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Tuesday, 13 November


Cronkite News: Votes still being counted for Senate race in Arizona "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema or Republican Martha McSally? Voters still don't know the outcome of a key U.S. Senate race.


Terri Hansen and Jacqueline Keeler: Yes, Native people are still here "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Its an excellent time to refocus our attention on the Indigenous origins of democracy in this country.


Tribes see setback in caribou reintroduction efforts in Lower 48 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The South Selkirk Mountains caribou herd is down to just six animals.


Mir hat jemand heute einen Artikel in der "Zeit" empfohlen. ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mir hat jemand heute einen Artikel in der "Zeit" empfohlen. Darin ging es darum, dass die katholische Kirche mal gucken wollte, warum die Leute alle austreten, und berraschend rausfand, dass es nicht das Geld ist.

Leider ist der Rest des Artikels hinter einer Paywall. Man muss sich anmelden und zahlt dann mit seinen Daten. Ich wollte mich also in einem Privacy-Fenster anmelden. Wollten die mir eine Mail von schicken. Ja nee, liebe "Zeit". Von Spam-Dienstleistern aus den USA nehme ich keine Mails an. WTF? Ernsthaft? DSGVO, nie gehrt?!?

Update: Stellt sich raus: mailjet sind Franzosen, die bei Google in Irland hosten, keine Amis. Schreibt mir gerade ein Leser. Dennoch: Spam-Outsourcer bleibt Spam-Outsourcer. Ich bin ja fr Spam-Outsourcing. Dann muss ich nur die Outsourcer filtern.

Neulich so: China hat ein Problem mit Marxisten.Jetzt ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Neulich so: China hat ein Problem mit Marxisten.

Jetzt so: Ist ja komisch, die Marxisten sind alle weg!1!!

Authorities took away at least nine activists in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen late on Friday, and three more activists were taken away on Sunday in the city of Wuhan, sources told Reuters news agency.
Ja wo sind die denn jetzt? Na weg!1!!
The Ministry of Public Security, which oversees police forces across the country, did not respond to a request for comment.

Hey, wenn Googles Plan fr Berlin im Umspannwerk nichts ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hey, wenn Googles Plan fr Berlin im Umspannwerk nichts wird, htten wir in Lichtenberg noch eine freie Immobilie: Das Stasi-Hauptquartier!

Pass ja auch inhaltlich ganz gut *hust*

(Zweite Quelle)


Detailed, picture filled review of the new 2018 Mac mini The Loop

Im embedding the video in the main Loop post, but dont let that stop you from jumping to Jeff Benjamins full 2018 Mac mini review. The video is just the icing on a very readable, informative cake.

Read this on The Loop


Woman remotely wipes iPhone being held as evidence The Loop

Daily Gazette:

A cellphone seized by police as part of an investigation into a drive-by shooting last month was remotely wiped by its owner, authorities said this week.

Police believe Juelle L. Grant, 24, of Willow Avenue, may have been the driver of a vehicle involved in an Oct. 23 drive-by shooting on Van Vranken Avenue, near Lang Street, so they obtained her phone, according to police allegations filed in court. No one was injured in the shooting.

After police took her iPhone X, telling her it was considered evidence, she did remotely wipe the device, according to police.

Whats the law here? Its her phone. Does she have the right to wipe it after it is taken from her? Do the police have the legal right to prevent this?

Fascinating story.

Read this on The Loop


Jean-Louis Gasse on the birth of the Macintosh The Loop

Jean-Louis Gasse:

Its November, 1983; Im sitting in the auditorium at Apples worldwide sales meeting in Honolulu. The house lights dim and 1984 begins. Conceived by ad agency Chiat/Day, directed by Ridley Scott of Blade Runner fame, and destined to be aired nationally only once (during the 1984 Super Bowl).


The lights come halfway up. Steve Jobs magical brainchild is lowered from the flies, deus ex Macintosh. Halfway through its descent, the Mac boots up and we hear the newborns wail, the now familiar Bong.


Apples assembled sales organization was delighted by the Macs enchanting presentation, its (almost) never-seen-before user interface. But there was a nervous energy under the surface: Would the Macintosh save Apple from the IBM PC and its clones?

A nostalgic look back, with lots of interesting links and some images that will really take you back. Especially that one of young Steve Jobs giving IBM the finger.

Read this on The Loop


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Monday, 12 November


This Child Trafficking is NOT Being Investigated "IndyWatch Feed National"

Survivors and their advocates wouldnt be under such attack if it was.

Many people are content just to stay online and read Q posts- which breeds apathy by telling people to trust the plan when it is obvious the plan is to keep people from doing anything.

Qanon is nothing more than controlled opposition pretending to be heroes but in reality is just a psych op to keep people placated. Not that is hasnt attracted a myriad of concerned people but it has all but hog tied them into doing nothing.

Survivors and our advocates are facing prison or death. If this was truly being dealt with- this would not be the case.

Max Spiers, Jenny Moore, Lori King- all dead. They are trying to murder me with their directed energy weapons. And people like the VOP and Timothy Holmseth are facing jail for fighting to expose this child trafficking mess.

The lies that are being perpetrated are keeping people from doing anything meaningful to try and stop these evil practices of touring and murder children.

And Trump is NOT secretly organizing forces to take these groups down. This is obvious since NOTHING has happened thus far.

But still we are told to KEEP WAITING and trust in the plan. But in truth- the only plan is to wait this all out so this mess can continue unbated- as it ALWAYS has.

While anyone who tries to do anything meaningful to help stop this are murdered or imprisoned.

Who loses? Society- and ESP our children.


Kyrgyzstan survives on money made by migrant workers, but it doesnt know how to spend it "IndyWatch Feed"

No country in the world is as dependent on remittances as Kyrgyzstan. But this money is often used by families to survive, and allows the state to avoid its obligations to its citizens. 

Illustration: Daria Udalova.

This article was originally published on Kloop, a Kyrgyz investigative website. We translate it here with their permission.

Altynai, 24, doesnt know what she will do if her parents stop sending money from Russia. Shell be in a hopeless situation without those 20,000 soms (220) a month this money is her only way of surviving. For the past three years, Altynai (name changed) has been living with her grandmother, whose pension isnt enough to buy anything.

She says that residents of her village in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan frequently leave to work abroad. Theres never enough jobs here in Leylek district, which is bordered by Tajikistan on three sides. There are no new enterprises being opened. Most people work for low wages in state institutions.

Indeed, over the past decade, more and more people have been leaving Kyrgyzstan to work abroad. In Russia alone, there are more than 800,000 Kyrgyz citizens on the migration register. Most of them come to work. In 2017, they made money transfers to Kyrgyzstan totalling $2.5 billion which was more than the total state annual expenditure.  


FBI: Neo-Nazi Militia Trained by US Military in Ukraine Now Training US White Supremacists "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

According to a recent FBI indictment, several American white supremacists were allegedly radicalized by and received training from Ukraines neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which receives funding from the current government of Ukraine as well as the U.S. government. The group has also received weapons from the Israeli government.


Scientists discover the mechanism for how dad's stresses get passed along to offspring "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mouse studies show tiny intercellular pods convey to sperm a legacy of a father's hard knocks in life A stressed-out and traumatized father can leave scars in his children. New research suggests this happens because sperm "learn" paternal experiences via a mysterious mode of intercellular communication in which small blebs break off one cell and fuse with another. Carrying proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, these particles ejected from a cell act like a postal system that extends to all parts of the body, releasing little packages known as extracellular vesicles. Their contents seem carefully chosen. "The cargo inside the vesicle determines not just where it came from but where it's going and what it's doing when it gets there," says Tracy Bale, a neurobiologist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Preliminary research Bale and others, announced this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, shows how extracellular vesicles can regulate...


Justice Ginsburg Will Retire Jan 2019???, 2439 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: Good evening, Im still reporting on: Justice Ginsburg Will Retire Jan 2019???, 2439 Synopsis: According to todays Santa Monica Observer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg known affectionately to the left as RBG has suffered a recurrence of her malignant melanoma and must retire in January. Reportedly, Ginsburg has told key Democratic members of the Senate about her medical condition, including ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein. According to Observer Staff Writer Stan Greene: This explains in part the "take no prisoners" attitude of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh nomination, carefully orchestrating weak 37-year-old allegations against Kavanaugh by Women he barely remembers knowing in high school and college. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Patriot Charger - Patriot, 1-866-566-8930 - SafeBolt, the encrypted email and cloud system, as low as $4.99/month with promo code: GETSETUP100. -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Broward County Staff Filled Out Blank Ballots, 2438 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: Good evening, Im still reporting on: Broward County Staff Filled Out Blank Ballots, 2438 Synopsis: SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Patriot Charger - Patriot, 1-866-566-8930 - SafeBolt, the encrypted email and cloud system, as low as $4.99/month with promo code: GETSETUP100. -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor: https://you...


Understanding the Global Recession of 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Understanding the Global Recession of 2019 by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds Isnt it obvious that repeating the policies of 2009 wont be enough to save the system from a long-delayed reset? 2019 is shaping up to be...

The post Understanding the Global Recession of 2019 appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Britain and France conspired to start World War I "IndyWatch Feed World"

We are now before the 100th anniversary of World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars. While honoring the 16 million who died in this conflict, we should also condemn the memory of the politicians, officials and incompetent generals who created this horrendous blood bath. I've walked most of the Western Front of the Great War, visited its battlefields and haunted forts, and seen the seas of crosses marking its innumerable cemeteries. As a former soldier and war correspondent, I've always considered WWI as the stupidest, most tragic and catastrophic of all modern wars. The continuation of this conflict, World War II, killed more people and brought more destruction on civilians in firebombed cities but, at least for me, World War I holds a special horror and poignancy. This war was not only an endless nightmare for the soldiers in their pestilential trenches, it also violently ended the previous 100 years of glorious European civilization, one of mankind's most noble...


#Zagreb, #Croatia: Racist attacks on Are You Syrious Integration Centre "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zagreb, Croatia: A direct consequence of anti-refugee propaganda: AYS integration center targeted by fascists.

Originally published by Are You Syrious. Images by Are You Syrious Integration Center in Zagreb.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

For the third time in recent weeks, AYS van, free shop and integration center in Zagreb have been vandalized by unknown perpetrators who usually act during the night and on weekends. Such attacks occur when our media presence is higher or when anti-refugee propaganda is on the rise, as it currently is in Croatia. The last two incidents involved breaking our windows and smashing our van with bricks.




Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed War"

While the conflict between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in northern Syria has partly de-escalated, it has appeared that the tensions are growing in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, the area of al-Safa in southern Syria and the Euphrates Valely in eastern Syria.

Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

The post Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update) appeared first on .


Supremacy and Extremism: Nazis and Islamists "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is little doubt the Nazis were experts in the art supremacy and extremism. They continue today to inspire numerous groups who copy their methods to wreak terror on the world. Yet the relationship between the Nazis and todays jihadis stretches back to the 1930s. Clarion marks the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War with a new film on Nazis and Islamists.

On November 11, we marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11, 1918). The armistice left the major issues unresolved and Germany seethed under the harsh conditions of the treaty.

Extremism was not only allowed to fester, it was viewed as a strategy to regain victory for Germany. It is wise to understand the driving forces which contributed to the terrible destruction and Holocaust of World War II and its empowerment of radical Islam.

Watch this original film by Clarion Project:



German Jihadi Rapper Like Nazi Propaganda Chief Goebbels

Abbas Dream for Jew-Free Palestinian State: Pure Nazi Ideology



CIA Tapped Phones of Whistleblower, 2437 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is a paid sponsorship by: Patriot Flashlight - the only flashlight that can recharge your cell phone - FOREVER? Good evening, Im still reporting on: CIA Tapped Phones of Whistleblower, 2437 Synopsis: New declassified documents show the CIA intercepted the phone calls of the CIAs head of Whistleblowing and Source Protection. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Nobel Gold. Go to and use the code Coin to save $5 per coin, or text Coin to 511511. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: -- The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Patriot Charger - Patriot, 1-866-566-8930 - SafeBolt, the encrypted email and cloud system, as low as $4.99/month with promo code: GETSETUP100. -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor:


Get your tickets for the Slugger End of Year Review 2018 Wed 19th Dec 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

Now firmly established as a Christmas Tradition, join us as we look back on the year in politics with the Cinderella and widow Twankey of local commentators Allison Morris and Alex Kane.

Our good friend, comedian Tim McGarry will get everyone into the mood when it comes to our politics if you dont laugh you will cry. Your host for the evening will be the best thing to come out of Lisburn since Coca-Cola, Alan Meban. The event is sponsored by MCE Public Relations.

Location: The Dark Horse Bar, Belfast (this venue is wheelchair friendly).

Date: Wednesday 19th December 2018

Time: Doors open 6:45, show starts 7:15pm.

This event always sells out so grab your tickets now or you are not going.

Slugger does not get any funding. This is a fundraising night to keep Slugger Lit into 2019!

Tickets are 10 each. Click here to book your tickets



Woolsey Fire Burns Nuclear Meltdown Site that State Toxics Agency Failed to Clean Up "IndyWatch Feed"

News Release from Physicians for Social Responsibility LA:
Woolsey Fire Burns Nuclear Meltdown Site that State Toxics Agency Failed to Clean Up
Nov 9, 2018
For Immediate Release: November 9, 2018
Last night, the Woolsey fire burned the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), a former nuclear and rocket engine testing site. Footage from local television showed flames surrounding rocket test stands, and the fires progress through to Oak Park indicates that much of the toxic site burned.

A statement released by the California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) said that its staff, do not believe the fire has caused any releases of hazardous materials that would pose a risk to people exposed to the smoke. The statement failed to assuage community concerns given DTSCs longtime pattern of misinformation about SSFLs contamination and its repeated broken promises to clean it up.

We cant trust anything that DTSC says, said West Hills resident Melissa Bumstead, whose young daughter has twice survived leukemia that she blames on SSFL and who has mapped 50 other cases of rare pediatric cancers near the site. Bumstead organized a group called Parents vs. SSFL and launched a petition demanding full cleanup of SSFL that has been signed by over 410,000 people. DTSC repeatedly minimizes risk from SSFL and has broken every promise it ever made about the SSFL cleanup. Communities throughout the state have also been failed by DTSC. The public has no confidence in this troubled agency, said Bumstead.

Nuclear reactor accidents, including a famous partial meltdown, tens of thousands of rocket engine tests, and sloppy environmental practices have left SSFL polluted with widespread radioactive and chemical contamination. Government-funded studies indicate increased cancers for offsite populations associated with proximity to the site, and that contamination migrates offsite over EPA levels of concern. In 2010, DTSC signed agreements with the Department of Energy and NASA that committed them to clean up all detectable contamination in their operational areas by 2017. DTSC also in 2010 committed to require Boeing, which owns most of the site, to cleanup to comparable standards. But the cleanup has not yet begun, and DTSC is currently considering proposals that will leave much, if not all, of SSFLs contamination on site permanently.

Dr. Robert Dodge, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, shares the communitys concerns. We k...


[SECURITY] [CVE-2018-17187] Apache Qpid Proton-J transport TLS wrapper hostname verification mode not implemented "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Robbie Gemmell on Nov 12

CVE-2018-17187: Apache Qpid Proton-J transport TLS wrapper hostname
verification mode not implemented

Severity: Important

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected: Versions 0.3 to 0.29.0

The Proton-J transport includes an optional wrapper layer to perform TLS,
enabled by use of the 'transport.ssl(...)' methods. Unless a verification
mode was explicitly configured, client and server modes previously...


Presstitutes Abandon Journalism For Political Activism "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Paul Craig Roberts November 09, 2018 Information Clearing House  When President Trump nominated Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, the presstitutes were opposed to Sessions and declared him unfit for office. Now that he has been fired, the presstitutes are his champions. There are reports that MSNBCs Rachel Maddow has organized a protest march for today []


Monsanto and Bayer are moving to create a marijuana monopoly "IndyWatch Feed World"

You've heard of Monopoly, right? The fun little board game with fake money, little plastic houses, and get out of jail free cards? It's a great way to pass the time. That is, depending on who you're playing with. But when it comes to real-life properties, business, and products, however, a monopoly becomes a whole lot more dangerous. Two major companies, Monsanto and Bayer, have recently joined together and seem to be plotting to take over the cannabis industry. In other words, create a monopoly on marijuana.


November 13 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

354  Augustine of Hippo, Roman bishop and theologian, was born (d. 430).

1002 English king thelred II ordered the killing of all Danes in England, in the St. Brices Day massacre.

1160  Louis VII of France married Adele of Champagne.

1642 First English Civil War: Battle of Turnham Green  Royalist forces withdrew in the face of the Parliamentarian army and failed to take London

1715 Dorothea Erxleben, first German female medical doctor, was born (d. 1762).

1841  James Braid first saw a demonstration of animal magnetism, which led to his study of the subject he eventually called hypnotism.

1850 Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish writer, was born (d. 1894).

1851 The Denny Party landed at Alki Point, the first settlers in what would become Seattle, Washington.

1864 The new Constitution of Greece was adopted.

1869  Helene Stcker, German author and activist, was born (d. 1943).

1869   Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams, Russian-American activist, journalist, and politician, was born (d. 1962).

1887  Bloody Sunday clashes in central London.

1896  Te Maari, a crater at the northern end of the Tongariro range, erupted.

1901 The...


Bright lasers will allow scientists to use atomic gas for quantum computing qubit storage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite the fact that universal quantum computers have not yet been realized, the principle of calculation upon which it is based allows researchers to solve highly complex problems. In quantum computing, a qubit or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information - equivalent to the binary bit (the smallest unit of data in a digital computer) within a two-state device. In such networks, qubits are transported using light (as single photons of light can carry a qubit). However, these photons, which move at the speed of light, nonetheless need to be stored. A qubit can be stored in a quantum state of extremely cold gas as long as the qubit can be emitted as a photon. However, new research reveals that physicists can also store quantum information in a gas using what is called the 'hammer' approach, ArsTechnica reported Friday. An atom can be in one of three states. Two of those states, almost at the same energy level, are known as the 'ground' and 'storage' states. A ground...


Links 12/11/2018: Linux 4.20 RC2, Denuvo DRM Defeated Again "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Behind the scenes with Linux containers

    Can you have Linux containers without Docker? Without OpenShift? Without Kubernetes?

    Yes, you can. Years before Docker made containers a household term (if you live in a data center, that is), the LXC project developed the concept of running a kind of virtual operating system, sharing the same kernel, but contained within defined groups of processes.

    Docker built on LXC, and today there are plenty of platforms that leverage the work of LXC both directly and indirectly. Most of these platforms make creating and maintaining containers sublimely simple, and for large deployments, it makes sense to use such specialized services. However, not everyones managing a large deployment or has access to big services to learn about containerization. The good news is that you can create, use, and learn containers with nothing more than a PC running Linux and this article. This article will help you understand containers by looking at LXC, how it works, why it works, and how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

  • Desktop


Corrupts your DNA, never ever cook with this "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ive previously interviewed James DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D., about his book, The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong and How Eating More Might Save Your Life, where he exposes why we got it wrong about salt and promotes eating healthy real salt. The Salt Fix is a fascinating book and I encourage you to []

The post Corrupts your DNA, never ever cook with this appeared first on Health Nut News.


Paul Preston and the Beginning of Civil War In California-Paul Preston and Dave Hodges- CSS Hr 2 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Daves interview with Paul Preston has it all.  Dave and Paul discussed false flag events, insurrection, caravan border incursions and the various embedded forces that will be called to action by subversives when the globalists make their move on America.




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David Wilcock on Ending the Divide In the ET/UFO Community "IndyWatch Feed World"

David Wilcock On Ending The Divide In The ET/UFO Community

November 10, 2018

Source: Collective Evolution | By Joe Martino


The Facts: The ET and UFO community has been met with a great deal of drama and divide over the years. I have seen it deeply in only 10 years in the space. So I asked David Wilcock to share his thoughts on how we can come together.

Reflect On: Do you find yourself all out disliking people in this space due to one or two things they said you didn't like? Do you create any 'us vs them' feelings with certain people and certain aspects of this space? If so, do you feel this helps or divides?

The more time you spend on the forums, pages, commenting sections and events that touch the ET and UFO community, the more you realize it is like anything else: there are deep differences and deep divides.

Youve heard it, the lashing out on stage or online from various figureheads, calling out others in the space as not having their facts straight or being infiltrated by intelligence communities etc. This then goes online in an even bigger way, spreading through comments, forums and everything else, creating more confusion amongst people. In essence, its a giant distraction.

I found out how intense this really was when first became a lot more involved within the community 5 years ago. So I decided to make it a personal mission to begin mending relationships in the space. Further to that, we committed to producing our content the way we do at CE, in our view, has encouraged both leaders and the viewers in the space to begin thinking differently about how we create hate, divides and focus on differences. To us, this is truly walking the talk when it comes to the unity message of the movement.



Stationary Bandits, State capacity, and the Malthusian Transition: The Lasting Impact of the Taiping Rebellion "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lambert here: Makes our own Civil War look like a blip. However, at least some of the conclusions seem to be borne out for our Civil War, too: Increase in state capacity, for example. By Lixin Colin Xu, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank, and Li Yang, Postdoc, Paris School of Economics. Originally published []


World War I Homage A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

While the empty, self-indulgent rhetoric was ringing out, one couldnt help but recall some of the most glaring contemporary contradictions that were blocked out with awesome Orwellian efficiency.


Debt Rattle November 12 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Vincent van Gogh Burning weeds 1883   Macron: Nationalism Is A Betrayal Of Patriotism (Ind.) Putin Says Had Good Conversation With Trump In Paris (AFP) Eastern Ukraine Elects Separatist Leaders As West Rejects Polls (AFP) May Says Britain Open To Different Relationship With Russia (R.) Boris Johnson Says Britain On

The post Debt Rattle November 12 2018 appeared first on The Automatic Earth.


Midnight Rambling 13: Lunar Station Training Summary "IndyWatch Feed World"

Video Link:


Lunar Station Training Module Summary

by Karma Zarenzi

So, to me, it feels like Alien or interdimensional language translation. Id say a more symbolic language to translate. Egyptian hieroglyphs come to mind. I recently went to a museum and thought, whoa I know what those symbols MEAN. So, these symbols appeared on my laptop in a Word doc, like a symbol font language.

Symbol Font Text, picture of the screen after the font changed.

It looks like a floor plan of a Lunar Base.


This is on the Moon inside the Moon, within a giant structure full of technology never seen before. The crew ship is located in-between the giant floors, where the outrageous wide-open space is less unnerving, and more comfortable to the way we are used to being enclosed. Being in a smaller space makes us feel safer.

Theres a hallway, and then theres a bigger room, and then theres a neighboring bigger room. Theres different...


'Wallace & Gromit' Producer Aardman Animations Transfers Ownership to Employees "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

'Wallace & Gromit' Producer Aardman Animations Transfers Ownership to Employees

In an era of entertainment industry mergers and acquisitions, the founders of British animation powerhouse Aardman the much-loved Oscar-winning studio behind Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep have moved to ensure their companys continued independence by transferring it into employee ownership.

The decision, made by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, who first set up Aardman in 1972, will see the majority of company shares transferred into a trust, which will then hold them on behalf of the workforce.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, both Lord and Sproxton explained that the move was about seven years in the making, and while it wasnt an indicator of their imminent departure, meant that Aardman was in the best possible shape for when that moment came and would help secure its creative legacy and culture.

Weve spent so much time building this company up and being so profoundly attached to it. Its not a business to us, its everything, its our statement to the world, said Lord. Having done that for so many years, the last thing we wanted to do was to just flog it off to someone.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Outcome of Donbass elections make it clear people support integration with Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

The outcome of the Sunday elections of heads of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR, LPR), as well as People's Councils elections, have made it clear that people in Donbass support the policy of integration with Russia, head of the Russian Center for Current Politics Alexei Chesnakov told TASS on Monday. When commenting on the elections' outcome, he pointed to some important conclusions. "First, the election campaigns and the unprecedented voter turnout prove that people support the policy the Donbass republics' authorities adopted in 2014. It undoubtedly is a victory for pro-Russian voters and pro-Russian political forces," the expert stressed. "Second, the Donbass republics have shown that their political institutions are mature enough to create conditions for legal elections," he added. "Third, the current authorities have achieved clear success, which is a result of people's trust in their leaders," Chesnakov went on to say. "Despite the hardships...


Turkey announces successful test of 'Sapan' railgun hypervelocity weapon "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ankara announced that it successfully tested an electromagnetic kinetic weapon, joining a club of developers alongside Russia, the US, China, and India. Turkey announced a successful test of its new electromagnetic weapon - referred to as 'railgun' - which shoots metallic projectiles at hypersonic speeds. Turkey is the fifth country in the world to develop the weapon, after Russia, the US, China and India. The weapon has been named "Tbitak Sapan," or "Tbitak Slingshot," after Turkey's Scientific and Technological Research Council (Tbitak). Weapons similar to Sapan are capable of firing a projectile as far as 100 km, at speeds of up to 3,500 meters per second (12,600 km/h).


Masks off? Syrian opposition undergoes rebranding, changes flag "IndyWatch Feed World"

Besieged in the Idlib province, the Syrian opposition, interlaced deeply with the former Nusra Front, has undergone another rebranding, changing its flag to bear a Shahada religious inscription. As the operation against terrorists in Syria comes close to its end, terrorists besieged in the Idlib province have undergone another rebranding, this time changing their flag. The so-called "Syrian Revolution Flag" - a green, white and black tricolor with three red stars, adopted back in 2012 - became a unifying symbol for a large variety of smaller terrorist and opposition movements (Daesh excluded) that fought against the elected government of President Bashar Assad throughout the entire Syrian war. In 2015, the flag saw a new wave of popularity as the Syrian opposition sought to distance itself from Daesh and other radical jihadists. "The opposition flag remained a point of contention between the opposition's so-called "revolutionary" and more hardline Islamist wings for years," War on...


14 Sexualdelikte beim Karnevalsauftakt in Kln angezeigt "IndyWatch Feed World"


The Final Steps Towards Americas Date With Destiny-Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges-CSS Hr 1 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Steve Quayle was the featured guest on the CSS. He provided the audience with the most lucid account of what is currently transpiring and where everything is going.

Two days before French President Macron called for a European Army to be formed to resist China, Russia and the United States, Steve predicted that when Russia and China jointly attacked the United States they will be joined by France and Germany.

Steve also breaks down the coming conflict at the border and how it will quickly spread all across the country.

True to form Steve Quayle reminds that we will be involved in a civil war at the same time when were are going to be attacked. We are also opposed by demonic entities and their very strange little creatures.  We are literally entering a form of hell on earth.

This is a must listen interview as Steve Quayle was at his very best!


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Mental health and artificial intelligence: losing your voice "IndyWatch Feed"

While we still can, let us ask, "Will AI exacerbate discrimination?" as the productive forces of mental health are restructured within a techno-psychiatric complex. (Poem, 3,575 words.)


lead Small grocery shop in The Jungle refugee camp in Calais, 2015. Debets/Press Association. All rights reserved.


Sketch,2018. Flickr/Whinger. Some rights reserved.

'You sound a bit depressed' we might say to a friend,
Not only because of what they say but how they say it.
Perhaps their speech is duller than usual, tailing off between words,
Lacking their usual lively intonation.

There are many ways to boil a voice down into data points;
Low-level spectral features, computed from snippets as short as twenty milliseconds
That quantify the dynamism of amplitude, frequency and energy,
And those longer range syllabic aspects that human ears are tuned to,
Such as pitch and intensity.

A voice distilled into data
Becomes the training material for machine learning algorithms,
And there are many efforts being made to teach machines
To deduce our mental states from voice...


Former Mossad Chief joins private murky international spy firm Black Cube "IndyWatch Feed World"

The company made headlines after initiating an investigation into officials working in the administration of US President Barack Obama. Efraim Halevy, a former head of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, has joined the private intelligence company Black Cube as a member of its board of directors. Halevy will serve as the head of the client screening committee and act as a senior advisor on operational and intelligence matters, according to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. According to the report, Halevy, 83, could be elected as company president. Halevy previously was the head of the National Security Council of Israel, an Israeli ambassador to the EU, as well as being the ninth Mossad director. The London-born spy chief also served as an envoy and agent for five Israeli prime ministers.


Alarm over talks to implant employees with microchips "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage

Image result for Jowan sterlund, implant, chips, photos

Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security.

UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK.

The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger, are similar to those for pets. They enable people to open their front door, access their office or start their car with a wave of their hand, and can also store medical data.

Another company, Biohax of Sweden, also provides human chip implants the size of a grain of rice. It told the Sunday Telegraph () that it is in discussions with several British legal and financial firms about fitting their employees with microchips, including one major company with hundreds of thousands of employees.

The CBI, which represents 190,000 UK businesses, voiced concerns about the prospect.

A CBI spokesperson said: While technology is changing the way we work, this makes for distinctly uncomfortable reading. Firms should be conce...


Anna Von Reitz -- For the Bar Members to See and Know "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sunday, November 11, 2018

For the Bar Members to See and Know--- And Everyone Else, Too

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

This is from a member of the Living Law Team a couple years ago. Read it, Bar Members, and weep.

The Role of Counselors-atLaw and The [unincorporated] Delaware Statutory Trusts

Remember when you were told you that you "had to have a Social Security Number"?

Sometimes, that is true, but only if you are applying for employment with the federal government. For of course, you would need it to enroll in their retirement and employee benefits program....but you dont have to have one otherwise.

It is the same scenario with the Bar Associations telling new JD graduates that they have to have a Bar Card....again, that is true, if they want to be a prosecutor for the federal government corporations and their "federated state of state franchises" and become an employee of the courtbut not otherwise.

The fact is that there is no requirement for anyone to be a Bar Association Member to engage in the profession of law in this country and there never have been.

I challenge anyone anywhere to prove that there is any general requirement to be a Bar Member, in order to use the court facilities, present cases, or offer effective counsel to others with or without pay.

The fact is that the perpetuation of these "mandatory" Social Security enrollment and Bar Association Membership half-truths are undertaken in self-interest by undeclared foreign interests.

Research the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) if you have doubts a...


Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. Jowan sterlund from Biohax holds a microchip implant the size of a grain of rice between his thumb and forefinger. Julia Kollewe The Guardian Nov 11, 2018 UK []

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Rinus Verhagen -- Let me Help the Wall Street Crash "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

Dear people, following the article of yesterday 11 Nov. 18

Do I have an inspiration how we can speed up the stock market crash itself. I've made a blog about the smart meter and 5G, which dangers we are exposed to unasked for and unintentionally. This section explains exactly what harmful effects it has on people, animals and nature.

Hold the CEO and the company liable, Telecom, Energy companies and Housing corporations that cooperate with this with a claim of 1000 per person per day. Encourage as many people as possible to file a claim with these companies.

As a result, this CEO will resign if he personally and his company receive a claim for unsolicited terror. The company will be rudderless and the stock market value will be reduced to zero by the mass of claims. This means that the whole fiat debt system will implode.

The RV/GCR can only start when the stock exchanges collapse, so we have a tool to do this.

Then people who have been promised funds can buy these companies from the bankruptcy, decentralize them and give the energy for free to the population.

The population now pays 80% of the bill and companies that use 80% only 20% of the bill. Companies will pay 100% and settle this with their products and services.

All personnel are employed by GESARA, which means that the entrepreneur can produce much cheaper. He will also receive an i...


Turkish investigative journalist reveals Khashoggi's final moments were spent begging for life while being choked to death with plastic bag "IndyWatch Feed World"

Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi spent his last moments begging for a plastic bag to be removed from his head, according to a Turkish investigative journalist. The killing lasted for about seven minutes. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Nazif Karaman, the head of investigations at the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper, cited audio recordings of Khashoggi's final words as he was being murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. According to Karaman, the recordings indicate that it took the killers about seven minutes to choke Khashoggi to death with a plastic bag placed over his head. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier said audio of Khashoggi's gruesome murder had been shared with Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, France and Germany. Ankara has claimed to have the recording since the beginning of October, when the killing took place.


Issue of Sovereignty: Macron Wants EU to Be Less Dependent on Dollar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Issue of Sovereignty: Macron Wants EU to Be Less Dependent on Dollar November 12, 2018 French President Emmanuel Macron admitted on Sunday that the European nations have so far failed to provide a viable alternative to the US dollar, and are excessively dependent on the American currency. In an interview with CNN, the French president []


Greece Weather skips Autumn, goes from Late Summer to Early Winter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

It looks as if Greeces weather has skipped autumn this year temperature-wise. Still last week temperatures in Greece reached up to 26 and 27 degrees Celsius, calm waters and full sunshine. This week, however, temperatures are forecast to dramatically drop and bring early winter.

According to meteorologists, temperatures are expected to drop by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius as of Thursday night, November 15,2018.

By Sunday, November 18, average temperature is expected to be at 14C, from 15-20 C today Monday.

In the week to follow, cold weather will be settled for good.

The second half of November will be characterized by low temperatures, rainfalls and snow initially on the mountainous areas and later that is next next- also in semi-mountainous areas.

Analytical weather forecast by KTG later this week.

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Iranian Pleads Guilty in US to Smuggling Nuclear Tech "IndyWatch Feed War"

Protest in Vienna during the talks between Iran and the world powers to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic. (Photo: JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)Protest in Vienna during the talks between Iran and world powers to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic (Photo: JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

An Iranian citizen pleaded guilty in a U.S. court to charges that he attempted to facilitate smuggling nuclear technology to Iran in violation of U.S. laws.

Arash Sepehri, 38, faces a minimum of five years in prisons for trying to obtain and export to Iran high-resolution sonar equipment, data input boards, rugged laptops, acoustic transducers and other controlled technology from the U.S. without obtaining proper licenses and in violation of economic sanctions.

Sepehri was an employee and a member of the board of the Iranian company Tajhiz Sanat Shayan (TSS) according to court documents.  TSS and other companies involved in the conspiracy were also listed by the European Union as entities sanctioned for their involvement in the procurement of components for the Iranian nuclear program.

As stated in the court documents, Sepehri and his co-conspirators sought to evade legal controls through a variety of means, including the use of a variety of aliases, United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based front companies and an intermediary shipping company based in Hong Kong.  Payments for the goods were arranged through the UAE, read a statement from the Department of Justice.

Iran has a history of trying obtain illegal nuclear technology. Since the nuclear agreement was made with world powers in 2015, Iran tried to obtain nuclear, chemical, biological and missile-related technology from Germany in violation of the agreemen...


AMDVLK Vulkan Driver Sees Its First Tagged Release "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the nearly one year that the AMDVLK official Vulkan driver has been open-source there hasn't been any "releases" but rather new code drops on a weekly basis that is pushed out of their internal development repositories. But surprisingly this morning is now a v2018.4.1 release tag for this open-source AMD Vulkan Linux driver...


"Entire Families Wiped Out': US Airstrikes Killed Many Civilians in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

One year after the U.S.-led military campaign against ISIS ended in Raqqa, Khamis' team is still recovering the remains of the battle's casualties... For now, Raqqa's people are left to count their dead largely alone, while the U.S. and other powers strike elsewhere in Syria.


Who's the real American psycho? Promising new film coming soon about Dick Cheney "IndyWatch Feed World"

Donald Trump is running wild - and running scared. He's such a menace that it's tempting to cheer any vituperative critic and grab any handy truncheon. But villainizing Trump should not entail sanitizing other malefactors. And we should acknowledge that the president is right on one point: For neocons, journalists, authors, political hacks and pundits, there is a financial incentive to demonize the president, not to mention an instant halo effect. Only Trump could get the pussy-hat crowd to fill Times Square to protest Jeff Sessions's firing.


'Xbox rage' sends game player on shooting spree; neighbor's home struck "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Tennessee man was arrested Wednesday after he flew into a rage over an Xbox video game and fired over a dozen rounds from two different handguns into his bedroom ceiling and walls, a report said. Casey L. Jones, 30, had been playing on his Microsoft Xbox when he suddenly reached a breaking point, screaming at the game and smashing the console with his fist, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported, citing court records. Jones then went up to his bedroom nightstand, picked up a Springfield XDS handgun and fired several rounds into the ceiling, the paper reported. Jones proceeded to grab a second handgun, a Springfield XDM, and fired another volley through the walls. One of those rounds went through a window, striking a neighbor's house. Court records state Jones made threats of self-harm, which he has a history of making. An unidentified woman in the home at the time said there was no argument beforehand and he never turned the gun on her.


European Central Bank In Panic Mode as Economy Stalls "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The eurozone could not borrow from the momentum of the U.S. economy in the third quarter as economic growth slumped to a tepid 0.2 %, the slowest rate in more than four years. With the 19-nation currency bloc beginning to stagnate, and the heavyweights failing to post significant gains, Brussels is in panic mode, likely []

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Behold the New Asia-Based Cooperation Sphere "IndyWatch Feed War"

The constant Trumpian rhetorics about the US trade imbalance with China and Japan have brought the two closer together. Add to the equation is the independent foreign policies of India, which should make up for the BRICS losing Brazil in recent years.  These are the economic powerhouses that are behind the global effort to shift Continue reading Behold the New Asia-Based Cooperation Sphere


Linux Poised To Remove Decade-Old EXOFS File-System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Linux kernel will likely be doing away with EXOFS, a file-system that had been around since the Linux 2.6.30 days...


Vietnam ratifies Pacific trade pact "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vietnam on Monday became the seventh country to ratify a sprawling Pacific trade pact set to come into effect later this year, despite US President Donald Trumps pullout from a deal he decried as a job killer.

Australia last month became the sixth country to ratify the deal, paving the way for the pact to come into force at the end of December with more than half of its members officially signed on.

AFP/File | Vietnam has become the seventh country to enter the landmark Pacific trade deal, which will take effect at the end of the year

Vietnam followed suit on Monday with a unanimous vote to approve the deal by lawmakers in the countrys rubber stamp parliament.

This is an important political decision, affirming our countrys active role in international integration, said Nguyen Van Giau, head of the National Assemblys external relations department.

Vietnams fast-growing export economy stood to gain enormously from open access to US markets, a key outlet for cheap manufactured goods like Adidas shoes, Gap T-shirts and Samsung phones, before Trump pulled the plug on Washingtons participation.

The protectionist president called the deal a death blow for American manufacturing and singled out Vietnam for taking jobs he would rather see on his home turf.

The trade pact was spearheaded by former US president Barack Obama who dubbed the comprehensive deal a gold standard for 21st century trade rules and a crucial counter to Chinas rising global economic might.

The deal will bind members into a tougher legal framework for trade, lower tariffs and open markets.

It will also introduce new labour standards a sticking point for communist Vietnam, where all labour unions are controlled by the one-party state.

The establishment of independent labour unions may bring about some challenges Giau said Monday, but added the government was open to making the necessary reforms.

Even without the US in the mix, the now-renamed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has been described as a game changer.

It covers many rapidly growing economies that account...


Democrats want Beto ORourke to run again, and soon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Democrats want Beto ORourke to run in 2020 for the White House or Senate they dont really care for which; they just want him on the battlefield.

ORourke may have lost to Cruz in ruby red Texas Tuesday night, but he lost like no Democrat has in 20-plus years. ORourke came within 2.6 percentage points of Cruz, radically boosted turnout among young and minority voters, and he raised an ungodly amount of money.

Image result for white house, photos

Critics pointed to the plethora of profiles written about ORourke for the mania surrounding the 46-year-old politician daring to run statewide in Texas, but the crowds came before the profiles. As ORourke traveled non-stop to all 254 counties in Texas his profile grew outside of the Lone Star State. Videos went viral of his answers to questions about NFL players kneeling in protest of police brutality against African Americans during the national anthem, or of his riding a skateboard in a Whatabuger parking lot.

He absolutely should consider running, Rep. Mark Veasey, D-Texas, said of a possible ORourke presidential run. It would be unwise for him to not to.

What Beto did, he changed Texas and put Texas in play, Veasey said, making clear that he hasnt endorsed anyone in the 2020 presidential contest.

Image result for Beto ORourke, photos

ORourke said he definitively will not run for president when asked in the aftermath of his loss, but a number of Democrats are already in his ear trying to change his mind. Fellow Texas Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela was with ORourke on election night and in the days since has urged ORourke to visit Iowa where presidential dreams get their start.

The excitement ORourke has generated among Democrats is palpable. At an election night party for a House Democrat in Virginia Tuesday, the loudest cheers outside of those for the local candidate Jennifer Wexton came when early results showed ORourke with a slight lead (only 2 percent of precincts were reporting at the time.)

Throughout the campaign, Veasey said he received texts from p...


A critical flaw in GDPR compliance plugin for WordPress exploited in the wild "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A critical security vulnerability affects a GDPR compliance plugin for WordPress has been already exploited in the wild to take control of vulnerable websites.

Users warn of cyber attacks exploiting a critical security vulnerability in the WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin for WordPress to take over of websites using it.

The WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin was used by more than 100,000 websites to be compliant with the EUs General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). WP GDPR Compliance currently supports Contact Form 7 (>= 4.6), Gravity Forms (>= 1.9), WooCommerce (>= 2.5.0) and WordPress Comments. Additional plugin support will follow soon.

GDPR Compliance Plugin

Researchers from the Wordfence reported that WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin is affected by vulnerabilities can be exploited by unauthenticated attackers to add new admin accounts.

The reported vulnerabilities allow unauthenticated attackers to achieve privilege escalation, allowing them to further infect vulnerable sites. Any sites making use of this plugin should make it an immediate priority to update to the latest version, or deactivate and remove it if updates are not possible. reads the analysis published by Wordfence.

Weve already begun seeing cases of live sites infected through this attack vector. In these cases, the ability to update arbitrary options values is being used to install new administrator accounts onto the impacted sites.

Researchers from...


An American Veterans Endless Trips Back to Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Im here in Chicago, 7,000 miles and 15 years away from Jalalabad, a desolate town in southwestern Afghanistan. Yet sometimes it seems to me as if it were yesterday, or even tomorrow, and anything but thousands of miles distant.

There are moments when it feels like I never left or maybe I mean, when it feels like it left with me, like Afghanistan and my once-upon-a-time life as a U.S. Army Ranger are all right here, right now, in my unheated garage workshop. Right here, right now, in fact, the sawdust is swirling as I run a two-inch slab of walnut through my lousy Ryobi table saw. The dust and the noise from that saw instantly bring to mind an image of an American helicopter landing in the Afghan countryside, not too far from Jalalabad. It all seems suddenly to flash before my eyes only the dust in Afghanistan was chalkier and finer than the dust from this walnut slab, which is old, but not Afghanistan old.

Each of those dusts has dry, earthy, almost sugary smells. Its hard right now for me to tell which is louder, the helicopter still in my head or the table saw in front of me. That helicopter is taking away two Afghan men with sandbags over their heads. Its dark out, but my night vision goggles make everything seem eerily bright green.

I helped snatch those two men or were they teenagers? from a house in the middle of the night. That was in May of 2003 and sometimes, right here in my workshop, I can still hear the screams of the little kids inside that house. Theyre louder than the helicopter, louder than the saw. Maybe one of those men had info that would help lead us to Osama bin Laden, then missing in action somewhere, it was believed, in Pakistan or so we were told anyway. My job wasnt to ask or understand; it was just to snatch people, sandbag them, and ship them out. Others higher up the chain of command would ask the questions under conditions that we now know and I guessed then were anything but pretty.

My own kids are three and five, probably close in age to those terrified children I glimpsed ever so briefly in that house and still cant get out of my head. My daughter and son couldnt be sweeter, but they do like to tell me no a lot. Sometimes they, too, scream and sometimes, when those screams set me off, I yell back, which is frustrating for me and unnerving for them, as well as my wife.  And so I find myself out in that garage more than she would like and more than I would like, too, since it often means that Ive taken that endlessly unnerving trip back to Afghanistan.

Try to remember what its like to be the kids age and parenting will be easier, my mom tells me when I complain. Being a parent, I guess, means being a good r...


Hypocrite UK FM travels to Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder probe, 'end bloodshed in Yemen' "IndyWatch Feed World"

UK Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt's Monday visit to Riyadh will be the first jaunt to Saudi Arabia by any top British official since the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Reuters reported. Hunt will visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to press for an end to the war in Yemen and to call on Saudi leaders to cooperate with an investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Reuters reported. The international community remain united in horror and outrage at the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi one month ago. It is clearly unacceptable that the full circumstances behind his murder still remain unclear [...] We encourage the Saudi authorities to cooperate fully with the Turkish investigation into his death, so that we deliver justice for his family and the watching world [...] The human cost of war in Yemen is incalculable: with millions displaced, famine and disease rife and years of bloodshed, the only solution is now a political decision to...


Bangladesh urged to postpone plans to return Rohingya refugees "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Bangladesh government should postpone plans to return refugees to Myanmar until Rohingya rights in Myanmar are restored, says an international rights group.


Chinas housing bubble: Nightmare scenario If owners of unoccupied dwellings rush to sell Middle Class Revolt? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for china, empty housing, photos

Back in 2017, we explained why the fate of the world economy is in the hands of Chinas housing bubble. The answer was simple: for the Chinese population, and growing middle class, to keep spending vibrant and borrowing elevated, it had to feel comfortable and confident that its wealth would keep rising. However, unlike the US where the stock market is the ultimate barometer of the confidence boosting wealth effect, in China it has always been about housing as three quarters of Chinese household assets are parked in real estate, compared to only 28% in the US, with the remainder invested financial assets.

Source: Xinhua

Beijing knows this, of course, which is why China periodically and consistently reflates its housing bubble, hoping that the popping of the bubble, which happened in late 2011 and again in 2014, will be a controlled, smooth landing process.  For now, Beijing has been successful in maintaining price stability at least according to official data, allowing the air out of the Tier 1 home price bubble which peaked in early 2016, while preserving modest home price appreciation in secondary markets.

How long China will be able to avoid a sharp price decline remains to...


Keeping Up Appearances S05 E09 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

lousy formatting , audio OK, but could be better, and best viewed full screen. In many ways the audio is the main attraction


Keeping Up Appearances is a British sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke. It aired on BBC One from 1990 to 1995. The central character is eccentric and snobbish middle class social climber Hyacinth Bucket(Patricia Routledge), who insists that her surname is pronounced Bouquet.[2]The sitcom follows Hyacinth in her attempts to prove her social superiority, and to gain standing with those she considers upper class. Her attempts are constantly hampered by her lower class extended family, whom she is desperate to hide. Much of the humour comes from the conflict between Hyacinths vision of herself, and the reality of her underclass background. In each episode, she lands in a farcical situation as she battles to protect her social credibility.

The show comprised five series and 44 episodes, four of which are Christmas specials. Production ended when star Patricia Routledge moved on to other projects


Time For A SHAKE-UP! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Time For A SHAKE-UP!

Guest Author MIKE WARD spells out the methodology of the Scarborough Tories spin factory.


The Cash Cow that is Whitby: The Plug-hole that is SBC 

Scarborough Borough Council continues to take the proverbial out of the residents of our Town as well as its monies.

Pier Works to shut down Whitby Gazette 

Did we honestly expect anything else?

After months/years of prevarications & delays we are now told of yet another delay.

How much work, if any, was actually done in the last few weeks?

Will this delay now allow SBC to gain even more interest on the monies banked?

North Yorkshire Enquirer article 17th September 2018:

Would anyone be surprised to hear in the coming weeks that unfortunately with the unforeseen winter months approaching work has had to be postponed until next year even after a possible token show of workmen on site for a few days waiting for the weather to deteriorate? 

You can read them like a book.

You can picture the front page of an April 2019 edition of the Whitby Gazette already:


Congratulation and thanks, especially to our local hard-working
Conservative Councillor(s), for saving our Piers.

But hang about: arent the Scarborough Borough Council Elections to be held on 2nd May 2019?

Work on the Piers would be news so wouldnt be covered by any election embargo on electioneering!

Will another delay then be announced in June with the weather too hot?

We need Councillors who care passionately about our Town and who will not simply bend when leaned upon by Officers (our servants) and the inner circle of Councillors with blinkered vision and personal ambitions.

Our Town needs investment and cannot just be seen as a cash cow for the Councils coffers.

Too much is being taken out of the Town from community charge, business rates, parking and harbour revenue whilst so much needs to be done.

Where is that money going ?

Down the plug-hole that is Scarborough Borough Council.

Local residents are...



Yesterday, Sunday Nov. 11, 2018, was the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, when the guns on the Western Front []



The Untold Lives Of The Saudi Royal Family "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Saudi Arabia is a controversial region of the world thanks to its royal family known as the House of Saud. They have dealt with turmoil within the ranks and have wreaked havoc on those who disobeyed them. 


Appeal Court reserves judgement in SCOAN trustees, engineers no-case submissions "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal has reserved judgement in an appeal filed by the Registered Trustees of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and the two engineers, Ms Oladele Ogundeji and Akinbela Fatiregun, who built the seven-storey building which collapsed within the churchs premises on September 12, 2014, against the dismissal []

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Telcos defy NCC over data auto-renewal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Despite a regulatory ban on auto renewal of telecommunications services, the four GSM operators in the country are still auto-renewing data subscriptions for the consumers. New Telegraph learnt that the ban, which took effect from May 21, has seen full compliance in the area of Value Added Services (VAS) on the telecommunications networks, but []

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Gender discrimination on the rise in law practice "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In this encounter, Mirian Obioma Okoro, an alumnus of Madonna University tells JOHN CHIKEZIE how her foray into law profession began   Background My name is Mirian Obioma Okoro. I hail from Ishiagu in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. After successfully completing my elementary education in Living Word Academy, Abia state, I headed []

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Court hears suit challenging legality of Ikoyi marriage registry, others "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Justice Mohammed Aikawa of a Federal High Court in Lagos would today commence hearing in a suit challenging the constitutionality of Ikoyi marriage registry and others across the country being operated by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Interior. The suit filed by Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, alongside others, is seeking []

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The Cleaner "IndyWatch Feed"

There are ongoing consequential election battles taking place in multiple states that are far more urgent than my meager outlines; and it is not my intent to distract from the more pressing matters of our political surrounding.  However, there is Continue reading


Corinth Canal open to marine traffic, says managing company "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The company managing the Corinth Canal said in a statement that marine traffic has not be halted. There is only a partial limitation for ships crossing, the company said in a statement.

Early Thursday afternoon, rocks fell into the Canal and local media reported that the passage was closed to traffic.

According to the company statement, the plan for the recovery and removal of the rocks was immediately implemented. At the same time, for the sake of compliance with the navigation rules, Navtex was issued with a partial limitation of crossings for passing ships.

There is absolutely no transit problem for the overwhelming majority of ships, and in particular for those scheduled to cross the Corinth Canal in the near future, the statement added.

Therefore, there was no general disruption of navigation, while scheduled traffic has been normally conducted, the scheduled crossings of Thursday 8/11/18 and Friday 9/11/18 have already taken place, the managing company AEDIK said.

The statement was issued on 9. November 2018, there was no new update on Monday morning, Nov 12.

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After Midterms, Will Trump Go On Risking World Trade and the Off-Shore Dollar Sphere? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Russian leadership cannot have failed to notice that Trumps twitter missiles are also opening up Europe, in a new as yet undefined way


German AfD leader Alice Weidel under fire for illegal Swiss campaign donations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Alice Weidel reportedly received 130,000 in campaign donations from Switzerland ahead of 2017 elections. The AfD co-leaders political rivals are now gunning for her resignation.

Alice Weidel (picture-alliance/dpa/A. Weigel)

The co-leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party received dubious donations for her campaign in the run up to German general elections in September last year, German media has reported.

Alice Weidels district office near Lake Constance received a total of 130,000 ($150,000) in several tranches of mainly 9,000 Swiss franc amounts ($8,900, 7,900) between July and September 2017, German newspaper Sddeutsche Zeitung and broadcasters NDR and WDR said, citing bank statements. The donations were made by a Swiss pharmaceutical company.

Read moreAfD: What you need to know about Germanys far-right party

Weidel, who was the partys lead candidate in the elections, said that she first learned of the unsolicited donations in September last year and decided to return the money after having doubts about its legality.

But the repayment did not take place until April 2018, according to the report, and the amount returned was some 6,000 less than the amount originally received.

Illegal donations

Germany allows political parties to receive funds from non-EU countries only if they come from German citizens.

The donation was unquestionably an illegal party donation because it came from outside the EU, campaign financing expert Martin Morlok said.

Moreover, according to the German law, a party must immediately inform the Bundestag the lower house of the German parliament if it receives more than 50,000 from a single donor. The unidentified donor appears to have transferred the funds in smaller tranches to circumvent this rule.

The Bundestag has not yet responded to the report.

The AfD, which has been repeatedly accused of...


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 12, 2018

Compiled 12 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience was a Virtue. Having Virtue was a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings had the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: What we think we know (likely to change on a daily, even hourly basis):

A. 800#s Release: Q has called this next week beginning Nov. 11 a week to remember. Sources have been ordered silent, though it was recently reported that voter fraud by Democratic Party officials before, during and after the Nov. 6 midterm elections would very soon be revealed through Sting Operations and mass arrests, while followed by a Stock Market collapse and NESARA/ GESARA announcement. During these events the RV and 800#s should come out.

B. Martial Law? On Nov. 11 Q posted: Timelines Change. Watch the Budget. Enemy @ the Front Door. USSS 'stay' alerts prevent travel. A Week To Remember. Q

C. Upcoming Events: While all Tiers should go at same time, on Mon. Nov. 12 Tier 5 (the general public) was scheduled to begin exchanges. China recently made a public announcement that they would revalue their Yaun on that same Nov. 12Nov. 14 was the back wall for GCR, QFS and NESARA/ GESARA announcements, plus there would be an increase in purging of the Cabal. On Nov. 26 private transactions (platforms) would be liquidated.


Alfredo M. Bonanno: Some very common theoretical errors #anarchism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Essay by Alfredo M. Bonanno: Some very common theoretical errors.

Originally published in Sicilia: sottosviluppo e lotta di liberazione nazionale. Edizioni Sicilia Punto 1, Catania, July 1982. pp. 107120, translated by Jean Weir. Online by Elephant Archives.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

A) A country that is economically dependent on another cannot be politically independent.

B) The nation is essentially a cultural phenomenon.

C) The national liberation struggle is outdated.

D) National liberation is a need of the bourgeoisie alone.

E) The theory of reactionary nations.

F) The national liberation struggle necessarily flows into in a political revolution precisely because it is a question of a political demand.

The exploitation of the working class comes about in two precise ways which link together through a complex system of complicity: the first is the direct one, carried outby the national bourgeoisie. The second the indirect one, exercised by the bourgeoisie of other nations.

Such a repartition however is not based on an ethnic concept of nation. Internal exploitation is not carried out by the national bourgeoisie in the role of ethnic representatives of power, but as the political representatives of the managerial centres of centralised power. In other words, all the States that exist today, in Europe for example, come from a primitive and preponderant nucleus which has gradually, throughout history, ended up including and dominating the politically and militarily weaker periferal nuclei.

In Spain it was Castille which put this into effect. In France the north subjects the pro...


Leaders meet in Italy to find settlement in Libya "IndyWatch Feed War"

A gathering of leaders of Libyas quarrelling factions and of countries keen on stabilizing the North African nation opens Monday in Sicily, aimed at finding a political settlement that would bolster the fight against Islamic militants and stop illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europes southern shores.

Italys Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his Libyan counterpart Fayez Al-Sarraj previously met in Italy ahead of the Palermo conference. (File/AFP)

But the meetings chances of success appear uncertain, not least because of the difficulties involved in any attempt to get all stakeholders two rival administrations, unruly militias with considerable firepower and an ambitious army general to agree on a road map that would reunite Libya after seven years of chaos and bloodshed while not infringing on their current spheres of power.

Image result for Khalifa Haftar, pictures

Gen. Khalifa Haftar, commander of the self-styled Libyan National Army, is unlikely to go to the Palermo event, according to officials close to him. The Egyptian- and UAE-backed Haftar, who also maintains close ties with France, views the meeting as lacking a clear agenda and designed largely as a media event favoring Italy, the host, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.

Haftars absence would render the meeting largely irrelevant.

Dealing a further blow to the meetings chances of success, some European heads of state that Italy had hoped would come including US President Donald Trump and Russias Vladimir Putin are also staying away, sending lower-ranking State Department or Foreign Ministry officials instead.

Frances foreign minister is expected, and Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte will be greeting arrivals Monday evening, ahead of the first event, a closed-door dinner.

Italy has for years nervously eyed a lawless Libya across the Mediterranean. Like other European nations, Rome wants to contain the threat of militants based there carrying out terror attacks on its territory and the danger of a continuous flow of migrants arriving by sea.

With hopes already effectively dashed that this weeks meeting would gather all the delegations from Libyas main factions in one room, Italian daily La Stampa on Saturday noted th...


BN General, Brokers celebrate awards "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FBN General Insurance has been adjudged the Best Customer Service Award (Insurance Category) at the 2018 Nigeria Brand Award held recently in Lagos. Speaking on the feat, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, FBN General Insurance, Bode Opadokun, thanked the organisers for finding the company worthy of the honour. At FBN General Insurance, we do not []

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Have CERN discovered a particle that 'threatens our understanding of reality'? "IndyWatch Feed World"

There was a huge amount of excitement when the Higgs boson was first spotted back in 2012 - a discovery that bagged the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2013. The particle completed the so-called standard model, our current best theory of understanding nature at the level of particles. Now scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern think they may have seen another particle, detected as a peak at a certain energy in the data, although the finding is yet to be confirmed. Again there's a lot of excitement among particle physicists, but this time it is mixed with a sense of anxiety. Unlike the Higgs particle, which confirmed our understanding of physical reality, this new particle seems to threaten it. The new result - consisting of a mysterious bump in the data at 28 GeV (a unit of energy) - has been published as a preprint on ArXiv. It is not yet in a peer-reviewed journal - but that's not a big issue. The LHC collaborations have very tight internal review procedures, and we can...


Why drug policy is a feminist issue "IndyWatch Feed"

Like feminism, harm reduction is a philosophy that encourages us to do away with the false distinction between good and bad women.

A spokesperson from the Legalise Cannabis Society, UK, 2003. A spokesperson from the Legalise Cannabis Society, UK, 2003. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images. All rights reserved. People who use drugs face widespread stigma and criminalisation. This is well-known. But drug policy discussions often centre on men. The experiences of women, trans and gender non-conforming people who use drugs are ignored and silenced though they face particular challenges accessing care and the gendered stigma of being perceived as unfit parents and fallen women.

In May, I participated in a meeting that AWID (Association for Womens Rights in Development) co-organised in Berlin with feminists and women who use drugs from across eastern Europe and Central Asia. We carried very different experiences and backgrounds, but had a common purpose: to learn from one another and connect the dots between drug policy and feminism in the region.

Women shared their experiences with using drugs including shaming and violence from doctors, sexual violence, criminalisation and stigma within their communities. We looked at how feminism could help push for responses centred on their unique experiences. Three days and many conversations later, I was convinced that drug policy was a feminist issue.

Feminism calls on us to see the specific experiences of all...


CBN to banks: Comply with cheque standard, accreditation scheme "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed deposit money banks (DMBs) and the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to ensure compliance with the guidelines on the second edition of the Nigerian Cheque Standard (NCS) and Nigerian Cheque Printers Accreditation Scheme (NICPAS). In a circular posted on its website last weekend, the apex bank stated: []

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Air pollution crisis needs ambitious health campaign "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Air pollution crisis needs ambitious health campaign

brendan 12th November 2018
Teaser Media


Israel: Raid Into Gaza Not For Assassination; Praises Troops Heroic Extraction "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israeli Army chief lauds fallen special forces senior officer, says operation was of the utmost importance to Israels security


A helicopter carrying a wounded Israel soldier who was injured during an operation in the Gaza Strip lands outside Beersheba's Soroka Medical Center on November 11, 2018. (Twitter)
A helicopter carrying a wounded Israel soldier who was injured during an operation in the Gaza Strip lands outside Beershebas Soroka Medical Center on November 11, 2018. (Twitter)

An Israeli special forces operation deep inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday night that sparked hours of clashes and left one senior IDF officer dead, along with seven Hamas members, was not an assassination raid but an intelligence-gathering mission that went awry, the army said Monday.

The action was for intelligence purposes, not for an assassination or a kidnapping. It was planned despite the efforts to reach a [ceasefire] arrangement, IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis said told Army Radio.

IDF troops that operated last night in the Gaza Strip became trapped in a highly complex situation. The soldiers acted heroically, hit those who threatened them and extracted themselves to Israeli territory, Manelis said in a statement.

The spokesperson also told Army Radio that both the Israel Defense...


I killed Bademosi for struggling with me Togolese cook "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

says: My intention was robbery   Twenty-two-year-old Togolese cook, Mr. Sunday Adefonou Anani, has revealed in chilling details how he murdered Chief Opeyemi Bademosi, 67, at his No. 3B, Onikoyi Lane, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos State. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), CSP Chike Oti, made Ananis confession available to journalists yesterday. Anani, []

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Youths to presidential candidates: No restructuring, no campaign in NDelta "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Niger Delta youth leaders at the weekend warned presidential candidates in the 2019 elections that anyone that failed to embrace restructuring as a political philosophy and pursue such would not be allowed to campaign in the region. They said such candidates should not bother to come to the region to campaign for the elections. The []

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Man City ease past Man United in derby "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Manchester City have returned to the top of the Premier League table courtesy of a 3-1 victory over local rivals Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium. David Silva opened the scoring for the champions early on, but City failed to build on that advantage until the opening exchanges of the second half when Sergio Aguero []

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Who actually wants new oil pipelines? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Who actually wants new oil pipelines?

Chris Saltmarsh 12th November 2018
Teaser Media


CHI has paid dividends 7 times in 10 years "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc had paid dividends to shareholders seven times during the last 10 financial years while some other firms are yet to pay any. Managing Director of the Insurance firm, Mr Eddie Efekoha, disclosed this in Lagos at an interactive session with insurance brokers on Emerging InsurTech Trend, Driving Growth in a []

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End of funding dims hopes for a Sumatran forest targeted by palm oil growers "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Harapan lowland rainforest in Sumatra, one of only 36 global biodiversity hotspots, could be lost to oil palm plantations within the next five years.


Some Politicians Want Open Borders The Naked Truth is "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

No hay nada bueno que suceda en un vaco. There is nothing good that happens in a vacuum. Two of the largest and most powerful cartels in Mexico are trying to take over this territory to send drugs across the southern border into the US. Think about this statement: If we do not protect []


Hacking the atmosphere "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Hacking the atmosphere

brendan 12th November 2018
Teaser Media


Re: CVE-2018-5407: new side-channel vulnerability on SMT/Hyper-Threading architectures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Billy Brumley on Nov 12

Some more technical advice below. Hope it helps!


# 1.0.1

That is EOL. Try your luck with porting the 1.0.2 solution.

Shameless self plug: read Section 2

for a related discussion about EOL issues and security in the context
of OpenSSL.

# 1.0.2

Wait until this gets merged into OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable :

# 1.1.0 up to and including 1.1.0h

So I went through the...


Map Update: Escalation In Gaza Strip On November 11-12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The situation in the Gaza Strip is once again escalating after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) assasinated Nur Barake, a deputy commander of an elite unit of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in the town of Khan Yunis. The assasination triggered a series of clashes between Palestinian fighters and IDF troops, who called airstrikes to support their retreat.

An IDF spokesperson claimed that the force acted as part of the IDFs efforts to preserve Israels superiority over its enemies in a wide range of areas. The night force carried out a lengthy operation during which it encountered a very complex reality. The spokesperson also said that the IDF troops acted heroically.

According to different sources, a total of 5-7 Palestinians, including members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, was killed in the clashes. The IDF said that one IDF servicemember was killed and another one was injured. In response to the assasination, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades launched at least 17 rockets at targets in southern Israel.

Summing up the recent developments, it looks that the IDF operation went not as it had been planned. This caused a wave of political and media hysteria in Israel.

Israeli Minister of Science Technology and Space Ofir Akunis [Likud] stated that Israel has to return to the policy of targeted strikes.

Hamas is a cruel terror group [which] aims to destroy the state of Israel, he said, it must be hurt, including using targeted strikes against the heads of the snake.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also going to hold security consultations on Gaza. The Israeli top military and political leadership will once again discuss a possible large-scale military action in the region. Over the past few weeks, the IDF has deployed multiple battle tanks and other military equipment near the contact line with Gaza.


Winston Churchills grandson: Trump pathetic, inadequate for missing WWI ceremony "IndyWatch Feed War"

Donald Trump couldnt even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen.

Related image

The grandson of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, himself a conservative politician, slammed President Trump for missing a ceremony honoring soldiers who died during World War I because it was raining.

They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate @realDonaldTrump couldnt even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen, Nicholas Soames tweeted Saturday, using the hashtag #hesnotfittorepresenthisgreatcountry.

Image result for Nicholas Soames, photos

Winston Churchill (Right) and Nicholas Soames

The White House announced Saturday that Trump would not be attending the event at Aisne-Marne American cemetery outside of Paris, while other world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau represented their respective countries. Instead, the U.S. delegation was led by White House chief of staff John Kelly, a former Marine general, and Joint Chiefs chairman Joseph Dunford.

In a new statement Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Marine One, the presidential helicopter, was unable to fly Trump to the cemetery due to near-zero visibility.

A car ride of two and a half hours, each way, would have required closures to substantial portions of the Paris roadways for the Presidents motorcade, on short notice, Sanders said. President Trump did not want to cause that kind of unexpected disruption to the city and its people.

Trump, however, did deliver a speech without an umbrella during a rainy Veterans Day ceremony Sunday at Suresnes Cemetery, which is closer to Paris. His speech focused on World War I history and the impact of American troops on the conflict on the centennial anniversary of the wars end.

This is not the first time Soames has criticized Trump. The longtime Conservative British Member of Parliament last year called Trump a daft twerp after the president tweeted about a link between radical Islamic terror and a rise in crime in the U.K.



UK: The political tightrope Theresa May is walking gets narrower "IndyWatch Feed War"

Political calculations could have major ramifications on the future of exit negotiations

By Jim Brunsden

We have reached a stage in Brexit talks where every Monday morning fires the starting gun on another political survival race for Theresa May.

After being warned by The Sunday Times last month that she was entering the killing zone, the paper on Sunday gave the chilling assessment that Brussels had switched off her governments life support machine by rejecting part of her Brexit plans.

Image result for Brexit, Parliament, photos

But its not hyperbole to say that Mrs May must make political calculations this week that could have major ramifications on the future of the UKs exit negotiations, and on her ability to get a deal through the British parliament. In Brussels, negotiators are closing in on a deal on the UKs withdrawal treaty, with a solution within reach to the fraught question of how to prevent a hard border in Ireland.

The plan, explained to diplomats by EU negotiators on Friday, would give the EU and Britain multiple options for what to do in 2020 if the UKs post-Brexit transition period is drawing to a close without a permanent trade agreement being in place that would prevent a hard border.

These would include extending the transition, or putting in place a temporary customs union encompassing the EU and the whole of the UK.

But that customs union, already anathema to hardline Brexiters, would come with conditions that are hard for Mrs Mays government to swallow, including adherence to many EU regulations and also to environmental targets.

The UKs hopes of having any unilateral right to end this backstop arrangement have also been dashed: its clear that Brussels consent will be required to bring it to an end and replace it with another trading relationship.

While Mrs May has sought to sugar the pill by insisting that the backstop is unlikely to ever be needed, that argument is being undercut by mounting evidence that Brussels sees elements of it including governance arrangements and level playing field provisions  as the baseline for talks about the two sides future relationship.

Now that the deal is taking shape, Mrs May must decide when to act. Government sources had raised expectations that the prime minister would seek to get her cabinets approval for the agreement either at an extraordinary meeting last week or even over the weekend.

But the political tightrope Mrs May is walking got narrower on Friday with the shock resignation of Jo Johnson, her transport minister. His damning assessment of her negotiating strategy...


How Bill Gates Aims to Save $233 Billion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business, and hes betting big that a reinvention of this most essential of conveniences can save a half million lives and deliver $200 billion-plus in savings.

The billionaire philanthropist, whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $200 million over seven years funding sanitation research, showcased some 20 novel toilet and sludge-processing designs that eliminate harmful pathogens and convert bodily waste into clean water and fertilizer.

The technologies youll see here are the most significant advances in sanitation in nearly 200 years, Gates, 63, told the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing on Tuesday.


#Athens Nov 18 & 19: The future is already here, 2 days of resistance to singularity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Call for 2 days of resistance during the SingularityU Summit in Athens, Greek territory.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.



Artificial intelligence, databases, augmented reality, high security cameras, digital ecosystems, drones, smartphones with smart advertisements and smart houses that steal our thoughts and turn them into merchandise, spectacle, suppression.

Surveillance. Order and security.

The laboratory escapes the four walls- the laboratory is the whole planet.

All this is what the yuppie entrepreneurs, academics, CEOs and scientists are shouting timidly but yet outrageously from Silicon Valley to Athens. On the 19th of November at the SingularityU Summit the enthusiasts of the technological dystopia will gather at Megaro Mousikis. Therefore, dystopia is here, dystopia is now. Singularity Summit is a gathering that will teach to the aspiring leaders and future entrepreneurs how they will thrive in an environment of competition and high technology. The foundation for all of this are the biggest multinational database companies in the world that govern the whole planet and reign in Silicon Valley, such as Google, Yahoo and Apple. Their dream is being presented worldwide by various arrogant scientists, such as Peter Diamantis, and is being spread to the elites of the international scene. Last year in Milan, now in Athens. The sponsors of this years summit here are Kathimerini and SKAI- weve always disliked them and they never miss out on reminding us- and the research center Demokritos, that test on non human animals.

The future is already here, but us, our thoughts, our fears, our resistances are also here. Nothing is over the future is still unwritten.

EVENT-PRESENTATION about the SingularityU Summit and the nanoworld



When green is too white "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When green is too white

brendan 12th November 2018
Teaser Media


Vitamin D And Fish Oil Supplements Disappoint In Long-Awaited Study Results "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Vitamin D And Fish Oil Supplements Disappoint In Long-Awaited Study Results

Many people routinely take nutritional supplements such as vitamin D and fish oil in the hopes of staving off major killers like cancer and heart disease.

But the evidence about the possible benefits of the supplements has been mixed.

Now, long-awaited government-funded research has produced some of the clearest evidence yet about the usefulness of taking the supplements. And the results published in two papers are disappointing.

"Both trials were negative," says Dr. Lawrence Fine, chief of the clinical application and prevention branch of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, a part of the National Institutes of Health, which funded the studies.

"Overall, they showed that neither fish oil nor vitamin D actually lowered the incidence of heart disease or cancer," Fine says.

The results were presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Chicago and released online Saturday by the New England Journal of Medicine. One paper focused on vitamin D supplementation and the other focused on fish oil.

The trials involved nearly 26,000 healthy adults age 50 and older with no history of cancer or heart disease who took part in the VITAL research project. Twenty percent of the participants were African-American.

Some of the participants took either 1 gram of fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids plus 2,000 international units of vitamin D daily. Others consumed the same dose of vitamin D plus a placebo, while others ingested the same dose of fish oil plus a placebo. The last group took two placebos. After more than five years, researchers were unable to find any overall benefit.

While the overall results were disappointing, there appeared to be a beneficial effect when it came to one aspect of heart disease and fish oil: heart attacks.

Original Submission



Smew ducks in winter, video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video shows feeding males and a female smew ducks in the Neman river in Belarus in winter.


The men behind Britain's climate denying charity "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The men behind Britain's climate denying charity

Louise Gill 12th November 2018
Teaser Media


Mark Twain, a staunch opponent of imperialism "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mark Twain AKA Samuel Clemens ( 1835-1910) best known for his literary works like Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, was also a man with deep rooted empathy for any underclass containing people of color. Few readers of his works realize that he was also a staunch opponent of imperialism, having been president of the Anti Imperialist League from 1901 to his death in 1910. Twain wrote about the treatment of the Chinese in San Francisco during the Civil War when he was a newspaper reporter. In 1865 he astonished many passersby, even those who fought for the abolition of slavery years earlier, when he chose to walk arm in arm through the San Francisco streets with the editor of the recently established Afro American newspaper, the Elevator. Of course, one of his most famous quotes was on his definition of politics: "To protect us from the crooks and scoundrels". He also said something that resonates so strongly today: Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people...


Special IAIA Symposium: Improving Impact Assessment and Management in the Mining Sector 4-5 December 2018 | London, UK "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What are the emerging issues and challenges in applying impact assessment (IA) in the mining sector?



Asias $4.3 trillion stock rout is 20 years coming "IndyWatch Feed War"

While some say recent selling binges are a sign of how liquid and efficient developing Asia has become, there is a perception that its not enough

By William Pesek

Asia has a Germany sized problem on its hands, one that wont go away as soon as investors hope. On Friday alone, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index plunged 1.2%, bringing the regions losses this year to $4.3 trillion of market value. This rout, equivalent to Germanys annual output, reflects a perfect storm of worries coursing Asias way: Donald Trumps trade war, Federal Reserve rate hikes and sliding oil prices.

This risk trifecta is pulling punters in different directions. The US presidents tariffs, for example, are hammering away at Chinas growth engines a problem considering its every regional economys main customer. That has investors pivoting to a risk-off crouch.

Related image

The second serves up a bit of schizophrenia for investors. Its grand, for example, that the Fed is taking froth out of an overstimulated economy. Asia, though, has traumatic memories of the dollars rally in the mid-to-late 1990s, which helped precipitate the 1997 crisis.

The third is either stellar news for investors or reason to run for the exits. The former suggests less inflation for economies from India to Indonesia to the Philippines; the latter that global demand is hitting a rough patch.

Taken together, these three risks are ravaging markets in Asia more than anywhere else. And its important to explore why.

Optimists will say that recent selling binges are a show of back-handed strength, a sign of how liquid and efficient developing Asia has become since the late 90s. The real issue, though, is a perception that for all the progress Asia made since then, its not enough.

Fair or not, plunges in the Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah and the Philippines peso reflects a lack of progress repairing the regions duel-deficits problem. For all the boosterism about stronger national balance sheets, too many nations harbor current-account and deficit imbalances that leave them vulnerable to capital flight.

Another lesson not learned: an overreliance on exports makes you vulnerable. Not just to exogenous stocks like the Trump White House, but also to a business model that favors holding down labor costs over domestic innovation. True, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China and elsewhere are enjoying scattered bursts of...


CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION One of the Biggest Stories Ever Told "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Natalie Mahowald, Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

UN climate report author: ambitious actions needed to slow global warming

Interview by David Nutt, Atkinson Center, Cornell University, October 18, 2018

In March 2017, Natalie Mahowald, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Futures faculty director for the environment, was selected by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a lead author on the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The final report made international headlines when it was released Oct. 8. Among its key findings: scientific evidence is clear that human activities have caused 1 C of global warming since the late 1800s, and current trends suggest if the planet keeps warming at the same rate global warming will pass 1.5 C around 2040, with disastrous consequences for humans and ecosystems alike. (In Fahrenheit, a change of 1 C is 1.8 F and 1.5 C is 2.7 F.)

In this Q&A, Mahowald discusses her role in the report, its findings and proposed solutions, and the work everyone must do to limit global warming.

How would you describe your role in preparing the IPCC report?

My title is lead author, and I worked on Chapter One: Framing and Context. I was also asked to be an author on the Summary for Policymakers, which is actually line by line approved by governments. I was in South Korea for that process last week.

Ninety-one authors and review editors from 40 countries worked on the report. What does that kind of collaboration look like?

Theres 400 pages for the whole report if you look at it in a Word file. We each have our own section that were the lead on. We spent a lot of time talking to each other and making sure were reaching consistent assessments of the peer-reviewed literature. We included citations of 6,000 articles, so its a huge amount of work. This report was unique in the way it was so cross-disciplinary. That means everyone speaks a slightly different language. And yet we have to make sure we speak consistently across the whole report.

How does involving that many...


ZAP/POOFness Report: "Ragged Old Flag" -- November 11, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

" The Office of Poofness "

"Ragged Old Flag"

Johnny Cash

I walked through a county courthouse square
On a park bench an old man was sitting there
I said, your old courthouse is kinda run down
He said, naw, it'll do for our little town
I said, your old flagpole has leaned a little bit
And that's a ragged old flag you got hanging on it
He said, have a seat, and I sat down
Is this the first time you've been to our little town?
I said, I think it is
He said, I don't like to brag
But we're kinda proud of that ragged old flag
You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when
Washington took it across the Delaware
And it got powder-burned the night Francis Scott Key
Sat watching it writing say can you see
And it got a bad rip in New Orleans
With Packingham and Jackson tuggin' at its seams
And it almost fell at the Alamo
Beside the texas flag, but she waved on though
She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville
And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill
There was Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, and Bragg
And the south wind blew hard on that ragged old flag
On Flanders field in World War one
She got a big hole from a Bertha gun
She turned blood red in World War Two


Erdogan: US, Saudis, Germany, UK Heard Khashoggis Murder Audio "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ankara (TLS) We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them. They know. Erdogan said Saturday.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday his country shared recordings related to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and a number of European countries.

We gave the tapes. We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them. They have listened to all the conversations in them. They know, Erdogan said in Ankara as he left Turkey to attend World War One armistice commemorations in Paris along with other world leaders.

Turkish prosecutors showed that a team of 15 Saudi agents arrived in Istanbul on Oct. 2, the same day Khashoggi was murdered inside the consulate. The Saudi government denied the accusations for weeks, but later changed their narrative and confirmed that Khashoggi was killed in the consulate in a rogue operation of which the crown prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) supposedly had no idea about.

We dont have documents, there are no findings. But theres information. These 15 people, with all certainty, know who is the murderer, how and where he took the body, continued Erdogan.

According to Riyadhs official declarations, the body was handed over to a local collaborator.

Erdogan has that demanded the Saudi authorities reveal the name of the local collaborator, if there is one, and the name of the killer, who he thinks is among the 15 agents that suddenly flew to Istanbul.

Theres no need to distort this issue, they know for certain that the killer, or the killers, is among these 15 people. Saudi Arabias government can disclose this by making these 15 people talk, Erdogan said.

Many people have had access to the several audio recordings related to Khashoggis murder, but these have not been made public for various reasons. The CIA director Gina Haspel heard at least one of them when she visited Istanbul after the controversy broke out. Saudi officials have also listened to it.

Read more about the Khashoggi incident:

Saudis Secretly Purchased $250M Spy Package from Israel to Track Foreign Journalists and Activists

Saudi Royals Meet Khashoggi Family; Continue to Ban Them from Travel

Trump v Congress: How Khashoggi Case Sets Up Battle over US-Sau...


How To Evolve A Radio "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Evolutionary algorithms are an interesting topic of study. Rather then relying on human ingenuity and investigation to create new designs, instead, an algorithm is given a target to achieve, and creates offspring, iterating in an evolutionary manner to create offspring that get closer to the target with each generation.

This method can be applied to the design of electronic circuits, and is sometimes referred to as hardware evolution. A team from Duke University attempted exactly this, aiming to produce an oscillator using evolutionary techniques.

The team used a platform called the evolvable motherboard, or EM. The EM is a platform controlled by an attached computer, consisting of reconfigurable solid state switches that allow attached circuit components to be interconnected in every combination possible. These components may be virtually any electronic component; in this experiment, 10 bipolar transistors were used.

The evolutionary algorithm was given a fitness function that rewarded output amplitude and frequency, aiming to create an oscillator operating at 25KHz. However, the team noticed some interesting emergent behavior. The algorithm tended to reward amplification behavior from the circuit, leading to many configurations that oscillated poorly, but amplified ambient noise. In the end, the algorithm developed circuit configurations that acted as a radio, picking up and amplifying signals from the surrounding environment, rather than oscillating on their own. The evolutionary algorithm took advantage of the interaction between not only the circuit elements, but effects such as the parasitic capacitance introduced by the switching matrix and appeared to use the PCB circuit traces as an antenna.

The team conclude that evolutionary algorithms used in circuit design ignore human preconceptions about how circuits work, and will take advantage of sometimes unpredictable and unexpected effects to achieve their targets. This is a blessing and a curse, bringing unconventional designs to the fore, but also creating circuits that may not work well in a generalized environment. If your oscillator relies on a nearby noise source to operate, it may operate unpredictably in the field, for example.

Weve seen evolutionary algorithms used before, such as being applied to robotic design.


The Best Way to Honor War Veterans Is to Stop Creating Them "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington D.C. (AHT) The US will be celebrating Veterans Day tomorrow, and many a striped flag shall be waved. The social currency of esteem will be used to elevate those who have served in the US military, thereby ensuring future generations of recruits to be thrown into the gears of the globe-spanning war machine.

Veterans Day is not a holiday to honor the men and women who have dutifully protected their country. The youngest Americans who arguably defended their nation from a real threat to its shores are in their nineties, and soon there wont be any of them left. Every single person who has served in the US military since the end of the second World War has protected nothing other than the agendas of global hegemony, resource control, and war profiteering. They have not been fighting and dying for freedom and democracy, they have been fighting and dying for imperialism, Raytheon profit margins, and crude oil.

I just said something youre not supposed to say. People have dedicated many years of their lives to the service of the US military; theyve given their limbs to it, theyve suffered horrific brain damage for it, theyve given their very lives to it. Families have been ripped apart by the violence that has been inflicted upon members of the US Armed Forces; youre not supposed to let them hear you say that their loved one was destroyed because some sociopathic nerds somewhere in Washington decided that it would give America an advantage over potential economic rivals to control a particular stretch of Middle Eastern dirt. But it is true, and if we dont start acknowledging that truth lives are going to keep getting thrown into the gears of the machine for the power and profit of a few depraved oligarchs. So Im going to keep saying it.

Last week I saw the hashtag #SaluteToService trending on Twitter. Apparently, the NFL had a deal going where every time someone tweeted that hashtag theyd throw a few bucks at some veterans charity. Which sounds sweet, until you consider three things:
1. The NFLs ten wealthiest team owners are worth a combined $61 billion.
2. The NFL has taken millions of dollars from the Pentagon for displays of patriotism on the field, including for the policy of bringing all players out for the national anthem every game starting in 2009 (which led to Colin Kaepernicks demonstrations and the obscene backlash against him).



BBC Drama: Strangers and Brothers by C.P.Snow #5/13 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Strangers and Brothers is a series of novels by C. P. Snow, published between 1940 and 1970. They deal with among other things questions of political and personal integrity, and the mechanics of exercising power.

All eleven novels in the series are narrated by the character Lewis Eliot. The series follows his life and career from humble beginnings in an English provincial town, to reasonably successful London lawyer, to Cambridge don, to wartime service in Whitehall, to senior civil servant and finally retirement.

The New Men deals with the scientific communitys involvement in (and reaction to) the development and deployment of nuclear weapons during the Second World War. The Conscience of the Rich concerns a wealthy, Anglo-Jewish merchant-banking family. Time of Hope and George Passant depict the price paid by clever, poor young men to escape their provincial origins.

Snow analyses the professional world, scrutinising microscopic shifts of power within the enclosed settings of a Cambridge college, a Whitehall ministry, a law firm. For example, in the novels set in the Cambridge college (a thinly veiled Christs), a small, disparate group of men is typically required to reach a collective decision on an important subject. In The Masters, the dozen or so college members elect a new head (the Master) by majority vote. In The Affair, a small group of dons sets out to correct a possible injustice: they must convince the rest of the college to re-open an investigation into scientific fraud. In both novels, the characters strongly resist letting in the external world, whether it be the press, public opinion, the college Visitor, or outside experts.

The books were adapted by the BBC into a 13-episode television series, which began airing in January 1984. The series starred Shaughan Seymour as Lewis, Sheila Ruskin as his mentally troubled first wife Sheila and Cherie Lunghi as his second wife Margaret. Other actors of note who took part in the series include Anthony Hopkins, Nigel Havers, Peter Sallis and Tom Wilkinson. 


Elementary school veggies cooperative taxed with 800 for 200 revenues "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Tax officials have ordered a primary school cooperative that grows vegetables to shut down after the schoolchildren were unable to pay a tax of 800 euros for last years revenues of just 200 euros.  The tax office in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki in Northern Greece, classified the school project as a regular business cooperative, even though the revenues do not come from the vegetables sales but from membership subscription of supporters of the school project.

45 children of the elementary school in Olynthos started the cooperative Perivoli in 2017. In they courtyard of the school, they set up two greenhouses and started to grow their own tomatoes, onions, radishes, beets, parsley and carrots.

When the children tried to open a bank account, they were informed that they needed a tax number.

The tax officer issued a tax number for a regular cooperative as there is no special cooperative regime for schools.

Classified as a regular businesses, they were asked to pay a tax of 800 for the revenues of just 200. The tax included the so-called trade fee of 650 euros.

As the children were unable to pay the tax, the cooperative stopped working a few days ago.


Thousands of far-right marchers light a SEA OF FLARES in Poland "IndyWatch Feed World"

ultra-nationalist crowds that flocked to Poland for its independence day march were seen performing Nazi salutes and burning flares at the event attended by staggering 200,000 people. Polish police, however, stood idly by.

Crowds of people, including various far-right groups, unleashed a sea of fire and smoke on the streets and squares of the Polish capital of Warsaw during an event marking a centenary of Polands independence on Sunday. Videos posted on social media show a Warsaw square being lit with thousands of red flares burnt by the marchers.

Embedded video

Mateusz Dolatowski@emdolatowski


Hitman 2s Denuvo Protection Cracked Three Days Before Launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Protecting video games from piracy has become big business over the years. The latest games consoles from Sony and Microsoft appear relatively secure but the same cannot be said about PC titles.

Due to the fact that PC games are loaded onto a platform that is instantly accessible to hackers, its almost inevitable that any games worth having will have their piracy protections removed at some point and leak online for all to download.

The company on the anti-piracy frontlines is Denuvo. Its anti-tamper technology is fiendishly difficult to crack and as such it regularly finds its way on to many of the gaming worlds most cherished titles. However, Denuvo is not infallible so regularly finds itself targeted by crackers.

This weekend, the technology suffered yet another disappointing blow. The long-awaiting stealth game Hitman 2 which comes protected by the latest variant of Denuvo (v5.3) leaked online. Aside from having its protection circumvented, this happened three days before the titles official launch on November 13.

Firstly, the game leaked online three days early, rendering the protection when the game finally comes out much less useful. Secondly, presuming the original copy of the game was obtained on Friday when the pre-order copy was delivered, it took just a single day for the group to crack Denuvos latest protection.

Considering an announcement made by Denuvo just last week, this is a pretty embarrassing turn of events. Denuvos aim is to protect games in their initial release window and according to the company, having no protection can result in millions of dollars in potential lost revenue in just a couple of weeks.

To be on the safe side, however, the company also highlighted the importance of protecting games for just four days (notably a couple of Denuvo-protected titles recently withstood attack for the same number period). Winding back further still, the company said that even providing protection for an hour is worthwhile. Clearly, minus three days didnt figure into Denuvos plans.

While several groups have been chipping away at Denuvo for some time, FCKDRM is a new entrant (at least by branding) to the cracking scene. No...


Mega Srebrenica in Iraq Causes Mostly a Yawn "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The prospects of unworthy Iraqi victims in the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar for securing the benevolent attention of Western justice are bleak, writes Stephen Karganovic.

Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies launches renewable energy investment platform Reneum "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Singapore-headquartered Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies today launched its Reneum platform at the Paris Peace Forum. Reneums aim is to mobilise additional investments in renewable energy of $100bn by 2030, when 60 per cent of the worlds energy use should come from renewable sources if we dont want to all fry from climate change.


Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom "IndyWatch Feed War"

How Nobody Is above the Law Abets the Rise of Tyranny.

Originally published by Crimethinc.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

We saw you last night among thousands of other anti-Trump demonstrators around the US. Their signs proclaimed, No one is above the law. You were the one with the sign reading I love laws. We need to talk.

Really, this is what gets you into the streets? Trumps goons have been kidnapping your neighbors, preparing to block your access to abortion, openly promoting nationalism, calling the targets for lone wolf assassins who send mail bombs and shoot up synagoguesand your chief concern is whether what theyre doing is legal?



The Migration of the Skeptic "IndyWatch Feed War"

qedcon | October 16, 2018 Naturalist Sir David Attenborough definitely presents this short documentary on the migration of the Skeptic. This spoof was originally used to open QED 2018. Written by Matt White, Michael Marshall, and Mike Hall Directed by Matt White Edited by Deniz Kavalali VFX by Joe Pavlo Audio post-production by Offset Audio []


Uganda case could have implications for internet shutdowns in Africa "IndyWatch Feed World"

Digital rights advocates in Uganda are finally getting their day in court.


AOC Rental Woes a Reminder of Worsening Conditions for Workers "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Rising rental costs put a spotlight on how it is even harder than ever for ordinary workers to get by.


Elon Musk BITCOIN Twitter scam, a simple and profitable fraud for crooks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Crooks are exploiting the popularity of Elon Musk and a series of hacked verified Twitter accounts to implement a new fraud scheme.

Crooks are exploiting the popularity of Elon Musk and a series of hacked verified Twitter accounts (i.e. UK retailer Matalan, US publisher Pantheon Books, and official government Twitter accounts such as the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia and the National Disaster Management Authority of India.) in a simple as effective scam scheme.

The accounts were hacked to impersonate Elon Musk, once hijacked, scammers changed the accounts names and profile pictures to those of the popular entrepreneur and started using them to share tweet calling for people to send him cryptocurrency.

The accounts were informing Twitter users of a new alleged Musks initiative of creating the biggest crypto-giveaway of 10,000 bitcoins.

Im giving 10 000 Bitcoin (BTC) to all community! I left the post of director of Tesla, thank you all for your support, states the hacked account of Pantheon Books.



California, USA wildfires, worst ever "IndyWatch Feed World"

Red Flag fire warnings currently in effect in California

By David Brown in the USA:

Statewide death toll rises to 31

California wildfire deadliest and most destructive in state history

12 November 2018

The death toll from wildfires ravaging Northern and Southern California has risen to 31. Thousands of homes and structures have been destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee from the spreading inferno.

The most destructive fire is in the norththe Camp Fire, which started under the power lines at Poe Dam in Butte County. Fueled by high winds and dry weather, the blaze quickly engulfed the nearby communities of Pulga and Concow, before reaching Paradise, a town of 26,000, shortly after students were beginning their school day. The entire city was forced into a panicked and unprepared evacuation. By Friday morning, Paradise had burned to the ground.

Part of the devastion in Paradise. Evacuation orders are not yet lifted

Harrowing pictures and video have been posted on social media of cars racing to escape as walls of flame bear down on all sides. Others had to abandon their cars and try to escape the flames on foot, while some did not make it.

With the death toll at 29, it is the deadliest wildfire in state history, the number of fatalities greater than the Griffith Park blaze in Los Angeles in 1933. At least two hundred more are missing.

The Camp Fire is also the most destructive in state history. At least 6,453 houses have been destroyed, along with Paradises hospital and retirement home. Both the destruction and the death toll are expected to rise as the fire continues to burn and officials begin to sort through the wreckage.

The Camp Fire erupted on the same day as the Hill and Woolsey fires in southern California, which together have forced the evacuation of over 260,000 people. Two deaths have been attributed to the fires in the south.



Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 11/12/18 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have three newcomers in our chart.

Mission: Impossible Fallout is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 () Mission: Impossible Fallout 8.0 / trailer
2 (1) The Equalizer 2 6.9 / trailer
3 (2) The Meg 5.9 / trailer
4 (3) Incredibles 2 8.0 /...


Miguel Amors: Between capitalism and anti-capitalism the struggle for territory (2) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The second of two essays by Miguel Amors on the concept of territory, and a further contribution our series on the May 68 writers Amors, Jaime Semprun, Amedeo Bertolo and Eduardo Colombo.

Originally published by Autonomies. Written by Miguel Amors.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

For us, nature is not a pre-social fact, but a product of culture and history, a space defined by an eminently rural sense of time, which is why we shall employ the word territory when referring to it. Similarly, by society we mean industrial, urban society, since this is its historical form under the capitalist regime. After this clarification, we must say that this territory is governed by laws that are very different from the ones that govern the mass society that is colonizing it. The most important of these laws can be framed as follows: everything is connected, everything is related to everything else. In mass society, on the other hand, each element acts in isolation from the others, and it is not human needs that determine its action, but, quite to the contrary, it is this action that determines those needs. Today the territory is poorly socialized nature; society is poorly naturalized humanity.

The application of revolutionary remedies is impossible in societies that are not predominantly rural, horizontal and egalitarian, and therefore communitarian in an anti-developmentalist context of de-urbanization and de-globalization. A program that would promote this kind of society challenges the powerful forces that rule todays society of massification and exclusion. Its profitsand its powerare linked to its permanence and to the intensification of its characteristic traits. These forces have chosen the technological way, which usually means bigger harvests, more cars, more capital, more consumption, more people. They have opted for the disaster that makes them more productive and brings them the most profit. No modification in the production, circulation or consumption of commodities that militates against their interests will be accepted without a struggle. No struggle is w...


Morning Prayer for Monday, November 12, 2018: Admitting Our Helplessness Before God "IndyWatch Feed War"

You must admit your helplessness before your prayer for God will hear help. Your own need must be recognized before you can ask God for the strength to meet that need. But once that need is recognized, your prayer is heard above all the music of heaven. It is not theological arguments that solve the problems of the questing soul, but the sincere cry of that soul to God for strength and the certainty of that soul that the cry will be heard and answered.

Image result for prayer, joy, photos

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may send my voiceless cry for help out into the void. I pray that I may feel certain that it will be heard somewhere, somehow.

From Twenty Four Hours a Day



Sir Anthony Hopkins at the 11th annual Leap, Leadership, Excellence and Accelerating Your Potential conferenceSir Anthony Hopkins shared advice with students at the University Of California.  GREG DOHERTY / GETTY IMAGES

Sir Anthony Hopkins opens up on alcohol battle



Leisure and Camping with SHARE "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Leisure & CampingLeisure & Camping is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have 118 items in the Leisure & Camping category. Everything you need for camping trips (tents, beds, lights, sleeping bags, folding chairs, stoves etc.) plus a barbecue, cool boxes, wet suits, buckets & spades, hammocks, portable modems and much more.

To view all 10 categories browse our inventory.

If youd like to sponsor this category and have your business advertised with every item borrowed from within it, as well as inside the shop and on our window, please get in touch with us.

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The moment of truth may really be very close but what truth? "IndyWatch Feed"

All we can do it count heads and count down, for the cabinet to take a decision or non-decision on Theresa Mays negotiating plan or face up to the serious option of No Deal. They have until Wednesday to agree proposals for triggering a late November EU summit and 21st January to seal the deal or bid to extend Article 50. Or for the Tory party to throw Mrs May out and plunge Britain into an unprecedented political crisis. At least when they toppled  Neville Chamberlain in 1940 and Anthony Eden in 1957 after the Suez debacle, obvious leaders and strategies  were right at hand.

From the sidelines, Boris Johnson calls for cabinet mutiny

No member of the Government, let alone the Cabinet, could conceivably support them, or so you would have thought. And yet the awful truth is that even if the Cabinet mutinies  as they ought  it will make little difference

The so-called Chequers proposals are in truth very far from dead. The essence of the idea that the UK should remain in the customs union and the single market for goods and agri-food is what the backstop entails. And you can be absolutely sure that this idea will be at the heart of the deal that I have no doubt the Prime Minister will shortly and magically secure.

She will delay for as long as she reasonably can, and then she will say that unless MPs sign up to this surrender, we will have the chaos of no deal. As a scare tactic, it is infamous. The Government has deliberately and flagrantly failed to prepare the UK to walk away from the talks, the better to be able to bludgeon MPs into voting for surrender. As a scare tactic, it is also false: yes, there might be some temporary effects, but as with the Millennium Bug I do not think the planes would fall from the sky or that medicines would have to rationed, or any of the other nonsense. And it is also false as a pair of alternatives.

There is a much, much better...


Sayyed Nasrallah Warns Israel of Inevitable Response to Any Attack on Lebanon "IndyWatch Feed War"

November 10, 2018 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will inevitably respond to any attack against Lebanon and will not accept any underestimation by the enemy of the countrys power as it used to do in the past. In a televised speech marking Hezbollah Martyrs Day on Saturday, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that []


Full Professor Position at Copenhagen Business School "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

AS: CBS is a leading global centre for business-historical research. Im certain, therefore, that this job ad will generate tremendous interest.
Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant full Professorship in History at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.
Profile of the position    
In announcing a full Professorship in History, the Department seeks applicants with excellent qualifications and expertise in business and/or economic history. The Professor will be affiliated with the Departments Centre for Business History. We particularly welcome applications from candidates who can demonstrate an interest in cultural and interdisciplinary approaches and who have a proven track record in developing new and innovative approaches and perspectives in the field.
Research areas of interest to the Centre include but are not limited to
    Entrepreneurship and innovation
    Narratives and uses of history in organizations and society
    History of capitalism
    Financial history
    Business, markets, government and society
    Consumption, marketing and branding
Applicants should have an outstanding teaching and publication record and preferably have published both monographs and articles in high ranking journals in the fields of history, business history and economic history, and/or other business school related journals.
The position is a full Professorship with research and teaching obligations.
Successful applicants must have an international profile, a strong record of research publications, and teaching experience in history. They must be capable of providing dynamic leadership in the development of research and teaching, in securing external research funding, and in establishing strong ties with industry.
To fulfill the research requirements of the position, the applicant chosen is expected to be physically present on a regular basis and actively participate in the teaching and research activities of the Department as well as maintaining and establishing broad links across CBS.
  • Personal research meeting high international standards, including responsibility for publishing, scientific communication and research-based teaching.
  • The academic development of discipline.
  • Research management, initiation of research projects, supervision of PhD students, international research co-operation, reviewing for academic journals.
  • Research education and further t...


Almost 6,000 Turkish citizens seek asylum in Greece after failed coup "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A total 5,786 Turkish citizens have applied for obtaining refugee status in Greece, since 2016s failed coup attempt that was followed by a government crackdown, Turkish media reported on Sunday. According to a report by Diken attributed to the Greek Ministry of Immigration Policies, the number of Turks seeking asylum in the country has been on the rise in October.

The figures indicated that 706 individuals from Turkey requested refugee status from Greece in October, while the number was recorded as 3 thousand 807 between January and October.

In 2017, 1 thousand 826 Turkish citizens applied for asylum, the report added.

Prior to Turkeys military coup attempt that prompted a nation-wide crackdown on the dissident, the figures were as follows:

17 in 2013, 41 in 2014, 42 in 2015 and 189 in 2016, the last being the period leading up to the coup attempt.

Other figures shared by the Greek government showed that the total number of Turks applying to take refuge between 2013 and October 2018 is 5 thousand 922.

The number for the same period is 59,684 for Syrians, 24,072 Pakistanis, 24, 782 Afghans, 21,890 Iraqis, 8,605 Albanians, 5,478 Bangladeshis, 4, 417 Iranians, 4,031 Georgians, 3,386 Palestinians, 29,508 individuals from other nations.

The Turkish government launched a crackdown after the failed coup that led to the dismissal of nearly 140,000 civil servants and investigations into some 400,000 citizens on terrorism charges.

The government accuses the Gulen movement of orchestrating the failed putsch, designating it as a terrorist organization, although the movement strongly denies any involvement. via theglobepost

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El responsable de la web de IU denunciado por atacar en redes con falsa identidad "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Jorge Navas Alejo, el responsable de Comunicacin Interna y Web de Izquierda Unida, ha sido denunciado por Miguel ngel Vias, el coordinador provincial del partido en Zamora, a causa de una posible usurpacin de la personalidad jurdica de IU.

Navas Alejo supuestamente usaba la denominacin de Rancios Izquierda Unida en cuentas tanto de Twitter como de Telegram, por lo que el Consejo Poltico Provincial de IU Zamora llev ante el Juzgado de lo Penal que:

durante el ao 2016 y 2017 habamos tenido conocimiento de esta denominacin en redes (Rancios Izquierda Unida) por las publicaciones que se venan haciendo en las que se vituperaba la imagen de Izquierda Unida y muy en concreto de una parte de nuestra organizacin, con referencia a Zamora, a su Alcalde y a personas que se engloban en el espacio IU, s con ms fuerza.

Izquierda Unida Zamora seala asimismo que en el mes de abril de 2017 se intent cobrar a esa federacin las facturas del dominio en cuestin:

no solo se agreda polticamente a un sector de IU, sino que adems se le intentaba pasar la factura de dicha agresin por lo que se le aportaron los requerimientos de pago que se intentaron cobrar a Izquierda Unida de Zamora y nmero de contrato del dominio al Juzgado.

El Juzgado de Instruccin nmero 4 de la ciudad indic que las caractersticas de los hechos denunciados apuntaban a un presunto delito de usurpacin y estafa por lo que acord incoar diligencias previas.

Segn la Direccin General de la Polica, la persona que realiz la mencionada usurpacin y cre la web Rancios Izquierda Unida es el responsable de Comunicacin Interna de IU, que trabaja como asistente en el Parlamento europeo al servicio de los eurodiputados de Izquierda Unida.

Por su lado IU Zamora, dos das despus de aquella comunicacin, afirma que con gran decepcin se nos comunica el 8 de octubre de 2018 por el abogado que atiende la denuncia penal en Zamora que el coordinador federal de IU,...


Crucifying Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assanges sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador, led by Lenn Morenowho calls Assange an inherited problem and an impediment to better relations with Washingtonis making the WikiLeaks founders life in the embassy unbearable. Almost daily, the embassy is imposing harsher conditions for Assange, including making him pay his medical bills, imposing arcane rules about how he must care for his cat and demanding that he perform a variety of demeaning housekeeping chores.

The Ecuadorians, reluctant to expel Assange after granting him political asylum and granting him citizenship, intend to make his existence so unpleasant he will agree to leave the embassy to be arrested by the British and extradited to the United States. The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, whose government granted the publisher political asylum, describes Assanges current living conditions as torture.

His mother, Christine Assange, said in a recent video appeal, Despite Julian being a multi-award-winning journalist, much loved and respected for courageously exposing serious, high-level crimes and corruption in the public interest, he is right now alone, sick, in painsilenced in solitary confinement, cut off from all contact and being tortured in the heart of London. The modern-day cage of political prisoners is no longer the Tower of London. Its the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Here are the facts, she went on. Julian has been detained nearly eight years without charge. Thats right. Without charge. For the past six years, the U.K. government has refused his request for access to basic health needs, fresh air, exercise, sunshine for vitamin D and access to proper dental and medical care. As a result, his health has seriously deteriorated. His examining doctors warned his detention conditions are life-threatening. A slow and cruel assassination is taking place before our very eyes in the embassy in London.

In 2016, after an in-depth investigation, the United Nations ruled that Julians....


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

This is indeed your brain on FOX News! Remember that van Trump's pipe bomber fan had? Check this out! In the republican mind, this is a great ride! Think of the generations of inbreeding and meth use that goes into things like this. How much you wanna bet that it also serves as a home school for the kids! You know, the kids with fetal alcohol brain damage.

Seriously, though, in Germany in the 1920 and 1930s, it was a common practice for Nazi Party and Hitler supporters to decorate their vehicles in this exact way, and look where that went. Now that the midterm elections are done, the 2020 campaign season has begun. Can we expect to see more and more of these? As Sarah Palin (remember her?) would say, "You betcha!"

In looking at a blow up of this photo very closely, I think I can make out Sarah Huckabee Sanders behind the wheel. I could be wrong. It might be her dad.


Ten Years, Getting Stronger "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A decade ago, I sat down and wrote a series of blog posts, inaugurating something that would eventually grow into the worldwide movement known as Strong Towns. Much has happened in the intervening years so much since I was that lone voice in the wilderness but one thing has remained constant: its our audience that turns these ideas into a movement.

This week is our fall member drive. Were sitting at just under 2,500 members, an astounding number by historical comparison, but relatively small compared to the 1.3 million unique people weve reached over the past year. Its always a small handful of people that change the world. Today, let it be you.

Become a member of Strong Towns! 00004IMG_00004_BURST20180227201843.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 1.50.55 PM.png


What Happens to the Water Bottles at the #Beirut Marathon? "IndyWatch Feed World"

A lot of people yesterday during the Beirut Marathon become all of environmentally conscious and started sharing pictures of discarded water bottles on the side of the road. Tens of thousands of runners join the Marathon yearly, which means that tens if not hundreds of thousands of water bottles are consumed and its an unfortunate but common sight to see discarded bottles all over the place.

Nevertheless, a lot of environmental NGOs took part in this years edition and made sure all bottles were collected to be reused and/or recycled throughout the 5K & 8K races. This being said, bashing BMA for all these plastic bottles and even for road closures and traffic is uncalled for. However, I believe further initiatives need to be taken to make the race more sustainable and truly green as a lot of marathons around the world are banning plastic bottles all together.

All in all, the 16th Beirut Marathon edition is a great sporting event that we should all be proud of and encourage. The participants are running for unity, fun, glory, achievement, promoting wellness and healthy living, for causes and charitable organizations and more importantly for the benefit of Lebanon and all the Lebanese. Every year, we have new causes to run for, inspiring runners to look up to and new challenges to overcome.

So lets spread positivity for a change and cut down on the negativity


Effective Deterrence? israeli (apartheid state) Jets Give Syrian Targets a Wide Berth Following S-300 Delivery "IndyWatch Feed War"

Effective Deterrence? Israeli Jets Give Syrian Targets a Wide Berth Following S-300 Delivery With Russia having completed the delivery of S-300PMU-2 surface to air missile batteries to Syrias air defence forces, in response to an Israeli strike on the Arab country which led to the deaths of over a dozen Russian servicemen, the new weapons system []


Winged Humanoid Observed in Fayette County, WV "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


This puts the time frames back a lot.  Makes the argument of a potential human system completely out of reach.  

There is nothing in the archeological record to support this life form so it is perhaps reasonable to wonder if this could be alien in origin. It still has antecedents in the gargoyle.

Otherwise it is an excellent look at this creature and it determines that it is large enough to depend largely on gliding.   Many other glimpses had left this aspect uncertain.


Winged Humanoid Observed in Fayette County, WV
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I received the following account after posting Black Winged Humanoid Encounter Near Rockford, Illinois:

Hi Lon, hope things are going well. I read about the winged humanoid in your latest newsletter. I've been following these stories in your newsletter pretty closely. The newsletter that was in my inbox today really struck me, because I have seen something similar - the 'Jeepers Creepers' description was dead on.

Long story short, I don't remember the exact year, but this would've been the mid-80's. My best guess is 1985 or 1986. It was a summer evening in Oak Hill, West Virginia (Oak Hill is a small town in the south-central part of the state, about 15...


The Pentagon's Plan to Dominate the Economy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As i have stated many times, government prints money, then spends money and then taxes it back or relies on the credit system to  actually draw it down through interest charges which is offset with a moderate inflation.

Spending that mass of money to best effect has mostly been done through the military in which maximum productivity is possible except for that small fraction actually spent on war.  After that entitlements matter and then you struggle to get effective civilian programs.  My point though is that military spending has dominated our economy for a long time and employs the best and the brightest. 

There are still plenty of management difficulties particularly due to secrecy.

This is no plan and has been accepted for a long time.


Tomgram: William Hartung, The Pentagon's Plan to Dominate the Economy

Back in the mid-1990s, I wrote the following in my book The End of Victory Culture, with memories of the American world of my 1940s and 1950s childhood in mind:
The worlds of the warrior and of abundance were, to my gaze, no more antithetical than they were to the corporate executives, university research scientists, and military officers who were using a rising military budget and the fear of communism to create a new national security economy.  An alliance between big industry, big science, and the military had been forged during World War II.  This alliance had blurred the boundaries between the military and the civilian by fusing a double set of desires: for technological breakthroughs leading to ever more instant weapons of destruction and to ever easier livin...


JFK jr as NEW AG? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A lot has happened and is now happening, that it is difficult to know how to provide a coherent report.  Worse than that, not knowing the background makes it easy for a new reader to be dismissive.  In fact that is healthy. Otherwise i have nothing to say.

I have posted that a massive operation is presently underway that truly began decades ago and which includes Mil Intel in particular.  I do not use the phrase 'white hats' except to say men are doing their duty in face of a concerted long standing operation against the regime that is itself far older.  I myself perceived the existence of this threat many years ago as it slowly emerged.  To the point of wondering if Mil Intel was asleep which i considered unlikely.

The true enemy has operated secretly and has secured control over large swaths of the governing apparatus both in the USA and abroad.  They have done this with access to unlimited financial resources which includes willing ( or otherwise ) control of the central banking system.  The apparatus itself was surely produced by either or both of COMITERM and the NAZIS.  The intellectual infection was also introduced into the universities under various names, but all revering authoritarian socialism.  This infection has spread downward into the general education system itself where resistance is much weaker.

The counter attack is now in full tide and is about to erupt into our general consciousness. You must understand that very detailed planning is  been implemented and the enemy is resisting.

It may help to understand that Trump's Career was plausibly sponsored by the Kennedy fortune.  Put another way, certain things happened that can best be explained by a true silent partner.  It proves possi...


New evidence of how the Norse became long-distance mariners "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


I do not think that any of this was sudden but it does tell of the methodology that must trace back to before the Bronze Age.  Proofing a ship against worms and fouling has been a constant to today.

The viking Age was a natural response to opportunity created by the Roman Collapse itself in the West.  Recall this was also preceded by Celtic shipping superior to Roman shipping.  Thus we have around 500 AD the first real break in serious Sea protection in Western Europe.

The recipe sounds pretty obvious and also basic.  Adding seal oil to pine pitch may well make wood highly resistant to worms and fouling and experiments indicate as much..

New evidence of how the Norse became long-distance mariners

They made tar in industrial quantities, to coat ships hulls and sails

Nov 1st 2018

 ACCORDING TO THE Saga of Erik the Red, shipworm will not bore into the wood which has been smeared with the seal-tar. Viking scholars debate the precise meaning of seal in seal-tar. One interpretation is that the Scandinavian conquerors mixed tar, or pitch, with animal fat and some experiments suggest this may indeed keep shipworm at bay. What is clear is that tar was an important marine technology, and new finds suggest that a vast industry making it emerged at the beginning of the Viking era, helping enable their conquests.

The oldest tar pits in Sweden date from around 100AD to 400AD. The first were discovered in the early 2000s, and are found close to old settlements, suggesting that the tar was for coating houses and household items. It was made by stacking pine wood into conical pits a metre or two across, setting the wood on fire and covering it with turf and charcoal to encourage a slow combustion. In this way, the woods resin would turn to tar and drip out of the cones bottom into a buried container.

However, as Andreas Hennius, an archaeologist at Uppsala University, reports in this months Antiquity, around the eighth century something shifted. The pits got much biggerreaching eight to ten metres in diameterand moved far into the forest. These pits could have made between 200 and 300 litres of tar in a single production cycle.

Mr Hennius argues that the builders needed all this tar for ships. The eighth century was when sails arrived in Scandinavia. That, in his view, is no coincidence. Tar has been found on hulls...


Reflections on the role of philanthropy in the world of work "IndyWatch Feed"

If philanthropic foundations want to positively affect the lives of workers, then they should use their money to hold the powerful to account and to help workers be heard. 

Overview shot of the 2017 Salzburg Global Seminar 'Driving the Change: Global Talent Management for Effective Philanthropy'. Salzburg Global Seminar/Flickr. (cc by-nc-nd)

On 8 October 2018 we published the BTS Round Table on the Future of Work, in which 12 experts explain recent changes to the nature of work and offer new ideas in labour policy, organising, and activism. This piece has been written in response.

Three funders the Ford Foundation, the Sage Fund, and Open Society Foundations recently wrote about their strategic priorities when funding interventions in the world of work. The Ford Foundation was the most detailed, identifying their five areas for strategic interventions as follows:

  1. Changing company practices and behaviour; 
  2. Influencing investment; 
  3. Establishing international standards and norms; 
  4. Strengthening and enforcing labour laws; 
  5. Organising workers to build voice and power.

My assessment is that the conventional human rights framework the third strategy on this list requires reinforcing. Despite all of the talk of new and different approaches, there remains considerable value to actually holding governments accountable for existing standards which they  have agreed to uphold, yet frequently fail to do so. The final strategy organising workers also deserves special emphasis and needs further funding to amplify and transmit workers voices.

Despite all of the talk of new and different approaches,...


Schiff wants to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post "IndyWatch Feed War"

A top House Democrat wants to probe President Trumps attempts to punish media companies who give him negative news coverage.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Axios on HBO that he wants to see if Trump abused his power when he tried to meddle in the affairs of companies associated with The Washington Post and CNN.

In question, Schiff said, was whether the president used the instrument of state power to punish the press.

For one, Trump had publicly suggested that Amazon whose founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post was ripping off the US Postal Service.

Schiff told Axios that the president was secretly meeting with the postmaster [general] in an effort to browbeat the postmaster [general] into raising postal rates on Amazon.

Former officials additionally told Axios that despite telling Trump that the Postal Services financial hardship had nothing to do with Amazon, the president couldnt be convinced.

This appears to be an effort by the president to use the instruments of state power to punish Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post, Schiff said on Axios on HBO.

Trump has also said hed consider antitrust action against Amazon.

The California Democrat also wanted Congress to investigate whether the president tried to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger, as a way to get back at CNN, which he consistently labels as fake news.

We dont know, for example, whether the effort to hold up the merger of the parent of CNN was a concern over antitrust, or whether this was an effort merely to punish CNN, Schiff said.

Schiffs comments come just days after one of the presidents biggest flare-ups with the press. At a Wednesday press conference on the heels of the midterm electi...


Opening Up China: Wall Streets $45 Trillion China Dream Inches Toward Reality "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three firms have applied to increase stakes in securities JVs


Trade war, falling stocks and debt pile are all warning signs
Pedestrians ride an escalator in the Lujiazui Financial District in Shanghai. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech last week that the country was steadily widening the opening up of its financial industry.

For China watchers, steadily was the key word. Almost exactly a year after the country announced historic plans to ease local ownership rules and entry barriers to whats now a $45 trillion industry, the pace of change has been closer to a crawl than a sprint. While Xi signaled that Chinas opening remains on track despite the countrys trade war with America, he also made it clear that policy makers will move deliberately.

The worlds biggest financial firms have adopted much the same stance. Even as they applaud Chinas opening, many are taking a cautious approach as they weigh the countrys enormous long-term potential against its growing number of short-term challenges everything from the trade war to sinking stock prices and rising defaults.

Image result for Lian Ping, Bank of Communications Co, photos

Firms are taking a wait-and-see attitude to see whether they will be able to compete on a level playing field in China, Mark Austen, chief executive officer of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association, said in an interview.

The most important changes announced a year ago allow foreign companies to take majority stakes in local securities firms, mutual fund managers, banks and insurers.

So far, most of the action has taken...


Smartwatches Know You're Getting a Cold Days Before You Feel Ill "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Smartwatches know you're getting a cold days before you feel ill

Once we had palm-reading, now we have smartwatches. Wearable tech can now detect when youre about to fall ill, simply by tracking your vital signs.

Michael Snyder at Stanford University in California experienced this first-hand last year. For over a year he had been wearing seven sensors to test their reliability, when suddenly they began to show abnormal readings. Even though he felt fine, the sensors showed that his heart was beating faster than normal, his skin temperature had risen, and the level of oxygen in his blood had dropped.

Thats what first alerted me that something wasnt quite right, says Snyder. He wondered whether he might have caught Lyme disease from a tick during a recent trip to rural Massachusetts.

A mild fever soon followed, and Snyder asked a doctor for the antibiotic doxycycline, which can be used to treat Lyme disease. His symptoms cleared within a day. Subsequent tests confirmed his self-diagnosis.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Rocket Lab Completes First Commercial Launch of Its Electron Rocket "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

U.S.-based aerospace manufacturer Rocket Lab completed its first successful commercial launch on Saturday, sending seven spacecraft including six tiny satellites and a drag sail demonstrator into orbit aboard a relatively small Electron rocket designed primarily for smallsats and cubesats, Spaceflight Now reported.


Miguel Amors: Between capitalism and anti-capitalism the struggle for territory (1) "IndyWatch Feed War"

We (Autonomies) share below the first of two essays by Amors on territory, further contributions to our series on the May 68 writers Amors, Jaime Semprun, Amedeo Bertolo and Eduardo Colombo.

Originally published by Autonomies. Written by Miguel Amors.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

It is revolutionary to know how to make a loaf of bread, but it is also revolutionary to know how to make a barricade. Its segregation as well as its resistance do not have the goal of its isolated survival but the consolidation of community and the abolition of capitalism. The reestablishment of open council meetings, the creation of social currency, reducing the length of the circuits between production and consumption, or the recovery of the communal lands, should not be alter-capitalist paths and pretexts for inactivity or citizenism. Their purpose in the domain of the oikos is the production of use values, not exchange values. They are not the identifying symbols of the rural hipster ghetto, but distinct aspects of a single struggle, the struggle for a territory emancipated from the commodity and the state, whose atmosphere will make everyone who breathes it free. They are elements of the greatest importance upon whose correct combination an effective strategy that can lead the forces of historical consciousness to victory will depend. Its elaboration is the task of the anti-developmentalist critique, which, unlike other types of critique, does not get bogged down in abstract theoretical generalizations nor does it assume a position of pure negativity or activist positivity, because, in a quite concrete way, it knows what it wants. That is why it does not try to catch the moon in its reflection on the water. It knows exactly where to look to find things.

Miguel Amors

The concept of territory is at the heart of Miguel Amors critical thought.  It is both the lens through which he reads the violence of capitalism (capitalism is the appropriation and commodification of all social life bound to territory) and the emancipatory practices of radical, anti-capitalist politics (anti-capitalism demands the liberation of territory from the State...


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

My first taste of asparagus was that sorry, soggy excuse for a vegetable that comes in tins.

It took asparagus to convert me to a fan and this year we have our own to harvest.

We planted it two years ago and followed the instructions from a garden guru religiously letting it grow and go to seed the first two season and only this, the third season have we harvested it.

Were eating it in salads, roulades, by itself and as a side with lunch and dinner and its delicious.

Today Im grateful for home-grown asparagus.


Pakistan: Surrender, Then Embrace of Rioters Degrades Rule of Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

Videos of little children hanging Asia Bibi in effigy and schoolchildren calling for her death

DURING the slow-motion surrender of the last two weeks, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari hit the mark by tweeting:

appeasement historically never works as Chamberlains Munich appeasement towards Nazis showed. Appeasement to avoid bloodshed in a war-weary Europe led to massive bloodshed & destruction in the form of WWII.

Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister at a time when Hitler was rapidly gobbling up territory and had recently annexed Austria. With Hitler eyeing the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain and others rushed to avoid a war by granting him the Sudetenland in exchange for a pledge to not make more demands. Chamberlain returned home to great acclaim, waving the Munich document and declaring that he had won peace for our time. Churchill disagreed, warning that you had a choice between dishonour and war. You chose dishonour and you shall have war. A year later, he was proven right.

But while Munich is history, our farce continues with the latest performer being Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi.

We ask simply for the law to be applied to those who held us hostage.

Speaking in the Senate, he justified the release of those arrested during the lockdown by claiming that the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had been shown videos of the rioters and had distanced themselves from them. Warming to his theme, he then claimed the rioters were workers of the very political parties who were present in the Senate that day.

A Pakistani supporter of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), a hardline religious party, holds an image of Christian woman Asia Bibi during a protest rally following the Supreme Courts decision to acquit Bibi of blasphemy in Islamabad.  Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images

Proudly declaring that the government had avoided violence, he added, The government will not use bullets against its own citizens. We will embrace our citizens and hold dialogues with them. And then, he bizarrely concluded by saying, The people who challenge the writ of the state and take the law into their own hands will not be given any concessions.

Now its hard to apply logic to such inanity, but lets try: absolving the TLP of...


The History of Iron and Steel "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to The post The History of Iron and Steel appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Pakistan: Fake Images of Christian woman Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan embarrass government, anger Islamists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pakistans government struggling with a crisis surrounding Asia Bibi a Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges after eight years on death row now has to deal with fake images on social media purporting to show her leaving the country.

Protests broke out in Pakistan when the court acquitted Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman charged with blasphemy. (AP)

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry slammed the postings on Monday, one of which claims to show Bibi meeting Pope Francis. The photo is actually of Bibis daughter from two years ago.

Chaudhry says the images misidentifying Bibi prompted death threats to a lawmaker in one photograph.

Radical Islamists have blocked Bibis freedom and demanded she be publicly executed. Theyve also filed a petition to repeal her Supreme Court acquittal.

The government says Bibi remains in Pakistan, at a secret location for her own protection, until the review process is finished.

Associated Press


It's Not About Centrism vs. Progressivism "IndyWatch Feed"

Matt Taibbi makes one unassailable point in his latest piece for Rolling Stone. Whenever the Republicans lose they say that their candidates were insufficiently conservative and whenever the Democrats lose the media say that the party needs to move to the middle. Because the Democratic Party leadership tends to listen to the media while the Republican leadership tends to listen to their own propaganda, the result is an inexorable march of American politics to the right. Beyond that, though, his long essay is a tiresome exercise in setting up a false dichotomy based on the flimsy premise that Big Ideas are the answer for everything.

Its fair to question if the media have any real grasp of what defines the middle or what the American people really want. Its fair to argue that the Democrats have tried to move to the middle in the past and have had uneven results at best. But one thing we know about losing campaigns is that the losers needed to get more votes from somewhere. If not from the middle, then from fringes or the apathetic. If not from cities, then from the suburbs. If not from the suburbs, then from the small towns and rural areas. If not from men, then from women. If not from the young, then from the old. If not from Florida, then from Michigan and Wisconsin.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton sought to run up the score in the affluent and well-educated suburbs and she succeeded. The Democrats built on that success in 2017 to make huge gains in Virginia and take back the governors mansion in New Jersey. They built on it again in 2018 to win back the House of Representatives. As far as I can tell, though, this hasnt really been as much a carefully calibrated success based on political messaging as a natural revolt of the educated and civil against whatever the fuck you want to call Trumpism.

It appears that Democratic candidates could use almost any message in the 2018 midterms and win provided that the state or district was at least somewhat invested in the idea that reality has a factual basis. On the other hand, if the education level of the state or district fell below a point certain, the Democrat could curse Pelosi as the devil and call their own party a bunch of loons or pitch Medicare-for-All and the abolition of ICE and none of it would make a lick of difference. They were going to lose.

This isnt the kind of 50-50 split any healthy country should want to see. In 2020, its quite possible that a Democratic contender will figure out how to get the 200,000 or so additional votes Clinton needed in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to win the presidency, but that wont make them some kind of genius, give them some kind of mandate, or reconcile the other half of the country to their term in offi...

Zoe Lofgren's Moment Has Arrived "IndyWatch Feed"

There are a lot of committees in the U.S. House of Representatives. Some are very prestigious. The Ways & Means Committee handles taxes and entitlements. The Finance Committee oversees Wall Street. The Judiciary Committee has a wide mandate and is responsible for looking into impeachable offenses. Obviously, there are weighty responsibilities involved with serving on the Armed Services Committee. In normal times, there isnt much prestige or even advantage associated with serving on the House Administration Committee.

They spend most of their time overseeing management of the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution and National Zoo, the Clerk of the House, the Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police, the Government Publishing Office, the Architect of the Capitol, and the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services. In addition to that, theyre also responsible for providing the funding to other committees and individual members of Congress.

But they have one other responsibility that is periodically a very big deal.

The Committees jurisdiction over federal elections requires it to consider proposals to amend federal election law and to monitor congressional elections across the United States. The Committee was instrumental in the passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, which former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter called the most meaningful improvement in election laws and voting safeguards in a generation. This law provided more than $3 billion dollars for the upgrades of voting equipment and procedures to make the voting process more accessible and to guard against fraud.

The current chairman of the committee is Republican Gregg Harper of Mississippi, a state with possibly the worst and most violent historical record on voting and civil rights in the country. A former chairman of the Rankin County, Mississippi Republican Party, Harper was assigned as an observer during the 2000 Florida presidential recount. Hes only served as chairman since the beginning of this Congress in January 2017. On the Democratic side, former chairman and current ranking member Bob Brady of Philadelphia is retiring. As next in seniority, its likely that Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California will serve as the chairperson of the committee when the next Congress convenes in January 2019. Fortuna...


An original commemoration of the Fallen of World War One "IndyWatch Feed"

You might have missed the centenary of the Day the Guns Fell Silent on 11th November, as commemorated  with terrific originality in the Pages of the Sea project devised by the film director Danny Boyle. Ireland was well represented by three very different people in three spectacular beach locations. Boyles brilliant Olympic 2012 opening ceremony in London displayed the British gift for creating new traditions without irritating venerable traditionalists with dogmatic lessons about the iniquities of war and the  British Empire etc etc.  (Perhaps Boyle should take us on?)




For him in the Olympic opening ceremony, British history was about the foundation of the NHS and the horrors as well as the achievements of the industrial revolution. Showing an altogether different side of the Queen, he had Daniel Craig as James Bond  commission her in the flesh to parachute jump into the stadium  as a double. Yesterday we saw the Queen in a new tradition of her own, as an observer of the  wreath laying at the Cenotaph for the second year of the retirement of  the Duke of Edinburgh from public life .

On Sunday morning portraits of individuals killed in the war  were created on sandy  beaches throughout  Great Britain and Ireland when the tide was out and were washed away when the tide came in. The fleeting existence of the portraits symbolised the transience of life in war in particular, together with its longer lasting memory.


Rifleman  John McCance from Dundrum  who died at  Passchendaele in 1917 was depicted at nearby Murlough. He has no known grave, and is commemorated on the Tyne Cot memorial along with 35,000 others.


A huge artists impression of First World War nurse Rachel Ferguson was  displayed at Downhill beach. Miss Ferguson, from Moneymore, died in 1918 while working for Queen Alexandras Imperial Military Nursing Service.



Sad lessons of WWI a sober warning for US vs. China "IndyWatch Feed War"

One hundred years ago today, the guns of Flanders Fields fell silent. Although the messy business of peace remained, the Tommies, Doughboys, Jerries and Poilus gained a reprieve from their march to the slaughterhouse. The Great War, it was hoped, would end all others, suppressing what is base in our natures and promoting what is tranquil.

That expectation of peace and coexistence failed, of course; conflict is part of human nature. But as the century-old echoes of artillery and machine-gun fire resonate with us today, they should pressure us to action, as another great-power rivalry returns in a different global theatre.

By Seth Cropsey
The Hill

Image result for donald trump, Xi Jinping, photos

Each generation assumes that it lives in the most important era. The generation that repulsed Nazism and Japanese imperialism justifiably understood the significance of its task; its descendants held fast against communist totalitarianism and, after 50 years, were rewarded with victory. Any man or woman who came of age before Sept. 11, 2001, understands they now live in a different time.

In the West, at least, history seems to build to a conclusion, its highs more triumphant, its lows more violent. Such teleology is a product of the Wests Christian heritage. The modern Englishman, German, Frenchman, Italian or American may be less religiously observant than his pre-20th century counterpart, but his worldview remains colored by the New Testaments eschatology.

This understanding feeds into contemporary mans natural hubris. His self-importance is a contrast to the heroism and challenges of his predecessors. More worryingly, it gives him an unwarranted sense of confidence in his permanence.

Our ancient antecedents possessed their own hubris. But their eschatology lacked the beckoning green light of a luminous future that Jay Gatsby saw. The ancient Greeks saw no such light. They hoped for the triumph of good over evil but saw existence as a brutal power struggle between man and fate. Almost invariably, their greatest heroes Heracles, Jason, Achilles and Agamemnon, among others met tragic ends.

For civilizations like ours that expect ever-increasing prosperity and better lives for future generations, the shock of conflict can be debilitating. Before 1914, Britain, France and Germany formed the Wests vibrant core; each provided its ci...


NASA has plans to probe Uranus in search of gas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

That title though

A group at NASA has taken aim at Uranus and Neptune in search of gas, heavy metals, and to understand more about the planets atmospheres.


From German trains to South Korean buses, hydrogen is back in the energy picture "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As the price of renewable energy drops and storage technologies mature, hydrogen fuel is drawing fresh attention.


Boris Johnson: My brother is right Mrs Mays deal is the biggest statecraft failure since Suez "IndyWatch Feed War"

I really cant believe it but this Government seems to be on the verge of total surrender. With every day that passes we seem to be getting more craven. We have already agreed to hand over 40bn for nothing and certainly not a trade deal in return.

We have agreed to become the punk of Brussels, signing up not just to their existing rulebook but to huge chunks of future regulation even though we will have no say in drafting that legislation. We have agreed against all promises that the European Court of Justice will have a say in the enforcement of that regulation in the UK.

We have been so feeble in our preparations to leave the EU on WTO terms, and so unnaturally terrified of the consequences (greatly exaggerated by the scaremongers) that we have now said we will remain in the so-called customs union.

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Which means that our trade policy will be run by Brussels at least until 2022, and at this rate long beyond that date. We will not be able to do free trade deals of any great value. We will not be able to take back control of our tariffs, our borders, our money, our laws. It is not even clear whether we will be able to set our own VAT rates and yet we will have no one round the table to argue the UK case.

As my brother Joseph rightly said when he resigned last week, we are already looking at the biggest failure of UK statecraft since Suez. And it seems that the Prime Minister would like to go one better. She has recommended to the Cabinet not only that we agree to stay in the customs union under the so-called backstop arrangement, but that we actually abdicate the power to leave that backstop.

Under the shameful proposals now before Cabinet it will be up to some joint UK/EU committee, or some independent arbitration mechanism to decide whether the UK an ancient and sovereign nation is finally allowed to come out, to run its own trade policy and set its own tariffs. And most incredibly of all, the whole process will be justiciable by the European Court of Justice yes, that court that we were all told would cease to have any say in this country.

I want you to savour the full horror of this capitulation. Under Article 50, the UK is at least able in theory to leave the EU. We do not have to consult any other authority. But under these proposals we are agreeing that the EU would have a say on whether this country is capable of making that final exit from the EUs essential institution, the customs union. In other words, we are on the ve...


BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Israel Security Agencys report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during October 2018 shows that throughout the month a total of 330 incidents took place: 95 in Judea & Samaria, 14 in Jerusalem and 221 in the Gaza Strip sector.

In Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem the agency recorded 80 attacks with petrol bombs, 15 attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), eight arson attacks, two shooting attacks and four stabbing attacks.

Incidents recorded in the Gaza Strip sector included 141 attacks with petrol bombs, 39 attacks using IEDs and twenty-five grenade attacks. Sixteen separate incidents of rocket or mortar fire a total of forty-six launches took place during October.

The murder of two Israeli civilians and the wounding of another in a terror attack at the Barkan industrial park on October 7th was reported on the BBC News website well over 24 hours later with the words terrorist and terrorism used, as usual, only in quotes from Israeli officials.

A member of the security forces and a civilian were wounded in a stabbing attack on October 11th which did not receive any BBC coverage.

Visitors to the BBC News website saw no coverage of missile attacks on October 17th and October 24th. A barrage of attacks on October 26th/ 27th was ...


Hillary Will Run Again "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Reinventing herself as a liberal firebrand, Mrs. Clinton will easily capture the 2020 nomination.

Its been quite a journey. In July 1999, Mrs. Clinton began her independent political career on retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihans farm in upstate New York. Her Senate platform included support for a balanced budget, the death penalty and incremental health-care reform. It was a decisive break from her early-1990s self. Hillary Clinton 2.0 was a moderate, building on the success of her communitarian It Takes a Village appeals and pledging to bring home the bacon for New York. She emphasized her religious background, voiced strong support for Israel, voted for the Iraq war, and took a hard line against Iran.

Image result for Hillary Clinton , photos, JEFF SWENSEN

But Hillary 2.0 could not overcome Barack Obama, the instant press sensation. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinton held fast to centrist positions that would have assured her victory in the general election. But progressive leaders and donors abandoned her for the antiwar Mr. Obama. Black voters who had been strong Clinton supporters in New York and Arkansas left her column to elect the first African-American president. History was made, but not by Mrs. Clinton. Though she won more delegates from Democratic primaries, activists in caucus states gave Mr. Obama, who had called her likable enough, the heartbreaking win.

Licking her wounds, Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state while she planned her comeback. It was during this time that the more liberal Hillary 3.0 emerged. She believed she could never win a primary as a moderate, so she entered the 2016 primary as a progressive like Mr. Obama. Then she moved further left as Sen. Ber...


Bizarre metals may help unlock mysteries of how Earth's magnetic field forms "IndyWatch Feed World"

The dynamo effect that generates Earth's magnetic pull could also occur in Weyl metals Weird materials called Weyl metals might reveal the secrets of how Earth gets its magnetic field. The substances could generate a dynamo effect, the process by which a swirling, electrically conductive material creates a magnetic field, a team of scientists reports in the Oct. 26 Physical Review Letters. Dynamos are common in the universe, producing the magnetic fields of the Earth, the sun and other stars and galaxies. But scientists still don't fully understand the details of how dynamos create magnetic fields. And, unfortunately, making a dynamo in the lab is no easy task, requiring researchers to rapidly spin giant tanks of a liquefied metal, such as sodium (SN: 5/18/13, p. 26). First discovered in 2015, Weyl metals are topological materials, meaning that their behavior is governed by a branch of mathematics called topology, the study of shapes like doughnuts and knots (SN: 8/22/15, p. 11)....


Classic Crime: P.D.James A Taste For Death (1988) Adam Dalgleish with Roy Marsden #6/6 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sir Paul Berowne a prominent Government Minister turns to his old friend Adam Dalgleish following a series of threatening letters delivered to his London home. The ministers wife is in an adulterous affair with a prominent surgeon and she makes no secret of it. Berownes only daughter is involved in left-wing politics and rejects her conservative father. Adding to his woes, his own mother favoured her son who was killed in an IRA terrorist ambush over Paul. The informal investigation has barely began when Dalgliesh is faced with a series of bizarre deaths that turn the case into an urgent assignment.


Animals raised on organic selenium supplements produce fresher meat "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) Theres no question that eating meat is highly beneficial: Meats like beef and chicken are a complete source of protein and deliver a good amount of iron and vitamin B12. Unfortunately, meat can also become detrimental to your health. When damaged by heat or oxygen, the...


The potential antidiabetic benefits of moringa "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) Researchers from different parts of the world are setting their sights on moringa (Moringa oleifera), a plant native to India and widely cultivated in different parts of Asia, and its potential health benefits, with many being focused on its antidiabetic effects. To describe diabetes as widespread is a gross understatement. The World Health Organization



Consumers would stop engaging with a brand online following a breach "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ping Identity surveyed more than 3,000 people across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany to find out what they expect from brands when it comes to the safekeeping of personal information. The survey reveals many consumers are making drastic changes to the ways they interact with companies and secure their own personal data following a breach: 78 percent of respondents would stop engaging with a brand online and more than one third (36 More

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EU countries approve arms sales to Saudi, UAE worth 55 times aid to Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Europe's arms sector is unaccountable and highly influential in the corridors of power, with $86.7bn in approved sales to the Gulf since 2015


Sinema defeats McSally in Arizona, Cook Political Report projects "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, is projected to defeat Republican opponent Rep. Martha McSally, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

As of Sunday, Sinema had 49.57 percent of the vote, or 1,071,280 ballots cast, the Arizona Secretary of States office reported. McSally, meanwhile, had 48.08 percent support or 1,038,988 votes.

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Sinemas campaign manager Andrew Piatt declared his bosss lead over McSally as insurmountable.

McSallys campaign said todays results would be her firewall but as we expected, no firewall emerged, Piatt wrote in a statement. McSally has lost every batch of votes from Maricopa County and today, Kyrsten won by 6.25 percent nearly double her overrall performance in the county to date.

Kyrsten has now expanded her overall lead to 32,640 or 1.52 percent, meaning McSally would have to win the remainder of Maricopa County ballots by 22 percent to take the lead in this race, he added. This is not plausible. Kyrsten will be declared the next U.S. Senator from Arizona.

But Jim Bognet, the McSally campaigns CEO, wrote in a Sunday statement that their side was yet to give up hope.

Today our vote total grew at a greater rate than expected, and we expanded our vote margins in rural areas counting mail-in ballots dropped off on Election Day, he said. The latest release provides compelling evidence that the remaining uncounted ballots are favorable to Martha. And we will continue our effort to make sure all lawful ballots are counted.



Russian sanctions: why isolation is impossible "IndyWatch Feed War"

They were designed to isolate Putin, but the rhetoric has not matched reality as Moscow sells arms and strengthens alliances

Trump Putin1.JPG

By Henry Foy in Moscow

It fires missiles that travel at 2km per second and can hit targets flying twice as fast. It can target 80 different enemy aircraft, drones and cruise missiles at the same time from 400km away, and spot stealth warplanes that previously evaded detection.

But arguably the most dangerous aspect of Russias S-400 Triumph missile defence system is the damage it has inflicted on the clout of Washingtons anti-Moscow sanctions programme, and concerted efforts by the US to isolate Russia from the rest of the world.

Despite sweeping sanctions against Russias defence industry to shut down its lucrative exports and a ban on other countries buying the S-400 specifically, Russia is doing a roaring trade in what most experts consider the worlds most advanced air defence system.

Over the past year, Turkey and India have signed deals to buy S-400s, China has received its first deliveries, and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq have begun negotiations over deals to acquire the sanctioned systems. If the wests sanctions regime, first introduced in March 2014, was designed to cut off Moscow from the rest of the world and isolate its critical industries, the truck-mounted missile launchers are a $400m-a-piece example of how that effort has failed.

Image result for S-400, photos

Turkey and India have signed deals to buy Russias S-400 anti-aircraft missile launcher AFP

There is no question about the isolation of Russia.  Nobody is even talking about it, says Andrei Frolov, editor-in-chief of Russias Arms Export journal. There are major breakthroughs thanks to China and India...the message is that Russia is still open for business.

Since 2014 and Russias annexation of Crimea, a sanctions regime led by the US and supported by the UK, EU and other western allies has sought to isolate Moscow by curbing its access to external finance, trade and diplomatic support in an effort to force a change in political approach from President Vladimir Putins administration.

Initially targeting Russian politicians, the countrys vast energy sector and military-industrial complex, the sanctions have become ever more targeted against individuals and businesses.

Allegations against Moscow of meddling in the 2016 US election, allowing the use of chemical weapons in Syria and carrying out the attempted murder of fo...


Marketing and Event Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

IIX brings +8 years of experience in building the impact investment ecosystem with a mission to impact 400 million lives by connecting the backstreet to the Wallstreet. IIX has a thematic focus on women empowerment, climate action and community resilience. To date, IIX has mobilized US$75 million in impact investment capital for +35 Impact Enterprises (IEs) across the social capital markets value chain. IIX has a network of +1000 impact investors with US$1 billion assets under management and +30,000 ecosystem partners from private, public and nonprofit sectors. In recognition of its work to build inclusive markets and drive the global sustainable development agenda, IIX has won multiple awards: Oslo Business for Peace Award 2017, G20 Summit Market Builder of the Year Award 2017, Asia Game Changer Award 2016, among others.


Carbon & Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As a Carbon & Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager, you will be responsible for supporting the sales of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates (REC). You will work closely with Account Managers and in coordination with our projects and marketing teams for drafting proposals in order to meet corporate CSR needs as well as participate in events. You will also be involved in coordinating trading and acquisition of new projects generating carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. If you are familiar with carbon credit sale, renewable energy certification, and experienced in drafting proposals, then we are looking for you!.


Winter is coming: Timelapse video shows 'snow tsunami' covering Siberian city "IndyWatch Feed World"

An ominous video of a snow tsunami covering the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk reminds us to brace ourselves for the coming winter. This winter, before complaining about running out of your house to heat your car in the morning, consider that the unfortunate residents of Krasnoyarsk Siberia are currently lucky if they can get their door open in the first place. If it wasn't enough that the city's residents have to deal with temperatures as low as -50, on Sunday, the Siberian Times posted a timelapse video to their Twitter account which captures a massive snow cloud rolling over the city like a tsunami. The video has been viewed about 12,000 times, provoking awe over the power of nature, along with stress over the coming seasonal-struggles of winter.


Implications of the NIS Directive for the industrial sector "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On July 6, 2018 the NIS (Network and Information System) Directive was enacted as the first EU-wide legislation that provides measures to boost security across the region. Under the law, operators of essential services and digital service providers are required to abide by the requirements of the new regulations. These are intended to provide a framework for countries and operators to strengthen the security of critical infrastructures and allied information systems. Any operator with 50 More

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7,3 Millionen auslndische Touristen haben im vergangenen Jahr die Tschechische Republik besucht "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mehr als 7,3 Millionen auslndische Touristen haben im vergangenen Jahr die Tschechische Republik besucht. Das ist die hchste Zahl in der Geschichte des Landes.

Foto: Kristna MakovFoto: Kristna Makov

Als Besucher wird gezhlt, wer mindestens eine Nacht in einem Hotel oder einer Pension in Tschechien bernachtet hat. Laut dem Leiter der Agentur CzechTourism, Rostislav Vondruka, kamen die meisten Gste erneut aus Deutschland. Aber ein deutlicher Anstieg wurde im vergangenen Jahr bei Touristen aus Brasilien, Russland und China verzeichnet. Die Chinesen sind auch am spendabelsten, sie geben die hchsten Geldbetrge in den hiesigen Geschften aus:

Dank ihren Einkufen tragen sie deutlich zur tschechischen Wirtschaft bei. Da sie aber nicht in so hoher Zahl anreisen, werden sie im Gesamtvolumen deutlich von den Russen berholt. Die Gste aus Russland kommen nicht nur um einzukaufen, sondern nutzen auch Dienstleistungen im Kurwesen. Ihre Ausgaben in den Geschften sind auch recht hoch, sie belegen den zweiten Platz hinter den Chinesen.

Foto: Kristna MakovFoto: Kristna Makov

Rund 160.000 Touristen sind im vergangenen Jahr aus China nach Tschechien gereist. Das sind 13 Prozent mehr als im Vorjahr. Es kommen aber auch immer mehr Gste aus Neuseeland und Australien. Die Zahl der Touristen aus Singapur stieg im Jahresvergleich sogar um 55 Prozent.

Insgesamt haben 13,9 Millionen Tschechen und Auslnder im Jahr 2013 in Hotels und Pensionen bernachtet. Die Gastzahlen stiegen damit um 1,6 Prozent, die Zahl der bernachtungen fiel jedoch um 0,6 Prozent auf durchschnittlich 2,8 Nchte.



Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot "IndyWatch Feed National"

Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it. For them, peace is the enemy as much as armed opposing combatants, if not more so. Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian War Memorial is every bit the propagandist in this regard, encased in armour of permanent reminder: Do not forget the sacrifice; do not forget the slaughter.  The issue is how war, not peace, is commemorated.

That theme was repeated, for the most part, in Paris on November 11.  US President Donald Trump spoke of our sacred obligation to memorialise our fallen heroes.  French President Emmanuel Macron marked the 100th anniversary of the Great War by having a dig at nationalism, calling it a betrayal of patriotism (is there a difference?).  The nationalists, he warned, were getting busy, these old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.  The intellectuals (and here, he alluded to Julien Bendas 1927 classic, La trahison des clercs) were at risk of capitulating.

But Macron, rather slyly, was hoping that the French obsession with universal values would somehow render his message less parochial: to be French was to be an internationalist, not a tunnel-visioned, rabid nationalist.  The soldiers who perished in the Great War did so in the defence of Frances universal values in order to repudiate the selfishness of nationals only looking after their own interests.  Much room for disagreement on that score, and Marine Le Pen would have been a suitable corrective.

The peace activities of the Great War, asphyxiated, smothered and derided in texts and official narratives, are rarely discussed in the mass marketed solemnity of commemorations.  The writings of those prophets who warned that any adventurism such as what transpired in 1914 would be met with immeasurable suffering are also conspicuously absent.  Jean de Bloc, whose magisterial multi-volume The Future of War appeared in 1898 in Russian, found it impossible that Europes leaders would embark on a conflict against each other; to do so would cause humanity a great moral evil civil order will be threatened by new theories of social revolution. The end would be catastrophic.  How many flourishing countries will be turned into wilderness and rich cities into ruins! How many tears will be shed, how many will be left in beggary!

These sceptics were the enlightened ones, scorned for not having the sense of fun that comes with joining battle and being butchered in the name of some vague patriotic sentiment.  If human beings are animals at play, then play to the deat...


Amsterdam gets tough on its b&b rip offs "IndyWatch Feed World"

After bringing in new rules to tackle Airbnb, Amsterdam officials are now planning to get tough on traditional bed and breakfast providers, local broadcaster AT5 reported.


From 2020, people who offer bed and breakfast in their own homes will have to have a special council licence to do so. The council says the measure is necessary because the clampdown on Airbnb has led to a rise in the number of bed and breakfast operations.


This is needed to prevent lots of homes being used as hotels, the city said. Homes are first and foremost meant to be lived in. People who already offer bed and breakfast to tourists will not necessarily get a licence to continue but officials will bring in a transition period for people affected by the change.


A spokesman for the b&b owners association Amsterdam Gastvrij said that some 50% of Amsterdam tourists only come for the day and more than 90% who stay over use a hotel. And we are building 8,000 more hotel rooms, Hans Onno van den Berg told AT5. The city is trying to drain an ocean using a straw by focusing on b&bs, he said. The problems of tourism are not down to private landlords.



[SECURITY] [DSA 4338-1] qemu security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Nov 11

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4338-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
November 11, 2018

Package : qemu
CVE ID : CVE-2018-10839 CVE-2018-17962...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4337-1] thunderbird security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Nov 11

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4337-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
November 10, 2018

Package : thunderbird
CVE ID : CVE-2018-12389 CVE-2018-12390...


#Portland: Stand With Survivors Against Patriot Prayer "IndyWatch Feed War"

Call for counter protests against a rally of Patriot Prayer in Portland on November 17.

Originally published by Rose Coty Antifa Facebook event page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Saturday November 17, 13:00 PST

Terry D. Schrunk Plaza, 364 SW Madison St., Portland 97204

Patriot Prayer are holding a rally that will again bring misogyny to the streets of our city. We as a city have to stand up and reject their attempt to cast doubt on the sexual violence that women and others experience in our society. This so called himtoo rally is another attempt by this crew of misogynists to come into our city and attack our community.

This rally by Patriot Prayer attempts to cast men as victims of false accusations of sexual assault. Not only is this untrue, it attempts to form a backlash to survivors so that their stories and allegations can be discounted. Patriot Prayer is attempting to create a world where men can abuse and assault people with impunity. 

As a community we must stand against this attempt by Haley Adams and Patriot Prayer, a group rife with misogynists and domestic abusers, to turn back the clock on how sexual assault is treated in our society. Join us in pushing this misogyny out of our city.

Rose City Antifa

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop: here or donate



Turkeys Sea Bandit Threats Are Indirectly Aimed Against The US "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Turkey is beginning to feel like its notional American ally is containing it despite the incipient rapprochement that the two Great Powers are presently involved in, and it thinks that blustering against what it suspects are the US-backed plans of its Greek and Cypriot neighbors will scare them off and succeed in calling the US bluff.

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Classic Aussie Crime Drama: Water Rats -S05 E07 A Split Second "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Season 3 Episode 5 appears to be missing

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


Reported breaches in the first 9 months of 2018 exposed 3.6 billion records "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There have been 3,676 publicly disclosed data compromise events through September 30. Breach activity continues at a consistent pace for 2018, which although significant in level, will likely not reach the numbers we saw in 2017, according to the 2018 Q3 Data Breach QuickView report by Risk Based Security. Incidents by data type exposed The number of reported breaches shows some improvement compared to 2017 and the number of records exposed has dropped dramatically, said More

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Bush family financed Hitler and supported Third Reich "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bush family supported Third Reich

The GW Bush Gang, IG Farben 2001 by Robert Lederman

What my cabinet shows is that I am not afraid to surround myself with strong and competent peoplea good executive is one that understands how to recruit people and how to delegate authority and responsibility. GW Bush 1/2/2001

As promised GW Bush has recruited competent and experienced advisors. Despite their seeming diversity however they have a common denominator. The America they reflect is the oil, pharmaceutical, armament, Wall Street and eugenics interests long associated with the Bush family.

Seventy years ago a similar configuration of oil, pharmaceutical, chemical, military supply and eugenics interests were organized by Wall Street into IG Farben/Standard Oil-Hitlers industrial powerhouse. To grasp the real significance of what GW Bushs cabinet has been brought together to accomplish it is essential to understand the history of IG Farben, its relationship with American corporations and how together they applied modern technology to the task of eugenics or scientific racism.

According to former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes prosecutor John Loftus -who is today the director of the Florida Holocaust Museum- The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich,
-Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000

Along with the Rockefellers (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank), Mellons (Gulf Oil, Alcoa Aluminum), DuPonts (DuPont Chemicals), General Motors and Henry Ford, banks and shipping companies operated by the Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich. These companies poured hundreds of millions of dollars into IG Farben and provided it with technology for tactically-essential synthetic materials while withholding the same materials and patents from the US government.

The Rockefeller family, long aligned with the Bushes, owned Standard Oil. Through a stock transfer they became half owners of Germanys IG Farben with Farben likewise owning almost half of Standard Oil. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, IG Farben built and operated more than 40 concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Europe, including Auschwitz.

At their slave labor/factory/death camps chemicals, weapons, drugs, synthetic fuels and other materials vital to the Nazi war effort were manufactured. In addition, eugenicists like Dr. Josef Mengele used the human subjects in the camps for experiments the data from which are today the basis for many drugs marketed by the pharmaceutical industry-not too surprising in light of the fact that more Americans die fr...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4336-1] ghostscript security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Nov 11

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4336-1 security () debian org Salvatore Bonaccorso
November 10, 2018

Package : ghostscript
CVE ID : CVE-2018-11645 CVE-2018-17961...


PeepSo v1.11.2 (WordPress Plugin) - XSS Vulnerability in Members "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Socket_0x03 on Nov 11

PeepSo v1.11.2 (WordPress Plugin) - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in Members"


PeepSo v1.11.2 - Time-Based SQL Injection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Socket_0x03 on Nov 11

PeepSo v1.11.2 (WordPress Plugin) - Time-Based SQL Injection


Inside story: the Bush gang "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Barrick Gold, caught scrambling for loot amid the corpses in
Zaire, is a corporate front for the George Bush-allied covert
political apparatus. The Canada-based Barrick is Bushs only
known current business enterprise. The company, which
Bush now personally leads, was created by Bushs political
partners-British elite narcotics financiers, and arms traffickers
and money launderers.
Using the influence of this political faction, Barrick acquired
important interests, first in the United States, then in
Canada and South America. In South America, as Barrick
boasts in its 1995 annual report, the company has an aggressive,
long-term approach, with mines and projects established
in strategic locations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and
Brazil. Almost two-thirds of the exploration and development
drilling budget will be spent in South America, where
the company has decided to focus its efforts, the annual
report states. In addition, with its intended conquests in Indonesia
and Africa, the firm now says it aims to move from third
to first among the worlds largest gold mining companies.
We present here the results of EIRs investigation of the
Bush company, centering on the following principal figures:
George Herbert Walker Bush, whose father was a partner
in the powerful London-controlled private banking firm
Brown Brothers Harriman. Relevant to the Barrick story,
Bush was U.S. vice president and chief of covert operations
in the Reagan-Bush (1981-89) administration, and U.S. President
(1989-93). As a former President and power broker, Bush
is Barrick Gold Corp. s chief lobbyist, a stockholder in Barrick,
and honorary senior adviser to Barricks international
advisory board.
Adnan Khashoggi, a Bush-allied Saudi billionaire and
arms trafficker, founder of the Barrick Gold Corp.; famous
for his illegal weapons sales to Iran.
Peter Munk, a business failure who became a protege of
the British royal family, and Khashoggis partner. Munk is
chairman of Barrick Gold Corp.
Brian Mulroney, Canadian prime minister (1984-93)
and George Bushs errand boy; Barrick Gold lobbyist and
director, Bushs lieutenant on the Barrick international advisory
Barrick Gold was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 1983
The majority investment in the firm was held by Khashoggi
and his arms-trafficking partners, who were just then gearing
up the Iran-Israel-Nicaragua guns and cocaine tangle which
would explode in 1986 as the Iran-Contra scandal.
The nominal chief of Barrick Gold was Peter Munk, a


NEW VMSA-2018-0027 VMware ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion updates address uninitialized stack memory usage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by VMware Security Response Center on Nov 11


VMware Security Advisory

Advisory ID: VMSA-2018-0027
Severity: Critical
Synopsis: VMware ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion updates address
uninitialized stack memory usage
Issue date: 2018-11-09
Updated on: 2018-11-09 (Initial Advisory)
CVE number: CVE-2018-6981, CVE-2018-6982

1. Summary

VMware ESXi, Workstation, and...


WP User Manager v2.0.8 - Time-Based SQL Injection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Socket_0x03 on Nov 11

WP User Manager v2.0.8 (WordPress Plugin) - Time-Based SQL Injection


Closing the security gap will drive $125 billion critical infrastructure security spending "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Critical infrastructures are radically transforming on an unprecedented scale, boosted by a rapid adoption of smart operational technologies. Cybersecurity is a growing part of that evolution. ABI Research forecasts security spending for the protection of critical infrastructures will hit US$125 billion globally by 2023. Currently, defense contractors (Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Harris, Northrop Grumman), industrial OEMs (Honeywell, Siemens, Airbus, Rockwell, Boeing), tech leaders (IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon), and energy companies (Shell, Total, Exxon) are the More

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Cloudflare Releases DNS App for Mobile Users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cloudflare rolls out its privacy service to iOS, Android

Months after announcing its privacy-focused DNS service, Cloudflare is bringing to mobile users.

Granted, nothing ever stopped anyone from using on their phones or tablets already. But now the app, now available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, aims to make it easier for anyone to use its free consumer DNS service.

The app is a one-button push to switch on and off again. That's it.

Cloudflare rolled out earlier this year on April Fools' Day, no less, but privacy is no joke to the San Francisco-based networking giant. In using the service, you let Cloudflare handle all of your DNS information, like when an app on your phone tries to connect to the internet, or you type in the web address of any site. By funneling that DNS data through, it can make it more difficult for your internet provider to know which sites you're visiting, and also ensure that you can get to the site you want without having your connection censored or hijacked.

Apple and Google Play.

Also at Android Police and Fast Company.

Previously: Cloudflare Launches Consumer DNS Service
Cloudflare's New DNS Attracting 'Gigabits Per Second' Of Rubbish

Original Submission

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[SECURITY] [DSA 4335-1] nginx security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Nov 11

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4335-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
November 08, 2018

Package : nginx
CVE ID : CVE-2018-16843 CVE-2018-16844...


Speaking Truth to Feces "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Yes, there are many American people that are just that stupidand they will eventually get the dystopia, destitution and destruction, their corrupt politicians will gladly provide, so they can rule over them. There is a big difference between being governed and being ruled, but the moron is not aware of such things. Whatever, the outcome []


Compare & contrast- Vic Govt case study on Pellegrinis cafe - Islamic terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exhibit One - from the Victorian Government's business development department. This is a Case Study in decency, customer service, and building something great that makes money, employs people and delights customers. The way Sisto gives of himself so freely in this piece speaks volumes about his generosity of spirit and...


Are We Are Entering the Late 2007 Stage For the Financial System? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Its looking more and more like 2007 all over again.

Once again, the economy appears  to be roaring as it enters the late stages of a major credit expansion. Once again this late stage credit expansion is entering the inflationary blow off top. And once again, growth sectors of the markets are flashing that big trouble is lurking just beneath the surface.


Take a look at  the S&P 500.

Does this scream explosive growth to you?


CNN newsroom in New York evacuated due to suspicious package "IndyWatch Feed World"

Time Warner Center in New York, which hosts CNN offices, has been evacuated over a suspicious package report. This comes a few hours after mail bombs were intercepted at Barack Obamas office and the Clintons home.

The NYPD is investigating the package found at the Time Warner Center, CNN said, citing sources within law enforcement. The network added that it evacuated its newsroom as a precaution.

FBI Warns Of Possible Terror Attack On Subway System During The Holidays

The Secret Service said earlier on Wednesday that bombs sent to the house of former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary in Westchester County, New York, and the office of former President Barack Obama in Washington, DC were intercep...


The Great Lakes And Unexpected Consequences Of Human Interventions "IndyWatch Feed World"

9780393355550_300.jpegI was not aware of this book until listening today to its author spend an hour talking about it. And that happened because of a radio program that I listened to during graduate school, which like most radio shows is now available as a podcast. The discussion was all about unintended ecological consequences of what seemed like smart decisions at the time, going back centuries and up to the present day.

It was interesting enough to search for more information about the book. In the process I found a book club that in turn led me to the book review that is just what I was looking for to complement the author interview:

In the oceanic depths of the Great Lakes, life and death swirl like coffee and cream. Growing up on the western shores of Lake Michigan, I knew this instinctively. The lake provided our drinking water and a place to cool off in the summer, but it also occasionally coughed up millions of small dead fish called alewives, which littered the shoreline, giving off an aquarial reek.



A Daylight-Readable Bar Graph Display in the 70s Wasnt Cheap "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The driver board with display attached; the row of lamps is visible on the right hand side.

LEDs werent always an easy solution to displays and indicators. The fine folks at [Industrial Alchemy] shared pictures of a device that shows what kind of effort and cost went into making a high brightness bar graph display in the 70s, back when LEDs were both expensive and not particularly bright. There are no strange materials or methods involved in making the display daylight-readable, but its a peek at how solving problems we take for granted today sometimes took a lot of expense and effort.

The display is a row of 28 small incandescent bulbs, mounted in a PCB and housed in a machined aluminum frame. Holes through which to view the bulbs are on both the top and front of the metal housing, which allows the unit to be mounted in different orientations. It was made as a swappable module, its 56 machined gold pins mate to sockets on the driver board. The driver board itself consists of 14 LM119 dual comparators, each of which controls two bulbs on the display.



How do you deal with painful truths? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Inside the lab where Impossible Foods makes its plant-based blood "IndyWatch Feed World"

The companys faux-beef will soon be available in storesand its still working to get even closer to a plant-based product that can fool meat eaters into thinking theyre eating a real burger.

Inside an office at Impossible Foods Silicon Valley R&D center, a researcher holds up what looks like a bowl of blood and a spoon. This is heme, she says. It was made with a protein found in the roots of soybean plants, but it has the same slightly metallic taste and the aroma of blood. And its the innovation that has given the Impossible Burger its meteoric rise.

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J.D. Alt: Treasury Bonds Are Future Dollars "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Clearing up fundamental misconceptions about US Treasury bond issuance.


Intense confrontation continues in Gaza as Hamas responds to IDF operation "IndyWatch Feed World"

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 A.M.) It has been a long morning in Gaza as both the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas continue to exchange attacks after several hours of hostilities.

According to local activists, at least 17 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli settlements near Ahkelon and Sderot.

download (40)

Of the 17 missiles fired from Gaza, at least three of them were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome defense system, the activists added.

The Israeli Air Force is now flying over the Gaza Strip as more airstrikes are expected to come.


The hostilities began last night when the Israeli Special Forces killed a Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip.

An intense bombardment would ensue after the Hamas commander was killed; this would result in one Israeli soldier and six Palestinians killed.

US-Israel Conclude 5-Day Missile Defense Tech Drill.The five-day drill aimed to validate the integrated architecture of all US and Israeli active defense assets deployed or soon to be deployed in the event of sustained rocket and missile attacks


Veterans Day Message from Navajo Nation Council Speaker Lorenzo Bates "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Memorial at Navajo Nation Headquarters remembers WW IIs Legendary Navajo Marines, whose language was used as a unique and cryptic tactical communications code in battle. Native News Online photo by Levi Rickert.

Veterans Day 2018

Published November 12, 2018

WINDOW ROCK  The Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council released the following statement on Sunday, November 11, 2018 in commemoraton of Veterans Day:

On behalf of the 23rd Navajo Nation Council, it is my honor to deliver this message in recognition and remembrance of the thousands of Navajo veterans who have served our country and the Navajo Nation in every branch of the Armed Services. We honor the sacrifices of our military men and women who fought for our freedom and sacrificed so much for all of us. We are very proud to have many of our Din people who continue to serve around the world and across our country in the Marine Corps, the Navy, U.S. Army, and the Air Force.

Navajo Nattion Speaker Lorenzo Bates

Many of our people gave the ultimate sacrifice and did not return home. For those who did not return home, we say thank you to their families and their loved ones on this day. Thank you for your loved ones sacrifice for this country and for the Navajo people we will always remember them in our prayers and be grateful for their lives.

Today, we have many veterans who continue to serve our people whether it be in our communities, in leadership positions, or for their families and fellow veterans. I am proud to say that the N...


Lawmakers Propose Social Media Hate Speech Checks Before Gun Purchases "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lawmakers Propose Social Media Hate Speech Checks Before Gun Purchases | 04 Nov 2018 | Lawmakers in New York have begun drafting legislation that would require potential gun owners to have the past three years of their social media reviewed before they were granted permission to own a firearm. Eric Adams, the president of Brooklyn Borough, and state Senator Kevin Palmer are currently writing the proposed legislation, which would give law enforcement authorities the power to check up to three years of an individuals social media accounts and internet search history before they are allowed to buy a gun, WCBS Newsradio 880 reported.


BRICS: A Future in Limbo? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The BRICS are not what they intended to be, never really were.

Today its clear that fascist-turned Brazil is out so we are at RICS. There is not much to argue about. The worlds fifth largest economy, Brazil, has failed and betrayed the concept of the BRICS and the world at large. Whether you consider South Africa as a valid member of the BRICS is also questionable. Much of SAs social injustice has actually become worse since the end of apartheid. Ending apartheid was a mere political and legal exercise.

Distribution of power and money in SA have not really changed. To the contrary, it worsened. 80% of all land is still in the hands of white farmers. This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to change drastically, by confiscating white farmers land without compensation and re-distribute it to black farmers, who have no formation of how to run these farms. This is not only utterly unjust and will create internal conflicts, the last thing SA needs, but it is also very inefficient, as farming and agricultural production will decline most likely drastically and SA, a potential exporter of farm and agricultural goods, will become a net importer, a serious hit on South Africans economy.

The principle of redistributing land to the black African society is a solid one. But not by force and not by confiscation without compensation, nor without an elaborate training program for African farmers to lead to a peaceful transfer all of which does takes time and cannot happen over-night. There are too many example of hush-hush land reforms that failed miserably and actually plunged entire societies into poverty and famine. Land reforms YES, but planned and well organized and strategized. Land reforms are long-term propositions. To be successful, they dont happen over night.

On a recent trip to SA, I spoke to several black people, including especially women from townships; i.e., SOWETO, who said they were better off under apartheid.

It is not a scientific statistic, but the fact that some black people dare say that the system that atrociously discriminated, exploited and raped them, was better than todays non-apartheid system, is significant. It is a sad testimony to a generation of SAs democracy.

So, now we could say, the BRICS are down to RIC Russia, India and China.

Does India deserve to belong to a club that has as a goal equality and solidarity?

The caste system, about which very little is written, is a horrible, horrible mechanism of discrimination. And there are no efforts under way to abolish it. To the contrary. The Indian elite likes it it provides cheap labor. Its actually legalized slavehood, totally submissive to the upper class, the higher castes. Its cultural, they say. Is such injustice excusable under principles of tradition? Hardly...


Tony Thomas's review of Anne Summers's memoir. Magnificent Tony, magnificent. "IndyWatch Feed National"

I love Tony Thomas's writing - which you can find regularly at The Spectator! Tony has been kind enough to share with us his take on Anne Summers' biography - Unfettered and Alive: A Memoir. Anne Summers Allen & Unwin, pp.496, $39.99


Chinas Singles Day brings in a record-breaking $30 billion "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alibaba says it processed $1 billion in sales this year in just one minute and 25 seconds.

Singles Day is (also known as Double 11 because it takes place on November 11, or 11/11 every year) is a Chinese holiday that began in 1993 and celebrates the pride in being alone, or single. The shopping holiday took place on Sunday and smashed its previous record of $25 billion in sales in 2017. 2018s Singles Day saw Alibaba, which dominates the holiday in China, take in a record haul of 213.5 billion yuan ($30.7 billion) in just one 24-hour period, reports Reuters.

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We Are Witnessing The Most Destructive Fire In The History Of California, And Devil Winds Threaten To Make Things Even Worse "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

California has been absolutely devastated by horrific wildfires in recent years, but the state has never seen anything quite like this.  At this moment, three major wildfires are raging, and the Camp Fire in Butte County is already officially the most destructive wildfire in California history.  Thousands of firefighters are desperately trying to contain this fire, but they havent had much success.  More than 6,700 structures have already been destroyed, and that shatters the all-time record that was set just last year.  In fact, five of the ten most destructive wildfires in California history have happened within the last two years.  The Camp Fire and the two mammoth fires in southern California have forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate from their homes, and authorities are warning that devil winds of up to 40 miles per hour could accelerate this crisis in the early morning hours of Monday.

The death toll from these fires continues to rise, and the numbers are being continuously updated.  At this point, the latest official number of deaths is up to 31

Firefighters battled heavy winds and parched conditions throughout the day in their herculean struggle against the Camp Fire and two blazes in Southern California that have killed at least 31 people, destroyed thousands of homes and forced 250,000 to flee.

But that number is expected to increase, because there are at least 228 people that are unaccounted for right now.

Many of the headlines have been about homes of celebrities that have been destroyed, but that is only a very small part of the story.

The Camp Fire was so wildly out of control that it actually destroyed an entire town....


Sikh Soldiers Memorial In UK Vandalised Hours After World War I Tribute "IndyWatch Feed World"

The 10-foot-high statue in UK depicts a Sikh soldier of the 15th Sikh battalion during World War I


Condemning the vandalism at UKs newly inaugurated Indian War Memorial, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has called for strict action against the culprits of the apparent racial attack on the occasion of the World War I centenary.

The vandalism of the 10-foot-high statue, depicting a Sikh soldier of the 15th Sikh battalion, symbolic of the contribution of South Asian soldiers to World War I, was outrageous, said the chief minister said in a statement while expressing serious concern and distress over the incident.

The incident comes in the backdrop of a series of racial attacks against Sikhs in the UK and other Western nations in recent months.

The statue was unveiled last Sunday and was damaged hours before a planned remembrance event to honour the Sikhs soldiers who laid down their lives during the Great War.

Over 74,000 soldiers from India died during World War I and several events were being organised in various countries to commemorate the sacrifices of soldiers from around the world who participated in the war effort between 1914 and 1918, as part of the centenary of the Great War.

The chief minister said that the shocking and horrific act was a clear attempt by racist elements to undermine the contribution of Sikhs soldiers to the war and to create an environment of hatred and enmity against the community.

The anguish of the Sikh community over the incident was understandable, he added, urging the UK authorities to go all out to identify and punish the culprits.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick had donated around 20,000 pounds for the bronze sculpture, while the local Sandwell Council had invested in creating the public space with seating and lighting to house the new monument.

The inaugural event was attended by hundreds, including Labour Party MP Preet Kaur Gill, the UKs first female Sikh MP.

Mr Singh said that more than the financial loss, it was the pain caused to the sentiments of the Sikh community, which had lost thousands of men to the war, in distant lands, far from their homes.


Immigrant story and Ill Treatment in Valley of the Heart "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Valley of the Heart, which opened this week and runs through Dec. 9 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, is the story of two immigrant families and the ill treatment the Japanese received during World War II. Created by Luis Valdez (Zoot Suit), his new stage production tackles immigrant history in Californias rich []


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Just a brief note to those readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily roundup in the comments. PLEASE remember that politically incorrect and offensive (but funny) jokes are only to be enjoyed on Mondays in the Comedy corner post which is specifically for that kind of humour. Do not post that kind of humour here. Meanwhile in Ireland [] The post Daily roundup appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


November 12th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #662 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


The philosophy and practicality of Emergent Ventures "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lets start with some possible institutional failures in mainstream philanthropy.  Many foundations have large staffs, and so a proposal must go through several layers of approval before it can receive support or even reach the desk of the final decision-maker.  Too many vetoes are possible, which means relatively conservative, consensus-oriented proposals emerge at the end of the process.  Furthermore, each layer of approval is enmeshed in an agency game, further cementing the conservatism.  It is not usually career-enhancing to advance a risky or controversial proposal to ones superiors.

There is yet another bias: the high fixed costs of processing any request discriminate against very small proposals, which either are not worthwhile to approve or they are never submitted in the first place.

Finally, foundations often become captured by their staffs.  The leaders become fond of their staffs, try to keep them in the jobs, regard the staff members as a big part of their audience, and adopt the perspectives of their staffs, more so as time passes.  That encourages conservatism all the more, because the foundation leaders do not want their staffs to go away, and so they act to preserve financial and reputational capital.

To restate those biases:

  1. Too much conservatism
  2. Too few very small grants
  3. Too much influence for staff

So how might those biases be remedied?

Why not experiment with only a single layer of no?

Have a single individual say yes or no on each proposal final word, voila!  Of course that individual can use referees and conferees as he or she sees fit.

The single judge could be an expert in some of the relevant subject areas of the proposals (that is sometimes the case in foundations, but even then the expertise of the foundation evaluators can decay).

This arrangement also can promise donors 100% transmission of their money to recipients, or close to that.  If someone gives $1 million to the fund, the award winners receive the full $1 million.  This is rare in non-profits.  (In the case of Emergent Ventures there are unbudgeted time costs for me and my assistant, who prints out the proposals, and the paper costs of the printing get charged to general operating expenses at Mercatus.  Still, a $1 million grant at the margin leads to $1 million in actual awards.  I am not paid to do this.)

The solo evaluator if he or she has the right skills of temperament and judgment can take risks with the proposals, unencumbered by the need to cover fixed costs and keep the foundation up and running.  Think of it as a pop-up foundation,...


Monday November 12th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Chinas First AI TV Anchor "IndyWatch Feed World"

China has scored a real first and it may be an answer to the FAKE NEWS problem in the United States and Europe. A TV anchor has joined a Chinese news agency who is not human.  , but with a twist: he isnt human. Chinas state-run Xinhua News Agency has launched an artificial intelligence (AI), anchor. English AI Anchor debuted Thursday at the World Internet Conference in the countrys eastern Zhejiang Province.

Modeled on the agencys Zhang Zhao presenter, the new anchor learns from live videos and is able to work 24 hours a day, reporting via social media and on the Xinhua website. He learns from live broadcasting videos by himself and can read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor, the company said in an online statement.

Now if we can do this for politicians and judges, it will end war and injustice!!!!

We were granted our Business license in China and they are quite thrilled to have an AI computer that writes analytical reports on Chinese equities, markets, and currencies. We too are thrilled to have the largest forecasting operation on the Chinese markets that is completely computer driven without human biases.


We are taking a huge leap "IndyWatch Feed National"

We are feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

We are flying free from charity status as of this week we want to support civil disobedience and all types of non-violent resistance loudly and proudly. When all else fails, it is our moral duty to act and there are a whole heap of people out there who want to act on climate, on issues of racial and social justice but lack the resources, training, infrstructure, pathways or experience to do it safely.

We also increasingly are asked to collaborate with folks outside the environmental sector, and whilst we think all things are related the government is a bit more uptight about such things. So weve left the good folk of Friends of the Earth, and are stepping out on our own we did some great work collaborating, and we wish them the best, but its time for our own adventures.

We will have more to come, and a new look which will be simply faaaahbulous, but we are getting input from you our supporters and allies first. I know. Were weird. But that is why you love us right?

So we are going to have an awesome launch party on Wednesday 14th November you can RSVP here. There will be no shiny new logos, but lots of fun, and awesome people. We will be celebrating successes over the last five years, and getting input into our project ideas for the next couple.

We are going to be working on more resources, more webinars, and work that will connect people who cant turn out to actions. Weve got big plans for supporting legal teams, continuing support for Frontline Action on Coal and extractivist work, and being able to respond and support emerging movements such as Extinction Rebellion and the Climate School Strike.

Come and join us and give us feedback we want to know what we do well, and how to do things better an online survey will then circulate based on the face to face event launch.

You can also DONATE here we need regular CounterActivators our monthly supporters, now more than ever we are still ironing out the kinks, so if you have any issue at all, get in touch. No tax receipt anymore, but a heck of a lot more freedom. Join us on the adventure!

Got ideas and projects for us to take on let us know.


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The Realist View of the Midterms "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your take on the midterm elections is that the Democrats really failed and simply won a symbolic victory?

Thank you


ANSWER: Yes. The Democrats keep making lower highs and deeper lows. They do not review the major trend nor are they willing to revise their central theme.  While the Democrats won the majority in the US House of Representatives can blow their horn really loudly, are a more important shift in domestic power balance has taken place. Trumps gains in the Senate demonstrate that his election was not a fluke. The FOX poll that showed more Republicans identified with Trump than the Republican Party demonstrates above all the trend is away from both party mantras.

The possible consequences of the Democratic House victory will probably lead to the banter of impeachment, but they will lack the votes in the Senate where a trial would have to take place. That means this will be just a dog and pony show. Mueller will dop his best to try to prosecute Trump for something because4 that is the Deep State goal. We are also likely to see important implications for Trumps foreign policy. By and large, the Democrats will press their revenge against Russia and the talk is they would love nothing more than war with Russia. They will keep stirring the pot to achieve that goal and they will do their best to try to block anything Trump does regardless if it is good or bad for the country. This is all about winning in 2020 right now.

Democrats may be pushing for changes in the defense budget including the attempt to block new low-yielding tactical nuclear weapons targeted by the Trump government. There will be more pressure to get results in
Afghanistan or to demand a withdrawal blaming Trump for that mess as well despite the fact he did not start it the confrontation there. The Democrats will also push for an end to the Yemen war and a blockade of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Trump has a lot of room for foreign affairs, but the US House of Representatives can shed light on fraudulent or failed political initiatives with a spotlight for political brownie points with again an eye on 2020.

The Democrats w...


Escape From The Infomatrix "IndyWatch Feed War"

For four long months Ive been in hiding from The Infomatrix.  Inspired both by a dire need for inner peace and an article titled: Society is Made of Narrative.  Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix by Caitlin Johnstone, Ive gone into nearly complete informational and electronic detox.  No television, no radio, no internet (except a short email visit daily), no books, no magazines, no political circus, no celebrity gossip, no sports scores, no incessant and obnoxious advertisements, no mindless chatter, none of Empires Official Narrative.  Only music fills the air and beautifies the passage of time in my home.

The result has been many hours of introspection, and a rethinking of how a seventy year old hippie might use his last few fading years on this planet more productively.  Sadly, I came to realize that, even though Ive long considered myself separate from, and even immune from The Infomatrix, complete escape is nearly impossible  I was sucked into the narrative each time I marched for a cause.  I was sucked into the narrative every time I wrote an article examining or dissecting the narrative.  Ive long been unknowingly and inadvertantly distracted by the shiny, sparkling objects of Empire, but have now begun writing my own narrative.

My new narrative is an unfinished project.  The Age of Aquarius kicked off to a strong start back about a half century ago, but stopped far short of accomplishing all those elusive hopes and dreams of peace on earth, good will to all people.  We marched defiantly in the streets of Amerika, burning the flags of the criminal Empire which terrorized Southeast Asia for power and profit.  We threw our bodies upon the gears of draft boards which sought our complicity in their crimes.  We broke windows, disrupted traffic, interrupted commerce, and as we burned our draft cards, lit a small flame of Amerikan consciousness, and finally saw an end to The Vietnam War.  Then, with our asses out of harms way, we cut our hair and went to work for the system which needed more and more Vietnams to continue business as usual.  But its wars became much more low key  Which of us really knew where Grenada is?  The bloody spectacles of Vietnam would never again be displayed on the nightly news.  War became sanitized, and more of a fireworks show as far as most folks were concerned.  The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.  There was something oddly patriotic about all the bombing, in a very sick way, and few of us gave pause to consider the dead, dismembered bodies in its wake.

My new narrative is all about finishing the project, and remembering that this was supposed to be The Age of Aquarius, but this so-called land of the free and brave never really set foot outside The Age of Darkness and Death.  You remember The Age of Aquarius, dont you?  That Never-Neverland w......


Remembering the Service of Cherokee Code Talkers "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Veterans Day 2018

Published November 12, 2018

We just concluded elections across Oklahoma and the United States. Being able to vote and participate in the electoral process is a critical part of our democracy. At Cherokee Nation we are adamant about honoring and paying respects to those who have fought for the liberties we enjoy every day and hold so dear.  Reflecting on the sacrifices that brave men and women have made over the years gives us perspective on the cost of freedom and democracy.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI in 1918. Recently, the Intertribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes passed a resolution honoring the warriors and code talkers of WWI with a Day of Remembrance for their service and valor. Veterans from the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole tribes have served in every military branch and in every U.S. war.

According to historians, during WWI several Cherokee soldiers utilized the Cherokee language in relaying critical, top-secret messages across Europe. To prevent communication lines from being cut or tapped, signal officers met and decided to put Native soldiers, including Cherokees, to work on the field phones. They transmitted messages in their own language, keeping the messages secret. From then on, it was reported that there were no further messages intercepted by the enemy that we heard of.  In fact, a colonel of the enemys intelligence staff was captured and taken to headquarters. He stated that the enemy had men who could speak and translate a majority of languages of the world but none could understand the language the Americans were using.

It is reported that Cherokees were used in the message relaying capacity until the end of WWI. The Cherokee men who served in this heroic role did so even before they held American citizenship and, consequently, the right to vote, which was not granted to most Native Americans until 1924.

They served at a time when the federal governments policies toward tribal nations were hostile, and yet they still fought for American freedom. Our code talkers, from al...


Italy Refuses to Yield to Brussels Is Another Exit in the Works? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Italy is arguing that it will retain its budget and refers to how both France and Germany exceeded their budgets and the Commission disregard the Maastricht treaty rules in the case of both countries. In the budget dispute, the Italian government was not deterred by the threat of penalties from the European Commission. Finance Minister Giovanni Tria said last week that Italy would commit economic suicide to stick to the plans of the previous government to reduce the deficit. Once again, anyone who really reviews the EU structure in an unbiased manner will see that the crisis stems from the plain fact that the FAILURE to consolidate the debts from the outset means that the EU Commission sticks its nose into every budget of each member.

In the USA the result of a federal budget and debt means that each state is on its own. Their budget is of no interest to Washington. In the case of the EU, each member state prints its own Euros not the ECB. That means the EU Commission acts like a dictator applying the same rules to everyone regardless of the local social needs. This is why the Euro will fail. It is NOT a structure remotely similar to the USA despite they pretended it would reap the same benefit by just a single currency.

Eventually, Ital will be forced to choose between its people and the dictatorship of Brussels. That will be another whole level of political chaos next year.


Austria summons Russian ambassador over arrest of alleged army spy "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador to Vienna on Friday, following the arrest of a retired Austrian Army colonel who allegedly spied for Moscow for more than two decades.


Thanksgiving Tribe S.O.S. Walk and Rally "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published November 12, 2018

WASHINGTON  As the nation celebrates Native American Heritage Month, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, the historic tribe at the center of our Thanksgiving tradition and the indigenous community who helped the Pilgrims survive and provided the land for Plymouth Colony, is sending out an S.O.S. (Save Our Sovereignty).

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The tribe is calling on Americans of good will to #StandWithMashpee to protect the tribes ancestral homeland. With the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribes sovereign reservation land under threat to be disestablished, tribal leaders from across Indian Countrywill walk to the U.S. Capitol Building and hold a rally calling on Congress to pass the Mashpee Wampanoag Reservation Reaffirmation Act (HR 5244).


Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 10 AM


Walk will begin at 10 AM in front of the Welcome Plaza at the National Museum of the American Indian. Tribal leaders and citizens from across Indian Country, along with non-tribal allies, will walk to the U.S. Capitol building and hold rally at 11 AM on the lawn (Area 1) outside the Capitol building.


Cedric Cromwell

Chairman Cedric Cromwell and Vice Chair Jessie Little Doe Baird of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation

Trustee Lance Gumbs, Shinnecock Tribal Nation

Chairman Rodney Butler, Mashantucket Pequot Tribe



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Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. On Backchat, you are free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. To participate youll need to sign up for a Disqus account which is free, quick, and easy. On posts that are not articles like this one, you do not have to stay on topic [] The post Whaleoil backchat appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.

A Celebration of Killing and Dying "IndyWatch Feed War"

November 10th is the 242nd birthday of the United State Marine Corps. It is a time of celebration during which current and former Marines acknowledge the storied history and glorious traditions of the branch of the military in which they so proudly served. I, however, am torn. As a former Marine Corps officer with service Continue reading "A Celebration of Killing and Dying"

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The Blue Wave of Repression "IndyWatch Feed War"

Patriotism is the opposite of nationalism bleated the poodle Macron at the Armistice celebration as he yipped and yapped and wagged his tail before the German conqueror of Europe. Meanwhile the Front Nationale outpolled the mainstream centrist parties in municipal elections for the first time and nationalist Italy is telling the European Union to stay Continue reading "The Blue Wave of Repression"

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This new, small Kind bar offers an alternative to other snack-size treats "IndyWatch Feed World"

After tussling with the FDA about the definition of healthy, Kinds new Minis are up front about their nutrition.

Kind bars just released six mini-size snack bars. Each contains 100 calories or less, and more protein and fiber than many reduced-portion cookie, chips, or cracker options. Every single flavor also contains either dark chocolate or caramelsometimes both.

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For Veterans Day: Understanding Moral Injury in Hoopers War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Heres an excerpt from my new book, Hoopers War: A Novel of WWII Japan, on sale now at Amazon. This excerpt is told from the perspective of the main character, Lieutenant Nate Hooper. Im lucky enough to have a friend with a boat. Sitting at the stern, I watch the boat create its wake, then Continue reading "For Veterans Day: Understanding Moral Injury in Hoopers War"

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Two Events Planned to Honor Native American Heritage Month in Ohio "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

November is Native American Heritage Month

Published November 12, 2018

DAYTON, Ohio  The generosity of community is one of the many reasons to honor month Native American Heritage Month.  In a collaborative effort, the American Indian Movement of Ohio, Big Mountain Indigenous Support, and the Miami Valley Council for Native Americans, have come together to have two events that emphasize the Diversity, Ingenouity,and Resilancy of Native peoples.

In partnership with the International Peace Museum, ( on Friday, November 16th, 2018,

Conversations on Peace, Native Americans and The Media

Dr.Victoria LaPoe (Cherokee) will be featured guest speaker for a meet & greet reception to kick off the weekends events.   Ms. LaPoe  is an assistant professor in Ohio Universitys Scripps School of Journalism focused on media inclusivity and digital media.  She received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 2013. She is co-author numerous books.  Dr. Victoria is vice president and education chair of the Native American Journalists Association.  The Native American Journalists Association serves and empowers Native journalists through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures. NAJA is committed to increasing the representation of Native journalists in mainstream media. NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

Dr. Victoria LaPoe

This is free to the public beginning at 6:30pm offering coffee and light refreshments.  T

Other special guests include:

Dineh Elder, Danny Blackgoat- he is Todich ii nii or Bitterwater clan, from Big Mountain, Arizona.  Danny Blackgoat is a linguist, Dine (Navaho) language educator, life long human rights advocate, community organizer, and member of the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth. Dannys mother and auntie, the late Roberta Bla...

Armistice Day First "IndyWatch Feed War"

It gets harder to commemorate World War I, because of time and the publics embrace of, or indifference to, a permanent war economy. About the Great War British novelist H.G. Wells wrote on August 14, 1914, "This is already the vastest war in history. For this is now a war for peace. It aims Continue reading "Armistice Day First"

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The Osage Nation Dedicated the First Monument Honoring the Military Contributions of Osage Veterans "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Veterans Day 2018

Published November 12, 2018

PAWHUSKA, Okla. The first-ever memorial recognizing Osage US military veterans and pre-military scouts was dedicated on Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018. The momentous dedication took place on the lawn by the Osage Nation Museum in Pawhuska at 873 Grandview Avenue. The memorial features a twenty-foot eagle feather and a place for recognition of each branch of the military with the name of those Osages who served in those branches.

Recognizing Osage Veterans 
This memorial, like all other memorials is a bridge to the past for the people in the present to have some understanding of the great cost of war, said Franklin McKinley (Osage), a veteran and the chair of the Osage Veterans Memorial Commission (OVM) in a speech to the Osage Nation Congress. Loss is just not on the battlefield alone, but back at home as well. Memorials are a compassionate way of respectfully reminding all of the sacrifices that are made by our veterans.

This memorial is bringing back the native tradition of honoring our warriors. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice, and this memorial will celebrate the lives of women and men that believed in something greater than themselves, said Maria DeRoin, the Communications Consultant for the Osage Veterans Memorial Commission (OVM).  She has been working with the OVM, architects, construction companies, and Osage Nation Tribal Development to finalize the details of the memorial long-awaited completion.



Central Asian Power Industry to Support Afghan Economy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The power generating sector plays a crucial role in re-establishing peace and stability in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. No modern nation can hope for rapid and stable development when facing energy shortages. And this is especially true for war-torn Afghanistan. International armed forces are waging a war against terrorists who occupy parts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In the meantime political and business circles in countries that are keen on re-establishing peace on Afghan soil have been devising and financing large-scale projects, which can help Afghanistan to develop various sectors of its economy including its power industry.

According to 2017 data, almost 19 million Afghan residents, i.e. over half of the nations entire population, have no access to electricity. Power use far exceeds its generation, with imports from neighboring countries compensating for this shortage. However, Afghan residential districts still lack energy supplies for their heating and lighting needs, while manufacturers cannot meet their operational requirements.

Afghanistan receives considerable amounts of electricity from its neighbors, such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. These Central Asian countries are fully aware that the situation in Afghanistan impacts their own well being as well as regional security. Therefore, they try to help their troubled neighbor as much as possible. Tajikistan, for instance, exported 1.4 billion kWh worth of energy to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2017. A meeting between Shukurjon Zuhurov, the Chairman of Tajikistans Assembly of Representatives, and Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, took place in June 2018. At this meeting Zuhurov announced that Tajikistan plans on increasing its energy supplies to Afghanistan to 1.5 billion kWh. In addition, the Tajik politician reiterated once again that Dushanbe views economic growth and reduction of tensions in Afghanistan as the foundation of peace and stability in the whole region.

Uzbekistan also decided to considerably increase its electricity supply to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2018. Afghanistan has been importing Uzbek energy supplies since 2002. Every year the two nations sign a new agreement that accounts for growing Afghan needs. This has resulted in an increase in Uzbek electricity supplies to Afghanistan from 62 million kWh in 2002 to 200 million kWh in 2017. In 2018 the two sides signed an agre...


Why Women Love Guns And Which Ones Many Prefer "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why Women Love Guns And Which Ones Many Prefer: A Woman With A Gun Levels The Playing Field Against Cowardly Attacking Goons & Leaves Them Prepared For Practically Any Situation Submitted to All News Pipeline by Jay Chambers of the Minute...

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Rocket Lab's Modest Launch is Giant Leap for Small Rocket Business "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rocket Lab's Modest Launch Is Giant Leap for Small Rocket Business:

The company's Electron rocket carried a batch of small commercial satellites from a launchpad in New Zealand, a harbinger of a major transformation to the space business.

A small rocket from a little-known company lifted off Sunday from the east coast of New Zealand, carrying a clutch of tiny satellites. That modest event the first commercial launch by a U.S.-New Zealand company known as Rocket Lab could mark the beginning of a new era in the space business, where countless small rockets pop off from spaceports around the world. This miniaturization of rockets and spacecraft places outer space within reach of a broader swath of the economy.

The rocket, called the Electron, is a mere sliver compared to the giant rockets that Elon Musk, of SpaceX, and Jeffrey P. Bezos, of Blue Origin, envisage using to send people into the solar system. It is just 56 feet tall and can carry only 500 pounds into space.

But Rocket Lab is aiming for markets closer to home. "We're FedEx," said Peter Beck, the New Zealand-born founder and chief executive of Rocket Lab. "We're a little man that delivers a parcel to your door."

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Today in rock history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Today in Rock History: Born today in 1944, Booker T Jones songwriter and keyboards with Booker T and The MGs. Born today in 1945, Neil Young singer, songwriter and guitarist with Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Young and soloist. Born today in 1947, Buck Dharma (Donald Roeser) songwriter and guitarist with Blue Oyster [] The post Today in rock history appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Forget your car, this is awesome "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Forget your car, this is awesome, via Jet Capsule.


Impossible to Regulate Deregulated Charter Schools "IndyWatch Feed War"

Regulations have to do with what is allowed and what is not allowed. They establish what an individual, organization, or business can or cannot do. Regulations shape behaviors, actions, conduct, aims, and outcomes.

Regulations are often used in self-serving ways by different factions of the rich to benefit themselves while disadvantaging other wealthy competitors. Those with the most political-economic power hold sway and fashion regulations as they alone see fit. As in other spheres of capitalist life, might makes right. Power, not reason or principles, dominates affairs. The main point is that regulations, like laws and policies, are always political. They have a class character to them. Regulations are not neutral or above class interests because we do not live in a classless society.

The main question is who is creating or eliminating regulations and for what aims? The key issue is not whether regulations are good or bad, per se, or how many or how few there are, but which one of the two major classes in society do they serve? Regulations are a tool of class warfare. There is a big difference, for example, between capital-centered regulations verses human-centered regulations. The former serve the wealthy few who dominate society while the latter serve the common good.

Regulations and regulators have, of course, frequently failed to block many bad behaviors and problems. Regulation does not always work. Regulation does not automatically guarantee quality or progress. A major example of the failure of regulations and regulators is the Wall Street engineered economic crash of 2008 that has left most economies in awful shape for the last 10 yearswith no real and sustainable improvement in sight. Indeed, it appears that there is no returning to even substandard pre-2008 economic levels. Multiple regulatory agencies that have been around for decades did not prevent this still-unfolding economic catastrophe that the mainstream media keeps trying to downplay.

In todays context, having no regulations (deregulation) guarantees chaos, anarchy, and violencekey features of the free market. A rules-free environment ensures that only the strongest and fittest survive within the free market while the majority keeps losing. Deregulation has little to do with accountability, innovation, or prosperity and security for all.

Since the late 1970s deregulation has been a major feature of the neoliberal antisocial offensive of the rich to counter the inevitable falling rate of profit under capitalism. Governments at home and abroad have been wreaking havoc in their societies as a result of phony austerity agendas launched to save the rich. Deregulation goes hand in hand with privatization, a major form of which is contracting. Deregulating public agencies and enterprises (e.g., education) al...


The Importance of Matt Whitaker -vs- The Administrative State "IndyWatch Feed"

Robert Mueller (the entire team) was put into place by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in 2017.  The specific selection of Robert Mueller was an outcome of recommendations and advice from FBI Chief Legal Counsel, James Baker, and FBI Deputy Continue reading


People Instead of Political Action Committees ~~~ Beto O'Rourke Writes That He is Grateful in This Personal Message "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To bring power and joy to politics. People instead of PACs. Communities instead of corporations. Polls and consultants left to the wind and hopefully to the past. To have the confidence to move with the courage of our convictions. To open our hearts to one another. To not allow our differences of party, of geography, of race or anything else to divide us. To not know how it would end but to know that we had to give it our best


Vote Flipping/Election Fraud 2018: Final Article Compilation for Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota and Arizona "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

How could the voices of reason, logic, truth, conciliation and long range historical perspective be ignored and even totally drowned out in a state with 28 million people? How could a supposed majority of voters in Texas be swayed by mere talk of guns and taxes, even those who bought into the idiotic rhetoric that a vote for Beto's opponent was a vote against abortion, and all of those dangerous Mexican rapists & drug dealers?






Alm. Dortheys Hiyo Eluay dan Perjuangan Papua Merdeka ke Depan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Penculikan dan pembunuhan Ondofolo Dortheys Hiyo Eluay pada tanggal 10-11 November 2011 kini kita peringati dengan merenungkan kembali apa yang dapat dilakukan melanjutkan pekerjaan yang telah ditinggalkannya. Sebelum itu perlu diperjelas tentang apa yang dilakukan anak-anak almarhum di Pendopo Theys Eluay Sentani, yaitu Deklarasi Damai yang menyatakan penculikan dan pembunuhan Alm. Theys Eluay tidak masuk

Alm. Dortheys Hiyo Eluay dan Perjuangan Papua Merdeka ke Depan was originally published on

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CNN Threatens To Sue White House Over Cry Baby Jim Acostas Suspension "IndyWatch Feed World"

CNN is gearing up to sue the Trump administration after Jim Acostas permanent press credentials to the White house were suspended following his assault of a young female intern.  Former ABC News reporter appeared Sunday [...]

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Alarm Over Talks to Implant UK Employees with Microchips "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Guardian: Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK. The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between []


Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed World"

Molecular biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits was thrown in prison after discovering evidence that deadly retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines given to humans.  In a disturbing true story first published by Natural News, Dr. Mikovits [...]

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UK Corporations Preparing To Introduce Mandatory Microchips For Employees "IndyWatch Feed World"

Large British companies are planning to implant microchips in staff in order to spy on employees and prevent them doing anything against company policy.  Swedish company Biohax is in talks with a number of huge [...]

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Trump Rains On The Parade In Paris "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump made an ass of himself on the international stage again and disgraced our country, as he always does. Hes a hateful little turd who thinks he can bully foreign leaders the way he bullies the cowardly careerists in his own party. He respects Putin even seems to genuinely like him and no one else.

Jonathan Swan reported this evening that hes as jazzed as ever about hitting foreign-made cars with steep tariffs. Just about every member of his senior economic team besides Peter Navarro believes this is a terrible idea. But they havent swayed him. With each passing month, his zest for car tariffs only swells. Trump now views the threat of car tariffs as his best leverage over negotiating partners. He has privately told aides that he got a better trade deal with Canada because he threatened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with car tariffs. And he says the same about the Europeans, according to sources briefed on his thinking Trade law dictates that Defense Sec. James Mattis must provide a national security justification for any new auto tariffs. A source who spoke to Mattis more than a month ago said he was deeply skeptical about the idea, worrying that big new car tariffs could further strain relationships with allies. Mattis has not, however, made any final decision.

And speaking of bullying, , which is sees as a foreign colony and cant seem to conceive as an integral part of the U.S., a product of his lifelong prejudice and ugly bigotry and racism. He doesn't want to give Puerto Rico any more federal money for its recovery from Hurricane Maria, White House officials have told congressional appropriators and leadership. This is because he claims, without evidence, that the islands government is using federal dis...


BREAKING: Avis Employee Finds Provisional Ballot Box and Election Signs in Back of Returned Broward County Car (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Avis employee at Ft. Lauderdale airport found a box labeled with the SOE (Supervisor of Elections) and the word Provisional was found in the back of the returned car. According to the Avis employee the last person to drive the car was a Broward County employee.

Laura Loomer photo

Richard DeNapoli tweetedout a photo of the boxes.

DeNapoli discovered who the car was rented to Noah Holliman a Democrat who works at the Broward Supervisor of Elections.

Laura Loomer and Jacob Engels were tipped off and drove to the airport but were denied entry.


Underage Teens Voted In Florida Election, Election Official Claims "IndyWatch Feed World"

People under the age of 18 illegally voted in the midterm elections in Florida, according to newly discovered data. According to journalist Patrick Howley at Big League Politics, a whistleblower who saw official voter information [...]

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America Goes to War "IndyWatch Feed"

[Great Wars and Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal (2010)]

With the onset of war in Europe, hostilities began in the North Atlantic which eventually provided the context or rather, pretext for Americas participation. Immediately, questions of the rights of neutrals and belligerents leapt to the fore.

In 1909, an international conference had produced the Declaration of London, a statement of international law as it applied to war at sea. Since it was not ratified by all the signatories, the declaration never came into effect. However, once war started the United States inquired whether the belligerents were willing to abide by its stipulations. The Central Powers agreed, providing the entente did the same. The British agreed, with certain modifications, which effectively negated the declaration.1 British modifications included adding a large number of previously free items to the conditional contraband list and changing the status of key raw materials most important of all, food to absolute contraband, allegedly because they could be used by the German army.

The traditional understanding of international law on this point was expounded a decade and a half earlier by the British prime minister, Lord Salisbury:

Foodstuffs, with a hostile destination, can be considered contraband of war only if they are supplies for the enemys forces. It is not sufficient that they are capable of being so used; it must be shown that this was in fact their destination at the time of the seizure.2

That had also been the historical position of the US government. But in 1914 the British claimed the right to capture food as well as other previously conditional contraband destined not only for hostile but even for neutral ports, on the pretense that they would ultimately reach Germany and thus the German army. In reality, the aim was, as Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty candidly admitted, to starve the whole population men, women, and children, old and young, wounded and sound into submission....

Whats Worse Than Antiwar Propaganda on Veterans Day? "IndyWatch Feed"

Shop all books by Tom Woods

Pro-war propaganda.

A fellow I do a fair amount of business with posted on social media today that this is not a day for antiwar propaganda.


Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day, in commemoration of the cessation of hostilities in World War I. The armistice was signed in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, in 1918.

For four years, Europe tore itself apart, and sent millions of men into a meat grinder for no good reason. Tens of thousands would die, and the front would move a matter of yards.

Especially on this hundredth anniversary of the original Armistice Day, how does anyone seriously expect to honor the fallen without any discussion of the madmen who sent them into this horror?

Did their deaths occur in some abstract realm, outside time, space, and causation?

Or were they killed in specific ways, under orders from particular people?

Anyone speaking in mere platitudes today is an enemy of mankind.

The left-liberals and neoconservatives alike, who always seem to put aside their pretend differences when an idiotic war is in the offing, and who make saccharine speeches about democracy and openness and peace, are enemies of mankind.

As a reminder of how deranged our cultural elite and political establishment are, how many major political figures of the past hundred years have been dismissed from polite society for urging too much war?

There are lots of things that get you demonized and ostracized in America, but that aint one of them.

Usually it gets you called a statesman.

This is deranged.

Especially on Veterans Day should we speak out against war and the lying propagandists who foment them.

And the state cheerleaders who make excuses for them. (Why, Saddam really did have WMDs! etc.)


Thank You for Your Service "IndyWatch Feed"

On this day, there are some people who should be thanked for their service.

To those who work on holidays: Thank you for your service.

To those who work on weekends: Thank you for your service.

To those who drive cabs or UBER in the middle of the night: Thank you for your service.

To those who take care of the elderly living in nursing homes who suffer with dementia: Thank you for your service.

To those who work the late shift at McDonalds: Thank you for your service.

To those who work the early shift at convenience stores: Thank you for your service.

To those who do volunteer work: Thank you for your service.

To those who feed the homeless on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day: Thank you for your service.

To those who drive trucks across the country: Thank you for your service.

To those who help deliver babies in the middle of the night: Thank you for your service.

To those who help build houses for Habitat for Humanity: Thank you for your service.

To those who give to charity: Thank you for your service.

To those who remove the dead from their homes and clean things up: Thank you for your service.

To those who adopt children: Thank you for your service.

To those who deliver packages in the rain for Amazon, FedEx, or UPS: Thank you for your service.

To those who work for non-profit corporations: Thank you for your service.

To those who crawl into attics for pest control and cable companies: Thank you for your service.

To those who provide tech support: Thank you for your service.

To those who install new roofs in the heat of the summer: Thank you for your service.

To those who repair cars in the winter in unheated shops: Thank you for your service.

To those who pick vegetables: Thank you for your service.

To those who put money in church offering plates: Thank you for your service.

To those who do missionary work overseas: Thank you for your service.

To those who deliver pizza: Thank you for your service.

To those who wait tables: Thank you for your service.

To those who work in mental institutions: Thank you for your service.

To those who collect garbage: Thank you for your service.

To those who work in call centers: Thank you for your service.

To those who give back to their communities: Thank you for your service.

To those who clean up after their dogs: Thank y...

The Prevalence of Myth Over History "IndyWatch Feed"

Today (Nov. 9) I heard a black historian on NPR say that the civil war was fought in order to establish a framework for human rights.

He also said that black civil rights achieved by the war were overturned by the rollback of Reconstruction, put back in place by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and was now being overturned again by Trumps response to the caravan from Honduras.

As best as I could tell, this was an Identity Politics explanation of history with all of its contradictions and factual errors.

Identity Politics is based on the accusation that the white male is a racist and a misogynist. This is inconsistent with the belief that Washington, totally in the hands of white males, chose to fight a bloody civil war in order to bring human rights to black slaves. If white males are this idealistic and willing to make such a sacrifice for blacks, how is it that the white males are racists?

The black historian cant have it both ways.

Moreover, how would the black historian explain how it possibly can be that the same Union army that fought to bring human rights to black slaves immediately on wars end was sent under the same generals, Sherman and Sheridan, to slaughter the Plains Indians. Why did the Union army fight for human rights for blacks and against human rights for native American Indians?

As every competent historian knows, there was no civil war. A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. The southern states had seceded and formed their own country. The Confederacy had no interest in controlling Washington. The war happened because Lincoln invaded the Confederacy. The Confederacy fought because they were invaded. The North fought to maintain the Union, as Lincoln said repeatedly. The South seceded because the Northern majority in Congress passed a tariff that benefitted the North at the expense of the South. Lincoln guaranteed the South permanent protection of slavery if they would stay in the Union, but did not offer to repeal the tariff. Historians have studied the diaries and letters of soldiers on both sides, and cant find anyone who was fighting over slavery. Lincoln said that blacks were not sufficiently developed to live in society with whites. His plan was to send them back to Africa, which might have happened, as the North didnt want them, if Lincoln had not been assassinated.

Under the Reconstruction that the North imposed on the South, the South was divided into five military districts in which civil rights for whites were scant and their property was stolen by carpetbaggers and scalawags as whites lacked the protection of law and self-government. The vindictive Union simply reversed the roles of black and white to the extent that they were able.

As Lawrence Stratton and I show in our book,...

Brennan and Clapper "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa made a dramatic announcement this month that almost nobody in America paid any attention to. Grassley released a statement saying that four years ago, he asked the Intelligence Community Inspector General to release two Congressional Notifications written by former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Grassley had had his requests to declassify the documents ignored repeatedly throughout the last two years of the Obama administration. He decided to try again because all of the Obama people at the CIA and DNI are gone now. This time, his request was approved.

So what was the information that was finally declassified? It was written confirmation that John Brennan ordered CIA hackers to intercept the emails of all potential or possible intelligence community whistleblowers who may have been trying to contact the Congressional oversight committees, specifically to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Simply put, Brennan ordered his people to hack into the Senate email systemagain. Grassley is the longtime chairman of Judiciary Committee, and he was understandably appalled.

First, let me explain what a Congressional Notification is. The CIA is required by law to inform the Congressional oversight committees whenever one of its officers, agents, or administrators breaks the law, when an operation requires Congressional approval because it is a covert action program, or whenever something happens at the CIA thats potentially controversial and the Agency wants to save itself the embarrassment of explaining itself to Congress later.

Brennan apparently ordered his officers to spy on the Senate. Remember, back in 2014 his officers spied on Intelligence Community investigators while they were writing the Senate Torture Report. This time, he decided to inform Congress.

But Brennan and Clapper classified the notification. It was like a taunt. Sure, Im spying on Congress, which is illegal. But its classified, so what are you going to do about it?

Grassley went through the proper channels. And even though Brennan and Clapper essentially gave him the middle finger, he didnt say anything until the documents were finally declassified. Hes a bigger man than I.

I think Grassley missed an opportunity here, though.

First, its my own opinion that John Brennan belongs in prison. He has flouted U.S. national security laws with impunity for years. Thats unacceptable. In these declassified notifications, hes confessing to hacking into the Senates computer system. Thats a violation of a w...

Outrage All Around "IndyWatch Feed"

NEW YORKAn old-fashioned party is a gathering of friends invited by the host or hostess, who foots the bill. Old-fashioned parties are very rare in New York nowadays; actually, they are nonexistent, having been replaced by the charity shindig, where the guests pay, the host or hostess profits, the gossip columns get to write about it, and the charity sometimes even gets to see some of the moola the climbers paid to get in.

Last week I went to an old-fashioned party given by Prince Pavlos of Greece and his princess, M.C. The occasion was the princess sisters birthday, Pia Getty. I ran into a lot of old friends I hadnt seen in years, and sat at a table with four ladies, some of whom I had pursued when my hair was still salt-and-pepper. Needless to say, we talked only about politics, the upcoming election, and the jihad against Trump by The New York Times and the media. I was pleasantly surprised to hear some of the opinions of people I knew to be either center or center-left when it came to the media. As one of the ladies said, No criminal or foreign leader has been called such names as Trump has by the TimesI feel outraged and very angry.

Well, The New York Times doesnt give a damn if it polarizes the nation, as long as it can cripple the Trump agenda, and a recent poll showed that 64 percent of the country believes the media is dividing the nation. The vitriol against the Republicans has been relentless, and woe to those who dare to contradict the talking heads on the idiot box. Ill give you a brief example: One 6ix9ine, a Hispanic rapper whose real name I think is Hernandez, posted a vile video that he financed of a 13-year-old girl performing oral sex. The tattoo-faced rapper escaped jail with a plea bargain because of his notoriety as a black rapper. No talking head or newspaper expressed outrage. But no actor would survive in Hollywood, especially if he or she were white, if they expressed pro-Trump views.

The left in America has managed to change the racial character of the U.S., something I dont believe has taken place anywhere else on earth. An unprecedented government-sponsored campaign flooded the country with immigrants throughout the late 60s and 70s. It continues to this day despite Trumps efforts to halt it, his stance being called racist. The media, the think tanks, the political machines, and the universities cry the R-word the moment anyone says enough is enough.

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Who Lost Crimea? "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday Trump faulted Obama for allowing Russia to annex Crimea:

It was President Obama that allowed it to happen, he said.

Trump has said something like this before more than once. Earlier this year, he complained that Obama was the one that let Crimea get away and suggested that I may have had a much different attitude. The following week, Trump said, President Obama lost Crimea, because President Putin didnt respect President Obama. The assumption that Russian actions hinge on their leaders attitude towards ours is bizarre and ignores that Russia has agency and interests that have nothing to do with us or our presidents. Trump has repeated this often enough that it is worth spending a little time to pick apart this silly talking point.

Most reports on Trumps remarks have focused on his choice to blame Obama for the annexation, but that is not nearly as important as the implication of Trumps statement that he seems to think it is up to the American president to allow or disallow the actions of other major nuclear-armed powers. Saying that Obama allowed the annexation of Crimea presupposes that there was something that Obama could or should have done to prevent or reverse it. Short of starting a shooting war with Russia and presumably causing WWIII, there was nothing Obama could have done, and it is a measure of Trumps ignorance and his belligerent instincts that he thinks otherwise. Whether Russia controls Crimea or not is hardly a vital interest of the U.S., and it certainly isnt worth risking a war. If Trump believes otherwise, he is even more reckless and irresponsible than we thought.

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Written in History "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1987, Paul Kennedy, a British professor of history at Yale University, unleashed a political and intellectual firestorm with the publication of his great (677-page) book, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers. Kennedy produced a magisterial overview of the competition for global power over the past 500 years from 1500 AD to the present.

Kennedy proposed the thesis that any power that achieved, imagined it had achieved or sought to achieve and maintain a dominant hyper-power role of global dominance was doomed to lose it and then rapidly decline in overall power, wealth, prosperity and influence.

Kennedy argued with a wealth of detail drawn from different nations over his vast period of half a millennium that the very attempt to achieve and maintain such power forced every nation that attempted it into a ruinous pattern of strategic overstretch.

This demanded every major global empire in their turn to devote ruinously far too many economic resources to unproductive military power and ever more costly global commitments and conflicts.

The more ambitious the commitments, the quicker came military defeat, economic ruin and national collapse, Kennedy documented.

Kennedy published his book however at exactly the wrong moment for its abundantly documented conclusions and arguments to be taken seriously in the United States. The Cold War was just ending. The heroic actions of the Russian people in rejecting communism and leading in the dismantling of the Soviet Union were being misinterpreted as an eternal and lasting victory for the United States and for the forces of free market capitalism and minimum government regulation.

Kennedy was therefore subjected to a furious firestorm of abuse, especially from the emerging neoconservatives who under President George W Bush succeeded in imposing their reckless policies on nations across the Middle East and Eurasia. Kennedy, unlike his enraged critics was a gracious and tolerant gentleman as well as great scholar and took the firestorm in his stride.

Now more than 30 years after Kennedy published his great work, we can see how prescient, wise and visionary it truly was.

In 2016 President Donald Trump was elected on a platform of dealing with domestic crises raging from economic ruin and impoverishment to an out of control drug and opioid abuse epidemic and the collapse of law and order across the long US land border with Mexico.

That outcome provided telling testimony to the previous US policies of wasting at least $2 trillion on entirely unsucce...

Superbugs Pose a Very Real Threat "IndyWatch Feed"

Superbugs, those pesky bacteria that have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics, are on the rise and pose a very real threat to humanity. Antimicrobial resistance is a large and growing problem, with the potential for enormous health and economic consequences for the United States and the rest of the world.

According to CNBC, the media outlet which reported on a new OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report, released Wednesday, superbug infections could cost the lives of about 2.4 million people in North America, Europe, and Australia over the next 30 years unless more is done to stem antibiotic resistance, which is already high across the globe.

Resistance is also projected to grow even more rapidly in low- and middle-income countries. In Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia, for example, between 40 percent and 60 percent of infections are already resistant, compared to an average of 17 percent in OECD countries. In these countries, the growth of antimicrobial resistance rates is forecast to be 4 to 7 times higher than in OECD countries between now and 2050.

About 29,500 persons die each year on average in the United States from infections related to eight drug-resistant bacteria. By 2050, that number is expected to rise sharply.  It is estimated that antimicrobial resistance will kill about 1 million people in the United States, in just over 30 years.

The economic toll of this superbug crisis is huge: In the United States alone the health-care costs dealing with antimicrobial resistance could reach $65 billion by 2050, according to the OECD report. That is more than the flu, HIV, and tuberculosis. If projections are correct, resistance to backup antibiotics will be 70 percent higher in 2030 compared to 2005 in OECD countries. In the same period, resistance to third-line treatments will double across EU countries. CNBC

Earlier this year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned it had detected 221 strains of a rare breed of nightmare bacteria. This bacter...

When Gold Is Money "IndyWatch Feed"

We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Gold does not circulate as money yet. It might never do so. Perhaps the end of government currency, fiat money imposed on us by government laws, may never be replaced by what for millennia has been the peoples money, gold. Do we even wish it? Given what we have to do to get there, probably not.

It is hard to think of a life without Nanny State giving us her money-tokens to buy our sweets, telling us what to eat and what medicine to take. But Nanny State is getting long in the tooth. When she was younger, she was less controlling. Her constant refusal to allow us, the ordinary people, to do what we want is an increasing source of friction.

Growing numbers of us can see Nanny State should pack her bags. But Nanny States favourites are frightened at the prospect of no nanny. Those of us who want a life without Nanny State cant agree what it should be, and dont know what happens when she goes.

Above all, theres a feeling our secure, controlled world is coming to an end. Increasing financial instability and economic uncertainty are our common destination. Nanny State has frittered away all our pocket money, and it turns out the cupboard is now bare.

We can see the state is irretrievably bust. But governments dont go bust, economists tell us, because they just issue more money to pay the bills. This is wrong: it is going bust by other means, and those of us who dont see it are driven by wishful thinking. Ultimately, government-issued money will reflect its issuers complete bankruptcy. And theres no point in following up the collapse of one fiat currency with another. The Zimbabwe dollar is followed by the bond note, and Venezuelas bolivar is being followed by the bolivar soberano. Bust is bust is bust. It is the logical outcome for all national currencies issued by spendthrift governments.

In the entire scope of human history, government money is always ephemeral. It dances above the water for a relative day or two before it is spent and dies. One day in the future, we will turn back to gold, as we always have in the past. Governments, as demonstrated by the Mnangagwa and Maduro regimes, will resist it to the bitter end. Like children robbed of all their pocket-money, the ordinary citizen will be left with nothing. The only exchangeable value will be gold, and probably silver as well.

Those who have gold will escape the poverty of those that dont. In time it will begin to circulate as the gold haves buy things from the have-nots, and gradually with the wider distribution of gold a sense of normality will return. It matters not if we price things in gold-grammes, or whether a slimmed-down government gives it a name. Sovereigns, eagles, krugerrands. It matters not if we use them electronically, so long as the bullion is r...

Author of How To End The Autism Epidemic "IndyWatch Feed"

Discussing vaccines and autism isnt an explosive topic, its thermonuclear. Both sides of the argument feel, with great passion, that the health and welfare of children is at stake. Much of that passion is the product of several lies told repeatedly. These lies form a foundation for self-interested parties to deny, obscure, and misdirect the truth about whats happening to millions of children. They pit well-meaning parents against well-meaning parents. Remove the lies and youre left with a deeply disturbing explanation for why so many children seemingly have autism out of the blue.  JB Handley Author of How To End The Autism Epidemic 

How To End the Autism Epidemic  with many people saying is the best book on the link between vaccines and autism is already an Amazon best seller (it hit the list even before it was released) and has recently been sent to all of the senators in Washington.

Author, JB Handley, whose own son Jamieson, showed warning signs that very night after receiving his 6 vaccines given at his well baby appointment at two months of age.  Handley shares that something was clearly very wrong after that visit to the trusted family paediatrician, and his once perfectly healthy baby quickly morphed into a very sickly child.

Jamieson quickly regressed into autism and was often in constant pain with severe gut issues, his future now ruined.  This tragedy, that has also become millions of other parents far too eerily similar nightmare, propelled Handley on a journey that has become his lifes mission and purpose. Nothing fuels a parents fire to do something, more than that of their own childs suffering.  It also is the reason why parents of other injured children wont go away, until something is done about this crippling crisis.

JB, who studied at the prestigious Stanford University, has a very sharp grasp and innate ability to interpret and convey science, which is truly impressive. The research gone into this book is meticulous.

The book is written in a way that is concise and incredibly compelling, but most importantly, it is easy to understand.  This is a very important factor when discussing vaccine topics, simply because much of the vaccine science  in the last few decades has been manipulated, and you usually need a very sharp mind to see how this has happened.

The way studies are written actually go over most peoples heads, and this is why most dont look at the studies themselves in detail, for they simply do not understand what things mean, or how to...

The Wonders of Real Free Market Medical Care "IndyWatch Feed"

(Note:  Im doing this one as a long narrative based on my recent experience with the free market side of the health care system.  There are lots of links at the end of the article.)

Im a middle aged, reasonably fit, healthy male. I stay active in skiing, soccer (against players often 10-20 years younger) and other activities, and have been very blessed in that I havent needed surgery to repair an injury until recently.

I was skiing back in March with my daughter. When we were getting off a lift, the guy on my left somehow stepped on the back of my left ski with the back of his right ski, which pulled the back of my ski out to the side. I fell back on my butt with my lower left leg twisted nearly 90 degrees to the outside.  Significant and immediate burning sensation on the inner side of the knee the MCL area.

Ive had a couple grade 2 right MCL sprains in soccer. This felt the same but different. We were nowhere near the car, so I had to ski basically one legged the entire way back to the lift closest to the car because of the pain. I limped to the car, drove 4 hours home, and the knee was pretty swollen by then. RICE, RICE BABY.  (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).  A couple days later, the swelling was pretty much gone.

Unfortunately, my company had dropped our medical insurance after Obamacare caused the price to more than double, and I hadnt picked it back up, so I was cash pay. I chose to rehab at home and not go to the doctor. Within 4-6 weeks, I felt ready to play soccer, although the knee still felt a bit weak. I figured it was just the new state of things, and I played soccer for about 3 months with the knee feeling a bit weak, but otherwise fine. I ran, cut, accelerated, stopped, and scored goals pretty much like I did in 2017.

However, in August, I was playing for my team against one of our primary rivals. I played a short pass with my left foot to my team captain about 15 feet away and felt the left knee shift/buckle inside a bit. It was disconcerting because it had never done that before but didnt hurt very much. I stayed on the field and walked it off because we had no subs. The discomfort went away in about 5 minutes, so I tried sprinting again, and the knee felt ok. The next time I had to cut and twist the left knee, it shifted/buckled a bit again. I walked off the field, done.  It swelled in the hours after the re-injury.

I tried rehabbing it again at home and saw some improvement, but even the slight twisting required to get in the car gave me that same shifting/buckling feeling. I went to see a local orthopedic surgeon that Im friends with. Upon examination, my ortho friend determined that both ACLs were intact and fine (WHEW), but found that I likely had a torn meniscus. He recommended an MRI. Given that I was a cash patient, I didnt want to do it at the local hosp...


Hadith for the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Kim Hill talks with Angelique Kidjo "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kim Hill

This was much more interesting than Adam initially thought it would be.

Interview with Angelique Kidjo, the acclaimed musician from Benin.

Singer/songwriter  Anglique Kidjo is from the West African country of Benin and is known for her diverse musical influences and her creative music videos. Her latest project is a track by track reimagination of the Talking Heads 1980 album Remain in Light. As well as her three Grammy Awards, she is the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Crystal Award given by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the 2016 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award. Kidjo was also the first African women to be appointed as an international Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She set up the Batonga Foundation to empower and educate girls in Africa, and she is Harvard Universitys 2018 Jazz Master.  Kidjo tells Kim about her escape from Benin, discusses her music and her politics, and plays some songs from Remain in Light. She is coming to Aotearoa for WOMAD 2019. 


Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and wont allow a single mosque "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and wont allow a single mosque By EMMA R  Voice of Europe TDC Note If you arent assimilating to a community you are, in fact, invading. If your stated goal is impose your religion, your...

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Defection: 84 Senators, Reps change parties in three years "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ex-PDP national chair, Gemade, moved from APC to PDP to SDP NAssembly leaders, 26 senators, 56 Reps involved   A record 84 members of both chambers of the 8th National Assembly have, so far dumped the various political parties on which they were elected during the 2015 general elections, an investigation by New Telegraph has []

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The environmental cost of making a smartphone "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) A smartphone does not just cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. An article on Eco Watch reported that the hidden costs of manufacturing billions of these cellphones include the destru...


Security operatives search Atikus private jet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ex-VP: Agents of state intimidating me, my staff PDP: Its attack on democracy FG: No, its a routine check     There was outrage yesterday as security operatives searched the private jet of former Vice President and presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as he and his political associates touched []

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APC: State chairmen split over plot to remove Oshiomhole "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Party chair: I didnt meet Tinubu in London   The move to remove the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has split the state chairmen of the party. The state party chairmen were divided over the call for Oshiomholes removal by some party chieftains, especially the governors. Some state chairmen, who spoke []

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46 Die In Apocalyptic California Wildfires; Tens Of Thousands Evacuate "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the wildfires continue to spread across California, 46 residents from Paradise are now feared dead after the town got destroyed in the inferno. So far, officials have confirmed that eleven people are dead, with [...]

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New Telegraph Awards: Proof of public confidence in us BPE "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Transcorp Hotels: Honour shows our Corporate Excellence   The management of Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) has commended New Telegraph for nominating the agency as The Most Productive Government Agency. Also, Transcorp Hotels Plc. has expressed joy over the award of Hospitality Brand of the Year, pledging its continued commitment to corporate excellence. The privatisation []

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8th National Assembly: Defection takes the shine "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It is an unprecedented rate of defection in the 8th National Assembly despite the constitutional provision, which clearly intends to discourage and penalise legislators for dumping the political parties on which they were elected except on rare and exceptional circumstances, FELIX NWANERI, chukwu david and philp nyam report   The framers of the Nigerian Constitution []

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Kogi gov commissions 3,000 Vigilante Officers to combat crime "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a bid to maintain her status as one of the most secured states in Nigeria, the Kogi State Government has commissioned about 3,000 men and women as vigilante guards in Lokoja. The initiative, according to Governor Yahaya Bello, is to complement the efforts of other security agencies in the state. The guards, which were []

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Former Hillary Clinton Advisor: Shes Running Again in 2020 "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clintons former adviser Mark Penn is warning the public that we should brace ourselves for another run from the power hungry sore loser in 2020.

Penn co-wrote in a Sunday op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that she wont let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.

True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies, the op-ed that Penn authored with Andrew Stein claims. She wont let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.

Like a cockroach that just wont die, or the final boss in a video game that keeps obnoxiously coming back after each defeat Clinton just wont go away.

Penn said that by reinventing herself as a liberal firebrand, Mrs. Clinton will easily capture the 2020 nomination.

You can expect her to run for president once again, he said. Maybe not at first, when the legions of Senate Democrats make their announcements, but definitely by the time the primaries are in full swing.

Last month, Clinton admitted that while she doesnt want to run again she would like to be president.

Even some of her closest allies want her to give it a rest though.

Shes more likely to win Powerball, Philippe Reines, Clintons longtime adviser, told The Hill.

While nobody really wants to hear that womans voice ever again at least the right can recycle all their best memes from 2016.

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Late-night eating raises heart disease risk "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Scientists in America said late-night meals may pose a risk to heart health. Findings from a new study presented at the American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions annual meeting, found that eating more later in the evening was associated with an increased risk of heart disease.The study was presented at the AHAs 2018 scientific session taking []

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Banks not negatively impacted by IFRS 9 execution "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Since January 1 2018, all Nigerian banks had adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which is believed to have negatively impacted lenders performance. But in this interview with Tony Chukwunyem, partner at Ernst & Young (EY) and Head of the firms Assurance business in Nigeria, Mr. Jamiu Olakisan, who specialises in the audit of []

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CNN to file lawsuit over White House Acosta ban "IndyWatch Feed World"

CNN seems to be setting the wheels in motion for a lawsuit against the White House regarding the revocation of reporter Jim Acosta's press credentials. Appearing on CNN's "Reliable Sources" this Sunday, ABC's former White House correspondent Sam Donaldson made the claim that Jim Acosta and CNN had already filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the White House's decision to revoke the reporter's press pass. "I hope I'm not mistaken, but it's my understanding that CNN and Acosta have sued, that there will be a court hearing on Tuesday on this very matter that we've been discussing," Donaldson said. Donaldson claims that he has already been asked to prepare an affidavit to be submitted to court, likely due to Donaldson's own reputation for confrontation with the White House, including trading personal insults with President George Bush in 2006.


European Central Bank In Panic Mode as Economy Stalls "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

European Central Bank In Panic Mode as Economy Stalls by Andrew Moran  Activist Post The eurozone could not borrow from the momentum of the U.S. economy in the third quarter as economic growth slumped to a tepid 0.2% , the slowest...

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Israel is afraid of Khalida Jarrar because she shatters its false democratic image (Ramzy Baroud ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

11/11/2018 - When Israeli troops stormed the house of Palestinian parliamentarian and lawyer Khalida Jarrar on April 2, 2015, she was engrossed in her research. For months, she had been leading a Palestinian ...


819535302 188 604958 C-0-M "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Bothy  a small hut or cottage, especially one for housing farmhands or labourers, or for use as a mountain refuge; a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge.


The bigger they are, the harder they fail "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Japan Times reports an embarrassing failure of big wind. Hilariously, the filename for this picture on their website is n-fukuturb-a-20181028.jpg  Quote. A floating wind turbine built off Fukushima Prefecture to symbolize recovery efforts after the 2011 nuclear disaster will be removed, a government source has said. End quote. It is all about the symbolism! Quote. [] The post The bigger they are, the harder they fail appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Commemorating 100 Years: Coope, Boyes and Simpson: Spring 1919 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



Another great song from Coope, Boyes and Simpson, with some excellent and appropriate film footage



Richard Ojeda, West Virginia Lawmaker Who Led Teacher Strikes, Will Run for President "IndyWatch Feed"

Richard Ojeda is running for president. Ojeda, a West Virginia state senator and retired U.S. Army major, lost his congressional bid in the states 3rd District on Tuesday, but saw the largest swing of Trump voters toward Democrats in any district around the country overperforming 2016 by more than 35 points. Still, in a district Donald Trump carried by 49 points, Ojeda, who rose to prominence leading teacher strikes in West Virginia, lost by 12 points.

Ojedas case for his candidacy is straightforward: The Democratic Party has gotten away from its roots, and he has a unique ability to win over a white, black, and brown working-class coalition by arguing from a place of authority that Trump is a populist fraud. Hes launching his campaign with an anti-corruption focus that draws a contrast with Trumps inability to drain the swamp.

His authority and one of his greatest liabilities would come, in part, from his own previous support of Trump in the 2016 general election. After backing Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary, Ojeda refused to support Hillary Clinton, seeing her as an embodiment of the partys drift toward the elite.

The Democratic Party is supposed to be the party that fights for the working class and thats exactly what I do.

I have been a Democrat ever since I registered to vote, and Ill stay a Democrat, but thats because of what the Democratic Party was supposed to be, he told The Intercept. The reason why the Democratic Party fell from grace is because they become nothing more than elitist, that was it. Goldman Sachs, thats who they were. The Democratic Party is supposed to be the party that fights for the working class and thats exactly what I do. I will stand with unions wholeheartedly and thats the problem the Democratic Party wants to say that, but their actions do not mirror that.

Ojeda turned on Trump early in his term, concluding that the presidents interest in improving the lives of working people like those Ojeda grew up with in West Virginia, or served with in the military, was fake. Now, he wants to break the spell Trump still holds on half the country.

We have a person that has come down to areas like Appalachia and has triedand has convinced these people that he is for them, when in reality the people that he has convinced couldnt even afford to play one round of golf on his fancy country club, Ojeda...


Firefighters battle Santa Ana winds, 170,000 Los Angeles residents still under evacuation "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Woolsey Fire has scorched 83,275 acres and devoured more than 175 structures.

As firefighters race to control the Woolsey Fire, mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for approximately 170,000 residents of Los Angeles County, from Malibu to West Hills in the San Fernando Valley.

The Woolsey Fire is still burning in spots on both sides of the 101 freeway. It has torched hillsides and coastline across 83,275 acres of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and destroyed more than 170 buildings in the beaches, canyons, and Valley. Containmentstands at 10 percent.

On Sunday, firefighters extinguished flare-ups and kept a hold on the fires perimeter, stopping it from spreading south into communities like Pacific Palisades, said Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby. He noted that there were no new reports of homes burning down.

Today was a better day, he said.

But, Osby cautioned: Were not out of the woods tonight.

Powerful Santa Ana winds are forecasted to kick up again later tonight, posing a major threat. Wind gusts can easily fan embers and ignite dry brush.

None of the mandatory evacuation orders issued for the Woolsey Fire since Friday have been lifted in LA County, and approximately 57,000 structures in Ventura and Los Angeles counties are still at risk.

The evacuation orders affect multiple communities, including Topanga, where many residents have opted to shelter in place, as well as the entire city of Malibu, which City Councilmember Lou La Monte has said was hit very, very hard.

Authorities continue to urge Topanga residents who have remained in their homes to leave immediately.

(A full, up-to-date list of evacuation areas and evacuation centers is listed at the end of this story).

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department is also warning residents in evacuation zones to resist the urge to return home. Ev...


First Perihelion: Into the Unknown with Parker Solar Probe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Good thing there are no traffic cameras in space! The #ParkerSolarProbe spacecraft reached a top speed of 213,200 miles per hour relative to the Sun during its first close approach to our closest star, setting a new record for spacecraft speed.Learn more from NASA Sun Science about this mission of solar discovery:


MACKAY Peak Downs miner goes from big-time to broke amidst domestic violence convictions "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 10, 2018 at 09:53PM ,

Peak Downs miner goes from big-time to broke amidst domestic violence convictions

November 10, 2018 at 09:53PM ,

44-year-old caused damage to a home which was the property of the company, Mackay Magistrates Court was told. Facing court from the dock in

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


100 years later, Belgian town celebrates Canadian liberators "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ive never experienced anything like this in my life, says Montreal captain of the welcome received in Mons

When Canadian troops marched into Mons, Belgium, 100 years ago, chasing away the remnants of the German army, locals werent exactly sure where their liberators were from.

The soldiers were wearing kilts and some had berets with a red pom-pom atop. They looked like the Scots who had tried, unsuccessfully, to keep Mons from falling into German hands at the start of the war, in August 1914.

We knew you would come back, the people of Mons shouted. The incoming troops, though, were from Montreals own highland regiment, the Black Watch.

Just a few hours after they and a battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment reclaimed the town from the Germans, the Armistice went into effect, and residents joined the Canadians in celebrating the end of the First World War.

Canadian soldiers parade through the streets of Mons, Belgium, on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918. (Canadian War Museum)

On Sunday, there was no mistaking the nationality of the soldiers, veterans and families who had returned to Mons to recreate the final scene of the war.

Canadian flags, both big and small, filled the Belgian town. Around 11 a.m., ET, the pipes and drums of the Black Watch led a parade through the towns cobblestone streets, following a route similar to the one their predecessors took on Nov. 11, 1918.

Several thousand people from the Mons area attended the parade, despite rain, and applauded as the Canadian contingent...


The Mexicans are Coming "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Story. Roll out the razor wire. Refortify the Alamo. Ransack your peace of mind.


The threat is not Islam but those who seek to undermine our rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The Coalition remains bent on promoting division and diversions to push through its political agenda. One method is to continue fanning the Islam scare and the other one is to build a law and order campaign.

This is why young Africans in Melbourne have been targeted, and why the terrible attack Bourke Street in Melbourne has been tied to the so-called Islamic terrorist threat. In its typical fashion of putting out the big lie to make a story, Murdocks Herald-Sun mirrored this in its front-page heading. The tycoon and his empire have a lot to answer for.

No evidence has been put forward that connects the attack by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali to political or religious motivation. But why let this get in the way of good story? Could it be that the man has mental health issues? Those who know him have said this and some have mentioned that he has had substance abuse problems. He is not a practicing Muslim. He is of African appearance and vulnerable to be set up as a target, by those who wish to whip up racial hatred.

The state of his metal health was explained in a letter sen to Channel 9 by Alis family. It was a plea to stop the incident being used for political purposes. Cafe owner Sisto Malaspina died and two others were injured by knife wounds. Hassan died from a gunshot wound.

Family letter sent to Channel 9

Still, News Corp and much of the other major news outlets persisted on peddling rumours and hearsay, showing no regard for finding the truth. It reveals just how far the quality of our media has descended.

This locks in very well with the election campaign going on in Victoria. Liberal Party leader is Matthew Guy is putting himself forward and the champion of law and order. He falls in with the Murdoch claim that crime is running rife. No matter that this is not true and police data shows that overall crime is on the decrease. But again, why let the facts get in the way of the story?

Over it all, is the assertion that our society needs more policing, and those making it, hope that enough people will buy it, at least until its put in place.

All fair-minded people must call pout the lie for what it is.

This is not a Victoria only development. Scott Morrison is hitting the stumps and has joined in with his attack on radical, violent, extremist Is...


Nasrallah to Yemenis: US/Saudis have failed, victory closer than ever before "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

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America after Grid Down: Collapse of Critical Infrastructure (Videos) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

America after Grid Down: Collapse of Critical Infrastructure Videos Canadian Prepper Part 1 Part 2

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2019: Sanwo-Olu to solve Lagos problems through technology if elected "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday promised to partner with technology sector to solve social issues such as creation of employment opportunity, mentoring, entrepreneurship, education, health, transportation and improve the revenue profile of the government if voted for in next years election in the state. Speaking []

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Suspicious package at Fort Lauderdale airport Bomb squad called to Terminal 4 "IndyWatch Feed World"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.  All activities have returned to normal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after a suspicious package was investigated by a bomb squad Sunday night,Broward Sheriffs Office officials said.


Unpaid salaries: Labour gives Akeredolu 24 hours ultimatum "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The organized labour in Ondo State has given Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu 24 hours within which to pay backlog of salary arrears being owed or face prolonged industrial action. In a letter signed by State Chairmen of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Negotiating Council (JNC), Tayo Ogunleye, Soladoye Ekundayo and Abel []

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FG arouses investors interest in Nigerias oil "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kachikwu, Tinubu advocate Nigerian Agenda for 1,900 CEOs, stakeholders The Federal Government has secured more interest from investors for the Nigerias multi-billion dollars oil and gas industry. The government did this at the just concluded African Oil Week (AOW) in South Africa through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board []

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Literature and culture for all! And other reasons to love Overland "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its never been an easy choice to be a writer, and its never easy to get published. But we try strive to make Overland a series of spaces where you can have a voice in our print magazine, our daily only magazine, our special fiction and poetry editions (which publish primarily emerging writers, and are produced by emerging editors), our residencies for under-represented writers, our literary competitions and countless other opportunities.


Champion Breweries: High costs cut earnings "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

High cost of operations, the shift in consumer patterns in the light of the economic situation in the country and corresponding squeeze on disposal income are taking tolls on the earnings of Champion Breweries Plc. Chris Ugwu writes   With government revenues declining and public sector workers going unpaid for months, consumers of brewery products []

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Military Family Member Returns Freedom Medal to George W. Bush "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On November 11, 2018, the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, Stacy Bannerman of Military Family Speaks Out and author of "911 Homefront: How Families of Veterans are Wounded by War" attended the Liberty Medal ceremony in Philadelphia, PA to return her Freedom Medal. Former Vice President Joe Biden was giving the Liberty Medal to George W. and Laura Bush for their commitment to veterans. Former President Bush gave the Freedom Medal to Stacy Bannerman. Hear her compelling testimony on why she is giving it back to him.


World War Is Unlikely Canine Hero "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Washington Examiner: Exactly 100 years ago, the guns fell silent. At the famous eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the nightmare that was Wold War I came to an end with the armistice signed in a railroad passenger car in France. More than four years of fighting had []


The Naughty AIs That Gamed The System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance in the last few years. Theres been plenty of research into neural networks and other technologies, often based around teaching an AI system to achieve certain goals or targets. However, this method of training is fraught with danger, because just like in the movies the computer doesnt always play fair.

Its often very much a case of the AI doing exactly what its told, rather than exactly what you intended. Like a devious child who will gladly go to bed in the literal sense, but will not actually sleep, this can cause unexpected, and often quite hilarious results. [Victoria] has created a master list of scholarly references regarding exactly this.

The list spans a wide range of cases. Theres the amusing evolutionary algorithm designed to create creatures capable of high-speed movement, which merely spawned very tall creatures that generated these speeds by falling over. More worryingly, theres the AI trained to identify toxic and edible mushrooms, which simply picked up on the fact that it was presented with the two types in alternating order. This ended up being an unreliable model in the real world. Similarly, the model designed to assess malignancy of skin cancers determined that lesions photographed with rulers for scale were more likely to be cancerous.

[Victoria] refers to this as specification gaming. One can draw parallels to classic sci-fi stories around the Laws of Robotics, where robots take such laws to their literal extremes, often causing great harm in the process. Its an interesting discussion of the difficulty in training artificially intelligent systems to achieve their set goals without undesirable side effects.

Weve seen plenty of work in this area before like this use of evolutionary algorithms in circuit design.


Commemorating 100 Years: Remembrance Day Parade Bermuda 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Back in the 1980s Adam lived and worked in the British Crown Colony of Bermuda. Bermuda lies some 600 miles into the Atlantic from Cape Hatteras in the Carolinas. It is the end of the most northerly coral reef in the world and although far out to see, the islands are in alarge group of submerged reefs and shoals, hence the Bermuda triangle. It has been self governing since 1620 and is theoldest self governing entity within the Commonwealth. In Bemuda Novemebr 11 is a public holiday and eveything used to stop at 11 a.m. on the IIth of November. In WWII, it functioned as a major base for Royal Navy ships hunting U Boats, with a large dockyard facility; plus it functioned a major mail interception centre for British intelligence. In addition, it provided an operational base for aircraft to patrol further into the Atlantic.

In any event this seemed worthy of a look.


Circulating copy of Lahores degree is fake, says bureau; releases original "IndyWatch Feed World"

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Saturday dismissed the circulating copy of a masters degree being associated with its director general for Lahore, Shahzad Saleem, as fake, and released what it said was the real degree.

The veracity of Saleems degree, issued by the now defunct Al-Khair University from Azad Kashmir, received renewed media attention this week after it was discussed during the NAB officials appearance on a late night TV show on Thursday.

A copy of NAB Lahore DG's
A copy of NAB Lahore DGs original degree Photo by NAB

The case was also set to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday before the court delisted it, along with some other cases, today. Following the development, NAB stated that the copy of the degree being associated with Saleem was counterfeit.

A copy of NAB Lahore DG's
A copy of NAB Lahore DGs original degree Photo by NAB

It is pertinent to mention that the said transcript, issued in 2002, had reportedly featured Calibri font, which was not commercially available until five years later. However, the corruption watchdogs spokesperson today released the original copy of the transcript, which he pointed out features the Arial font.

The NAB spokesperson claimed that the transcript had already been verified in 2003 but was deliberately converted into Calibri font by corrupt elements to make the NAB officials credentials controversial.

Al-Khair Universitys degrees declared illegal in KP

Meanwhile, Khyber Pakhtunkhwas education department has directed its district education officers to declare degrees, certificates and diplomas issued by the Al-Khair University as illegal.

In one of the subsequent orders issued by Peshawar districts education office, the said universitys transcripts have been declared illegal, unverified and unrecognised.

The notification, which cites a Peshawar High Court order, says that Al-Khair Universitys degrees will no longer be valid for the purpose of seeking employment in any of the government departments....


A Different WWI Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

More than a decade before the New Deal, a wildcat strike wave during WWI brought about extensive concessions including right to organize, mandatory arbitration for employers, higher wages, and shorter work weeks. As we approach the anniversary of the end of WWI the history of this little-known period of class conflict has many critical lessons for us today. Above all, the lesson is that class conflict drives reform not the other way around as is commonly argued.


Adepoju to Eagles: Finish the job in Joburg "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  says team will miss Ighalo   Ex-international, Mutiu Adepoju, has tasked the Super Eagles to complete the qualification job when they face the Bafana Bafana of South Africa in Johannesburg this weekend in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers. Super Eagles are currently top of the table after recording three successive wins against Seychelles []

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Buhari wants stringent actions against illicit financial flows "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President Muhammadu Buhari has called for stringent actions against perpetrators of illicit financial flows, including a crackdown on the safe havens. The Presisent warned that continuous impunity would encourage more pilfering of countries resources to the detriment of the poor and vulnerable populace. The President was speaking at the first edition of the Paris Peace []

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Man dies during sex with lover in Anambra hotel "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A 65-year-old man, Mr. Obi Nwoda, has reportedly collapsed and died while making love to his 34-year-old lover, Ifeoma Ayinka, in a hotel room. The incident occurred on Saturday at Desires and Leisure Hotel, Agu Awka in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Haruna Mohammed, confirmed []

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Ex-Clinton aide: Hillary will run again in 2020 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ex-Clinton aide: Hillary will run again in 2020 | 11 Nov 2018 | Mark Penn, a former adviser to the Clintons, believes Hillary Clinton will make another run for president in 2020. Penn, a frequent contributor to The Hill, co-wrote a Sunday op-ed for The Wall Street Journal with Andrew Stein, a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the New York City Council. "True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies," the pair wrote. "She wont let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House."


Food Stamp Participation Reaches Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Food Stamp Participation Reaches Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade by Katherine Rodriguez Breitbart Participation in the nations food stamp program has sunk to an all-time low, reaching its lowest level in nearly a decade, according to the latest...

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Commemorating 100 Years: Memorable Quotations from WWI "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


A young gunner subaltern was on his way to observe a machine gun position. Just as he got outside my door a shrapnel shell burst full in front of him. The poor fellow was brought in to me absolutely riddled. He lay in my arms until he died, shrieking in his agony, and said he hoped I would excuse him for making such as a noise as he really could not help it. He was a fine looking boy,  not more  than 19.
                                                                                     A British medical officer on the                                                                                                       Western Front


Curbing posting of nude pictures on Internet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There appears a lacuna in Section 24 (1) of the Cybercrime Act 2015 which prescribes N7 million fine and 3 years imprisonment for an offence of posting nude pictures on the Internet without compensation for victims of the crime. But lawyers believe otherwise. AKEEM NAFIU reports   Sequel to her inability to raise N200, 000 []

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Amangbo charges Golden Eaglets over discipline "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

affirms Zenith Banks commitment to youth sports     The MD/CEO of Zenith Bank, Peter Amangbo, has charged the players of the countrys U-17 team, the Golden Eaglets, to be more disciplined as their talents alone cannot take them to the pinnacle of their career. Amangbo made this appealed during the visit of the Golden []

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Ogunade: Nigerias insecurity is politically motivated "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mr. Wale Ogunade is the President, Voters Awareness Initiative. In this interview with AKEEM NAFIU, he speaks on the on-going debate about new minimum wage for workers, bribery allegations against Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, proliferation and stockpiling of weapons ahead of 2019 polls and sundry issues     Do you agree with the Minister []

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NASA asteroid WARNING: Three giant asteroids to pass Earth THIS SATURDAY "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

THREE giant asteroids will barrel past the planet this weekend on a so-called Close Earth Approach, NASA has warned.


Astronomers Just Discovered Two Rogue Planets in Our Galaxy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Polish astronomers just discovered two new planets in our galaxy. Thats cool news on its own, but these planets are different from most. Unlike almost all known planets, New Scientist reports, these two planets dont orbit a star.

Instead, they drift aimlessly through the cold, dead void of space and presumably spend their time writing angsty poetry.


QotD: 100 years ago today, the killing finally stopped. "Today is properly a day of mourning, for a world rent asunder by a stupid, useless waste of human life." "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

"War is not glorious. It achieves no great goals. It cures no diseases, it bridges no rivers, it builds no great cities, it does not launch people into space, clothe the naked, or feed the hungry. Those are worth celebrating, those sorts of achievements represent mankind at its best. War does quite the opposite thing it destroys resources and people in bulk, and sets back human achievement, sometimes by years, sometimes by decades.
    "Nor is participation in war laudable. Sometimes it is necessary to defend oneself, but there is never any glory in it. Dying face down in the mud is tragic, not glorious, and World War I was almost nothing but one tragedy after another, over and over, multiplied by the millions.
    "So, today is properly a day of mourning -- for a world that was happily growing in population, accumulating capital, and engaging in peaceful trade which was, all of it, rent asunder by a stupid, useless waste of human life."

        ~ Perry Metzger, posting at Samizdata 



NY Times Is Blind To Police Problems With White Supremacists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The New York Times tells a story about law enforcement failing and struggling to deal with white supremacy. The elephant in the room, unmentioned by reporter Janet Reitman or any of the sources she chose to cite, is that U.S. law enforcement doesnt do enough about violent racists because as an institution, U.S. law enforcement is violently racist and contains explicit white supremacists in its ranks.


Did you miss us? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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The Contradictions Of The #Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trumps bizarre vendetta against Sessions has apparently disguised for some the fact that the president couldnt have asked for a more loyal underling than Sessions, his recusal aside. One need only do a quick survey of Sessions handiwork over the last two years to see why. In other words, Sessions continued occupancy of the attorney generals office was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than the closing of Muellers investigation ever could be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure.


The Atlantic: What did we learn from the Midterms? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A follow up podcast from The Atlantic to this one posted earlier

Executive Editor Matt Thompson interviews Atlantic reporters on what lessons they drew from the midterm elections, speaking in turn with: Vann Newkirk, Emma Green, Ron Brownstein, Adam Harris, and David Graham.

 The Democrats Deep-South Strategy Was a Winner After All(Vann R. Newkirk II, November 8, 2018)
 Tuesday Showed the Drawbacks of Trumps Electoral Bargain (Ronald Brownstein, November 7, 2018)
 The Year of the Woman Still Leaves Women With Terrible Representation in Government (Emma Green, November 7, 2018)
 The Democrats Are Back, and Ready to Take On Trump (David A. Graham, November 7, 2018)
 America Is Divided by Education (Adam Harris, November 7, 2018)
 The Georgia Governors Race Has Brought Voter Suppression Into Full View (Vann R. Newkirk II, November 6, 2018)


Daily sudoku "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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When milk turns sour "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Farmers worldwide face an existential threat as milk prices slump, though dairy processing giants are making windfall gains. Jitendra takes stock in India, Kenya and Germany.

When milk turns sour "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Farmers worldwide face an existential threat as milk prices slump, though dairy processing giants are making windfall gains. Jitendra takes stock in India, Kenya and Germany.


Tanzania president fires two ministers over cashew nut price row "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tanzanias President John Magufuli said the government could buy up the countrys cashew nut stock after he fired two ministers in a row over the price of the commodity.


Our seedlings are sprouting on the International Space Station "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Astronaut Serena Aun-Chancellor planted Red Russian kale and Dragoon lettuce in a special garden last month and if all goes well, they will be ready to enjoy for Thanksgiving! Dig in:


Apple's T2 Security Chip Prevents Linux From Installing on New Macs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple's MacBook Pro laptops have become increasingly unfriendly with Linux in recent years [...] But now with the latest Mac Mini systems employing Apple's T2 security chip, they too are likely to crush any Linux dreams.

At least until further notice, these new Apple systems sporting the T2 chip will not be able to boot Linux operating systems.

[...] By default, Microsoft Windows isn't even bootable on the new Apple systems until enabling support for Windows via the Boot Camp Assistant macOS software.

From Phoronix.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Here We Go: Palm Beach County Elections Officials Say its Impossible to Make THURSDAY Recount Deadline "IndyWatch Feed"

At what point are these crooked and incompetent officials removed from office?

Palm Beach County took FOUR DAYS to count their midterm ballots and manufacture new votes.

Palm Beach County elections supervisor Susan Bucher would not allow media cameras into the public ballot counting this past week. She did not allow Republican watchers into the counting room. She continued to manufacture votes and she refused a court order to submit over-votes and under-votes to the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board to review.

And now Palm Beach County officials are already saying they cannot finish their recount by the THURSDAY Deadline!

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Venezuela to Present Petro to Intergovernmental Group OPEC as Unit of Account for Oil "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Venezuela to Present Petro to Intergovernmental Group OPEC as Unit of Account for Oil By Ana Berman Coin Telegraph TDC Note When this cryptocurrency launched I was one of the first people to report it coming to market...

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World BEYOND War is a finalist for the Educators Challenge Competition "IndyWatch Feed War"

World BEYOND War is a finalist for the Educators Challenge competition created by the Global Challenges Foundation. The Educators Challenge seeks innovative approaches to engage students and broader audiences in discussions on the importance and principles of global governance, its history and its potential future. The Global Challenges Foundations aim is to contribute to reducing the main global problems and risks that threaten humanity.

Tony Jenkins, Education Director of World BEYOND War, submitted our book, A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS)as an educational blueprint for ending all war through the development of a cooperative, nonviolent system of global governance. AGSS is complemented by our online study guide Study War No More that provides guiding questions for discussion & action, and features videos of changemakers actively designing the new system. AGSS is utilized as a learning, planning and organizing tool by community groups, schools, universities, and policymakers around the world.

World BEYOND War is one of twelve finalists to advance to the final stage, where a final jury will select up to 10 winners. Winning prizes of US$5000 will be awarded early 2019 to the most creative and effective proposals progressing pedagogy and audience engagement around the pressing issues that require improved global cooperation.

Watch our submission promo video here.

You can learn about the 12 finalists here.



Final Turnout in Donbass DPRs Elections Reaches 80.1 Percent Authorities "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik 12.11.2018 DONETSK/KIEV The final turnout in the elections of the leader and members of parliament in the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) has amounted to 80.1 percent, head of the breakaway republics Central Election Commission Olga Pozdnyakova said. As of the moment when the polling stations were closed, the turnout amounted to []


Domestic Operational Law Handbook for Judge Advocates 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Domestic Operational Law (DOPLAW) Handbook for judge advocates is a product of the Center for Law and Military Operations (CLAMO). The content is derived from statutes, Executive Orders and Directives, national policy, DoD Directives and Instructions, joint publications, service regulations, field manuals, as well as lessons learned by judge advocates and other practitioners throughout Federal and State government. This edition includes substantial revisions. It incorporates new guidance set forth in Department of Defense Directive 3025.18 (Defense Support of Civil Authorities), Department of Defense Instruction 3025.21 (Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies), numerous new National Planning Framework documents, and many other recently updated publications. It provides amplifying information on wildfire response, emergency mutual assistance compacts, the role of the National Guard and Army units in domestic response, and provides valuable lessons learned from major disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

The Handbook is designed to serve as a working reference and training tool for judge advocates; however, it is not a substitute for independent research. With the exception of footnoted doctrinal material, the information contained in this Handbook is not doctrine. Judge advocates advising in this area of the law should monitor developments in domestic operations closely as the landscape continues to evolve. Further, the information and examples provided in this Handbook are advisory only. The term State is frequently used throughout this Handbook, and collectively refers to the 50 States, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. The same is often referred to as the 54 States and territories. Finally, the content and opinions expressed in this Handbook do not represent the official position of the U.S. Army or the other services, the National Guard Bureau, the Office of The Judge Advocate General, The Judge Advocate Generals Legal Center and School, or any other government agency.

A Dual Status Commander maintains a commission in both a Title 10 and Title 32 capacity which helps to unify the effort of the Federal and National Guard personnel involved in the response to a major disaster or emergency. The National Defense Authorization Act for 201261 stated that when Federal forces and the National Guard are employed simultaneously in support of civil authorities,appointment of a Dual Status Commander should be the usual and customary command and control arrangement. This includes Stafford Act major disaster and emergency response missions. The use of Dual Status Commanders is becoming more common for incident response, and they have been used for planned and special events since 2004. Dual Status Commanders receive orders from both the State and Federal chains of command, and thus serve as a vital link...


CDC:Adult Smoking Hits Record Lows "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Smoking Rates of American Adults Has Reached a Never Before Seen Low Only 14% Reported Cigarette Use in 2017 by Salynn Boyles, Contributing Writer MedPage Today Smoking rates among U.S. adults continued to decline in 2017, reaching the lowest levels ever recorded with just 14% reporting current cigarette use in a large federal survey, the CDC reported []


Trump Takes High Road After Macron Nationalism Swipe, Pays Tribute To Veterans "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Washington Times: President Trump on Sunday honored Veterans Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I by paying tribute to Americas fallen heroes and the friendship with France that was sealed in battle. At Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial in France, Mr. Trump recalled that French and American troops shed []


Heavy rain in Dubai washes Pakistans chance of series win against New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The third and final one-day international between Pakistan and New Zealand was abandoned after persistent rain in Dubai on Sunday, leaving the series tied at 1-1.

The play was interrupted due to heavy rain as New Zealand were chasing a daunting 280-run target set by Pakistan. New Zealand were 35-1 after 6.5 overs when the umpires signalled for a stoppage in play after light rain turned into heavy showers.

Earlier, a well-crafted 92 from Babar Azam and half-centuries from Fakhar Zaman and Haris Sohail guided Pakistan to 279-8.

Lockie Ferguson, though, put the brakes on with a fine display of fast bowling, taking a career-best 5-45 from his 10 overs.

With the series on the line with each side having won a game, Pakistans batting clicked from the outset after Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and chose to bat.

Zaman and Mohammad Hafeez (19) added 64 for the first wicket before Hafeez dislodged a bail with his heel while working Ferguson to long leg, bringing Azam to the crease in the 14th over.

Zaman hit eight boundaries in his eighth one-day half-century before being caught on the long-on boundary off Colin de Grandhomme for 65.

Azam then paced the innings during a third-wicket stand of 108 with Sohail.

Sohail struck two sixes and six boundaries in his 59-ball 60 before he was caught in the deep off Ferguson.

Azam continued to work the gaps well, happy to pick up singles and only occasionally open his shoulders. He faced 100 balls for his 92 but that included just four fours and one six.

He finally fell in the 49th over as he tried to reach his ninth one-day hundred, caught in the deep off Trent Boult, small consolation for the left-arm seamer whose 10 overs cost 80 runs.

Pakistan lost four wickets in the last two overs and may regret scoring only 38 runs in the last five.

New Zealand are without their skipper Kane Williamson who pulled out with a groin injury with Tom Latham leading the side.

Pakistan left out Imam-ul-Haq on precautionary grounds after he suffered a blow on his helmet in the second match on Friday but his...


Indonesias sustainable districts bet on corporate deforestation pledges "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Overcoming financing hurdles, local authorities in Indonesia's forest districts engaged with palm oil companies to support sustainable growth. Will these companies deliver on their promises?


Descobrimos 46 registros de estupros em Uber, txis e 99 e nmeros denunciados polcia podem ser bem maiores "IndyWatch Feed"

Reproduo de captura de tela publicada originalmente pelo jornal O Povo, mostrando um anncio de venda de contas de motoristas da Uber e da 99.


The US Mid-Term Election was an Unequivocal, Unadulterated Farce "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US Mid-Term Election was an Unequivocal, Unadulterated Farce as Proven by Leftist Defiance of the Court and Federal Laws

NOVEMBER 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

All you need do is browse the headlines at one publication like Freedom Outpost to see that this mid-term election in America was FUBAR.

The corruption is unparalleled and unabashedly blatant. Its downright astonishing. The criminals are stealing the rights of the American people to a fair and honest election to CHOOSE their representatives.

The results thus far tabulated in no way represent what The People thought they were going to get and stated that they wanted.

When you look at the maps of the results (above) provided by QAnon its clear there was a massive tsunami of red from coast to coast. Its also clear that the areas where immigrants have been funnelled and where the dimms are concentrated are sporting an oddly blue hue. Its not rocket science.

Take a look at most of the headlines at the website below and remember to prop up your jaw because if youre not prepared, it will shatter when it hits the floor.

The gall of these people doesnt register because they are officially insane. They have taken leave of their senses and are dangerous. Theyre completely out of order. LOCK THEM UP.

The situation at this point is so staggering all I can do is laugh. These results will not standand when one considers that these liars, cheats and thieves suggest they are the ones to run the country Im speechless. Do they think were blind?


Comprehending The DOJ/FBI Administrative State Battle "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a significant issue of understanding and comprehension that must be addressed for anyone interested in actually learning about what is happening, and what has happened. The issue surrounds recusal. Effective March 2nd, 2017, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Continue reading


The Poison Paradox Who Knew? "IndyWatch Feed War"

David Macilwain NOVICHOK! It just wont go away even though it was never there! The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that came into contact with the killer substance have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site. Suspend not disbelief yet at the thought of scrappies in Hazmat suits cutting up police cars. Such Alice in Wonderland deception was nicely detailed by Rob Slane in his latest dissection of the Skripal hoax, pointing specifically at the crucial flaws in the door-handle theory. Slane systematically destroys the UK governments assertion that the Skripals door-handle was the source of the poisoning, but without quite following through with the argument that there was no such poisoning with Novichok at all, as has been well established from other details of the event. In fact, as the UK government rests its whole case for Novichok poisoning on that door-handle, and rests its whole case against Russia on her supposed responsibility for smearing the nerve agent on it, the cutting of this Achilles Heel could


Whaleoil wisdom "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This piece of Whaleoil wisdom was brought to you by the Whaleoil Store. Visit us now and find the perfect piece of Whaleoil swag for your collection.   The post Whaleoil wisdom appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Bayer CEO: Roundup Weedkiller Cancer Victims Are 'Nuisances' "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are about 8,700 lawsuits pending against Monsanto, by people who allege that exposure to Roundup weedkiller is responsible for their cancer. 

Most of the people behind these lawsuits have stories not unlike the one told by Dewayne Johnson, during his landmark jury trial which resulted in a unanimous decision against Monsanto.

Like Johnson, many of these people have non-Hodgkin lymphoma or they have family members who have already died from the disease. They face long, grueling trials as they go up against the biotech behemoth.

To Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer (which acquired Monsanto last year for $63 billion), these people are just nuisances.

Read Entire Article


FACEBOOK is owned by the CIA . Who the fuck is Mark????? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Comment seen on media

Facebook was setup by the C.I.A. Try telling that to most people and they laugh at it. People seem to think its a coincidence that Facebook seems to be so intrusive over and over again. Privacy policies that would make anyone scratch their head. Im not going to beat around the bush with this blog post. Facebook was setup by the C.I.A. as a data mining project to collect as much information on as many people as they could. Not only that but it also has very strong ties to D.A.A.R.P.A. . The purpose of this data mining project that became Facebook was to find out a boat load of things on people. Where they are going. What they are doing. What airline are they using Who do they associate with What type of books or movies have you been reading. How you feel about things politically. The list goes on and on. Before I elaborate let me say that my prior statement about Facebook being setup by the C.I.A. isnt a theory or a hunch. If you simply follow the money its quite easy to see what is going on. Before we follow this money trail, just think about this.

If Facebook was setup by the C.I.A. (and it was) its a pretty brilliant plan. Never before have the people they want to watch actually given up so much information VOLUNTARILY! The C.I.A. doesnt even have to dig for most of it. People put it right out there. Think about how descriptive some peoples status updates are. They tell you where they are going, who they are with sometimes, what they like. All these things. Did you know that once Facebook has you tagged in ONE PHOTO they have you identified anytime an image of you is uploaded whether it is tagged, labeled, or anything else to ID it? Facebook runs facial recognition on all photos and can even ID you by running it on some really low resolution shots, and its done for free! Does that sound like something a website would do for free? There are some much more intrusive things Facebook does to track you and every site you visit that you probably dont know about. All this without visiting Facebook or even needing to be a member!! After I tell you about the money trail and the start of Facebook we will get into more of these privacy issues and there are a lot. The facial recognition is just the tip of the iceberg. Before we...


Legal experts say proposed discrimination law amendments will fail to protect LGBT children at religious schools "IndyWatch Feed National"

In an open letter to Attorney-General Christian Porter, leading legal academics and antidiscrimination law practitioners have strongly criticised aspects of the proposed amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (SDA) designed to deal with discrimination by religious schools against LGBT students.

We need changes to protect LGBT students from discrimination by religious schools, but this proposal fails to do that. Instead of simply removing existing exemptions for religious schools, these changes introduce unnecessary complexity and confusion and undermine the protection provided by the Sex Discrimination Act, said PIAC CEO, Jonathon Hunyor.

Kids in schools should be focused on classes and their homework, not living in fear of mistreatment because of who they are. All children should be accepted for who they are at school. Every school should be inclusive of all types of families, said Anna Brown, co-chair of the Equality Campaign and Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre.

We understand there is concern to ensure religious schools can maintain a religious ethos. But we dont need to complicate the law or provide special rules for religious schools to allow this. The current law already allows for schools to impose conditions on students to promote the schools values, provided such conditions are reasonable, said Mr Hunyor.

The proposed amendments add unnecessary complexity to an already complicated area of law and add religious susceptibilities as a special matter to be considered to justify discrimination against kids. This drafting fails to deliver on the governments commitment to protect LGBT students from discrimination, said Ms Brown.


The test for indirect discrimination is already very broad and allows a school to demonstrate their conduct is reasonable in the circumstances. Adding religious sensitivities as a further matter to be considered distorts this test in a dangerous way and fails to keep students safe, added Ms Brown.

The proposals come in the context of a broader debate about religious exemptions and discrimination law, PIAC and the Human Rights Law Centre have urged the Government to wind back exemptions for religious organisations that allow them to discriminate against LGBTI people in education, employment and providing goods and services.

Discrimination law is notoriously complex. The proposed changes add another level of unnecessary complexity. Anything more than a simple repeal of the exemptions for religious schools should be rejected, said Mr Hunyor.

The letter proposes an alternative, simpler way to...


TRUMP DEFENDED ME! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

TRUMP DEFENDED ME! Video Paul Joseph Watson It feels pretty good when the President of the United States has your back. Video Source

The post TRUMP DEFENDED ME! (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


RFK Jr. Wins Case against U.S. Government for Violations of Vaccine Safety "IndyWatch Feed World"

RFK Jr. wins case against U.S. government for vaccine safety violations

Sunday, November 11, 2018

(Natural News) Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the federal agency has been neglecting their vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that vaccine safety as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

Government agencies charged with protecting the public are not doing their part to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations, but will they be held accountable?

RFK Jr. and ICAN take on DHHS

As sources explain, a clause in the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NVICA) compels DHHS to take responsibility for improving vaccine safety and efficacy, and charges the agency with constant monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting. The Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines clause also tasks DHHS with providing a report on improvements made in these areas to Congress every two years.

RKF Jr. and ICAN reportedly suspected that DHHS was failing to meet this responsibility, and filed a Freedom of Informtation Act request to obtain the records of these biennial reports. For eight months, DHHS tried to blockade their request and refused to provide information. Ultimately, a lawsuit had to be filed.

As a document from ICAN reads:

ICAN was therefore forced to file a lawsuit to force H...


Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): "A Special Day in History" -- November 11, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "A Special Day in History" 11/11/2018

Date: Sunday, 11-Nov-2018 17:20:15

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

Pleiadian Scout Craft

Today is 11/11/11. (2018 = 11)

This day is special in many ways.

This will be a day to mark history forever.

Most are asleep and it will pass just like any other I will point out why you should pay attention to what is happening today.

Really it should be all over the MSM but all you will see there is the work of the dark cabal and their negative agenda.

What is in the news is just a distraction.

Fake News...Shootings...Fires...Caravans...Hurricanes...Election Fraud...& more...all the work of the Dark...Deep State...Cabal...Satanic...Pedophile...Chimera Group...Off World ET Agenda.

The cabal wanted to set off the San Andreas Fault Line and cause Earthquakes for more damage...but that ability has been taken away by the good they are throwing a tantrum over the loss...and all they can do is start fires. (as seen in California recently)

Today is the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.

And today the left would like nothing better than to start World War 3 if they were to have their way.


British businesses are planning to microchip their employees to boost security "IndyWatch Feed World"

British companies are planning on microchipping their staff to boost security and prevent them from accessing safe areas of the business.

Swedish company Biohax is in talks with a number of UK legal and financial firms to implant staff with the devices which are about the same size as a grain of rice and cost around 150.

A major financial services firm, which has hundreds of thousands of employees is said to be one of the prospective clients.

Jowan sterlund (left) the founder of Biohax  said the chips would allow firms to set restrictions for whoever

Jowan sterlund (left) the founder of Biohax  said the chips would allow firms to set restrictions for whoever

Jowan sterlund, the founder of Biohax and a former professional body piercer, said: [The chips] would allow them to set restrictions for whoever.

These companies have sensitive documents they are dealing with.

Theres no losing it theres no dropping it, theres no forgetting it. Theres always going to be an ultimate backup.

There are around 4,000 people chipped in Sweden of which 85 are employees of travel firm Tui.



Broadway ditches age-old processes to run shows with iPads The Loop

Always interesting to see how tech is replacing some of this old school stuff.

Read this on The Loop


Trade Unionists Support Our Teachers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Can We Afford to Pay Teachers and Nurses?


This year has seen a remarkable upsurge in workers' struggle.  Union members, largely but not exclusively in the public service, are demonstrating loud and clear that they are sick and tired of decades of low wages and precarious conditions, especially with the cost of housing so toweringly high these days.  The level of inequality between ordinary workers and our bosses and landlords has become utterly unsustainable tens of thousands of people are not prepared to tolerate this a...


Groan: Former Adviser Says Hillary Running In 2020 "IndyWatch Feed"

Can you stand that grating voice again? Via Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton will run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, according to a former adviser and a top Democrat in New York. Mark Penn, a pollster and senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 1995-2008, and Andrew []


The Presidents tweet "IndyWatch Feed World"

Beautiful ceremony today in Paris commemorating the end of World War One. Many World leaders in attendance.

Thank you to


President of France! Now off to Suresnes American Cemetery to make speech in honor of our great heroes!

images (75)



Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTVs Serena Shim: A 4-part series "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog November 11, 2018 In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely dont know the first two, while the entire world seems to know about the last one. This is a 4-part series which []


Trump questioned about Whitaker "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Since questions began to be asked about Trumps appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, he claimed he did not know Whitaker.

This reminded Adam of this:-

WAPO carried this:-

Trump on Friday repeatedly claimed that he did not personally know Whitaker, telling reporters, I dont know Whitaker. That contradicted Trumps statement last month in a Fox News interview, during which the president said, I know Matt Whitaker.


Sowell says "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Oil Falling? Good for Gold "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Oil Falling? Good for Gold by Adrian Ash Bullion Vault A big-picture view of gold vs. commodities Its AN OVER obsessed upon commodity, previously hyped for its (Hubberts) peak status by experts like T.Boone Pickens and a whole clown...

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QAnon Intel Drops -- The Control and Issuance of Blank Ballots is Key "IndyWatch Feed World"


Nov 11 2018

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.461
Nov 11 2018 14:41:55 (EST)

[Placeholder - DECLAS GEN_pub]
[Placeholder - SPEC_C_pub]

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.460
Nov 11 2018 14:41:25 (EST)

[Placeholder - FVEY_pub]
[Placeholder - FISA_pub]

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.459
Nov 11 2018 14:40:57 (EST)

[Placeholder - Acts of Treason + support Articles]
[Placeholder - Foreign Acts_pub]

Q !!mG7VJxZmNCI No.458
Nov 11 2018 14:40:15 (EST)

[Placeholder - Branch termination(s)]
[Placeholder - Leak(s)]

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.457
Nov 11 2018 14:39:52 (EST)

[Placeholder - SC rulings re: challenges re: Civ Non_Civ]
[Placeholder - SC rulings re: USA v Def appeals]

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.456
Nov 11 2018 14:39:32 (EST)

[Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ]

Q !!mG7VJxZN...


Personalizing Veterans Chronic Pain Treatment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Personalizing Veterans Treatment Written by Christine Cronin, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM For veterans living with chronic pain, the struggle to get the right treatment is, by now, all too familiar. Surging demand for services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has run up against a severe lack of sufficient funding for the agency, resulting []


Suicides among Japanese young people hit 30-year high "IndyWatch Feed World"

Child suicides in Japan are the highest they have been in more than three decades, the countrys education ministry says.

In the fiscal year 2016/7 up to March, 250 children from elementary to high school age were recorded as having taken their own lives.

The number is five more than last year, and the highest it has been since 1986.

Concerns the children had reported included family problems, worrying about their futures and bullying.

But schools said the reasons behind about 140 of the deaths are unknown as the students did not leave a note.

Most of those who took their lives were of high school age, where Japanese students typically study until they are aged 18.

A report released by Japans Cabinet Office in 2015 looked at child suicide data in the country from 1972-2013, which recognised a massive peak at the start of the second term of the school year on 1 September.


Japan had one of the highest suicide rates in 2015 but since preventative measures were introduced, the figures have dropped, according to World Health Organization.

Overall suicides across Japan fell to about 21,000 in 2017, police say, down from a peak of about 34,500 in 2003.

However, child suicide rates remain relatively high making it the leading cause of death among young people in the country.

The number of suicides of students have stayed high, and that is an alarming issue which should be tackled, education ministry official Noriaki Kitazaki said as the latest figures were released.

If you are feeling emotionally distressed and would like details of organisations which offer advice and support, click here



Anna Von Reitz -- The Missing Republic Found! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Missing Republic Found!

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The prize goes to my friend, Tom, a long-distance trucker based out of Phoenix, Arizona. You gotta watch those truckers. They have a lot of time on their hands to just sit and think....

Many good theories were proposed, many people drawing a connect between the old Roman Republic and the Municipal Government, but still, nothing very conclusive in terms of any official singular "Republic" associated with any level of our Government.

Until Tom said to himself.... well, what else is missing that should be there?

The original Confederation of Federal States-of-States is missing. And sure enough, if you dig around a bit, you find that the Confederation of States was sometimes referred to as the "Federal Republic".

We still have to be very careful to define what we are talking about.

Just because there was once "a" Federal Republic doesn't mean that there is one now, and it doesn't mean that any organization calling itself "the" Republic has any relationship to the original Federal Republic, either.

It all depends on how such an organization is structured, what its articles are, what its purposes and leadership and ownership interests are. Is it American?

Is it really our Federal Republic being restored? Or another look-alike, sound-alike Ringer trying to sneak in the back door?

Obviously, a French commercial corporation calling itself "The Republic of the United States of America" is no more our Federal Republic than a Scottish commercial corporation calling...


Anna Von Reitz -- More Smoke and Mirrors from Manna World Holdings Trust "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Sunday, November 11, 2018

More Smoke and Mirrors from Manna World Holdings Trust

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

So now Kim Goguen aka "Kim Possible" is going all the way back to Ramses to try to justify her position.

Ramses was my Uncle. We used to call him "Ram-bubba" behind his back. Take a look at my slanted toes and the gold flecks in my eyes. No, that isn't a sign of liver trouble. It's royal Egyptian DNA .

But nobody cares and neither do I.

When people die in actual fact --- as opposed to dying on paper due to government-led legal chicanery --- they leave behind their earthly possessions. By laws long established, their assets are passed on to their heirs. And that's that.

If their heirs lose those inherited possessions by fair means, there is no recourse for that.

If their heirs are the victims of fraud, however, there is recourse.

We, the American States and People, have been the victims of fraud.

Ramses and his Heirs just had bad luck.

They ran into the Romans, remember? And then the Romans ran into the Visigoths? (They were also my ancestors, BTW.) And then the Visigoths married into the French Celtic Kingdoms and that gave rise to the trans-English Channel Kingdom of Camailoth circa 500 A.D. ..... and that gave rise to William of Normandy.... who controlled both England and large sections of France...and that led to the Amoricans settling in England and Ireland and to their eventual migration to guess where?



Anna Von Reitz -- What isn't there 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sunday, November 11, 2018

What ISN'T There 2.0

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

As I have noted before, many of the most interesting discoveries in the long bunny hole romp come from what ISN'T there.... that should be.

We have discussed the missing Declaration of War related to the Civil War and the lack of a Peace Treaty ending it. We have noted the lack of an Executive Order ending FDR's "Bank Holiday" before, but let's examine that a bit more. What does it mean?

What it means is that the banks we are familiar with aren't banks.

They are securities investment and holding companies.

And what have they "securitized" to promote their business and trade?

Securitization is a process of assigning a value to an asset and then trading certificates, stocks, bonds, mortgages and other "tokens" of ownership interest.

As our research into the Birth Certificate issue and our research into Foreclosures has yielded, the "U.S. Attorney Generals" have "securitized" the living people of this country and all our private property, too.

But "securitizing" living people is against the law and is both illegal and unlawful, because doing so enslaves them.

Both the international law and the Public Law of this country very clearly forbids it.

Not only is slavery forbidden, but since 1926, voluntary peonage is also forbidden by Public Law. You can't volunteer yourself into indentured servitude, even if you wanted to.



International agencies have disrupted attempts to transport almost 300 asylum seekers to Australia by boat "IndyWatch Feed National"

International authorities, with the assistance of Australia, have disrupted at least 10 alleged attempts to transport almost 300 asylum seekers to Australia by boat in the past 14 months, documents obtained under freedom of information reveal.

The documents, from the federal home affairs department, record the number of foreign law enforcement agency (Flea) disruptions since 2013.

Flea disruptions were set up as one of three components of the Abbott governments border policy alongside boat turnbacks and offshore detention and processing.

Since the establishment of the new policy there have been 78 disruption operations involving 2,525 potential illegal immigrants the terms used in the documents referencing suspected passengers.

In the year to August there were 10 disruptions involving 297 people, the majority occurring in Indonesia but also in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Flea disruptions are operated by a multi-agency taskforce led by Australian federal police and reporting to the head of Australias border enforcement operation, air vice marshal Stephen Osborne, and seek to prevent vessels carrying asylum seekers from leaving international ports including Indonesia.



Hah! Watch Liberal Heads EXPLODE! Putin Gives Trump and ONLY TRUMP a Thumbs Up in France (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

This was great!

World leaders met in France this weekend on the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended the celebration.

During the opening ceremony on Saturday Russian President Putin shook everyones hands when he entered.

But he ONLY gave President Trump the thumbs up.

Watch crazy liberal heads EXPLODE!

The post Hah! Watch Liberal Heads EXPLODE! Putin Gives Trump and ONLY TRUMP a Thumbs Up in France (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


BATR: The Cause and Consequences of World War I "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Cause and Consequences of World War I

1. Mutual Defense Alliances

2. Imperialism

3. Militarism

4. Nationalism

5. Immediate Cause: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

None of these simplistic categories or labels has any veritable bearing on the underlying political, social, economic and evil forces that conspired to drive Western Civilizations into a self-induced suicidal slaughter. The true history of World War I is rooted in the permanent struggle against satanic powers that seek the destruction of Christendom, the financial enslavement of humanity and the death of gentile society.

Understand the real history of The Rothschild 1901 1919: The secret creators of World War 1.

"In this war, the German Rothschilds loan money to the Germans, the British Rothschilds loan money to the British, and the French Rothschilds loan money to the French. Furthermore, the Rothschilds have control of the three European news agencies, Wolff (est. 1849) in Germany, Reuters (est. 1851) in England, and Havas (est. 1835) in France. The Rothschilds use Wolff to manipulate the German people into a fervor for war. From around this time, the Rothschilds are rarely reported in the media, because they own the media."

The video, Benjamin H Freedman 1961 speech, The Balfour Declaration ... deal to bring US into WW1, explains in the most fundamental manner,...


When Fake Money Becomes Scarce "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

When Fake Money Becomes Scarce Author MN Gordon  Acting-Man Remaining Focused A rousing display of diversions this week assured the American populace was looking every which way but right under its collective nose.  Midterm elections.  White House spats with purveyors of...

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Clinton Foundation General CFG Google Document as of October 30, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a backup of what weve been documenting from a project called Clinton Foundation General , or /cfg/, about the Clintons and their associates. What has been posted online in various forums and image boards is what shows up here, with some extra links to our website, subreddit, and other communication outlets for convenience. It is by no means a professional report , but its all of the information weve been gathering and minor discourse put into one location. Any offensive language is merely tongue in cheek online environments develop their own slang. We are NOT affiliated with NeoNazi groups, Anonymous, or any other political/social organizations. We are simply concerned citizens.


Starship Earth -- Never Forget: Honour But Do Not Glorify "IndyWatch Feed World"

Never Forget: Honour But Do Not Glorify

NOVEMBER 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Back home north of the 49th we couldnt miss this spectacle on the lawn of a local establishment this past week. It made quite an impact as there were too many flags to count, gently fluttering in the scattered breezes.

President Trump gave his address in France today to honour the fallen and those who remain in service, but too many North Americans dont understand the horrors of war. They are fortunate, and we hear comments from some like, Happy Veterans Daylike its a celebration.

That is an inappropriate response and I hope we will make an effort to educate the inexperienced so they dont make light of devastating times of pain, suffering, sacrifice, and mass murder.

Yes, honour the fallen, and thank those who still stand on guard, but do not glorify war. There is nothing glorious about the war effort and the effect it has on living souls and their families. At best it lines the pockets of the obscenely wealthy.

One can certainly take pride in their nation without glorifying historic events that never should have happened because they were based on lies, deception and manipulation. All wars have been part of a eugenics plan and about conquest and controlnot preserving liberty.

The controllers let us believe we were victorious but we never really achieved freedom. They saw to that. They were just more covert.

War is to be avoided and shunned at all costs.

Life is precious, and a society nurtured correctly will never go to war unless its a matter of life and...


Hundreds Of Central American Migrants Resume Their March Toward U.S. Border "IndyWatch Feed"

The herd has diminished. QUERETARO, Mexico (Reuters) Hundreds of Central American migrants resumed their march north through Mexico on Saturday, en route to the U.S. border where President Donald Trump has effectively suspended the granting of asylum to migrants who cross illegally. Trumps Friday order, which went into effect on Saturday, means that migrants []


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Click the image for a high-res view Six Ways to Divide England Linguistically The first and third are spot on. The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Trump Toon "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ed Hall 12112018

Enjoyed this one; an added bonus is the way the cartoonst captured the style of the period




Comcast Heads to Trial With Washington State Over Consumer Protection Dispute "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for chromas

Comcast heads to trial with Washington state over consumer protection dispute

Lawyers from Comcast and the State of Washington met in King County Superior Court Friday debating evidence in a rare consumer protection lawsuit headed for trial.

The case involves a Comcast product called the Service Protection Plan (SPP), a monthly paid service that covers maintenance of in-home wiring for Xfinity TV, internet and voice, and troubleshooting for customer-owned equipment. Washington claims Comcast repeatedly violated the state's Consumer Protection Act (CPA) by signing customers up for the SPP without their consent, misleading them to believe the service was free, and misrepresenting what the service guaranteed.

"Consumers who get signed up for a service over the phone without being told about it are potentially deceived as to whether or not they have that service, even if they get disclosures later," Assistant Attorney General Seann Colgan said during the hearing Friday. "That's really where this comes down under the law."

Colgan also noted that the SPP is a lucrative product for Comcast, claiming sales of the product accounted for $85 million in revenue for the company between 2011 and 2016.

Comcast's attorneys claim that the cases cited by the Attorney General's office were in the extreme minority and the result of a few bad apples who were fired or seriously disciplined.

"When you're dealing with millions of interactions, there will be mistakes," said Comcast attorney Howard Shapiro. "There will be misconduct. Comcast, like any other large entity, is not full of perfect humans who every time, do everything right. But that is not a CPA violation."

Comcast revised its SPP policies in 2017 to be more transparent.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Poetry Competition Starts Now "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Kapiti Independent has received  the first entry  in its third major  poetry contest. Other Poets in Kapiti or Horowhenua can []


First floating hotel arrives in PNG for APEC "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The first of the three cruise liners for APEC arrived in Port Moresby on Saturday morning.

The Pacific Jewel will be stationed at the old cargo wharf and will be used as a floating hotel for more than 2000 journalists from the 21 economies and delegates.

The second cruise liner Pacific Explorer will arrive at 8.30am tomorrow, while the third liner Sea Princess will arrive on Wednesday morning.

Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko and CEO of the APEC Authority Chris Hawkins took a tour of the ship and were both impressed. Tkatchenko had earlier said the Pacific Explorer would host the CEO Summit. He said the company responsible for the charter of these ships Carnival Australia, has established a strong relationship with the government.

He said according to the company, this is the second occasion where their vessels have been chartered to support hosting arrangements for major international conferences.

We look forward to all world leaders coming and we will ensure the leaders live in comfort and have a traditional and cultural experience while they stay in Port Moresby during this time.

From their moorings within the APEC security zones, the ships will provide accommodation for APEC attendees. The Sea Princess will be docked at Motukea and the Pacific Explorer will be at T-Wharf in downtown Port Moresby.



Patriotic Rep. Steve King Gives TGP Founder Jim Hoft a Shout Out from the Herring Hill in Iowa on Armistice Day (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On November 11, 1918, the fighting from World War I  ended at 11:11 AM and an Armistice was signed. Around the world people celebrated the end to the final and greatest war.

Across America patriots celebrated the end to World War I.

The small community of Herring, Iowa joined in the julilation.  The towns people and area farmers gathered at the bottom of the Herring Hill near the center of town. They took two long poles and spliced them together with wire. Later that night the Herring folk celebrated the end of the Great War by hoisting the towering flagpole and proudly flying Old Glory in the town center. Ralph Dean was 12-years-old and helped raised the Herring flagpole.

The flagpole is pictured in this photo taken in 1929.

Herring at that time had a country store complete with post office, a grain elevator, a Northwestern Railroad Depot, a lumber yard, and a dance hall. The country school was down the hill by the train tracks. Herring was established as a trading town and at one time previously had a pool hall, a blacksmith shop, and a livestock yard for the railroad. Years later Ralph Dean and his wife Alice moved back to Herring to raise their three girls. Over the years the community slowly disappeared. The country store burned down in the 1950s. The dance hall was torn down after World War II. The houses and grain elevator are no longer standing.

The only structure left in Herring, Iowa today is the Armistice Day flagpole.

In 2012 Jim Hoft, the founder of The Gateway Pundit, went back to Iowa and purchased what was left of Herring the Armistice Day flagpole. You see, his grandfather Ralph Dean helped hoist the pole in November 1918.

This summer we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Herring flagpole. Local farmers, family members and friends came out to celebrate. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) stopped by and gave a wonderful speech for the occasion.

On Sunday Steve King sent The Gateway Pundit a video from earlier today. Steve was back on the Herring Hill this afternoon and took this video.




Lawyer For Democrat Party of Florida Destroying Ballots Isnt FRAUD/CORRUPTION (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lawyer For Democrat Party of Florida Destroying Ballots Isnt FRAUD/CORRUPTION Video Laura Loomer TDC Note The more time that passes the worse this situation becomes. The criminal democratic party in Florida and Arizona is being exposed at every...

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US Vice-President Mike Pence to throw down the gauntlet to China during PNG visit "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

US Vice-President Mike Pence will continue the Trump administration's assault on China's authoritarianism and aggression, using a speech in Australia's backyard to business chiefs to outline the US's rival vision for the Indo-Pacific that extols the superiority of private investment over state-controlled funding to build regional infrastructure.

With Donald Trump opting to skip the East Asia and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summits this week, Pence and the President's hardline national security adviser John Bolton will travel to Singapore and Papua New Guinea to push back against Beijing's attempt to assert its influence on both economic and security fronts.

Pence will also hold a series of bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other key regional leaders, but the centrepiece of his trip is a speech at the APEC chief executive forum on Saturday morning in Port Moresby. Pence will deliver his speech just minutes after Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the forum, which Morrison will also address.

US officials said the speech would connect to one Pence delivered in early October accusing China of stealing US intellectual property, suppressing human rights and meddling in US elections an address analysts said marked the start of a cold war between Washington DC and Beijing.

With tensions already high between the US and China over trade, the two countries are locked in a race for regional influence in Asia and the Pacific. Pence will seek to counter China's Belt and Road Initiative with the promise of US assistance for infrastructure development.

It is expected Pence will flesh out details of a new trilateral partnership with Australia and Japan, to support infrastructure development, with several projects identified.

Amid concerns over Trumps isolationist America first rhetoric, Pence will stress how a private-sector driven approach can bring prosperity to both the Indo-Pacific as well as the US. 

He will also emphasise the importance of sovereignty for the countries in the region, including a transparent and corruption-free civil society, free and open internet and freedom of navigation rights for shipping and aircraft a direct shot at China for trying to coerce less powerful nations.

In his speech and throughout their visit, Pence and Bolton will also hammer China over its militarisation of the South China Sea, the importance of keeping up economic and diplo...


Rick Scott Files Another Lawsuit To Secure Machines In Broward And Palm Beach "IndyWatch Feed"

Sounds like a great idea (unless Sheriff Israel is responsible in Broward). Via Twitchy: The Senate campaign of Florida Gov. Rick Scott has filed a motion to seize election equipment used in Palm Beach and Broward Counties until the recounts are complete. The Scott campaign has now filed three different lawsuits. Keep reading


France's Macron: Nationalism Is A Form Of Treason "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

While hosting an assembly of other fiat criminal organization leaders to commemorate the centennial of the 1918 Armistice, France's Macron stated that nationalism is a form of treason against "our values" (archived). He repeated tired Pantsuit talking points in a effort to cleave nationalism out of the definition of patriotism, by suggesting patriotism involves necessarily loving the Nation of Africa as much as one's own country. Further, the proponent of femal senior intergenerational marriage called for an era of progess built from "science", presumably using the common Pantsuit misconception of science as a belief system.


One unfortunate 61 incompetent "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Shane Jones has been forced to admit he failed to disclose 61 meetings:

Shane Jones has had to correct 20 answers to questions from the National Party after he failed to disclose meetings he had earlier this year. . . 

Mr Jones, the regional economic development minister, said he took full responsibility for the muck-up which he put down to a transcription error from his outlook diary. . . 

To misquote Lady Bracknell, one error might be regarded as unfortunate, 61 looks like incompetence.

National MP Paul Goldsmith uses weekly written parliamentary questions to ask Mr Jones who he meets with and what for.

He said this slip-up by the minister seriously concerned him, because it was not one or two meetings he missed, but 61.

And, he said, a number of those meetings were to do with the $3 billion of public money Mr Jones had responsibility for.

Whats made me nervous, is that we regularly ask who he meets with and you can understand that a minister would make the occasional mistake. But what we saw here was 61 meetings which he hadnt initially declared, which he is now declaring. . . 

Clare Curran was sacked after making the same mistake over not disclosing meetings twice. What happens to a minister who makes the same mistake 61 times?




SPD Puts forth Its Manifesto to Federalize Europe "IndyWatch Feed World"

In Germany, the SPD is now pushing for a revolution in Europe for all member states to surrender their sovereignty to Brussels. They are arguing to federalize Europe and thereby create an integrated Europe of one government. It was the SPD that really won in the German 1918 Revolution. Under Weimar, the SPD was able to put its ideas of social justice into practice by influencing a number of progressive social changes while both in and out of government. The SPD re-introduced and overhauled the Bismarckian welfare state, providing protection for the disadvantaged, the unemployed, the aged, and the young.  The SPD is a full-blown Socialist State advocate following the ideas of Karl Marx.

At theaters across Europe, the SPD organized a symbolic proclamation to create a European Republic which was announced from the balcony of the Hamburg Thalia Theater, as actors released the new the manifesto written by Ulrike Gurot and Robert Menasse on Saturday. The aim of the project is to sensitize the public to the idea of a pan-European democracy and statehood. The occasion is the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the almost simultaneous proclamation of republics in various European countries.

The SPD manifesto calls for a Europe without nations and borders, thus to surrender sovereignty to prevent the resurgence of nationalism. EU Council President Donald Tusk has warned against the emergence of populist and anti-integration forces in Europe and the US. He has thus supported the federalization of Europe pointing out the isolationist tendencies in the USA and in Britain. The former head of the SPD Martin Schultz (19 March 2017  13 February 2018) also called for the federalization of Europe. They see no problem with suppressing 70% of the people who are not supporters of SPD.


Important for DPR & LPR People Their Determination by Coming to the Elections by Ruslan Ostashko "IndyWatch Feed War"

November 10, 2018 Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions. The closer we get to the planned elections in the Republics of Donbass, the louder Ukraine and its Western sponsors are screaming. Like, the declaration of will is illegal, because it is not provided by the Minsk agreements. For []


Trump blames self for fires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Around here, the big news is that everything is on fire!

Well, the fire is a bit too far away for me to personally to be in danger.  Nonetheless, its impossible to ignore.  See, the air quality took a sharp downturn.  You can smell it in the air, see it in the sky, and people roam the streets with N95 masks.  Businesses are all proceeding as usual, but personally, as an asthmatic, Ive been trying to avoid going outside.  My partner and I decamped from our bedroom because something about the ventilation is allowing dust particles into that room.

I dont know what to say.  People died, and cities were burnt to the ground.  Not much entertainment to squeeze out of that, except maybe a few sad puns about Paradise lost.

Oh I know, we could look at what horrible thing Trump has said.  Maybe that will brighten things up.

So on Twitter, Trump blamed the mismanagement of forests, and vaguely threatened to withhold federal emergency funds.

There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!

PZ made it out like it was a non-story, because Trump is always being an asshole.  But I was left wondering, perhaps theres a grain of truth in what Trump says.

See, 60% of California forests are managed by the federal government (and one third is under private control).  So is Trump admitting that his own administration is responsible for everything being on fire?

Its not that much of a stretch.  In the federal budget for fiscal year 2018, Republicans cut funding for the US Forest Service by 118 million dollars.  The USFS has a total budget of about 5 billion, for reference, so its a small fraction, but not nothing.  Arguably, the budget for USFS should have gone up, given the growing risk of wildfires from climate change and drought.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that wildfires arent just a forest thing.  They burn through brush too.  And whole cities.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

GEORGIA ELECTION UPDATE: Kemp's Lead Shrinks, Abrams to File New Lawsuit 
Abrams campaign readies federal lawsuit seeking more ballots to be counted

November 10, 2018

The Georgia governors race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp has not been called yet.  The states votes, in which Kemp has the lead, are expected to be certified next week.

The unsettled race for Georgia governor tightened over the weekend as Democrat Stacey Abrams prepared litigation to force the counting of more provisional ballots, while Republican Brian Kemps campaign said her refusal to concede was a disgrace to democracy.

The clash heightened as a cache of 5,500 provisional and mail-in ballots were reported that showed Kemps lead over Abrams shrinking slightly to about 59,000 votes. Some came from counties that days earlier reported all votes had been tallied.

The newly-reported votes overwhelmingly tilted to Abrams and triggered a wave of celebration for Abrams supporters. But she still needs to net about 22,000 votes to force a Dec. 4 runoff, and there arent many votes that have yet to be reported.

Its unclear, however, just how many votes are still outstanding. Kemps campaign said there are so few remaining that its mathematically impossible for Abrams to win, but the Democrat said theres a larger cache of votes still unreported.

No major media outlet has yet called the race, and with a margin this tight they are likely awaiting the certification of the votes this week. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does not call election contests.

Abrams hopes rest largely on provisional ballots cast by voters whose information often could not be immediately verified at polling places. Not all the ballots will be counted, but the Democrat hopes there are enough to gain ground on Kemp.

Race is not over

A federal lawsuit readied by the Abrams campaign could change the dynamic.

It asks the court to require absentee ballots rejected for arbitrary reasons, such as a mistake in a birthdate or missing information, to be counted. As many as 2,000 ballots were dismissed because of su...


Science Reveals That Having A Group of Kick-Ass Friends Can Truly Improve Your Health "IndyWatch Feed World"

In recent year,s there has been a significant shift in the focus Americans place on our overall health and well-being. This is a result of our failing health as a nation, as we battle an obesity epidemic, with an estimated 34% of American adults meeting the qualifications to be labeled as obese, and our risk of heart disease is at an incredible high, accounting for 1 of every 3 deaths.

In a world of fast food restaurants, microwave dinners, computer games, and Netflix marathons, it should come as no surprise that weve destroyed our health as a nation. Desperate to turn it around, our health and wellness industry is experiencing a considerable hike. Membership to health clubs or studios in the United States is up approximately 33.6% since 2008, and even the most questionable fast food companies are now offering new, healthy options.

However, in the midst of all this health and wellness spending, weve got some good news for all the ladies. Research shows that one of the best choices you can make for your overall health doesnt have to cost you a dime we just need to surround ourselves with amazing friends!

The research comes down to an understanding of our hormones, and how they respond to outside stimuli. When faced with times of stress or difficulty, we experience an influx of cortisol. This has been described by some as natures alarm system, triggering the well-known flight or fight response. However, elevated cortisol levels can have a negative impact on our health. They trigger the build-up of fatty tissues, increased blood pressure and a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

When we spend time with other women and develop connections, a different hormone is triggered oxytocin. This is a feel good hormone, also known as the love hormone. An influx of oxytocin in our system has been associated with a number of great benefits including improved empathy and generosity, boosting our mood (helping to manage symptoms of anxiety, high stress, and depression), improved digestion, and lowered blood pressure.

The more time that you spend in the company of loved ones, the longer you will experience this all too important boost in o...


12 Traits of Truly Intimidating People That Reveal Their Beautiful Heart "IndyWatch Feed World"

Just because you find it hard to approach or talk to someone doesnt mean they are mean. Sometimes the kindest individuals are the most misunderstood.

Below I am going to go over some of the things about intimidatingly strong people that shows just how positive and good they can be. These people might have a hard exterior but they do not hide their true selves. They stand up for the things they believe in and while they may sometimes come across as rude, but they dont mean to. They get things out in the best ways that they can and in a world full of those who judge this is not an easy thing to do.

12 Things About Intimidatingly Strong People That Outline How Positive They Can Be:

1. They do not sugar coat things.

These people are not going to sugar coat anything. They will say exactly what needs to be said. Sure, they could tone it down and make things seem not as intense but if the situation is bad, there is no point. These people will make sure you get the point in regards to what you need to hear.

2. They always look for solutions.

These people always look for ways to solve problems. If something is bothering another person they will go out of their way to make things better. While you might not always get the solution you want, you will always get a solution.

3. They are strong-willed.

These people are much more driven than most. They have a strong will and are capable of things a lot of people are not. They will not give up no matter what.

4. They know that the words of others do not define them.

These people know that they are not defined by the things others say about them. They know who they are and who they are not. You cannot hurt them with your words.

5. They are reliable.

These people are much more reliable than most. You can count on them for anything. If they say they will do something they follow through no matter what. If they dont do something they say they will do you know that something serious kept them from doing-so.

6. They help those in need.

These people help those who need their help. While they dont go too far with it if they can do something for someone else, they will do it. They are some of the most generous people you will find.

7. They stand up for themselves.

These people do not let anyone walk all over them. They stand up for themselves and sometimes others. They do not like to see anyone being torn down.

8. They tend to be quite ope...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

US Polls Neither Free Nor Fair
Mehdi Hasan

Voter suppression. Disenfranchisement. Gerrymandering.

Can (last) Tuesdays midterms in the United States really be considered free and fair elections? Perhaps we should consult with the experts.

Few Americans have heard of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe; even fewer are aware that OSCE observers have been keeping tabs on US elections since 2002, at the invitation of the US State Department.

On October 26, the OSCEs Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Washington, DC, issued an interim report on the 2018 midterms. It didnt make for pleasant reading.

The right to vote is subject to many limitations, warned the report, with racial minorities disproportionately impacted.

This isnt the first time the OSCE has sounded the alarm.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential race, OSCE observers praised the US for holding a highly competitive election while also criticising a campaign characterised by harsh personal attacks, as well as intolerant rhetoric and changes to election rules that were often motivated by partisan interests, adding undue obstacles for voters.

Suffrage rights, the 2016 observers concluded, were not guaranteed for all citizens, leaving sections of the population without the right to vote.

Is that what a free and fair election is supposed to look like?

It should be a source of shame that the United States, once held up as a model to emerging democracies around the globe, now needs outside observers to remind it of its most basic democratic obligations.

The OSCE mission to the US began in 2002, in response to the serious shortcomings in the 2000 presidential election, which saw tens of thousands of black voters in Florida purged from electoral rolls and prevented from voting.

But have these international observers succeeded in nudging the US in a more democratic direction? Not quite.  The OSCEs final report on the 2016 presidential election issued a series of recommendations to US officials, including:

To meet requirements regardin...


US tells Saudi crown prince that Khashoggi killers will be held accountable "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Pompeo also reiterates US call for cessation of hostilities in Yemen, in phone call with crown prince


6 Methods for Losing Your Mind, And Building a New One "IndyWatch Feed World"

When it comes to living your life, things could be a bit complicated if you are struggling to figure out who you truly are. When it comes to finding yourself you must first lose yourself completely and a lot of people just cant handle the process.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to explore yourself. While not all of these will be easy, they will help you let go and move forth so that you can uncover the things hidden within your being. If you want to become your true self you first have to work to figure out who that is, its not as complicated as most make it out to be. Lose your mind and your sense of self in order to uncover what is locked away.

6 Things You Should Do To Lose Yourself and Find Yourself At The Same Time:

1. Question everything that you think you know about yourself.

Dont accept things as you think they are. Really pick apart all that is before you so that you can better understand why you think and feel the ways that you do. Are your thoughts your own or do you feel and think certain things because others have molded you to do-so? This part might have you feeling a bit lost but that is to be expected.

2. Realize that perfection does not exist.

Come to terms with the fact that perfection does not exist. You are not perfect and neither is anyone else on this planet. We all have our own flaws.

3. Become more accepting of your true thoughts.

Think your own thoughts and accept them. Do not cast out the thoughts you might not think others would agree with. Only allow the things you feel are radiating from within your truest points reign through. This point will be hard to get to but once you have done it you will begin feeling a sense of longing.

4. Connect to your core.

Really connect with your truest self. Whether you can sense your truest self just yet or are still searching do not waste any time. Work with your emotions and let yourself dream. The more your inner voice speaks the more you will be able to uncover.

5. Meditate as often as possible.

Meditation is the key to it all. Through meditation, you can uncover so much. Allow your mind to relax and your let things wander until your truest form presents itself. The more you meditate the more you will find.

6. Get out in nature.

Spend some time in nature. Get out there barefoot and allow Mother...


The Truth About Polands Far Right National Independence March (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Truth About Polands Far Right National Independence March Video We Are Change Luke joins you live from Warsaw Poland where they are celebrating 100 years of independence in mass! Luke who is actually a Polish citizen delves into...

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zimbabwe Bread Supply Begins to Normalize
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

Bread supplies have markedly improved after millers upped flour deliveries to bakers from 200 tonnes per day last month to 650 tonnes.

Bakers require about 800 tonnes of flour daily, and supplies are expected to normalise in a fortnight.

More than 200 trucks were dispatched to the Port of Beira, Mozambique last week to complement rail deliveries.

The National Railways of Zimbabwe has been moving an average of 20 wagons daily against a target of 60 wagons, which caused supply bottlenecks on the local market.

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Mr Tafadzwa Musarara told The Sunday Mail last week that they were expecting flour supplies to bakers to normalise by November 25.

Small bakeries and confectionaries, who had been cut off last month, are now receiving supplies.

We have procured another shipment of about 30 000 metric tonnes of wheat which will be docking at Beira on November 25. If this consignment is paid for in time we should have enough supplies for the festive season, said Mr Musarara.

The country is now on a recovery path and as of (last Friday), our flour supplies to bakeries have risen to about 70 percent and we anticipate that in the next 10 days, we should be able to meet demand.

This improvement is because of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, which has paid in full the entire wheat consignment we received last month.

Wheat harvests will augment supplies.

Zimbabwe expects to harvest between 120 000 and 200 000 tonnes of wheat about half of annual national requirements.

Panic buying has not helped the situation, with indications being that where Zimbabweans consumed 1,2 million loaves of bread daily, demand had shot up to 1,8 million loaves in the past two months.


DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 789 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Fedora 29 WorkstationNews: Fedora turns 15, Haiku experiences server outage, Debian releases updated media, FreeBSD 10.4 reaches its end of lifeTechnology review: Fedora 29 SilverblueReleased last week: Neptune 5.6, ReactOS 0.4.10, Oracle Linux 7.6Torrent corner: Antergos, Archman, AUSTRUMI, CAINE, Debian, HardenedBSD, Kodachi,....


Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds November 12, 2018 Elite Israeli occupation soldiers crossed the border into Gaza on Sunday in a civilian car in a special operation to assassinate Hamas commander prompting an exchange of fire between Zionist soldiers and the Palestinian resistance. According to Hamas resistance group, the Israeli []


Kernel prepatch 4.20-rc2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 4.20-rc2 kernel prepatch is out for testing. "Fairly normal week, aside from me traveling".


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Hundreds Flee After Boko Haram Raid in Northeast Nigeria
Sun Nov 11, 2018 04:20PM

Residents walk past burnt houses following multiple attacks by Boko Haram Takfiri terrorists at Dalori and other neighboring villages outside the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, northeastern Nigeria, on November 1, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Hundreds of villagers fled their homes in Nigeria's northeast late on Saturday after an attack by militants from the Boko Haram group, militia officials and witnesses said.

No casualties were reported but the raid highlighted fragile security in Nigeria's northeast, where the army is still battling to end a conflict that erupted in 2009.

Militants arrived in trucks in Jimmi, 5 km (3 miles) from Maiduguri city, and opened fire, setting homes ablaze and also attacking an informal refugee camp.

"Boko Haram terrorists this evening attacked Jimmi village," militia leader in Maiduguri Musa Ari said. They burnt homes in Jimmi and tents in the camp."

Military authorities scrambled reinforcements and fighter jets to repel the attack, said militia leader Ibrahim Liman.

Panicked villagers from the area fled to nearby Maiduguri, capital of Borno state which along with neighboring Yobe state has been at the center of the militant insurgency.

"We left our village to escape Boko Haram who attacked our neighbors in Jimmi," said Bale-Shuwa village resident Suleiman Balarabe.

He said villagers saw military jets flying overhead towards Jimmi.

"The sounds of guns coming from Jimmi terrified us and made us leave our homes because we were afraid they were going to attack our neighborhood," said Sanda Gini, a resident of Jiddari-Polo area on the outskirts of Maiduguri.

In April, scores of Boko Haram fighters launched a gun attack on Jiddari-Polo when they advanced on Giwa barracks where hundreds of their militant comrades are being detained.

Insurgents fired automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades at troops before they were repelled with aerial support.

Despite government insistence Boko Haram militants...


Bike party "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


Friday, November 16, 2018 - 16:00

Event type: 


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigeria Court Refuses to Release Zakzaky on Bail
Wed Nov 7, 2018 05:36PM

The file photo shows supporters marching with a banner to press for the release of Nigerian Muslim cleric Ibrahim Zakzaky on May 14, 2018 in Abuja. (Photo by AFP)

A Nigerian court has refused to grant bail to top Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, days after more than 40 of his supporters were killed during protests demanding his release.

Zakzaky, the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), has been held in detention since December 2015 and was charged just in April with murder, culpable homicide, unlawful assembly, disruption of public peace and other accusations. He has pleaded not guilty.

 The court refused to grant him bail," Zakzakys lawyer Maxwell Kyon said.

His legal team had urged his release, saying he is suffering from health issues that require urgent medical care abroad but the court denied the request.

But the state high court in the northern city of Kaduna said on Wednesday that no substantial medical evidence was provided to grant Zakzaky bail.

Zakzaky would remain in custody throughout the period of his trial. The upcoming hearing will take place on January 22.

"We are disappointed with the court's decision," said Ibrahim Musa, an IMN spokesman.

He stressed that Zakzaky should have been granted bail due to poor health, adding that "We will keep on with our protests in Abuja and other cities."

The hearing comes after several peaceful protests staged by IMN supporters last month in demand for Zakzakys release. Nigerian security forces opened fire with live ammunition on IMN members in the capital, Abuja, leaving 47 people killed.

Before Zakzaky was charged, the Nigerian government has refused to set him free despite the ruling of a Federal High Court, which ordered Zakzakys unconditional release in 2016.

The top cleric, who is in his mid-sixties, lost his left eyesight in a raid which was carried out by the Nigerian army on his residence in the northern town of Zaria in December 2015.

During the raid, Zakzakys wife sustained serious wounds too and more t...


Houston Chronicle Retracts 8 Stories, Corrects 64 Others After Reporters Work Scrutinized "IndyWatch Feed"

From the school of Brian Williams and Dan Rather. Via CBS News: The Houston Chronicle has retracted eight stories by a former political reporter after an independent investigation found they were based on sources whose existence couldnt be confirmed. Nearly half of 275 individuals quoted by reporter Mike Ward could not be found by the []


Hackaday Links: The Eleventh Day Of The Eleventh Month, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For the better part of the last five years, the Great War Channel on YouTube has been covering the events of the Great War, week by week, exactly 100 years later. Its hundreds of episodes designed for history buffs, and quite literally one of the most educational channels on YouTube. Its the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eighteenth year, which means the folks behind the Great War Channel are probably taking a well-deserved vacation. If you havent heard of this channel, it might be a good time to check it out.

Ikea is now selling NFC locks. [Mike] wrote in to tell us he found the new ROTHULT drawer deadbolts for $18 at Ikea. No, these arent meant for your front door, theyre meant for file cabinets. Thats a different threat model, and no lock is ever completely secure. However, there are some interesting electronics. You get a lock powered by three AAA batteries and two NFC cards for $18. Cant wait for the teardown.

The biggest news from the United States this week is big. People gathered in the streets. Millions made sure their voices were heard. Journalists were cut down for asking questions. This is a week that will go down in history. The McRib is back for a limited time. Its just a reconstituted pork patty, pickles, onions, and sauce on a hoagie roll, but theres more to the McRib than you would think. McDonalds only releases the McRib when the price of pork is low, and in late October, pork belly futures hit their lowest price since the last time the McRib came to town. This has led some to claim the McRib is just a second lever for McDonalds in an arbitrage play on the price of pork. McDonalds is always buying pork futures, the theory goes, and when it looks like theyre going to lose money, McDonalds simply turns on the McRib production line, pushing pork consumption up, and netting McDonalds a tidy profit. With the volume youre looking at, McDonalds will never lose money by betting on pork.

You can turn anything into a quadcopter. A dead cat? Yes, its been done. How about a quartet of box fans? Thats what the folks at Flite Test did, and while the completed article was wobbly and didnt survive its first crash, it was a quadcopter made out of box fans.


Nasrallah speech given on the first anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon against terrorist groups "IndyWatch Feed War"

Translation: Transcript: [] I want to tell you, on this first anniversary of the (Second) Liberation (of Lebanon against terrorist groups in August 2017), that in these battles against the Al-Nusra Front on the one hand, and ISIS in the Jurd (Ersal) on the other hand, the number of our fighters was higher than []


FLORIDA AG Pam Bondi Steps In Sends Warning Letters to Florida Sec. of State and FDLE Commissioner "IndyWatch Feed"

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi speaks at Trump rally in Tampa Oct 24, 2016, photo by Kristinn Taylor

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi put the Secretary of State and Florida Department of Law Enforcement on notice Sunday.

Its about time

On Sunday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said, FDLEs duty to investigation this matter is clear, and I am directing the department to take the necessary steps to promote public safety and to assure that our state will guarantee integrity in our elections process.

Bondi sent two letters Sunday highlighting the irregularities occuring at both Palm Beach County and Broward County polling sites.

The Florida Attorney General stated in her letter to FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen that she is deeply troubled by his departments announcement it will not pursue any investigation into the clearly documented irregularities in the conduct of elections supervisors Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher.

Pam Bondi specifically wrote about the blatant election fraud taking place in both Broward County and Palm Beach County including elections supervisors illegally counting votes that were rejected by the canvassing board and preventing observers from attending the public ballot counting.

Screenshots of the letters from Pam Bondi:


Via Ali Alexander:



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Top Saudis Discussed Assassinating Irans General Soleimani in 2017, Sources Tell NY Times
Sun Nov 11, 2018 08:54PM

Irans Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of Irans Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)

Saudi Major General Ahmed al-Assiri, who has allegedly been fired over killing of Jamal Khashoggi, took part at a meeting in Riyadh in 2017 that involved plans to assassinate the kingdoms determined enemy, Irans Major General Qassem Soleimani as well as sabotaging Irans economy, The New York Times reports, citing three sources familiar with the matter.

The March 2017 meeting in Riyadh, brought together businessmen that pitched a $2 billion plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage the Iranian economy, read the report released Sunday.

Top Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked a small group of businessmen last year about using private companies to assassinate Iranian enemies of the kingdom, it said.

As the meeting came at a time that bin Salman was consolidating his power in the kingdom, the report concludes that planning for assassinations, like that of dissident journalist Khashoggi, started since the beginning of Prince Mohammeds ascent.

Assiris top aides also inquired about killing Irans General Soleimani as the attendees were trying to win Saudi funding for their plan, read the report by the US daily.

Irans foreign ministry has accused Washington of seeking to wage an extensive psychological war against Tehran, insisting that such US measures are not worthy of much concern.

The new revelation adds to the embarrassment the US ally is facing in the wake of Khashoggis assassination at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul as well as violation of human rights in the war on Yemen.

The interest in assassinations, covert operations and military campaigns like the war in Yemen overseen by Prince Mohammed is a change for the kingdom, which historically has avoided an adventurous foreign policy that could create instability and imperil Saudi Arabias comfortable position as one of the worlds largest oil suppliers, added...


Linux 4.20-rc2 Released With EXT4 Bug Fixes, New NVIDIA Turing USB-C Driver "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus Torvalds put out the second weekly test release of the Linux 4.20 kernel and all-around it's been a normal week past the merge window...


Images 11/11/18 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

nicole..eyes wide shut or one eye open..



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Saudi-led Invaders Face Stiff Resistance in Push to Seize Hudaydah
Sun Nov 11, 2018 08:38AM

Saudi-backed militants and mercenaries gather on the eastern outskirts of Hudaydah as part of their push to capture the port city on November 10, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Yemeni officials say a massive Saudi push against Hudaydah on the west coast of Yemen has been defeated, with a number of Sudanese mercenaries killed or captured. 

Based on reports, fighting reached residential streets on Sunday, with locals and Houthi fighters mounting fierce resistance to the invaders.

Medics and military sources say more than 60 combatants have been killed on both sides over the past 24 hours.

A source with the Saudi-led militants was quoted by Agence France-Presse as saying that the toll included more than 40 Houthi fighters and about 20 loyalists to the former Yemeni regime.

The invaders have been pushing to enter the strategic port city since 10 days ago, trying to advance on Hudaydah's docks which are the lifeline for vital humanitarian aid to the impoverished country.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have deployed thousands of additional troops after seeing their campaign launched in June to seize Hudaydah thwarted by Houthi fighters and their allies in the Yemeni army.

On Saturday, reports suggested the invaders had seized the main hospital in the city. The invading forces also saw the Jabaliyah and Matineh areas in Hudaydah retaken by the city's protectors.

According to AFP, Hudaydah fighters have put up fierce resistance to the Saudi push towards the city's vital docks, which are the point of entry for 80 percent of Yemen's commercial imports and nearly all UN-supervised humanitarian aid.

The recapture of Jabaliyah cut supply lines to the invaders, drawing praise from Sana'a-based Yemeni Defense Minister Major General Mohamed Nasser al-Atefi.

"The aggressors were defeated with all their power and equipment," he said in remarks aired on al-Masirah TV as he praised "the children of Tihamah," referring to the general area in Yemen's west coast.

"The children of Tihamah proved to the Yemeni nation th...


EXCLUSIVE: Infowars Sensation Owen Shroyer: We Knew We Would Be at This Place in History The Left Is Trying to Destroy This Country (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Alex Jones and InfoWars have been hit the hardest by the the tech industrys aggressive efforts against conservative voices.  The tech giants used the excuse of  misinformation, to ban Infowars from Apple, Google, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify in September.

While the tech giants continue to severely restrict the reach of Jones and Infowars, and wiped out content of hundreds of other conservative outlets to American subscribers as part of their fight against fake news, the Trump administration is idly standing by. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer lamented the Republican Partys lack of concern in an interview with The Gateway Pundit.

InfoWars and alternative media platforms helped Trump winning the White House in 2016 by combating the mainstream medias propaganda and lies, Owens argued.

Lets really get to the core of this Who got Trump elected? It was InfoWars. It was Alex Jones. It was Michael Savage. It was Ann Coulter. That was the biggest audience that put Trump in office, that was with Trump from day one, that already had huge audiences of millions of people built up. So, thats what got Trump in office. Now, whos getting censored more than anybody? InfoWars. Alex Jones, Shroyer said. But, why isnt anything done. It really hurts.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump appeared on an InfoWars broadcast with Alex Jones and thanked Jones for his support.

Yet, in light of the InfoWars ban from the social media platforms, Trump campaigns digital advertising and data guru and 2020 re-election campaign manager, Brad Parscale, maintains that he doesnt know who Jones is and has never heard of InfoWars , Shroyer explained.

Brad Parscale, heres a guy who is apparently the social media guru. Heres a guy who writes an exclusive for Brietbart the same day I talked to him, and Brad Parscale talked to me and he said hes never heard of Alex Jones and said he had no idea who InfoWars is. But, he does know social media is censoring conservatives. But hes never heard of Alex Jones?

This is the genius who got Trump in office with social media and hes never heard of InfoWars and Alex Jones when Trump went on Alex Jones show. He has to know that InfoWars was m...


Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTVs Serena Shim: A 4-part series "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Battle for Hodeidah: More Than 40 Houthis Killed in 24 Hours
Al Jazeera

Pro-government forces close in on rebel-held Yemeni city, killing at least 43 Houthis in ground offensive and air raids.

At least 43 Houthis have been killed in Yemen's flashpoint city of Hodeidah over the past 24 hours as pro-government forces close in on rebel-held areas in the east of the city.

Medics at a hospital in Hodeidah said on Sunday the Houthi fighters had been killed in overnight ground fighting and air attacks by a Saudi-UAE alliance supporting Yemeni troops.

A source at Hodeidah's military hospital told the AFP news agency that dozens of wounded rebels were transferred to hospitals in the provinces of Sanaa and Ibb, further inland.

Meanwhile, a source at a hospital in the government-held town of Mocha, about 170km south of Hodeidah city, said that nine Yemeni soldiers had been killed in clashes there.

Hodeidah, a large city on Yemen's Red Sea coast, is the latest battleground between the Houthis and the Saudi-UAE alliance which has been fighting for control over the country for the past three and a half years.

Since November 3, there have been more than 200 air attacks reported in the city, with the AFP reporting at least 400 dead fighters.

The United Nations has put the civilian death toll at 23 and has said that about 445,000 civilians have been internally displaced.

'Victory is coming'

On Saturday, Yemeni forces seized Hodeidah's main hospital and an industrial complex as they pressed further into the city.

"Today, with God's help, we've been able to take over Thabit Brothers Industrial complex in the east of the city," said a fighter from the Amalqa (Giants) Brigade, a military unit loyal to the Yemeni government.

"In the next hours, we'll have control of more areas of the city. Victory is coming."

Aid agencies have long warned that fighting in Hodeidah risks escalating the country's dire humanitarian crisis.

More than 70 percent of the country's food, aid, fuel and commercial goods used to enter into Yemen through the city's port.

Mariam Ald...


CCBGB "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In the CCBGB ('comments could be going better') stakes, I think the BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale has all won hands down today - with no need whatsoever for a second people's referendum vote to make certain of that. 

Two of his tweets have gone down extraordinary badly with the twittering public, even with people who usually disagree about everything else and throw insults at each agree. 

In fact he seems to have achieved the impossible, bringing the nation together, and even uniting #FBPE types with pro-Brexit types in total condemnation of his 'cheap political point-scoring':

Here's a small selection of the replies:

  • May laid a wreath at Thiepval with Macron on Friday.Today she was at the Cenotaph, accompanied by the President of Germany and watched by the Queen. Find a political grievance somewhere else.
  • This is a pretty shameful agenda you're pushing here, James/BBC. The Royal Family, May and others are in the right place at the Cenotaph - not abroad.
  • Today is not a time for trying to score points. Mrs May was rightly in attendance at our Cenotaph. As you know she was in Europe prior for other events.
  • So she's expected to snub the President of Germany then? And the British people?
  • Your snarky tweets dont serve you or the BBC very well today....


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Street Battles Rage in Yemen's Hodeidah, Civilians Caught in Crossfire
Mohammed Ghobari

ADEN (Reuters) - Street battles raged on Sunday in residential areas of Yemens main port city of Hodeidah, forcing medical staff to flee the largest hospital, as Houthi insurgents tried to repel forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition.

Residents said they saw bodies of seven civilians killed in clashes in southern suburbs, with both sides using mortar shells, anti-aircraft guns and assault rifles in the fight for the Houthi-held city, a lifeline for millions of Yemenis.

The coalition has renewed its offensive on Hodeidah as Western allies, including the United States, called for a ceasefire to support U.N.-led efforts to end the nearly four-year war that has killed more than 10,000 and pushed the country to the brink of starvation.

Medical sources at al-Thawra hospital told Reuters that several staff members and patients able to move had fled the complex. It was not immediately clear how many patients remained inside.

The Houthis are reinforcing their positions near the hospital and that is what scared people, said one staff member.

Hospital spokesman Khaled Attiyah told Reuters that doctors and nurses continued their work in departments such as intensive care, the burns ward and the emergency room despite the panic.

Last week, rights groups said the Houthis had raided the May 22 hospital in the citys eastern suburbs and posted gunmen on the roof, endangering doctors and patients.

The United Nations and aid groups have warned that a full-scale assault on Hodeidah, an entry point for 80 percent of the countrys food imports and relief supplies, could trigger a famine in the already impoverished Arabian Peninsula state.

More than two dozen senior Obama administration officials, including former National Security Advisor Susan Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan, called on U.S. President Donald Trump to cease all support for the war.

In a telephone call with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated Washingtons call for a cessation of hostilities and for all parties to come to the table to negotiate a peaceful sol...


More Funny Business: Palm Beach Claiming They Cant Get Recount Done In Time "IndyWatch Feed"

So how is possible then for the other counties who have been doing everything right? Why are Palm Beach and Broward so messed up? And yes, thats a rhetorical question. Theyre supposed to have it completed by Thursday.


Live Blogging 'Doctor Who' "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Tim Brooke-Taylor and (in the background) Bill Oddie - i.e. The Goodies.

As regular readers will probably know, I don't really watch BBC drama these days, except for Doctor Who, the ultimate BBC family programme, famously geared for kids - and, even more famously, geared for dads (via the female assistants and the whole sci-fi thing) . 

Yes, I know. I'm nearly 50 and shouldn't be watching such things. But, in my defence, I'm claiming it as my only such sin.


It features (Muslim) companion Yaz travelling back in time with (female) Doctor Jodie, and (black, dyspraxic) Ryan, and (stale, pale, male) Bradley Walsh to Partition India in 1947 to see her marvellous Pakistani granny (introduced as the first Muslim to give birth in the new Pakistan and the first Muslim woman to work in a cotton mill in England) get married.

And Bradley Walsh says he's really looking forward to ticking Pakistan off his to-do list, tourism-wise. (Don't we all? I particularly fancy the northern border with Afghanistan. Very scenic I hear. Check out 

Ah yes, it's a 'jolly hockey sticks BBC romp' with 'sad bits' homing in on the massively murderous partition of India and Pakistan, when Muslims and Hindus slaughtered each other whilst Labour's Attlee government (unmentioned) tried to do the right thing (un...


Once Upon a TimeThere Was a Martyr "IndyWatch Feed War"

Local Editor* Tanks and military vehicles were all over the roads, and the soldiers watched the entire place. It was a crossing point where people waited for days to get assent to reach their towns or the capital (Beirut). He got off his car and walked steadily to the investigation chamber. His eyes glowed with []


European Horror Story "IndyWatch Feed World"


The Atlantic: Midterms in the wake of political violence "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From The Atlantica podcast looking at the prospects for the Midterms. This was issued prior to the recent elections on Nov 6.

The upcoming midterms mark the first nationwide referendum on the Trump presidency and the GOP-led Congress. Coming amid a shocking spree of political violence and an ugly showdown over voting rights, Tuesdays election will have massive ramifications. What conclusions can we draw from the vote?


 The Jews of Pittsburgh Bury Their Dead (Emma Green, October 30, 2018)
 Trump Shut Programs to Counter Violent Extremism (Peter Beinart, October 29, 2018)
 Trumps Caravan Hysteria Led to This (Adam Serwer, October 28, 2018)
 A Broken Jewish Community (Emma Green, October 28, 2018)
 Voter Suppression Is the New Old Normal (Vann R. Newkirk II, October 24, 2018)
 The 2018 Midterms Are All About Trump (Ronald Brownstein, October 18, 2018)


The War Party Wins the Midterm Elections, Accelerating the Transition to a Multipolar World Order "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The War Party Wins the Midterm Elections, Accelerating the Transition to a Multipolar World Order FEDERICO PIERACCINI  Strategic-Culture The outcome of the American midterm elections gives us an even more divided country, confirming that the United States is in the midst...

The post The War Party Wins the Midterm Elections, Accelerating the Transition to a Multipolar World Order appeared first on The Daily Coin.


The Emperor Has No Mind "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

Nixon was pretty damn bad. We knew he was a bad guy. Hed given some signs of mental instability too, perhaps most notably with his 1962 You wont have Nixon to kick around anymore speech. Sadly we did 6 years later. But, it wasnt until he was heading for his exit that we learned just how wacked out he was. Now we have Donald Trump. Like with Nixon, the signs were there before he got "elected" President. It was even more obvious, but his voters went to the parade and saw what they wanted to see and saw what they were told to see by the corporate media.

What we have here in Donald Trump and his supporters is a variation of the old Emperor Has No Clothes thing. He acts like he should be bowed down to by all, as if he was an emperor or dictator. His enablers and supporters look at him and they refuse to see the reality that their "president" is stark, raving mad and could destroy us all, including them, if he isnt stopped. A madman can lose his mind but that doesnt mean he cant plot his trajectory, and ours, every day.

Crazy as he is, he is able to deliberately create chaos. He does it in order to achieve a result. History and comic books are full of truly evil and demented people like Donald Trump. Consider Trump a real life example of The Joker from the Batman comics, a twisted man bent on creating mayhem simply for his own gratification and personal gain.



CIDI Gevaar voor Nederlands Onderwijs "IndyWatch Feed War"

CIDI indoctrineert scholieren met zogenaamd afgewogen lesmateriaal over Isral/Palestina

Dat een Nederlandse lobbyorganisatie die de belangen van Isral verdedigt onderwijsmateriaal over het Isralisch-Palestijns conflict ontwikkelt, en het ministerie van OCW toestaat dat op scholen te gebruiken, is op zijn zachtst gezegd vreemd. Een analyse leert dat het lesmateriaal uiterst eenzijdig is.


Pauline Kael Gets the Last Word in What She Said "IndyWatch Feed World"

If What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael had been made about any other film critic, I believe Kael would have enjoyed it. But it couldnt have been made about any other critic.

The documentary directed by Rob Garver, which premiered Sunday, Nov. 11, at DOC NYC, hums along at a steady, pleasurable pace, combining snippets of interviews with Kael (the best ones with Dick Cavett on his television show) juxtaposed with snatches from films. The latter includes movies she praised and for which she helped create an audience (Bonnie and Clyde, Mean Streets, Carrie, Nashville, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Wild Bunch, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Elephant Man, Band of Outsiders) as well as those she panned, angering mainstream America (The Sound of Music, West Side Story) and offending college-educated filmgoers (Blow-Up, 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Sarah Jessica Parker reads some of Kaels prose and does an admirable job of replicating her idiosyncratic rhythms. Voices of contemporary critics attest to the enormous impact and influence of Kael, who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1967 to 1991 and died in 2001. Filmmakersincluding Paul Schrader, Francis Ford Coppola, David O. Russell and Quentin Tarantinotalk about how her work shaped their own attitudes about film and its possibilities. Kaels daughter, Gina James, brings a little salt to her recollectionsit apparently wasnt easy to be a child of a geniusand the late Brian Kellow, author of Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark (2011), adds nuance and perspective.

Garver, a New York-based writer and director of film shorts, loves his subject but knows when to keep his distance. His handling of the most famous controversies of Kaels career is concise and even-handed.

One example of this is Kaels famous essay in which she mercilessly diced Andrew Sarris interpretation of the auteur theory, particularly the part about the directors personality being a criterion for greatness. Sarris widow, the film critic Molly Haskell, says Kaels piece was almost slanderous. (For the historical record, Id like to note that there was no feud between Kael and Sarris, that her notes on the auteur theory were the only negative things she ever wrote about his work, and in Francis Davis Afterglow, Kael is quoted as saying, We both loved movies. We had that in common, and I enjoy reading him as I enjoy reading very few critics. He has genuine reactions to movies, and many critics dont. He picks things up and points things out.

And then there was the famous blast by Renata Adler in the New York Review of Books in 1976, reviewing Kaels collection, When the Lights Go Down: Jarringly, piece by piece, line by line, and without interruption, [its] worthless. And this just two years after Kael won the National Book Award...


Automation of Searches Will Not Solve the Legitimacy Problem Caused by Patents Lust "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Related: Michael Frakes and Melissa Wasserman Complain About Low Patent Quality While Watchtroll Lobbies to Lower It Further

Trump and Iancu

Summary: The false belief that better searches and so-called AI can miraculously assess patents will simply drive/motivate bad decisions and already steers bad management towards patent maximalism (presumption of examination/validation where none actually exists)

THE emergence of SCOTUSs decision on Alice and todays 35 U.S.C. 101 was quite revolutionary. We have no issue with USPTO-granted patents on physical things (an example from several hours ago can be seen here) but on algorithms something which the European Patent Office (EPO) too has been guilty of lately.

Examiners need to better understand and respect patent scope, irrespective of what was done in the past (prior art).Recently there were those who framed prior art [1, 2] not patent scope as a core issue. Not even Watchtroll was happy about it (labeling it An Overstated Solution to Patent Examination). Examiners need to better understand and respect patent scope, irrespective of what was done in the past (prior art). Compare this to prior Watchtroll rants/coverage about prior art (like this from 2 days earlier).

We dont mean to say that prior art never matters; a...


Sunday Talks: Michael Mukasey Defends Administrative State States: Whitaker Must Recuse Himself "IndyWatch Feed"

Pay close attention.  WARNING: There is a battle within the administrative state that most of you are aware of.  Within this interview; and amid the larger conversation; the critical question to ask yourself is: Is Rod Rosenstein working for the Continue reading


Saker message to the community and readers: thanks and mini Community SITREP "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dear friends, Its time for me to give you a quick update on how things are going in our community and how we fit in the general political picture of


Hidden Cameras At Chicken Hatcheries Reveal a Dark Truth That Most People Refuse to Face "IndyWatch Feed World"

For years, vegetarians and meat eaters have argued over the treatment of farmed and factory animals that are used in the food industry. And while they continue to disagree, they could be missing some substantial proof of such atrocious acts.

Chicks just a few hours after being hatched are tossed into sorting and those who appear sickly are merely thrown away (alive). Females and males are separated as they move through different machines and the lucky females get to move to new farms where they will all be used until they cannot be used anymore while the males will be either used for meat or ground up right then and there depending on what kind of chickens they are.

Yes, I said they were ground up. In the past, many hatcheries opted to gas them but at the moment industrial sized grinders seem to be much more common. We do not often think about where the meat that we eat is coming from but we should. According to the Humane League, there are about 260 million male chicks being slaughtered each year this just in the US alone.

The short lives these chicks have are full of pain and suffering no matter how you look at it. Once they make their way to different factories from the hatcheries these chicks will spend their lives confined in warehouse-like buildings packed as full as possible. Many will become injured and forced to continue on or lie down and die while the rest walk all over their bodies. Broiler chickens, the ones most often used for meat are designed to grow rapidly and many struggle to even walk as their skeletons are unable to support their rapidly growing bodies.

Below you will find some videos that include footage that was obtained through hidden cameras. These videos show what life is like at the earliest stages for these chicks and while it isnt the worst of it, it is quite heartbreaking. Whether you are a meat eater or not you should be able to agree that they do not deserve to suffer in these ways. Wouldnt you rather your food have come from a more ethical source?

(Image Via: Animal Equality)


This bulldog is better at this than me "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


This Enchanting Christmas Video Was Banned From Television for the Absolute Dumbest Reason Ever "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ads can be deceiving, that is no secret. And while this ad did not make the cut to be on the television screen, it is still one that the whole world needs to watch and through social media that is finally happening.

This advert was made by Greenspeace but the group had given supermarket Iceland permission to use it as their Christmas campaign video. That being said, it was deemed to breach political advertising rules and will not be aired. Since Iceland became the first major UK supermarket to pledge for the removal of palm oil in their brands, this was the perfect video for them to use.

Clearcast who was in charge of approving or denying this video access on air said as follows in regards:

We assess all ads against the rules of the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising; Clearcast is not a regulator and we do not ban ads. The Iceland ad submitted to us is a Greenpeace film which has been appearing on the Greenpeace website for a number of months.

The specific rule Clearcast and the broadcasters have considered is:

An advertisement contravenes the prohibition on political advertising if it is:

An advertisement which is inserted by or on behalf of a body whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature.

Clearcasts concerns do not extend to the content or message of the ad.

As you can see, they did not have much to say on the matter at all. They marked it as too political and went about their business. While the company did not say that it was outright banned, they made it clear that they had no intent in allowing it to be aired. This video highlights how the use of palm oil in our products is strongly connected to deforestation in big ways.

In this ad video, you will see rang-tan the monkey playing around in a...


Report: CNN And Jim Acosta Suing White House Over Removing His Press Pass "IndyWatch Feed"

White House press credentials are a privilege not a right. Via NY Daily News: Former journalist Sam Donaldson says he has been asked to prepare an affidavit to support CNNs case after the Trump White House banned reporter Jim Acosta earlier this week. Acosta was sanctioned Wednesday after a testy exchange with Trump during a []


UK Families Take Part in Television Experiment Leaving Their Children Home Alone for 4 Days "IndyWatch Feed World"

As we get closer to the Christmas season, youre likely going to see the holiday classic Home Alone grace your television set once again. As funny as 8-year-old Kevins adventures are, most parents would agree the very idea of their child being left home alone in this situation is frightening at best.

A new television of show out of the UK, Alone at Home introduces just this situation as a social experiment, asking parents to leave their children home alone for a 4-day period of time. During this time, there are cameras wired up all through the home, allowing the parents, along with eager viewers, to watch exactly what happens.

While the producers, obviously are also watching the events within the home, there are clear rules about when and when not to get involved. In fact, the children are left to their own devices despite all of their arguments and mischief, only intervening if someone was seriously hurt, or if a situation could be classified as life or death.

Alone at Home was brought to life by UK station Channel 4. While some viewers appear to be highly excited, not everyone thought the concept was a creation of genius. In announcing the shows debut, The Guardian states, This new series takes an emerging trend UK parents are apparently among the most anxious in Europe and uses it as a fairly flimsy excuse for a social experiment: what happens if children are abandoned for four days to fend for themselves?

So, what really did happen? Four different families participated in the show, with children ranging in age from 8 to 16. Each of the families had their own reasons for participating, with parents reporting that they wanted their children to gain some independence, or that they recognized that they were bordering on helicopter parenting and were hoping the show would help them to step back and break that habit before it went too far.

In one episode, 13-year-old Laurel and 16-year-old Milly were recorded admitting that their mother, Natalie, acts like our slave sometimes. Its a statement that was proven to be an understatement as the girls, alongside their 114-year-old stepbrother Ethan, attempted to tackle some of the most basic household chores (after Ethan forced the girls to tidy up). The two werent even familiar with what soap should be added to the dishwasher. During the show they were forced to find ways to take care of themselves, calling taxis to get to and from school, and ordering fo...


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fonterra hopes for collaboration in review of regulating law Jeremy Rees:

Fonterra has welcomed the review of the law which governs it and urged farmers and shareholders to work with the government to get it right.

At its annual meeting, Fonterra chairman John Monaghan told the 360 farmers in the audience that the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA), which regulated the company was a complex piece of legislation but it was important to get any changes right.

Lets be clear. Fonterras performance, good or bad, is not driven by DIRA, he said.

But an updated DIRA can deliver our shared vision for the future of the New Zealand dairy industry.

The government began in May a review of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 which sets the parameters for Fonterra, the co-operative dairy giant. . . 

Fonterra is under attack from all sides, and now from within, as it grapples with issues that date back to 2001. These restraints allow its competitors to pick away at its good bits. China holds a tariff lever over NZ policymakers Guy Trafford:

A busy week for Fonterra with the appointment of the two new directors and one still to come. Later today comes the result of the asset review instigated after the poor results from last season.

One of the new directors, Leonie Guiney has made her position plain in September she was quoted saying she wants the company to shift its whole strategy away from investments, like Beingmate and China Farms, which she says are beyond our capability.

If Fonterra thought they may get an easier path in the future through a revamp of the DIRA, the indications coming out are any thing to go by they are going to be disappointed. In fact, some are suggesting that the goal posts have been moved further away with a 70% mark as the point which is more likely to trig...


How Does a Wind Turbine Work? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wind farms have become a growing force in the American energy supply, with Texas alone producing more power from wind than most countries. In a post-oil energy grid, the meaning of the term "Texas tea" will likely become increasingly opaque to young people. But how does wind power actually work?


JTwQSfiVkre*18=~#h38060604952` CO M "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



President Putin in Paris "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Interview to Russia Today TV Channel During his visit to France to attend commemorative events marking the centenary of Armistice Day, Vladimir Putin answered questions from a Russia Today journalist. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.


Federal government nuclear waste compromises Safety and Security in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

 Nuclear Brief (10 Nov 2018) by David Noonan, Independent Environment Campaigner The Federal gov. is compromising Safety and Security in SA with ANSTO irradiated nuclear fuel waste to be shipped through Whyalla or Port Pirie to an indefinite (for approx. 100 years) above ground nuclear waste Store to be imposed on to SA at Kimba or at Hawker.

Two shipments of ANSTO nuclear fuel waste are intended in the first 2 years of Store operations....


The Signs of the Zodiac Ranked By Who Is Most Likely to Run Away From Love "IndyWatch Feed World"

The zodiac is known for its monthly horoscopes and general personality profiles. But did you know that you could also discover secrets and interesting facts about your love style?

Below I am going to go over the sign in order as ranked from most likely to run from love to least likely to run from love. While there are exceptions to this for each sign it should reign true for most. Where do you think your sign will end up on this list?


While you might not have guessed it, the Libra is easily the most willing to run from love. Libras dont like to let other people in. They close themselves off emotionally and tend to focus on bettering their own lives. While they like the idea of love they dont want to put forth the effort that comes with it.


Aquarius are also not very willing to let others in. They tend to care about people a lot but never make any moves. They are not good at expressing their emotions and it is something that really holds them back. While they might be willing to date, they dont often find the connections that they wish they could and because of that are for the most part quite off limits.


Sagittarius are flighty. They tend to get very close to people and then once emotions begin really flowing they jump ship. The Sagittarius is a sign that doesnt like to open up. They like to have fun and explore but are not often ready to settle down, so you cannot change them. However, for some reason also cannot help but feel compelled to try. Because of this a lot of heartbreak seems to follow them on their adventures in life.


Virgos are not usually into romance or lovey-dovey things. They are too afraid of being hurt and it really holds them back. They are some of the most vulnerable people of the zodiac and while they do criticize others a lot they do this so that they will not be criticized themselves. They like to put on a good show but are pretty soft at heart.


Geminis love love but also tend to get bored. They will fall head over heels for someone only to no longer be interested several months or years down the road. They like the idea of being in a relationship but also arent as willing to put in the work to make the relationship last. Because of their conflicting traits, they lie somewhere in the middle when it comes to dating. Sometimes you get lucky and they turn out to be amazing and other times they are hard to be with right from the very start.


Aries are often too work oriented to slow down and let love hit them in the face. They close themselves off and if someone comes into their life and mixes their world up they dont know what to do. While they dont alway...


BEST OF THE WEB: Military coup plot uncovered in Germany - Sensational report claims special forces and military vets planned to execute 'unwanted' politicians 'en masse' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A far-right underground network made up of members of Germany's elite commando force and military veterans planned to kill top politicians upon the collapse of order in the country, a sensational media report claims. German police have reportedly uncovered a clandestine far-right network which allegedly had "concrete plans" for what they called "Day X" - the moment when Germany's civil order would collapse, Focus magazine reported. The harrowing plan included bringing "unwanted" political figures to a remote place and killing them en masse. The names of people on the group's "hit list" have yet to be established, but it is thought that Dietmar Bartsch, head of the Left Party's parliamentary group, was one of those to be taken out.


Doctors slam media claim that California fire is no problem regarding radiation "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


On November 10, Los Angeles Magazine ran an article claiming there was no risk related to SSFL contamination from the Woolsey fire that we now know actually began on the SSFL property itself. Below is our response.

Los Angeles Magazine must print a correction this article is filled with errors and misinformation:

  1. There is no need to put quotes around significantly contaminated SSFL is one of the most contaminated sites in the nation, subject of a promised but long-delayed state and federal cleanup; it is heavily contaminated with well documented nuclear and chemical contamination, from, among other things, a partial nuclear meltdown.
  2. The claim in the first hours of the fire by DTSC, an agency that has no public confidence to the point that the state legislature commissioned an Independent Review Panel to investigate its failings (which include the Exide fiasco in Vernon,) that it didnt believe there was a risk is cover for its failure to live up to its cleanup commitments (it had promised the site would be cleaned up by 2017 and the cleanup hasnt even begun). It is pure conjecture. DTSC does not have have any scientific data to back up the claim. It based the spurious assertion on its claim that the fire in its first hours was not in areas where contamination could be released, but the state fire department now shows almost all of the contaminated site as within the fi...


Synchronized telescopes put limits on mystery bursts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A technological tango between 2 telescopes in the Australian outback has added an important piece to the puzzle of fast radio bursts.


What makes us? Nature or nurture? The DNA debate comes back to life "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An extraordinary new film about identical triplets throws doubt on the dominance of DNA.


Samsung will soon test TVs that can be controlled with your brain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Samsung TVs are already some of the most popular options for high-end home theater systems, and the company is now using its television-making prowess to help people with disabilities live more normal lives. A new project by a Samsung team in Switzerland could yield the first smart TV that can be controlled with thoughts.

As CNET reports, Samsung has partnered with Swiss scientists to bring the system to life. Called Project Pontis, the ultimate goal is to build a brain/software interface that will allow individuals with movement disabilities to control television features like channel switching and volume control with their brains rather than their bodies.


Lady Gaga Truly Shocks the World With Comments About the Borderline Shooter That No One Should Ignore "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lady Gaga was recently given an award at the SAG-AFTRA awards ceremony and while her speech is long, it is a speech well worth hearing. As you may know, Lady Gaga is quite outspoken in regards to mental health and this was no exception.

She went over everything from her own struggles to the crisis that this world is so clearly in when it comes to mental health. Gaga touches on how uneducated many are about mental health and about how most are not getting the help that they might need. This is a topic that can be quite touchy especially after a shooting like the one in Thousand Oaks we just faced.

In this day and age, it is important not to point blame for these kinds of things in any one direction. There are lots of factors that go into something like this and while not every mentally ill person is going to do something terrible like what this man did, had he gotten the help he needed perhaps things would have gone over differently. At the end of the day even bringing awareness to mental illness without stigmatizing those who have mental illnesses is something we all need to work on.

Gaga mentioned as follows in her speech:

We need to share our stories so that global mental health no longer resides and festers in the darkness, she said. It is dangerous and we know this because amongst other shootings and acts of violence, just last night there was a shooting in Thousand Oaks by a veteran who was believed to have suffered from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder which is a mental issue. We know that this is dangerous, we know that its important and we have to pay attention to it.

No, not everyone with PTSD is going to go out and do terrible things to others but those with PTSD should be getting the help they need in regards to what theyre facing. We should not only bring up these topics when someone flies off the handle, we should be helping those with PTSD and other mental illnesses before the possibility of such even crosses our minds. When someone is suffering mentally it is much more complicated than most could imagine.

Mental illness is not the only problem in regards to these kind of things as I noted above but it is a big factor. This man might have been able to go down a different path if he had gotten the support he needed and that is something we all need to remember. Yes, he should be responsible for the things he did and I am in no way saying that it wasnt his fault but it is something to think about.

Please take the time to hear what Gaga had to say in the video below. We all need to work to make this world a better place and in helping those with mental illnesses we will be able to do that. Violent or not...


Scientist Finally Discover A Way To Upload Knowledge Directly to the Brain "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are some concepts in life that can be described as nothing short of science fiction, reserved for the creative worlds in our favorite books or on Hollywoods silver screen. However, is it possible that science may advance enough to make these crazy ideas a reality?

This is what many are asking after reading some of the latest research. A team of scientists from HRL Laboratories, LLC in Malibu, California is making positive strides forward in their effort to develop technology that would permit them to actually upload knowledge into a human brain. This would empower scientists to amplify the learning process.

The team began by studying the way that electric signals move within the brain, carrying information. They then took this information and used a technology known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to transmit flight knowledge to a second group of participants.

We measured the brain activity patterns of six commercial and military pilots, and then transmitted these patterns into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an airplane in a realistic flight simulator, explained Dr. Matthew Phillips, one of the scientists behind the research in a press release. They studied the piloting abilities of the novice pilots before and after the information was uploaded using electrode-embedded head caps, measuring data such as the average G-force of the plane during landing. They discovered that those who received the brain stimulation performed better than the control group, who received a mock brain stimulation.

The findings of this study are a huge step forward in making this type of technology a reality in our daily lives. As we discover more about optimizing, personalizing, and adapting brain stimulation protocols, well likely see these technologies become routine in training and classroom environments, stated Dr. Phillips. Its possible that brain stimulation could be implemented for classes like drivers training, SAT prep, and language learning.

While this may be the first that you have heard of this technique, its not new to the scientific community. The process of stimulating connections in the brain to enhance learning has previously been used to aid patients recovering from strokes. By understanding the areas of the brain that are affected by the stroke, scientists have been able to speed up recovery and improve motor function through the use of tDCS. Meanwhile, research also shows that tDCS may show promise as a tool in the treatment of depression, although additional studie...


California fire likely to expose residents to radioactive ash, from nuclear polluted site "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This secret gave her daughter cancer

Last night, the Woolsey fire burned the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), a former nuclear and rocket engine testing site. Footage from local television showed flames surrounding rocket test stands, and the fires progress through to Oak Park indicates that much of the toxic site burned.



BEST OF THE WEB: In bizarre WW1 centenary speech, Macron claims nationalism is evil because it 'erases moral values' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, Emmanuel Macron said in his speech before the world leaders in Paris and caused a storm on Twitter, with the French President getting praise and bashing in equal parts. Macron delivered a powerful address during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary since the end of World War I in the French capital on Sunday, with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and other heads of state being among his audience. "Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism," the French leader proclaimed, adding that nationalism erases the most important thing for any country: "its moral values." Comment: Specious, postmodernist, claptrap. With days of their 'bromance' far behind, Macron's jab might've been well directed at Trump, who previously proudly declared himself a nationalist and promotes the "America First" agenda. The Twitterati shared photos of what they believe was the US President's annoyed reaction to the words of...


MARKETS: A Look Ahead Eyes on Crude Oil (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

MARKETS: A Look Ahead Eyes on Crude Oil Video Gregory Mannarino Video Source

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The US Military Just Publicly Dumped Russian Government Malware Online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for chromas

The US Military Just Publicly Dumped Russian Government Malware Online

Usually it's the Russians that dump its enemies' files. This week, US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), a part of the military tasked with hacking and cybersecurity focused missions, started publicly releasing unclassified samples of adversaries' malware it has discovered.

CYBERCOM says the move is to improve information sharing among the cybersecurity community, but in some ways it could be seen as a signal to those who hack US systems: we may release your tools to the wider world.

"This is intended to be an enduring and ongoing information sharing effort, and it is not focused on any particular adversary," Joseph R. Holstead, acting director of public affairs at CYBERCOM told Motherboard in an email.

On Friday, CYBERCOM uploaded multiple files to VirusTotal, a Google-owned search engine and repository for malware. Once uploaded, VirusTotal users can download the malware, see which anti-virus or cybersecurity products likely detect it, and see links to other pieces of malicious code.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Ozone layer predicted to totally heal within 50 Years "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ozone layer hole will totally heal within 50 years  By Lianne Kolirin,  November 6, 2018 CNN) The hole in the Earths ozone layer is expected to fully heal within 50 years, climate change experts predict in a new UN report.


The CFA franc, a colonial vestige from France in Africa (Ana Fuentes) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

11/11/2018 - Since 1945, France has the last word on the currency used by 155 million people in 15 African countries.   Melania Trump wasnt very inspired in her visit to Kenya in October when ...

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake North Atlantic Ocean "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake was registered in the North Atlantic Ocean at 14:03 UTC on November 11, 2018. USGS is reporting a depth of 7.3 km (4.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). According to the USGS, the epicenter was...... Read more

Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October 2018. Principal component analysis (PCA) of the solar background magnetic field observed from the Earth,...... Read more

Hahaha, der Putin! Macron so: Hey, die EU knnte mal ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hahaha, der Putin! Macron so: Hey, die EU knnte mal eine gemeinsame Armee aufbauen. Die Amis so: Och n. Der Rest der EU so: Och n. Putin so: Tolle Idee!1!!

Tax havens and other dirty tricks let U.S. Corporations steal $180 billion from the rest of the world every year (Jon Schwarz) "IndyWatch Feed World"

11/11/2018 - Are Tax havens an enraging but tangential subject? Or do they have a powerful effect on how the U.S. economy functions and should therefore be a part of every political debate? The startling findings ...

Netanyahu advances bill seeking death penalty for Palestinians accused of terrorism (Yumna Patel) "IndyWatch Feed World"

11/11/2018 - Israels parliament, the Knesset, will renew its debate next week over a bill that would seek the death penalty for Palestinians accused of terrorism, after Israeli Prime Minister ...


Has the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management lost its independence? Cumbria Trust "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) which advises BEIS on dealing with nuclear waste, has recently published a paper which Cumbria Trust believes calls into question their independence. They are supposed to act as an independent body, but some of their recent actions suggest to us that they are too close to BEIS []

via Has the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management lost its independence? Cumbria Trust


By definition nuclear weapons are genocidal, xenophobic and racist "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Hayley Ramsay-Jones ICAN 

11.11.2018 Madrid, Spain  Tony Robinson At the II World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace, in Madrid from the 5th to the 8th of November, Pressenza took the opportunity to cover activities carried out by the international team of activists from ICAN.

A combined presentation by Dr. Aurora Bilbao from IPPNW and Hayley Ramsay-Jones from Soka Gakkai International covered two very important topics: the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the intersectional aspects of gender and race discrimination in nuclear disarmament.

We were especially interested to find out more about the gender and race aspects to nuclear disarmament, so after the presentation we caught up with Hayley to ask her a few questions


Nice Work, Mario! After $3 Trillion Of Money Printing, Eurozone Stalls to 0.2% Growth In Q3 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The eurozone could not borrow from the momentum of the U.S. economy in the third quarter as economic growth slumped to a tepid 0.2%, the slowest rate in more than four years. With the 19-nation currency bloc beginning to stagnate, and the heavyweights failing to post significant gains, Brussels is in panic mode, likely leaning on the European Central Bank (ECB) for further stimulus.



Concern over New South Wales zurconium mine also mining uranium and thorium "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kazzi Jai  Kazzi Jai  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 11 Nov 18, 



Body Language Expert on Broward Countys Brenda Snipes: Aggressive, Deceptive and Defiant (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Body Language Ghost, an expert in body language named Mandy who frequently analyzes videos of people in the news, scrutinized Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes and her recent run-in with reporters in her latest video.

Brenda Snipes have a long history of incompetence and criminal behavior.

On Thursday morning she had a run-in with local reporters in the hallway outside the vote manufacturing area.

The body language expert called out Snipes for being defiant, aggressive and deceptive.

Excellent analysis.

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UK unions sound alarm over talks to implant employees with microchips "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage Britain's biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK. The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger, are similar to those for pets. They enable people to open their front door, access their office or start their car with a wave of their hand, and can also store medical data.


Ex-Facebook exec ousted from company sparked controversy with pro-Trump views: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A former top executive at Facebook who was ousted from the company may have been fired over his support for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, according to The Wall Street Journal.The Journal reported Sunday that Palmer Luckey has...


The Federal Circuit and PTAB Are Not Slowing Down; Patent Maximalists Claim Its Harassment to Question a Patents Validity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The duo that strikes out a lot of questionable patents is still besieged or at least berated by the litigation industry


Summary: Theres no sign of stopping when it comes to harassment of judges and courts; those who make a living from patent threats and litigation do anything conceivable to stop the bloodbath of US patents which were never supposed to have been granted in the first place

AS we noted in the previous post, theres a coordinated effort to squash reviews of patents wrongly granted by the USPTO. Battistelli did something similar at the European Patent Office (EPO) when he relentlessly attacked judges and their collective independence.

The USPTO, unlike the EPO, cannot quite influence the courts (its definitely trying to, as we warned earlier this month), so if patents are granted in error they will be invalidated/rejected by the courts; Iancu and his new sidekick (patent trolls' apologists) can just stare and glare. They cant quite touch the judges. They make a bit of a turmoil at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) though, mirroring Battistellis assault on the appeal boards.

Recent Law360 coverage spoke about fake patents (that are, as usual, software patents) being thrown out by the excellent Federal Circuit, which has changed a lot under its current chief judge. There is virtually nothing Iancu can do to the Federal Circuit and ignoring its outcomes/caselaw he can only ever do at his own peril. Suzanne Monyaks report says that [t]he Federal Circuit on Wednesday refused to revive technology company PurePredictive Inc.s claims that an open-source software company ripped off its predict...


President Trumps nuclear weapons plans will now meet with opposition in Democrat controlled Congress "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Divided Congress to clash over Space Force, nuclear arsenal, The Hill, BY REBECCA KHEEL  11/11/18

Democrats next year will control the gavels for the defense and foreign policy committees in the House for the first time since 2010.

The party h...


The Butcher's Bill - 100 Years Later "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pictured above is a battalion of the Cameron Highlanders in 1914, prior to being despatched to the front line; below is the same battalion upon their return in 1918 after the armistice. 

The cost of peace is great. The cost of war is greater. It's good to take a pause for the cause on Veteran's Day and honor those who served.

In Flanders Fields
   -John McRae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


November 11 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Opinion: What Changes Will Maines New Government Bring to Your Life? Swept to sizable majorities in last weeks elections, Maines Democrats will be in full control of state government for the first time since 2010. They are likely to look for ways to address a number of pressing issues, one of which is climate []

via November 11 Energy News geoharvey



Christmas is coming and boy do we have a red hot deal for you. Due to our special relationship with our supplier we can offer you a blistering red hot ham special right now, while stocks last. Here are the details, but you will need to be quick as there are limited supplies. Whale Meat [] The post BLISTERING RED HOT HAM SPECIAL appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Journalist Throws Shoe at Dissident Yemeni Minister during Press Conference in Riyadh: Video "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Journalist Throws Shoe at Dissident Yemeni Minister during Press Conference in Riyadh: Video November 11, 2018 The dissident information minister in the Yemeni salvation government Abdol Salam Jaber was surprised by one of the journalists throwing his shoe at him while attending the formers press conference in Riyadh. It is worth noting that the Yemeni []


Sen. Matt Gaetz: Its a banana republic down here "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Sen. Matt Gaetz: Its a banana republic down here from ZeroHedge The first recounts in Floridas contested elections began Sunday morning in two large Tampa Bay counties, after the secretary of state ordered reviews of two nationally watched contests, reports AP....

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Jxhq4XDDD 604958COM188 K-2810009279 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence and Assaults on Trump Cabinet "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence and Assaults on Trump Cabinet In encouraging individuals to create crowds who will push back on President Trumps Cabinet members at private business establishments and in seemingly trying...

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PERTH Former AFL player Chris Yarran charged after bizarre crime rampage "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Former AFL player Chris Yarran charged after bizarre crime rampage .

November 11, 2018 at 03:55PM .

Yarran, 27, who was arrested outside the Pan Pacific hotel on Adelaide Terrace on Friday night, was granted bail in Perth Magistrates Court yesterday, .



Sunday Talks: Democrat Representative David Cicilline Discusses Marxist Economic Priorities Siege Agenda to Eliminate Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Success in the midterm election secured power for House Democrats.  The discussion then moves to how are the democrats going to use that power?  Representative David Cicilline, co-chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, indicates their intended set of Continue reading


Watch & Share The Live Banned Alex Jones Show! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Witness Frances Macron declare nation-states the enemy as Antifa attack more targets and Democrats attempt to steal Florida and Arizona.

  Read More

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GIFT US Premiere in San Francisco co-hosted by Shareable "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Youre invited to the US premiere of "GIFT," a richly cinematic feature documentary about art and gifting following character-driven stories of real-life gift economies around the world (including Burning Man).

Launching at the gorgeous Castro Theatre with filmmaker Robin McKenna and special guests, this benefit screening for Shareable will feature an interactive panel discussion and party after the screening.

One night only on Nov. 29. The trailer and more information is below. Buy your tickets today to join a celebration of all that makes us human.



Richard Branson just launched a $3 million prize for a better air conditioner "IndyWatch Feed World"

When people move out of poverty, one of the first things they buy is an air conditionerand the world cant handle the emissions that are going to come from an air conditioning boom. So Branson and the Indian government are launching the Global Cooling Prize to find a sustainable solution.

As incomes rise in cities in India, China, and other quickly growing economies, people tend to make three major purchases first: a TV, a refrigerator, and an air conditioner. The number of AC units may swell from 1.2 billion worldwide today to 4.5 billion by 2050and household air conditioning, alone, could push global warming up half a degree by the end of the century, according to a new report.

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Democrats To Open Investigation Into Trumps Vicious Attacks On CNN And Washington Post: Report "IndyWatch Feed"

Defacto government shutdown. Via Raw Story: According to a senior Democratic lawmaker, the newly-empowered party fresh off of taking the House in the midterm election plans to open an investigation into President Donald Trumps attacks on media outlets. In an interview with Axios, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed that it is very squarely []


PM should come clean on multi-billion kina APEC spending "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Prime Minister Peter ONeill must come clean on total APEC spending. It is unacceptable for the Prime Minister to keep hiding the vast amount spent on the meeting, Sir Mekere Morauta, Member for Moresby North-West, said today. This money belongs to the people, not Peter ONeill.

Public money is not his to do with as he pleases, wasting it on luxury cars and private parties for his cronies. People have a right to know how their money is spent, and that right is backed by the law.
According to the Public Finances (Management) Act, Section 47K, the APEC Authority must be audited by the Auditor-General, Sir Mekere said. But there is no record of any audit.

The report of the Auditor-General on the APEC Authority must be tabled in Parliament. This has not happened. Mr ONeill has been promising for ages to table the APEC budget and expenditure report in Parliament but has never done so.

These latest irregularities are in addition to likely breaches of the Constitution, the PFMA and other laws I have previously outlined in relation to the APEC vehicle procurement, Sir Mekere said. The smell of corruption grows by the day, and only full inquiries by the Ombudsman Commission and the Fraud Squad can ascertain the truth.

We know why there is all this secrecy it is a favorite tactic of Mr ONeill to hide his activities from proper scrutiny.
So, Mr Prime Minister, what exactly are you hiding this time? Why are you, the APEC Minister, Mr Justin Tkatchenko, and the APEC Authority CEO, Mr Christopher Hawkins, apparently so willing to break the accountability and transparency laws related to APEC?

The answer may be that APEC spending has far exceeded the figure of K3 billion given by Treasury to the IMF. The Prime Minister claims that it is far less, but the only way he can convince the public of that is for him to provide the Parliament and the people with all the APEC expenditure details this sitting.

Even the officially acknowledged spending is well over K1 billion: Budget allocations of K650 million (K100m 2014-16, K250m 2017, and K300m 2018), plus APEC House K120 million, Paga Ring Road K50 million, Jacksons Airport K240 million, 20 percent shareholding in the Star Mountains Plaza project K300 million.

These figures for APEC House, Paga Ring Road and the airport were announced well before the works were completed. I wonder what the final costs were?....


Mexican Govt Driving Migrant Caravan To US With Buses and Private Cars "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mexican authorities have broken up the Honduran migrant caravan and placed the migrants in buses and private cars headed towards different US border towns, according to a Reuters report from Mexico. After spending four days [...]

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Muslim Boys Attack Toddler Leaving 15 Bite Marks On Her Face Media Blackout "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A toddler has been scarred for life after being bitten 15 times by Somali boys who took at least ten chunks out of her face and then strangled her until she was blue and [...]

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It Looks Like A Volcano Erupted In California, Extreme Devil Winds May Worsen Fires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The smoke released by the California wildfires are toxic And for people relaxing on the beach in Santa Monica, it is like if they were watching a volcanic eruption.

smoke california volcanic eruption, california fires, socal fires november 2018

Above Photo: It looks like a volcano erupting in Santa Monica, California? via Instagram

smoke california volcanic eruption, california fires, socal fires november 2018This plume of ash and gases is from a dangerous wildfire burning everything on its path. via Instagram



FL Gov. Scott Takes Legal Action to Bar Broward County Canvassing Board From Including Ballots Counted After Noon Saturday Deadline "IndyWatch Feed"

Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Broward County and Palm Beach County on Sunday as he ramps up his legal fight going into the recount.

Governor Scott also took legal action to bar the Broward County canvassing board from counting ballots produced after the Saturday noon deadline previously ordered by a judge.

The Hill reported:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Palm Beach and Broward County courts on Sunday, ramping up legal efforts as recounts began in the states contested Senate race.

The motions request that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and county sheriffs impound and secure all voting machines, ballots and tabulating devices when they are not in use.

Scotts campaign also filed a complaint in Broward court asking a judge to bar the county canvassing board from including ballots counted after a noon Saturday deadline in the final vote tally.

The Broward and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections has already demonstrated a blatant disregard for Floridas elections laws, making it more important than ever that we continue to do everything possible to prevent fraud and ensure this recount is operated responsibly, Chris Hartline, a spokesman for Scotts campaign, said in a statement.

Senator-Elect Rick Scott will continue to fight to protect the will of Florida voters.

ALL Florida counties met the latest deadline on Saturday at noon to turn over their election totals.

Governor Rick Scott leads Sen. Nelson by 12,562 votes after three days of of Broward and Palm Beach County ballot manufacturing operations.
This is down from his 80,000 vote lead on election...


Seven Palestinians, one Israeli officer, killed during botched operation in Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"


Netanyahu cuts short visit to Paris, returns home after violent clash that also kills an Israeli soldier


RFK Jr. and ICAN Win Case Against US Government For Vaccine Safety Violations "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Editors note: Extracts from three articles.]

In January 2017, Scientific American, in an article entitled, How Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Distorted Vaccine Science, they wrote:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that he will head up a panel on vaccine safety for Donald Trump Lets hope Trump drops any idea of a vaccine panel headed by Kennedy. For more than a decade, Kennedy has promoted anti-vaccine propaganda completely unconnected to reality.

Kennedy made his name in the anti-vaccine movement in 2005, when he published a story alleging a massive conspiracy regarding thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that had been removed from all child...


Houthis Kill Dozens Of Saudi-Backed Fighters And Repel New Attacks On Al-Hudaydah (Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Houthis Kill Dozens Of Saudi-Backed Fighters And Repel New Attacks On Al-Hudaydah (Map)

Click to see full-size map, By:

The Houthis repelled two attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies near the area of Kilo 16 and south of the airport of the city of al-Hudaydah on the western Yemeni coast, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, a spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces [an ally of the Houthis], said on November 11.

Enemy warplanes attempted to support its forces by conducting dozens of airstrikes However, its forces failed to achieve any advance in the field, Brig. Gen. Sari added.

According to the Yemeni military spokesman, the Houthis killed 40 Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters and injured 60 others during the clashes around al-Hudaydah. 12 military vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition were also destroyed with anti-tank weapons.

The Houthis didnt only repel the new attacks, but also struck several positions and gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops on the western coast of Yemen with artillery and armed drones, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

The Saudi-led coalition failed to advance around or inside al-Hudaydah during the last three days, which indicates that the Houthis are once again re-gaining the initiative.

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How fitting: Google offered STASI HQ for new Berlin office "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google is searching Berlin for some trendy real estate to call home - a place that reflects the company's unofficial, recently scrapped motto, "Don't Be Evil." Hey, what about the ex-headquarters of East Germany's secret police? Our story begins innocently enough. The tech giant had originally planned to open its Google Campus startup hub in Berlin's uber hipster district of Kreuzberg - shocking, we know - but disaster soon struck. Party-pooping locals organized against the move, citing the threat of rising rents and a general distaste for data-gobbling Silicon Valley behemoths. Luckily, the Berlin district of Lichtenberg has a long, proud tradition of hosting data lovers: District officials have generously offered Google the former headquarters of the East German Stasi.


Tesla Technology Has Been Revived "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived Activist Post / TruthStream Media How will technology revolutionize our world? Will it empower individuals and free expression, or tighten the noose of the controllers? It seems that there is a constant paradox, an...

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11 Books That Will Shift Your Consciousness and Change Your Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

November 11th, 2018 By Paul Lenda Guest writer for Wake Up World There are many books about consciousness, spirituality, the nature of Reality, the New Paradigm, and holistic health that both elevate and deepen your relationship with yourself and the Source field. Here are 11 of them. On the path of awakened awareness, we need not feel []


CDC Warning: People with dirt on Clintons have 843% greater risk of suicide "IndyWatch Feed World"

Atlanta, GA - According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton's financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide. "We've never seen a single risk factor cause a spike of this magnitude," a CDC spokesperson told reporters. "Interestingly, in spite of their increased suicide risk, people with dirt on the Clintons rarely show any warning signs of suicide, and they never leave a suicide note."


Pricing meat out of reach for low income Australians "IndyWatch Feed National"

The signs of austerity are already upon the people of Australia.

While this may not be clearly evident to the average 'Joe' in the more populous cities of Australia, the people in other places around the nation see or rather feel it quite clearly from the hip pocket.

The photo below has a caption at the bottom of it commenting on the contents of the mixed grill pack being family size at 1.79kg being sold for $54.33, or at $30.35 per kilogram of mixed meat.

(Source: supplied)

The origin of the package is from Coconut Grove in the Northern Territory.

Don't forget there's always a great excuse reading in the wings to justify the price.


Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Midterm Election Results. "IndyWatch Feed"

Maria Bartiromo holds the most significant conversations today surrounding the midterm election and the predictable consequences therein.  Starting next week, what we see in the lame-duck congressional session will form the cornerstone of the next two years. Historically, Wall Street Continue reading


The Performance Impact Of Spectre Mitigation On POWER9 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over the past year we have looked extensively at the performance impact of Spectre mitigations on x86_64 CPUs but now with having the Raptor Talos II in our labs, here are some benchmarks to see the performance impact of IBM's varying levels of Spectre mitigation for POWER9.


Gresham College: Prof. Chris Budd Mathematics and the Making of the Modern and Future World #4 How Much Maths Can You Eat? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A fascinating series delivered by Professor Chris Budd, CBE from Bath University

In this lecture series by Professor Christopher Budd, the emphasis will be how mathematics gives us a glimpse into the future both of technology and of many other areas of our lives.

Since Newton, we have become used to science making confident predictions about the future, including on the motion of the planets and the times of the tides. However, some things seem very hard to predict, such as the stock market or the weather. Is this a fault in the way we model these systems, or is there a genuine limit to how far we can predict the future? One explanation comes from the theory of chaos, which explains why small changes now can lead to large uncertainty in the future. Professor Budd will describe how chaos theory works and how things can change rapidly.

Climate change is important, controversial, and the subject of huge debate. Much of our understanding of the future climate comes from the use of complex climate models, which are based on mathematical and physical ideas. Professor Budd will describe how these models work and the assumptions that go into them. He will discuss how reliable our predictions of climate change will be and show how mathematics can give us insights into both the past and the future.

One of the biggest advances in modern technology has been the development of GPS systems which allow us to find our position to very high precision. GPS is just the latest advance in the science of navigation, which has had a profound effect on human civilization. Professor Budd will show how mathematics has played a vital role in making navigation as accurate as it is today and the impact this has had on us all. Indeed, it is one of the few areas where Einsteins general theory of relativity directly impacts our lives.

The worlds population is rapidly growing, and most of this population will live in large city conurbations. What will our future cities look like? How will the transport system work, how will people move around, and how will we supply them with energy and remove their waste? Indeed, what sort of houses will people live in and what will our communities look like in the future? Professor Budd will show how mathematical models can help us understand how cities work and how they might evolve in the future.

Mathematics education is changing rapidly and a big driver for this i...


California Wildfires: Latest info. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Update: Governor Jerry Brown has requested a Major Disaster Declaration from President Trump, while a state of emergency has been declared in Los Angeles, Ventura and Butte counties. From Browns request: If granted, a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration would make individuals in the impacted counties eligible for a number of programs and support, including crisis []

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10 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

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When Will the War Be By? "IndyWatch Feed"

By Russell Bruce

Powerful film made by Michael Russell. Scottish poems, songs and writing of the First World War made by Eala Bhan Ltd for BBC Scotland to mark the 80th anniversary of the end of the war and shown on 11th November 1998. Devised, written and produced by Michael Russell of Eala Bhan Ltd , directed by Ishbel Maciver and featuring Bill Paterson, Elaine C Smith, Norman MacLean, David Hayman and Iain Anderson.

When Will the War Be By ? from Michael Russell on Vimeo.

Michael has arranged to show it  this evening. Brings back memories of working with Michael on various projects during our time in Argyll, including a film festival Dorothy and I ran for two years with Michael and David Bruce (no relation). Courtesy of Western Ferries we screened Seawards the Great Ships on the open deck as darkness fell on an October evening on the Clyde.

Seawards the Great Ships 1961 ...


We don't need more terror laws "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Back in 2007, the New Zealand Police invaded Ruatoki, terrorised the town, and held children at gunpoint as part of a series of raids against "terrorists". But when it came time to prosecute the seventeen people they'd arrested, the whole case fell apart because the police's behaviour had been "unlawful, unjustified, and unreasonable". No-one faced terrorism charges because, fundamentally, none of those targeted had broken that law: no-one had committed or planned a "terrorist act" (and no, talking shit about firing the Prime Minister out of a trebuchet doesn't count). In the end, despite four Arms Act convictions, it was a humiliating fiasco for the police, requiring a public apology to the people whose town they had invaded.

So now the police want more anti-terror powers, so they can do all that again and get away with it this time:

The Government is reviewing the anti-terror laws because of the carnage of the poorly enacted Urewera raids meaning authorities don't want to use them.

Minister responsible for GCSB and SIS Andrew Little, has ordered officials to fully scrutinise the Terrorism Suppression Act and the Counter Terrorism Act, both passed in the aftermath of the 9/11 and Bali bombings.

They were judged "unworkable" after the botched Urewera raids in 2007, and Little says authorities are now "reluctant" to use them.

While Little wants to remain open to what will happen, police are pushing for greater powers to intervene earlier when they detect suspicious behaviour.

Unlike the Minister, I don't regard reluctance to use anti-terror laws as a problem. Instead, they're something police should be reluctant to use. The fact that they want to use them (and in the complete absence of anything remotely approaching a terrorist threat, or which can't be dealt with under existing laws criminalising assault, murder and arson) says rather more about their desire to crush political dissent than any real need. And in this context, the reference to UK-style laws criminalising people for what they read on the internet - which are primarily used to persecute academics - is chilling. Faced with a lack of real terrorism to justify their inflated budget, th...


Major oil producers foresee oversupply, edge closer to production cuts "IndyWatch Feed War"


Oil prices have shed a fifth of their value in one month since surging to four-year high in early October


Armageddon predicted, again, as Jews call for building 3rd Jerusalem temple "IndyWatch Feed World"

The first two Holy Temples of the Israeli city ceased to exist centuries ago, having been demolished at the hands of the Babylonians and later by the Romans. Despite multiple calls to rebuild the temple, they have remained largely unheard. Biblical conspiracy theorists have voiced a warning that the erection of a third Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which religious activists have recently called for, inevitably carries Jesus Christ's imminent return. Jewish eschatological teachings have it that the Holy Temple will rise up from the ground for the third time when Armageddon nears.


Britain (post brexit) "IndyWatch Feed World"


Dont tell anyone

To conserve means to go back in time, all the way to Charles Dickens and Henry VIII



Donetsk People's Republic Election Turnout "IndyWatch Feed War"

Observers report unprecedentedly high turnout for DPR Elections

NOVEMBER 11, 2018 16:04 


Donald Trump and the politics of emotion "IndyWatch Feed"

Trumps ability to create a shared mood among voters was honed in the world of professional wrestling.

The Trump Unity Bridge trailer on August 18, 2017 in Iowa City, Iowa. Credit: Tony Webster via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 2.0.

In 2017 Donald Trump posted a clip of himself on Twitter wrestling an avatar of CNN to the ground. In the thirty-second vignette he seizes an individual with CNNs logo where the head should be and pummels them. The point was to position himself as a defender of truth, flattening media enemies who spread disinformation about his reign.

It was a predictable move: Trump is a recurring character on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), body slamming its CEO Vince McMahon, buying its Monday Night Raw program and remaining unperturbed by an egregiously racialised boogeyman who regularly appears in the ring. He is the only US President to be inducted as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

His immersion in this world might appear to be just another instance of the absurdly comic combining with the brutally terrifying in his presidency, but it is much more than that: the collision between Trump and wrestling provides an insight into his tactics and the broader contemporary transformation of electoral politics. The WWE taught Trump how to fuse the interests of big business with a mass of people coagulated around shared rage.

Nationalist populism is an odd phenomenon in the ways in which it creates alliances between voters who occupy structurally opposed positions. Trump has managed to combine support from the corporate world, evangelical Christians, rural southerners and ex-union Democrats in a way that confounds existing psephological models. Transcending, at least to some extent, distinctions between left and right, this alliance melds together the ultra-rich with the people they have actively disempowered.

Theres an obvious inconsistenc...


Next Phase Of Operation Put Into Motion, Behold The Power Of The Plan (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Next Phase Of Operation Put Into Motion, Behold The Power Of The Plan Video QX22 Report Keith Ellison steps down from being DNC post. Erdogan says he gave the tapes to the US, UK, Germany and many other countries,...

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Bay of Plenty Oilers: November gathering "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Attention Bay of Plenty Oilers, there will be another catch up in November for anyone interested. HookerPhil will be joining the get together in his red and black jersey, so if you have any tips for the Cantabrian that youd like to pass on in person, this is your chance! Date: Tuesday 27th November from [] The post Bay of Plenty Oilers: November gathering appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Physicians Work to Bring Back the Anti-Nuclear Movement "IndyWatch Feed War"

Physicians Work to Bring Back the Anti-Nuclear Movement


Poisoned Public Discourse & G9 New Word Police With Guest, Mark Anderson Boiler Room EP #194 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of The Boiler Room tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR host & producer, Hesher, along side Mark Anderson, Truth Hound, from American Free Press. So dawn your Social Rejects Club battle jackets, turn it up and sink in for another journey through the splendid secretions of the Independent Media with the Boiler Room on ACR.

Come along with Hesher and Mark Anderson on this special transmission for a review of the United Sates 2018 Midterm election results.

Direct Download Episode #194

Boiler Room may contain explicit language and adult themes.

Please like and share the program and visit our donate page to get involved! Reference Links, for your consideration and research:


New Music "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Music Ive bought this month.

jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=BEAK%3E&album=%3E%3E%3E jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Bert+Jansch&album=A+Man+I'd+Rather+Be+(4)%3A+Bert+and+John jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Susumu+Yokota&album=Acid+Mt.+Fuji ...


CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FL Democrat Party Attorney Tells Laura Loomer DESTROYING BALLOTS ISNT FRAUD (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Florida Democrat party lawyer Leonard Samuels just got Loomered!


Leonard Samuels, a partner at Berger Singerman and Florida Democratic Party attorney, attended the Broward County Elections Supervisor press conference on Saturday.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer also attended the protests and press conferences.

Laura was able to ask Samuels about Brenda Snipes who has a LONG record of incompetence and criminal activity.

From the interview:

Laura Loomer: Do you think that its appropriate for Brenda Snipes to overseeing this given the fact that a judge ruled that she already destroyed ballots in a race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova? I mean, that seems a little unethical for her to be overseeing this?

Leonard Samuels: Of course she should oversee this. She was appointed by a Republican governor Jeb Bush. Shes been reelected several times by the voters of Broward County Theres been not one iota of fraud. Theres been not one iota of corruption.

Laura Loomer: There has though. A judge ruled she destroyed ballots in the race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova. So how can you say that theres not any shred of evidence of corruption when she destroyed ballots? If youre an elections supervisor shouldnt destroying ballots be an automatic disqualification for overseeing elections.

Leonard Samuels: I dont qualify that as fraud or corruption.

Laura Loomer: You dont qualify the destruction of legitimate ballots as fraud or corruption?

Leanard Samuels: It was way, way after the election. Debbie Wasserman Schultz won that election.

Laura Loomer: You dont not think that is fraud? And youre a lawyer for the Democrat Party?

This was an excellent interview by Laura Loomer!



Patent Maximalists Will Latch Onto Return Mail v US Postal Service in an Effort to Weaken or Limit Post-Grant Reviews of US Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: An upcoming case, dealing with what governments can and cannot do with/to patents (specifically the US government and US patents), interests the litigation industry because it loathes reviews of low-quality and/or controversial patents (these reviews discourage litigation or stop lawsuits early on in the cycle)

THE DEPARTURE of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) from science and technology was noted here earlier today; it not only abandons actual innovation but also justice itself. Its rather troubling. It all happened quite fast under Donald Trump and corrupt Wilbur Ross (new Director and deputy appointed); at the same time two right-wing activists were also appointed as Justices.

Looking back at the past fortnights news we take note of Watchtrolls article from two weeks ago about Bayh-Dole, wherein Joseph Allen defends public work (government/universities) being handed over for trolls to attack the public with. Remember that USPTO chiefs are rather sympathetic towards trolls. This cannot be ignored.

One other topic covered here two weekends ago was that chasm separating individuals and non-human entities, i.e. person versus government/corporation (similar to corporations as people or corporate bribery as free speech). Watchtroll explained it as follows on the last day of last month: Return Mail also cites to the Supreme Courts 1991 decision in International Primate Protection League v. Ad...


US Calls for Ceasefire, Keeps Attacking Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If the US were actually serious about peace and humanitarian aid for Yemen, the US could exercise leadership in the UN Security Council to force a peace process. The US could unilaterally take immediate and forceful actions to stop the war. US policy in Yemen continues to be based on profound lies with no moral justification.


Pro-Copyright Bias is Alive, Well, and Still Hiding the Full Story "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2007, the movie The Man From Earth leaked on file-sharing networks, with unexpected results. Instead of proving nothing but damaging, the title gained almost universal praise, rocketing the sci-fi flick to stardom via word-of-mouth advertising.

Director Richard Schenkman and producer Eric Wilkinson embraced the development and enthused over the attention their work was receiving online. Given the positive experience, during January 2018 the team deliberately leaked the sequel The Man from Earth: Holocene on The Pirate Bay.

Given that filmmakers tend to view piracy as the enemy, TorrentFreak enthusiastically reported both events. Sadly, we had less positive news to convey this week when, out of the blue, Schenkman published an article on the site of pro-industry, anti-piracy alliance CreativeFuture, in which he heavily criticized piracy.

There can be little doubt that the piece was a gift to CreativeFuture and everyone who viewed Schenkman and Wilkinsons place in the piracy debate as something positive for unauthorized sharing. The movies story had become a ray of light and here it was being shredded, a disastrous episode from which nothing good had come.

At TorrentFreak, however, we had our doubts about the tone of the piece. Never before had we seen such a turnaround, particularly when reviewing all previous correspondence with Schenkman. Something didnt add up.

Mainly due to timezone differences, Schenkman responded to our questions after our article was published. However, his responses only served to increase our suspicions that what had been published on CreativeFuture wasnt representative of his overall position on piracy.

First of all, Schenkman was rightfully furious about his movie being distributed in Russia after being professionally dubbed, with his donation requests removed from the resulting copy. That, most people will agree, is a flat-out insult to someone who has bent over backward to accommodate piracy.

He had every right to be annoyed but its worth noting that his anger was directed at one site, not necessarily pirates in general. In fact, Schenkman told us that plenty of positives have come out of the releases of both movies.

The only reason that people all over the world knew and loved the original Man from Earth was because of piracy, so while Im disappointed that weve (still) made so little money from the first f...


Tucker Carlson Responds To Avenatti Claim, Says Country Club Barred Man After Calling His Daughter A C*nt, Whore "IndyWatch Feed"

Another whackjob represented by the porn lawyer. Via Breitbart: Carlson provided a lengthy statement to The Hills Joe Concha Saturday, detailing the eyebrow-raising incident that reportedly involved the unnamed man, Carlson, and two of his children. On October 13, I had dinner with two of my children and some family friends at the Farmington Country []


Tomgram: Rory Fanning, Will the War Stories Ever End? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Im here in Chicago, 7,000 miles and 15 years away from Jalalabad, a desolate town in southwestern Afghanistan.


NSW Premier promoting the Photios fraudster Felicity "Duplicity" Wilson "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julia Gillard got to be PM because people who knew her didn't call out her dishonesty. Australia is still paying for their weakness. Right now Australian politics is promoting another fraudster. This time the cancer is in the NSW Liberal Party. Her name is Felicity - aka "Duplicity" Wilson. Ms...


British efficiency "IndyWatch Feed World"

Oh yes, now I can understand modern conservatism, will we return to this when we re-nationalise? I sincerely hope so


Remarks by President Trump at the American Commemoration Suresnes, France "IndyWatch Feed"

Comemorating the 100 year anniversary of the end of World-War-One, President Trump a ttends the American Commemoration Ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetery hosted by the Secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission: [Transcript] Suresnes, France 4:14 P.M. CEST Continue reading


RFK Jr. wins case against U.S. government for vaccine safety violations "IndyWatch Feed World"

Del Bigtree, the founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine []

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Andrew Gillum Urges Officials to Count Every Vote In Florida Recount "IndyWatch Feed World"

As his gubernatorial race headed for a recount, Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum withdrew his concession speech from last Tuesday, noting that while his fate in the election may not change after the votes are recounted, the integrity of the countrys democratic process will be severely undermined if Republicans succeed in ending the process of counting every vote cast by Floridians.

I am replacing my earlier concession with an unapologetic and uncompromised call to count every vote, Gillum said in a news conference Saturday afternoon. We dont just get the opportunity to stop counting votes because we dont like the direction in which the vote tally is heading. That is not democratic and that is certainly not the American way.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner officially called for recounts of Floridas gubernatorial and Senate races after a noon deadline passed for all 67 of the states counties unofficial vote tallies, with both races deemed too close to call.

As of the noon deadline, Republican Rick Scottcurrently the Florida governorled Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by only .15 percent, with about 12,500 more votes in the race for Nelsons seat. In the gubernatorial election, Republican Ron DeSantis led Gillum by .41 percent of the vote.

Both margins of victory triggered an automatic machine recount, to be completed by this coming Thursday. Should either race still have less than a .25 margin after the first recount, a manual recount will be completed.

The recounts follow Scotts claim that unethical liberals were trying to steal the election. Scott as well as President Donald Trump called the continued tallying into question, with the governor 


Belt Up With A Redundant Car Part "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The toothed belt that turns the camshaft in synchronization with the crankshaft on many motor vehicle engines is something of an under-appreciated component. Unless you are unlucky enough to ave had one fail and destroy your engine, its probably something youve never given a second thought to outside of periodic service intervals.

For something to perform such a task over so many thousands of miles of motoring it must be made of pretty strong stuff. Even when a belt is life-expired it is still in good physical shape, and [Crispyjones] saw the potential in a used Subaru belt to make a different type of belt. After keeping his engine in sync for so long it would serve no less vital a purpose, and keep his pants from falling down.

You can of course buy the hardware for a belt from a decent crafting store, but he chose to recycle a buckle from a worn-out leather belt. Cleaning the timing belt and cutting it carefully so that the Subaru logo would be on show to the outside world in the finished article, he secured it round the buckle with some epoxy glue and a bit of stitching. The original leather retaining loop is not really appropriate, so one is fashioned from wire. Finally we see the process for measuring where the holes should be placed, followed by their creation with a hole punch.

Hackaday isnt a crafting site, so we dont often feature projects like this one. But the humble timing belt is a component that weve probably all replaced and thrown away more than once without really thinking what the properties of the thing were throwing away are. So we like this relatively simple project for its re-use of something few of us would otherwise keep, as well as for its delivering rather a cool belt. Weve featured plenty of cambelts here doing their traditional job, but this is the first time weve had one as an item of clothing. Well leave you with a glimpse of a future without cambelts at all.


Military Madness "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Military Madness by Phillip Farruggio The Greanville Post Each and every year at this time in November our nation remembers those who fought and died wearing a US military uniform. But only a few of what they named ...

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Palm Beach Elections Observer Witnesses Infractions Then Was Threatened With Expulsion For Speaking Out "IndyWatch Feed"

Author and conservative commentator, Dr. Gina Loudon said her husband, John Loudon, a former State Senator for Missouri, spent the entire night from midnight to 8 AM in Palm Beach County watching the Democrats steal the Florida election.

John Loudon witnessed thousands of ballots not counted then moved, unsecured out of view of observers to be filled out later by unknown people.

Even more shocking, John Loudon witnessed clerks coming in and out of a back door where there were trucks at an unsecured rear dock. When Mr. Loudon called out the infraction to the SOE, she threatened to throw him and other Republicans out of the facility.

Mr. Loudon recorded everything and signed affidavits.

Dr. Gina: Reposting former tweet to be VERY specific since @johnloudon was (finally) sleeping after being up all night watching the #FloridaRecount when I posted. The details are important so I want to use his words, exactly

Dr. Gina: My husband @johnloudon spent the entire night (midnight-8 am) watching Dems steal our #FloridaRecount. He saw 1000s of ballots not counted then moved, unsecured out of view of observers to be filled in later by unknown people as they see fit


The Gift of Gab: Pennsylvania AG Abuses Authority to Chill Internet Speech "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Thomas L. Knapp | The Garrison Center | November 11, 2018 On November 8, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiros office issued a subpoena to web host and domain registrar Epik, pursuant to an ongoing civil investigation. The subpoena demands any and all documents which are related in any way to Gab. Gab, as youve no []


WTF White Women? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

2016 was bad. 2018 was worse. While 52 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2016, in 2018, 76 percent of white women voted for Brian Kemp. So white women are either stupid or spoiled. I say spoiled.


Florida recount finalized, Al Gore declared president! "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Florida finally wrapped up its contentious recount of the votes tallied in the recent midterm elections, a winner was finally declared: Al Gore is now the president of the United States. The recount process at long last found the "missing votes" that would have handed Gore the presidency back in 2000, making him the official president of the country. "Well, it's about time," Gore said in his acceptance speech. "Thanks to all the fine people that made this happen. It really is too bad that the earth is going to be destroyed by fire by 2015--err, I mean, 2019, or else I could really savor my presidency." Gore will be granted two terms as US president, ousting President Trump and canceling the 2020 election. "We just assume he would have won again and ushered in a liberal golden age," said an election official. "So he's got 8 years to reclaim his lost time. Make the most of it, Al, and great job. You deserve it!"


DW: World War I The Aftermath #1/2 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This documentary from DW looks at the aftermath of WWI. Part 2 due in a week,this is a brand new film from DW apparently.

After World War I, chaos, conflicts and poverty ensued. Many survivors had lost everything. Our documentary follows the post-war years of fragile peace. [Part 2 online on 18 Nov 2018]

Apocalypse: Never-Ending War tells the story of the years that followed the First World War, the collapse of empires, and the fateful rise of totalitarianism. Years that foretell the coming of another disastrous war. For four years, from 1914-1918, the world seemed hellbent on total self-annihilation. The First World War was an apocalyptic war that claimed over 50 million lives, civilian and military. Those who survive come to realize the world of the past century has now disappeared into an abyss of suffering. Millions of soldiers, the shell-shocked, the amputees, the disabled, will spend the rest of their lives trying to make sense of their years in hell. Parents are in despair at the loss of their children, families destroyed, millions of widows and orphans left to survive any way they can. In 1919 at Versailles and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and in 1920 at Trianon, the victors forge peace treaties that they claim will restore balance. But those who have pinned their hopes on a transition from war to universal peace are to be deeply disappointed. Hatred, fear, and resentment re-emerge from the depths of societies traumatized by war and the tumultuous transformation that results from the worlds map being re-drawn. The vanquished, facing terrible reparations, look for promises of hope, stability and order, even at the cost of personal freedom. The climate is ripe for the emergence of authoritarian forces, exacerbating ethnic nationalism, and opening doors to the worst of human nature. Extreme ideologies take root in Germany and Italy, and spread from there


Citizenship must be earned "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For our Kiwi cousins, the rapid escalation in deportations of New Zealand-born long-term Australian residents was a sobering reminder of the importance of citizenship. The post Citizenship must be earned appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Texas: 9 Arrested In Organized, Illegal Voting Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Texas: 9 Arrested In Organized, Illegal Voting Scheme by Tim Brown Freedom Outpost Anyone want to guess who these people were casting votes for down there in the Texas Senate race among other election races going on this year?...

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Researchers have succeeded in creating a Bose-Einstein condensate in space "IndyWatch Feed World"

In addition to the standard aggregate states of solid, liquid, and gas, matter can also have other states. A gas, for example, can be ionised at high temperatures to form a plasma. In 1995, researchers were able to prove that a fifth state of matter could be created at very low temperatures - the Bose-Einstein condensate. In quantum mechanics, the Bose-Einstein condensate is used to conduct quantum experiments. For example, it can be used to study gravitational waves or the Earth's gravitational field. Until now, however, this special state of aggregation could only be generated using high-vacuum apparatus on Earth and the state was extremely short-lived due to gravity. A German research team has now succeeded for the first time in generating and studying the Bose-Einstein condensate on board an unmanned space rocket - they published the results of their researched in journal Nature.


Trump Blasted For Canceling WW1 Memorial At U.S. Cemetery In France Because Of Rain "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump has been blasted over his decision to miss a memorial ceremony in France on Saturday due to rain. He came under attack after he cancelled a visit to a World War [...]

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Andrew Gillum to Hold Count Every Vote Rally at Broward County Church Sunday Evening "IndyWatch Feed"

One day after un-conceding the election, defeated Democrat candidate for Florida governor Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum will hold a rally at a Broward County church Sunday evening sponsored by leftist political groups in support of the recount efforts that could upend the election day victory of Republican candidate Ron DeSantis. The rally is being called, Count Every Vote: A Faith Response to the Florida Recount.

Gillum rescinded his election-night concession in an address to the media Saturday.

Gillum will be the first major candidate involved in Floridas statewide mandatory recounts to hold an event to agitate supporters. DeSantis has issued a video statement but made no public appearances. Senate candidate Republican Gov. Rick Scott has spoken to the press and done interviews while Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson has issued a statement and a video. The Agriculture commissioner race is also under a mandatory recount but is not as controversial as the governor or Senate races.

The Gillum rally will be held at 5 p.m. EST at the New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale. It is co-sponsored by several leftist groups including the Dream Defenders, SEIU and the NAACP.

Gillum and the church promoted the rally on Twitter:


Guest Post: EPO Spins Censorship of Staff Representation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: Another concrete example of Campinos cynical story-telling

THE FOLLOWING is composed/presented as two parts. The first is a readers response to the second, which is spin from Antnio Campinos, published after censoring SUEPO's E-mails.

The situation prior to Battistelli

Under all EPO presidents, CSC/LSC as well as SUEPO could send the messages they wanted with no limitation (obviously they never spammed EPO staff with silly contents, much less aggressive messages since it is not EPOs culture and it would have fired back).

There was no problem.

The situation under Battistelli

Battistelli rapidly feared that staff reps/SUEPO could issue to staff reasoned and substantiated critiques exposing his wrongdoing. He then decided to ban mass emails of both CSC/LSC and SUEPO, based on fake motives: Elodie Bergot (HR) falsely accused staff reps/SUEPO of sending defamatory contents or aggressive emails, but surprisingly no one was ever disciplined for an aggressive/defamatory message sent to staff via mass emails (and you best believe that if staff reps/SUEPO officials had sent something truly defamatory or insulting, Bergot would have disciplined them ASAP as sanctioning staff is her hobby).

The situation under Campinos

Campinos now wants EPO staff and the public to believe he re-establishes communication channels only without doing it.

Interesting aspects of his communiqu:

1 it is limited to CSC/LSC = it thus excludes SUEPO (the union representing half of EPO staff) which emails remains banned within the EPO.

2 it is limited to TWO (2) messages/year (dont laugh) and only to call for general assemblies (something which occurs about twice a year).

The communication ban remains intact and impedes not only the communication but de facto the daily work of staff reps/SUEPO as they cannot properly inform staff on the very issues which concern them e.g. top managerial decisions, planned reforms etc.

3 this change is on trial for one year (again dont laugh). So the ban is not only not lifted but the tiny improvement can even be reversed.

4 Campinos suggests that receiving mass email from CS...


The fans spoke and Cam listened "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Whale Meat Big Bacon Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon. So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like? Experts are concerned at a rise in the numbers of consumers overdosing on Whale Meat bacon. A Christchurch addict is seen here after ingesting a preparation known as carbonara, totally insensible. There was half a packet [] The post The fans spoke and Cam listened appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Will good prevail over bad as bots battle for the internet? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Ian Trump

This is the third in a series of blog posts on all things Bot The first two posts are available here and here. From bad to good and looking towards the future, Bots remain an information security issue which has the potential to impact all commercial and recreational online activity. This series will explore []

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COINCIDENCE ? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Shane Jones becomes todays lead squirrel and the recently converted  to 'Winston First Blog' is off line?

I understand it is springtime with grass growth and all,  but the Internet interest in lawnmowers seems to be spiking to a puzzling level??

And to make this Monday special it could be we have Kel in the chair???

In summary would NZ Inc be better served if coalition negotiations were a continuing saga????


FauxMo is not cutting through so he's started the flag routine "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 November 2018

Standing in front of two Australian flags, interim Prime Minister and Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison has "called out" violent, extremist Islam, saying it is the biggest religious threat to Australia. Scott Morrison says radical Islam threatens Australia's way of life.

Given Morrison history of politicizing his own extreme religious views pushback was inevitable.......


Western Media "Discovers" Saudi Atrocities in Wake of Khashoggi Fallout "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 12, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Nothing illustrates the cynical and deceitful nature of Western "journalism" better than the recent, apparent US-Saudi fallout in the wake of the alleged death of Washington Post Saudi correspondent, Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi allegedly disappeared and has been reported killed at the hands of Saudi consulate staff in Istanbul, Turkey. Of course, the US, UK, EU, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are among the most dubious actors in modern geopolitics. Ascertaining the truth regarding the events surrounding Khashoggi may ultimately turn out to be an insurmountable task.

But the various narratives and reactions of Western political and media circles still provides us insight into the true character of Western international relations including extreme hypocrisy regarding human rights, the use and abuse of Western media platforms to selectively cover events around the globe to favor Western interests, and the ultimate fate that awaits other US "allies."

The New York Times Suddenly Notices "Overlooked" Yemen War

The New York Times in a series of social media posts and articles seems to suddenly notice the long list of atrocities Saudi Arabia is responsible for - including the ongoing war in Yemen. In a social media post published on Twitter, the New York Times would claim:
The Khashoggi crisis has called attention to a largely overlooked Saudi-led war in Yemen. On a rare trip to the front line, New York Times journalists found Yemenis fighting and dying in a war that has gone nowhere.
Of course, it is impossible that a newspaper as large, as prominent, as well-known and well-funded as the New York Times simply "overlooked" the "Saudi-led war in Yemen."

It was the systematic and concerted cover up by the Western media regarding the war - which began in 2015 - that provided Saudi Arabia the impunity with which it executed the war.



Australian Drag Queen Story Hour Brings Erotic Performers to Childrens Bookstore "IndyWatch Feed National"



If you think the drag queen story hours here in the US are bad, theyre going far overboard in Australia. Read More


In Greece, the Globalists Take It All Life, Liberty, God, and the Future "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

In Greece, the Globalists Take It All Life, Liberty, God, and the Future Author: Phil Butler  Journal-NEO The big push is on to convert Greece into a bastion of liberal democracy and godlessness. At least this is what the latest...

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Armistice 2018 Commemoration "IndyWatch Feed"

3FD0BB67-E403-4016-BDB7-B1A8C5D35606I found pictures of the Armistice Day commemorations in Paris today deeply moving. President Emmanuel Macron spoke with dignity against nationalism and war. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stood next to him, underlining how these two great European powers, which had fought each other three times during a period of just 75 years, are now allies and the mainstay of the European Union a body which now unites not just most of the countries of Western Europe but also the formerly Communist states of central and Eastern Europe. It was good that both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were present, too (even if Trump blotted his copybook by pulling out of an earlier, related engagement because rain was forecast). Despite some recent tensions in the Wests relations with Russia, the Cold War, which kept us teetering on the verge of nuclear Armageddon, is long over. Scores of nations were represented at senior level in Paris, but shamefully Theresa May was not there. Apparently she thought it more important to be at the Cenitaph in London rather than participate in this unique, truly global event. Reportedly she sent David Lidington MP (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancas...


Iconic Westworld Set Burns Down in California Wildfire "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Iconic Westworld set burns down in California wildfire

Old West-style buildings used in the production of HBO's Westworld, as well as in other shows and movies, have been destroyed by the fast-moving Woolsey Fire now sweeping through Southern California.

The fire ruined buildings at Paramount Ranch, one of the locations used during seasons 1 and 2 of Westworld.

"Westworld is not currently in production, and as the area has been evacuated, we do not yet know the extent of the damage to any structures remaining there," HBO said in a statement. "Most importantly, our thoughts go out to all those affected by these horrible fires."

The official Twitter account of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area shared a photo of the structures as they looked before the fire, with the message, "We are sorry to share the news that the #WoolseyFire has burned Western Town at #ParamountRanch in Agoura."

Westworld was far from the only production to take advantage of the Old West-style buildings and setting for filming. Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, the 1990s Western drama starring Jane Seymour filmed there, as well as 1968's Herbie The Love Bug, the acclaimed HBO series Carnivale and more were all filmed there.

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Garry Wills' Diagnosis of the American Catholic Bishops "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Pennsylvania grand-jury report in August 2018 about priest-sex-abuse and cover-up by certain American Catholic bishops prompted Garry Wills, himself a practicing Catholic, to diagnose the problem of the bishops and priest-perpetrators as stemming from the church's debatable teachings about sex and sex-related issues -- which he refers to collectively as The Big Crazy. But the bishops are now scheduled to meet in Baltimore.


Voices Of Veterans: New Museum In Columbus, Ohio Is A Salute To Stories, Not War "IndyWatch Feed"

A fairy tale begins Once upon a time A military story begins No shit this really happened Via Stars and Stripes: Retired Col. Thomas Moe, a former fighter pilot and prisoner of war, stepped up to an exhibit at the new National Veterans Memorial and Museum, where he spotted a photo of himself with his []


Insight: Learning revolution or pathway to ignorance? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Insight has this look at how NZ teaches teenagers.

John Gerritsen reported on the different views of how to teach teenagers. The link is to a piece at the RNZ website.

Adam suspects that some benefit from the new approaches, but others do not.

Part, a major part, of the problem may be standards of teaching; plus the NCEA approach.

In any event standards of achievement are far too low for too many.



Benefits of a bad lambing "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When then-Awarua MP Eric Roy was first in parliament he was asked what it was like.

He replied, there are too many people up there who hadnt had a bad lambing.

That was back in 1993.  There are even more without that experience now:

About 10% of national politicians have had agribusiness careers but increasingly members of Parliament are being drawn from careers in the public or Parliamentary services.

A study by Wellington public relations company Blackland PR found 11 of Parliaments 121 MPs have experience working in the agricultural sector, nine of them from National, one from Labour and one from New Zealand First.

No Green Party MPs have worked in the rural sector.

The companys director Mark Blackham said 23% of MPs had worked in business or commerce and 19% in central government.

A quarter of Labour MPs and 20% of those from National worked in the public service or in Parliament before being elected.

A third of all MPs had no definable career but an increasing number were heavily involved in activism or worked for non-government organisations, especially among the Green Party ranks, before entering Parliament.

Agriculture is the one career that differentiates party roots.

Agriculture is the only major economic sector where experience differs between political parties, he said. . . 

Fewer MPs with an agribusiness or wider rural background is partly a result of MMP. Electorates are bigger in area and fewer in number. One rural MP now services an area that would have had at least two under FPP and list MPs are almost all based in cities.

It is also partly a result of fewer people with any business backgrounds and wider life experience entering parliament and more people whose experience is limited to employment by local or central government and/or in activism.

Its not only farmers who face bad lambings in a figurative sense. But parliament now has more people with less, if any, experience, employing other people; more who have not had to make decisions which impact on their own and other peoples livelihoods and fewer who have run anything where their own money was at risk.

Parliament is generally more representative when it comes to gender and ethnicity but less representative of people with work and life experience in which...