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Sunday, 12 November


'I would go tomorrow': Inside Kirkuk after the changeover "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Security remains a serious concern and the atmosphere is tense in formerly Kurdish-controlled city, but some also say they feel safer


Shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Ascension Island region "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit Ascension Island region at 00:36 UTC on November 11, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 2 km (1.2 miles). According to the USGS, the...... Read more

Tropical Storm "Haikui" weakening on its way toward Vietnam "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tropical Storm "Haikui," the 24th named storm of the 2017 Pacific typhoon season, is weakening on its way toward Hainan, China and central Vietnam. Decay and eventual dissipation could occur by November 13. However, whats left of the storm is expected...... Read more


Inside one iOS app developers quest to get onstage at Apples WWDC "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I know developers are of two minds it is a Darwinian pressure cooker attempting to satisfy all of Apples demands and to be better than a dozen other developers, some of them your friends, who are all trying to do the same thing. But, on the other hand, its the kind of jumpstart a small company craves.

Read this on The Loop


Boing, boing, splat "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

57 varieties of mishap

Like all parents, I adore my daughter, but as a toddler, flippin' heck she can be hard work at times. 

We often like to make home-made jams, preserves, and sauces over the summer, as a way to minimise time in front of the television, if nothing else. 

For this week's mishap, she managed to deposit a tsunami of tomato ketchup all over her lap, the table, the floor, and then left a trail across most of the house between her seat and the kitchen. 

I'm sure you can imagine the drill. She was hammering fruitlessly on the end of the bottom of the bottle with nothing coming out, until suddenly...well, you can guess the rest. 

Nothing, nothing, nothing...splat!

After the event, we wasted no time in admonishing her. 

It was hardly her fault, of course, she's only just turned three, and she'd never tried home-made tomato sauce before, or indeed, any brand of runny ketchup from a glass bottle. 

But, still, surely she should have known? Argh!

Bottled up

It's been intriguing to reflect on the past decade, as the financial crisis recedes into the rear view mirror.

When governing bodies and central banks began their unconventional 'money printing' policies, QE programmes, and monetising debt, everyone appeared to be certain that this would eventually lead to inflation, and quite possibly uncontrolled hyperinflation. 

Everyone just knew.

There was even a funny guy from the US call...


MACKAY Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

MACKAY November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

Hospital calls police over toddlers injuries

November 10, 2017 at 07:56PM ,

A CHILD was allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted and left in a critical condition after police say she was set upon by her mothers boyfriend in a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Perumal Murugan: Threats Should Not Be Issued to a Writer "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tamil author and scholar Perumal Murugan talks about the importance of translations, the role of Sahitya Akademi and his return to writing in a conversation with The Wires books editor Omair Ahmad.

Murugans new book The Goat Thief is out in stores now.

The post Perumal Murugan: Threats Should Not Be Issued to a Writer appeared first on The Wire.

Saturday, 11 November


NATO's new plans for Europe are a self-fulfilling prophecy for war with Russia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Defense ministers of the US-led NATO alliance this week endorsed proposals to set up two new military commands - and it is clear Russia is the target of what are, in effect, war plans. The setting up of an Atlantic command and a logistical hub in Europe to facilitate the transfer of troops and weapons was openly discussed by NATO officials as being aimed at Russia during their two-day summit in Brussels this week. The two new commands being proposed are the first expansion of NATO's command structure since the end of the Cold War more than 25 years ago. It's a retrograde move that is not only an unnecessary, dangerous provocation to Russia, risking self-fulfilling war threats. Moreover, NATO's renewed organizational cranking is openly calling for the integration of European societies and economies into its madcap military escalation. European citizens, whether they like it or not, are effectively being dragooned into a state of war, with attendant social burdens to pay for that state of war, let alone being made to live with the risk of ultimate catastrophe, from all-out hostilities erupting.


Lifetime Earnings for Different Majors "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Via the Times. You may have to click on it to read it, but it's a pretty big file.

Some of this has to do, not with how useful what you learn is, but what kind of person chooses that major; for example, political science majors earn more than philosophy majors, but not in politics.

I suspect that most of the the high-earning physics majors ended up in computers or studied engineering in graduate school.

I wonder what will happen to the salaries of accounting majors, now that so many firms are outsourcing their accounting to firms in India?

Biology has slid down the ladder from being like a hard science to being more like a social science, because of a flood of undergraduates choosing it and a big growth in jobs with biotech companies that amount to assembly-line labor.

But really the most striking thing about this chart is how small the differences are. This is the sort of income distribution I would like to see for our whole society, with a difference between $1.5 million at the low end and $6 million at the high end. All of the really high incomes come from people above the 90% percentile. In my fantasy world, we would find a way to squeeze their incomes back down toward what a top chemical engineer earns, and raise the incomes of those at the bottom up above that $1.5 million figure.


Sydney, Austrlia: Pixao na sede do Departamento de Imigrao em Solidariedade com xs Refugiadxs de Manus "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Recebido em 08.11.17:

Pixao em solidariedade com xs refugiadxs em Manus na sede do Departamento de Imigrao e Proteo de Fronteiras em Sydney, na chamada Austrlia. Na pixao se l: FREE THE REFUGEES (LIBERTEM XS REFUGIADXS), 161 WSC (Ao Anti Fascista, Crew Western Sydney).

(traduzido por Turba Negra)


So what do you wanna be when you grow up? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Forget about O levels and A levels and graduating from University?

Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class


BAGHDAD If there were such a thing, it would probably be rule No. 1 in the teaching manual for instructors of aspiring suicide bombers: Dont give lessons with live explosives.

In what represented a cautionary tale for terrorist teachers, and a cause of dark humor for ordinary Iraqis, a commander at a secluded terrorist training camp north of Baghdad unwittingly used a belt packed with explosives while conducting a demonstration early Monday for a group of militants, killing himself and 21 other members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, army and police officials said.

Iraqi citizens have long been accustomed to daily attacks on public markets, mosques, funerals and even childrens soccer games, so they saw the story of the fumbling militants as a dark and delicious kind of poetic justice, especially coming amid a protracted surge of violence led by the terrorist group, including a rise in suicide bombings.

Just last week a suicide bomber struck a popular falafel shop near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, killing several people. On Monday evening Raad Hashim, working the counter at a liquor store near the site of the attack, burst out laughing when he heard the news.

This is so funny, Mr. Hashim said. It shows how stupid they are, those dogs and sons of dogs.

More seriously, he said, it also gives me pain, as I remember all the innocent people that were killed here.

This is God showing justice, Mr. Hashim continued. This is God sending a message to the bad people and the criminals in the world, to tell them to stop the injustice and to bring peace. Evil will not win in the end. Its always life that wins over death.



F. William Engdahl: Killing Us SoftlyGlyphosate Herbicide or Genocide? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

F. William Engdahl: Killing Us SoftlyGlyphosate Herbicide or Genocide? Author: F. William Engdahl  Journal-NEO One of the more bizarre actions in terms of the health and safety of EU citizens is the saga of Monsanto and its toxic herbicide or weed-killer,...

The post F. William Engdahl: Killing Us SoftlyGlyphosate Herbicide or Genocide? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Decadal variation of relationship between East Asian monsoon and El Nino "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) is one of the most dominant climate systems in East Asia. The anomalous EASM can cause extremely high temperatures, floods or drought. And the El Nio-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the dominating mode in the tropical Pacific,...... Read more


Cop road rages on innocent man for honking at him "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When normal citizens lose their cool in an act of road rage, they either let it go and move on or face the consequences of their actions. However, if a police officer flips out in a fit of road rage, they can claim legal authority to ticket, kidnap, cage, or kill you. An incident involving Detective Steve Burle, from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, just so happens to illustrate this predicament quite well. Last week, computer programmer Scott Smith was sitting at a red light. When it turned green, the person in front of him refused to move forward. Doing what anyone in his situation would've done-given a reasonable amount of time to move-Smith politely honked his horn to alert the man in front of him that the light was green. As the man in front of him refused to move his vehicle, the honking became more progressive.


Outreachy 2017 Participants Selected For Winter 2017 Open-Source Work "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Outreachy participants for the Winter 2017 internship program for "underrepresented people in tech" have been named...


Mike Cernovich: The Shitty Mens List Is In Play. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mike Cernovich

The Sh*tty Men in Media List appears to be accurateWho will release it in full?

At least four men whose names appear on the Sh*tty Men in Media List are on leave from their jobs or have been fired. Those four men include:

  • Hamilton Fish,
  • Leon Wieseltier,
  • David Corn,
  • Rupert Myers.

David Corn, who works at Mother Jones, had his misbehavior covered up at the very top of the publication. Clara Jeffery attacked this journalist for sending an email asking about Mr. Corn....


Sexgate: Comedian/actor Louis C.K. admits showing my d*ck to accusers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This guy has had nothing nice to say about President Trump, calling him every name in the libtard handbook. For example, witness what Louis said about Trump: Louis C.K.: Insane bigot Donald Trump is Hitler Trump is a messed up guy Continue reading


Tata Powers Welspun Deal, Once a Key Point of Friction Between Ratan and Mistry, Starts Paying Off "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While Tata Trust officials had raised concerns over the acquisition, Welspun Renewabless robust earnings are now starting to partially offset the losses being racked up by the imported coal-based Mundra power plant.

Credit: Reuters

Tata Power acquired Welspun Renewables for Rs 9,249 crore in June 2016, which was considered to be overly generous by Ratan Tatas camp. Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: Tata Powers acquisition of Welspun Renewables may have caused boardroom turmoil in Tata Sons last year, even perhaps leading to the eventual ouster of Cyrus Mistry as group chairman, but as an asset, it has proved to be a real money-spinner for the acquirer.

Welspun Renewabless robust earnings lifted the profit of Tata Powers renewable portfolio to Rs 173 crore in the quarter ending September from Rs 86 crore a year ago, helping...


Saudi Arabia is the cradle of terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi made the remarks on Saturday in reaction to earlier comments by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir made to American television channel CNBC.

In that interview, Jubeir accused Iran of being behind a recent missile attack on Saudi Arabia from neighboring Yemen. That missile was fired by Yemens Houthi Ansarullah movement, which has been defending the impoverished country against a deadly Saudi-led invasion since March 2015.

We would like to see sanctions on Iran for its support of terrorism and sanctions on Iran for violating the ballistic missile resolutions of the United Nations, Jubeir said on Thursday.

Qassemi described the Saudi officials comments as cheap.

The Saudis have taken the blame game to its highest level, he said, adding that Jubeir was attempting to distract attention away from Saudi Arabias destabilizing activities in the region by distorting facts.

While Saudi Arabia itself is the cradle of extremist ideology and the incarnation of terrorism and flagrant interference in the affairs of other regional countries, it deceptively accuses others of supporting terror, Qassemi said.

That tactic, he said, has been tried and has failed.

Saudi Arabias Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir (photo by AFP)

The governments and nations of the region now clearly see the divisive policies of the Saudis, who, after the Persian Gulf and Yemen, have now turned to Lebanon to destabilize that country, Qassemi said.

Saudi Arabia, under King Salman and his all-powerful son, Mohammed, has engaged in radical measures against regional countries since 2015. Riyadh launched an invasion of Yemen, the Arab worlds poorest country, in March that year, attempting unsuccessfully to reinstall a former allied regime. The Saudi-led war on Yemen has so far killed 12,000 people and spread cholera and famine in the country.

Saudi officials have also orchestrated a diplomatic and economic war on Qatar, triggering a crisis in the Persian Gulf region.

They are also believed to have pressured Saad Hariri to resign as prime minister of Lebanon in an attempt to disrupt the political balance in that country to the detriment of Hezbollah.

Hariri announced his resignation in remarks made in Riy...


Odd-Even Scheme Is Big Step in Making Citizens Active Partners in Combating Air Pollution "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Given the chronic lack of political will, only citizens can eventually force changes in government policies by adopting saner and healthier lifestyles.

A street cleaner works in heavy smog in Delhi, India, November 10, 2017. Credit: Reuters

A street cleaner works in heavy smog in Delhi, India, November 10, 2017. Credit: Reuters

The poisonous smog that has enveloped Delhi and the NCR for days on end seems to have temporarily jolted Delhi citizens as well as Delhi government out of its chalta hai attitude resulting in the announcement of modest remedial measures like the reintroduction of the odd-even scheme that imposes partial restrictions on private cars. If the air quality improves just a wee bit so that the poisons we inhale are not visible as during the thick smog days, all is likely to go back to business as usual and the media too will move on to other sensational issues.

Last year, vested interests managed to discredit the odd-even scheme by convincing people that it had zero impact on improving air quality during the period it was under experimentation despite the fact that most citizens found it useful and compliance rate was very high. The negative publicity in the media forced the AAP government not only to withdraw the scheme but also put the enti...


Wine 2.21 Supports Direct3D Indirect Draws, More ARM Work "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Alexandre Julliard has released the latest bi-weekly development snapshot of Wine as this project approaches its Wine 3.0 release around the end of the year...


Trump begged for nuclear war during his warmongering visit to Asia Pyongyang "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

US President Donald Trump begged for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula during his first trip to Asia, North Koreas KCNA state news agency quoted the countrys foreign ministry spokesman as saying. He added that Trump showed his true nature as destroyer of the world peace and stability on his warmongering visit. Following his lunatic remarksmade in September, Trump made his conceived attempt yet again to alienate our people from the government and keep up rivalry between the DPRK and the international society, the spokesman continued. That, according to Pyongyang, only encourages North Korea to speed up completing its nuclear armed forces.




Wont Get Foiled Again "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Trump administration has just put crippling tariffs (97-162%) on the import of aluminium foil from China. Making America great again? Its doubtful. Far more American firms use aluminium foil than make it. Indeed, only two US-based firms make it and one of them is owned by Swedes. Virginia Postrel has the details:

Only two companies have U.S. mills making the thin-gauge foil affected by the duties. The ones owned by Sweden-based Grnges are already selling all they can produce; the company has announced plans to expand capacity at its Tennessee mill by 2019. Converters say that JW Aluminum Co., the Mt. Holly, South Carolina-based company that lobbied strongly for the duties, isnt offering them much, if any, additional supply.

Most of the ex-Chinese sales wont even go to US firms but to firms in countries not affected by the tariffs, including Russia, Bulgaria, South Korea and Taiwan. Yes, Russia.

Conspiracy or coincidence? I want to say coincidence. On the other hand:

Donald Trumps former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is under investigation for involvement in an alleged plot to kidnap a Turkish dissident cleric living in the US and fly him to an island prison in Turkey in return for $15m, it was reported on Friday.

So who can say anymore? Excuse me while I go put on my hat.

The post Wont Get Foiled Again appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


WikiLeaks: CIA source code leak shows agency impersonating Kaspersky "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Following up on last months:  Israeli Spies Spotted Russian Hackers Spying on US Hackers

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that Kremlin-sponsored hackers had used Kaspersky's software to steal National Security Agency information from the computer of a contractor who had taken the classified material home.
Of course no one ever wonders why it is the 'contractor' felt compelled to take the classified material home? Should he or she have?

The Israeli hackers are described as having spotted Russian hackers searching for NSA hacking tools after they themselves breached Kaspersky's internal systems."

And what about those Israeli hackers? They claimed to have spotted Russian hackers searching for hacking tools- But what were the Israelis up to? Oh yah, hacking! Should we take them at their word?
Would they have their own reason to lie? To cover up?

On to the latest from Betanews
WikiLeaks has kicked off a new series -- Vault 8. The purpose of this latest series is to reveal the source code of previously exposed hacking and surveillance tools, and the first release relates to Hive.

The tool itself is interesting enough, serving as backbone to the CIA's malware operations, but there's more. What's intriguing about the first leak in the Vault 8 series is that it seems to show the agency impersonating Kaspersky, by making use of a fake certificate for the anti-virus company.


Tokenbox partnered with Tradingview to create a brand new trading terminal "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Tokenbox and Tradingview teams are set to work together on developing a special crypto-trading terminal for Tokenbox users. According to developers, the terminal would perfectly follow the needs of various market participants fund managers and cryptotraders.

As Tokenbox co-founder Vladimir Smerkis noted, terminals that are widely used in traditional trading wouldnt fit the cryptotrading market. Tokenbox aims to create a unique ecosystem, which will unite traders, funds, managers and investors within one platform. Thus, a special tool is required.

The new terminal, the development of which is already underway, will give a gateway into the global digital currency economy, hundreds of currencies on leading exchanges and more than 75 technical indicators from a single account.

Well-balanced portfolio is a key to sucessful trading, so the terminal features will help portfolio managers to set the parameters by making transactions with a few assets.

The software will allow to generate automatic reports for portfolios via messengers.

Further development will include price trigger alerts via SMS, E-Mail and In-Browser, as well as third-party services connection.

Tradingview is a wide social network for professional traders, providing essential tools for trading, as well as real-time data on both traditional stock and exchange markets and cryptomarkets.

Tokenbox is a new project by creators of The Token Fund and its TGE is planned for November 14th.



How to make and attach embroidered patches to velvet "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

attach embroidered patchesLast week the embroidered hoodie pattern got many of you guessing how to attach embroidered patches to stretchable velvet.  I'm sure the advanced sewists out there got the clues immediately after looking at the fabric swatches.  For the others, I'm now going to show you how I did it and Continue reading


The Plane Truth ~ with The Saker (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Plane Truth ~ with The Saker Video Time Monk Radio Unable to choose war Unable to choose peace An Empires Dilema with The Saker Video Source

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Balfour Declaration, History and Concealment (video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In this talk Atzmon elaborates on that which the historicity of Balfour is set to conceal -- a century of Jewish political hegemony in Britain and beyond. 

 Keep Talking, London 7.11.2017


The Balfour Declaration - One Hundred Years of (Goyim) Solitude

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.19.03.png

A talk given at Keep Talking gathering in London,  7 November 2017

 By Gilad Atzmon

In Heidegger and the Jews, the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard points out that history claims to narrate the past but, in practice, what it does is conceal our collective shame. The Americans conceal slavery and imperial genocidal aggression, the Brits conceal their colonial blunders, the Jews turn their eyes away from anything that may have contributed to turning  Jewish history into an extended shoah. The real historian, claims Lyotard, is there to unveil the shame. This week marks 100 years since the Balfour declaration and today I will try to touch upon your shame, my shame, our shame. We will try to figure out what the history of the so-called  Balfour Declaration is there to conceal.

Lets first examine the document. Most noticeably the so-called declaration is not printed on official British government letterhead. It is not signed by the British cabinet either. It is, instead, a letter from a sleazy British politician  (Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour) to a very rich Jew (Lord Walter Rothschild). As such, the Balfour declaration is actually a statement  with somewhat limited significance.  What it d...


An accidental coding mistake freezes hundreds of millions of dollars in Ethereum "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Coding error freezes up to $280 million worth of Ethereum cryptocurrency

Ethereums multisignature users may have permanently lost access to an estimated $280 million in funds when a developer accidentally deleted the code library of Parity Technologies while trying to fix a flaw to stop hackers from stealing funds from several multi-signatory wallets. What is ironic is that the accidentally deleted code was a fix for a previous issue found during a hack in July that saw hackers stealing $32 million from Paritys Ethereum wallets.

For those unaware, Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, provides a cryptocurrency token or virtual coins called ether, which can be transferred between accounts. On the other hand, Parity Technologies is a large provider of cryptocurrency wallets and used by many to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Parity issued a critical security alert on Tuesday warning of a vulnerability in the Parity Wallet library contract. The coding accident has affected all of Paritys multisignature wallets, which require one user to sign anothers transaction before it is added to the Ethereum blockchain that were created after July 20th.

Apparently, a user on the developer forum GitHub, who goes by the handle Devops199, discovered that the shared library code was not properly secured because the owner was not yet assigned. Devops199 accidentally triggered a function that turned the contract governing Parity multisignature wallets into a regular wallet address and made him or her the sole owner of all the post-July 20 multi-signature wallets. After realizing this, when the Devops199 tried to kill this wallet contract, it ended up permanently deleting the shared library code from the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, because of the deletion, all the other multi-signature wallets that use this shared library code could no longer call into it and transfer funds out of the wallets, rendering them inaccessible.

Parity explains, It would seem that issue was triggered accidentally 6th Nov 2017 and subsequently a user suicided the library-turned-into-wallet, wiping out the library code which in turn rendered all multi-sig contracts unusable since their logic (any state-modifying function) was inside the library.

In theory, the funds have not gone missing or been stolen, and Parity said it is looking for a solution. It expressed regret over the great deal of stress and confusion the incident had caused.

Parity Technologies would like to assure everyone that we are analyzing the situation. We are still working on the final number and do not want to release any speculative figures. No ether has been stolen, the company said in a sta...


The Definitive OmiseGO Beginners Guide "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

As the interest for blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies is exponentially growing, OmiseGO appears to be one of the strongest and most exciting projects out there. Still, as it involves fairly complex notions, it is hard for the beginner looking for an introduction to find a clear and complete guide: OmiseGOs website provides all necessary documents, and especially the white paper, an in-depth explanation of the whole system, but although being an extremely well thought and precise document, it would be a lie to pretend its not a hard read at first sight.

There are also some good quality reviews already, but while they can be very useful, they usually focus on one specific point of the matter, such as commercial partnerships, without taking the time to introduce the whole of the project to someone that would be completely new to it.

So I decided to write the comprehensive guide that would take everything from the start and be clear for anyone to read, while at the same time exposing everything in the most precise and accurate way, in order to give this very ambitious project the wide audience and understanding it deserves.

As Im taking things back from the basics, if you feel like you are already clear about some points, feel free to skip them and directly move to the points that interest you. I have tried to give a clear architecture to this article, clear titles and an introductive summary, so that you can browse easily through this guide if you dont want to read it from the beginning to the end.

Please note that whatever you read in this guide, it is made only for explanational purpose, and is not in any case an investment advice: I am not entitled to this, I dont wish to, and the choice one makes with his or her own money is his or her own choice. Investing in any project and especially in the crypto world is always a high risk operation, and I have no recommendation to make about it. Even the part titled Why invest in OmiseGO is to be considered a mere exposition of what can be the reasons to invest in the project if one chooses to, but not an advice pretending you should, or should not.

Im only trying to clearly explain what OmiseGO is, what it is building, and what it can be in the future, while answering in a same article to many questions Ive seen and answered separately on dedicated forums.

This article will cover the following points:

1) The company
What is Omise?
What is OmiseGO?
Who is the team?
How did Omise launch OmiseGO?



I Accidentally Ran Over Tom Waits And Now Im King Of The Rail Yard "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I was driving home from work like I normally do, past the creepy old rail yard, same as always. I looked away from the road for a second, heard a raspy voice cry out in pain, and felt the impact as my car smacked into something and rolled over it. My first thought was, Oh, shit! I think I just killed the dude from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, or maybe just a raccoon who drinks.

I stopped the car to investigate and saw the body of what I initially assumed to be a homeless bartender, but like one of those bartenders who demands to be referred to as a mixologist, you know? I knelt down by the body and he grabbed my hand, pulling me in to whisper in a voice that sounded like gurgling broken glass and said, Looks like Im taking a little trip to Heaven. You gotta carry on my work, for all the other rain dogs. As he handed me his pork pie hat the dying man choked out his gravelly last words, Stars beginning to fade, and I lead the parade.


 Related: Accident That Caused Traffic Jam Better Be Worth It


It was only later that I realized I had accidentally killed rough-voiced singer/songwriter and tertiary star of the box office flop Mystery Men, Tom Waits. And then I put on the hat. Thats when everything began to change. I found myself losing weight at a drastic rate, so at first I was afraid Id fallen under some kind of gypsy curse. Then I was suddenly able to play the piano pretty well, but I insisted on only playing in abandoned hospitals and derelict factory buildings. I noticed other things like a sudden desire to wear old timey clothes. I found myself aggressively contemptuous of the advertising industry, refusing to let them use my songs. Jim Jarmusch kept blowing up my phone, asking me to be in his movies. Then I found that I had the ability to speak to rats.

And now as I sit here on my throne in the rail yard amongst my rat subjects and my court of drifters and vagabonds, I realize that since the beginning of time there has always been a Tom Waits. A troubadour with a grating voice to sing ballads of criminals, tramps, and people who were raised by wolves.

The mantle of Tom Waits has been passed down over the centuries and now it has fallen to me. I will continue the good work and make sure that my voice is heard by all. Even if that voice sounds like it lingered too long in a burning building, then stepped outside long enough to knife fight an opossum for a bottle of MD 20/20.

Show your friends whose REALLY king of the rail yard with a sick Hard Times t-shirt!:


Daily Inspiration --- The Greatest Hero in Military History "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We are all grateful to Vasily Arkhipov. On Oct 27, 1962, in that act of reason and restraint under duress, he saved the world from a war that would have instantly killed a billion people, and, over several years, wiped out most of the world's human and animal populations through fallout and nuclear winter.


Frontpage 11th Nov "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

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How Russia's 'foreign agents' law is bankrupting campaigners and activists - free thinking for the world
Image Caption: 
Olga Pitsunova. Photo from personal Vkontakte account.


Taming the Power-Hungry Blockchain Beast with Decentralized, Clean Energy "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

An ICO for the environment that provides an alternative energy source to power-hungry Blockchain mining.


Veterans Day: Enjoy the BBQ, Its All You Get, Soldier "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Americans today observe Veterans Day with almost as much cheer as they do Independence Day. Parades, tributes and other festivities ripple across the country over the three-day weekend. Vets, roughly 18.8 million strong, get free or discounted meals at almost any fast food chain. A wreath-laying ritual unfolds in Arlington National Cemetery at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument dedicated to the unidentified servicemen fallen in wars past.

But the gap between the hoopla and the reality is enormous. While the government has done its part to symbolically honor the sacrifices of veterans year after year, the same cannot be said about the urgent need to ease veterans prolonged and difficult transition to civilian life.

The poverty rate among vets is on the rise everywhere, and in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, it has cracked 20 percent. Though vets make up a third of the federal workforce a five-year high only 62 percent end up staying at their jobs for two years or longer.

The VA spent nearly $6.7 million between 2014 and 2015 on undisclosed settlements with grossly unqualified practitioners who damaged the harmed veterans under their care. The nasty particulars make a laundry list ranging from inappropriate relationships, negligent supervision or botched surgeries.

USA Today reported last month that Dr. Thomas Franchini, a podiatrist from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), had harmed 88 veterans at a VA hospital in Maine. Among other outrages Franchini allegedly drilled the wrong screw into the bone of one patient and recklessly amputated anothers leg.

The mistakes reported in at least 125 cases were initially deemed so egregious as to warrant employee termination, but most of the workers in question were allowed to resign with clean references. In return for their silence, veterans hospitals washed their hands of problem doctors and nurses by paying them tens of thousands of dollars in sick leave.

That such abuse has persisted for years is shocking, in particular considering that Veterans Day is wid...


Prayer and Meditation for Sunday, November 12, 2017 Eternal Hope: For if we believe that Jesus died and rose so too will God, through Jesus, bring with him those who have fallen asleep. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 154

Image may contain: 2 people, night

Reading 1  WIS 6:12-16

Resplendent and unfading is wisdom,
and she is readily perceived by those who love her,
and found by those who seek her.
She hastens to make herself known in anticipation of their desire;
Whoever watches for her at dawn shall not be disappointed,
for he shall find her sitting by his gate.
For taking thought of wisdom is the perfection of prudence,
and whoever for her sake keeps vigil
shall quickly be free from care;
because she makes her own rounds, seeking those worthy of her,
and graciously appears to them in the ways,
and meets them with all solicitude.

Responsorial Psalm PS 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8

R. (2b) My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.
O God, you are my God whom I seek;
for you my flesh pines and my soul thirsts
like the earth, parched, lifeless and without water.
R. My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.
Thus have I gazed toward you in the sanctuary
to see your power and your glory,
For your kindness is a greater good than life;
my lips shall glorify you.
R. My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.
Thus will I bless you while I live;
lifting up my hands, I will call upon your name.
As with the riches of a banquet shall my soul be satisfied,
and with exultant lips my mouth shall praise you.
R. My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.
I will remember you upon my couch,
and through the night-watches I will meditate on you:
You are my help,
and in the shadow of your wings I shout for joy.
R. My soul is thirsting...


Elements, Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Disrupt the Future of Loyalty Programs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Elements, is a blockchain based digital currency that seeks to revolutionize the loyalty rewards industry. Elements offer a universal platform for multiple merchants, enabling them to leverage cryptocurrencys underlying technology to increase sales and visibility as well as customer satisfaction.

A blockchain is as good as the algorithm it uses. Elements operate on the proof-work (POW) mining model with X11-changed hashing algorithm as its POW. X11 conceived by Evan Duffield, the core developer of Dash, is similar in design to Bitcoins distribution procedure. X11 is possibly the most secure algorithm out there, offering 30 percent less wattage in GPUs and is 30-50 percent cooler than Scrypt.


Loyalty programs aim to improve customer experience and consequently merchant revenues. However, there is major fragmentation in the industry with no room for interoperability. Consumers are overwhelmed with memberships from different loyalty programs with no substantial benefits. As a result, customers end up not taking advantage of these programs. Merchants on the hand have to deal with the burden of liability that comes with running a loyalty program. As a result, the loyalty program industry has become inefficient.

Elements, keen on experimentation is disrupting the future of loyalty programs. Elements provide a universal loyalty currency accepted by various merchants. Consumers can use the currency wherever they please. A single currency accepted by multiple merchants is beneficial to both consumers and merchants alike. A universally accepted loyalty currency motivates consumers to spend more to spend more.


  • One of the biggest challenges merchants face with loyalty programs is liability. If all consumers were to cash in their loyalty points simultaneously, businesses would collapse. With, Elements, however, Merchants can acquire coins free by mining, thus massively reducing the cost of liability.
  • Elements offer a single currency accepted by multiple merchants, an advantage to consumers and merchants alike.
  • The blockchain records all transaction on the immutable ledger, which means customers cannot counterfeit their loyalty points.
  • With Elements loyalty currency, the customers privacy remains intact, as Elements does not store the customers data.
  • Elements blockchain processes transactions instantly.
  • Cu...


Arshile Gorkys Heretical Abstractions "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Arshile Gorky, Untitled (19441945), pencil and crayon on paper, 17 1/2 x 23 1/4 inches, photo: Christopher Burke Studio (all images courtesy Hauser & Wirth)

Ardent Nature: Arshile Gorky Landscapes, 194347 at Hauser & Wirths uptown outpost begins with a dare, if not an affront. In the first room, as you walk in off the street, there are two artworks before you, Scent of Apricots on the Fields (1944) and, on the adjacent wall, Study for Scent of Apricots on the Fields (1943-44). The first is an oil painting on canvas, while the other was done in pencil and crayon on paper. The imagery is the same in each, but the  drawing has been overlaid with a pencil grid as an aid to transferring its composition to the canvas.

To plan a painting ahead of time, let alone square off a drawing as if it were an Old Master study for a Baroque battle scene, could not be further from the attitude of the Abstract Expressionists, who had adopted Gorky as a posthumous member. Debilitated by rectal cancer, depression, and a broken neck, he had died by his own hand in 1948, the year that Jackson Pollock, in Willem de Koonings famous phrase, broke the ice.

Gorkys careful preparation for his painting was in direct contradiction to the equally famous phrase from the critic Harold Rosenberg, declaring that the artists canvas in postwar America had been transformed into an arena in which to act. As he wrote in The American Action Painters in the December 1952 issue of Art News:

At a certain moment the canvas began to appear to one American painter after another as an arena in which to act rather than as a space in which to reproduce, re-design, analyze or express an object, actual or imagined. What was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event.



Honey Monster sues John Lewis for theft of image rights "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

However showbiz insiders are saying that Honey Monsters action might just be being brought more out of desperation after years of struggle with alcohol. His estranged wife Laa-Laa the Tellytubby has told harrowing tales of all-night sex parties and substance abuse leading up to their divorce in 2012.

John Lewis has not commented but Guy Garvey has said he regrets having Elbow do the music for the new ad in view of all the disharmony. He said: Its all left a rather bad taste in my mouth. A bit like Sugar Puffs, come to think of it.


10 Weekend Reads "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of peaberry coffee, grab a seat by the fire, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads:  The Gospel According to Michael Porter: Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter has influenced generations of MBAs and world-famous value investors. But could his investing ideas be wrong? (Institutional Investor)  Will Traditional Auto Makers

Read More

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A Motion Sensing Light For Your Entrance Hallway "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Arriving home to a dark house with an armful of anything is usually an exercise in fumbling confusion until someone manages to turn on a light. [Pavel Gesyuk] has circumvented this problem entirely by building and installing a motion detecting entrance light!

[Gesyuk] is using an Arduino clone by the name of  Funduino Mini Pro, a 2-channel, 2-way relay, he only needed one, but you use what you have on hand a recycled power supply to convert 220V AC to 5V DC, and an infrared sensor.

The projects goal in excess of a lighting solution for an entrance hallway was the learn the ins and outs of the Arduino and motion sensors. After some initial hurdles familiarizing himself with the Arduino, [Gesyuk] wired everything together on a protoboard and stuck it in a plastic case loose wires in a high traffic area doesnt a safe home make.

Although the light is set to time out and turn off after a while, the configuration of [Gesyuk]s home meant that he had to deliberately position the infrared sensor so tha...


Government Recycling Programs Waste Valuable Resources "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By: Lee Friday

The government tells us we must recycle all kinds of stuff: bottles, cans, paper, plastics etc. They say that recycling reduces the number of products made from natural resources, which means more resources are conserved and our energy costs are lower. Superficially, this seems plausible. Surely it is more wasteful to manufacture products by digging resources out of the ground than to use discarded resources which already exist above ground right? Not necessarily.

Resource Allocation through Market Prices

Our objective is to minimize the use of resources (including energy) in the manufacturing process for all products. In order to achieve our objective, we must be guided by market prices, without exception. As long as prices are allowed to freely adjust to changes in supply and demand, resources will be allocated to their most highly valued uses, and resource conservation will be maximized. The capitalistic process of profits and losses ensures these outcomes.

Profits tell us that a firm has taken various factors of production (labor, raw materials, land, buildings, machines etc.) and combined them in such a manner that they are now valued by consumers of those products which means these resources have not been wasted. Furthermore, profits are a signal that consumers approve of the manner in which a firm is utilizing resources.

In contrast, losses tell us that a firm has taken various factors of production and combined them in such a manner that they are now worth less than the sum of their parts which means these resources have been wasted! Losses are a signal that consumers disapprove of the manner in which a firm is utilizing resources. If the firm does not improve, it will be forced out of business, thereby conserving these resources for others who can utilize them more efficiently.

Economics of Recycling

In an unhampered market, if it is profitable to manufacture products by recycling plastics, bottles, paper etc., then it will be done, and firms might even pay us to take away our empty containers. However, if such a business is not profitable, then these items would simply be included in our regular household garbage. And by the way, we are NOT running out of landfill space.

To determine the viability of a recycling enterprise, a free market firm must balance the cost of committing resources (labour, trucks, machines, recycling plants) to the task of recycling a...


Chemtrails Insulate the Clintons from Prosecution That Must Be It "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

3110 Journal NEO Collage

Chemtrails must be real. Do you know how you can tell? One big clue is that Hillary Clinton is not in prison. New allegations Clinton fixed the DNC nomination process has shocked many. Unfortunately, none of those with mouths agape live in America. Yes, George Soros or the Big Brother must have streamed the laughing gas all over the skies above the United States, because the people are totally zombified.

I woke up one morning this past week to headlines and Julian Assange Tweets telling of Clinton confidante and former DNC chair Donna Brazile blowing the whistle on the big fix of the 2016 presidential election. The gist of this bombshell were revealed in newly released excerpts of her forthcoming book, that allege an unethical agreement being signed between Hillary Clintons 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC to keep the party financially afloat. In laymans terms, according to Brazile Clinton just flat out bought the nomination out from under Bernie Sanders. Later on the same day WikiLeaks Tweeted the reality of this latest Hillary revelation, that Former DNC chair Donna Brazile AND Senator Elizabeth Warren both admit that the Democratic primary was rigged.

But in the big newspapers and on CNN it was Vladimir Putin and Margarita Simonyans RT America that rigged the election process with a few thousand dollars in social media ads. Ads on Twitter, I might add, the Jack Dorseys company marketed to RT, just like the soap sellers on daytime TV. But theres more, tons more. Next, we have Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) speaking with Breitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow and proclaiming:

We know now without a shadow of a doubt that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, paid Fusion GPS and Steele to acquire this dossier, which required colluding with Russian operatives and Russian nationals. So, they produced this dossier and I believe, yesterday I called for the FBI, the Justice Department to declassify all the FISA applications involving Trump associates because what I think happened is, I think they used the information from this dossier to be able to get surveillance on Trump and his associates.

And the allegations (potential charges) pile up. Sur...


Why the Dems Need to Worry About Rural Voters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I want you to take a look at an image. It depicts which party controls the legislatures in our fifty states. If you see blue, it means that the Democrats control both chambers. If you see red, it means the Republicans control both chambers. And if you see fuchsia, it means that control is split, which each party controlling one of the two chambers. Nebraska has a unique unicameral legislature that is non-partisan but controlled by Republicans.

Now, there is some positive news for the Democrats relative to that image. After this past Tuesdays elections, we can now change Washington State from fuchsia to blue, and, pending recounts, we may be able to change Virginia from red to fuchsia.

Overall, however, it paints a bleak picture for the left in this country. And there are other ways to measure this. Nationwide, there are 4,166 (56.4%) Republicans in our state legislatures compared to 3,114 (42.2%) Democrats. There are twenty-six states where the GOP has the trifecta, meaning they have the governors mansion plus both chambers of the legislature. The Dems can say the same in only six (with Washington, seven) states.

You should take special note of how many red states there are on that map in states that Clinton or Obama carried.

This is why I continue to talk about the need for Democrats to do better in small towns and rural America. I think Ezra Klein is absolutely correct to point out that Trump will lose his effort to win reelection even if he holds on to his small-town and rural support if he loses much support in the suburbs. The bloodbath the Republicans experienced on Tuesday in places like Northern Virginia, the Philadelphia suburbs, and Long Island should deeply concern Trumps political team.

But the results look less promising for winning over our countrys legislatures, including either chamber of our U.S. Congress. Thats why I wrote that the Democrats didnt do as...

The Russians Sloppy Papadopoulos Spycraft "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Theres a certain basic level of disrespect involved in how the Russians treated George Papadopoulos. Theres no doubt that they deliberately compromised him, but the way in which they did it was sloppy. To begin with, Papadopolous was a member of an organization called the London Centre of International Law Practice. It was in this role, that he traveled to Rome in March of 2016 and met with a professor named Joseph Mifsud.

Mifsuds rsum has now been deleted from the Centres website but until very recently he was listed as their director of international strategic development. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica last week, Professor Joseph Mifsud explained how he had met Papadopoulos in Rome.

[Papadopoulous] came here in Italy, in Rome, with other seven experts of international relations working for the London Centre of International Law Practice. We were dining and, if I remember well, he announced that we [sic] would join Trumps electoral campaign team. After that, we kept in touch via email or when we subsequently met in person.

Mifsud is a slippery character. For example, he ran an organization called the London Academy of Diplomacy. This academy has vanished.

Today, there is no sign of the London Academy of Diplomacy on Middlesex Street in London. Phone numbers for the organisation that can be found online do not work and websites lead to error messages. A receptionist at the address said the organisation left the premises six months ago.

Any stuff we get, we just send it back, she said.

In any case, Prof. Mifsud did indeed keep in touch with Papadopoulos. A couple of weeks later, on March 24th, they met in London where Mifsud introduced a lady calling herself Olga Vinogradova. She represented herself as a blood relation of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In subsequent emails back to the Trump campaign, Papadopoulos referred to her as Putins niece.

By all accounts, however, Papadopoulos eventually learned that this was a lie. Ms. Vinogradova was not related to Putin and she was probably...

What is Rand Paul Hiding from Us? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As I discussed on Monday, its curious that Rand Pauls neighbor is only being charged with fourth-degree assuault, a misdemeanor. Keep in mind that according to reports, this man charged across Rand Pauls lawn and attacked him from behind. Sen. Paul, who allegedly had just disembarked from his riding mower, suffered six broken ribs, three of them displaced, and a pleural effusion resulting from a lacerated lung.

His assailant has offered no explanation for his behavior, although his lawyer has stated that most of us would consider the altercation to have arisen from a trivial matter unrelated to politics. Appearing in court today, Rene Boucher, a retired anesthesiologist, pleaded not guilty. And thats a bit curious, too, because assaulting a member of Congress is a federal crime on a good day, and caving in one side of a senators chest is hardly a trivial matter. The Warren County Attorney, Amy Milliken, was questioned about the light charges on the courthouse steps, and she said both the FBI and the Kentucky state police are continuing their investigation, and that given the severity of Sen. Pauls injuries, additional charges could be added. Why not plead guilty while the charges are still a slap on the wrist?

Now, initially Rand Paul minimized the extent of both what happened (an unfortunate incident) and the extent of his injuries. The police report says Paul explained that he was merely tackled him from behind, forcing him to the ground and causing pain. Then the New York Times reported that it arose out of a landscaping dispute.

I had my doubts.


Election Night Really Wasn't So Great "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Michael Barone makes a few of points worth remembering. Heres one:

The parties are evenly matched, but differently distributed. Democratic voters are clustered in central cities, sympathetic suburbs and university towns, giving the party an Electoral College advantage. Republican voters are spread more evenly elsewhere, giving their party an advantage in equal-population congressional and legislative districts.

Heres another:

Donald Trump changed that in 2016, but just a bit. Rough extrapolations from exit polls suggest he lost 2 million to 3 million college graduate whites who previously voted Republican, but gained some 3 million to 4 million non-college whites who previously voted Democratic or didnt vote. His college graduate losses cost him zero electoral votes; the non-college gains netted him 100 new electoral votes and the White House. The art of the deal.

Heres one more:

Hillary Clinton carried New Jersey 55 to 41 percent; Murphy won it by 56 to 43 percent. Clinton carried Virginia 50 to 44 percent; Northam won it 54 to 45 percent. The two Democrats, lacking Clintons reputation for dishonesty, gained a few points she lost to third-party candidates; the two Republicans got almost exactly the same percentages as Trump.

Back in January, Daily Kos Elections completed their analysis of the presidential vote in Virginia and they announced that Hillary Clinton had carried fifty-one of the one hundred House of Delegates districts in the Commonwealth, despite the fact that Republicans drew these very lines to benefit themselves during the last round of redistricting. This was an improvement from the forty-seven districts President Obama had won during his reelection four years earlier.

So, setting aside gerrymandering completely, the Democrats should have roughly half of the seats in Virginias House of Delegates. And thats exactly where we are after Tuesdays elections, with recounts still to determine the exact distribution.

The Washington Post has some helpful graphics of the Virginia electorate, and the news isnt all rosy. For example, where Trump performed far....


Another hate hoax: Black Air Force Academy cadet wrote racial slurs on his own dorm room "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The media hailed Air Force Lt Gen Jay Silveria for condemning "hate" and "racism" in an "impassioned speech" late last year after "Go Home Ni**er" was found scrawled on several black cadets' dorm rooms. "Air Force Academy head to racists: 'Get out,'" CNN's headline read at the time.


Vietnam, in a Bind, Tries to Chart a Path Between U.S. and China "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

HANOI, Vietnam Vietnams full-on war with the United States lasted a decade. Its tensions with its northern neighbor, China, have persisted for thousands of years from a millennium of direct Chinese rule and a bloody border war in 1979 to more recent confrontations in the South China Sea.

If geography is destiny, then the fate of Vietnam is to be an expert in bargaining with Beijing and balancing between superpowers.

So with the rest of the world struggling to reckon with Chinas assertive moves in the Pacific, the Vietnamese, hosts of this years Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, are offering guidance.

I would like to give advice to the whole world, and especially to the United States, that you must be careful with China, said Maj. Gen. Le Van Cuong, the retired director of the Institute of Strategic Studies at the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security.

Like any good Communist soldier, General Cuong pays attention to the details of leaders abstruse speeches, and he noted that President Xi Jinping of China had referred to his homelands status as a...



US Treasury Department Investigates Illegal Uses of Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The US Treasury Department Secretary claimed that the alleged illicit use of Bitcoin should be reviewed very carefully to make sure that the dark web is not financed in Bitcoin.


Technology Sector Has a Growing Appetite for Gold; Demand Up 3% "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Technology Sector Has a Growing Appetite for Gold; Demand Up 3% from Schiff Gold The amount of gold used in the technology sector grew for the fourth consecutive quarter, according to the latest demand report by the World Gold Council....

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reating a successful business! "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

What are the main steps in creating a successful business? Share your experience!!


Investing in ICT, is the key to enable growth in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill has said  that investing in key ICT infrastructure, especially broadband access, is the key and an enabler of growth to meet existing and future demands and new markets.

ICT infrastructure are one of the major policies and agendas now being discussed at the APEC Leaders and Ministers Meeting in Vietnam.

Today we live in a very much digital world and of course the continued use of technology in our economies is growing by the day. PNG needs to continue to build on that so that our communities, because of our remoteness, also use our technologies to participate in the economy well being and of course their own well being, Mr ONeill said.

PNG must take advantage of these new technologies, and Im very pleased to see that many of our young people are starting to adapt to technology as a means of course in creating opportunities for themselves and also creating applications that are relevant in our communities. Some of the applications are being used, not only by government but by enterprises within the country, and I think it is important that PNG continues to support this advancement.

I want to also take the opportunity to thank the government and the people of Australia for their continued support in this respect. There will be an announcement during this APEC meeting between our government.

The Australian Government, in so far as the partnership, we are developing to build infrastructure, that is technology and the applications for PNG economy, and that will also benefit our neighbouring countries like Solomon Islands.

Again let me stress this as very important for our small businesses. APEC is an organisation that is very much focused in the support of opportunities for small to medium more on PNG Technology News site


Saudi Arabia Comes for Hezbollah "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Lebanon was stunned on Nov. 4 when its prime minister, Saad Hariri, speaking from Saudi Arabia, delivered a halting resignation speech. Mr. Hariri said he left Beirut because he feared assassination. He placed the blamed for his long-distance resignation on Iran and its main ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

In the days since, Saudi Arabia has accused Hezbollah of plotting against the kingdom and ordered Saudi citizens to leave Lebanon. Threats from top Saudi officials are causing new turmoil in a tiny country with complicated sectarian politics, failed power-sharing arrangements and a long history of foreign meddling.

Since the Arab uprisings in 2011, Lebanon has largely avoided the conflicts sweeping the Middle East. Even the war that is raging in Syria, Lebanons much larger neighbor, has generally left the country unscathed. That calm is now threatened as the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Arab allies set their sights on Hezbollah and its patron, Iran.

Why would Saudi leaders risk a new conflagration? They see a way to make common cause with Washington by targeting Hezbollah, one of Irans most effective allies. President Trump has consistently singled out Irans support for Hezbollah and other groups that Washington considers terrorist organizations.

But Saudi Arabia is already overstretched. Its war against Houthi rebels in Yemen drags on, and the diplomatic dispute with Qatar remains in a stalemate, too. If Saudi leaders think they can score an easy victory in Lebanon against Hezbollah, it will be another misjudgment that adds to a dangerous and combustible moment in the Middle East.



David Leyonhjelm guest post on Red Tape "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The crippling effects of red tape on the economy are unfortunately not restricted to the NSW housing sector.

As chair of the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, I have so far introduced three interim reports on the sale, supply and taxation of alcohol; the sale and use of tobacco and nicotine products; and environmental regulation, sometimes called green tape.

Unless you are a smoker or drinker, the first two might not be of interest. However, environmental over-regulation should be of vital concern to us all. The actual and opportunity cost runs into many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost or delayed investment. And that means a lot of employment opportunities for our fellow Australians.

The origin of the term red tape is generally attributed to the 16th century administrative system of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, which used red tape for priority documents that required immediate action.

Given that red tape has now come to mean pernicious, corrosive and difficult-to-eradicate regulation, it seems highly appropriate that Charles V is today more remembered for his army spreading syphilis across Europe and thence to the rest of the world.

Like its venereal legacy, the red tape legacy of Emperor Charles V continues to be spread through the incautious infatuations of his Australian political successors.

The Institute of Public Affairs calculates that red tape reduces Australias economic output by $176 billion each year, equivalent to 11 per cent of GDP. This cost is reflected in businesses that are never started, jobs never created, and the time lost adhering to bureaucratic requirements.

Throughout our inquiry, we heard again and again that environmental red tape has turned many project approval processes into a bureaucratic nightmare.

A prime example is the Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara that required more than 4,000 licences, approvals and permits for its pre-construction phase, needlessly delaying the project and raising the cost. Likewise, the Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland spent seven years in the approvals process, fighting more than 10 legal challenges and requiring an Environmental Impact Statement running to 22,000 pages.

We have the means to eradicate some of this green tape scourge from our lives.

As we recommended, the Federal Government could bring forward its review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, avoid duplicating state laws and create a One Stop Shop something the Productivity Commission also supports.

It could start focusing on the risks associated with non-compliance with legal rules, rather than the legal rules themselves, a risk-based approach that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is a...


Europe Needs to Take Prompt Action to Identify and Implement Safety Measures For Mysterious Radioactive Discharges "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Earlier in the year there was a mysterious radioactive iodine discharge impacting Europe and the origin never officially identified. From end September into early October there was yet another mysterious radioactive discharge impacting Europe this one Ruthenium 106. Why have no measures been taken? Why does the source(s) remain a mystery? Why are people not notified and warned in a timely manner so as to minimize exposure?

IRSN France info-graphic

Over a month ago (Oct. 5th), CRIIRAD Association-Lab, located in France, raised the alarm about the Ruthenium 106 (radioactive) discharge impacting Europe and the risks run by those close to the discharge location, but in vain. They underlined the importance of looking for the source of the discharge. If the installation is unaware then they cant put in place protective measures; if it is a cover-up, thats an even bigger problem, as they point out. The 300 Terabecquer...


US Atomic Veterans Who Helped Out During Fukushima Lawsuit Against TEPCO For Radiation Exposure (USS Ronald Reagan) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On the afternoon of March 12, the day following the earthquake, Plaintiffs arrived off the coasts of Fukushima Prefecture aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and other vessels to provide humanitarian aid. Plaintiffs allege that TEPCO promulgated false information regarding the extent of the damage to the FNPP, misleading the public, Japanese officials, and the U.S. military. They allege that TEPCOs management publicly announced that there was no danger to those participating in Operation Tomodachi, despite knowing that there was a risk of radiation exposure. Plaintiffs claim that they and U.S. military officials were unaware of the extent of the radiation leak and that they would not have been deployed as close to the FNPP had TEPCO been forthcoming about the damage. They further allege that the U.S. military would not ordinarily discover such radiation absent sufficient warning. On March 14, two days after their arrival, Plaintiffs allege that their vessels were repositioned further away from the FNPP after U.S. officials onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan detected nuclear contamination in the air and on an aircraft operating near the FNPP. Sensitive instruments aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan discovered measurable levels of radioactivity on seventeen aircrew members returning from relief missions.


United Nations Human Rights Experts Campaign to Improve Human Rights Among ASEAN Nations at Philippine Summit "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Riot police prepare to push back people protesting the visit of U.S. President Donald Trump outside the main venue of the ASEAN summit meetings Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. Trump is currently on a visit to Asia with the Philippines as his last stop for the ASEAN leaders summit and related summits between the regional grouping and its Dialogue Partners. AP/Aaron Favila

MANILA, Philippines Four United Nations human rights experts urged the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to discuss pressing regional rights issues during the blocs key summit in Manila.

From November 11 to 14, 21 world leadersalong with the UN chiefwill sit down for talks in Manila for the 31st ASEAN meet.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: ASEAN Summit in the Philippines

In a statement dated November 10, the UN experts, while recognizing the important work of the many active civil society organizations across the region, expressed concern over the worrying deterioration in the environment where human rights defenders operate.

They also expressed dismay at the increasing harassment and prosecutions of bloggers, journalists and social media users.

Human rights defenders, social activists, lawyers, journalists, independent media and even parliamentarians trying to speak out...


Israel shoots down Syrian drone, looks for Hezbollah, Iran links "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Reconnaissance drone was shot down over the occupied Golan Heights as tensions mount over Iranian, Hezbollah influence in region


Saudi "deep state" prince Bandar among those arrested in purge; "senior figures" beaten and tortured: report "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

According to a new report by Middle East Eye, Prince Bandar bin Sultan - Saudi Arabia's most famous arms dealer, longtime former ambassador to the US, and recent head of Saudi intelligence - was among those detained as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's (MBS) so-called "corruption purge" that started with the initial arrests of up to a dozen princes and other top officials last weekend. If confirmed, the arrest and detention of Bandar would constitute the most significant and high profile figure caught up in the purge - even above that of high profile billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal - given Bandar's closeness to multiple US administrations and involvement in events ranging from Reagan's Nicaraguan Contra program (including direct involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal), to making the case for the Iraq War as a trusted friend of Bush and Cheney, to directing US-Saudi covert operations overseeing the arming of jihadists in Syria.


'On life support': Research shows even low doses of common pesticides starve, disorient migrating songbirds "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Newly published research says two of Canada's most commonly used pesticides cause migrating songbirds to lose weight and their sense of direction. "This is very good evidence that even a little dose incidental, you might call it in their feeding could be enough to have serious impacts," said University of Saskatchewan biologist Christy Morrissey, whose paper was published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. Morrissey studied the effect of two widely used pesticide types neonicotinoids and organophosphates. Both are used on more than 100 different crops, including wheat and canola, and are found in dozens of commercial products. The so-called neonics are often applied to seeds before they're planted in the ground. Organophosphates are applied in tiny granules. Both are known to be lethal to birds in large doses, but Morrissey wanted to study the impact of smaller amounts. She and her colleagues took three groups of white-crowned sparrows, a common migratory songbird found throughout North America, and exposed them to a small dose, a somewhat larger dose, or no dose at all.


Soros-backed think tank forges RT journalist's signature in petition against Russia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

RT columnist Bryan MacDonald, a Moscow professor, and the mysterious "Bumfrey McDoogle from the School of Hard Knox" are just some of the people that appeared on an anti-Kremlin petition by the increasingly gaffe-prone European Values think tank. The distinctly named 'Prague Declaration' proposes "seven urgent steps the democratic West must take to now to stop Russian aggression" declaring that its document - intended for "Western leaders such as EU High Representative Federica Mogherini" - has been endorsed by "more than 100 European and American security experts and parliamentarians from 22 countries." However, a closer look at the signatories reveal some odd exceptions among Moscow's traditional adversaries, such as exiled businessman Bill Browder and former NSA analyst John Schindler. One such name is MacDonald, who is described incorrectly as a "former RT correspondent" and earnestly as a "foot soldier in the fight against Putin." "I am offended," MacDonald told RT with a smile. "I mean I certainly don't wanna be in the same company with the likes of Bill Browder, or Yevhen Fedchenko, who recently said that all Russian journalists were embedded with the security apparatus. I definitely don't want to be associated with James Kirchick, a neocon who wants perpetual war. I absolutely don't want to be associated with Molly McKew, who used to lobby for Mikhail Saakashvili. And definitely I don't want any connection with John Schindler, who is a former NSA spook, who I think frankly is quite mad in his coverage of Russia." As well as MacDonald and McDoogle, the list featured Moscow State University lecturer and regular RT analyst Mark Sleboda, who is listed as working for the non-existent Center for Conservative Studies.


Kp Message 11-11-17 Theres a Lot of Collapsings and Unveilings of New Beginnings "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

[Kp note, just after publishing: I noticed this came out at 118 HST so as pointed out below, with the 8 1s, heres another validation synchronicity with the 1s and 8s. Quite a deal!]

Im not sure what all of that is about, exactly, but I do sense that so much of the old paradigms are collapsing that its almost impossible to stand up and walk without tipping over. But from my view, keeping the knees bent (being flexible in spirit, mind, and body) and going with the flowing, or flowing with the going, is the way to BE at this moment And yes, BEing in and with each moment, one moment at a time. In fact I just shared that advice with someone earlier who had indeed fallen over and now needs to recuperate a bit before moving along again.

One moment at a time.

Of course, much is being unveiled (see all those Tracy Beanz posts, for example), and much will continue to be unveiled. Its just that its happening faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster. Thats called acceleration, baby!

For myself, Ive found that Im being called to be particularly flexible and forgiving of self (small s) whe...


Jailed British-Iranian woman 'suicidal' in Iranian prison "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


A fellow inmate with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe said her 'hair was falling out' as she faced brutal treatment in Iranian custody


More on Gigabyte Windforce VGA Fans For GPU Mining Rigs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

We have recently talked about how you can Fix problematic fans of Gigabyte Windforce VGAs as the company tends to use cheaper sleeve bearing fans that are more prone to failure when used for GPU mining rigs. Interestingly enough Gigabyte does seem to use multiple suppliers for their Windforce fans and even though on the top the blades of the fans are the same, inside there could be interesting differences. So far most of the RX 400/500 series of GPUs from Gigabyte with Windforce fans that weve seen used 2x5x5.5mm metal bushings inside and as we have already mentioned these are easily replaced with readily available ball bearings and you can upgrade your fans to be more durable long term. It is a well known facts that sleeve bearings are much less resistant to higher temperatures and dust than ball bearing fans and as the operating conditions worsen their life span drops significantly.

It seems however that Gigabyte has Windforce fans with larger and not so standard metal bushings as well that cannot be directly replaced with ball bearings as their size is just not as standard. We have stumbled on some Everflow T129215SU fans used on Gigabyte Windforce fans that used 2x8x5mm metal bushings and there are simply no standard bearings that you can use with so small inside hole and so big outer diameter available. So fixing or upgrading these becomes a bit more trickier and you need to either do your own bushings with the right size to replace or use spacers so that you can fit 25 size ball bearings inside. We have actually done both of these already and have tried them, but not on Gigabyte Windforce. To our surprise Asus and their STRIX GPU fans turned out to be using crappy sleeve bearing fans instead of better quality and more durable ball bearing fans. The STRIX fans use the same size metal bushing as weve discovered in this particular Gigabyte Windforce fans, but we are going to get back with more details about that very soon


Military and Law Enforcement Are Using Secret Planes to Spy On Cell Phones (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Military and Law Enforcement Are Using Secret Planes to Spy On Cell Phones Video DAHBOO A recent article in the Texas Observer, revealed that the National Guard is using multi-protocol scanners and receivers to spy on everyone. The National...

The post Military and Law Enforcement Are Using Secret Planes to Spy On Cell Phones (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Johnnie Walker, the Corruption Purge, and Saudi Arabias Preparation for War "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, also minister of defense, has a big vision called Saudi Arabias Vision 2030

By Dee McLachlan

When I try to understand what is happening in Saudi Arabia it is like working out an impossible math formula. But Im going to try make some sense of it, as it seems Saudi Arabia is gearing up for war.

Corruption Purge and a Hotel Prison

Over the last few days there are reports of a purge against CORRUPTION, with the Saudi Authorities detaining 201 Saudi princes and businessmen. As...


Irony of Ironies as Mark Karpeles Could Profit $1 Bln from Mt. Gox "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In a cruel twist of fate the former CEO of Mt. Gox, the man in charge during the loss of 1 bln Bitcoins, may wind up profiting $859 mln from the bankruptcy settlement.

Daily Bible Verse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters.


Israeli soldiers assault, strip search, and take 'selfie' with injured Palestinian detainees "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Two Palestinian prisoners, including one teenager, gave testimonies to the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners' Affairs, detailing the abuse and harassment they faced at the hands of Israeli forces during their arrests. The committee released a statement on Monday saying that Israeli forces raided the home of brothers Tariq Baajeh, 26, and Ahmad Baajeh, 19, in the Qalqiliya-area town of Jayyus in the northern occupied West Bank around midnight on Sunday. According to the brothers' testimonies, soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded the brothers before transferring them to a military zone near Qalqiliya in a military jeep. "The Baajeh brothers were assaulted and insulted the entire time they were held at the military zone," the statement said, adding that after the soldiers beat up the brothers, soldier took a "selfie" with the injured brothers "in order to provoke them." The brothers were then transferred to the Huwwara detention center near Nablus, and then to the Megiddo prison north of the West Bank, where they were strip searched.


World watch Sunday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Saturday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Mexico drug cartel's grip on politicians and police revealed in Texas court files "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Los Zetas pumped money into elections in the border state of Coahuila but the detailed testimonies have been met with official denial and public apathy The accusations made in three Texas courtrooms were staggering. Witness after witness described how a notorious drug cartel pumped money into Mexican electoral campaigns and paid off individual politicians and policemen in the border state of Coahuila to look the other way as hundreds of people were massacred or forcibly disappeared. The Texas court testimonies - gathered in a report released this week by the Human Rights Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law and Fray Juan de Larios Diocesan Human Rights Centre in Coahuila - give one of the most complete accounts so far of how organized crime has attempted to capture the institutions of democracy in Mexico's regions. The report prompted outrage among activists who have worked with victims of violence. But the accusations were met with sharp denials from Mexican politicians and a pointed lack of interest from judicial officials.


Israel losing its narrative and old game plan in the new Middle East's north/south divide "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A new geo-political Middle East is emerging which pits northern states and southern states against one another based on divergent economic and security interests. Saudi is top dog in the south which means that Israel is losing its ability to act unilaterally. With the wars in Syria and Iraq drawing to a close and with the governments of both states standing victorious over both Takfiri terrorism as well as (broadly speaking) Kurdish ethno-nationalism, a new reality in the Middle East has emerged where the region is broadly divided between a geo-political north and south. In the north there is the Syria-Iraq alliance made possible by common enemies and a common history, in spite of the Ba'athist schism of 1966-2003. Both states, for slightly different reasons are also allied with Iran and for oddly similar reasons, are partners with Russia. In the case of Syria, Damascus is an historic Soviet ally and in the case of post-Ba'ahist Iraq, the government looks to attain defence independence by working with a Russian state which unlike the US, is willing to sell arms to any reasonable nation without political preconditions. Iran, Iraq and Syria in turn are allied with Hezbollah, which in effect means a large portion of Lebanon and in terms of geo-strategic defence considerations, it means the most important part of Lebanon. Turkey is now a partner of Iran, Iraq (to a surprisingly important degree) and Russia. While Syria will be very unlikely to forgive Turkey for its previous support of Takfiri driven regime change, in reality, Syria and Turkey have a common post-Takfiri enemy: the continued rumblings Kurdish ethno-nationalism. This means that it is becoming increasingly likely that Syria and Turkey may end up cooperating in the future, even if it means doing so at a covert level because of heightened sensitivities to such a thing among the general public in both Turkey and Syria.


Israeli forces open fire on fishermen and raze farmlands in Gaza "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Israeli naval forces on Sunday opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the Gaza strip, while military bulldozers razed lands along Gaza's border with Israel, according to official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency. Wafa reported that Israeli forces fired at fishermen off the northern coast of northern Gaza, forcing the fishermen to dock their boats in fear of getting shot. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the coastal enclave, Israeli bulldozers razed agricultural lands adjacent to the Gaza-Israel border fence, near Khan Younis city. An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an they were looking into reports.


Racism is Literally Bad for Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From WBUR: Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health. Not only do daily acts of prejudice and discrimination lead to poor health outcomes, but people of color also receive lower quality health care than white people.

The research indicates it is not just the big experiences of discrimination, like being passed over for a job or not getting a promotion that someone felt they might have been entitled to. But the day-to-day little indignities affect health: being treated with less courtesy than others, being treated with less respect than others, receiving poorer service at restaurants or stores. Research finds that persons who score high on those kinds of experiences, if you follow them over time, you see more rapid development of coronary heart disease. Research finds that pregnant women who report high levels of discrimination give birth to babies who are lower in birth weight.


Air Force general says China is advancing in space five times as quickly as the US "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Air Force lieutenant general Steve Kwast believes a Kitty Hawk moment will begin a new era in space. But while the U.S. still leads every other country in space, Kwast cautions that edge is whittling away.

In my best military judgement China is on a 10-year journey to operationalize space. Were on a 50-year journey, Kwast told CNBC.

Kwast, who is also the commander and president of Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, says the United States must bring together the right talent to accelerate the journey in a Manhattan Project-like meeting of minds. He says this would push the space industry to an moment like Wright Brothers had when they completed the first successful airplane flight in 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina


Dr Jay Joseph: Why Schizophrenia Genetic Research is Running on Empty "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This week on MIA Radio we interview Dr Jay Joseph. Dr Joseph is a clinical psychologist and author who brings a critical perspective to claims in the media and the academic literature that disordered genes underlie psychiatric disorders.

His most recent books are The Trouble with Twin Studies: A Reassessment of Twin Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and the 2017 e-book Schizophrenia and Genetics: The End of an Illusion.

In this interview, we discuss the evidence that psychiatry puts forward in support of the claim that mental disorders have an important genetic basis and the reasons why psychiatry is still searching after many decades of failed attempts.

In the episode we discuss:

  • How Dr Joseph, as a clinical psychologist, came to be interested in the validity of the diagnosis of schizophrenia.
  • How he then became interested in the assertions by psychiatry that diagnoses such as schizophrenia had a genetic basis.
  • That he discovered that the evidence for genetic factors underlying major psychiatric disorders is very weak and based mainly on twin and adoption studies.
  • That, despite decades of work, there have been few if any discoveries of disordered genes that cause the major psychiatric disorders.
  • How twin and adoption studies are used to try and demonstrate the relationship between genetics and mental disorders.
  • That people are being told that their mental illness is genetically based which is not supported by evidence and it is rather like the chemical imbalance myth in this regard.
  • That a disorder or condition running in the family means that it is genetic is also a common misconception.
  • That psychiatry seems to be focused on finding the cause of mental disorders within the body, rather than acknowledging that social and environmental factors are t...


Blaming Mental Health Wont Solve Gun Violence, Says APsaA "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

According to a new statement released by the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), the causes of firearm violence are complex and multifactorial, and gun violence should not be ascribed to a single cause or population such as those labeled mentally ill.

Every human being, regardless of having a mental health diagnosis, is capable of acts of aggression and violence under stress, said Harriet Wolfe, M.D. president of APsaA. The U.S. does not have significantly higher rates of mental illness than other countries, but what we do have is too many guns and a lack of common sense gun laws.'


November 12 in history "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

764 Tibetan troops occupied Changan, the capital of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

1028 Future Byzantine empress Zoe married Romanus Argyrus.

1439  Plymouth, became the first town incorporated by the English Parliament.

1555 The English Parliament re-established Catholicism.

1651 Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz, Mexican mystic and author, was born  (d. 1695).

1729 Louis Antoine de Bougainville, French explorer, was born (d. 1811).

1793  Jean Sylvain Bailly, the first Mayor of Paris, was guillotined.

1840 Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, was born (d. 1917).

1847 Sir James Young Simpson, a British physician, was the first to use chloroform as an anaesthetic.

1866 Sun Yat-sen, the 1st President of the Republic of China was born  (d. 1925).

1892  William Pudge Heffelfinger became the first professional American football player on record.

1893 The treaty of the Durand Line was signed between present day Pakistan and Afghanistan.

1905 Norway held a referendum in favour of monarchy over republic.

1912 Striking worker Fred Evans was fatally injured in a clash with police and strikebreakers during the bitter six-month-long dispute at the goldmining town of Waihi.

Striker fatally wounded at Waihi

1912 The frozen bodies of Robert Scott and his men were found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

1918  Austria became a republ...


Tony Hawk Undergoes Dangerous Skin Pixelation Surgery to Become More Recognizable "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

ENCINITAS, Calif. Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk has reportedly had every inch of his body surgically pixelated in an attempt to regain public recognition. It has been several years since the Tony Hawks Pro Skater franchise peaked in popularity, and its subsequent decline rendered the extreme sports pioneer almost unrecognizable to fans and newcomers alike.  

The surgery has achieved its intended goal, with Hark reporting an immediate increase in public attention.

My ill new skin has definitely been turning heads on the street, he said, through an unblinking, neutral expression.  Ive been hitting up my old stomping grounds, like the school, to complete some sick objectives.  Those kids really freaked when they saw me spell out S-K-A-T-E.  They looked so horrified, probably because they never thought their hero would swoop in and rock a Roast Beef grab right in their faces, looking all pixelated and badass.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

Some of them even took off running as fast they could.  I bet they just wanted to get to the closest Sam Goody to buy the Millencolin CD I was jammin.  

The new look has proved controversial for the former X-Games cha...


Is Trump going after Hillary and the Podestas with sealed indictments? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime. In the United States, an indictment typically is issued by a grand jury based upon a proposed charge, witnesses testimony and other evidence presented by the public Continue reading


Bitcoin by Numbers: 21 Statistics That Reveal Growing Demand for the Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin by Numbers: 21 Statistics That Reveal Growing Demand for the Cryptocurrency

By whatever metric you care to measure it, 2017 has been a record-breaking year for bitcoin. From transactions to trading volume, and from wallet installations to market cap, every possible metric has been surpassed, shattered, and then shattered again.

See also: 10+ Monitoring Websites That Help Track the Bitcoin Network

Its All In The Numbers

Bitcoin by Numbers: 21 Statistics That Reveal Growing Demand for the CryptocurrencyBitcoin volume by currency.

The cryptocurrency world evolves at such a dizzying pace that it can be hard to take in the magnitude of everything thats happening in bitcoin. In the words of Ferris Bueller, If you dont stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

As an intangible digital currency, it can be hard sometimes to appreciate where bitcoin is at and how far its come from such humble beginnings less than nine years ago. The following stats help bring bitcoin to life, making it easier to visualize the state of the network today.

(Note: all figures are averages and were accurate at the time of publication.)

Breaking Down Bitcoin



Haunted by the Ghosts of War "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in, And watch the white eyes writhing in his face, His hanging face, like a devils sick of sin; If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori


Heres Why Apple Should Buy Netflix "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I did a quick hit with Bloombergs Scarlet Fu and Julia Chatterley on Bloomberg Markets about my Bloomberg View column why Apple should buy Netflix.   Heres Why Apple Should Buy Netflix Bloomberg, November 9th, 2017         Barry Ritholtz, Ritholtz Wealth Management CIO and a Bloomberg View columnist, and Bloombergs Mike McKee

Read More

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Veterans Day: "Appropriate Homage" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Armistice Day is a thing of the past. In 1954, Congress struck the word "Armistice" from the 1938 law and inserted the word "Veterans." Why? "[I]n order," wrote president Dwight D. Eisenhower, "that a grateful Nation might pay appropriate homage to the veterans of all its wars." What does that mean, 63 years after Eisenhower's proclamation and 99 years since the guns fell silent? USA Today reports that it means Free Stuff.


Best of Dan Olmsted: A Little Milton with Your Post-Election Coffee "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dan wrote this post last year on November 12. We run "best of" from him from time to time. I tend to choose the posts by how my heart feels - or how sad my heart feels. Out of the...


Trump, Putin Take Joint Stance on Syria "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Leaders meet briefly at APEC summit in Vietnam

Updated Nov. 11, 2017 5:44 a.m. ET

MOSCOWU.S. President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin aligned their positions on Syria on Saturday with a joint statement that underscored how close Moscow and Washingtons positions have grown around the war-torn country.

The presidents agreed there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria, Russian news agency Interfax reported the joint statement as saying, after the two leaders met briefly at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.




Putin, Trump agree to defeat IS in Syria: Kremlin

  U.S. President Donald Trump and Russias President Vladimir Putin talk during the family photo session at the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam November 11, 2017. REUTERS/Jorge Silva


These 9 Places in America Will Pay You to Move There "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

They'll pay you upfront, but will you pay for the rest of your life?

While 54% of Americans lived in rural places in 1910, that number fell to 19 percent by 2010, Zillow reported. To revive their communities, these places are hoping that everything from cash grants to paying off student loans and giving away free land will help draw a younger generation to them.

But it's not just small towns that hope to draw more people to them with these programs. Some cities like Baltimore and even entire states like Alaska will pay you to be their newest resident.

Tribune, Kansas will pay off $15,000 of your student loans. Marne, Iowa will give you free land if you build a house that's at least 1,200 ft2 on it. Baltimore, Maryland will give you a $5,000, 5yr forgivable loan and $10,000 down payment toward rehabilitating abandoned homes.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


US-S Korea launch major war drills as N Korea looks on "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Al Jazeera

USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered super-carrier, is part of the exercises off the Korean Peninsula [File: Kyodo news agency via Reuters]
USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered super-carrier, is part of the exercises off the Korean Peninsula [File: Kyodo news agency via Reuters]

The US and South Korea launched military manoeuvres involving three American aircraft carrier strike groups on Saturday in a massive show of force that drew the anger of rival North Korea.......


Khalifa Haftar (CIA) Hires DC Lobby Group to Promote Himself As Libyan Ruler "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Khalifa Haftar (CIA) Hires DC Lobby Group to Promote Himself As Libyan Ruler Khalifa Haftar, the would be Libyan General, is not all what he claims to be in the media. Khalif Haftar is a TRAITOR, he is a WAR CRIMINAL he is a CIA operative and he is ambitious. Khalifa Haftar was in the []


Former US Senator: All these Navy sailors have died after Fukushima radiation exposure "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former US Senator: All these Navy sailors have died after Fukushima radiation exposure TV program reveals many are now dead Veterans break down in tears suffering cancers, paralysis, amputations, bleeding from anus, severe pain from ENE News Courthouse...

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Spanish Police Arrest Seven in Pirate Sports Streaming Crackdown "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While most large broadcasters around the world now offer comprehensive sports packages to their customers, subscriptions are often quite expensive.

This has led to the proliferation of pirate services, each dedicated to bringing live sports to the masses at massively reduced prices or even completely free.

As a result, its now possible to watch almost any sport from a pirate source, whether thats via a website, an augmented Kodi setup, or a premium IPTV provider. Today, however, theres one less pirate service available after a series of raids in Spain.

According to the National Police, raids took place in Madrid, Alicante, Albacete, Ganda, and the Valencian cities of Xtiva and Antequera this week. In total, seven people were arrested for illegally broadcasting football matches.

Unusually in such cases, the suspects are alleged to have offered matches via a number of mechanisms, including direct download, streaming, subscription streaming, and peer-to-peer distribution. This, the police say, allowed them to have the broadest possible access to the market.

The groups servers were scattered around the world; some located in Spain, others in France, with the remainder in the United States and Canada.

The investigation began in 2016 following a complaint from La Liga, the top professional association in Spanish football. The group alleged that a total of 13 websites were illegally offering lists of links which enabled visitors to access content to which it holds the exclusive rights.

Police say the operation was well organized, with matches presented to Internet users with schedules ordered by championships. Revenue was generated via advertising which appeared on the various pages viewed by visitors.

Its claimed that the sites operators also attempted to make their scattered servers harder to find by utilizing intermediary companies, including those that offer server location anonymization services.

Across the country, eight house searches reportedly yielded a trove of evidence, both digital and physical, detailing the pirate operation and the profit obtained from it.......


Karakurt Project 22800 Corvette to Give Russian Navy Extra Punch "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Russian Project 22800 (Karakurt-class) missile corvette, named Typhoon, is to be launched in November at the shipbuilding company Pella in St. Petersburg. It will enter service in 2018. The first corvette of this class, Uragan, was launched in July 2017 and is also to enter service next year. A total of 18 Karakurt-Class corvettes are to join the Black Sea, Northern and Pacific operational fleets by 2022.


North Korea says Trump begged for a war during his Asia trip He is a destroyer of world peace and stability "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


SEOUL (Reuters) North Korea said on Saturday that U.S. President Donald Trumps first trip to Asia showed he was a destroyer and he had begged for war on the Korean peninsula.

Trump, during his visit, laid bare his true nature as destroyer of world peace and stability and begged for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, the foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by the state news agency.

US bombers fly close to North Korea in show of force
War of words between the leaders of the two countries [FILE: Reuters]

Trump had warned North Korea on Wednesday not to underestimate the United States as he wrapped up his visit to South Korea.

The North Korean spokesman said nothing would deter Pyongyang from pursuing its nuclear weapons programme.

Reporting by Dahee Kim; Editing by Stephen Coates


Hezbollah flips the script and says that Israel does the "Red Prince's" bidding "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave Mohammed Bin Salman the dishonorable distinction of supposedly being able to control Iran's hated Zionist foe, which is the clearest signal yet that Tehran considers the "Red Prince" to be an unprecedented threat to the Islamic Republic. It's no secret that Iran and Saudi Arabia hate one another for reasons that are too numerous to describe in the course of this analysis, though which have been exploited by both the US and Israel to their collective divide-and-rule ends, so in and of itself there's nothing strange about Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah trash-talking Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, though this time the polemics were unprecedented because of the stunning role reversal that they represent. Instead of Saudi Arabia being under the control of Israel, Nasrallah implied that it's actually Israel which is under the control of the Kingdom's "Red Prince" when he spoke about how Riyadh is trying to incite Tel Aviv to attack Lebanon by bribing it with billions of dollars, some of which it could be assumed might come from the upwards of $800 billion in assets that Mohammed Bin Salman might seize from his country's oligarchs.


Hysteria: CIA whistleblower says 'progressives' kicked him off EU panel for 'association' with Russia (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

John Kiriakou, a former CIA counterterrorism officer, has told RT that he was kicked off a panel at the European Parliament because a fellow panelist objected to his association with Russia as a Sputnik Radio host. Comment: This 'Russia-did-it' hysteria is infectious: US Senators hysteria: 'Russian leadership 'fascist', 'Twitter sided with Russia' UK govt demands Facebook help blame Russia for election & Brexit outcomes Kiriakou, who spent two-and-a-half years in jail for exposing the CIA's torture program in 2007, was invited to address the European Parliament on national security whistleblowing Wednesday. However, he was bounced from the panel at the last minute, because one of the other panelists objected to his presence. Kiriakou told RT he "thought it was a joke" when Winnie Wong, co-founder of the progressive organization, People for Bernie, refused to appear on the panel with him, because "she didn't want the appearance of Bernie Sanders appearing to endorse the Russian media."


Bodies of two refugee children washed ashore on Lesvos island "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Authorities on the island of Lesvos stand before a mystery as the bodies at least two children were washed ashore in the less than 24 hours. A third body was discovered later on Saturday. No information about age or sex so far, as coast guard members were heading to the area as this post was

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Armistice Day Storm:  November 11, 1940 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Note that 50 degrees F is 10 degrees C and 32 F is 0 C.

Armistice Day Storm:  November 11, 1940
Jeff Boyne, NWS La Crosse, WI
On November 11, 1940, a rapidly deepening low pressure system moved northeast from Kansas City, MO northeast through the Upper Mississippi River Valley and into the Upper Great Lakes. This low pressure area produced the lowest pressure reading ever recorded up to this time at Charles City, IA (28.92 inches), La Crosse, WI (28.72 inches), and Duluth, MN (28.66 inches). Armistice Day (now known as Veterans Day) began with blue skies and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. The weather forecast for that morning was for colder temperatures and a few flurries. The day was so nice that duck hunters dressed in short-sleeved shirts rushed to the marshes along the Mississippi River early that morning.

During the late morning and early afternoon, a strong cold front moved through the region.  Behind this front, the weather became rather blustery and the temperature plunged to the single digits by the next morning...


9 dead as heavy rainfall causes floods and landslides in Indonesia (VIDEOS) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Heavy rainfall in areas of Indonesia since 03 November 2017 has caused flooding and landslides in several provinces, according to the country's Disaster Prevention Agency (BNPB). At least 9 deaths have been attributed to the heavy rain. Over 3,000 people have been affected by flooding. On 09 November 5 people died in a landslide in South Ogan Komering Ulu Regency, South Sumatra. Around 20 others were injured. In Central Java a building collapsed in Tegal Regency as a result of heavy rain, also on 09 November. At least 4 people were killed and 5 were injured.


Israel downs Syrian drone over Golan Heights "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


AFP/File | An Israeli Patriot missile launcher, like this one pictured north of Eilat in November 2017, was used to intercept what the army said was a Russian-made Syrian drone over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

JERUSALEM (AFP)  The Israeli army said it had shot down a Russian-made Syrian drone carrying out a reconnaissance mission over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Saturday.The drone was intercepted by a Patriot missile in the demilitarised zone between the Israeli- and Syrian-controlled parts of the Golan, a military spokeswoman said in a statement.

Israel and Syria are still technically at war, though the armistice line on the Golan Heights had remained largely quiet for decades until civil war erupted in Syria in 2011.

Israel seized 1,200 square kilometres (460 square miles) of the Golan Heights from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and later annexed it in a move never recognised by the international community.

In September, Israels military shot down what it said was an Iranian-made drone operated by Lebanese militant group Hezbollah on a reconnaissance mission over the Golan

Patriot missile intercepts drone on Israel's border with Syria

A picture released by Israeli Defence Forces press office shows a launch of a Patriot missile in southern Israel. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Israel has also seen regular spillover fire from the Syrian conflict and acknowledges carrying out dozens of air strikes to stop advanced arms deliveries to its arch-foe Hezbollah.

The Lebanese militant group is a key backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has fought alongside his troops against rebel forces.

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Delhi Government Calls Off Odd-Even Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The state government had earlier announced implementation of the scheme from November 13-17. Credit: PTI

The state government had earlier announced implementation of the scheme from November 13-17. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: The Delhi government today called off the odd-even scheme which was to be implemented from Monday, transport minister Kailash Gahlot said.

Gahlot said the governments decision came in view of the directive by the National Green Tribunal, which ordered the withdrawal of all exemptions, including to two-wheeler riders and woman-only vehicles, under the odd-even scheme.

The government is not ready to compromise with the safety of women after the NGT ordered that there should be no exemption to anyone expect emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire tenders, he said.

Earlier this week, the Delhi government had announced implementation of the odd-even scheme from November 13-17, given the high level of smog in the capital. Schools were also shutdown till Sunday.

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US Air Force officials declare space a new 'warfighting domain' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In order to increase the global dominance and "lethality" of the US military, the Air Force is moving to modernize its space capabilities and to secure the "freedom to attack and maneuver" in their new "warfighting domain," top officials have stated. "We are moving forward with modernization in space, so we're increasing our lethality in all of our areas of endeavor," Air Force Secretary Heather A. Wilson told reporters Thursday. "And we are shifting to space as a warfighting domain." In 1967, the United States and the Soviet Union signed the Outer Space Treaty which prohibits signatories from placing nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction in outer space. The accord, however, stopped short of limiting the deployment of conventional weapons. Wilson said Congress has proposed to increase the funding of space-related military programs even beyond the levels sought by the Air Force. Section 1605 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2018 also classifies space as a potential "combat domain." "It is the policy of the United States to develop, produce, field, and maintain an integrated system of assets in response to the increasingly contested nature of the space operating domain to [among other things] deter or deny an attack on capabilities at every level of orbit in space," as well as to "defend the territory of the United States, its allies, and its deployed forces across all operating domains," Section 1605 reads. "Everyone agrees that space needs to be integrated, normalized as a part of a joint warfighting effort. This year's budget... The FY18 budget proposal increases what the Air Force is proposing to spend on space by 20 percent," Wilson added.


Demonetisation Has Failed to Tackle Black Money "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Governments claim that a reduction of currency in circulation is proof of greater transparency is based on the flawed belief that a lower cash to GDP ratio indicates less corruption.

Representative image. Credit: PTI

Representative image. Credit: PTI

At its first anniversary, most of the analysis of the success or failure of demonetisation was connected to the objective of tackling black money. This was the raison detre that appealed to everyone and, therefore, the popular touchstone to judge its performance. As a result, the governments claims about what demonetisation has done to the use of cash have not got the critical scrutiny they require. Yet, after the initial November 8 announcement, this was the objective the government seemed to most stress. So lets look closely at this specific set of facts.

In the essay he posted on his blog on November 7, the finance minister said: India has taken a big leap in digital payment during 2016-17. To illustrate or prove his point he cited three facts.

First, in 2016-17, there were 110 crore transactions, valued at 3.3 lakh crore and carried out by credit cards, and a further 240 crore transactions, coincidentally once again valued at 3.3 lakh crore and carried out by debit cards. In the previous year, the value of transactions for debit and credit ca...


Papua Police Issue Wanted List of 21 Militants "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Papua Police Issue Wanted List of 21 Militants
By : Telly Nathalia | on 12:47 PM November 11, 2017

Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Boy Rafli announced on Saturday (11/11) that 21 people from a Papua-based armed group have been listed as 'wanted.' (Antara Photo/M. Agung Rajasa)

Jakarta. Police on Saturday (11/11) issued a wanted list of 21 people from an armed group that is besieging two villages in Timika, Papua.



Media's 'outrageous allegations' denied by Flynn's lawyer regarding Turkish bribe for Gulen "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It seems that scandalous news related to US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of organizing a coup attempt which rocked Turkey in July 2016, shows no sign of abating. Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn can neither give a sigh of relief after leaving office. Robert Kelner, lawyer of the former US National Security Adviser, has vehemently rejected media allegations about Flynn's plan to extradite Gulen to the Turkish government in exchange for a hefty bounty. "...Today's news cycle has brought allegations about General Flynn, ranging from kidnapping to bribery, that are so outrageous and prejudicial that we are making an exception to our usual rule: they are false," Kelner was quoted by Reuters as saying in a statement.

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