale.  Little wonder that the Australian politician can never be permitted to be an authentic representative, ever hostage to sentiment and the astrological deceptions of polling.

This conditioning is so total it has even bewitched the journalistic classes, who have also done their best to feed the complex of the short-term prime minister.  Twenty-four hour news tends to do that.  A veteran ABC journalist let it slip on Monday morning that the elections were about the party strategists, the politicians and the polls. It was easy in such an assessment to avoid the Australian voter, whose relevance has declined as the influence of party brokers has risen.

A canon of politics is that support expressed with fervent enthusiasm in the public domain is bound to reverse behind closed doors.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the firm support of numerous members of his front bench, expressed publicly.  This is exactly why he should be worried. Such enthusiasm could be lethal.

Even potential challenger, the one-dimensional oafish Peter Dutton of the Home Affairs portfolio, has claimed Turnbull has his support, though he has left a tantalising morsel for political observers.  If my position changes that is, it gets to a point where I cant accept what the government is proposing or I dont agree then the Westminster system is very clear: you resign your commission, you dont serve in the cabinet.

Finance minister Matthias Cormann has attempted to adopt the nothing to see here approach while giving the Canberra press gallery every reason to presume that something is afoot.  He claims to have heard no talk about conservatives pressing Dutton to mount a challenge to Turnbull.  This, despite four 5.30 morning walks with Dutton, a fellow hardline conservative with whom he keeps on good terms with.  To Sky News, he claimed that, We are both very committed to the success of the Turnbull government and to wining the next election.

Turnbull had done himself no favours.  He remains weak but more to the point, has appeared to be weak.  He took his party to the last federal election and received a thumping which imperiled his majority.  He has been unsuccessful holding the sniping conservatives within his ranks at bay while embarking on an obsessive campaign to wound the opposition leader, Bill Shorten.  The latter aspect of this strategy failed to materialise in the last round of by-elections which saw no Coalition gains, notably in the Queensland seat of Longman.  As Queensland promi...


Nigerian stabbed to death in U.S. by girlfriends ex "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Nigerian, Taofeek Oluwanishola Anifata, has been stabbed to death by his girlfriends ex at Fort Bend County, Katy, Texas, United States. ToL reports that the suspect, Godson Akran (38), also a Nigerian, has been arrested and presently in police custody after he allegedly stabbed Anifata to death on Thursday in front of his []

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but I won't because no matter that he defeated Dutton 48-35 he is reduced to 'dead man walking' status.

Not much more to be said.


If You Read Between The Lines, Global Economic Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Sometimes, a strongly-worded denial is the most damning evidence of all that something is seriously wrong.  And when things start to really get crazy, the spin is often the exact opposite of the truth.  In recent days we have seen a lot of troubling headlines and a lot of chaos in the global financial marketplace, but authorities continue to assure us that everything is going to be just fine.  Of course we witnessed precisely the same thing just prior to the great financial crisis of 2008.  Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke insisted that a recession was not coming, and we proceeded to plunge into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  Is our society experiencing a similar state of denial about what is ahead of us here in 2018?

Let me give you a few examples of some recent things that global economic leaders have said, and what they really meant

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk: We are definitely not going bankrupt.

Translation: We are definitely going bankrupt.

Tesla is a company that is supposedly worth 51 billion dollars, but the reality is that they are going to zero.  They have been bleeding massive amounts of cash for years, and now a day of reckoning has finally arrived.  A severe liquidity crunch has forced the company to delay payments or to ask for enormous discounts from suppliers, and many of those suppliers are now concerned that Tesla is on the verge of collapse

Specifically, a recent survey sent privately by a well-regarded automotive supplier association to top exe...


Nigeria escapes FIFA ban "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FG endorses Pinnick as NFF President World football body to monitor situation   Nigeria on Monday escaped the big hammer of the Federation of International Football Association after the Federal Government met all the conditions of the world football body. FIFA in a statement on its website acknowledged that Nigeria had met the condition given []

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Trump, McGahn and Iran-Contras Lessons "IndyWatch Feed War"

I was White House counsel in 1986-87. I cooperated with investigators because Reagan was innocent.

Image may contain: people standing, sky, grass and outdoor



President Trumps detractors see White House counsel Don McGahns cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller as a breakthrough in Mr. Muellers investigation. From personal experience, I see it as further evidence that the president and his advisers have concluded Mr. Trump has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide.

I was White House counsel during the Iran-Contra affair, a case in which President Reagan was accused of the unauthorized use of government funds, illegally selling weapons to Iran, trading arms for hostages in violation of longstanding U.S. policies, an illegal coverup, and misleading Congress and the American people. These charges were pressed eagerly by the media and committees of Congress, which was fully controlled by Democrats beginning in 1987. As today, the medialed by the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNNand Democrats in Congress hoped to bring about the impeachment of a Republican president.

In writing my book about the Reagan presidency, I counted the number of articles about Iran-Contra in the Times and the Post between Nov. 6, 1986, when the scandal became public, and Jan. 31, 1987, when I got tired of counting. In that three-month period, there were 555 stories in the Post and 505 in the Times, an average of more than five a day in each paper. If you think the media frenzy of today is unprecedented, think again.

Under the law in 1986, an independent counsel could be appointed by a special panel of appellate-court judges. Lawrence Walsh, a former prosecutor, took the job. He did not issue his report until 1993, more than six years after his appointment. But Iran-Contra fizzled as a...


Trump warns no concessions to Turkey for pastors release "IndyWatch Feed War"

US president says country making terrible mistake with conditions to free Andrew Brunson

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

The escalating spat with Washington has placed more pressure on the beleaguered Turkish economy, which has seen its currency hit hard in recent weeks Reuters

Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington

US President Donald Trump has warned Turkey that he will not agree to any concessions as his administration raised the pressure on Ankara in an attempt to secure the release of an American pastor who is under house arrest in the country.

In an interview with Reuters, Mr Trump said he would not agree to any demands that Turkey has made as a condition for the release of Andrew Brunson, a North Carolina preacher whose detention since 2016 has sparked a dramatic deterioration in relations between America and Turkey, an important Nato ally.

I think its very sad what Turkey is doing. I think theyre making a terrible mistake. There will be no concessions, Mr Trump told Reuters.

Mr Trump has taken an increasingly assertive stance towards Turkey in recent weeks since the collapse of a preliminary deal to release Mr Brunson. The US has accused the countrys president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of reneging on a deal, saying he released Mr Brunson and placed him under house arrest instead of releasing him outright.

Earlier this month, Mr Trump imposed sanctions on two Turkish cabinet ministers in connection with the Brunson case. The US later raised tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from the country. Last week, Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary, warned that the US would impose more sanctions if Mr Brunson was not released quickly.

The escalating spat with Washington has placed more pressure on the beleaguered Turkish economy, which has seen its currency the lira hit hard in recent weeks. The lira weakened by 1.1 per cent on Monday to TL6.0814 to the dollar. It continued to weaken in evening trading in New York, reaching TL6.0973.

Asked by Reuters if he worried about the knock-on impact on other economies, Mr Trump said: Im not concerned. This is the proper thing to do.

US officials have argued that the Turkish economic problems are fundamentally unrelated to the dispute over Mr Brunson, which has exploded in recent weeks.

Mr Trump told Reuters he expected Mr Erdogan to live up to his word, particularly since the US president had helped convince Israel to free a Turkish woman who had been detained in the country. I got that person out for him. I expect him to let this very innoce...


Abuja building collapse: Rescuers return to site, discover body "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

One more body has been discovered at the site of the collapsed four-storey building at Jabi area of Abuja after rescuers returned to scene. This brought the number of casualty to three. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, ordered the rescue team back to site, following a protest by some relatives []

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China Ready To Force Another Ally Away From Taiwan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Taiwan is set to lose its third diplomatic ally this year, a source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, amid pressure from China on the remaining nations with diplomatic ties with the island to cut them.

The source, who declined to be identified as he was not authorized to speak to the media, did not name the country. Eighteen countries currently have diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Image may contain: 1 person

China claims Taiwan as its territory, and says the democratic island has no right to formal ties with any country.

Taiwans Ministry of Foreign Affairs is due to hold a press conference before 0200 GMT.



Court remands 114 IPOB women in prison "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Police, DSS arrest BZF leader, members   A Magistrates Court in Owerri, Imo State yesterday remanded in prison custody 114 pro-Biafra women arrested last Friday by the police during a peaceful procession. The women are said to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Also yesterday, combined operatives of the police and the []

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With leaders like this, no wonder Melbourne has an African gang problem "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As Melbournes African gang crime wave rampages unabated, politicians and police search for answers. Or, failing that, excuses and blame-shifting. Anything, it seems, other than actually arresting the rioting gangs of criminals. As always, no problem is so urgent or so manifest that politicians wont resort to their favourite avoidance tactic, a good old community [] The post With leaders like this, no wonder Melbourne has an African gang problem appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Dangote, VDMA commence training to build skilled workforce "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Dangote Industries Limited (DIL) and German Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA) have formally opened the Trainthe- Trainer (Didactic & Rhetoric) Course (ToT) under the Dangote VDMA Initiative on Technical Education & Vocational Training (TVET). The programme, which took place in Dangote Acadamy Complex, Obajana, Kogi State recently, was a culmination of a project that started on []

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No Peppa Pig at this kinder "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For kids in the West, kinder is mostly about games, finger-painting and storytime. But at a kindergarten in the worlds largest Islamic nation, it seems the kids are taught less Peppa Pig and more Jalil Jihad. Quote: A kindergarten located within an Indonesian military housing complex has been forced to apologise after dressing its preschoolers [] The post No Peppa Pig at this kinder appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Britain to US, Europe: Go further to counter Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

New British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday will urge the United States and European countries to do more to call out Russias malign behavior and keep Vladimir Putin in check, notably by implementing tough sanctions.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Vladimir Putin

The established rules of international conduct are repeatedly being flouted by major countries like Russia, Hunt was to say in Washington, in his first major policy speech since succeeding Boris Johnson in July.

Such aggressive and malign behavior undermines the international order that keeps us safe, Hunt was to tell an audience at the US Institute of Peace, a nonpartisan think tank, according to excerpts provided by the Foreign Office.

Of course we must engage with Moscow, but we must also be blunt: Russias foreign policy under President Putin has made the world a more dangerous place.

London has blamed the March poisoning in southwestern England of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia using a Soviet-made nerve agent on Moscow, plunging the two countries into a diplomatic crisis.

A number of Western countries have punished Moscow by expelling Russian diplomats in a coordinated manner, and some have gone further with other punitive measures.

Those come on top on sanctions already in place over Russias annexation of Crimea or Moscows interference in foreign elections, notably in the 2016 presidential vote in the United States.

Hunt, who is to meet on Wednesday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will ask Londons allies to do more.

Today, the United Kingdom asks its allies to go further by calling on the European Union to ensure its sanctions against Russia are comprehensive, and that we truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the US, Hunt will say, according to the excerpts.

That means calling out and responding to transgressions with one voice whenever and wherever they occur, from the streets of Salisbury to the fate of Crimea.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has been firm with Moscow, regularly announcing new sanctions over the Skripal case, but that message is sometimes muddied by Trumps willingness to improve ties with Putin.

At his July summit with the Russian leader in Helsinki, Trump appeared to be rather conciliatory towards his counterpart, shortly after raising hackles at a NATO summit in Brussels with his contrarian stance.

That earned the president widespread criticism at home, even angering many...


Kitten 'Too Weak' To Survive Looks So Happy And Healthy Now "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Pippin, along with so many other kittens, was born in an abandoned farmhouse in a terrible hoarding situation in fall 2015. The woman who owned all the cats had been charged with animal hoarding and neglect previously, and had somehow managed to repeat her crimes. Humane Society International (HSI) Canada came in and rescued all of the kittens and cats, many of whom were pregnant. By the time everyone was rescued and all the pregnant cats had given birth, the humane society had 91 cats in its care. 

Unfortunately, many of the kittens were incredibly sick and barely clinging to life when they were rescued and little Pippin was one of them. 

Credit: Liam McConnell

Pippin was among those considered too weak to pull through, Liam McConnell, Pippins new dad, told The Dodo. His condition was terrible. He was severely underweight, weak, filthy and his fur was matted. HSI Canada had to be very gentle with him because of his fragility. 

Credit: Liam McConnell

Despite how sick he was, Pippins rescuers still had hope that he would pull through, and he was placed with one of the rescues foster moms, Sayara Thurston. She cared for Pippin around the clock, and as time passed, little Pippin somehow pulled through. He grew stronger and stronger until he was finally out of the woods and ready to go and find his forever family. 

Not long after he was put up for adoption, McConnell and his girlfriend, Ani Unrau, found out about Pippin through a friend, and immediately knew he was meant to be the newest addition to their family. 


Ambode, Aregbesola Ashafa task Muslims on prayers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Muslims across the globe celebrate the Eid-El-Kabir festival, the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode and the lawmaker representing the Lagos East Senatorial District, Senator Gbenga Ashafa, have on called on Muslims in Nigeria to pray for the nations steady progress. The duo urged the Muslims to embrace the values of sacrifice, love and []

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Resist Marxism Rallies Confronted and Outnumbered Across US "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Resist Marxism Rallies Confronted and Outnumbered Across US appeared first on It's Going Down.

On August 18th, a handful of demonstrations took place across the US under the banner of the pan-far-Right group, Resist Marxism, which has open connections with neo-Nazi groups and members who attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Originally, close to 8 demonstrations were scheduled to take place, all under the banner of opposing the myth of growing Far-Left Violence against Trump supporters. The original Resist Marxism call was inspired by the events Portland on June 30th; a day ironically marked (and celebrated on the Right) by members of the Proud Boys sending several people to the hospital and splitting their heads open.

As the 18th drew closer, one by one, around half of the events were cancelled, event organizers began to engage in a round of infighting and doxxing with each other over non-payment of t-shirts, and someone leaked a series of internal emails to Its Going Down.

By the time that the 18th came around, only several cities still had events planned: Tucson, AZ, Austin, TX, San Jose, CA, Boston, MA, as well as a rally headed by Joey Gibson in Seattle, WA. Like other far-Right and Alt-Right events planned throughout August, these rallies were meant to overwhelm and outnumber antifascists in cities where the Right had a history of pulling big numbers. Across the board, we saw the complete opposite however, as in each case besides San Jose, the far-Right was greatly outnumbered.

Heres a roundup, and be sure to send us your own report backs, here.



Eld-el Kabir: EEDC assures customers of regular power "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) yesterday assured electricity consumers within the district of regular power supply during the Eid-El-Kabir public holiday. In a statement signed by Head Communications of the company, Mr. Emeka Eze and made available to journalists in Enugu, EEDC wished its customers a happy experience as they embarked on two-day Sallah []

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Abia to compensate communities hosting Enyimba Economic City "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abia state Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has reiterated his administrations commitment to ensure that owners of land in three local councils hosting Enyimba Economic City (EEC) were adequately compensated. Ikpeazu said this yesterday during a meeting in Aba with major stakeholders of Ukwa East, Ukwa West and Ugwunagbo local government areas where the Enyimba Economic []

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Fashola to inaugurate TCN substation, 60MVA power transformer in Akure "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Transmission Company of Nigeria has completed a 30/40MVA 132/33kV transmission substation project in Wudil, Kano State and a brand new 60MVA 132/33kV power transformer in Akure, Ondo State. The transformer and substation project would be officially commissioned by the Minister of Power Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, according to a statement from []

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Gold, The Tariff War, China And The Future Of The Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold, The Tariff War, China And The Future Of The Dollar by John Hummel  Gold-Eagle From late January of this year through mid-April, cash gold held in a tight range of approximately 1300 to 1350. Several times in our commentaries we...

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3rd Mainland Bridge closure: Motorists tasked on alternative routes "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Motorists, comprising both commercial and private vehicle owners have been urged to make use of alternative routes provided during threeday closure of 3rd Mainland Bridge to ensure free flow of traffic in Lagos metropolis. According to Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr. Adedamola Kuti, investigative maintenance test on the Third Mainland Bridge will commence []

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What Will You Do If WWVB Goes Silent? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Buried on page 25 of the 2019 budget proposal for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the heading Fundamental Measurement, Quantum Science, and Measurement Dissemination, theres a short entry that has caused plenty of debate and even a fair deal of anger among those in the amateur radio scene:

NIST will discontinue the dissemination of the U.S. time and frequency via the NIST radio stations in Hawaii and Ft. Collins, CO. These radio stations transmit signals that are used to synchronize consumer electronic products like wall clocks, clock radios, and wristwatches, and may be used in other applications like appliances, cameras, and irrigation controllers.

The NIST stations in Hawaii and Colorado are the home of WWV, WWVH, and WWVB. The oldest of these stations, WWV, has been broadcasting in some form or another since 1920; making it the longest continually operating radio station in the United States. Yet in order to save approximately $6.3 million, these time and frequency standard stations are potentially on the chopping block.

What does that mean for those who dont live and breathe radio? The loss of WWV and WWVH is probably a non-event for anyone outside of the amateur radio world. In fact, most people probably dont know they even exist. Today theyre primarily used as...


Piglet Finds A Home "IndyWatch Feed"

This blind and deaf puppy used to be so anxious but he's a completely different dog now, thanks to his new family The Dodo (@dodo) August 21, 2018


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Todays MOTD was suggested by Jane Click on image for a high-res view Indulgence versus Restraint Indulgent cultures will tend to focus more on individual happiness and well being, leisure time is more important and there is greater freedom and personal control.  This is in contrast with restrained cultures where positive emotions are less freely [] The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagined (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagined Video sgtreport Child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse survivor and whistle blower Fiona Barnett joins me to discuss the plague upon the earth that is...

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Dr Blake Mysteries S03 E07 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an Australian television series that premiered on ABC TV on 1 February 2013 at 8:30 pm] The series stars Craig McLachlan in the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake, who returns home to Ballarat, northwest of Melbourne, in the late 1950s to take over his late fathers general medical practice and role as police surgeon after an absence of 30 years. Five series aired as of 2017, with a telemovie scheduled to close the program at the completion of the fifth season.

In October 2017, the Seven Network announced they acquired production rights for 2018. Producers later announced production would be suspended pending outcome of the police investigation of the sexual assault allegations directed at Craig McLachlan. He was cleared of the charges In April 2018, Seven Network announced a series of telemovies including all the present cast except Craig McLachlan



Jim Crows Lasting Legacy At The Ballot Box "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Denying voting rights to people with felony convictions has roots in racist laws.


BREAKING: Hannity Leaks to Audience About Sequence of Emails That Prove Brennan Is Lying About Dossier (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

As reported earlier former CIA Director John Brennan claims he only became aware of Hillarys phony Russia dossier in December of 2016 because it was in the news.

Late Summer of 2016, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote a letter to James Comey asking him to investigate allegations Donald Trumps campaign colluded with Russia just days after meeting with John Brennan.

This meeting Brennan had with Harry Reid in the summer of 2016 has many Congressional investigators speculating the former CIA Director briefed Senator Reid on Hillarys dossier.

Harry Reid is not available for comment.

On Monday night Hannity dropped this bomb on John Brennan.

Sean Hannity: I know Im just a talk-show host and we dont do investigative reporting but weve beaten everybody, everybody as it relates to this story. By the way, that was targeted at people who know who they are. I just want to say, isnt there an email chain that might prove this point?

Sara Carter: Theres actually a series of emails that people want to obtain. That is why Congress, this is why Judicial Watch and others are suing for Brennans communications as well as Comeys.

Sean Hannity: And they may actually prove that he did do this and he lying about the Reid stuff? Is that what your birdies were telling you because thats what my birdies are telling me?

Via Hannity:

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Uri Avnery, Israeli Activist for a Palestinian State, Dead at 94 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Uri Avnery, a self-confessed former Jewish terrorist who went on to become Israels best-known peace activist, died in Tel Aviv on Monday, following a stroke. He was 94.

As one of Israels founding generation, Avnery was able to gain the ear of prime ministers, even while he spent decades editing an anti-establishment magazine that was a thorn in their side.

He came to wider attention in 1982 as the first Israeli to meet Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. At the time, Arafat and the PLO were reviled in Israel and much of the west as terrorists.

Famously, Avnery smuggled himself past the Israeli armys siege lines around Beirut to reach Arafat. The pair were reported to have maintained close ties until the Palestinian leaders much speculated upon death in 2004.

Avnery founded Israels only significant if small peace movement, Gush Shalom, in 1993.

He and his followers tried to build political pressure in Israel and abroad, seeking to convert the lip service paid to a two-state solution in the Oslo peace process into a concrete Palestinian state.

A harsh critic of Benjamin Netanyahus far-right government until the end, Avnery filed his final weekly column two weeks ago, lambasting Israels new Nation-State Basic Law as semi-fascist.

For Israels currently besieged peace bloc, Avnerys passing is a significant blow.

Despite tributes from Israeli opposition politicians on Monday, his voice had long ago become marginalised at home. He was the last major public figure still visibly fighting to bring about a two-state solution.

His unyielding positions in support of an Oslo-style peace had begun to appear to many on the Israeli right and left as obsolete, especially after Donald Trumps ascendancy to the White House. Since then, Israel has barely veiled its intention to annex parts of the West Bank, destroying any hope of a Palestinian state.

Avnery publicly rejected a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a shared, single state for Israelis and Palestinians.

He also opposed a general boycott of Israel, as advocated by the growing international BDS movement. Gush Shalom, however, did support boycotts restricted to the settlements.

Avnery arrived in what was then British-ruled Palestine in 1933, aged 10, emigrating with his family from Germany as the Nazis rose to power.

At 15, he was an young recruit to the Irgun, an underground Jewish militia the British classified as a terrorist organisation. But increasingly disenchanted with its attacks on Palestinian civilians, he quit a few years later.

Avnery fought with the Haganah later to become the Israel Defence Forces durin...


Historical Repetition in the Precious Metals Arena "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Historical Repetition in the Precious Metals Arena by Michael Ballanger The AU Report Sector expert Michael Ballanger muses on the potential for a historical reprise of market events of 2015-2016, as well as on how algobots and bankers affect...

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On Thai island, hotel guests check out of plastic waste "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Phuket's hotel association is starting a series of initiatives aimed at reducing the use of plastic, tackling the garbage that washes up on its shores, and educating staff, communities, and even its guests.


Whaleoil Tip: Share buttons "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil Tip for today: Share buttons! You may notice there are some share buttons to your favourite social media platform plus email and print options. Feel free to promote a post with your friends by using that facility. You will find them under the post if you scroll down to the end. In addition, there [] The post Whaleoil Tip: Share buttons appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Signs of Trump-Putin collaboration, starting years before the campaign? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Shane Harris Shane Harris is a staff writer at The Washington Post. He covers intelligence and national security and the Russia investigation. Protesters outside the White House last month give their assessment of President Trumps relationship with Vladimir Putin. (Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post) Of all the allegations contained in the Steele []


Our Guy The *REAL* Russian Collusion "IndyWatch Feed"

Released documents show dossier author Christopher Steele and Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr discussing the need to protect our guy, January through March 2017. Who is Our Guy?  That would be Oleg Deripaska, the Russian dossier source, and likely employer Continue reading


John Brennan Claims He Was Only Aware of Russia Dossier Because it Was in Media Reports "IndyWatch Feed"

Where have we heard this before?

Former CIA Director John Brennan claims he only became aware of Hillarys phony Russia dossier in December of 2016 because it was in the news.

Late Summer of 2016, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote a letter to James Comey asking him to investigate allegations Donald Trumps campaign colluded with Russia just days after meeting with John Brennan.

This meeting Brennan had with Harry Reid in the summer of 2016 has many Congressional investigators speculating the former CIA Director briefed Senator Reid on Hillarys dossier.

The letter Harry Reid wrote to former FBI Director Comey was then leaked to the New York Times several days later.

Harry Reid then sent Comey an open letter in October to give the FBI Director some urgency.

Excerpt from Reids letter to Comey:

In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it  has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity, he said. I wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the publicand yet, you continue to resist calls to inform the public of this critical information.

Just a coincidence, right?

Sara Carter reported:

In a recent interview with Brennans former Chief of Staff, Nick Shapiro, said Brennan had briefed Reid as part of the Gang of Eight briefings on Russias interference in the election. Reid asked Brennan if he could include some of the assessment the Gang of Eight was briefed on in the letter he was preparing to send to Comey. According to Shapiro, Brennan declined saying, he could not authorize sharing the information on Russian election meddling.

Reid was not available for comment.

Shapiro told that Brennan did not know about the contents of the dossier until December,...



Police Searching For Man Who Threatened To Shoot Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Via WENY: (CNN) Law enforcement authorities are searching for a man whos suspected of threatening to shoot President Donald Trump. Shawn Richard Christy, of McAdoo, Pennsylvania, was last seen in Cumberland, Maryland, Sunday night driving a stolen vehicle, according to the authorities. The US Marshals Service is offering $20,000 for information leading to Christys []


Canberra is just full of Final Solutions "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When Fraser Anning used the phrase final solution in his maiden speech in parliament, the wave of hysterical outrage he triggered could hardly have been worse if hed taken a steaming dump on the Senate floor while giving the Roman salute, and then wiped his backside with a picture of Anne Frank. Shocking insult! thundered [] The post Canberra is just full of Final Solutions appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


1988 Rothschild Prediction Coming True with World Inflation! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

1988 Rothschild Prediction Coming True with World Inflation! Video Truth Never Told Video Source

The post 1988 Rothschild Prediction Coming True with World Inflation! (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


US Indicts Two on Allegations of Spying for Iran on MEK Members in US "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik August 21, 2018 The Justice Department of the United States charged two people with circumventing US sanctions against Iran, discretely working on behalf of Irans government to conduct surveillance on Israeli and Jewish facilities inside the country, and attending MEK events in the US to collect intelligence. The Justice Departments National Security Division []


The Stanford Prison Experiment is Not What We Were Taught "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently 994 items including 49 videos and 54 sound recordings were deposited in Zimbardo's online archive at Stanford University. This newly revealed evidence challenges everything that has been taught about the Stanford Prison Experiment.

From the article:

We all know the story of the Stanford Prison Experiment. It has been a staple of introductory psychology textbooks and lectures for nearly fifty years (see Griggs, 2014).

[...] But now, a half century later, dramatic new evidence has emerged that challenges Zimbardo's account. Our textbooks and our lectures will have to be rewritten. The story of what happened in the SPE and why such brutality occurred will have to be retold.

[...] The startling new evidence tells a tale of the experimenters treating the Guards effectively as research assistants. It reveals how disturbed the Prisoners were when Zimbardo told them they could not leave the study. It raises profound intellectual, moral and even legal questions about what went on in that Stanford basement in the summer of 1971.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Tommy Robinson and the Enduring Tragedy of Politics "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tommy Robinson and the Enduring Tragedy of Politics by Christopher DeGroot UNZ Review Morality is the weakness of the brain. Rimbaud Hes no fool, Dominic Green. A Jazz musician, a lecturer in politics, and a lively and witty writer,...

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Intel Drop: US to Assassinate Brunson as Turkey Ready to Release List of Crimes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Senior editor Gordon Duff, VT Istanbul bureau Chief Nahed Al Husaini, Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret) and former State Department adviser, Dr. Osama Ismail * Introduction: The faceoff between Trump and Erdogan has reached new dimensions.  VT has gained access to the case file against pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, who is under []


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1643: The Battle for the Economic Collapse | The Feature Presentation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Aug 20, 2018

Trump is now ramping up the criticism against the Fed chair Powell. He is criticizing the interest rate hike. The corporate media and other financial pundits are pushing the narrative that the economy is not at full employment at 3.9%, so the Fed does not need to raise rates.

Published on Aug 20, 2018

DC Judge backpedals on his DCAA ruling. Judicial Watch says they have more emails against Clinton and the case should be reopened. Mueller is stuck, the officials in the FBI and DOJ are being let go, fired or are quitting. The MSM and deep state are pushing the idea that everyone needs to get an RFID and they are showing how happy people are with them. Ghani offers Taliban ceasefire deal, Pompeo says its time for peace and the Taliban accepts the Russian invitation for talks. North Korea bashes critics and says the peace deal is working. China says the story about troops in Syria is fake news. Q drops more posts and is preparing everyone for the show. And now the feature presentation, sheep no more.


TRUTH JIHAD talks to ex-CIA activist Ray McGovern and April Watters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In this conversation, I bring up the two biggest shock-and-awe demonstrations of Zionist power in the USAthe Kennedy assassinations and 9/11...


More great news on the Gillard/Wilson/Thiess slush fund "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former Detective Sergeant Dave McAlpine and I will make a joint announcement about a major development in the GILLARD matter in the next few days, after receiving a letter from WA Police today. More to come.


DISTANT DREAM Reverse "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Distant Dream (Poland), Reverse (feat. Stel Andre) from the album It All Starts From Pieces (2017), Instrumental Post rock | Post metal.

Official Distant Dream band links

Similar bands / Sounds like / Influences:

Seeming Emptiness, Captains of Sea and War, Apoa, Microtonner, Exxasens, Russian Circles, Gray Souvenirs, m o ero, Antethic, Callisto, Nyobe, Doomina, Leech, Then They Flew, Sioum, Moonlit Sailor, Nevermind the Name, If These Trees Could Talk, Servants of Silence, Lam, No Respect for Beauty, A Light In The Dark, Maces, Loveless, This Will Destroy You, Oh Hiroshima, This Is Your Captain Speaking, Pray for Sound, Tuber, Calf, Quiet Pliz, Icaro, From Oceans To Autumn, Caspian, We.Own.The. Sky, Isis, Pelican, Red Sparowes, Cult of Luna, Cloudkicker, Minsk, Intronaut, Toundra, Envy, Jesu.

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Matthew's Message via Suzanne Ward -- August 20, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

August 20, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Most of your questions and comments are about the private meeting between the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and Russias President Vladimir Putin, so let us begin with this. The meeting had to be private, with only their translators in attendance, because the nature of the most vital information they discussed required secrecy. It is what members of extraterrestrial special forces in intelligence agencies have told us: Russia has myriad computer files and recorded calls that are evidence of Illuminati crimes against humanity.

This evidence gathering was crucial as Putin, one of the most powerful and knowledgeable persons in your world, is leading the group working behind the scenes to arrest and prosecute the guilty individuals. In addition to the two presidents, other influential persons in governments and economic, judicial, corporate, military, religious and media sectors are involved in this undertaking of massive scope; and until all dominoes are in place, the most significant aspect of Putins and Trumps conversation at the Helsinki meeting cannot be publicly disclosed.

The peak of the Illuminati felt that something was afoot, though. Originally their accusations against Putin and Russia for the troublemaking caused by Illuminati minions was vengeance for his repeated refusal to join forces with them. Now, maligning him and his country was a matter of urgency. Russian meddling in the United States 2016 election and creating divisiveness among the voters via social media has been escalated to Russia will try to manipulate elections in all democratic countries, Putin has waged cyberspace warfare, and Russia could shut down power grids and create chaos.

The aim of this stepped-up anti-Russia propaganda is to convince the populace that nothing coming out of that country can be trusted, nothing Putin says can be believed, so that when the aforementioned evidence does come forth, it will be discounted. That reaction is likely and so are the Illuminatis vehement denials, but ultimately the truth and justice will prevail. If you have heard or read about the eventuality of arrests and charges, be discerningsome of that information is accurate, some is not, and wherever the Illuminati control the media, the accurate is reported as conspiracy theory....


Who made Peter Whittall the fall guy? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Its completely natural for families who have lost loved ones to put the blame on someone, anyone in fact. Theyve suffered through no fault of their own and so yes, someone else is to blame, but is that someone Peter Whittall? At the trial following the Pike River disaster where charges were laid under the [] The post Who made Peter Whittall the fall guy? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Next American Revolution | Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Next American Revolution | Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux Video Candace Owens is the Spokeswoman and Communications Director for Turning Point USA a non-profit organization with the mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote...

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Man Gets 15 Years For Distributing Info On Explosives, Poisons For Terrorist Attack: Im A Big Teddy Bear "IndyWatch Feed"

Big teddy bear who wanted people to kill for ISIS. Via Chicago Tribune: Crown Point man who shared information about how to create explosives and poisons in hopes of carrying out an attack in the United States was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Marlonn Hicks, 31, wore an orange jail uniform Monday in Hammonds []


10 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child (Satire) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Eight reasons to vaccinate your child (satire)

1 - Your child is deficient in mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, viruses, foreign DNA or other ingredients proven to cause neurological damage.

2 - Your child has an excess of healthy, functioning brain cells.

3 - You need cash. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out 2.8 billion dollars to parents of children injured or killed by vaccines.

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MPs SALARIES "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The decision by Jacinda Ardern to place a freeze on the salaries of parliamentarians is both smart politics and virtue signalling of the worst kind.

Smart politics because the great unwashed see MPs as enjoying a champagne lifestyle on a champagne income.

The reality is the exact opposite (especially for those MPs holding constituency seats).     MPs  are not well remunerated.    At the bottom end of the scale a backbench MP with no additional responsibilities is paid some $40,000 less per annum than an Auckland GP while, at the other end, the Prime Minister receives some $130,000 less per annum than the Police Commissioner (appointed by her).    

One might of course be tempted to focus on the small number of MPs who would struggle to match what they are receiving in the real world but they are very much in the minority.   Certainly many of the MPs that I work/associate with would command far higher salaries in the market place.

And it's virtue signalling of the worst kind because next year when the Remuneration Authority makes it determination next year it will factor the 3% adjustment foregone into its new determination and, while the PM can bang on as much as she likes about changing the basis on which the determinations are made, the reality is that the Authority is independent of Parliament and that is as it should be.

The alternative is a return to the bad old days when parliamentarians set their own salaries.  That must be avoided.


Outlaw King "IndyWatch Feed"

By Russell Bruce

The trailer for Outlaw King, the story of Robert the Bruces campaign for Scottish Independence against enormous odds, is causing much excitement. Independence then was no mean challenge against massive cruelty and military might.

When our time comes again all we have to do is vote but dont under estimate the powers still ranged against us. Scotland will be a European nation again. That dream will never die. Reality is only possible when you dare to dream.

Outlaw King was directed by David Mackenzie of Glasgow based Sigma Films and filmed at locations including; Linlithgow Place, Doune Castle, Craigmillar Castle, Dunfermline Abbey, Glasgow Cathedral, Loch Lomond and a wee step over the present border to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Outlaw King is due to be released on 9th November. The world premiere is at the Toronto  International Film Festival on 6th September.

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Rescued Circus Lion Can't Stop Cradling His Brand-New Swing "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Sashas former life could be described in one word miserable. She and two other lions, Nena and Kimba, had spent 10 years locked up in tiny wire cages, only being let out to perform for Circo Navarro, the Guatemalan circus company that owned them. But after each performance, the lions were shoved back into their barren cages.

Sasha, Nena and Kimba, who may all be sisters, had their claws removed to make it easier for trainers to handle them. This is an extremely painful procedure that basically amputates their toes at the first knuckle and causes permanent damage. Not only were they declawed, but the lions had to endure endless, brutal training sessions to perform circus tricks.

Credit: ADI

But things were about to change for Sasha, Nena and Kimba. Last year, Guatemala officially banned the practice of using live animals in circuses, which meant that Circo Navarro was now operating illegally. And in June, the team at Animal Defenders International (ADI) negotiated the release of Sasha, Nena and Kimba, as well as two other lions, Tarzan and Tanya, who were owned by a different circus company in Guatemala.

Credit: ADI

With the lions safely in their care, the ADI team got busy building them special enclosures at a temporary rescue center in Guatemala. While waiting for their new homes, the lions were placed in large crates filled with hay and toys. This setup wasnt ideal, but the lions still seemed to love the crates, which were much bigger and more comfortable than the small, barren cages they were accustomed to.


The Move Out of Treasuries And Into Gold Continues "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Move Out of Treasuries And Into Gold Continues Written by Chris Marcus for the Miles Franklin blog. When Russia dumped the majority of its U.S. treasury holdings over the past few months,  I noted how it was interesting to...

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Black Youth Assualted Over Confederate Flag Comment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During the Willamette Music Festival, a young man shared his dislike of the Confederate flag. He made the remark when a black Ford pickup drove through the festivals campground waving the flag passed him. He yelled at the three white occupants of the vehicle telling them he did not like their flag. A verbal match []


Suzanne Maresca -- The Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity

August 20, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Suzanne Maresca

Thanks to reader Michelle for this find. It was originally posted five months ago, and I do believe that, in that time, a great many forward strides have been taken in terms of declawing the cabal.

Of course its anyones guess when this will come to fruitionbut its feeling pretty juicy these days. Unmanifest potential reaching a point of confluence. Very exciting!

No Poverty, No Hunger, No Debt, Only Global Prosperity and Peace for ALL!

Dennis Shipman, March 27, 2018,

NESARA has merged with GESARA

Alliance sources are claiming that NESARA is no longer is needed in America, since last month Trump signed the revised Paris Agreement, in which GESARA was secretly embedded. Therefore, NESARA, which originally was destined for the Republic of America, has merged with GESARA.

The announcement of GESARA at the U.N. will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world amounting to a total of 206 sovereign nations.

The new financial system is part of GESARA law

The IMF will announce the global gold-standard monetary system once GESARA is announced at the U.N. All remaining fiat currencies will be cashed in for gold-standard currency. Paper money wil...


Deadly floods hit the Indian state of Karnataka, tourists' bookings canceled "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

At least 12 people have been killed and over 4 300 rescued in Karnataka's district of Kodagu, on the border with Kerala, since August 15, 2018. Heavy rains started affecting the region on August 14 and intensified on August 15, forcing authorities to issue heavy...... Read more

Lull in activity at Kilauea volcano continues, sulfur dioxide emissions drastically reduced "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The lull in activity at Klauea Volcano continues. HVO lowered the Alert Level for ground-based hazards from WARNING to WATCH, on August 17, but the Aviation Color Code remains at Orange. The summit has been quiet since the last collapse event on August 2. This...... Read more

Laos dam collapse highlights global hydropower amnesia (commentary) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When the dam broke, it brought with it a torrent of water and mud, killing at least 31 people and displacing upwards of 6,000 people across Laos and Cambodia. Reported numbers of those still missing range from many to hundreds. The flood, by even the secretive Lao governments conservative estimates, would have been enough to drown Manhattan in 28 feet of water. This is what the hydropower boom has come to in Laos. And yet, the deaths and destruction so evident following the July 22 collapse are only the most visible consequences of the countrys dam-building efforts and the hydropower boom globally. Across the developing world, dams continue to forcibly displace and thereby impoverish millions of people, drain national budgets, emit greenhouse gases, and destroy the ecological balance of entire river basins balances on which millions of people intimately depend. At the same time, climate change and the droughts and superstorms it exacerbates is rendering hydroelectricity the most vulnerable source of power on offer. Backed by recent research, here are five key things that governments, development financiers, and other proponents of development-by-dams seem to consistently forget. 1. Large dams have displaced tens of millions of people, impoverishing many in the process. And the trend is not abating. In 2015, in a rare but welcome move, the World Bank owned up to its complicity in a concerning trend that frequently falls under the radar: infrastructure projects, often advertised with the primary aim of poverty alleviation, forcibly displace millions


Here Comes the Avalanche, Part 3: South Africa Cant Get Out of This One "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bird Island off the coast of South Africa

by Dee McLachlan

This is a story of suicides, murder and a pedophilia ring.

In South Africa, I had a good friend in high school whose father was a member of parliament, John Wiley. In the 1980s, that man committed suicide, and it was a shock for everyone. I never heard the reason or whether it was really a suicide. Amazingly the story now comes out pedophiles in high places, and disposable children, just as in the UK.

We have been running the Avalanche series at GumshoeNews with a main focus on Australia. I shall now change the planned order of art...


Life insurers liabilities rise to N476bn in 3 years "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As part of their commitment to underwriting business, life insurance operators steadily grew their liabilities to N476.44 billion within a space of three years from N341.61 billion, New Telegraph has learnt. The details revealed through a report by the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), covered the period between 2014 and 2016.     According to the []

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The History of Jihad: A compelling saga of Islamic ascendancy which the West has opposed with cowardice "IndyWatch Feed War"

Edward Cline is a novelist; I am grateful to him for this detailed and thoughtful review of my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order here. Demand for the book has far exceeded expectations. Currently it is out of stock, but it is being reprinted and will be []


Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Simmering Issues" -- August 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Issues simmering over the summer may lead to war in the autumn

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Several issues could trigger a brief, sharp war inside the U.S., in the Middle East, and possibly even in Japan this autumn, multiple sources agree. The key issue remains 9/11, a mass-murder event that remains unpunished and officially unacknowledged to this day. The 9/11 war crime was used as an excuse for the mass murder of Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan, and other peoples. Furthermore, if you dig deeper, it ties into the Kennedy assassinations of the 1960s, the murder of Martin Luther King, as well as the December 26, 2004 and March 11, 2011 human-induced tsunami mass-murder attacks among many other crimes against humanity.

It is interesting to note, by the way, that the 350 or so corporate publications that last week simultaneously put out editorials calling for freedom of the press have not dared to write the truth about any of these crimes against humanity. Thats because they are mostly owned by the people who carried out these crimesthe Khazarian mafia.

When is The New York Times and the rest of the corporate propaganda media going to write that it was the Zionist neo-cons who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks? When are they going to write about what was in all the Kennedy assassination documents that were recently released? Why dont they write that it was Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, working under orders from his Khazarian Rothschild masters etc., who ordered the Kennedy assassinations? Why dont they report the truth like they are supposed to?


Tucson, AZ: Antifascists Mobilize Large Numbers Against Resist Marxism Rally "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Report back from anarchists opposing the Resist Marxism rally in Tucson, Arizona this past weekend.

On 8/18 an Alt-Lite group by the name of Patriot Movement AZ (PMAZ) held their second rally in Tucson in just two weeks. The first rally on 8/4 largely flew under the radar of anti-racist organizing in Tucson, but a few of us went to scout it and found a surprisingly large crowd of fascists, would-be militia members, Trump worshipers, and Alt-Right trolls who crawled out from their internet havens into the Arizona sun.

While it was alarming to see that they had organized a rally of forty or so people and we had failed to meaningfully mobilize against it, this scouting trip produced photos of their use of the proto-Nazi Kekistani flag, which would prove instrumental in our organizing against their rally set for the 18th.

On the morning of the 18th a lot of us were feeling rather nervous, as there had been a litany of threats from PMAZ in the intervening weeks, most of which boiled down to some variation of if any of you antifa tries to get in the way of my free speech and Ill shoot you with one of the many guns Im going to be carrying.

Thankfully, we quickly built up our confidence as the counter protests numbers swelled to maybe two-hundred to two-fifty, easily outnumbering the fascists by at least 4 to 1. A blow-by-blow of everything that happened over the course of the 3 hour event would probably be a bit long, but here are a few key reflections.

As the event got underway, the Tucson Police (TPD) attempted to create a barrier that would separate counter-protesters from the area where the fascists were gathering by about fifty feet away. After the crowd repeatedly went around metal barriers, tore down police tape, and approached the fascists from multiple angles, TPD was forced to tightly encircle the area with metal barriers and line them with cops. Not only did this make the relationship between the police and far-Right organizing clear, it also allowed the crowd to get close enough to disrupt any speeches the fascists tried to make.

It seems like the crowd was able to disobey police orders with ease in part because there were a number of distinct groups that were each able to bring a particular tone to the approach of ignoring police ordersthe block bloc, the clown bloc the marching band, and the circus performers. A representative interaction went something like this: the black bloc is staunchly refusing to move as TPD approac...


Usoro emerges new NBA President "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Paul Usoro, yesterday emerged the new President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) after a keenly contested election. Usoro, who was a major member of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Sarakis legal team at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), polled 4,509 votes to defeat two other aspirants, Arthur Obi []

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Killings: SARS shuns South-South NHRC inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) yesterday shunned Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, venue of yesterdays public hearing organized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on extra judicial killings as none of its operatives appeared before it. 17 petitions forwarded to the Commission by complainants, alleging torture, harassment and killings of loved ones by SARS operatives []

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The Sickos At TSA: How Daniel McAdams Family Was Molested At Of All PlacesReagan International Airport "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As I begin writing this, my innocent 13 year old little girl is in tears sitting in the terminal at Reagan International Airport. Somewhere back at the TSA checkpoint there is a middle aged woman who has just, in clear view of law enforcement, committed a sexual crime against her, a minor child. I have it all on film.

I nearly went to jail. The TSA agent continues her crime spree.


Kale: Economy out of recession, heading towards sustainable growth "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigerias economy is in second stage of recovery, heading towards sustainable growth, Statistician General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, National Bureau of Statistics ( NBS) Dr. Yemi Kale declared. His clarification came on heels of reports in the media quoting him as saying Nigeria had yet to emerge from recession. Kale was a []

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NGO donates 160 aprons to market women in Abuja "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a bid to promote cleanliness among traders and check health and environmental hazards in the market, an NGO known as Umuada Di-Igbo Mma, on Friday distributed 160 pieces of aprons, at Utako Market, Abuja. The National Coordinator of the Abujabased organisation, Mrs Beauty Ikeaka, said that the initiative was meant to promote a clean []

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FCT gives 72 ex-corps members N9.6m awards "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

About 72 ex-corps members who served in the Federal Capital Territory have been rewarded with the sum of N9.6million. The awardees, who fulfilled their mandatory service year in Batch C 2013 to Batch A 2016, were rewarded for their outstanding services to the nation and humanity . Minister of the Federal Capital Territory,( FCT) Malam []

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Youths urged to shun cultism, Internet fraud "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The younger generations of Nigerians have been advised to desist from indulging in cultism, internet scam and the illicit use of drugs as such destructive practices could jeopardise their future. President, Abuja Newspapers Distributors Association (ANDA), Comrade Orogun, gave the advice recently during the public presentation his book titled, Dangers of Campus Cultism, Drug Abuse []

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#MeToo Actress Asia Argento Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teenage Boy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Harvey Weinstein accuser and outspoken #MeToo actress Asia Argento paid hush money to a teenage boy she sexually assaulted in 2013.  According to a bombshell NY Times report, the Italian actress paid actor Jimmy Bennett $380,000 [...]

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Liberal Hollywood caught in sexual feeding frenzy as #Metoo movement's Asia Argento is now one of the accused "IndyWatch Feed World"

Asia Argento called out by a man SHE sexually abused, revealing the true nature of Hollywood's "moral cause". The #MeToo phenomenon looked to the first glance a bit like a "moral snapback" in Hollywood, as it appeared that the years of hidden sexual perversity and predatory behavior was being revealed so that it might be stopped. However, a slightly more serious look at this began to reveal that it was far less upstanding than Hollywood's elite wanted the adoring public to believe. Swiftly, the movement became the feminist movement's latest salvo against men, because it provided women accusers with virtually unlimited power to defame any man - all that was needed was for her to say that man X made an unwanted advance and that man's life would be mired in the mud of slander.


Chelsea Clinton: Ive Not Ruled Out Running For Office: Definite Maybe "IndyWatch Feed"

But everyone else has ruled out ever voting for you. Via The Guardian: Chelsea Clinton has said she has not ruled out running for office one day, describing a move into politics as a definite no now but a definite maybe in the future. She told the Edinburgh international book festival that while she abhorred []


Now they are coming for the rest of the plastic "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It was only ever a matter of time. Having succeeded in banning single-use plastic bags, the rest of the plastic in supermarkets is now in the sights of the environmentalists. While the loss of the outer plastic bags may not be such a problem while all of the food is individually wrapped, the whole debate [] The post Now they are coming for the rest of the plastic appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Turnbull is one SUV away from losing his job "IndyWatch Feed National"

One 7-seater SUV. Get on the phones Dutto. Some analysis from reader Alan RM Jones on his Facebook site Alan RM Jones Perspective: Julia Gillard won her first challenge from Kevin Rudd 7131 (69.6%) was defeated in the second. Bob Hawke won his first ballot 66-44 (60.0%) was...


European research centre elects PLASU don as member "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Plateau State University (PLASU), Bokkos, Mr. Ismaila Yakubu has been elected as member of the European Centre for Research Training and Development in the United Kingdom. The confirmation of the don as a member of the research body followed a certificate issued and signed by Prof. Stephen []

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Eid-el-Kabir: Akinlade congratulates Muslims, urges support for Amosun, APC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Baba Adinni of Yewa land in Ogun State, Hon. Abiodun Akinlade, has felicitated with Muslims in Ogun State on the occasion of the 2018 Eid-el-Kabir celebration, saying that its a season of sharing and sacrifice. Akinlade, who is a leading governorship aspirant in Ogun State on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress []

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Chelsea Clinton: I Might Run For Office To Vindicate My Mom "IndyWatch Feed World"

Chelsea Clinton says she is planning to pick up where her mother left off and run for office in the not too distant future.  Speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the daughter of former president [...]

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How Nigeria can generate 36,000MW, by don "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  A don, Professor Sylvester Egwu, has offered advice to the government on how to generate 36, 000 Mega Watts needed to free Nigeria from shackles of epileptic power supply. Egwu gave the advice in a press release made available to New Telegraph in Lagos. He said that the solution to electric power generation, transmission []

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Sara Carter DESTROYS Trump-Basher Joe Scarborough: You Are Just Propagating Lies and So Out of Control "IndyWatch Feed"

On Sunday, Joe Scarborough once again revealed he is suffering from a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and said President Trump is unwell and has been getting progressively worse over the past 18 months, Of course without providing any proof whatsoever. 

The left and their mouthpieces in the media are running out of steam with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, so they have reverted back to arguing Trump is unwell and unfit to serve.

The Morning Joe host tweeted: Anyone who has known Trump for years, and doesnt have a stake in his political career or the GOP, says the same. He is unwell and has been getting progressively worse over the past 18 months.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter destroyed Joe Scarborough on Monday.

Sara Carter tweeted: What facts do you have? It appears that you are just propagating lies and so out of control. @realDonaldTrump is not unwell what is unwell is the vast division the media rumor mill has become you ignore the facts and chose a narrative that is based on hate.

Conservative media were relentlessly attacked by the Democrats and fake News CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others for pointing out Hillarys obvious ill health.

The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart News and other independent conservative journalists were called conspiracy theorists for reporting on Hillarys health problems after...


California To Supply Free Abortion Pills To All Students "IndyWatch Feed World"

California lawmakers are planning to push free abortion pills on all students across the state as part of a super progressive new policy.  Politicians in the Golden State are working with abortion industry executives to [...]

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By the hoarders, for the hoarders: Billionaires are incompatible with a democratic society "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I spent most of the last six years or so helping conduct experiments in science education. To get funding, we had to show evidence supporting our techniques and expectations. During the work we had oversight from both our company and experts at the NSF. This wasnt just making sure that the grant money wasnt being misused, it was also to ensure that the children on whose classrooms we were experimenting were not harmed by our experiments. These students are real people, and their schooling, good or bad, has ripple effects that will last for their entire lives.

Because of that, my team, in addition to being run by people with a solid record in the field, spent a lot of time soliciting the advice of science teachers, both in and out of the schools we were working with. Theres a balance to be found. On the one hand, I know a lot more about climate science than most k-12 teachers. On the other hand, I have no degrees in education, and I have never been a class teacher.

It wouldnt matter if I could recite every climate science paper ever written from memory, because actually teaching a classroom full of children is a completely different area of expertise, and I think theres an strong case to be made that its actually harder than any field of science. Managing dozens of children with developing brains, changing bodies, and home lives ranging from idyllic to abusive is a massive challenge, even without trying to teach them anything, and I dont think our culture really understands that.

Bill Gates, like most people, saw that there were problems with our education system, and decided to use his massive hoard of wealth to try to fix it. I suppose that could have been a good thing, and there were a lot of people who were convinced that it WAS a good thing. The problem is that Gates ignored the people who warned him that his ideas wouldnt work.  In the last few years, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has issued quiet statements indicating that they had just spent billions of dollars to find out that their entire approach was misguided and possibly damaging. Had they actually listened to the people who dedicated their lives to education, they could have spent all that time, money, and manpower actually improving our education system.

But they didnt need to listen to anybody. They didnt need to check in or get approval. Billionaires have no checks and balances on them. Trumps stance of being above the law isnt just because hes in the Oval Office as a billionaire, he comes from a culture of people who...


Stunning NASA Image Lets You Watch the Sun Explode in Real Time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The surface of the sun is a roiling tangle of magnetism, heat and light, stunning new images reveal.


Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last year, physicists at MIT, the University of Vienna, and elsewhere provided strong support for quantum entanglement, the seemingly far-out idea that two particles, no matter how distant from each other in space and time, can be inextricably linked, in a way that defies the rules of classical physics.

Take, for instance, two particles sitting on opposite edges of the universe. If they are truly entangled, then according to the theory of quantum mechanics their physical properties should be related in such a way that any measurement made on one particle should instantly convey information about any future measurement outcome of the other particlecorrelations that Einstein skeptically saw as spooky action at a distance.

In the 1960s, the physicist John Bell calculated a theoretical limit beyond which such correlations must have a quantum, rather than a classical, explanation.


Stem cell-loaded hydrogel boosts healing process of aging muscles "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its an unfortunate fact of life that as we get older, our cells gradually lose the ability to heal themselves. Thankfully, at least one aspect of that might be treatable in the near future, if new work from Georgia Tech pans out. Researchers have developed a hydrogel that holds muscle stem cells, and by injecting this near the site of a muscle injury they can get to work repairing it. The team says the technique could be effective at treating injuries in the elderly and people with muscular dystrophy.


Google: Infowars Is Gateway Website For White Supremacists "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Google continue to censor Alex Jones and Infowars, they are simultaneously funding an organization that claims Jones is a gateway to white supremacy.  The Center for Investigative Reporting has a list of elite backers on [...]

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Washington Post hits Trump for strong-arming Erdogan over imprisoned pastor, praises Erdogan as unbowed "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Post also wrote: But Erdogans ability to benefit from the crisis has raised questions about whether Trump underestimated the Turkish leader, a nimble tactician who is convinced that Western powers are bent on crippling Turkey because of its status as a strong Muslim nation. It doesnt matter to the Post that Erdogan is busy []


New Q Anon Posts Explained "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Several of my favorite Q post analyzers have been strangely silent about the new batch of Q posts - maybe because they found them as confusing as I did. Thank goodness for SpaceShot76. Here is his latest video...

SpaceShot76 summarizes the reason for President Trump calling a National Emergency that will take effect on 1st January 2019 (at 12' 12")...

'The corruption is so widespread that he (Trump) needed to call a National Emergency to handle the situation. It was so bad and so out of control that they needed to re-write a few things in how they will handle things because it is so unheard of. It's never been seen before...'

Q is always asking us to re-read the Breitbart article which is linked often in Q posts. SpaceShot76 summarizes the article (at 13' 45")...

'The whole article is saying that the majority of people in the House (Congress) want another Special Counsel. They don't think Mueller is doing a good job...they want a NEW Special Counsel in there...Huber is working with the Inspector General Horowitz and a staff of 470. This combines the power of a Special Prosecutor with the Inspector General. Huber has the power to convene a Grand Jury ANYWHERE in the US. He is also a Federal Prosecutor...'

Essentially Huber and Horowitz have the ability to do multiple prosecutions ANYWHERE in US in a fraction of the time of a Special Counsel. President Trump and the Alliance team have the plan under full control.

Spaceshot76 presents chilling new information about the Seth Rich murder (at 23' 45")...

'Two high ranking members of the Democratic Party were at the hospital at almost the same time Seth Rich arrived by ambulance. Th...


California Introducing Compulsory Ethnic Studies For All Schools "IndyWatch Feed World"

California is preparing to introduce a compulsory ethnic studies course in high schools that children will be required to take before they are allowed to graduate.  According to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the courses [...]

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Social Media CensorshipHere Are The Deep Basics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jon Rappoport Orchestrated un-creation of the fabric of free speechthis is what were seeing. Several of the biggest conservative/libertarian figures on the NetAlex Jones,...


7 Liberal MPs save Turnbull from being dumped as PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Turnbull called the spill declaring his position vacant this morning. He and Dutton nominated. Turnbull - 48 votes Dutton - 35 votes Perennial bridesmaid Julie Bishop was - as is now Liberal Party tradition - unchallenged. It will only take 7 MPs to wake up to themselves and Turnbull's place...


Paul Craig Roberts: The CIA Owns All Western Media "IndyWatch Feed World"

The CIA owns all mainstream media outlets in America and Europe, according to former Reagan aide Paul Craig Roberts: William Blum shares with us his correspondence with Washington Post presstitute Michael Birnbaum. As you can [...]

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Conservative Billionaires Think They Can Buy Democratic Primaries-- Can They? "IndyWatch Feed"

The day after the New York congressional primaries, geniuses in the mass media, including in New York City, were running around asking how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spells her name. They missed the boat on that one-- missed it entirely. Now they're missing the boat on another big story-- that Republican billionaires are spending heavily in Democratic primaries. They want to pick the Democratic nominees, just the way they pick the Republican nominees. I sent one of the smartest mainstream media guys a tip-off about it. His response was "hey man, will def take a look and give it some thought! maybe not today, buried. but this week. will be in touch." Let's see, that was on August 8 so it's no longer "this week," nor even the week after.

The money is being funneled into Democratic primaries by one of the shadiest conservative operatives in American politics, Nancy Jacobson who controls a network of SuperPACs through her No Labels/Problem Solvers outfits. I first noticed when she was up to when she dumped a ton of last minute sewer money into the IL-03 race pitting progressive Marie Newman against right-wing Blue Dog Dan Lipinski. Marie was winning the race when a tidal wave of Jacobson slime flooded the district, one smear after another. In the end all the No Labels garbage ads saved Lipinski's neck. He beat Newman 48,675 (51.1%) to 46,530 (48.9%). Who put up the millions of dollars for a Democratic primary? Republicans and conservative Democrats. One name I noticed today was in a letter from progressive candidate for Rhode Island Lt. Governor, Aaron Regunberg, running against a conservative Republican with a "D" next to his name, Dan McKee (who took $150,000 from the Walton family and from Jonathan Sackler, the big Bobby Jindal and Joe Lieberman financial backer and the pharmaceutical billionaire behind the nations OxyContin crisis. The name I recognized from the Wall Sreet billionaire campaign to save Lipinski was Tony Davis,m a Rahm Emanuel ally who founded and is pr...


Steve Beckow -- Archangel Michael on the Need to Stop Pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Archangel Michael on the Need to Stop Pedophilia

August 20, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

In my reading with him, through Linda Dillon, on Aug. 17, I asked Archangel Michael for his outlook on the plan to create a deadline for the ending of pedophilia on the planet. Heres that discussion.

He also talks about what seems a coincidence that three people within a week say they must be up and active. They can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening. The reading was through Linda Dillon and occurred on Aug. 17, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Im about to release a call to end pedophilia worldwide by January 1, 2020. Without a deadline, actions cannot be coordinated so Im putting a deadline to it. Now is this an initiative you approve of, that you want me to be making?

Archangel Michael: Yes, but never take an accusatory stance. But yes. You know, my beloved friend, I have set deadlines for my peace initiative time and time again and many would say well, why, Michael, Mi-Ki-El, why on Earth, or any other planet, would you do that?

And I am doing that for exactly the reasons you cite. Because humans, particularly where you are right now, if there is not a deadline, it does not create the sense of urgency. It does not create the sense of immediacy for action, of stepping forward, of whether it is an external action or what you would think [of as] internal, meditation, visualization, it matters not.

So yes, creating a deadline is a highly-effective way in your human realm to get people moving. The other thing about pedophilia and there have been many true and erroneous reports but let us just speak of the attitude.

The practice is horrendous; it is anathema. But the attitude, the...


A Gangster State "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Craig Murray | August 20, 2018 Max Weber defined a key attribute of a state as holding the monopoly on the legitimate exercise of violence within a given territory. For anybody other than the state to use substantive physical force against you or to imprison you is regarded as an extremely serious crime. The []


Robert Spencer Video: Stanford Student Vows to Physically Fight Zionists on Campus "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this new video, I discuss the case of Stanford student Hamzeh Daoud, who made a physical threat to pro-Israel students on campus. He wasnt expelled; he just lost his RA job, while the student press portrayed him as the victim. It was a small example of how much views that dissent from the Leftist []


The Elite Are Freezing Their Brains So They Can Be Reborn In 200 Years "IndyWatch Feed World"

The super-rich elites are having their brains frozen for $100,000 in the hope of being re-born in 200 years time.  Throughout history, money has allowed the elite to buy just about anything they desired [...]

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Reader: In Response to The Fetid Stench From Benghazi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By GJW

Anna Von Reitz -- The Fetid Stench From Benghazi

For those who never really had a clear picture of what happened during the Benghazi fiasco by Hillary and Obama, here's the short version:

Hillary, without getting Congressional oversight or approval, brokered a deal selling arms to Libya, (presumably to ferment agitation, war, Islamic terrorist activity). The arms (Stinger missiles) wound up in Afghanistan too and used against our own military. (oops).

The Taliban knew that the Obama administration was aiding and abetting the enemy (without Congressional oversight or approval to boot). So, he (the Taliban ) began blackmailing Obama/Hillary to get five of his (Taliban's ) generals released from Guantanamo.

This is Treason on the part of Obama, Hillary, and others involved. TREASON.

Now, the truth is, the "missiles" themselves used in the arms deal to Libyans in Benghazi had been stored by the CIA in Qatar. The CIA did not initiate this trade deal, officially (although someone knew). So, sending Stevens to retrieve the stolen/traded missiles in Benghazi, as a form of damage control/coverup created a sticky situation.

If military help was given to Stevens in his mission to get the Stinger missiles back before the world found out about it, then the truth would come out about the covert, Obama/Hillary weapons sales in the first place. Couldn't have that. Busted for treason.

So to cover the crime, the 'stand down' order came from the State Department (Hillary), and the rustle over Stevens getting back the arms/missiles was blamed on angry Muslims over a video. (Best they could come up with) The "stand down" had to occur to cover tracks, because if not, the Stinger missiles already there (but being retrieved) would be used against our own military causing even more carnage.

So a 'few' men got killed in the coverup... "what difference does it make at this point" she angrily retorts, during the hearing. True, a mess is a m...


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: Taken in the morning on Davidsons Rd looking towards the Port Hills. NOTE: We prefer photos to be from a window with preferably part of the window in the shot. They do not have to be exotic locations. They can be the view from your kitchen window or [] The post View from your window appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Who am I as a subjective entity, and what is this objective reality in which I operate within? Is there a purpose to it all? People have longed and desired for millennia the answers to these most fundamental of questions about human existence. Not only do people want concrete answers to their existential questions, but []

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Rose McGowan Wanted Us To Believe All Sexual Abuse AllegationsUntil Her Friend Was Implicated "IndyWatch Feed"

Women just like men, can abuse people and/or lie about it. A self-evident comment, at least until #MeToo came along and the mob swarm requiring liberal orthodoxy hit. Everything should always depend on the evidence, not on the race or the sex of the people involved. Via Daily Wire: On Monday, Rose McGowan, a leading []


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Anti-glyphosate zealots want ag to use more fuel, chemicals and cut food output Tim Burrow:

Sensationalist headlines about glyphosate have been plastered across media worldwide for the past week.

This followed the decision of a Brazilian court ruled to suspend the registration of glyphosate until national health regulatory agency completes a toxicological re-evaluation which could take a couple of years.

Within days of the that ruling, the Californian Superior Court ruled that Monsanto was liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the companys glyphosate-based products caused his cancer. . . 

Dedication to fruit industry recognised  Yvonne OHara:

Earnscy Weaver has been a familiar figure in the Central Otago horticultural scene all his life.

His contribution as a consultant, research liaison officer, industry body board member and leader was recognised when he was made a life member of Horticulture New Zealand at its conference last month.

However, he was in the United States talking to orchardists about recent developments with cherries, and will receive the award later.

He was delighted with the honour and was pleased as it also acknowledged the support of his wife Irene and family. . . 

Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell bets on a future of hemp Aimee Shaw:

After 35 years in the biscuit business, Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell is heading in a new food direction: hemp seeds.

The snack food maker turned social entrepreneur is now advocating a future of hemp smoothies and other edibles.

Christchurch-based Mayell founded Cookie Time in 1983, aged 21, and has been on a food journey ever since.

His foray into hemp followed three months of researching the future of food. Hes now hooked. . . 



*Updated* Anatomy of a Sting: Robert Mueller Likely Used FBI and Foreign Intel to Set-Up George Papadopoulos in July 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

UPDATE: Since initially posting the set-up for the July, 2017, FBI sting operation against George Papadopoulos a few more important research details have surfaced.  Charles Tawil, the guy who reached out to Papadopoulos in Greece; and who ultimately gave Papadopoulos Continue reading


HPR2622: Raspberry Pi Temperaturator "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Items used Raspberry pi 3 B 0.25 watt resistors Reusable breadboard One Wire thermal probe Various jump wires


Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home

President Trump and Congress should pursue a policy of free markets and free trade for all and bailouts for none.

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VIDEO: Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Dudes MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks! "IndyWatch Feed"

Father of the year.

Democrat father preps daughter for career with Antifa.

This man challenges his daughter to go knock off a mans MAGA hat for $100.

Democrat father, Ill pay you $100 if you go up and knock the hat off that kids head.

The father then films his daughter knocking a MAGA hat off a kid who was sitting in the mall. After she tips it off the father screams, F*ck Trump! and starts laughing.

This video was first posted on World Star Hip Hop:

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Whats Left of RussiagateAre We Down to the 1,000 Paid Trolls? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mark F. McCarty | Way of the Bern | July 19, 2017 Those who pay attention to what is going onas opposed to passively consuming the obsessions of MSMknow that the Clinton-related material published by Wikileaks emerged from leaks, not hacks. Assange has stated in no uncertain terms that the Russian government was not responsible []