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Wednesday, 07 November


Der TV Sd hatte anscheinend eine Remote Code Execution ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der TV Sd hatte anscheinend eine Remote Code Execution auf ihrer Webseite. Und zwar da, wo jeder Pentest als erstes guckt: Bei der Suche.

Beim Aufruf der Suchfunktion auf der TV-Webseite werden mehrere Variablen bergeben. In eine dieser Variablen konnt man Perl-Code einfgen, der anschlieend ausgefhrt wurde. Testen konnte man das, indem man dort einen sleep-Befehl in entsprechender Perl-Syntax (z.B. ${sleep(10)}) eingab, der fr eine bestimmte Anzahl von Sekunden wartet.
Und wenn ihr euch jetzt denkt: Hey, das geht ja nur noch besser, wenn sie den Fix verkacken! Dann habe ich gute Nachrichten fr euch :-)

Die gute Nachricht: Tesla hat in ihrer Autofabrik in ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die gute Nachricht: Tesla hat in ihrer Autofabrik in Kalifornien eine eigene Notfallmedizin.

Die schlechte Nachricht: Deren Ziele scheinen nicht so auf die Patientengenesung ausgerichtet zu sein.

The on-site medical clinic serving some 10,000 employees at Tesla Inc.s California assembly plant has failed to properly care for seriously hurt workers, an investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

The clinics practices are unsafe and unethical, five former clinic employees said.

Benutzt hier jemand Bitlocker? Auf einer SSD mit Hardware-Krypto? ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand Bitlocker? Auf einer SSD mit Hardware-Krypto? Das ist wahrscheinlich keine so gute Idee. Bitlocker vertraut dann der Hardware-Krypto und macht keine eigene Krypto mehr. Und die Hardware-Krypto in typischen Produkten ist voll fr den Arsch, wie sich rausstellt.

Meine Vermutung ist, dass die Hersteller noch nicht mitgekriegt haben, dass man ihre Firmware extrahieren und reverse engineeren kann.

Ich sage gleich mal voraus, dass die Firmware ab jetzt verschlsselt kommt, damit sie kein Geld ausgeben mssen, um die Software in der Firmware ordentlich zu machen.


A new tale of migrant struggles in Moscow puts poverty, motherhood and hope on screen "IndyWatch Feed"

This Russian-Kazakh film explores how people who migrate to Russia are often subject to forces far greater than themselves.

Ayka. Source: YouTube. The opening scene of Sergey Dvortsevoys film Ayka sets the scene for a tough, realistic tale. A flickering image of newborn babies awakens Ayka, a Kyrgyz woman, from her hospital bed in Moscow. As she goes to the restroom to get changed, her plan is clear: abandon the baby she just gave birth to. Her dreams of success, of emancipation from an unwelcoming world, ride roughshod over her own health and her newborn child. The warmth of motherhood transitions to the agony and frost that make up Moscows winter season as the viewer runs and stumbles with Ayka, who picks up some icicles from the street to numb the pain in her abdomen as she gets to work in a dodgy chicken packing shop.

This, then, is the life of an undocumented migrant in Moscow, one whose registration card has expired and is thus at the mercy of both rogue bosses and violent police officers. Studies show that between 8 and 10 million foreign workers live in Russia, most of them hailing from Central Asia. While specific sectors attract certain types of migrants, men and women from the post-Soviet south interchangeably take up jobs in cleaning, hospitality and other services. Increasingly stringent residence rules have made it easier for foreign workers in Russia to become illegal. And the recent economic crunch in Russia has not halted the arrival of labourers from Central Asia. Money transfers from migrant labourers in Russia sustain the economies of the poorest Central Asian countries;...

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Tuesday, 06 November


MACKAY REVEALED: Identity of accused change room filmer "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 06, 2018 at 02:30PM ,

REVEALED: Identity of accused change room filmer

November 06, 2018 at 02:30PM ,

Matthew James McDonald fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. The 23-year-old will likely apply to be released from custody on bail during

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Bill Gates pushes clean-toilet technologies at Beijing expo "IndyWatch Feed World"

Placing a jar of faeces on a pedestal next to him, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates made a plea Tuesday for the safe disposal of human waste as he kicked off a "Reinvented Toilet" Expo in China.


A Message from the Warring Angels, 2432 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

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Red Wave is Coming Tomorrow, 2434 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Good evening, Im still reporting on: Red Wave is Coming Tomorrow, 2434 Synopsis: Well, the long-awaited report from my favorite poll-analyzer, Dr. Clifford Thies of the Shenandoah University School of Business in Winchester, VA is in, and Dr. Thies supports with data, our theory on the bias and skews of all the MSM pollsters which we first saw developing in the 2016 presidential election. The bottom line is that Dr. Thies sees the same basic setup this election as the 2016 election. Republicans will generally outperform the polling. That means Republicans will win almost all toss-up elections, and most of those where the Dems hold a slight lead in the polls. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Patriot Charger - Patriot, 1-866-566-8930 - SafeBolt, the encrypted email and cloud system, as low as $4.99/month with promo code: GETSETUP100. -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. C...


Warp speed technology must be force for good, says UN chief "IndyWatch Feed World"

Technological advances are occurring at a warp speed, UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres said as a three-day Web Summit got underway.


Warp speed technology must be force for good, says UN chief "IndyWatch Feed World"

Technological advances are occurring at a warp speed, UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres said as a three-day Web Summit got underway.


Censorship and Gun Control Will Not Make Us Safe "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The effort to silence hate speech is not just about outlawing racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic speech. 


UK pre-school children hit by wave of highly contagious hand, foot and mouth virus "IndyWatch Feed World"

PARENTS are being urged to look for the signs of hand, foot and mouth disease after a reported rise in the number of cases in the UK. Several pre-schools in Somerset say they've seen an increase in the number of cases. Hand, foot and mouth disease is an infection caused by a virus and begins with a high temperature, loss of appetite, a cough and a sore throat and mouth. Around two days later red, flat, discoloured bumps appear on the hands, feel, inside the mouth and sometimes the bum. These spots can start to blister. Painful ulcers can also develop, which can put kids off eating and drinking.


The Aftermath. The Dan Bongino Show (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Aftermath. The Dan Bongino Show Video Video Source

The post The Aftermath. The Dan Bongino Show (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Of Movements and Midterms: Which Way to Actual Power? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Of Movements and Midterms: Which Way to Actual Power? appeared first on It's Going Down.

If you werent already made excruciatingly aware by the deluge of campaign ads, promotional material, scathing op eds, and speculative media coveragethe midterms are upon us. Historically, far less people vote in the midterms than do in general elections, though this year is likely to prove to be an exception to that rule. This will be the first nationwide opportunity for Democrats to rebuff Donald Trump and his agenda. But do the midterms offer we, the people, a chance to exercise any real power over policy?

The Electoral Release Valve

Theres no doubt that midterm elections, especially those which occur in the intermittent years following a general election, offer the chance for a part of the electorate to reassert itself in the aftermath of having lost a presidential race. In this way, the midterms act as a release valve.

This is especially true in a moment where popular anger has spilled over into the streets in response to actions by the Trump administration. Inauguration day riots in D.C., airport occupations in protest of the Muslim travel ban, the massive womens march, and the occupations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices in protest of the separation of children from their parents at the border popular movements have sprung up at nearly every turn to frustrate the attempts by the Trump administration to carry out its agenda. In many cases, they have been successful.

Theres no doubt that the Democratic party has seized on the popular energy that has catalyzed these movements. However, its also clear that they didnt do so in a good faith move toward providing resources or backing for these autonomous movements. At best, Democrats have offered passive support in the form of tweets and op-eds. At worst, they have made explicit their desire to redirect the popular momentum from the streets to the ballot box. In doing so, they disarm and demobilize an engaged and impassioned mass one that they (correctly) fear could eventually turn on them.

The Narrative of Change

If our endeavor is to dramatically alter the political, economic, and social landscape that we find ourselves in, then it is organized mass movements, not the ballot, which must serve as our tool. This history of this country (and the world) dem...


WireGuard Is Now Available On Apple iOS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While WireGuard didn't make it for Linux 4.20 to the mainline kernel, if you are using an Apple tablet or phone, there is now an app that allows you to use WireGuard on iOS...


Americans Are Asking If This Midterm Election Will Be the Last Election in American History "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Many people are asking, Will this midterm election be the last meaningful election in US history?
Why are people asking that question? The answer will surprise you.


The post Americans Are Asking If This Midterm Election Will Be the Last Election in American History appeared first on Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show.


Carbon Neutral Solution for Desalination: Tapping into Geothermal Sources "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dry rock geothermal methods are currently being used in parts of the world for energy production, but Missimer says that the heat can be used in more efficient ways, especially with desalination. Details of the new research constructing a "geothermal energy-water campus" will be presented on Monday at the 2018 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Usually, geothermally heated water from the ground is converted to steam, that steam powers a turbine to create electricity, then the heated water is vented to the atmosphere while it's still hotstill over 100 degrees Celcius[sic] in most cases. Instead of venting, the team wants to use that hot steam in their desalination processes.

The first desalination process is multiple effect distillation (MED), which requires hot water (above 100 degrees Celsius), but the second process, adsorption desalination (AD), can be run on cooler water, says Missimer. As the steam moves through the system and cools, it is still effective for powering desalination. "Now you have an efficient system where you have conserved the latent heat that you've captured in the ground through three processes: turbine electricity generation, MED and AD."

At the end of the desalination process, Missimer says that distilled water and chilled water (from the AD process) are the final products. While the distilled water can be consumed, even the chilled water is reusedthe cool water can be recycled through the plant to help with air conditioning.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Big Defeat of Trump Will Be Message to DNC That Reinforces How Bad Hillary Was "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

when the blue wave happens, the DNC will try to take responsibility for the win. It will be important to challenge that lie and make it clear that the election was proof that Hillary and the DNC were the reason Trump won.


Kano Assembly Minority Leader dumps PDP for PRP "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Minority Leader of the Kano State House of Assembly representing Kura/Garun Malam constituency, Alhaji Abdullahi Muhammad-Chiromawa has defected from Peoples Democratic Party to Peoples Redemption Party. The member announced his defection while briefing newsmen on Monday in Kano. Muhammad-Ciromawa also said he has resigned his position as the Minority Leader of the assembly. According []

The post Kano Assembly Minority Leader dumps PDP for PRP appeared first on Newtelegraph.


November 7 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

680 The Sixth Ecumenical Council commenced in Constantinople.

1492 The Ensisheim Meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, struck the earth in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, France.

1619 Elizabeth of Scotland and England was crowned Queen of Bohemia.

1665 The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, was first published.

1728 Captain James Cook, British naval officer, explorer, and cartographer, was born (d 1779).

1775 John Murray, the Royal Governor of the Colony of Virginia, started the first mass emancipation of slaves in North America by issuing Lord Dunmores Offer of Emancipation, which offered freedom to slaves who abandoned their colonial masters in order to fight with Murray and the British.

1786 The oldest musical organisation in the United States was founded as the Stoughton Musical Society.

1811 Tecumsehs War: The Battle of Tippecanoe.

1837 Abolitionist printer Elijah P. Lovejoy was shot dead by a mob while attempting to protect his printing shop from being destroyed a third time.

1848 The paddle steamer Acheron arrived to being surveying New Zealand waters.

1861 American Civil War: Battle of Belmont: Forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant overran a Confederate camp but were forced to retreat when Confederate reinforcements arrive.

1867 Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Polish chemist and physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics and in chemistry, was born (d 1934).

1872 The ship...


Ron Paul Issues Stern Warnings That EVERY American Needs to Know "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ron Paul feared a Clinton presidency more than anything else. But He also knows that a planned depression awaits Donald Trump and the American people. Ron Paul just issued a series of warnings that every American should listen to.

The post Ron Paul Issues Stern Warnings That EVERY American Needs to Know appeared first on Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show.


Thoughts/Questions on Polling and Errors "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Mid-Term election day is finally here. I only have my own sneaking suspicions as to the outcome, mixed in with some wishful thinking and curiosity as to what will occur. Consistently accurate forecasting seems to be nearly impossible across all industries, but there have been some signs it is getting better. Still, I have lingering

Read More

The post Thoughts/Questions on Polling and Errors appeared first on The Big Picture.


5 Ways Your Vote Today Can Combat Radical Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dressed in a Revolutionary War era costume, a participant views a mock voting booth at the 2018 Politicon in Los Angeles, California in October, 2018. The event covers all things political with dozens of high profile political figures. (Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)Dressed in a Revolutionary War era costume, a participant views a mock voting booth at the 2018 Politicon in Los Angeles, California in October, 2018. The event covers all things political with dozens of high profile political figures. (Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Exercising your citizens right to vote today and select elected officials who represent you is one of the most basic principles of democracy. We urge everyone to participate in that process!

When making your decisions today, we also urge you to choose candidates that understand the threat of radical Islam. Here are some of the pressing issues. We encourage you to elect candidates who will:


Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Sunni, pan-Islamic organization whose ultimate aim is the establishment of a global caliphate run by sharia as state law.  The Brotherhood aims to accomplish this goal through their doctrine of gradualism.

The Brotherhood has been the leading source of inspiration behind most terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda and Islamic State. During World War II, the Brotherhood backed the Nazis.

Most Islamist organizations in the U.S., including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and...


Polaris 12 & Vega 12 Support Heading To The AMDKFD Compute Kernel Code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the Linux 4.20 merge window past, DRM developers are already busy on their feature work for the next cycle -- AMD developers included. With this follow-on kernel release among the AMD Radeon driver features will be "AMDKFD" support for the Vega 12 and Polaris 12 graphics processors...


IBM Watson will be used by NIST to assign CVSS scores to vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is planning to use Artificial Intelligence to assign the CVSS scores to reported vulnerabilities.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system provides a reference-method for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures.

A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score between 0.0 and 10.0 that is assigned to each flaw according to its severity. The numerical score can then be associated with a qualitative representation (such as low, medium, high, and critical) to help organizations properly assess and prioritize the issue.

The NIST will use IBMs Watson to automatically evaluate the level of severity for each reported vulnerability and assign a proper severity score.

The CVSS score depends on some factors such as the complexity of the attack for the exploitation of the flaw, the effect of the attack on confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the target system, the size of the audience impacted, whether the attack requires the users interaction, and whether the flaw could be exploited remotely.

Currently, the CVSS scores are assigned by experts at the NIST, but the organizations believe that the introduction of the AI could speed up the process and increase its efficiency.


According to Matthew Scholl, chief of the National Institute of Standards and Technologys computer security division, the AI will replace human analysts by October 2019.

An analyst takes 5 up to 10 minutes to assign a score to a simple vulnerability, but the time could be far longer for more complex issues. Scholl pointed out that the number of vulnerabilities publicly disclosed is increasing with each passing year.

Earlier this year, NIST launched a pilot program using IBMs Watson artificial intelligence system to pore through hundreds of thousands of historical CVSS scores from the institutes human analysts, Scholl said. reported NextGov.

Watson used the data to build its experience and use it to assign scores to new vulnerabilities.

We started it just to get familiar with AI, so we could get ou...


Midnight Movie: Town On Trial (1957) John Mills, Charles Coburn "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

British mystery movie from 1957 with John Mills, Charles Coburn and an excellent supporting cast


a Democratic Takeover Will Result In a Designed Economic Collapse "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When a tyrannical regime, like the present day Bolshevik Democrats take over, they need to collapse a government and the country so as to weaken resistance to the imposition of tyranny by corrupt ruling authority. It works pretty much the same way in the birth of every tyrannical regime.

The Democrats are inheriting the perfect storm from which to collapse the economy. Three major debts envelop this country: (1) Student loan debt; (2) the new housing bubble like the one that brought down the economy in 2014; and, (3) the car loan bubble. And of course there is the omnipresent social security debt, the Medicare debt and the credit swap derivatives debt.

Ripped Off

While we are counting the ways that the American people have been ripped off by the bankers, lets not forget to mention the MERS mortgage fraud in which millions of homes have been stolen because mortgage holders have paid the wrong title company because their note has been sold so many times that nobody knows who really owns the note to our homes! And lets not forget about the Federal Reserve that spent two years buying up mortgage backed securities to the tune of $40 billion dollars a month and that money was obtained from printing money out of thin air which made our money worth less. Very soon America, our money will be worthless. I almost forgot, on November 16, 2014, the G20 nations declared your bank account to NOT be money therefore, your FDIC insurance is invalid and your bank account, when seized, will go to pay the derivatives debt.

While the bankers are laughing at us, I can hear the sheep saying That will never happen here and You are a conspiracy theorist, You are fear-mongering as the bankers collapse to the floor in laughter at our collective stupidity.



Dates are impossible to predict and anyone who does so is engaged in a fools errand. However, there is a timeline that is emerging that we might all want to pay attention to.


Worldwide Economic Collapse: The Great Eight

The Globalists, fearing a world-wide populist revolution, are facing the backlash of the banking overlords.

1. The collapse of the Greek economy and government...


John Macris: CCTV footage shows the moment of assassination in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Footage from CCTV shows how the 46-year-old Greek-Australian John Macris was shot down outside his home in Voula suburb of south Athens on October 31st 2018. Macris is in his car when a man approaches and fires at him from the co-passenger side. The man wears a jockey cap,a two-colored jacket, black trousers and black

The post John Macris: CCTV footage shows the moment of assassination in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Attacking Russia: Another Provocation Launched by US-led Group of OSCE Members "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Moscow Mechanism is being invoked to divert attention from serious and pressing problems that are beyond what the OSCE or any other Western-dominated institution can manage.


Thai junta says no need for foreign observers at next years election "IndyWatch Feed War"

You can always trust a military junta regime to conduct fair and honest elections.

Thailand does not need international observers to monitor next years general elections, the foreign minister said on Tuesday, despite criticism from pro-democracy activists that the junta has restricted fundamental civil rights.

Image result for Prayuth Chan-ocha, photos

Thailands Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

The government has promised to hold elections between February and May after repeated delays, a contest between supporters of the military and royalist establishment and the populist political forces now led by the Puea Thai Party that was ousted by the military in a 2014 coup.

Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said past elections in the Southeast Asian country have been credible.

To have others observing means the country is having a problem, he told reporters.

The last time Thailand held a successful election was in 2011 when the Yingluck Shinawatra and her Puea Thai Party won by a landslide.

In February 2014, an election was disrupted by massive street protests that saw voting blocked in a fifth of the countrys constituencies and eventually led to the May 2014 coup.

Human Rights Watch said foreign observers should be allowed to monitor the 2019 vote and called on the government to lift the ban on political activities to ensure the election is free and fair.

As the countdown for an election has begun, the Thai military government seems to care about seeking hand-shake and photo opportunities at major international events, but refuses to allow foreign allies to come and witness what is going on the country where the environment for a free and fair election does not exist, Sunai Phasuk, senior Thailand researcher at Human Rights Watch, told Reuters.

Image result for Human Rights Watch, logo with Globe

The military government has recently relaxed some political restrictions by allowing political parties to organize but a ban on campaigning and gatherings of more than five people remains in place at least until December.

An election date has not been set but senior government officials have said that it would likely be on Feb. 24.

Reporting by Pracha Harirakspita...


2433, Soros Openly Giving Money to Migrants, 2433 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Patriot Flashlight -, Good evening, Im still reporting on: Soros Openly Giving Money to Migrants, 2433 Synopsis: SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Patriot Charger - Patriot, 1-866-566-8930 - SafeBolt, the encrypted email and cloud system, as low as $4.99/month with promo code: GETSETUP100. -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor:


[SECURITY] CVE-2018-17186 Apache Syncope "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Francesco Chicchiricc on Nov 06

CVE-2018-17186: XXE on BPMN definitions

An administrator with workflow definition entitlements can use DTD to
perform malicious operations, including but not limited to file read,
file write, and code execution.

Severity: Medium

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Releases prior to 2.1.2
Releases prior to 2.0.11

The unsupported Releases 1.2.x may be also affected.

2.0.X users should upgrade to 2.0.11...


[SECURITY] CVE-2018-17184 Apache Syncope "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Francesco Chicchiricc on Nov 06

CVE-2018-17184: Stored XSS

A malicious user with enough administration entitlements can inject
html-like elements containing JavaScript statements into Connector
names, Report names, AnyTypeClass keys and Policy descriptions.
When another user with enough administration entitlements edits one of
the Entities above via Admin Console, the injected JavaScript code is

Severity: Important

Vendor: The Apache Software...


libiec61850 stack based buffer overflow - CVE-2018-18957 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Dhiraj Mishra on Nov 06

## Summary

While fuzzing a stack based buffer overflow was found in libIEC61850 (the
open-source library for the IEC 61850 protocols) in prepareGooseBuffer in

## Steps to reproduce

$ ./goose_publisher_example crash_goosecr_stack_smash_overflow_aaaaaaaaa
Using interface crash_goosecr_stack_smash_overflow_aaaaaaaaa
*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated

## Debugging

(gdb) run...


Venezuela Repatriates Another 14 Tons Of Physical Gold? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Venezuela Repatriates Another 14 Tons Of Physical Gold? by Rory The Daily Coin Last week we reported that el Petro was officially out in the market place and we ask how this would impact the overall markets and, more specifically,...

The post Venezuela Repatriates Another 14 Tons Of Physical Gold? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Philippines Accuses Human Rights Watch of Intruding in the Countrys Internal Affairs "IndyWatch Feed War"

How many deaths will it take?

The Presidential palace at Malacaang on Tuesday slammed Human Rights Watch for intruding in the countrys affairs after it called on the Philippine government to create an independent commission to probe the alleged involvement of cops in killings under the administrations war on drugs.

Image result for Duterte, photos

The New York-based rights organization made the call after Chief Superintendent Debold Sinas, regional police director for Central Visayas, was quoted as saying in a Cebu Daily News report that hitmen hired to kill people allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade might be retired or active cops.

Image result for Chief Superintendent Debold Sinas, photos

Debold Sinas

HRW said the proposed commission should be independent from the Office of the President and the PNP and should include investigators from the Commission on Human Rights and representatives from non-governmental organizations.

Reckless proposal

But presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo dismissed the call of the human rights group.

Its inference from an interview of a lone police official cannot be a valid ground for such reckless proposal. This is not new and is no different from those hurled by desperate [critics] of this administration since Day One of the presidents war against illegal drugs, he said.

Panelo, moreover, accused HRW of resurrecting an old issue to undermine the integrity of the Philippine government.

Government data showed than 4,854 individuals have been killed in legitimate anti-drug operations since President Rodrigo Duterte was elected into power. But rights groups have higher estimatesmore than 12,000 people dead.

The police force has been heavily criticized for being at the forefront of the deadly government campaignfrom allegedly planting weapons and illegal drugs on suspects bodies and claiming that killed drug personalities resisted arrest.

Functioning mechanisms

Panelo, who is also the chief presidential legal counsel, assured HRW that the government has mechanisms to look into reports that some policemen are involved in the alleged killings of drug suspects.

He said the Internal Affairs Service of the PNP acts on cases of errant cops, while the Commission on Human Rights and the Congress conduct probe...


A Badge of Shame: The Governments War on Americas Military Veterans "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A Badge of Shame: The Governments War on Americas Military Veterans by John W Whitehead Rutherford For soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, coming home is more lethal than being in combat. Bren Brown, research professor at the...

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Diagnostic of the Future: A Forecast "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Diagnostic of the Future: A Forecast appeared first on It's Going Down.

In this in-depth analysis, Peter Gelderloos explores the technological and geopolitical changes that movements for liberation will face over the next several decades. How will those who hold power today attempt to weather the economic and political crises ahead? Will artificial intelligence and bioeconomics save capitalism? Whats more dangerousgovernments refusing to address climate change, or the technocratic solutions they will propose? Will we see the rise of fascism, or the regeneration of democracy? If we study the challenges that capitalism and the state will confront, we can prepare to make the most of them to put forward another way of life.

Between the Crisis of Democracy and the Crisis of Capitalism

Peter Gelderloos

It is no secret that both democracy and capitalism are in crisis. For more than half a century, state planners and their pundits only had to justify democracy as better than (state) communism. For the 1990s and most of the 00s, they didnt have to offer any justification at all. Democracy was the only possibility imaginable, the teleological destiny of all humankind.

Today, that is no longer the case. On the world stage, democratic institutions of interstate cooperation are in shambles, and the emergence of new alliances and new postures suggests that an alternative is beginning to coalesce. At the level of specific nation-states, the central ground that allowed for a broad social consensus for many decades has all but eroded. There are growing movements on the right to reformulate the social contractand, at the farthest fringes, to do away with democracy entirelywhile the left is preparing a groundswell to renew democracy and smooth out its contradictions by renewing the dream of universal inclusion and equality. Both of these movements suggest that democracy as it currently exists cannot continue.

Meanwhile, the global financial crisis of 2008 has not been resolved, but simply staved off through the massive privatization of public resources and the creation of new, even larger financial bubbles to temporarily absorb excess capital. Capitalism desperately needs a new territory to which to expand. Whatever strategy capitalists adopt will need to offer an exponential growth in profitable investment opportunities and a solution to the mass unemployment that could afflict more than half the global labor force as Artificial Intelligence and robotization renders them redundant.



Proper Documentation Vital to Eradicating Statelessness in Nigeria, West Africa -Experts "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By: Olajide Adelana Participants at a round-table meeting organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Abuja have harped on the need for West African countries to have robust biometric data of people living in the region. The roundtable which was on addressing statelessness []

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Bomb scare prompts security operation at London Heathrow airport "IndyWatch Feed World"

A "suspicious package" discovered at a check-in desk at Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport in London sparked a police operation that saw armed officers sealing off the departure area of the terminal and evacuating passengers. The object was reportedly discovered at the check-in desk for an El Al Israeli Airlines flight at Terminal 4, according to the Daily Express. The alarm turned out to be false and the terminal resumed operating as normal less than half an hour after the incident.


Trouble #16: Conspiracy to riot "IndyWatch Feed War"

Submedia video about the case of the J20 resistance.

Originally published by Submedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Following his inaugural address, as the upper echelons of the American political establishment mingled on the National Mall, several blocks away, a riot was breaking out. A black bloc several hundred strong was wreaking havoc on the streets. The bloc was part of the anti-capitalist and anti-fascist march, one component of a broader day of protests organized under the umbrella #DisruptJ20. Armed with spray paint, crowbars and rocks, this mob smashed windows, clashed with police and redecorated a limo that would eventually be put to the torch. The police repression was swift. Amidst the haze of pepper spray and flashbangs, over two hundred protesters were kettled, and arrested by DCs Metro Police.

So began one of the most important political trials in recent history. In an effort to set a chilling precedent for anti-Trump resistance, the US Department of Justice charged over 200 people with eight separate felony charges, threatening them with upwards of 80 years in prison. In her crusade to paint the J20 black bloc as one giant conspiracy to riot, federal Prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff filed warrants to seize peoples digital data, and entered into an alliance with discredited far-right media outfits peddling doctored evidence. Faced with this repressive array of state power, J20 defendants responded with unflinching solidarity, setting a new standard for political defense in the age of Trump. This is their story.

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop: here or...


Faisal Islam to become Economics Editor for the BBC "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Guido Fawkes has been tracking biased and/or innacurate reporting at Sky News for a while, particularly from its political editor Faisal Islam. Here's are three Brexit-related examples:

So, in the light of that, if Guido is correct, what shall we make of the announcement today that Faisal Islam is joining the BBC and taking over Kamal Ahmed's old job as BBC Economics Editor?

Well, at least his reporting now comes under the remit of Is the BBC biased?!


Ike Ekweremadu, wife, son escape assassination attempt "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has escaped an assassination attempt alongside his wife and one of his sons. The incident was confirmed in a statement by Uche Anichukwu, who is the Special Adviser on Media to Ekweremadu. The statement said: The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, his wife, and son escaped []

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UK COLUMN: China Prepares for War, Trumps Economic War on Iran, Julian Assange Not Safe "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The end game of BREXIT debacle is becoming clearer, EU military unification, Trumps economic warfare and sanctions could cripple Iran and increase the probability of war in the region, and meanwhile China openly preparing for war in the Pacific. Also, an attempted breach of Julian Assanges residency at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. All this and much more

UK Column hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up. Watch:

START Brexit: Treason Mays secret deal going ahead? Brexit deal was done before 2016 referendum: The best of both worlds A Hotel California Brexit where we can check out but never leave UK Column article: Brexit: Theresa Mays CARDs are on the table Nigel Farage knows whats happening but no comment on EU military unification Britain to start military recruitment of foreign nationals from the Commonwealth 09:06 Spotlight on HPV Vaccines event: 11 November, London Facebook has removed event details from the organisers account page Alternative View 9.1 conference: 2 December, London
10:44 Iran: United States renews 2015 sanctions on Iran US: Swift banking system must disconnect Iran from global payments Iran: we will proudly break the sanctions Maybe this is all bluster to set up a grand deal with Iran (as with North Korea) Russia: course pursued by Washingtoncause for deep disappointment China says its lawful trade with Iran should be respected
22:53 China: concentrate preparations for fighting a war One China? China wants Taiwan integrated back into China
28:19 21 Wire article: Getting into gold, getting out of the Euro (and Dollar) Euro confidence is waning on the back of Brexit and the Italian situation
30:07 US President Trump to meet President Xi and President Putin Heads of state meeting must be a positive sign Vladimir Putin: the need for mankind...


KTask Revived For Providing In-Kernel Multi-Threading For CPU Intensive Tasks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's been just about one year since the last patch series was sent out while on Monday marked a new revision to KTask, the effort that provides a generic framework to parallelize CPU-intensive kernel work...


Trump gets caught with pants down in Yemenagain "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trump, like many of his predecessors, deserve to be behind bars for collaborating with Saudi Arabia and for bombing the school bus in Yemen.


A LOGICAL RANT: What Russian Interference? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As the 2018 US Midterms commence this week, its worth dusting off this legacy rant by Sunday Wire host Patrick Henningsen who attempts to inject a dose of common sense to try and alleviate Americas chronic Russia Hacking (and Russian Meddling, Russian Interference, Russian Influence, Russian Collusion et al) condition, exposing it as the Shakespearean tragic-comedy that it truly is, and facing up up the cold reality that Hillary Rodham Clinton may well have run the worse presidential campaign in US history. Can you blame the Russians for that? Listen here (from November 2017):

READ MORE RUSSIAGATE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire  Russiagate Files



The Problem with Brexit and The Irish Border "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Sunday Wire hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson discuss the political rats maze known as #BREXIT and reveal why the entire fiasco is being hung on one single issue the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Their conclusion: Theresa May and the Tories never had any intention of taking the Britain out of the European Union. Is it all a staged drama used to engineer other social and geopolitical outcomes? Listen and learn more (broadcast live in Oct 2018):




Yemen government eyes budget as war famine looms "IndyWatch Feed War"


Yemens government ordered tighter tax collection at ports under its control Tuesday as it began preparing its 2019 budget with no end in sight to nearly four years of war.

The government had approved just one formal budget since rebels overran the capital Sanaa in 2014, seizing most of the rest of the country and forcing President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to flee into exile.

AFP/File | A child suffering from severe malnutrition lies in hospital on the outskirts of Yemens government-held third Taez, on October 30, 2018

After a meeting in its interim headquarters in second city Aden late on Monday, the government announced the formation of a committee to draw up a 2019 budget, which is again expected to run a huge deficit.

This years budget, approved in January, projected a deficit of $1.3 billion. There has been no official update since then on the state of the governments finances but the actual deficit is expected to be far higher.

The value of the Yemeni rial has dived more than 36 percent since the start of the year, despite a $2 billion deposit in the central bank by Saudi Arabia aimed at shoring it up.

The rial has now lost two-thirds of its value since 2015, when a Saudi-led military coalition intervened in support of Hadis government triggering a gruelling war of attrition.

The collapse in purchasing power in an impoverished country long dependent on imports for basic foodstuffs has left most of the population dependent on humanitarian aid and nearly 14 million at risk of famine.

The government levies taxes and duties totalling 10 percent on goods entering areas under its control but the war has made collection uneven.

The cabinet approved measures to improve collection on all taxable imports at all land, sea and air ports in liberated areas, the government-run Saba news agency reported on Tuesday.

The move came as fighting flared around the Red Sea city of Hodeida home to Yemens most important port which has been under rebel control since 2014 but has been under assault by government and coalition forces since June.

There was a brief lull in the fighting as the United Nations attempted to convene peace talks in Switzerland in early September but it resumed when that effort collapsed.

Aid agencies have warned that an all-out battle for Hodeida, the entry point for nearly all UN-supervised humanitarian aid, would trigger heavy civilian casualties and a major famine.

The World Bank has said that no improve...


Why I made a film about Jordan Peterson "IndyWatch Feed World"

Where to start? Should I break the ice with a joke about how awful it is to associate my name with that of Jordan Peterson's in an attempt to appease those who feel indignant that I've made this film? Or should I boast about how cool it is to have hundreds of hours of Jordan Peterson footage that no one has seen before? It's suffocating to think between these walls. There is certainly a spectrum of perspectives in between these two, but while making this film over the past couple of years, my mind couldn't help but fluctuate between these opposing vantage points. This topic has been a very polarizing one. The truth is that I didn't chase this divisive story; it came to me.


Horned lark in Canada "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Singing male (and female) Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestra) at Mersea Rd 21, Leamington, Ontario, Canada, on 13th May 2018. Filmed with a Nikon CoolPix P900. For more information about this species see here.


Survival Strategies to Employ Should the Democratic Party Thugs Take Over the Government-Ernie Hancock-CSS "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

America is rejecting thuggery and communism of the Democratic Party. However, if their lying, cheating and intimidation leads them to control the US government, every conservative American is in trouble. Dave Hodges interviewed Ernie Hancock of Freedoms Phoenix regarding to strategies to employ should tyrannical forces take over the US government. This is a fascinating and must listen interview. .


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There is a Real Risk of War with Iran "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Tehran may try to wait out Trump. It may try to outfox America with negotiations, serious or not, or to get Russia or China to take more risks to get around the sanctions.


Tanzanias Robin Hurt on Chinese rhino horn decision "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Robin Hurt, Kenyan hunting safari operator in Tanzania and Namibia and now game rancher, with decades of wildlife experience, has commented on the Chinese decision to allow use of farmed rhino horn and tiger products in TCM. When he says CITES, that means the Parties (countries) that belong to CITES. His words:

This, after some careful consideration, is my personal take on the Chinese announcement that will be allowing legal trade of rhino horn in China .

I have mixed feelings at present about the Chinese announcement. If Cites would allow the legal and controlled harvesting of horn from rhino (a harmless process to the animal and possible for up to five times in a rhinos normal life time, as it quickly grows back) then the Chinese announcement would go hand in hand with helping to fund rhino conservation.

However if it is to be a stand alone decision for China without Cites harvesting approval for African rhino, then the current bloody slaughter carried out by illegal poachers in Africa will certainly escalate. Maybe the Chinese announcement will now hopefully force Cites to seriously reconsider their stand on harvesting horn from African rhino? We shall have to wait and see.

All I know is that everything except for harvesting has been tried and nothing has worked to stop rhino poaching. Rhino conservation is expensive. If rhino are to survive in the long term then they have to become a competitive form of land use directly benefitting those humans that steward them. Harvesting of horn is a simple and effective way of doing this.

I always ask What is better, the harmless removal of horn five times in a rhinos life time OR being killed illegally for a one off horn removal? To me the answer is obvious.

The other advantage of harvesting will be to make rhino conservation more interesting and financially worth while to a much wider range of audience including land owners and communities with wildlife user rights. Currently it is a financial burden that most rhino conservation projects struggle with and relies hugely of private funding and on the good will of donors to help support that cost.

Robin Hurt


Debt Rattle November 6 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Pablo Picasso Group of dancers. Olga Kokhlova is lying in the foreground 1919   What Happened To Stocks After Every Midterm Election Since World War II (MW) Stocks Surge After Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows GOP Retaining The House (ZH) US Intelligence: No Evidence Of Any Attempts To Tamper With Midterms (NBC)

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American Democracy Is Organized Bribery On A National ScaleHow Does Russia Interfere? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its not Russia thats damaging American democracy its money


 Danielle Ryan is an Irish freelance writer based in Dublin. Her work has appeared in Salon, The Nation, Rethinking Russia, teleSUR, RBTH, The Calvert Journal and others. Follow her on Twitter @DanielleRyanJ



Idris Elba named People mags sexiest man alive "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Actor Idris Elba, who James Bond fans are campaigning to be the next person to play 007, was named the sexiest man alive on Monday by People magazine. The London-born actor, 46, said he didnt believe it when the magazine told him. I was like, Come on, no way. Really? Elba told the celebrity publication. []

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Ebola virus infects 300 people in eastern Congo Official "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The deadly Ebola virus has infected 300 people in Congo since an outbreak erupted almost two months ago in the countrys east, the health ministry said on Tuesday. Ebola is a deadly disease caused by a virus, though there are five strains, and four of them can make people sick. After entering the body, it []

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2019 Elections: Corps members will not work in volatile regions NYSC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

To ensure safety of corps members during the 2019 elections, the Director-General, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig.-Gen. Suleiman Kazaure, said that corps members would not perform ad-hoc duties in volatile regions. Kazaure gave the assurance during a working visit to the NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream 1 Orientation Camp in Sagamu, Ogun on Tuesday. []

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Spanish media promote neofascists "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 20 November 2016 video says about itself:

Spain: Violence as right-wing supporters commemorate 41 years since Francos death

Hundreds of right-wing supporters gathered at the Plaza de Oriente, Madrid, on Sunday to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco. During the commemoration service, right wing supporters attacked a reported left wing protester who was taken away by the police.

By Alejandro Lpez and Paul Mitchell:

Spanish media promotes far-right VOX party

6 November 2018

Spains far-right VOX party has been afforded massive media coverage since its rally last month of around 9,000 sympathizers at Madrids Vistalegre Palace.

In the space of three weeks, El Mundo has published over 20 articles covering Vox. Spains traditional conservative newspaper, ABC, which has backed every reactionary and right-wing regime in Spain since its foundation in 1903, posted 18 articles, favourable opinion pieces and an interview. La Razn has posted 11 articles. El Espaol has outdone them all, publishing 26 pieces since October 7at least one a day.

VOX leaders took to the stage at Vistalegre to advocate 100 reactionary, anti-democratic measures. These include the suspension of Catalan regional autonomy, the banning of parties, associations and NGOs which promote the destruction of [Spanish] territorial unity and its sovereignty, the imposition of Spanish as the main language of instruction in schools and restrictions on the use of regional languages.

VOX wants to revoke the Historical Memory Law, which enforces limited measures relating to the crimes of...


The Numbers Add Up, Stay Strong, Divided No More (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Numbers Add Up, Stay Strong, Divided No More Video QX22 Report The Senate has concluded there is no evidence to support the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford. Saudi Arabia is saying they will be vindicated in the murder...

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The Banality of Evil Creeps into those Who Believe They Are Good "IndyWatch Feed War"

I was at a city hall meeting in Beaverton, Oregon, the other day when a few questions I had for the presenters dropped jaws. Well get to that later, the jaw-dropping effect I and those of my ilk have when we end up in the controlled boardrooms and chambers of the controllers bureaucrats, public-private clubs like Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and both political operatives and those who liken themselves as the great planners of the world moving communities and housing and public commons around a giant chessboard to make things better for and more efficient in spite of us.

Look, I am now a social worker who once was a print journalist who once was a part-time college instructor (freeway flyer adjunct teaching double the load of a tenured faculty) facilitating literature, writing, rhetoric classes, and others. The power of those planners and institutional leadership wonks and those Deanlets and Admin Class and HR pros and VPs and Provosts to swat down a radical but effective teacher/faculty/instructor/lecturer isnt (or wasnt then) so surprising. I was one of hundreds of thousands of faculty, adjunct,  hit with 11th Hour appointments, Just-in-Time gigs and called one-week-into-the-semester with offers to teach temporarily. Then, the next logical step of precarity was when a dean or department head or someone higher got wind of a disgruntled student, or helicopter (now drone) parent who didnt like me teaching Sapphire or Chalmers Johnson or Earth Liberation Front or Ward Churchill in critical thinking classes, it was common to get only one or many times no classes the following semester. De facto fired. They fought and fought against unemployment benefits.

Heres one paragraph that got me sanctioned while teaching in Spokane, at both Gonzaga and the community college:

As for those in the World Trade Center Well, really, lets get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. They formed a technocratic corps at the very heart of Americas global financial empirethe mighty engine of profit to which the military dimension of U.S. policy has always been enslavedand they did so both willingly and knowingly. Recourse to ignorancea derivative, after all, of the word ignorecounts as less than an excuse among this relatively well-educated elite. To the extent that any of them were unaware of the costs and consequences to others of what they were involved inand in many cases excelling atit was because of their absolute refusal to see. More likely, it was because they were too busy braying, incessantly and self-importantly, into their cell phones, arranging power lunches and stock transactions, each of which translated, conveniently out of sight, mind and smelling distance, into the starved and rotting flesh of infants. If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visitin...


Prof asks students to compare Trump, Nazi policies "IndyWatch Feed World"

A University of Arizona student has reported that she was asked to compare President Donald Trump's policies to those of the Nazis in a course based on the history of the Holocaust. "Now that you have studied the Vichy Anti-Jewish Laws, the German Ordinances, and pre-Vichy laws imposed on the Jews (French, immigrant, and refugee) and the repercussions that they had for Jews in France, examine and analyze more current anti-immigrant laws in the United States," the extra credit assignment reads. As examples of these "anti-immigrant laws," the assignment referenced the DACA, Arizona SB 1070, and Executive Order 13769, which the professor described as a "Muslim ban requested by the Trump administration." Students were asked to answer, "What populations are targeted by these laws? In what ways are they being used? Would the term 'scapegoating' be applicable here and therefore, what did (does) President Trump hope to achieve by invoking them?"


Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas "IndyWatch Feed National"

Twitter user @Jay09784691, in a tweet dated today, tweeted that:

"Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies released a newsletter in 2010 that links BAASS with a 'Nuclear Materials Group.'"

@Jay09784691 provided a link to a seven page PDF file.


The PDF file was a copy of the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Spring 2010 Newsletter titled "HRCeNews -2010, Spring." Page three carried a short item which read:

"The Nuclear Materials Group (lead: Dr Thomas Hartmann) has established a formal collaboration with the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). The collaboration provides analytical assistance to BAASS for characterizing solid phases and precipitates."


@Jay09784691 posed a question in his tweet:

"Do we know if BAASS studied normal issue, or were specifically tied to phenomena?"

My thoughts on this question are reflected in a statement on the Bigelow Aerospace website of September 2008.

"Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a sister company to Bigelow Aerospace, is a newly formed research organization that focuses on the identification, evaluation and acquisition of novel and emerging future technologies worldwide as this specifically relates to spacecraft. BAASS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada."

A search of Nevada State records reveals that BAASS was created in January 2008. In September 2008 BAASS received a contract as a result of its bid arising from the 18 August 2008 Defense Intelligence Agency's solicitation for work on its Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.) 



Mr. M.H. sent this story, along with his own high octane speculations, wondering just what the heck is going on in the whole Malaysia-Indonesia []

The post TIDBIT: MALAYSIAN FINANCIAL FRAUD appeared first on Giza Death Star.



Regular readers here know that I am fascinated by the strange - and still unexplained - disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370. So when []



Make Car Parks Used Again! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Having lived in Scarborough town centre for a number of years the residential parking situation is generally dire. It can be quite difficult to find a parking space near your home. It is always interesting to listen to the stories of other residents, how much worse their parking problems are and have a think about easy remedies.

One disabled resident lives near The Street off Dean Road and their car is their lifeline. The particular road is busy twenty four hours a day. As you would expect during an evening and through the night, it is mostly packed with the vehicles of residents. Mostly, but you dont need a permit to park during those hours.

During the day it is packed with the vehicles of folks who work at The Street and surrounding businesses. The disabled resident has great difficulty getting around and upon returning home they have to park a couple of streets away and it is a bit of a struggle getting back home.

There is a solution however. North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) could create a disabled bay outside their home. The length of time to get a disabled bay implemented is long. First it takes visits from people with clipboards to assess the situation. The whole process then needs to be rubber stamped and written into local traffic orders by solicitors. It could potentially cost a few thousand quid for a few blobs of white paint.

If another disabled person turns up and parks outside their home, they are right back to square one.

This got me thinking about a long term solution that would improve the lives of residents. What drives working people to park on those residential streets during working hours?

Currently, you can buy two different business parking permits from two different councils to park in the area. From NYCC you can buy an on-street parking permit for 125. From Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) you can buy an off-street parking permit for 493. Naturally everyone buys a permit for 125 and parks on residential streets.

The parking problems are created by the two local authority bureaucracies that serve the area. So I popped down to Dean Road car park during business hours on three days in October and took some photos.

15th October 2018



Keeping Up Appearances S05 E04 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

lousy formatting , audio OK, but could be better, and best viewed full screen. In many ways the audio is the main attraction


Keeping Up Appearances is a British sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke. It aired on BBC One from 1990 to 1995. The central character is eccentric and snobbish middle class social climber Hyacinth Bucket(Patricia Routledge), who insists that her surname is pronounced Bouquet.[2]The sitcom follows Hyacinth in her attempts to prove her social superiority, and to gain standing with those she considers upper class. Her attempts are constantly hampered by her lower class extended family, whom she is desperate to hide. Much of the humour comes from the conflict between Hyacinths vision of herself, and the reality of her underclass background. In each episode, she lands in a farcical situation as she battles to protect her social credibility.

The show comprised five series and 44 episodes, four of which are Christmas specials. Production ended when star Patricia Routledge moved on to other projects


Links 6/11/2018: Neptune 5.6, Qubes OS 4.0.1 RC1 and Linux Kernel 4.20 RC1 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish




Qatars Emir says he regrets the conflict with Quartet As Turkey hammers Saudi over Khashoggi, Arab World stays together "IndyWatch Feed War"

Qatars Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani said on Tuesday he regrets the continuation of conflict with other Arab states, but added that crises will pass, outlining the nations economic achievements over the past year.

The Emir said he regretted the conflict, but said he believed crisis will pass. (File/AP)

The country would continue to develop its oil and gas industries as it is keen to preserve its status as the top liquefied natural gas exporter in the world, and that the country had grown its exports by 18 percent last year and slashed spending by 20 percent, Tamim said in a speech to the Arab states shoura council.

Qatars currency has preserved its value since the start of the rift last year and the economy has diversified to overcome the impact of sanctions imposed by other Arab states, Tamim said.



Image result for Erdogan with Muhammad bin Salman, photos
Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Saudi Regime Survives but Enters the Time of Troubles "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downers disclosure completely transforms the narrative about Khashoggis death and it is bound to be hugely consequential.


Workers Power and the Spanish Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a political moment where the tide of fascism appears to be on the march, looking at past examples can provide inspiration, hope and lessons. In this valuable and lucid long-form essay, veteran writer and activist Tom Wetzel details what George Orwell described when first arriving in anarchist dominated Barcelona as his first time actually seeing the working class was in the saddle.

Originally published by Black Rose Anarchist Federation. Written by Tom Wetzel.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Most critically the essay focuses on the question of working class power and revolutionary vision within the events and specifically from within the anarchist movement in Spain. Often overlooked in many accounts is that the military coup of July 1936 was anticipated by the organized left in Spain. In May of 1936 the CNT held what was known as the Zaragoza congress which debated and adopted a revolutionary vision of libertarian communism that would be built from a dual structure of governance based on both workplace assemblies and assemblies of residents in villages or neighborhoods which would federate on the national level. Also discussed are the critical internal debates and opposition within the CNT to joining the popular front government, the alternative proposals to replace the government with organs of working class power, and the betrayal of the revolutions ideals by the Soviet-aligned Communist Party.

By Tom Wetzel

In Spains national elections in February of 1936, a repressive right-wing government was swept out of office and replaced by a coalition of liberals and socialists. Taking advantage of a less repressive environment, Spains workers propelled the largest strike wave in Spanish history, with dozens of citywide general strikes and hundreds of par...


Access to Justice condemns Buharis stand on Osisioma pipeline explosion "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A human rights group, Access to Justice, has faulted President Mohammadu Buha stand on the recent pipeline explosion at Osisioma Ngwa Area of Abia State where no fewer than 200 people reportedly lost their lives. President Buhari, speaking through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, about the incident, had expressed regret []

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A Trump Linked Casino Designer (Friedmutter) & A Trump Brand Hotel Developer (Chawla) Give Big To Roger Wickers Campaign For US Senator From Mississippi "IndyWatch Feed"

Matthews was discussed here:

A Trump connected casino designer named Friedmutter, who lives in Nevada, and a Canadian born Asian-Indian named Chawla, who is building Trump branded hotels in the Mississippi Delta, are among Roger Wickers largest donors. Big givers? Well, not really. Just big by Mississippi campaign standards, where people are poor and those who sell out apparently do it on the cheap. Unless, of course, more money is flowing under the table.

The Canadian-born Asian-Indian developer, Suresh Chawla, who is building/has recently built (new) Trump branded hotels in the Mississippi Delta (Cleveland) gave Wicker $15,000....


Chad two more relocated rhinos die in Zakouma "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

African Parks

Statement from the CEO:
Update on Rhinos in Zakouma

Dear Friends,

Regrettably, we have further bad news to report from Chad. An additional two black rhino carcasses were discovered in Zakouma National Park last week, bringing the total mortalities to four, of the six that were reintroduced in May this year. We can confirm that none of these rhinos werepoached and we are taking all actions to determine what may have resulted in their deaths.

Post-mortems have been conducted on the rhino carcasses and various samples of blood, tissue and fecal matter were sent to specialist pathology laboratories in South Africa.Histopathological results so far have indicated...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #waiting #streetphotography... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #waiting #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Amazon Is Desperate To Generate Sales Growth Why? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Amazon Is Desperate To Generate Sales Growth Why? by Dave Kranzler Investment Research Dynamics Im already fatigued and disgusted with Christmas promotions. Theyre everywhere now, including every other ad on television.   Ive come to loathe the holiday season...

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Masquerading Reforms: The Tricks of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "IndyWatch Feed War"

The surgical dismembering of Jamal Khashoggi has sent the military establishments of several countries into a tizz.   Arms manufacturers are wondering whether this is an inconvenient blip, a ruffling moral reminder about what they are dealing with.  Autocratic regimes indifferent to the lives of journalists are wondering whether the fuss taken about all this is merely the fuss endured, till the next bloody suppression.  But importantly, those states notionally constituting the West may have to reconsider the duping strategy that the House of Saud has executed with the deft efficiency of the dedicated axeman.

The ranks are closing in around the Saudi royals, notably the purportedly suspicious son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose status has been given an undue measure of inflation from various powers happy to see reform in the air. The measures taken by MBS have been modest and hardly worth a sigh: the cutting of subsidies, permitting women to drive, and restructuring the economy.  But like a fake article of purchase at an inordinately expensive auction, the princes counterfeit credentials are starting to peer through the canvas.

The Crown Prince has been happy to provide a train of examples to suggest to his Western audience that the roots of a liberal Saudi Arabian past are very much in evidence.  To Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, the beguiling royal explained that, Before 1979 there were societal guardianship customs, but no guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia.

The tactic is clear: speak of a yesteryear that was jolly and a touch tender, and promise that a current era seemingly harder can emulate it.  Goldberg was good enough to make the observation that the Crown Prince had gotten one thing right from the perspective of his sponsors in Europe, the Middle East and the United States: He has made all the right enemies.

In the aftermath of Khashoggis disappearance, Mohammed was keen to get a word in to the Trump administration before any firm conclusions could be drawn.  His first port of call was President Donald Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner and national security adviser John Bolton.  According to The Washington Post, the call featured one theme of justification: Khashoggi was a dangerous, destabilising Islamist, and any tears shed would be premature.

Publically, the Crown Prince played along with the conceit that the death of Khashoggi had been very painful for all Saudis, being unjustifiable. Khalid bin Salman, Riyadhs...


Wheres the Justice? MoJ Workers Fight For a Fair Deal "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Staff at the Ministry of Justice have been amongst the tens of thousands of workers who have gone on strike this year. Read a report on the struggle so far, and what is coming next, as PSA members demand justice.

MOJ members on strike in front of Christchurch District Court. Photo credit: PSA
Often when we talk about workers struggle, people think about physical labour miners, factory workers, dock workers, hospitality or customer service, or jobs which are known to be difficult, such as teaching and nursing. Workers in the public service especially in a place like the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) are entirely different. I believe there are a couple of key reasons for that:
  • The MoJ is seen as a necessary evil


Donald Trump Sends Offensive Tweets and Talks Too Much But When Democrats Gave Up On Civility They Hurt Their Own Cause Rage Is Never the Answer "IndyWatch Feed War"

Prior to the 2016 election, critics raised a genuine question that fueled much of the Rights concern about Donald Trump: With zero political experience and a capricious nature, would Trumps whims and most unhampered flaws threaten the civic norms that make our republic function?

Between his goading that he would pay the legal fees of his supporters if they knock the crap out of political dissidents and his flagrant hatred of the political press, Trump gave legitimate cause for concern that he would abuse his executive power to the worst possible excesses. But for the most part, he didnt.

Trump has said other terrible things in his presidency, most egregiously his remarks after the fatal violence in Charlottesville, Va., and at the Helsinki podium with Russian President Vladamir Putin. He certainly hasnt become more reserved in his visceral castigation of the press, and his Twitter feed has remained a political minefield for Republicans.

By Tiana Lowe
The Washington Examiner

Related image

But Trump hasnt destroyed the republic. His Department of Justice hasnt surveilled or threatened any journalists as Obama Attorney General Eric Holder did to Fox News correspondent James Rosen. Even though hes mused about more inflammatory policies, such as barring transgender Americans from the military or ending birthright citizenship, on Twitter or in interviews, the so-called adults in the room, notably his national security apparatus, have done a pretty fantastic job. We were supposed to suffer horrible defeats in the Middle East or enter nuclear war with China. Instead were defeating Islamic State, killing bad Russians, and maintaining a significant, albeit fragile, peace with North Korea.

Democrats, meanwhile, decided to become the image they painted of Trump. They responded to a rude and brash president with calls to mob political adversaries in restaurants. Just weeks ago, Holder, widely considered a potential Democratic presidential nominee, declared, When they go low, we kick em. Pre-emptively covering for a weaker blue wave than expected by publicly contemplating bringing back court-packing, abolishing the Electoral College,...


The Lesson of Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The catastrophe expected and foreseeable has happened. This immense country, with its 200 million inhabitants, is now in darkness. At best, it will take a decade or two to emerge.


Chrome Update Targets Abusive Ads Used on Some Pirate Sites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

More than a decade ago, users visiting torrent and file-hosting platforms were often greeted with the same quality of ads present on many regular sites.

Leading companies and brands had few problems with their marketing appearing on major pirate sites, with visitors to The Pirate Bay, for example, regularly viewing ads indirectly placed by huge corporations.

Over the years, as anti-piracy groups have sought to deprive pirate platforms of their revenue streams, many sites have found themselves pushed towards lower grade ad networks that they previously wouldnt have considered. This has not only led to a decrease in ad quality but often reduced revenues for the sites in question.

Perhaps inevitably, undesirable ads sometimes creep through the net, including popups, popunders, fake download buttons and forced downloads. These can often be prevented with a good ad-blocker but Google itself has taken steps with measures built directly into Chrome, targeting malicious ads on all platforms, not just pirate sites.

A play button that sends a user to an unwanted APK (left) and a close
button that triggers popups (right)

While these efforts had some effect, a new announcement from Google suggests that the systems built into Chrome need to be improved.

These protections blocked pop-ups and new window requests from sites with certain abusive experiences like redirecting pages. However, weve learned since then that this approach did not go far enough, says Google Product Manager Vivek Sekhar.

In fact, more than half of these abusive experiences are not blocked by our current...


Israel lawmakers to debate death penalty for Palestinian 'terrorists' "IndyWatch Feed War"


Palestinians have warned that new death penalty will be aimed at political prisoners


Evo Morales espera tener buenas relaciones con el Brasil de Bolsonaro "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Evo Morales, el presidente boliviano desde el 22 de enero de 2006, declar durante el transcurso de un evento que esperaba la continuidad de acuerdos comerciales entre Brasil y Bolivia durante el gobierno del ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro.

En la rueda de prensa, el presidente del pas andino dijo que no tuvo oportunidad, tras haber enviado la Cancillera boliviana una nota oficial de felicitacin por su triunfo, de conversar con el nuevo presidente brasileo, Jair Bolsonaro, pero que espera del gobierno de Bolsonaro la continuidad de acuerdos econmicos y polticos entre los dos pases:

Hemos definido muchas polticas de acuerdos, muchas polticas de integracin con ex presidentes desde Lula, Dilma y Temer, vamos a retomar esa agenda, como estamos haciendo con Paraguay (tras la llegada al poder en este pas de Mario Abdo Bentez). Tenemos nuestras diferencias ideolgicas, pero por encima de eso, estamos juntos para trabajar por nuestros pueblos.

Evo Morales coment adems que espera un dilogo con el presidente brasileo sobre la integracin comercial entre Brasil y Bolivia:

Tenemos integracin no slo de carcter fsico, en la parte de caminos, como tambin la integracin comercial es importante, somos pases vecinos, eternamente seremos vecinos, finaliz.

En el evento donde realiz las declaraciones estaban presentes miembros del Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior y empresarios del pas vecino. El alcalde de la ciudad brasilea de Corumb y miembro del PSDB (Partido de la Social Democracia Brasilea), Marcelo Iunes, tambin particip en la ceremonia.

La Repblica Federativa de Brasil elega el pasado da 28 de octubre de 2018 al nuevo presidente brasileo, repitindose como en el caso norteamericano con Donald Trump, la eleccin de un presidente de derechas con propuestas extremas.

La entrada Evo Morales espera tener buenas relaciones con el Brasil de Bolsonaro se public primero en


The Verdict Americas About to Deliver On Itself "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What the Midterms Really Mean, And Why They Matter

Its true that Americas about to deliver a verdict. But that verdict is not on Trump, really, on party politics, or even on democracy. A verdict is both a revelation and a judgment of truth, and the truth America is about to reveal and judgeboth to itself, to the world, to the past, and to the futureis about what kind of nation it really is.

Let me explain what I mean.

I often think to myself that there are three kinds of societies. The first one does not even pretend to aspire to democratic idealsdemocracy, freedom, justice, equality, and so on. Now, Americans are taught that most of the world, and most of history, is like this, and therefore, they are specialbut that is wrong. In fact, this is very, very raretoday, such nations are just a handful. North Korea, some Arab states, maybe Iran. So the first kind of nation is a true anomalyone that prides itself in its barbarism, folly, and savagery.

Far more commonso common that it makes up most of the nations in historyis that a nation tells itself, and tells the world, that it aspires to grand and noble democratic idealsfreedom, justice, equality, and so on. Many dictators and tyrants pay fine lip service to those ideals, tooand the question, which Ill return to, is why, what purpose it serves for them. Only, where the rubber meets the road, precisely the opposite seems to happen. These fine and wonderful ideals are easily tossed aside, for the sake of power, expedience, tribalism, sectarianism. In other words, as soon as the choice has to be madesuch societies choose violence over democracy, time and again.

Who is the second kind of nation? Lets take the example of Pakistan: it parrots democratic ideals, but has spent decades easily discarding them, at the first possible opportunity, to do violence. Against minorities, dissidents, oppositions, and so on. The simple truth is that at this juncture of history, most nations still fall into this category of choosing violence over democracy, when the choice has to be madeand so we might call them pretenders, posers, posturers at democracy.

The third kind of nation is just as rare as the first kindbut in the opposite way, a good way. It is a nation which aspires to democratic idealsfreedom, justice, etcetera, pays them lip service, as most nations dobut actually puts them first, not last. When the choice between violence and democracybetween abuse, power, dominance, and freedom, justice, and equality arise, they choose democracy. It invests in such goods, institutionalizes them, grants them to all, and therefore, quite naturallyalthough American thinking, like economics, can scarcely believe itlife improves for a...


Beautiful kingfisher video "IndyWatch Feed World"



Stephen Colbert: Midterms Eve or Twas The Night Before Election Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Parody of a famous scene at the end of, at least, the Alistair Sim film of Dickens Christmas Carol but rejigged to the Midterms


China Still Has Trouble Staffing the World's Largest Radio Telescope "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China still having trouble staffing up its mega-telescope

China has built a staggeringly large radio telescope in a remote part of the country, and, although it is the largest and most advanced instrument of its kind in the world, the country continues to have a difficult time staffing up the observatory.

Not only has the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST instrument, still failed to attract a chief scientist, according to the South China Morning Post the facility is also struggling to attract two dozen researchers to work onsite to maintain the instrument and analyze data collected there.

One problem is pay. According to the Post, astronomers interested in joining working there should speak fluent English and expect to work in the remote location on a long-term basis. (The telescope is located in southwest China's mountainous Guizhou Province.) Compensation for the job is meager, at least by Western standardsabout 100,000 yuan, or $14,400 annually.

Previously: China Announces Petascale Supercomputer for FAST Radiotelescope
China Builds World's Largest Radiotelescope
China Begins Operating World's Largest Radio Telescope
China Can't Find Anyone Smart Enough to Run its Whizzbang $180M 500 Meter Radio Telescope

Related: Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory Saved From Uncertain Fate

Original Submission

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Los errores de la izquierda brasilea que auparon a Bolsonaro "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El relato victimista del PT, la divisin de las izquierdas, la ausencia histrica de autocrtica y apostar por la polarizacin ayudaron a la ultra derecha a tomar el poder en Brasil.


Noam Chomsky on Trumps nuclear escalation "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 5 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

A March to Disaster: Noam Chomsky Condemns Trump for Pulling Out of Landmark Nuclear Arms Treaty

President Donald Trump recently announced plans to pull the United States out of a landmark nuclear arms pact with Russia in a move that could spark a new arms race. President Ronald Reagan and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 1987. The INF banned all nuclear and non-nuclear missiles with short and medium ranges. The treaty helped to eliminate thousands of land-based missiles.

We speak to world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky about the significance of the INF treaty and the impact of Trumps plan to pull out.


IPCC 1.5C report needs to inform Moreland's transport strategy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I attended the Brunswick Town Hall, for a special hearing by Moreland Council considering oral presentations to submissions on the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and the Moreland Parking Policy. I was number 19 on the list of presenters as I had made a submission on behalf of Climate Action Moreland (Read it here). Many of the presenters spoke on the personal circumstances of traffic,


The IPCC 1.5C report and a visit to Bill Shorten to #stopAdani "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In this photo I am making a short speech outside Labor MP and Opposition leader Bill Shorten's office at Moonee Ponds on the major transformation necessary if we are to meet the 1.5C Paris climate target, as detailed by the recent IPCC 1.5C report (which I am holding up in the air). The climate science report says unequivocally that there is no physical or chemical impediment to us limiting


Wellcome and Gates join bold European open-access plan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Wellcome Trust, which gave out 1.1 billion (US$1.4 billion) in grants in 201617, is also the first funder to detail how it intends to implement Plan S. Its approach suggests that journals may not need to switch wholesale to open-access (OA) models by 2020 to be compliant with Plan S if the initiatives other backers decide on a similar line.

The Wellcome Trust has also announced how it will implement the plan, which could provide a blueprint for others.


Flaws in Popular Self-Encrypting SSDs Let Attackers Decrypt Data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We all have something to hide, something to protect. But if you are also relying on self-encrypting drives for that, then you should read this news carefully. Security researchers have discovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in some of the popular self-encrypting solid state drives (SSD) that could allow an attacker to decrypt disk encryption and recover protected data without knowing the


European stocks ahead at open on US election day (Its the economy, stupid.) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Europes top stock markets rose at the start of trading on Tuesday, with investors on tenterhooks as the United States heads to the polls in midterm elections.

In initial deals, Londons benchmark FTSE 100 index inched 0.1 percent higher to stand at 7,112.61 points.

In the eurozone, Frankfurts DAX 30 gained 0.2 percent to 11,518.17 points and the Paris CAC 40 also added 0.2 percent to 5,110.80 compared with Mondays closing levels.

Tuesdays US vote is widely seen as a referendum on President Donald Trumps performance since taking the White House.


Most experts expect the Democrats would win the House of Representatives, while the Republican party would hold onto control of the Senate, dealers said.




Study: Clinton bots more talkative & influential than Trump bots around 2016 debates "IndyWatch Feed World"

While the popular narrative blames Clinton's 2016 electoral loss on (Russian) bots, they actually helped her chances, according to a new study finding pro-Clinton bots were more effective at influencing voters than pro-Trump ones. While there were almost twice as many pro-Trump bots in operation before the 2016 election, the pro-Clinton bots were much more likely to change people's political opinions because they were much more active, MIT researcher Tauhid Zaman discovered. Zaman analyzed 2.3 million tweets referencing the second presidential debate and found less than one percent of the accounts involved were bots. He measured the real users' opinions using two models - one based on their tweets and one on their network of connections - and then remeasured without the inclusion of the bots in the networks. To his surprise (he's a registered Democrat, according to a disclosure statement that accompanied the study) the average level of support for Clinton dropped from 58 to 42.


SGTReport Interviews Harley Schlanger (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

SGTReport Interviews Harley Schlanger Video Video Source

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Ping An Become Biggest Shareholder of U.K.-based HSBC overtaking BlackRock as China Buys Britain "IndyWatch Feed War"


A major Chinese insurer has overtaken BlackRock Inc. as the biggest shareholder of U.K.-based HSBC Holdings HSBC -0.62% PLC, with its nearly $12 billion stake demonstrating Chinas growing appetite for offshore equity investments.

Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd.s 601318 0.33% stake in the Asia-focused bank rose to more than 7% after a small purchase last week, a late Monday filing showed. That is up from about 5% in December, when its investment was unveiled.

The stake, held by Ping Ans asset-management arm, is valued at 93.72 billion Hong Kong dollars ($11.97 billion), based on HSBCs closing price in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Ping An has overtaken BlackRock, the worlds largest asset manager, which owned roughly 6.6% of HSBC based on its latest filing in October. A Hong Kong-based spokeswoman for BlackRock declined to comment.

The investment also marks a reversal in the duos relationship: HSBC once owned a sizable stake in Ping An, but in 2012...


Wildlife and farming in India "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 5 November 2018 video says about itself:

Has an Elephant Trampled Your Crops? Call This Hotline For Help | Short Film Showcase

Farmers in India now have help when their livelihoods are impacted by wildlife, thanks to this hotline. If crops are destroyed or livestock is killed, a call is placed and locally based field staff are dispatched to reported incident locations. They assess the extent of the damage and help the affected family file and track compensation claims with the government.


Calling the police "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A private video of several people cheering and laughing as they burned an effigy of Grenfell Tower for Bonfire Night was shared on social media. For this sickening joke, five men have now been arrested. 

The BBC, and many others, are prominently reporting it (it's been the main headline on Today and BBC Breakfast this morning), but doing so without even the slightest nod towards the kind of concerns popping up across my Twitter feed today:

  • What's noticeable about the Grenfell Effigy disgrace, is not that anyone was despicable and ghastly enough to do it, we've always had idiots, but that we now live in an age when the PC Empire mob demands the police validate their opinions, while really crime goes unsolved.
  • Sick joke. I understand why people are offended and upset. However, this does not need "further investigation". This isn't a "hate crime". Not everything that's "wrong" should be a crime. 
  • I do hope some enterprising journo analyses the time (and money) the Met spends devoted to different kind of crimes. Seems that snowflake 'crimes' are disproportionately resourced to seriousness of say, stabbings and gang crimes.
  • Fear not Gary (Lineker), the Met Police are already on the case. They literally have nothing else better to do.
  • Nobody has been prosecuted over the deaths of 72 people in the Grenfell inferno (excluding compensation fraudsters). We shouldn't lose sight of the real scandal amid calls to charge idiots who burned a model of the tower (heartlessly offensive but is it a legal offence?)
  • Making a video making light of a fire where many died is obviously disgusting, but it is not against the law. Britain makes itself a global laughing stock when it does stupid things like arresting people for bad jokes.
  • Investigating what? Is bad taste illegal now?
  • Four people murdered in four days in London. Meanwhile, after a national manhunt, police finally catch the people who set fire to a model of a building.

These idiots were vile to do what they did, but, seriously, how far should arresting people for this kind of idiocy go? After all, should the police be called in every time an effigy of Boris Johnson is set alight (especially after...


Midterm Scoreboard Reveals Massive Influence of Pro-Israel PACs on Congressional Candidates "IndyWatch Feed World"


The scoreboard presents 29 bills and resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel, some openly drafted by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

A detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Read More


Broccoli Helps Clear Damaged Lungs "IndyWatch Feed World"

Here's another reason to eat your greens. As well as helping to prevent cancer, broccoli may also help the immune system to clean harmful bacteria from the lungs. A compound found in the vegetable is now being trialed as a treatment for people with lung disease.
To ensure that the lungs function correctly, white blood cells called macrophages remove debris and bacteria that can build up in the lungs and cause infection.
This cleaning system is defective in smokers and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) a combination of emphysema and bronchitis who suffer from frequent infections.
Now, researchers have figured out that a chemical pathway in the lungs called NRF2, involved in macrophage activation, is wiped out by smoking. They also found that sulforaphane, a plant chemical that is made by broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables when damaged, such as when chewed, can restore this pathway.

Shyam Biswal at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and colleagues, exposed defective macrophages from the lungs of 43 people with COPD to two bacterial strains that are common causes of COPD-associated infections.
In the presence of sulforaphane, the NRF2 pathway was boosted and the macrophages' ability to recognize and engulf bacteria was restored.
The researchers then exposed mice to smoke for one week or six months. Both groups were found to have increased bacterial colonization of the lungs, similar to that seen in COPD. After treating the mice with sulforaphane, they found that bacterial clearance increased. Rather than activate more macrophages, sulforaphane appeared to improve the functionality of the cells already present.

Sulforaphane is present in broccoli in its precursor form and is converted to the active compound by enzymes present in saliva and intestinal bacteria, says Christopher Harvey, co-author of the research.


Lavrov: EU 'punishing' itself with its own anti-Russia sanctions; loses over 100 billion "IndyWatch Feed World"

The EU is punishing itself for doing Washington's bidding and sanctioning Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. However, while the restrictions policy does not harm the US, the EU suffers billions in losses. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pas, Lavrov lamented the dismal state of EU-Russia relations, describing them as far from normal. The divisions are being fueled from across the pond, he said. "The mythical 'Russian threat' is forced upon the Europeans, primarily, from the outside," Lavrov said. The main bone of contention between the EU and Russia -sanctions- were imposed by the European nations "on direct orders" from Washington. With that said, the US has hardly felt any adverse effect from the policy it championed, unlike the EU. "Estimates of losses incurred by the EU states from the sanctions vary. According to some estimates, they might amount to over 100 billion. It's important that European politicians understand this," the minister said.


Simon McCoy breaking the Spice Girls news "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I do like Simon McCoy:


How it was calculated that $1bn needed to save Africas lions "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Conservation

November 5, 2018 3.33pm GMT
Theres a need to secure Africas 282 massive lionscapes. Shutterstock

A billion dollars. Thats approximately what it would cost, to save the African lion. Thats a billion dollars each year, every year into the foreseeable future.

The startling price tag comes from a calculation we did, starting with a new database we compiled of available funding in protected areas with lions. To our knowledge its the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of its kind.

Protected areas are the corne...


Welding Robot Takes on a Hot, Dirty, Dangerous Job "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

They used to say that robots would take over the jobs too dirty or dangerous for humans. That is exactly what [Joel Sullivan] had in mind when he created this welding robot. [Joel] designed the robot for the OSB industry. No, thats not a new operating system, its short for Oriented Strand Board. An engineered lumber, OSB is made of strands (or chips) of wood. Its similar to plywood but doesnt require large thin sheets of lumber. To make a panel of OSB, a 5-inch thick matt of wood chips is mixed with glue and compressed down to 5/16 at 7500 PSI and 400 F.

The presses used to make OSB are a massively parallel operation. 20 or more boards can be pressed at once. Thy press is also a prime area for damage. A nut or bolt hidden in the wood will dig into the press, causing a dent which will show up on every sheet which passes through that section. The only way to fix the press is to shut it down, partially dismantle it, and fill the void in with a welder. [Joels] robot eliminates most of the downtime by performing the welding on a still hot, still assembled press.

The robot looks like it was inspired by BattleBots, which is fitting as the environment it works in is more like a battleground. Its a low, wide machine. In the front are two articulated arms, one with a welder, and one with a die grinder. The welder fills any voids in the press platen, and the die grinder grinds the fresh welds flat.  An intel NUC controls things, with plenty of motor drives, power supplies, and relays on board.

[Joels] bot is tethered, with umbilicals for argon, electricity and compressed air. Air travels through channels throughout the chassis and keeps the robot cool on the hot press. Everything is designed for high temperatures, even the wheels. [Joel] tried several types of rubber, but eventually settled on solid aluminum wheels. The bot doesnt move very fast, so there is plenty of traction. Some tiny stepper motors drive the wheels. When its time to weld, pneumatic outriggers lock the robot in place inside the narrow press.

Cameras with digital crosshairs allow the operator to control everything through a web interface. Once all the parameters are set up, the operator clicks go and sparks fly as the robot begins welding.

If youre into seriously strong robots, check out trackbot, or this remote-controlled snow blower!



Saudi Arabia Grilled Over Human Rights Record at UN Review "IndyWatch Feed War"

Geneva (MEE Saudi Arabia has insisted that its investigation into the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi will be fair, amid a barrage of criticism at a United Nations meeting on Monday.
us contingent in syria Saudi special forces patrol Aden in Yemen's south 2015Flickr: AHMED FARWAN

The half-day public debate at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva came just over than a month after the Saudi insider-turned-critic was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Turkish officials said last week that Khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the consulate on 2 October in a planned hit, and his body was then dismembered and dissolved in acid.

The head of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, Bandar Al Aiban, stressed that the country is committed to carry out a fair investigation.

All persons involved in that crime will be prosecuted, he said.

Related: WATCH: GPA Editor Delivers Statement to UNHRC in Response to Yemen GEE Report

The so-called Universal Periodic Review which all 193 UN-member countries must undergo approximately every four years came as a Turkish official charged on Monday that Saudi Arabia sent experts to Turkey to cover up the journalists murder before allowing Turkish police to search the consulate.

The murder has placed huge strains on Saudi Arabias relationship with the United States and other allies and has tarnished the image of powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Calls to end Yemen war, use of death penalty

During Mondays review, several Western countries voiced outrage at the killing, with many calling for a credible and transparent investigation, and some, like Iceland and Costa Rica, went further and demanded an international probe.

The British ambassador to the UN, Julian Braithwaite, told the council his country was &...


The US Pretends to Support The Independence of Syria and Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington D.C. (AHT) During the International Institute for Strategic Studies 14thdialogue in the Bahraini Capital Manama, Bert McGurk, the US envoy for the global coalition to defeat the Islamic State group (ISIS), took leave of his designated function by expressing unusual solicitude for Syria when he said it is necessary for the Iran-Backed militias to leave Syria to ensure a stable and independent country. The US presidential special envoy also said he is looking forward to promoting mutual US-Iraq interests and for the Iraqis to strengthen their own interests and sovereignty.

McGurk, who was directly involved in the formation of the Iraqi leadership (Speaker, President, and Prime Minister) in the last few months, didnt manage to return his favorite candidate Haidar Abadi to power and failed to prevent Faleh al-Fayyad from coming to power. According to private sources in Baghdad, al-Fayyad will be nominated as Interior Minister, a position that requires coordination with US forces in Iraq. McGurk clashed with Fayyad on several occasions when he unsuccessfully sought to limit the activity of Iran and Hezbollah in supporting the formation of the new Iraqi leadership in Baghdad.

The US is mustering all its diplomacy against Iran in preparation for unilateral implementation of full sanctions against the Islamic Republic, expected on the fourth of November. This is why McGurk is attacking Iran in Syria and Iran. Nevertheless, the new Iraqi government is reversing Abadis concession to the US: the new prime minister Adel Abdel Mahdi has ordered Hashd al-Shaabi to deploy its forces along the Syrian-Iraqi borders. Abadi kept Hashd away from borders where the US forces are deployed and where they occupy part of Syrian territory and the al-Tanf crossing between the Levant and Mesopotamia.

Washington wrongly believes its forces can limit the influence and movement of the Iranian and allied forces in Syria by keeping the Marines in the country. Iranian influence is well established in Syria today, following its unlimited support to the government of Damascus. Even in Iraq, the US presence failed to limit Irans leverage on the new government.

US concern is indeed justified: Washington and its allies have lost and failed to change the regime in Damascus despite seven long years of war. The Americans used all possible tools and pressure to no avail. US leadership used the chemical attacks excuse to bomb the Syrian army without creating any change on the ground. It has used also the card of the Syrian refugees, trying to block their voluntary return. It failed to keep the Jordanian-Syrian crossing at Naseeb closed to prevent Syria from recovering part of its economy. It is also keeping al-Tanf under occu...


Classic TV Drama: Upstairs Downstairs S05 E16 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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This upload is ok, although format isnt great


Upstairs, Downstairs is a British television drama series produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) for ITV.It ran for 68 episodes divided into five series on ITV from 1971 to 1975.

A BBC Wales and Masterpiece produced continuation also called Upstairs Downstairs was broadcast by BBC One in 2010.

Set in a large townhouse in Belgravia in West London, the series depicts the servants downstairs and their mastersthe family upstairsbetween the years 1903 and 1930, and shows the slow decline of the British aristocracy. Great events feature prominently in the episode but minor or gradual changes are also noted. The series stands as a document of the social and technological changes that occurred between those 27 years, including the Edwardian period, the Suffragettes, First World War, the Roaring Twenties and the Wall Street Crash.

The show was a ratings success for ITV, and received outstanding acclaim worldwide winning multiple awards.

Series had an excellent cast with many well known actors appearing over the life of the series. Some are still active to this day.


Jamal Khashoggi: Scarier Dead Than Alive For Some "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


A deathly silence has fallen inexplicably quickly in the events surrounding the gruesome murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who furiously cast stones and aspersions at the Saudi kingdom, is now hush. In a speech to his parliamentary faction of supporters from the ruling Justice and Development Party, Erdogan called the operation at the Istanbul consulate a cruel, barbaric act and demanded that the Saudis reveal where Khashoggis body is hidden and who gave the order to kill. But after the Saudis declared, in a rather decisive hardline, that they would try those responsible themselves, Ankara and Istanbul grew quiet. Or, perhaps, theyre merely calling a timeout. On that note, it wouldnt be bad to remind that tradition of trying criminals in their own countries to Washington which doesnt mind regular abductions to drag people to the United States and try them there under American law, which doesnt correspond to generally accepted international law.

International media reports that secretive heated talks are underway between Ankara and Riyadh to negotiate the amount of compensation owed to the Turks. It cant be ruled out that the Saudis will make a series of concessions regarding their policy in Syria.

Speaking unequivocally, most experts are almost certain that the Saudi operation to kill Khashoggi took place in plain sight of the Turkish secret services, who controlled it from start to end, but Turkey doesnt want to admit it. This could explain the existence of very precise audio recordings from the consulate, which were allegedly recorded by the journalists smart watch. The fact is, the Turkish secret services had the diplomatic facility bugged, but dont want to admit it. This was indirectly confirmed by CIA Director Gina Haspel, who went to Turkey to hear the recording of the Saudi journalists torture and murder. As the long-time director of the CIAs secret prison in Thailand who regularly attended the torture of prisoners, Haspel can reliably differentiate between a forgery and the real thing. This recording captured the murder of a journalist. This was real.

A hush has fallen over Washington, as well. After first scaring the Saudi princes, the US president changed his position, using the financial benefit to the United States as his explanation. The two-kilo gold medal the Saudis gave their dear friend Donald Trump seems to have played a non-negligible role in this affair. Thats why its understandable that...


Central Africa/Congo military training for eco-guards in Sangha "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Agence dInformation dAfrique CentraleFortunate Ibara,
November 3, 2018

The training takes place in the department of Sangha, on November 3
according to the Dispatches of Brazzaville, the World Wide Fund for Nature
(WWF) and the project Tridom Interzone Congo (Etic).

The main purpose of the internship is to provide new recruits with military
and professional knowledge so that the work of protecting and conserving
natural resources can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The extent of poaching that is taking place today in our sub-region in
general and particularly in our country, poaching practiced with weapons
and munitions of war, the threat it engenders no longer only weighs on
wildlife but also and now, on the peace and security of our states. For
almost ten years, we have even been talking about environmental terrorism,
said Frederic Lambert Bockandza-Paco, director of the Congolese Wildlife
and Protected Areas Agency.

The modules of this training focused on the basics of different areas:
paramilitary, forestry, ecological, socio-economic, moral, ethical and
human rights, legislative, nature conservation, criminal law and general
information as they applied to environmental crime.

The knowledge acquired will increase the rangers response capacity and the
number of rangers at the Etic project sites, the Tala Tala Jua-lkie
anti-poaching monitoring unit, the Ntokou Pikounda National Park and the
cross-border migration corridors of large mammals of the transboundary
complex of the trinidad Dja-Odzala-Minkebe.

?The WWF is looking to strengthen its workforce for more deployment in the
field, including a large periphery is cross-border with Gabon and
Cameroon,? said Dieudonn? Patrice Ekoutouba Perfect Bobcela, Etic

These ecoguard students were selected following a call for applications
launched by the officials of the Ntokou-Pikounda National Park. Aged at
least 30 years, they come from the localities of Ngbala, Pikounda,
Tala-Tala, Souank?, Semb?, Ntokou and Garabizam. Their selection took into
account aspects of gender and ethnic minorities.

The holding of this internship concretizes the commitment made by the
government to ensure sustainable management of natural resources and
maintain the security of protected areas, through the Congolese Wildlife
and Protected Areas Agency in Congo.

?The sustainable management of our wildlife resources, with a view to the
development of ecotourism and the diversification of t...


Syria: peace implies international condemnation of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, by Thierry Meyssan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Although several peace projects are currently circulating in the chanceries, Thierry Meyssan points out their inadequacy for this sort of war. According to him, those who begin with an amputated analysis of the conflict, yet still believe they are doing the right thing, will not only fail to resolve the problem, but will pave the way for a new war. It is imperative to treat the ideological question as a priority.


Untold stories of everyday israeli (apartheid state) brutality "IndyWatch Feed War"

Untold stories of everyday Israeli brutality Israeli border police officers stand guard as a Jewish settler boy plays near a disputed house in the West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli soldiers and settlers terrorize Palestinians every day. Stories from November 4-5 (that wont appear in mainstream media) include 2 Palestinian deaths, at least 14 abductions []


Of the Triggered, by the Triggered, and for the Triggered "IndyWatch Feed War"

With election day looming (November 6) Trump resistance hysteria is at its shrieking worst. Yet again we face the most important election of our lifetimes, or as some prefer to put it, the second most important, the first being the election of 2016, when deplorables put Donald Trump in the White House. Now, say the Trump haters, these scarcely human degenerates will have a chance to redeem themselves by voting responsibly, i.e., according to how their self-appointed betters tell them to vote. The persistence of this incredibly arrogant attitude is a good way to deliver a permanent Trump majority. Just ask Steve Bannon.

Even the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has been made Trumps fault, though the shooter was clearly anti-Trump. (Thank God there were no mass shootings in the Obama era!) The toxic brew of Trump xenophobia, racism, misogyny and Islamophobia somehow made the shooter a raving anti-Semite. It couldnt be that decades of Identarian Politics rendering white male a dirty word paved the way for Trumps nationalism, could it? Of course not. Its that Trump is stained with original sin and must be removed to make way for utopia?

In short, we are to understand that Trump-the-Monster (Trumpenstein?) single-handedly bred a political climate that produces everything bad directly out of his evil mind while exonerating establishment politicians of both parties whose political wreckage Trump only coincidentally rose out of. But it should be obvious that this makes history entirely irrelevant, since the Devil himself has triumphed. Whats the point of engaging in political action at all?

Liberals and fake radicals are so triggered by Trump that they dont even notice their descent into madness, much to the delight of a vast swath of middle America that is willing to re-elect Trump on that basis alone. The incredibly misguided resistance has somehow convinced itself that boundless indignation over Trump will lead them to victory. They do not see, apparently cannot see, that their indignation is Trumps rocket fuel: the more they hate him, the higher and farther he flies. Until they can stop being triggered by him, they have no chance of making him go away.

Investigative journalist Allan Nairn, a longstanding critic of the Democratic party, voices the thoughts of many progressives on this election eve:

Democrats are arguably war criminals not as big as the war criminals on the Republican side, but still war criminals. And they belong in prison. But we are facing such a crisis in this country at this moment that you have to use your head. You have to be tactical. You have to, at this moment, vote in the warmongers who will preserve democracy to block the warmongers would abolish it and t...


Nigeria the need to protect forests "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Guardian (Nigeria)

Worried by increasing depletion of forest resources, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) has stressed the need for formulation and implementation of a strategy to recover over 50per cent of lost forests to reduce effect of climate change.

Accordingly, the foundation has also canvassed for legal framework, which could aid access to global forest recovery in the continent.

Speaking during the presentation of 2017 Annual report at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Lagos, the Director-General of the Foundation, Dr. Muhtari Aminu-Kano said there was the need to explore series of strategies toward recovery and preservation of forest in the country.

Aminu-Kano stated that the stoppage of laudable initiatives in the past, which are aimed at restoring the nations forests by authorities, has impacted negatively on the sector.

It compounded dessert encroachment, gully erosion and other effects of climate change. A global meeting called the United Nation Forum on Forests was held in Germany and African countries made commitments to restoring the forests and had begun work but Nigeria had done nothing to that effect. Nigeria made a specific commitment of restoring four million hectares of forests by 2030. After three years, nothing has happened in Nigeria.

The DG said NCF was ready to use its knowledge and skills to help the country to meet its obligations in preservation of forests.

In his address, NCF Board of Trustees, Chief Philip Asiodu, noted that the foundations has been established in seven states to promote the agenda for trees planting.

To further strengthen its relationships with the government agencies and parastatals, embassies of foreign governments and other civil societies, he disclosed that the Lekki Conservation Centre hosted High Commissioners of E...

Will the Dems Make Big State Legislative Gains? "IndyWatch Feed"

In the 2010 midterm elections, the Democrats lost a net of 702 state legislative seats across the country. That tied 1958, when President Dwight D. Eisenhowers Republican Party lost the same amount in a midterm election during an economic recession. The only examples of a larger slaughter in modern history came in 1938 when Franklin Roosevelt suffered the worst political loss of his career (769 seats), in 1966 when Lyndon B. Johnson received a strong rebuke (782 seats), in 1922 when Warren Hardings unpopular tax cuts and labor policies cost him (907 seats), and in 1932 when Herbert Hoover was swept out of office amid the Great Depression (1,022 seats). The Democrats hope to add to this list when all the votes are counted on Tuesday.

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, there is plenty of hope that well contribute to the Democrats national numbers. The process began a year ago, and I wrote about it after looking at the off-year 2017 election results.

Here in the Philly suburbs, the realignment definitely came, and it came with historic force. Nowhere was that clearer than in Chester and Delaware Counties. In Chester County, the Democrats won races for four so-called row office positions, with a general massacre of Republican officeholders throughout the county that extended even to magisterial district judges. For perspective, since Chester County was incorporated in the 18th century, no Democrat had ever been elected to any of the nine row office positions.

In Delaware County, the Democrats won two county Council seats and took all three of the row offices that were on the ballot. Amazingly, this is the first time in history that any Democrat has won a competitive countywide election there.

These results for the local GOP are equivalent to what happened to the Democratic Party in the South over the last couple of decades.

The latest polls for...

The Republicans Have Broken the Senate "IndyWatch Feed"

The fact that the White House and president have pursued a Senate-preserving political strategy at the expense of the House of Representatives has been a mainstay of my analysis over the last few months, and it is now common wisdom even among many Republicans.

Two days out from an expected Democratic takeover of the House, Republicans focused on the chamber are profoundly worried that Trumps obsession with all things immigration will exacerbate their losses

Many of them have cringed at Trumps threats to unilaterally end birthright citizenship, as well as his recent racially-tinged ad suggesting that immigrants are police killers. The presidents drumbeat, they say, is drowning out news any incumbent president would be negligent not to dwell on: that the economy added a quarter-million jobs last quarter, and unemployment is below 4 percent.

Trump has hijacked the election, said one senior House Republican aide of Trumps focus on immigration. This is not what we expected the final weeks of the election to focus on.

Indeed, some House Republicans say privately that they feel abandoned, as if Trump has given up on them the likely losers in order to focus on the Senate.

Nakedly racist political messaging works in some places (hopefully, not as well as the White House hopes) and it is political radioactive in other places. Republican senators are hopeful that it will help them maintain their slim majority.

The disagreement highlights the tug-of-war over strategy thats been dogging the GOP all year: Should Republicans prioritize turning out Trump backers, or appeal to suburban swing voters? The party has diverged according to the chamber: Senate Republicans seeking to grow their majorities in rural, red states by toppling incumbent Democrats have mostly welcomed Trumps red-meat approach; House Republicans whose survival hinges on the suburbs have privately griped and tried to change the subject.

I believe that the cynical use of racial demagoguery belongs in the populist category of political campaign strategies, as its basically an appeal to baser emotions like fear, resentment and hatred rather than anything that might distinguish human beings from lizards. For this reason, I find it particularly depressing to see it being used by senators. A look at James Madisons rationale for the Senate in the Federal...

Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

It's a partisan poll, but feel the Betomentum anyway.



Russia and China Invest in Infrastructure; U.S. Instead Spends on Military "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

US infrastructure is rotting; and, while every recent US President has promised to reverse that decline, none has done anything significant to repair this nations rotting infrastructure it has always been just talk and empty promises.


Donald Trump scared of socialism "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 5 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

A Response to Trumps Demonization of Single Payer Health Care

Former health insurance executive Wendell Potter addresses some of the main criticisms of single payer health care, which Republicans and President Trump have been demonizing during the midterm election campaign.

By Barry Grey in the USA:

White House report on socialism

The specter of Marx haunts the American ruling class

6 November 2018

Last month, the Council of Economic Advisers, an agency of the Trump White House, released an extraordinary report titled The Opportunity Costs of Socialism. The report begins with the statement: Coincident with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marxs birth, socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse. Detailed policy proposals from self-declared socialists are gaining support in Congress and among much of the younger electorate.

The very fact that the US government officially acknowledges a growth of popular support for socialism, particularly among the nations youth, testifies to vast changes taking place in the political consciousness of the working class and the terror this is striking within the ruling elite. America is, after all, a country where anti-communism was for the greater part of a century a state-sponsored secular religion. No ruling class has so ruthlessly sought to exclude socialist politics from political discourse as the American ruling class.

The 70-page document is itself an inane right-wing screed.

It identifies socialism with proposals for mild social reform such as Medicare for all, raised and increasingly abandoned by a section of the Democratic Party. It cites Milton Friedman and...


UK animal rights campaigners try to put pressure on Botswana over hunting decision "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This is based on an animal rights PR piece and so is an account of the anti-hunt view. Time these people let the people of Botswana decide for themselves instead of dictating and taking on rights to govern African wildlife they do not have. KS

The Ecologist (UK)

Campaigners demand halt to trophy hunting plan

Marianne Brooker


5th November 2018

Trophy hunter with hippo
Celebrities speak out after Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting.[KS- this is incorrrect the ban has not yet been lifted.]


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The last couple of months have been both busy and demanding.

This afternoon I had the house to myself, nothing to do and several hours free to do it.

Today Im grateful for the time and space to recharge.


Undercover Documentaries on the Diabolical israeli (apartheid state) Lobby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Undercover Documentaries on the Diabolical Israeli Lobby by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) Israeli lobby power exerts enormous influence over nearly all members of Congress. With rare exceptions, House or Senate members dont dare confront it or criticize Israeli policies, a career ender for some who tried. Truth-tellers about Israeli state terror []


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Give Yourself Away Pour Yourself Out Fulfill Your Vows "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for pouring water from a pitcher, photos

Bring in the poor and the crippled, the blind and the lame.

The last shall be first and the first last.

Tuesday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 486

Reading 1 PHIL 2:5-11

Brothers and sisters:
Have among yourselves the same attitude
that is also yours in Christ Jesus,Who, though he was in the form of God,
did not regard equality with God
something to be grasped.
Rather, he emptied himself,
taking the form of a slave,
coming in human likeness;
and, found human in appearance,
he humbled himself,
becoming obedient to death,
even death on a cross.
Because of this, God greatly exalted him
and bestowed on him the name
that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus
every knee should bend,
of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.
Image result for pouring from a pitcher, , bible, art, pictures

Responsorial Psalm  PS 22:26B-27, 28-30AB, 30E, 31-32

R. (26a) I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.
I will fulfill my vows before those who fear him.
The lowly shall eat their fill;
they who seek the LORD shall praise him:
May your hearts be ever merry!



The latest issue of the North & South magazine features a special investigation by Nicky Hager focusing on allegations of sexual assaults, war crimes and cover-ups inside our armed forces.   

It is clear from the article that Hager is relying on sources involving both serving and ex-members of the New Zealand Defence Force.    It is also clear that Hager has it 'in' for the recently retired Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Tim Keating (although North & South couldn't even get his rank right).
The investigation runs for ten pages with the allegations ranging from the serious to the banal.    Many of the allegations involve the  SAS built around the meme articulated by a claimed ex-member of that unit that "the SAS are at the extreme end of thinking they're above the law ... we can say we never committed war crimes but we have".    

However I don't think Hager does himself any favour by his quite stupid claim that officers eat better than the lower ranks with some meals encompassing three courses with silver service.     The reality is the ration scale is the same for all ranks.    As for the silver service bit and yes, on dining-in nights in both officer's and sergeant's messes you may see silver on the table ... paid for out of their own pockets by generations of officers and sergeants.    What's Hager's point?

That some members and ex-members of the NZDF are speaking out is of concern.   It would be too easy to dismiss the allegations as the work of malcontents ... although they may be.     The allegations are out there ... they won't go away ... they have to be answered. 


Trump Regime Blames Iran for Its Own High Crimes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Regime Blames Iran for Its Own High Crimes by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) The blame game is longstanding US policy, blaming other governments for its own wrongdoing notably its endless high crimes of war and against humanity, along with supporting the scourge of terrorism it pretends to oppose. The []


Opinion: Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultzs Caricature Of A Political Career Finally Coming To An End? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Opinion: Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultzs Caricature Of A Political Career Finally Coming To An End? by Elizabeth Vos  DisObedient Media When retelling the political saga surrounding former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz over the last two years, one could be forgiven for mistaking...

The post Opinion: Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultzs Caricature Of A Political Career Finally Coming To An End? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Socialism and the ballot "IndyWatch Feed War"

In recent elections, it seems American voters have had little choice but to elect candidates they perceive as being on their side, or perhaps as being better than the other guy. Since the enfranchisement of women and Black Americans in the course of the last century, voter participation has been too easily circumscribed by powerful elements, and often approached as if little more than a championship football game. Damage control is simple enough when just two teams play, when only two rule books vie for predictable outcomes, and when always, always, the rich get richer in the end, win who may. Certainly, to an appreciable extent, voters themselves have co-produced this system. Albeit, this problem is nothing new to anarchists who have long pointed out that democracys fundamental flaw is that it pivots on processes, not results.

Now, in a country where monopoly pretends to validate the total success of financial as much as political ventures, there may be a telling irony to the current American political moment, a time in which a protracted battle for supremacy yet rages between the major political parties and underscores, rather than snuffs, radical sentiments and the concomitant trends in voting behavior that bespeak them. For many voters today, these elections indicate a departure from what was not so long ago perceived as politics as usual. Obamas election marked a kind of departure from the Bush-Gore election moment, and now, right-wing populism and white nationalism once again leave their substanceless but de-democratizing watermark on the pages of American political history being underwritten by Donald Trump, a shameless clown.

With this years midterms, voters yet witness what has been seeping through the political cracks all along. Rather than being eclipsed by the usual two-party political football rivalry, and now a peculiarly self-serving presidency, socialist ideas are being floated with a fresh degree of regularity, and very much at the grass-roots level. Some of this years candidates, notably women and members of minority and marginalized groups, folks who propound radical ideas to realize necessary dreams, seek to secure historically off-limits establishment positions. One question is why, now, in this utmost neoliberal moment, do socialist ideas lure voters away from either ideology of the dominant, entrenched camps in support of once unthinkable political victories?

The economists who have published the recent World Inequality Report 2018 offer several income-based observations that elucidate a potential, if partial, answer to this question. For example, Piketty and colleagues state:

Until recently, most available long-run series on inequality focused on top-income shares. [W]e present new findings on how the shares going to the lowest groups of populations have evolved. [B]ottom-income shares ha...


Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.

The object, nicknamed Oumuamua, meaning a messenger that reaches out from the distant past in Hawaiian, was first discovered in October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.

Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds to explain its unusual features and precise origins, with researchers first calling it a comet and then an asteroid, before finally deeming it the first of its kind: a new class of interstellar objects.


USA - Fluoride ballot measure in Brooksville: What you need to know "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

  • Brooksville residents will be asked if they want to keep receiving fluoride in their water supply.
  • The city has added fluoride to its water since the mid-1980s but stopped at some point. A debate in 2013 led to its return.
  • The ballot measure is a response to official debate on the topic that has sprung up this year. Across the county, a vocal minority has protested public water fluoride programs.
  • Medical and dental organizations widely agree that adding fluoride to the water supply at the recommended levels is critical to preventing tooth decay. Local dentists have urged the city to keep fluoride in the water for all its citizens, especially  those who cannot afford dental care.
  • ...


Miguel Amors: Culture as the spectacular domestication of desire "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a further installment on our (Autonomies) series of May 68 writers, we share Miguel Amors short essay Culture as the spectacular domestication of desire.

Originally published by Autonomies. Written by Miguel Amors.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In the current historical phase, and insofar as a project opposed to the dominant system is conceivable, the recovery of culture as a Ciceronian cultura animi does not imply patient dedication to learning, or a craftsman-like cultivation of skill, or a militant restitution of memory. It is above all a practice of cultural sabotage inseparable from a total critique of domination. Culture died long ago and has been replaced by a bureaucratic and industrial substitute. This is why anyone who speaks of cultureor art, or the recovery of historical memorywithout reference to the revolutionary transformation of social life, speaks with a corpse in his mouth. All activity in this domain must be inscribed within a unitary project of total subversion; all creation must as a result be fundamentally destructive. One must not take flight from conflict; one must think seriously about it and remain within it.

Miguel Amors

The crisis of capitalism erodes all forms of human expression, transforming them into the alienated affirmation of desire.  Culture is rendered a commodity, a spectacle to be passively consumed in the times and spaces of oppression.

A third essay by Miguel Amors continues our series on May 68 writers.

A situationist-inspired summary of the history and meaning of culture, from its origins as the privilege of leisured classes in ancient societies to its takeover by the bourgeoisie in the 19th century and its subsequent decline as todays mass culture of entertainment, which the author claims is subordinated to the logic of the commodity economy and is therefore a bureaucratic and industrial substitute, decontextualized and stripped of historical perspe...


Parody Project: Lie Lie Lie "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Given Trumps massive increase in the numbers of lies he tells as part of his daily attacks on truth,democracy and decent behaviour, I am re-posting this excellent parody from a few weeks back.


Morning Prayer for Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Calm Down and Do the Next Right Thing The antidote to fear is faith "IndyWatch Feed War"

Fear and worry had me down. Drinking and using drugs increased them. I worried about what I had done. I was afraid of what the consequences might be. I was afraid to face people because of the fear of being found out. Fear kept me in hot water all the time. I was a nervous wreck from fear and worry. I was a tied-up bundle of nerves.

I had a fear of failure, of the future, of growing old, of sickness, of personal ruin, of suicide. I had a wrong set of ideas and attitudes.

We have to surrender these fears and worries to a Higher Power.  I now try to think faith instead of fear. Have I put faith in place of fear?

Image result for rage, photos

Meditation for the Day

Spiritual power is God in action. God can only act through human beings. Whenever you, however weak you may be, allow God to act through you, then all you think and say and do is spiritually powerful. It is not you alone who produces a change in the lives of others! It is also the Divine Spirit in you and working through you. Power is God in action. God can use you as a tool to accomplish miracles in peoples lives.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may try to let Gods power act through me today. I pray that I may get rid of those blocks which keep His power from me.

From Twenty-Four Hours a Day (with some edits in para one)
See also:


EHN editor Brian Bienkowski joins the weekly program Living on Earth to talk water fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Bienkowski reported on the the studies last month and the story was one of's most viewed.
One study, from Canada, found that adults who are iodine deficient and have higher levels of fluoride in their system have a greater risk of an underactive thyroid. A second study, from Mexico, found mothers with higher fluoride exposure during pregnancy were more likely to have children with symptoms of ADHD. Both studies were published in the journal Environmental International.
A third study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that among 1,566 pregnant women in Canada, fluoride levels in urine were almost two times higher for women who lived in regions where the element was added to their drinking water compared to pregnant women in regions with non-fluoridated water.
"The disagreement is whether it's being put in our water at levels that's indeed doing that," Bienkowski said. "So, I think that the best way to go forward here is to follow the science and have policymakers follow through on actually using the best available science."
You can listen to the entire segment with Bienkowski aboveEHN editor Brian Bienkowski joined Living on Earth's Steve Curwood to talk about three new studies released last month linking fluoride exposure to ADHD in children and thyroid problems in adults.
"It's an interesting debate because there are two points of public health pitted against one another," Bienkowski said. "You have healthier teeth because of this, but also some of these links are concerning. And I think the concern for many health researchers is that we are putting this in our water and we're n...


Photographer captures Stable Auroral Red arc over Finland "IndyWatch Feed World"

You've heard of auroras--green and purple lights that dance in the sky during geomagnetic storms. But have you ever heard of an SAR? Stable Auroral Red arcs (SARs) were discovered in 1956 at the beginning of the Space Age and have been recorded by cameras on satellites hundreds of times since. Most aurora watchers have never seen one, though, because they are usually invisible to the human eye. Last night in southern Finland, Matti Helin saw one. "The SAR was visible to the naked eye for nearly 30 minutes and, after fading a bit, remained visible to my camera for another hour and a half," says Helin. "Normally we see auroras in the north, but this stable red arc appeared to our south. It was strange shooting in that direction :D" SARs are related to auroras, but they are not the same. Regular auroras appear when high-energy particles rain down along polar magnetic field lines, hitting the atmosphere (100-200 km high) and causing it to glow like the picture tube of an old color TV....


Solecast: A Conversation on Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Solecast: A Conversation on Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy appeared first on It's Going Down.

Hip-hop artist Sole, talks with partisans of the text, Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy.

Listen and Download HERE

In todays episode of The Solecast Ill be speaking with some folks about a new project slash book called Inhabit: Instructions For Autonomy. Inhabit takes a look at what it means to live and fight in a world that is burning around us.  It side steps the radical identity and ideological labels and focuses on a set of liberatory practices for building a new world in the ruins of this one. While silicon valley types want to escape the ravages of climate change by building fortresses for the wealthy, Inhabit imagines a world of autonomous territories, sharing resources, skills and power.

Read/Get The Book here
Follow them on the gram and twitter

To hear more interviews about Inhabit, check out this interview with Its Going Down.

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@Roger Wicker For US Senate From Mississippi Cannot Spell Mississippian; Senator Wicker Could Help Mississippis Brain Drain By Hiring Educated Mississippians "IndyWatch Feed"

Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and/or his campaign cannot spell Mississippian! There has been much discussion of the Mississippi brain-drain during the campaign, even though its been going on for half a century or longer. The very fact that there are any brains left in Mississippi to drain is a miracle in and of itself. Hiring competent Mississippians who check their work would be a good start for Senator Wicker in helping to cure the brain-drain! Did he hire someone from Tennessee (Tennessean) or Alabama (Alabamian) instead?




Australia - LETTERS: Don't force fluoride on us "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Don't force fluoride on the population
THIS is not about fluoride, rather it's about our right to choose how we live.
Does the community have the right to force the ingestion of a substance many of us don't want and don't need?

Fluoride won't stop tooth decay any more than a reduction in our sugar intake and good oral hygiene will.
The fact is for every expert who lauds fluoride there is one who decries it!
No, not really surprising this is normal when it comes to experts.
If people really want to ingest fluoride there are many ways they can do so, without the need to enforce their will on the rest of us.
The 'right' to mass medicate is a slippery slope which leads, who knows where?


Craig Hemke: If Dems Take The House, Look Out (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Craig Hemke: If Dems Take The House, Look Out Video Silver Doctors If the Democrats take over the House of Representatives, a lot of the Trump agenda will stall. The Trump-mania in the economy then could halt, leading to...

The post Craig Hemke: If Dems Take The House, Look Out (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Final Straw: Settler-Colonialism with Nani Ferreira-Mathews "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Final Straw: Settler-Colonialism with Nani Ferreira-Mathews appeared first on It's Going Down.

Final Straw returns this week for an interview with Nani Ferreira-Mathews on settler-colonialism and Zionism.

Listen and Download HERE

This week, we spoke with Nani Ferreira-Mathews. Nani is the author of Birthright?: Travelogue of an American Radical in Israel / Palestine, published by On Our Own Authority (or OOOA) Books, out of Atlanta, earlier this year. Nani has indigenous Hawaiian and Jewish heritage and talks and in 2013 went on the Taglit-Birthright tour to Israel, which is offered to Jews raised outside of Israel, in this case mostly of those on the trip were from the U.S., Canada & Europe.

Going into it, she already had some misgivings but throughout the tour she became more and more aware of the trip as a means to erase Palestinian and Indigenous perspectives from visibility to the tourists, who are being groomed for populating the spaces seized by the Israel as a Jewish-only territory and state. We talk about Zionism as a nationalist movement, the manipulation of the tourists on this free trip including setting up romantic situations among the guests and IDF soldiers and sleep deprivation, funding sources for Taglit-Birthright, and comparisons between the erasure or commodification of non-hegemonic ethnic and religious identities in the history and culture of the United States of America and Israel. We also talk about the BDS (or Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement, a Palestinian-led protest movement to economically and culturally push Israel to end the occupation.

Next week well be airing a conversation with activists working on political prisoner and human rights issues in Palestine, so stay tuned!


Institutions must overcome 'zeitgeist of mistrust' "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Institutions must overcome 'zeitgeist of mistrust'

brendan 6th November 2018
Teaser Media


CTH Election Day Coverage 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

For the midterm election day we have a pretty good idea what the overall media approach will be [See Here]. Knowing the gaslighting will likely be even worse than 2016, it becomes more important to tune out the medias narrative Continue reading


The Paris climate gang is breaking up "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Paris climate gang is breaking up

Jeanette Gill 6th November 2018
Teaser Media


F.A.N. Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Erin Brockovich Urges Voters to Reject Fluoridation on Election Day

At least three communities in the U.S. will be voting on fluoridation this election day on November 6th. 
Houston, Missouri started fluoridating after a council vote approved it in 2002. Local resident George Sholtz voiced his opposition to the practice at a regular council meeting this past April and shared the latest science with leaders.  This resulted in a public forum held in May, where Paul Connett, PhD presented the case against fluoridation to a full town hall.  Soon thereafter the council voted unanimously to place the following question on the November ballot to let voters decide for the first time whether they wanted to continue the practice (note the use of the proper additive name for fluoride in the question):
Shall the City of Houston continue adding fluoride--hydrofluosilic acid--in the municipal water? The water is currently treated as recommended and approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services?
Springfield, Ohio (population served 85,000) will vote on fluoridation for the third time since 2005, as the County Health District has successfully gathered enough signatures to have the question added to the ballot in a repeat effort to initiate the practice.  Both recent votesalong with a third vote in 1969--resulted in nearly 60% of voters rejecting fluoridation, which officials speculate will cost over $1.25 million to implement.  The pro-fluoride lobby attempted to have the vote immediately after raising the issue in May, but the council killed that proposal so citizens could educate themselves prior to making a decision.  To learn more visit the local campaign Springfield Against Water Fluoridation.


Chinas Trade Olive Branch Cant Dispel Fears of Clash With U.S. Both sides still think they have the upper hand. "IndyWatch Feed National"

  • Top Xi deputy says China still wants trade talks with Trump
  • Kissinger warns conflict would destroy hope for world order
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the Communist Party leadership was coming to terms with a fundamental shift toward a more assertive China policy in Washington. Henry Kissinger who helped broker the U.S.s 1970s rapprochement with China said he was fairly optimistic a wider clash could be avoided, but warned that failure would destroy hope for world order.
China Stands Firmly Against Unilateralism, Trade Protectionism, VP Wang Says

A top Chinese officials offer of trade talks with the U.S. on Tuesday did little to assuage concerns that the worlds two largest economies were headed for a confrontation that could disrupt the global order.

Chinese Vice Pres...


What If Genetically Modified People Became the Norm? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Should we start to tinker with the human genome and alter our own biology?


Kite Line: Being Heard; Prison and the Deaf Community "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Long running anti-prison podcast and radio show Kite Line returns with its weekly show straight out of Bloomington, Indiana.

Listen and Download HERE

Today, we are sharing an interview with Talila Lewis and Dustin Gibson, two organizers and researchers addressing the intersection of disability and incarceration. After TL describes the high stakes of being deaf in prison, they move on to sketch out the ways that children of color are disabled across society and pushed towards feeling inept and being housed in prison. They speak a bit about the organization HEARD- Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf. Well be talking more about their work and more about the history of disability and incarceration in a later episode. We also hear statements from Greg Curry, both about his situation inside the Ohio prison system, and showing his support for the Vaughn 17.


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

I've lived in New York City for 39 years so I've gotten to see the Statue Of Liberty innumerable times. She's an elderly woman and frequently in need of repairs. She's a metaphor in that sense. But, the important thing is: She gets those repairs, imperfect though they may be. Most of us, in fact, gladly pay for those repairs. Sometimes, the repairs are only of the stop gap variety. Sometimes they are extensive and deep. Consider today, Election Day, a day for those repairs.

There are however many in our country who would prefer to preserve other statues; statues that stand for something quite the opposite of the Statue Of Liberty. They'll tell you it's their birthright. They'll tell you it's their heritage, even though (or especially) when that heritage that they so cherish includes hanging black people from trees. They make no bones about protecting that heritage, especially when protecting that heritage means depriving people of their constitutional right to vote if not their right to breathe. The Republican Party and their severely mentally ill leader have thrown their lot in with those who embrace that heritage. They even call them very fine people, even as they do their bidding and run over people in the streets, shoot up synagogues, shoot up and burn down African-American churches, and mail pipe bombs to democrats. The party that once ran against terrorism now runs with terrorism. Some of them deny that they do, while they smirk at us, and cross their fingers behind their backs.

The only legal power we have to rid ourselves of such people; the only legal power we have to rid ourselves of the Steve Kings, Duncan Hunters, Dave Brats, and Scott Walkers of our government is to vote them out. The same is true of those who don't even consider our government to be their government or our country to be their country: people like Devin Nunes and Dana Rhohra...


Zoos: Why a revolution is necessary to justify them (insider) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

This content is for Monthly, Annual and Lifetime members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.


Northern Ireland Constitutional Settlement: A Brexit Booby Trap? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why Northern Ireland poses even bigger hurdles to reaching a Brexit deal than you thought.


Lavender might actually help you relax "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

 Someone has actually done the science underlying immunotherapy or at least tested out the key ingredient.  Turns out it hits the same recepters as our relaxants and this explains why all those odd lavender products actually are popular forever.  They really work.
Sorry now that i have also dismissed them so long.  Joke is on me there.

This type of work will allow immunotherapy to jump into the mainstream  and perhaps we will discover more as well.

Lavender might actually help you relax

In mice, sniffing some linalool is similar to taking V...


Tuesday nightcap "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

More Harry Metcalfe but something for us ignorant townies how a combine harvester works and what its like to drive one. Back to cars proper next week, promise. The post Tuesday nightcap appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


A few drinks can change how memories form "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The take home from this is that you must pause a long time between drinking sessions because you need to undo the total effect which can easily persist for 24 hours. 

The better take home is to mostly avoid addictives of all types except for some sort of party time many days apart.  It will otherwise alter your brain and the risk is not zero.

I do notice THC remains  out of this list and this conforms to what we so far know.

I have personally conducted my self in this manner for my entire life and i do not really know why i have been so rigorous.  We now know that this is well advised.

A few drinks can change how memories form



When America Despised the Irish: The 19th Centurys Refugee Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The tale of the Irish is actually remarkable and they were the Helots of  the British Aristocracy who essentially denied them access to capital.  The real problem is that they could no longer sell of their surplus manpower after the American revolution to allay population growth.  The American plantation owners instead opted for Black slaves no could not escape into the hills quite so easily.
Recall that we only started coming to our senses beginning in the nineteenth century and often got it wrong.  Even dependence on the potato was an anomaly in itself.  There was also cattle in there somewhere.  
In the event, during the high point the Irish were despised as s common in the middle of a forced folk movement.  We are now seeing similar situation today and it all demands a strong response by government to force rapid assimilation.  Irish assimilation was swift and effective and soon showed up at the ballot box....
When America Despised the Irish: The 19th Centurys Refugee Crisis

Mar 16, 2017

More than 150 years ago, it was the Irish who were refugees forced into exile by a humanitarian and political disaster. Explore this era of scorn the Irish initially encountered and find out how they became part of the American mainstream.

Christopher Klein

The refugees seeking haven in America were poor and disease-ridden. They threatened to take jobs away from Americans and strain welfare budgets. They practiced an alien religion and pledged allegiance to a foreign leader. They were bringing with them crime. They were accused of being rapists. And, worst of all, these undesirables were Irish.


2,400-Year-Old Shipwreck Believed To Be The Worlds Oldest Was Just Discovered Intact At The Bottom Of The Black Sea "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

  Shipwreck Black Sea

What we have in the Black Sea i extraordinary and it will allow us to reconstruct ship types over all our history.  After all, just what do we know of the ship building craft circa 1200 AD and how did it evolve. 

Much more interesting is that trade shipping existed for at least six thousand years and potentially even ten thousand years.  An extensive early society existed in the Danubian region in particular before ultimately overwhelmed by horse warriors.  This region had reason to trade as far afield as Egypt.   Thus the Western Black Sea should be a treasure trove of lost shipping and some may well be even buried in the mud.

We need to collect wood samples around the mouth of the Danube to establish how old the clear bottom actually is..

2,400-Year-Old Shipwreck Believed To Be The Worlds Oldest Was Just Discovered Intact At The Bottom Of The Black Sea

Published October 23, 2018
Evidence of a similar vessel appears on an ancient Greek vase featuring the infamous Homeric character, Odysseus, tied to its...


The Sexelance: red lights on wheels "IndyWatch Feed"

A converted ambulance, the Sexelance is a mobile sex clinic offering harm reduction to the street sex workers of Copenhagen.

The Sexelance. Malene Anthony Nielsen/Scanpix. Used with permission.

When you open the doors to the Sexelance, you step into a sterile looking room. Theres lube in containers attached to the walls and condoms in boxes. Theres a blue folding chair usually used for blowjobs mirrors, and a little red light on the back door that illuminates the interior when the doors are closed. Though thoroughly transformed, its obvious that this first ever Danish sex clinic on wheels was once an ambulance riding through the streets of Copenhagen to aid the sick.

Today, the Sexelance serves as an alternative to the harsh realities facing street sex workers. In the car, they can sell their services under safer, more hygienic, and more dignified conditions than those on the streets. Its an easy sell for to sex workers, but their clients rarely find it as appealing. Many do not want to come with them into the car, and then the sex workers must choose: lose the customer or follow them out into the night.

The moral discussion over prostitution keeps many good ideas for protecting sex workers from getting off the ground.

The sterility of the experience is off-putting. Its not as if the sex workers want it that way. Theyd prefer for the Sexelance to be more cozy and sexy, but laws make that easier said than done. One of the reasons behind the clinical looking interior is that the Sexelance runs the risk of being accused by police, critics, and the judicial system of encouraging prostitution. Thats illegal in Denmark, even though prostitution itself is not. Its a distinction rooted in the moral discussion over prostitution that keeps many good ideas for protecting sex workers from really getting off the ground.

Dont come knocking if the car is rocking is a phrase often used by the volunteers of the car. But the motivation behind the car is no joke, and the last thing it is trying to do is to encourage prostitution. Its instead trying make the sex already being sold safer by giving it a secure place to take place. During the many years I have researched migrants and sex workers in the streets of Vesterbro, Copenhagen an area known for its red-light district the hotels there have shut their doors to the sex workers and their clients. Places where sex workers used to take their clients have been shut down because they were accused of aiding prost...


Community Devt: Ikpeazu adopts direct touch approach "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has said that his administration has evolved a new strategy for rapid community development in the state to be known as Direct Touch Initiative. Speaking yesterday with the people of Ikwuano during an enlarged stakeholders meeting held at Iberenta in Ikwuano Local Government Area of the State, Governor Ikpeazu []

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Natural supplements that treat sleep disruptions and menopause symptoms "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Natural supplements that treat sleep disruptions and menopause symptoms

(Natural News) There are a lot of things that a person can do to improve sleep during menopause. Some examples include dietary changes, exercise, stress management, and mind-body therapies. However, natural supplement...


#Amsterdam: Mobiele Eenheid squat goes to court! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three weeks ago, the collective De Mobiele Eenheid squatted the building Gedempt Hamerkanaal 86, Spijkerkade 2 in Amsterdam Noord.

Originally published by Radar.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

To counteract the commercialisation, mass-tourism and precarious housing market, we have created a social centre offering a weekly program. Soon after the buildings occupation in opposition to an all-encompassing property-based violence, the end is near. Following dangerous threats, the owner of the building is summoning the collective to court, based on his supposed plan to turn the building into a hotel.

Amsterdam contains a disproportionate number of hotels and is completely over-crowded. The hotel stop decreed by the previous city government, is hardly noticeable. But the owner in question, a diamond merchant and property speculator, knows that real diamonds nowadays have two legs, arrive in Schiphol and pull wheelie bags.

His presented plans are not only problematic, but also highly questionable. In 2006, the building was squatted for the first time and already then, the plan was to build a hotel. Besides an environmental permit in 2013, the owner has undertaken little to no action hinting at reconstruction of the building. Overall, the greatest part of his property has been standing empty for many years.



Respect our mandate, 26 Ogun Assembly candidates tell Oshiomhole "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Twenty-six candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Ogun State House of Assembly yesterday appealed to the partys National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to respect the mandates given to them by members in the state. They asked Oshiomhole to accept the outcome of the recent legislative primaries and submit their names to the Independent []

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UI, AAUA, UNILAG, LAUTECH, FUNAAB, others join ASUU strike "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Academic activities in governmentowned universities across the federation will be disrupted beginning from today. Already, some of the universities yesterday began indefinite nationwide strike following Sundays directive of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Findings by New Telegraph in some ivory towers indicated that in most campuses, normal academic activities were ongoing as the []

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Unity Bank de-risks balance sheet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Unity Bank of Nigeria Plc has announced a total derisking of its balance sheet, ridding the bank of toxic legacy assets and paving the way for significantly improved return on shareholder value in the coming years. Already, signs of a return to improved performance was evident in the third quarter, 2018 result of the []

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Boundary: Surveyors seek modern mapping technologies "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Land surveyors have called for the adoption of continuous reference station (CORS) to prevent land boundary overlapping in Nigeria. Chairman, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Lagos State chapter l, Mr Adesina Adeleke and Principal Consultant, Sacridion Geospatial Engineering, Mr Chika Okorocha, made these calls in Lagos. According to them, the technologies will help to []

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Primary one pupil, nine others die in auto crashes "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  A primary one pupil lost his life in an auto accident in Makurdi, Benue State while nine others died in another crash on Enugu-Port-Harcourt Expressway, Enugu State at the weekend. Two others were injured in the Benue accident while 12 people were wounded in the Enugu incident. The victim of the Benue accident, which []

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Defection: Obianos ex-aide appeals to APGA members "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A group under the aegis of United Anambra Youth Assembly (U-AYA), has passed a vote of confidence on the National Chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, Chief Victor Oye. The President/General of the group, Mr Chinedu Obidigwe, who is a former aide to the state governor, Willie Obiano, stated this after a review []

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Half of the Russians in London are spies, claims new report "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tens of thousands of Russian spies are living in Britain, a major report which has been endorsed by the former head of MI6 has warned.

A new study from the Henry Jackson Society thinktank said there were as many as 75,000 informants in London half the 150,000 Russians who live in the capital who are actively helping Moscows secret service.

The study also warned of a huge increase of Russian case officers in the UK over the past eight years, with 200 officers handling an estimated 500 agents.

Image result for Putin, photos

And the report estimated that as many as half of Russian Embassy diplomats are actively engaged in intelligence work.

The report said the number of spies now comfortably outstrips Cold War levels. Oleg

Read the rest (paywall):



Londongrad: Explosion in number of Russian spies in UK



Avoiding Amazon in our online lives "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Avoiding Amazon in our online lives

Tim Hunt 6th November 2018
Teaser Media


NFF, Rohr in cold war "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Coach groans over federations interference     The Super Eagles Manager Gernot Rohr is no longer enjoying a cordial relationship with his employers, the Nigeria Football Federation, after he complained about undue and constant interference with his job. Rohr started his career with the Eagles on a strong footingwith the NFF chieftains throwing their weight []

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Mehreen Faruqi - compare and contrast - Muslims & animals v. civilisation & animals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Islam's big day out for our animal friends Australia's Big Day Out Mehreen Faruqi wants to stop the Melbourne Cup Michael Smith News (@mpsmithnews) November 5, 2018


CSU Council Calls for Investigation of CalPERS CEO Marcie Frosts Hiring "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

More proof that the scandal involving CalPERS CEO Marcie Frost's resume misrepresentations are not going away any time soon.


GPU side channel attacks can enable spying on web activity, password stealing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Computer scientists at the University of California, Riverside have revealed for the first time how easily attackers can use a computers graphics processing unit, or GPU, to spy on web activity, steal passwords, and break into cloud-based applications. Threat scenarios Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering computer science doctoral student Hoda Naghibijouybari and post-doctoral researcher Ajaya Neupane, along with Associate Professor Zhiyun Qian and Professor Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, reverse engineered a Nvidia GPU to demonstrate More

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Sapele Power, Seistechs deals turn sour "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  The business transaction between Sapele Power Plc (SPP), owner and operator of the 1,020MW Sapele Power Plant, and Seistech has turned sour with the former alleging that the Police was bias in reconciling the two parties. A Storage Lease Agreement dated September 6, 2016 was, according to checks by this newspaper, negotiated and executed []

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Champions League: Barcelona may unleash Messi on Inter "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde said captain Lionel Messi could feature against Inter Milan in the Champions League on Tuesday, little more than two weeks after breaking his arm. Messi was a surprise inclusion in the squad list as he was expected to be out of action for three weeks after breaking a bone in his []

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Medicare Fraud and Machine Detection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Machine learning could become a useful tool in helping to detect Medicare fraud, according to a new study, potentially reclaiming anywhere from $19 billion to $65 billion lost to fraud each year.

Researchers from Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering and Computer Science recently published the world's first study using Medicare Part B data, machine learning and advanced analytics to automate fraud detection. They tested six different machine learners on balanced and imbalanced data sets, ultimately finding the RF100 random forest algorithm to be most effective at identifying possible instances of fraud. They also found that imbalanced data sets are more preferable than balanced data sets when scanning for fraud.

"There are so many intricacies involved in determining what is fraud and what is not fraud, such as clerical error," Richard A. Bauder, senior author and a Ph.D. student at the school, said. "Our goal is to enable machine learners to cull through all of this data and flag anything suspicious. Then we can alert investigators and auditors, who will only have to focus on 50 cases instead of 500 cases or more."

[...] "If we can predict a physician's specialty accurately based on our statistical analyses, then we could potentially find unusual physician behaviors and flag these as possible fraud for further investigation," Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Ph.D., co-author and a professor at the school, said.

So, if a cardiologist were incorrectly labeled a neurologist, that could be a sign of fraud.

Still, the data set itself remained a challenge. The small number of fraudulent providers and the large number of above-board providers made the data set imbalanced, which can fool machine learners. So, using random undersampling, investigators whittled down the set to 12,000 cases, with seven class distributions ranging from severely imbalanced to balanced.

[...] Surprisingly, researchers found that keeping the data set 90 percent normal and 10 percent fraudulent was the "sweet spot" for machine-learning algorithms tasked with identifying Medicare fraud. They thought the ratio would need to include more fraudulent providers for the learners to be effective.

Actually a compelling argument for single payer.



Revealed: Big Pharma can access My Health Record "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Your health, all in one digital location. Photo: NGCM Pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to apply to access data from the controversial My Health Record system, a Senate committee hearing has been told. BACKGROUND The My Health Record is a digital health record for Australians where personal health information can


Everyone knows settlers (jewish terrorists) cut down Palestinian olive trees. But israel (apartheid state) doesnt care "IndyWatch Feed War"

Settlers Attacking Palestinian Farmers Produce, and Israeli Authorities Dont Care  by Amira Hass Everyone knows settlers cut down Palestinian olive trees. But Israel doesnt care Israelis coming from a nearby northern West Bank outpost damage trees, steal olives and throw stones, yet the Palestinian villagers say involving the police is a waste of time The October 4 []


How free markets will cost the earth "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

How free markets will cost the earth

Jeanette Gill 6th November 2018
Teaser Media


[slackware-security] mariadb (SSA:2018-309-01) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Slackware Security Team on Nov 05

[slackware-security] mariadb (SSA:2018-309-01)

New mariadb packages are available for Slackware 14.1 and 14.2 to
fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/mariadb-10.0.37-i586-1_slack14.2.txz: Upgraded.
This update fixes bugs and security issues.
For more information, see:


Sadly, Sound Money ISNT on the Ballot "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Sadly, Sound Money ISNT on the Ballot by: Clint Siegner Money Metals Americans will be headed to the polls to cast ballots in the midterm elections. Polling suggests that Democrats will return to power in the House of Representatives. Republicans...

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More Americans Want A Job This Year Than Last; More Working Multiple Jobs To Make Ends Meet This Year Than Last "IndyWatch Feed"

According to the latest job report on November 2, 2018: As of October of 2018, over 5 million people in the United States currently want a job in contrast to 4.9 million in October of 2017. Over 8 million people in the United States are multiple jobholders, vs 7.4 million last year. 2.18 million have both primary and secondary part time jobs, as opposed to 1.77 million last year.

Part time jobs are unlikely to have benefits. A full time and second part time job generally means that the full time job doesnt pay enough to make ends meet. There are more full time workers with a secondary part time job, as well.  5.2% of workers are multiple jobholders this year vs. 4.8% last year.


US midterms: why the world fears Trumpism is here to stay "IndyWatch Feed War"

The elections will be seen as a test of whether Donald Trump has permanently changed America

By Gideon Rachman in London

The world outside America is used to staying up all night to watch the US presidential election. The midterm elections, however, are not normally regarded as a global event. But this time is different. The results of the 2018 midterms will be seen all over the world as a crucial test of whether Donald Trump has permanently changed America.

The stakes have not been higher in a generation.

If the Republicans do well, then many will conclude that Trumpism is here to stay.

The rest of the world would have to make a long-term adjustment to an America that is highly protectionist and suspicious of treaties on principle whether they deal with climate change, arms control, refugees or migration. However, if the Democrats prosper on Tuesday night, then the US presidents foreign critics will cling on to the hope that the Trump years may yet turn out to be an aberration and that the old America is waiting in the wings to return.

Related image

Countries that have been targeted by sanctions or tariffs by the Trump administration such as Iran and China will be keen to see the president receive a bloody nose at the ballot box. It is unlikely that significant Democratic party gains would be enough to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal or to roll back tariffs on China not least because many Democrats also lean towards protectionism and are hawkish on Iran.

But a big political setba...


KL-001-2018-009 : Dell OpenManage Network Manager Multiple Vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by KoreLogic Disclosures on Nov 05

KL-001-2018-009 : Dell OpenManage Network Manager Multiple Vulnerabilities

Title: Dell OpenManage Network Manager Multiple Vulnerabilities
Advisory ID: KL-001-2018-009
Publication Date: 2018.11.05
Publication URL:

1. Vulnerability Details

Affected Vendor: Dell
Affected Product: OpenManage Network Manager
Affected Version: SP3
Platform: Embedded...


Follow the Yellow Brick Road "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Third World armies of criminal and unlawful immigrants are marching on Americas Southern border from Central America  in hopes of finding Utopia. Has anyone asked Why these third-world undesirables and feral youth who refused, or wouldnt work to change things for the better in their own countries, and are now deceptively being coaxed, []


Abahlali baseMjondolo: Factual Errors in Mail & Guardian Article "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South Africa: Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement of Monday, 5 November 2018.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As everybody knows our movement has been subject to sustained violence, including assassinations by the izinkabi and murders by the police, municipal security and the Anti-land Invasion Unit. On 8 October we marched, in our thousands, against political violence.

We are not the only organisation that is subject to political violence in KwaZulu-Natal. The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, the South African Communist Party and various political parties, including the ruling party have all had their members assassinated. Most of the people who have been killed are ANC leaders who have been killed on the orders of other ANC leaders.

On 18 October Sbu Maphumulo the ANC councillor for Ward 88 in Umlazi was assassinated. The next day the African News Agency reported that:

Maphumulo made local headlines last year when shack-dweller group Abahlali baseMjondolo accused him of intimidating one of its Silver City, uMlazi, branch leaders at a community meeting.

The group claimed Maphumulo stormed the meeting with police officers and hitmen.

Speaking to ANA on Friday after the news of Maphumulos murder, Abahlali president Sbu Zikode said: He was one of the councillors that intimidated Abahlali leaders in our Silver City branch in Umlazi.

We had opened an intimidation case against him and the police would not arrest him. He would come into Abahlali meetings with his armed men and intimidate and disturb our meetings. May his soul rest in peace.

Having said that, I do want to say, our condolences to Maphumulos family and children. No human being deserves this kind of brutality. That is why we came out in our thousands last week to say...


HPV vaccines: My daughters lost years "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Fiona Mackenzie, Cromdale, Grantown on Spey, Highlands of Scotland

Chelsea: HPV vaccine survivor from Scotland

Chelsea had 2 injections of Cervarix in the fall of 2012 before we went to Australia. A few months after we returned, we took her in for the third jab.  The GP practice stated that they didnt stock Cervarix any longer, but would check whether they could use Gardasil to finish the series.   The next week in May 2013 she had her final vaccination, but it was Gardasil, not Cervarix.  I did not question this because I trusted the doctor to protect her health. However, looking back I had so little information to go on at the time, I certainly should have questioned the decision to mix the two HPV vaccines.  Until after the third injection, Chelsea was a normal healthy girl.

In late August of the same year, she started complaining of back pain. At first, I discounted it but 3 weeks later it had become so serious we had to take her back to the doctor.  She was referred for physio, but it did not help.  As time went on, Chelsea b...


How its made: Space pens "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post How its made: Space pens appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Despite all the brave talk, israel confirms that no further illegal attacks on Syria have taken since Syria received S-300s "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israeli Air Force Shuns Attacks in Syria Since S-300 Delivery  Lawmaker Sputnik 05.11.2018 Russia has delivered 49 units of its sophisticated S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria in wake of the accidental destruction of a Russian Il-20 plane by Syrian air defenses responding to an Israeli attack. Ksenia Svetlova, who sits on the []


WPSandbox - 858 breached accounts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In November 2018, the WordPress sandboxing service that allows people to create temporary websites WP Sandbox discovered their service was being used to host a phishing site attempting to collect Microsoft OneDrive accounts. After identifying the malicious site, WP Sandbox took it offline, contacted the 858 people who provided information to it then self-submitted their addresses to HIBP. The phishing page requested both email addresses and passwords.


Photo of Brazil President-Elect Bolsonaros Sons Wearing IDF and Mossad Shirts Goes Viral "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Bolsonaro Sons IDF Mossad(MPN)  Just a week after far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaros electoral victory in Brazils presidential election, the consequences of fascism and support for apartheid and ethno-nationalism rising to power are already coming to fruition. A photo of Bolsonaros sons donning shirts depicting logos of Israels Mossad spy agency and Israeli Defense Forces (military) has gone viral, highlighting []


Shellbot Botnet Targets IoT devices and Linux servers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security experts at Trend Micro have spotted an IRC bot dubbed Shellbot that was built using Perl Shellbot.

The malware was distributed by a threat group called Outlaw, it was able to target Linux and Android devices, and also Windows systems.

We uncovered an operation of a hacking group, which were naming Outlaw (translation derived from the Romanian word haiduc, the hacking tool the group primarily uses), involving the use of an IRC bot built with the help of Perl Shellbot. reads the analysis published by TrendMicro.

The group distributes the bot by exploiting a common command injection vulnerability on internet of things (IoT) devices and Linux servers. Further research indicates that the threat can also affect Windows-based environments and even Android devices.

perl shellbot -script-commands-8

In recent attacks, hackers compromised FTP servers of a Japanese art institution and a Bangladeshi government site. The attackers linked compromised servers to a high availability cluster to host an IRC bouncer and control the botnet.

The bot was previously distributed via an exploit targeting the ShellShock flaw, in October experts from  IBM observed the bot being spread through the Drupalgeddon2 vulnerability,

In the last series of attacks analyzed by Trend Micro, threat actors leveraged previously brute-forced or compromised hosts to distribute the threat and target Ubuntu and Android devices.

The analysis of command and control (C&C) traffic allowed the security researchers finding the IRC channels information and discovered that at the first infection 142 hosts were present in the IRC channel.

The Shellbot backd...


Revisiting BBC messaging on the Balfour Declaration "IndyWatch Feed War"

This time last year, the BBCs generous multi-platform coverage of the Balfour Declaration centenary had just come to an end.

As documented in our subsequent overview of the relevant BBC content:

Most of that BBC content adopted and amplified PLO framing of the Balfour Declaration as an injustice and advanced the notion that Britain should apologise for the century-old document.

Only five items out of the fourteen accurately informed BBC audiences that the Balfour Declarations second part which was for the most part presented as being incomplete and unfinished business specifically refers to the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities rather than, as was inaccurately claimed in the rest of the content, rights in general. []

The narrative of the Balfour Declaration as colonialism and an act that Britain had no right to carry out was repeatedly advanced in many of these items, as was the claim that the British government should take a stand against settlements. The anti-Israel BDS campaign was promoted in two of the items.

The notion that Palestinians were dispossessed of...


Three Simple Questions for Voters on Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In this midterm election, as you decide who to vote for or even whether to vote, I ask you to consider three questions.



Turkey Vows To Make Sea Bandits Drilling Gas Off Cyprus Pay Like Terrorists In Syria Did "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ankara will not allow any sea bandits to roam free and tap the disputed natural gas reserves off Cyprus, Turkeys president has vowed, while commissioning a new warship to challenge competitors militarily, should the need arise.

We will not accept attempts to seize natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean through the exclusion of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC),

Erdogan said Sunday, according to Daily Sabah. While claiming that Turkey has no ambitions to annex any territories, Ankara promised to protect the rights of our country and of our brothers.

Those who thought that they could take steps in the Eastern Mediterranean or the Aegean despite [this] have begun to understand the magnitude of their mistake. We will not allow bandits in the seas to roam free just like we made the terrorists in Syria pay, Erdogan said at a ceremony transferring the TCG Burgazada corvette to the Turkish Navy.

The exploration of hydrocarbon resources off the coast of the Republic of Cyprus has become a sensitive issue for the international community, ever since the first gas deposit discoveries were made off the coast in 2011. While the Republic of Cyprus belongs to the EU community and is recognized by the UN, TRNC, the northern third of the island, has been occupied by Turkey since 1974. As a result, Ankara continues to claim jurisdiction for offshore research in the East Mediterranean, an area thought to be rich with natural resources.

The region has recently witnessed an escalation in tensions, after the Turkish Navy intercepted a Greek frigate which tried to interfere with a Turkish research vessels seabed exploration on October 18.The incident prompted a diplomatic row with Greece, which traditionally supports the ethnically Greek government of the Republic of Cyprus. While Greece denied interfering with the Turkish research vessel, An...


"IndyWatch Feed"

Canadian born Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has actively intervened on behalf of a Canadian (uranium) mining company, against a US State (Virginia), along with Senators Cotton of Arkansas and Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Perhaps they are accusing Virginia of being subversive to the British Crown? Indeed. It was called the American Revolution: The history of Virginia in the American Revolution begins with the role the Colony of Virginia played in early dissent against the British government and culminates with the defeat of General Cornwallis by the allied forces at the Siege of Yorktown in 1781 Numerous Virginians played key roles in the Revolution, including George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.



"IndyWatch Feed War"

04 15:53 -   . []


Russia: Israel endangered our troops by not giving notice before Syria strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Moscows foreign minister accuses IDF of placing Russian personnel in danger on several occasions; says Russia responded in contained but firm manner to downing of spy plane

This Thursday, December 29, 2016 photo shows an Israeli Air Force F-15 plane in flight during a graduation ceremony for new pilots in the Hatzerim air force base near the city of Beersheba, Israel. (AP/Ariel Schalit)
This Thursday, December 29, 2016 photo shows an Israeli Air Force F-15 plane in flight during a graduation ceremony for new pilots in the Hatzerim air force base near the city of Beersheba, Israel. (AP/Ariel Schalit)

Russias top diplomat on Monday accused Israel of breaching its commitment to inform Moscow before it carries out airstrikes in Syria, placing its military personnel in danger on several occasions and forcing Russia to respond in a firm but contained manner.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovs criticism came after Israel-Russia ties soured, following the September 17 downing of a Russian spy plane by Syrian forces during an Israeli air raid.

Moscows defense ministry had blamed Israel for the deaths of its 15 servicemen on the plane, arguing that Israeli jets were hiding behind the Russian aircraft. Israel denies that claim.

Israel and Russia have coordinated their military efforts in Syria in recent years, in order to avoid friction and accidental conflict. Israeli officials do not generally discuss the full extent of that coordination, but they stress that the Israeli military does not seek Russian permission before carrying out operations.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gestures as he attends a meeting with Secretary...


Journalism versus political hit jobs "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There has been discussion and questions asked lately  about why some media (Newshub and RNZ in particular) have been publishing conversations that had been secretly recorded by Jami-Lee Ross. It has appeared at times as of they are aiding ongoing attacks on Simon Bridges and National on behalf of Ross and/or Cameron Slater and/or Simon []


Saudi Arabia Grilled Over Human Rights Record at UN Meeting in Geneva "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Saudi Arabia Death Penalty(MEE)  Saudi Arabia has insisted that its investigation into the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi will be fair, amid a barrage of criticism at a United Nations meeting on Monday. The half-day public debate at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva came just over than a month after the Saudi insider-turned-critic was murdered in the Saudi consulate []


How financial institutions can change the economics of fraud "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2017, the number of identity fraud victims in the United States has risen to nearly 17 million. As the US became the last of the G20 countries to adopt Chip and PIN/Signature cards, fraudsters predictably and expectedly moved towards online card-not-present fraud, which is, according to recent statistics, now 81 percent more likely than point of sale (card-present) fraud. The volume of data breaches has bolstered fraudsters ability to waltz through the More

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Theological Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Crown Prince launches project to build Saudi Arabias first nuclear research reactor "IndyWatch Feed War"

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched a project to build Saudi Arabias first nuclear research reactor on Monday.

Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih, during a tour of KACST. (SPA)

The project is one of seven cutting edge ventures in the fields of renewable energy, atomic energy, water desalination, genetic medicine and aircraft design that were inaugurated by the crown prince, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The projects were discussed during his visit to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

The new reactor will help Saudi Arabia conduct research develop technology for the countrys burgeoning nuclear industry.

The Kingdom plans to build two full nuclear power reactors for energy and as many as 16 over the next 25 years.

The design of the reactor has been developed by KACST scientists with the help of international experts. Construction of the reactor is already underway and expected to be completed by the end of next year.

It will follow all the safety standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The reactor is designed to use uranium oxide fuel with 2.1 percent enrichment.

One of the other projects reviewed by the Crown Prince is a center for the development of aircraft structures to be based at King Khalid International Airport.

The center is one of the largest buildings for developing aircrafts in the Middle East with an area of 27,000 square meters with plans to expand it to 92,000 square meters. The center has the capacity to manufacture most aircraft structures, whether civilian or military.

Another project is a genome laboratory for tackling genetic disease in the Kingdom. The National Laboratory of the Saudi Human Genome contains the latest technologies in the study of genetic code, and 100,000 samples which are being examined to create a medical database.

The laboratory is equipped to diagnose a large number of genetic diseases, which cost more than SR4 billion a year to treat.

During his tour of the KACST headquarters, Crown Prince Mohammed also reviewed two solar-powered water desalination plants. A plant in Al-Khafji will have a capacity of 60,000 cubi...


Australia central bank raises economic growth forecast "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australias central bank on Thursday said the economy was performing well and lifted its growth outlook while keeping interest rates at a record low but warned there were concerns about global trade.

The announcement comes as worries also begin to emerge about the countrys once booming housing market, which has slowed in recent months.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said this G20 economy continues to chug along and should expand around 3.5 this year and next, a fraction up from its previous forecast and continuing a global record 26 years of continuous growth.

AFP/File | Australians have looked increasingly jittery, with consumers tempering their spending and confidence steadily ebbing this year

Its main cash rate was left unchanged at 1.50 percent to stimulate consumer and business spending.

But it said there were doubts prompted by the direction of international trade policy in the United States, with Donald Trump having embarked on a protectionist agenda sparking standoffs with key partners including China and the European Union.

Meanwhile, at home consumers have looked increasingly jittery, with Australians tempering their spending and confidence steadily ebbing this year.

And a drop in house prices may be good news for renters, but it could hit the broader economy with recent buyers saddled with assets worth less than they paid for.

It wouldnt be too much of a concern yet, in the near term, Jason Yek of Fitch Solutions told AFP. But I do think housing prices are going to go down over coming quarters.

House prices in Sydney and Melbourne have increased by around 70 percent this decade, with wage growth lagging well behind, despite low unemployment rates.

Many Australians already find balancing the household books tougher despite the booming market and household debt remains at one of the highest levels of all OECD.

Some analysts predict household finances will only get tighter as a rash of interest-only home loans granted in 2015 end a five-year grace period.

By 2020, Yek said, many Australian home owners will have to start paying down the principle too.

According to NABs Consumer Anxiety Index the cost of living is still the biggest driver of Australian consumer angst.



Trump to reporters after racist anti-immigration ad pulled A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive a lot of the time. "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Trump on Monday defended an anti-immigrant ad that critics called racist after several television networks said they would not run it, calling it effective and telling reporters their questions were offensive.

They certainly are effective, Trump told reporters as he was about to board Air Force One en route to another MAGA rally.

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Andrews Air Force Base, Md., en route to a series of campaign rallies. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Andrews Air Force Base, Md., en route to a series of campaign rallies. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Asked about charges that the ad which several networks have either refused to air or decided to stop running was offensive, the president went on the offensive himself.

A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive a lot of the time, he said.

Fox News, Fox Business and NBC said earlier Monday they would stop airing the ad, which was widely condemned as racist after NBC ran it during an NFL Sunday Night Football game.

Upon further review, Fox News pulled the ad yesterday and it will not appear on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network, said ad sales president Marianne Gambelli in a statement to reporters issued shortly after NBC made a similar announcement.

After further review we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and have decided to cease airing it across our properties as soon as possible, an NBC spokesperson said in a statement to CNN, which has declined to run the ad at all.

Sunday Night Football already a ratings hit likely drew a bigger than usual audience because the game featured the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots and their star quarterbacks, Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady.

CNN had earlier declined to run the ad, deeming it racist.

The ad was part of Team Trumps campaign to demonize immigrants as the pivotal midterms approach to fire up the presidents nativist, America First base.

The ad paints a doomsday scenario in which an invasion of a...


Civilians Trapped as Saudi Airstrikes and Warships Pound Yemeni City of Hodeidah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(ANTIWAR.COM)  Saudi airstrikes and warships continue to pound the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Monday, with escalating strikes coinciding with Saudi-backed ground forces advancing closer to the city, just three miles from the port itself, according to officials. This further limits the movement of aid into and out of the vital port, which before the Saudi []


On Election Day, dont forget: Its a republic, if we can keep it "IndyWatch Feed War"

In perhaps one of the most poignant interactions surrounding the ratification of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall and was accosted by a citizen of Philadelphia who posed the question, What have we got, Mr. Franklin? A republic or a monarchy? Most have heard Franklins notorious, almost pessimistic reply, A republic, if you can keep it.

Related image

Every other November, and sometimes more often, we vote. We send representatives to our townships, counties, state legislatures, and Washington, D.C., to represent our interests and ensure the future security of the republican form of government. Some elections receive more pomp and circumstance than others, but each is fundamentally necessary for the preservation of our way of governance.

Image result for U.S. constitution, pictures

Yet, when a citizenry has so long been favored with the privilege of self-government, it often becomes callous to the blessings such a system bestows.

By Tim Murcek

Washington Examiner

Congressional approval in recent years often never rises above 25 percent, and even in years past, rarely reaches 35 percent. Presidential approval hovers in the 40-50 percent range, with the occasional spike in either direction during nation-shaking events. Inarguably, government has grown more intrusive than it was ever intended to be.

Inefficient, out-of-control spending creates a looming financial crisis, judicial activism runs rampant, as the nations courts create law rather than interpret it, trade barriers drive up production costs and hurt both producer and consumer, unwise foreign alliances and tedious appeasement policy attempt to band-aid wounds that need comprehensive surgery, border crises reveal that U.S. immigration policy is essentially nonexistent, and reform is desperately needed.

Winston Churchill famously said, The best argument against democratic government is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Some of the voting bloc recognizes that there is much work to do, but this is overshadowed by low voter turnout and apathy.

In presidential elections, vo...


The States Where Theres Still Progressive Hope In The American Midterm Elections "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the next 48 hours, US politics may once again markedly change the world we live in. Thomas J. Adams, a lecturer in history and American studies at the University of Sydney, breaks down the states to watch.

It may be a clich that American political life has become a global reality sideshow, but nevertheless it bears a good deal of truth.

Horrifying, outlandish, disturbing, occasionally hilarious, entirely predictable, and utterly and completely absurd, Donald Trumps presidency has enraptured a global audience with all the hallmarks of a great middlebrow piece of mass entertainment. Plot twists, schadenfreude, sex, dastardly villains, backstabbing, unabashed lies, tragic martyrs, porn stars, and the possibility of the fall of empire, Gibbon-style. Game of Thrones eat your heart out.

For those who follow American politics whether within the United States or from 12,000 kilometres across the Pacific the nearly two years of Donald Trumps presidency has made it harder than ever to focus ones attention on the slow and arduous processes required to build an actually existent progressive politics.

American political analysis especially that which reaches Australia or occurs within its ever-narrowing media confines tends to be of the handicapping and horserace variety. Such myopia can obscure the substantive shifts on the ground that are important not just for resisting Donald Trump, but building a real alternative grounded in redistribution, a robust defence of democratic rights and equal protection, and a less imperial global posture.

US president, Donald Trump. (IMAGE: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

If the last two years (or more to the point, the last 50 years) of American life have made anything clear, it is the simple fact that there is no left in the United States worth speaking of. That is, there is no mass progressive and anti-imperial institutional structure capable of mounting a credible challenge for power at the national level of American governance.

As the first major democratic referendum on Trumps America approaches, its hard to remove oneself from all the narrative plots, liberal hand-wringing, and Trumps constant self one-upmanship of offense, lies, and attacks on the Constitution. Making fun of a sexual assault survivors memory? Lets raise it by a horde of economic refugees on foot and w...


Uwheru Monarch Lauds Achievements Of Oghene Egoh Of Lagos Rep "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Hon (Prince) Oghene Emma Egoh, representing Amuwo Odofin federal constituency in Lagos state

By Young Erhiurhoro
LAGOS NOVEMBER 6TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The traditional ruler of Uwheru Kingdom in Ughelli North LGA of Delta state, HRM, Agbaovwe Afugbeya, Oyise 11 has recently appreciated an Uwheru indigene, Hon (Prince) Oghene Emma Egoh, representing Amuwo Odofin federal constituency in Lagos state who is creating political impacts of development in both his constituency in Lagos and his home town of Uwheru.
The traditional ruler who spoke to in his palace at Uruvwigbo-Erovie Quarters, Uwheru town applauded the federal law maker saying, Our people say, when you appreciate a farmer, his cutlass becomes sharper. In fact, this is what I can do to our son, Hon (Prince) Emma Egoh. He has really proved to be a true son and a prince of Uwheru Kingdom. Why are we appreciating him? We are appreciating him because of his support to Uwheru development. As a law maker, even in another state, he has used his position to influence projects to Uwheru Kingdom. Worthy of mention, is this palace road. This road contract is awarded by the NDDC through his influence. Before now, this road was in very deplorable condition. You can see that, the project is ongoing. That one is just an example of the numerous projects he has influenced to this place.
Without doubt, Hon. Egoh is a key player in Uwheru development. Ther...


High risk vulnerability discovered in Sauter CASE Suite building automation software "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Applied Risk researcher, Gjoko Krstic, has identified a security vulnerability in the Sauter CASE Suite, a software package used to handle building automation projects with energy-efficient strategies and methods. The Sauter CASE Suite is a building management software that is used for project engineering and control functions of building management systems within both office and industrial environments. The application suffers from an XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability, which can be used to cause a Denial More

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Classic Aussie Crime Drama: Water Rats S05 E01 A Day To Remember "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Season 3 Episode 5 appears to be missing

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


Carol Burnett show outtakes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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How much do the experts wish to discount the future by? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

we find that expert opinion is particularly varied on the rate of time preference.  The modal value is zero, in line with many prominent opinions.  But with a median (mean) of 0.5 percent (1.1 percent)


while we find that experts recommend placing greater weight on normative than positive issues when determining the SDR, most believe that the SDR should be informed by both.

That is from the latest issue of American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Discounting Disentangled by Drupp, Freeman, Groom, and Nesje.  You will of course find a lengthy discussion of these issues in my own Stubborn Attachments: A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals.


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The Rapid Acceleration Towards Peak Oil Demand "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A rare bit of positive news on the global warming front: oil demand topped out in developed economies and emerging economies are increasingly fighting both internal combustion engines and single use plastics.


Opinion: US midterms a battle over principle, not facts (Feelings seem to matter more) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US midterms have taken on a new dimension because Donald Trump has made them all about himself. While the vote is still wide open, the president has indelibly changed the country, says DW editor-in-chief Ines Pohl.

USA Trump Yellowstone International Airport (Reuters/C. Barria)

There are some bets you dont really want to win.

After I had spent a year travelling around the US as a reporter, my prediction ahead of the countrys 2016 presidential election deviated widely from prevailing opinion. It was clear to me that Donald Trump had a very good chance of moving into the White House. He did, and I won a bottle of bourbon.

Friend and foe

Two years later, the US faces elections again. This time, its not about the president, but the members of both houses of the US Congress. But in Donald Trumps America, everything on the political stage is also about him. Accordingly, he got heavily involved in the election campaign, working even harder over the past weeks on his agenda of splitting the world into friend and foe for instance by deploying more troops on the Mexican border than are stationed in Iraq.

Read moreWhy the US midterm elections matter for America and the world

This president actually makes things easy for his opponents. His heavy-handed, aggressive manner, the exaggerations and lies are reliably provocative, and the people he targets rarely leave an attack unanswered. That in turn keeps him in business and it prevents the Democrats from focusing on themselves and revamping both personnel and program. Their obsession with Trumps tweets means theyre neglecting to rally around a candidate who might in two years time, with the right policies, be able to prevent another four years of Trump.

Polarizing political system

This is particularly dangerous in a two-party system that polarizes in the first place because it does not have to rely on coalitions that...


The Red Wave "IndyWatch Feed"

There are several reasons for my judgment that it is Republican voters who will awake happily following the primary contests on Tuesday.

(1)The pollsters who have been telling us for months about a blue wave have abandoned this line altogether. Considering that the polls, being of a piece with the rest of the media, are in the majority of instances designed and administered by Democrats, the modest advantages that they show for their fellow Democrats should be taken as a hint that they know they are in trouble

(2)There are a few movements, like the Walk Away movement, whose founder is a gay man who is a former Democrat and which has already attracted hundreds of thousands of other former Democrats, that has received little to no coverage by most of the (Democrat-dominated) media. Yet both the rapidly growing size of this phenomenon as well as the medias resolve to neglect it suggest that it indicates a pattern of increasing disenchantment with the Democratic Party;

(3)The Kavanaugh debacle;

(4)The caravan of thousands of undocumented invaders coming from the South that were all able to watch in real time;

(5)Leftist violence and intimidation;

(6)Even with over 90% tireless, negative coverage by the Democratic-controlled media, reputable polls have shown Trumps popularity rating exceeding 50%. This in all likelihood means that it is actually much higher;

(7)Trumps rallies continue to dwarf in size anything that any politician has managed to achieve. Obamas crowd numbers are, at best, half that of Trumps. The enthusiasm for the President is as highhigherthan its ever been. No Democrat, including the sainted Obama, generates any enthusiasm among the partys base, much less a fraction of that which consumesTrumps constituents;

(8)Because of the nastiness of Trump-haters and the fact that Trump-hatred is all of the rage within the popular culture, many people who sympathize with Trump, or at least who share none of the zealotry of those who would slice their own mothers throats to take him down, are not likely to reveal their willingness to vote Republican;

(9)Even among traditional Republican voters, pollsters are now informing us that they are significantly less likely than Democrats to openly share their voting preferences. And when it is considered that independents are even less likely than Republicans in this regard, polls forecasting Democrat victories should be seen for their questionable character;

(10)Aside from the biases of individual pollsters, there is an intrinsic bias in polling: In two significant respects, they are outdated:

First, unlike in times past, this generation, given the boundless sea of information (and misinformation) flowing from multiple, com...


Post implementation, GDPR costs higher than expected "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A Versasec survey examining the global impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) nearly six months after its roll-out shows the privacy regulation costs more to implement than many had anticipated, and that non-EU companies are adopting similar regulations in anticipation of stronger customer privacy rules in their own locations. Though the survey showed a generally positive response to GDPR a half year after its implementation, many respondents said their companies paid more than More

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Skin Gel Allows Wounds to Heal Without Leaving a Scar "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A team of researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology has developed a silk protein-based gel that they claim allows for skin healing without scarring. In their paper published in the journal Biomaterials Science, the group describes their gel and how well it works.

Scarring due to a skin injury is not just unsightlyfor many, it can also be a painful reminder of a wound. For these reasons, scientists have sought a way to heal wounds without scarring. In this new effort, the team in China claims to have found such a solutiona sericin hydrogel.

The gel used by the researchers was based on a silk proteinthe researchers extracted sericin from silk fibers and then used a UV light and a photoinitiator to cross-link the protein chains. The result was a gel that adhered well to cells and did not trigger much of an immune response. The researchers note that it also has adjustable mechanical properties. They explain that the gel allows for scar-free healing by inhibiting inflammation and by promoting the development of new blood vessels. It was also found to regulate TGF- growth factors, which resulted in stem cells being routed to the injury site allowing new skin to develop, rather than scar tissue.

Now you can better hide your alien subdermal implants.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Every Tributary To Amazon Matters, Just As Every Tributary Matters To Amazon "IndyWatch Feed World"


The Antiquarian Booksellers Associations book fair in 2013 in London. It said it was dropping AbeBooks as a sponsor of its 2019 book fair. Credit Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Above is the lead photo in an intriguing story of an act of protest, reported by by David Streitfeld. Reading it, no surprise that he won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting five years ago in a series of stories about Apple. Now his attention is placed on another company that has come to have an outsized role in the world, and needs explanation, and as I see it, deep concern. It is a company that...


The True Spiritual Significance of the Female Moon Cycle "IndyWatch Feed World"

While most women do not think much about their periods, they should. As a woman, your menstruation cycle is much more than meets the eye.

Did you know that womens cycles are affected by the moon? The moons cycle and our womanly cycles were once the same. They have a lot more in common than you might realize. In the past periods were something to be celebrated but now they are no more than a setback or nuisance to women.

Many many years ago, women believed that her period was her key to the power of creation and even now, it still is. Each part of your period holds meaning and some of those meanings are quite fascinating. If you want to really become more in tune with yourself take a look below to see what each part of your period means.

The Spiritual Schedule of Your Period Cycle:

Day 1: Beginning Phase

During this phase, you have begun something new. You are letting go of the old and moving forth just as you would in a new moon. Anything that no longer serves you is melting away and in this case, that would be the lining without your lady bits. You are making room for new energies to come forth.

Days 2-7: Bleeding Phase

During this phase, you are dispelling all of that which you no longer need. You are perhaps uncomfortable but content. You will be feeling quiet and most likely not want to be disturbed, rightfully so. Once you reach the last day of this you will begin to feel much more vulnerable but still ready to face the world.

Days 8-14: Ovulation Phase

During this phase, you are at your highest energy point. This is the peak of your inner creativity as your body is close to or at peak ovulation. You may feel as if you are on top of the world whether youre being sexual or not. You will really be putting yourself out there.

Days 15-21: Harvest Phase

During this phase, you will be really letting things wind down back to normal. You will be in a time of reflection. Whether you feel good or bad depends on where you are in your life and what you want out of your body. You during this phase learn a lot about yourself.

Days 22-28: The Preparation Phase

During this phase, you will feel a lot of things. You will be finding clarity all over again and beginning another cycle. This phase is one that many overlook but it is something that really holds a lot of energy. Anything that you know is unneeded you begin to see clearly.

Whether you love or hate your period, these things still reign true. It is something that a lot of people dont realize holds spiritual ties....


Five Stories to Read Again Before You Vote "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

MCALLEN, TX JUNE 12: Central American asylum seekers wait as U.S. Border Patrol agents take groups of them into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas. The families were then sent to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing center for possible separation. U.S. border authorities are executing the Trump administrations zero tolerance policy towards undocumented immigrants. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions also said that domestic and gang violence in immigrants country of origin would no longer qualify them for political-asylum status. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)


Published November 6. 2018

Today is Election Day in America. Some are saying it is the most important midterm election in modern times. Todays votes once tallied will provide us with a clearer picture of what the next two years will bring before the 2020 presidential election.

Native people are said to have different worldviews from others in American society. Interestingly enough, American Indians participate in the U.S. military at a higher percentage than other racial or ethnic groups to defend democracy. Unfortunately, there is no direct correlation to voting patterns. American Indians vote at a lower percentage than other ethnic groups. This is confusing because having the ability to cast a vote is the best benefit of any democracy.

The past two years have proven we live a very divided United States of Ameof rica. From Charlottesville where white nationalists marched through the streets with torches to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, we saw how divided America is.

Today we have an opportunity to get America moving in a more civil direction by voting for candidates who care about issues important to us, such as healhcare and protection of social security benefits. The choice is quite obvious.

Before you vote, you should read again the following five stories that convinced me to vote the way I did:



Scientists Claim the Amazon Is Reaching the Point of No Return, And Once It Does, It Cant Be Undone "IndyWatch Feed World"

For years now, we have known that the Amazon rainforest was being torn apart for a number of different reasons. That being said, we have not done anywhere near enough to save it.

According to an article that was published in the journal Science Advances back in February the human impact we have made is reaching crisis status and that the point of no return is well upon us. It marks the Amazon tipping point as very close and emphasizes the importance of preventing it from getting there.

The article I am going over was written by Thomas Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre, both who have extensive backgrounds in regards to research in this area. You see, the rainforest is important for a number of reasons and without it, we as humans are not going to be very happy whether you are someone who thinks about the Amazons wellbeing or not it is benefiting you even right now.

Part of this publication goes as follows:

The importance of Amazon moisture for Brazilian agriculture south of the Amazon is complex but not trivial. Perhaps most important is the partial contribution of dry season Amazon evapotranspiration to rainfall in southeastern South America. Forests maintain an evapotranspiration rate year-round, whereas evapotranspiration in pastures is dramatically lower in the dry season. As a consequence, models suggest a longer dry season after deforestation.

In recent decades, new forcing factors have impinged on the hydrological cycle: climate change and widespread use of fire to eliminate felled trees and clear weedy vegetation. Many studies show that in the absence of other contributing factors, 4 Celsius of global warming would be the tipping point to degraded savannas in most of the central, southern, and eastern Amazon. Widespread use of fire leads to drying of surrounding forest and greater vulnerability to fire in the subsequent year.

We believe that negative synergies between deforestation, climate change, and widespread use of fire indicate a tipping point for the Amazon system to flip to non-forest ecosystems in eastern, southern and central Amazonia at 20-25% deforestation.

The severity of the droughts of 2005, 2010 and 2015-16 could well represent the first flickers of this ecological tipping point. These events, together with the severe floods of 2009, 2012 (and 2014 over SW Amazonia), suggest that the whole system is oscillating. For the last two decades, the dry season over the southern and eastern Amazon has been increasing. Large-scale factors such as warmer sea surface temperatures over the tropical North Atlantic...


Baby and Children at SHARE "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Baby & ChildrenBaby & Children is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have 53 items in the Baby & Children category from Reusable Nappies, High Chairs and Bed Guards through to Scooters and Roller Blades via toys including a Mini Trampoline!

To view all 10 categories browse our inventory.

If youd like to sponsor this category and have your business advertised with every item borrowed from within it, as well as inside the shop and on our window, please get in touch with us.

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Bill Gates just gave the keynote at a toilet expo "IndyWatch Feed World"

And he brought a jar of poop with him.

The former Microsoft CEO opened the three-day Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing on Tuesday, reports GeekWire. The expo focuses on technologies that will revolutionize the collection, management, and treatment of human waste, Gates said, adding, The technologies youll see here are the most significant advances in sanitation in nearly 200 years.

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Principal, Staff Complain Of Excesses Of Vigilante Group In Unenurhie Secondary School "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Delta CP, Mustafa

By Young Erhiurhoro
LAGOS NOVEMBER 6TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Principal and staff of Unenurhie Secondary School, Unenurhie community, Evwreni Kingdom , Ughelli North LGA of Delta state has cried out over the excesses of the community vigilante group under wise known as Civil Defence Corps.
The Acting Principal of the college,Mrs Oghoro who spoke to alleged that they have been experiencing sporadic gun shots by the men of this security outfit which has a check point close to the school.
This regular gun shots fired by the vigilant group make the learning environment to be hostile to both students and teachers. As you can see, this is a school for young children. It ought to be a serene and conducive environment for meaningful learning and other academic activities to take place. But the activities of these security men in recent times are disturbing to us.
Since we resumed this term, they have pursued drivers and passengers into the school premises, shooting at them at different times. The first one occurred during a morning assembly session and another one occurred immediately after the students were dispatched into their various classrooms. And you know students, they would be ru...


Update: Reporter FIRED After Caught on Tape Disparaging GOP Michigan Senate Candidate John James "IndyWatch Feed"

Fired Michigan reporter, Brenda Battel

Huron Daily Tribune reporter, Brenda Battel was caught on tape disparaging GOP Senate candidate John James when she called his campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone after leaving a voicemail.

Brenda Battel was fired from the Huron Daily Tribune Monday night after her Editor heard the voicemail.

Via Henry Rodgers, Capitol Hill reporter for The Daily Caller: I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior, Huron Daily Tribune editor Kate Hessling said in a statement. Brenda Battels employment has been immediately terminated.

The Huron Daily Tribune sincerely apologizes to Mr. James and to the public, she continued. These statements do not represent the views of the Tribune as a whole, nor do they reflect the actions of a responsible journalist.

As TGP reported earlier Monday evening, Michigan reporter Brenda Battel accidentally left a nasty voicemail for John James. 

Hi, my name is Brenda Battel, Im a reporter with the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan, Battel said in the voicemail.

Im looking to set up an appointment with Mr. James for some time on Wednesday for a phone interview regarding the election results, she continued. Im probably going to send an email over to the with some details. Um, if youd like to call me back, my number is [redacted] Thank...


(Video) Trump-Putin 2.0 Set for 11-11 -- Now What are the Odds of that? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Nov 4, 2018

Truth and Art TV Patriot News headlines and the latest updates on the Trump Storm/Great Awakening.

Recorded Saturday night 11-3-18


Jordan Peterson: There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didnt work "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post Jordan Peterson: There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didnt work appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Can we end animal farming by the end of the century? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By 2050, more than half of meat, dairy, and eggs in high-income countries could be animal-free.

[Image: Louis Roe]By the end of the year, you may be able to walk into a restaurant and order chicken grown from chicken cells in a bioreactor rather than from an animal. Its already possible to buy plant-based burgers more realistic than anything available in the past. It raises a question: What would it take to fully replace meat from animals?

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Election Day transportation: 9 easy ways to get to the voting polls "IndyWatch Feed World"

Uber, Lyft, Lime and more are making it easy to get to the polling station.

Voting is important, but as many voters know, its not always easy to get to the polls. A Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data found that a lack of transportation was one of the top 10 reasons registered voters dont actually vote. Another recent survey found that 14% of nonvoters didnt make it to the polls, even though they were registered to vote, because of transportation issues. When looking at the transportation woes of nonvoters under the age of 30, that number balloons to 29%.

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Ex NYPD Officer: "35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Another insider, and a very credible one at that, has stepped forward to expose how prevalent human trafficking actually is in our world, cities, and most notably, in Washington.

by Anna Rodgers

Retired Detective Jim Jimmy Boots Rothstein, was a member of the New York City Police Department, and various out of state agencies for over a decade where he was assigned to investigate sex trafficking. His job brought him to travel the world investigating how these rings operate.

We have written about this topic many times here at Collective Evolution as we see that this is a subject that must be brought out into the open.  It is estimated that there are over 40.3 million (71% are women) involved in human trafficking globally.

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An OpenSCAD Mini-ITX Computer Case "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Were no strangers to 3D printed enclosures here at Hackaday. From the plethora of printed Raspberry Pi cases out there to custom enclosures for electronic projects, small plastic boxes turn out to be an excellent application for desktop 3D printing. But as printers get bigger and filament gets cheaper, those little boxes dont always need to be so little. We arent talking about running off boxes for your sneaker collection either, if youve got the time and the print volume, you could whip up an enclosure for your PC.

[Nirav Patel] writes in to share his impressive 3D printed Mini-ITX computer case project, which would be a neat enough trick in its own right, but he took the concept one step farther and made it a parametric design in OpenSCAD. This allows the user to input their particular hardware configuration and receive STL files for a bespoke case. The list of supported hardware isnt that long yet, but with the OpenSCAD code up on GitHub and released under the BSD license, hopefully the community can improve on that as time goes on.

To keep things simple (and strong), [Nirav] implemented what he refers to as a bucket design. The majority of the case is a single print, which does take a long time (just shy of 40 hours on his Prusa i3 MK3), but nearly eliminates any post-pr...


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 6, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 6, 2018

Compiled 6 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note - The Bottom Line: (Rumors, please do your own research).

A slow-motion Stock Market collapse that began in Oct. would continue to claim corporate victims as the new Quantum Financial System went online. Apparently Hong Kong released funds Oct. 31, there were unconfirmed reports that some groups had funds liquid and release codes/new currency rates were on bank screens. We might see the 800#s right after Tues. Nov. 6 Midterms when paid rioters were set to cause chaos that may force Martial Law (although the border situation has calmed down due to Trumps agreement with the Mexican President). Some say to be prepared for Nov. 11 when the economy would go down and you would need emergency supplies as Q returned to bring in the Global Currency Reset (Trumps announcement of US return to the gold standard ?) Many sources agreed that we would exchange/ redeem our currencies and Zim Bonds during the month of Nov.s chaotic time that would include a couple of weeks of financial turmoil after the RV, as the world adjusted to the new Quantum Financial System. Because of these factors the 800#s release could happen at any moment.

A. Future Predictions:

Release of the 800#s would be through text, email, or posted on:

DC: ...


November 5, 2018: Former US-backed Militants Switch Sides In Conflict "IndyWatch Feed War"

South Front Former members of US-backed militant groups are joining forces with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, operating in Syria, the WSJ reported on November 1. According to the report, approximately 2,000 fighters had joined the forces and have even started receiving salaries. The WSJ claimed that it was due to losing funding from the US. []


Russia Financial Advisory Assistance To Venezuela Is Regime Reinforcement "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The ideal outcome is that Russia and Chinas financial advice to Venezuela will contribute to stabilizing its economy and therefore creating the conditions for its many emigrants to return home from the regional countries that they fled to at the height of the Hybrid War crisis.

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New attack by Anonymous Italy: personal data from ministries and police have been released online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New attack by Anonymous Italy: personal data from ministries and police have been released online. The site of Fratelli dItalia, a post-fascist party, has been defaced

The iconoclastic fury of Italian Anonymous does not stop. As announced, the three groups that coordinate the operation Black Week have released also today new data from their raids on online sites and databases. In the materials disclosed today there are names, surnames, telephone and email numbers of employees and officials of various research institutes of the National Research Council, the Equitalia databases and that of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Sensitive data by members of the Lega Nord del Trentino, Fratelli dItalia and the Democratic Party of the city of Siena were disseminated. And then there are names and surnames belonging to Assopolizia (a national association of policemen) from Rome to Belluno and those of the Central Institute for Archives. Ironically it is the same Institute that has the task of developing national standards and guidelines for the creation of archival information systems and digital databases, lets say without too much attention to security. Among the information also leaked the names of users of a portal on the theme of railways and modeling, perhaps confused with that of the State Railways.

A fact that tells us two things: the Anonymous have mixed high goals attacking the General Directorate for energetic activities of the Ministry of economic development and a site taken at random. Repubblica has been able to check the data in the databases released by Anonymous in the wild, as the informatics say. In fact, names, surnames, telephones and passwords of the workers of some attacked entities present in the disclosed databases are real. In the case of employees of the Ministry of Economic Development we could verify that the passwords did not correspond all, but names, emails and telephone and landline numbers instead.

According to Professor Rocco De Nicola of the School Imt, High Studies of Lucca, an expert in cybersecurity, It is time for anyone who sets up a site to do so with special attention to privacy and security.

Several sites were also defaced during the Black Week. Today was the turn of the site of Fratelli dItalia, a post-fascist party, whose homepage has been replaced with the mask of Anonymous. The attacks, the defacements, the disclosure of mail archives, names and telephones, should celebrate, in the intentions of the hacktivist, the day of November 5, the anniversary of the Powder Conjure which was a...


Amazon is splitting its new headquarters between two cities "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sources say that the split will be divided equally, with Amazon employing 25,000 workers in each city.

In 2017 Amazon announced its plans to build a new headquarters, dubbed HQ2, somewhere in the U.S. HQ2 would rival Amazons original HQ in size and staffemploying up to 50,000 people earning on average $100,000 a year each. It then announced that it would be taking bids from cities that wanted to be home to HQ2. Now it appears that Amazon has chosen the winning citybut its two cities instead of one.

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Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Just a brief note to those readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily roundup in the comments. PLEASE remember that politically incorrect and offensive (but funny) jokes are only to be enjoyed on Mondays in the Comedy corner post which is specifically for that kind of humour. Do not post that kind of humour here. Things that make [] The post Daily roundup appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Can I get in trouble for taking off work to vote? Heres how laws differ by state "IndyWatch Feed World"

Heres what you need to know about voting and taking off work.

Election Day finally here, which (hopefully) means tens of millions of people will go to their designated polling places and cast their ballots in the name of U.S. democracy. While some workplaces make accommodations for employees taking time off to go vote, for others its a bit more complicated. And the laws requiring that employers grant time off to vote change from state to state.

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Kavanaugh report's biggest bombshells: Grassley probe reveals details behind mistaken identity claims, more "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kavanaugh report's biggest bombshells: Grassley probe reveals details behind mistaken identity claims, more | 05 Nov 2018 | Weeks after Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation -- and the sexual assault allegations against him -- captured the country's attention, the Senate Judiciary Committee has released a massive report on those accusations that's largely flown under the radar in the run-up to the midterms. But the 414-page document, authored by the Republican majority and released over the weekend, contains a number of key revelations. Among them: the report summarizes a statement from a man who believes he may have been involved in an encounter with Christine Blasey Ford around the time of her claim of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.


Australian army arrives in PNG for APEC operation "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Australian Navy HMAS Adelaide Photo: ADF
An array of Australian military assets has arrived in Papua New Guinea to provide security during the upcoming APEC summit.

Australian Navy HMAS Adelaide Australian Navy HMAS Adelaide Photo: ADF
PNG's capital Port Moresby is to host world leaders within the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation group in under two weeks.

The Royal Australian Navy's landing helicopter dock, HMAS Adelaide, and two patrol boats arrived in Moresby at the weekend.

The vessels are to assist with monitoring restricted access to parts of Moresby's Harbour

The Adelaide will house and support many of the roughly 1500 Australian Defence Force personnel coming to PNG for APEC.

In addition, Royal Australian Air Force jets will patrol the skies around Moresby in coming weeks.

PNG's Police Commissioner advised Moresby residents that due to the deployment there would be an increase in air traffic and noise this month

Gary Baki said the helicopters and jets would be flying day and night as part of familiarisation training before APEC commences.

Australia's control of the airspace comes as the result of a direct request for assistance by PNG whose Defence Force only has one airplane and one helicopter.

"I would like to reassure the community that they should not be alarmed by the increased presence of ADF maritime and airspace assets," Mr Baki said.

"They are here at our request in order to assist the JSTF with security arrangements and will make every effort to minimise any disruption to residents."

The PNGDF and the ADF are co-operating for the APEC security operations under the auspices of the so-called Joint Security Task Force.

Other countries are also providing support for the security operations, including the US Coast Guard which is to provide "inshore security" in the capital.

Indonesia and New Zealand have provided training and other assistance to the PNG Police for their APEC arrangements.

Radio New Zealand


November 6th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #656 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Gang update "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

From El Salvador (WSJ):

Politicians must ask permission of gangs to hold rallies or canvass in many neighborhoods, law-enforcement officials and prosecutors said. In San Salvador, the nations capital, gangs control the local distribution of consumer products, experts said, including diapers and Coca-Cola . They extort commuters, call-center employees, and restaurant and store owners. In the rural east, gangs threaten to burn sugar plantations unless farmers pay up.

At what point do we say the government has been replaced?  On the analytics:

Weve left behind the era of the cartel and the kingpin, said Alejandro Hope, a security consultant in Mexico City. Today, most violence in Latin America is the result of a new system thats more diverse, harder to control, and much more local.

In Brazil to the south (NYT):

In Rio de Janeiro state alone, more than 5,197 people have been killed this year far more than the 3,438 civilians killed in conflict last year in Afghanistan, according to United Nations figures.

One-quarter of those may have been killed by the state, a sign of state weakness not strength.

One approach is to view all this as a problem to be solved, and surely there is something to that attitude.  Another approach, not mutually exclusive, is to view it as a problem that is getting harder to solve.

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Tuesday November 6th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


The Getty Explores Rise of Renaissance Nude "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Renaissance artists drew inspiration from classical sculpture and observation to craft artworks depicting the human body. The J. Paul Getty Museum explores the rise and influence of the nude in The Renaissance Nude, now on view through January 27, 2019. The exhibit traces the rise of the nude in artworks made in France, Germany, Italy []


What Anxiety Actually Is, And 12 Tips for Dealing With It "IndyWatch Feed World"

If you are currently living with anxiety, then you should know that youre not alone In fact, experts have named it the most common mental illness in the United States. A term that encompasses a number of different disorders, the severity varies greatly, but many are treatable with professional assistance.

Unfortunately, treatment is a process that can take a great deal of time. If you are currently in the process of working through treatment, or unable to seek professional assistance at this time, there are steps that you can take to help manage the struggles on a daily basis. These are small changes that make it easier for you to face the world in spite of your anxiety, introducing relief and even happiness in your life.

Try these 12 tips to help manage the struggles associated with anxiety:

#1 Take Your Worries Seriously

Far too often our worries and concerns are met with the phrase it will all be okay, even if there is no evidence to support this claim to be true. Rather than dismissing your own thoughts, allow yourself to take a moment and seriously assess the worries that you are holding onto. Take the time to consider the likelihood that these worries will actually come true. For example, if you are worried that you are going to fail an exam and havent put much study time in, thats a valid worry and you should take steps to address it. However, worrying every time you step out the door that you are going to be struck by a car isnt likely to come true. Address those of high probability and let those that are unlikely to go (for now at least).

#2 Track Your Recovery

If you are actively working to overcome anxiety, take these efforts seriously. Many mental health professionals will suggest journaling during the recovery phase, and its for good reason. By writing down how you are feeling, what triggers your anxiety, or what behaviors lead you to various types of thinking you can then look back and discover patterns. Identify not only those negative triggers that set you back (and should be avoided or addressed) but also the positive. These positive patterns may hold the secret to your success. This can be done using an old-fashioned pen and paper style journal, or, in todays modern day, you could use a phone app.

#3 Allow Yourself to Be Okay

One of the worst misconceptions when it comes to dealing with mental health is that youre either struggling, or youre doing great. The truth is that while there are certainly days that will fit into these extremes, most days are going to fall somewhere in between. These days, the days that you are just okay are a step in the right direction. Dont feel like its not good enough because youre not bragging about...


Should the Women who Made Knowingly False Statement in the Kavanaugh Hearing Be Criminally Prosecuted? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked the FBI to investigate another person he says made false claims against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Previously, an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by multiple women found that there were no witnesses that could provide any evidence to substantiate any of their claims. They even questioned three witnesses Christine Blasey Ford claimed were present in the house when Kavanaugh allegedly threw her on a bed and sexually assaulted her sometime in the 1980s. Nobody could collaborate with Fords accusations.

Grassley had also requested that the FBI investigate accuser Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, who also represents porn star Stormy Daniels in her allegations against President Trump. Swetnicks credibility was questioned after an ex-boyfriend came forward and said she exaggerated everything and had even threatened to kill his unborn child. Once again, no evidence could be found to support her claims. Swetnick also had made inconsistent statements in various television interviews and then simply refused to speak with committee investigators. Senator Grassley wrote to the FBI laying it out quite clearly:

Indeed, the evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committees investigation.



Real Qi-Gong Master Demonstrates the True Power of Chi Energy "IndyWatch Feed World"

If you are someone that digs within the spiritual world, I am sure you have at one point or another heard the word chi. Chi is an energy that many consider to be our lifeforce.

Chi is what keeps us going, it is something we can develop more of and use to enhance our beings. This is a concept that can be found across the world and might mean different things to different people. Qi-Gong is a form of exercise that helps a person generate and harness their Chi. Through this, they are able to heal others, themselves, and do so much in this world.

Qigong is something that has been done by many throughout the years and has been around for well over three thousand years. Qi-Gong brings forth mental clarity and allows a lot of tranquility to grow. Being able to develop your energies in this manner will bring balance to your life and really increase your perception of the world.

Energy Arts even explain that Qi-Gong is able to bring someone to develop on a personal level as explained below:

Qigong represents a total system of energy work and personal development system. The exercises presented the Energy Arts Qigong Exercise Program are all that are necessary to maintain high-level health and increase overall awareness. This set of exercises can also serve as warm-up exercises for internal martial artists and energetic healers. These will give the average person at least as much internal benet as they would most likely obtain from the practice of tai chi with the vast majority of the tai chi teachers in the West, as most teachers either do not know or do not share information regarding the internal energy work of tai chi.

In this video, you will see a Qi-Gong master using his powers to heal other people. While not many have achieved this we are all capable. We can all learn to use our lifeforce to really do a lot of good in this world. Could you imagine how dedicated he had to be in order to get where he is?

Image via The Real Positive Experience


New book names ex-KGB defector who outed FBI agent Robert Hanssen as Russian spy "IndyWatch Feed War"

A new book reveals for the first time the name of a former intelligence officer of the Soviet KGB who helped American authorities arrest Robert Hanssen, an American spy for the Soviet Union and Russia.


How to Call Someone Through Telepathy Using Only Your Mind "IndyWatch Feed World"

Telepathy is something a lot of people dismiss as something impossible but truly awakened individuals know all too well how real it is. Telepathy is the ability to speak to others without the use of your words, and instead using your mind.

Being able to call others with your mind is something you have to really work hard at. Before you are able to do this, you have to really allow your energies to grow. Now, in order to build these energies, you also have to build connections.

The more connected you are with a person, the easier it will be to send them messages and call them with your mind. Spend time allowing your energies to be with this person and through this they will grow. The more you uncover with this person the more your energies will become defined.

You see, the more time you spend with others the more aligned with their vibrations you become. This makes it easier for you to tell them things without words and makes it easier for them to understand what is being said without words. This goes hand in hand with things like being able to tell whether someone is okay or not without them saying anything, as you can sense the vibration emanating from their spirit.

Engaging in meditative practices will also serve as a building block for opening the waves of communication. This is something you will have to practice doing. In your meditative state call on your energies to make a connection with the energies of someone else. Using your minds eye, see the light string that ties the two of you together no matter how far apart you are. Think of what you want to say in your call and send it.

In doing this, that person may suddenly feel different, have that specific thing pop into his or her head, or even instantly feel like he or she needs to get in contact. Your mind is much more powerful than you realize. It can do a lot and really allowing your spiritual self to grow will unlock a lot of doors within the mind.

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Our Political Nightmare "IndyWatch Feed World"


As we go into the elections tomorrow, this campaign has revealed the great political divide that once it has been exploited, there is no putting it back. A Democratic win in the House guarantees that this political divide will only get wider and deeper. They cannot actually pass anything without both the White House and the Senate, so what this would do would simply become more outrageous partisanship. That means NOTHING will actually take place that would be good for the nation for the real agenda will be to appear obstructive to win the presidency in 2020.

The Kavanaugh hearings have been a disgrace. Munro-Leighton, one of the false accusers, admitted she wrote the email after seeing the Jane Doe letter in news reports. She said she claimed to be Jane Doe so the letter would gain attention, I was angry and I sent it out, the woman told investigators. This reflects the problem. People willing to say whatever it takes to just defeat the other side. How has it come down to this?



Europe Unemployment at 8.1% The Economic Death Spiral of the EU "IndyWatch Feed World"


The latest data from Euro Stat for September 2018 demonstrates the complete failure of the ECB and its Quantitative Easing. The Euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate came in at 8.1% in September 2018, which was down slightly from the year/year perspective of about 8.9%. This above all proves that the entire theory of the Quantity of Money is bogus. It also demonstrates that the Austerity Policy of Europe has caused unbelievable social damage resulting in what is being called the Lost Generation with unemployment among the youth reach 60% in Southern Europe.

Without a COMPLETE rejection of Austerity and a COMPLETE overhaul of the European Union structure, there is absolutely NO HOPE what so ever of Europe coming out of the death spiral. This will only get worse as politicians, with...


Twenty-Fifth Annual Giving Thanks Feast at FDLTCC Set "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published November 6, 2018

CLOQUET, Minn.  The 25th annual Giving Thanks Feast at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018. The event is sponsored by the student life organizations on campus and begins with an opening ceremony at 5:00 p.m. in the amphitheater to welcome all guests and visitors. An honor song and traditional music will follow. Dinner will be served from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. The feast is open to the public and is free to everyone.

The Giving Thanks Feast started 25 years ago as an effort to create greater awareness of the American Indian tradition of giving thanks for a productive harvest. The popular event at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College draws several hundred people each year. The evening feast will have a traditional menu consisting of turkey and ham, venison, wild rice, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, fry bread, berries, dessert and beverages.

This years Giving Thanks Feast will also honor the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College students who are military veterans or are currently on active duty.

The Giving Thanks Feast will have a collection site for anyone wishing to bring donated canned food or other non-perishable food items. All donations will be distributed to current college students through the Bruce Carlson Food Pantry on campus.

People interested in the Giving Thanks Feast are invited to come for any portion of the event.

No registration or admission fees are required. For more information, call Jesse Stirewalt at (218) 590-3345 or via email to

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Ross Racine to be Given Dr. Carlos Montezuma Honorary Award "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published November 6, 2018
CHICAGO    The Dr. Carlos Montezuma Honorary Award is given for a distinguished speaker whose contributions in social activism advanced Native peoples on a national scale. The award namesake, Dr. Montezuma, was a Chicago physician and Native American activist who was one of the founding members of the Society of American Indians and ardent advocate for the voting rights for Native peoples. This years awardee is Ross Racine

The keynote address is titled Reduce the Carbon Footprint, Address Health and Social Issues, and Attain Sovereignty in Food Production through Indian Agriculture. Racine will provide a brief overview of the history of Indian agriculture, a snapshot of Indian ag today, and where we could be tomorrow if we took todays production and put it in a consumable form. Incorporating Indian Agriculture offers a huge opportunity to attain true sovereignty (feed ourselves), address many of our health & social issues, as well as, reduce the carbon footprint of food production says Racine.

The Elizabeth Seabury Mitchell Award is given for exemplary service and philanthropic giving in promoting American Indian culture. Mrs. Mitchell gave generously to many Native organizations throughout her life, including co-founding the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

The 2018 recipient of her namesake award is Dr. Frederick Hoxie, author of numerous publications including This Indian Country: American Indian Activists and the Place They Made, professor of American Indian history at University of Illinois, founding director of the DArcy McNickle Center for American Indian History at the Newberry Library, and consultant and expert witness for the US Department of Justice, US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and the National Park Service.

The Woodrow Woody Crumbo Award is given for exceptional contributions in the development and preservation of American Indian art. Woody Crumbo spent six decades of the mid-20th century promoting Native American art. He participated in hundreds of exhibits, painted murals inside the US Department of Interior, and had hundreds of his pieces acquired by museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian.

The 2018 recipient is artist...


Native American Voting Rights Coalition "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"


Published November 6, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. On Monday, the Native American Relief Fund posted this statement on its website:

NARF, on behalf of the Native American Voting Rights Coalition, is proud to feature the Coalitions website at

The website makes available findings from the Coalitions multi-year research on the state of voting in Indian Country, including

  • an extensive survey of Native voters, which documents obstacles encountered in state and federal elections, and
  • materials from the subsequent field hearings held across Indian Country in 2017 and 2018.

The website also translates this research into actionable steps that tribes, communities, and individuals can take to improve access and engagement among Native voters.

The Native American Voting Rights Coalition (NAVRC) is a non-partisan alliance of national and grassroots organizations, scholars, and activists advocating for equal access for Native Americans to the political process. The Native American Rights Fund founded the coalition in 2015 to facilitate collaboration among Coalition members and to coordinate efforts at overcoming the many barriers Native Americans face in registering to vote, casting their ballot, and having an equal voice in elections.

Visit for more information.


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39th Annual Native American Student Art Show at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published November 6, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE  The Native American Student Art Show (NASAS) features students using the artistic medium of their choice to creatively express their interpretation of an assigned theme in this juried art show on display in the Artists Circle Gallery of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) located at 2401 12th Street NW, from November 3, 2018 through January 4, 2019. The opening reception is Saturday, November 3, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Student artists and museum staff will mingle with visitors at the reception while enjoying the artwork and free cookies.

The theme inspiring this years group of young Native artists is Strength of Indigenous Women, which correlates with other IPCC events of 2018. I love it when this show comes around every year, says Rachel Moore (Hopi), Curator of Exhibitions. This year is particularly empowering, as these young artists address the strength and influence of Native women. It is heartwarming to read their stories, and see honest reflections of the women in their lives and communities.

Every student artist whose work is displayed will receive a certificate of participation, and the IPCC will award cash prizes in the following categories: Mixed Media, Drawing/Painting, Jewelry, Three-Dimensional, and Best in Show. The young artists have the choice of making their works available for sale during the show, with 100 percent of each purchase going directly to the young artist. Cash prizes and sales of their artwork will help encourage Native youth to remain connected to their culture while opening d...


Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. On Backchat, you are free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. To participate youll need to sign up for a Disqus account which is free, quick, and easy. On posts that are not articles like this one, you do not have to stay on topic [] The post Whaleoil backchat appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Northwestern University Honors Menominee Nation Leaders "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Nortthewestern University President Morton Schapiro, Sean Harte, Laurie Reiter, Menominee Tribal Chairman Douglas Cox and Jim Philliips

Published November 6, 2018

Honor in recognition of Menominee Tribal Enterprises sustainable forestry practices

EVANSTON, Ill.  Northwestern University honored leaders from the Menominee Nation during the Mens Basketball opening game Friday, November 2, the day the University formally unveiled the newly renovated Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Lumber procured from the Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) was used for the building of the Welsh-Ryan Arena basketball court.

The dedication event recognized the symbolic significance of using lumber from the Menominee Nation for the construction of the basketball floor in the arena. Work done by the Menominee Tribal Enterprises illustrates a deep history of using sustainable forestry practices that are ecologically viable, economically feasible and socially desirable.

Northwesterns recognition of our sustainable management practices and quality of our products in this significant renovation makes us very proud, said Doug Cox, chairman of the Menominee Nation. It is our hope that the Northwestern community enjoys the arena for many years to come and that theyll remember the special place that it came from.

The Welsh-Ryan Arena is the home of Northwesterns basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams.

Northwestern University has been prioritizing efforts to act on recommendations made by the Native American Outreach and Inclusion...


Administration For Native Americans Announces New Grant Awards for 2019 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published November 6, 2018

WASHINGTON   The Administration for Native Americans, a major funder of tribal governance and infrastructure, recently announced their grant awards for 2019. The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association is sharing awards for tourism and tourism-related projects:

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

The Creating Akwesasne Tourism Industry Businesses & Jobs project is focused on creating a vibrant Akwesasne community cultural tourism industry, with effective tourism organizations and marketing, highly skilled managers, business owners and workers, and increased tourism employment for our community members through new tourism and expanded businesses.

  • Project Period: 9/30/2016 9/29/2021
  • FY 2017 Award: $399,800

Chickaloon Native Village 

The Chickaloon Native Village project goal is to address the immediate need to provide Ahtna cultural restoration and preservation by developing an Ahtna Cultural Resource Library. The project will also enhance cultural sustainability and economic growth through development of cultural tourism, cultural tourism networks and a business plan for tourism infrastructure development. By the end of year three, they will have completed an Ahtna Cultural Education Book and will have offered at least thirty Ahtna cultural education events in the community; developed an Ahtna Cultural Resource Library; provided ten(10) cultural tourism trainings; provided summer-season Ahtna cultural presentations and tours by three Cultural Interpretive Guides; developed five partnerships, including Memorandums of Agreement with tourism industry organizations to strengthen their Ahtna cultural tourism program.

  • Project Period: 9/30/2015 9/29/2018
  • FY 2017 Award: $400,000

Waipa Foundation 

The Huliamahi Project brings together 3 program activities to develop a self-sustaining, native driven economic and cultural ecosystem that leverages community resources, needs and opportunities to strengthen cultural identity, increase cultural pra...


DWT California Voter Guide For Tuesday (Reprise) "IndyWatch Feed"

We published this a few weeks ago for early voters but I figured I'd run it again-- with a bonus video at the end-- for Californians going to the polls on Tuesday. First and foremost on our list is the U.S. Senate race, in which we strongly back Kevin de Len against fossilized conservative incumbent Dianne Feinstein.

Goal ThermometerWe don't usually back better of two evil candidates-- which is what the Democratic Party usually encourages, particularly on the federal level. But, this year, because of the existential threat from Trump, we are doing just that. Vote for every Democrat and against every Republican-- even for candidates as lacking in anything to recommend them as Andrew Janz and Gil Cisneros. There I said it!. That said, we are genuinely excited about some Democrats, especially Katie Porter, the progressive running in Orange County (CA-45), Ammar Campa-Najjar, the progressive running for Congress in San Diego County (CA-50) and Jovanka Beckles, the progressive running for state Assembly in the East Bay. All of our California faves are on the Blue America thermometer on the right. Prediction: Gavin Newsom will win and any progressive who voted for him will be very, very sorry. For state Superintendent of Schools, there's a really good candidate: Tony Thurmond and a really bad canddiate, the charter school guy, Marshall Tuck. OK, that's the easy stuff. Now the statewide propositions:
Prop 1- YES-- authorizes $4 billion in bonds to fund affordable housing for low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, farmworkers and veterans.

Not on the Agenda Americas Wars Are a Non-Factor in Todays Midterm Elections "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States military is actively fighting in seven Muslim-majority countries; and no one cares. As Americans go to the polls today in a ritual pretense of democracy, they will vote for one of the two major political parties on issues ranging from healthcare to immigration to the basic personality of President Donald Trump. The Continue reading "Not on the Agenda Americas Wars Are a Non-Factor in Todays Midterm Elections"

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It's Now Been Six Years Since Valve Began Rolling Out Steam For Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's now been six years since Valve began their beta roll-out of the Steam client on Linux and beginning to support their own titles natively on Linux...


Red Tsunami? Trump Photos Show Rallies Packed To The Gills! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Red Tsunami? Trump Photos Show Rallies Packed To The Gills!

Democrats dont want you to see the nationwide enthusiasm for president and America First.

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Chinese employees beaten and forced to drink urine after they failed to meet business goals "IndyWatch Feed War"

Public humiliation can often become the punishment for failure to produce enough, sell enough or meet business goals.

Human dignity is often lost when Chinese business goals are foremost. Censorship usually keeps these stories out of the public domain

Three managers of a home improvement firm in southern China have been jailed after they forced staff to drink urine, eat insects and flogged them with belts because they did not meet sales targets, local media reported on Monday.

South China Morning Post
Image result for china, flag, map

They were arrested after an employee of the company in Zunyi, Guizhou province claimed staff had been subjected to extreme punishments in a post on social media site Weibo last week. The hashtag employees who failed to meet their goals forced to drink urine has since been viewed almost 540,000 times.

The post included a video showing a man standing topless in the centre of a room being whipped by another man with a belt, with other people gathered around watching. It also shows people drinking cups of yellow liquid.

It was later deleted, but screenshots carried by news website Zunyi Yaowen showed text messages apparently sent by managers threatening staff with various punishments if they did not meet sales targets set by the company.

Image result for man in china beats his wife, photos

Chinese man beats his wife in public Shame, shaming, public humiliation and loss of human dignity can be part of the social compact

If the sales goal has not been met by the end of this month, the team leader will have to eat three cockroaches for each failed sale, one text message read.

Other punishments involved drinking vinegar or toilet water, selling condoms and sanitary pads on the street...


Utah mayor killed while deployed in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Utah mayor killed while deployed in Afghanistan | 04 Nov 2018 | The mayor of a small Utah city was killed Saturday in Kabul, Afghanistan in small arms fire while serving in the Army National Guard. On Sunday, the Pentagon confirmed the identity of Brent Taylor of North Ogden. Reports indicated the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and was immediately killed by other Afghan forces, the NATO-led Resolute Support coalition said. Another servicemember, who has not been identified, was also wounded in the attack.


Rush Limbaugh Breakout Speech During Cape Girardeau MAGA Rally "IndyWatch Feed"

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh appeared on stage just ahead of President Trump at the final MAGA campaign rally of midterm season 2018. Mr. Limbaugh is from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where the rally was held.


More Bombs in Baghdad Despite Ministry Denials; Six Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

A spokesman for the interior ministry denied any bombs exploded in Baghdad in the last day.

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Triggered Liberals Freak Out After NBC Airs Stop The Caravan Ad "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Triggered Liberals Freak Out After NBC Airs Stop The Caravan Ad During Sunday Night Football As DHS Provides The Facts The Media Is Hiding By Susan Duclos All News PipeLine The liberal establishment media has been going nuts for days...

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Facebook suspends multiple accounts for coordinated suspicious activity on eve of election "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook announced Sunday that it has suspended 115 accounts due to suspicious behavior on the eve of the midterm elections.The company said in a news release that U.S. law enforcement contacted Facebook on Sunday night about online...


Is a fingerprint scan secure? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The general population is being 'sold' on the idea that the new technology of bio-metric scanning is secure, more secure than your previously used PIN or pattern lock or picture password with regards to consumer grade mobile phone technology.

Wouldn't it be a terrible business idea to prove that the new implementation of technology is not so secure as spruiked by the corporations that need to make profits from their invented technology.

Could you image exposing the technology called RFID  used within the bank's cards as being insecure, where people would not use them if they knew how insecure it was?

Well, the researchers at Mythbusters thought it would be a good idea to detail how easily hackable the technology used by the banks was.

The 'problem' there was that the lawyers for the banks and the technology manufacturer stepped in and shut them down in terms of exposing how insecure it really was.

See post:
How easy is it to skim your credit card?
The current spate of tech reviews and setup instructions with regards to smart phones that have inbuilt fingerprint scanners does not give the user the full picture.




30 Of The Worlds Most Dangerous Jobs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Source: Screenshot from


China and U.S. Still moving toward a trade deal, not further away. "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States and China will hold a delayed top-level security dialogue on Friday, the latest sign of a thaw in relations, as Chinas vice president said Beijing was willing to talk with Washington to resolve their bitter trade dispute.

The resumption of high-level dialogue, marked by a phone call last week between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, comes ahead of an expected meeting between the two at the G20 summit in Argentina starting in late November.

It follows months of recriminations spanning trade, U.S. accusations of Chinese political interference, the disputed South China Sea and self-ruled Taiwan.

China and the United States have both described last weeks telephone call between Xi and Trump as positive. Trump predicted hed be able to make a deal with China on trade.

In a concrete sign of the unfreezing, the U.S. State Department said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Chinese politburo member Yang Jiechi and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe will take part in diplomatic and security talks later this week in Washington.

Image result for James Mattis and Wei Fenghe, photos

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, left, meets with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe in Singapore, Oct. 18, 2018.

China said last month the two sides had initially agreed in principle to hold the second round of diplomatic security talks in October but they were postponed at Washingtons request amid rising tensions over trade, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Mattis had been due to hold talks with Wei in Beijing in October, but those plans were upended after Washington imposed sanctions on Chinas Peoples Liberation Army for buying weapons from Russia.

Mattis did meet Wei in Singapore on Oct. 18 and told him that the worlds two largest economies needed to deepen high-level ties to reduce the risk of conflict.

Speaking in Singapore on Tuesday, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, who is close to Xi, reiterated Chinas readiness to hold discussions and work with the United States to resolve trade disputes as the worlds two largest economies stand to lose from confrontation.

Image result for Wang Qishan, photos

Both China and the U.S. would love to see greater trade and economic cooperation, Wang told the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

The Chinese side is ready to have discussions with the U.S. on issues of mutual concern and work for a solution on trade acceptable to both sid...


The One Election Scenario That Would Be A Disaster For The Financial Markets "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

On Tuesday night all of the speculation about the midterm elections will mercifully be over, and there is one potential outcome that is being called a disaster for the financial markets.  Over the past couple of years, stock prices have soared to unprecedented levels, and Wall Street has seemed to greatly appreciate the pro-business environment that President Trump has attempted to cultivate.  Regulations have been rolled back, corporate taxes have been reduced significantly, and many corporate executives no longer fear that the federal government is out to get them.  But after Tuesday, everything could be different.

The most likely outcome appears to be that the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives and the Republicans will remain in control of the Senate.  For what it is worth, Nate Silver is currently projecting that the Democrats have an 88 percent chance of winning the House and only a 19 percent chance of winning the Senate.

But of course he was also projecting a huge landslide victory for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In any event, a divided Congress would create gridlock in Washington, and according to Wedbush Securities managing director Steve Massocca that would produce some negative fallout for the financial markets

Steve Massocca, Wedbush Securities managing director said there could be some negative fallout from a split Congress, since Democrats would hold committee chairmen seats in the House. To what extent are they able to disrupt the Trump agenda will weigh on peoples minds, he said.

Donald Trump, the agenda, is very good for the markets. Less regulation, lower taxes, he said.

But in the end, such a scenario is not likely to...


Viral Video Of Baby Bear Climbing Back Up Mountain Is Actually Kind Of Sad "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A video has been making the rounds in recent days showing a young bear cub scaling the side of a mountain after sliding away from his mother. But while many have interpreted the scene as an uplifting one, highlighting the little bear's perseverance, there's more to the clip than meets the eye.

In reality, it's an example of human behavior at its worst.

Credit: YouTube/ViralHog

The footage, taken by an aerial drone in the Magadan Region of eastern Russia, begins by showing a mother bear and her cub scrambling to reach the top of a steep, snowy incline. The climb is a difficult one for both, but even more so for the cub. He is seen sliding down after his first attempt at the ascent. 

It's unclear at first if the bears are in a panic to escape the drone buzzing in front of them and racing in for a close-up but as the cub finally nears the top, his mother suddenly takes an aggressive stance against the airborne intruder.

And that causes the little cub to slip yet again, this time even farther down.

The video contains a curious jump cut following the mother bear's swipe and cub's subsequent slip. Turns out, the cub had slid near the top yet again, but the lead-up to it has been edited from the clip.

One can only wonder if the drone operator's actions contributed to that slip, too?

Credit: Twitter/StormHuntley

Fortunately, the dramatic footage...


Kavanaugh Report Reveals Mistaken Identity Claims Grassley Probe Concludes No Evidence to Back Sexual Assault Allegations "IndyWatch Feed"

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released a 414 page report on Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend and confirmed that there is no credible evidence to support the sexual assault allegations.

The Committee interviewed 45 individuals and took 25 written statements relating to the various allegations against Kavanaugh, the Senate Judiciary said.

Grassleys probe also revealed details behind mistaken identity claims from two other witnesses who came forward claiming they were the ones who had the encounter with Christine Ford, not Brett Kavanaugh.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed in late September that they were talking to two men who thought they had the encounter with Christine Ford, not Brett Kavanaugh.

One of the men claims it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Fox News reported:

The man who claims he may have had the encounter with Ford was one of 40 people committee investigators interviewed as part of its probe into the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh, which was done alongside the FBI background check that was compiled in a matter of days.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in releasing the report, said there was no credible evidence to support the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Ford testified she was 100 percent positive Kavanaugh assaulted her, rejecting the notion of a case of mistaken identity.

But the report gave details from the purported witness claiming exactly that scenario. The man told the investigators that when he was a 19-year-old college student, he had visited Washington over spring break and kissed a girl he believes was Kavanaughs accuser.

He said that the kiss happened in the bedroom of a house which was about a 15-to-20 minute walk from the Van Ness Metro, that Dr. Ford was wearing a swimsuit under her clothing, and that the kissing ended when a friend jumped on them as a joke, the report said.

The Van Ness Metro is in Northwest D.C. His name w...


Amazon Faces Growing Competition, and More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon is temporarily removing the $25 minimum order requirement for free shipping. Target has done the same in an attempt to gain more holiday shopping customers. Walmart has offered free shipping for $35+ orders since January 2017.

Amazon is hiring fewer temporary workers for the 2018 holiday season, which may be due to its increasing use of robots and automation, according to a Citi analyst.

The Washington Post reported that Crystal City (Arlington), Virginia was Amazon's likely choice for its second headquarters. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Dallas, TX, and New York City are also in late-stage talks with the company. Amazon may also decide to build smaller sites in multiple cities.

Also at Forbes.

Update: Amazon will reportedly split HQ2 between two cities

See also: Amazon will soon let you pick which day your package arrives
Saudis Call for Amazon Boycott Over Anger at Washington Post

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Cross Counter wins Melbourne Cup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Cross Counter won the Melbourne Cup :

23. Cross Counter (GB) (19)

T: C.Appleby   J: K.McEvoy

Marmelo was second.

9. Marmelo (GB) (10)

T: H.Morrison   J: H.Bowman

And A Prince of Arran was third.


17. A Prince Of Arran (GB) (20)

T: C.Fellowes   J: M.Walker

Its just as well I didnt put any money not his mornings picks.


Trumps Republican Populism Much of his record is easily lost amid the Trumpian tweets and excesses "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why he succeeds where Govs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura failed.

Image result for photo, President Trump with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan at the White House, Sept. 5. PHOTO: NICHOLAS KAMM
President Trump with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan at the White House, Sept. 5. PHOTO: NICHOLAS KAMM/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Long before he was president, Donald Trump was a celebrity, a walking, talking jumble of political incorrectness who rode his billionaire populism all the way to the Oval Office.

But a funny thing happened to Mr. Trump once he became president. At some point he understood that if he was not to fizzle out like so many populists before himthink pro wrestler turned governor Jesse The Body Ventura in Minnesota or Arnold The Terminator Schwarzenegger in Californiahe would need to tether his populism to the Republican policy agenda. And, mostly, he has.



30 Ways To Know Your Man Is Being Unfaithful "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Source: Screenshot from


How Much Gold Have Central Banks Added In 2018? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How Much Gold Have Central Banks Added In 2018? Video Salivate Metal Video Source

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Today in rock history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Born today in 1947, George Young, singer, songwriter and guitarist with The Easybeats. Born today in 1947, John Wilson, drummer with Them, Taste and Spud. Born today in 1948, Glenn Frey songwriter, guitarist and singer with Eagles. Born today in 1950, Chris Glen, bassist with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Michael Schenker Group. [] The post Today in rock history appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Benjamin Fulford: Global Currency Reset "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Benjamin Fulford

Dear Benjamin,

For the past few weeks your sources keep mentioning a Global Currency Reset thats supposed to happen when exactly?  And what is it all about?  Appreciation of precious metals?  And whats going on with the price of these?  Arent they still rigged?

There is also a website called that recently caught my attention.  Are the prices of gold and silver mentioned there true or what?  I invested long ago in gold and silver since you mentioned it as a good strategy and I am getting a bit distressed two years later.

Thank you for your time and effort and excuse any temper of mine.  Nothing personal with you.  Keep up the good work.


Hello CD,

First of all, I do not know exactly when or if the global currency reset will take place.  It is highly placed Pentagon sources who tell me it is imminent.

As far as gold and silver are concerned, they have a track record going back thousands of years of protecting wealth.  The same amount of silver can buy the same amount of grain now that it could 4,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria.  The same amount of gold could get you a tailor-made suit in ancient Rome, 19th Century England, and present day New York.

I am not a financial adviser, but it sure looks like the stock bubble really is finally bursting now, so my advice is that if you seek to preserve your wealth, keep your precious metals or buy real estate that can earn enough rent to pay any loan and still turn a profit.

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ISO-26000 Training (Dubai) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This one-day ISO 26000 training enables participants to be familiar with the basic concepts of the implementation and management of a social responsibility program as proposed in ISO 26000. The participant will learn the different core subjects and issues: human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and development. This training is fully compatible with SA8000 (Global social accountability standard by the Social Accountability International).


To 6 November Climate and Nuclear News Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Some good news this week. A case of positive international co-operation!   the healing of the ozone layer. The rest of the climate news not so good. Climate scientists have underestimated the rapid warming of the oceans.  Climate change disruption of the jet stream is causing more extreme weather.     A warning not to forget the message of UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)    Climate Change: The Real World War.

International nuclear politics muddles along, closer to the brink? North Korea warns it might return to developing nuclear weapons, if USA does not end sanctions.  Donald Trump ready to reimpose all nuclear sanctions on Iran.  A world on nuclear hair-trigger, if USA withdraws from the  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia?

Looking for expert information on nuclear matters? Go to the Nuclear Consulting Group.




Trump administration asks Supreme Court to hear DACA case ahead of appeals courts "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to hear DACA case ahead of appeals courts | 05 Nov 2018 | The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to preemptively step into the legal fights over its decision to end the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and decide this term whether the move was lawful. Solicitor Noel Francisco filed a petition with the court on Monday asking the justices to hear their case and issue an opinion before the 2nd, 9th and D.C. Circuit courts of appeals have ruled. In February, the Supreme Court denied the government's request to hear its appeal of a district court's order forcing the government to maintain the DACA program ahead of the 9th Circuit's review.


Internal & External Communication (Dubai) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Internal & External Communication Course Summary


Did Trump's Uncle Tell him about Nikola Tesla? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Did Trumps Uncle Tell Him about Missing Tesla Papers & Flying Saucers?


President Donald Trumps uncle, John G. Trump, was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1936 until his retirement in 1973. It is well known that declassified documents confirm that in January 1943 Professor Trump was called upon by the FBI to evaluate the personal papers of Nikola Tesla just over a week after his death. What is not well known is that there is also a leaked classified document that also connects Professor Trump to another famous event in US history the crash of a flying saucer at Roswell in 1947.

According to a memorial tribute published by the National Academy of Engineering, John Trump joined MIT to work with Professor Robert J. Van de Graaff, who was a pioneer in the new field of super-high voltage generation and applications. After gaining a Doctorate under Van de Graaff in 1933, Trump went on to become an assistant professor in 1936, and a full professor in 1952 at MIT.

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Either Way They Vote Americans Remain Suckered Into Being a Worldwide Genocidal Killing Machine "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Americans being suckered into focusing on voting for one of the two parties of the ruling genocidal Wall St. plutocracy, US CIA controlled media informs of Yemeni children dying from bombs & starvation knowing its captive audience will not turn against the American killing machine. Once USA-EU loses hegemony, the many nations that have seen their children murdered by USA and European empires will sue for justice at a new UN


Are We Prepared For This (See This Before it is Deleted 20182019) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Artificial intelligence: the singularity as the road to dystopia


US networks pull racist Trump ad on eve of midterms "IndyWatch Feed War"

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Aaron P Bernstein / Getty Images / AFP | US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun on November 5, 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

NBC, Fox News and Facebook pulled an ad by President Donald Trumps campaign that critics had labeled racist as a bitter election fight for control of the U.S. Congress headed on Monday for an unpredictable finish.

Tuesdays elections, widely seen as a referendum on Trump, have been portrayed by both Republicans and Democrats as critical for the direction of the country.

At stake is control of both chambers of Congress, and with it the ability to block or promote Trumps agenda, as well as 36 governors offices.

A surge in early voting, fueled by a focus on Trumps pugilistic, norms-breaking presidency by supporters of both parties, could signal the highest turnout in 50 years for a midterm U.S. election, when the White House is not on the line.

The 30-second ad, which was sponsored by Trumps 2020 re-election campaign and which debuted online last week, featured courtroom video of an illegal immigrant from Mexico convicted in the 2014 killings of two police officers, juxtaposed with scenes of migrants headed through Mexico.

Critics, including members of Trumps own party, had condemned the spot as racially divisive.

CNN had refused to run the ad, saying it was racist. NBC, owned by Comcast Corp, said on Monday...


AMAZING PHOTOS> Trump Brings A-Team to Missouri: Limbaugh, Hannity, Lee Greenwood, Ivanka, Judge Jeanine, Kellyanne, Sarah Sanders, GOP Leader Ronna McDaniel "IndyWatch Feed"

AMAZING! President Trump held his final Midterm 2018 rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Monday.

President Trump brought the A-Team to Missouri!

Brings the A-Team to Missouri:

Rush Limbaugh

Sean Hannity

Ivanka Trump

Via Mark Knoller

Jared Kushner and David Limbaugh


A warning about the privatisation of the Federal governments planned nuclear waste dump for South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kazzi Jai Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges November 4

What ALSO really worries me is the fine print in the proposal .the one which says that management of the dump is to be done by possibly ANSTO, or a government department , or a PRIVATE ENTITY! Read it it is in the Fact Sheets!

Now that is a real worry equally when Adi Paterson made comments about upgrading ANSTO in Sydney in the last week or so, again talking about Federal funding for it, or from a PRIVATE SOURCE

So beware! Once this can of worms is unleashed, we in South Australia and Australia in fact may be getting more than we bargain for! And just like PRIVATIZATION we have seen in other sectors of our community, the management goes straight overseas into overseas hands!

Also remember private company TEPCO running the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Given many warnings about the possibility of a large tsunami possibility several years earlier and given ample time to build a levy wall to deal with it, Their answer we are looking into it. They never did it. And there are other safety problems with the reactor with respect to protocol and safety equipment which just wasnt there, even though by regulation it should have been! The disastrous consequences of this coverup the Japanese people now wear as a result!.....


(Video) Destroying the Illusion -- [11.5] Pentagon Audit Soon! (Missing Trillions) & Navy's Role in Space Force (Secret Space Programs) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Nov 5, 2018


Pentagon Girds for Audit Backlash That May Echo $435 Hammer Era -

U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds -

The US Air Force still can't explain why it spent $1,280 on a coffee cup -

Navy Expects Major Role in New Space Force -


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1708: Trump Just Boxed the Fed in | The Numbers Add Up "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Nov 5, 2018

Theresa May is coming up with a secret deal and the people don't know what its all about, the question is why is it secret. Home sales are imploding in California, it starting to look like the entire housing market is about to come down. The manufacturing surveys and the real numbers are distorted, the manipulation of the economy can now be seen. Trump has boxed the Fed in the corner, the Fed is damned if it continues raising rates and damned it it does not. This part of the plan, it is a no win situation for the Fed, they do not have their escape route setup anymore. Countries are moving away from the Fed dollar because they know what's coming.

Published on Nov 5, 2018

The Senate has concluded there is no evidence to support the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford. Saudi Arabia is saying they will be vindicated in the murder of Khashogi. The Trump administration is now putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to stop the war. Iran sanctions are in place and waivers have been handed out. Since the S300 missile system was installed in Syria, there have been no airstrikes. Q dropped bread, says look at the numbers, stay divided & stay strong.


: "IndyWatch Feed War"

  6   2018 4 2017 []


Global nuclear lobby should drop its climate change propaganda pro nuclear expert advises "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Steve Kidd, writing in a pro nuclear essay in Compelo Energy, 5 Nov 18, urges the global nuclear industry to improve its propaganda.  He especially advises them to drop their argument about climate change!

The climate change argument is where the industry is majoring its efforts. Industry bodies point out that some of the countries with the best records on carbon emissions use a combination of nuclear and renewables, while claiming that nuclear plants have avoided carbon dioxide emissions.

This is, at best, disingenuous. None of the nuclear reactors around the world were built to abate carbon. They were built for other reasons, such as energy security and economics. Admittedly, it was believed that their environmental impact would mainly be benign, but investments are made for what a technology does, rather than what it does not do.  


Anna Von Reitz -- A Note About Roman Civil Law | What Elections? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Note About Roman Civil Law

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Roman Civil Law is foreign to us. It's ancient and schmarmy and elitist compared to our Puritan Common Law.

One of its most infamous Maxims is, "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."

In other words, under their rules, it's okay to deceive and defraud someone so long as you can get away with it and the victim doesn't object and doesn't take exception to it.

So, now the Municipal Authorities that function under Roman Civil Law have been duly notified of our objection as an entire country. They violated our Public Law and tried to pull a fast one. They got away with it for a period of years, but now that time is over.

We are not deceived. We are not amused. And we are not putting up with any more legal presumptions based on deceit and coercion.

This seems very "strong" language and very short-tempered and abrupt to some people. Bear in mind that we are dealing largely with an audience that knows both Latin and "Federal-Speak". They know far better than the average American what has gone on here and why strong language is appropriate.

Bear in mind, also, that we are at the end of a Due Process and Notice Procedure that has gone on for twenty (20) years. This isn't sudden.

Also bear in mind that if these problems are not responsibly resolved in favor of the living people and the Earth---and resolved soon---we will be facing interplanetary warfare of a kind that has not been seen here for 32,000 years.

This War in the Heavens would mirror the Spiritual...


(Video) RT -- Trump's Regime Change List Revealed "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Nov 2, 2018

Anya Parampil reveals the new propaganda strategy the US is using to delegitimize socialist governments in Latin America. She reports on John Boltons speech delivered in Miami on Thursday, coining Troika of Tyranny as the new Axis of Evil. Anya discusses Boltons emphasis on U.S. animosity for the democratically elected governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. She then talks to Netfa Freeman, from the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity to the Peoples, about why the U.S. targets these three socialist countries and how the recent election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil may enable the Trump administration to target them further.


Gold Set For One Of The Greatest Bull Markets Of All Time "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold Set For One Of The Greatest Bull Markets Of All Time from King World News Today one of the greats in the business said that the price of gold is now set to kickoff one of the greatest bull...

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Farrakhan compares Trump to Satan Satan demands apology "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

"I cannot express the shame and humiliation I feel at being compared to such a dimwit."


Exploring Real History -- The Dragon Society (Excerpt) "IndyWatch Feed World"

CGI's oldmaninthedesert: THE DRAGON SOCIETY

Date: Monday, 5-Nov-2018 10:32:47

Source: Rumor Mill News

From CGI member oldmaninthedesert:


When he split with Rome, Henry VIII still retained and later ratified and re-established in the Anglo-Catholic Church of England the fraudulent right of the Churchs clergy to create by coronation, a succession of British monarchs. This was an illegal act. The Donation of Constantine was proved to be a completely fake document. Therefore no Royal Elven House that knew its origins and cared about social justice could possibly bring itself to recognize a Christian British monarchy or any of their Church sponsored, Church crowned predecessors or any of their regnant or formerly regnant, European cousin Houses.

Because the Donation was a fraud and no subsequent priest of any Catholic derived denomination ever had the right to crown kings, Britain has had no legally reigning monarch for 900 years. As a consequence of this, all the laws passed by these monarchs were and are illegal and worthless and all the governmental agencies set up by or derived from these monarchs or their laws are also illegal and worthless up to the present day.

When considering this, the reader might like to consider the fact that all the arrests ever made by the police in Britain and Europe are acts of kidnap and habeas corpus. Equally, any man who has taken up arms for the Crown and killed for his country is unprotected by law and guilty therefore of murder.

However, paradoxically, as the entire British legal system is illegal, there are no laws, and so the crimes of habeas corpus and murder as we define them today, simply do not exist. Subconsciously people know that their politicians and monarchs have no legitimate authority to rule over them. They manifest this knowledge in an increasing disrespect for these optional, arbitrary and illusory social conventions, which is yet another reason why social order is breaking down.

If the UN is right, we may...


Global nuclear industry white ants its way into Clean Energy Ministerial "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

USA Canada Japan the ministerial nuclear suckers came out of the woodwork   Dan Brouillette, Kim Rudd, Masaki Ogushi, Rick Perry and also Dr. Matar Al Neyadi, and  Denis Janin, immediate past President of the International Youth Nuclear Congress, and who else in this secretive nuclear white anting of the global movement?

Countries Launch a Nuclear Innovation Initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial


"Stay in that good fight" retired Green Beret urges Americans to stand up to the globalists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via, The actions that are taken are a three-pronged attack in order to foster in global governance, and they are as such: Create ubiquitous electronic surveillance with unlimited police power Throw the entire earth into an economic tailspin Destroy all nationalism, national borders, and create chaos among all nations prior to an "incendiary event" or series of actions that leads to a world war. The world war is the most important part of it all, in the eyes of the globalists. The Great Depression culminated in a world war, and periods of economic upheaval are always followed by wars. The war is most needed by the globalists because they need to rid the world of about 7 billion people. This is why such experimentation as you see progresses: infecting vectors such as mosquitoes with viruses that are almost immune to antibiotics, the unearthing of ancient viruses...


NEO State of the Union before US Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

by Jim W. Dean, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow [ Editors Note: A new record has been set with 36 million voting early, an indication of a big turn out. We will know by Wednesday morning who did the best job, including the vote riggers. Here in Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State running for []


Are the Etruscans the ancestors of the Russian people? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Etruscans are an ancient and very little known civilizations. It is known that this is essentially the ancestors of the Romans. The Romans borrowed from the Etruscans architecture, various rites and technologies. The Etruscan state was located between the Tiber and Arno rivers. During the reign of Emperor Claudius 1, in the 1st century AD, the entire []


"IndyWatch Feed War"

  5   2018 . 2017 []


Cancer-Linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Bloomberg: Water tests show that 110 million Americans have levels of PFAS in their water that the most cautious scientists call unsafe, according to the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization that advocates for public health issues. At the same time, new studies show how the chemicals can cause harm even at tiny doses. []






The crowd sand Amazing Grace!

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SpaceX Rehearses Recovery of Astronauts During Ocean Landings, Builds Helipad on Ship "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SpaceX has started preparations for recovering International Space Station (ISS) astronauts during ocean touchdowns, conducting landing and patient loading rehearsals on their recovery ship GO Searcher.

NASA recently shared photos of the rehearsals on board GO Searcher, which has been upgraded with a medical treatment facility and a helipad in the center of the vessel.

SpaceX practiced how the helicopter will pick up astronauts and fly them to a nearby hospital, in case of a medical emergency.


PERTH Record seizure of illicit tobacco in WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Record seizure of illicit tobacco in WA .

November 05, 2018 at 05:07PM .

A 28-year-old Perth man has been charged after he allegedly attempted to smuggle 9.5 million cigarettes into Western Australia in a sea container. .



PERTH Drugs, cash found during traffic stop in Forrestdale "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Drugs, cash found during traffic stop in Forrestdale .

November 05, 2018 at 11:07AM .

failure to obey orders given by an officer and a return to prison warrant. He was due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on Sunday. .



"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Is the heart and soul of our Galaxy located in Cassiopeia? Possibly not, but that is where two bright emission nebulas nicknamed Heart and Soul can be found. The Heart Nebula, officially dubbed IC 1805 and visible in the below view on the right, has a shape reminiscent of a classical heart symbol. Both nebulas shine brightly in the red light of energized hydrogen.
Click image for larger size.
Several young open clusters of stars populate the image and are visible above in blue, including the nebula centers. Light takes about 6,000 years to reach us from these nebulas, which together span roughly 300 light years. Studies of stars and clusters like those found in the Heart and Soul Nebulas have focussed on how massive stars form and how they affect their environment.


The Libertarian Quest "IndyWatch Feed"

To historians is granted a talent that even the gods are denied to alter what has already happened!
(David Irving)

It is no secret that I am not a Hayekian. Still, I consider Hayek a great economist not in the same league as Mises, but few if any economists are. Hayeks fame in the public mind, however, has less to do with his economic writings but stems largely from his writings in political theory, and it is in this area where I consider Hayek as mostly deficient. Not even his system of definitions here is internally consistent. His excursions into the field of epistemology are quite ingenious, yet also here he falls short of the accomplishments of his teacher Mises. Nonetheless, owing to his wide-ranging interdisciplinary oeuvre, which contains a treasure trove of keen insights into many issues, I consider Hayek one of the 20th centurys outstanding intellectuals writing in the social sciences.

As a reflection of this esteem, Hayek was also quoted in the programmatic statement of the PFS. We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage. What we lack is a liberal Utopia, a programme which seems neither a mere defence of things as they are nor a diluted kind of socialism, but a truly liberal radicalism which does not spare the susceptibilities of the mighty, which is not too severely practical and which does not confine itself to what appears today as politically possible. We need intellectual leaders who are prepared to resist the blandishments of power and influence and who are willing to work for an ideal, however small may be the prospects of its early realization. They must be men who are willing to stick to principles and to fight for their full realization, however remote. Unless we can make the philosophical foundations of a free society once more a living intellectual issue, and its implementation a task which challenges the ingenuity and imagination of our liveliest minds, the prospects of freedom are indeed dark. But if we can regain that belief in the power of ideas which was the mark of liberalism at its best, the battle is not lost.

Hayek of course did not follow his own advice but ended up, in his political philosophy, with a mish-mash full of internally inconsistent compromises. Yet this does not mean that his plea for an uncompromising intellectual radicalism, which has been the purpose and become the hallmark of the PFS, is not worthwhile or correct.

But this shall not be my topic here. Rather, I want to speak about another important, if you will complementary insight of Hayeks that can be found in the introduction he wrote for the collection of essays gathered in the book...

Owners vs. Managers "IndyWatch Feed"

When I was in law practice, I represented employers in matters involving labor law. My experiences confirmed how respect for the inviolability of private property interests was the essential element not only for a peaceful and orderly society but also for a world of individual liberty free of the violence and destructiveness of political systems. One of the things I noticed with a high degree of consistency was that clients who were the owners of businesses tended to take longer-term (timewise) and more philosophically principled actions than did those who were only managers of the firms they represented. Ownership carried with it a perspective that was inseparable from the personhood of the owner. Business firms with such names as Ford, Chrysler, Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller, reflected the sense that the personality of the creator-owner transcended his own life and carried over into the family-name shared by his children and grandchildren. In much the same way that long-standing farms would have family cemeteries on them, property was looked upon as more than a temporary convenience or asset. One who was an owner cared about the long-term implications of his/her decision-making that extended beyond their death.

The mindset of the manager of an enterprise, I observed, was much different. Being an employee of a firm owned by another, his/her perspective extended, at most, to the end of the contract of employment. There is nothing dishonest or irresponsible in this arrangement; it only demonstrates some of the costs incurred when ownership is separated from control of property. The owner would not want the manager to share in his/her ultimate authority over the property; nor would the manager, as an employee, expect to.

In this sense, the employees motivations are comparable to those of politicians, judges, and government regulatory agencies. The outcomes of human action are a reflection of the incentives of the actors. The productive and creative regularities of the marketplace are determined not alone by the moral or visionary character of those working within it, nor by their innovative genius. It is, rather, that the incentives of those who control decision-making over what they own, will always be different from those with the power to control the property interests of others. It misses the point to blame politicians, ideologically-driven bureaucrats, or other government officials for undesired outcomes of their interventions in economic matters. Owners are motivated to maximize the long-term well-being of what they own. Non-owners are driven by other considerations. It cannot be otherwise. The nave sentiment that bringing businessmen into government in the expectation that their decisions will foster the general profitability of marketplace participants continues to be voiced....

Censorship and Gun Control "IndyWatch Feed"

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is being used to justify new infringements on liberty. Of course, opponents of gun rights are claiming this shooting proves America needs more gun control. Even some who normally oppose gun control say the government needs to do more to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Those making this argument ignore the lack of evidence that background checks, new restrictions on the rights of those alleged to have a mental illness, or any other form of gun control would have prevented the shooter from obtaining a firearm.

Others are using the shooters history of posting anti-Semitic comments on social media to call for increased efforts by both government and social media websites to suppress hate speech. The shooter posted anti-Semitic statements on the social media site Gab. Gab, unlike Twitter and Facebook, does not block or ban users for offensive comments. After the shooting Gab was suspended by its internet service provider, and PayPal has closed the sites account. This is an effort to make social media websites responsible for the content and even the actions of their users, turning the sites operators into thought police.

Some social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, are eager to silence not just bigots but those using their platforms to advocate for liberty. Facebook has recently banned a number of libertarian pages including Cop Block, a site opposing police misconduct. Twitter has also banned a number of conservatives and libertarians, as well as critics of American foreign policy. Some libertarians say we should not get upset as these are private companies exercising private property rights. However, these companies are working with government and government-funded entities such as the Atlantic Council, a group funded by NATO and the military-industrial complex, to determine who should and should not be banned.

The effort to silence hate speech is not just about outlawing racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic speech. The real goal is to discredit, and even criminalize, criticism of the welfare-warfare state by redefining such criticism as hate. It is not just progressives who wish to use laws outlawing hate speech to silence political opponents. Some neoconservatives want to criminalize criticism of Israel for the nonsensical reason that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. Other right-wing authoritarians wish to expand hate crime laws to include crimes committed against police officers.


The Fourth Turning "IndyWatch Feed"

In retrospect, the spark might seem as ominous as a financial crash, as ordinary as a national election, or as trivial as a Tea Party. The catalyst will unfold according to a basic Crisis dynamic that underlies all of these scenarios: An initial spark will trigger a chain reaction of unyielding responses and further emergencies. The core elements of these scenarios (debt, civic decay, global disorder) will matter more than the details, which the catalyst will juxtapose and connect in some unknowable way. If foreign societies are also entering a Fourth Turning, this could accelerate the chain reaction. At home and abroad, these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability  problem areas where America will have neglected, denied, or delayed needed action.  The Fourth Turning  Strauss & Howe

The paragraph above captures everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen during this Fourth Turning. It was written over two decades ago, but no one can deny its accuracy regarding our present situation. The spark was a financial crash. The response to the financial crash by the financial and governmental entities, along with their Deep State co-conspirators who created the financial collapse due to their greed and malfeasance, led to the incomprehensible election of Donald Trump, as the deplorables in flyover country evoked revenge upon the corrupt establishment.

The chain reaction of unyielding responses by the left and the right accelerates at a breakneck pace, with absolutely no possibility of compromise. A new emergency or winner take all battle seems to be occurring on a weekly basis, with the mid-term elections as the likely trigger for the next phase of this Fourth Turning.

There is no positive outcome which will come from these elections. The no holds barred ad campaigns being waged by both sides have sunk to new despicable lows. Winning at all costs is what matters. The Republicans were always going to retain the Senate, but now look like they will gain seats. The overwhelming consensus among the fake news media for months has been for Democrats to retake the House by picking up 20 to 30 seats. The attempted Brett Kavanaugh lynching by left wing extremists and left-wing media, along with the left wing financed third world caravan, has dialed up the intensity and enthusiasm of Trump supporters. The tone of the mainstream media has grown worried and increasingly venomous as they see their lock on the House possibly slipping away.

Either result is likely to deepen...

A Colonel Bogey Salute "IndyWatch Feed"

While every other car company is doing its best to clap loudest for Stalin building electric cars for which there is no real market (while pretending there is one or will be, just around the corner) in order to solve problems which dont exist, but which will create problems that didnt exist  Dodge has built the Redeye.

The only battery this thing has is the one which starts up the 797 horsepower supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8.

There is no place to plug it in.

You fill it up with the highest octane gas you can find.

You wont have to wait long, either  whether at the pump (less than five minutes) or getting to the next one. The Redeye which has 90 more horsepower than the 707 horsepower Challenger (and Charger) Hellcat that sent countless caravans of metrosexual snowflakes into a cataleptic state or shaking and shivering to a therapists couch will get you to 60 in even less than the regular Hellcats three seconds.

Punching holes in the ozone all the way.

Not really, of course.

Dodge isnt sociopathic. Just not delusional.

And maybe just a little bit pissed.

The people in charge there know the only threat posed by powerful internal combustion engines even ultra-powerful ones like the Redeyes is to the febrile neurosis of people who have been rendered neurotic by a relentless juggernaut of Fake News about vehicle emissions (almost nonexistent and no longer a problem vis-a-vis air quality since at least the mid-90s) and also by the shibboleth of our era climate change which is being used as the catch-all pretext to corral and limit everything, including our mobility.

But never the mobility of our betters, which ought to tell you something about climate change.

Dodge also knows that people dont need to have their palms greased with bribes (the polite term is subsidy) to buy cars like the Hellcat Redeye. They will beg dealerships to sell them one  at full MSRP.

It is not necessary to mandate the production of Redeyes, either or even run-of-the-mill Challengers and Chargers. There is profit there.

An honest one.

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Voting Right "IndyWatch Feed"

Election day has arrived.

For the past few weeks, conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians have been urged from their church pulpits to vote on election day. Not just to vote for anyone, of course, but to vote right, vote smart, vote correctly, or vote biblicallyall meaning vote Republican.

But in some states, it is not just people that these Christians have been urged to vote for. Conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians in North Dakota, Michigan, Utah, Missouri have also been told to vote on ballot initiatives.

Why especially those states? Many other states have ballot initiatives. According to Ballotpedia: Voters in 37 states will decide 155 statewide ballot measures in November 2018.

The answer is marijuana, the evil weed that, in the minds of most conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians, rivals the Democratic Party in its evilness.

Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana for medical use. This means that only the states of Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming have not legalized medical marijuana.

Recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. These states are: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

Now, on election day, voters in two statesNorth Dakota and Michiganwill decide on initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana. Voters in two other statesUtah and Missouriwill decide on initiatives concerning medical marijuana. Voters in Oklahoma already approved a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana back in June.

Conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christian pastors and church leaders are adamant that the marijuana juggernaut be stopped dead in its tracks.


There are a multitude of reasons why these Christians and their followers are opposed to people using marijuana. As a theological and cultural conservative Christian, I would probably agree with many of them so there is no need to list them here.

But why people should or shouldnt use marijuana is not the issue. The issue is simply this: In light of all the negative things about marijuana use, what should the government do when it comes to marijuana?

Absolutely nothing.

The libertarian position on marijuana and any other drug is straightforward and consistent.

There sho...

The Indefensibility "IndyWatch Feed"

[This talk was given at the Austrian Scholars Conference on March 13, 2009. Download the mp3 audio file.]

The Principles of Legitimate Command

Tom Hanks and Passepartout are the only two human inhabitants of a Pacific island. Neither is aware of the existence of the other until, one fateful day, they meet. What happens next is a matter of some moment. Will they greet each other politely and go about their respective businesses? Will they agree to cooperate for their mutual benefit? Will they fight? Who can tell? However, we can be reasonably sure in supposing that if Hanks were to command Passepartout to Tote dat barge! Lif dat bale! or demand that Passepartout give up his vile habit of drinking coconut juice while eating fish, or insist that Passepartout cooperate with him in his fishing and hunting ventures, or abstain from servile work on a Sunday in short, if Hanks were in any way to attempt to require Passepartout to obey his commands, Passepartout would, I believe, rightly resent, and probably resist, such injunctions. The same, of course, applies if roles were to be reversed, and Passepartout were to assume the position of would-be commander.

The Hanks-Passepartout scenario can be replicated in any number of literary variations, limited only by the fertility of ones imagination. For example, more people might be added to the islands population and, while this would result in there being more possible relationships, it would not change the nature of those relationships. The essential principles regarding the legitimacy of command can be established by reflection on our insular drama:

The End Is Near "IndyWatch Feed"

When I was a boy, there were men, mainly quite old and apparently with nothing else to do, who walked up and down the prominent streets of towns and cities with sandwich boards announcing the imminent end of the world. They looked pretty pleased about it, too, as if they were in possession of a signed and sealed escape clause. There was one in particular whom I remember who warned also of the seven deadly proteins. An enigmatic smile played about his lips; the proteins were supposed to arouse the passions that led to sin, and sin led to damnation, which, with the end of the world fast approaching, was imminent for all who continued to consume them.

The sandwich boards called everyone to repentance: Repent lest ye perish! They have disappeared from our streets but have been replaced by warnings on our computers that a financial crisis is imminent. They call us to save not our souls, but the value of our investments.

The prophecies of financial Armageddon, while no doubt true in a certain abstract sense (for financial crashes there have always been), are not very useful to poor small-fry such as myself. They are like the warnings of seismologists who tell the inhabitants of a city that a major earthquake is inevitable where they are living, but they cannot say exactly, or even approximately, when. The when, of course, is the crucial datum; and with regard to financial prophecy, it makes all the difference between making and losing money. We all want to sell at a peak and buy at a trough; somehow it seems easier to do the opposite, especially under the guidance of financial advisers.

Recently I received a dire warning from a commentator who seems to have done very well personally from his prophecies of doom. He tells us that the banks are up to their old tricks again, lending riskily with gay abandon, selling on their risky debts to those who have not the faintest idea of what they are buying, having learned from the last crash that when push comes to shove, or insolvency to bankruptcy, they will be rescued from the consequences of their own improvidence.

But this time, he warns, the banks will not be bailed out; instead we, the account holders, will be bailed in. Our money in our accounts will be turned into the working capital of the banks; we will be handed shares in the banks, which will be unsalable for many years, and in the meantime our money will be as good as having been confiscated. Personal liquidity will be doled out as a parent doles out pocket money to his child. For those of us who do not have many years to wait, our last years will be those of eking out an existence on such pittance as we are permitted. There will be no escape from the regime because, of course, all payments to us have to be made through banks. My wife, who has never trusted money in the bank, only land and gold under the bed, will have been proved right.


Chaos Reigns in the Trump Administration "IndyWatch Feed"

Sanctions may indeed be coming but will they have the bite that Donald Trump is hoping for? Its a good question as we open November with a flurry of edicts from Trumps State and Treasury Departments.

Lets go over them all and see just how contradictory they are while at the same time acceding to the reality of just how much the world has changed in the six years since President Obama first went nuclear on Iran with sanctions.

It starts with Trumps tweet that Sanctions are Coming. Okay, fine we knew this. But sanctions dont account for much if the State Department is handing out 180 day waivers to countries.

Next up was Pompeo saying on the same day that no less than eight countries would be exempt from sanctions for buying oil from Iran.

A little news for Mike Pompeo, Halloween was last week.

Contrast this with 2012 where India, for example, to get around the sanctions had to essentially barter to get much needed Iranian oil, because no such exemption was forthcoming.

South Korea and Japan were also denied waivers then, but according to the Financial Times they are all among the countries to be exempted.

Mr. Pompeo did not name the eight jurisdictions, but Turkeys energy minister said his country had been given an exemption. India, South Korea, Japan and Iraq are among other US allies that experts expect to benefit. China is also expected to be a beneficiary. The list will be announced on Monday.

Mr. Pompeo pushed back on suggestions that the US was being lenient to Iran or that the Trump administration had failed to deliver a hard line in the absence of European backing. He said two of the eight jurisdictions would reduce Iranian oil imports to zero in a few weeks and the other six had agreed to greatly reduced levels.

As always, believe it when you see it. What matters, ultimately, is that Turkey, India and China continue their purchases. They are some of the biggest consumers of Iranian oil. And as the competition drops for Irans production so to will the price and I wouldnt be shocked if eventually all of these countries actually increase their imports of Iranian oil rather than cut one single barrel.

I mean, its not like I heard that India was now all of a sudden backing out of the new IPI India Pakistan India pipeline that Gazprom is building for it.

In fact, lets get serious here. India, Iran and Russia just announced more concrete plans about opening up the North South Transport Corridor to ship goods between them.

I find it...

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out "IndyWatch Feed"

An unknown but likely staggeringly large percentage of small business owners in the U.S. are an inch away from calling it quits and closing shop.

Timothy Leary famously coined the definitive 60s counterculture phrase, Turn on, tune in, drop out in 1966. (According to Wikipedia, In a 1988 interview with Neil Strauss, Leary said the slogan was given to him by Marshall McLuhan during a lunch in New York City.)

Dropping out of a broken, dysfunctional status quo in terminal decline has a long history. The chapter titles of Michael Grants excellent account of The Fall of the Roman Empire identify the core dynamics of decline:

The Gulfs Between the Classes

The Credibility Gap

The Partnerships That Failed

The Groups That Opted Out

The Undermining of Effort

Our focus today is on The Groups That Opted Out. In the decline phase of the Western Roman Empire, people dropped out by abandoning tax-serfdom for life in a Christian monastery (or as a worker on monastery lands) or by removing themselves to the countryside.

Today, people drop out in various ways: early retirement, disability or other social welfare, homesteading or making and saving enough money in the phantom-wealth economy that they can quit official work in middle age.

We can see this in the labor participation rates for the populace at large, women and men. The labor participation rate reflects the percentage of the population thats in the workforce, either working or actively looking for work.

That the number of people in the workforce has declined significantly is well-known. The US Census pegs the number of people not in the labor force at 95 million. This includes people who are disabled, in school, etc., so the number should be taken with a grain of salt. But the decline in the relative size of the labor force is remarkable:


WATCH: How We Viewed Measles "IndyWatch Feed"

The way Measles is discussed in todays world, youd think it was similar to the black plague. We tout vaccinations for saving millions of peoples lives when it comes to the measles, and its likely if you were born after the measles vaccine came into the picture, you might assume the measles commonly killed people.

But are the measles truly as diseases like Ebola for example? Could we view this more as a routine childhood illness?

Youve heard of it, a news report comes out terrifying the public about new measles outbreak that has affected 17 children in an area populated in the millions. For weeks, reporters go on about how this could spread across the entire country, affecting millions, all because someone didnt vaccinate. Yet, thats not the cause for the spread. It was actually the vaccinated that caused the spread. Why all the fear? Why the hysteria? Is measles even that dangerous?

I recall asking my parents and people from even older generations about the measles and what it was like when they were younger. All seemed to say it was a pretty standard and harmless childhood illness that would last a few days to a week. Some red dots, a fever maybe, and a couple days home from school In some cases, I was told stories about how it was commonplace for  people to bring their kids around other kids who had measles so they could contract it themselves and be immune to it from there forward. What? They actually wanted their kids to get the measles? Indeed.

Yet today, thanks to irrational advertising, poorly educated doctors and misinformed parents, the measles are seen as an extremely dangerous illness that should be feared at all costs. Yet its all conditioning.

Think about it, when you bring up vaccinations online or to some doctors, what happens? We see hysteria. Poorly backed up facts, emotional rants and personal attacks are what comes out of those questioned about vaccines. You might even be publicly shamed for bringing up such things. Little do we hear rational, calm and well backed up responses even in the face of a ton of independent science that has shown serious concerns about vaccines. Even mainstream media tells the story with hysteria and false claims.

All of this happens because of a lack of questioning, a lack of looking at the big picture and because we made something overly emotional when its truly about being open and rational.

We can, in part, thank the industry that brought you Vioxx, opioid addiction, Thalidomide, Thimerosal, Fen-Phen ($14 billion in damages), Diethylstilbestrol (tumors), Bayc...

California Hit By 39 Earthquakes Within 24 Hours "IndyWatch Feed"

A series of large earthquakes has rattled California over the last 24 hours, and scientists are telling us that the shaking was the result of movement along the San Andreas Fault system.  In recent months there has been an alarming amount of seismic activity all along the Ring of Fire, and there have been times when the number of global earthquakes has been way above normal.  Could it be possible that all of this unusual seismic activity is leading up to something?  As you will see below, experts are telling us that we are overdue for the Big One to hit California.  And when it does eventually strike, it could be far worse than most people would dare to imagine.

Most of the 39 significant earthquakes that have struck California within the last 24 hours have happened along the San Andreas Fault.  The following comes from CBS News

A swarm of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault, the largest measuring a 4.1 magnitude, rumbled through the Hollister area and the Salinas Valley Friday morning. CBS San Francisco, citing officials, reports the quakes rattled nerves but caused no major damage.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 4.1 quake hit at 5:58 a.m. PDT 12 miles southwest of the small community of Tres Pinos. It was followed by quakes measuring 3.6, 3.2 and 3.0.

Officials are saying that this shaking was caused by movement along the San Andreas Fault system, and the ini...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Warm Embrace from the People of Pyongyang
Yesterday, around 1:00 pm local time, Cubas President arrived in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to begin his official visit

Yaima Puig Meneses |
November 5, 2018 08:11:11

Cubas President Miguel Daz-Canel Bermdez and the delegation accompanying him departed the Russian Federation Saturday night, after a busy visit, to arrive in Pyongyang, where a great multitude waited to greet them, cheering and waving the flags of the two countries.

It was around 1:00 pm local time when they reached the citys international airport where he was welcomed with full military honors by Kim Jong-un, President of the Workers' Party of Korea, and of the  Democratic People's Republic of Koreas State Committee, and Commander in Chief of the Korean Peoples Army.

Chinese Silver Stackers vs. American Silver Stackers (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Chinese Silver Stackers vs. American Silver Stackers Video smaulgld Video Source

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Arderns mixed messaging over Sroubek "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Prime Minister seems to be sending mixed messages about Karel Sroubek, Iain Lees-Galloway and Immigration officials.

This article from RNZ, says she has no confidence in the decision made Sroubeks residency, but she still has confidence in LeesGalloway, but will not say the same about the officials.

That article referenced her interview on Newshub Nation over the weekend. In that interview the PM said:-

Ultimately the response from the public will be given that weve provided additional information, how do we act on that? How do we fix, if indeed an error has occurred, how do we fix that? Thats rightly what we should be judged on.

Then she moved into deflection mode.

There have been cases like this in the past Ive had raised with me cases involving sex offences under the last Government, 100 of these kinds of cases.

So Lees-Galloway is OK, because apparently similar decisions were mde by National. So why is Lees-Galloway getting the benefit of the doubt, but National is not. Maybe there were reasons why those decisions were made, such as those which informed the Stroubek decision. Were Nationals ministers given the right information?

Perhaps there should be a wider ranging inquiry into the Immigration Department, its culture, staffing and policies and processes.

Then this morning on RNZs Morning Report she said in an interview with Kim Hill

Jacinda Ardern told Morning Report she wants to get the case right, before asking questions about what went wrong

Here I am not placing blame, because there seems to be a range of issues here at play with this case and until we have all the evidence in front of us I do not want this to turn into a witch-hunt, thats not what it should be.

Ms Ardern said ministers could only make decisions based on the information that was in front of them.



Hadith for the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Continuing our medical diagnosis theme; today: how to diagnose a cold. Malik related to me from Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr from his father that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, If a man sneezes, invoke a blessing on him. Then if he sneezes, invoke a blessing on him. [] The post Hadith for the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Putins Comments About Satanism & Pedophilia Within Politics Are Turning Out To Be True "IndyWatch Feed World"

What is politics? Its a realm where humanity gives its power over to others who claim to be making decisions that best suit their country, and humanity as a whole. At least, thats what it should be.

The political realm should be filled with people who are service-to-others, but unfortunately, it has become quite obvious that its full of people who are simply serving their masters while filling their own pockets with riches.

At the highest levels of government, especially in the West, there is little to no concern for the will of the people and the welfare of our planet, but rather the illusion of it.

Sure, major political figures meet every single year to discuss things like climate change, for example, but does anything happen? It seems as if we are relying on them, instead of looking inward at ourselves.

Read Entire Article


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kim Jong Un Hosts Banquet in Honor of Cuban Leader
Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, hosted a grand banquet to welcome the DPRK visit by Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, on Sunday evening.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju warmly greeted the Cuban counterparts at the lobby of the Mokran House, the venue of the banquet.

Present there were Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee, Premier Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, other senior officials of the Korean Party and government and commanding officers of the Korean People's Army.

Present there at invitation were the members of the Cuban delegation and staff members of the Cuban embassy in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un together with Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez entered the banquet hall to a thunderous ovation of all those present.

Kim Jong Un made a speech in welcome of the DPRK visit by Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

He said that the meeting with the Cuban President marked a watershed in demonstrating the will to eternally carry forward the bilateral friendship.

Saying that the two countries are in the same trench in the struggle for defending sovereignty and dignity of their countries and safeguarding international justice, he expressed invariable support and encouragement to the Cuban people building a powerful and prosperous country.

He expressed thanks to the friendly Cuban Party, government and people for extending absolute support and encouragement to the DPRKs efforts for the building of socialism and the independent reunification of Korea and expressed his will to consolidate and develop the strategic and comradely friendship with Cuba.

Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez made a s...


New South Wales government is preparing for a surge in renewable energy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We want to do everything we can: NSW readies for renewables surge, Brisbane Times, By Peter Hannam, 5 November 2018 New solar and wind farms being planned for NSW have twice the capacity of the states coal-fired power stations, prompting the state government to set aside $55 million to help smooth their introduction.As of October 29, NSW had 20,000 megawatts of generation capacity either approved or seeking planning approval, worth more than $27 billion in investment, according to government data.

Proposed solar plants accounted for 11,200MW, dwarfing wind farms with 5100MW, and the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro of about 2000MW. Just 100MW involved coal, with the planned upgrade of AGLs Bayswater power station.

Along with the new plants, some eight large-scale battery projects all with solar farms with more than 400MW-hours of capacity are also in the planning pipeline as the industry gears up for the bulge in variable energy sources.

The market, though, is going to need some near-term help to smooth the exit of most of the states existing power plants particularly the 10,160MW of coal-fired power stations, said Amy Kean, director of the Energy Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies unit at the Department of Planning

To that end...


Rescued Dolphin Has Spent The Past 10 Years In A Swimming Pool "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

In 2007, a 6-month-old common dolphin named Martinha got stranded on the Portuguese coast. Local rescuers rushed to her aid, taking the distressed dolphin to a local rehab center run by Centro de Recuperao de Animais Marinhos de Quiaios (CRAM-Q) so she could regain her strength.

But instead of returning Martinha to the ocean where she belonged, the CRAM-Q team did something unexpected they kept Martinha in captivity, and in very poor conditions. In fact, animal welfare advocates believe Martinha has been stuck in the same tiny pool for about 10 years.


After a short rehabilitation period, Martinha was moved to a tiny tank in the outside yard of CRAM-Q, according to Martinhas Rescue Coalition, a group of organizations advocating for Martinhas release. The pool is only about 23 feet wide, 42 feet long and 6 feet deep, which doesnt give Martinha any space to dive, let alone swim in a straight line.

She was held in conditions that were arguably amongst the worst in the world, Liz Sandeman, programs manager at Marine Connection, a marine animal protection group thats part of the coalition, told The Dodo.


Five years later, Martinha was still languishing in the same tiny tank  and no one really knows why she remains in captivity. For a while, a second common dolphin, Barra, joined Martinha in her tank after being rescued from some tangled nets. While Martinha may have enjoyed the company, the pool was too small for both dolphins, and Martinha and Barra had to swim in their own waste, according to Martinhas Rescue Coalition.

In 2014, several cetacean experts and animal welfare advocates were allowed to visit the CRAM-Q facility and photograph the living conditions of the two dolphins.



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cuban President Arrives in Pyongyang, Received by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un
At the invitation of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, arrived in Pyongyang by his personal plane on Sunday to visit the DPRK.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un greeted him at Pyongyang International Airport.

Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju came out to the airport.

Present there were Kim Yong Nam, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee, Premier Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, Ri Su Yong and Pak Thae Song, members of the Political Bureau and vice-chairmen of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Yong Ho, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and foreign minister, Kim Nung O, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and chairman of the Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the WPK, Deputy Premier Ri Ryong Nam and Ma Chol Su, DPRK ambassador to Cuba.

Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, Army General Ri Yong Gil, chief of the KPA General Staff, Army General No Kwang Chol, minister of the People's Armed Forces, and other commanding officers of the KPA were also present there.

Ambassador Jesus De Los Angeles Aise Sotolongo and staff members of the Cuban embassy in Pyongyang were on hand.



The Adani coal mine doesnt stack up environmentally, economically, or politically "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Adani coal mine is the Work Choices of this generation
Simon Black 5 November 2018, Australians know Adani doesnt stack up environmentally or economically and it wont stack up for the Morrison Government politically either.
 Independent Australia Simon Black reports.

DESPITE BEING A MINE, not a policy, the seething rage we are seeing from the Australian population at the continued insistence at driving the Adani coal mine down our throats reminds me increasingly of the mood of late 2005.

The Adani project is becoming a single thing that unifies people and embodies unfairness and contempt from politicians who insist they know better than their constituents and pander to big...



2019 to See a Rise in Gold and Silver Prices "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

2019 to See a Rise in Gold and Silver Prices From Birch Gold Group This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: U.S. dollar weakness to drive gold...

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Climate change is now making things too hot for nuclear reactors to cope "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Climates Already Too Hot for Nuclear Power Quarterly 2018 By John LaForge, Nukewatch

With the summers record high temps all over the world, Andy Rowell asked this pointed question in Oil Change International: For the last decade the nuclear industry has been telling us it is the solution to climate change. But if their reactors cant work in our rapidly warming world, are we just building a whole new generation of expensive white elephants?

Indeed, Reuters reported Aug. 4 that Electricity de France (EDF) in Paris shut down four nuclear reactors at three sites due to the heat summer wave. EDF, the mostly government-owned utility, ordered the shut downs because the scorching summer heat that slammed Europe drastically raised temperatures in the Rhone and Rhine Rivers. Temperatures reached 98.6F in the Rhone valley, home to 14 reactors. Highs in Spain and Portugal in early August hovered around 104F and reached 116.6F.

The warming of seawater caused by Europes heat wave forced Finlands two Loviisa reactors, about 65 miles outside Helsinki, to reduce power in July, just as it did before, in 2010 and 2011,...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Talks with Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez
Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, had talks with Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, on the afternoon of November 4.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju met the Cuban President and his wife outside the talks room of the Paekhwawon State Guest House in a warm atmosphere, exchanged greetings with their hands held each other and had a souvenir photo taken.

Then, there was a tete-a-tete between Kim Jong Un and Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

Warmly welcoming the DPRK visit of Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Kim Jong Un said that the current visit of the delegation would offer an occasion for demonstrating the invincibility of the traditional fellowship, trust, friendship and solidarity of the peoples of the two countries and serve as a manifestation of support and solidarity to the Korean people's just cause.

Noting that he was deeply moved to receive the warm hospitality and enthusiastic welcome by Kim Jong Un, the Korean Party and government and Pyongyang citizens, the Cuban President said that the Cuban party, government and people were pleased to see the Korean people invariably advancing along the road chosen by themselves and making a rapid development under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un and Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez informed each other of the achievements and experiences gained in the party and state activities of their countries for building socialism to suit to the specific conditions of each country and expressed full support and solidarity with each other. They discussed the issue of further expanding and developing cooperation and exchanges in various fields, including the economy, culture, public health, science and technology to meet common interests.

There was an in-depth exchange of views on the crucial issues of common concern of the WPK and the Communist Party of Cuba and on the international situation and a consensus of...


Ruga: A community hit by blindness "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ruga, a makeshift community, located two kilometres away from the Abuja City Gate, was relatively unknown to many until recently when a strange illness that was making both children and adults go blind in an unbelievable manner came to town. CALEB ONWE reports   It was the strange illness that drew global attention to this []

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Photos: Media Hold Worshipful Election Eve Press Conference For Down in the Polls Robert Beto ORourke "IndyWatch Feed"

Media darling Rep. Robert Beto ORourke (D-TX) who is running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held an election eve press conference Monday night that looked more like the media holding a campaign rally for their beloved Beto.

ORourke is down in the polls going into election day and is now seen as a long shot to defeat Cruz. But the media is reporting he is within striking distance.

Reporters posted their photos to Twitter of the rapturous scene of the media at UT El Paso where ORourke, accompanied by his wife, Amy, was holding a rally for his other supporters besides the media. Reporters from all over Texas, the U.S. and the world gathered around ORourke looking more like supporters than unbiased journalists.

Estefana Seyffert, KTSM-TV, This does not even begin to show you the massive amount of media from across the country that have arrived in El Paso to cover s campaign watch party tomorrow.

Jorge Salgado, El Paso, Inc, Current media situation at , waiting for to arrive before his event at Magoffin Auditorium at UTEP Magoffin Auditorium


Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Of Herself Riding An Elephant In Bali "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Its a star-studded photo op that has animal advocates around the world fuming.

In photos shared this week from her family vacation to Bali, reality star Kim Kardashian poses in a bikini while riding on an elephant's back. In another shot, her sister, Kourtney, is shown straddling another elephant in the background while in a pool.

The animals in the photos dont necessarily look stressed but its what happens to them behind the scenes that has people blasting Kardashian on social media.

Warning: Graphic images below

Such ignorance and such a lack of care, Peter Egan, actor and animal advocate, said on Twitter. Doesnt she understand the cruelty inflicted on these poor elephants in order for her inane photo shoot?

The cruelty Egan refers to is known as crushing" or "breaking, which is the process of beating young elephants into submission until they obey their trainers. In preparation of giving rides to people and performing in shows, the handlers often tie elephants up and hit them with sharp metal rods. For most elephants, this abuse begins as babies after theyre torn away from their mothers.

Credit: Wild Animal Awareness

The sad effects of these trainings is something rescuers with Wildlife SOS, an India-based animal rescue and sanctuary, see far too often.

The elephant spends the rest of its life in constant fear and...


Scientists Are About to Redefine the Kilogram "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The kilogram is one of the most important and widely used units of measure in the world unless you live in the US. For everyone else, having an accurate reading on what a kilogram is can be vitally important in fields like manufacturing, engineering, and transportation. Of course, a kilogram is 1,000 grams or 2.2 pounds if you want to get imperial. That doesnt help you define a kilogram, though. The kilogram is currently controlled by a metal slug in a French vault, but its days of importance are numbered. Scientists are preparing to re define the kilogram using science.

Its actually harder than youd expect to know when a measurement matches the intended standard, even when its one of the welldefine d Systme International (SI) units. For example, the meter was originally define d in 1793 as one ten-millionth the distance from the equator to the north pole. That value was wrong, but the meter has since been re define d in more exact terms like krypton-86 wavelength emissions and most recently the speed of light in a vacuum. The second was previously define d as a tiny fraction of how long it takes the Earth to orbit the sun. Now, its pegged to the amount of time it takes a cesium-133 atom to oscillate 9,192,631,770 times. Again, this is immutable and extremely precise.

That brings us to the kilogram, which is a measurement of mass. Weight is different and changes based on gravity, but a kilogram is always a kilogram because it comes from measurements of density and volume. The definition of the kilogram is tied to the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK, see above), a small cylinder of platinum and iridium kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France. Scientists have created dozens of copies of the IPK so individual nations can standardize their measurements, but thats a dangerous way to go about it. If anything happened to the IPK, we wouldnt have a standard kilogram anymore.



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President of Council of State and Council of Ministers of Cuba Arrives
At the invitation of Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, arrived in Pyongyang by his personal plane on November 4 to visit the DPRK.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un greeted him at Pyongyang International Airport.

Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju came out to the airport.

Present there were Kim Yong Nam, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK; Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee; Premier Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK; Ri Su Yong and Pak Thae Song, members of the Political Bureau and vice-chairmen of the WPK Central Committee; Ri Yong Ho, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and foreign minister; Kim Nung O, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and chairman of the Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the WPK; Ri Ryong Nam, vice-premier of the Cabinet; and Ma Chol Su, DPRK ambassador to Cuba.

Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army; Army General Ri Yong Gil, chief of the KPA General Staff; Army General No Kwang Chol, minister of the People's Armed Forces; and other commanding officers of the KPA were also present there.

Ambassador Jesus De Los Angeles Aise Sotolongo and staff members of the Cuban embassy in the DPRK were on hand.

Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju warmly greeted Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez and his wife Lis Cuesta Perasa.

Kim Jong Un introduced to Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez the leading officials of the Party and the government and the command...


Swedens concerns over speed of corrosion of copper nuclear waste canisters "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

GDF Watch 4th Nov 2018 , The company responsible for delivering Swedens deep geological repository, SKB, is planning to subject their research into copper
corrosion to international peer review in the new year. SKB believe this is
the most transparent an...


Rapid warming of the oceans "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Oceans Are Warming Up Much Faster Than Previously Thought The worlds oceans have soaked up much more excess heat in recent decades than scientists previously thought as much as 60 percent more, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. The new research suggests the global could warm even faster in the coming decades than researchers originally predicted, The Washington Post reported.The researchers, led by geoscientist Laure Resplandy of Princeton University, found that oceans absorbed 13 zettajoules  a joule, the standard unit of energy, followed by 21 zeroes of heat energy each year between 1991 and 2016. Based on these findings, they argue, nations must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent more than previously estimated if they hope to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.Imagine if the ocean was only 30 feet deep, Resplandy...


To Change The World, Treat Your Rebels Well "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Throughout history, there has been tension between those who desire obedience to authority and those who question authority. It is those who question authority that contribute to social change, but our culture does not treat them well. We speak with psychologist Bruce E. Levine about his latest book, "Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person's Guide to being an Anti-Authoritarian - Strategies, Tools and Models" and the lessons it teaches for the political moment in which we find ourselves, how anti-authoritarianism is being suppressed and what we must do.


Some good news the healing of the ozone layer "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

 6 Nov 18, The ozone layer is showing signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and is likely to heal fully by 2060, new evidence shows.The measures taken to repair the damage will also have an important beneficial effect on climate change, as some of the gases that caused the ozone layer to thin and in places disappear also contribute to warming the atmosphere. Phasing them out could avoid as much as 0.5C (0.9F) of warming this century.

Recovery from the holes and thinning caused by aerosol chemicals has progressed at a rate of about 1% to 3%...


My Freedom of Speech Was Stolen - Eight Times! Here's what I did -- "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Underhanded political sign stealing in Virginia's 2nd District inspires a variety of creative problem solving.


What Brendan ONeill gets wrong and right about fascism "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I generally like Brendan ONeills writing, and he has been particularly scathing of those who, like Rik from The Young Ones, endlessly shout FASCIST! in a kind of left-wing Tourettes, without any regard for the actual meaning of the term. Quote: It is probably futile now to argue for the proper use of the word [] The post What Brendan ONeill gets wrong and right about fascism appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.



Commemorating 100 Years: RNZ Nine To Noon: Le Quesnoy centenary commemorations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

poppyThis item considers the commemoration that took place Sunday 4 November

Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney reports from Le Quesnoy on the emotional centenary commemorations held in the northern French town saved by Kiwi soldiers near the end of World War One, with the site of a planned war museum also unveiled in their honour. Descendants of some of the soldiers who took part in the daring mission to liberate Le Quesnoy from German occupation on November 4, 1918, were among hundreds who attended. The official commemorations were led by French and New Zealand VIPs, including Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy and Ambassador to France Jane Coombs.


'Grim irony': Saudi attacks use British intelligence to destroy UK aid facilities in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A vital cholera treatment center in Abs, in the Hajjah province, was hit in June in airstrikes which are supported by British intelligence, reported by the Independent. British-backed Saudi bombing destroyed Oxfam facilities in Yemen, said the United Kingdom charity. The information about the destruction of facilities of the humanitarian organization emerged during last week's parliamentary debates in the House of Commons where U.K. ministres were evaluating the impact of the country's arms sale to Riyadh. A vital cholera treatment center in Abs, in the Hajjah province, was hit in June in airstrikes which are supported by British intelligence, according to British news outlet Independent. The location of the treatment facility was notified 12 times. In April, coalition air raids damaged an Oxfam supported water supply system that provided water for 6,000 people. "On the one hand, British aid is a vital lifeline, on the other, British bombs are helping to fuel an ongoing war that is...


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Gee  command a horse to go faster; move ahead; urge on; encourage someone to put more effort into an activity; a mild expression of enthusiasm, surprise or sympathy.


EPIC! RUSH LIMBAUGH: Leads Missouri Trump Rally Crowd in Chants of Lock Her Up! (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Rush Limbaugh opened up for President Trump in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Monday.

Rush reminded the Trump crowd that Hillary Clinton and Democrats were the ONLY ONES who colluded with Russia in 2016.
This is a well known fact at this point. The liberal mainstream media lied to the American public for two years about this fake scandal.


After Rush Limbaugh mentioned Hillary Clinton the crowd started chanting, Lock her Up! Lock her Up!

President Trump gave Rush Limbaugh a bear hug when he came out on stage on Monday

70,000 watch online.


Night Sky  13 October 25 November A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Night Sky  13 October 25 November here:  Night Sky documents the 2018 NAIDOC celebrations at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre which saw multi-media planetarium screenings and stargazing from the viewing platform with Penrith Observatory. The NAIDOC public programs included Indigenous Astronomy talks by local artist John South (Barkindji),
Astronomer & Science Communicator Kirsten Banks (Wiradjuri) and Aboriginal Cosmology expert Duane Hamacher.

The exhibition features photographs by young Aboriginal artists Rebecca Chatfield, Darcee Golian, Gemma Matheson, Nicholas Moyle, Alaura Neville and Mea-Mei Stanbury who participated in a night sky astrophotography course with Gary P. Hayes. Photographic documentation of the NAIDOC events by Ben Pearse and the documentary Star Stories of the Dreaming (2016) featuring Senior Euahlayi Law Man and elder Ghillar Michael Anderson will also be on view.

A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition


Ron Howard: Creating vision of a future Mars colony "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

To mark the second season of the television series Mars, Hollywood director Ron Howard talked to the BBC about creating a realistic depiction of the first human colonies on the Red Planet.

If humankind is to expand out into the Universe, then Mars is likely to be our first stepping stone. With an atmosphere largely consisting of carbon dioxide and temperatures that vary between 20C and 125C, the Red Planet isnt exactly ideal for human occupation.

Wed have to adapt to living almost entirely within sealed habitats so outdoors-y types need not apply.


Nanostraws safely deliver molecules to human cells in seconds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nanostraws could be a way to deliver molecules into many cells at once, which may one day improve gene therapy for cancer and other diseases.


Astronomers spot one of the oldest stars ever "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Our Solar System is incredibly old by human standards. The Sun, sitting in the center, is thought to be just over 4.6 billion years old, which is an almost unfathomable amount of time to you and I. But its actually not all that impressive when it comes to stars.

A new survey of one particular star here in our own Milky Way galaxy reveals that its a whole lot older than anyone thought. In fact, its old enough to make our own star look like a youngster by comparison. The elderly star is called (deep breath) 2MASS J180820025104378 B, and what it lacks in a flashy name it more than makes up for in age. Astronomers now believe it to be an incredible 13.5 billion years old.


Tackling macro-economic measures for effective housing delivery "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Over 200 members of African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF), who converged on Abidjan, Cote Divoire, have affirmed their readiness to address challenges and opportunities in Africas housing finance chain. Dayo Ayeyemi reports   If some of the declarations made at the end of this years African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) are anything to []

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Surge in renewables delivering cheaper power, says TAI report RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As ScoMo sets off on the campaign trail, report says surge in wind and solar has seen NEM wholesale power prices peak, and go into a decline. Fair dinkum. The post Surge in renewables delivering cheaper power, says TAI report appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Surge in renewables delivering cheaper power, says TAI report RenewEconomy


Stakeholders chart direction for education quality "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

     paint gloomy picture of sector at Edu360 launch Minister: We need to reverse the ugly trend DYSFUNCTION Stakeholders, last week, rose to the challenges of fixing the education sector, which, according to them, needs to be repositioned to meet the needs of the country   Stakeholders have bemoaned the glowing dysfunction in the education []

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Concerns rise over dearth of female VCs "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

SHORTAGE The dearth of female vice-chancellors in Nigerian universities is raising a fresh concern, but stakeholders claimed that the dynamics is a reflection of the low proportion of female to male professors in the system. KAYODE OLANREWAJU examines the development   Okebukola: Figure still alright in Nigerian varsities The dearth of female Vice- Chancellors in []

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Iyang-Eyen: Emmanuel not playing politics with projects "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Commissioner for Works in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Ephraim Iyang-Eyen, in this interview, speaks about on-going road projects in the state and governments efforts to complete them within the next few months. TONY ANICHEBE repors   With the time left before this administration terminates, how many of the states road projects do you think []

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Crookwell 2 wind farm opens, in win for local farmers and ACT power prices RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Crookwell wind farm opens in the heart of Angus Taylors electorate but the energy minister, a long time anti-wind campaigner, did not attend the opening. The post Crookwell 2 wind farm opens, in win for local farmers and ACT power prices appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Crookwell 2 wind farm opens, in win for local farmers and ACT power prices RenewEconomy


Three female presidential candidates, shameful Anifowose "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mrs. Jumoke Anifowose, a former Ondo State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, is an ex-chairman of Ondo State All Progressives Congress (APC). In this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE, she speaks on the 2019 elections, APC post-primary election crises and women participation in politics   What is your take on the post-primary elections crises in your []

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Know your NEM: Coal comfort for electricity prices? RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Of all this weeks stats, the fall in the coal price really stood out. So whats behind it, and what does it mean for Australia? The post Know your NEM: Coal comfort for electricity prices? appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Know your NEM: Coal comfort for electricity prices? RenewEconomy


FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Spanish renewable energy developer FRV says Goonumbla solar project in NSW was one of the eight winning bids in the tender held by Snowy Hydro. The post FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro RenewEconomy


Awesome Q Proof from Trump at Rally! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Check out the short video in Q post number 2422. President Trump draws an unmistakable 'Q' in the air, for all the world to see. Love it!!

Dear US friends, please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE RED tomorrow as if your life depends on it. Your life, and the lives of ALL humanity, rests upon the outcome of the mid-term elections.

Let's make it a land-slide VICTORY for President Trump and the amazing Alliance team.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


USA: 9 Years Into Common Core, Test Scores Are Down, Indoctrination Up "IndyWatch Feed World"

Common Core sucked all the energy, money, and motivation right out of desperately needed potential reforms to U.S. public schools for a decade, and for nothing. It's been about nine years since the Obama administration lured states into adopting Common Core sight unseen, with promises it would improve student achievement. Like President Obama's other big promises - "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" - this one's been proven a scam. "If you set and enforce rigorous and challenging standards and assessments; if you put outstanding teachers at the front of the classroom; if you turn around failing schools - your state can win a Race to the Top grant that will not only help students outcompete workers around the world, but let them fulfill their God-given potential," President Obama said in July 2009.


Indiana Police Officer Before Punching Handcuffed Man: If You Spit Again, Were Gonna Party "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The mayor of Elkhart, Indiana, said Monday in hindsight his police chief should have handed down more severe punishment than reprimands to a pair of officers who now face criminal charges for repeatedly punching a handcuffed man in the face.

At the same time, Mayor Tim Neese defended Chief Ed Windbigler, who earlier told a civilian oversight board that the two officers had gone a little overboard with a man in custody, while saying nothing of punches being thrown. Windbigler also told the oversight board that no one suffered injuries, even though video shows the man being taken from the police station on a stretcher.

I think probably Chief Windbigler was not attempting to mislead anyone, Neese said.

The city announced Friday that misdemeanor battery charges would be filed against officers Cory Newland and Joshua Titus over their role in the incident. In the interview on Monday, the mayor said the case was only sent to prosecutors after a reporter for the South Bend Tribune asked for a copy of video of the incident.

In the meantime, a review of the video by The Tribune and ProPublica shows that the mayors son, Sgt. Drew Neese, and Jason Ray, a corporal who is president of the Elkhart lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, were in the room at the time two of their colleagues punched the man. They walked over after their fellow officers began throwing punches.

Asked about the actions of those officers, including his son, Tim Neese said, Some officers could have done more, and some officers probably could have done less.

Although the video shows the handcuffed man bleeding from his head after the beating, Tim Neese said he was not convinced the injuries resulted from the officers punches. The mayor said the man was injured during a domestic disturbance before his arrest.

I dont have reason to believe that he had injuries that occurred at the Elkhart Police Department, Neese said.

When asked by a Tribune reporter if the punches themselves could be considered injurious, Neese said, I suppose thats a subjective call.

The Tribune and ProPublica are partnering on an investigation of criminal justice in Elkhart, looking at police accountability, among other issues.

On Friday, the Police Department released a 30-second video clip of the beating, which happened Jan. 12 in a detention area at the police station. That clip shows Newland and Titus pushing the man, Mario Guerrero Ledesma, onto the floor and punching him after he spits toward Newland. Newla...


Another look at PIGB, NNPCs assets sale "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The planned listing of 40 per cent flagship asset of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) through Initial Public Offering (IPO) may be a stillbirth. Adeola Yusuf writes   Penultimate weekend, it was, that clouds thickened over the planned listing of 40 per cent flagship asset of the NNPC. The action, billed for execution through []

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Chaos Reigns in Trump Administration over Iranian Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Chaos Reigns in Trump Administration over Iranian Sanctions by Tom Luongo Gold, Goats and Guns Sanctions may indeed be coming but will they have the bite that Donald Trump is hoping for? Its a good question as we open...

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A vicious new breed of gangs has taken over Central America causing people to flee "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gangs such as MS-13 and Barrio 18 prey on their own neighborhoods in a violent, chaotic model spreading through the region The Congress of El Salvador agreed in April to extend the authority of jailers to keep gang leaders in solitary confinement. Over the next five days, the two reigning street gangs killed more than 100 people. With the highest homicide rate of all countries in the world, El Salvador is a nation held hostage. Law-enforcement officials estimate that one gang, MS-13, operates an extortion racket with little pressure from authorities in 248 of the 262 of the country's municipalities. It battles for neighborhood control with another gang, Barrio 18, which runs its own protection scheme in nearly as many regions. Politicians must ask permission of gangs to hold rallies or canvass in many neighborhoods, law-enforcement officials and prosecutors said. In San Salvador, the nation's capital, gangs control the local distribution of consumer products, experts said,...


Hillary Backers are Hijacking Democratic Party Organizations Again "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The National Democratic Training Committee claims to be a neutral body promoting novice Democratic candidates. They solicit donations on those grounds. So why are they circulating a Hillary 2020 campaign ad?


Senator Ted Cruz Proposed Increasing H1B Immigrants By 500%; H1B Visas Will Lead To Even Greater Immigration Crisis; US Born More Likely Unemployed Than Foreign Born Says Latest Employment Data "IndyWatch Feed"

This chart shows new US citizens. Ted Cruz, like many other Republicans, wants this increased many times over. Too many people is too many people, whether taking jobs from Americans, or destroying the environment from sheer quantity. American has an immigration crisis and it is a legal one.
The chart, above, shows numbers becoming US citizens. It is a flood without precedent historically; it is environmentally unsustainable and unfair to Americans. Over 1 million people per year is the equivalent of one large city per year. There is no equivalent chart for green cards, but citizenship is generally the next step. H1B is dual intent for a green card and hence citizenship. Ted Cruz has pushed for a 500% increa...


Spacecraft Are About To Sample Two Asteroids Worth Over $83 Billion Combined "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two different spacecraft are currently preparing to swipe a hunk of two different asteroids that theyve been journeying toward for the past few years. The asteroids could also be among the most profitable to mine for resources at some point in the future.


Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The poor often behave in less capable ways, which can further perpetuate poverty. We hypothesize that poverty directly impedes cognitive function and present two studies that test this hypothesis. First, we experimentally induced thoughts about finances and found that this reduces cognitive performance among poor but not in well-off participants. Second, we examined the cognitive function of farmers over the planting cycle. We found that the same farmer shows diminished cognitive performance before harvest, when poor, as compared with after harvest, when rich. This cannot be explained by differences in time available, nutrition, or work effort. Nor can it be explained with stress: Although farmers do show more stress before harvest, that does not account for diminished cognitive performance. Instead, it appears that poverty itself reduces cognitive capacity. We suggest that this is because poverty-related concerns consume mental resources, leaving less for other tasks. These data provide a previously unexamined perspective and help explain a spectrum of behaviors among the poor. We discuss some implications for poverty policy.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


ThreatQuotient integrates verified breach intelligence from Visa to strengthen payment data defenses "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ThreatQuotient is integrating verified breach intelligence from Visa to enable customers to detect and protect against cyber attacks targeting payment data. The integration of the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform with Visa Threat Intelligence will provide incident responders and defenders of corporate networks with the context, customization and collaboration needed to transform critical threat data into actionable threat intelligence that can help identify breaches in advance. Visa Threat Intelligence is a subscription service delivered via the More

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Trump Just Boxed The Fed In, This Is How (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump Just Boxed The Fed In, This Is How Video QX22 Report Theresa May is coming up with a secret deal and the people dont know what its all about, the question is why is it secret. Home sales...

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A QR Code, Step By Step "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We should all be familiar with QR codes, those blocky printed patterns containing encoded text, URLs, or other data. A few years ago they were subject to their own cloud of hype, but now they have settled down in their niche of providing a handy route for a smartphone owner to reach a website without having to type an address.

Have you ever wondered how they work? There are plenty of dry technical guides out there, but if theyre not your thing you might find [Nayuki]s step-by-step guide to be of interest. It explains the encoding and error checking bit generation process before starting on the familiar three-squares pattern and timing bars of the QR code itself. The really interesting part comes with its explanation of overlays, a set of repeating patterns that are added to the final data segment, and how the pattern used is chosen to minimise penalties due to large blocks of the same colour in the final piece. The chances are most of us will never have to create a QR code from scratch, but it is this type of fascinating technical general knowledge that makes guides like this such an interesting read.

QR codes have appeared in quite a few projects here over the years, but the one we find particularly amusing is this project to hack them by changing one QR into another.

Via Hacker News.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cuba, North Korea Reaffirm Historic Ties at First Summit in Thirty Years
DPRK state media hails two nations' "special friendship" and "joint struggle" against imperialism

Colin Zwirko
North Korea News 
November 5th, 2018

Cuban President Miguel Daz-Canel arrived in Pyongyang on Sunday for the first state visit by a Cuban leader to North Korea in over thirty years, joining the countrys leader Kim Jong Un in condemning the imperialists policy of aggression, DPRK state media reported on Monday.

Kim greeted Daz-Canel at Pyongyang International Airport with a ceremonial welcome, which included a surprising backdrop of painted portraits of the two leaders a first for the Kim Jong Un era.

The meeting represents Kims eighth summit with a foreign head of state this year.

The two then held an official meeting, attended an arts performance, and held a dinner banquet, where there were discussions over expanding scientific and economic cooperation and reaffirming historic ties, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

At a dinner banquet late Sunday, Kim Jong Un reportedly said Daz-Canels visit marked a watershed in demonstrating the will to carry forward forever the friendship between the two countries.

Daz-Canel also echoed recent statements from Kim and elsewhere in DPRK state media alluding to the struggle against the U.S. and others amid ongoing denuclearization negotiations.

Speaking at the banquet, Daz-Canel voiced his will to meet all challenges by the hostile forces and to invariably carry forward the traditional friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

An editorial in Sundays Rodong Sinmun welcoming the Cuban state visit also prominently featured this idea, saying the two countries are moving forward shoulder to shoulder in the joint struggle against the imperialists policy of aggression and war and for peace and the victory of socialist cause.

Today the Cuban people hold higher the banner of anti-imperialist independence and socialism in the face of tough sanctions and pressure by the imperialists under the guidance of Ra...


Another celebrity predicts Armageddon "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Here we go again. The US midterms are upon us, the Republicans look to be doing well, and another wealthy celebrity is trying to tell everyone how to vote. James Cromwell, who played the farmer in Babe, and made a reasonable effort of portraying Prince Phillip in The Queen (although he was totally overshadowed by [] The post Another celebrity predicts Armageddon appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Arkansas High School Choir Halts Busy Restaurant With Moving National Anthem Performance "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Fox News: A high school from Mena, Ark., received a standing ovation after serenading a cafe on Saturday. The Skyline Cafe was packed Saturday morning with hungry diners ready for breakfast. However, once Mena High School Spotlight choir started to sing, everyone started to put down their forks and rise to their feet. In []


Voter's Guide to Change Climate Politics in America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Our Vote Climate U.S. PAC voter's guide can revolutionize climate politics if voters use it.


Lighting up widows, youths lives "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Nigerian Air Force Officers Wives Association (NAFOWA) has continued to empower widows, youths and vulnerable women with sustainable skills. EMMANUEL ONANI writes that 220 beneficiaries were unveiled at a recent event in Abuja   The Nigerian Air Force Officers Wives Association (NAFOWA), over the weekend, selected 220 widows and youths, to participate in its []

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A Badge of Shame: The Government's War on America's Military Veterans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The government's efforts to wage war on military veterans, especially those who speak out against government wrongdoing, is downright appalling.


I know what Im doing tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

My halocarbon oil arrived today! Finally, I can do some arthropod embryo culture.


Would you believe that 100mL bottle cost me $166? Since Im going to use a 20l drop for each embryo, that means I only have enough for 5000 experiments. Im already feeling a little panicky about my supplies running low. Maybe I should order another bottle.

In case you were wondering what this precious stuff is, its an inert, high molecular weight polymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene. Its used a lot in insect culture because you can put an embryo into a drop of it, and it prevents it from drying out, improves optical clarity, and also allows for free gas exchange. Im eager to try it.

P.S. Oh, right, Im also voting first thing in the morning, and then hiding from all the media about the election all day long.


Whoopsie Must Listen: Michigan Reporter Calls Senate Candidate John James Voicemail, Accidentally Didnt Hang Up. "IndyWatch Feed"

As much as this is hilarious to hear, there is also a serious aspect. Republican candidate John James is in a close race in Michigan with incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow. A reporter named Brenda Battel from the Huron Daily Tribune Continue reading


Greenies. More Dangerous Than Dieldrin "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Who possibly could have guessed mixing dirty nappies, broken glass and bits of plastic with good productive soil would produce bad toxic soil?

A government scheme that for two decades has been spreading treated waste from red-lid household bins, including nappies and food scraps, across regional NSW has potentially exposed humans and livestock to cancer-linked toxins.
The Daily Telegraph can today reveal the Environment Protection Agency for six months sat on a scathing report that warned of the dangers, before the government quietly suspended the practice of using treated household waste as farm fertiliser just over a week ago.

Strangely, the full report is not available on the net.

They were from the Government and they were there to help.


How Trumps Actions Have Helped People With Pre-Existing Conditions And Major Health Issues "IndyWatch Feed"

Share with anyone arguing GOP are bad on pre-existing conditions. Via NY Post: Democrats have tried to make Tuesdays elections about health care. As with most issues, they equate government spending with success liberals claim they care more than conservatives because they spend more of other peoples hard-earned money. Full disclosure: My husband, Russ []


Sarah Lawrence Prof writes Op-Ed about lack of intellectual diversity - and social justice warriors want him kicked off campus "IndyWatch Feed World"

Conservative Prof. Samuel Abrams becomes target of harassment and is thrown under bus by administration after his NY Times Op-Ed, proving his point. Professor Samuel Abrams is a conservative-leaning tenured professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College. He is active in Heterodox Academy, a group of almost 2000 academics devoted to intellectual diversity on campus. Prof. Abrams recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about the lack of ideological diversity among administrators at his school and elsewhere. The column, titled Think Professors Are Liberal? Try School Administrators, brought together research Prof. Abrams had done on left-leaning bias among college professors and administrators, and how it stifles open debate. This warped ideological distribution among college administrators should give our students and their families pause. To students who are in their first semester at school, I urge you not to accept unthinkingly what your campus administrators are telling...


Georgia Secretary of State Accuses Dems of Attempting to Hack Voter Registration System "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Georgia Secretary of State Accuses Dems of Attempting to Hack Voter Registration System from The Free Thought Project Just ahead of the November 6 vote, the Georgia Secretary of State accused the Democratic party of attempting to hack the voter...

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Yemen is Another US Dirty War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If the US is sincere in wanting peace, which it shows no real desire for, then it will put a stop to the bombing within 24 hours.


People Find Dog Living In The Dirt After His Family Moves Away "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

To the person passing by on her delivery route, the yellow Labrador was just another poor old boy in need of help.

The 8-year-old dogs family had moved away and left him behind. With nowhere to go, the dog, known as Larry, took up residence in the parking lot of a landscaping business across the street from his former home.

For months he lay in the dirt, surviving on the goodwill of passing truckers, who would occasionally toss him something to eat or drink.

Credit: Love Leo Rescue

It became clear to the delivery driver that the dogs family wasnt coming back so she made him a profile on Instagram.

That seemingly small act helped bring Larrys story to the attention of Sasha Abelson, president of Love Leo Rescue, who reached out to local volunteers. As soon as we saw [the posts] we said, Just get the dog to us, well take care of the rest, Abelson told The Dodo.

Credit: Love Leo Rescue

Volunteers were able to coax Larry into their car, and drove him two hours to Los Angeles.

They noticed the old dogs stomach was bloated, despite having no regular access to food or water for months, and he was missing patches of hair on his legs and was having difficulty walking.

Credit: Love Leo Rescue

Though the dog looked sad, he still wagged his tail for his rescuers.


100 aspirants in Ondo sue Oshiomhole, INEC, APC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    One hundred House of Representatives and House of Assembly aspirants under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), yesterday, dragged the partys National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to court, over the outcome of the primaries in Ondo State.   The grouse of the aspirants, led []

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Dont go on strike, Buhari begs Labour "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to consider the giant steps taken by his administration to uplift the economic and political fortunes of the country.   The President said this feat was possible despite the huge challenges of resources inherited by the government. Buharis plea to the NLC is connected []

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Opioid crisis about to get worse: As overdose deaths continue to soar, FDA approves new painkiller that's 1,000 times stronger than Morphine "IndyWatch Feed World"

Purdue Pharma and other pioneers of powerful opioid painkillers probably felt a twinge of regret on Friday when the FDA approved a powerful new opioid painkiller that's 10 times stronger than fentanyl - the deadly synthetic opioid that's been blamed for the record number of drug overdose deaths recorded in 2017 - and 1,000 times more powerful than morphine, ignoring the objections of lawmakers and its own advisory committee in the process. After all that trouble that purveyors of opioids like Purdue and the Sackler family went to in order to win approval - doctoring internal research and suborning doctors to convince the FDA to approve powerful painkillers like OxyContin despite wildly underestimating the drug's abuse potential - the agency might very well have approved those drugs any way? And opioid makers might have been able to avoid some of the legal consequences stemming from this dishonesty, like the avalanche of lawsuits brought by state AGs. What's perhaps even more...


Daily sudoku "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Are New Central Bank Gold Purchases Telling Us Something? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Are New Central Bank Gold Purchases Telling Us Something? Video KitCo News TDC Note I know a lot of you have issues with Jeffrey Christianson, but if we dont listen to what our enemies say we miss some...

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Why the US-Saudi Crisis will Pass "IndyWatch Feed War"

My article in Consortium News about "Why the US-Saudi Crisis will Pass"


Film unearthed from Russian WWII trench reveals faces of Soviet fighters who battled against Nazis "IndyWatch Feed World"

A photo from a Leica camera, which spent 77 years buried in a WWII trench near Russia's southern city of Rostov-on-Don, has been restored by researchers, revealing a stunning image of volunteers fighting Nazis. A team of amateur archeologists, devoted to recovering remains and artifacts from WWII sites, made the discovery when they unearthed the trench in one of the city's suburbs.


Raumati Stream Emergency "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Kpiti Coast Council is advising people to stay out of the Wharemauku Stream and stream mouth at Marine Gardens, []


Man Drives 200 Miles To Save The Life Of A Dog About To Be Put Down "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Royce was found living as a stray in Miami, Florida, and was taken in by a local shelter. He was bruised and cut when he was first found, and had clearly already been through a lot in his short life. Not long after he arrived at the shelter, Royce was adopted, but unfortunately was soon returned. After that, Royce was adopted again and was returned again, just like before.

Credit: David Sebba

I am guessing he was adopted because hes got such a handsome face, but unfortunately, with that face comes a lot of energy, David Sebba, Royces new dad, told The Dodo. He is very impulsive and is extremely smart. Thats the formula for a dog that needs a lot of supervision and boundaries! 

Credit: David Sebba

After Royce was returned for the second time, it seemed to the shelter that he may be unadoptable, and he was soon in danger of being put down. A volunteer posted about Royce and his plight on Facebook in July 2017, hoping that someone would see the post and want to help and luckily, the post found its way onto Sebbas feed. 

He has this natural smile to him that really struck me, Sebba said. Its hard to explain. I knew that as a returned dog his chances of getting out again were slim, so I made the decision to add him to our family.

Credit: David Sebba

Even once Sebba had made the decision to add Royce to his family, that was still easier said than done. Royce was at a shelter in Miami, while Sebba lived in Orlando hours away. Sebba was determined, though, so he called the shelter and asked...


12,000 Inside Trump/GOP Chattanooga Rally As Leftists Chant Against America Outside "IndyWatch Feed"

One side loves America, the other hates it. WATCH: this is what its like at a #MAGA rally packed with 12,000 people when VP @mike_pence comes on stage in Chattanooga to introduce President @realDonaldTrump. Marc Lotter (@marc_lotter) November 5, 2018 Democrats take a knee outside a Republican Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during []


New Jersey Group Gives Big To Senators Roger Wicker-Ted Cruz To Sanction Iran; Apparently Want War With Iran; If You Want Peace, Vote Them Out "IndyWatch Feed"

It is important to understand that these large NORPAC donors, who appear to want the US at war with Iran, are a only tiny fraction of the American Jewish population and are mostly Orthodox. In short, they are a minority, within a minority, within a minority. Why they and Trumps long-time buddy, Israeli PM Netanyahu, want war with Iran remains an abiding mystery to us. It is very, very, important to understand that Netanyahu and Trump are in open conflict with those Conservative Jews whose synagogue was recently attacked. The majority of American Jews are not Trump or Netanyahu or Putins sort of Jews. The current head of NORPAC is an apparent extremist named Dr. Ben Chouake. The only real cure for anti-semitism is to understand that there is a great diversity in Jewish religious and political beliefs, just as there is a great diversity in Christian and Islamic religious and political beliefs.

In March 2017, Leon and Roz Kozak hosted (an apparent fundraiser) event for Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. At the event Wicker said that he wanted to sanction Iran for non-nuclear purposes, and wanted to have the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps internationally designated as a terrorist entity. He has co-sponsored anti Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) legislation (S. 170, the Combating BDS Act of 2017).

Wicker sits on four Senate committees in the 115th Congress: the Armed Services Committee; the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee; the Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), and the Rules Committee.

Going to war with Iran, appears to be Roger Wickers idea of helping Veterans.

NORPAC Hosts Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) in Englewood
By JLNJ Staff | March 30, 2017 On Sunday, Leon & Roz Kozak of Englewood hosted an evening event for U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) at their home.
See: Each contribution is almost as high as the per capita income for Mississippi, for a total of $344,340: Mississippi per capita income is $21,651 Its unclear if NORPAC gave cruz a little over $80,000 or a little over $160,000.

Wickers attempt to stop Americans from boycotting Israel is an extreme violation of American Constitutional rights.

Fed Up With Critics, Netanyahu Opens Back Channel to Undermine U.S. Reform, Conservative Leaders: Foreign Ministry flies in 20 rabbis including well-known critics of current leadership in move said to be masterminded by ambassador in Washington, a close confidant of the prime minister by Judy Maltz Oct 23, 2018 8:14 Am...


Noam Chomsky: Trump and His Enablers Are Criminally Insane "IndyWatch Feed World"

Of the myriad disturbing reports that Donald Trumps presidency has generated over the past 22 months, from its woeful recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria to its sadistic child separation policy, few were as viscerally upsetting as The Washington Posts findings from September of this year. According to a new environmental impact statement, administration officials privately acknowledge that we are on course for a cataclysmic temperature increase of 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Whats worse, the White House appears entirely resigned to the planets fate, even opening up the Arctic for offshore drilling.

For this reason alone, Noam Chomsky considers the president and his Republican enablers to be criminally insane.

In a new interview with Scientific American, the celebrated linguist and political theorist opines on a range of topics including classical liberalism, Trumps presidency and his own vision of a better world. He also further clarifies why he considers the Republican Party to be the most dangerous organization in human history.

Here are just a few of his more memorable remarks:

On the failings of Western civilization

In his very important study on the rise and fall of American growth, Robert Gordon observes that there was virtually no economic growth for millennia until 1770, slow growth for another century, and then a special century until 1970, dependent largely on specific inventions.  Since the 1970s the picture is much more mixed: in the US, with actual decline in real wages for non-supervisory workers over 40 years and even increased death rates in recent years.  These are among the features of the neoliberal era that have led to the rise of the kind of morbid symptoms that Gramsci warned about from Mussolinis prison cell, as we see all too clearly in the western world today.  Elsewhere we find different patterns.  Thus Russia suffered severe economic decline and demographic col...


The Dozen Worst Democrats Facing The Voters Are Better Than The Dozen Best Republicans "IndyWatch Feed"

Perhaps trying to torture Seor Trumpanzee, a 4 month old Pew Research poll was widely circulated on the internet over the weekend, showing that President Obama, by far, is the president who the most Americans think was the best in their lifetimes (31%) followed by Reagan (21%) and Clinton (13%).

I didn't have time to conduct a poll, but I'm going to tell you who the best non-incumbent candidates running for Congress on Tuesday are. In alphabetical order-- based strictly on how well they will perform in Congress if they are elected. These are a dozen potential superstars:
Lisa Brown (WA-05)
Randy Bryce (WI-01)
Kara Eastman (NE-02)
Jared Golden (ME-02)
Jess King (PA-11)
Nate McMurray (NY-27)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14)


LIVE VIDEO: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and PRESIDENT TRUMP at Final Midterm Election Rally in Cape Girardeau, MO "IndyWatch Feed"

Its 57 and raining in Cape Girardeau and across Missouri today.

Despite the cold and rain THOUSANDS of Missourians lined up early to see the final Trump campaign rally tonight with Rush Limbaugh in southern Missouri!

There are thousands lined up already!

Supporters started lining up for Mondays rally on Sunday night.


Cell-Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer in Rats. The Next Question: What Does it Mean For Humans? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

These results substantially change the debate on whether cell-phone use is a cancer risk at all.

The studies were nearly two decades in the making.


Under the Pakistani volcano "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via The Saker November 04, 2018 While Khan plays on a complex geopolitical chessboard, Chinese aid could be a financial lifeline as Islamabad faces off against deadly religious extremism by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with The Asia Times by special agreement with the author) It has been a breathless week, huddled in the shadow of the simmering, []


Symantec acquires Javelin Networks to thwart growing number of active directory-based attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Symantec acquired Javelin Networks, a company that offers software technology to defend enterprises against Active Directory-based attacks. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) services have become a popular target for attackers, who use AD reconnaissance to discover the users, servers and computers in an enterprise network and then move laterally across the network using this information to carry out multi-stage attacks. Recently, multiple major advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns have used AD credentials to move laterally in More

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Whaleoil wisdom "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This piece of Whaleoil wisdom was brought to you by the Whaleoil Store. Visit us now and find the perfect piece of Whaleoil swag for your collection.   The post Whaleoil wisdom appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Urgent: Monsanto And Bayer Are Moving To Create A Monopoly On Marijuana "IndyWatch Feed World"

Youve heard of Monopoly, right? The fun little board game with fake money, little plastic houses, and get out of jail free cards? Its a great way to pass the time. That is, depending on who youre playing with.

But when it comes to real-life properties, business, and products, however, a monopoly becomes a whole lot more dangerous.

Two major companies, Monsanto and Bayer, have recently joined together and seem to be plotting to take over the cannabis industry. In other words, create a monopoly on marijuana.

Read Entire Article


Narrative Divergence and Degrees of Blessed Freedom "IndyWatch Feed War"

Today in America, a tug of war rages between two competing visions of the public interest. One vision is indicative of direct democracy as evidenced by the mammoth and spontaneous Trump rallies. The other is the same ole top-down imposition orchestrated by managed democracys invisible rulers. Look at the obligatory apparatchiks at Obama rallies. No comparison.

The first vision is both subversive and organic, deriving its strength from the economic populism (Make America Great Again MAGA) that Donald Trump has so effectively cultivated in his role as anti-establishment outsider. (Ive suggested elsewhere Trump is supported in this populist crusade by an America-First subset of the elite intent on trade normalization and re-industrialization. The plot thickens.)

The second vision is overwhelmingly reactionary, roughly comprising the establishment parties (Democrats and RINO Republicans), the Trumanite Military-Industrial-Surveillance-Media-Complex, the US Chamber of Commerce (multinational corporatism), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a relative latecomer: Antifa foot soldiers dedicated mostly to Open Society Foundation paychecks. Soon, full employment will hire these Bolshe-vistas away.

Too bad so many decent moderate and left-leaning Americans are effectively caught in the dissonant headlights of the second visions media-propagated, out-sized fear of Trumpism.

Managed Democracy has little choice but to ignore the booming economy and satisfy itself with telegenic pratfalls, such as how Trump occasionally walks in front of his wife and sets umbrellas down without closing them. To Americas great credit, the CNN snarks are losing big-time. Trumps job approval keeps rising despite the relentless whingeing. Even a 92% media negativity onslaught cant avert the upward ascent of Trumps numbers (see the Media Research Center and recent Gallup numbers, below).

Then just ye...


Homeless Man Returns $10,000. What The Owner Gave Back Changed His Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Unless you yourself have been homeless, there is no way of knowing how difficult it is, especially through the long and cold winter nights. Elmer Alvarez had been homeless for a year, living on the streets and having to live every day without knowing what was to be of his life. But then one day everything was going to change, and in more ways than one.

See how one man was able to turn his life completely around just by doing what he calls, the right thing.


Making America as secure as Israel Israelis train U.S. police "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Alison Weir | CounterPunch | February 3, 2005 When youre receiving advice free or otherwise, its wise to first evaluate the source. Its probably not the best idea to hire a squinting optometrist, a limping podiatrist, or a toothless dentist. If youre considering a heart surgeon and a search for his previous patients turns []


The Democrats Closing Argument in Missouri: Vote for Claire McCaskill, You Liberal Dipsh*ts "IndyWatch Feed"

Closing Arguments for Missouri Democrats

Vote for Claire McCaskill, You Liberal Dipshits

This was published in the far left rag The Riverfront Times this past weekend.

Even the Democrats dont like her.

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Discover the Military Heroes in Your Family "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Posted by Ancestry Team on November 2, 2018 in Campaigns, Collections   For the past 30 years, our focus has been digitizing and making historical content accessible for everyone today, we offer more than 10 billion historical documents, including an unmatched collection of more than 250 million military records. As America celebrates Veterans Day this []


The Economic Road Ahead "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Economic Road Ahead by Gary Christenson Rules help guide us through uncertainty. Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions expressed are his regarding the rules for traveling our economic path. THOSE WHO MAKE THE RULES: For...

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LISTEN: Reporter Caught on Tape Disparaging Michigan GOP Senate Candidate F*cking John James "IndyWatch Feed"

A Michigan reporter was caught on tape disparaging GOP Senate candidate John James when she called his campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone after leaving a voicemail.


The Daily Caller exclusively reported:

Brenda Battel, a reporter for Huron Daily Tribune, left the voicemail on Jamess campaign offices phone number at 3:40 PM Monday, requesting the interview for Wednesday, the day after the Nov. 6 midterm elections. In the voicemail, she expresses her interest in interviewing James, believes she hung up the phone, and then goes on to curse about a possible James victory, saying she doesnt think it will happen.

Hi, my name is Brenda Battel, Im a reporter with the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan, Battel said in the voicemail.

Im looking to set up an appointment with Mr. James for some time on Wednesday for a phone interview regarding the election results, she continued. Im probably going to send an email over to the with some details. Um, if youd like to call me back, my number is [redacted] Thank you.

At this point Brenda Battel tries to hang up the phone after leaving her number, but the phone remains connected to the line and continues to record her voice.

Man, if he beats her Jesus! F*cking John James. That would suck! Whew I dont think its going to happen though, Battel said not realizing she is being recorded.

GOP Senate candidate John James, a combat veteran, husband and father is running against Democrat incumbent and Soros puppet, Debbie Stabenow.

Theres no media bias thoughthats just a vast right-wing conspiracy.


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Banditry: Masari gives matching order to security chiefs "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Katsina State Governor, Aminu Bello Masari, yesterday gave a matching order to security chiefs in the state to spare no effort in arresting those behind the resurgence of insecurity in the state.   He also decried the kidnapping and other forms of banditry that had taken over the state, saying such was threatening the lives []

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Blood on their hands "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There is nothing more appropriate to underscore a nation with broken consciousness and moral fibre than its present army of occupation across the country. It is a sign of dithering hope, fractured nationality, broken dialogue, and a clear absence of national cohesion and unanimity of purpose. Under a democracy, the Police are vested with the []

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Woman locks housemaid inside toilet, goes to church "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  A 35-year-old mother of two, Mabel Prince, has been arrested for allegedly locking her housemaid inside a toilet at the Baruwa Estate, Lagos. Prince was said to have locked the girl inside the toilet and headed for church. The 14-year-old housemaid was rescued by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Ipaja Police []

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Village head, 18 others arraigned for Alkalis murder "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Generals killing, highly regrettable Lalong   Police in Plateau State yesterday arraigned before a Jos High Court the 19 suspects arrested in connection with murder of Major General Idris Alkali (rtd). Alkalis body was found in an abandoned well at Guchwet village in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. This was as Governor []

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AI simplifies statewide study of leopards in south India "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An extensive study of the leopard population in the wildlife-rich southern Indian state of Karnataka has indicated that these big cats are thriving there, buoying hopes the species genetic pool is stable in the region. Researchers from the Karnataka Forest Department (KFD) and the independent research organization Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) jointly surveyed the cats in protected forests, private lands, rocky outcrops and non-protected natural areas spanning a diverse landscape covering roughly 27,000 square kilometers (10,400 square miles). They used grids of motion-sensor camera traps to better understand leopard distribution and habits in a variety of landscapes. A large leopard crosses between a pair of camera traps at sunset. The Karnataka study surveyed leopards in a variety of vegetation and land use types. Image copyright of Nature Conservation Foundation. Karnataka is the first Indian state to scientifically estimate the population of leopards (Panthera pardus) over such a large area, following similar studies for tigers and elephants. The project took six years to complete and identified 363 individual leopards based on the rosette patterns on their bodies, which, like human fingerprints, are unique to each individual. The cameras captured more than 1.5 million images at sites across the state. Using statistical extrapolation from this sample, the researchers estimate that Karnataka is home to 2,500 leopards. Algorithms speed image analysis To aid such a large-scale survey, the researchers applied artificial intelligence to examine the collection of camera-trap images. This significantly reduced the time and human resources needed to complete the analysis. Using

Local fishers oppose $2.7 billion deal opening Madagascar to Chinese fishing "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Life on the coast of Madagascar is increasingly precarious. In recent decades, the overexploitation of marine life has made it difficult for hundreds of thousands of small-scale fishers to make a living. So its no surprise that they are vocally opposing a new agreement to bring hundreds of additional Chinese vessels into their waters. Two months ago, a little-known and ostensibly private Malagasy association signed a 10-year, $2.7 billion fishing deal the largest in the countrys history with a group of Chinese companies that plans to send 330 fishing vessels to Madagascar. Madagascars president at the time, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, was in the room when the deal was signed in Beijing on Sept. 5, although he later claimed not to be familiar with it. No draft of the deal has been made public, and its opacity has drawn media attention in the run-up to the presidential election on Wednesday. Rajaonarimampianina stepped down as president on Sept. 7, two days after the deal was signed, to comply with Malagasy law that requires a sitting president to leave office 60 days before an election in which he is running. He is a leading candidate in the election. On the Madagascar side, the Agence Malagasy de Dveloppement conomique et de Promotion dentreprises (AMDP) made the deal, which the group says was designed to promote the countrys blue economy. It did so without consulting the fisheries ministry, the national environment office, or civil society groups, many of which are now calling for the

SWIFT verweigert wegen neuer US-Sanktionen dem Iran ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

SWIFT verweigert wegen neuer US-Sanktionen dem Iran die Zusammenarbeit. Damit ist der Iran vom weltweiten Banking abgeschnitten. Nur weil Trump was fr den Wahlkampf brauchte. Und weil der Iran den deal mit Obama gemacht hatte, nicht mit ihm.


Fayoses administration failed to uphold heritage, says Fayemi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, yesterday berated his predecessor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, for abandoning valuable projects while at the helm of affairs. The governor bared his mind while on the tour of the Ikogosi water spring located in Ekiti West local government area as part of his visit to tourist centres in the state. []

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Ijebu-Jesa holds monarchs first coronation anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On Saturday, sons and daughters of Ijebu-Jesa, popularly referred to as Ijebu Egboro, Osun State, will converge on the ancient town, for the first coronation anniversary of the monarch, the Elegboro, HRM Oba Moses Olufemi Agunsoye, Abikehin-Ekun Agunsoye II. The Chairman, Planning Committee and President of Egboro Klub of Ijebu-Jesa, M. Gbenga Abudiore (an engineer), []

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Little Rock Mobilizes to Oppose Nazi Group on Saturday Whos Leader Says Exterminationism Toward Jews the Only Way "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Little Rock Mobilizes to Oppose Nazi Group on Saturday Whos Leader Says Exterminationism Toward Jews the Only Way appeared first on It's Going Down.

This Saturday in Little Rock, Arkansas, anti-racists, antifascist groups, and community organizations plan to mobilize against one of the largest and oldest neo-Nazi groups in the US, the National Socialist Movement (NSM). The NSM evolved out of and takes its ideological and optical inspiration from the American Nazi Party (ANP), which was one of the first organizations in the post-war period to promote Hitlers brand of National Socialism in an organized fashion. Like the NSM, the group was known for dressing like SS stormtroopers, giving Nazi salutes, operating in a paramilitary type fashion, and also embracing the swastika and Adolf Hitler.


Hate Thy Neighbour Jamali Meets the National Socialist Movement

"You kind of think, how are they going to get a revolution right if they can't even burn a swastika properly".We're showing a repeat of HATE THY NEIGHBOUR tonight at 10.30pm

Posted by VICE on TV on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Recently the National Socialist Movement has attempted to gain new recruits out of the rise of the Alt-Right and support for Donald Trump, and has even attempted to clean up its image, to a degree. In 2016, the NSM along with a variety of violent skinhead gangs, KKK groups, and other neo-Nazi organizations, attempted to form the Aryan National Alliance, which soon grew into the Nationalist Front. The NSM also stated that they would no longer use the swastika in public, however at each and every rally the NSM has organized, they can still be founding giving Hitler salutes, sporting Nazi tattoos, and also burning crosses and swasti...


Diagnostic of the Future : Between the Crisis of Democracy and the Crisis of Capitalism: A Forecast "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this in-depth analysis, Peter Gelderloos explores the technological and geopolitical changes that movements for liberation will face over the next several decades. How will those who hold power today attempt to weather the economic and political crises ahead? Will artificial intelligence and bioeconomics save capitalism? Whats more dangerousgovernments refusing to address climate change, or the technocratic solutions they will propose? Will we see the rise of fascism, or the regeneration of democracy? If we study the challenges that capitalism and the state will confront, we can prepare to make the most of them to put forward another way of life.

This article is also available as a e-book and as a print-ready zine PDF. Pick the medium that suits you best.

Diagnostic of the Future

Peter Gelderloos

It is no secret that both democracy and capitalism are in crisis. For more than half a century, state planners and their pundits only had to justify democracy as better than (state) communism. For the 1990s and most of the 00s, they didnt have to offer any justification at all. Democracy was the only possibility imaginable, the teleological destiny of all humankind.

Today, that is no longer the case. On the world stage, democratic institutions of interstate cooperation are in shambles, and the emergence of new alliances and new postures suggests that an alternative is beginning to coalesce. At the level of specific nat......


Prophet in court for duping church member of N54.5m "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Founder of Power of the Holy Ghost Evangelical Ministry aka Tuesday Tuesday Church, Prophet Cletus Ilongwo, was yesterday arraigned before an Ikeja Special Offences Court, Lagos, for allegedly defrauding a church member of N54.5 million. Ilongwo was arraigned on an 11-count charge of fraud preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission []

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NCC Tennis League: Teams Offikwu, Leadway Assurance, Tech Vibes, Goshen qualify for semis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The group phase of the NCC Tennis League was concluded over the weekend in six cities with Team Offikwu of Kaduna and Team Leadway Assurance fo Lagos emerging from the White Group while Team Tech Vibes of Jos led the White Group with Team Goshen of Ilorin clinching the second spot. In their final group []

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LASG: Ambodell deliver $70m Oshodi Transport Interchange before May 29 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Amidst concerns by Lagosians over what becomes of several ongoing projects in the state, the State Government yesterday assured that the $70 million Oshodi Transport Interchange would be completed before Governor Akinwunmi Ambode leaves Office on 29th May, 2019. The government reiterated that the ongoing project was conceived and being implemented to evolve a []

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Plateau Varsity: Community, herdsmen set to end grazing crisis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

To tackle insecurity challenge within and around the Plateau State University, Bokkos following the spate of clashes between the university community and Fulani herdsmen, the traditional council and leaders of Fulani have agreed to sign a peace pact in order to restore sanity to the area. The Saf Butura, Dr. John Gabriel Mallo Makwal, who []

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VORTEX: Bitcoins Bear Market Nears EXPIRATION DATE All-Time Highs APPROACHING! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

VORTEX: Bitcoins Bear Market Nears EXPIRATION DATE All-Time Highs APPROACHING! Video Portfolio Wealth Global Video Source

The post VORTEX: Bitcoins Bear Market Nears EXPIRATION DATE All-Time Highs APPROACHING! (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


The hateful, closed minds of the bigoted left rule the academy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A Cultural Revolution is shaking the foundations of Western thought. Like Maos Red Guards, the black-shirted thugs of woke intolerance are determined to smash the Olds and bully, denounce and bludgeon everyone into straitjacketed conformity with their dogmas. They havent started shipping dissenters off to re-education camps yet. Yet. Academics from Camille Paglia and Jonathan [] The post The hateful, closed minds of the bigoted left rule the academy appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


THE GATEWAY PUNDIT To Host Election Night Coverage LIVE WITH STEVE BANNON "IndyWatch Feed"

Breaking- The Gateway Pundit To Host Election Night Coverage With Steve Bannon

The Gateway Pundit announces    LIVE ELECTION NIGHT COVERAGE with host STEPHEN K. BANNON brought to you by Citizens of the american republic a C-4 non-profit dedicated to Economic nationalism and maximizing citizenship value.

The Gateway Pundit is thrilled to announce Stephen K. Bannon will host coverage of election night 2018. Guests through the night will include several top conservatives.  The Gateway Pundits Jim Hoft, Alicia Powe and Cassandra Fairbanks will also make appearances and will be covering the event and election results live.

The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft added, We look forward to bringing our readers smart, minute-by-minute analysis of hotly contested midterm races by some of the most respected names in American politics.

In an interview with TGPs Alicia Powe this weekend, Steve Bannon said of the November 6 election, This is grassroots vs. grassroots. Our base is just as strong, if not stronger. But people have to get that sense of urgency.

On where the future is going, Bannon said, A t...


International Prototype of the Kilogram Soon to Become Obsolete "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The future of the kilo: a weighty matter

First, the platinum-iridium cylinder is rubbed with a chamois that has been soaked in alcohol and ether. Then it is steam rinsed using boiling, double-distilled water. Finally, the 1kg cylinder is returned, carefully, to its resting place. Such reverence for a lump of metal is unusual, but has a purpose. The pavilion houses the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and that piece of platinum-iridium alloy is its holiest relic. It is the defining mass against which all other kilograms are measured. This is the international prototype of the kilogram. The IPK, in short.

But the days of le grand K, as it is known, are numbered. Later this month, at the international General Conference on Weights and Measures, to be held in France, delegates are expected to vote to get rid of this single physical specimen and instead plump to use a fundamental measurement to be defined in terms of an electric current in order to define the mass of an object. The king of kilograms is about to be dethroned.

[...] In replacing the Paris kilogram with units measured in terms of Planck's constant, scientists have had to push technology to its limits, though in one sense they are merely catching up with all the other methods now used to define the other basic units with which we measure our existence, such as time and length. These are determined today in terms of fundamental processes.

Also at Inverse and Physics World.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


A Map of Migrations "IndyWatch Feed"

Fascinating animated map that shows the movements of populations across western Eurasia beginning in 8,000 BC, based on 1872 individual DNA datasets. I recommend running it with the "cultures" layer turned off; unless you know a lot of obscure archaeological terms this means nothing and even knowing them I found it distracting.

The two big events are the sudden appearance of yellow Anatolian farmers in central Europe around 5000 BC

and the massive influx of red "steppe derived" people in central Europe around 2500 BC.

Kind of awesome, although of course it assumes that we can reliably identify Anatolian farmers or migrants from the steppes; I accept those identifications but not everybody does.


Illinois DCFS Agrees to Outside Inquiry at Psychiatric Hospital Where Children Have Reported Abuse "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services agreed Monday to a full, independent assessment involving children in its care placed at a Chicago psychiatric hospital rocked by allegations of abuse and assault.

DCFS and the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois have been negotiating since Thursday over the investigation at Aurora Chicago Lakeshore Hospital and how the child welfare agency would ensure the safety of its children hospitalized there, especially those who have been kept at the hospital despite being cleared for discharge.

In a written response to the ACLU on Monday, DCFS said it would allow the independent review to address the safety, care and treatment of DCFS youth at the hospital. The ACLU said it welcomed the agencys change of course.

We are glad that the department agreed to this, but we need to remain vigilant, ACLU attorney Claire Stewart said. This is a small step in a longer fix, but its a step.

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DCFS had agreed Friday to place a hold on sending children in its care to the hospital, but it said it wanted any review of the facility to be limited to the 16 allegations of...


Montel Williams Will Host Military Makeover "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Montel Williams first episode as host of Military Makeover set to air on November 30th following Veterans Day.   Military Makeover with Montel, produced by BrandStar, offers hope and a helping hand here on the home front to members of our military and their loved ones. A veteran of both the Marine Corps and the Navy, talk []


President Trump MAGA Rally, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 10:00pm ET / 9:00pm CT "IndyWatch Feed"

For the final MAGA rally of the midterm election President Trump heads to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for a rally at the Show Me Center.  In addition to President Trump, special guests Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Lee Greenwood will be Continue reading


A Stunning Video of Arizona Monsoon Thunderstorms "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Rarely does one see a weather video so stunning, so poetic, with music and imagery so in sync, and that vividly communicates the beauty and grandeur of the atmosphere
But this week I was privileged to view such a video of southwest U.S. thunderstorms that was created by Mike Olbinski. 

The Southwest  (or North American) monsoon is associated with often spectacular thunderstorms over Arizona and the interior US Southwest during summer (roughly late June to August).   The large scale circulation pattern that produces the monsoon has high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico and moist southerly flow moving northward out of western Mexico (see graphic below produced by the Arizona cooperative extension).

 Monsoon thunderstorms are not only vigorous, often with intense and substantial rainfall, but tend to be high based, allowing a good view of rain shafts and dust storms below the main cumulonimbus cloud. 

Yes, dust storms.  Strong outflow winds can be produced by descending air from the thunderstorm that hits the surface and spreads out (see figure).  The air accelerates downward due to the downward drag of the falling precipitation and the evaporative cooling of precipitation in the dry air below.  Cool air is more dense, resulting in downward acceleration.  These winds can raise sand and dust, creating dust storms that are often called haboobs.   The strong winds moving out of thunderstorms can also be very dangerous for landing and departing aircraft.

OK, back to the video.  In it will see many examples of precipitation falling out of thunderstorms, lots of lightning, and stunning dust storms.  Click on the link below, and be prepared to be moved.  Mike Olbinski is a poet videographer.



Legendary journalist who wrote his own obit "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The veteran Kpiti and Wellington journalist Jim Webber never stopped writing, even penning his own obituary as his health failed. []


Sara Carter Whose Husband was Blinded Serving the Country Gets Choked Up Talking About SNLs Sick Veterans-Bashing Jokes (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Sara Carter and husband Martin Marty Bailey, a veteran and retired Master Sergeant who was blinded in a bombing in Afghanistan.

This past weekend on Saturday Night Live the far left comedians mocked wounded veteran Dan Crenshaw.

This passes for humor on the left

Pete Davidson: I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.

On Monday investigative journalist Sara Carter joined Lou Dobbs to discuss this outrageous SNL segment.

Sara Carter got choked up talking about her injured husband who was blinded in Afghanistan.

Sara is outraged at this disgusting new low on Saturday Night Live.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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Reporter Calling John James Office, Thinks She Hung Up Phone, Gets Caught Cursing Him "IndyWatch Feed"

Is there any clearer evidence of media bias? But James is now within two points. If youre in Michigan, get everyone you know out. Via Daily Caller: A reporter for a Michigan newspaper called Michigan Senate Republican candidate John Jamess campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone before leaving a []


Hawera: Any oilers keen to catch up? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Our very own roving oiler HookerPhil will be in Hawera on 13th November and is keen to catch up with any oilers in the district.  He has arranged to have a coffee with a couple of locals, and anyone else in the area is welcome to join them. Where: Marracbo Caf, 17 Union Street Hawera [] The post Hawera: Any oilers keen to catch up? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Neither free nor fair "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The US midterm elections are tomorrow, and people are quite reasonably painting them as the US's last chance to remain a democracy. But looking at them from New Zealand, that status looks doubtful already. Free and fair elections where the outcome accurately reflects the will of the voters are something we take for granted in New Zealand. Our electoral administration is neutral, our elections free of political manipulation. In the US, its a different story. Gerrymandering, deliberate disenfranchisement, voter suppression, and last-minute changes to make it harder for people to vote - the US has it all. And with widespread use of insecure electronic voting machines, there's also the prospect of outright fraud. Its an election system no-one can have confidence in, stacked to produce unrepresentative outcomes, lacking even the pretence of fairness. And that's simply not how democracies are meant to work.

Tomorrow, we'll see whether the US is still capable of peacefully correcting itself. If not, then Americans who want to live in a democracy should start looking for somewhere else to live.


The Pentagon Realised What It Has Done the Chinese Put the US Army on Its Knees "IndyWatch Feed War"

November 04, 2018 By Ivan Danilov Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard cross posted with source: In the system of national defense of the US a gaping vulnerability was found that is very difficult to close. The reaction of the Pentagon is reminiscent of badly hidden panic, and journalists who examined the results of []


USDs Weekly Breakout and the Golden Spring "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

USDs Weekly Breakout and the Golden Spring by PRZEMYSAW RADOMSKI, CFA Sunshine Profits USDXs Fridays close was its highest weekly closing prices of 2018. This is an extremely significant confirmation of the bullish outlook for the US currency that...

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For the first time since the Cuban crisis, nuclear war threat is real Stephen Cohen "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | November 5, 2018 The US has announced its withdrawal from the historic nuclear arms treaty with Russia. How serious of a setback is this for the two countries relations and global security? We talked to Stephen Cohen, contributing editor of The Nation magazine, professor emeritus at Princeton University, and author of the []


How Donald Trump Saved the Democratic Party From Itself "IndyWatch Feed"

Thara Narasimhan, left, the host of a Hindu radio program in Texas, talks with Democrat for Congress candidate Sri Kulkarni during a fundraiser in Houston on July 29, 2018.


Oral Questions: 6 November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Questions to Ministers Hon SIMON BRIDGES to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all of her Governments statements and actions? MARAMA DAVIDSON to the Minister of Justice: Is he considering making any changes to New Zealands electoral law in the remainder of this parliamentary term? TAMATI COFFEY to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he seen on the New Zealand economy? [] The post Oral Questions: 6 November 2018 appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Click image for a high-res view Countries that do NOT use their own Currencies? A classic example would be the Euro, which is used by 19 of the 28 member states of the EU. These are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, [] The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Symantec acquires Appthority to enhance protection from mobile application vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Symantec acquired Appthority whose technology gives Symantec customers the ability to analyze mobile apps for both malicious capabilities and unsafe and unwanted behaviors, such as vulnerabilities, risk of sensitive data loss, and privacy-invasive actions. The acquisition of Appthority demonstrates Symantecs commitment to securing modern (e.g. iOS, Android) endpoints and operating systems, as it brings innovation to its portfolio that addresses this security need. Last year, Symantec acquired Skycure, a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) technology, that More

The post Symantec acquires Appthority to enhance protection from mobile application vulnerabilities appeared first on Help Net Security.


Hillicon Valley: Supreme Court declines to hear net neutrality challenge | How the midterms will affect the cyber agenda | Facebook rejects controversial Trump ad | Gab back online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


Caravan Migrants Arrive in Mexico City, Bed Down in Stadium "IndyWatch Feed World"

MEXICO CITY Thousands of Central American migrants traveling in a caravan arrived in the Mexican capital Monday and began to fill up a sports stadium, still hundreds of miles from their goal of reaching the U.S. a day before midterm elections in which President Donald Trump has made their journey a central campaign issue.

By afternoon 2,000 or more had arrived at the Jesus Martinez stadium, which has a capacity of about three times that, and eagerly began sifting through donations of clothes, gave themselves sponge baths, lunched on chicken and rice under the shade of tents and picked up thin mattresses to hunker down for the night.

Many went to medical tents to get treatment for blistered and aching feet, illness and other maladies. Since we got here, we have not stopped, said Tania Escobar, a nurse with Mexico Citys public health department.

Melvin Figueroa, a 32-year-old from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, was traveling with his pregnant wife and two children, 6 and 8. He brought the 6-year-old girl to the tent because her eyes were irritated and she throws up everything she eats.

Several thousand more migrants were trudging along the highway between the city of Puebla and the capital, catching a lift from passing vehicles when possible.

Nashieli Ramirez, ombudsman for the citys human rights commission, said the city was preparing to accommodate as many as 5,000 migrants from the lead caravan and several smaller ones hundreds of miles behind it, for as long as necessary.

We have the space in terms of humanitarian help, Ramirez said.

As U.S. election day neared, Trump has seized on the caravan and portrayed it as a major threat, even though such caravans have happened regularly over the years and largely passed unnoticed.

He ordered thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border when the migrants were still hundreds of miles to the south, threatened to detain asylum seekers in tents cities and has insinuated without proof that there are criminals or even terrorists in the group.

In dozens of interviews since the caravan set out from Honduras more than three weeks ago, migrants have said they are fleeing rampant poverty and violence. Many are families traveling with small children. Some say they left because they were threatened by gang members or had lost relatives to gang violence; others say they hope to work, secure a good education for their children and send money to support loved ones back home.

Alba Zoleida Gonzalez, 48, from Valle, Honduras, said she had walked for five hours and hitched a ride on a tractor-trailer with about 150 people. Her calf muscles were aching, but that was a small price to pay for the chance at a life better than the one back home.

I looked for work, an...


Heres the Real Reason Why Republicans Fear Medicare for All "IndyWatch Feed World"

Now we know why the GOP is truly terrified of Medicare for all: It will wipe out the Republican Partys control of the House, Senate, White House, and most state governments. Because it could make it very easy for every citizen over 18 to vote.

Heres how it works.

In Canada, every citizen has a Canadian government-issued Health Insurance Card (you can see Quebecs card at the link). Its largely only available to citizens, as all citizens are eligible for the Canadian Medicare system; everybody else has to work out other insurance options (yes, there are insurance companies in Canada). And in most provinces, the card has your photo and works as an ID card as well as a drivers license or passport.

As Tarek, a Canadian listener to my radio/TV program, shared with me this week:

Here in Canada, citizens and permanent residents alike are covered by publicly funded health care that is administrated through the provinces, whereas temporary residents must be covered via other means, namely buying private health insurance.

Since it is in everyones best interest to be have free health care coverage, unlike other government issued identifications, such as drivers licenseetc, the vast majority (if not all) Canadians from all socioeconomic backgrounds make sure to obtain their health cards, which can be used as an official photo ID for flying domestically, buying alcohol and more importantly voting!

Here in the U.S., ever since Jim Crow, racist white conservatives have used a variety of means to prevent poor people, people of color, low-income working people, students, and older people from voting. Techniques have varied over the years, starting with poll taxes and so-called literacy tests, and now are carefully calibrated by cutting voting sites, reducing early voting, and even disenfranchising North Dakotas Native American population.

The GOP stepped up their voter suppression game in 1980 when Heritage Foundation, ALEC, and Moral Majority co-founder and Reagan campaigner Paul Weyrich famously said, I dont want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people; they never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are...


What This Election Is About "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In America democracy is a scam. The oligarchy rules, and the people, no matter how they suffer under the oligarch's rule, must submit and accept. No more presidential candidates, please, who represent the people. This is the lesson that the Establishment hopes to teach the rabble in the midterm elections.


Remember Kate Steinle and All The Other Real Dreamers When You Cast Your Ballot Tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Remember Kate Steinle and All The Other Real Dreamers When You Cast Your Ballot Tomorrow from ZeroHedge Update: Facebook has joined Fox, NBC and CNN in banning the controversial TV commercial comparing convicted cop-killer and illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes to potential...

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The Mind of a Scholar "IndyWatch Feed"

A sentence that sums up one very common attitude among professors:

Although not exactly ground breaking (because it basically argues what I've been saying for years), it's a very nice effort all round and must be read by anyone with an interest in this topic.


How Insidious Is Indiana When It Comes to Voter Suppression? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Since the 2016 presidential election, Indiana has purged nearly 500,000 voters from its rolls about 10 percent of the total and it would have been even more if a court had not stepped in.

Indiana is one of the states that has aggressively purged inactive voters from its rolls. That means those Hoosiers who had not voted in a couple consecutive elections and also not responded to a mailer the state sent out.

In addition, Indiana had already tightened its voter ID requirements, making it harder for low-income, non-drivers to vote, since it requires a visit to a local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office to secure an alternative ID a barrier in cities like Fort Wayne that lack decent mass transit.

Karen Goldner, a former Fort Wayne city councilwoman doing supplementary reporting from Indiana for WhoWhatWhy, stopped by the Rousseau Center in Fort Wayne ahead of the midterms. She spoke with election board clerk Sharmella Morgan, who was working at one of five early voting locations in Allen County last weekend and told Goldner she saw several early voters turned away due to inadequate photo ID.

Based on her knowledge as a former Fort Wayne resident and Councilwoman, Goldner told WhoWhatWhy she did not think it would be easy for non-drivers to get to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles they were being directed to and back to the polls again to vote early or on Election Day.

In other words, a low-income resident in a city like Fort Wayne, who gets turned away for failure to produce a valid state drivers license, may be up for navigating the citys problematic public transportation system to get to the BMV, obtain an ID, and then get back to the polls but there is also a good chance that this may be too burdensome or that they simply do not have the time or energy to do so.

Goldner characterizes this as voter suppression that is as unremarkable and inconspicuous as an Indiana landscape.



VA Mobilizes Federal Agencies to Offer Free Legal Advice to Help Veterans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Veterans Affairs News Release WASHINGTON  Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) together with representatives from the departments of Labor, Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, the U.S. Navy and others, signed a joint statement aimed at improving access to free legal services for Veterans in need. Federal agencies and []


Watch: Graham 2.0: Ive Never Seen Republicans More United Than I Do Now "IndyWatch Feed"

Gotta give it to 2.0, hes going everything he can to get people out. Via Daily Wire: On Monday, appearing on Fox & Friends, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sounded quite confident about the GOPs chances on Tuesday, asserting that the GOP would kick butt in the Senate and that Ive never seen Republicans more united []


The PERFECT corporate gifts for your staff this Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whale Meat Company Gifts Your Staff will know that they are appreciated with a lovely gift of Whale Meat Christmas hams. Whale Meat is your easy, no fuss way to order Christmas hams and you know that they taste just divine! You can find a range of meaty gifts that are suitable for a range [] The post The PERFECT corporate gifts for your staff this Christmas appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Predictable Midterm Election Day Media Narrative Operation. "IndyWatch Feed"

Based on an overlay of how the media narrated the November 2016 presidential election; and accepting an exponential doubling-down for their midterm election effort; we can forecast how the media will push a midterm narrative to bolster their overall efforts. Continue reading


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


See Behind The Scenes Shots Of Our Shows


Click HERE...


Making Our Own Mulch. Global Warming & Hotter Weather using too much water! "IndyWatch Feed National"

With the weather being much hotter here now we have had to use a lot of shade cloth & mulch. Purchasing mulch is expensive these days, the reason for that can probably be blamed on Global Warming too! So we decided to make our own mulch, we have been cutting the reeds down at Cattail Pond whilst the water level is low (!), & carting it up to the gardens to use as mulch. Some we use as is where we can, the rest we run through or mulcher. It works well & makes great mulch.


Chicago Considers Wiping Away Old Ticket Debt for Motorists Who File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Chicago City Councils finance committee approved a measure Monday that would forgive ticket debt for some city motorists, but only those who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The move is meant to steer indebted drivers away from Chapter 13 bankruptcies that rarely eliminate their debt. The proposed reform, which comes amid growing calls to overhaul the citys ticketing and debt collection practices, was drafted by the Law Department and included in the 2019 budget package approved by the finance committee.

The measure would wipe away unpaid tickets, fines and fees issued more than three years before debtors file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as long as their bankruptcy plan is successful and they complete a city payment plan for more recent ticket debt. Late penalties and other fines, including boot and impound fees, would also be forgiven.

The measure seeks to address a significant problem uncovered in a ProPublica Illinois report in February: that thousands of mostly black and low-income motorists are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to cope with the consequences of unpaid parking and automated-traffic-camera tickets that often lead to license suspensions and vehicle seizures.

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The U.S. Olympic Committee Moves to Shut Down USA Gymnastics After Nassar Scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Olympic Committee is moving to revoke USA Gymnastics status as the governing body for the sport at the Olympic level, meting out the nuclear option to an organization that has botched its own reorganization in the wake of a sex-abuse scandal involving former team doctor Larry Nassar.

In an open letter to the gymnastics community Monday, USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland said you deserve better, and that the challenges facing USA Gymnastics are more than it is capable of overcoming as currently constructed.

The organization, even with a newly constituted board of directors, made repeated mistakes after the revelations Nassar molested Olympians while working as a volunteer.

Those included the botched hiring of a program coordinator and an interim CEO to replace Kerry Perry, who lasted barely nine months on the job after replacing Steve Penny.

This is a situation where there are no perfect solutions, Hirshland said.

The announcement comes only days after the U.S. team brought home nine medals from the World Championships in the first major meet on the lead-up to the Tokyo Games in 2020. Five of those were individual medals won by Olympic champion Simone Biles, who is among the athletes who have not hesitated to criticize the organization.

By decertifying USA Gymnastics, the USOC is taking major action against an organization that couldnt grasp its own rebuilding. But the move also leaves a void that cannot be easily filled. In addition to supporting elite and Olympic athletes, USA Gymnastics serves more than 150,000 athletes in 3,000 clubs around the country. There is no other organization standing by to fill that need.

The federal law that governs the USOC gives the federation final say on which organizations represent each sport at the Olympics, and also establishes a process to decertify the organizations. Hirshland said she has given USA Gymnastics the option of surrendering its recognition voluntarily.

USAG issued a statement saying it was looking at the USOC letter and is evaluating the best path forward for our athletes, professional members, the organization and staff.

The statement detailed the challenges the new board has faced since taking over in June.

It is in search of its fourth president and CEO in the last 19 months thanks to a series of resignations, all of them under pressure from the USOC or the gymnastics community at large.

Penny named as a co-defendant in several civil lawsuits filed by former elite gymnasts stepped down in March 2017. He was arrested last month and charged with destroying or hiding documents related to Nassars activities at the Karolyi Ranch, the ex-national training center near Huntsville, Texas, where a number of gymnasts said Nassar ab...


Demanda mundial por papel higinico amplia desmatamento no cerrado brasileiro "IndyWatch Feed World"

30 Oct 2018 | Reporter BarsilProdutores de eucalipto mudaram-se da Mata Atlntica para o cerrado, aumentando a grilagem de terras em comunidades indgenas e quilombolas e incentivando o desmatamento. A madeira produzida comprada pela Suzano, que fabrica celulose e vende para grandes marcas internacionais


Paraguay: Territorio en disputa "IndyWatch Feed World"

31 Oct 2018 | BASE-ISUn nuevo Informe Especial, elaborado por los investigadores Abel Areco y Abel Irala, refleja la situacin de la Colonia Yvyp, un territorio en disputa entre sojeros brasileos y los pequeos productores campesinos que buscan recuperar las tierras irregularmente ocupadas por los impulsores del modelo de agronegocios.


Huile de palme : front social orageux pour Olam au Gabon "IndyWatch Feed World"

02 Nov 2018 | Jeune AfriqueUn conflit social sur la principale plantation gabonaise de palmiers huile du gant singapourien a pris ces derniers jours une tournure violente. Plusieurs salaris ont t interpells.


Affaires Daewoo et terrain de la FJKM: les abus fonciers de Ravalomanana "IndyWatch Feed World"

03 Nov 2018 | News MadaCertains tentent de faire oublier les affaires louches impliquant l'ancien prsident malgache Marc Ravalomanana actuellement en campagne pour r-lection.


Terres malgaches et lections prsidentielles "IndyWatch Feed World"

05 Nov 2018 | Collectif TANYSelon le Collectif TANY, une des premires tapes importantes qui devrait figurer dans les projets du prochain prsident malgache serait d'enlever une phrase de la Constitution en vigueur, adopte en 2010 sous le rgime de Transition, qui ouvre la porte la lgalisation de la vente des terres des anctres et l'expulsion des communauts locales des terres


COMPLETE COLLAPSE> Nate Silver: No One Should be Surprised if Democrats Only Pick Up 19 Seats and Fail to Take House (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Back in 2016 The Gateway Pundit was one of the VERY FEW major media publishers to predict a Donald J. Trump landslide victory.

We were right.
The liberal and Never-Trump media were wrong.

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit

** FiveThirtyEights Nate Silver polling says Democrats have an 84.8% chance of taking the US House of Representatives.
** FiveThirtyEights Nate Silver also gave Hillary Clinton a 72% chance of winning the 2016 election.

We predicted in September during the Kavanaugh hearings that there will be a Red Wave in the midterm election.
Today Republican early voting is off the charts. Republicans for THE FIRST TIME EVER are leading with early voting in Florida.

Now it looks like Nate Silver is hedging his bets.


Timeline in the GILLARD/WILSON slush fund saga "IndyWatch Feed National"

I know we have a lot of newcomers to the website today - I'm reprinting this article to give you an insight into some of the key times, dates and places in this saga. I've put this timeline together to help tell the story of the incorporation of the AWU...


How the Election Assistance Commission Came Not to Care So Much About Election Security "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In a rush of preparation for this years midterm elections, scores of state and local governments have been working to safeguard their election systems from being hacked or otherwise compromised.

At the same time, according to interviews with more than a dozen national, state and local election officials, the federal commission responsible for providing assistance to them has either been missing in action or working to thwart their efforts.

The Election Assistance Commission has ceded its leadership role in providing security training, state and local officials say, forcing them to rely on the help of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which lacks the same level of experience in the issues confronting the countrys voting systems.

One of the EACs commissioners has dismissed the threat of foreign governments undermining American elections in private meetings with state election officials, and often personally appealed to individual officials not to waste their time on the idea that election systems might be vulnerable to outside meddling.

The election officials assert that the EACs executive director, Brian Newby, has blocked the travel of key staffers at the EAC who specialize in cybersecurity, preventing them from attending what training sessions have taken place.

While local officials credit the EAC for the speed with which it has distributed federal money set aside for election updates, they say it has shown little enthusiasm for beefing up election security.

One of the state officials interviewed by ProPublica said that in the run-up to the 2018 vote, election security was the only conversation there is, but that the EAC had chosen not to be a major player. They are completely absent in this space, said an election official who like others spoke to ProPublica on condition of anonymity, citing the bitterly partisan nature of the upcoming election.

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Gab has returned: Lets make it Epik! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In a globally-connected world, the battle to control the internet is a battle to control the worlds mind. The oligarchs of Silicon Valley have been acting like any other totalitarian regime, as they target site after site, blog after blog, user after user, in a relentless war of attrition to stamp out free expression. Social [] The post Gab has returned: Lets make it Epik! appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Pipe Bombs: Frantic Denunciations of the False Flag Concept "IndyWatch Feed War"

Graeme MacQueen Onto the 24-hour reality show that is U.S. politics, 15 package bombs recently made their entrance. The devices were sent to vocal opponents of Mr. Trump, most of them prominent members of the Democratic Party. The incident became public on October 25, less than two weeks before the November 6 elections that mark the middle of Trumps first term. Now, it is an interesting question as to whether the designated perpetrator, Cesar Sayoc, is a lone wolf terrorist or a patsy acting on behalf of larger forces. I am encouraged to see researchers exploring the second possibility. But my focus in this article is different. The suggestion that the package bomb incidents might be false flag attacksattacks by opponents of Trump deceptively imputing the attacks to his supporters to discredit them before the electionswas rapidly put forth. Among the fastest off the mark were right-wing pundits, so it was easy enough for various liberals (whatever this term means today in the U.S.) to characterize the false flag suggestion as a variety of right-wing


Calling on Network Engineer Patriots to Election Cyber Stations (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Calling on Network Engineer Patriots to Election Cyber Stations Video American Intelligence Media Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel explain how white hat cyber warriors can protect election integrity. Surprise bonus at the end when Michael makes a...

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Your help in supporting a matter of public importance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our next steps will be difficult but worthwhile. I have received a 6 page, 2,000 word document from the Registrar of the NSW Local Court setting out a broad range of exquisitely detailed requirements I have to satisfy to advance the private prosecution. I am now diligently working through each...


You Will Have the Greatest Relationship of Your Life With the Person Who Does These 13 Things "IndyWatch Feed World"

While sometimes we find ourselves in nice positive relationships, they wont all be this way. Toxic individuals come with masks that are not always noticeable and so, painful relationships are often unavoidable but recognizing them is only half of the battle.

When you move on from a negative relationship and work your way through others trying to find the best one, you might not realize that there are some pretty specific things you need to make sure are present. While everything might seem fine, sometimes we overlook some of the most important things. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship but if you have all of the following things present within yours, it is one of the best you could hope for.

If your significant other does all of the things listed below you need to remind them of how important they are to you. Just because you fight sometimes or dont agree on everything doesnt mean you arent meant for one another. If someone truly loves you they will turn your relationship into something amazing right from the start.

13 Things Your Best Partner Will Do:

1. They talk about a future with you.

They actually make plans for a future with you. They go over where the two of you will be a year from now and so forth. Its like you are both headed in the same direction and content with it.

2. Their love for you is not conditional.

They dont put conditions on their love. They love you for you. Sure, you arent perfect but you are perfect for them.

3. They show you that they care.

They show you that they care. They do nice things for you and are always willing to be there for you. In your worst moments, they are a light shining through.

4. They let you see their vulnerable side.

They show you all of the things that even they struggle with. Their vulnerable side is not hidden. They trust you to see them for who they truly are.

5. They communicate properly with you.

They are not afraid to talk about hard topics. They communicate with you about everything. If something is bothering them, they speak up.

6. They put forth the same efforts that you do.

They work to make things run smoothly in the same ways you do. You both take care of one another. No one is doing everything and everyone is doing someth...


If You Thought CNNs Chyrons Were Biased Against Trump Before "IndyWatch Feed"

Heres the one about the suspicious devices case: Via Twitchy: If CNN was even trying to hide its bias before by rolling out that Facts First branding, the network has completely given up on being objective. As Twitchy reported, CNNs breaking news chyrons arent breaking news at all theyre mini editorials against President Trump. []


Even if Theresa wins cabinet support for her all-UK customs arrangement, time is running out to knock it into shape for the negotiations "IndyWatch Feed"

In a nutshell, this is   the first problem Theresa May will confront from up to a dozen cabinet ministers this morning.

 We must have control of the backstop. If Theresa doesnt stare down the EU and win a mechanism that does this, the whole argument is immaterial as there is zero chance of passing the Commons. 

The Taoiseach indicated an openness to consider proposals for a review mechanism, provided that it was clear that the outcome of any such review could not involve a unilateral decision to end the backstop.

Then the Sun reports the chief whips maths. He tells her around 40 Tory backbenchers plus the DUP are prepared to torpedo any deal which keeps the whole UK in the customs union until  the backstop can be replaced which they fear means forever. With only 15 Labour MPs prepared to defy their own party whip and support  the proposed future economic partnership, the maths alone spell defeat for Mrs May.

When it comes to it of course, the facts on the ground may change, such as what the  review  mechanism might produce.  Somehow though, this piece of Micawberism doesnt rise to the challenge of events.

The FT reports the cabinet struggle from the other end of the telescope .

The prime minister is expected to warn her cabinet that time is running out to agree a deal and that the government will soon have to tell businesses to start spending money on planning for a disorderly no-deal exit. She is set to tell her pro-Brexit ministers they will have to cede ground to get a deal, after Mr Varadkar said the UK would not be allowed to unilaterally walk away from a backstop deal to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Mrs Mays aides admitted that hopes of a Brexit breakthrough by mid-November had faded. They said Britain was aiming for a special European Council meeting before the end of the month to sign off the countrys exit terms. Shes going to try to roll the cabinet, said one Eurosceptic Conservative official.    .

But even if she does roll  the cabinet,  May runs into her second  problem shaping an improvised idea for a all UK temporary customs arrangement  into a detailed proposal  to place in negotiation. And time is running out, reports RTEs Tony Connelly in several tweets.



The Best Odds Youll Get All Day: 3 to 1 Chance A Horse Will Die Before Nightfall "IndyWatch Feed National"

UPDATE: A horse died during the running of the Melbourne Cup see details below.

If youre looking for good odds on the Melbourne Cup racing carnival today, then find yourself a bookie whos prepared to lay out some cash on the odds a racehorse will die some time today, during the Melbourne Cup carnival.

According to website a racehorse dies on an Australian track, on average, every three days.

From August 1 last year (the Horses Birthday) until July 31st this year, 119 horses died on tracks around the country. NSW led the slaughter, with 52, followed by Queensland and Victoria, both with 24.

That equates to around a 33 percent chance of it occurring today, which should roughly translate to odds with a bookie of around 2-1.

In terms of the Melbourne Cup carnival itself, the 2014 carnival bucked the national trend with a higher than average death rate two horses were killed, Admire Rakti (died in his stall after the race), and Araldo, who broke his right hind leg and had to be euthanased.

In 2015, Red Cadeaux also shattered her leg during the race and was also later put down.

And thats just the statistics horses who make it. The ones who dont about 40 per cent of Australias racing stock are sent to the abattoir. We use them primarily for fertiliser and dog food.

If youre after a really safe bet, you might convince a bookie to stump up some cash that pays out if the horse you back in the Melbourne Cup gets whipped.

The odds on that occurring are basically 100 per cent, so youll probably only get even money.

Happy Punting.

UPDATE: If you found a bookie to back the 3 to 1 chance a racehorse would die in the Melbourne Cup Carnival, then you would have doubled your money. A short time ago, the RSPCA confirmed the death of the sixth horse in the last five years of the carnival.

And heres a tweet with an image of the horse injured on the ground, covered by a large barrier so that none of us actually have to see what it is we endorse.


Stephen Colbert Says Theres No Bullsh*t Voter Fraud But Hes Voting Via Sketchy PO Box Not in His Home District "IndyWatch Feed"

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert who has previously mocked the idea of voter fraud by calling it bullshit on his program, The Late Show, has been voting in a different congressional district than the one where he lives.

Colbert, who lives at this posh mansion located in Montclair, NJ is a resident of the Tenth Congressional District in New Jersey, a heavily Democrat district that includes the City of Newark and hasnt had a serious contest for Congress in decades.

But Colbert is registered to vote at this shipping and stationery store in Upper Montclair 551 Valley Road, PMB 156 part of the Eleventh Congressional District which is one of the top battleground races of 2018.

As a resident of 77 Upper Mountain Avenue, Colbert lives in Montclairs Ward 2, District 10 and should be voting at Hillside Elementary School on Orange Road.

But instead, he says he resides in Postal Mailbox 156 at 551 Valley Road and has been casting votes at Buzz Aldrin Middle School on Bellevue Avenue.

Online records dont indicate when Colbert registered at the mail drop, but he appears to have been voting in New Jersey for at least 10 years.

But Stephen Colbert isnt the only Colbert to be improperly registered. His wife is also registered at 551 Valley Road and may have been registered there as early as April 4, 2001. She doesnt list a Postal Mailbox number. And again, her registration preceded the redistricting of the town into two congressional districts in 2011.

However, their son, Peter Colbert registered to vote at 551 Valley Road on June 7, 2016 again not listing a Postal Mailbox number but with full knowledge that the votes he would cast for Ward councilman and for United States Congressman would be improper.



Gold Demand in Tech and Industry Up for Eighth Straight Quarter "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold Demand in Tech and Industry Up for Eighth Straight Quarter from Schiff Gold Demand for gold in technology and industrial sectors grew for the eighth consecutive quarter in Q3, according to the World Gold Council Global Demand Trends Q3...

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Despite glaring failure banking regulator boss gets to keep job "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

reappointment of the head of the body that has been supposed to regulate the behaviour of the banks is an insult to the suffering Australian community.  His position should be terminated when the contract period comes to an end in July next year.

The recently concluded inquiry into the banks has revealed, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been missing in action.

As its head since 2014, Wayne Byres bears considerable responsibility for what has occurred.The buck should stop at the top. One would have expected that he would have stepped down. Instead, treasurer Josh Frydenberg has not only given him another five-year term but thrown an extra $58 million into the body.

Frydenberg goes out on a limb to suggest, I think hes done a very good job. The public deserves to have some evidence of this put before it. Given the failure to properly regulate the banks, what has been done that deserves the praise? The inquiry report was highly critical of APRAs failure to prosecute misconduct.

The  minister covers himself by talk about a review of APRAs enforcement strategy. What this means he doesnt say.  A thorough investigation of the operation of APRA is what is needed. Has there been wilful misconduct within this organisation? Does it have the the stain of corruption? Should certain people be prosecuted? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, APRA should be scrapped and a new and proper regulator created. Those who failed in their watch should certainly not be rewarded.

Maintaining the mates club is more important than this, to our excuse for a government. By failing to act immediately and decisively, it is proving its own collusion with wrongdoing, and that it is part of the problem.

There is going to be no real action to stop what the banks have been doing. A few cosmetic changes may come about. It will change nothing. Business will continue as usual. Australians of all walks will continue to be ripped off. The money laundering will not come to an end. Millions will roll in and they will still pay almost no tax.

If Australia wants a change, it needs to look elsewhere.

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1MDB Is a Nutty Story. Heres Why "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sometimes the real world really is stranger than fiction.

By Harry Cassin and cross-posted from The FCPA Blog

The former chairman of Goldman Sachs in Southeast Asia, Tim Leissner, pleaded guilty yesterday to FCPA and money laundering conspiracies in connection with a plot to loot the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

Here are eight odd facts about the 1MDB investigation.

1. The alleged mastermind is a 36-year old fugitive.

Low Taek Jho a.k.a. Jho Low, pictured above, is a Malaysian whos sought by U.S., Swiss, Singaporean, and Malaysian authorities.

He may be traveling on a passport from the Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Low has also supposedly been seen in Phuket, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai since the 1MDB scandal broke.

He was supposedly last seen in China, but local authorities deny hes there.

2. Spies are involved.

Eight former agents from Malaysias foreign intelligence agency were arrested in August for allegedly stealing $12 million in government funds possibly related to 1MDB.

The agents worked for the Malaysian External Intelligence Organization or MEIO.

3. Tim Leissner is married to fashion designer and reality TV star Kimora Lee Simmons.

Simmons television show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, aired from 2007 to 2011 on the Style Network. This picture shows Leissner and Simmons with Malaysian ex-PM Najib Razak.



Why is National struggling? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Mike Hosking doesnt blame Nationals irrelevance on either the Jami-Lee Ross saga or the Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett leadership combo which appears to be increasing its out of control spiral. No, Hosking points to Nationals basic inability to be concerned about acquiring sufficient numbers to form a coalition government in 2020. He is right; if [] The post Why is National struggling? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Homebrew Attachment Turns Angle Grinder into Slimline Belt Sander "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If theres a small power tool as hackable as the angle grinder, we havent found it yet. These versatile tools put a lot of power in the palm of your hand, and even unhacked they have a huge range of functionality, from cutting to grinding to polishing and cleaning, just by choice of what goes on the arbor.

With a simple homebrew attachment, [Darek] turned his angle grinder into a micro-belt sander thats great for those hard-to-reach places. The attachment that clamps where the disc guard normally lives adds a drive roller to the grinders arbor; idler rollers ride on the end of a small pneumatic spring that keeps the belt under tension. The belts themselves are cut down from wider sanding belts, and the attachment can take belts of various widths. And best of all, he did it all without any fancy machine tools. No lathe? No problem the drive roller was ground to the proper crowned profile needed to keep belts centered using the angle grinder itself. The only problem we see is that the attachment cant be easily removed from the grinder, but thats OK. Grinders are like potato chips, after all you cant stop at one.

This isnt [Darek]s first angle grinder hacking rodeo, of course. And if youre looking for inspiration on how to hack yours, look no further: a floor sander, a precision surface grinder, or even an e-bike can be built.

HPR2677: Thoughts on language learning part 4 - RPG. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I thought I was done with this topic, but got to thinking about bringing a game to life it occurred to me it was a lot of work. So I thought about it some more and hit upon the idea of an RPG probably mostly played online where a key point of the game is that the players neednt know the same language. At first this seems like an odd thing for an RPG because the talking to each other is sort of a requirement. By now youve guessed that what I mean is that the game could be designed so that it assumes the players will have limited ability to communicate. And that drives how the game progresses. I see two kinds of approaches. One is that players sort of team up by the their native languages so you might have people knowing different native languages working in smaller teams while the whole game has the goal of everyone learning the new language. The other is that everyone could know a different native language and many or may nor cooperate with others but the goal of the game is everyone learning the same new language. Submitting this show mostly because Im curious what the community thinks of the idea.

Adiantum Is Taking Shape As Google's Speck Replacement For Low-End Device Encryption "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this year when Google added Speck-based file-system encryption support to the Linux kernel they intended it to be used by low-end Android phones/smartwatches with older ARM processors lacking the dedicated ARM cryptography extensions. Speck is fast enough to provide disk encryption on the low-end hardware, but ultimately they decided against Speck due to public outcry with the algorithm potentially being compromised by the US NSA. Instead Google engineers decided to pursue HPolyC as their new means of encryption on low-end hardware while now that has evolved into a new technology dubbed Adiantum...


Gross. Chelsea Handler Gets Naked to Urge Americans to Vote (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

The same feminists who complain they are objectified rather than respected for their prowess as cerebral intellectuals by the evil patriarchy are now stripping down naked to urge Americans to vote.

Makes sense.

On Monday, Trump-hating comedienne Chelsea Handler got naked and urged Americans to vote in a video she posted to her social media.


You have to vote like your life depends on it! Vote! Chelsea Handler said as she stood in her underwear and covered her bare chest with her hand.

Last week, Democrat women in Vermont participated in a nude photoshoot for a Grab Them by the Ballot campaign.

Stripping down nude to win an election? Democrat women tend to believe thats all it takes.


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State of the Union before US Elections "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The US midterm elections will soon be over. Some will be celebrating, with others passing the crying towel around. Another group of spinmeisters will then go to work for those who have lost, claiming Russian interference or whatever they can invent to dodge responsibility for their own failures.

My goal here is not to make election predictions, as that is a fruitless game. We live in an age of rigged polls and corporate journalists taking assignments from paying clients on their political reporting. And then of course we have social media, one of the biggest election interferers of all.

The winding up of this midterm election had a new twist with the invasion of instant messages into my phone, some from Trump himself and even the washed-up Republican religious phony Ralph Reed invading my in-box. I am told I am powerless to prevent this, a sign of the times, that we have only the rights that they have not decided to take away from us yet.

I thought a better focus before the big day next Tuesday would be to reflect on what is happening to Americans as a people, a country, and the ripple effect that can have on the rest of the world. Sure, we will have some political changes on November 7th, but might that be just rearranging the deck chairs on the good ship Titanic that is sailing on a steady course to disaster?

What difference will the election make?

If the US House is retaken by the Democrats, the major impact will be that we are going to see two years of revenge on Mr. Trump. Whether the House will have the courage to dig into those behind him is a different matter. The Deep State boys play a group defense and have a history of discouraging troublemakers via their extensive tool kit.

The chairmanships of the committees would have senior Democrats in charge, including the investigation ones. They would focus on tearing Trump down before the 2020 elections by digging deep into his full dirty closet, and this would include his family.

General Michael Flynn knows he made a big mistake bringing an underqualified son into his influence pedaling, get-rich-quick consulting business, where he got indicted right beside his father. Flynn should have known better. When you are doing doggy business deals, keep your family far away, and your legal litiga...


Gold Investment vs Diamonds Investment Pros and Cons "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold Investment vs Diamonds Investment Pros and Cons by Daniel Fisher Physical Gold TDC Note I hedge my bets in gold with diamonds and vice versa!! Very diversified portfolio metals, rocks and dirt! #### Gold investment...

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What This Election Is About "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What This Election Is About

Paul Craig Roberts

I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Americans. Readers send me emails asking why I ever supported Trump when he was the Establishments candidate. If Trump was the Establishments candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him?

The failure to put two and two together is extraordinary. Trump declared war on the Establishment throughout the presidential campaign and in his inaugural address.

As I wrote at the time, Trump vastly over-estimates the power of the president. He expected the Establishment, like his employees, to jump to his will, and he did not know Washington or who to appoint to support his goals. He has been totally defeated in his intention to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, we are faced with both Russia and China preparing for war.

In other words, the same outcome that Hillary would have achieved.

Trump has been so harassed by the Establishment that he is having trouble thinking straight. He was elected by the deplorables as the first non-Establishment candidate since when? You have to go back in history to find one. Perhaps Andrew Jackson. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were not the choice of the Democratic and Republican establishments, and the ruling establishments moved quickly to constrain both presidencies. The Democratic Establishment framed and removed both Carters budget director and chief of staff, depriving Carter of the kind of commitment he needed for his agenda. The Bush people that the Republican Establishment insisted be put in positions of power in the Reagan administration succeeded in blunting his reformist economic program and his determination to end the cold war. I fought both battles for Reagan, and I still have the bruises.

Trump is an outsider elected by the deplorables whose middle class jobs were offshored by Americas global corporations for the benefit only of the executives and large shareholders. A few people sold out the American middle class, which is shrinking away.

In the rest of the world, Trumps true allies are the presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, the former president of Ecuador, and the former president of Honduras, who was overthrown by Americas First Black President, the consequences of which are the caravan moving toward the US border. The Establishment has succeeded in so confusing Trump that he has declared the Establishments war against the non-establishment leaders in Latin America.

So what is this midterm US election about?

It is about whether the deplorables have been brainwashed by the Establishments media whores and fail to support Trump in the House and Senate elections. If the Democrats, whose politics is Identity Politics, ge...


"You Cant Trust the Polls" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"You Cant Trust the Polls"
By Jim Rickards

"Forecasting elections is more art than science. One of the problems in forecasting elections is the nature of polls. Many polls are misleading and suffer from flawed methodology.  I was flying around the world just before the 2016 presidential election, telling audiences in Europe, Australia and here at home that Trump would win. I got a lot of funny looks and gasps from the anchors, who didnt take me seriously at all.

The major polls were all giving Hillary something like a 95% chance of victory on the eve of the election. Now, that doesnt mean that the polls were 95% to 5% in favor of Hillary. They werent. They were more like 52% to 48% or 53% to 47%. But the polls were in so much agreement the experts were saying the chances of them being wrong were less than 5%. 

Hillary actually did win the popular vote, as we know. But unfortunately for her, most of those people were concentrated in states like California, New York and Illinois, which are only three states out of 50. You need to win state by state to take the Electoral College. 

I dont say it to brag, but I got the last laugh. I wasnt trying to be controversial for its own sake or to try and make headlines. For me, predicting a Trump victory was simply the result of a lot of hard analysis. 



Protest Song Of The Week: Gun Control By Molly Nilsson "IndyWatch Feed"

Editors Note

This post was originally published at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs.

Molly Nilsson is a Swedish synth-pop artist, who recently released her eighth studio album. Even though the tunes on the album are more influenced by the personal than the political, the mood of the music is heavily influenced by the current political climate.

This is evident on the opening track Every Night Is New, which refers to a late capitalist night, in pre-apocalypse times.

One of the albums highlights is Gun Control. Many of the lyrics are metaphorical, poetically comparing the human soul to what its like to be punctured by a bullet hole.

Even though it is not a protest song in the traditional sense, the lyrics make powerful statements that resonate in light of current youth-led protest movements.

Why not listen to the youth when you need them?

Why resist to see the future when you see it?

When you know the past is already gone and its already done

Now put your faith in the young!

The increase in youth activism on issues, such as gun violence, renew hope that long-awaited change may be possible.

Nilssons lyrics remind us that it is the youth, who inherit the consequences of the bad decisions of the older generation. It is the current generation that faces the prospect of going to school with the fear of being shot. It is the young that face the prospect that the planet will become inhabitable as a result of adult greed.

With what is at stake, now is the time to finally listen to youthful pleas for change. The status quo based on old corrupt political ideologies has failed miserably. Let the youth inspire us to create something new.

Twenty Twenty by Molly Nilsson

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Exact Match Requirements Eased in Georgia Ahead of Midterms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a law implemented last year, Georgia's 'Exact Match' requirement flags voters who have discrepancies in their official identifying documents and may be non-citizens.

As originally written, at the actual polling location, only Deputy Registrars could immediately clear individuals to vote (provisional ballots could still be cast). This was deemed burdensome in U.S. District Court and now Poll Managers can also clear individuals to vote who show proof of citizenship.

The announcement of this change is here:

Voters were notified in advance of discrepancies and multiple avenues to resolve the issue are available, including:

- in advance by faxing or emailing documents to the county registrar
- when balloting, providing documentation to a Deputy Registrar (or Poll Manager now)
- If the above are an issue, an individual can cast a provisional ballot and provide the proof of citizenship (in person, via fax, email, or text message) before Friday.

Also at NPR and The Hill.

Original Submission

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Portland, OR: PDX Rad Movie Night, The Gentleman Bank Robber "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Calling all Portlanders for another PDX Rad Movie Night on November 11th.

For the next installment of PDX Rad Movie Night we will be partnering with Portland Anarchist Black Cross and Oregon Jericho to present The Gentleman Bank Robber, the story of queer revolutionary and former political prisoner Rita Bo Brown. The film is directed by local film maker and activist Julie Perini. The screening will be taking place at 6PM on Sunday, November 11th at the Social Justice Action Center at 400 SE 12th Ave.

Part of the George Jackson Brigade, a revolutionary prison abolitionist group operating in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s, Brown helped fund operations through her bank-robbing activities. Weaving life in present-day Oakland, where brown now resides, with retelling of events, interviews with collaborators, and archival materials, Perini weaves together a touching look at a woman who has led a life committed to activism while maintaining a delightful sense of humor and humanity.

Following the screening there will be a discussion led by members of Portland ABC on current organizing around supporting political prisoners, and prison abolition and how people can get involved in that work.

Donations collected at the event will be given to bo browns medical fund.

PDX Rad Movie Night aims to create a space for people in the local radical community to come together on regular basis in a setting that isnt a meeting or protest, and give them the chance to socialize and make connections in a low stress environment.

This will be the last Rad Movie Night for 2018 as we hibernate over the winter, but well be back in early 2019.


LIVE STREAM: Trump holds MAGA rally in Indiana "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

LIVE STREAM: Trump holds MAGA rally in Indiana Fox News Watch LIVE at 6:30pm Eastern: With less than 24 hours until polls open, President Trump flies to Fort Wayne, Indiana to help Republican Mike Braun with his bid to...

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University Lecturer Caught Stealing GOP Yard Signs in New York "IndyWatch Feed"

My lawn signs for #NY19 @JohnFasoNy and @marcmolinaro we're just stolen from my front lawn Lisa McMerica Vote Red (@LisaMcGov) November 1, 2018 Leftist academic, naturally, always the craziest. Via Free Beacon: A lecturer at the State University of New York at New Paltz was caught on video stealing Republican []


"Life, eh?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"We said together, wistfully, 'Life, eh?' It says everything without having to say anything: that we all experience moments of joyful or painful reflection, sometimes alone, sometimes sharing laughs and tears with others; that we all know and appreciate that however wonderful and precious life is, it can equally be a terribly confusing and mysterious beast. 'Life, eh?"
-  Miranda Hart


Early Voting Brought a Surge of Voters. What Will Election Day Bring? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During three weeks of early voting, many of the problems Electionland has identified have been driven by higher-than-expected turnout. While experts say we wont know if this means record-breaking turnout on Election Day, early voting in some states has already outpaced 2014, leaving election administrators struggling to keep up.

There are two scenarios: One is that its been an unprecedented number of early voters, and the next is that its an equally historic Election Day, said Michael McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida who studies voter turnout. He said that while we wont know which is correct until Election Day, all signs point to higher turnout on Tuesday. Weve never seen this level of engagement during a midterm election, he said.

If that happens, experts say, voters are likely to see problems at the polls that are common when turnout exceeds expectations long lines, malfunctioning machines and new voters confused by increasingly obscure election laws.

In Austin, Texas, registration was so high that Travis County still had thousands of registration forms left to process in the weekend before early voting started. The county warned voters that those whod registered in the final days may have to cast a provisional ballot, and its tax assessor and voter registrant, Bruce Elfant, used the occasion to advocate for online registration something he said would have prevented the backlog. Texas is one of 13 states without online registration.

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The Navy Lark: Sir Willoughby Takes Over The Island "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Stephen Murray,Leslie Phillips and Jon Pertwee in the classic BBC Radio Comedy The Navy Lark.

Apologies if you have heard this before, but many other uploads were taken down.


Top Resource Stock Picks of 2018 Marin Katusa, Brent Johnson, David Morgan, Doug Casey, Grant Williams, Frank Curzio, Rick Rule (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Top Resource Stock Picks of 2018 Marin Katusa, Brent Johnson, David Morgan, Doug Casey, Grant Williams, Frank Curzio, Rick Rule Video What are the top resource stock picks of 2018? Watch as Marin Katusa (Katusa Research) discusses the current markets with...

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Poll: Bluetooth "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A couple of informational links, with the upcoming holiday season approaching fast:   The post Poll: Bluetooth appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


A Mysterious Facebook Group Is Using Bernie Sanders Image to Urge Democrats to Vote for the Green Party "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Facebook page for a group called America Progress Now is running ads online urging progressives to vote for Green Party candidates in seven competitive races in the Midwest.

People of Color NEED Marcia Squier in the Senate to represent them, one of the ads says, promoting a Green Party candidate in Michigan. Americans dont have control over our government anymore. Weve lost it to greedy, corporate capitalists, says another, calling for voters to support Ohio Green Party candidate Joe Manchik.

The page features ads with images of prominent progressive politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Problem is, America Progress Now hasnt registered with the Federal Election Commission, as all groups making independent political expenditures are required to do. Six of the Green Party candidates being promoted by America Progress Now say they have no affiliation with the Facebook page, and most say theyve never heard of the group.

And theres no sign of America Progress Now at the address listed on its Facebook page. When we visited 605 E. 132nd St. in the Bronx on Monday morning, none of the tenants we spoke to had ever heard of America Progress Now. The buildings landlord, Stephen Rosenfeld, said in a phone call that he hadnt heard of the group either and that no tenants by that name were in his building. After reaching out to America Progress Now, the page removed its Bronx address.

The ads caught the attention of Sanders Senate office, which asked Facebook to take the ads down, but so far the company has refused to do so. Two of the ads mention Sanders and one insinuates that he supports voting for third-party candidates. Bernie Sanders is leading the way, the ad states. Its time to send him some allies in Washington. This November, dont vote for a party, vote for Progressive values.

We asked Facebook to remove the ad last week because it is clearly a malicious attempt to deceive voters, Sanders spokesman Josh Miller-Lewis said in a statement. It is deeply troubling that after Facebook was used in similar ways by foreign actors in 2016 to swing the election, the company still refuses to act to combat deceptive and misleading ads run by anonymous organizations.

In an email to a Sanders staff member that was shared with VICE News and ProPublica, Facebook said it had investigated America Progress Now and found no violations of its policies. Facebook said it had ve...


Whether or Not You Will Be Good At Marriage, According to the Zodiac "IndyWatch Feed World"

With over half of Americans aged 18 and older married in 2016, there is no questioning the fact that marriage is still alive and well in the United States today. However, as the face of marriage is changing, and many still face the reality of divorce, we are often left wondering whether weve got what it takes to make this whole plan work.

There are many articles making their way around social media, each professing to carry the secret to a successful marriage. Some talk about the importance of communication, discussing all the ways that it can bring you closer together. Others bring together the tried and tested advice of hundreds of married couples across the country, sharing their own personal tricks and secrets to a happy, lasting marriage.

One has to wonder, however, are there some people that are just better suited to this type of long-term commitment. We each possess our own unique personality traits, complete with our own strengths and weaknesses. While some will find it easier to meet new people, others may find that dedication and long-term thinking come naturally. This doesnt necessarily mean that anyone is destined to fail, simply that some aspects of a relationship may be more work for some of us than others.

What are your relationship strengths and weaknesses? How naturally successful will you be at marriage?

Aries (Mar 21 Apr 19)

Flirtatious and driven, if there is one strength that Aries possesses when it comes to relationships, its the ability to make the first move. While they have all intentions of staying committed, they will struggle with one major flaw Aries is driven by excitement and adventure, and they find themselves getting bored quickly. While their relationships often start off heated and passionate, they often fade out quickly. If they are going to make a relationship or a marriage last, they will have to find a way to keep the spark and the excitement alive each and every day.

Taurus (Apr 20 May 20)

Grounded and stable, a Taurus in a committed relationship will go to great lengths to care for and protect those that they love. They arent afraid of hard work and will put the time and effort into building a loving home, a solid foundation and the ideal environment for a relationship to thrive.  They are built for a long-term commitment with one major hiccup Taurus has a SERIOUS stubborn streak that they are going to have to work past in order to...


Experts believe silver is poised to outpace gold in 2019 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Global demand for silver is expected to grow, according to a Canadian investment bank and financial services provider TD Securities. It has projected silver outperforming the sister metal gold next year. There have been several factors conspiring against the entire precious metals sector, such as rising interest rates, a strong US dollar, and a weaker yuan, according to the head of commodity strategy at TD Securities Bart Melek. He told Kitco News silver was further weighed down by concerns that the global economy will be hurt because of a worldwide trade war. "Right now we think the market is underpricing silver's potential," Melek said. Despite the fact that the trade war between China and the US "can still get ugly," TD Securities sees positive economic growth next year, which should support silver prices, boosting the metal's industrial demand.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Afwerki Praises Eritreans for 'Victorious Resilience'
Daniel Mumbere
Africa News

Eritreas president, Isaias Afwerki has paid tribute to the steadfastness and resilience of his people, saying they have emerged triumphant against decades-old tribulation that few other people could have withstood.

Afwerki was addressing an interview broadcast live on state television and radio, as he sought to update the nation on the significance of regional developments like the peace deal with Ethiopia.

The peace process transcends Ethiopias full acceptance of EEBC border ruling, Afwerki said.

(It) represents a new, fourth, epoch where external subterfuges of controlling the region have been vanquished through resilience of the Eritrean people,political dynamics in Ethiopia & global developments.

Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace deal in July this year, ending two decades of hostilities over a border dispute.

Last week, it also emerged that sanctions imposed on Eritrea in 2009, are set to be lifted.

Afwerki said Eritrea will consolidate the new regional developments that have included normalisation of relations with Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti.

The new reality will have its own contribution to the shared visions of cultivation of solid cooperation in the wider Horn of Africa, the Nile Basin and the Arabian Gulf that is endowed with substantial resources, huge populations and considerable human capital, said Afwerki.

Time for reforms?

The president is expected to address the impact of the regional developments on the internal politics of the country.

Eritrea, for a long time imposed stringent measures including compulsory and indefine national conscription and repression of dissenting views, in the name of protecting the nation against an aggressive and powerful enemy, Ethiopia.

With the peace deal reached with Ethiopia, many human rights advocates have called upon Eritrea to reform. READ MORE: Eritrea pledges to address human rights challenges


What happened to Obama? He looked wasted & defeated at Milwaukee rally "IndyWatch Feed"

Did you know that the latest  Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll has President Trumps approval numbers among African Americans at 40%? Blacks traditionally vote Demonrat, so low black voter turnout is really bad for Democrats. When Obama won Wisconsin Continue reading


IFPRI Partnership on Small Scale Irrigation Research Extended Five More Years with $12.5 Million Grant "IndyWatch Feed World"

Oct 5, 2018 Press Release Water Policy IFPRI Partnership on Small Scale Irrigation Research Extended Five More Years with $12.5 Million Grant October 5, Washington, D.C.: The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a five-year extension of the Innovation Laboratory for Small Scale Irrigation (ILSSI), which will continue critical research from IFPRI and partners on imp


"Anne Lamott on Love, Despair, and Our Capacity for Change" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Anne Lamott on Love, Despair, and Our Capacity for Change"
by Maria Popova

"We go through life seeing reality not as it really is, in its unfathomable depths of complexity and contradiction, but as we hope or fear or expect it to be. Too often, we confuse certainty for truth and the strength of our beliefs for the strength of the evidence. When we collide with the unexpected, with the antipode to our hopes, we are plunged into bewildered despair. We rise from the pit only by love. Perhaps Keats had it slightly wrong - perhaps truth is love and love is truth."

That is what Anne Lamott, one of the rare sages of our time, reminds us with equal parts humility, humor, and largehearted wisdom in "Almost Everything: Notes on Hope " (public library).

Lamott writes in the prelude: "In general, it doesnt feel like the light is making a lot of progress. It feels like death by annoyance. At the same time, the truth is that we are beloved, even in our current condition, by someone; we have loved and been loved. We have also known the abyss of love lost to death or rejection, and that it somehow leads to new life. We have been redeemed and saved by love, even as a few times we have been nearly destroyed, and worse, seen our children nearly destroyed. We are who we love, we are one, and we are autonomous."


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ethiopia PM Appoints Woman As Official Spokesperson
Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban
Africa News

Ethiopia has a new goverment spokesperson as at Monday with the appointment of Billene Seyoum as Press Secretary at the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

She is to be assited by another woman, as Helen Yosef, was also confirmed as deputy press secretary. Both Billene & Helen have extensive experiences in communications & journalism, the independently-owned Addis Standard reported.

The new press secretary held her first briefing for local and foreign journalists on Monday with reports that she announced the issuance of access badges for media operating within the PMs office.

Until Billenes appointment, government communications had almost become the job of Abiys former Chief of Staff, Fitsum Arega. The press secretariat is a new office under Abiys new chief of staff, Shimelis Abdissa.

Former holder of the post, Arega, is taking up a new post as Commissioner of Ethiopia Investment Commission, EIC.

Since taking office in April 2018, Abiy has undertaken widespread reforms that have earned him praise at home, across the subregion and internationally.

Lawmakers questioned the inclusion of women in his first cabinet to which he promised to make amends in subsequent appointments.

Keeping with his promise Abiy announced a gender-par cabinet in October 2018. The 10 women 10 men cabinet had women holding top posts inclusing the Ministry of Peace and Ethiopias first woman Defense minister.

Before the praise could subside, he followed it up with the nomination of Ethiopias first female president in the person of Sahle-Work Zewde. Lawmakers voted unanimously for Zewde who replaced Mulatu Teshome.

On November 1, 2018; Abiy again nominated Meaza Ashenafi, as the countrys first female President of the federal Supreme Court. The recent appointment means there is no stopping the train of women empowerment with Abiy in the seat.

1 Sahle-Work Zewde President of the Republic
2 Meaza Ashenafi President of Federal Supreme Court
3 Muferiat Kamil Minister of Peace with high-security oversight


: "IndyWatch Feed War"

5, 2018 . []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cameroon School Kidnap: More Than 70 Pupils Seized in Bamenda
BBC World Service

In the video released of the children the man holding the camera turns it on himself at the end
Dozens of people, mostly school pupils, have been kidnapped from a boarding school in the west of Cameroon.

At least 79 students and three others, including the principal, were seized early on Monday morning in Bamenda, the capital of the North-West region, a government official has told the BBC.

Regional governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique blamed separatist militias.

Cameroon's North-West and South-West regions have been hit by a secessionist rebellion in recent years.

Cameroon's English-speaking rebels

Militias, who have been demanding the independence of the two English-speaking regions, have called for a school boycott.

But no single group has said it carried out the kidnapping at Bamenda's Presbyterian Secondary School, which has pupils aged between 10 and 14.

A video of some of the children, believed to have been filmed by one of the kidnappers, is being shared on social media.

The students, all boys and crammed into a tiny room, all look nervous as the person holding the camera orders them to say their names and where they are from.

They also repeat the phrase: "I was taken from school last night by the Amba boys, I don't know where I am."

Amba is short for Ambazonia, the name of the new country that the separatists want to create.

One student, who managed to avoid capture by hiding under a bed, told the BBC that events unfolded quickly as the kidnappers entered the school.

"One of my friends, they beat him mercilessly. All I could think about was to just stay quiet. They threatened to shoot some people... all the big boys they rounded up, and the small ones they left them behind."

A teacher at the school described what she saw as she entered the principal's office after students had been taken from different dormitories.

"The military came in and went to the principal's house where we realised that her door was bashed and entered into, the glasses are still there on the ground,"...


UK Student Loans Company Accused Of Spying On Applicants "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

UK students applying for a loan via the Student Loans Company (SLC) will have their personal Facebook page scrutinized to determine whether they qualify for funding. This comes after it was revealed that during the summer 150 applicants were spied on after applying for full maintenance loans due to being estranged from their families. This isnt the


EXCLUSIVE: Bannon: Vote Red, Even for the RINO, Never Trumper Because Dems Promise Trumps Head On A Pike (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Every Trump supporter must vote for the Republican running in their district on Tuesday or the Democrats, who are promising Trumps head on a pike, will win control of the House and the Senate and ultimately impeach the president, predicts former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Even if you have to vote for a RINO or a Never Trumper, vote red, Bannon cautioned in a wide ranging interview with The Gateway Pundit.

Every Trump supporter has to vote, particularly in these key districts for these congressmen. I dont care even if the congressman is a RINO, thats a discussion for a different day. This is a referendum on Trump, he said. That congressman, whether he is a RINO, whether he is a Never Trumper, whether you dont like him, whether you think hes too milquetoast, hes a proxy vote for the Trump presidency.

What the Democrats are doing now is psychological warfare. They are trying to say hey this thing is over, its going to be a blue wave,' Bannon said. Everybody on our side is a big believer in history and they study history. This is historic. This Tuesday is the first reelect of Donald Trump.

Democrats are at an advantage ahead of the midterms, Bannon warned, because its base isnt divided like the establishment and anti-establishment factions of the GOP.

Its still this tension between the grassroots and the establishment ongoing. The Democrats have never had this. They have been promised Trumps head on a pike on Tuesday. The young people the Times Up movement, the Resistance they have been walking districts like the Tea Party. Theyve been walking districts in June and July in the hot heat and humidity, for one thing. Not to work with Donald Trump on prison reform. They have been promised his head on a pike, that he will be impeached. If we hold the House of Representatives, even by one seat they will be just shattered.

If we hold the House, they will turn on each other with a viciousness that weve never seen before. Remember, Jim Hoft, The Breitbart crowd, the Gateway Pundit crowd, weve been at this ant-establishment-establishment civil war for nine years inside the Republican party.


After a Trump supporter from Florida was charged with sending mail bombs to at least a dozen top Democrats and a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, t...


The migrant caravan as seen by Fox News "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Saturday Night Live gets the fact-free fear-mongering pretty much right.


Saudi Arabia grilled over human rights record at UN review "IndyWatch Feed War"


Several countries call for 'credible' and 'transparent' investigation into murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at UN meeting in Geneva


Republicans perform about-face, now back nationwide legalization of medical marijuana "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Republicans perform about-face, now back nationwide legalization of medical marijuana by: Isabelle Z  Natural News After coming out against the legalization of cannabis in the past, Former House Speaker John Boehner now says his stance was wrong. He now believes that...

The post Republicans perform about-face, now back nationwide legalization of medical marijuana appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cameroon: Over 80 People Kidnapped in Bamenda
Africa News

Cameroons military said on Monday more than 80 people, mostly children, were kidnapped from a school in the city of Bamenda, located in the Anglophone Northwest region.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the abduction in the English-speaking region where separatists are fighting to form a breakaway state.

The separatists have imposed curfews and closed down schools as part of their protest against President Paul Biyas French-speaking government.

In total 81 people were kidnapped including the principal. They were taken to the bush.

In total 81 people were kidnapped including the principal. They were taken to the bush, a military source told Reuters.

A government spokesman said it was keeping track of an event but that it could not comment further.

The separatist movement gathered pace in 2017 after a government crackdown on peaceful demonstrations. Many people have fled Bamenda and other centres to seek refuge in more peaceful Francophone regions.


WHY STOP NOW? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Once upon a time in a green pastured land down the bottom of the world,--------

We are on a roll, arn we?

Megan two pies please, Jimmy two mums and the Fairy Prinzess deliver the "red sticker" notice to The Naki's Oil and Gas Industry and now Genesis Energy  is sufficiently worried about providing all the lectricity needed for virtue signalling. Done tell me they are going to IMPORT filthy coal from Indonesia? ok tell me then! I guess the morons in the hive think burnin foreign coal will be same as India an China burnin Aussie coal, that dont make CO2,   do it? oops forgot the "lets"

Crash the dollar, add new taxes levies, world oil prices rise and Big Oil must be ripping us orf at te pump, must deal to that. Come back two pies stop worrying who dunnit at the labour youf camp, you are up on stage again. Have yer cuppa and the cream bun after.

Remove plastic from grocery and it not only costs more to lug those high value necessities home but health risks rise because some dumbarse shoppers are in ignorance as to how nasties breed, sheesh they dont even understand where babies come from! We have to use those same trollies doncha no.

Genter was gunna get the road toll to zero seems that is no longer news.(last I heard we were on track for a bigger number this year, bigger mus be bedderer)? So we will stay wif te transfer of highway improvement monies  to Dorkland to make it easier to get to the Plane down  an already congested road,  now wif a tram in the middle as a step back to the future.

This week it is the bloody banks, in particular those orrible Aussie owned ones, run by descendants of crims deported from the old country after selection by the best judges. What else to expect?
Of course deny the inconvenient fact some of the nasty profits extracted from ard workin Kiwis might end up with New Zealanders canny enough to buy the freekin shares, not all goin overseas is it!

I am fortunate, in  years past, swmbo and self did not spend it all goin to Bali, The Melbourne Cup or being stamp collectors from foreign entry clerks, takin kids to Disney world (bastards) or Fijii,  so surprise surprise we now have some funds in those same nasty Banks.  I am very happy said banks are profitable and stable, so get your sticky mitts orf Robbo and leave them to make more money.
Of course the army of the dissatisfied are not forced to go any where near the thievin bastards, they cud  just keep their money in a biscuit tin in the garage and hope no one finds it and elps themselves. "Bugger", who wudda thunk that?

Here is a really out of it Idea, what about inquiries into the not often revealed costs of the plethora of advisory committees set up to work out a way to deliver what was promised, one day trips to some Pacific Island for lunch w...


CEO's Simple Fix: Reform Spending and Revenue "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

CEO's Simple Fix: Reform Spending and Revenue swinn Mon, 11/05/2018 - 18:07

Politicians do not want to address the nations debt issues because that would require both tax increases and reductions in spending on entitlement programs, said David Cote, former CEO of Honeywell.

It is just basic math that no one wants to address, he said on the latest Facing the Future program.

Cote served on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Simpson-Bowles), a 2010 bipartisan panel created by then President Obama, and was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Facing the Future host Chase Hagaman was joined by Cote and Concord Coalition Executive Director Robert L. Bixby to discuss the Simpson-Bowles commissions work and changes in the economic and political climates.  

The job at hand was to develop a proposal for addressing the debt, said Cote about the fiscal reform commission. The result was a $4 trillion debt reduction package.

The package, which 11 of the 18 members of the bipartisan commission supported, never made much headway in Congress or with Obama.

If you went through the $4 trillion of ideas that we had, there certainly are things that could be picked out that could be done now, Cote said. The big items, tax simplification . . . Medicare and Medicaid have to be addressed.

If you vote for people who give you simple solutions, like We will grow our way out of it, or We just have to tax the wealthy more, they are lying to you, Cote said. If you vote for people like that then don't be surprised when the problem continues to grow.

Later on the show Steve Winn, Concords com...


The Legacy of Foreclosure Fraud Could Help Decide Whether Ohio Turns Blue on Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed World"

In 2010, two candidates battled one another in a low-profile race in Ohio. Republican Mike DeWine, who was ousted from the U.S. Senate in 2006 by Sherrod Brown, thought he could return the favor to state attorney general Richard Cordray. This year DeWine and Cordray are facing each other again, in the race for governor of Ohio. But the circumstances of that 2010 contest reveal how much it matters who represents the public at critical moments, even in down-ballot seats. Weeks before the [...]


Farrakhan Chanted Death To America While With Leadership In Iran "IndyWatch Feed"

WATCH: Louis Farrakhan Refers to the U.S. as "Great Satan" during a Tehran University Speech; Says to Iranians: If You Persevere in Your Revolution Despite the Sanctions, "Victory Will Be Yours." Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 5, 2018 As they were celebrating the anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy. Dont let him back in. []


Watch the First 8k Video Shot in Space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The incredible 8k footage was shot at the International Space Station using a RED camera.


UN: Healing Ozone Layer Shows Why Environmental Treaties Matter "IndyWatch Feed World"

Read time: 3 minsBy Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch. Reposted with permission from EcoWatch. After decades of thinning, Earth's ozone layer is slowing recovering, the United Nations (UN) said in a report released Monday, highlighting how international cooperation can help tackle major environmental issues. Tags: united nationschlorofluorocarbonsMontreal Protocol1.5 degree climate change


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: This is Rays Rest in Kaiau