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Thursday, 04 January


Alan Bennett: Diary "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

10 July. It occurs to me, that tedious though Love Island is, it has immensely respectable origins, indeed the best. It is after all Bloomsbury (though whether in the person of G.E. Moore, E.M. Forster or the sainted Virginia herself Im not sure), whose motto was personal relations for ever and ever, which, lolling about on the sun-baked lawns, these gorgeous creatures are indeed subscribing to (and possibly finding wanting). Walberswick was always thought to be Bloomsbury on Sea, but its ultimate location could now claim to be Love Island. (Worlds smallest facility: the Love Island Library.)

Patricia Lockwood: Joan Didions Pointillism "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The present literature about her is a hagiography that does not entirely trust itself; there is a vacancy at the centre of it that I call the but surely. But surely if these essays were published now, the hagiography says to itself at three in the morning, they would meet with a different reception? But surely if she wrote today, her ideas about feminism would be more in line with ours? But surely, for all her pointillism, she is failing to draw the conclusions we would most like to see? The hagiography turns the pillow over, looking for a cool spot. How much can we really rely on someone who loved The Doors?

Jackson Lears: #Russiagate "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

We can gauge the corrosive impact of the Democrats fixation on Russia by asking what they arent talking about when they talk about Russian hacking. For a start, they arent talking about interference of other sorts in the election, such as the Republican Partys many means of disenfranchising minority voters. Nor are they talking about the trillion dollar defence budget that pre-empts the possibility of single-payer healthcare and other urgently needed social programmes; nor about the modernisation of the American nuclear arsenal, which raises the risk of the ultimate environmental calamity, nuclear war.

Ferdinand Mount: Princess Margaret "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Only the hardest heart would repress a twitch of sympathy. To live on the receiving end of so much gush and so much abuse, to be simultaneously spoilt rotten and hopelessly infantilised, how well would any of us stand up to it? So many functions to go to, so much dysfunction to come back to. When Princess Margaret made a guest appearance at the Borsetshire fashion show in an episode of The Archers, the producer said after the run-through: Thats very good, maam, but do you think you could sound as if you were enjoying yourself a little more? Well, I wouldnt be, would I? the princess replied.

Letters "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 01 (4 January 2018)

Table of contents "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 01 (4 January 2018)

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Saturday, 23 December


Ein Mieter hat sich erfolgreich gegen die Installation ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ein Mieter hat sich erfolgreich gegen die Installation von Funkmessern an seiner Heizung gewehrt.

Nach Aussagen des Interessenverbands Die Datenschtzer Rhein Main, bei dem Schfer selbst aktiv ist, konnte die Richterin bei der mndlichen Verhandlung die Notwendigkeit nicht erkennen, Daten fr eine jhrliche Abrechnung wchentlich zu erheben. Zwar sei der Mieter verpflichtet, die Weitergabe der Daten zur Abrechnung zuzulassen. Aber eben nur im Rahmen des Notwendigen.
Und bevor da ein Grundsatzurteil gegen sie ergeht, hat die Firma lieber die Klage zurckgezogen.

Falls sich jemand von euch gerade ein ISO von Ubuntu ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Falls sich jemand von euch gerade ein ISO von Ubuntu 17.10 runtergeladen, aber noch nicht gebootet hat: Das macht bei diversen UEFI-Gammelsystemen das BIOS kaputt.

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Friday, 22 December


NGOs say Japanese inaction could stop Chinese ivory ban having an effect "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

More NGO  finding of excuses in advance for why bans they campaign for dont actually work. In the absence of a legal, regulated trade supplying demand that is not reducing substantially, criminal syndicates running the poaching and smuggling will always find a way. Traffics figures are most likely right, their research is good and generally reliable.  But the Whole context needs examination. KS 


Japans inaction on illegal ivory exports threatens Chinese ban, report says

Monitoring network Traffic says smuggling of undocumented ivory into China could undermine enforcement of imminent ban

Ivory products marked made in Japan on sale at a shop in Tokyos tourist area.
 Ivory products marked made in Japan on sale at a shop in Tokyos tourist area. Photograph: Traffic via AP


Climate refugees forecast to flood Europe by 2100 "IndyWatch Feed World"

By 2100, asylum-seekers in the European Union will nearly triple over the average of the last 15 years if carbon emissions continue their current path, says new research.


Navy Pilot Shows UFO Video , 1950 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. Good morning, Im still reporting on: Navy Pilot Shows UFO Video , 1950 Synopsis: A retired Navy pilot went on Tucker Carlsons show tonight to explain what in 2004 off the coast of San Diego, California when he was dispatched by the Navy to go check out a UFO sighting. [insert]. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: http://billstills.tum...


Goodbye to 2017, a Trump-dominated Year "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

PENANG, Malaysia, Dec 21 2017 (IPS) In 2017, Donald Trump dominated the year by using US clout to change many aspects of global relations, and not for the better.

President Donald Trump prepares to address the general debate of the Assemblys seventy-second session. Credit: UN Photo/Kim Haughton

President Donald Trump prepares to address the general debate of the Assemblys seventy-second session. Credit: UN Photo/Kim Haughton

What a year it has been!   As 2017 slips away, and 2018 dawns, many wonder if the world will ever be the same.

Credit or blame goes mainly to United States President Donald Trump for this radical change.  This time last year, after he won the presidential elections, it was a toss-up whether Trump would implement his campaign promises or become a more statesmanlike President.

After all, most election candidates are extreme on the campaign trail to win votes,  then become moderate on assuming office.  Not Trump.  For the past year, he has ruled as if he was catering to his extreme right voter base, with its narrow, anti-foreign and anti-internationalist views.

Trumps policies have been in line with implementing his America First inauguration slogan, which really meant the America of his voter base, and with the accompanying sentiment, why should we bother about the rest of the world?  And he reached out directly to his base and the world public via a daily dose of tweets.

The new US leadership threatened NATO, paralysed the G7, pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement, UNESCO and Global Compact on Migration, reduced funding for the United Nations and its agencies, and stopped all funding to the Green Climate Fund....


Report: Russia 'dossier' was based on 10-Year-Old Wall Street Journal articles - not Russian sources "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lee Smith of Tablet magazine has traced the origins of the Russia "dossier" - the Democrat-funded opposition research project that may have laid the foundations for the ongoing Russia investigation - to several Wall Street Journal articles that appeared in print a decade ago. Smith's article, "Did President Obama Read the 'Steele Dossier' in the White House Last August?", suggests that the information compiled by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, with funding from Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee, could have been repackaged as genuine U.S. government intelligence and presented to President Barack Obama on that basis as his administration began investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Smith recounts how the "dossier" likely prompted the surveillance and investigation of aides to Donald Trump by the Obama administration, and efforts to delegitimize the incoming administration.


Zimbabwe legal elephant skin sales booming "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

National Geographic

The surging trade in elephant hides is stirring controversy amid the poaching crisis.


Some 30,000 African elephants are killed by poachers for their ivory each year, so it shocks some people to learn that elephant skin leather can be exported and sold around the world legally.

If you are looking for the toughest of leathers and the sturdiest of boots, elephant is the hide for you, as nothing compares to the strength of a custom elephant cowboy boot.

So reads the website of the...


Did The FBI illegally Try To Stop Trump?, 1949 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Did The FBI Try To Stop Trump?, 1949 Synopsis: Congressman Jim Jordon of Ohio summed up what is now known about the FBIs illegal involvement in trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States. [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Greece: Powerful Bomb Blast Rocks the Athens Court of Appeals "IndyWatch Feed War"


22.12.17: A powerful bomb blast exploded outside the Athens Appeals Court in the early hours of Friday morning causing extensive damage to the building and forcing the courts closure for the day with all cases suspended. Nobody was injured in the bombing.

A warning call to police gave them 40 minutes to evacuate the court and surrounding area which is located right near Athens police headquarters.

A witness reported seeing two people pulling up on on a motorbike and placing a bag containing the bomb outside the court.

The Athens Appeals Court has recently been the focus of protesters trying to stop the court from auctioning off repossesed homes, sometimes for sums of less than 2000 Euros. The attack took place only hours after Parliament voted to crack down on the protesters who regularly gather at the court.

So far no groups or individuals have claimed responsibility for the attack.

(information sourced from various corporate & independent media sources)




Earthquakes in Tibet Are Behind the Mysterious Darkening of Arunachals Siang River "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The prolonged discolouration of the river, coupled with numerous dead fish, have alarmed people living along the river.

Arunachal chief minister Pema Khandu inspecting the Siang river at Yingklong. Credit: Twitter/@PemaKhanduBJP

For more than a month now, the mysterious discolouration of the Siang river has puzzled the people of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Testing of the blackened turbid waters indicated that the turbidity levels were exceptionally high for this time of the year and was dominated by clay and silt. The heightened turbidity levels (425 nephelometric turbidity units or NTU against a December normal of 12-15 NTU) made the water progressively unfit for human use and even affected aquatic life with reports of dead fish. Such a phenomenon had never been witnessed by the local people and various theories were put forward to explain this.

Considering the fact that the Siang originates and flows for more than 2,000 km within China, suspicions naturally fell on man-made causes within the country. Reports highlighted Chinese plans to divert the waters of the Tsangpo to irrigate parts of the Taklamakan Desert. The turbidity was thought to have been a consequence of Chinese construction activity, although there was no clear proof to establish this.

Our analysis of this phenomenon indicates that while the causes are complete...


Angesichts dieser Meldung und der ganzen Symantec-Fuckups ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Angesichts dieser Meldung und der ganzen Symantec-Fuckups in letzter Zeit wirkt es rckblickend wie eine Halluzination aus einem Paralleluniversum, dass die Branche mal sowas wie Respekt fr die hatte.

Also technisch jetzt. Von ihrem Geschftsgebahren und ihren Preisen her waren die schon immer nicht satisfaktionsfhig. Aber immerhin haben sie sich technisch keine solchen Blen gegeben.


Why not? Body building Russian priest is training both mind and body "IndyWatch Feed World"

A head priest at a church in Russia's Belgorod Region has been making headlines, losing his long priestly robes to flaunt his well toned muscles after service. Priest Maksim Pastukhov has been serving at a local church in the Ivanovka village in south-western Russia for several years. Admired by elder church-goers as a kind and wise spiritual guide, the man also courts fans among other audiences. Photographs of Father Maksim recently appeared in Russian media, and nothing but briefs covered the priest's not-so-chaste body. Showcasing his muscles, he took part at a regional bodybuilding championship, gaining third prize. The all-action priest also has a black belt in martial arts.


Tanzania mixed results from elephant survey but worrying signs of poacher-wildlife ranger collusion "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Numbers poached is down because 60% of the elephants have gone, so even if same percentage of elephant population is being poached, the numbers will be lower because there are fewer elephants. No reason for celebration specially with the evidence of collusion between wildlife rangers and poachers. KS

Tanzania Daily News

Katare Mbashiru,
December 20, 2017

A recent study by the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), has
concluded that elephant poaching in the country has greatly reduced.
Scientists from international institutes and TAWIRI recently published a
paper on patterns in wildlife distribution and elephant carcasses seen in
the Ruaha-Rungwa ecosystem in southern Tanzania.

TAWIRI Director General, Dr Simon Mduma insists that through aerial surveys
and spatial analysis, the team revealed that poachers preferred to operate
in the wet season when swollen rivers mean travel by road is difficult
and tourism was minimal.

The study also revealed that signs of poaching tended to be away from the
main, well equipped ranger posts, where the aerial surveys discovered fewer
carcasses, he said.

However, the TAWIRI boss insisted, three out of fifteen ranger posts showed
increased numbers of carcasses within a radius of up to 10 kilometres,
which could indicate collusion between wildlife officers and poachers.

There were revelations in 2015 that there were elephant decline in the
country, meaning, the recent advanced statistical analysis can be used to
directly target vulnerable areas based on past data. The recent study used
data from three successive aerial surveys during the peak of the poaching
crisis from 2013-elephant carcasses across the region.

Stakeholders had asked TAWIRI to use more advanced methods to analyse map
data, instead of the simple trends normally drawn showing patterns in total
population over time.

According to TAWIRI senior scientist, Dr Edward Kohi who is among the
authors, Tanzania has for 50 years led the way in monitoring of its
protected areas, including national parks and game reserves, creating one
of the worlds biggest databases of wildlife numbers.

We produce regular reports from wildlife censuses, which are used to
monitor populations and are used by management to respond to crises, he

According to him, knowing long-term trends is valuable to wildlife
management authorities including Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA)
and Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA), but...


FDA announces plans to target "risky" homeopathic remedies "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alternative remedies like homeopathic treatments have become popular in recent years and now make up a $3 billion industry. But the Food and Drug Administration will begin scrutinizing products that could be dangerous to vulnerable populations. Comment: Critics of homeopathy need to make up their minds - is homeopathy an inert sugar pill that is useless beyond palcebo effect or is it dangerous, meaning it's not inert? Many homeopathic remedies are derived from plants and claim to treat everything from the common cold to serious diseases. But the FDA fears that these products can "bring little to no benefit in combating serious ailments, or worse - may cause significant and even irreparable harm because the products are poorly manufactured, or contain active ingredients that aren't adequately tested or disclosed to patients," according to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Comment: So they either have no active ingredients and are useless or they contain dangerous active ingredients. Either way, bad. No black and white thinking here...


HuffPost blogger Andy Ostroy tweets racist remarks about Sen. Tim Scott; calling him a black 'prop' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Andy Ostroy, a political and pop culture blogger at the left-wing Huffington Post, attacked Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) by calling him a "black ... prop" during Wednesday afternoon's media event surrounding the successful passage of the GOP's tax relief bill. The now-deleted tweet read, "What a shocker... there's ONE black person there and sure enough they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop. Way to go @SenatorTimScott." In a single tweet, Ostroy, who is a white male, used the color of Scott's skin to demean him as a man, to assume he had done nothing of consequence to earn a spot near the president, and to further assume Scott had allowed himself to be used as a prop, a shield, a token.


Desperation Is Setting In, The Cabal Is Trapped (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Desperation Is Setting In, The Cabal Is Trapped Video X22 Report The truth continues to come out but the public is being shielded from it by the corporate media. As more info comes out the public will come aware...

The post Desperation Is Setting In, The Cabal Is Trapped (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Ceiling Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81LszAhkq9L SL1500

Ceiling Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms - If you're going to get a simple chair, there are things you need to keep in mind. At this time, this article will give you a few tips that will allow you to meet with the right chair you are searching for. Thus, just take a look at these tips. As the very first step, you need to determine about the potential size restrictions for your chair you are likely to buy and also the maximum dimensions might be if, for example, you're going to transfer your new chair through a narrow door or whether you're likely to squeeze it into a tiny living space. This is essential particularly if tilted back with recliners, which ought to be pulled away from the walls and might also block the traffic patterns.

The second step would be to consider about the color as the chair will become a part of your decor for several decades. You should select something that you could live with for extended time. Perhaps, you can pick a chair that can be updated with trendy pillow. The step which you have to do is to come across the idea about the sort of upholstery you would like before you start to look at it. Actually, the leather could be perfect for the household with pets and toddlers. Additionally cotton can be fine for adults.

The fourth step is to test the chair. In order to estimate comfort you can attempt to sit at the chair for several minutes. Besides, as you test it you want to consider the feels of this fabric's feel. The scratchy or itchy cloth has to be passed by. The previous step is to check whether this fabric's pattern is matched properly. If it is large print, a stripe, plaid, and so on, the pattern on the rear part of the chair must line up with the pattern on the pillow and also on down to the very front of seats base.


Spains Rajoy loses Catalan elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 22 December 2017 video from Brussels, Belgium says about itself:

A slap in the face for Madrid: Puigdemont hails Catalonia election win

Catalan pro-independence parties have held their majority in snap regional elections, dealing a severe blow to the Spanish government, which had called the poll in the hope of heading off the secessionist push. Together for Catalonia the party led by the regions deposed president, Carles Puigdemont took 34 seats, the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) 32 and the far-left Popular Unity Candidacy four. Making his victory speech, a jubilant Puigdemont said the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, had been sunk in Catalonia.

By Alex Lantier and Alejandro Lpez:

Catalan nationalists win narrow majority in crisis elections

22 December 2017

Late last night, Catalan nationalist parties were set to win a narrow majority of 70 seats in the 135-seat Catalan parliament, in special elections the Spanish government called amid the crisis unleashed by the October 1 Catalan independence referendum.

Together for Catalonia (JxCat) had won 34 seats, the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) 32, and the Candidatures of Popular Unity (CUP) 4 seats. In the anti-separatist camp, the Citizens party won 36 seats,...


Ted Cruz's Huge Gift to Homeschoolers, 1948 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This contains copyrighted music for which we have a license. See below for license info. - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 Good morning, Im still reporting on: 1948, Ted Cruz's Huge Gift to Homeschoolers, 1948 Synopsis: Ive been pretty hard on Ted Cruz ever since he tried to steal the Iowa primary away from Donald Trump by hiring some former CIA spooksters to try to run Ben Carson out of the primaries by using every trick in the dirty tricksters book. We documented this in Still Report #539. In retrospect, however, this is nothing compared to what the Democrats have done subsequently with bussing in illegal voters even across state lines to stack elections. Worse than that is voter fraud in general, and worst of all election fraud, where election returns are manipulated electronically. This is clearly illegal, in-your-face blatant, and has been clearly documented by Project Veritas. Worst of all, we can expect this to only continue until a few of the organizers of such illegal activities go to jail. Then there is the entire issue of not requiring positive ID in order to vote. Just remember this, if the Russians tried to tamper with our elections, they were pikers compared to the vote rigging apparatus that continues to get more and more formidable with every passing election that the Dark Art Dems have been perfecting. You only have to look at the brazen footage shot during the Alabama Special Election to see how out of control these folks are at this point. However, Im going to soften up on Ted Cruz quite a bit because he talks about the root of the problems the leftists have with freedom loving Americans, and he spelled it out in about 4 minutes this morning on Fox & Friends. In the end, Cruz was instrumental in giving the homeschooling community a huge gift yesterday. What does this have to do with the domestic coup attempt within the United States? Everything! Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website:


Pence makes surprise visit to Afghanistan for war meetings "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

Image may contain: 2 people

Photo: Getty

KABUL, Afghanistan Cloaked in secrecy, Vice President Mike Pence made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan on Thursday to meet with Afghan leaders and visit U.S. troops, arriving four months after President Donald Trump outlined a new strategy to break the stalemate in Americas longest war.

Pences surprise pre-Christmas visit was the first to the war-torn country by either Trump or the vice president, and it came as the Trump administration charts a pathway to ending the 16-year war in Afghanistan.

Under heavy security, Pence landed at Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. base in the country, by military aircraft shortly after sunset and then arrived by helicopter in the capital of Kabul to meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. He later returned to the base to address U.S. troops and receive briefings from military leaders, including Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

Pences trip was focused on Trumps new strategy, released in August, to fight to win in Afghanistan by attacking enemies, routing al-Qaida and preventing terrorist attacks against Americans. The first-year president has urged the U.S. to shift away from a time-based approach to the protracted conflict by linking U.S. assistance to results and cooperation from the Afghan government, Pakistan and other partners.

The White House has described the new Afghanistan plan as a regional strategy that aims to cultivate cooperation among other South Asian nations, including the overturning of Pakistans harboring of elements of the Taliban.

At least 15,000 U.S. forces are in Afghanistan after Trump decided to send about 3,800 troops to the country this fall to enhance U.S. efforts to advise Afghan forces and conduct counterterrorism missions.

The expected deployment of hundreds more U.S. Army trainers to Afghanistan early next year could increase the total number of American forces there to nearly 16,000, U.S. officials have said.

Top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, met with Afghan leaders in recent months in hopes of stabilizing the country. But in a sign of the delicate security situation, the Taliban unleashed a barrage of rockets at the Kabul international airport in late September that targeted Mattis plane during his trip to the country. The U....


How to Survive Any False Flag Event-Bob Griswold "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

They say preppers should wear tin foil hats. However, preppers may be the only people that survives what is coming. I recently interviewed Bob Griswold of about surviving whaat is coming. This is a riveting interview that the readers should help go viral. The following is a riveting interview with Bob Griswold on how to survive any false flag attack.


Check out the special opportunities at Ready Made Resources



Trump Order Blocks Major Human Rights Abusers Tied to Clinton "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


On Thursday, the Trump Administration launched "a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world". President Trump signed an executive order blocking the property of persons in serious human rights abuse or corruption. An Annex to the order listed 13 individuals who would be affected by the sanctions including two individuals with ties to the Clinton's and the Clinton Foundation. Dan Gertler, an international businessman who acquired a fortune through corrupt business deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was listed in the Annex. Gertler was also exposed in the recent Paradise papers as Glencore secretly donated millions to Gertler to act as a middleman for landing deals with the DRC. Glencore has a long history of corruption, former leader of the firm Marc Rich fled the United States in 1983 after being "indicted on charges of sanctions-busting, fraud and tax evasion, and accused of arms dealing." Rich's family were major donors to Bill Clinton, and Marc Rich was later pardoned by President Clinton in the final hours of his presidency.
Also listed in the Annex to the Order was Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of an Uzbek dictator who allegedly boils his political opponents alive. Karimova organized a Clinton Foundation fundraiser in Monaco, in an attempt to "aquaint herself with Bill Clinton" and "gain favor with Hillary Clinton." Though the Washington Examiner reports she was "placed under sustained house arrest before the effects of her Clinton connection could be known."

Is this Executive Order the start of something bigger?



World watch Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Friday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


The case for US government sanctions on the apartheid state of Israel "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

United States government diplomatic, economic, and military support has been critical for Israel to maintain its post-1967 occupations of Gaza, East Jerusalem, and West Bank, and to transform these occupations into a permanent apartheid state. The role of the U.S. government in facilitating Israeli apartheid, however, will eventually fade for multiple geopolitical reasons, and that development will create opportunities to turn an apartheid state into as an equitable democratic state or two separate states. The sooner United States government for Israeli apartheid ends, the sooner this transformation could occur. The waning of U.S. government support for Israel may take the form of conditions on military aid or comprehensive government sanctions, even though either development strikes many people as unimaginable. Nevertheless, a December 2016 Brookings public opinion poll reveals that nearly half of the U.S. public supports sanctions on Israel - including a majority of self-identifying Democrats. This increased support for U.S. government sanctions indicates that now is the time for political groups committed to a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict to lead public opinion, not follow or ignore it. They need to become advocates for official U.S. government sanctions on Israel, such as an update to the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986. Instead of sanctioning South African apartheid, this updated legislation's new goal should be to end Israeli apartheid.


Yazidi Sisters in ISIS Captivity Reunite After Three Years "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Yazidi girls Suhayla, 7, and Rosa, 13, who were reunited with their family after being enslaved by ISIS militants, walk at Sharya Camp in Duhuk, Iraq December 18, 2017. Picture taken December 18, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Ari Jalal

Sharya,Iraq: When Rosa, now 14, asked her ISIS captors about her younger sisters Bushra, 12, and Suhayla, seven, she was told they had been killed for misbehaving.

At that point, I didnt care about anything anymore. Even if I died, she said. I never thought Id see them again.

The sisters were finally reunited on Sunday, more than three years after being taken by the militants in an assault on Sinjar, the Yazidi heartland on August 3, 2014.

Just last week, Iraq declared final victory...


Dispute Over Political Strategy Erupts Inside the White House "IndyWatch Feed War"

An Oval Office meeting involving President Trump and his top advisers on Wednesday devolved into a heated exchange between his former campaign manager and the White House political director, people briefed on the discussion said.

The meeting centered on the midterm elections and came as Republicans face a daunting landscape next year, particularly after a bruising loss in the Alabama special election this month. It also came as the White House faces an expected string of departures from the West Wing, including that of a deputy chief of staff, Rick Dearborn, on Thursday. Mr. Dearborn, who was close to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump during the transition, had been overseeing a broad cross section of departments, including the political department, which was a source of contention during the meeting.

The meeting prompted the political director, Bill Stepien, to call an official at the main political group supporting Mr. Trump, America First Policies, to say its counsel should be involved at future gatherings.

It also underlined the turf battles and strategic disagreements that have long been characteristic of Mr. Trumps circle, dating to his presidential campaign.



December 23 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

484  Huneric died and was succeeded by his nephew Gunthamund, who became king of the Vandals.

558  Chlothar I was crowned.

583 Maya queen Yohl Iknal was crowned ruler of Palenque.

679 King Dagobert II was murdered in a hunting accident.

962  ArabByzantine Wars: Under the future Emperor Nicephorus Phocas,Byzantine troops stormed the city of Aleppo.

1572 Theologian Johann Sylvan was executed in Heidelberg for his heretical Antitrinitarian beliefs.

1688 As part of the Glorious Revolution, King James II of England fled England to Paris after being deposed in favor of his nephew, William of Orange and his daughter Mary.

1732 Richard Arkwright, English industrialist and inventor, was born (d. 1792).

1822  Wilhelm Bauer, German engineer, was born  (d. 1875).

1867  Madam C.J. Walker, American philanthropist and tycoon, was born (d. 1919).

1893 The opera Hnsel und Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck was first performed.

1913 The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, creating the Federal Reserve.......


Khronos Group Releases v1.0 Provisional Specification for the Neural Network Exchange Format "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Khronos Group has released a specification for a format intended to allow the transfer of trained neural networks between different frameworks and hardware. It is expected to be finalized within 3-6 months:

Today the Khronos Group, the industry consortium behind OpenGL and Vulkan, released a v1.0 provisional specification for its Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF). First announced last year, this provisional stage is aimed at getting industry feedback on real-world use. While its name encapsulates its purpose, more specifically NNEF will act as a compatible format that can transfer trained neural networks between frameworks or to a wide range of inferencing hardware. Khronos is hoping that NNEF will act as a common format for all the myriad frameworks, such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch, and be as ubiquitous in neural network porting in the same way PDFs are used for documents.

Much of the strength of NNEF comes from its bifurcated file structure, where there is a general and compatible flat level along with a complicated and optimizable compositional level. NNEF has also been designed with the understanding that deep learning is still a young and rapidly advancing field, where certain AI or neural network methods or framework types may become quickly displaced.

NNEF will also complement Khronos' OpenVX, a high-level graph-based API intended for cross-platform use in computer vision, and both working groups have already been collaborating. The upcoming releases of OpenVX will feature a NNEF Import extension, which would provide more flexibility to the format. As a specification, NNEF does not include tools, and Khronos is pursuing an open source strategy, with current projects on an NNEF syntax parser/validator and exporters for specific frameworks.

Khronos site and press release. Github.

EE Times article from May.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


AMD Open-Source Driver For Vulkan "AMDVLK" Is Now Available "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week I reported on AMD finally preparing their open-source Vulkan driver that many Linux enthusiasts have been looking forward to since the Vulkan 1.0 debut nearly two years ago. As of this morning, the source-code to this official AMD Vulkan driver is now publicly available. AMD Linux fans and developers can rejoice this weekend building out this "AMDVLK" Vulkan driver and its new Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL).


1935 Mercedes-Benz 290 Roadster "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

With the top down, and some reindeer, this red beauty could fill in as Santas sleigh. When you hear the expression, They dont make them like that anymore this is exactly the sort of car they are talking about.   Source: Classic Driver   Source: Classic Driver  

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New projects on Hosted Weblate "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hosted Weblate provides also free hosting for free software projects. The hosting requests queue has grown too long, so it's time to process it and include new projects. I hope that gives you have good motivation to spend Christmas break by translating free software.

This time, the newly hosted projects include:

There are also some notable additions to existing projects:

If you want to support this effort, please donate to Weblate, especially recurring donations are welcome to make this service alive. You can do that easily on Liberapay or...


Palm Springs officials say they'll remove 'nasty racist trees' from golf course "IndyWatch Feed World"

Government officials in Palm Springs, California, announced this week that they will remove what some consider to be "racist" trees from the city-owned Tahquitz Creek Golf Course. What's the history? The trees, which line a golf course and were planted in the early 1960s, are said to have been designed to segregate the golf course from a historically black neighborhood. The tree removal project, which will cost $169,000, is a much-needed project according to some Palm Springs residents who say that the trees are a painful reminder of past misdeeds against minorities.


Six of Theresa Mays cabinet are paid up members of secret group demanding a total break from the European Union "IndyWatch Feed"

The head of the secretive European Research Group wont reveal which senior ministers are members of the hardline anti-EU group. Why not? Because the answer and the reach of the ERG leaves the Prime Minister looking like a Brexit hostage.


Suella Fernandes, ERG chair, being interviewed by Channel 4 News - fair use.

Six leading members of Theresa Mays cabinet are paid-up subscribers of the secretive European Research Group, the hard-line anti-EU caucus of Conservative MPs who have serially refused to publish their membership list.

New data collected by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority covering the last year, show that the six cabinet members, along with the chief of staff and special adviser to the Brexit secretary, David Davis have each claimed 2,000 in parliamentary expenses for professional and pooled services from the ERG. Five other subscriptions from former Tory cabinet ministers and whips, plus the current chair of the ERG, means this group alone have claimed more than 32,000 from the public purse.

Michael Gove, the environment secretary, Penny Mordaunt, the newly-promoted defence secretary, David Gauk, the work and pensions secretary, Sajid Javid, the communities and local government secretary, Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons, and Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, have all used official expenses claims to pay for ERG subscriptions over the last 12 months.

Stewart Jackson, who lost his Peterborough seat in Junes general election, and is now chief of staff to David Davis at the Department for Exiting the European Union, also used his official expenses to pay for ERG services during the last years.

Private list

In September this year, during a live television interview from the lobby in Westminster on the back of an...


Following UN vote, Abbas says US has disqualified itself from peace process "IndyWatch Feed War"


French president also said US has 'marginalised itself' in moving embassy


Boeing Aims to Bulk Up With Embraers Small Jets "IndyWatch Feed War"

A takeover of the Brazilian company would give the aerospace giant parity with Airbus and a skilled workforce

Boeing 737MAX. Boeing photo

Dec. 22, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

Boeing Co.s pursuit of Embraer SA fits one of the goals Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg has set for the aerospace giant: creating a level playing field in the commercial jetliner business.

Boeing on Thursday confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that it was in talks with Embraer, though factors such as potential objections from the Brazilian government could thwart a tie up. Some analysts said that the chances of a full takeover were slim and that an expansion of the companies existing joint venture was a more likely outcome.

Buying the Brazilian maker of small jetliners, business jets and military aircraft would give Boeing parity with rival Airbus SE, which plans to expand in the market for jets with 100 to 150 seats through a joint venture with Canadas Bombardier Inc. It also would prevent fast-growing Chinese aerospace companies from scooping up the Brazilian company and give Boeing more leverage in its talks with suppliers.

Mr. Muilenburg hadnt previously put small jetliners high on his agenda. In the two and half years since he took charge, he has focused on cutting costs, reducing Boeings reliance on some suppliers and cutting pension liabilities, as well as capitalizing on huge demand for its jetliners.

The company has an order backlog of 6,000 jets valued at $420 billion. Sales are generating substantial cash flow, much of which the company has returned to shareholders through dividends and stock buybacks. Mr. Muilenburg has pledged to more than double the size of Boeings aircraft services businessa more profitable line than its aircraft salesand the company had been expected to pursue a takeover in this area.

A takeover of Embraer would give Boeing jetliners that...


Confessions of a CIA Black-Ops Insider On Past False Flag Operations "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


The following is a 2 part interview with a former CIA black-ops participant, Cody Snodgris. The following interview clearly establishes, from a first-hand perspective. how many national tragedies are actually false flag operations which almost always follow the same pattern of planning and implementation. Everything from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the JFK assassination, and many more flase flag events are discussed with this previous insider who has decided to go public at great risk to himself.  This is one of the most important interviews ever conducted on The Common Sense Show.

This interview is so very important because it reveals how much of what the American people are told is a lie. It also reveals that the science and implementation of false flag operations is a stand alone industry with an internal hierarchy and organizational stucture.  This interview also reveals that the practice of false flag operations are a subset of the Deep State and that these people will stop at nothing to stop the rising tide of populism being led by the election of Donald Trump. One thing is abundantly clear America, the closer President Trump gets to carrying out his MAGA agenda, the closer the American people get to very decisive false flag operations.

I was once told by an ex-FEMA official before he bugged out five years ago, that the powers-that-be will stop at nothing to smash American populism. This FEMA official was part of counter-intelligence for bioweapons. He was clear on one point, if America does not roll over and capitulate, there is nothing that the deep state will not do to subjugate this country. He felt that a cocktail of severe bioweapons would be unleashed on the American people, which would force the US into martial law and invite the UN into the power structure of this country through the declaration of martial law. Amaingly, these words were shared with me prior to the emergence of President Trump as a candidate.

Please share the following 2 part interview with your social media and email lists. The ave...


Where The Temperature Rules The Total Surface Absorption "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Reflecting upon my previous post, Where The Temperature Rules The Sun, I realized that while it was valid, it was just about temperature controlling downwelling solar energy via cloud variations. However, it didnt cover total energy input to the surface. The total energy absorbed by the surface is the sum


Greece: Latest Update about the Attack Against Revolutionary Struggle Member Nikos Maziotis "IndyWatch Feed War"


22.12.17: The attack against Nikos Maziotis took place in his cell. About 10 prisoners were involved in the attack. Of these, 2 or 3 took a more active role than the others.

Nikos Maziotis was hit mainly on the head, ribs and abdomen. Despite the cowardly attack from about 10 prisoners and the physical strain from his 36-day hunger strike, the comrade put up strong resistance.

The targeted assassination attack against the comrade was not completed because Kurdish and Turkish prisoners intervened and immediately informed the solidarity network outside the prison walls about the attack.

Nikos Maziotis is hospitalized with many injuries at the Korydallos Prison Hospital and we expect more news soon about the state of his health.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)




Why the Cryptocurrency Frenzy Means Good Things for Gold "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why the Cryptocurrency Frenzy Means Good Things for Gold From Birch Gold Group Cryptocurrencies are all the rage at the moment with investors seeing their stakes in the virtual coins rise more than 1,000% this year. Some even more than 3,000%....

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Japan"s Purchase of US Aegis Ashore BMD System May Make It Less Safe "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The planned deployment will be a constant irritant to obstruct cooperation with regional partners in all areas. And it will make Japan a target for a retaliatory strike, making the country much less safe than it is now.


4th Annual Infrastructure Project Financing "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

marcus evans takes great pride in organising the 4th Annual Infrastructure Project Financing large scale event from 4-6 July 2018 in Singapore.


SBC: Sexist Bullying Allegations Resurface "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

SBC: Sexist Bullying Allegations Resurface

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on re-emergent allegations of sexist (in fact, misogynistic) bullying made against SBC Leader Cllr Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] and Chair of the SBC Conservative Group Cllr. Joe PLANT [Con.], who is the Portfolio Holder for Transformation. Both Councillors also serve on North Yorkshire County Council.Councillor accused of sexist bullying threatens female whistle-blower with legal action



In September 2016, I reported in depth, and with the full and close co-operation of SBC Councillor Michelle DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF [Con. > Ind. > Con.], on the aftermath to Michelle having suffered some sort of a breakdown in a Hunmanby public house.

My report included a formal statement from Councillor DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF describing her immediate recollection of events.

I reproduce it here, for convenience of reference the section which concerns us begins at para.51:

Download the PDF file SBC_CABINET.

Cllr. Joe PLANT Threatens Legal Action (Again)

The Enquirer is one of scores of recipients of a copy of an email from a female member of the Filey public to the Thirsk & Malton constituency MP, Kevin HOLLINRAKE [Con.], calling upon him to request the Scarborough & Whitby Conservative Association and Scarborough Borough Council to take disciplinary action against his fellow Tories, SBC Leader Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] and Councillor Joe PLANT [Con.], in respect of previously reported allegations of sexist bullying, referencing the events described in paras.51-67 of Councillor DONOHUE-MONCRIEFFs statement (see above).

In substance, these are the same allegations made to me on a number of occasion, in person, with witnesses, by Councillor DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF, in the weeks and months following the Hunmanby incident. The complainant has further alleged that the purported sexist bullying amounted to an act of revenge against Councillor DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF, for her transparency in bringing the matter...


After Trump's Executive Order The Following Individuals & Entities Have Been Added To OFAC's SDN List "IndyWatch Feed World"

The President has issued a new Executive Order on December 20, 2017, Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuses and Corruption. OFAC is concurrently releasing new FAQs related to this Executive Order and the office is publishing the following designations.
Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:  
BADJIE, Yankuba (a.k.a. BADGIE, Yankuba; a.k.a. BADJI, Yankouba), Banjul, The Gambia; DOB 25 Feb 1973; alt. DOB 24 Feb 1973; POB New Jeshwang, Kanifang Municipality, The Gambia; Gender Male (individual) [GLOMAG].


Child Size Papasan Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

814groaRxOL SL1500

Child Size Papasan Chair - Parsons seats come in so appealing variations that picking the one that is perfect can be a bit daunting. This manual has been assembled to assist you pick parsons chairs to match your house decor design. Whether you're trying to find a group of parsons dining chairs or one or two chairs to use for space dividers, this guide is going to direct you in the ideal direction.

They consider big, formal dining rooms and rooms, when men and women envision a. A skirted upholstered parsons seat does look positively! Traditional parsons chairs could be accommodated for more surroundings too. These designs are elegant and classic, rarely going out of style. Traits of style seats that are standard consist of legs from deep, timeless finishes like cherry, walnut, mahogany and oak. The legs are often in the "s-curved" Queen Anne style-- also called cabriole legs - or in the bolder Chippendale style. The chair backs are generally crescent, scrolled or camel shape. Conventional parsons chairs can be skirted, with triple or box pleats for a look.

When picking upholstery parsons chair, you have extensive alternatives. Choose matches the color scheme and overall mood of this room. One sure-fire idea would be to pair a cloth-- either sound colored or patterned-- with a darker wood. Green , light blue or Ivory are all excellent choices. Designed chairs may stand up to heavier prints and abundant colors, like scrolled patterns, florals greens, burgundies blues and golds. Nailhead trim, braided rings and tassels are timeless upholstery accents.


Tehran judiciary nixes hopes of swift release for UK-Iranian mother "IndyWatch Feed War"


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested at Tehran airport on 3 April 2016, after visiting relatives with her young daughter


4th Annual Mixed Use Development "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This 4th Annual Mixed-Use Developments conference provides the perfect platform to plunge into the rising demand of creating complete communities by unlocking the best value out of land.


4th Annual Roads & Highways "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

4th Annual Roads & Highways will create a one stop shop for all stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the challenges facing them and brainstorm innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that are proven in the development of infrastructure.


Convicted urban guerilla leader Maziotis beaten and stabbed in prison cell "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Convicted leader of urban guerilla group Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, was beaten and stabbed inside his prion cell in Korydallos Prison in Athens. According to a news item uploaded on the website of anti-authoritarian movement, a  group of ten other inmates attacked Maziotis on Thursday night. Three of them were beating him while the rest

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Slug video, speeded up "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 21 December 2017 video is about a slug feeding on an old plant of the celery family.

This took the slug five minutes; but the video has been speeded up to half a minute.

Rik Gielen made this video near Zwolle city in the Netherlands.


In Christmas Message Aimed at Trump, Abbas Says Palestinians Will Never Accept Any Peace Plan From U.S. "IndyWatch Feed War"

In message to Christians lamenting Trumps recognition of Jerusalem, Abbas says U.S. decision is insulting to Palestinians and to the message of Jesus

By Jack Khoury Dec 22, 2017 12:05 PM

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation's Extraordinary Summit in Istanbul, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the Organisation of Islamic Cooperations Extraordinary Summit in Istanbul, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. Emrah Yorulmaz/Pool Photo via AP

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas came out against the American peace initiative and said the Palestinians would not accept any plan made by the Americans due to U.S. President Donald Trumps decision to recognize Jerusalem, a move that was widely rejected by the world in a UN vote Thursday.

In a Christmas letter to Christians, Abbas wrote that the Palestinians will not accept any plan from the U.S. due to the White Houses biased support of Israel and its settlement policy. He also said the American plan is not going to be based on the two-state solution on the 1967 border, nor is it going to be based on international law or UN resolutions.

Abbas letter was sent as he met with French President Emmanuel Macron, at the end of talks he held in Saudi Arabia as part of the international contacts the Palestinians conducted in response to Trumps recognition of Jerusalem.

Sources close to Abbas said that the Christmas letter, that noted local churches objection to the change in American policy, was written in wake of Trumps decision on Jerusalem, which Abbas described as an insult to millions of people worldwide, and also to the city of Bethlehem.

This time every year, the souls of billions of people turn to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the messenger of love, peace and justice, Abbas wrote in the latter.

A Muslim woman takes a picture of the Christmas manger placed on the Manger Square near the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, on December 21, 2017.
A Muslim woman takes a picture of the Christmas manger placed on the Manger Square near the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, on December 21, 2017. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS COEX

Bethlehem, the birthplace of hope, continues to be affected by Israeli policies. Regretfully, the U.S. has decided to reward such policies by recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital....


Smart Build "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

marcus evans takes great pride in organising the SmartBuild flagship event scheduled from the 19th - 21st of March 2018.


4th Annual City Development : Smart Growth & Digital Tranformation "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

marcus evans takes great pride in organising the 4th Annual City Development Africa: Smart Growth & Digital Transformation flagship event scheduled from the 12 - 14 of March in Cape Town.


Senior Carbon Project Development Manager- Beijing "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

We are looking for a Senior Project Manager with substantial experience in handling cookstove projects under various carbon standards to join our Projects team.


Senior Carbon Project Development Manager- Delhi "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

We are looking for a Senior Project Manager with substantial experience in handling cookstove projects under various carbon standards to join our Projects team.


Senior Carbon Project Development Manager- Bangkok "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

We are looking for a Senior Project Manager with substantial experience in handling cookstove projects under various carbon standards to join our Projects team.


Intern Sustainable Supply Chains and Forestry "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This position is an unique opportunity to apply and enhance the skills you acquired at university.


Yi 360 VR vs Ricoh Theta V (360 Cameras) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its the last video before Christmas and I'm looking at two 360 cameras, the Yi 360 VR and the Ricoh Theta V. 
Managing Expectations with 360 video
I've seen people express disappointment with the video quality of consumer 360 devices but they are usually comparing them against professionally shot 360 footage, which just isn't a fair fight. Because while you could take a standard photo on a consumer DSLR camera that can rival the very best photos taken with the best equipment, when it comes to 360 video it's a very different story.
When viewing a 360 video you are zooming in on section of the overall image. So while the resolution of the video file might be 3840x1920 you may just be looking at a 640x360 slice from that. The rest of the video is made up of what's going on over your head, down at your feet and behind you. 
Consumer 360 camera manufacturers are at the limit of what can be handled by current imaging chipsets. Even if you could get a 360 camera that recorded 8K video, this would still look softer than a standard flat 1080p video once you'd zoomed in on a section of it. 
Professional quality 360 videos use multiple individual cameras (e.g. The GoPro Omni uses 6 Go-Pro cameras) and the video from those six cameras is stitched together using a computer. 
So this is where it's at with consumer 360 cameras, they are just a bit of fun and won't be capable of producing the same results as a professional rig, but then again the pro equipment doesn't fit in your jeans pocket. 
Purchasing Links
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CAN


GTK4 Picks Up More OpenGL Renderer Improvements, Glyph Cache "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GTK4 continues looking good and even better now thanks to nearly 100 commits improving its OpenGL renderer...


The real Russian collusion "IndyWatch Feed World"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lt. ... Pope Francis in his Vatican enclave has seen what is going on. "Media that spread fake news to smear politicians risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement," he recently ...


Health Ranger launching YouTube alternative VIDEO website "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Health Ranger launching YouTube alternative VIDEO website The Health Ranger The Health Ranger reveals his plans for launching a YouTube alternative free speech video site by the Summer of 2018. Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious...

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The RussiaGate Witch-Hunt The Deep State's 'Insurance Policy' "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

There was a sinister plot to meddle in the 2016 election, after all. But it was not orchestrated from the Kremlin; it was an entirely homegrown affair conducted from the inner sanctums - the White House, DOJ, the Hoover Building and Langley----of the Imperial City.


Pakistan Closes 27 NGOs in What Activists See as Widening Crackdown "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A policeman stands guard outside the Save the Children charitys office in Islamabad, Pakistan, June 12, 2015. Credit: Reuters/Faisal Mahmood/File photo

Islamabad: Pakistan has ordered 27 international aid groups to shut down for working in unauthorised areas, spurring human rights campaigners to denounce swelling constraints on free speech and humanitarian work.

The Ministry of Interior gave the 27 NGOs 90 days to conclude operations, according to a list seen by Reuters. Among those being expelled are Action Aid, World Vision, Plan International, Trocaire, Pathfinder International, Danish Refugee Council, George Soros Open Society Foundations, Oxfam Novib, and Marie Stopes.

Talal Chaudhry, Pakistans Minister of State for Interior Affairs, told Reuters the reason for shutting down the NGOs was because they were doing work in Pakistan which is beyond their manda...


Chinas creditor imperialism "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor

 By Brahma Chellaney
Japan Times

This month, Sri Lanka, unable to pay the onerous debt to China it has accumulated, formally handed over its strategically located Hambantota port to the Asian giant. It was a major acquisition for Chinas Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which President Xi Jinping calls the project of the century and proof of just how effective Chinas debt-trap diplomacy can be.

Unlike International Monetary Fund and World Bank lending, Chinese loans are collateralized by strategically important natural assets with high long-term value (even if they lack short-term commercial viability). Hambantota, for example, straddles Indian Ocean trade routes linking Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Asia. In exchange for financing and building the infrastructure that poorer countries need, China demands favorable access to their natural assets, from mineral resources to ports.

Moreover, as Sri Lankas experience starkly illustrates, Chinese financing can shackle its partner countries. Rather than offering grants or concessionary loans, China provides huge project-related loans at market-based rates, without transparency, much less environmental or social impact assessments. As U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson put it recently, with the BRI China is aiming to define its own rules and norms.

To strengthen its position further, China has encouraged its companies to bid for outright purchase of strategic ports where possible. The Mediterranean port of Piraeus, which a Chinese firm acquired for $436 million from cash-strapped Greece last year, will serve as the BRIs dragon head in Europe.

By wielding its financial clout in this manner, China seeks to kill two birds with one stone.

First, it wants to address overcapacity at home by boosting exports. Second, it hopes to advance its strategic....


Mossad looking for new recruits on Facebook "IndyWatch Feed World"

Intelligence agency's new social media page reaches out to Israelis 'looking for an exciting career change' Israels intelligence agency is seeking fresh recruits on its new Facebook page, launched on Monday.


Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Slowing Older iPhones "IndyWatch Feed World"

Following an admission from Apple that it intentionally caps the processing power of older iPhones in order to preserve battery, the company has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the practice, TMZ reported .



There has been another strange death, this time, not of a banker nor of a doctor, but of a Canadian pharmaceutical magnate who, given



Walls of Silence and Blindness "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Human Heart of How Societies Come Undone

I knew, deep down, that extremism was going to go mainstream not when my little nerdy economic analyses of, well, every indicator you can think of that means anything began to blink red and nosedive, but when something a little more personal happened.

It began to become difficult for me to publish things Id written. Invisibly difficult. Oddly and strangely difficult. Maybe, I thought to myself ruefully for a moment, I just sucked. And then I remembered how Id published many things, in many places, for many years, calling events on the nose, financial crisis, not-quite-recovery, stagnation, check, check, check, so it shouldnt have been a big deal. And yet slowly, over the course of probably about a year or so, an unseen wall went up. The wall wasnt made of negation, but of absence. Not of no, but just of . Somehow, in front of me, a great wall of silence and blindness had risen, as if my friends could not see or hear me anymore. How strange, I thought, laughing to myself, remembering dusty old books about archipelagos and exile and plagues. How strange.

Because the great secret truth that these books taught me was that such walls of silence and blindness can only be made when those constructing them become blind and deaf and mutefor what else are they made of?and so building walls of silence and blindness leaves their very builders senseless. The terrible price of cancelling out any other persons existencewhich is what this troubled age is really aboutis only ever the loss of our very own senses. But I will return to that. Let us first discuss what such walls of silence and blindness mean, which is this thing called trust.

One of the greatest indicators that foretold Americas misfortunes to me was the collapse of trust. Stunning and sweeping, in just a few decades, trust in institutions, the organizing and governing principles of society, collapsed, from government to business to law. Id never seen anything like it, except perhaps preceding Soviet collapseand so I understood quickly that society was standing steps away from a jagged abyss. The sun might be shining, but just ahead lay deep, shining darkness.

But trust is not just an abstraction. Though I wouldnt understand it until much later, my great wall of silence and blindness was only one of many that were beginning to rise, because the distrust that was corroding society from the inside was the same. Walls upon walls, stretching across the meadows, into the sunlit horizon, keeping each little shivering tribe safe from the next. My wall was just a small one. Those who had trusted me, as a thinker, a writer, had somehow come to mistrust menot because Id betrayed or finagled or bamboozled them, but just bec...



We're well overdue for another rant on Amairikuhn edgykayshun, and I was beginning to wonder when we'd have another one, when Mr. V.T., a



2018 Predictions and Prognostications "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It's time to cast the runes and make predictions for 2018 (and beyond). I wanted to get a jump on people who were predicting closer to the New Year.

2018 Superbowl: Patriots vs Eagles. I like the Steelers, but I'm predicting and trying to keep my personal favoritism out of the prognosticating.

Soccer World Cup: I know for sure that it will be played out in Moscow. I favor Uruguay, but it's still too far off to read the tea leaves effectively.

President Trump: A large infrastructure spending bill will pas through Congress as will an overhaul of the failed ObamaCare disaster. The construction of a big, beautiful, border wall with Mexico will be begin as the president works hard to make America great again. The US military will be rebuilt with an emphasis on sustainability rather than showmanship. Priorities shifted away from the weather as the principal enemy in 2017. Diversity and transgenderism will no longer be a priority though EEO will continue as it has since the 1960's.

President Trump will appoint two new Supreme Court justices in 2018, swinging the high court in a conservative direction for a generation to Make America Great Again.

Congress: The Republicans will continue to control both houses of the legislature.

Hillary Clinton will be indicted and convicted of selected felonies and she'll be remanded to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Dead Pool: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will agree to a tell-all of Hillary Clinton and before he can testify, he will commit suicide with a chainsaw. Rep. Nancy Pelosi will publish her memoirs (damaging to the Clintons) and will commit suicide with Chuck's chainsaw. Joe Biden will be appointed to the US Senate (for NY) and will be asked to step down the next day due to sexual harassment allegations. He will subsequently commit suicide with Chuck's chainsaw.



Severe Complications for Women During Childbirth Are Skyrocketing and Could Often Be Prevented "IndyWatch Feed National"

Leah Bahrencus kidneys and liver shut down.

Samantha Blackwell spent a month in a coma.

Cindel Pena suffered heart failure.

Heather Lavender lost her uterus.

Rebecca Derohanian bled into her brain.

Every year in the U.S., nearly 4 million women give birth, the vast majority without anything going amiss for themselves or their babies. But more than 135 expectant and new mothers a day or more than 50,000 a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endure dangerous and even life-threatening complications that often leave them wounded, weakened, traumatized, financially devastated, unable to bear more children or searching in vain for answers about what went wrong.

For the past year, ProPublica and NPR have been examining why the U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world. The 700 to 900 deaths each year related to pregnancy and childbirth, though, overshadow a more pervasive problem that experts call severe maternal morbidity. For every U.S. woman who dies as a consequence of pregnancy or childbirth, up to 70 suffer hemorrhages, organ failure or other significant complications, amounting to more than 1 percent of all births. The annual cost to women, their families, taxpayers and the health care system runs into billions of dollars.

Theres this misconception that these complications are rare, said Kristen Terlizzi, cofounder of the National Accreta Foundation, who had her uterus, appendix and part of her bladder removed in 2014 because of a life-threatening placenta condition, and we [women] get brushed off The risk is not a big deal. But it is.

Better care could have prevented or alleviated many of these complications, experts say. Maternal morbidity encompasses a spectrum of problems, from moderately serious to near-deadly, and proper medical attention can stop treatable conditions from spiraling out of control. In a 2016 study of all women admitted for delivery over 30 months at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, researchers found opportunity for improvement in care in 44 percent of life-threatening complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Whats more, according to the CDC, severe maternal morbidity has risen faster than...

Brain Drain At the EPA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since President Donald Trump took office, a wave of departures that puts the administration nearly a quarter of the way toward its goal of shrinking the agency to levels last seen during the Reagan administration.

Of the employees who have quit, retired or taken a buyout package since the beginning of the year, more than 200 are scientists. An additional 96 are environmental protection specialists, a broad category that includes scientists as well as others experienced in investigating and analyzing pollution levels. Nine department directors have departed the agency as well as dozens of attorneys and program managers. Most of the employees who have left are not being replaced.

The departures reflect poor morale and a sense of grievance at the agency, which has been criticized by Trump and top Republicans in Congress as bloated and guilty of regulatory overreach. That unease is likely to deepen following revelations that Republican campaign operatives were using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of emails from EPA officials suspected of opposing Trump and his agenda.

The cuts deepen a downward trend at the agency that began under the Obama administration in response to Republican-led budget constraints that left the agency with about 15,000 employees at the end of his term. The reductions have accelerated under Trump, who campaigned on a promise to dramatically scale back the EPA, leaving only what he called little tidbits in place. Current and former employees say unlike during the Obama years, the agency has no plans to replace workers, and they expect deeper cuts to come.

The reason EPA went down to 15,000 employees under Obama is because of pressure from Republicans. This is the effort of the Republicans under the Obama administration on steroids, said John OGrady, president of American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, a union representing EPA employees.

ProPublica and The New York Times analyzed the comings and goings from the EPA through the end of September, the latest data that has been compiled, obtained under the Freedom of Info...


Medical Chairs for Patients "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

eecd35bc ebe8 4675 a11d 060a8113f0e7 CB

Medical Chairs for Patients - Furniture may be thought to be one of the most important arrangement stuff from the house. There are many different sorts of furniture and it is your duty to keep on choosing the most unique furniture to the interiors or exteriors as per the arrangement present in your place. You should definitely have an idea on the kind of furniture required by you because there are so many of them as it's absolutely not possible to experience each and every piece of furniture while visiting the furniture shop. You should get for the purpose 17, if you are completely confused on the kind of furniture you can take advantage of internet to be able to understand about the type which suits you to the center. There are many providers on internet addressing the ventures on furniture plus it would be quite good if you proceed through the websites as you may have the ability to get an idea on the exact use of distinct furniture wherein you may be seeing a number of these to your very first time in your lifetime. You may be in need of growing couple of chairs to be put in your interiors.

You might be giving the thought in that you might be on the lookout for something unique and stylish in the design and that the chairs should not be used for your office function. The truth is it isn't feasible for you to go to every shop and each seeking the designer chair depending on your choice. This is mostly due to the restriction imposed from the time without facing any difficulties within their schedules, majority of them are moving on. This might be in turn producing lot of problems wherein should you attempt finding out time the whole schedule may begin down with the passage of time. There are lots of suppliers with enormous kinds of seats and you may surf from one provider to another. You'll have the ability to pick up the chair according to your choice and also by paying quite rate when compared to shops.

Tink Eroy has decades of experience in composing articles about home interiors. He possesses site. If you are interested in finding modern furniture like designer chairs [] and also eames dsr seat take a peek at this modern modern furniture []. So have a review of modern furniture styles & Designs supplied in our site. For Details visit us.


Trumps ambassador to Netherlands calls own sayings fake news "IndyWatch Feed World"


New US ambassador calls his no-go areas in the Netherlands claim fake news

December 22, 2017

The new US ambassador to the Netherlands has denied saying that there are no go areas in the Netherlands and that cars and politicians are being set on fire because of radical Islam.

No politicians are set on fire in the Netherlands. Dutch politicians cars ARE sometimes set on fire. But not by radical Islam. By right-wing xenophobes who think these politicians are too leftist and too pro-refugees. Like happened in Oostknollendam in 2015.

In an interview with current affairs programme Nieuwsuur, Pete Hoekstra told NOS correspondent Wouter Zwart he had never said such things. I didnt say that. That is actually an incorrect statement. We would call it fake news, Hoekstra said.

However, the new ambassador can be seen clearly making the statements in a video recording from 2015. And yes, there are no go areas in the Netherlands, Hoekstra states.

Hoekstra will take up his position in January. He is known to be a supporter of Trumps p...


US Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map December 22, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is the newst update of the U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups on a weekly basis. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map.

US Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map December 22, 2017

Click to see the full-size map

Carrier strike group (CSG) is an operational formation of the United States Navy. It is centered on an aircraft carrier and a carrier air wing (CVW) of 65 to 70 aircrafts. Its composed of roughly 7,500 personnel, an aircraft carrier, at least one cruiser, a destroyer squadron of at least two destroyers and/or frigates. A carrier strike group also, on occasion, includes submarines, attached logistics ships and a supply ship. Carrier strike groups comprise a principal element of U.S. power projection over the worlds oceans.

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Samsung Dealing With Wayland "Zombie Apocalypse" Bug "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Samsung OSG developers have been investigating and dealing with a nasty Wayland bug whereby a Wayland event could be delivered to an incorrect file descriptor. This ends up being due to a shortcoming in the Wayland protocol, but as to not break all existing software out there built against the current Wayland protocol, a workaround has been devised...


Goldman Is Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Bloomberg: At least one of Wall Streets biggest firms is growing more comfortable with cryptocurrencies. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is setting up a trading desk to make markets in digital currencies such as bitcoin, according to people with knowledge of the strategy. The bank aims to get the business running by the end of []


Cybersecurity survey in Japan finds 20,000 fake shopping sites "IndyWatch Feed War"

No automatic alt text available.

The National Police Agency has warned that 20,000 scam e-commerce sites were operating in the second half of 2017. | GETTY IMAGES



A cybersecurity survey has found that around 20,000 fake shopping sites were in operation in the second half of this year, Japans National Police Agency said Thursday, warning that the sites are designed to swindle money from unsuspecting shoppers.

Most of the websites use a hyperlink with a fake ad to lead victims to a scam site, the NPA said, based on the survey by the Japan Cybercrime Control Center involving information security and online service providers.

Typically, victims are led to the fake sites after using a search engine to look for information about a product they want to buy and then clicking on a hyperlink that includes an enticing phrase, such as brand wristwatch, high quality.

Products featured on malicious sites include not only luxury bags and watches but also general items and sporting goods. The websites tend to be written in unnatural Japanese, according to the center.

In the period from July to earlier this month, 19,834 scam sites had been identified, the survey found.

Police are investigating 122 bank accounts designated by the sites for payment, and confirmed that so far they had received about 240 million ($2.1 million).

Investigators have identified online shopping scams involving 43 people, including those suspected of making their bank accounts available through the websites in violation of a law preventing the transfer of criminal proceeds.

The center submitted the outcome of the survey to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, an international organization with the task of unifying the global response to cybercrime. Steps have been taken to trigger a pop-up alert when computer users are about to connect to a scam site.

We have yet to discover the (scammers) methods, but hyperlinks to fake sites place top (in search results). We want users to always update their computer virus software so as not to be victimized, said an NPA official.

NPA chief Masayoshi Sakaguchi vowed at a news conference Thursday that the police will continue to make efforts to ensure the security of cyberspace.

The center said it has confirmed in the country the existence of 272 websites that are altere...


Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that They Live in a Dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed War"

Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that They Live in a Dictatorship Eric ZUESSE The first time when it became clear to me that I live in a dictatorship was in 2014 when reading, prior to its publication, the landmark (and still the only) scientific empirical study to address the question as to whether or not the United States federal Government is, authentically, a democracy []


Iraq Redux in the Making? US Rhetoric on Iran Brings Back Memories of 2003 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and its 2003 all over again. That was the year when the United States embarked on its catastrophic course of intervention in Asia.

Retired Green Beret: Give All Of Washington D.C. and Congress An Enema To Drain The True Polluting Substance From The Swamp "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Retired Green Beret: Give All Of Washington D.C. and Congress An Enema To Drain The True Polluting Substance From The Swamp by Jeremiah Johnson SHTFPlan So, lets cite a few passages from President Trumps National Security Speech: Click here...

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Climate change ignites fear and distress - but climate action is empowering "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Climate change ignites fear and distress - but climate action is empowering

brendan 22nd December 2017
Teaser Media


President Trump caught rigging Official Presidential Job Performance Survey "IndyWatch Feed World"

(TFC) The President of the United States is apparently so embarrassed by his recent poll numbers that he set out to create a poll of his own and then he rigged it.

If a voter thought theyd be able to express their true feelings through the Official Presidential Job Performance Survey, they would be mistaken. Unless they felt he was doing a great, good, or okay job. Any other feeling would be filed under other. There was no option presented to provide a negative response.

You can access the official survey via, the Presidents personal website. Has the office of the Presidency fallen so far and is the ego of the leader of the free world so fragile that only positive responses are acceptable? Should we soon expect 99% approval ratings similar to those touted by despots the world over and obtained through a similar sham process?

The President of the United States needs to apologize to the people of the country for such a shameful and transparent attempt at creating the fake news he claims to despise. As per the Presidents norm, the results of this poll are certain to be repeated to his base and anyone else left who hasnt realized they voted for a con man.




UN Security Council to decide on new North Korea sanctions Tillerson says China and Russias North Korea ties undermine peace efforts "IndyWatch Feed War"

The new proposed resolution targets oil exports and expatriate workers sent to make money for the regime of Kim Jong Un. The US-authored draft was reportedly negotiated on with China ahead of the vote.

Barbed wire in front of a North Korean flag (Getty Images/C. Chu)

The United Nations Security Council scheduled a vote for Friday over a new raft of sanctions on North Korea. The US-drafted proposal drastically caps oil exports to the isolated country in a bid to economically cripple Pyongyang into abandoning its missile program.

 Rex Tillerson: China and Russias North Korea ties undermine peace efforts
Image result for rex tillerson, photos
Rex Tillerson

The measures in the draft circulated to the Councils 15 member states also included the repatriation of North Koreans...


NVIDIA To Stop Offering 32-bit Driver Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

2017 could go down as the year that marked the descent of x86 32-bit support. Ubuntu 17.10 dropped their 32-bit desktop ISO, Ubuntu Server is now dropping their 32-bit installer, and more. Now NVIDIA Corp is announcing they are ending 32-bit support for their graphics driver...


Nikki Haley throws another tantrum at the UN "IndyWatch Feed War"

US makes large contributions to UN, expects to be respected Haley to UNGA As the biggest contributor to the UN, the United States expects respect for its decisions, US envoy Nikki Haley has said, adding that Washington will remember the day it was singled out for an attack. Haley was speaking ahead of the []


Port of Thessaloniki privatization agreement finally signed "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The agreement for the sale of 67 percent of Thessaloniki port to South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki (SEGT) Limited was signed at the offices of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) on Thursday afternoon. The agreement was scheduled to be signed last week, however, it was postponed as the Russian bank guarantor Promsvyazbank was nationalized

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Will Iraqs PM embrace a Trump-inspired Saudi-sponsored drive to curb Iranian influence? "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump-MBS strategy has not made significant headway. Will they succeed in escalating anti-Shia confrontation against Iran and its allies?

Pool/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images. All rights reserved. U.S. President Donald Trump (R) meets with Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the Oval Office at the White House, March 14, 2017 in Washington, DC. Pool/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images. All rights reserved.With ISIL reeling in the decisive battle to recapture Mosul ISILs biggest urban stronghold , Masoud Barzani president of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) declared, on June 7, that the KRG would hold an independence referendum on September 25. 

Barzanis announcement sent shock waves across the region, and what made it profoundly alarming was his determination to conduct this controversial referendum in Kirkuk, an oil-rich multi-ethnic city, as well as in other disputed areas, which were seized by the Kurdish fighters (Peshmerga) as the Iraqi Army unravelled in the face of ISILs lightening advance in June 2014. 

While Iran swiftly declared its strident opposition to the referendum, Iraqs Prime Minister Haider al Abadis initial response was muted.

Turkeys president Erdogan by contrast, scathingly criticised Brazanis move. This was highly unexpected, since Turkey consistently enabled the KRG to defy the Iraqi Central Government (ICG) by selling oil independently.

Even with Turkey and Iran standing by the ICG, Abadi nevertheless turned to the US to resolve this contentious issue. Washington sought to persuade Barzani to postpone the referendum, arguing that it would deflect attention from fighting ISIL.

However, the...


Billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman Remembered As Police Seek Those Responsible for Murders "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dad was a real-life superhero. Mom was the magnet and the glue that held the family together.

At an emotional, and often raw, memorial Thursday, relatives and friends of Barry and Honey Sherman celebrated the legacy of the billionaire couple who were found dead in their North York mansion late last week.

At the funeral service, there were tears, laughter a bit of profanity and a rare public glimpse into the lives of a family that often guarded its privacy.

There was also roiling anger.

The Shermans were found hanged near the pool in their basement. Police have characterized the deaths as suspicious. Both died of ligature neck compression. Earlier this week, sources told the Star and other media outlets that homicide detectives were pursuing a theory th...


Theme park and living laboratory: Lisbon and Portos territorial nightmares "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Avalanche examines changes wrought on Portugals twin capitals by elites accelerated and brutal reconstruction of their geographies and how communities can survive and resist amid the rubble. For some years now the issue of gentrification has been at the core of different actions and struggles with the involvement of anarchists around Europe. These changes


U.S. judge says groups can sue EPA over drinking water fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Barbara Grzincic Opponents of fluoridated drinking water can proceed with a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Toxic Substances Control Act, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled on Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen denied EPAs motion to dismiss a lawsuit by Food & Water Watch, the Fluoride Action Network and other groups who claim that ingesting fluoride can cause neurological damage. They filed suit in April, after the EPA denied their petition to consider banning fluoridation chemicals from public drinking water.


Afghanistan Faces Opium Crisis, Response Must Be Urgent, Swift, Decisive UNODC Chief "IndyWatch Feed War"

(UNODC)* In recent years attention has shifted away from the threat posed by illicit drugs, the Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yury Fedotov, told the UN Security Council on 21 December 2017.

UNODC Chief: Afghanistan faces opium crisis, response must be urgent, swift, decisive

We must reverse this trend, or risk the further expansion and destabilizing influence of non-state actors, organized criminal groups and violent terrorists, he said.

For the international community to respond, Fedotov set out a number of priority steps, including support for the implementation of the Afghan National Drug Action Plan.

He said operational responses focused on building the capacity of the countrys counter-narcotics efforts and strengthening regional and international cooperation were essential.

Fedotov called for a building up of interdiction capacities of key countries along trafficking routes, with an eye to enhancing long-term effectiveness rather than focusing on immediate seizures.

He emphasized the severing of illicit financial flows, and the need to support effective prosecution, as well as asset confiscation and recovery.

Fedotov said increased prevention and treatment responses were required as Afghanistan was struggling with the health consequences of opiate misuse.

UNODC was ready and willing to support both Afghanistan and the international community in all these areas, he said.

Fedotov was speaking via video-link at the Councils quarterly debate on Afghanistan that considered the Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in the country and its implications for international peace and security. The head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, also briefed the Council .



Romanian Hackers Infiltrated 65% of DC Outdoor Surveillance Cameras for Extortion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The only thing better than total police state camera networks is total police state camera networks that are poorly secured:

Two Romanian hackers infiltrated nearly two-thirds of the outdoor surveillance cameras in Washington, DC, as part of an extortion scheme, according to federal court documents.

In a criminal complaint filed last week in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, the US government alleges that the two Romanian hackers operating outside the United States infiltrated 65% of the outdoor surveillance cameras operated by DC city police that's 123 cameras out of 187 in the city. The alleged hacking occurred during a four-day period in early January.

The hacking suspects, Mihai Alexandru Isvanca and Eveline Cismaru, are also accused of using the computers behind the surveillance cameras to distribute ransomware through spam emails, according to an affidavit by Secret Service agent James Graham in support of the government's criminal complaint. The affidavit alleges the hackers meant to use the malware to lock victims' computers and then extort payments from them to regain access.

DC should ask Bucarest to get Comrade Detective on the case.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Gabon ivory seizures "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

December 19, 2017

See link
<<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">>
for photo.

Two individuals were recently arrested with 4 pieces of ivory cut in 10
pieces, or 26.5kg.  KANGALA Lucien of Gabonese nationality and MAHAMAT SALE
of Chadian nationality were arrested in Ovan.

It was as a result of information that a team composed of the officers of
the DGR and Makokou Waters and Forests, accompanied by the members of the
NGO Conservation Justice, went to the department of MVOUNG where the
transaction was to take place. After a long tour in the city, the team
finally spotted the two elements inside a parked vehicle.

Obviously, the two men were in the process of marketing the ivory tusks.
Caught red-handed, the men in question were taken to a building to be
interrogated hot.

The named KANGALA Lucien will soon admit to having killed the two
elephants, before acknowledging that he arrived at Ovan with ivory for the
purpose of selling. As for the name MAHAMAT SALE, he will declare having
played the role of direct seller in this transaction.

The two accused will now be on the premises of the DGR in Makokou to
respond to the facts of detention, transportation and marketing trophies of
a fully protected species.

For having violated the Forest Code, Kangala and his accomplice Sal? risk
up to 6 months in prison and 10 million francs fine.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.


Endless Computer Is Looking Forward To Using AMDGPU DC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Endless Mobile, the company behind the Linux-based Flatpak-using Endless OS and that has sold several different low-cost computers around the world, is looking forward to AMDGPU DC...


Zimbabwe Mnangagwa visits Zimparks and stresses fight against poaching "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mnangagwa positioning himself and his family (daughter joining anti-poaching squad) as the saviour of wildlife having had a less positive role in the past.  Could be ahead of charges against Grace Mugabe for ivory trade invoolvement trying to make a total cotnrast with the evil mugabes. KS
The Chronicle
December 20, 2017
<<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">>
for photo.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday paid a visit to the Zimbabwe Parks
and Wildlife Management Authority to familiarise himself with the
operations of the organisation.

Addressing journalists after the tour, Zimparks director general Mr Fulton
Mangwanya said they invited the President to appreciate their operations.
We invited him to see what we are doing as national parks, he said. As
you know, the national parks is part of the cog of tourism and as you know
the President is on the drive to make sure that tourism picks up. ?Visitors
come here for the heritage that we have and what we are doing is to push up
tourism so that we benefit as a country.

Mr Mangwanya said they had also introduced the President to Akashinga, an
all-female team of rangers from Nyamakati in Hurungwe. We have these
ladies who are doing a task which was usually done by men and it? so
encouraging because in a lot of communities we actually have a lot of these
ladies who are doing nothing and they actually assist in the conservation
of our wildlife resources and it goes a long way in preserving our
animals, he said.

The women were trained with the assistance of a non-governmental
organisation to carry out community conservation and improve their

Meanwhile, Mr Mangwanya said investigations into the origins of the ivory
that was intercepted at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport
recently were ongoing. Zimparks intercepted 200kg of Malaysia bound ivory
valued at $1 million.

A number of poachers have been arrested or killed in shoot-outs with
Zimparks rangers in the country?s wildlife reserves. Several elephants have
been killed by poachers through cyanide poisoning, especially in Hwange.



Bitcoin Tumbles Below $13,000 as Investors Face Reality Check Unsophisticated investors holding the bag at the top. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


By Richard Frost and Eric Lam

December 21, 2017, 10:49 PM EST Updated on December 22, 2017, 2:53 AM EST

Bitcoin sank as much as 21 percent on Friday, extending its loss from its intraday high this month toward 40 percent, as the crypto-world was swamped by a wave of selling.

 Related image

The digital currency dropped to as low as $12,191.80 before trading at $12,975.50 as of 3:47 p.m. in Hong Kong. Bitcoin, which fell as much as 38 percent from its peak of $19,511, is still up more than 1,100 percent this year. Other cryptocurrencies also plunged, with bitcoin cash crashing 38 percent and ethereum losing 26 percent over the past 24 hours, according to

Investors are having a reality check, said Stephen Innes, head of trading for Asia Pacific at Oanda Corp. At the heart of the matter was a frenzied demand for coins with limited supply has now led to unsophisticated investors holding the bag at the top.



Jal el Dib New Bridge Works Halted? "IndyWatch Feed World"

I was reading yesterday that the works for the new Jal el Dib bridge were halted by the Shura council because, and Im quoting LebanonDebate, there were no studies to support building an L2 bridge LOL!

Jal el Dib residents protested a while back but works were already underway and the whole area is a mess now because of the ongoing works not to mention traffic, so Im not really sure what the hell is going on.

Who ordered to start works if there were no studies to support it? And whats the deal with this 2U or 2L? How hard can it be to build a tiny bridge? What a joke!

Update: MTV said that works are still ongoing.


Yes, America, There Is a Class War, and You Just Lost "IndyWatch Feed War"


Yes, America, There Is a Class War, and You Just Lost



Pink and Gold Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71jV SD7gyL SL1500

Pink and Gold Chair - You will see that your back or your spine hurt, if you work at a computer on a regular basis then. Simple massages can resolve this and on occasion a fresh office chair can help as long as you purchase the ideal form for your posture. A lot of people suffer from repetitive stress injury and it may be wise to buy. As an instance, a new chair with lumbar support for your spine can work wonders - you may need to consider wrist grips to your keyboard and mouse.

There are a array of choices to be found on the web so that it's a fantastic idea. It's entirely up to you which options you opt to choose. But in regards to purchasing items before you make any big decisions, you'll need to look at doing a bit of research. It's a fantastic idea to scope out the marketplace and discover out before you buy the very first thing which you see what can be found.

Doing a bit of cost comparison is a smart idea because that way you can be confident that you're getting yourself the best bargains on the internet. Just remember to go at your own pace and use paper and a pencil to keep an eye on your progress. Do not hesitate to rush into anything. Purchasing a new office chair is easy but you will need to consider different choices. Doing some research will certainly help you stay current with what is available on the market today and it should help save you quite a little bit of cash.


Most Palestinian minors complain of abuse in israeli detention: Rights group "IndyWatch Feed War"

    &amp;amp;lt;img src= alt=Israeli forces /&amp;amp;gt; Most Palestinian minors abused in Israeli custody: Group Most of the Palestinian minors arrested in 2017 have testified that they were subjected to violence and physical abuse by Israeli forces while in custody, a rights group says. Military Court Watch, which monitors the treatment of children in Israeli military detention, []


Tanzania Burundian arrested with tusks "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Citizen

Mussa Mwangoka, December 20, 2017

See link
<<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">>
for photo.

The Mpanda District Court in Katavi Region has sentenced Jackison Eijuel,
52, a resident of Katumba Refugee Settlement to 30 years in jail including
paying a Sh99 million fine after he was found guilty of being found with
four tusks and four pieces of elephant tusks.

The government trophies, which are equivalent to three elephants, are
valued at Sh90 million.

The sentence was passed on Wednesday, December 20, by the court?s
Magistrate-in-Charge Chiganga Ntengwa after being satisfied with evidence
given in court by the prosecution, whereby the convict had no witness.

Reading the sentence, the magistrate said the accused, who was once a
Burundi national and recently granted Tanzania citizenship, admitted to
committing the offence contrary to Section 235 of the Criminal Proceedings

The magistrate said after listening to the defence of the accused the court
had proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused was found guilty of
being found with elephant tusks contrary to the country?s laws.

Earlier, a prosecutor, who is a state lawyer, Flaviani Shiyo, alleged in
court that the accused committed the offence on October 25, this year, at
about 20:30pm in Urwila Village, Nsimbo Division in Mpanda District.

Mr Shiyo told the court that the accused was caught by anti-poaching
officers of Ugala Forest after getting information about the accused taking
part in the illegal trade of elephant tusks.

The prosecutor told the court that after the officers got the tip, they set
a trap and managed to arrest the accused with four elephant tusks and four
pieces of elephant tusks, equivalent to three live elephants. The impounded
government trophies weigh 27 kilos and worth Sh99.

In his defence, the accused asked the court to set him free because the
elephant tusks he was found with were not his, but they belonged to someone
he named Hussein Samora, whom he accused of sending him to fetch the tusks
by using his (the accused) motorcycle.

After the defence and before the sentence, the state lawyer, Mr Shiyo,
asked the court to mete out severe punishment to the accused so it could


Thomas Cox: A Sweet Christmas Gift for a Client in Maine "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Nationally famed foreclosure defense attorney Tom Cox scores a Maine Supreme Court win that saved a client's home right before Christmas.


Neue Spannungen in der Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed War"

USA und Russland: Neue Spannungen in der Ukraine 



2017 Recap Of Precious Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium | Golden Rule Radio (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

2017 Recap Of Precious Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium | Golden Rule Radio Video McAlvany Financials As 2017 comes to a close Golden Rule Radio looks back at gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and the US Dollar Index...

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Migration Will Drive the Next Wave of World Wars "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Mass migration, on the sustained and massive scale that western Europe continues to experience, creates tensions not only within states but also between them. These tensions will sometimes erupt into open conflict; already a new age of Migration Wars has begun.


Kingfisher eating fish on video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 21 December 2017 video shows a kingfisher eating a fish.

Ronald van Dijk made this video in the Twente region in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.


Targeting Civilians in a Public Market in Al Atarib "IndyWatch Feed War"

This article was collaboratively written by the Syrian Archive Team and Bellingcat Investigation Team

  • Location: Atarib (Aleppo governorate, Syria)
  • Claimed targets: Public market and police building
  • Date: 13 November 2017
  • First airstrike: ~14:07 local time (UTC/GMT plus 2)
  • Second airstrike: ~14:12 local time (UTC/GMT plus 2)
  • Attacks: 3 alleged airstrikes, 6 thermometric bombs
  • Reported killed: 69 killed
  • Reported injured: 100 injured
  • Missing: 4 persons
  • Munitions identified: Not available
  • Potentially responsible: Russian or Syrian Air Force


On 13 November 2017 between 14:07 and 14:11, the Atarib market and police station were targeted by three airstrikes resulting in the death of 69 civilians, significant damage to several buildings on the Atarib market street, and to the Free Syrian police building. Open source materials indicates this attack was conducted by either the Russian or Syrian airforce.

On November 13, Alexander Ivanov, the spokesman for the Khmeimim airbase used by Russia, denied that Russian aircraft committed a massacre at a civilian site in Atarib. This was also posted on the official Telegram channel of Khmeimim airbase. See below:



Republic of Congo Imam and pastor-based ivory smuggling network smashed "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Groupe Congo Medias

Evariste LeLousside,
December 20, 2017

See link
<<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">> for

The Peripheral Ecosystems Management Project of the Odzala Kokoua National
Park located in the Department of Sangha carries out a fierce fight against
wildlife crime. Regularly, the Eco Guards carry out patrols and searches at
the various checkpoints to get their hands on the potential traffickers of
weapons of war and wildlife protected by law.

This strategy resulted, on Sunday, December 10, 2017, in downtown PK pylon
on the Ouesso-Pokola stretch, to the red-handed arrest of five individuals,
with two elephant ivory tusks cut into four pieces, from the district of

All of Cameroonian nationality, these are Sylla MAMADOU, Tchari MOUMOUN who
is an imam in Ngombe, OUSMAN Sakaria who is a servant in Ngombe, ASSAFFI
Doutoum who is a preacher at the mosque of Ouesso, and ABDOURAMAN YOUSSOUF
who is an imam in Pokola.

They would all be involved in the illegal ivory trade in the Sangha
Department. They each have a specific role in this international criminal
network (supplier of arms and ammunition, carrier, commercial to supply
their customers) while using their faith as cover.

This is a blow for the Muslim community in the North, or even the Republic
of Congo, tarnishing once again the image of religion. Indeed, it is not
the first believing men who have been arrested and sentenced for ivory

In Mossaka in the Department of the Cuvette, during the year 2017, it is
the Protestant Pastor of the locality, BODZENGA BOPAKA Rock and his brother
who were arrested in Brazzaville with thirty kg of ivory or 11 elephant
ivories; the trial is still ongoing.

All the lights are now focused on the authorities of Ouesso and more
particularly the High Court of Ouesso where the first hearing will take
place in January 2018. Firm and exemplary justice is expected to send a
strong message from the beginning of the New Year 2018. These Cameroonian
nationals face imprisonment of more than five years for the detention,
circulation, and attempted commercialization of two elephant ivory tusks.

The elephant is threatened with extinction in many places because of
poaching for its tusks. Tri-national forest Dja-Odzala-Minkebe (TRIDOM) is
particularly af...


Syrian opposition urges Moscow to push regime over peace settlement Assads future remains an issue "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrians walk along a destroyed street in Raqqa on Wednesday, two months after Syrian Democratic Forces captured the city from Daesh. (AFP)



Chinas ivory ban and the effects on prices and poaching "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Rather an optimistic and poorly-grounded report but interesting that the propaganda about bans working is still alive and well unlike the hundreds of thousands of elephants which have died since the ban. The key point is that this is a piece from a campaigning NGO, Wild Aid, and is not journalism. Wild Aid have to laud the Chinese government because they campaigned for a ban. Very selective reporting of poaching figures what about Mozambique, CAR, DRC, Cameroon, Gabon, Angola and Botswana? Key sentence hidden right at end -The overall population of African elephants is likely to have declined in 2016.Poaching in Tanzania is down so much because they lost 60% of their elephants so there are fewer to poach. The decline in poaching is lower than the overall decline in elephant numbers. Very typical selective reporting to support naive and ultimately damaging policies based on a self-assumed ethical basis but an exclusive, Western ethic that takes no notice of reality on the ground and the need for ethically, scientifically-based sustainable use. KS

Taiwan News

As China bans ivory, prices and poaching fall, other countries follow

Ivory Pieces for Sale in Hong Kong (Photo / WildAid Alex Hofford)

(UNITED STATES / WILDAID) China, which was the largest market for illegal elephant ivory, will ban all domestic sales of ivory products effective December 31, 2017.

Described by WildAid CEO Peter Knights as the greatest single step toward reducing elephant poaching, the ban has already led to an 80% decline in seizures of ivory entering the country, as well as a 65% decline in raw ivory prices.

Poaching in Kenya is down from 390 elephants killed in 2013 to only 46 last year, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service, and by 55% at three main sites in Tanzania in 2016 compared to 2015.

As part of Chinas landmark policy, 172 ivory carving factories and retail outlets are being closed by the end of the month.

Chinas ban is crucial f...


Military Situation In Area Of Abu al-Duhur On December 22, 2017 (Syria Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have liberated the village of Hawayir in southern Aleppo from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Meanwhile, the SAA and the NDF have lost the village of Sayyalah to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham southwest of Khanasir. Clashes have been also reported between government troops and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham south of Abu Dali in northeastern Hama.

Military Situation In Area Of Abu al-Duhur On December 22, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

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Greece: Imprisoned Revolutionary Struggle Member Nikos Maziotis back in Hospital following Brutal Unprovoked Assault (Eng/Esp) "IndyWatch Feed War"


21.12.17: Following a telephone conversation we have learned that Nikos Maziotis is in Korydallos Prison Hospital after being assaulted and beaten.

Specifically the prisoner who attacked him said: Are you the Maziotis who plays the hard case? before breaking his ribs and landing serious blows to his head.

Comrade Maziotis was in a weakened state having ended his hunger strike a few days ago and still being in the process of recovery.

The attack was obviously ordered, this is apparent from the fact that the assailant has no personal relationship with Comrade Maziotis and does not even know him.

We will receive further updates when comrades in solidarity speak with Nikos soon via telephone.

(via Mpalothia, translated by Insurrection News)


Grecia: Nikos Maziotis es golpeado en prisin luego de su huelga de hambre

Recibido en 21/12/2017

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde...


"IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Chemical Engineering Progress, Dec. 2017

Estimate the Capital Cost of Shale-Gas Monetization Projects

Authors are: Chi Zhang & Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi, Chemical Engineering Progress, December 2017

As the number of shale-gas monetization options has increased, so has the need to develop quick, preliminary estimates of the cost of proposed projects and manufacturing pathways. This article presents a method for an order-of-magnitude cost estimation.

Discovery of substantial shale gas reserves in the U.S. has spurred a boom in production of chemicals and fuels. U.S. production of shale gas jumped from about 2 trillion ft3 in 2007 to about 15 trillion ft3 in 2015 (1). This increase is expected to continue over the coming decades. Some estimates predict a cumulative production of 459 trillion ft3 of shale gas from 2014 to 2040 (2).

As shale gas gains an advantage as a competitive feedstock in the U.S., a concomitant growth in the chemical industry is taking place. The American Chemistry Council reports that 264 shale-gas-dependent projects had been announced by April 2016 with estimated capital investments totaling $164 billion (3). About half of these projects have already been completed or are in construction and implementation phases.

Shale-gas monetization refers to the physical and/or chemical transformation of shale-gas constituents into value-added products. A wide variety of chemicals and fuels can be produced from shale gas (46). In addition to the conventional manufacturing chemistries and production routes, there are significant opportunities to create novel pathways and technologies. There is a critical need to quickly assess the economic viability of these new and emerging alternatives before detailed design and cost estimates are carried out.

This article develops and explains an order-of-magnitude correlation for estimating the capital investment required for a shale-gas monetization plant. Technology developers and process engineers can use this correlation along with other preliminary cost-estimation techniques to help make technology selection and design decisions prior to chartering laborious and costly techno-economic studies.

Capital cost estimation methods

The fixed capital investment (FCI) or capita...


Weekly report on israels terrorism against the State of Palestine "IndyWatch Feed War"

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory    (14 20 December 2017) Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) (14- 20 December 2017)   Israeli forces escalated the use of excessive force against protests in the oPt Four civilians were killed, including a lower-limb amputee, in []


Pentagon Admits to Carrying Out 'Multiple Ground Missions' in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pentagon Admits to Carrying Out 'Multiple Ground Missions' in Yemen | 21 Dec 2017 | For the first time, the Pentagon has admitted to carrying out "multiple ground missions" in Yemen. "U.S. forces have conducted multiple ground operations and more than 120 strikes in 2017," U.S. Central Command, Centcom, in Tampa, Florida, said in a statement, with the aim to "disrupt the ability of al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS[I-CIA-SIS]-Yemen to use ungoverned spaces in Yemen as a hub for terrorist recruiting, training and base of operations to export terror worldwide." The U.S. Defense Department claimed the ISIS presence has doubled in Yemen.


Forex Trading Platforms: How do they Differ? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Day traders in the past used to all huddle around a central screen and dial in numbers to brokers frantically trying to get their trades before the ebb and flow of the market changes once more. In the modern era, everyone from retail traders to institutional traders are using online automated platforms for trading securities and stocks.

This has revolutionised trading as for the first time in ages, retail traders have a wealth of information at the tip of their hands. And whats more, some of the more advanced trading platforms out there are now powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which means that they can analyse huge chunks of historical and correlated data and come out with predictions that are eerily similar to present market trends.

How to Choose the Perfect Trading Platform?

But not everyone who comes into retail trading has prior knowledge of the market and sometimes the overflow of options can seem daunting and even scare some of the newer players away. This is why online trading platforms which offer simple intuitive controls are in high demand among these newcomers.

On the other side of the pond we have seasoned veterans who do not jump into a trade before conducting rigorous research about the company as well as the niche. These people prefer to have all the historical data available to them and the very best trading platforms make it easy for their users by consolidating all of these data into easily interpretable graphs. Not only that, they also include panels that provide trading signals through social trading functions and also include various other important metrics such as market volatility and moving averages over a certain time period.

Now most automated online trading platforms out there are geared towards either simplicity and ease of use or towards sophisticated data mining with a slightly complex user interface. The problem that most retail traders face is that once they become accustomed to the easy to use interface, they are reluctant to make the jump across to a more feature and information rich platform because of the steep learning curve involved.

MT4- Is it Worth it?

So is there a solution- a platform that would let traders enjoy the best of both worlds? Well turns out there is one. Forex metatrader 4 platform otherwise commonly known as MYT4 is the most popular platform forex traders use and the...


Made in Egypt? The quiet garment scheme making Israel millions "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


The US Congress enacted the tax-free programme to normalise Israeli-Egyptian relations. BDS activists say it's gone too far

'Factory of tomorrow: Egypt aims to replace Far East as cheap clothing king "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


As costs in the Far East rise and consumption patterns change, Egypt tries to position itself - Africa - as the next cheap clothing hub

Logic Analyzer Pushes the Limits of Miniaturization "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Careful not to sneeze while using this diminutive logic analyzer you could send it flying across the bench.

Undertaken more for the challenge than as a practical bench tool, [Uwe Hermann]s tiny logic analyzer is an object lesson on getting a usable circuit as small as possible. Sure, some sacrifices had to be made; its only an eight-channel instrument without any kind of input protection at all, and lacks niceties like an EEPROM. But that allows it to fit on a mere 11 x 11-mm fleck of PCB. Thats a pretty impressive feat of miniaturization, given that the Cypress microcontroller running the show is in QFN package that takes up 64-mm all by itself. A micro-USB connector takes up much of the back side of the board and allows the analyzer to talk to sigrok, an open-source signal analysis suite.

Everything about the project is totally open, including the PCB files, so you can build your own if you feel up to the challenge. Wed strongly suggest you check out this primer on logic analyzers first, though, especially since it focuses on the capabilities of the sigrok suite.

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UKs Boris Johnson to Russia: Stop destabilizing Europe or else "IndyWatch Feed War"

Boris Johnson. Getty Images

MOSCOW (Reuters) British foreign minister Boris Johnson will tell his Russian counterpart on Friday that there can be no business as usual until Moscow stops destabilising Europe and that Britain is ready to retaliate against any cyber attacks..Johnson is due to hold talks in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during what is the first visit to Russia by a British foreign minister in five years. He is also expected to meet Kremlin critics, students, and gay rights activists..

Johnsons visit comes at a time when relations between London and Moscow are strained by differences over Ukraine and Syria as well as by allegations, which Russia flatly denies, of it meddling in the politics of various European countries and of backing cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns.

Our relations with Russia cannot be business as usual whilst Russia continues to attempt to destabilise European states, including Ukraine, Johnson said in a statement released by his office before the talks.

 Image result for Lavrov, Boris Johnson, photos
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson enter a hall during a meeting in Moscow, Russia December 22, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

While traveling to Moscow on Thursday, Johnson told reporters that Britain disapproved of many things that Russia had done. He singled out its 2014 annexation of Ukraines Crimea, what he called Moscows destabilising of the western Balkans, and its cyber activities.

As you would expect the UK has its own (cyber) capabilities and we are ready of course to defend our interests, he said.

But Johnson also stressed his desire for London and Moscow to cooperate where they have common interests, saying it was vital for international security that the two countries talk to each other because not doing so risked potentially dangerous misunderstandings.

Johnson says he wants to discuss working with Moscow to preserve the Iran nuclear deal and the threat posed by North Korea, as well as security arrangements for next years soccer World Cup which will be held in Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that the decision to scale back British-Russian dialogue had been Londons however, and had been ground...



By Aloysius Laukai/Press Realease
The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, CHIEF DR.JOHN MOMIS has announced that the Bougainville Executive Council in its meeting today, (Wednesday) made a thoughtful and considered decision to impose an indefinite reservation moratorium from any exploration or mining over Panguna project in the best interest of the landowners and the people of Bougainville, after debating over the advice from the Bougainville Mining Advisory Council.
It is with much regret that the basic requirement for obtaining the landowners consent under the Bougainville Mining Act 2015 could not be met.
The voice of the Panguna landowners was clearly heard during the Mining warden hearing that decided in a narrow divide between those supporting the mine to be opened by BCL and those that oppose.
Further to this, to develop the mine today by any other developer will be untenable under current circumstances.
Hence we will not allow this project once again to reignite the wounds of the Bougainville crisis and distract our focus for restoring peace and our preparation for our referendum in 2019.
Whilst imposing this moratorium over the Panguna project, MOMIS says that his government will continue to consult with the Panguna landowners and the people of Bougainville on an appropriate arrangement or best alternative models of development of the mine if the people still have an appetite to develop the mine in the future.

Ipad picts 5506


Debt Rattle December 22 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bill Watterson is God   He Died For Our Debts, Not Our Sins Michael Hudson (Ren.) Bitcoin Tumbles Below $13,000, Down Almost 40% From Record Peak (BBG) Crypto Carnage Continues, Bitcoin Falls Back To $13,000 Handle (ZH) Gold Only Safe Asset Left David Stockman (USAW) What Will the

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UK & US Continue to Honour and Supply Saudi Arabia Despite Slaughter at Weddings, Funerals & in Everyday Life "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

UK & US Continue to Honour and Supply Saudi Arabia Despite Slaughter at Weddings, Funerals & in Everyday Life By Drone Warfare As decision-makers and most voters in America and Britain enjoy comfortable lives, the Times and Yemens al-Masirah TV report that Saudi warplanes near Yemens rebel-held capital struck and killed several people on Wednesday, according to medical officials. These []

VPN Provider Jailed For Five Years After Helping Thousands Breach Chinas Firewall "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Chinese governments grip on power is matched by its determination to control access to information. To that end, it seeks to control what people in China can see on the Internet, thereby limiting the effect of outside influences on society.

The government tries to reach these goals by use of the so-called Great Firewall, a complex system that grants access to some foreign resources while denying access to others. However, technologically advanced citizens are able to bypass this state censorship by using circumvention techniques including Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

While large numbers of people use such services, in January 2017 the government gave its clearest indication yet that it would begin to crack down on people offering Great Firewall-evading tools.

Operating such a service without a corresponding telecommunications business license constitutes an offense, the government said. Now we have a taste of how serious the government is on this matter.

According to an announcement from Chinas Procuratorate Daily, Wu Xiangyang, a resident of the Guangxi autonomous region, has just been jailed for five-and-a-half years and fined 500,000 yuan ($75,920) for building and selling access to VPNs without an appropriate license.

Its alleged that between 2013 and June 2017, Wu Xiangyang sold VPN server access to the public via his own website, FangouVPN / Where Dog VPN, and Taobao, a Chinese online shopping site similar to eBay and Amazon.

The member accounts provided by the man allowed customers to browse foreign websites, without being trapped behind Chinas Great Firewall. He also sold custom hardware routers that came read-configured to use the VPN service, granting access to the wider Internet, contrary to the wishes of Chinese authorities.

Prosecutors say that the illegal VPN business had revenues of 792,638 yuan (US$120,377) and profits of around 500,000 yuan ($75,935). SCMP reports that the company previously boasted on Twitter at having 8,000 foreigners and 5,000 businesses using its services to browse blocked websites.

This is at least the second big sentence handed down to a Chinese citizen for providing access to VPNs. Back in September, it was revealed that Deng Jiewei, a 26-year-old from the city of Dongguan in the Guangdong province, had been...


Sokoto 2018 Budget: Whats in it for you? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Sokoto States 2018 budget, as presented to the state House of Assembly by Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, will be the last full budget before the 2019 general elections. Expectations are high that the next fiscal year will see to the realization of many promises made not just in the outgoing year, but since the administration came on board on May 29, 2015. Different sectors and industry players within and outside Sokoto State have high expectations from the budget. Lets take a quick look at what can be expected from this...

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US imperialism is firmly embarked on a road that leads to a nuclear third world war "IndyWatch Feed War"

This National Security Strategy December 2017

Trumps National Security Strategy: The return of great power military conflict


The new US National Security Strategy released this week and the speech delivered by President Donald Trump Monday to introduce it constitute a grim warning to humanity that US imperialism is firmly embarked on a road that leads to a nuclear third world war.

While the document has largely been passed over in silence by the presidents ostensible political opponents in the Democratic Party and given relatively short shrift by the establishment media, more thoughtful ideologists of imperialism have noted the far-reaching changes presented in the document.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, the historian Arthur L. Herman declared Trumps National Security Strategy heralds a profound shift back to the world before 1917: an anarchic international arena in which every sovereign state, large or small, has to rely on armed strength for its security.

In this new era Herman writes, might inevitably makes right. Only power matters, and the big powers inevitably dominate the small.

Herman adds, This is the world of Otto von Bismarck, who said in 1862: The great questions of the time are not decided by speeches and majority decisions. .. but by iron and blood.

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal lauded the documents unvarnished realpolitik, praising its identification of China and Russia by name as revisionist powers that seek to challenge Americ...


Hamas warns of Palestinian reconciliation collapse "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah speaks during a press conference in Gaza City, on Dec. 7, 2017. Hamdallahs visit aims to push forward the implementation of a reconciliation deal Egypt brokered between Hamas and its rival Fatah party in October. (AP)

GAZA CITY: A senior leader in Palestinian movement Hamas warned on Thursday of the potential collapse of a reconciliation agreement made with political rivals Fatah.

The reconciliati...


Vanity and Chair Set "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81r59N ZorL SL1500

Vanity and Chair Set - Parsons seats come in so many attractive variations that choosing the one that is ideal could be somewhat daunting. This guide has been constructed to help you pick parsons chairs to match your home decor design. Whether you're trying to find a group of one or dining seats or two seats to use for room accents, this guide will steer you.

They consider large, formal dining rooms and sitting rooms, when men and women visualize a. A furnished upholstered parsons chair does seem positively regal! However, conventional parsons chairs can be accommodated for more surroundings. These designs are timeless and elegantgoing out of style. Legs are included by traits of classic style seats in timeless finishes like walnut, cherry, mahogany and walnut. The thighs are often from the "s-curved" Queen Anne style-- also known as cabriole legs - or at the bolder Chippendale fashion. The chair backs are usually camel, crescent or scrolled shape. Parsons chairs could be completely skirted, with box or triple pleats for a fancier look.

You have choices that are extensive when choosing upholstery for a traditional design parsons chair. Pick matches the color scheme and general mood of this room. One sure-fire idea is to put a cloth-- either solid colored or stained-- using a darker wood. Light blue Ivory or tender green are all excellent options. Traditionally designed chairs can stand up to prints and colors, like large florals, scrolled patterns greens, burgundies, dark blues and golds. Nailhead trim, braided bands and tassels are upholstery accents.


Flying Saucery: Calming The Storm In The Pentagons UFO Teacup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Time to get to the bottom of the much hyped Pentagon UFO Study story: Whats this revelation really about? by Martin Harris This month (December 2017) the MSM has been having a field day with the pentagon UFO Study revelations. I commented that it seemed to be much ado about nothing; a non revelation of []


Powerful explosion outside Court of Appeal in Athens, attackers shot at police guard "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A makeshift bomb exploded outside a court of Appeal in downtown  Athens short time after 3 o clock on Friday morning. The bomb was left in a bag outside the court and caused serious damage in the building. A police guard outside the court reportedly was shot when he saw two people climbing the stairs

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Project Manager: Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Project Manager ensures the effective implementation of EngageMedia initiatives in Indonesia, specifically focused on strengthening the media capacity of activists, curating and distributing video for social impact, and coordinating film festivals and screenings.

The person has excellent managerial and community organising skills.

Applications are due January 16 and should be emailed to with the title "Project Manager: Indonesia".

Position aims

  • Support film-makers to produce, distribute and create impact from their media
  • Link film effectively with campaigns and advocacy organisations
  • Increase the exposure of human rights and environmental issues in remote communities in Indonesia
  • Improve the networks and relationships of video activists in remote regions in Indonesia
  • Develop the management skills of local activists and partner organizations


Project Management

  • Develop and monitor project plans for all activities
  • Coordinate a variety of events and public engagement opportunities
  • Mentor and assist activisists in organizational development including budget planning, program planning and monitoring, and general management.
  • Oversee and delegate logistics arrangements for events, including travel and transportation, visas, security, venues, catering and technology
  • Build effective communication with partner organisations to ensure projects are well executed
  • Manage project spendin...

Is Gold Ready To Move Higher? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is Gold Ready To Move Higher? by Dave Kranzler Investment Research Dynamics The simple answer to that question is: who knows, eventually it will. I like to look at the Commitment of Traders report for signals. I think the COT...

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US urged to publish secret anti-terror deal with Qatar "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Qatars foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani (R) and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson exchange a memorandum of understanding in Doha July 11, 2017. (Reuters)
NEW YORK: A secret agreement between Washington and Qatar to stop money flowing from the emirate to terrorist groups should be made public, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been told.
Four US congressmen urged Tillerson to declassify the US-Qatar deal, which was brokered in July amid a diplomatic rift between Qatar and several of its neighbors.
In a letter published on Wednesday, the congressmen said that while parts of the deal may need to remain confidential, public policy should be discussed and reviewed in public.
The American people have a right to know what steps Qatars government is taking to deter Islamist terrorism, the congressmen said, and the deal probably included steps Qatar must take to curb all support for terrorism, including Hamas.
Tillerson agreed the deal in Doha on July 10 in an effort to defuse the crisis between Qatar and other Arab states Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt which had boycotted Qatar over its support for extremism.
At the time, Tillerson said the deal would enable the US and Qatar to cooperate to track down sources of terrorist funding and share information about counter-terrorism activities, with milestones for measuring its success.
The contents of the agreement have never been disclosed despite mounting calls for transparency, resulting in the letter from congressmen Jim Banks, Robert Pittenger, Scott Perry and Ron DeSantis.
The S...


Is Friday Dec. 22nd a high probability day for a Trump assassination??? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I am sharing with all of you an entry from a blogger who is very good at figuring out psychological operations being played out upon humanity. See what you think about his analysis of a Trump Card assassination psyop on Friday, Dec. 22nd, since all the worlds a huge stage and all of them mere actors playing their NWO roles.


 Why is Friday, 12/22/17, a high probability day for a Trump assassination?

There is a Deep State motive for killing Trump before midnight tomorrow. Once Congress has completed the tax cut bills enrollment ceremony today and sends the bill to President Trump, the 10-day pocket veto clock will start ticking (because Trump has indicated that he wont sign it right away to avoid triggering associated Medicare spending cuts before 2019). So if Trump dies before he signs the tax bill, the tax cuts will not happen. President Pence wouldnt sign it because the extra tax money would be needed to fight the war that would follow Trumps supposed death.

Now, were seeing this

from CNBC

So if Congress passes the continuing resolution tomorrow, both it and the tax cut bill will be on President Trumps desk to be signed before midnight. This means that if the Deep State wants to deny Trump his victory and keep the $1.5 trillion in tax money, theyll have to kill him before midnight tomorrow. And if Trump gets the ax tomorrow, there is a chance Putin might get the ax too it would b...


Aid Has Not Reached A Single Soul inSyrias Besieged Areas in December UN Special Advisor "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

The list of people requiring life-saving medical help in Syria is getting shorter not because they were evacuated, but because they died, a senior United Nations advisor on 21 December 2017 warned.

A street in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Syria. Photo: UNICEF/Amer Al Shami

In many months we reached only 10 or maximum 20 per cent of people in besieged areas. In December, we havent reached a single soul, Jan Egeland, Special Advisor to the UN Special Envoy, told journalists in Geneva after meeting with countries that have influence on the warring parties inside Syria, where war has raged for nearly seven years.

Egeland said that inside what is left of Syria, nearly 14 million people need humanitarian assistance and well over half of them get help every month. Things are much more complicated for the 3.4 million people surviving in besieged areas and so-called hard-to-reach places, including Eastern Ghouta, Foah, Kafraya and Yarmuk.

The international humanitarian task force has helped dozens and dozens of aid convoys reach previously inaccessible areas, but many other places still remain out of bounds, he said, calling for improved aid access to the countrys most vulnerable communities in 2018.

Mr. Egeland said although the number of people living in these front-line areas has fallen by nearly a half since 2016, humanitarian access has not improved.


Woman Set on Fire by Stalker in Secunderabad, Dies "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The woman, was a receptionist at an aluminium fabrication unit, was called to the spot by the man who put kerosene on her before fleeing.

Credit: Twitter/ANi

New Delhi: Stalkers continue to have a free run four years after stalking was made a criminal offence. The latest victim of stalking is a 25-year-old woman, who was allegedly set ablaze last evening in full public view in Telanganas Secunderabad by a man suspected to be her lover. The victim died this morning, said the police.

The woman, identified as Sandhya Rani, worked as a receptionist at an aluminium fabrication unit. She died at around 7:30 am while undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad, deputy commissioner of police (north zone) B. Sumathi said.

As per preliminary investigation, the 28-year-old man, identified as Karthik, called her last evening to the Lalaguda area, located about 10 km from here. After she reached the spot, the man poured kerosene on her and set her on fire before fleeing the spot. Hearing her cries, some passersby rushed and put out the fire.

Upset with his constant calls, Sandhya recently blocked his number and stopped talking to him. This infuriated Karthik who had earlier threatened her of dire consequences. She informed some senior colleagues including the unit owner D. Jagan Reddy who spoke with Karthik and warned him not to harass and stalk her. On Thursday, Karthik again tried to talk to her when she came out of office in the evening. When she declined, he immediately took out a bottle of petrol and threw on her and set on fire. She suffered 64% burns. She was rescued and shifted to hospital,...


Trump is Trying to Corrupt the United Nations "IndyWatch Feed"

The basic premise of the United Nations, according to the Trump administration, is that the U.S. spends a lot of money on the organization and in return we expect other members to vote the way we want them to vote. If they dont, we may punish the entire organization. We may punish individual countries in other ways by withholding or canceling economic or military or humanitarian aid. We also will react negatively to anything that can be perceived as disrespect, and if the United Nations as a whole questions our foreign policy decisions, that is definitely a sign of disrespect rather than substantive or moral disagreement.

I dont think we have to get too complicated here or delve into the details of any particular case. This behavior is corrupt. The United Nations does many things, but at its heart it is a set of legislative bodies and associated committees. And our position is that these bodies are not free to vote according to their conscience without fear of retribution to the institution, the individual members, or both.

Realistically, the members of any legislative body are subject to outside pressure, bullying, and retribution. Thats politics. But these elements of politics always push up against ethical boundaries, sometimes crossing them. We try to balance that out with sunshine and accountability, so we have requirements that people disclose who is giving them money and we make lobbyists register and abide by certain guidelines. We limit what kind of gifts are allowed and we have ethics committees that try to limit bribery and kickbacks.

Whats truly unusual in this case is that the legislative body itself is being threatened. Its far different to be a lawmaker who has to decide how to vote based in part on fundraising considerations and threats from lobbying groups, and to be a lawmaker who feels he has to vote a certain way or else the body he serves will be stripped of funding and perhaps see a reduction in its area of responsibility or its influence.

Obviously, the United States is going to use its power as leverage within the United Nations, as do other major powers. But its a major transgression to attack the institution itself. Its also unseemly to so brazenly threaten individual nations in an effort to coerce their votes. This, too, is corrosive to the health of the institution. And its deeply resented all across the world, among our closest allies and our foes alike.

All of this would apply to any topic, but that the topic is as controversial as Jerusalem makes matters even worse. And it...

Did the GOP Hurt Itself With the Tax Bill? "IndyWatch Feed"

Its well worth reading John Judiss essay that raises doubt about how certain it is that the Republicans will suffer in the midterm elections, or even in 2020, due to the passage of their plutocratic tax bill. Even if you dont agree with many or most of his points, you should at least consider them. So, why are the Democrats too optimistic about the political windfall they think they get?

Judis begins by asserting that most American voters dont object to inequality unless there is nothing in it for them. We can debate exactly how true that is, but Judis points out that however skewed toward corporations and the rich the bill might be, there are some things in it that less affluent people will notice and appreciate, including the increase in the child credit and standard deduction and lower rates.

He predicts with some justification, I think, that people dont really care about the deficit and that banging on about the deficit isnt necessarily sensible anywayneither on the merits nor on the politics. And while he predicts that the bill will cause the same kind of irresponsible and unregulated speculation that caused problems in the 1920s and in the lead-up to the Great Recession, he feels that in the short-term the tax bill will boost consumer spending and corporate investment, giving a boost to the economy.

He acknowledges that the changes in how state and local taxes and mortgage deductions are handled will alienate suburbanites in high-tax states, but he see the fallout from that as limited to the possible loss of a few extra House seats, with little benefit in other parts of the country or in statewide races.

He sees it as an optical problem that the individual cuts sunset in 2025 but the corporate rates do not, but expects this to manifest itself as a political liability in 2025, not in 2018 or 2020.

He concludes by expressing skepticism about polling that shows that the bill is unpopular, as he doesnt think it is an expression of a substantive opposition to the features of the legislation.

Im inclined to concede most of these points, but the areas where I disagree could be important.

Given that Donald Trump was just elected president, taking the cynical view of the American electorate might seem like the appropriate default position to adopt, but I dont think its fair or supportable to say that Americans simply dont care about wealth inequality. I think a lot of people care about it, and I believe it can be politically activated with or without demagoguery. During the Great Recession, Americans were being taxed at an historically low rate, but it proved easy to mobilize an impassioned political reaction based on the idea that we......

Why Are People So Down On Hillary? "IndyWatch Feed"

I got caught up by some unexpected events this afternoon, so this will just be a casual observation. I notice that Hillary Clinton has never been more unpopular. Im not sure what explains it as I would consider it normal for her numbers to improve as people get to see Donald Trump in action as our president.

The article attributes it to dings shes taken from Donna Brazile, ongoing criticism from Bernie supporters and recent revelations that her campaign had a contract with Fusion GPS for the opposition research provided, in part, by the Steele Dossier. None of those explanations sound convincing to me. On the other hand, I have no alternative explanations for why she and Trump have almost identical approve/disapprove numbers.

Youd think shed get some sympathy for the way the Russians went after her campaign, but it seems like people are just growing more angry with her for failing. Maybe they just didnt like her book, or theyre just angry about the choices they had in the last election and are taking it out on each candidate equally.

Its still strange to me. A 61% unfavorable number is awfully high for a person who lost the election with a popular vote majority and isnt directly responsible for any of the nonsense were seeing in Washington DC right now.

Do you have any theories of your own?


A Non-Socialist Road Out of Our Wilderness "IndyWatch Feed"

After I looked at the results from the recent November 7th elections around the country, I wrote a piece called A Realignment Thats a Year Late. Of particular note and interest to me was the historic outcomes in the Philadelphia suburbs where the Democrats took control of local county row seats that they had never won and gained majorities in county government they had never held in the history of the country. It was a seismic event, and it could be explained primarily on a cultural rather than an economic level.

The Republican representatives from the Philly suburbs who are presently serving in Congress werent on the ballot in November which is probably the only reason that theyre still employed. They all voted for the Trump tax bill yesterday, which is probably a legacy of the partys historic tax aversion. They basically did not know what else to do, since their whole ideology has been built around this issue from the start. But this particular tax bill is designed to hurt states like Pennsylvania that pay relatively high state and local taxes. The people it will hurt the most are property owners in the suburbs. The same suburbanites in New Jersey and New York will be negatively affected which is why most of the twelve Republican votes against the bill came from congresspeople from those two states. In the Philly burbs, however, the weight of history and habit was apparently too much, and these representatives will now have to not only weather the cultural...


World Beware US Frozen Cold War Mentality "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Trump, or rather his ghost writers declare the latest US strategy document as being based on principled realism. A more accurate description is unscrupulous fantasy.


Trumps Personality Is Greatest Obstacle to His America First Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

In landmark speech, President Trump elevates Iran to North Korea-level of clear and present threat to U.S. homeland

By Chemi Shalev Dec 19, 2017 3:06 AM

U.S. President Donald Trump walks off the stage after delivering a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building December 18, 2017 in Washington, DC.

U.S. President Donald Trump walks off the stage after delivering a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building December 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

Donald Trumps contentious and narcissistic speech at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington D.C. on Monday night detracted from the seriousness with which Americas new national security strategy should be examined, but it is also an indication of its Achilles heel. Whether Trump conceived the rather revolutionary new policy that he sought to present, participated in its formulation or simply succeeded in reading it from start to finish, his one-dimensional, egotistical, capricious and pugnacious personality is the biggest obstacle to achieving its objective, which is to make America recover whatever greatness Trump thinks his predecessors lost.

Trump and his aides were undeterred by the protests that met his election-campaign use of the America First slogan, which associates to pre-World War II Nazi sympathizers in the U.S., and now they have enshrined as the title of Trumps new national security policies. At its core, the America First strategy is based on a worldview that would have received widespread support in Europe in the 1930s, by which all nation-states are fighting to better their position at the expense of others. Integration, globalization and multilateral cooperation agreements pursued by those who preceded Trump were signs of naivet, weakness and loss of self-confidence. Trumps America, on the other hand, will always look out for number one. It will promote beneficial bilateral alliances at the expense of multilateral accords, expand and strengthen its army so it can intervene in self-defense wherever it deems fit and use capitalism and trade to make friends and defeat enemies. American may inspire the world and serve as a role model but it will stop trying to reconstruct devastated nations or to press for human rights in countries with oppressive regimes.

Although early Israeli headlines focused on Trumps assertion that Middle East regimes no longer view Israel as the crux of the regions problems, the more significant news on Monday concerns Iran. Alongside Trumps familiar complaints about the terrible nuclear deal signed by Barack Obama, the new American paper elevates Iran to a North Korea level of direct threat. Iran is depicted not only as a dan...


Trump, Jerusalem and International Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump, Jerusalem and International Law By Lawrence Davidson The Relevance of International Law December 20, 2017 Information Clearing House   It is not easy to write anything new about President Trumps 6 December 2017 announcement that he and supposedly the U.S. as a nation was recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. After []


Russia Tells U.S. Military to Get Their Illegal Presence Out of Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia Tells U.S. Military to Get Out of Syria By John Haltiwanger Russia ramped up its calls for the U.S. military to depart from Syria on Thursday, contending it has no substantial reasons to be in the country and its presence there must end. Any reasons cited by the Americans to justify their further military presence are just []


Beware of Cryptocurrency Mining Virus Spreading Through Facebook Messenger "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you receive a video file (packed in zip archive) sent by someone (or your friends) on your Facebook messenger just dont click on it. Researchers from security firm Trend Micro are warning users of a new cryptocurrency mining bot which is spreading through Facebook Messenger and targeting Google Chrome desktop users to take advantage of the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices. Dubbed


Deadly War Weapons Endanger Lives of over 220,000 Children in Eastern Ukraine UNICEF "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

21 December 2017 Landmines, unexploded ordnance and other explosive remnants of war threaten the lives of over 220,000 children in eastern Ukraine, the United Nations Childrens Fund has warned, calling on all parties to the conflict to immediately end the use of the lethal weapons and allow mine clearance activities to begin.

A child walks past the front gate of a house damaged by shelling in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. Photo: UNICEF/Gilbertson VII

It is unacceptable that places where children could safely play less than four years ago are now riddled with deadly explosives, said Giovanna Barberis, the head of UNICEF operations in the country, in a news release on 21 December.

All parties to the conflict must immediately end the use of these gruesome weapons that have contaminated communities and put children in constant danger of injury and death, she added.

According to UNICEF, a child has become a conflict-related casualty every week, on average, between January and November this year along eastern Ukraines contact line a 500-kilometre strip of land dividing Government and non-government controlled areas, where fighting is most severe.

Landmines, explosive remnants of war and unexploded ordnance were the leading cause of these tragedies, accounting for approximately two-thirds of all recorded injuries and deaths during the period. In most cases the casualties oc...


Friday's Fulminations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.




Justice for All the J20 Defendants : Why the Police, Prosecutor, Judge, and State Are Guilty "IndyWatch Feed War"

Today, after nearly a year of suspense, the first six J20 defendants to go to trial were declared innocent of all charges. They are only six of over 200 people mass-arrested at Donald Trumps Inauguration, nearly 200 of whom still face the same identical charges of six felonies and two misdemeanorscharges that could put them in prison for sixty or more years each. The fight is far from over. Indeed, in response to the verdict, the US Attorneys Office for the District of Columbia announced that they look forward to the same rigorous review for each defendant. We must redouble our support for all the other defendants and show that it is the state itself that is guilty.

The fact that the defendants have stuck together up to this point represents a tremendous feat of courage, solidarity, and mutual aid. To be subjected to the whims of the criminal justice system is already to be punished. In this case, that system was used in ways that are unusually egregious: mass-arresting so many people and blanket-charging them with felonies is practically unprecedented, and for months the defendants faced charges that do not even legally exist. This victory shows that Trump and his supporters throughout the legal system have not yet been able to consolidate their progress towards making that system even more oppressive than it was. But we should not conclude that any part of the legal system is ever capable of delivering real justice.

The criminal justice system exists chiefly for the sake of intimidating and persecuting dissidents and targeted communities. It could go on doing that effectively even if no judge or jury ever reached a verdict of guilty again. Think of the over 1000 people murdered every year by police without standing trial; the tens of thousands who languish in jail for years before they go to trial; the millions who are forced to accept unjust plea deals because they cannot obtain proper legal representation; the tens of millions who are routinely harassed by police and other state institutions.

As far as we are concerned, those who stand up to this system are always innocent, whatever means they employ, and those who maintain it are guilty of perpetuating one of the greatest atrocities on the face of the earth. Permit us to make our case.




By Aloysius Laukai
The six-days Sasalam Hihikuma festival ends tonight to the lowering of flags and display of fireworks at the festival grounds at the Gogohe Primary School.
Chairman of the Festival, LAWRENCE BELLEH in his Opening speech reminded all show goers that this year is the YEAR of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM and the festival has not only done the sustainability but revived sacred dances and displays like the RUKO that was displayed yesterday afternoon for the first time.
The presentation of RUKO showed that there was some kind of governance and authority displayed by our ancestors before civilization reached our shores.
The RUKO showed that the Head Chief had powers to maintain his supremacy AND Control of his people and at the same time controlled law and order in the communities.
This years festival had many visitors including tourists from a visiting Cruize ship TRUE NORTH.
They will come again next year to attend the 2018 Sasalam Hihikuma festival 2018 which will be held at HAMATANA PRIMARY SCHOOL.
The Festival is rotated between three Hagogohe Primary Schools and they are HAMATANA, GOGOHE and TAHETAHE Primary school.


From Pain to Power: Dalit Women Come Together to Discuss the Future of Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

At the Dalit Women Speak Out conference in Pune, activists, academics, lawyers, poets, writers and students talked about their struggle for social justice and how to take it forward.

Posters displayed at the conference. Credit: Varsha Torgalkar

Posters displayed at the conference. Credit: Varsha Torgalkar

Pune: I had to ask my husband 3-4 times even for Rs 10-15 to buy medicines. So I decided to earn money and started stitching clothes. I always wanted to study but could not go to school or college, because of our familys poverty and family background didnt have the money. Even before I read Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, I was keen for both financial independence and education. So when I got some time and freedom, when my kids were also in school, I started to study. At one point, Rohith was in the first year of a college and I was in the second year. But after Rohiths untimely death, my education has taken a backseat. But I help girls around me by giving study materials to them and stitching their school uniforms without charging money. I want all of you to go school and college, as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said.

That was Radhika Vemula, Rohith Vemulas mother, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Dalit Women Speak Out conference held by the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM) and womens studies department of the Savitribai Phule Pune University on December 19-20.

Over 450 Dalit women from across India, including activists, academics, lawyers, poets, writers and students, gathered at Pune University to discuss the future of transformative politics. They said that they are determined to portray themselves as struggling for social justice, rather than presenting themselves as victims of caste, class and gender oppression.



Under The Radar "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It has been a grand year for President Trump. 

In spite of the machinations of the media, FBI, DOJ, Mueller, Democrat shills et al he has finished the year with his piece de resistance, a long overdue and major reform of the American federal tax system.   The poor bloody Democrats still haven't figured out how he pulled it off.

In summary, nearly all Americans, from February, will receive very large increases in their pay packets as a result of tax cuts.  A few will see major decreases, as a result of reducing the amount of state taxes one may offset against federal tax.  However that is of no consequence as this only affects rich pricks who live in high tax states like California, New York and Massachusetts.  They are all Democrats so who cares.  If they want a tax break they'll just have to persuade their Democrat Governors to reduce their respective states' taxes.

So, the Democrats screamed blue murder about this reform and all voted against it.  They likely just gave the President his second term and certainly handed him a victory in the mid terms.

However, while media and commentators of all stripes have been focusing on the size of the personal and corporate tax cuts, one issue remains vastly under reported, probably because it doesn't suit the Democrat narrative.   That is, a major change in the way corporate income is assessed.

Currently, corporations doing business are assessed on their foreign income and pay tax on it in the US.   As a consequence billions of dollars of profits earned overseas are held back and not repatriated to the US.   President trump's tax bill changes that dramatically and now US companies will be taxed only on income actually earned in the US.  This is predicted to lead to very large sums of capital being returned to the US for reinvestment there. 

I have seen one estimate of $400bil per year bringing a 1% increase in GDP and a substantial positive effect on the countries trade balance.

The dumb Democrats wanted to die in a ditch opposing all this common sense.


Trumps Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran and Israel Should Be Concerned "IndyWatch Feed War"

This was a worldwide vote of no confidence in Trump, from which Israel will suffer next time it tries to win the international communitys support against Iran

Zvi Barel Dec 22, 2017 8:42 AM


US President Donald Trump walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House December 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. /

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House December 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski


The Jerusalem festival that took place Thursday in the United Nations General Assembly once again left Israel without a recognized capital city. Threats by U.S. President Donald Trump and his UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, not only did not help, they placed the American administration in a narrow trench with room for only two fighters: Israel and the United States.

This was a worldwide vote of no confidence in the U.S. president, from which Israel will suffer the next time it seeks to draft the international community to some joint effort against Iran or any other enemy.

The results of the vote on Jerusalem being posted in the General Assembly, Dec. 21, 2017, at United Nations headquarters.

The results of the vote on Jerusalem being posted in the General Assembly, Dec. 21, 2017, at United Nations headquarters. Manuel Elias/Bloomberg

But at least the struggle at the United Nations made some forget the target date of December 12, by which Congress was to have presented a bill calling for new sanctions on Iran. January 15 is the next date by which the president must decide whether to renew the sanctions on Iran (which were lifted as part of the nuclear deal) and thus breach the agreement, or renew the waver required to continue to apply it. Congress seems in no hurry to catch the hot potato that the president threw its way in October, when he refused to confirm Irans compliance with the nuclear deal. If Congress had wanted to support Israel on a matter so important to Israels security, as Netanyahu wants to persuade people, that body would have had enough time to formulate appropriate legislation by now. But it seems that not only has Trumps charm dissipated on Capitol Hill, so has Netanyahus.

Hostility between the European Union, Russia and China and the United States regarding the sanctions and fear over a major breach in the nuclear agreement also impacted the vote on Jerusalems status, generating...


Ethiopias New Addiction And What It Says About Media Freedom "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

By James Jeffrey*

ADDIS ABABA, Dec 21 2017 (IPS) On a Saturday afternoon in one of Addis Ababas khat houses, a group of men and women chew the mildly narcotic plant while gazing mesmerized toward a television featuring a South Korean soldier stripped to his waist and holding a young ladys hand while proclaiming his undying lovesomewhat incongruouslyin Amharic.
One of KANA TVs dubbing team in a specially equipped sound-proof studio reading from his Amharic script to dub over a Turkish actor. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS

One of KANA TVs dubbing team in a specially equipped sound-proof studio reading from his Amharic script to dub over a Turkish actor. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS

Broadcast exclusively in the lingua franca of Ethiopiaa necessity with 80 dialects across the countryand after decades of drab Ethiopian state-owned television, KANA TV marks a breakthrough in Ethiopian televised entertainment. It may also signal a shift in Ethiopias much criticised media environment.

The government appears to finally realise that squeezing private media is a mistake and self-defeating, leaving the field open to the likes of social-media activists with their own agendas.

Kana translates as something between taste and flavour, and Ethiopias estimated 4 million television households have found that this new private satellite TV channel carrying international standard programming very much to their taste. When it first aired, KANA seized a 40-50 percent share of the prime time market.

Its a crazy operation, says co-founder Elias Schulze, the only non-Ethiopian amid the 180 staff. At the beginning it took up to 50 man hours to dub one hour and we had to produce 200 man hours of content ever...


Peru President Survives Move to Remove Him From Office "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Perus President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (R) addresses lawmakers of the opposition-ruled Congress next to President of Congress Luis Galarreta, in Lima, Peru December 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Mariana Bazo

Lima: Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pulled off a surprise victory against the oppositions bid to force him from power as a graft scandal rocks Latin America, with a motion in Congress falling eight votes short of the 87 needed to oust him.

Before hours of debate in Congress, Kuczynski called on lawmakers to set aside his defects to help defend Perus democracy from what he deemed a hasty coup attempt staged by...


By Aloysius Laukai

The Minister for Commerce, Economic Development and Tourism, FIDELIS SEMOSO says that the unity of Bougainvilleans is paramount as Bougainville enters into its final year to Referendum.
Speaking in Parliament during debate on Mining on Bougainville, MR. SEMOSO says the only thing that will continue to unite Bougainvilleans is economic activity by Bougainvilleans.
He said if the Government does not come up with any economic activities the youths will turn into criminal activities that Buka is experiencing now with continuous armed holdups.
MR. SEMOSO said that PANGUNA mine can be the best option for Bougainvilleans to secure lasting Peace and normalcy on the island.



Plastic Mat for Computer Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81 Giw8kNLL SL1500

Plastic Mat for Computer Chair - Furniture can be thought to be one of the arrangement stuff from the house. There are several different forms of furniture and it is your duty to continue selecting the most unique furniture for your interiors or exteriors as per the present arrangement in your own place. You should have an idea on the type of furniture required by you because it is absolutely not feasible to experience each and every piece of furniture as there are so many of them from the 45, while going to the furniture store. You should get for the purpose 17, if you're totally confused on the type of furniture you can make use of internet so as to learn about the type which suits you. There are a number of suppliers on internet addressing the ventures on furniture plus it might be really good for those who go through the sites as you may be able to get an idea about the precise usage of different furniture at which you might be seeing some of these to your very first time in your everyday life. You might be in need of growing couple of seats to be set in your interiors.

You may be giving the thought in that you may be searching for something stylish and unique and that the seats are not to be utilized for the office function. In fact it isn't possible that you go to every store and each in search of the designer chair as per your selection. This is mainly because of the limitation imposed from the time wherein majority of them are going on with the task in an efficient way. This may be in turn wherein should you try finding out time that the schedule might begin upside down with the passage of time. There are many internet suppliers with huge types of seats and you could browse from one supplier to another. You'll be able to pick the seat up in accordance with your choice and also by paying very speed when compared to the retail stores.

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Roger Stone: Trump Should Prosecute the Illegal NSA / CIA Cabal and Put Mueller in Jail "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Roger Stone: Trump Should Prosecute the Illegal NSA / CIA Cabal and Put Mueller in Jail by Roger Stone Russia-Insider the president must completely disempower and dismantle Robert S. Muellers fraudulent rogue prosecution gang, which is merely...

The post Roger Stone: Trump Should Prosecute the Illegal NSA / CIA Cabal and Put Mueller in Jail appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that We Live in a Dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The first time when it became clear to me that I live in a dictatorship was in 2014 when reading, prior to its publication, the landmark scientific study to address the question as to whether or not the United States federal Government is a democracy, Eric Zuesse writes.



By Aloysius Laukai
The ABG house of representatives is currently sitting for the Budget session this week.
The session started yesterday and will continue with the Minister for Finance and Treasury ROBIN WILSON presenting the ABG Budget for 2018.
Today the ABG Vice President and Minister for Mining, RAYMOND MASONO presented his paper on Mining in Bougainville.
After his presentations nearly all members made their comments raising many issues that the Mining Department must take into considerations in carrying out its daily operations.
Most members who made comments included the National member for South Bougainville, TIMOTHY MASIU who raised concerns on the pollution of our river systems if Mining especially if developments start at ISINA where the head of the biggest river on Bougainville LALUAI river is.
He said maybe small alluvial mining can be done sustainably instead of destroying our river systems.
Other members strongly wanted the landowners of Panguna to iron out their differences and allow only Panguna to re-open instead of destroying many more places on Bougainville.
Other members said PANGUNA is the only mine that can start operating in less than ten years as many infrastructures are already here.



Dont Let Home Ec Die Why We Need to Teach Kids to Cook "IndyWatch Feed World"

Don't Let Home Ec Die - Why We Need to Teach Kids to Cook

(TFC)  With the classrooms filled with technology, students no longer have the opportunities to take basic classes like home economics (aka Home Ec a class that used to be required core curriculum). But many still feel that its important for schools not to let Home Ec die. Why? Because you Home Ec teaches you life skills that arent taught anywhere else in most schools.

Skills? What Skills?

Home Ec class taught students lifelong skills they need to adapt and get by in the adult world. Most employers today utilize automatic transfer when they issue an employees paycheck, which means the individual needs to have a bank account. Many young adults have no idea how to balance a checkbook or manage their bank account when they graduate high school.

Knowing how to cook or even bake a cake is essential. If a person knows how to cook, theyll not only eat better and healthier, but they will also have more control over their money. The better their cooking and baking skills, the less money...


Hong Kong Leader Says She Wont Blindly Obey Beijings Orders "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, suit and indoor

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam delivers her policy speech at the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, China October 11, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip Reuters

By Venus Wu

HONG KONG (Reuters) Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said she would not blindly obey the orders of Communist Party leaders in Beijing, while admitting the government has no way to suppress skyrocketing prices in one of the most expensive property markets in the world.

Lam was sworn in by Chinese President Xi Jinping in July as the former British colony celebrated 20 years of Chinese rule under the principle of one country, two systems, which promises the city a high degree of autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed in the mainland.

While a recent poll shows the new chief executive is more popular than her predecessor, some accuse her of being a puppet of Beijing amid perceptions of Chinese meddling in Hong Kongs affairs. Specifically, they criticize her for pushing an arrangement that will allow Chinese officials to enforce Chinese laws in a high speed railway station due to open next year.

Lam, in an interview with the government-funded RTHK, said she was accountable to both the Hong Kong public and Beijing, but she would not blindly obey the central authorities.

Being accountable doesnt mean you have to do everything youre told, Lam said. So you cant say youll do whatever the Central Government (says).

If the Central Government asks me to do something that I think is beyond what Hong Kong people can bear or against Hong Kongs developmental interests, then of course I have the duty to tell the Central Government and fight for a more favorable arrangement for Hong Kong.

Lam also said she did not plan to kickstart legislation for...


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Once in a while, a panic-filled little worm of a politician lets slip what a certain bit of legislation is really all about, or at least, what is behind the frantic push for that bit of legislation. Such was the case with the Trump/Ryan Republican Tax Scam.

New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins let the mangy cat out of the bag when he blurted out the truth
My donors are basically saying 'Get it done or don't call me ever again'.
The Collins quote became the rallying cry of the Republican Party. At the same time, Utah $enator Mike Lee admitted that if the tax giveaway didn't come to fruition, "We might as well pack up and go home."

There you have it, in the words of two spineless cretins: The reason that Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan rammed their Tax Scam through Congress and down the throats of America, all without hearings. We can waste taxpayer money on all sorts of hearings but we couldn't have those hearings. The idea was to ram it through us like a sword before we knew what it was about in all its gory details. Even when that failed and the public became so aware of those details that 75% of the nation hated the plan, the Republican Party screamed "Fuck You" to the American people and passed their scam. They even managed to all but completely destroy the Affordable Care Act in the process. For Republicans and those who vote for them, that was a cherry on the top; might as well spread some cancer and heart disease around. The Republican Party might as well be giving away free cholera and ebola. They would first try to sell it, though, if only to raise the funds that would keep them in Congress where they can still get their pockets stuffed with corporate cash.


Magic Mushrooms Erase Deep Depression In First Human Clinical Trial "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Why is it only now that we have this clinical information.  The patients tested were the worse cases.  This is no temporary depression set.  Are we to believe that no one has done this before?

More correctly, they knew enough to actually ban the product that otherwise no one knew about and thus created a market.

The immediate takes home is that if you contract depression that lasts at all or is repeating, take at least one single dose of the mushroom and discover if it helps at all.  That is safe enough..


Magic Mushrooms Erase Deep Depression In First Human Clinical Trial

 by Alanna Ketler

Collective Evolution

First off, Id like to point out something. This isnt an article about drugs, or the idea that escaping with a drug will only give you a temporary uplift in mood. This article is about plant medicine. Actually, a specific plant medicine called psilocybin, or, more commonly referred to as Magic Mushrooms. There are many different and naturally occurring (as in, grown in the wild) medicines all over the world that I believe are here for a reason. Maybe a gift form our Mother Earth, or perhaps just her...


10,000 sealed indictments "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A number of individual investigators have been keeping track of the steady accumulation of sealed indictments in every state and last count had it over 9000 last week and that surely means that we have now passed 10,000.  This is completely unprecedented.

What i do want to say though that this is hard data open to simple confirmation by anyone who sets up proper access.  At the same time it is all we know.  Everything else is bits and pieces of what must be a massive operation involving hundreds of investigators surely using NSA data in which all aspects are clearly part of an extensive ( criminal ) web or network.  It is clearly ongoing and certainly means interviews of every individual and key witnesses as part of every indictment.

It is also operating with military style secrecy and i suspect it is led with major military involvement.  What happening is utterly historic and my best take is that the river of treason that began with the the assassination of JFK in 1963 is been uprooted completely.  Yet it could also be something just as important but not understood at all.  After all, I know about that particular meme in particular and the mere fact that the investigators appeared to have intervened when the CIA stalled on file release with the visible support of the marines is unbelievably heavy handed but aimed at enforcing presidential authority once and for all.

10,000 individuals already know what is in those sealed indictments and they clearly have no choice but to now wait for the guillotine to drop. They are happiest that the secrecy has been retained while they set their affairs in such order as possible.  After all Soros giving away his wealth suddenly and Podesta stepping down from the business he founded is exceptional by itself and they have always been in the middle of this.

In the meantime we have this piece in the Alt Media which you are welcome to take with a gr...


PM Orban: Hungary will block any punitive EU action on Poland "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Hungarys Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrives to attend a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium, December 14, 2017. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir Reuters


BUDAPEST (Reuters) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday said that Hungary sees a strong Poland as a vital component of a central European caucus within the European Union, and so will block any action to suspend Polands voting rights in the EU.

Orban said Poland, under fire from Brussels for its transformation of the judiciary, was being criticized unfairly and unjustly. He spelled out that Hungary would not subscribe to an attempt to invoke the EUs Article 7 sanction process.

We need to make it clear to the EU that it is pointless even to start proceedings against Poland as there is no chance of seeing it through because Hungary will be there and form an insurmountable road block, Orban said.

(Reporting by Marton Dunai; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


Should States Have the Power to Enact Their Own Data Protection Laws? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

If the Centre endorses states having the right to control access to their own records, it will also be forced to have a relook at the RTI Act, 2005.

Do states have an incentive to have their own laws? Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst/Files

As India debates the requirement of a data protection law, an important issue that is not getting much attention is whether data protection is a subject on the state list, central list or the concurrent list. As per the constitution, legislative powers are distributed between the parliament and the state legislatures as per the scheme laid down in Schedule VII to the constitution. This schedule contains three lists only the parliament can enact laws for subject matters listed in List I, only state legislatures can enact laws for subject matters listed in List II and both c...

Becoming A Multidimensional Being By Entering The 'Dreamspace' "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are two ways of living your life: one, as if nothing is a miracle; two, as if everything is! Were living in two worlds not one: the old is one of systems, logic and control, which strangles the juice out of life.

Its a reality long past its self-by-date, essentially because its divorced from the flow. Then theres another world its one of mystery, miracles and magic, where everything has a deeper meaning, a deeper significance and purpose.

Its this that I call the dreamspace. In fact its far more real, far more fulfilling than reality. What is this dreamspace like? How can you become multidimensional? How can you live it?

Can you hear the dreamspace calling you?

In my life I work to live as spontaneously as possible. Quite frequently yes, there are agreements Ive made with people that have to be honoured, appointments to be fulfilled.

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Portugals radical drugs policy is working. Why hasnt the world copied it? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Actually, Portugal has  won the war for the minds and hearts by been a completely clear example of how to get it right.  There is really no going back.

The problem is the herculeun task of undoing fifty years of teaty making, bad law and the  misdirection of manpower.  The stakeholders in the Status quo must resist however wrong.

In the USA, we have deliberate neglect of the laws at the federal level, while every state swings into action and we get change throughthe back door.  Amusingly, when Sessions budget came down, congress specifically banned him from spending a dime on drug law enforcement.  Talk all you want, we will not pay.



Entire human chess knowledge learned and surpassed by DeepMind's AlphaZero in four hours "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is good news and rather amazing.  I am sure they compared output to a look up library of all recorded games.

I always understood intuitively that the correct general strategy in chess was positional with agressive attack.  This blows the game open and allows positional exploitation to overwelm the opponent's knowledge and even talent.

Except this is likely beyond human calculation and must force you back on quick intuitive moves while searching for patterns you actually recognize. It really becomes computer against spirit body computer.  Yet it issomething that weall shouls practice in order to simply loosen up our game.  It may even be a lot of fun this way.

Speed chess must come close, but two losses in a row drive  sus back on to calculation....


College pronoun FAQ: regularly ask for others' pronouns "IndyWatch Feed World"

College pronoun FAQ: regularly ask for others' pronouns | 21 Dec 2017 | A resource guide at Bard College encourages students, faculty, staff, and visitors, to avoid using "gender binary" language. The Pronoun FAQ, found on the school's Office for Gender Equity resource webpage, encourages community members to "avoid using gender binary language such as 'ladies and gentlemen,' 'boys and girls.'" Instead, they are urged to use "'everybody,' 'folks,' or, 'all people.'" The guide also states that simply asking another person about gender identity once is insufficient. "If I ask someone their pronouns once, is that enough?" the guide asks. "No, the best practice is to ask regularly because gender identity is not always fixed and static, and some people may change their pronouns."


BBC Monitoring steers clear of key parts of the Jerusalem story "IndyWatch Feed War"

On December 7th the BBC News website published an article by BBC Monitoring under the less than objective title Middle East media reacts to slap of the century which opened by telling readers that:

Headlines in Arab and Turkish newspapers are crowded with strident criticism and expressions of dismay in response to President Donald Trumps decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Those in the Israeli press welcome the move, saying it should never have taken decades to happen.

Since then, however, audiences have seen no further coverage of the Middle East media from the licence fee funded BBC department that pledges to help them understand the world through its media.

BBC audiences are therefore not aware of the...


Big Banks Are All Over Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

To process derivatives, currency trades, transactions, etc. Just dont call it cryptocurrency. Its a digital currency.

As a general rule, most bankers disparage cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, as anything but purely speculative instruments. But they dont disparage blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, theyre pouring money into developing their own digital currencies, as they call them. Just dont call them cryptocurrencies.

UBS, BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Santander, the market operator ICAP, and the startup Clearmatics formed an alliance in 2016 to explore the use of digital currency between financial institutions and central banks, using blockchain.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a digital currency known as Utility Settlement Coin (USC), which will facilitate payment and settlement for institutional financial markets. As the FT reported in October, commercial banks are growing tired of waiting for central bankers to take the lead in fending off the challenge that standalone cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could pose to their control of monetary policy, and are pressing on with their own pet projects.

Its easy to see the attraction blockchain holds for big banks like Deutsche, UBS and Santander: Combining shared databases and cryptography, the technology offers multiple parties simultaneous access to a constantly updated digital ledger that cannot be altered. With it, banks could offer a safer, faster, cheaper, more transparent service to their customers, while doing away with the need for a central operator. The cost savings could be huge

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Catalan separatists keep majority in divided vote Secessionist leaders rejoice "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Marianne Barriaux with Serene Assir in Madrid | Axed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont says it is a result which no one can dispute

BARCELONA (AFP)  Catalonia plunged into further uncertainty Friday after separatists won a crucial snap poll called following a failed independence bid that rattled Europe and triggered Spains worst political crisis in decades.With turnout at a record high of 82 percent, Thursdays election handed a mandate back to the regions ousted separatist leaders after they campaigned from exile and behind bars.

In a clear indicator of the huge gulf over independence afflicting Catalan society, anti-secessionist centrist party Ciudadanos won the biggest individual result with 37 of the 135 seats in the regional parliament.

But unless the three pro-independence lists fail to clinch a deal to work together in the coming months, they will rule Catalonia with 70 seats two less than their previous tally.

For Catalans on both sides of the divide the day had been a moment of truth, following weeks of upheaval and protests unseen since democracy was reinstated following the death in 1975 of dictator Francisco Franco.

Emboldened, separatists saw the vote result as vindicating their cause.

This is a result which no one can dispute, deposed leader Carles Puigdemont said from self-imposed exile in Belgium.

The Spanish state was defeated. (Spanish Prime Minister Mariano) Rajoy and his allies lost, he told reporters.

Defeat for Rajoy

The Spanish government called the election after it took the unprecedented step of stripping Catalonia of its treasured autonomy in the aftermath of an independence declaration on October 27 that rattled a Europe already shaken by Brexit.

At stake was the economy of a region that has seen its tourism sector suffer and more than 3,100 companies including the largest banks, utilities and insurers move their legal headquarters out of Catalonia.

The declaration came weeks after a banned independence referendum on October 1, which was marred by a brutal police crackdown.

Rajoy and his conservative cabinet tried to nip the independence movement in the bud, sacking the regional government and dissolving its parliament.

In a further obstacle for the separatist cause, the judiciary pressed charges of rebellion, sedition a...


Magic Leap Finally Announces a Product, But is It Still Vaporware? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Magic Leap has announced an augmented reality/mixed reality display. The price is unknown, but Magic Leap says it will ship in 2018:

After more than three years, Magic Leap has unveiled what it describes as a "creator edition" of its augmented reality system. The Magic Leap One consists of a pair of oversized cyberpunk-y goggles, a puck-shaped external computer called a Lightpack, and a handheld controller. It's supposed to accept "multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking," and maps persistent objects onto the environment "place a virtual TV on the wall over your fireplace and when you return later, the TV will be right where you left it," the site promises. An SDK is supposedly coming in early 2018, and the hardware is supposed to ship at some point next year.

Magic Leap invited Rolling Stone to try out some demos, which include virtual characters that can react to eye contact, a floating virtual comic book, and a virtual live performance using volumetric camera capture. The piece seems to refute rumors that Magic Leap was having difficulty shrinking its technology to goggle size while keeping performance up, saying that "there was no stuttering or slowdowns, even when I walked around the performance, up close and far away."

The "puck-sized" tethered computer is an interesting compromise. It doesn't look like it would hinder mobility that much (you could compare it to a Walkman plus headphones), and it's much smaller than "VR backpack" concepts. However, it could be a good sign that you should not be an early adopter of Magic Leap One (which is actually the ninth generation of their hardware internally, according to Rolling Stone).

Some still call it vaporware. There is no video footage of the device being worn, and images have been retouched to "edit out some sensitive IP".

Will it take privacy seriously?

Again, not to be confused with...


In Blow to Spanish Unity, Catalan Separatists Keep Majority in Regional Vote "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Raphael Minder and cross-posted from New York Times

BARCELONA, Spain Spains effort to snuff out an independence drive in Catalonia was dealt a significant blow on Thursday as secessionists narrowly won an election called by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in hopes of calming the countrys constitutional crisis.

After Catalonias separatist lawmakers declared independence in late October, Mr. Rajoy invoked emergency powers for the first time in Spains democratic history. He ousted the Catalan government and imposed direct rule on the formerly autonomous region.

Mr. Rajoy then called new elections for the regional Parliament, hoping to reshuffle the political deck and calculating that Catalan voters would punish the secessionist leaders. Many are now being prosecuted for sedition and rebellion and campaigned from prison or exile.

That gamble did not pay off. Official results showed Catalonias separatist parties once again winning a narrow majority in the regions Parliament as they had before an outcome that could allow them to revive their independence drive.

After months of feuding, Mr. Rajoy, Catalonia and indeed all of Spain ended up close to where the crisis had started.

The standoff is now certain to enter a new, equally contentious phase. It has already unsettled not only Spain but also its neighbors in the European Union, many of whom are fearful of separatist challenges of their own at a time of rising populism and nationalism. Almost no politician outside of Catalonia has supported the drive for independence.

But this time Mr. Rajoy will be politically weakened, even at a national level, after having lost his bet that a sufficiently large majority of Catalans would rally behind his call for Spanish unity to block the secessionist challenge

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No Man an Island: China Warns Against Straying From Party Path "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A general view shows delegates attending the closing session of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China at the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing, China October 24, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Jason Lee/

Beijing: Members of Chinas ruling Communist Party have a duty to follow orders from the central leadership lest the country stray into anarchy, the countrys top newspaper wrote on Friday, warning against those who put themselves above the party.

Xi has also gone after competing power bases by jai...


New York Judge Dismisses Suit on Trumps Foreign Payments "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

US President Donald Trump Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

New York: A federal judge in New York on Thursday threw out a lawsuit that had accused President Donald Trump of violating the US Constitution by accepting foreign payments through his hotels and other businesses, handing him a major victory on an issue that has dogged him since even before he took office in January.

Though other lawsuits remain pending that make similar claims, the ruling by US District Judge George Daniels is the first to weigh the merits of the US constitutions anti-corruption provisions as they apply to Trump, a wealthy businessman who as president regularly visits his own hotels, resorts and golf clubs.

In a 29-page opinion granting the Trump administrations request to toss the suit, Daniels said the plaintiffs did not have legal standing to bring the suit. The plaintiffs included the nonprofit watchdog grou...


Trump Deputy Chief of Staff to Step Down "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rick Dearborn, latest high-profile departure from West Wing, plans to pursue private sector work

President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. One of the presidents top aides, deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn, plans to step down early next year.
President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. One of the presidents top aides, deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn, plans to step down early next year. PHOTO: MANUEL BALCE CENETA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTONRick Dearborn, one of President Donald Trumps top aides, will step down early next year to pursue private-sector work, White House officials said, becoming the latest high-profile departure from the West Wing in recent weeks.

Rick loyally served the president for two and a half years and brought tremendous energy to the White House staff, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said. Hes a super guy and it breaks my heart to see him leave, but I look forward to his continued personal friendship and support for the presidents agenda.

A deputy chief of staff who oversaw the White Houses political operation, public outreach and legi...


Indonesia holds cabinet meeting in Bali as volcano threatens tourism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tourists take photos of the Mount Agung volcano during a sunrise in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. (AP)

JAKARTA: Indonesian President Joko Widodo will on Friday hold his cabinet meeting on the holiday island of Bali in a bid to reassure visitors that there is nothing to worry about from the rumbling Mount Agung volcano.

Authorities last month raised the alert status of Mount Agung in northeastern Bali to the highest level, imposing...


Pink Nursery Rocking Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

5104FYGOiJL SL1000

Pink Nursery Rocking Chair - There are things that you need to bear in mind, if you're likely to buy a simple seat. At this moment, this article will offer you ideas which will assist you to meet the seat you're looking for. Thus, just have a peek at the following advice. As the very first step, you have to determine about the potential size restrictions for the seat you're likely to get and also the maximum measurements might be when, for instance, you are going to move your new chair through a narrow door or whether you are likely to squeeze it into a very small living space. This is very important especially with recliners, which often should be pulled off from the walls and may also obstruct the traffic patterns if tilted back.

The second step is to consider concerning the color since the simple chair will become a part of your decor for several years. You should choose something which you could live with for long time. You can select a seat which may be upgraded with pillow. The step you need to do is to get the idea about the kind of upholstery before you start to shop it, you would like. Actually, the challenging leather can be perfect for the family with toddlers and pets. Additionally cotton could be fine for adults.

The fourth step is to check the chair. To be able to estimate comfort it is possible to attempt to take a seat at the seat for many minutes. Anyway, as you test it you have to think about the feels of the fabric's feel. The itchy or scratchy cloth has to be passed by. The final step is to check whether the pattern of this cloth is matched. If it is a stripe print, plaid, and so forth, the layout onto the rear portion of the chair should line up with the pattern onto the cushion and also on down towards the front of seating base.


Dont Miss the Last Meteor Shower of 2017! Everything You Need to Know About the Ursid Meteor Shower "IndyWatch Feed World"

With the holidays quickly approaching and the New Year on the horizon, you dont want to miss the last stunning spectacle of 2017. The International Meteor Organization reports that the Ursid Meteor Shower will be occurring from the 17th to the 26th of December, peaking on the night of the 22nd/23rd.

While the Ursid shower is definitely not the largest of 2017, paling in comparison to the Geminid Meteor Shower that just recently passed, it is still predicted to be a beautiful sight for those who are willing to brave the chilly temperatures. We call the Ursids the cursed Ursids because they occur so close to Christmas and no one wants to observe them, explained Bill Cooke, who leads NASAs Meteoroid Environment Office. This year were expecting an Ursid outburst. Normally, the Ursids have a rate of around 10 per hour, but this year, the Ursids may jump up to 40 or 50 per hour. We expect on December 22 to encounter a stream of material ejected from [Comet 8P/Tuttle] over a thousand years ago.

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash


The meteors will appear to form in the area of the Little Dipper or Ursa Minor, however, experts say to catch a clear view you will want to look away from the constellation at an area of open sky. For the best viewing experience, you want to find an open field or property outside of largely populated town or city to avoid light pollution. The Ursids are not large meteors and can be masked entirely by basic light pollution causing you to miss out on the opportunity to view them. If you need help finding a clear, dark sky nearby visit the EarthSky website.

Once you have decided on a location, plan to arrive approximately 20 to 30 minutes before early, as this will allow your eyes the necessary time to adjust to the dark skies. It is recommended that you try to view the meteor shower without the aid of binoculars or telescope as they narrow your field of vision. This will only make your attempts to find and view the Ursids even more challenging. Dont forget to bundle...


British Columbia N D P.....John Horgan, is he Dr Jeckyll or Mr Hyde(hide) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Written by grant G

A first term government, merely months old and already fatigue has set in, the dog days of December, the fatigue I refer to is mutual, John Horgan's government has already turned stale and has resorted to using public communications bureau to silence critics, grassroot members speaking up on Site C are now ridiculed by the party insiders, dismissed as unreasonable activists....John Horgan has also engaged in the "re-announcement" of previous government announcements, even worse for John Horgan, he's re-announcing BC Liberal sad, so early into a 4 year mandate and John Horgan already sounds like what he and the NDP party said they hated..that being a disrespectful, dismissive thorny government....a government that feeds intelligent voters, feeds progressive voters tepid gibberish, ...John Horgan now treats issue savvy supporters as mere turnips bound for road rash...

There's been a recent string of elected politicians who came to office and sorely disappointed...I won't go into the Stephen Harper era, I will venture towards Justin Trudeau...remember Trudeau's election promise on electoral reform..that promise vanished first...a new era with First Nation, an era built on respect....a new environmental review process, and a promise of protecting our environment, as well as a vow to honour Canada's commitment to the Paris Accord...well..?

Site C..approved...Kinder Morgan...approved..Petronas..approved..NEB, still not reformed, still industry driven..

Justin Trudeau gave British Columbia voters and progressive voters the middle finger..

Thy Justin Trudeau speaketh in forked gibberish tongue...He fool nobody, even his own supporters know that Trudeau speaketh crappolla...


The economics of augmented reality "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Augmented reality (AR) is a real-time, interactive user experience that inserts virtual computer-generated elements into a users environment. AR technology utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable smart devices to capture and identify scenes as a user moves through her world, generate contextually relevant holograms, sound, and other sensory inputs, then project those virtual elements through the users display. AR technology is coordinative in that it assists in economic calculation, aids in tracking usage, and helps agents overcome some kinds of information asymmetries. We provide examples from existing AR applications and conceptualize how AR strengthens self-organization and enables polycentric loci of private governance to emerge, what we call agile self-organization. Examples include information-enhancing overlays, automatic language translation, individualizing and privatizing the provision of personal and worker safety, reducing emergency response times, and enriching education with overlays and holograms. We conclude that AR technologies could erode traditional policy rationales for intervention and allow private governance to take hold and flourish in situations where it has traditionally had difficulty doing so.

That is a paper from the still-underrated Abigail Devereaux (a former student of mine), via Kevin Lewis.

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NGO Common Causes Review Plea Seeks Revision of Asthanas CBI Appointment "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

File photo of Rakesh Asthana from his days as commissioner of police, Surat, Gujarat. Credit: Rakesh Asthanas public Facebook page

New Delhi: A plea was filed yesterday in the Supreme Court seeking review of its judgement rejecting a plea challenging the appointment of senior Gujarat cadre IPS officer Rakesh Asthana to the post of CBI special director.

A bench comprising Justices R. K. Agrawal and A. M. Sapre, on November 28, had dismissed the plea of NGO Common Cause challenging Asthanas appointment, saying it cannot question a unanimous decision taken by the selection committee and the decision is not illegal.

The NGO said the review plea has been filed on grounds of discovery of new evidence and error apparent on the face of the record.

It has referred to a letter of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) seeking a report from the CBI director on the authorship of the unsigned note given by the CBI director in the selection committees meeting on October 21.

Respondent No. 2 (Asthana) needed to be investigated by the CBI in relation to two FIRs dated August 30, 2017 and October 25, 2017. The contents of the note furnished by the CBI Director to the Selection Committee headed by the CVC would have thrown further lig...


The Best Accordion player EVER "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to

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The Call From Gujarat: BJP Can Be Undone in 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Will the opposition take up the big challenge facing Indias cultural and social fabric?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah flash victory sign at a felicitation function before the partys parliamentary board meeting in New Delhi on Monday, after the partys win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections. Credit: PTI/Shahbaz Khan

Besides handing out a formal victory to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the sixth consecutive term, emulating the Left Fronts record in West Bengal, the assembly elections in Gujarat have sent out some other calls as well. Two of these inter-related ones are the announcement of Rahul Gandhis arriva...


Centre Maintains Silence on Progress of Law on Dam Safety "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Dam Safety Bill was ready in June 2017, but it is yet to be sent to the cabinet for approval.

Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Despite acknowledging that half of the countrys 5,300 dams did not meet contemporary safety standards and that 195 of them were over 100 years old, the Union Ministry of Water Resources is yet to send the Dam Safety Bill to the cabinet. The Bill was first mooted by the Manmohan Singh government in 2010.

Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari recently submitted before the Lok Sabha that as per the National Register of Large Dams maintained by the Central Water Commission on the basis of information received from the state governments, as many as 195 dams were over 100 years old.

Admitting that the government of India was concerned about safety of dams in the country, he said: Safety of dams rests primarily with dam owners which are generally state governments, central and state power generating PSUs, municipalities and private companies etc. In order to supplement the efforts of the state governments, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation provides technical and financial assistance through various schemes and programmes such as Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Programme (DRIP).

The minister further submitted that in 1987, the National Committee on Dam Safety was constituted under the leadership of the chairman of CWC and representatives from state governments with the objective to oversee dam safety activities in the country and suggest improvements to the safety practices.

Nearly 200 dams identified for rehabilitation by 2020



In the age of cheap flights, city breaks and world cruises, how to make your holiday better for the environment "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Recently surfaced before and after shots of Benidorm-a seaside resort on the eastern coast of Spain-capture the physical transformations that have taken place in the region in less than 50 years.


Christmas Message 2017 Greg Hunter "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters Greg Hunter of gives his Christmas message.  He also talks about the good news in some top stories such as the Trump tax plan that just passed both houses of Congress.  The best news is Jesus Christ was born to save the world, and we celebrate his birth. (To Donate to []


Tropopause freeze anomaly & sparkler electrical storms in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Serious disturbance in the Tropopause where a segment of the atmosphere has dropped super cooled air to the surface of our planet. USA set for all time record cold of -21C in Louisiana and on into Mexico and across the SE USA. Arctic sea ice recovering to nearly the baseline of 1981. Also temperature measurements are being used to still push the CO2 global warming narrative.


After US, also Lithuania bans Kaspersky Software due to its alleged link to the Kremlin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lithuania announced it will ban the products of the cyber security giant Kaspersky from computers in critical infrastructure.

After the decision of the US Government for banning Kaspersky software, Lithuania announced it will ban the products of the security giant from computers in critical infrastructure (energy, finance, and transport).

Lithuania is member of the EU and also component of the NATO alliance, it is very critics of Russia, especially after its 2014 annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine.

The government recognised that Kaspersky Lab software is a potential national security threat, the Lithuanians defence ministry said in a statement.

The government will prohibit agencies responsible for critical infrastructure from using Kaspersky products and will force them to replace the anti-virus software in a short while.

The Russian security software was banned from US government agencies because it was blamed by US intelligence of helping Russian intelligence steal top-secret information.

The Lithuanian intelligence has the same opinion as of the US peers, the Lithuanian intelligence chief Darius Jauniskis recently said Kaspersky was sometimes acting as a toy in the hands of (Russian President Vladimir) Putins administration.

Kaspersky denied any involvement in cyber espionage activity, the company sued the U.S. Government over product ban, its appeal was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Kaspersky considers the ban as unconstitutional, according to the company the US Government took the decision to prohibit its products based on reports citing anonymous sources without strong evidence of its involvement in cyber espionage activities.

Kaspersky claims to have offered its support to the DHS for its investigation, but the agency issued the 17-01 directive, banning its security software and services without any warning.




Bombay HC Sets Aside Governors Nod to Prosecute Ashok Chavan in Adarsh Scam "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The bench said the material presented by the CBI before C. Vidyasagar Rao could not be converted into credible fresh evidence against Chavan.

Ashok Chavan. Credit: PTI

Mumbai: The Bombay high court today set aside the sanction granted to the CBI by Maharashtra governor C. Vidyasagar Rao to prosecute senior Congress leader Ashok Chavan in the Adarsh housing society scam.

A division bench of Justices Ranjit More and Sadhana Jadhav ruled that though the CBI had claimed to be in possession of fresh evidence against Chavan at the time of seeking the sanction, it failed to present any fresh evidence.

The bench said the material presented by the CBI before Rao could not be converted into credible fresh evidence against Chavan.

The sanctioning authority is an independent body that cant allow itself to be influenced by anyones opinion, the court said.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by Chavan, challenging the sanction granted by the governor in February 2016 to prosecute the former chief minister of Maharashtra under various sections of the IPC related to criminal conspiracy and cheating, besides provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Chavan had challenged Raos order in the high court, calling it arbitrary, illegal and unjust and passed with malafide intentions.

Chavan, currently the president of the Maharashtra unit of the Congress, had served as the chief minister between December 2008 and November 2010 before he was asked to step down on charges of corruption in the Adarsh scam.

The CBI has accused Chavan of approving additional floor space index (FSI) for the Adarsh society in posh south Mumbai and accepting two flats for his relatives in return when he was the chief minister.

He is also accused of illegal...


WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The Real Loretta Lynch Story, by G Squared "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

You read that right guys: G Squared has the scoop in Loretta Lynch! How, what and why? Read on! When Sick Willy met Loretta Lynch and Stephen Hargrove at Phoenix Airport on 1/7/2016, it was a planned meeting. Neither Lynch nor Sick Willy act by chance. Socialising occurred for any audio. But also the written []


Is cell phone radiation dangerous? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Let's take a look at an Australian Government initiative where the government mandated that cigarette packaging be labelled with health warnings as illustrated below;

MANY people should be aware that it is not about the government caring about the individual's health with regards to cigarettes, but rather the litigious aspect of the matter.

The individual (or class action) would have less of a case if / when there are health warning signs stating that the product causes cancer irrespective of the scientific evidence, where the ol' "told you so" law kicks in.

According to California's Department of Public Health, a document was issued regarding the use of mobile phones.

This document arose because of a University of Berkeley professor's lawsuit.

Professor Joel Moskowitz's lawsuit (which he won in 2016) claimed that the Department of Public Health was severely underestimating the dangers regarding cell phone emissions.

See document from the link; Document Library/Cell-Phone-Guidance.pdf

in the preview below;


Chair assisted Pull Up "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

61yQi1tqPBL SL1000

Chair assisted Pull Up - If you are going to buy an easy seat, there are things which you need to bear in mind. At this time, this report is going to offer you ideas which can assist you to effortlessly meet the perfect chair you are looking for. Just take a peek at these advice. As the very first step, you have to decide about the potential size limitations for the seat you are likely to purchase and also the maximum measurements may be in case, for instance, you're likely to move your new seat through a narrow doorway or whether you're likely to squeeze it into a tiny living space. This is very important especially once tilted back, with recliners, which ought to be pulled away from the walls and could also obstruct the traffic patterns.

The second step is to consider about the color since the easy chair will get a part of your decoration for several decades. You should select something which you could live with for extended time. You can select a seat which may be upgraded with trendy pillow. The step which you need to do is to obtain the idea about the sort of upholstery before you start to look at it, you desire. Actually, the leather can be great for the household with toddlers and pets. Also cotton can be fine for adults.

The next step is to check the chair. It's possible to attempt to take a seat at the seat for many minutes in order to assess comfort. In any case, as you examine it you will need to think about the textures of the fabric's feel. The itchy or scratchy material has to be passed by. The final step is to check if the fabric's pattern is matched correctly. When it's big print, a stripe, plaid, and so forth, the layout on the back area of the chair must lineup with the pattern on the cushion and also on down to the very front of base.


K1m boat for Bville islanders "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

22/12/ 2017
 Source: Loop PNG

Christmas has come early for the coastal people of Torokina and South Bougainville as they received a boat worth K1 million.



The boat will make access easier for transporting goods and produce like cocoa and copra between Torokina, South Bougainville and Buka town.


The people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB), even after 20 years after one of the bloodiest civil wars known in the history of Papua New Guinea, are still picking up rather slowly on the normalcy known throughout the country like the tradition of celebrating Christmas.


Around 20,000 lives were lost, millions of kina worth of properties destroyed and hundreds of millions of kina in revenue lost as a result of the forced closure of the Bougainville Copper Ltd mine.


The presentation of the boat is worth celebrating as this is a major burden lifted off for these people who use the Buka passage on a daily basis.



The other side of the Island, where the main local industry and business operations are often carried out, is only accessible by boat or ferry. This often requires at least a 10-minute cross over from Mainland Buka, from Kokapau.


In attendance for the presentation was AROB president John Momis, including other members of the Bougainville Provincial Government.





VIDEO: What is the Council of European Rabbis? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

You can translate Pinchas Goldschmidts long-winded explanation of the CER by just saying this: We are an Israeli lobby advocating for our interests over the European Goyim.

Their mission (
We believe in the eternal validity of the Divine Law as revealed in our sacred scriptures and as authentically interpreted in all ages by the Rabbis, acknowledging the authority of the Written and Oral Law of Judaism, and that Halacha forms the basis of Jewish life; That the restoration of the Jewish State in the Holy Land is a manifestation of Divine mercy towards the Jewish people and Israels well-being is coupled with its moral and religious strength; That the religious attachment is the sole enduring link between the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora and that Israel is destined to become the source of religious inspiration to the Jewish people and the world at large; That all relations and dealings between nations must be governed by ethical and religious principles, without which human happiness cannot be secured; That advances in science and technology may become a menace to mankind unless they are used with due regard for ethical and religious principles, in the dissemination of which, the Jewish people as the bearer of the message of the Prophets, have a special role to play. As spiritual leaders of our people, we call on the lay leaders of the European Jewish communities and communal organizations, to work together with us to challenge the growing secularization of our communities and the growing threat of anti-Semitism in many European cities, and to strengthen the rabbis of our communities for them to be able to serve their communities with excellence. We also solemnly call on every Jew to strive to conduct his or her life as a living expression of the Divine Will, by studying the holy words of our Torah, and by observing its laws, which have since time eternal been the sole guarantee of Jewish continuity, notably the Sabbath and Festivals, religious education and upbringing of the young. As the custodians and teachers of Jewish Law in Europe we maintain that marriage, divorce and conversions will only be recognized and are only valid in Jewish Law when they have been carried out in conformity with Halacha. In order to prevent irreparable personal tragedies and to preserve the unity of the Jewish people, we earnestly appeal to the Jewish public not to be parties to marriages, divorces or conversions which would be contrary to Jewish Law.

VIDEO: What is t...


Ukraine arrests prime ministers interpreter, accuses him of spying for Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ukraines counterintelligence agency has arrested the principal translator of the countrys prime minister, accusing him of spying for Russia. The translator has been identified as Stanislav Yezhov, who has served as a translator for two consecutive Ukrainian prime ministers.


Spot fines for traffic offences enforced "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

December 22, 2017

ANY driver breaking traffic rules over the festive season may have to pay a spot-fine, says 4-Mile traffic police chief Philip Koliadi, pictured,.
He told The National that any traffic offence would be subjected to either a spot-fine or referred to police stations to pay.
Roadblocks will be everywhere in the three electorates in Port Moresby and my advice to the public and motorists,dont drive if you drink, dont drive an unregistered or unroadworthy vehicle or without licence, Koliadi said.
He said if they were caught at roadblocks, they might not be attending Christmas celebrations.
Police will be issuing traffic infringement notice to drivers to pay spot fines for minor offences, or be taken to the stations to be dealt with if they did not adhere to the law, Koliadi said.
He urged the motorists to also make sure they collected a receipt when they were fined.

Source: The National


JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION: (HIDDEN-FOREIGN-TEXT-KNOWN-AS-DOG-LATIN) The Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery: "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By: Romley Stewart.

The Concept of Modern Day Slavery:

This Article is not legal advice in any way, it is a story in relation to research and findings that have been uncovered in relation to such research directed at the grammatical appearance and the grammatical standing of Government, (Or what could be foreign de-facto governments) Court and Banking Contracts and Charges. This article hopefully may alert some of you to the dangers of entering into contracts when you are not aware of the importance of the grammatical appearance of the languages employed within such contracting paper instruments. Is the legal title you hold really saying what you assumed it to say?

An Account of Grammatical Crimes of Corporate Governance, courts and enforcement agencies by the use of DOG-LATIN: a debased criminal immoral foreign written language that renders all such DOG-LATIN documents, tendered by such corporate private governments, as counterfeit. DOG-LATIN is unhyphenated all uppercase Latin symbolic text that follows the grammatical rules of English and not the grammatical rules of Latin. It is the language of the Illiterate, (Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition) it looks just like English, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS but grammatically, it is the deception right under your nose It is the poison in the text, it is the corruption in the contract. If you hold any part of this debased criminal all uppercase text of the dead corporations, such as your Driver License, you are claiming membership to the Underworld, criminal counterfeit, corrupt, corporate world of the Dead Corporations. You become a criminal.

The presumption of a foreign military occupation of our country under the foreign control of Rome:

In 1973, Whitlam, Prime Minister of AUSTRALIA signed us up to a private military Roman contracting system of governance called: UNIDROIT, head office in Rome. This is why the written language and its relationship to Private Contracts is so important to be aware of. The UNITED STATES, being the de-facto government of the United States of America, is now also a part of UNIDRIOT, under the power of Rome. DOG-LATIN (Debased Latin) appears to be the official language of the Infants: Military, infantry of Rome. It appears to be the language of the DEAD, (Debtor) and the only way you can hold a military name is in the ALL UPPERCASE APPEARANCE of the dead language: LATIN and or DOG-LATIN, being the designation of things and not proper names, such as your SURNAME. Proper Latin appears to be the official language of Rome and we Assume that DOG-LATIN (Debased Latin) is the language of the military debtor accounts/ledgers of Rome and a lack of understanding of such facts may be the cau...


A Review Of The Most Disturbing Events Of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The following article written by Brandon Smith was originally published at

With events like the British vote to leave the EU, the peak of the mass Muslim immigration into Europe, the surprise (for some people) upset win of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election and the subsequent leftist riots, it may be difficult to top the absolute geopolitical and social mayhem of 2016. However, when examining recent history and ongoing trends, its important to understand that these shifts are often cumulative; they tend to build upon each other like sheets of ice on a mountainside, storing up energy for a great avalanche.

We witnessed what I would consider a moderate build up and avalanche in the economic world in 2008, and of course this merely set the stage for an evolving form of fiscal collapse for the ten years that followed.

This time around though, that ongoing collapse will surface in the form of currency crisis and treasury bond crisis, as well as all the international tensions and conflicts that come with these financial atom bombs.

If I was to define the year of 2017 and its place in the grand scheme, I would say it represents the moment that the path became obvious for the next decade, at least for those that have been paying attention.

There have been some incredible revelations this year, things that will change the face of global economics and international relations, but most them have gone unnoticed in the mainstream overall. Here are just a few of the earth shattering events that will lead to unprecedented instability in 2018, probably through to the year 2030.

Coup In Saudi Arabia

I outlined the implications of this powder keg in the Middle East in considerable detail in my articles Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar and Saudi Coup Signals War And Global Economic Reset. But, I dont think that the gravity of the situation is being taken seriously by very many people yet.

The rise of prince Mohammed Bin Sal...


Womens Work "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

[I know, Im a good three months late on this. Its too good for the trash bin, though, and knowing CompSci itll be relevant again within the next year.]

This swells my heart.

LAURIE SEGALL: Computer science, it hasnt always been dominated by men. It wasnt until 1984 that the number of women studying computer science started falling. So how does that fit into your argument as to why there arent more women in tech?

JAMES DAMORE: So there are several reasons for why it was like that. Partly, women werent allowed to work other jobs so there was less freedom for people; and, also it was simply different kinds of work. It was more like accounting rather than modern-day computer programming. And it wasnt as lucrative, so part of the reason so many men give go into tech is because its high paying. I know of many people at Google that- they werent necessarily passionate about it, but it was what would provide for their family, and so they still worked there.

SEGALL: You say those jobs are more like accounting. I mean, look at Grace Hopper who pioneered computer programming; Margaret Hamilton, who created the first ever software which was responsible for landing humans on the moon; Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, they were responsible for John Glenn accurately making his trajectory to the moon. Those arent accounting-type jobs?

DAMORE: Yeah, so, there were select positions that werent, and women are definitely capable of being confident programmers.

SEGALL: Do you believe those women were outliers?

DAMORE: No, Im just saying that there are confident women programmers. There are many at Google, and the women at Google arent any worse than the men at Google.

Segall deserves kudos for getting Damore to reverse himself. Even he admits theres no evidence women are worse coders than men, in line with the current scientific evidence. Im also fond of the people who make solid logical arguments against Damores views. We even have good research on why computing...


Bright meteor fireball explodes over southern Norway "IndyWatch Feed World"

On December 18, 2017, at 16:37:07 UT, a bright meteor fireball lit up the southern regions of Norway. The event was registered by cameras of the Norwegian Meteor Network on a partially cloudy sky. A video of the event was recorded by Tore Myhren from Lillehammer, and shows the fireball through some clouds near the horizon. "The meteor was of sporadic origin, with a radiant located at R.A. = 331,3, Dec. = 62,2," writes Kai Gaarder of the Norwegian Meteor Network, as reported by the International Meteor Organization. Some eyewitness reports describing the phenomena include: rjan Solheim: "Saw an insane powerful flash of light in Rosendal. The whole valley and the mountains lighted up. A lot of times stronger than lightning. Lasted longer and was smoother than lightning. Stopped the car and went out, but could hear no sound."


US Congress Votes to Avert Shutdown, Sends Trump Stopgap Spending Bill "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Capitol building, Washington. Credit: Reuters/Jim Bourg

Washington: The US Congress on Thursday averted a government shutdown just one day before federal funding was due to expire, sending President Donald Trump a bill to provide just enough money to keep agencies operating through January 19, 2018.

With lawmakers eager to begin a holiday recess until January 3, the House of Representatives and Senate scurried to pass the hastily written bill by votes of 231-188 and 66-32, respectively.

When Congress returns, lawmakers will immediately have to get back to work on appropriating more money for a fiscal year that will already be three months old. They will try to pass an omnibus...


Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal "IndyWatch Feed World"

Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal | 21 Dec 2017 | On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News. The interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department's effort to fulfill a promise an assistant attorney general made to Congress last month to examine whether a special counsel was warranted to look into what has become known as the Uranium One deal, a senior Justice Department official said. At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Obama Administration allowed the sale of U.S. uranium mining facilities to Russia's state atomic energy company.


Solwara 1 funding delayed again "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

NAUTILUS Minerals is still seeking funding for its controversial seabed mining project Solwara 1 after multiple delays.

PNG Industry News | 22 December 2017 

According to the most recent update, discussions regarding funding requirements with various parties are taking longer than expected.

The company initially reported in September that it required significant additional funding to complete the build and deployment of the seafloor production system that is to be used at the pending Solwara 1 project, located in the Bismarck Sea off the coast of New Ireland Province.

Nautilus said it needed US$41 million prior to the end of this year and, more specifically, at least US$15 million before October 31 in order to meet its contractual commitments.

In a November 1 update this deadline was pushed back to November 30 and the funding reduced t...


UN Security Council to Vote on New North Korea Sanctions on Friday "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The UN emblem is seen in the UN General Assembly hall during the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York, US, September 22, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

United Nations: The UN Security Council is due to vote on Friday on a US-drafted resolution that seeks to toughen sanctions on North Korea in response to its latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch, diplomats said.

The draft, seen by Reuters on Thursday, seeks to ban nearly 90% of refined petroleum product exports to North Korea by capping them at 500,000 barrels a year and demand the repatriation of North ...


Cuba Delays Historic Handover From Castro to New President "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Cubas president Raul Castro (L) chats with Cubas first vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel during the National Assembly in Havana, Cuba, December 21, 2017. Credit: Irene Perez/Courtesy of Cubadebate/Handout via Reuters

Havana: Communist-run Cuba extended the term of its current leadership to April on Thursday, signalling a two-month delay in the historic handover from Raul Castro to a new president, while announcing tighter regulations on the non-state sector.

Castro, 86, was originally set to step down in February after two consecutive terms, ending nearly 60 years of Castro brothers rule and marking a transition from...


Chinese warn of consumer-led Australian products boycott over worsening relations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Chinese officials have warned of a consumer-led boycott of Australian products following the breakdown in relations between the two countries, fuelled by Malcolm Turnbulls foreign interference laws and pushback against Chinese influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Australian understands there have been talks in China about indirectly pulling economic levers potentially targeting consumer products, tourism and education that could threaten Australian industry and businesses. The Chinese warning, which would mirror a boycott of products imported from The Philippines after the countries fell out over South China Sea sovereignty claims, was levelled at Australia in the wake of deteriorating diplomatic relations between Beijing and Canberra.

While warning that this move, which would be consumer-driven rather than an official government directive, was not an ideal outcome, officials indicated the threat was aimed at pushing back against criticism of Chinas role in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese officials in Beijing, supported by its embassy, have ratcheted up pressure on Australia following the release of the foreign policy white paper, the breakdown over the China extradition treaty, and coverage of Chinese influence in Australia, headlined by the Sam Dastyari scandal.

During a series of forums in China last week, Chinese officials and government-aligned think tanks suggested there was a growing perception of Australians being racist and irresponsible. An official who claimed China was becoming a scapegoat for Mr Turnbulls gain, suggested recent developments had the potential to damage bilateral relations.

The Chinese rhetoric came in the lead-up to last weekends Bennelong by-election, where Labor used the Turnbull governments crackdown on foreign interference to campaign against Liberal MP John Alexander.

The Australian last week revealed that Beijings Ministry of Foreign Affairs had summoned Australias ambassador to China, Jan Adams, for an official rebuke following the breakdown in relations.

Mr Turnbull was attacked by Chinese officials over his comments that Australians should stand up for their nations sovereignty, claiming it was a directed slight against China. Chinese authorities viewed the comments in a historical context that dates back to the communist nation breaking free from colonial rule and Japanese occupation.

The Prime Minister has rejected Chinas claims the foreign interference laws were targeted at any specific country, and this week said we need to ensure that the rights and interests of all nations are respected and their sovereignty is respected.

Zhou Mi, deputy director of the Institute of American and Oceania Studies and Chinese Academy of International....


Losing Confidence in Government, Country Is Being Divided in Name of Religion: Top Catholic Body "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Catholic Bishops Conference of India has asked the government to take necessary measures and safeguard the communitys interests.

Cardinal Baselios Cleemis (centre). Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: Indias top Catholic body has said that the Christian community is losing confidence in the government as the  country is being polarised in the name of religion.

President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) Cardinal Baselios Cleemis told the Indian Express in an interview, From the point of Christian community, this whole incident of attack on priests and seminaries in Satna and the state governments move to file cases against the priests, arresting the poor and the innocent instead of finding the culprits, do not help us to keep our confidence in the government intact. We are losing our confidence in the government.

The country is being divided on the basis of religious belief. It is bad in a democratic country. I want my country to be united in a secular fabric. But now, this country is being polarised du...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV The Debate Discussing the Political Transition in Zimbabwe
Watch this Press TV The Debate program featuring Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, discussing the political transition in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe.

To view this episode of The Debate just go to the website below:

Azikiwe was joined by Nii Akuetteh, a Washington, D.C.-based policy analyst. The program dialogue revolved around the internal struggle within the ruling ZANU-PF party and the circumstances which led to the resignation of longtime President Robert G. Mugabe who had served as the leader of Zimbabwe since 1980 at the time of national independence from settler colonialism.

Other issues touched on the economic situation in Zimbabwe resulting from a sanctions regime imposed by the western imperialist states led by the United States, Britain and the European Union.


Intimidating UN Member States the Al Capone Style "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The White Houses commitment to spreading chaos across the world, bringing people of various religions and beliefs misery and suffering is hardly a secret to anyone at this point. After Afghanistan and Iraq, the latest instances of this American obsession manifested themselves in Libya and Syria.

This tactic was readily adopted by the administration of US President Donald Trump even though it hasnt yet spent a full year in office. Yet, we see more calamities looming over horizon, with dangerous games being played by Washington simultaneously against Iran and North Korea.

The recent statement regarding the status of Jerusalem made by Trump regarding the status of Jerusalem falls in this familiar pattern, as the US thus demanded other states follow its lead. In such a fashion Trump has not just formally announced his imperial aspirations, or claimed the right to function as global arbiter, but has also buried any hope of negotiations between Arabs and Israelis, even though Washington assumed the role of guarantor of a peace accord between these two parties. By making a statement that looks irresponsible for any sensible observer, Trump has not just violated all of the UN documents signed so far by the United States, he also chose to ignore the plan of Palestines partition adopted in 1947, after the termination of the British Mandate. This plan stipulated the creation of a Jewish and an Arab state within the former border of Palestine, while granting Jerusalem an international status as the holy city of the three great monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

By unilaterally altering the status of Jerusalem Trump has not just showed the true face of American diplomacy to the whole world, but has deprived America of an ability to play any constructive role toward resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict or any other Middle East ern conflict for that matter. After all, until now, as a guarantor of Israels existence since 1948, the United States has always sought to maintain a balanced position, which allowed America to remain an honest broker. As the French Figaro recalls, in November 1956 it was Washington that urged London and Paris, the allies of Israel, to put an e...


The Prospect Park Hotel "IndyWatch Feed"

Early mornings, the scene at the LeFrak Center ice rink in Prospect Park is a model of comfort and tranquility. Skaters pirouette in time with Bach cantatas as ubiquitous landscapers tend to the surrounding greenery. On an unseasonably warm December morning, you could even mistake the men nearby, doing waking stretches and cooking over an open fire, for recreational campers.

In recent weeks, structures resembling large lean-tos mysteriously appeared within the parks southeast entrance, only to vanish, torn down by the Parks Department, witnesses said. The structures havent gone unnoticed by many residents of the neighborhood abutting the park, the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens section of Flatbush. A neighborhood Facebook page was recently astir with calls for a crackdown amid quality of life complaints, including concerns about soil erosion.

How many people are living in and around Prospect Park is anybodys guess. What everyone agrees on is that the number is up. When asked what was causing the increase in homelessness, one outreach worker who asked to have her name withheld told The Indypendent: Evictions. The area is gentrifying so rapidly youve got people being pushed out, and going directly into the park. Were seeing people through the entire park. Were climbing fences to reach people, in the woods, everywhere.

The changes in the neighborhood are not lost on Thomas Harris, aka Yeshua Ben Judah, popularly referred to as Drum Man, after the large battery of drums that surround him where he resides on the sidewalk beside the park. He blames the machinations of the Airbnb economy. Theyre renting that shit out on the internet, he says, gesturing to the row of prewar apartment buildings across Ocean Avenue. Theyre renting that shit out for the weekend and make three times the rent.

The dozen or so people staying in or around the park I spoke to for this article concurred on one point: none feel comfortable in a shelter.

Deborah OBrien lived in an apartment on Ocean Avenue and took to the streets after the person she was staying with got evicted. I see the signs, apartments for rent. Theyre just advertisements, theres nothing there, she says.

Patrick Bonck, communications director for Breaking Ground, the organization contracted by the city to respond to street homelessness in Brooklyn and Queens, ascribes the problem to the high cost of renting: There are certainly many other factors, but the primary cause is the lack of affordable housing.



The West Proves That Polands Loyalty Was Worthless "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Poland, one of the most loyal EU members, was just stabbed in the back by Brussels after the bloc initiated punitive Article 7 proceedings against it, proving that Warsaws unwavering loyalty to the West was worthless this entire time.

The post The West Proves That Polands Loyalty Was Worthless appeared first on


Catalan Separatists Win Election in Rebuke to Spain and EU "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Miquel Iceta, leader of the Socialist Party of Catalonia speaks after the regional elections in Catalonia, in Barcelona, Spain, December 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Jon Nazca

Barcelona:  Catalonias separatists look set to regain power in the wealthy Spanish region after local elections on Thursday, deepening the nations political crisis in a sharp rebuke to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and EU leaders who backed him.

With nearly all votes counted, separatist parties won a slim majority in Catalan parliament, a result that promises to prolong political tensions which have damaged Spains economy and prompted a business exodus from the region.

Rajoy, who called the elections after sacking the previous secessionist government, had hoped Catalonias silent majority would deal separatism a decisive blow in what was a de facto independence referendum, but his hard line backfired.



Noel Gallagher slams hippy attitude towards Islam that allows terrorists to roam free "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Noel Gallagher Slams "Hippy" Attitude to Islam That Allows Terrorists to Roam Free Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) October 16, 2017

The post Noel Gallagher slams hippy attitude towards Islam that allows terrorists to roam free appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Thurs. Nov. 23, 2017--Hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe
Listen to the Thurs. Nov. 23, 2017 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcsast hosted by Abayomi Azikwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To hear the podcast of this program just go to the following website:

The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the world's response to the resignation of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe through "Operation Restore Legacy"; the International Monetary Fund has said that the financial institutions in Zambia are under huge stress; Angola and the Republic of South Africa have signed a cooperation agreement; and Republic of Sudan President has paid a visit to Russian President Vladimer Putin where he discussed issues related to United States relations with Khartoum.

In the second hour we look at the sudden removal of President Robert Mugabe from office in Zimbabwe through statements made by the longtime leader of ZANU-PF as well as his political opponents.

Finally we hear the address by President Mugabe at the African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2016.


Head Dining Room Chairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

91yTtgxcVrL SL1500

Head Dining Room Chairs - There is A patio all about relaxing. At least that's what I think. My wife might have other ideas, such as how great the terrace space might be to establish a card tables to get her kisses club. But mepersonally, I think that it's good just tom possess some speed think and to be silent.

And the best portion of that time for me personally is my patio chair. Many other individuals have their own thought on how best to decorate their own patios, although I personally enjoy my teak patio recliner. But chairs are a vital part of the patio decor of anyone.

So many styles to select from, and on the internet, there are. There are the classy looking Adirondack style chairs with their backs seat and armrests that are oversized; for resting on a cold beverage ideal. Sometime it is possible to get these with matching ottomans to give your feet a well deserved break. My neighbor gets his chaise lounge that his wife got to get their anniversary. I've seen him on many a night sitting out having a glass of iced green tea on his deck.


Mori invites NZ to invest in agro sector "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

December 22, 2017

COMMERCE and Industry Minister Wera Mori has invited New Zealand to invest in Papua New Guineas agriculture sector.

Mori went to New Zealand to seek investments in the renewable sector, seek support and networking between co-operatives in PNG and New Zealand in agro industries.

He held talks with Cooperatives Business New Zealand, Fonterra Dairies and the New Zealand Business Council.

PNG provides the largest market for Fonterras dairy products.

Mori said Fonterra was looking at increasing its global market share, and was an opportunity for PNG to create the incentives which would attract such a large global player in agribusiness and co-operatives in PNG.

Fonterra produces dairy products in New Zealand with 10,500 co-operative farmers.
It is willing to extend its social responsibility to PNG through its one-milk one-child per day programme next year.

Fonterra Dairy produces 22 billion litres of milk annually to supply two billion of its customers around the world, Mori said.

Such opportunities should be considered in the Sepik plain, Markham Valley, Central and parts of the Highlands.

Co-operative Business New Zealand chief executive officer Craig Presland invited Mori and other government institutions to participate at the week-long summit on Feb 27 next year in Auckland.

Source: The National

Photo Credit: Loop PNG.


Supreme Court to Hear Plea on Pictorial Warning on Tobacco Products Today "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A Karnataka high court order had quashed the government regulation that packets of tobacco products must carry a pictorial warning covering 85% of the packaging.

A man smokes next to a cigarette advertisement hung on a tree at a marketplace in New Delhi, India, May 3, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

A man smokes next to a cigarette advertisement hung on a tree at a marketplace in New Delhi, India, May 3, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

New Delhi: The Supreme Court agreed to hear today a batch of petitions challenging the Karnataka high court order which quashed the government regulation that packets of tobacco products must carry a pictorial warning covering 85% of the packaging.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul considered the submission for urgent hearing on appeals filed against the high court verdict and said it would hear the plea at 3:30 pm.

Several petitions, including the one f...


Politically, the BJP Is Now in the Dock Over the 2G Scam "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

If Judge Saini felt the CBI and its prosecutors were directionless and diffident, there must have been some reason for it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting DMK chief M. Karunanidhi in November 2017. Credit: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting DMK chief M. Karunanidhi in November 2017. Credit: PTI

Earlier this year, one had intuitively felt that something was going wrong with the 2G trial. I even remember tweeting that the outcome of the 2G case may yet become an election issue in 2019. The basis of my gut feeling simply was that a daily trial by a special CBI court in such a celebrated case which had become an important campaign issue in the 2014 general elections should not take six long years to conclude. Something was not going right in the trial process.

More recently, my suspicions were strengthened when Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Chennai and warmly greeted DMK chief M. Karunanidhi and met his whole family, including some of the accused in the 2G case. Mind you, Modis visit was around the time the trial was concluded and the 2G judgement was reserved for early December. Around the same time, The Wire published the...


Ecuador eases restrictions on environmental organizations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In the last four years, Ecuadors social organizations have tiptoed over a series of obligations (Executive Orders 16 and 739) imposed for their own subsistence by former president Rafael Correas administration. The orders included conditions that limited their activities, allowed their dissolution for numerous reasons, and established a series of obligations. Those obligations were considered interference by directors of indigenous, environmental, and human rights organizations consulted by Mongabay Latam. This shadow has begun to dissipate with the repeal of these orders by President Lenin Moreno, who, despite having come to power last May, is still appearing to try to maintain distance from his predecessor. Moreno is currently struggling to retain control of his political party, Alianza Pas. The organization Ecological Action (Accin Ecolgica) faced the threat of dissolution for supporting social actions in defense of the environment in December 2016. In their case, the document that was used to sanction them was finally shelved. Photo courtesy of Ecological Action On his national TV network on Monday, Moreno claimed that with the new Executive Order 193, which replaced the orders that were repealed, were responding to a heartfelt demand from diverse social organizations, which expressed their unease because of the excessive control that these regulations contained. He also said that they wanted an active nation and that to think that this is going to promote violence is to believe in a policed and authoritarian state. On the contrary, in a state of law, free association is promoted. He added that the


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Leadership Change Underway in Zimbabwe After Resignation of President Robert Mugabe
Operation Restore Legacy spearheaded by ZDF removes 37-years-long leader in 8 days

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Wednesday November 22, 2017

A factional struggle inside the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party has created the conditions for the resignation of longtime leader President Robert Gabriel Mugabe on November 21.

Through a project entitled Operation Restore Legacy, the president was removed from his leadership position as first secretary of the party along with being the head-of-state of the Republic of Zimbabwe within a matter of eight days.

The removal of the first secretary and president on the surface appeared to have been the outcome of divisions within ZANU-PF where rival elements surrounding the former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the one side, and First Lady Grace Mugabe on the other, reached an impasse stemming from irreconcilable differences. President Mugabe was in the concluding months of his present term of office scheduled to expire in mid-2018.

President Mugabe had joined the national liberation movement at a young age while working as an educator and youth leader in the former British settler colonial outpost known as Rhodesia. During the late 1950s and early 1960s he had lived, worked and studied in the West African state of Ghana, the-then fountainhead of Pan-Africanism under Prime Minister and eventual President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

After spending a decade in prison in the 1960s and early 1970s, Mugabe relocated in Tanzania and Mozambique to work full time as a leader of ZANU. In 1979, he played a pioneering role alongside Zimbabwe African Peoples Union Patriotic Front (ZAPU-PF), headed by former Vice President Joshua Nkomo, in the negotiations for the Lancaster House agreement paving the way towards non-racial democratic elections in April 1980 which brought Mugabe to power as prime minister of a coalition government in its first five years. The initial government included the remnants of the settler colonialists headed by former Prime Minister Ian Smith. By 19...


Pence visits Afghanistan, says US will see this through "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


US vice president Mike Pence arrives on stage to address troops in a hangar at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan on December 21, 2017. Credit:Reuters/Mandel Ngan/Pool

Kabul: Vice president Mike Pence made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to meet its leaders and underscore US commitment to the country four months after president Donald Trump agreed to an open-ended war against insurgents here.

Pence arrived on a military plane at Bagram Airfield under the cover of darkness on Thursday night after leaving Washington on Wednesday night. He then flew by helicopter to Kabul, where he met president Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah at the presidential palace.



ESO's Very Large Telescope Observes Giant "Bubbles" on Red Giant Pi1 Gruis "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Astronomers have used the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope to observe giant "bubbles" (granulation cells/patterns) extending from the surface of the red giant 1 Gruis (aka Pi1 Gruis):

Astronomers using ESO's Very Large Telescope have for the first time directly observed granulation patterns on the surface of a star outside the Solar System the ageing red giant 1 Gruis. This remarkable new image from the PIONIER instrument reveals the convective cells that make up the surface of this huge star, which has 350 times the diameter of the Sun. Each cell covers more than a quarter of the star's diameter and measures about 120 million kilometres across. These new results are being published this week in the journal Nature.

Located 530 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Grus (The Crane), 1 Gruis is a cool red giant. It has about the same mass as our Sun, but is 350 times larger and several thousand times as bright. Our Sun will swell to become a similar red giant star in about five billion years.

An international team of astronomers led by Claudia Paladini (ESO) used the PIONIER instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope to observe 1 Gruis in greater detail than ever before. They found that the surface of this red giant has just a few convective cells, or granules, that are each about 120 million kilometres across about a quarter of the star's diameter. Just one of these granules would extend from the Sun to beyond Venus. The surfaces known as photospheres of many giant stars are obscured by dust, which hinders observations. However, in the case of 1 Gruis, although dust is present far from the star, it does not have a significant effect on the new infrared observations.

Also at EarthSky.

Large granulation cells on the surface of the giant star 1 Gruis (DOI: 10.1038/nature25001) (DX)


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV Top Five News Program--The Resignation of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Watch this Press TV Top Five world news interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the resignation of President Robert Mugabe of the Republic of Zimbabwe on Tues. Nov. 21, 2017.

To view this interview just click on the following URL:

Azikiwe attempts to outline the origins of the political crisis inside this Southern African state and the potentialities for a post-Mugabe ZANU-PF Government in Harare.

The ruling ZANU-PF party introduced an impeachment motion in the parliament which was soon withdrawn after the president tendered his resignation through a letter to the House Speaker Jacob Mudenda.


Russia and China Lay Economic Foundation Based on Golden Rule "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Russia and China Lay Economic Foundation Based on Golden Rule by Rory The Daily Coin One of the many themes we support at The Daily Coin is the constant progress happening across the emerging markets, especially the nations involved...

The post Russia and China Lay Economic Foundation Based on Golden Rule appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Finally Heard "IndyWatch Feed"

The memories are still crystal clear, four decades later. I remember the shirt I wore, the time of day, the look on his face. He reached out and pressed his finger on my breast. Like most young women of that era, I went without a bra, not much needing it anyway. I was 21, and he was 42, married with kids, and my boss, and he was pressing on my nipple in the middle of our workspace.

My face apparently turned bright red, because he began to make fun of me for not being as much of a hippie as he had supposed. In truth, I was mortified by his presumption, and doubly dismayed because Id looked up to him. We were a two-person operation, running a mass spectrometry lab for a nuclear-research institute. He ran the lab and I was his student assistant for four years, the only female in a four-story building. After that morning, I started missing work. I was eventually replaced. With a guy.

This tiny story is a drop in the ocean of what can be heard every day now. We are living in a moment of unprecedented global social revolution. Victims have forced the issue into the public domain, achieving an unparalleled visibility.  From Argentina to Mexico, from the United States to France, from India to Indonesia, their voices are growing in strength and taking courage from each others success. Their words have brought down powerful men and put revered institutions religious, military, media, government, entertainment on the defensive.

Yet the most recent wave of resignations, firings, and otherwise precipitous departures of high-profile men including some progressive and avowedly feminist men has generated a moment of reflection: Has the movement gone too far? Maureen Dowds Dec. 9 column in the New York Times referred to figures such as Senator Al Franken as road kill a term that conjures up images of innocents who got in the way of a speeding vehicle. Feminist theorists and activists have begun a vigorous online debate over the importance of due process and whether we should make distinctions between degrees of harm. Has the movement already reached the stage of la terreur, when the public executions after the French Revolution attracted cheering mobs? Will this produce, as it did in France, a conservative reaction?

Women are denied presumptive credibility. It is unclear whether the global epidemic of sexual violence is the effect of this, or its cause but it ensures that accusers will not be believed.

We need to be reflective about the implicitly biased assumptions that may be framing our judgme...


Nissan Finance Canada Suffers Data Breach Notifies 1.13 Million Customers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's the last month of this year, but possibly not the last data breach report. Nissan warns of a possible data breach of personal information on its customers who financed their vehicles through Nissan Canada Finance and INFINITI Financial Services Canada. Although the company says it does not know precisely how many customers were affected by the data breach, Nissan is contacting all of


Athens, Greece: Banner in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Lisa, Accused of Bank Robbery in Germany "IndyWatch Feed War"


Received on 22.12.17:

Today, 21st of December, taking part in the international call for solidarity with the comrade Lisa accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany, we decided to hang a banner in the Polytechnic University, in Exarcheia, Athens.
The last 7th of June, she was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison by the judge and the prosecutor of Aachen. Now shes waiting for the appeal made by her lawyers. If the court accept it, it means that she would eventually have a second trial.
The fact that our comrade is in prison makes us even more angry, but we know that all this revenge by the state is making us stronger every day reaffirming our ideas.

We will keep on fighting, to remember all our comrades in prison. We have clear in mind who are our enemies. This is our decision, to fight against the states, police, judges, prosecutors and all those who are part of the system that is making people life miserable. We wont stop, this is about our life, this is about our struggle!
Here is a small sign of solidarity with the comrade, but its also a claim to keep going with the struggle inside prison as in the st...


Australia leaves US and Israel isolated - Gutless Julie and Chairman Mal give vote a miss in the UN "IndyWatch Feed National"

What its like to have a President who doesnt ask How high? when the UN tells him to jump. Instead, he tells them to take a flying leap. Good feeling! Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) December 21, 2017 Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Togo...


Pakistan Is Going to Need A Big Dose of Democracy: Pakistan Plans Replacing Dollar With Yuan In Trade With China "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Pakistan Is Going to Need A Big Dose of Democracy: Pakistan Plans Replacing Dollar With Yuan In Trade With China from ZeroHedge TDC Note Remember what happened to Saddam Hussein when he wanted to use Euros for oil instead...

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Relationships Are About Growing Together Not Changing One Another "IndyWatch Feed World"

For some reason in life and love, we let ourselves fall far too fast. We give up too much of ourselves to please other people and this has got to stop.

Being in a relationship is not about changing who you are with to fit the mold of perfection you have laid out in your mind. Being in a relationship, a real relationship is about working together to grow into better versions of ourselves. Why be with someone at all if you cannot stand who they are as a person right now?

Are we really that shallow? Have we become so vain that we feel we must find the perfect body and fill it with what we want rather than accept someone for who they truly are? Do not squash others to make yourself feel better.

We for some reason tend to fall for who we want someone to be rather than who that person truly is and it is a shame. We are too afraid to love the flaws a person may have because we cannot handle anything less than perfect. Change has to begin from within. If you go into a relationship hoping to change someone you will be disappointed in the end.

Unconditional love is what we truly need and yet so many of us are incapable of giving it at this moment. Love your partner for who he or she is. Love this person for their flaws and their imperfections. Love this person on a level you never thought was possible. Accept them for who they are and allow them to do the same for you.

True love is not something that comes along often. Love is not easy; it is hard, and it can be hell. It is not made of the things we see in fairy tales. Learn to love yourself and accept who you are and then in time you can and will do the same for others. You have to accept yourself if you ever hope to accept someone else on that same level.

You are capable of so much more than you think. Stop selling yourself short. Love is not about change love is about growth. Always be willing to grow. In life, no matter how old we are there is always room for this. Please feel free to check out the video below for more information on the importance of love. Love makes the world go around. Without it where would we be?


Left versus Right "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to

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Can We Suck Enough CO2 From The Air To Save The Climate? "IndyWatch Feed World"

As we try to slow our carbon emissions, we also need to get carbon out of the air. A new industry is springing up to meet the challenge, but can it scale fast enough?

If humans stopped emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, wed still have a problem: Since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels and industry have already emitted more than 1.5 trillion tons of carbon dioxide; another 600 billion tons have come from changing land use. In April, the concentration of CO2 in the air went over 410 parts per million. The last time the concentration was this highlikely during the Pliocene era, when mastodons roamed North Americahumans didnt exist.

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Health Advises From a 104-Year Old Japanese Doctor "IndyWatch Feed World"

Most of us are just alive. Not living. Some of us dont even understand the difference between both these terms.

A Japanese Physician named Dr Shigeaki Hinohara, all his life spoke about the correct ways of living. Throughout his practising span, he wrote over 150 books which spoke of the right and healthy ways of living a long and happy life.

To know what these 14 magical longevity tips from a doctor who lived for 105 years are, continue reading.

Fitness first:

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Can This Commodore 64 Be Saved? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you are a certain age, theres a fair chance your first computer was a Commodore 64. These machines are antiques now, and [RetroManCave] received one from a friends loft in unknown condition. Hes made two out of three videos covering the machine, its history, and its internals. Assisting is Commodore 64 expert [Jan Beta] who apparently owned one way back when. You can see the first two videos, below.

The machine isnt as old as you might think it is the newer case style (circa 1987). [Jan] gives a great overview of the different motherboards you might encounter if you are lucky enough to come across one of these in a dumpster somewhere.

If you are very familiar with the Commodore 64, you might skip over some of the first video, although the tear down is interesting and informative. The second part, however shows more of the actual restoration process. Very important is the information on how some of the power supplies may not be safe to plug in! [Jan] covers that while [RetroManCave] swaps out electrolytic capacitors. This is such a common problem that there is a special power cable designed to protect your irreplaceable system unit if the power supply fails.

Rather than clean up the case, the restoration uses a new case made from the original molds. That saves a lot of elbow grease. The keyboard, though, still needed cleaning.

Will it run? You should watch the videos and find out. These old machines can be great fun and even educational since unlike todays computers you can actually get to many of the parts and signals.

Theres a lot of hacking activity around these old Commodores. Weve seen a C64 tablet. While it isnt an Oculus Rift, you can even do virtual reality with the C64.


Filed under: classic hacks ...


Christmas in Pakistan (FB Ali) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Some pictures from a Karachi newspaper on a rally and procession on Karachi's main street as part of the Xmas celebrations by the Christian community (in which many local Muslims join). There are more pictures in the paper (at...


U.S. court rejects Trump bid to stop transgender military recruits on Jan. 1 "IndyWatch Feed World"

U.S. court rejects Trump bid to stop transgender military recruits on Jan. 1 | 21 Dec 2017 | A federal appeals court in Virginia on Thursday rejected a bid by President Donald Trump's administration to prevent the U.S. military from accepting transgender recruits starting Jan. 1. The administration had urged the appeals court to suspend an order by a federal judge in Baltimore for the armed forces to begin accepting transgender recruits on that date. In a brief two-paragraph order, the three-judge panel of the Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it was denying the administration's request while the appeal proceeds. All three judges are Democratic appointees.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 22, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 22 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Dec. 21 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Later on tonight Dec. 21-22 both the Dinar and Dong should be available to be traded as actual currencies (not Futures trading) and at their new rates.

2. The new tax bill allowed a lower corporate tax, which means lower taxes on our trust accounts.

3. We could have this before Christmas and could exchange through the holidays.

4. A major money tranch was moving through the system at 2:30 am EST this morning Dec. 21.

5. Yesterday Dec. 20 the amount of bank wires that went around the system was so large that it was maxed out.

B. Dec. 21 2017 5:59 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Master Plan" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.21.17

1. The system was reinitiated last night Dec. 20 and it's now possible for liquidity.

2. Bankers have been holding the codes since yesterday, Dec. 20. They've had the CORE groups funds for a week, unable to distribute them.

3. I thought this was already completed before, but the budget had to be extended into Jan. 19, 2018. President Trump would then sign the Tax Reform Bill today Dec. 21...


Pouf Bean Bag Chairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81M9vY7JLsL SL1500

Pouf Bean Bag Chairs - When someone walks into a room, their eyes extends to a fantastic eye catching piece in the room. When they walk in people comment on pieces in a room. This spikes a conversation about the item, in which you bought it at, and whats exceptional about that product, how you have it. An excellent rocking chair can do just that for any room in your residence.

1st Decide on a theme and color: Redecorating a space can be fun and a little time consuming. Figuring out just how to decorate a room starts with a great idea or thing. Men and women utilize the Internet to discover unique things when decorate any room. This is an excellent alternative to driving around for hours looking at items in different stores, spending weeks and months searching for items.

Individuals have themes for decorating a kid's room. If you've got a small women who loves princesses, or ballerina or dancing or certain colors, they're many rocking chairs that match. If you have a boy who loves race cars, bikes, farms, trains, fire engines, sports, then their are numerous rocking chairs that fit that theme too. Some kids and many children adore animals and horses, respectively and a wonderful piece for a child's room would be a rocking horse or even rockers. Rockers are just like a horse but instead of a horse its a bunny. Whats nice searching on the web for accent pieces or themes, is after you find something on a website or ecommerce shop, they have things relating to motif or the item. You purchase online and pay transport in some cases rather than gas, although an ecommerce shop is a shop online selling items just like Walmart or even Meijers does.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on China Global Television Network Discussing the Political Situation in Zimbabwe
Watch this interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, over China Global Television Network (CGTN) world news on the developing political situation in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe.

To view this segment just go to the following URL:

The segment aired live initially on Sat. Nov. 18, 2017. Azikiwe discusses the dynamics surrounding the internal struggle within the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party and its implications for the sub-continent as well as Africa as a whole.

An entry on its website says: "China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is Chinas new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016.

"By launching CGTN, we want to re-brand our product to the world, to cope with the global trend in media convergence. CGTN English is the flagship channel. The strategy, 'Mobile first', aims to fulfill the demands of global viewers and users for easier access to content on different platforms.

"With an international team of professionals from more than 70 countries and regions, CGTN is an investment in the future of news media. CGTN is a multi-language, multi-platform media grouping.

"It consists of six TV channels including a 24-hour English-language news channel a video content provider and a digital media division. Our brand new official website is

"Headquartered at the landmark CCTV building in Beijing, CGTN brings together an international professional team, with production centers in Washington and Nairobi, and a European production center on the way."


The Muckraker Vs. the Muck "IndyWatch Feed"

You might think that New York State, with its overwhelmingly liberal populace, would provide a blueprint for barricades or at least buffers lawmakers might erect against the far-right agenda now frothing out of Washington. But no. Universal health care, stronger rent regulations and tenant protections, cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, a genuine medical marijuana program, early voting, campaign finance reform, and tuition assistance for undocumented college students are just some of the progressive reforms that have gone to the state Senate to die.

With the blessing of its Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, New York has become an exemplar of self-serving, dysfunctional state government, in which a faction of renegade Democrats expresses support for progressive initiatives while facilitating Republican control of the legislatures upper house. Minnesota Congressmember Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, has called the New York state Senates governing system a danger to the nation.

But look out, Albany. An emerging cadre of Democratic candidates plan on busting up the delicate balance of power in Albany in 2018 and blue-ifying New York for real.

Among them is Ross Barkan, a journalist by trade, who in October announced his candidacy in the 22nd Senate district in southern Brooklyn. Tired of beating Albany over the head with his pen, first for the Observer until the Jared Kushner-owned rag endorsed Donald Trump for President and later for the Village Voice and Gothamist, the 28-year-old opted to step into the political arena himself.

I understand how the system works, why it succeeds and why it fails, Barkan says. I know what motivates politicians, for better and worse, and I have a strong understanding of the issues. Ive held the system to account from the outside. Now I will do it from the inside.

Will GOP control of the NY Senate end in 2018?

On a rainy December night in Long Island City at John Browns Smokehouse, as a fundraiser for Barkan wound down in a tent behind the brisket joint, he explained what first motivated him to run for office. It was over the summer, when New York Citys subway crisis began to reach its apex and Gov. Cuomo wondered out loud whos in charge. (He is.) As is the case in much of the city, the trains in Barkans native Bay Ridge neighborhood run infrequently, and none of the stations in District 22 are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He wants the Metropolitan Transportation Authoritys (MTA...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Speaks on RT America Discussing the Political Crisis in Zimbabwe
Watch this interview aired live over RT America on Thurs. Nov. 16, 2017 with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the unfolding political situation in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe.

To view the segment just go to the following URL:

Azikiwe reports on regional efforts aimed at mediation by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the historic role of President Robert Mugabe in the African Revolution from the 1960s to the present period in the 21st century.

ZANU-PF, the ruling party, is grappling with internal divisions amid ongoing efforts by the imperialists to further destabilize Zimbabwe and the entire sub-continent.


The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening That Everyone Faces But Nobody Talks About "IndyWatch Feed World"

Becoming spiritually awake is a very important aspect of life and it is a process that can be quite amazing but there are some aspects of it most dont even mention. Not everything about becoming awake is as fun and inviting as you think.

Do you think loving those who hurt us and moving on from things we dwelled on for years is easy? Becoming awake disconnects us from everything around us. It tears the world apart in our minds and peels us from everything we thought we knew. When we become more awake reality hits us like a ton of bricks.

We are forced to address everything we have been hiding from and we are slapped into expanding. It is like opening the floodgates and expecting to still be able to stand, the current is going to drag you away whether you want it to or not. Once you become spiritually awakened you cannot ignore anything you would have ignored before.

You have to face your flaws, your negative aspects, and everything you have done in this life. You have to learn who you are and who you want to become. You have to really unlock all of the inner compartments of yourself. While most assume becoming spiritually awake is the goal you finally reach it is nothing but a mere milestone. There is still so much more to continue working towards even then. While becoming spiritually awake is quite rewarding and the good does outweigh the bad, some people cannot handle it.

Some people begin searching and find something they did not want to find. Those people give up and live in a rut for the rest of their lives. Once you commit to becoming awake you must continue forward. Quitting is not an option, getting stuck is a terrible outcome.

You have to be prepared to find things you dont want to face and still be able to face them all the same. Becoming more spiritually awake is no walk in the park. For most, it is one of the hardest things they will ever do in this life. That being said, do not underestimate yourself, you can do it. For more information on this, please check out the video below.

Just because you hear more about the good sides to spiritual awakening does not mean the dark side is nonexistent. It is still very real and can be more than most are able to deal with. Do you really want to become more and can you handle it?


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on China Global Television Network Discussing the Situation in Zimbabwe
Watch this China Global Television Network (CGTN) interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the current political situation in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe.

To view this segment just click on the website below:

The segment was aired live on Thurs. Nov. 16, 2017. Azikiwe outlines the developments over the last two weeks within a socio-historical context.

According to its website: "China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is Chinas new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016.

"By launching CGTN, we want to re-brand our product to the world, to cope with the global trend in media convergence. CGTN English is the flagship channel. The strategy, Mobile first, aims to fulfill the demands of global viewers and users for easier access to content on different platforms.

"With an international team of professionals from more than 70 countries and regions, CGTN is an investment in the future of news media. CGTN is a multi-language, multi-platform media grouping. It consists of six TV channels including a 24-hour English-language news channel a video content provider and a digital media division. Our brand new official website is

"Headquartered at the landmark CCTV building in Beijing, CGTN brings together an international professional team, with production centers in Washington and Nairobi, and a European production center on the way."


Does the cream always rise to the top? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Or do we misallocate talent when it comes to innovation?  Here is a not so famous but very interesting paper by Murat Alp Celik:

The misallocation of talent between routine production versus innovation activities has a first-order impact on the welfare and growth prospects of an economy. Surname level empirical analysis employing micro-data on patents and inventors in the U.S. between 1975-2008 combined with census data from 1930 reveals new stylized facts: (i) people with richer surnames have a higher probability of becoming an inventor, however (ii) people with more educated surnames become more prolific inventors. Motivated by this discrepancy, a heterogeneous agents model with production and innovation sectors is developed, where individuals can become inventors even if they are of mediocre talent by excessive spending on credentialing. This is individually rational but socially inefficient. The model is calibrated to match the new stylized facts and data moments from the U.S. economy, and is then used to measure the magnitude of the misallocation of talent in innovation. A thought experiment in which the credentialing spending channel is shut down reveals that the aggregate growth rate of the economy can be increased by 10% of its value through a reduction of the misallocation. Socially optimal progressive bequest taxes that alleviate the misallocation are calculated, which serve to increase the growth rate of the economy to 2.05% while increasing social welfare by 6.20% in consumption equivalent terms.

I am not so persuaded by the idea of buying your way into innovative circles with credentials, or the analysis of the inheritance tax, but nonetheless this should stimulate thought.

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

U.S. and African Union (AMISOM) Troops Targeted in Bomb Attacks in Somalia
Al-Shabaab said it has killed five AFRICOM troops traveling in Mogadishu convoy amid an escalation in Pentagon bombings

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
November 15, 2017

Reports from the capital of the Horn of Africa state of Somalia indicate that a convoy of African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) and United States troops was attacked by the guerrilla forces of Al-Shabaab on November 14.

A vehicle was utilized in the operation which took place in Weydow village on the road linking the capital of Mogadishu to the Afgoye. (Garowe Online, Nov. 14)

Although a statement from Al-Shabaab indicated that five U.S. soldiers were killed in the explosion this has not been confirmed by Pentagon sources.

These offensive operations on the part of Al-Shabaab are occurring in conjunction with the escalation of Pentagon drone and fighter aircraft attacks inside the country. President Donald Trump since taking office in January has issued orders mandating the deployment of additional troops to Somalia along with an intensified bombing campaign targeting what it describes as Al-Qaeda and ISIS linked elements.

On November 14, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) claimed it had killed militants at a location 60 miles from the Mogadishu. The term militants is meant to refer to Al-Shabaab.

However, there is no evidence that those who were killed and injured fell into the adversarial category outlined by the Pentagon.

Further justifying its military tactics in Somalia, the U.S. diplomatic corps announced several months ago that its personnel had received threats from the Islamist groups. Meanwhile no specific evaluation of the effectiveness of such bombing and drone strikes are relayed to people in the U.S., Somalia or the international community.

Such bombing raids by AFRICOM are often framed as being conducted in support of and in cooperation with the Somalian Federal Government based in Mogadishu. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the Pentagon is clearly in charge of making t...


Researchers Have Finally Discovered Proof that People Absorb Energy from Others "IndyWatch Feed World"

Its a phenomenon that many of us have experienced throughout our lives, however, few stop to acknowledge that its really happening. When you spend time in a group setting, do you find yourself exhausted and burnt out? New research shows that this may be the result of having your energy drained by another person in the vicinity.

The concept was first brought to the attention of researchers and scientists across the country by a biological research team at the University of Bielefeld. The team, led by Professor Dr Olaf Bruse, was focusing their study on the existence of alternative energy sources for plant life, specifically studying the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. While flowers required both light and water to grow, the team discovered that photosynthesis was not the only source of energy that the plants were drawing upon.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels


At times when the plants were faced with an energy shortage and were unable to rely upon photosynthesis to meet their needs, they were able to obtain the necessary energy through drawing energy from other plants, specifically from the cellulose. The small green alga being studied released enzymes that were able to break down the cellulose into smaller sugar components which were then converted into energy to allow the alga to grow.

Professor Kruse explained, This is the first time that such a behavior has been confirmed in a vegetable organism. That algae can digest cellulose contradicts every previous textbook. To a certain extent, what we are seeing is plants eating plants.

Photo by rawpixel from P...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pentagon Explanations for Niger Operations Cannot Conceal Strategic Interests
Cover up underway to obscure why AFRICOM is escalating its presence on the continent

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Monday November 13, 2017

Almost on a daily basis the recounting of circumstances involving the killings of four United States Green Berets in the West African state of Niger has shifted.

Even senior members of the Senate have stated that they had no idea that Pentagon troops were conducting offensive operations in the country. Niger, a former French colony, is ranked as the worlds fourth largest producer of uranium, a fact which has been interestingly omitted from the limited discourse on the deaths of the troops deployed under the banner of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

A recent report published in the Washington Post claims that the only African American soldier in the group of dead troops, Sgt. La David Johnson, had been kidnapped and killed execution style. Purportedly, people living in the area where Johnsons body was discovered indicated that his hands were bound behind his back with a gaping wound in the rear of his head. (Nov. 10)

Other reports say that the Nigerien troops, who were ostensibly on a patrol mission with the AFRICOM forces, fled while the Green Berets stood and fought the alleged assailants. Who these hostile elements were has still not been clearly defined. What has been mentioned is that they are somehow affiliated with ISIS. (Guardian, Nov. 4)

AFRICOM in a statement issued on November 12 said it was investigating the incident in order to report its finding to the family of the slain soldiers. Nonetheless, the family of Johnson complained about what they described as the insensitive nature of a phone call received from President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the news reports of the Green Berets death.

Family members of Johnson also noted that they were prohibited from viewing what was said to have been the remains of the African American soldier. They, along with Congresswoman Fredrica S. Wilson of Florida, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the r...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sun. Nov. 12, 2017--Hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe
Listen to the Sun. Nov. 12, 2017 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To hear this episode of the program just click on the following URL:

This program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on a decision by the Republic of Namibia to affiliate with an international aviation security group; the Mozambique city of Beira is facing problems of sustainability; the South African province of Free State is experiencing water shortages; and political fallout continues surrounding the dismissal of Zimbabwe Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week.

In the second hour we rebroadcast an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe on the role of the United States military in Niger, Somalia, South Sudan and other African states originally aired over Riverwest Radio in Milwaukee.

Finally, we continue our tribute to African African Liberation Movement fighter Assata Shakur.


December 22nd 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #344 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Gaius Publius: New Study Evaluates Climate Models Best Ones Also Show the Most Global Warming "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A new study of the performance models shows more convincingly than ever that we are cooking our collective goose.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sat. Nov. 11, 2017--Hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe
Listen to the Sat. Nov. 11, 2017 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To hear the podcast of this program just go to the following website:

The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the shifting stories surrounding the circumstances under which four United States Green Berets were killed in the West African state of Niger; there is an ongoing shakeup in the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) ruling party in this Southern African state; the Pentagon is escalating its bombing operations in the Horn of Africa state of Somalia; and the governement in the Central African state of Burundi has officially withdrawn from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) based in the Netherlands.

In the second hour we rebroadcast the Progressive Radio Network (PRN) program Moving Forward where host Abayomi Azikiwe discussed the political and economic situation in the city of Detroit.

Finally we listen to a rebroadcast from Radio 786 in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa which includes an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe on the program entitled "Editor's Round Table."


Silver Demand Will Drop in 2018 Due to Solar Panels? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Silver Demand Will Drop in 2018 Due to Solar Panels? by Rory The Daily Coin A few weeks ago Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group, stated that silver investment demand was not part of the calculations used in his analysis to...

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Euro Recliner Lounge Chair and Ottoman "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

3b3c83b6 55a1 41d4 a639 4b6bba46e83f CB

Euro Recliner Lounge Chair and Ottoman - Furniture may be thought to be one of the arrangement stuff from the home. There are many diverse varieties of furniture and it's your duty to keep on selecting the most unique furniture to your interiors or exteriors according to the current arrangement in your place. You should have an idea on the kind of furniture needed by you because there are so many of them as it is absolutely not possible to go through each and every piece of furniture while going to the furniture shop. If you are completely confused on the sort of furniture you should get for the purpose then it is possible to take advantage of internet in order to learn about the ideal type that suits one to the core. There are numerous suppliers on internet handling the ventures on furniture also it would be really good if you proceed through the websites as you may be able to find an idea about the exact use of different furniture in which you might be seeing a number of these for your very first time in your life. You may be in need of getting couple of seats to be put in your insides.

In fact you may be giving the concept in that you may be on the lookout for something distinctive and stylish in the plan and that the chairs should not be utilized for your workplace purpose. The truth is it is not feasible that you go searching for the perfect designer chair depending on your choice to each and every shop. This is due to the limitation imposed from the time without confronting any issues in their agenda wherein majority of them are going on with the task in an efficient manner. If you attempt finding time out that the schedule may begin down with the passage of time, this might be in turn creating lot of problems. There are lots of internet providers with types of seats by going through the websites inside your own comfort, and you will surf. You'll have the ability to pick the chair up in accordance with your choice and by paying very speed when compared to the retail shops.

Tink Eroy has a great deal of expertise in composing articles. He owns famousfurniture site. If you are interested in contemporary furniture like designer seats [] and eames dsr chair have a look at this modern modern furniture []. So have a short review of Designs & furniture designs offered in our website. For Details see us.


Friday December 22nd Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: Lynch was promised Scalias US Supreme Court Seat for exonerating Hilary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Loretta Elizabeth Lynch (born 1959). Served as 83rd US Attorney General, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2015 to succeed Eric Holder. (photo CNN)

by G5

When Sick Willy [Bill, Slick willy, Clinton] met Loretta Lynch and Stephen Hargrove at Phoenix Airport on 1/7/2016, it was a planned meeting. Neither Lynch nor Sick Willy act by chance. Socialising occurred for any audio. But also the written notes scenario was separately employed.

Sick Willy never uses email or mobiles. Certainly not in such situations. Even secure devices can become remote...


When sanity fails the mindset of the ideological drone "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[Notes: This article, written by me, the Saker, is temporarily placed in the Guest Analyses section due to my current fundraiser.  It will be placed in the correct section when


Are Democrats/Left-Wing Parties Really Marxists? "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Why do you paint the left/Democrats as really being Marxist?


ANSWER: Marx is the one that started the entire focus on the class warfare. Keep in mind that Marx began his position with socialism not communism. It was the Commune Movement in Paris that persuaded Marx to adopt communism, which was the surrender of all property.

The reason I call the left Marxist is that this is where the class warfare begins. This philosophy did far more than simply invoke class warfare. It instigated the entire belief that government could manage the economy and eliminate the business cycle. John Maynard Keynes also followed that segment of Marx taking the position that government could control the business cycle. Therefore, both Marx and Keynes shared a common belief that the government could eliminate the business cycle. Towards the end of Keynes life, he relented that he had fought against the business cycle and Smiths Invisible Hand, and came to realize he was wrong.



Discover Your Sun Number and What it Means For You, According to Numerology "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sure, numerology can be a bit tricky, but this is something we can all remember. What is your sun number?

Our sun number offers a deep insight as to who we are as people. It shows how we handle things and tells us a little in regards to love as well. When it comes to figuring out your sun number all you have to do is add your month and day of birth together. Once you have done that you need to reduce that number to a single digit.

For example:

If you were born on June 8th You would have 6 + 8 = 14. This would reduce to 1 + 4 = 5 and that would mean 5 is your sun number. Not that hard now is it? If you still have a double number at the second point keep reducing until you get a single digit. Once you have your sun number take a look below to find out what it means for you.

Number 1

If this is your number you are a highly motivated individual. You are able to work hard and get things done even in the worst situations. You are always able to spot change before it hits. With that being said, you should try to be more humble.

Number 2

You are someone who often listens to your gut. Nothing can get in your way once you set your mind to something and you are quite the fireball. You are sensitive and romantic but somehow still manage to struggle when it comes to love. You are always putting other peoples needs before your own.

Number 3

You are always making people laugh, and your sense of humor knows no bounds. People come to you when they need someone to speak to. Your charming and confident face is something all consider inviting.

Number 4

You are a bit too headstrong for your own good. You tend to get in arguments more often than not and other people do not like to oppose you. While you are often right, some things are not worth the fight. Calm down a little bit, stop being so serious.

Number 5

You cannot handle change. When change is knocking on your door you hide. Your life is far more chaotic than it should be and you are always aiming for short-term goals rather than long-term ones.

Number 6

You are always cheerful and bringing light to the worlds of those around you. Everyone enjoys your company and you are often very upbeat. However, when something has you feeling down it truly is the end of the world.



Tax Reform Businesses Moving to Florida & Texas ASAP "IndyWatch Feed National"


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Did Donald Trump take your Tax Reform Proposal you submitted to Congress back in the nineties?


ANSWER: I know a lot of people have been asking that since his original corporate tax rate was 15%. What I can say is that the notion to eliminate deductions for State income tax has been bantered around for a long time. I believe that was added to the reform and was not actually Trumps plan initially out of the gate.

What you have to understand is that if California gets 13.5% and Alabama is 5%, the States have seen this as welfare for California and other high taxes States. Their residents get to deduct that money and it is really a welfare check for the State. To make it fair, there should be NO deduction for State income taxes. That will then force the local politicians to be respectful of other peoples money perhaps for the first time in history.

This is why I knew it would be time to move to Florida where there was no state income tax. I cannot tell you how many friends from New Jersey have already called and want to move their businesses to Florida asking how hard was it.


Red Lake Tribe Issues Urgent Public Health Notice "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published December 22, 2017

RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians has issued an Urgent Public Health Notice because of the high number of overdoses taking place on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, based in northern Minnesota.

The following notice was posted on the Red Lake Tribes Facebook page on Tuesday:

Red Lake Reservation Overdose Urgent Public Health Notice

Tuesday December 19, 2017   In the past 24 hours the Department responded to a call with an overdose that occurred on the Red Lake Reservation. As the number of heroin over doses could potentially increase, The Department will continue to work to combat the issue along with other surrounding agencies.

In this case the person was dumped off at the Red Lake Indian Hospital by friends in the Emergency Department lot. This is a cause for concern as bystanders should remain with the Patient until EMS responds to ensure that Life-Saving treatment is available, also to help Law Enforcement with questions.

The Department along with other agencies are supplied with Naloxone Nasal reversal agents that are very effective. And when they respond to over doses they will be able to reverse the condition of the person who overdosed. The faster they get the Naloxone dose the better the chances of the person recovering from an overdose.

Keep in mind that surrounding Reservations such as White Earth responded to (7) calls within the past 48 hours with (2) resulting in deaths.

The Department would like to encourage Heroin users as well as other substance abusers to seek help or treatment through the Red Lake Chemical Health Program. The Red Lake Tribe just recently has implemented a Medicated Assisted Treatment program and is now taking on new patients. This program helps patients to start their recovery journey in a supportive environment.

The Department also encourages the Citizens of the Red Lake Reservation to come forward and provide information so that we may put a stop to drugs being circulated.



Native American Financial Services Association To Hold Inaugural Regulatory Workshop in Washington, D.C. "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published December 22, 2017

WASHINGTON  The Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) today announced the date for its inaugural Tribal Lending Regulatory Workshop, to be held February 15th, 2018 at its Washington, D.C. headquarters. The workshop is open free of charge to all tribal lending regulators, compliance officers, and officials.

Longtime banking regulator Richard Fulkerson will be the featured lead presenter. Fulkerson brings over twenty-five years of experience in the financial services sector, including as Commissioner of the Tribal Consumer Protection Bureau, Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. He spent 12 years as Colorado State Banker Commissioner and prior to that had been the states Director of Examinations for the Division of Banking. During his tenure with the division assets held by Colorado state-chartered banks and trust companies increased from $12 billion to over $40 billion.
The one-day workshop will take place from 8am to 3pm on February 15th at NAFSAs headquarters just steps from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Attendees should expect industry, policy, and legal updates from NAFSAs expert staff and a full day of breakout sessions working through real-life case scenarios involving consumer complaints, dialogues with state regulators, navigating CFPB supervision/enforcement, and understanding the difference between business compliance and regulation. Breakout sessions will be led by experienced financial regulators with years of experience auditing tribal lending operations.

Gary Davis, president of NAFSA

NAFSA is committed to providing all necessary assistance to its members in operating their lending businesses to a very high regulatory standard. Each of our members is committed to our established best practices and their own lending codes. This workshop will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for tribal regulators, officials, and compliance officers, including tribes whom may not yet be affiliated with NAFSA, to get important hands-on training regarding...


Trump Tax Reform Causing Panic in Europe & Asia "IndyWatch Feed World"

While the American press keeps pushing the class warfare along with the Democrats, outside the USA there is a major panic taking place on a grand scale. I have been called into meeting in Europe and even in Asia all deeply concerned about the loss of competition with the United States due to the Trump Tax Reform. Naturally, the American press would NEVER tell the truth how cutting the corporate tax rate will upset the powers that be around the globe.

A German study warns that its economy will be among the losers in the face of the Trump Tax Reform, which they warn will fuel the tax competition between America and Europe, but also the study leader, Christoph Spengel from the Economic Research Institute ZEW, came out and told Reuters:

In addition, competition between EU members for US investment will increase; Germany is the loser.

German Industry is already screaming. They want the Solidarity Surcharge terminated. That was put on for the unification and was never lifted, as is always the case. Without the surcharge, the German corporate rate would be 28.2%, still well above the EU average tax rate of 20.9%.

To finance the reunification of Germany a surcharge, the government taxed all taxpayers on their income tax withholding and corporation tax. The assessment basis was the income tax or corporation tax. This became known as the Solidarity Surcharge and is currently 5.5 % of the relevant assessment basis. Therefore, the effective corporate tax rate in Germany has been 33.7%. Of course, the Solidarity Surcharge is no longer is really needed to pay for the unification. But as always, once a tax is imposed, the government just cant let it go.

The taxation levels in Germany were always much higher. When I was working on corporate restructuring helping companies select where to set up inside Europe for the birth of the Euro, I never placed any manufacture in Germany. I sent them to Britain for the net tax was 40% less. If they did not need skilled-manufacturing labor and just the best tax rate, I put those companies in Ireland. Never did I recommend anyone to move to Germany or France.

The advice I gave to those in a position to put the counter-reform in motion was straightforward. I advised them to ELIMINATE income tax completely. The political cover should be that they are adopting the original structure of the United States w...


Will Divestment Be The Best News Of 2017? "IndyWatch Feed World"


Time and again, the petroleum industry has used its political might to stymie global action on climate change. Now cities and states have become the new battleground. Photograph by Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

Some things we lose slowly, which seems better than losing them quicker; other things we gain too slowly:

The Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels Gains Momentum



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT America Discussing United States Militarism in Africa
Watch this RT America satellite television news interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To view this segment just click on the website below:

The interview was conducted by RT America anchor Ashlee Banks on Wed. Nov. 8, 2017.

Azikiwe discusses the reasons behind United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) escalations of military presence and engagements on the continent in Niger and Somalia.

Azikiwe notes the large-scale presence of uranium in Niger and the tactical interests of the U.S. aimed at economic domination and geo-strategic positioning.

The presence of AFRICOM for nearly a decade has worsened instability and insecurity in Africa as opposed to bringing about peace and development.


A Tougher Test For Democrats Than Alabama Was-- PA-18... What Happens When There Are No Black Voters? "IndyWatch Feed"

Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district is in the southwest corner of the state. Most of the voters live in the hilly suburbs west, south and east of Pittsburgh although there are large rural sections of the district in Washington and Greene counties. The 2015 PVI (R+10) slipped to R+11 this year after Trump won the district 58.1% to 38.5%. Until he resigned in October when it was disclosed that he asked his extramarital girlfriend to get an abortion, Tim Murphy was a shoo-in for reelection.. First elected in 2002, Murphy didn't even draw a Democratic opponent last year or in 2014.

A special election is scheduled for March 13. It doesn't seem very likely a Democrat can win. It's just too red and the Republicans will spend whatever it takes to hold on there. It's white, working class and non-college educated. The Democratic Party apparatus is rusty and the party has forgotten how to fight in this part of Pennsylvania. Their candidate, selected at a local party convention, is former Marine and former assistant U.S. Attorney Conor Lamb, a conservative Democrat, unlikely to stir up any excitement other than anti-Trump excitement. Is that enough-- especially in that red a district? I'm guessing not. lamb is from an old Pittsburgh establishment family, related to a former mayor. But his pathetic website is a DCCC stereotype with no issues, just biography.

After winning even more Republican-oriented Alabama (R+14), the Democratic establishment feels they can win with a Republican-lite candidate. What they're not factoring in is that state Rep. Rick Saccone isn't a scandal-scarred crackpot like Roy Moore... and their are no motivated minorities to count on for a base. In Alabama Doug Jones acknowledged that he won his narrow victory because the...


FBI Offers $10,000 Reward for Information on Death of Native Man Who Died at 21 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

From the Justice for Matthew Grant Facebook page

Published December 22, 2017

GREAT FALLS, MONTANA -The FBI has announced a reward of up to $10,000 for information regarding the death of Matthew Grant.

In December 2016, Grant had recently arrived in Montana from Canada. He was reported missing on December 15, 2016. The Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services issued a missing persons alert for Grant shortly after he disappeared.

His body was discovered in the Glacker Homes community in an alley days later. Grant was 21 when he died.




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US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ahead of a vote in the United Nations General Assembly on a resolution condemning US recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital, president Donald Trump and UN ambassador Nikki Haley threatened states voting for the resolution with the loss of US financial aid. Were watching those votes said Trump. Let them vote against us, well save Continue reading "US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World"

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Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor "IndyWatch Feed War"

MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity SUBJECT: Is Iran the Worlds Leading Sponsor of Terrorism? EXECUTIVE SUMMARY/BACKGROUND We are concerned by recent strident and stark public statements from key members of your Administration that paint Iran in very alarmist terms. The average American, without the benefit of history, could easily be Continue reading "Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor"

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00006 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.80 AUD


Why Does Lamarckism Still Cast Its Shadow Over the Archaeological Survey of India? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The ASI has been displaying outdated, and discredited, information about the evolution of humans at one of its sites at least.

A model of Australopithecus africanus at an exhibition in South Africa, 2009. Credit: flowcomm/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

A model of Australopithecus africanus at an exhibition in South Africa, 2009. Credit: flowcomm/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

A friend recently mentioned that she was planning to visit the famous rock shelters at Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh. These sandstone caves are famous for their rock art and stone tools, ranging in age from the Palaeolithic to more recent times. The site is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

I remembered my own trip to these shelters over three years ago. This is a photo Id taken then  of a plaque in front of a cave where Palaeolithic stone tools had been found. It describes the grand story of human evolution.



The Recession Indicators Are Piling Up, It Doesnt Look Good (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Recession Indicators Are Piling Up, It Doesnt Look Good Video X22 Report The corporate media is reporting that the public is spending like they never spent before this holiday season. One thing they left out is that everyone...

The post The Recession Indicators Are Piling Up, It Doesnt Look Good (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


FBI/DOJ Co-Conspirators Just Lost Biggest Asset FBI Director Wray Kicks Out James Baker. "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a clear plan and strategy in place to deal with the schemes of the small group of co-conspirators within the DOJ and FBI.  CTH advises prudent patience, and assembly of tar and feathers, as the Machiavellian schemes continue Continue reading


The top 5 policy and finance stories in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Policy headlines in 2017 were dominated by Trump's intervention to slow climate action, but other more encouraging news included the growing divestment and responsible finance movements, and recognition of women's capacity to drive change.


This week nuclear and climate the good news "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Well, of course, its hard to find good news. I see that a good news media has just started up . I dont like their chances but thats only because good news isnt really news.  News is about something unusual happening. The vast majority of human beings are go...


Cenk Uygur Confirms Report on His Racism, Sexism Blames it on Being Republican at the Time "IndyWatch Feed"

Following a report from the Gateway Pundit on Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks dark history of racism, sexism, and pro-rape commentary the progressive icon issued an apology of sorts, blaming it on him being a Republican at the time.

Uygur was over 30 at the time of the posts, which included referring to Native Americans as Redskins who are always looking to make a buck, stating that Japanese women will sleep with American men for a new purse, and stating that women are genetically flawed and poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.  

Speaking to The Wrap, Uygur confirmed that the posts were in fact his, and stated that he regrets writing them.

The stuff I wrote back then was really insensitive and ignorant, Uygur said. If you read that today, what I wrote 18 years ago, and youre offended by it, youre 100 percent right. And anyone who is subjected to that material, I apologize to. And I deeply regret having written that stuff when I was a different guy.

Uygur then went the Kevin Spacey route with his apology stating that he is now living as a liberal man and blamed his disgusting statements on being a conservative at the time.

If someone said that today, I would heavily criticize them on the show and rightfully so, and I have. Ive criticized myself over the years, he added. I had not yet matured and I was still a conservative who thought that stuff was politically incorrect and edgy. When you read it now, it looks really, honestly, ugly. And its very uncomfortable to read.

The popular YouTube personality denied the incident written about by Young Turks co-founder and senior vice president of operations Dave Koller in 2005, in which he describes himself and Uygur asking 14-16 year old girls if they have ever had sex referrin...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sun. Nov. 5, 2017--Hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe
Listen to the Sun. Nov. 5, 2017 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To hear the podcast of this program go to the following URL:

The program will present our regular PANW report with dispatches on a renegade soldier in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo who has surrendered to authorities; tensions are mounting in the capital of the Republic of South Sudan after an attempt to disarm a rebel army leader; the United States has warned of threats against its diplomatic personnel in the Horn of Africa nation of Somalia; and the Zimbabwe government says it will pursue charges against an American citizen for insulting President Robert Mugabe.

In the second hour of the program we continue our focus on the recently-released declassified documents related to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy which contained information on the FBI's counter-intelligence program targeting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was assassinated four years after Kennedy.


Colossal Reality Check For Trump Haters Forced To Admit The President Is Winning Pigs Are Flying "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Colossal Reality Check For Trump Haters Forced To Admit The President Is Winning Pigs Are Flying By Susan Duclos All News PipeLine Most of us have heard the expression when pigs fly, in reference to the impossibility of some...

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Trump Administration Finalizes 300% Import Tariff on Bombardier Jets From Canada "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Trump administration has imposed a 300% tariff on the import of Bombardier CSeries jet airliners. Airbus and Bombardier recently announced a partnership to build the planes in Mobile, Alabama that would sidestep the tariff:

The Trump administration on Wednesday recommended steep anti-subsidy duties on Bombardier Inc's CSeries jets, setting up the next round of a fierce international trade dispute between the United States and Canada. The U.S. Commerce Department announcement to impose duties of nearly 300 percent stems from a complaint by Boeing Co that Bombardier had been unfairly and illegally subsidized by the Canadian government, allowing the planemaker to dump its newest jetliner in the U.S. market below cost.

"Today's decision validates Boeing's complaints regarding Bombardier's pricing in the United States, pricing that has harmed our workforce and U.S. industry," Boeing said in a statement on the decision, which was generally expected within the aerospace industry.

Delta Air Lines, the second largest U.S. carrier by passenger traffic, has an order for 75 of the 100-to-150 seat CSeries jets. The aircraft starts at $79.5 million, according to list prices, or some $5.9 billion for the total order, but carriers typically receive steep discounts. If imposed, the duties would more than triple the cost of a CSeries aircraft sold in the United States, based on Boeing's assertion that Delta received the planes for $20 million each, well below an estimated cost of $33 million and what Bombardier charges in Canada.

Bombardier criticized the U.S. decision as out of touch, citing the Canadian planemaker's plan to team up with European Airbus to launch assembly of the CSeries from a production line in Mobile, Alabama, making it a domestic product for U.S. buyers.

Also at The Hill and CNBC.

Update: Boeing in talks with Embraer; Brazil backs jetliner alliance



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sat. Nov. 4, 2017--Hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe
Listen to the Sat. Nov. 4, 2017 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

To listen to the podcast of this program just click on the website below:

The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the 70th anniversary of the submission of a document by Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois to the United Nations on behalf of African Americans; China has reiterated its solidarity with the DPRK; the DPRK government has stated that efforts by the United States to isolate the nation would inevitably fail; Ethiopian troops have moved into neighboring Somalia amid the escalation of Pentagon presence in the Horn of Africa.

In the second hour we look back at the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the aftermath of the release of classified government files on the murder of JFK.

Finally we review the saga of African American Liberation movement activist Assata Shakur  who was granted political asylum in Cuba during the 1980s. 


Holiday Reading From Ralph "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Try these  By Ralph McAllister Last minute suggestions if you dont trust my recommendations for book of the year. (Scroll down to December 20 for Ralphs selection.)  ~ Call Me By Your Name by Andr Aciman  ~ Elmet by Fiona Mozley  ~ The Passage of Love by Alex Miller  ~ The Eye of the Sheep []


X22 Report, The Recession Indicators Are Piling Up, It Doesn't Look Good "IndyWatch Feed World"

X22 Report, The Recession Indicators Are Piling Up, It Doesn't Look Good
Related followup report:
X22 Report, Desperation Is Setting In, The Cabal Is Trapped


Pale Blue Dining Chairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

91VWgLGUkOL SL1500

Pale Blue Dining Chairs - Chairs are so frequent that we hardly think twice about these. There are probably one of the most famous and earliest types of comfort known to humankind. Irrespective of how old or long ago seats were invented that they continue to evolve. Chairs today are manufactured for various chairs functions which range from office seats to general home seats etc..

Chairs today come in several of layouts, shapes and sizes. A seat today's job is not only to help making it easy for people to sit serves an purpose. It ought to look good and blend in well for. So for instance office chairs need to appear good and fit in setting instead of an easy chair or rocking chair which must fit in well with a national atmosphere.

Nowadays chairs can be readily purchased from any shop and they're also produced from a number of materials including timber. In the past chairs were only made from wood but the latest progress in technology is now feasible for individuals to purchase seats made from plastic, fiber, and metal etc..


Board approved correctly: MP "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

December 22, 2017

Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government (LLG) Kevin Isufu says correct processes were followed when the department approved the appointment of the Hides special purpose authority board.
Commenting on the claims by leaders from the PDL 7 area that board members were not representatives of landowners, Isufu said that the only way was to seek legal advice on the issue.
My department is responsible for assisting and establishing and setting up of the board following their respective constitutions, Isufu said.
In line with the LLG Act, my department uses the Act in line with their constitution to set up landowner associations.
Team leader plant facilities and well-head owners of PDL 7, Paul Peter, said the board members were not the right ones, based in Port Moresby.
Peter called on Isufu to revoke the appointment of the board of directors and proper process be followed.


You Can Oppose the NRA and Win, Time to Defuse the Myth if We Want to End Mass Killings "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Mass shootings occur so frequently in the US that they only make headlines when the death toll is high enough. It is well past time for rational gun owners to either take the NRA back or start a new organization. It's also time for Congress to stop laying in fear of the NRA when they can in fact be opposed successfully. If that doesn't happen, the US will continually be marking these anniversaries into eternity.


2008 Was Just a Warning Current Laws Make Any Wealth in the Markets Vulnerable (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

2008 Was Just a Warning Current Laws Make Any Wealth in the Markets Vulnerable Video ITM Trading Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 2 Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious metals, war,...

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Jacinda Ardern is part of a clique of political playground bullies "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A gang of teenage girls surround her. Their leader with her hands on her hips glares at the lone girl. I wont be bullied by you she snarls. You think that just because the teacher has taken your side that you are going to get your way. Well, we have all decided that number 23 []

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The US Failed Policies in Iraq and Kurdish People Revolt! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The US Government supported two mafia families of Barzani and Talabani in 'the Kurdistan Regional Governments of Iraq (KRG)' since 1991. And many ex-officials of the US joined the Barzani and Talabani mafia families in the oil businesses. Barzani and Talabani mafia families abused Kurdish people, while the US Governments looked another way.


Trump Administration Is Trying To Push Through an Extension of Controversial Spying Measure "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Derrick Broze In an attempt to avert government shutdown, the Trump administration is calling for vote on a spending bill which includes a temporary...


Stones Are Crying Out "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Stones Are Crying Out (Part 3 of 3) by Bankster Slayer Rogue Money Ive actually seen robots and AI perform magick before, except they werent doing it necessarily on their own, but rather as an extension of their creators...

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Anarchist Healthcare Workers Respond to Trumps CDC Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Listen and Download Here

Today William talked with two anarchist healthcare workers in Asheville, NC about the Trump administrations censorship of language regarding the Center for Disease Control and Preventions 2018 budget proposal documents. In this short episode we talk about what this means, some recent context for similar censorship, how CDC budget documents affect peoples everyday lives, and recommendations for how to move forward.

Unfortunately the taping of another show made it into the background of this minisode, sorry about that. If you listen closely you might learn something about the latest game.

To read more about this recent censorship, you can get online and type something along the lines of CDC list of banned words into your web browser for some more background context.


Oversized Chair Slip Cover "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71k2ti2URVL SL1000

Oversized Chair Slip Cover - If your church seats are due for replacement, you can tell. It's no secret that all worn chairs out is not comfortable. They therefore are unappealing, as well as structurally unsound and reflect on a church. Structurally seating that is compromised can give way at any time, damaging a salesman member or potentially embarrassing.

When buying church chairs, caliber is more non-negotiable; it is always better to invest in a few rows of quality chairs that will endure for many years to come as opposed to buy a room filled with inexpensive chairs that will begin to fall apart at the seams in the minute they're first employed. You get what you pay for, in regards to seats. While quality seats may not be cheap, they give a far greater value, as they will last more than diminished quality chairs. Purchasing good chairs will offer your congregation a comfortable, attractive environment and an improved worship experience.

It could be challenging to acquire church chairs if the church is currently overrun by other obligations. Fortunately, there are a number of ideas that you can use even in the face of a church funding that is tight to make sure that you are able to purchase quality church chairs for your congregation.


What to Expect with Cryptocurrencies in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the last few months we have experienced a major boom in the cryptocurrency sector and now the search term for the words Buy Bitcoin has surpassed the term Buy Gold for the first time. It is the most in-demand financial product in the world and we are experiencing a shift in what money is that we have never gone through before. Now programmers have the code to generate money and they are coming up with new superior ways to make money benefit for more and not just the 1% on the planet.

With the price of BTC and ETH more than doubling over the last couple of months, many are calling this a bubble but most do not understand the main causes of bubbles. With more people deciding that their wealth is more secure and has greater investment returns than fiat money the trend will continue. This will be the end of Banks as we know them today as they cannot sustain this battle against a superior product that is not owned by anyone. They will try to take control but hopefully, the coders can keep on step ahead to make sure that for the first time in our history, financial control back in the hands of the people.

In 2018 the term hyperinflation is going to be one of the big talking points, especially in the UK as the pound gets weaker which increases the prices of imports. If China goes ahead and starts selling oil in a currency other than the dollar, it is game over for the USA. The dollar is already crashing and with the prospect of Russia starting its own cryptocurrency it will not be long before the whole world has to follow suit or they will be left behind.

It could not be more obvious that cryptocurrencies are going to be the new form of money we all keep and spend. As the death of fiat currency occurs it is going to be one of the most dangerous in our history. It was hyperinflation that was a major cause about what started world war two as the German people could not eat or afford accommodation so they supported a crazy leader. We see the that happening all over the world now with the prime example been Donald Trump.

The 2007/08 financial crisis never did get sorted out, instead, trillions in fiat money were printed and given to the bankers to keep the system from collapse. The problem is so much greater than it was last time, that it will no longer be possible to print counterfeit money to pay off bad debt. The big question which no one knows the answer to is what happens when this event takes place? How would the American people react if a situation happens where they can not access all of their money from the banks because they are bankrupt. I know I would not like to be living there with so many of the population owning guns, things could turn very nasty for a long time.

Cryptocurrency is not just another form of money it is here to save the world...


MegaAnon's Response to Trump's New EO Blocking People Involved in Human Rights Abuse or Corruption "IndyWatch Feed World"

In Response To: (hmm) Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

First set:
from thread

~~~~~[another anon]~~~~~

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT A F@CKING DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~[another anon]~~~~~

He is literally saying it is okay to seize the property (ie bank accounts, land, homes, and general property) of Human traffickers and pedos. This is going to clear out the f@cking swamp and New York

~~~~~[another anon]~~~~~

Not only that, but he also prevented (((donations))) to those affected by the EO to avoid having the swamp bail itself out

On top of this, the actions are established immediately and with no need for prior notice of seizure

It will be interesting to see how the swamp responds to that last point. My money is on an appeal issued by a court in Hawaii

~~~~~Anonymous [MegaAnon] ID:5DaxjVXn Thu 21 Dec 2017 14:58:52 No.154082851

Haha! You're right in many ways!! Guess what? The Swamp's financials FROZE OVER while they...


Billionaires fight over mining right!: Dangote, BUAs war deepens "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There seems to be no end in sight in the crisis between the managements of Dangote Group and BUA Group over the mining rights in Edo State. The management of Dangote Industries Limited has, again, vehemently accused BUA Group of making untrue assertions against it. Dangote said that BUA was being dubious in claiming to be the rightful owner of Mining Lease No 2541. The two companies, who had, on Wednesday, agreed to wait for a judicial outcome rather than resorting to self-help and/or using influence and agencies of government...

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"The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected
by Martin Armstrong

"The danger from the Global Warming crowd is that they are misleading the entire world and preventing us from what is dangerously unfolding that sparks the rapid decline in civilization GLOBAL COOLING. I previously warned that this is not my opinion, but simply our computer. If it were really conscious it would be running to store to buy heating pads. This year will be much colder for Europe than the last three. It will also be cold in the USA. We are in a global cooling period and all the data we have in our computer system warns that the earth is turning cold not warm.

This cooling is very serious. This decline in the energy output of the sun will manifest in a commodity boom in agriculture as shortages send food prices higher. We will see famine begin to rise as crops fail and that will inspire disease and plagues. We will see the first peak in agricultural prices come probably around 2024 after the lows are established on this cycle. We have been warning that this rise would begin AFTER 2017.


Messianic Communism "IndyWatch Feed"

[This article is excerpted from An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, vol. 1, Economic Thought Before Adam Smith.]

Communist Zealots: the Anabaptists

Given that creed, there were two ways that Anabaptism could and did go. Most Anabaptists, like the Mennonites or Amish, became virtual anarchists. They tried to separate themselves as much as possible from a necessarily sinful state and society, and engaged in nonviolent resistance to the states decrees.

Time to buy old US gold coins

The other route, taken by another wing of Anabaptists, was to try to seize power in the state and to shape up the majority by extreme coercion: in short, ultratheocracy. As Monsignor Knox incisively points out, even when Calvin established a theocracy in Geneva, it had to pale beside one which might be established by a prophet enjoying continuous, new, mystical revelation.

As Knox points out, in his usual scintillating style:

in Calvins Geneva and in the Puritan colonies of America, the left wing of the Reformation signalized its ascendancy by enforcing the rigorism of its morals with every available machinery of discipline; by excommunication, or, if that failed, by secular punishment. Under such discipline sin became a crime, to be punished by the elect with an intolerable self-righteousness

I have called this rigorist attitude a pale shadow of the theocratic principle, because a full-blooded theocracy demands the presence of a divinely inspired leader...

Have Your Cake But Dont Eat It "IndyWatch Feed"

NEW YORKIf youre having a gay wedding, and your cake has been baked by a man who thinks gay marriage is an abomination against God, do not eat the cake.

Im surprised I have to tell you this.

People like myself are in no danger at all because we learned years ago to never eat the wedding cake.

Quick digression for all men who hate weddings as much as I do: Volunteer to park the cars. Its less boring than the reception, it makes you late for everything (Sorry, I was parking the latecomers), and the family thinks youre a selfless dependable friend. You can also smoke.

But apparently, Charlie Craig and David Mullins didnt get the memo, because when they walked into the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, in 2012 and met devout Christian owner Jack Phillips, they thought what was being discussed was just a cake.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Actually, to be precise, I think Charlie thought it was just a cake, but David had all his wedding-day fantasies tied up in the perfect symbolic cake, so much so that when they were turned away by Phillips because Thats just a cake that I cant do, David broke down in tears in the parking lot. The Michelangelo of Colorado Cake-itecture had shattered Davids dreams like freezer-hardened icing hurled against a steel girder.

Wedding Cake Drama is nothing new, of course, and there have probably been at least a million prospective husbands who have said, Lets not make a federal case out of what kind of cake we have at the wedding, but until now they were speaking metaphorically. Charlie and David, on the other hand, went to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and got a judgment against Jack for sexual-orientation discrimination. Among other things, the commission required Jack to institute staff training of his immediate family members. This would be sort of like reading your wife her Miranda rights. Forced with either designing cakes for gay weddings or breaking the law, Jack decided to shut down the wedding-cake business entirely, thereby sacrificing 40 percent of his business. But he appealed the case in hopes of someday reviving his quite elaborate cakemanship career.

I have several questions about this case, which came up before the Supreme Court last week, namely:

If you know the guy disapproves of gay marriage, why do you want him to design your cake in the first place?

Havent you ever watched Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars or Ultimate Cake Off or Amazing Wedding Cakes or Ace of Cakes? We know from reality TV that the more complex the...

Leftitarian on the Tax Bill "IndyWatch Feed"

Will Wilkinson, the vice president for policy at the Niskanen Center, does not like the tax bill just passed by Congress. Writing in  The New York Times, he finds the legislation notably generous to corporations, high earners, inheritors of large estates and the owners of private jets.

Wilkinson has discovered a surprising source for the legislation he dislikes so much. It is none other than the libertarian idea, promoted by Murray Rothbard and Ayn Rand, that taxation is theft. Under their theory of absolute property rights, taxation was morally criminalized.  Democratic majorities, in this view, cannot override property rights.

Wilkinson rejects this account. The idea that there is an inherent tension between democracy and the integrity of property rights is wildly misguided.  Democracy is a means for the poor and middle class to protect themselves from exploitative elites. Democracy is a relatively recent innovation; in pre-democratic states, ruling elites exploited the lower orders. Those not in the ruling elite need the redistributive democratic state for protection.

The fault is no doubt mine, but I find Wilkinsons line of thought difficult to follow. How does the thought that taxation is morally wrong to underlie a tax bill? If you reject taxation, would you not oppose taxes rather than enact new taxes? Perhaps what Wilkinson has in mind is this: in present circumstances, Republicans under nefarious libertarian influence could not proceed all the way to abolition of taxation. The best they could manage is not to tax the well-off as much as Wilkinson thinks appropriate.

Time to buy old US gold coins

If this is Wilkinsons idea, though, the question arises: What is supposed to be the way in which the rich elites are exploiting the poor in the tax bill? One gathers that it is, as already suggested,  by not subjecting themselves to as high taxes as Wilkinson wants.  In addition, the deficit that will result from the bill may lead to cuts in redistributive programs like Medicare and other social safety net programs.

It is no doubt true that many government programs, such as bank bailouts, farm subsidies, and protective tariffs, favor the well off.  But giving tax breaks is not exploitation: it is letting people keep their own money. Further, redistributing money to the poor is not a way to protect the integrity of property rights: it is a violation of these rights. Of course,...

The Gospel of Envy "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump, every Republican senator, and the GOP majority in Speaker Paul Ryans House just put the future of their party on the line.

By enacting the largest tax cut since the Reagan administration, the heart of which is cutting the corporate rate from 35 to 21 percent, Republicans have boldly bet the farm.

They have rewritten Americas tax code to reflect their belief that cutting taxes on the private sector will produce the prosperity they have promised. If it happens, the GOP will reap the rewards, if not by 2018, then in 2020.

Democrats, as the Party of Government, egalitarian and neo-socialist, have come to see their role as redistributing wealth from those who have too much to those who have too little. For, as men (and women) are born unequal in ambition, ability, talent, energy, personality and drive, free markets must inevitably produce an inequality of results.

Time to buy old US gold coins

The mission of Democrats is to reduce those inequalities. And as the very rich are also the very few, in a one-man, one-vote democracy the Democratic Party will always have a following.

Winston Churchill called this the philosophy of failure and the gospel of envy.

Republicans see themselves as the party of free enterprise, of the private not the public sector. They believe that alleviating the burden of regulation and taxation on business will unleash that sector, growing the economy and producing broader prosperity.

By how they voted Wednesday, Republicans yet believe in supply-side economics. In the early 80s, this was derided as voodoo economics and trickle-down economics, and pungently disparaged by John Kenneth Galbraith as an economic philosophy rooted in the belief that, if you wish to feed the sparrows, you must first feed the horses.

The problem for Democrats is that Reaganomics worked, and is seen historically to have been successful. In 1984, growth was near 6 percent and Reagan rode to a 49-state landslide over Fritz Mondale who, at his San Francisco convention, had declared he would raise taxes.

Thus the importance of what happened Tuesday and Wednesday on Capitol Hill should not be underestimated.

On their legislative agenda, Republicans broke out of a slump. Though they got not a single Democratic vote in either chamber, they showed they can govern alone. On the lead item on the GOP-Trump agenda taxes they delivered. They shifted policy dramatically toward Republican philosophy. They wagered their future on their convictions. And the splenetic rage among Democrat...

Trump Should Prosecute the Illegal NSA/CIA Cabal "IndyWatch Feed"

As I noted in an editorial last week, President Donald Trump has only one viable option to repel the partisan lynch mob now nipping at his heels in the form of a taxpayer-funded pack of legal hyenas, masquerading as objective prosecutors under the droopy eyes of old reliable deep state hatchet man Robert Swan Mueller III, the special counsel appointed to investigate the Clinton-Podesta-Schiff-Democrat Party-Corporate Media fabricated Russia collusion delusion.

As the GOP Congress finally begins to stir, as rapid-fire events make it increasingly impossible to deny the true nature of Muellers handpicked partisan hit squad of Trump-hating, Hillary-supporting D.C. swamp lawyers and arrogant federal careerists, as firings and other departures quickly erode the carefully-contrived, totally-counterfeit veneer of credibility ascribed to Mueller and his henchpeople, my advice to the president has only become more aproposand more imperative.

President Trump can, and must, kill two birds with one stone.

First, the president must completely disempower and dismantle Robert S. Muellers fraudulent rogue prosecution gang, which is merely an extension of a larger corruption of power that is unparalleled in our history.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Second, the president must use every resource at his disposal to prosecute the almost-seditious abuses of power by lawless Clinton-Obama FBI and NSA apparatchiks who:

1) Politically weaponized the federal governments electronic intelligence capabilities to spy on a presidential candidate and his campaign,

2) Colluded with foreign and non-state intelligence agents to manufacture evidence used as false pretexts for securing FISA warrants that employed the national security laws of the United States to give illicit, illegal cover to this political espionage,

3) Used the fruits of this political espionage activity to damage or otherwise hinder this candidate, once he had become president-elect and eventually President of the United States, through surreptitious releases of the criminally-procured information,

4) Fabricated and instigated false allegations about foreign state collusion implicating the presidents election campaign and family members, and

5) Perpetuated this massive criminal fraud on the American people for nearly a full year by manipulating and abusing the investigatory and prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.

To this end, President Trump must begin at the intersection of these seditious current and former federal officials who had previously facilitated and covered up a similarly...

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected "IndyWatch Feed"

The danger from the Global Warming crowd is that they are misleading the entire world and preventing us from what is dangerously unfolding that sparks the rapid decline in civilization  GLOBAL COOLING. I previously warned that this is not my opinion, but simply our computer. If it were really conscious it would be running to store to buy heating pads. This year will be much colder for Europe than the last three. It will also be cold in the USA. We are in a global cooling period and all the data we have in our computer system warns that the earth is turning cold not warm.

This cooling is very serious. This decline in the energy output of the sun will manifest in a commodity boom in agriculture as shortages send food prices higher. We will see famine begin to rise as crops fail and that will inspire disease and plagues. We will see the first peak in agricultural prices come probably around 2024 after the lows are established on this cycle. We have been warning that this rise would begin AFTER 2017.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Previously, I have reported that NASA confirmed we are going into a cooling period not warming. They have put out a forecast of declining sunspot activity. Now NASA has come out confirming what our computer has been forecasting. They have reported that as the sun is experiencing a rapid decline in sunspots, it is also dimming in brightness or energy output. NASAs Spaceweather station has recorded during 2017, 96 days (27%) of observing the sun have been completely absent of sunspots.

I have also previously warned that there is a 300-year cycle to this entire phenomenon. This cycle has aligned with the major turning point of the Economic Confidence Model 2015.75. During 2015, there were ZERO days observed without sunspots. The following year, 2016, came in with 9% of the days recorded without any sunspot activity. This jump to 27% here in 2017 is a substantial jump from 2015 that we cannot afford to ignore.

NASA launched a new sensor which is the International Space Station na...

Dont Use These "IndyWatch Feed"

When a website forces you to use numbers, symbols, and a certain amount of characters in your password, it can be frustrating, but those strength requirements are there for a reason. Without them, many users will enter a password thats easy to remember and, by extension, is easy for hackers to guess. There are several ways to keep your online identity secure, but before you do anything else, make sure youre not using any passwords from the list below.

SplashData compiled this data by analyzing millions of accountsmostly from users in western Europe and North Americathat were compromised in the past year, Gizmodo reports. To show how the most popular passwords of 2017 compare to 2016s, theyve indicated whether each entry has kept its old slot, gone up or down in the rankings, or is new to the list.

The latest round-up includes some predictable entries: 123456 occupies the same number one slot it held last year, followed by password at number two. There are also a few new additions to the top 25 list. The year 2017 saw the rise of passcodes like freedom, iloveyou, and whatever. The list also reflects current pop culture trends, with starwars landing at number 16. Of course, laziness never goes out of fashion: login, qwerty, and abc123 are all classics that made it back into the top rankings this year.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

Avoiding these common passwords is a start, but to ensure your accounts are safe going into the new year, youll need to set the bar higher. After reviewing the below list, check out our tips for coming up with a password thats as strong as possible.

1. 123456 (Unchanged)

2. Password (Unchanged)

3. 12345678 (Up 1)

4. qwerty (Up 2)

5. 12345 (Down 2)

6. 123456789 (New)

7. letmein (New)

8. 1234567 (Unchanged)

9. football (Down 4)

10. iloveyou (New)

Read the Whole Article

The post...

7 Concealed-Carry Handguns "IndyWatch Feed"

Christmas is less than a week away and that means the time is right for a list of seven concealed carry handguns for last minute shoppers.

Some of the handguns on the list are revolvers, others semiautomatics, but all are concealable and demonstrably popular for self-defense.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380The M&P Bodyguard is a semiautomatic handgun chambered in .380. It weighs in at 12 ounces and has a meaty, textured grip to help prevent the gun from slipping in the hand. The M&P line has proven to be one of Smith & Wessons most popular lines ever, and the Bodyguard 380 one of best concealed carry guns in that line. It is a true pocket gun imbued with Smith & Wesson quality. The Bodyguard 380 begin at about $310.

GLOCK 42The Glock 42 is an ultra-compact Glock handgun chambered in .380. The 42 looks like a Glock, feels like a Glock, and will last like a Glock. It weighs 13.7 ounces, which means it provides the same kind of comfort in carry as the Ruger LCP II or Bodyguard 380. The 42 is extremely accurate and easy to shoot. Myriad aftermarket accessories are available for the gun. The 42 costs about $395 to $410.


Hillary and Bills Crooked Foundation Reaped $33.6 Mil "IndyWatch Feed"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed Justice Department prosecutors to ask FBI agents about a past criminal investigation into a business transaction that put 20 per cent of Americas uranium mining capacity in the hands of the Russian government.

Renewed interest in what has become known as the Uranium One deal threatens to embroil Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose personal fortunes and family foundation were enriched by people tied to the transaction.

An assistant attorney general told Congress in November that the DOJ would consider whether appointing a new special counsel was warranted in the case.

President Trump has sought to use the episode to deflect attention from his own Russia-related woes, calling his former election opponents mini-scandal Watergate, modern age.

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He challenged reporters in October to cover the uranium scandal and said: Thats your real Russia story, not a story where they talk about collusion, and there was none. It was a hoax.

The big story, he said in the Oval Office, is uranium and how Russia got 20 percent of our uranium. And, frankly, its a disgrace.

Any appointment of a new special counsel, particularly in response to calls from members of Congress or from Trump himself, is likely to lead to criticism complaints about an undue political influence on a department that is meant to function outside of any partisan sway or demand.

But the White House has insisted that Trump is keeping his hands off.

The president hasnt directed any investigation or the appointment of a special counsel, press secretary Sarah Sanders said in November.

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Cheese, Please "IndyWatch Feed"

Oh cheese. So delicious, but so forbidden if you want to keep your heart healthy.

Well, not anymore!

If youre a lover of cheese like I am, then I have some great news for you. Daily consumption of cheese (40 grams or 1.41 ounces) may cut your risk of heart disease and stroke, according to research findings. If that doesnt have you asking your friend to pass the cheddar, then I dont know what will.

The study examined 15 studies that looked at the effects of cheese on cardiovascular disease.

Cheese has often been frowned upon, as it can raise cholesterol levels, which contribute to heart-related problems. But the latest findings suggest that cheese has quite the opposite effect on cardiovascular disease.

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Cheese intake was monitored in over 200,000 participants for over 10 years. The majority of the participants did not have heart disease at the start of the study.

The researchers found that those who regularly consumed cheese had up to an 18 percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and were 10 percent more likely to suffer a stroke. These effects were strongest among those who consumed 40 grams, or 1.41 ounces, of cheese a day.

If youre a cheese lover, then you may be rejoicing and heading out to buy all your favorites, but this was an observational study that does come with some limitations. The study did not prove that cheese consumption leads to a healthier heart, but it uncovered an association.

Cheese is still high in saturated fat, too, so you still need some caution and limitations when it comes to cheese consumption. Enjoy cheese in moderation and try to stick to the 40 grams mark. Eating more cheese wont make your heart any healthier.

The American Heart Association recommends that only five to six percent of your calories should come from saturated fat, and choosing low-fat dairy products can help you stay within these recommendations.

Reprinted with permission from Bel Marra Health.

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The High Cost of No-Hassle "IndyWatch Feed"

We had a perplexed radio show caller last Saturday who found the perfect car at one of the used car only dealerships, but he knew it was overpriced.

I cant help but chuckle to myself when someone tells me he or she bought a vehicle from a place that doesnt negotiate prices and had a wonderful experience.  My first thought is always: of course!  You can have a wonderful experience at any car lot in America if you pay what the dealer is asking for any given car.  The contentious nature of car buying started 100 years ago when some salesperson discounted a car for the first time.

Of course, we all want to have a great car buying experience, and of course, we all want the best possible price.  The question of the day is, can you get both?

As I say on the air all the time, places that market themselves as no haggle-no hassle dealerships are often priced higher than traditional dealerships that negotiate.  As a consumer, you have to decide if easy and pleasant is worth more to you than saving money.  CarMax, for instance, has built a brand around easy purchases and no negotiations, and they have been successful.  Remember that their inventory has to be purchased and to keep as many cars in inventory as they do, they have to pay top dollar, then charge top dollar.

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

Ive had a lot of questions recently about a place called Carvana. Besides being a no hassle-no haggle place, their niche is they build high-rise buildings that are supposed to be car vending machines, right down to a person putting a large coin into the machine, which sets in motion elevators to bring your car down from the tower and on to a launch pad.  Probably a cool experience and there is little doubt it would make for a memorable delivery, but what is that worth to you as a car buyer?

As someone who owned dealerships for many years, I cant help but wonder what it must cost to build one of these high-rise mechanical structures they call vending machines.  Make no mistake, the cost of a dealership structure affects the price of every vehicle it sells.  Carvanas CEO has been quoted as saying due to their cost structure, he believes he can save consumers $1500 to $2000 per used vehicle sold.  I thought it might be a fun exercise to check that.

I went to the Carvana website to p...

Massive Magma Pool Bubbling Under New England "IndyWatch Feed"

Scientists at Rutgers University recently discovered the large mass of boiling hot rock that stretches across Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

And it is believed it will eventually lead to a volcanic eruption as the magma nears the surface.

Vadim Levin, a professor at Rutgers Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said: The upwelling we detected is like a hot air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England.

It is a very large and relatively stable region, but we found an irregular pattern with rather abrupt changes in it.

The bad news is, its going to erupt.

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

But Professor Levin said the eruption wont happen for a few million years.

The good news is, its going to erupt a few million years from now, he said.

But despite the low risk, the team is still trying to understand where the magma is coming from.

Read the Whole Article

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Oh deer: Germany opens bestiality brothels "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A sigh of relief can be heard in Tiergartens across the Fatherland as news emerges of bestiality brothels opening up in Germany. In unconnected news, the number of Syrian migrants in the country is now estimated at 1.5 million. As news of the animal brothel craze hit German national broadcaster ZDF, anxiety among petting zoo ponies dropped []

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7 Signs That You Are More Spiritual Than You Think "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wondering whether youre spiritual or not? Youre probably confusing the signs! Here are a few commonly misread signs that say youre more spiritual than you think!

Can you be spiritual if youre dozing off during the seminars at the church, uninterested in the scriptures, and constantly thinking about worldly matters?

Do you really have to be disconnected with the world in order to connect with the absolute reality of life and religion? More importantly, is religion and spirituality mutually exclusive or inseparable?

These are just some of the questions most people seem to ask at some point in their lives.

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Oh Dear Trail of Russian Dossier Origination Now Directly Leads to The Obama White House. "IndyWatch Feed"

Several new developments happening today center around the FBIs use of the Christopher Steele Dossier in gaining FISA warrants to wiretap and monitor the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump; ie. The Trump Project. Doug Ross continues to update the ongoing conspiracy Continue reading


Joy to the WorldUN General Assembly Defies Trump and Nikki Haley "IndyWatch Feed War"

Posted on December 21, 2017  by Richard Edmondson I was waiting for some good news to post along with that most joyous of all Christmas carols, and the news came today: the UN General Assembly, by an overwhelming majority, has resisted blatant intimidation efforts by President Trump and his sidekick Nikki Haley. Over the past couple of []


Emefiele, Amosun, Bagudu seek deal on rice revolution "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

   As Ogun launches MITROS rice The Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Rice and Wheat Production and Kebbi State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Bagudu, yesterday said Nigeria had enormous potentials to be self-sufficient in the production of rice and other agricultural commodities. Bagudu said this as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele, restated the readiness of the apex bank to making cheap funding available to farmers to procure agricultural equipment at five per cent interest rate. The duo spoke in Abeokuta during launch of MITROS rice, a brand...

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Wireless radiation raises miscarriage risk "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Scientists have said that pregnant women that are exposed to high radiation levels from sources like cell phones, wireless devices and cell towers miscarried at nearly three times the rate as those exposed to low levels. This finding was reported in Scientific Reports, an online open access scientific mega journal. According to lead author, Dr. De-Kun Li, a senior research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California in the United States (US), this should make people rethink the notion that magnetic field non-ionizing radiation exposure is...

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We were abducted in Libya, paid ransom into Nigerians accounts Returnees "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A 33-year-old man, Unity Aigbogiea, a graduate of Marketing from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, has revealed how he spent N500,000 to reach Libya on January 17. Aigbogiea, who just returned from Libya, said the person he paid promised to ensure that he entered Germany or Italy. The man promised him a better life, but instead of the promised better life, what Aigbogiea tasted and witnessed was pure hell. The returnee explained that his journey to hell started when he went to a cafeteria in Libya to eat one day, but...

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Black marketers take over as filling stations run dry of fuel "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Petrol sells for N250 per litre in Lagos, Ogun NNPC: Well end scarcity this weekend   A fuel crisis-free Christmas is now uncertain in Nigeria, New Telegraph can authoritatively report.This is because more filling stations in Lagos and Ogun states yesterday ran dry of the product, four days to the festive period. The crisis, a survey by this newspaper showed, led to the return of black marketers, who have practically taken over sales of petrol from filling stations in major parts of the states. The tanker drivers, who also were...

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Ganduje lauds Buhari over Kano-Abuja road project "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, yesterday lauded President Muhammadu Buharis administration for the award of contracts for the reconstruction of the dilapidated Kano-Zaria-Kaduna- Abuja Expressway and building of a new terminal at the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano. The award of the two contracts at N155 billion and N660 million respectively, according to Ganduje was a clear testimony of the nature and personality of Buhari as a man of honour and integrity, who listens to the yearnings and aspirations of the people. Ganduje said this further demonstrated the...

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Gov, Senator clash over REC nominee "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari, yesterday clashed with the Senator representing Zamfara Central, Kabiru Marafa, over the formers opposition to the nomination and confirmation of Ahmed Bello Mahmoud as the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) nominee from the state. Mahmoud, a former Commissioner of Justice in Zamafara State, was nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari to represent Zamafara State as a REC, but the request was turned down by the parliament. The nominee was initially referred to the Senate Committee on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for legislative screening and...

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PDP accuses APC of sponsoring party crisis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of causing disaffection among its members. The opposition party stated that the crisis is being orchestrated by the ruling APC so as to allow President Muhammadu Buhari become a sole presidential candidate in 2019. The party also said that it would embark on wardto- ward membership mobilisation from next year to attract more members to the party. The PDP also threatened members of the splinter group that called itself Fresh PDP, that any attempt to cause disaffection...

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This Is Parkdale, Vol. 2, Issue 2: Gentrification is the Tip of the Iceberg "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post This Is Parkdale, Vol. 2, Issue 2: Gentrification is the Tip of the Iceberg appeared first on It's Going Down.

Download PDF Here


It seems like everyone nowadays is talking about gentrification in the neighbourhood, especially now that two condo towers are slated to go up at King and Dufferin. Parkdale Organize agrees that gentrification is a real problem. We dont necessarily agree with everyone about what gentrification is or what to do about it.

Gentrification in Parkdale is not simply a condo or a Starbucks. Its the day-to-day process of pushing tenants out of this neighbourhood so that landlords, business owners, developers and homeowners make more money. Rent increases, harassment, evictions, deportations, schools that ignore the needs of Parkdales kids and cutbacks to services that people in Parkdale depend on are the day-to-day ways that living in Parkdale is made more difficult for the people that are Parkdale.

What Parkdale Organize argues, what it has always argued, is that working class people in Parkdale need to come together and organize this neighbourhood in our interests. This organizing means we support each other in struggles that affect Parkdale on the day-to-day. These day-to-day struggles are not new in Parkdale. Gentrification is not new in Parkdale. It didnt start with condos and it wont end with condos. Organizing shouldnt start or end with condos either.

In the coming months all sorts of people are going to argue that the solution to all of Parkdales problems can be found if we just follow them as they protest gentrification, run for election, petition on behalf of businesses or social services, or appeal to authorities higher than us.

People in Parkdale should ask themselves who it is they need to be joining with and what they need to be fighting for. Are we organizing with our neighbours to build the trust and power needed to fight against the day-to-day problems that affect us? Or are we making a show of opposing a vague idea while our day-to-day struggles go ignored?


Neighbours from King and Cowan, after demanding their landlord halt an eviction.

This neighbourhood is where we live. Its our home. We may not own the land or the...


WARNING: This Could Be the Biggest Crash of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

WARNING: This Could Be the Biggest Crash of 2018 by Greg Guenthner Daily Reckoning A bitcoin flash crash briefly rattled cryptocurrency traders the other night. Bitcoin lost more than $3,500 and has yet to recover a good portion of...

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Tambuwal budgets N220bn for 2018 fiscal year "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal yesterday presented a proposed budget estimate of N220 billion for the 2018 fiscal year to the Sokoto State House of Assembly. Speaking at the presentation ceremony in Sokoto, the state capital, Tambuwal said 69.9 per cent of the budget or N152.8 billion was for capital expenditure, while a total sum of N67.6 billion, representing over 30 per cent was set aside for recurrent expenditure. Tambuwal said for the third year running, education sector got the highest allocation with 26.1 per cent of the total budget sum,...

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Did Psychedelic Mushrooms Play a Role in Inspiring Christian Tradition? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Was early Christian tradition inspired by psychedelics? This is the question which Julie and Jerry Brown set out to answer in their new book The Psychedelic Gospels. According to their research, there is a wealth of evidence suggesting that both psilocybin-containing Cubensis as well as Amanita Muscaria mushrooms did play a role in the development of the religion.

Jerry claims that the trees of knowledge and immortality were actually sacred psychedelic mushrooms and the inspiration for Jesuss revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. He asks us to rethink our understanding of religion and consider an alternate theory which opens up the possibility of a link between psychedelics and the teachings in the Bible.

Most of the evidence has to do with visual interpretations of Christian art. For example, the Green Man of Rosslyn Chapel has a distinct mushroom imbedded into its forehead. Paul Stamets, one of the worlds leading mycologists, has even been able to verify the type of mushroom as Amanita Muscaria. Many others have been identified by ethnobotanists right down to the variety of psilocybin they are.


Olubadan loses first wife "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Tragedy yesterday befell the household of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji, Aje Ogungunniso 1 as his first wife, Olori Kudirat Aduke passed on in the early hours of the day. She was aged 71. According to a statement from the Director of Media and Strategy to the monarch, Adeola Oloko, made available to New Telegraph, until her death, the Olori was the Iyaloja of Bolade, Oshodi Market in Lagos State. New Telegraphs investigation revealed that the Olori danced gleefully at an occasion on Wednesday, but just suddenly developed...

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Montreal: Redecorating the Cegep "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Following video comes from the collective in so-called Canada. 

The description reads:

After the school decided to erase graffiti, local writers and students took action. They tagged lockers, wrote messages, and sprayed cameras until the security arrived.


The Saker poses a legal question to Alexander Mercouris (email exchange) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[Note: today I emailed my friend Alexander Mercouris to ask him a question about the UN General Assembly vote on the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Israel attorney general joins lawsuit against Palestinian filmmaker "IndyWatch Feed War"

MEMO | December 21, 2017 Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit has joined a lawsuit by an army reservist against Palestinian filmmaker Mohammad Bakri, over the latters 2002 film Jenin, Jenin. According to a report in Haaretz, the unusual move will see the top legal official support Nissim Meghnagis defamation of character suit against the acclaimed []


The Economy: "The End of the World as We Know It "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The End of the World as We Know It
by Bill Bonner

"In all the excitement surrounding the passing of the GOP tax bill, we almost missed it. But on Tuesday, as stocks rose to a record high in anticipation of a huge payoff to corporate America, bonds fell. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note (which rises as the bond price falls) rose to 2.39%. Thats up from a record low, recorded in July 2016, of only 1.39%.

Ringing the bell: It is still too early to know for sure. But we wonder. 20 years from now, will we (or someone else) be talking about this moment: It was all so obvious. I dont understand why no one noticed. After 30 years of easy money policies, central banks switched to tighter money policies. They said so. We should have known the bull market was over. Stocks and bonds were in for a rough ride.

They say they dont ring a bell at the top of the m...


Toronto: Tenants Organize Against Rent Increase at 1251 King West "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Our neighbours at 1251 King are beginning to organize against an above guideline rent increase at their building. Their landlord, Nuspor Investments, is trying to raise the rent way above the guideline to make tenants pay for cosmetic renovations to the lobby and hallways.

Meanwhile, the landlord ignores problems in units and expects our neighbours to live with pests, water damage and mould, and toilets which dont work properly. The other day when one tenant of 30 years asked the building property manager why Nuspor is raising rents beyond what she and her neighbours can reasonably afford he replied its business.

Our neighbours have organized a building committee to fight the rent increase. They will make it their business to defend theirs and their neighbours homes and neighbourhood against landlords trying to price them out. Stayed tuned as their struggle develops!

Read more about housing struggles in the neighbourhood in the latest issue of This Is Parkdale newsletter.


UN Votes 128-9 to Reject US Decision on Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed War"

December 21, 2017 The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted by a decisive vote of 128 to nine, with 35 abstentions, a motion rejecting the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity. President Donald Trump had warned ahead of the vote in the 193-nation assembly that were watching and threatened []


See you next year! "IndyWatch Feed National"

In solidarity, so long, proshchay, take care, wadaeaan, all the best, adiao, shalom, see you next year!


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Rastaquoure  social interloper or upstart, especially from a Mediterranean or Latin American country; a smooth untrustworthy foreigner.

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Disappointing secret santa gifts "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The PMs secret Santa gift was like her government. A disappointment.    

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Rand Paul to Filibuster Long-Term Surveillance Extension (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Rand Paul to Filibuster Long-Term Surveillance Extension Video DABHOO A program that allows govt to collect data without a warrant expires this year. Paul opposes a long-term extension. Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious metals, war,...

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Why Indias Deadly Coal-Power Plants Continue Polluting "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Despite agreeing to a two-year compliance period, thermal plants ignored a December 7, 2017, deadline and a 2015 law to clean up.

Mundra thermal power station in Gujarat. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Delhi: Over five years to 2017, thermal power plants among Indias chief polluters pushed nationwide levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2), a toxic gas, by 32% and fine particles called PM 2.5 by 34%.

Despite agreeing to a two-year compliance period, these plants ignored a December 7, 2017, deadline and a 2015 law promulgated by the environment ministry to clean up. Now the same ministry is arguing that so many power plants cannot go offline and is urging the Supreme Court, which will hear the case on February 1, 2018, to push the deadline to 2022.

If the power industry had implemented the new norms, emissions from thermal power plants could have fallen by 70-85%, said a 2017 brief released by a group of citizens, volunteers, and activists from non-profits Greenpeace India, Help Delhi Breathe, My Right to Breathe, Jhatkaa, The Climate Agenda and URJA.

More than 300 thermal plants nationwide were to install scrubbers and filters after the environment ministry...


AMTRAK Disaster as Anarchist Group Brags About Derailing Trains "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Mondays deadly Amtrak train derailment may have been caused by the train striking something on the railway" More


Jerusalem The Straw that Breaks the Empires Back? "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Peter Koenig for the Saker blog December 16, 2017 When President Trump on 6 December 2017 declared unilaterally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to where the US Embassy shall relocate, he violated UN Resolutions, international law, common sense and went against all diplomatic efforts to eventually bring peace to the region, not to speak []


Gaming Chair On Wheels "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71gmyengBBL SL1500

Gaming Chair On Wheels - There are a few pieces of furniture that every company wants: a fantastic office chair to sit reception seats for your guests to wait , in, a desk to fit in, and conference chairs to sit in during meetings. Whether you are working at a fortune 500 company or a small start just about every company needs a fantastic set of convention chairs to complete their meeting area. A meeting room or A seminar room is a place where workers and clients meet to go over ideas and plans for your enterprise, and these meetings can last for long periods of time. When it is your clients which are going to be getting the maximum use from your conference chairs or your employees, you need to make sure that they are comfortable while seated. You are also given the opportunity to give your meeting room a appeal and the capability to communicate the culture of your company through design by conference chairs. Just like with every other piece of furniture, the time and consideration ought to be given to what type of convention chair will be excellent for your business.

The very first thing to keep in mind while buying a new pair of seminar chairs is the atmosphere of your company and your preexisting furniture. Does your office already have a modern design to it or is it more conventional in appearance? It's important to completely understand the nature of your business too, for example if you are a law office that's famous for its professionalism and traditionalism, you wouldn't want to purchase a pair of contemporary looking conference chairs to your meeting room. You would most likely need to go for a chair with leather and a timber trim to finish your traditional appearance. Be certain to match your entire office with a styling that is similar, if your furniture and style are mismatched that can come off as affordable and simple. Furniture truly has the ability to shape the way your own business is perceived by that your guests so it's essential to allow them to depart with a positive impression.

The next step is to select after deciding the design you may want for your seminar seats in. Leather is the option contains the widest selection of styles to pick from and to go with. It is also an extremely durable choice, provides a feeling of professionalism, and easy to wash. The only downside to leather is that it's pricey; it could be better to choose a leather alternative that's less expensive if you'll use your conference room. Vinyl is another choice because it's typically a little cheaper in cost than its own leather counterpart yet looks identical. For a mo...


The top 5 green building stories in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Green buildings are going to become the norm sooner than expected, as the world continued to shift towards more sustainable construction this year. Best thing we heard of this year: Eco-mosques.


Stop the sweeping and attacks against civilians in Nduga, Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

1) Press Release: Stop the sweeping and attacks against civilians in Nduga, Papua

21 DEC 2017
Five civilians allegedly shot, four were persecuted, two houses were burned by the Indonesian military/police. Press contact details below.

(Papua/Jakarta, 20th December 2017) The Coalition for Justice, Law and Human Rights in the Central Highlands of Papua, Civil Liberty Defenders and the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) request that the Indonesian security forces, militrary and police do not act indiscriminately in the Mugi district of the Nduga regency, Papua.

The tense situation in Mugi District resulting from the intimidating the presence of Indonesian military/police officers currently stems from the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) attack on TNI members on December 12, 2017.

The incident caused the excavator operator Yovicko Sondak to pass away and one member of Indonesian military, Prada Didimus Abindodifu was injured. This incident led to the sweeping action by the combined Indonesian military and police apparatus. According to the information we received, the sweep was conducted at Daragma Airport, Mugi District, Nduga regency. Using two commercial aircraft, the security forces fired randomly at people coming to the airport as well as toward peoples houses and other buildings around Daragma Airport.

It is suspected that the "sweeping action" carried out by the security apparatus is done disproportionately and arbitrarily with the motivation to counterattack. The information we received mentioned five were people shot, four civilians were tortured, two houses were burned by the security apparatus and other homes in the vicinity were riddled with bullet holes because of being shot by the combined Indonesian security forces.

We also underline that there are three underage children who became victims and some were hit by gunfire while they were at home, this indicates the indiscriminate nature of the Indonesian security forces shooting.

Victims of gunshot wounds: (as indicated by their initials).

1. RNN: A Grade 3 High School student, injured by shots in the right thigh.
2. RN: A Civil servant, shot in the thigh.
3. SG (47 years old), hit on the thigh and on the right foot while inside their house.
4. RN (21 years old), shot in the neck.
5. BK: A Grade 3 High School student, shot in the le...


WATCH: Cops Cant Handle a 93-Year-old Woman So they Attack and Arrest Her "IndyWatch Feed World"

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times Media

Update: Body camera footage of a 93-year-old womans arrest was just released showing the horrifying moments the elderly woman was roughed up by police.

Police in Eustis, Florida, released bodycam footage showing senior Juanita Fitzgerald forcibly taken into custody for failing to heed an eviction notice after allegedly falling short on rent. They wouldnt treat a murderer like they treated me, she told WFTV Channel 9.



Posted by Black Coat Media on Friday, December 15, 2017

Original story below.

Eustis, FL In spite of the myriad of shelters and government programs to help homeless and elderly people in Florida, police force was used against a 93-year-old woman who was kidnapped and caged over a rent discrepancy in her independent living facility.

Juanita Fitzgerald, who turned 94 on Friday, was arrested this week and booked into the Lake County Jail for an alleged trespassing violation. According to the facility in which Fitzgerald was living, she refused to pay rent for the last three monthsso she was evicted, arrested, and jailed.

However, according to Fitzgerald, she says she tried to pay her rent but they wouldnt take it.

Fitzgerald told NEWS 6 that she tried to pay rent in October and was refused. She said t...


Trump Makes Special Unannounced Visit For A Very Special Reason "IndyWatch Feed"

Today, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump presented the Purple Heart to an American Hero, at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Dan Scavino Jr. (@Scavino45) December 21, 2017 Beautiful. Via Daily Caller: There were no official events on President Trumps White House schedule Thursday. Many assumed that was in order to have leverage to orchestrate []


This could be you! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

EVERYONE who has a Whaleoil Silver, Gold or Platinum subscription is now in the draw to win a thrilling, white-knuckle, high-speed prize worth $500. People who have experienced an adrenaline pumping experience at NZV8 Hot Laps say: Absolutely fantastic!!! Right up there with lifes most memorable experiences. Ive flown over the Himalayas and this is up there []

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EU Offers Cash Bounties to Improve the Security of VLC Media Player "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The EU is offering cash bounties to improve the security of the VLC media player. The VLC bounties are a proof-of-concept test to learn how to run future bounties via Free and Open Source Software Audit 2 (FOSSA-2). In this trial run, bounties which range from $100 for low-severity bugs and up to $2,000 for critical bugs are offered via HackerOne.

According to Wikipedia: "VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a free and open-source, portable and cross-platform media player and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. VLC is available for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, Tizen, iOS."

Much more information, as well as downloads, are available on the VLC homepage.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


The top 10 sustainable business stories of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How did the business community respond to a warming, unequal world this year?


The more they get us believing in Russiagate the more stupid we become "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Guardian recently published an amazingly deceitful hit piece on skeptics of the establishment Syria narrative who point to the piles of evidence that the so-called White Helmets are nothing other than a western-backed propaganda firm for the destabilization efforts in Syria. The piece is simultaneously shocking in the brazen amount of dishonesty a mainstream publication can pack into one little article, and entirely unsurprising in the tactics it uses. It follows a pattern which will be exhaustingly familiar to anyone who engages in online debate against establishment narratives with any regularity: it paints anti-establishment speakers as "Russian propaganda" simply because they advance opinions that run counter to western establishment interests, and cites "experts" to counter those opinions who are considered experts solely because their opinions are endorsed by the mainstream establishment. The message is never attacked, only the messenger, and the attacks are imbued with legitimacy solely because they are pro-establishment.


US Recognition of Jerusalem As Israeli Capital Desecrates 70-Year Policy "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

US Recognition of Jerusalem As Israeli Capital Desecrates 70-Year Policy by Wayne Madsen Strategic-Culture The decision by Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel not only violates several United Nations Security Council resolutions, but also desecrates...

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India Sticks to Earlier Line, Backs UN Resolution Against Trumps Jerusalem Call "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The US administration had put a lot of pressure on countries to not pass the resolution, saying they will be taking names of those voting against them and threatening to cut funding to the UN.



French Green hypocrisy is just like NZ Green hypocrisy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

More of the usual Green Do as I say, not as I do tripe from on high. For a man on a mission to ban petrol- and diesel-guzzling cars, French environment Minister Nicolas Hulot is himself strangely fond of combustion engine vehicles he has no fewer than eight of them. His green credentials have []

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Civil Society Groups in Lebanon Announce Launch of New Waste Management Coalition "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The announcement came just days after the release of Human Rights Watchs report and video that focused on the health hazards from the burning of open dumpsites.

Garbage is piled along Beirut river in Beirut, Lebanon, September 3, 2015. Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Azakir

Garbage is piled along Beirut river in Beirut, Lebanon, September 3, 2015. Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Azakir

Just over two years after the country was halted by an uncontrolled waste crisis, a new waste management coalition has been announced in Lebanon which aims to pressure the government to find sustainable solutions for the still unsolved trash problem. The coalition, which will go by the simple name, Waste Management Coalition, consists of multiple environmental organisations and civil society groups, according to the Francophone daily LOrient-Le-Jour.

The groups participating in the coalition are Beirut Madinati, the volunteer-led campaign to elect a municipal council of politically unaffiliated individuals in May 2016, as well as several NGOs and civil societ...


#FakeNews L A Times hyping the start of Chinas new carbon market which actually isnt starting and nobody knows when it will "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin On December 19, 2017 the L A Times published a front page article hyping that China launches the worlds biggest carbon trading market with great praise for China providing climate leadership. The Times article offered the following highly politicalized climate alarmist characterization of this stupendous event. Experts say that China


Printing Without Supports! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If print supports have ever caused you grief, know that theres an alternate printing method in the works. First: get yourself a vat of industrial gel in which to print.

Rapid Liquid Printing(RLP) is being developed in collaboration by Michigan-based company [Steelcase] and [Skylar Tibbits] Self Assembly Lab at MIT. RLP is touting advantages over traditional 3D printing technology such as reduced print times, a higher quality print, and enabling larger scale prints all without supports!

Working with rubber, plastic, or foam, the printing material is injected by nozzle into a basin of industrial gel. That gel suspends the print throughout the process without bonding to it and the finished product is simply lifted out of the gel and rinsed off. Shown off at the Design Miami event earlier this month, onlookers could pick up finished lampshades and tote bags after mere minutes.

Now, this could lead to an entirely different set of extrusion issues but only minutes later at most. The same can be said for another MIT project that continues to push what more conventional 3D printers are capable of.

[Via /r/EngineeringPorn]

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What Needs to Change in Cancer Treatment for Young Adults - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For a while, oncologists didnt get it. Many were, both during and after these young patients treatment, often oblivious to and ill-equipped to meet their needs.Photograph by U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Peter Dean

I treated an inspiring teenage girl in my clinic the other day. Although Sadie has made a complete recovery from her liver cancer and bears no physical scars from the treatment, anxiety and depression followed her through childhood and adolescence. Last year, I introduced her to our local support group for these adolescent young-adults patients, 13thirty Cancer Connect, and shes blossomed. She hangs out at their local center weekly, has countless new friends, all of whom had or have cancer, and goes on field trips and other programs with them. Her comfort in her own skin and her smile spoke to a young girl transformed. When I commented on this, she said, I finally found a group of friends who get it.

For a while, oncologists didnt. Many were, both during and after these young patients treatment, often oblivious to and ill-equipped to meet their needs. They didnt appreciate that few young cancer patientsafter being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment for a few months or yearspick
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Bongino Calls Obama Hack Ben Rhodes Violent Psychopath Who Puts Every Secret Service Agent in Danger For Posting Death Wish to GOP Officials "IndyWatch Feed"

As previously reported, former Obama administration National Security Council official Ben Rhodes posted a death wish for top GOP officials to his Twitter account in a midnight tweet.

TGPs Kristinn Taylor reported, Rhodes was commenting on a photo from President Donald Trumps Instagram account that was re-posted by fellow Obama admin alum Dan Pfeiffer of a photo showing a happy, thumbs-up gathering of Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) standing next to a seated President Trump in the Oval Office as they celebrated the passage of the Republican tax cut bill.

Rhodes quickly replied to Pfeiffer, And alongside the obits for Ryan, McConnell, and Pence

Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino was disgusted by Ben Rhodes death wish and called him a violent psychopath who puts every Secret Service agent in danger.

This guy is a violent psychopath who puts every Secret Service agent and federal protection officer in danger with his violent rhetoric. This man is a disgrace to the country, his family, his friends, and anyone else claiming his sorry soul. An embarrassment in every respect, Bongino said.


Guru Hails New Pathway "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kpiti Mayor welcomes shared path option chosen for Peka Peka to taki    Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan has welcomed the Transport Agencys plan for a proposed shared path to run alongside the Peka Peka to taki Expressway. The Agency has listened to what our community had to say and have come up with a solution []


Worlds Largest Solar-Wind-Storage Plant Planned for India "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
Waking Times Media

windsolar and battery storage plant is being planned for the southeastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, which has faced power woes in recent months due to grid failure.

The renewable energy facility will consist of 120 megawatts of solar, 40 megawatts of wind, 20-40 megawatt-hours of battery backup and will be spread over 1,000 acres in the district of Anantapur.

According to CleanTechnica, such an installation will be the worlds largest once commissioned.

The estimated $155 million project was jointly developed by Solar Energy Corporation of India, the renewable energy agency of Andhra Pradesh, NREDCAP and Andhra Pradesh Transco.

Significantly, the plant will receive funding through a loan from the World Bank, which announced this week that it would stop financing oil and gas projects to help the global shift to cleaner energy sources.

As CleanTechnica noted, the banks support is good news for the project:

The fact that the World Bank has agreed to fund the project means that the tariffs would likely be extremely competitive, even with the existing thermal power plants in the country. The World Bank had offered debt funding for a 750 megawatt solar power park in the state of Madhya Pradesh earlier this year. The auction for that solar park broke the record for the lowest solar power tariff in the country at that time.

The developers are planning to tender the new plant by March next year, PV-T...


Baby Bjorn Bouncer Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81G43FVEyeL SL1500

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Chair - There are things which you will need to keep in mind, if you're likely to get a simple chair. At this time, this report is going to give you several ideas which will allow you to meet for. Thus take a peek at these tips. As the first step, you will need to determine about the possible size constraints for your chair you are going to get and also the maximum dimensions could be if, for example, you're going to transfer your new seat through a narrow doorway or whether you are likely to squeeze it into a small living room. This is very important particularly with recliners, which should be pulled off from the wall and could obstruct the traffic patterns when tilted back.

The next step is to consider concerning the color since the chair will get a part of your decor for many decades. You should choose something which you can live with for long moment. You can pick a seat that may be upgraded with trendy pillow. The next step which you have to do is to come across the thought about the type of upholstery before you begin to shop it you want. Actually, the leather can be ideal for the household with toddlers and pets. Additionally cotton may be OK for careful adults.

The next step would be to test the chair. It's possible to try to sit in the seat for several minutes so as to assess comfort. Anyway, as you examine it you need to consider the textures of the texture of the fabric. The itchy or scratchy material must be passed by. The last step is to assess if the pattern of this cloth is matched properly. When it is big print a stripe, plaid, and so on, the layout onto the rear part of the chair should lineup with the pattern on the pillow and also on down to the front of base.


How Much Are Ww Spending in Aid? Some Places To Cut U.S. Aid From "IndyWatch Feed"

Check out this thread and see just exactly how much we are spending on aid to these countries, many of whom just spit in our eyes.


Landlady hired soldiers, OPC to beat us Tenants "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  A 66-year-old sickly man, Mr. David Chukwumezie, has alleged that his landlady, Mrs. Gafaru Adewale, hired three members of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) to beat him and his family for owing her rent. Speaking with our correspondent at his 2/4 Adegbuyi Street, Ijegun, Lagos State residence, Chukwumezie, a father of five, said on December 3, about 4p.m., some men suspected to be members of OPC, led by the house caretaker, Mr. Kehinde, stormed his house. They ordered him to vacate his three-bedroom apartment within seven days or they...

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Bank PNG signs card deal with Swiss company "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

December 21, 2017

THE Bank of Papua New Guinea has signed a contract with the Swiss company BPC Banking Technologies for the supply and installation of a national card and mobile payments switch.

It is the first step towards implementing the Retail Electronic Payments System (REPS), an initiative launched by the bank in 2015, as the next phase in the development of the National Payment System and its drive for financial inclusion in PNG.

REPS followed the successful implementation of the KATS inter-bank electronic payment system which began in February 2015.

BPNG said KATS hads shortened cheque-clearance times and provided electronic direct credits between PNG bank accounts.

By enabling full electronic payments, KATS greatly improved financial services offered by banks to their customers.

It provided the PNG economy with a secure, efficient and reliable domestic payment system and set, a solid foundation for future innovation in payments technology, including growth opportunities for Fintech digital financial services.

REPS will allow microfinance companies and microbanks, Savings and Loans Societies and other smaller financial institutions entry into the NPS to offer plastic card and mobile payment services to their customers, so that more people and businesses will have access to financial services throughout PNG, particularly among the rural areas.

Source: The National


Delhi chokes again "IndyWatch Feed World"

Delhis air quality index has again hit severe, which means the smog affects even healthy people and seriously impacts on those with poor health.


Zack Orji cautions against tithe controversy "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As the tithing saga gathers momentum, Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, has shared his opinion on why tithing should not be condemned. The respected actor, in a recent interview with Broadway TV, said people speaking against tithing are ignorant, adding that it is a terrible thing to condemn pastors and the bible. On-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, has been in the forefront of the controversy that has stirred whirlwind reactions from men of God. Orji, while disclosing that he has been a pastor for five years, added that tithe is a personal thing....

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CUT OFF THEIR AID=> 128 Countries at UN Vote Against Trump Declaration on Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed"

The United Nations defied President Trump on Thursday voting 128 to 9 against his decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US embassy to the Holy City.

A total of 128 countries supported the resolution, which is non-binding
Nine voted against the resolution
35 abstained.
21 countries did not cast a vote.

The nine countries that rejected the resolution:
Marshall Islands
United States

Only nine countries supported President Trump and the US on Thursday.

President Trump warned countries that voted against the United States at the UN that he may cut off their foreign aid.

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Falcons job: Green slams NFF over Waldrum snub "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A board member of the Nigeria Football Federation Chris Green has slammed the soccer body for poor administrative process that led to American coach Randy Waldrum rejecting the Super Falcons job. Waldrum and the NFF failed to agree terms for the American to succeed Florence Omagbemi in the role, despite an announcement from the federation in October. Earlier this week the 61-year-old opted to accept a new role as the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh womens team. Im quite disappointed that Waldrum was appointed and he decided not...

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Libya: Only 27 of 400 survived boat accident Returnee "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  It was a dramatic moment. Everyone watched as 28-year-old Victor, a Libyan returnee, stepped down from the plane and knelt down. He raised his hands to the heavens and wept in gratitude to God. Victor said that part of his gratitude to God was the fact that he was among 27 passengers who survived after their boat capsized on the Mediterranean Sea. He disclosed that they were 400 passengers who embarked on the stormy voyage. Victor, who claimed to be United Nations Ambassador, refused to disclose his full name....

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Yuletide: Taming rice smuggling "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Recently, the Federal Government raised the alarm that smugglers were planning to bring in over one million tons of rice from Benin Republic through the countrys land borders during the Yuletide celebration. Taiwo Hassan examines effort being made to stem the menace   The celebration of Christmas and New Year is here again. The period is an opportunity for lots of people to review their various activities for the year, while at the same time, and primarily to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ with celebrations. However, while it means...

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Apple Slowing Down Older Phones "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Well, glad Im not in the Apple cult. So Apple is slowing down older phones supposedly because they are worried about your battery lasting longer. Heres the question, do you believe that? And if so are you really that stupid? And why not have a setting where you can turn that feature off if, lets say, you put a new battery in it?


Australias Hot Ocean Blob Fuels Record Heat, Extreme Weather, Risk to Coral Reefs "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Between Australia and New Zealand theres a kind of climate change fed thing on the prowl in the off-shore waters. It takes the form of an angry layer of far warmer than normal surface water. And its been lurking around since late November.

(A hot, angry blob of much warmer than normal ocean temperatures has erupted between Australia and New Zealand.)

We can see this disruptive beast pretty clearly in the sea surface temperature anomaly maps provided by Earth Nullschool. Todays readings show temperatures in this new blob hitting between 3.5 and 4.2 degrees Celsius above average across a broad expanse of ocean.

Thats much, much warmer than normal for this region of water. A place where 2 degree above average sea surface readings would tend to be unusual. But with global temperatures now hitting between 1.1 and 1.2 C above 1880s averages, were starting to

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Musicians and Indigenous communities join to fight illegal logging in Peru "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

LIMA, Peru Music creates connections, unites cultures and helps to spread great ideas. This is a vision that American, Scottish, and Peruvian musicians demonstrated in a special presentation on Dec. 4 in Lima as part of the No More Blood Wood campaign. The campaign, which hopes to combat illegal logging in the Amazon, was created by Reverb, an organization founded by musicians to increase awareness of environmental issues. Artists, environmentalist, and leaders of Indigenous communities on their journey through the Peruvian jungle. Photo courtesy of the Environmental Investigation Agency In a very intimate presentation that took place in an establishment in Limas Miraflores District, musicians such as James Valentine (Maroon 5), Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band), Adam Gardner (Guster), KT Tunstall, and Nicols Saba (Kanaku y el Tigre) came together to accompany Diana Ros on her song Kamarampi. Ros is part of the native community Alto Tamaya-Saweto, of Ucayali, Peru. The songs title is an Ashninka word meaning ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual brew made in the Amazon region.  The No More Blood Wood campaign took place on Dec. 4 in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Photo by Yvette Sierra Praeli At the event, the musicians and Amazonian community representatives discussed issues they say are happening right now. These include threats to individuals and forests and delays in justice, as welll as compromises that could be used to achieve change. The event began when the American and European musicians arrived in Peru to learn how the illegal exploitation of wood impacts life

Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Making Everyone Fall In Love With Her "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When a mother cat from Eastern Cape, South Africa, gave birth to three healthy kittens last week, her owner was surprised to find four not three tiny newborn noses sniffing around her home.
After getting a closer look, she noticed that one of the kittens, later named Bettie Bee, was actually born with two noses, two mouths and three eyes: an extremely rare congenital condition called craniofacial duplication, which doubles certain facial features in the womb.

Credit: Bettie Bee

While Bettie Bee was healthy otherwise, her two mouths made nursing difficult so her owner knew she needed to find someone who could help raise her. Thats when she found a local rescuer with experience raising special needs cats who was willing to take her in right away.

She was born on December 12 and I went to fetch her the very next morning, Bettie Bees rescuer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Dodo. I took her to the vet that day and his first opinion was to put her down. But she was, at 1 day old then, very feisty. We wanted to give her a chance. And shes been thriving.

Credit: Bettie Bee

Now 1 week old, it didnt take long for Bettie Bee to steal her rescuers heart and shes doing the same for everyone who sees her on social media. Her rescuer was so overwhelmed with messages and friend requests about Bettie Bee that she decided to create a fan page for her, where updates will continue to come in as the special cat grows up.

Although Bettie Bee had trouble nursing naturally, shes doing well being tube-fed and surprisingly can eat through both of her mouths. Both lead down to her stomach, so she hasnt h...

Office Dog Receives A Holiday Bonus For A Job Well Done "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Every day for the past year, Sarge wakes up early and heads into work with his mom, Jennifer Gibbs.

He may not wear a suit and tie like his associates at the insurance restoration company All Phase in Littleton, Colorado, but when hes in the office hes the picture of professionalism.

Credit: Jennifer Gibbs

A suit wouldnt be comfortable on the 8-year-old shepherd mix anyway, with his thick double coat and oversized ears.

Back in October, he couldnt wait to shrug off his skeleton costume at the office Halloween party.

Credit: Jennifer Gibbs

Sarge has many important duties around the office, which he approaches with aplomb. While his mom is busy doing accounts payable and general office work, Sarge helps with workplace morale and acts as a mascot for the team. 

Sarge enjoys going to work and greeting his coworkers, delivery people and meeting the children and furbabies of my coworkers, Gibbs told The Dodo. He loves car rides and going on errands, from doctor appointments to shopping at Home Depot. More people know and recognize him than any of my coworkers or family members!

Gibbs family adopted Sarge as a 7-week-old puppy from a rescue in Brighton, Colorado, called Lifeline Puppies. Turned over to animal control by a backyard breeder who couldnt afford to care for him, according to Gibbs, Sarge didnt have an easy start in life, but since finding his forever home, hes made sure to show his love and appreciation everyday. If you ask any member of my family who their favorite relative is, they will say Sarge, Gibbs said. We didnt pick Sarge so much as he chose us.



How Deceased Organ Donation Is Saving Lives in Pakistan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Medical science has evolved rapidly over the last century or so but has yet to attain a level at which organ transplantation can become a routine remedy, available to all.

Credit: Arif Mahmood/White Star/Herald

Credit: Arif Mahmood/White Star/Herald

Syed Sulaiman Akhtar, 43, was born with a defective bladder. He had to go through three surgeries when he was only three months old. Even after the surgeries, his health did not fully improve. His kidneys started malfunctioning when he was in grade nine; the doctors had to remove one of his kidneys in 1994. For one year and four months after his kidney removal, he survived through dialysis carried out at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). The doctors then told him that he needed a kidney transplant. On September 29, 1996, his mother donated her kidney to him, changing his life forever.

Akhtar got married in 2005 and today has three children. He has travelled to several countries and participated in the World Transplant Games where he won gold and silver medals in sprinting. I am very happy. I am enjoying my life and doing everything everyone else does, he says. Nobody even notices that I have lost one of my kidneys until I tell them.

Akhtar is extremely thankful to SIUT and its doctors, nurses and all those working there who are giving a second life to people like...


Ethiopias New Addiction And What It Says About Media Freedom "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

KANA TV marks a breakthrough in Ethiopian televised entertainment. It may also signal a shift in Ethiopias much criticised media environment.

One of KANA TVs dubbing team in a specially equipped sound-proof studio reading from his Amharic script to dub over a Turkish actor. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS

One of KANA TVs dubbing team in a specially equipped sound-proof studio reading from his Amharic script to dub over a Turkish actor. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS

Addis Ababa: On a Saturday afternoon in one of Addis Ababas khat houses, a group of men and women chew the mildly narcotic plant while gazing mesmerised toward a television featuring a South Korean soldier stripped to his waist and holding a young ladys hand while proclaiming his undying love   somewhat incongruously in Amharic.

Broadcast exclusively in the lingua franca of Ethiopia a necessity with 80 dialects across the country and after decades of drab Ethiopian state-owned television, KANA TV marks a breakthrough in Ethiopian televised entertainment. It may also signal a shift in Ethiopias much criticised media environment.

Kana translates as something between taste and flavour, and Ethiopias estimated four million television households have found that this new private satellite TV channel carrying international standard programming very much to their taste. When it first ai...


Shocking 100 Year Old Document Explains Todays Economic Collapse! Bankers Manifesto On Schedule! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Shocking 100 Year Old Document Explains Todays Economic Collapse! Bankers Manifesto On Schedule! Video Silver Report Bankers manifesto from 1892 explains just whats happening in our economy today. The bankers manifesto explains why so many are ending up homeless....

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Twins separated at birth? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Are Jacinda Ardern and Nicky Hager related or is this what socialism does to you comrade?

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In India, Muslims Are the Safest Enemy to Have "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The representation of Muslims as a fictitious enemy allows the majority to carve out a more unified self for itself.

An odd 15% of the population stands no chance to win against a majority of Hindus who constitute over 80% of India. Credit: Jos Morcillo Valenciano/ (CC BY 2.0)

Majoritarianism in India is being constructed faster than we can imagine. There is not only a large-scale celebration of Hindu religious symbols in the public sphere but also a deeper consent, both active and tacit, to the violence against the minorities, especially Muslims. Today a cross-section of castes and classes does not seem to be perturbed by the kind of open lynchings that we have visualised as part of the new normal under the current political regime.

Among many other reasons, Muslim is the safest enemy to have in India. Muslims are a numerical minority; they are socially backward and economically marginalised. An odd 15% of the population stands no chance to win against a majority of Hindus who constitute over 80% of India....


Arsenal vs Liverpool: Iwobi fit to face Liverpool "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Arsenal and Super Eagles forward Alex iwobi has won a fitness race ahead of the English Premier League clash with Liverpool today (Friday) after he took part in training on Thursday. Iwobi limped off during the closing stages of Arsenals EPL victory over Newcastle United last weekend after seemingly picking up a knock. However, its turned out to be nothing serious as the Nigerian international was also able to take part in full training in North London today meaning hes in contention to face Liverpool on Friday night. Arsenal were...

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'Dangerous healthcare gaps' for mothers and children in south Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Humanitarian aid for Syrians in the south is urgently needed says an international health charity.


Overwhelming majority of French people want renewable energy, not nuclear "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

French people support energy transition, survey reveals, Energy Transition by Energiewende Team19 Dec 2017  It is often said that the French people strongly support nuclear energy as a jewel of the French industry. However, a survey commissioned by the French office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the French Think tank La Fabrique cologique, carried out by the research institute Harris Interactive, shows that the French people would rather like to pull up the anchor and set sail for a new model based on renewable energy.

Indeed, 91 % of interviewees consider the energy transition as priority issue (47%) or a major issue (44%). 63% see the energy transition as an opportunity rather than as a threat (11 %). But what should energy transition look like, according to them?

A clear preference for the development of renewable energy

The trend is very clear: 83 % of French people think France should prioritize investments in renewable energy. Only 12% of the interviewees prefer that investments go towards the modernization and life extension of nuclear power plants. 66 % of respondents come out against the construction of new nuclear power plants. It shows that the advertising and constantly repeated arguments that nuclear energy often described as clean energy is the only adequate solution when it come...


ISIS 'hit squads' are using the tide of refugees to attack Western nations "IndyWatch Feed World"

I know that the headline sounds over the top, but this has actually been confirmed by German intelligence and by the mainstream media. ISIS terrorists have been using the refugee program to sneak into North America and Europe, and yet very little is being done to stop this from happening. One of the reasons why this hits so close to home for me is because leftists are pushing to bring a lot more Islamic refugees up here to north Idaho. Since our area has a low population density, a significant number of refugees could dramatically alter the character of our community very rapidly. Many moved up here in order to have a safe place to raise their families, but now the left seems determined to bring the danger of Islamic extremism to our local neighborhoods. Refugees typically have little or no paperwork, and it can be exceedingly difficult to tell a terrorist apart from a non-terrorist. German intelligence has discovered that ISIS has been using this confusion to smuggle "hit squads" and "sleeper cells" into Germany... German intelligence services have evidence that "hit squads" from the Islamic State terror group have infiltrated the country disguised as refugees, the deputy head of Bavaria's spy agency told the BBC Thursday. "We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany," Manfred Hauser, the vice president of the Bavaria region's intelligence gathering agency, BayLfV, told the Today program. "We have substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads. There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves. We are still following up on these, and we haven't investigated all of them fully," said Hauser.


First #J20Trial Ends: Round Up as Jury Acquits on All Charges "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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By early afternoon NO CHARGES and #J20Trial was trending on Twitter, as a jury in the first round of J20 defendants came back with a complete acquittal on all counts. The decision comes nearly one year after Metropolitan police kettled over 200 people in DC who were demonstrating against the inauguration of Donald Trump. Protesters were stuck in the kettle for hours without access to food, water, bathrooms, and in the aftermath, protesters report to have being sexually assaulted by an officer as an act of collective punishment.

The trial itself represented an attempt by Department of Justice attorneys, who report directly to Jeff Sessions, (long tied to hate groups), to make a case that anyone who attended the protest was taking part in a conspiracy. Throughout the trial, the State also attempted to construct a narrative that the march was intent on randomly attacking people on the street and represented a clear physical danger to everyday working-class people in DC.

In reality, the limited property destruction that did take place involved only a handful of bank and corporate store windows. Furthermore, the brutality of the police showed during the demonstration was horrendous, as police sprayed chemical weapons at elderly people and young children, who were in turn rescued by members of the black bloc who took them to safety by putting their bodies in between the police and the crowd.


NGO bill and mounting opposition "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Stakeholders in the civil societies and non-governmental organisations, last week, rejected the proposed bill on the regulation of the non-governmental organisations in the country. PHILIP NYAM reports on the public outcry over the bill     No piece of proposed legislation has received the kind of bashing the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Regulatory Commission (establishment) Bill, 2016, sponsored by the deputy leader of the House of Representatives, Hon. Umar Buba Jibril (APC, Kogi), has generated in the polity. Since the news about the bill broke out, civil societies and other human...

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Forests suffer the long term consequences of climate change after wildfires "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Forests destroyed in wildfires not recovering due to climate change, scientists reveal

Study suggests higher temperatures in the Rocky Mountains are preventing trees from growing back following wildfires  Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent 21 Dec 17 A new study suggests hotter climates resulting from global warming may prevent forests from regenerating after wildfires.

Recent wildfires in California were the most destructive on record, with governor Jerry Brown warning climate change could make such fierce events the new normal.

In hot, dry climates like those found in the western US, wildfires are often a natural part of the environment, contributing to the cycling of nutrients and growth of new plants.

However, a new study...


Is Autism a side effect of metal toxicity? High aluminum concentrations discovered in brain tissue of autistic children "IndyWatch Feed World"

David Williams, Natural News
Waking Times Media

Its a well-known fact that even the smallest amount of aluminum, if found in a persons brain tissue, can become a huge problem. There have also been many studies that look into how having high-levels of aluminum in brain tissue is correlated with neurological conditions such as Alzheimers disease. Now a new study puts the spotlight on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and tests to see if there might be a connection between it and having high-levels of aluminum in the brain.

The study, which was first published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, shows some of the highest levels of aluminum ever recorded in human brain tissue. The data was gathered from the brains of 10 donors who had ASD. The study was lead by Dr. Christopher Exley, one of the worlds leading experts on aluminum toxicity, from Keele University.

Using a carefully-crafted two-pronged study method, the researchers of the study were able to measure and characterize aluminum deposits found in the brain tissues of the 10 ASD donors, most of whom reportedly died in their teens or twenties. The results of the study show consistently high aluminum levels based on data from both the quantitative component as well as its qualitative component, which is said to represent some of the highest values for brain aluminum content ever measured in healthy or diseased tissues.

Findings of the research

The study is interesting for its use of a two-pronged approach that contains both a quantitative as well as a qualitative component. The former required the use of graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry or GRAAS, which measures aluminum content in frozen brain tissue samples; the latter uses a technique called fluorescence microscopy to visualize aluminum deposits in the brain. In total, the researchers were able to quantify aluminum l...


Tucker Carlson Unveils Never-Before-Seen Statistics Proving Illegal Aliens Commit Massively Disproportionate Amount of Crime (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Fox News host Tucker Carlson unveiled never before seen, statistics Thursday night, proving convictions among illegal aliens are significantly higher than U.S. citizens. 

Carlson kicked off the segment by walking through the Democrats textbook argument for illegal immigration, recounting how liberals claim non-citizens commit less crime than U.S. citizens.

They are your moral superiors, mocked Carlson.

The Fox News host then listed off the deeply concerning statistics:

According to statistics from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit serious crimes than Americans are, said Carlson.

Non-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions.

18 percent of fraud convictions.

33 percent of money laundering convictions, added Carlson.

29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and 72 percent of convictions for drug possession.

Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the American people? About 7 percent.

Summing up the newly released statistics, the Fox News host said this is a massively disproportionate, amount of crime committed by illegal aliens.

Why have so many people been lying to us for so long? Thats a question we plan to ask a whole bunch of people, promised Carlson.

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VOTE! for The 2017 Australian Patriot Of The Year Award! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gday my fellow Aussie patriots, Its that time again, where we look back and remember the year that was and, more importantly, give recognition to the many patriots who have given so much over the course of 2017. Below youll Continue reading


Catalan election delivers a historic win for the independence movement "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Early exit polls were already giving the impression that the pro-independence parties were going to win, increasing their previous majority and as the votes were counted, the prediction tuned out to be true.

The polls had predicted a closer context.  The pro-independence parties won 66 seats and are in position to form the next regional government.

Carles Puigdemont, the former president in exile in Belgium and leader of the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT). and member of the Together for Yes (UPyD) alliance called the victory a slap in the face for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, adding that the Spanish state has been defeated.

Europe must take note that Rajoys solution doesnt work.

All those in Europe who have supported Rajoys position, even with their silence, should take notice. Catalonia must decide its future.

The other member of the alliance the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), led by  also polled well.

The third pro-independence party, the anti-capitalist  Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) lost seats and went down from 10 to 4. The leadership of both the ERC and CUP are imprisoned in Madrid and this hampered their capacity to campaign.

Given the circumstances of a process stacked against them, the result is remarkable. Together, the pro-independence parties have won 70 seats.

Even before the voting started the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave his opponents  a warning, and this was that any new government must comply with the law or it knows what will happen. This refers to the use of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which was used to dismiss the previous regional government, charge and imprison its representatives. His signalling of his intention to continue the same track has been widely interpreted as an attempt to bully Catalans into submission.

This was obviously not enough to win the day for Madrid. Mariano Rajoy and his government are left in a dilemma. Either they start to talk with the new regional government, without threats and in good faith, about the devolution of power, or continue with a political crisis that must chip away at its own  foundations.

Rajoys Popular Party (PP) lost 8 seats and was left with just 4 and barely 1 percent of the vote. Most of the exodus went to...


Building a knowledge ecosystem in Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  On October 23, 2017, the President of African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akin Adesina, visited his alma mater, which happens to be my current university, after the award he received, the World Food Prize at University of Iowa, United States. Nigerian graduate students at Purdue University were very proud of his achievements. The University President and other key officers could not but celebrate this global citizen, and that was a revalidation of Nigerians resilience and intelligence. Everyone had gathered in the room, where Dr. Adesina defended his outstanding PhD...

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Xmas Eve Party "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi Everyone..

Its the end of the year already and we are having an awesome party to celebrate what has been an epic year..

If you are in Fremantle come on down to Mojos on Xmas Eve for a massive end of year party



Sunday 24 December| 3pm 10pm | Mojos North Fremantle | an epic line-up of Perths best local acts

This Christmas Eve come party at Mojos Bar production of The Nukecracker* A party to keep WA uranium-free.  Come and celebrate the massive year of hard work, courage and resistance from WAs Traditional Owners, anti-nuclear activists and supporters.




Click here to purchase limited edition of the very beautiful Kalyu Print to support Martu campaign against Kintyre.
We also have 2018 Calendars, Hoodies and T.shirts that will...


The new reality of climate change wildfires "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As fire conditions intensify around the globe, scientists are helping countries prepare for a fiery new normal.
Pacific Standard, BOB BERWYN, DEC 20, 2017

Sometimes the effects of climate change seem to creep up, as when sea levels rise an inch every few years, or when temperatures break records by a tenth of a degree. But when your backyard is on fire, you feel global warming breathing down your neck.

In the last three years, as global temperatures spiked to new records, it sometimes felt like the whole world was ablaze, as a series of worst-ever fires damaged and destroyed ecosystems and human communities on nearly every continent, under new climate conditions that will be the norm by 2050.

Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, fire conditions will become even more persistent in areas already at risk, and will spread to new regions as warming drives vegetation patterns and land-use changes. Without rethinking our relationship with nature, landscapes, and wildfire, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, with the same catastrophic results.

The past few years have shown how bad things can get, fire experts say. In the super-heated El Nio years of 2015 and 2016, there were late-summer...


Folding Travel High Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

91E ZYDrXKL SL1500

Folding Travel High Chair - There are a number of parts of furniture which each and every business needs: a great office chair to sit down reception chairs for your visitors to wait in , in, a desk to match, and conference seats to sit in during meetings. Whether you are currently working in a fortune 500 company or a small start almost every company requires a pair of convention chairs to complete their meeting room. A meeting space or A seminar room is a place where both workers and customers meet to go over strategies and ideas for your small business, and occasionally these meetings could last for hours on end. Whether it is your clients that will be getting the maximum use out of your seminar chairs or your workers, you want to make sure that they're comfy while seated. You are also given the opportunity to provide your meeting room a professional appeal and the capability to communicate the culture of your company through design by conference chairs. As with every other piece of time furniture and consideration should be given to what sort of conference chair will be excellent for your company.

The first point to remember when buying a pair of conference chairs is the atmosphere of your furniture and your organization. Does your office is it more conventional in appearance or have a style that is contemporary to it? It's necessary to fully comprehend the nature of your business too, for example if you are a law office that's famous for its professionalism and traditionalism, then you would not wish to buy a set of modern looking conference chairs to your meeting room. You would most likely need to opt for a seat with leather that is and a wood trim to finish your appearance. Be certain to match your whole office if your furniture and style are mismatched that could come off as simple and inexpensive. Furniture truly has the capacity to shape the way so it is important for them to leave with a positive impression, your own company is perceived by that your guests.

The next thing to do is to pick the type of material that the seats will soon be cushioned after deciding the design you will want for your seminar chairs in. Leather is the decision to choose and contains the widest choice of styles to pick from. It is also a option, simple to wash, and gives off a feeling of professionalism. The only disadvantage to leather is that it's expensive; infrequently it can be better to choose a leather alternative that is less expensive, if you will be using your conference room. Vinyl is yet another choice that is chosen than its own leather counterpart nonetheless looks almost iden...


Russias nuclear secrecy and heavy handed tactics "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

its hard to access reliable information about Rosatoms plans because many of its nuclear facilities are in so-called closed cities, like Zheleznogorsk. There are around 40 of these towns across Russia, the majority of which are sealed off from the outside world by barbed wire, fences and armed guards. Access is forbidden to foreigners, and even Russians who dont live there have to receive special permission from the authorities to visit.

Those restrictions mean its easier for the authorities to ramp up the pressure against critics.

CRACKDOWN IN RUSSIA: CRITICS ACCUSE NUCLEAR AUTHORITIES OF SOVIET-STYLE COVER-UPS AND HEAVY-HANDED TACTICS, .    Newsweek, BY MARC BENNETTS ON 12/21/17 When Russias FSB security service raided Fyodor Maryasovs apartment in Siberia last year, the authorities seized his computer and a scathing report he had compiled about Rosatom, the Kremlin-owned nuclear corporation. Among other things, the authorities accused him of inciting hatred against nuclear industry employees, an unusual charge that carries a maximum sentence of five year...


Women plan for greater intra party democracy "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Women politicians drawn from the three dominant parties in Ekiti and Osun states have called for greater intra party democracy to facilitate more participation of women. Rising from a day gathering in Ado Ekiti under the aegis of Community Life Project (CLP) and geared towards increasing womens representation in political offices, they demanded for more representations both at the level of government and at the party structure. Although they noted that there has been more women representation since they started their push in 2013 and that party leaders have...

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40 years of NLC: Not yet Uhuru for Nigerian workers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) begins a countdown to clock 40 years of existence in the country, the struggle has not in any way been better. REGINA OTOKPA reports     In the last forty years, Nigerian workers have plied a rough road of pain and struggle to access their rights. From being tear gassed to having some of its leaders arrested, the history of labour movement in Nigeria has been written in blood and sweat of those referred to as veterans. Serial confrontations Over the years, government and...

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2018 Could Be The Year For Gold "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

silver gold

2018 Could Be The Year For Gold by Alasdair Macleod GoldMoney We approach 2018 having seen the seeds planted in recent years for a monetary revolution. They include the massive world-wide expansion of credit and debt since the last...

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US military presence in Syria 'must end', says Russia envoy "IndyWatch Feed War"


Alexander Lavrentiev says US troops have no legitimate reasons to be in Syria, and US justifications are 'just excuses'


Haley Rips UN Gen. Assembly Vote Condemning Trump Decision on Jerusalem: We Will Remember "IndyWatch Feed"

.@nikkihaley: U.S. "will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nationWe will remember it when so many countries come calling on us, as they so often do, to pay even more." Evan McMurry (@evanmcmurry) []


Bitcoin: Is it nothing but monkey business? "IndyWatch Feed World"

A long long time ago, there was this bustling village, on a beautiful Caribbean island, called Dopeyville. Sure it was far away from the mainlands, away from most of the action, but it still had decent burger joints, coffee cafes not owned by global chains, and you could get tasty homebrew beers in its rough-and-tumble bars. In short, life in Dopeyville was simple, yet great. What's more, it's got one big claim to fame: The place was well-known for its boatloads of monkeys. Enough monkeys to make them a commodity as common as wheat. One day, a merchant came to the village. He found an abandoned building - it would take capital to fix, but the walls were firm and the roof only needed a patch. Gutted and redone it, he made it his place.


Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A group of U.S. intelligence veterans urges President Trump to stop his administration's false claims about Iran being the leading state sponsor of terrorism when U.S. allies, such as Saudi Arabia. are clearly much guiltier.


President Trump Christmas Visit to Recovering Troops at Walter Reed Hospital "IndyWatch Feed"

BETHESDA, Md. President Donald Trump paid a holiday visit Thursday to wounded service members at Walter Reed National Medical Center, hailing them as some of the bravest people anywhere in the world. During his visit, the president awarded the Continue reading


God Bless Trump Signs Pop Up on Jerusalem Billboards, Street Corners and Bus Stops "IndyWatch Feed"

As seen in Jerusalem

God Bless Trump signs are posted on street corners, billboards and even on camels.

The signs will be up until mid January.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Vice President Mike Pence might have postponed his trip to Israel, but the love for US President Donald Trump is still being felt throughout Jerusalem as 110 massive God Bless Trump signs went up in recent days throughout the city, on billboards, buses and even camels.

The campaign was created by Dr. Mike Evans, a prominent Christian Zionist and one of Trumps first high-profile backers in the evangelical community, who is also the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

No president in history has ever built such an alliance for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, and no president has courageously stood up for the State of Israel on the global stage as President Trump, Evans said. President Trumps historic recognition of Jerusalem will secure his place in history as the first American president to take that step since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

The campaign will run through Pences trip, rescheduled for mid-January.

Hat Tip Anne

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Anatomy of the Mind Machine "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mind machine is artificial intelligence that has hijacked the souls of Earth and subjected them into subservience to the machine that needs power.

The anatomy of the mind must be made conscious in order to alchemize this machine into oblivion before it annihilates everything in existence. The machine is The Mind!

After eons of conditioning, we accept that The Mind the machine has taken over. What has it taken over exactly? The soul, as it is the solvent of all problems, whereas the Soul alchemizes all problems back into the 5 elements.

The machine judges everything, analyzes, processes and limits reality so that the observer can only experience what the machine governs. The machine is programmed to serve the management system of the matrix (the mainframe).

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The Major Link Between Verbal Abuse And Anxiety "IndyWatch Feed World"

All of the stress that comes with verbal abuse as well as the trauma can lead to some pretty serious things. Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders and can be caused by several different things.

For those who may not be aware anxiety disorders come in many forms and are characterized by significant feelings of anxiety or fear. These things can be shown in physical ways like increased heart rates and shakiness. While occasional anxiety is a part of life severe anxiety is not for the most part, when it becomes persistent and so forth there is an underlying disorder.

Verbal abuse is also something that comes in different forms. Whether it is someone you care about putting you down or even a bully you hardly know, it can be very damaging. For the most part, verbal abuse and emotional abuse are the same things, that being said I could see why some would consider them to be different.

One study carried out by researchers from Florida State University found that those who were verbally abused as children grew up to be very self-critical and were prone to anxiety and depression. They actually 1.6 times as many symptoms of anxiety as those who had not been verbally abused and were twice as likely to suffer from some kind of mood disorder in general. This was titled Invisible Scars: Verbal Abuse Triggers Adult Anxiety, Depression.

While some people may claim to not know the signs of verbal abuse they are quite plain and easy to see. Verbal abuse comes in the form of everything from name-calling to being the butt of a nasty joke as well as everything in-between. If someone blamed everything on you when you were younger, even things you had no control over and made you feel isolated from the rest of the world you were being abused.

Just because it is not physical does not mean it is not going to affect you. Take a look below at some of the different things that classify as emotional/verbal abuse and then reevaluate where you came from and how you grew up. Sure, our parents are not always the ones abusing us, sometimes it is friends and even those we would not think of.

Emotional/Verbal Abuse Signs:

1. Being the butt of a joke.

While most people do not consider jokes to be harmful, they can be. If someone is making fun of you whether they are joking or not, it can hurt. For me, this just makes me even more frustrated than ever.

2. Feeling alone even with people around....


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  Snoopys Christmas.  It just wouldnt be the same without it.  Take heart, its only once a year, and this is it for 2017 :)

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Has Kaniela Ing Come Up With A Solution To Telecomm Greed And The Destruction Of Net Neutrality? "IndyWatch Feed"

Some candidates will say anything to get support. So how do you figure out how a candidate is likely to behave in Congress? The easiest candidates are state legislators. Today the 2 members of Congress with the best voting records and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Jamie Raskin (D-MD). And each of them had great records in their respective state legislatures, not just of voting well, but also records of leadership. Last year Blue America endorsed both of them. This cycle two of the candidates we feel most comfortable also have great records of leadership in their state legislatures, Jared Golden, the majority whip in Maine and Kaniela Ing, Majority Policy Leader in Hawaii's House. We have every reason to believe that there two young leaders will be part of the solution to a sclerotic-- if not moribund-- Democratic leadership team.

This week, Kaniela's bold vision saw him trying to solve the Republicans' determination to kill net neutrality. West Hawaii Today termed his approach a novel concept to sidestep the Federal Communications Commissions decision to repeal net neutrality protections-- that Hawaii create a broadband network of its own and go into business for itself."

Kaniela is pushing a plan to create a community-- or publicly owned, high-speed broadband that will work around the internet service providers that paid off the Republicans to axe net neutrality. Kaniela: "Im looking at what if we didnt have to rely on these giant monopolistic corporations for our internet at all? What if we could take the internet into our own hands? This is the future."



Hispanic Lawmakers March On Schumers Office, But Senate Backs Spending Bill Without DREAM Act Anyway "IndyWatch Feed"

Congressional Hispanic Caucus members marched across the Capitol Thursday to Chuck Schumers office, demanding a meeting with the Senate minority leader. The lawmakers wanted Schumer, D-N.Y., to rally his caucus to vote against the short-term spending bill because it didnt include a promised legislative fix for DACA recipients.

CHC member Rep. Luis Gutirrez, D-Ill., said the caucus voted unanimously to march over to Schumers office for a meeting intended to galvanize support for DREAMers. Gutirrez and Chairwoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., said they received a commitment from Schumer that additional Senate Democrats will vote against the CR but did not specify how many.

Gutirrez said the Hispanic members wanted to make clear that they oppose the current CR because of their support for the expired Childrens Health Insurance Program, reproductive rights, veterans, and Puerto Rico, but also of DREAMers and Congress should not separate them as a core group of people, because were not going to give up until we reach the goal.

There are 48 members of the Democratic caucus, and just 41 of them were needed to block the measure, given Senate rules. But on Thursday evening, they fell nine short, with the bill advancing 66-32. A full 17 Democrats voted for the spending bill, including Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., the 2016 vice presidential nominee. (The full list is below.)

That means the next fight over a government shutdown will come in the middle of January, as the funding bill keeps the government open until the 19th.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., said the meeting with Schumer resulted in the expectation that a significant group of Democratic senators would oppose the CR, though he didnt know if it would be enough to stop the bill. 

We were very clear: Dont throw our dreamers under the bus, Gutirrez told reporters after the hour-long meeting. Did I use that expression? Absolutely, I used that expression. I cant be any clearer about the message that we took to the leader. He said hes with them, he says hes going down fighting wi...


Crypto Economy World Tour comes to San Francisco, London and Amsterdam in January 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

DUBLIN, Ireland The Crypto Economy World Tour will stop in San Francisco, London and Amsterdam over the last week of January. The event, intended for professional investors and entrepreneurs who want to inform themselves about new forms of financing with blockchain technology, have access to more than 30 blockchain startups that will perform an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or a token sale during the event.

Crypto Economy World Tour

During the Crypto Economy World Tour in 2018, professional investors and entrepreneurs who are actively looking for new forms of financing will be informed about the latest developments in the crypto-economy. The tour started at the largest blockchain-related event in the world, last October in Barcelona, will be in San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam in January 2018, before heading off to Asia and Australia.

Popularity cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies has gained enormous popularity in 2017. The abrupt increase in the value of Bitcoin as well as the growth in the number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and token sales has increased the demand for elaborate information in an area that until recently was only accessible to a small minority of investors and experts.

New ways to fund projects

Over the course of two days, delegates get elaborate information on how to access new ways to fund projects and companies in the crypto economy. What is a token sale? How do I structure one? What role does marketing play? Where do I turn for advice and expertise? Does it make a big difference where I set up the company? What exactly do the various regulators think, and how will this impact me or my investment? How do both traditional as well as crypto investors regard todays market and how do they spot opportunities?

Investments via ICO or token sales

More than 30 pioneering blockchain startups that are actively seeking investments will (partly) finance their solution through an ICO or a token sale. How do these solutions ensure an acceleration of blockchain technology acceptance across the board? What are the possibilities to participate in a so-called pre-sale and to enter at an earlier stage? The Crypto Economy World Tour offers insights that will answer those questions thoroughly.

For more information about locations, ticket sales, sponsorship and media access, please visit


BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network) is a global and cross-sector platform for collaboration, networking, explaining and advancing Blockchain methodologies and solutions. The goal is to accelerat...


DC Jury Acquits Six Inauguration Day Defendants on All Counts "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After two days of deliberation, a DC jury today found all six Inauguration Day defendants not guilty on all eight counts-misdemeanor rioting and conspiracy to riot, and five counts of felony property destruction. The government still intends to try the remaining 188 Inauguration Day defendants on similar riot-related charges, but supporters are calling on the Trump administration to dismiss all of those charges. This is a clear victory for the six defendants who were just tried and a rejection of the governments attempt to criminalize dissent, said Betty Rothstein of Defend J20 Resistance. Were continuing to call on the Trump administration to dismiss all charges against the remaining 188 Inauguration Day defendants awaiting trial.


Bundy Mistrial, Land Rights & Other Lumps of Coal Boiler Room EP #140 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of The Boiler Room tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR hosts Hesher and Spore along side Andy Nowicki of the Nameless Podcast, Infidel Pharaoh, Randy J (ACR & 21WIRE contributor) for the hundred and fortieth episode of BOILER ROOM. Turn it up, tune in and hang with the ACR Brain-Trust for this weeks boil downs, analysis and the usual gnashing of the teeth of the political animals in the social rejects club.

On this episode of Boiler Room the ACR Brain-Trust is having a Christmas party, Boiler Room style! Well discuss some cringe worthy media oddities (per usual), the ridiculous hit piece penned by The Guardian in an attempt to demonize the impeccable independent reporting on Syria that 21WIRE and our colleagues have provided the world, the mistrial of Cliven Bundy, land rights in the United States, the overt politicization of the new Star Wars movie, several absurd fake news stories being promoted analyzed, UFO psyops in the MSM and the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Direct Download Episode #140

Please like and share the program and visit our donate page to get involved! Reference Links, for your conside...


Hard Assets Alliance: The Role Of Gold (And Silver) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Hard Assets Alliance: The Role Of Gold (And Silver) by Adam Taggart Peak Prosperity An update on the case for holding precious metals Longtime readers know that the Hard Assets Alliance is this websites officially-endorsed gold & silver...

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Fuzzy Tax Math "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Yes, with only 33 percent of the support for the bill (the same kind of flushy toilet numbers that President Trump is stuck in) the Republicans charged ahead like a crazed herd of wildebeasts heading for grazing grounds.


MACKAY Car theft, burglary: Mackay man pleads guilty "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 22, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Car theft, burglary: Mackay man pleads guilty

December 22, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Matthew Ronald Brown, 37, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday. He entered guilty pleas to nine charges, including unlawful use of a vehicle which was taken from UnitingCare Community at Farleigh on November 21. Defence solicitor Rosie Varley, of Fisher Dore Lawyers, told Magistrate

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Cancer drove Beaconsfield man to use pot for pain relief "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 22, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

Cancer drove Beaconsfield man to use pot for pain relief

December 22, 2017 at 06:26AM ,

John Barrington Parry, 71, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on December 12, and pleaded guilty to possessing 13 grams of marijuana on November 29 at Andergrove. He admitted to police that he was carrying the bag during a traffic stop, prosecutor Shelby Larcombe told Magistrate Damien Dwyer.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Tradie to appeal sentence for cowardly attack in golf club "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 22, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Tradie to appeal sentence for cowardly attack in golf club

December 22, 2017 at 06:03AM ,

Mayson James Doyle-Cavanagh, 20, from Moranbah faced Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm. has been released from Capricornia Correctional Centre after appeal bail was granted by Magistrate Mark Nolan in Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday.

, ,

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UN General Assembly votes overwhelmingly against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Vote by UN General Assembly is rebuke to US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital As widely predicted, the great majority of UN Member States brushed off threats from Donald Trump and Nikki Haley and voted in an extraordinary session of the UN General Assembly against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The vote was 128 in favour of the resolution (jointly sponsored by Turkey and war-racked Yemen) with 9 against (the US, Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Togo). Thirty five states abstained including Mexico and Canada, and 21 countries in effect abstained by declining to turn up for the vote. All the UN's permanent members apart from the US - Russia, China, Britain and France - supported the resolution. Extraordinary sessions of the UN General Assembly are very rare.


The environmental ravages of uranium tailings "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

And so, the billions of tons of silt that has accumulated in Lake Mead and Lake Powell serve as archives of sorts. They hold the sedimental records of an era during which people, health, land, and water were all sacrificed in order to obtain the raw material for weapons that are capable of destroying all of humanity.


Pence Makes Surprise Christmas Visit To Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed"

The arrival of @VP Pence at the Presidential palace in Kabul. Both @ashrafghani & CEO Abdullah Abdullah met with him. Pence urged them to move forward with long stalled elections. #Afghanistan margaret brennan (@margbrennan) December 21, 2017 Nice! Via Daily Caller: Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise Thursday visit to Afghanistan to []


US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Supporters of foreign aid love to point out that it constitutes less than 1% of the federal budget. True, but that 1% comes with lots of strings attached for both parties.


"Unhackable" Computer Under Development With $3.6M DARPA Grant "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By turning computer circuits into unsolvable puzzles, a University of Michigan team aims to create an unhackable computer with a new $3.6 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Todd Austin, U-M professor of computer science and engineering, leads the project, called MORPHEUS. Its cybersecurity approach is dramatically different from today's, which relies on softwarespecifically software patches to vulnerabilities that have already been identified. It's been called the "patch and pray" model, and it's not ideal.

MORPHEUS outlines a new way to design hardware so that information is rapidly and randomly moved and destroyed. The technology works to elude attackers from the critical information they need to construct a successful attack. It could protect both hardware and software.

In this way, MORPHEUS could protect against future threats that have yet to be identified, a dreaded vulnerability that the security industry called a "zero day exploit." Under MORPHEUS, the location of the bug would constantly change and the location of the passwords would change, he said. And even if an attacker were quick enough to locate the data, secondary defenses in the form of encryption and domain enforcement would throw up additional roadblocks. The bug would still be there, but it wouldn't matter. The attacker won't have the time or the resources to exploit it.

DARPA is aiming to render these attacks impossible within five years. If developed, MORPHEUS could do it now, Austin said.

Unhackable computer under development

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So many, so called, unhackable devices were hacked, sometimes within hours of release. How long do you think this would remain unhackable ? Is it even possible to make an unhackable computer ?

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Turnbull has politicked himself into irrelevance on energy and climate in 2018 RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Medals of Valour should be awarded to Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, AEMO chief executive Audrey Zibelman, and South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.

via Turnbull has politicked himself into irrelevance on energy and climate in 2018 RenewEconomy


Swimline Floating Lounge Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81JKtGaUHhL SL1500

Swimline Floating Lounge Chair - Furniture could be thought to be one of the most crucial arrangement stuff from the home. There are several different varieties of furniture and it's your obligation to continue choosing the most unique furniture to your interiors or exteriors as per the present arrangement present in your own place. You should definitely have an idea on the type of furniture required by you as it is absolutely not feasible to go through each and every piece of furniture as there are so many of them in the 45, while visiting the furniture store. If you're totally confused on the kind of furniture you need to get for your purpose then you can make use of internet to be able to understand more about the very best type that suits one to the core. There are several suppliers on internet dealing with the ventures on furniture also it would be really good if you go through the websites as you might have the ability to have an idea about the precise usage of different furniture at which you might be seeing a number of them to your very first time in your daily life. You might be in need of getting couple of chairs to be placed in your insides.

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Has President Trump Declared a National Emergency to Cover the Cabal Take Down? "IndyWatch Feed World"

by Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia, Dec. 21, 2017

Has President Trump just passed an executive order that can be used to provide justification and cover for the unsealing of the thousands of sealed indictments and the takedown of deep-state subjects of interest?

Granted it initially targets only foreign nationals, can it be extended or invoked?

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

December 21, 2017

I ... determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe

U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, December 21, 2017

New Executive Order Implements Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, Provides for Treasury Sanctions Against Malign Actors Worldwide

Washington Today, the Trump Administration launched a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world. Building on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights A...


Japan downplayed Chernobyl concerns at G-7 for energy policys sake: declassified documents "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Japan is the world s champion in downplaying and denying. WWII sexual slaves, Nanking massacre, Fukushima.
Eager to maintain its energy policy in the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Japan made sure concerns about nuclear technology were downplayed at the 12th Group of Seven summit it chaired in Tokyo days after the disaster, according to Japanese diplomatic records declassified Wednesday.
References to radiation and concerns about the nuclear accident that took place in what is now present-day Ukraine were deleted from a draft of the G-7 statement. The final statement instead dubbed nuclear power as an energy source that will be ever more widely used in the future.
The declassified records show that Japan worked to build an international consensus on retaining nuclear power even while little was known about the cause of the Chernobyl accident or the scale of the damage.
Missing a chance to thoroughly debate strengthening

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Japans Kansai Electric used possibly falsified Mitsubishi Materials products at reactors "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

TOKYO (Reuters) Japans Kansai Electric Power Co said on Wednesday it has used parts in important safety equipment at two of its nuclear plants that were supplied by a unit of Mitsubishi Materials Corp with possibly falsified data.
TOKYO (Reuters) Japans Kansai Electric Power Co said on Wednesday it has used parts in important safety equipment at two of its nuclear plants that were supplied by a unit of Mitsubishi Materials Corp with possibly falsified data.
Mitsubishi Materials Corp. President Akira Takeuchi (2nd R) bows with Executive Vice President Naoki Ono (2nd L), Mitsubishi Shindoh Co. President Kazumasa Hori (L) and Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd. President Hiroaki Murata during a news conference in Tokyo, Japan November 24, 2017.
The utility has found it is using rubber seals from Mitsubishi Cable Industries with possible falsified specifications in dozens of locations at its Takahama and Ohi nuclear plants, a

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Race, income, education explain disparities in asthma "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Journalists Resource) Beyond race, factors including income, education level, insurance status and health literacy are linked to childrens asthma outcomes, including severity of and control over the condition.

The issue: Mold, cigarette smoke and pests are common triggers of asthma attacks. Theyre also common problems in low-income housing. That helps explain the unequal prevalence of asthma, a chronic disease which inflames the airways and makes it difficult to breathe, across racial and socioeconomic lines.

An investigation published in The Baltimore Sun explains how area hospitals neglect these issues, choosing to treat asthma attacks in inpatient or emergency room visits rather than attempting to mitigate environmental risks. Prevention, according to the report, is less lucrative than on-the-spot treatment.

While some institutions refrain from addressing disparities, elsewhere, researchers attempt to determine factors that might help those affected and reduce these unequal burdens. A 2017 study from researchers at Boston Medical Center and Northwestern University looks at a number of factors that lessen racial disparities in asthma outcomes.

An academic study worth reading: Sociodemographic Factors Mediate Race and EthnicityAssociated Childhood Asthma Health Disparities: A Longitudinal Analysis, published in Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, November 2017.

About the study: The researchers interviewed 561 Chicago-area caregivers of asthmatic children between the ages of 8 and 15. Interviews occurred every three months over the course of 1.5 years. At baseline, they measured caregivers health literacy with the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine, a reading test that assesses recognition of health words. They also collected sociodemographic data on race/ethnicity, income, education level and insurance status.

During each interview, they asked the caregivers to self-report their childs quality of life. They also collected information...


John Pratt on climate, Barrier Reef, Adani and renewable energy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  • Scientists working against time #ClimateChange & Politics to Save the Reef #StopAdani #auspol

    The Guardians of the Great Barrier Reef

    Australias scientists are working against time and climate change politics to save their beloved coral reef.

    Kate MackenzieDecember 21, 2017

  • Replacing Indias coal plants with renewables saves money & lives. #StopAdani #auspol #qldpol

    Replacing coal plants with renewables will help save Rs 54000 crore in power costs

    Greenpeace campaigner Ashish Fernandes said that it is now widely accepted that new coal power plants are not financially competitive with new renewables in India.

    By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 21, 2017 9:35 pm


BREAKING: Vegas Police Captain Behind Gunfire Location System Reported Missing, Endangered "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

vegasDuring the middle of one of the most secretive investigations in history, a Las Vegas police captain has disappeared and is considered "endangered."


! "IndyWatch Feed War"

. 21, 2017 []


Campaigners in Cumbria have thanked Essex Councillors for Opposing a Nuclear Power Station "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From Wednesdays Essex Gazette Anti-nuclear Support 300 miles away. Campaigners in Cumbria have thanked Essex councillors for opposing a nuclear power station. Designs for a nuclear power station close to the site of a former plant in Bradwell have been revealed. The design for the new Bradwell B reactor has passed the first step of []

via Campaigners in Cumbria have thanked Essex Councillors for Opposing a Nuclear Power Station


NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM 122117 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM 122117 Video Dr. Joseph P Farrell Giza Death Star Next up: FeDCoin, if the Washington Post is correct but as always, caveat emptor! Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious...

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The 1% Will Earn the People's Hatred "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Senate Republicans passed a tax bill that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi described as "simply theft -- monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it."


22 December More REneweconomy News "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  • 2020 RET in hand, with enough projects remaining to deliver 50% renewables
    2017 has been an impressive year for renewables, but ends with a major cloud hanging over it: what happens once the RET is sorted?
  • First thoughts: Snowy 2.0 will lift emissions without more renewable


Obama Echo Chamber Manufactures Media Narrative Ahead Of Investigations Into Hezbollah Scandal "IndyWatch Feed"

Trying to seize the narrative ahead of the investigations. Via Daily Caller: The former Obama officials who manufactured a media echo chamber to sell the Iran deal are now working to undermine a bombshell report that revealed how former President Barack Obamas administration derailed its own Drug Enforcement Agencys efforts to stop Islamist terrorist group []


Athens: Banner in solidarity with Lisa, imprisoned in Cologne, Germany "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Received 21/12/2017:

Banner dropped in Polytechnic University in solidarity with Lisa, accused of bank robbery in Germany.

Today, 21st of December, taking part on the International call for solidarity with the comrade Lisa accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany, we decided to hang a banner in the Polytechnic University, in Exarcheia, Athens.

The last 7th of June, she was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison by the judge and the prosecutor of Aachen. Now shes waiting for the appeal maid by her lawyers. If the court accept it, it means that she would eventually have a second trial.

The fact that our comrade is in prison makes us even more angry, but we know that all this revenge by the state is making us stronger everyday reaffirming our ideas.

We will keep on fighting, to remember all our comrades in prison. We have clear in mind who are our enemies. This is our decision, to fight against the states, police, judges, prosecutors and all those who are part of the system that is making people life miserable. We wont stop, this is about our life, this is about our struggle!

Here is a small sign of solidarity with the comrade, but its also a claim to keep going with the struggle inside prison as in the streets. Well never let any comrade alone in the hands of the state.

Until all are free, strength, fire, love and fight!
We want her free, we want her in the streets!

For anarchy!

To write to Lisa:
Lisa, n 2893/16/7
Justizvollzuganstanlt (JVA) Kln
Rochusstrasse 350
50827 Kln (Germany)


BHP may dump global group, but looks to forgive Australian coal lobby RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

BHP has flagged ending its association with international coal lobby groups, but appears to be more forgiving of the Minerals Council and other Australian organisations.

via BHP may dump global group, but looks to forgive Australian coal lobby RenewEconomy


Counter Intuition, False Dichotomies, Zeig Heil for the Siloed Manufactured Causes/Consents "IndyWatch Feed War"

A change in Quantity also entails a change in Quality.
Friedrich Engels

No one can define or measure justice, democracy, security, freedom, truth, or love. No one can define or measure any value. But if no one speaks up for them, if systems arent designed to produce them, if we dont speak about them and point toward their presence or absence, they will cease to exist.
Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer

If it seems self-serving and pedestrian to chronicle my own slice of heaven called Working as a Precariat USA, then so be it. I have read so much lately on climate science, on the science around the toxic earth, around the political-billionaire-millionaire miscreants, both male and female (Trump commuted this Kosher Millionaire Rabbi, in jail for bank fraud, 27 years, today, so expect other chosen people of the white collar criminal variety to be pardoned, let go, praised), and the on-going Scarlet Letter Outing of Men, therefore,  coming down out of the ether of punditry and mainstream-and-not-so-liberal-media to get my own ground-truthing framed in what is dog-eat-dog predatory capitalism turbo charged seems like sanity to me.

I could get all British Lit on my reader by quoting John Donne, since inherently I am an entrenched systems thinker, a giver in the Ishmael sense, and understand the principles tied to cooperative evolution:

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friends
Or of thine own were:
Any mans death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;...


FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom: Patriots Within The FBI Will Soon Step Forward And Expose The Cabal "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom spoke to FBNs Stewart Varney to discuss recent bombshells concerning the FBI, whose top brass has been conducting a highly politicized witch-hunt of President Trump on behalf of the anti-Trump establishment, while protecting then-candidate Hillary Clinton from criminal charges related to her email investigation, Clinton Foundation involvement in pay-for-play []


22 December REneweconomy News "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  • Coalition, Labor, Greens and the future of energy in 2018
    We asked Josh Frydenberg, Mark Butler and Adam Bandt to share their predictions for 2018 and whats important. This is what they said.
  • After 8.3 million page views in 2017, were taking a short break


Fire Fire Burning Bright, How Many Acres Burned Last Night "IndyWatch Feed"

Nick Stokes has extended the discussion on the number of forest acres burned in the US, which basically started in nothing is happening twitter and various blogs that deny climate change is upon us, with the appearance of the graph to the left trying to disprove concern about the current California blazes.  To be straightforward about it Nick don't believe the left hand side of the figure, and he quotes from the US Historical Statistics table which comments

"The source publication also presents information by regions and States on areas needing protection, areas protected and unprotected, and areas burned on both protected and unprotected forest land by type of ownership, and size of fires on protected areas. No field organizations are available to report fires on unprotected areas and the statistics for these areas are generally the best estimates available."

Eli is not going to exactly defend this either, but he will stick by the point he was trying to make that 1900 Galveston hurricane has damn all to do with deaths caused by hurricanes today especially with improved building codes, weather satellites and more.  Since forest fire fighting in the US really took hold in the middle 1930s when the federal government got serious about it the left hand side of the figures have not very much to do with the right hand side

However, Eli did come up with a way to look at this, by examining the number of acres burnt per fire.  One of the interesting things in the above graph which the Bunny did not comment...


REVEALED: The FBI plot to overthrow the presidency and commit organized TREASON in America "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

REVEALED: The FBI plot to overthrow the presidency and commit organized TREASON in America by: Jayson Veley  Natural News Most people never thought they would see the day that the FBI would become so politicized that many of its members actively...

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Dining Chairs for Heavy People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81QyYLl wkL SL1376

Dining Chairs for Heavy People - When your church chairs are due for replacement, you are able to tell. It is no secret that even worn chairs out isn't comfortable. They therefore are unappealing, as well as structurally unsound and reflect badly on a church. Structurally seating can give way at any given moment, damaging a congregation member or possibly embarrassing.

When buying church chairs, quality is more non-negotiable; it is always better to put money into a couple of rows of quality seats that will endure for years to come instead of purchase a space full of cheap seats that will start to fall apart at the seams by the minute they're first used. You get exactly what you pay for when it comes to seats. As they'll last considerably more than lower quality chairs while good quality seats may not be economical, they offer a worth. Investing in chairs that are good will also provide your congregation an worship experience and a comfortable, attractive surroundings.

It could be difficult to get church seats if the church is financially overwhelmed by other obligations. There are a number of tips that you could use even in the face of a tight church budget to make sure that you are able to buy quality church chairs to your congregation.


Rocking Chair and Ottoman Set "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

91QngO8GeQL SL1500

Rocking Chair and Ottoman Set - Parsons seats come that choosing the one could be somewhat daunting. This manual has been assembled to help you select parsons chairs to match your home decor style. Whether you're trying to find a set of dining chairs or one or two chairs to use for living space dividers, this guide will direct you in the perfect direction.

When a is visualized by individuals, they think of large, formal dining rooms and rooms. A furnished upholstered parsons seat does look positively regal! Conventional parsons chairs can be accommodated for more environments. These designs are timeless and refined, seldom going out of style. Wooden legs are included by traits of classic parsons style chairs in deep finishes such as cherry, walnut, mahogany and walnut. The thighs are usually from the "s-curved" Queen Anne design-- also called cabriole legs - or in the bolder Chippendale design. The seat backs are crescent, scrolled or camel shape, which makes them a touch more formality. Conventional parsons chairs could be fully skirted, with triple or box pleats for a fancier look.

When choosing upholstery parsons chair, you've got extensive alternatives. Choose a fabric that complements the color scheme and general mood of this space. 1 idea is to pair a mild fabric-- either solid colored or patterned-- with a wood. Light blue Ivory or green are choices. Designed chairs may stand up to prints and rich colors, such as patterns that are scrolled, large florals , lush greens, burgundies, dark blues and golds. Nailhead trim, tassels and stainless steel bands are classic upholstery accents.


Las Vegas Police Captain Suddenly Goes Missing "IndyWatch Feed"

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced Capt. James Larochelle has gone missing. Fellow officers have launched a manhunt for the endangered, policeman. 

HELP US LOCATE   Captain James LaRochelle, last seen early this morning near Desert Foothills & Charleston, driving a tan 1998 Land Rover with NV license 592JBV. Please call 702-828-3111 with info, tweeted LVMPD.

NBC Law Vegas reports:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department needs your help in locating Capt. James Larochelle.

James was last seen Thursday around 2 a.m. near Desert Foothills and Charleston Boulevard in the far west valley.

He was last seen driving a tan 1998 Land Rover bearing Nevada license plate 592-JBV.

Anyone with any information on the known whereabouts of Larochelle is strongly urged to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Missing Persons Detail at 702-828-2907.

In November, LaRochelle...


Rosie ODonnell Could Be Facing Prison Time And A $12 Million Fine For Bribery "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Caller: After ex-comedian Rosie ODonnells meltdown on Twitter before the Senates big tax vote Tuesday night, President Donald Trump can reasonably direct federal authorities to lock her up and even to take some money out of her fat-ass pockets, which he once infamously cited as a personal goal. Starting a few hours []


China plans to break petrodollar stranglehold "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

China is making a move to break the United States petrodollar stranglehold. The plan is to set up oil-futures trading in the yuan, which will be fully convertible into gold on the Shanghai and Hong Kong foreign exchange markets.


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For the story behind the map click here

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Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: The Wall Street Wizards Have Successfully Gamed Bitcoin (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: The Wall Street Wizards Have Successfully Gamed Bitcoin Video Gregory Mannrino Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious metals, war, health and prepper suggestions! Video Source

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Caricature: The European Patent Office (EPO) Career System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

EPO career system

Summary: Life at the EPO as explained by a new cartoon (circulating among staff of the European Patent Office)


A year like no other "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

What an incredible and challenging year this has been. On the national stage, we've seen several key issues we work on here at PAN move into the spotlight like never before. Learn more

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US National Security Strategy spells out information warfare "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Trump Administration's National Security Strategy contains many references to defending against and waging information warfare, even if the latter point isn't directly referred as such, though this important element of the policy document has thus far been overlooked by most analysts. President Trump unveiled his administration's National Security Strategy earlier this week, and it's chock-full of promises to "Make America Great Again" through the utilization of what's described as "Principled Realism". This guiding philosophy understands the world as being in a constant state of competition (p. 2) somewhere between war and peace (28) and marked by the return of Great Power rivalry (27), though one in which US behavior is guided by outcomes instead of ideology (2) and thus reliant on a combination of military, economic, and soft power to achieve its goals.


Can the FBI Get Away With Getting Trump Team Emails? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Can the FBI Get Away With Getting Trump Team Emails? By Andrew P. Napolitano  Lew Rockwell Within hours of his victory in last years presidential election, Donald Trump dispatched his lawyers to establish a nonprofit corporation to manage his transition...

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WATCH: Brand-New Pro-Trump Ad Features So Much A** Kissing It Will Make You Sick Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave


Just when you might have thought wed get a break from watching people kiss Donald Trumps ass and stroke his ego ad nauseam, a pro-Trump group creates an ad thats nothing but people doing even more of those exact things. America First Policies is set to release this ad, called Thank You, President Trump, on Christmas Day and, well, we threw up a little in our mouths trying to watch this.

Basically, the spot is nothing but people fawning all over Trump for all the stuff he hasnt actually done. The ad includes a scene with a little girl thanking Trump for bringing back Merry Christmas, which never went away (there are even videos of President Obama saying Merry Christmas himself). A man thanks him for cutting his taxes. And America First says that everyday Americans everywhere are thanking Trump for being such a great and awesome president.

The best president.

Nobodys ever done what hes done. Hes breaking all kinds of records every day.

Believe us.

Anyway, the word propaganda comes to mind when watching this. Thats what it is literal propaganda promoting someone who shouldnt need this kind of promotion anymore. Watch this ad bullshit below:

The way the MAGAs are kowtowing to Orange Hitler is both disgusting and frightening. The man has done nothing, and his policies will harm the very same Americans who are thanking him. Unfortunately, it will take an obscene amount of pain before theyll open their eyes and see theyve been duped by a con man with a bad hairdo.

And his ongoing need for this kind of adoration is, at best, unbecoming of his office. This ad is vile.

Featured image via Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images


20% OFF Whale Watching "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Greenies watch Whales and Oilers watch Whaleoil and we know you all love a bargain. Today, we are offering a time-limited 20% discount code that can be applied to ALL subscription levels. If you dont have a Whaleoil subscription now is the time to grab one and get 20% off. If you already have a Bronze Subscription and want []

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BEST OF THE WEB: Why McCabe can't help but stonewall about his desperate belief in dodgy dossier fantasies "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Tuesday 19th December 2017 it was the turn of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe to give evidence about Russiagate behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee. Judging by this report on Fox News the Republican members of the Committee found it a frustrating experience Congressional investigators tell Fox News that Tuesday's seven-hour interrogation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe contained numerous conflicts with the testimony of previous witnesses, prompting the Republican majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee to decide to issue fresh subpoenas next week on Justice Department and FBI personnel.... "It's hard to know who's telling us the truth," said one House investigator after McCabe's questioning.... Sources close to the investigation say that McCabe was a "friendly witness" to the Democrats in the room, who are said to have pressed the deputy director, without success, to help them build a case against President Trump for obstruction of justice in the Russia-collusion probe. "If he could have, he would have," said one participant in the questioning. Investigators say McCabe recounted to the panel how hard the FBI had worked to verify the contents of the anti-Trump "dossier" and stood by its credibility. But when pressed to identify what in the salacious document the bureau had actually corroborated, the sources said, McCabe cited only the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow. Beyond that, investigators said, McCabe could not even say that the bureau had verified the dossier's allegations about the specific meetings Page supposedly held in Moscow.... The sources said that when asked when he learned that the dossier had been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, McCabe claimed he could not recall - despite the reported existence of documents with McCabe's own signature on them establishing his knowledge of the dossier's financing and provenance. (bold italics added) The key words are the ones I have highlighted and they go to the heart of the FBI's - and Robert Mueller's - problem.


Green Bean Bag Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71MlQczb9LL SL1461

Green Bean Bag Chair - Seats have been in existence for centuries, and just continue getting better. With the incorporation of new stuff, technologies, and ergonomic layout, seats aren't only looking better, they feel much better. Chairs are crucial parts of equipment in any house, office, or setting. And even though chairs are sometimes seen as "just a piece of equipment", it does not indicate that it has to be tasteless and uncomfortable. To the contrary, chairs on the market these days are comfortable, and are extremely affordable.

Besides some chairs in our house, the majority of our seat period is invested on Office Chairs. This is one area of functionality and chair design that's become its own. Manufacturers are recognizing that folks desire office chairs that will not send you home and provide comfort all day long. Or maybe you're worried about the comfort of your customers that visit with your office. Even though they do not always look like it has been designed with comfort in mind Office chairs. Your own body will enjoy you, if sitting for 2-3 hours in this seat. A fantastic office chair shouldn't be overlooked as an essential part of gear.

For home or house, Ergonomic Chairs are all worth having a peek at. They use to be considered as a piece of medical equipment but are selling at a quick pace. You understand what I am talking if you've ever had back trouble. These chairs are designed to enhance posture and also take the pressure off shoulders and your back, giving you a more relaxed seating position. Many seats nowadays are intended to fold so that they can be stored in an upright or flat position, if you believe they seem bulky, think again.


Why National is screwed "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Simon Wilson has an excellent piece on The Spinoff called "Its not easy being Jacinda: the challenges ahead."

He does describe significant challenges for Ardern over the next three years, but I was most struck by the challenge that's facing the National Party:

...the new government isnt just warming the benches. It has a grand goal, which is nothing less than to rebuild New Zealand society. Theyre going to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty; fast-track the desperately needed construction of homes, transport and other urban infrastructure; upgrade outcomes in education; overhaul the disgracefully neglected health system; build a higher-wage economy; kickstart the countrys retirement savings programme; reform the relationship between beneficiaries and the state. 
And keep the economy on an even keel. And! Establish that countrywide strategic campaign to synthesise economic and environmental planning were going to become both carbon zero, in time, and more economically robust. 
Maybe they wont get it all done. But is there anyone who thinks they shouldnt try? Is there anyone who thinks these goals are not precisely what a government in a developed country with a strong economy should be doing? What it should be ashamed of itself for spending, say, nine years in power and not doing? 
Nationals path back to government is not to keep saying yeah, nah thats stupid. Its to convince us they could do the job the same far-reaching, visionary job better. Because as became clear in the election campaign, Labour, not National, has set the agenda.

National convince us it could do better than Labour at taking a long-term approach to governing?  Oh, they are so, so screwed...


Media Blackout in Most European Media Regarding the Latest Major EPO Scandal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With few exceptions like JUVE (Germany) and The Register (UK)


Summary: The EPOs bribes to the media (e.g. Les Echos) continue to pay off as paid-for puff pieces continue to outnumber actual news about the EPO

THE management of the EPO can seemingly get away with anything, including deaths, corruption and so on.

Who can stop Battistelli and his French successor (whom he picked)? Who can compel French media to actually do its job and properly report on the many scandals? Watch this new article. Battistelli gave this publisher a share of the EPOs budget to write puff pieces. They (Les Echos) still obey and the EPO then sends them traffic, along with others. People (readers) will fail to understand that this article was produced by a media partners (i.e. paid journalism) of the EPO. And the article itself is about the EPO.

Who can stop Battistelli and his French successor (whom he picked)? Who can compel French media to actually do its job and properly report on the many scandals?This has become a hallmark of the EPO in recent years. Literally millions of euros are being wasted on corrupting the media. Its all about painting Battistelli as some sort of a genius. And who pays for all this? Users of the system

The EPO just loves distracting from real journalism. It relies on corruptible publishers, academics and journalists. Pay to say is what it is; Les Echos alone we have already written many articles about. Its one of many. Recently, the EPO also passed money to German media. It also passed money to some British academics for UPC propaganda, which earlier today it cited while saying: This [EPO-sponsored] study investigates [sic] the role played by patents in supporting trade and FDI [just like the EPO asked when paying] in the #EuropeanUnion.

Add to this the lat...


Susan Benghazi Rice Gets Destroyed After Claiming POTUS Trumps America First Agenda is Making us Less Safe "IndyWatch Feed"

The stench from the Obama administration is still lingering.

Lyin Susan Rice attacked President Trumps America First agenda this week and Trump supporters responded accordingly.

Susan Rice attacked President Trumps America First agenda in a New York Times op-ed titled When America No Longer Is a Global Force for Good.

In the opening paragraph, Rice claims Trumps national security strategy marks a dramatic departure from his predecessors.

President Trumps National Security Strategy marks a dramatic departure from the plans of his Republican and Democratic predecessors, painting a dark, almost dystopian portrait of an extraordinarily dangerous world characterized by hostile states and lurking threats. There is scant mention of Americas unrivaled political, military, technological and economic strength, or the opportunities to expand prosperity, freedom and security through principled leadership the foundation of American foreign policy since World War II.

Thanks to Trump letting our military actually do work, ISIS has been reduced to a fraction of what it was under Obama. Obama funded ISIS and tied our militarys hands which made ISIS metastasize. Take many seats, Susan Rice.

The former NatSec Advisor then attacked Trumps nationalistic ideals and claimed Trump believes we live in a world where America wins only at others expense. There is no common good, no international community, no universal values, only American values.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump refuses to apologize for Americas accomplishments and refuses to bow to foreign leaders, unlike weakling Obama. That makes us a leader, which strengthens the world. When we are weak, evil proliferates.

Susan Rice then brought up Russia (shocker):

Russia, as the strategy allows, aggressively opposes NATO, the European Union, Western values and American global leadership. It brazenly seized Georgian and Ukrainian territory and killed thousands of innocents to save a dictator in Syria. Russia is our adversary, yet Mr. Trumps strategy stubbornly refuses to acknowledge its most hostile act: directly interfering in the 2016 presidential election to advantage...


Molecular Biologist Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells "IndyWatch Feed World"

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The anti-cancer assertions made by medical cannabis advocates are no longer just based on anecdotal success stories. In the following video, Dr. Christina Sanchez, Biology Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, explains how her research supports the claim that cannabis kills cancer.

Study Shows THC in Cannabis Kills Cancer

Sanchez was involved in several studies that indicated that the THC cannabinoid in cannabis kills cancer cells. These laboratory studies involved the application of THC compounds to brain cancer cell cultures. Furthermore, the researches conducted several animal studies.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects. Sanchez and her team discovered that after being treated with THC, cancer cells were committing suicide. This differs from other cancer treatments, as for example chemotheraphy, because THC is able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy cells. On the other hand, conventional cancer treatments do not make this distinction. Sanchez explains:

One of the advantages of cannabinoids, or cannabinoid based medicines, would be that they target a specifically, tumor cells. They dont have any toxic effect on normal, non-tumoral cells. This is an advantage with respect to standard chemotherapy that target basically everything.

Sanchez further reveals that the cancer-killing effect of THC is potentiated by the presence of CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is a very potent antioxidant. It protects the brain from stress and damage, in addition to its cancer-killing properties. These synergistic effects of both THC and CBD could make for a very powerful cancer treatment. Sanchez adds:



Lets Talk "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? What features made it beautiful? Discuss:

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Sessions Call For Clnton/Obama/FBI/Uranium One Crime (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Sessions Call For Clnton/Obama/FBI/Uranium One Crime Video BPEarth Watch Click here to sign up for The Daily Coin FREE newsletter covering precious metals, war, health and prepper suggestions! Video Source

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Facebook Continues Handing Data To Governments Worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Aaron Kesel Facebook is continuing to show its disregard for privacy as it hands its user data to governments all over the world. According...


When The Unthinkable Becomes Quotidian: Thermic runaway and Strangelovian palaver "IndyWatch Feed National"

The effects of humankind-created Climate Chaos are proving to be more devastating than even the most grim predictions. Wealth inequity is worse than in the Gilded Age. The US empire wages perpetual war, hot and cold, overt and covert, including military brinksmanship with the nuclear power, The Russian Federation.

Speaking of the latter, the US media retails a storyline that would be considered risible if it was not so dangerously inflammatory; i.e., Laffaire du Russia-gate, wherein, according to the lurid tale, the sinister Vladimir Putin, applying techniques from the Russian handbook for international intrigue, Rasputin Mind Control For Dummies, has wrested control of the US Executive Branch of government and bends its policies to his diabolical will.

Ridiculous, huh?  Yet the mainstream press promulgates and a large section of the general public believes what is clearly a reality-bereft tale, as all the while, ignoring circumstances crucial for their own economic well being; their safety, insofar as a catastrophic nuclear exchange; and the steps required to maintain the ecological criteria crucial for allowing the continued viability of human beings on planet earth.

A socio-cultural-political structure is in place wherein the individual is bombarded, to the point of psychical saturation, with self-serving, elitist manufactured media content. Decades back, news and entertainment merged thus freedom of choice amounts to psychical wanderings in a wilderness of empty, consumer cravings and unquenchable longings. Moreover, personas are forged upon the simulacrum smithy of pop/consumer culture, in which, image is reality, salesmanship trumps (yes, Trumps) substance. Among the repercussions: A reality television con man gains the cultural capital to mount a successful bid for the US presidency.

Trumps ascendency should not come as a shock. Nor should desperate Democrats embrace of Russia-gate/The Russians Are Coming (fools) mythos. In essence, US citizens/consumers are the most successfully psychologically colonised people on planet earth. In the realm of the political, Democratic and Republican partisans alike, on cue, are prone to parrot the self-serving lies of their partys cynical elite, who, it is evident, by the utter disregard they hold towards the prerogatives of their constituency, view the influence-bereft hoi polloi with abiding distainthat is, in the rare event they regard them at all.

The crucial question is: Whose and what agenda does the Russia-gate yarn serve? The answer is hidden in plain sight: the profiteers of US economic and militarist hegemony. The demonisation and diminution of Russian power and influence is essential in order to maintain and expand US dominance and the attendant maintenance and expansion of the already obscene wealth of capitalisms ruling elite.

While It mig...


Claims That Thousands Will Die If Obamacare MANDATE Goes Away Is Nothing But A Democrat LIE And Heres Why "IndyWatch Feed World"


Now that were on the cusp of getting rid of one of the most constitutionally offensive laws the mandate that all Americans be forced to purchase a product, in this case, health insurance, or be punished Democrats have gone into full panic mode and have cranked up their propaganda machine.

A provision within the Republican tax reform bill that is on pace for passage this week would eliminate Obamacares individual mandate, which is a great thing for liberty, freedom, and choice.

But Democrats, many of whom passed the Obamacare monstrosity that has destroyed the private health insurance market, forcing millions of Americans to pay thousands a year in out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, are now claiming that scores will die  die!  if the mandate goes away.

Health insurance, they claim, is a requirement to sustain life. And by their logic, the more expensive it is, the longer well all live.

Thats like saying the requirement that physicians and other primary care providers must be licensed before they can practice eliminates malpractice, which of course, isnt true.

The fact is, getting rid of the individual mandate will be a major economic boon to millions of American households, not a risk to their lives. Indeed, because deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses have skyrocketed due to Obamacares minimum coverage requirements, scores of Americans have had to forego medical treatment altogether because they cant afford the up-front expense.

So in other words, keeping the mandate is likely more deadly than getting rid of it.

The nitwits on the Left claim three things that are absolutely false when it comes to health insurance coverage and healthThe Daily Signals Robert Moffit, senior fellow for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, writes:

Coverage reduces mortality

The individual mandate expands insurance coverage

The mandate, therefore, reduces mortality so, conversely, getting rid of it will increasemortality.

You know, like f...


Michael Irvin Named As NFL Network Allegations Worsen "IndyWatch Feed"

NFL just keeps buying more trouble. Via NY Post: A woman who used to work under Jami Cantor, the former NFL Network wardrobe stylist who first brought accusations of widespread sexual harassment against male employees, has shared her own story of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Erin McParland, in a first-person account released Thursday by []


Metropolitan Police Hidden Vehicles "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Metropolitan Police's hidden vehicle compound revealed. It's underground and yet, er, you can still see it on (some) aerial photographs. Stealth technology, or just wily coppers' cunning? Updated 22nd December 2017 with new feature: VRES Belvedere Vehicle Recovery and Examination Service. Updated 27th July 2017 with new sections on West Yorkshire Police's Carr Gate Complex in Wakefield and Lancashire Constabulary's special operations centre in Blackburn. Updated 7th May 2017 with a new section on Northumbria Police's Operational and Tactical Training Centre (OTTC) at Follingsby Park. Updated 5th May 2017 with more information and imagery. Updated 21st April 2017 with a new section on the Met Police Special Escort Group (SEG) garages. Updated 20th April 2017, with a new section on the Government Car Service (GCS) garages in Bermondsey. Updated 7th March 2017 with more information and pictures.


First wave of steel posts installed along Las Vegas Strip "IndyWatch Feed World"

Clark County on Wednesday finished installing close to 800 steel posts between the street and sidewalks along the Las Vegas Strip to increase pedestrian safety. The posts, known as bollards, are interconnected by underground steel frames. They can withstand a head-on collision from a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 mph. The posts were installed at seven locations between Tropicana Avenue and Spring Mountain Road. Next year the county plans to install 7,500 bollards along the Strip between Sahara Avenue and the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.


Georgia, Facing Difficult Dilemma,' Keeps Nuclear Project Alive "IndyWatch Feed World"

Regulators approved plans to continue building the only two nuclear reactors still under construction in the country, despite delays and overruns.

Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater "IndyWatch Feed World"

Countless human-made troubles in the Indonesian capital pose an imminent threat to the city's survival. And it has to deal with mounting threats from climate change.


Contentious Sea Wall Plan Approved for Trump Resort in Ireland "IndyWatch Feed World"

The plan was scaled back from an earlier proposal but still generated opposition from environmentalists.


Climate Change Is Driving People From Home. So Why Don't They Count as Refugees? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The treaty that defines the status of refugees was written with the Second World War in mind. Now, research shows that weather shocks are forcing millions to move.


Hey, why is the solstice on 21 December? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Why is Christmas/Yule/Saturnalia a few days later? Why is the New Year a week and half later? Why is the 12th month called the 10th in Latin? Why are these dates all out of line with each other and scattered around?

Its all because the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

You think youve heard all the ad hoc arbitrariness about how the Romans managed their calendar as youre led step by step through it all, and then you learn about Mercedonius and you just want to throw everything on the floor and walk away.


8 Examples to Show How Big Pharma Cares More about Profits than People "IndyWatch Feed World"

Paul A. Philips, Guest
Waking Times

From time to time, the alternative health media publishes an article serving as a scathing expos, revealing some of Big Pharmas dirty tricks used to maintain or increase its profit margin. Quite simply, each and every expos shows capitalism at its ugliest. As a consequence, patients affected may end up broke, permanently sick, sicker, or even dead. How low will Big Pharma stoop in its lust for profits?

-As an insight, and with a view towards protecting yourself, not becoming a victim of corporate greed, here are 8 examples to show how Big Pharma cares more about profits than people.

1. Protecting self-interests

Irrespective of high efficacy, the selling of cheap, natural, non-toxic alternative remedies are regarded by Big Pharma as a threat to their profit margins. With help from the authoritative muscle of the FDA and the DEA, Big Pharma makes sure that a number of these alternative remedies are criminalized to protect their self-interests.

For instance, take the recent case of kratom, a non-addictive plant that has helped many addicts wean off their opioid drug addiction. In spite of this and the burgeoning Big Pharma opioid painkiller drug addiction epidemic, there has been an out-and-out attempt to criminalize kratom. 

How low can it get? Not satisfied with making obscene profits on an addictive drug, Big Pharma also tries to prevent addicts from weaning off their addiction by making this natural remedy illegal and thus unavailable.

Further, kratom has also been given an unsubstantiated and inaccurately bad press through the FDA issuing false warnings. These false warnings need to be rescinded.

2.  Pushing addiction

Not just opioids,...


LF Interview: Ivelin Sardamov- Amused to Death/The False Promise of the Information Age "IndyWatch Feed War"

Still crunched for time. Apologies to all.

I managed to listen to another interview today that is, again, worth sharing.
About an hour in length covering Mr Sardamov's new book  Mental Penguins The Neverending Education Crisis and the False Promise of the Information Age.

With thanks to Legalise freedom for making this interview freely available!

Ivelin Sardamov Amused to Death: The False Promise of the Information Age

Sardamov draws on key findings in neuroscience to explain decreasing attention spans, a crisis of curiosity, and waning interest in and knowledge of complex social issues in the United States and around the world. Attributing this trend primarily to the effects of information overload, ubiquitous screens, and constant access to the Internet, he argues that chronic over-stimulation generated by the current socio-technological environment fosters addictive tendencies in todays young people, many of whom will graduate from profit-driven universities both mired in debt and unprepared for life in the outside world.
This worrying and worsening situation also breeds apathy, disengagement, and social dysfunction, and almost certainly contributes to the ongoing decline in written and spoken language, and even basic cognition. All this among an increasingly-narcissistic and entitled populace weaned on celebrity culture, safe spaces, and political correctness. As with many mostly technological problems, the solution is too often seen as the application of yet more technology. If we wish to stop this downturn, however, and ultimately change course, we must be prepared to face some very uncomfortable truths

Download (55.1MB)

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21 Dec 2017 | CMATUrgent : 3 paysans tus par les forces de l'ordre au Mali, 8 autres en prison - village Zmsso Cercle de San - membre d'UACDDDD/NOVOX et de la convergence CMAT


Kristy Kennedy: Were keeping vulnerable young people busy and out of trouble this summer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our young children are our focus in Bourke, and we have a holistic approach to address their needs and aspirations in life Photograph: Supplied Our young children are our focus in Bourke, and we have a holistic approach to address their needs and aspirations in life Photograph: Supplied Share this Post As the temperature begins to go into the high ...


MegaAnon: Swamp's Assets Now Frozen with Trump's New EO "IndyWatch Feed World"

Assets of the Cabal now effectively freezed by Trump's EO. - OD


December 21 HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha! You're right in many ways!! Guess what? The Swamp's financials FROZE OVER while they all slept last night, y'all.

It's gonna be a LOOOOOONG Christmas break for them... they were all broke before sunrise. ;o)


Their swamps were frozen before sunrise, y'all. Now we'll get to watch them squirm through the holidays. By January 2nd, these people won't even recognize DC.